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Post-OffiCßjetter List.
Partia* calling (or advertised lettsrt or
packages, if not personally known to tho
Postmaster or ono of hia clerks must bo
E duly identified. 1
Alvarado, Sra 8 Armatrong, M rs Ada
E Bishop, Miss 0 M Burton, Caroline U
Brun, Mary Brodrick, Mri L X
Brown, Mrs A Bush, Mrs Emaudas
Carson, Miss Mary for Mrs Brunson
Carter, Mrs L M Cera, Hen Carmelita
Oamoroa, Mrs J 0 Edwards, Lillio, for
Encinaa, Dna S Miss S Bottle,
Farquhar, Mamie Farquhar, Minnie
Finey.Mary Farriest, Mrs Mary
Golden. Miss M T Green. Hettie
Mall, Mrs Delia HernsUiun, Mrs J
Hill, Mrs J P Hogle, Mrs L I, for
Hoyt, Annie Harry Pualon
Hutchinson, Looaa Jerome, Fannin
Jordan, Mrs Chaa Johnson, Annie L
JLandell, Mrs J W Manriquez, Juliana
Martin, Ruth H Mehegan, Mrs Maggie
MoKialey, Elizabeth Niemeyer, Mary A
2 Nemyer, Mrs Mary .Nsisuu", Rosa L
B O'Brien, Mrs Catti oXearv, Julia
v Osboru, Maggie Faradis, Mra J B
"? Pierce, Mrs F M Rameour, Mrs F E
U Maunders, M Schruer, Mrs £
_| Smith, Mrs J A Sheridan, Bridget
Simons, Mrs b X Smith, Mrs
• Tolada, Seeilia Dera Weedon, Mrs Kate
Armatrong, Forrie Atkinson, Wm
Ball, Bichard Ball, H
Ball, Albert L Barry, Michael J
Bartlett, John Biringer. Fred
Blaokmau, J T Beaohet, M B
Brown, A L Butler, a W—l
Butler, L S Butterworth, Edm
Builds, Ramon Caswell, Alfred H
Carter, Geo W Careen, James
Ceiis, Adollo Churchill, Clark
Ohiriotto. Antonio Okriatman, J W
Clark, Charles Coohis, Alberto
Oolyear, B J Collins, Jerry
Curtis, Rev T R Davis, S J
Penman, Samuel Delano, Thomas A—2
Dougherty, O B Dutoher, Newton
Flowry, L H Fleming, John
Faster, Faradicia do Foeter, G W
Oaing, Qoorgu Gates, A B
Good, John Gould. B F
Haas, Mr Hawley, A D
Hedges, J P Helman, Joseph
Henderson, Joseph. Henderson, David M
Holmes, Wm T Muetner, Louis— 3
Humphreys, A M Hunter, Jamea
Johnson, Cyrus Jones, M S
Kelles, Steven Lane, Wm (J
Laviere.l Loop, 0 F
Luttroll, B F Madison, I J
Magee, V P de Maigree, Dominique
"Metaahiiticles" Marcus, L
Martin, Jobn Martin, Frank YY B, 2
Martin, H W McCulloch, H
McDcuald, John McUee, Patrick
McMillan, C W, 4 Mccc, A
Miles, Elwin C Moore. John
Moore, H O MoCeao, Wm
Morgan, Fred Moyo, Geo W
Murphy, Goo Newport, W
Meece, A M New kirk, El i .is
Nickles, M Norton, N
Norton, OA O'Brien, T '
O'Connell, Patrick O'Donnell, Bey J J
Omar, C Olson, James
Oldenkoofor, Max Orr, I W
Oegooaby, Jobn Parker, B C
Pearson, Dana C Philips, Geo H
Philips, A B Pingree, Chas D, 3
Potter, B B, 2 Uuinn, James
Baa, Will Randall, Victor
Beef, Otto Rendon, A
Boswell, 0 W Rosenthal A Co
Russell, D H Salts, James A
Bantioa, Messrs Smith, Capt Wm, 2
Smith, James Smith, Chas L
Smith, Antonio Smith, Nelson J 2
Smith, J X Spurling, James
Stephens, A H Sweeney, Edward
Schwall, M Seward, O 0
Shelley, Clark shears, Zebulon
Shorb, J Campbell Sbuler, John D
BUdell, Brsdasiar Simon, Henry, for Jo-
Blocum, M D, C E aefa Orosco
Thompson, John Thurmond, Jas J
Tiernan, J M Twiss, Caleb
Triblet, Abraham Tower, Chas II
Trabaut, H Town, S B
TJpson, Frederic Vaughn Jt Jacion,
Walsh, Patrick Weeks, H H
White, C M Wing, Wm John
Wilson, O IS Yarrrio, Itosario
Biker, W 8 Barlow, Eva C
Otrrio, Frank O Fowler, Paris
Korn, Fr
Lids Walker, Flatrock, Ind.
J Bixby, Wilmington, Cal.
Henry C Lea, Philadelphia, Pa.
Dr S H Roberts, San Francisco.
Ijeoaa Pigne-Dupuytren, San Francisco,
I. B. Duvkblbbboes, Postmaster.
Los Angeles, Jan. 28,1878.
The Leonard Scott Publish
ing Company,
41 .Barclay St., New York,
Continue their autAoriisd Reprints of the
[Evangelical |,
L Tho British Quarter] les give « tbe reader
information upon the great
/ eventa iv contemporaneous history, and cou
/ tain masterly criticisms on ail that ir bosh
' and valuable in literature, as wall xt a sum
mary of tho triumphs of eclence and art.
The wars likely to convulse all Europe will
form topics for discussion, tbr- will be
treated with a thoroughness aad ability no*
whore els* to be found. Blackwood's alaga
sine is fomous for stories, essays end sketch
es of tbe highest literary merit.
TERMS Unclutiiug Postage):
Fayable Strictly in Advance.
Per Annum.
For any on* Review MOO
Tor any two Baviews 7 00
For any thr** Reviews 10 00
For all four B*vl*ws 13 00
For Ulaokwood's .nagasin* 4 00
For Blackwood and en* Review 7 0O
For Blackwood and two Reviews . 10 00
for Blackwood aad three Reviews 13 00
For Blaekwood «\nd the four Reviews. ..10 00
A discount of twenty per cent, will be al.
lowed to Clubs of four or more persout,
Thus: Tour oopi*sef Black wood and of on«
Review will be sent to •mm Asaaaan tor |ri so
four copies of th* four Reviews aud Black
wood lor $48, aad to on.
New subscribers {applying early) ror tbe
jear 1*77 may have, without charge, the
Bombers for the last quarter of 1070 ef suth
periodicals as they may subscribe f«r.
Neither premium, to subscribers nor dis
count te olubs oan be allowed en less the
money is remitted to the publishers. No
premiums given to Clubs.
Circulars with further particulars may be
had on application.
Tht Leonard Scott Publish
ing Company,
41 Barclay St.. New York.
U* 1
Collectors of Seeds of all Trees and Shrubs
indigenous to the Australian Colonies,
Else, lad and Ftspsrnint Osui, Acacia,, Eta
Biograpliical Annals of the Civil Uovi-rn
lneut of tho United titatos, During the
First Oeuturr of ite existeuco.
By Chas. Lanman,
Author of the "Dictionary of Congress,"
"Print* life of Daniel Webster," ' Kod
liook of Michigan."
Thla valuable work, the only one of lv kind
extant, contain* about seven thousand blo
■raphioal sketches, and eight thousand ad*
ditlenal names of persons who have been
connected with the Government since tbe
signing of th* Declaration of Independence,
uijvklug lv all, about rurrißii thodsakd raa
so» al aaraajuioas in the volume. It eiu
braces lv its scope the Delegates, ltepresent
stives, aud senators who have served in the
Gentiuental aud Federal Congresses, the Fed.
eral aud Stat* Judiciary, Ministers to aud
from Foreign Countries, executive Officer* iv
all the Departments of the Nation, as well as
all th* Governors of th* States and Territo
ries, together with a vary large amount ol
tabular information, gathered from official
sources, calculated to illustrate th* growth
aud present condition of the Goveruiuout of
the United States. For greater couvei i*ace
or reference, the Beok is arranged hi tWV
parte; the nrst containing the
and some Idea of the valuo and extent of the
Tabular information which forma the SEC
OKD FAHT, may b* gathered from the *ur>
Delegates to the Colonial oengresi.
The Declaration ef Independence,
•signer* of the Declaration.
Delegates to the Continental Congress.
Sessions of the CouUuental Cougress.
Presidents ot the Oontlneutal Congress.
Artidesof Confederation.
The Constitution of the United Siatee.
Sessions of the Federal Cougress.
Speaker* of the House uf lteproseutativee.
Prealdenta of tho senate.
Secretaries of the Senate.
Clerk* of the Houso of Representative*.
Ohaplalus to Congress.
Sueoesslve Administrations,
fixecutire officers or the Civil Service,
presldeutlal X lectors.
Electoral ami Popular Votes for r*re*d Jtnt.
Political Parties.
The Justice* of the Supreme Court.
Slorkj of th* Supreme Court,
ssanhals of the Supreme Court.
Justices of the Circuit. District end Ter
rltorlal Courts.
The Court of Claims.
Organisation of the Executive Dupart
Settlement of State* and T rrttorlus.
Counties and Towns of the United States.
Area of the United States.
Origin of th* names ol status and Territo
Length and Cost of American Wars.
Ohiet Commanders of the Army.
Progress ot Population in the Uuitod
Density of Population,
Population and Hatlo of Representation,
Pay Table of Civil Officers.
Leading Government Publicatlonr.
The newspaper frees.
Education in the United States.
Colonial Governors of America.
Ths State and Territorial Governors.
Th* Seat of the General Government.
Bigbtef Suffrage In the United States.
<«.ialideation* of Hleotive Officials.
Diplomatic Agents of the United States.
Diplomatic Agents from Foreign Countries.
International Arbitrations aud Commis
Treaties and Conventions.
Foreign Government Representatives In
the United States.
Officials of the Centennial Exhibition.
Additional Facte to Date of Publioatiou.
Index by States of Federal Congress.
General Index.
Besides Us own value as a work of refer,
enoe, the Book forms a worthy adjunct to
every published history of the United States,
and will bo an lndlspenslbls acquisition to
every Public aud Private Library, lv form it is
a royal octavo of about 700 pages, wull prluted
•ai good paper, aud is sold in
Morocco cloth binding, plain edges, for..s7 00
Half Morocco or Calf marbled edges 8 00
Full Morocco or Calf marbled or gilt .. lo 00
To be had from Agents and booksellers
ererywhor ere. bymail or express prepaid,
from JAMBS ANGLIM, Publisher,
nol3-tf lt'2* F Street. Wsahineton D. O.
Eclectic Magazine.
J Thlrtv-Fourth Year.
The Eclectic reprint* from all the foreign
Quarterlies, Keviews, Magazlnee, and Jour
nals their choicest contents, including Es
says, Botentlno Papers, Biographical sketches
Beinlni sconces of Travel, and Adventure,
Tales, 8 tor las and Poems. The field of se
lection is very large, and it Is believed that
the Eclectic presents a greater variety and
higher standard of literature than any peri
odical can hope to do that depends exclu
sively upon home talent.
A knowledge ut ttie current literature of
other countries is indispensable to all who
would keep pace with the progress of the
human mind, and the Eclectic offers the best,
and. Indeed, the only opportunity for ob
taining this knowledge within a reasonable
compass, and at a moderate price.
Among the writers represented in recent
numbers of the Eclectlo are: Theßt. Hon,
w. E. Gladstone, James Anthony Froude,
Matthew Arnold, Charles Klngsley, Robert
Buchanan, Geo. McDonald, John Buskin,
Alfred Tennyson, Thomas Hughes, Willism
Blank, Mrs. Oliphaut, Thus. Hardy, William
Morris, Miss Thackeray, Mrs. Alexander,
Profs. Huxley aud Tyndall, Bichard Proctor,
B. A., Prof. Owen, Dr. W. B. Carpenter, Max
Mull or, J. Norman Luck ye r, Herbert Span,
oar, and others equally eminent. Besides the
regular articles in the body of the magazine,
there are four original Editorial Depart,
ments: Literary Notices, Foreign Literary
Motes. Science and Art, and Varieties.
With regard to the character of the selec
ions, the aim of tho Eclectic ia to be in
structive without belug dull, and entertain
ing without being trivial. While each num.
bar contains something to interest every
member ef the family circle, it addresses
itself particularly to that great body of in
telligent readers who seek profit as well as
amusement In solid and healthful literature.
Besldea the lis pages of reading matter,
seen number of the magazine contains a fine
iteel engraving—usually a portrait- •execu
ted in the moil artistic manner.
Terms.— Single copies «6 cents. One copy
me year, SA; two copies, st): Aye copies, |50.
Trial subscriptions for three months, 91.
Tbe Eclectic and any f i magazine to one
Postage freo to all subscribers. Address,
B. B. PELT. ON, Publisher,
delfl tf Bond Street. New York.
1878. NEW SERIES. 1878.
'üblUlie'l Ouce iv Two Months.
Price, $5 a Year, in Advance.
* entering ou & new series tinder new
nanagement, will retain all that has made
t, for oyer sixty years, so important an ele
aent in American literature.
Its more frequent issue, and tba addi
lonal writers engaged for it, will hereafter
inable it to discuss more promptly and
horoughly the Tital questions of fhe time
-political, economical, social, industrial,
otentiii j, educational, literary and moral.
The REVIEW is net lhe organ of any
Xi ty. soot, school, clique, or of its editors,
t of the best scholars, thinkers, scientists,
statesman, writers sad critics of the day.
With this aim ud character, with this
honorable record, and with the abundant
resource, at its command to make good Its
promises, the NORTH AMERICAN RE
VIEW commends itself te the faror all of
intelligent oitueus.
TERMS— X s Tear, In Advance.
The Leading Paper
Southern California,
Will devote o* columns to fuitberluK the
Interests or Lee Angelee oily aad county
aad the southern poitlon of the State. It
le the Intention ofthe publisher to make
A newspaper of tub day, complete Id all
Its details, aud In every department
Full aid Reliable.
The Editorial Column* Will dISOHSS all
live topic* ni l he day, while the
Uy arrangements newly effected, will be
the fullest and moat exhaustive to be
fouud in auy paper ot the State, not be
ing surpassed toy thoae of the San Franelson
dallies. The
Local Columns
Will coatain a complete resume ol lueal
happenings nud all matters ot homo In.
i•- * ■
DAILY HERALD, by mall, 1 year...»l»oo
a months... IN
h m • 3 months... 2M
Delivered lv the City st
feekly 1 year by mall MM
'• Sasonlha '• -
j •• •■ IN
rayabla lavarlably in advanoe
loseph D. Lynch,
Goodall, Pwklm A Co Agvnla,
San Francisco.
San Francisco and Lot Angelee.
ArrlTeßan ..... a
| Pranclaoo. |
£ H £
5 Lttave at* j. , A.
» Monica. «- " " " V
I * m
Imn Bam £ . . jS.
* B
• Arrlveßan
B Pedro. I* * " » 4
p -j tb
9 »-.«0.-t© — o
&0 p4 — HSSM
ta. Arrive Sta •
; Monica. 1> ? 3 3 8 f
5 L fe-
O Leave 3ati
r'ranciaco. 1? : : z z -5
t Minn
B 111 Ii jl
I ■ v ■ »r I
Both at.amera at.p at Port Harrortl
Sau I.ula Übi.po) for paaaeug.ra only,
and Santa Barbara, Santa Monica, Bau
Pedro, Anaheim aud sun Diego for pas
a.ng.ra and Irelgbt. The Senator atopa
at San Buenaventura for pasaeugur, only.
Tratna to connect with up flteanierM at
Santa Mouloa lea.c Los Angelea at 10:15
A.M., Loa Angelea time.
Kates of Fare:
(Payable In Gold.)
Loa Angeles to San Franolaco, cab-
In :. 115 00
Steerage 10 W
Loa Ang.lea tv Santa Barbara, oabln 800
Steerage «. 6 00
Loa Augeles to Port Harford, cabin 12 IM
ttteerage » 00
Through Tickets to Portland.il
Cabin, tv Steerage, $13
Lob Angeles and San Diego
Senator and Orizaba
Leave Santa Monica and Pan Pedro for
Ha v Diego, Jan. «, 11,10, 21 'J6, tl, Feb. 6.
Paiteng.rs lake the tralp that laav.a Loa
Aug.les for San Pedro at S.ii r. al,,
Los Angeles time.
Plans of ateamera' cabin, at ageul'somce,
where burtus may be aecured.
And Way Corn.
Freight steamers leave San Frauolsoo
about every teu days, carrying s'oolc,
oombusttbles. etc.
For Paaaage or Freight aa .hove, or
for tickets to and from
Eastern Cities and Princi
pal European Porta.
Apply to H. McLELLAN, Local
1 Agent, Office, No. ««J Main street,
over tbe Commercial Bank, Lob
at TK A. M X K. W.
Los Angeles, Yuma, San Diego and
Wilmington Divisions.
— 4>«> m
Important Change of Time
On aud after Monday, Dee.l 7 th ,1877, and
until further notice, tralua will ruu every
day aa follows:
Fob— Arrive.
Wilmington l»:3Sa.a. UttSA. *.
Sau Frauclaeo 1:14 p. h. lino p. m.
" Acoom'dationlOiJS a. m. 7:<oa.h.
Yuma 2:J6p. m. 7.00 a. m.
Wilmington 3:30 " 4:a5 P. v.
Santa Ana ...4:00 " OUO "
Yuma 0:80 P. m. 1*:1S A. a.
Santa Ana 0:30 A. H. t:ao "
WllaatuMton 7:45 " tW "
Wilmington MM. 2:M P. at.
SuuFrauciaoo 4:00 " 1:66 "
" Aooom'datlon 4:W " 11:60 a. m.
Trains run dally to Yuma, couuectiug
with at.amera for Aubrey, Khrenberg
and intermediatelandlngs on the Colo
rado about three tlmea per mouth.
Sleeping oars will be run dally.
TraWewlll ba run by Sau Franoisco
'.leu'l Paai. and Ticket Act.
A. N.TOWNE, Gen'lSup't.
Ji. K. HEWITT. Agg't SuD't.
yj rith, U77, tralna will run dally ou
■kit road aa foi Iowa:
» P Arrive i.i«« Arrive In
Depot 3lt Depot a. Mnloa 3. Mnlca
L Angl's L. Angel*.
10 A.M. I»;OtA.M. II g A.M. 11l A.M.
t.4e_P.M.|t:*J , ._M._J[jf» P-M._|4:45J , .M-
On ateamer daya trains will connect
with the P. 0. Steamship Co.'a steamers
for San Franolseo and San Diego. See
their advertisement.
ol4tf Ass'l Sup't,
Musical Instruments,
Cau be found In
Immense Quantities
Lowest Living Prices
*t(l st euajrM horn.. AgenU wanted.
rbL4 Outttaad terms free. TBI'S*
CO., Augusta, Maine. marlld*wly
Sheriff's Sale.
Martha Brown, Plaintiff*, vs. Johu lluu
rabuu et al., Oefeudsuts.—soveu feutith
District Court.
an execution Issued out uf tbe
District Court of thu Seven
teenth Judicial District of the state
of California, ia and for LfOe Angelea
county, to me directed and delivered,ou.
the 3d day of Ootober, A. D. 1K77, for a
Judgment rendered iv aald Court on the
13th day of Juue, A. D. 1870, lv favor of
Martha Browu, plaintiff, and against M.
C. Piummer and J. L. Piummer. defend
a>nts, I have lovled upon and shall on
NOVEMBER A. D. 1877,
At 12 o'clock in on, proceed to sell
at the Court House door, iv the city run i
oounty of Los Argelen, State of Califor
nia, at publlo auction, to Ihe highest uud
bert blader.'foi cash lv U*.H. currency and
gold coin lo satisfy suld Judgment for
principal, costs, imerestaud alluccruluu;
costs, all the right, title aud Interest of
defendants M. O. l'luinmer aud J, I*.
Piummer, or either of them. In and to
the following described real estate, to
Being the N X % of Section 2;J,Tt>wnshlp
1 south range H west s. B. M. the above
described real estate being situate In the
couuty of l*os Angeles, stale of Califor
Oiven under my hand, at Los A
this 3d day of November, A. D. 1»77.
n3 tJ Sheriff.
The above sate Is hereby postponed un
til Mouday the 3d day of December A.
D. 1877, at 2 o'clock p. m. at the same
place. D. W. ALEXANDER, Sheriff.
Dated Los Augoles, Nov. 20, 1877.
The abovo sale Is hereby postponed un
til Monday, December 10th, 1377, at suine
hour aud place.
D. W. ALEXANDER. Sheriff.
Dated Los Angeles, Dec. 31, 1877.
The above sale 1* hereby pastDoued
until SA TU RDA V, the 'JM day of Decem
ber, A. D. 1877, at the same time and
D. W. ALEXANDER, Sheriff.
Dated at Los Angeles Dec. lOtli. 1b77.
The above sal * is hereby postponed un
til Saturday the 211 th day of December,
A. D. 1877, at the same lime and place.
D. W, ALEXANDER, Sheriff.
Dated at Los Angeles, Dec. 2id, 1877.
The above sale Is hereby postponed un
til Saturday .January oth, 1878, at the same
time aud place.
D. W. ALEXANDER,Sheriff.
Dated Los Augeles, Doc. 29tb, 1877.
The above sate Is hereby postponed uu
til Saturday, the 12th day of January, A.
D. 1878, at tlie same time and place.
D. W.ALEXANDER. Sheriff.
Dated Los Angeles, Jan.sth, 1878.
The abovesalo is'hereby postponed un
til Saturday, the l uth day of January, 1S;«,
at the sume time and place.
D. W. ALEXANDER, Sheriff.
Dated Los Angeles, Jau. 12th, J978.
The above sale Is hereby postponed vi-
Ul Saturday, the 2d day of February, A.
D. 1878, at the same time aud place.
D. W. ALEXANDER, Sheriff.
Dated Los Angeles, Jau. 19,1378.
Mortgage Sale.
Harris Newmark, Meyer J. Newmark,
Kaspar Cohn and Morris A. Newmark,
Sartners comprising the firm of M.
ewmark A Co., Plaintiffs, vs. F. P. F.
Temple et al., Defendants — Seveu
teenth District Court.
decree of foreclosure Issued out of
the District Court of the 17th Judicial
District of the State of California. In and
for Los Augoles oounty, on the 21st day
ol August, A. D. 1877, lv tho above enti
tled case, and iv favor of Karris New*
mark, Meyer J. Newmaik, Kaapu-r
Cohn and Morris A. Newmark, partners
comprising the firm of H. Newmark A
Co., plaintiffs, and against F. P. F. Tem
ple, et al., defendants, a certified copy
whereof, duly attested under the seal
of said court on the 24th day
of August, A. D. 1877,aud was delivered to
me on the 27th day of August, A. D. 1877,
whereby ] am commanded to sell at public
auction, to the highest and best bidder
for cash In U. S. gold coin, the following
and lv said decree described real estate,
to wit :
All that certain real property lying and
being and siluato in the city
and county of Los Angeles,
btate of California, bounded and
described as follows: Bounded by Main,
Spring aud Market atreets, and being
that piece of property commonly known
as the "Temple Block."
Public notice is hereby given lhalou
SEPTEMBER, A. D. 1877,
At 12 o'clock noon,l will proceed to seli, ut
the Court House door, lv the city uud
county of Los Augeles, State of Califor
nia, at public auction to the highest aud
best bidder.for cash in U. S. gold coin, to
satisfy said decree for principal, attor
ney's fees, costs, interest and all accru
ing costs, all the right, title and interest
of the defendant F. P. F. Temple, in and
to all the above described real estate
which thesald Temple had on the iilfth
day of September, 1875, or has since ac
Given under mr hand this 28lh day of
August, A. D. 1877.
au29 td Slier.(T.
The above sale Is hereby postponed un
til Saturday, the 20ih day of October,
A. D. 1877, at the same time and place.
D. W. ALEXANDER, Sheriff".
Dated Los Angeles, Sept. 20, 1877. td
Ths above sale is her*, by postponed un
til Tuesday, the 20th day of I' overu her
A. D. 1877, at the same time and place.
D. W. ALEXANDER, Sheriff.
Dated Los Angeles, Oct. 20th, 1877.
The above sate Is hereby postponed un
til Friday the 21st day of December A. D.
1877, at the same time aud place.
D. W. ALEXANDER, Sheriff.
Dated Los Angeles, November 20th 1877.
i,The above sale Is hereby postponed un
til Mouday the'2lst day of January, A.D.
I*7B, at the samd time and place.
D. W. ALEXANDER. Sheriff.
Dated Los Angeles Dec. 21, 1877.
The abovo safe Is hereby pestpoued un
til Thursday tho 21st day of February. A.
D. 1878, ut the same timu and place.
Di W. ALEXANDER. Sheriff.
Dated Los Angeles, Jan. 21.1878. '
All persons are hereby cautioned and
warned not to purchase either of the fol
lowing describedj>roml*aory votes, exe
cuted by me lv favor uf a. 1,. Bush, to
One daied July S&th, 1877, forftOQln U-
S. gold eoln, with interest at the rate ot
one per cent, per montn from the Ist day
of September, 1877, due March Ist, 1878.
One dated July 25th, 1877, forS2 000 in U.
B. gold coin, with Interest at the rate ot
one percent, per month from Septum ber
Ist, 1877, due two years from date.
One dated August 2.J, 1877, foi *100 In U.
S. gold coin,wit h Interest at one percent,
per mouth from the Ist day of Septeiubor,
1877; due July 25th, 1879.
Toe entire consideration for which said
notes were given having failed and said
notes having been obtained irom me by
Bald Bush by means of ut.su representa
tions, I do not Intend to pay auy part of
either of lhe said notes.
Sau Bernardino, Cat., Nov. 21, 1977.
United States Laud Oilier,
LOI ANQELES, Dec. 2j, 1877.
PETER LAHSEN—Sir: You are hereby
notified thai, a hearing will be had at
tulsofflceou ti.ci.iit day of February,
1878, commencing at 10 o'clock a. h , up
on the application of the Slate of Cali
fornia, ex rel Mrs.J, C. Bowers, to com
plete a title under the State for the H. %
NE. ~%ot Sectiou 38, Township 2.4. K. \\
W.,Saa Bernardino Meridian, at whioh
time and place you will be allowed to
offer proofs and cross-examine witnesses
touching your claim to said tract.
J W. HAVERSTICK, Receiver.
Chinese and Japanese Uoods and Toys.
FRESH TEAS, euaapest and best la
town, mo a its of the best brands.
Servauts aud hand* of all kinds fur
nished. oWtf
HEADSTALL. M.xlc.n «tyl«, .olid .11
-v.r. will by ruffled at Ih. Palao. 8.10011.
So b.r bill to pa/. ul Itf
Notice of Guardian's Sale
of Real Estate.
Notice lv hereby given that In parstl
uucu of it ii order of thu Probate Court of
the county ul" Los Angolas, o: Cull
fornia, made ou i tv- si ii day nf January,
1878, In tho mat ler uf iho fstatu and ffttftr*
dianshlp of William W. liottweii, l.oroua
Boswell aad Albert tt. Bo*Wvll ( minora,
tho undersigned, tho giiuittinii vi t he per
sons aud estates of Paid mlnoi-K, will soil
at prlvute Bale, to the highest blatter, lor
cash in gold coin oi' Lb* Untied States,
and subject to c >nflrmttLioi) hy k»M I'to
biilo Court, on ur after
FEBRUARY, a. 1). 1878,
All lhe right, title, Interest aad estate of
the suld miners In and ta all 1 bat certain
tot, piece and parcel of land situated
In tho suld county of Lost Angeles. State
of i.'aliforulu, particularly described as
follows, to wit:
Tho southeast quarter of the northwest
quarter of tho northwest quarter of sec
tion numbered sixteen (lijj in township
No. four (4) .south, range teu ■ 10) west of
the Man Bernardino Meridian,containing
tea acres,mure or less,reserving therefrom
for roads a strip ol land HUfeul wide ou
the east line of suld lot.
Terms and Conditions of Hale—Cash In
gold coin of the United States. Deed at
expense of purchaser.
Rids or offers may be made at auy
time after tho first publiuulion ol this
notice, aud before the milking of the
All bids or offer* must be In writing,
and lelt at ihe office of Them A Ross, At
torneys at Law, Tesn.pl 6 Hloek, Lm An
geles city, or delivered te tho undersigned
personally, or tiled tn the office of lhe
Clerk of the Probate Court.
Guardian of Iho perm us and eteutus of
Wm. W. Uoswell. Lorena boswell uud
Albert K. 80.-well, minors.
Dated January If), 1878.
tiutd Attorneys for Guardian.
IN the District Court of the Seventeeth
I .Judicial District Ofthe Mate of Cali
fornia, lv and lor tnecounty of Los An
Frank 1\ Weeks. PluiutilT, against K.
li. liairott, Detendauu
Action brought in the DistrloL
Court of the 17th Judicial District of the
state of California, iv and for the * 'on ni v
of Los Angeles, und the Complaint tiled
In said county of Los Augeles, id tho otllce
of the Clerk of said District Court.
Tbe people or the state of California
seudgreetlug to K. 11. Barrett, defeudaut.
You are hereby required to appear in
an action brought against you by tho
übove named plaintiff In the District
Court of tbe Seventeenth Judicial District
of the state ol California, in and for tho
couniy of Los Angeles, and to uuswor
the complaint filed therein, withiu ten
days (exclusive of the day of service)
alter the service on you of this summons
—it served within this county; or, If served
out of this county, but tn this district,
within twenty days ; otherwise, within
forty days—or Judgment by default will
betaken against you, according to the
prayer of said complaint.
The said action ia brought toobtaiu a
decree of this Court for the foreclosure of
acertaln mortgage described iv the said
complaint, and executed by the said de
feudaut K. H. Barrett to W. H. Simmons
on the twenty-first day of March, A. D.
1876, to secure tbe payment of five hun
dred aud fifteen (st>ls 00) dollars la U. 8.
geld coin, which said mortgage was on
the 17th day of September, A. D. 1677, du
ly assigned to said plaintiff, Prank P.
Weeks, by said W. H. Simmons, that tbe
premises convey*a by said, mortgage
may be sold, and the proceeds applied to
the payment of said sum of five hundred
and fifteen ($515) dollars, gold colu uf the
United States, with Interest thereon ac
cording te the terms and tenor of the
promissory aote mentioned incomplaint
and for 20 per cent, on the principal sum
mentioned In said promissory note, for
attorney 'a fees provided for in said mort
gage and costs of i nil, and in case such
proceeds are not sufficient to pay the
same.theu toobtaiu an execution against
said defendant K. H. Barrett, for the bal
ance remalniog due. and also that the
said defendant and all persons claiming
by.through or under him may be barred
and foreclosed of ull right, title, claim,
Hen, equity of redemption, and lu
terest hi and to said rootle aged premis
es, uud for other and further relief. Re
ference is hud to complaint for particu
Aud you nro hereby notified that if you
fail to appear and answer the said com
plaint as above required, the said plain
t iffs will apply to the court for the relief
demanded in thesald comolalnt.
Given under my hand aad the seal of
the District Court of the Seventeenth
Judicial Distrlctof the State of Californlu,
in and for the county nf L<>s Angeles
this 7th day of January,*in theyearof our
Lord, one thousand eight hundred and
tSeal.l A. W. POTTS. Clerk.
Dy JAMKHC. KAYS, Deputy Clerk,
c. m. foster, Plaintiff»■ Attorney.
Who may be suffering from the effects
•I you thf v 1 fol Hex or 1 ndlscretlon,
will do well to avail themselves oi
..ills, the greatost boon ever laid tit tha
illar oi suffering humanity. i>k.
IrINNEY will K uarautee to forfeit
$500 for every case ol seminal weakness
or privato disease of any kind or char
acter, which ho undertakes und hill*
to cure, He would therefore say to
.he unfortunate aufTerer who ma>
read this notice tbat you ure treudlug
upon dangerous ground when you
longer delay !n seeking ttte propex
-emedy for yo;:r complaint. YoO
uiay be In the tit -a stage; remember
r*ou are approaching the last. If you
Are bordering upou the last, and art
suffering some or all oi He ill effects,
remember that if you persist iii pro
.•astiuation the time must coifie when
the most skillful ph>siciaji cau run
ic r you no assistance; wlieu the dooi
if hope will be closed against you;
when no angel ol mercy can briugyou
relief. In no ease haw tho Doctor fulled
jf success. Tho n let not despair work
upon your imagiuation, but avail
yourself of the beneficial results ol
his treatment befoie yourcasols be*
fond the reach of medical skill, oi
oeiov.o grim death hurries you lo a
promuiuns tra-vo. Kill I course of treat
ment, Sehu by PostolrUefl
order or tCxpreag, will, runtiaserJptlonH
if CA3C. fl
Call, or address, ■
UK. A. It. MIM2VNKY, ■
Jaull-lyr No. 11 Kearney St., S. V M
I wilt put iuto a cheese and butLer firm
for Aye or ten years, 800 aures, near Los
Augeles city, if dairymen will put lv ex
perience, skill, labor, management and
cows, for a fair share of the profits. Six
teen tons of o,lfslfa uy per apre was the
yield of some of the land this dry year.
All the land good for alfalfa, corn, bar
ley, pumpkins and beets. Call and see
th* land green with mllk-yieldlng vege
tation, from mere Inches high to six feet.
Kveryaure artesian plow land. Wood
abundant. Aitesian water t cold for milk
and plentiful, with river water for Irriga
tion. None need apply without skill,
cupital uud roputatlou.
Horses Pastured.
Horses, from one to hundreds, will bo
pastured on alfalfa, burr clover aud nlAT
eris, maturing and renewing lv spring,
summer, autumn and winter, under pe
reuulifl lnigptlou. See Mr. Huulsbury,
Maiu Btreet Pouud Yard.
FOR SALK-Pumpklns, barley hay,
alfalfa hay, headed barley, seed barley,
Uarly Rose potatoes aud fat, hogs.
J. ii. HhUKJ.US,
Jo3-lm Lus Angeles City,
lam prepared to sell, at un precedent-.
cdly low figures, eighty thousand apple
trees, of the moat approved varieties.
Those who propose to set out orchards
would do well to call and oxamiue my
stosk. lam also prepared to sell PEA X
and other orchard trees, ou favorable
terms. My object tn sacrificing these
trees Is to retire from the nursery busi
COMPTON, Los Angeles Co,, CaL
Seventeenth Judicial District of tlie
State uf California, iv and for the
county of Los Angeles.
Samuel Meyer, plaintiff, again*l J.
Colin, defendant.
Action brought in the District Court of
the Seventeenth Judicial District of the
State of California, in and for the oounty
of Los Angeles, and tbecotnpiatut tiled in
said county of Los AmjthH,iu the oltlee
or the Clerk of suid District Court.
The pooplo of the State of California
send greeting tv J. Cohn, deiendant.
You are hereby required to appear in au
action brought against you by the above
named Plaintiff lv tlie District Court of
the Seventeenth Judicial District or the
State of California, in and for the County
of Los Angeies, and to answer tho com
plaint hied therein, within ten days (ex
clusive ofthe day of service) alter the
service on you of tula summons—if served
within this Couuty; or, if served out
of this County, hut in this District, within
twenty days; otherwise, within forty daya
—or Judgment by default will be taken
aguinst you, nccording to the prayer of
suid Joniplaint.
The said actlou Is brought to recover
Judgment fro* the sum of $tSK 25, gold
coin, alleged to be due for goods, wares
and merchandise, supplied to defendant
by plaintiff, with interest thereon from
15th January, ISfS, ut the rate of ten per
cetit. per annum, aud for Costa Of tUtt.
Reference Is had to complaint foi par
And you aro hereby notified that if you
(ail to appear and answer the said com
plaint us above required, t he said plaintiff
will demand ludgmeut against you for
said sum ot JMSB 25, gold coin, witu inter
est as above mentioned, and costs of
Given under my hand and the seal ot
the District Court of the Seventeenth
Judicial District ofthe Stute of California,
in nnd for the county of Los Angelea,
this 12th day ol December, in the year ol
our Lord one thousand eight hundred autl
TSeai 17th District Court.]
a. w. potts. Clerk.
By W. IL A.Kibd, Deputy Clerk.
Constable's Sale*
By virtue of an execution issued out of
the Justice's Court, of El Monte Town
ship, county of Los Angeles, state or
California, dated the 22d day of Decem
ber, 1877, lv a curtain action wherein Si
las Beuuett as plaintiff recovered judg
ment agalusL A. J. Phelps, defendant on
the 22d day of December, 1877, 1 have lev
led upon lhe followJngdescribed proper
ty, to-wlt:
The NW quarter of Section 18, in Town
1, south ol'Bauge 11 West, San Bernardino
Meridian aud Ruse Line, iv theCuuuty uf
Los Angeles, State of California.
Notice is hereby given, that on
JANUARY, 1878,
At 10 o'clock a. m. of lhat day, at Ben
nett's Tavern, Xl Moute township, couu
ty of Los Augeles, I will sell all the right,
title and Interest of said A. J. Phelps ia
and to the above described property, at
Public Auction, for cash iv gold coin, to
the highest aid best bidder, to satisiy
said execution and all costs.
Dated at El Monle,the 21th day of De
cember, 1877. B. S. Bkvant,
d25-wtd Constable.
Probate Court,
Loi Augeles County, Htnte of
It appearing to thesald Court hy the
petition Ihls day presented and Qted by
J. E. Orlfhn, administrator of the estate
of Daniel Williams, deceased, praying for
unorder of sale of real estate, (hat it is
necessary to sell the whole or some por
tion of (he real estate to pay the debts
outstanding against tho drceased, and
the debts, expenses aud charges uf ml
It is therefore ordered by the said Court,
that all persons Interested in the estate
of said deceased, appear beforo the said
Probate Court on Monday, tho lllh day
of February, 1878, at 10 o'clock
a. m. of said day, at tho court room
of suid Probate Court, in the
city and county of Los Augfles,
to show cause why an order
should not be granted to the said Admin?
Istrator to soil so much of the reul estate
of the said deceased asshull be necessary.
And that a copy of this order be pub
lished ut. least four successive weeks lv
tho Los Angeies Daily HrrulU, a nowspa
perprinted aud published In said county.
Dated January 9, 1878.
jlO-fw Ptobnte Judge.
Los Angeles Oil Company.
Location of Principal Place of Business,
Los Angeles, California—Location of
Works, Ventura County, California.
Nut ice Is hereby giveulhit at a moet
ingof the Directors ol tins company held
on the 31 day of January, 1878, an as
sessment ( No. 2 } of twenty - five
cents pe* share was levied upon the cap
ital stockol t lie company, payable Im
mediately, in U. s. gold coin, to tho Sec
retary, at room No. 15, Downey Block.
Any ■took upon which this assess
ment remains unpaid on .the 15th
of Feb vary, IS7B, will be' delin
quent and advertised for ■ale. at public
auction; ami unless payment is made be
fore will be sold on the 15th day of
March, IM7S, to i>ay tbe delinquent as
sessmt nl, together with costs of advertia-
Ing ami expenses of sale.
fly order Of the Bnurd ofDirectois.
WM. J. NEKLY, Secretary,
No. 15 Downey Block.
Lqs Ana'.'les, Jau. rtn, 18,8. X 4\y
IN the District Court of the Seventeenth
I Judicial District of the Slate of Califor
nia, iv ami for tbo county of Los Augeles.
J. M. GrilHth A Co., Plaintiff,, vs. A, F.
Nvwnent ut al, Defcudauts.
Action brought In the District Court or
the Seventeenth Judicial District ofthe
State of California, lv and for tho County
of Los Augeles,aud the Complalut filed
in said Couuty uf Los Angeles, in the
office of the Clerk of said District Court.
The People of tbe State of California,
send greeting to A. F. Ncwnent und W.
E. Howell. Defendants.
You a r 'G if-, t>y required to appear in
au action brought agaiust you by the
above named plain till iii the District
Court of the Seven (eon. Hi jQlUoiftrDw
trlct oi the suite ol California, in and lor
the County of Los Angeles, and tv au
swerthe cumplaait filed therein, within
teu days (exclusive ofthe day uf service)
aftei thesorvice on you of thissummons
—If solved within this county; or, if served
out of th|s couuty, but lv this District,
within twenty' days; ofherwiso, 'vlth
ln forty days —or judgment by de
fault will bo taken against you accord
ing to tho prayer of said oomplalnt.
'i he said actlou is brought toobtaiu a
decree of this Court for the foreclosure ot
acertaiu Mechanic's Lien described in
tbe Bald complaint, aud lied by the said
pluintlffs i.i tho oftiae cf {.he County Ke
corderof Los Angeles couuty.'Califoinia,
on the Ist day of March,a.jj. 1877,t0 secure
tbe payment of tho sum Of HH »3, gold
coin, alleged to be due plaintiffs from de
feudauts ior material furnished and used
It: the ponstrupt|on of a certain building
fcltuulcd In Euyt Lqs AAfOIM, of
Los Angeles, California, in lot i, mock
88, known as the Terminus Homesiead
tract, that tlie premises covered by suld
Hen may be sold aud tlio proceeds up
plied to the payment of said su-u c(
1282 9£, gold coin; for the sum oi $75 as mi
attorney's fees, uud the furthersum of $8
the costs and expenses of rraklng, fifing
und recording said notioe of iien,uil in
U. S. gold coiu, and costs of suit, and lv
case proceeds are not snttlcient tp
pay (he kanie, then to obtain aii execu
tion against said defendants 'for the bal
ance remaining due,ahd also that tlie said
defendants aud all persons claiming by.
through or iindcr thorn or el tb,er of cut
may be barfed and foreplosec; or all right,
title, claim, tleq, equity of redeuiptlon,
and interest in and fo said premises, and
for other and further relief.
Reference U had toooniplulut fur partic
And you are hereby notified that, If you >
fail to appear and auswer the said Com
plaint, us above required, the said plain- •
tiffs will apply to the Court for tUoreHel
demanded in the suid complaint.
Given under my hand And the seal of
the District Court of the 17th Judicial Dis
trict of the State of California. In and for
tlie county of Los Angeles, this lljtli day
of May, In' the year of our Lord oue
thousand eight hundred and seveuty
seven, , -la ;. ,
A. W. POTTS. Clerk.
By A. RIMPAU, Deputy Clerk.
THOM A ROSS, Plaintiff's attorneys, j
Jal7-law-2mTh i
moved to No. 18 Wilmington str»<>t,
where she will cut, fit and sew c 'he -
waist oiadress or sacquefor ohe Jollur.
Will also go out to cut, fit and prepare
ork. 113 ml
TN Lhe District Court of the Seventeenth
X JuUiclul District, of the mute uf Gal*
liorulu, in und for the County ul I < - AB"
Harriet Lrvlston, Plaintiff, against
»'has. J. tthepttvrU, Administrator, etai.
1> -leiiuunl's.
Action broOffbt iv the District Court ol
tht Seventeenth Judiclul District uf the
staio of Culifuruiu, in nutl fur tlie Couni)
ul Los Augeles, und tlie Complaint tiled
In Huid Cuuuty of Lo* Augeles, In tho
otl.ee of the Clerk uf said Ihstrlct Court.
Thu People of tbe State of California
again send greeting tv Chas. J. Shep
herd, Administrator of tre estate of
Henry Talbot, deceased, Elizabeth Mil
ler, Heury A. Miller, Hamuel Jones Tal
bot.Joslah Talbot, K. Talbot, Jackson
Talbot, Charles Talbot, Kowena Talbot
Carroll Talbot, Hachel Clark, Jubu
Clark, Maria Sanders, Joseph Sanders,
Mary J. Morgan, P. Morgan, Ann Eliza
Wadkin, A. Wadkln and Dora Talbot,
You are hereby required to appear lv
eu action brought agaiust you by the
above named plaintiff In the DlstJlct
Court of the Seventeenth Judicial District
uf the State of California, in and for the
county or Los Angeles, and to answer the
complaint Hied therein, within ten days
(exclusive ofthe day of service) after the
service on you of this summons—if served
withiu this county, or, If served out of
this county, but In this District, within
twenty days; otherwise, within forty
days —or judgment by default will be
taken against you, accordlngto the prayer
of said complaint.
The said action Is brought to obtain
a decree of tuis court for the loreclosure
a certain mortgage described in thesald
complalut, and executed by tho said
Henry Talbot on the third day of July,
A. D. 1875, to socure the payment of a
certain promissory note of even date
made hy Henry Talbot to Harriet Le
vision, for 8300 CO dollars, U. S. gold coin,
witli interest at Lhe rate of 1 1 , per cent,
per month, compounded saoutnly frwui
the 4th day el July, 1870; lhat the prem
ises conveyed by said mortgage may be
sold, and the proceeds appi led to the pay
ment ol the said note af $300 M dollars,
gold coin, with Interest as mentioned lv
complaint, and f5O an urn si's
fees; costs of suit; and also
that the said defendants and all person*
claiming by, through or under
them or either of them, may
be barred aud foreclosed of all right, ti
tle, claim, lien, equity of redemption and
interest iv aud lv said mortgaged prem
ises, and for other And further relief.
Reference is had to corupiaiut fur partic
And you are hereby notlflad that If you
fail to appear aud answer the said com
plaint as above required, thesald plaintiff
wilt apply to lbs Court for the relief de
manded in said oomplalnt.
Given uuder my baud and the seal of
the District Court of the seventeenth
Judicial District of the State of California,
in and for the couuty of Jos Angeles, this
13lh day of Decembor, lv the year of our
Lord, one thousand eight hundred and
seveuty-seven. [Seal.j
A. W. POTTS. Clerk.
By JAMES C. KAYS, Deputy Clerk.
Tkantum A Hkooks, Attorneys for Plain
tiffs. d2B 2u
la the Probate Court,
Of ttie Couuty of Los Angeles,
State of California.
Hi tho matter ofthe estate of Jan.jb Gray,
A. s. Gray, the Executor of the lust
will aud testuiuent of Jacob Gray, da
ceased, having filed his petition herein
duly verified, praying for an order uf
sale ot certain part of the real estate of
said decedent for tbe purposes therein
set forth, It Is therefore ordered by the
said Court that all persons Interested In
the estate of said deceased appear before
Ihe said Probate CuurL on Monday, tho
4th dan of February, 1878, at ten o'clock
In the forenoon of said day, at the Court
Room of said Probate Court, at tin Court
House, in the city and county of Los
Augpleß, to show cause why au order
sh .uld not be icranted to said executor
to sell so much of the real estate of said
deceased at private sale as shall be ne
cestary; aud that a copy ef this order be
published fonr successive weeks in the
Los A ugeles Dally Herald, a newspaper
published and printed lv said county.
Dated Jan-fith, U7B.
jdtd Probate Judge.
Notice for Publication of Time
for Proving Will, etc.
of Los Angeles, j bate Court,
lii the Matter of the Estateof Joliu
C. Anile, deceased.
Court made this day, notice Is here
by given that Thursday, Ihe 31st day of
January, A. D. 1878. at 10 o'clock a. M.of
said day, at the Court room of this Court,
iv tho city and county of Los Ange
les,has bean appointed for hearing the ap
plication of John D. Ardis, praying
tbat a document now ou file iv this court,;
purporting lo be the last will and teste-?
ment of Juhu C. Ardis, deceasedf,
be admitted to probate, and thaJt
letters lestameutary be Usued there
on to said John D. Ardis, /at
which time and placo all pers/ons
Interested therein may appear and *ou
test the same. r >
January 10, 1878. )
A. W. POTTS, Clerk.
By E. If. OWKW, Deputy Clerk. / |IBtd
Notice of Guardian** Sale
of Real Estate.,
■M- T
Notice Is hereby given thau tn pursu
mice of an order of the Probate Court of
Ills county ofLue Angeles, SLuto of Cali
fornia, made uu the ltf:h day/of January,
A. D. 1878, In the matter of tfie estate and
guar<|iaushlp of Maria Elvira Francises
Winston, a minor, the undersigned, tho
guardian ot tlie person and estate of said
minor, will sell at private sale, to the
highest bidder, for cash in gold coin at
Ihe United States, and subject to oouflr
inutiuu by said Probate (L'ourl, on or after
FEBRUARY,/A. B. 1878,
AU the right, title, interest and estate of
the said minor lv an/d to all tbat certain
lot of land situated in tbe elty and
3"»n;> Xx>B Angelas, State of Califor
nia, and bounded 'und described as jo!
-lows, to wit: / '
That certain lot/of land commencing at
the southeast corner of tho lot of Fergu
son and Rose, a point In the westerly
line of Main stveet, and running thenoe
along said southerly line of Ferguson
and Hose N 05 deg 25 mln W 150 feet and
0 Inches to (he easterly line of New High
street; thouco alcng said easterly line of
New High street 8 2b d<-£ M mln W s fe.it
and 1 inch; thence along tho northerly
line of the allottment of Baellla A. do
Bouchet,S6sdeg2smln H to a point in'
the westerly line of Main street; thenoe
along said westerly line N22 deg-13 mln
E I feel and I inch, to the point of'com
mence tueut. * 1
Terms and Conditions ol Sale;— Dash m
gold coin of tbe United States. Deed tit
expense ol purchaser.
Bids or offers may be made nL any timp
Rf.ur tb? first publication of this notice,
and before thei ittakittg qftbe sals. '
All bids or offers must bo in writing at id
Ipftttt the office of Thorn 4 Rpss, Attor
neys at Lair, Temple Block. Los Augeles
C'Uy, or delivered lo tbeundeislgned per
sonally, or tiled with the clerk of the
said Probate Court.
Rafael l. bouchkt,
Guard lav of the person and estate of Ma
ria Elvira Francises Wiuston, a minor,
Duted January 19,1878.
Jl9td attorneys for Guardian
Dissolution of Uo-Partnership.
The firm heretofore existing under the
uamoand style of Macv, Wilson A Co.,
doing business at the Fashion Livery
Stable, in tho city of Los Augeles, State
of California. Is dissolved by mutual
eonseut, Oscar Mucy having this day sold
all his Interest iv said concern to Messrs.
John Wilson and Robert A. Young, who
will pay all debts aud collect all moneys
due suld uiu,,
115 i w KOB'TA. YOUNG.
Los Angeles, CaJ., Jan. 14, IS7B.
The public ara bareby notified tbat the
partnirablp ofHcbaefTer* Utancal, here
.tor. .xlaUnf, IB dlaaolvad by mil.
uul consent. Tllfl debts «f th. Arm will
j.pald by Louis J. St.ng.l, wb. alone 1.
kutborlzed to collect all bill. dv. .aid
Le. Angeles, Jan. 7, 1878.
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