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The Herald Steam Printing
i lousk makes a specialty of Legal
Printing. Briefs, Transcripts, etc.,
printed at low rates.
Holiday Gifts.
Preuss & Schumacher, 21 Spring
street, opposite Court House, have
just received a large invoice of
fsncy goods imported expressly for
All those intending to purchase
Christmas and New Year preseuts
would do well to give us a call
md examine our immense stock of
colojtnes, hair oi Ist, perfumes, ivory
toilet sets, combs, brushes, etc.,
aud a thousand aud one articles of
utility and beauty, ornaments to
the boudoir and toilet table and
pleasing to the senses.
Reduced Prices.
I ofler my stock of doors, sashes,
etc., at the following reduced pri
••es -
Bxlo $1 35
6x12 1 50
Hxl3 . 1 05
10x12 t. 1 0-5
10x14 1 75
10x10 2 25
15x2*. 2 75
16x32 3 IK)
15x36 8 35
16x40... 3 50
Other sizes in proportion.
2.6x0.0x1 inch $1 00
8.6x6.6x1}, moulded I 90
2.8x6.8x1J " 2 12
2.8x6.8x1i " S 25
2.10x6.10x1i » 250
3x7xli " 2 75
Every other sizo in proportion.
Also great reduction iv paints, oils
aud glass, at No. 28 Los Angeles
street, under the White House.
Moore's Restaurant Removed.
William Moore, of great fame as
a caterer in our city, bus moved his
restaurant to more commodious
'luurters a few doors below the old
stand, on Commercial street. His
many patrons, who know whom to
Und a good square meal at half the
rates usually charged, will havo no
trouble in finding the new loca
tion. Oct. 7-tf
Ou to MoKeuzie's, 120 Main
street, Ponet block, for tbe finest
domestic and imported liquors aud
wines, by the bottle or on draught.
The purity of these wines and li
iiuors is guaranteed, and McKen
tie's host of customers testify
unanimously as to their merit. jStf
Joe Bayer, of Congress Hall, has
lust received a consignment of
Humboldt lager beer. It is a su
perb article and cannot be excelled
as a draught beer. Oysters,
shrimps, hot and cold lunches of ull
kinds, constantly ou hand. Give
him a call. Corner Main and Bp
uuena streets, opposite the (J. S.
Hotel. t>9
The Ladies' Oyster ltooiua, He
unena street, near Main, oppnsile
the United States Hotel, are again
opened to the ladies and will lie
carried on iv a stricily respectable
way, so thut all ladies, with or
without escorts, may feel ut case
and receive prompt and respectful
attention. Oysters iv every style,
shrimps, tea, coffee, etc., constantly
on hand. Jot: Bay Kit.
oct 4 tf
Go to Fulton's Sulphur Wells.
They aro a sovereign remedy for
rheumatism, scrofula, liver and
kidney diseases. Stages leave the
Ut, Charles aud United States
hotels on Tuesdays, Thursdays aud
Sundays, returning the same day.
Boarding accommodations. Full
Information to be obtaiued at the
St. Charles and United States
hotels, Los Angeles.
You will Und the great Cecil St.
Cyr, together with Miss Irene Sum
mers, Lulu Dehaven, Lizzie Har
vey, Millie Mnrtlne, Lillio Hays,
Minnie Bay, Amelia Iveuhoff,
Sadie Desmond, Clara Bradford,
Jessie Asmond and Minnie Walton,
when at Wood's Opera House.
For all kinds of tents, wagon
covers and awnings, go to John
Shaffer, No. 68 Alameda street, op
posite Sisters' School. He sells
and sews all kinds of canvas
cheaper than any one in Los An
geles or San Francisco, by hand or
machine. Second hand tents
bought and sold or to rent. ft3tf
Call on Caroline C. Burton, at
No. 148 Main street, proprietress of
the Ladles' Hair Dressing Estab
lishment. She makes braids, curls
and waterfalls at the shortest no
tice. Tangled hair straightened
and made up into any shape. Per
fumeries of the finest quality al
ways on hand. oct4-lm-eod.
You can save fifty per cent, by
getting shaved at tbe Hotel de
France Barber shop, 71 Los Ange
les street. Shaving 10 cents; hair
euttlng 25 cents.
It is the opinion of all who have
seen Santa Monica in the winter
season, that it is the most beauti
ful place in Southern California.
Its equable climate, the magnifi
cent sea and mountain views, to
gether with its unequaled bathing
facilities, render it a most enjoya
ble resort for tourists and invalids.
M. D. Johnson, at the Santa Mon
ica Hotel, is prepared to accommo
date winter eucsts iv first class
style. j7
City Bill Poster.
M. Kugel, bill poster and distrib
uter. All kinds of advertising
done at reasonable rates. Coutrols
all the best and most prominent
bulletin bill boards. Office, No. 3
Market street. ap2Blf
The Russian Electric Baths of K.
Hughes and Wife are located at No.
16 Main street, opposite the Pico
House. Gentleman and la
dles will be waited upon by persons
of tbelr owu sex. novHtf
Genuine Marrian's Iturton Pale
Aleou draught at McKenzie's.
Do not fail to go and see the new
stock of drygoods, clothing, boots
and shoes wbioh has just been
opened and are selling lower than
aver at Meyerstein's, 49 Main street,
next to tbe Bank. mrOwl
§0$ QnpUa gcvati..
TH fJRBPAY MARCH 14, 1878.
Herald Steam Printing House.
The laollltlos of the llkkai.d .Steam
Printing House for doing job work aro not
surpassed In California outsido of Sun
Francisco aud Sacramento. All work en
trusted to us will be executed Willi neat
ness and dispatch at tho lowest living
■racial. Nonri:.
Hereafter novices of companies, socle,
ties, churches, eto., will only be Inserted
in the herai.o as paid advertisements,
We rescrvo, for Places of Worship, a grat
is diroctory, which will nppear every
Sunday morning.
Division of Telegrams and Reports for
the benefitof Commerce and Agriculture.
Report of observations taken ut ix»s An
geles, Cal., March 12. 1678.
P. M.
]». jCi
Maximum Thermometer, BA
Minimum '* 48.
J. 11. KiiANTz,Observer.
Council meets in regular session
at 1:30 (his afternoon.
Judge James has returned from v
visit to San Diego.
Our hotels aro beginning lo allow
the old lime fullness of register.
Warner will make the banjo talk
at Wood's Opera House.
Mr. It. J. Garvcy is registered at
the Pico House.
We had tho pleasure of meeting
Mr. Louis Wolf, of Temecula, In
the city yesterday.
A Murphy meeting will bo held!
at Good Templars' Hall this even
Four bar» of bullion were reoived
at the Commercial Bank yesterd.iy
from J. A. Bidwell's mine, In the
Ivanpah district.
The steamer Orizaba, due here
yesterday morning, did not arrive
until three o'clock in tho afternoon.
Captain Oeorge A. Johnston and
family arrived by the overland
train yeeterday, en route lo hie
home iv San Diego county.
Tiie can can, at Wood's Opera
House, will be iutroduced in the
drama of "Lize, the Woman of the
World," at Wood's Opjra House.
Mr. C. M. Holmes and wife aud
Mrs. Holmes, of this idly, were reg
istered at the Buss House, Hhii
Fraucisco, on Tuesday.
Mr. Martin,of Ihe Hiberuia Bank,
San Francisco, is paying I.os An
gehs a visit. He is the guest of
trie brother-in-law, ex-Goveinor
The nicest ami prettiest lino of
men's und boys' clothing that has
been seen in Los Angeles is just
received ut Meyersteln's, 49 Main
street, next door lo the Bank. 9wl
Owing to a defect iv the arrange
ments, quite a number of the Vet
erans of the Mexican war fulled to
get out to the San Gabriel valley
yesterday to participate in the ob
sequies of Col. D. B. Wilson.
Col. Louis Mesmar Is lilting up
a store room in the quarters lately
occupied by Mr. A. S. McDonald
which promises to touch the excel
sior notch in the hoot and shoe
line. The new establishment will
bo opened in a few days.
Vaklez, examined before Judge
Peel yesterday, on the charge of
drawing a deadly weapon on a com
panion, was acquitted but was im
t. iliately re-arrested on a charge
of misdemeanor, on which lie will
have a hearing this morning.
There have been no Eastern
malls for two days. The detention
was caused by the snow blockade
on the Union Pacific Railroad; but,
as the road was cleared on Tuesday,
according to telegrams published
in tho Hk-KALD of yesterday, one of
the delayed malls ought to reach us
by to-morrow.
Wo have received No. 0 of the
Southern California Horticulturist.
As usual it is filled with matter,
botli original and selected, of in
terest to those engaged in horticul
ture and the general reader as well.
Each number but proves the sa
gacity of the Society in procuring
the services of Mr. L. M. Holt as
Billy Warner, tiie inimitable end
man and banjoist at Wood's Opera
House, yesterday received the con
gratulations of his friends on hav
ing attained to the dignity of a
father. Billy tried to take the
honor meekly, but the occasional
flash of his eye showed thut he was
very proud of Ids new responsibil
ity. We wish the young lady many
years of unclouded happiness ami
the father "many happy returns."
At the meeting of tiie French Bu
uevolent Society, on Monday last,
the following offloeri were elected
for the year 1878-9: President, A.
Briswaltcr; Vice President, P. M.
Commeres; Treasurer, E. Naud;
Secretary, C. tie Moudran: Com
mittee on Finances, Constant
Meyer, J. M. Vigues, F. Gravel;
Committee on Provisions, P. M.
Commeres, B. Mesplou, P. Ballade!
Committee on Building, A. Brls
walter, Ed Naud, F. Gravel.
The second lecture of the Pree
Dispensary course will bedelivored
by Col. J. J. Ayers at Good Tem
plars' Hall on Friday evening. The
subject of the lecture will be "Pio
neer Times," an era with which
Col. Ayers is perfectly familiar, he
having been a participant in the
stirriug events of the days of which
he proposes to treat. The evening's
entertainment will be diversified
by some vocal gems rendered by
Madame Marra, Mrs Fanning, Dr.
Corbett and Mr. Fanning, assisted
by Miss Fairman, who will preside
at tbe piano.
< Mir readers will remmember that
the store of the Messrs. Newmark
.'- Co. was burglarized on the night
of the 7th Inst., and a lot of tobac
co and other goods carried off.
Prom the character of tbo work and
tho foot tracks left by the thieves
In passing through the oil room,
Chief Hani- concluded that tho
burglary hud been committed by
Chinamen. Learning on Tuesday
that Chinese Charlie, who keeps a
Chinese restaurant, was selling
fresli tobacco, ho procured a plug
and found It to tally exuctly with
that stolen. That night he stationed
live officers about Charlie's place, to
prevent anything from being car
ried out. lie then wont Inside him
self and commenced to search. In
one Chinaman's bunk lie tound
half a dozen plugs concealed; aud,
burled in v hole underneath an
other, he found an entire package
with the woodwork stripped on,
and remnants of two other pack
ages, and at the bottom of the hole
tho broken cases on which was the
trade mark of the Messrs. New
mark. Charlie and another Mon
golian were arrested and, after ex
amination before Judge Peel yes
terday, were each held lv $500 to
appear before Ihe next Grand
We are informed that an Ukase
Issued by Lieut-General Kearney
whs received in tills city, a day or
two ago, appointing L. K. Page
President nr Head Centre of all
Worktngmen's Olubi In Southern
California. The docmnent is ad
dressed "To whom it may concern"
and states that Mr. Kearney, in
order to prevent " broken down
politicians, chronic offlcu seekers
and shysters" from Retting control
of Worklngmew's Clubs, rinds it
necessary to issue an order that no
branch club will be recognized as
legitimate by tho Central Club of
tho State uuless organized under
the sign manual of L. E. Page.
Our informant states that the
appointment of Mr. Page
to this supremo authority
lias created no little excitement
unioug the branch clubs already
organized and that they do not in
tend to submit to any such assump
tion on the part of Lieutenant
General Kearney or anybody else.
The opening at Mrs. Parke's mil
linery store yesterday, in the
Strelitz Block, was a notable event
in Los Angeles. This establish
ment may fairly he called the Pal
ace of Fashion. It is fitted up in
superb style, and resembles more a
lady's boudoir than a store room.
The selection of goods does honor to
tho discriminating taste of Mrs.
Parke. The latest elegancies of
the Paris fashions are displayed in
her showcases. No Los Angeles
lady who appreciates the exquisite
point to which the adornment of
her sex can tie brought, should fail
to visit Mrs. Parke's establishment.
There is something in seciug these
dainty fancies, even if the purse
preclude,: the visitor from buying.
The poet Pope would never have
written the lino of women, "most
adorned when not adorned ut all,"
if lie had dreameil of the perfection
to which the art of the modiste
wou'd arrive in thesj latte; days.
The calico ball in aid of tho La
illpb' Hebrew IWvevoleut Society,
which comes off Monday evening,
Marcli 18th, at tho tho old Los An
geles Social Club rooms, tbe receipt
of a ticket to which we acknowl
edge with thanks, promises to he
one of the most enjoyable affairs
which lias ever been chronicled
in Los Angeles. It is under the
patronage of a number of our most
estimable Hebrew ladies, and the
proceeds will be devoted to an ob
ject so meritorious that everyone
uud his neighbor should desiro to
participate in it if only to swell the
fund. Tickets, admitting gentle
men nnd ladies, have been pluced
at three dollars.
The funeral of tho late Hon. B.
D. Wilson, which took place from
the family residence, Lake Vine
yard, Mission San Gabriel, yester
day, was one of the largest that
has ever taken place in Los Ange
les county. Representatives from
all parts of tho county were pres
ent to assist at the last Bad offices
to their departed friend. Over
Bavsnty vehicles, and a large caval
cade of horsemen, followed there
mains to the grave. He was buried
according to the rites of the Epis
copal Church, the Rev. If r.Wilson,
Rector of the Church at Sau Ga
briel, oflieiating.
Col. J. 11. Wood's irrepressible
advertising talents have found a
new vent. Four solemn mokes,
with placards front anil rear, yes
terday paraded tho streets, one of
their number ringing a bell. The
concourse who rush to the doors to
llud out the 9aUSA of the commo
tion are Informed of tbe fact that
Ihe most original aud soul-stirring
exhibition on the American conti
nent is to be found at Wood's Ope
ra House.
Mr. Paul Schumacher, of the
Smithsonian Institute, Washing
ton, arrived in tills city yesterday.
Mr. Schumacher spent some time
on Cutalina Island a few mouths
ago, collecting specimens for tlie
Smithsonian Institute, and wo pre
sume his present visit is with the
same object. He Is registered at
tho St. Charles.
Twenty-eight first-class urtisls at
Wood's Opera House.
Mr. Mr I.i ll.in Informs us that, tho
Orizaba, owing to tbe heavy freight
brought by her, will not sail on
her return trip to San Francisco
until Saturday. He also informed
us that the Ancon takes the place
of the I.os Aneeles, sailing from
Snn Fran-dsco on next Saturday.
Dr. F. P. Howard is vlsiling Los
Angeles from Ills home iv Darwin.
His mountain home seems to thor
oughly agree with our former
townsman, as he Is tho picture or
robust health.
Information of a Mr. Van Slyke,
formerly n minister at Sacramento,
will bo thankfully received by his
son, George C. Van Slyke, Port
land, Middlesex couuty, Connecti
It is towards the cud of May that
the Los Augelesorange is sweetest,
though tiie mature aud fully ripe
oranges are already very delicious.
Fun; fun, fun nudjolity at Wood's
Opera House.
The Willnington Harbor Bill.
Following is the bill introduced
by Senator Smith for the protec
tion of the harbor of Wilmington:
Section 1. The tide lauds in the
bay known as the Harbor of Wil
mington or inner Bay of San Pedro,
aud other lands, whother tide lands
or otherwise, lying within the
space bounded by tho Kmchos Pa
los Ver.les nnd S in Pedro, aud the
Pacific Ocean, are not and shall not
bo subject to tho provisions of the
Political Coiio providing for the
sale of tho lands of Ihe Stale. All
applications for the purchase
of tho lauds above speci
fied, now pending or hereafter
made, whether made under tbe
Codes or under thu laws in force
prior thereto, are hereby declared
null and void; aud the officials
charged with the cxecutiou of the
laws for the sale of the State lands,
are forbid'on to approve any such
application, or to issue any patent
or certificate of purchase thereon,
or to exercise any jurisdiction in
reference thereto.
Sec. 2. Such lands shall not he
and hereby aro declared not to be
subject to the provisions of section
47-1 of the Civil Code or to the pro
visions of other laws granting to
railroad companies rights of way
over swamp, overflowed or other
public lands ol the State or rights
to OCCUPy any of said lands as sites
ami grounds lor watering places,
depots or other buildings; but tbe
said lands shall be and hereby are
reserved for the use of the public as
part of said harbor, free from all
franchises, easements or rights of
entry of any kind,except franchises
granted or to lie granted by tbe
Board of Supervisors of Los Ange
les county under the sections from
2900 to 2919, both inclusive, of the
Political Code, which are hereby
declared applicable to tbe whole of
said harbor, .'provided, however,
that this section shall not apply to
lauds already appropriated by the
Los Angeles and San Pedro Rail
roatl Company under said laws
granting to railroad companies
rights of way ami sites and grounds
for watering places, depots or other
buildings, but the right and title of
said corporations to lands so appro
priated shall remain the same as
if this act hail not been enacted,
Sec 3. This net shall lake etfjel
Los Angeles Legislation.
Tbo following action was bad in
relation to I ds Angeles bills in
the Legislature on Monday:
Senate Hill No. 399—An net to
appropriate money to assist in tbe
purohn o of I.mil ami tbe construc
tion of building! thereon, In the
county of Eos Angeles, to bo used
as a County Hospital and farm.
Passed on file.
Assembly Hill No. 438—An act
to amend soctiou 1,517 of tho Polit
ical Code, in relation to the State
Board of Education (by Mr. Hol
loway)—was amended and passed.
Assembly Bill No. 319 (by Mr.
Holloway) was passed.
LWe are unable toslate what this
act refers to.—Editor Herald.]
Supreme Court Sessions
It Governor Irwin signs tho bill
wliieh has just passe I the Legisla
ture, Los Angeles will get two
terms annually of Iho Supreme
Court. This has been v cherished
object with the residents of that
couuty for some time, who have
maintained that the amount uf legal
business transacted in the connly,
and the great expense to litigant!
in attending in San Francisco and
Sacramento, entitled them to ut
least 0110 yearly session of that,
body. As Los Angeles has a healthy
climate and many natural beauties
to delight the eyo of a sojourner,
aud her people are hospitable
withal, tho Judges will not be likely
to object to tho change in the law.
official visits to tho "city of
orange groves" will he something
in the nature of a pleasure excur
sion, rejuvenating to the mind aud
body, and in this respect almost
equal to a vacation from labor.— 8.
F. Call.
Wants a Prison.
Los Angeles wants a brunch of
the State Prison. Beautiful and
bountiful as that portion of the
State is known to lie in productive
wealth, like less favored localities,
it lias its criminal element, com
prising some of the worst charac
ters at large. Two burglaries com
mitted within a few days of each
other lead tho Herald to tliiuk
tbnt a prison is demanded. Such
an institution could have but littlo
restraining influence, however, for
thieves are known to ply their vo
cation at thu foot of the gallows.—
San I'Vancinco Call.
At Ihe representation at the ope
ra, in Math nl, after the late royal
festivities, it is said that £30,000,
--000 sterling worth of diamonds and
jewel* weiv in the house. The day
after tho wedding the King and
Queen received at the levee twenty
live couples who had been married
on the royal wedding day. The
costumes of each pair wore differ
ent, and represented the national
dress of twenty-five different prov
inces. Tho Queen, among her
presents, received nine ticli prayer
boohs and £40,000 worth of jewels.
Sefior Villagraua, ex-Governor of
Lower California, who haa been
stopping in this city for somo time,
called on us yesterday and informed
us of his complete vindication by
the Mexican Government of his al
leged connection with the Lower
California difficulties some time
since, official dispatches from tho
City of Mexico have been received
by him to that effect. Sefior Villa
graua will proceed to Los Angeles,
thence to Muzatlan and the City of
Mexico, and return to San Diego
in live or six months. —San Diego
Two Irishmen were proceeding
iv company to a jail yard to wit
ness an execution, when one said
to the other: "I say, Pat, where
wud yo be if the hangman had his
dues?" "Begorrn," said Pat, "I'd
jist be wulkiu' down this sthreet
Episode in a political conven
tion at Titusville, Pa.: Chairman—
The Chair will not dispute the
point with Mr. Carter. Mr.
Carter—The Chair had better not
unless ho takes his coat off. The
Chair did not.
County C in t STEPUENS, .1.
Wednesday, March 13th.
People vs. W. J. L. Moulton—
Misdemeanor—Argument had and
ease taken under advisement.
Probate court SrKl'HEss, J.
Wednesday, March 13th.
Estato of John P. Bruck, deceas
ed—Settlement, of annual account
continued until to-morrow.
An official of the Boston Board
of Health, who has been called to
examine nearly two hundred
houses iv that city in Whlob diph
theria occurred, reports that iv
every instance he lias discovered a
derangemout of the waste pipes,
either above or below the surface,
before they outered the sewers.
Among the Dead Failures
Of Ihe past how many bogus nostrums
may be numbered! Beginning their ca
reers with a tremendous flourish of
trumpets, blazoned for a time In the
public prints and on flaming posters,
soon, but not too soon, were they rele
gated to the limbo of (hlngs lost on earth.
Hut. Hostettei's stomaoh Hitlers Is still
a living and thriving remedy. It goes on,
curing and to cure. Neither underhand
nor open competition aireot it. On the
contrary, contrast, with inferior rival
preparations only incroases Its populari
ty. It has been repeatedly imitated, but
without success. Counterfeits of It have
been surreptitiously introduced, but
havo fallen Hat Btverywhere It en
trenches itself In tho confidence of the
people; and well It may, tor It Is a thor
oughly reliable Invigorant of tho feeble,
vanishes dyspepsia and constipation,
braces tho nerves, cures, rheumatic nil
ni' ills and kidney complaints, aud erad
icates and prevents iulermii tent and re
mittent fevers.
Mothers, Mothers Mothers.
Don't fall to procure Mas. WiNst.ow's
Soothino Byuop for ail diseases Of
teething in children. It relieves the
child from pain, cures wind colic, regu
lates tho bowels, and,by giving relief and
health lo thu child, gives rest to Hie
mother. fe2B-cod-(!in
Form and Feature,
Unless associated With good tooth, ate
shorn of half the attractions they .may
otherwise possess. Bearing this fact la
mind, use SOZODONT, which will pre
vent your teeth Irom losing their white
ness, aud will rendor them spotless it
specked and discolored. 'Jhe tint ana
liardncss of coral aro Imparted to the
gums by this Incomparable preservative
und beautifying agent, and the breath is
rendered fragrant as honeysuckle by its
use. It is safe, besides being effective.
Sold by druggists.
Meyerstein, 49 Main street, Is now
receiving his Spring stock. They
are indeed tho prettiest goods
ever brought to this market, anil
the prices are far below any that
we have heard. To convince them
selves we advise those wishing to
purohase to give Mr. Meyerstein a
call. mrrtwl
WEDNESDAY, March 13.
Wm Willis,Sta Ana A Rothrehild, RFr
Oeo Beckford, do J C Yale, do
WH l ake &w, do .1 s Kennody, do
A Robertson, N V RL Coleman, do
Wm stout, do F Schumacher, do
M C Karnes,Chicago H ft Smith, do
F W ruller.Frcmnl.O E U Meredith,s liar
CE Bagles .Vallejo X M Barham.Anhm
H It Boynlon.ltdwdC J II Ham, Demote
X B Hi- - nick & wf, Dr H W itlse, s Ber
St Louis J C Gill, Arlsoua
Property Transfers
■cateror rkcohds, makch Is, i»ca.
Mary M and J W Scott to Wm Lftjlle-
LdtS&V&Ji'tral Audition to Mania Moul.ar
flit. , .
MM Ross to Margaret C Greaves* .jot
10, bltc 20, B I. A, and Iract adjoining;
J t* Jones and R M Baker to A Cauwall
-Lot O, blk 135, Santa M julcn; {100.
Uaniulia S do Maeiiado, by City Tax
Collector, to Thos Greonwood—Lot SE
corner .Main st und Ogi-'r lave: j v.i
Francisco Arguello lo Santiago Argu
ello— Two acres in ItanchoSan Antonio;
Maria St de Sanchez to Fried rich r.lnder
—Lot. 7, blk 3, Sanchez Duel; |3W, ~
Ferdinand Wles toll tl Roberts—66.Bo
acres north 01" Rancho r'otiero tiiaade;
Wm II and Maria IB Workman In W II
Tawney— Lot y, niock I, Boyle rfetguU;
Same to Same-Lot 11, block I, Bo\ lo
Hefck'e; 1150.
Elizabeth ami B H Roberts to Cerdl
nand Wles— Lotsll and 11, t lock I, llayl
Heights; S;OU.
Han Francisco, March 19,
Ophlr [email protected]*; I 8 Nov 4 53fflt 75
Mexican 16V.jlfllltl Utah [email protected]
a & 0 B',. ai I Dulllon r.'.,,;.;> ; ,
B II .iVw't | Exchequer.. 3 BKoia oo
California [email protected]\ Overman n.
Con Va 23 . : - | S Belcher 27 ot>
Savaire ll(jj>l' J4 Justice [email protected]
Ohollnr 34 00 Union 7 10®H
h* 5> N >MON I Alta 5®4 9i
Crown Feint..l ("aleilonin 2 40
I Jacket lo®!) 75 S Hill 1 2.1®2 15
Imperial Gs(fl|7o ! Challeugc 85(g»l 00
Alpha 9 75 | NY 1 15
Uulchnr 4 (JlK.u l 05 | Senator 3 15
HAN Kuanoisco, March 13.
Eureka oodß i'4ffl37ts Oplilr 518*2
Alps 'iV*(<tVi Mexican IV [email protected] 14
Rye Putuh |H McCraoksu ...SlugM*'
Hollo : iVi Unlou HtjHH
Ilussey 1 M Julia 2 3iijj2 M
Manhattan 1014 h a b 10531%
U I'rlje T/ii&vH Uouldjtc BY,
Navajo llim'i Con Va •J;(,'iiS23 1 „
Star 1 sOfli 16 California 82132 S,
Day I Ml Si Hi N , i'j^.
Hamburg ...3 40a3 45 a Nevada...4 lojj4 30
Bodle 1 Overman IBjwMlrf
Bechtel ...b{S\y, lust ice ~'%<H'<\a
Leeds I 6a Alta V/,<3V/,
Tip-Top 2 4032 80 Ciiollar S3
8 I" Oas Co 93 b Juokel VKWN
BVW Co 92 b
Has facilities for doing JOB
WORK not equaled in South
ern California. Power and
Job Presses run by steam se
cure promptness and moder
ate prices. Give this office
a call and secure work at San
Francisco Prices and of a San
Francisco finish and style.
*'rom m
"I have Ir
. the result n
| It haamad<
(o my byaU
am no Ion;
u.s when y<
heurMor, v
time durii
all druggl
Every In
IIDI Irt S, cv
keep then
ouoe get, a
airy Colli
worth tvl
EH) mo us
chilled Cri
to the Htom
Anodyne J
water, well
M -umiH. H V.
v severe cult
where it ran*
was then in
vvome and tte
ni.v business,
rnenced m-iuv
iuedl>-iiiu n/ui
health, i ,
tried many r€
help ami dailj
ri hie uough
hlood. 1 ha
Neve re pain in
this state lor i
that It was wi
walk, when J
Hajusam or
niy great Joy 1
edy had arrest
uud to use I bo
Unities Htid liv
no dimeulty t
Ualsam saved
it in high est)
Luxuriant, glc
ing oat or tUTJ
test ol'4U yertTN
and has no n\
HenryK. 1
ouied olspitt
ness of tne i
<ori»s Anodi
Kor Judiclo*
has no nup<
Under clghtoe
The F
Bovven's Yeast Powder.
State Fair nt Sacramento. Cal $51)
Stat© Fulr at Heno, Nevada CO
Slate Falrat Salem, Oregon 60
Siskiyou Couuty Agricultural Fair,
Yrekn 40
Northern District Agricultural society
Fair, Marysville 50
.Snnomaand Marin District Agricultu
ral Society Fair, Petaluma 60
Sau Joaquin Valley Agricultural So
ciety Fulr, Stockton 60
I.os Angeles Agricultural (Society Fulr,
I.os a ngoles 60
Santa Clam Valley Agricultural Soci
ety Fair, Kan Jose 50
Mechanics' Fair, San Francisco 50
mill d&w-lf
Has Op«n»(| elftSMs Tar Instruction In tho
Above braaubwftt hi* resldeucftou HILL
HTKKKT, near First, commenclng on
MONDAY, February ',f> h, 1878.
Aitf moon Class, from 1 lo -1 o'clock p.
jr. daily; Evening Glass, Imm 7 to 9
o'clock p, m.j Saturday Ul*M, ifom tf to
i'-i a. K. and from 1 to 4 P. v.
An opportunity will ho afforded to lie
quiremynew system, of ChlrythmoKrn
phy, or Tlmedhaud writing, lv which to
write rapidly us well us legibly can he
learned in a few lessons. The pructlce
which requires years to make experts in
Penmanship and Bookkeeping can be ac
quired in a lew months with advanced
'i ekmk—Evening Class—Penmanship,
per month, ST; Bookkeeping, 88.
Afternoon Class — Penmanship, 58;
Bookkeeping, UU.
Saturday Class -Penmanship, per les
son, 60c; Booklet oping, per lesson, 81.
Special Instruct lon to teachers and oth
ers desirous of quuiifylngthenuelves for
teaching tho above branches. The un
dersigned being familiar with and hav
ing laiigbt lor years Payson, Dun too A
Scriouor and tho Spencerlnn Hi stems of
Penmanship, etch may ••leet tint style
most congenial to their tastes. For fur
therlnformation call nt residcuc > (luring
the hours from 1 to 4 o'clock r. ut,.OV ad
dress the undersigned.
tea Mm Lock Box i ;i.
Dr. Sfcluhatrw
remedy for tbe curs of nervous aud
physical debility, spermatorrhea, seminal
weukuoHs and prematuro decline.
The Essence of Life
Is the only safe and sure remedy and will
restore exhausted vitality without fall,
permanently aud effectually, no matter
from what cause or of how long standing
Tho Essence of Life
Is pleasant to take, and Is free from all
noxious drugs; It gives tone to the diges
tive organs, strength to the nerves, ami
purities and enriches the blood, thereby
eradicating all morbid eruptions of tbe
Price, 83 per bottle, or four times lbs
qiiHutity In case, 810, with full directions
tor ut-e. Sent to any address, secure frsm
observation, upon receipt of price, which
may be mnt by express, registered lelt<-r,
or Powtorttce money order, or C. O. D.
within 430 mtlos of Nan Francisco.
References of the highest standing And
unquestionable veracity (rem persons
thai have been cured. To be bad only al
San Francisco, Cal.. where all letters
should he addressed.
Office hours from t> a. m. to 4 r. si. and 6
to 8 p. h. ujarlS-sp-lyr
Announces lhat she will glvo lessons In
French, Spanish, Oermnn, ItttllHii and
Kiuli-h.ai n< r residence,No.6o N» w High
street, ami at private if re
quired. Hue Is prepared to tube a few
.mall scholars lo hoard, who will be
cared for as by a motner.
TERMS—At residence, S3 per mouth; nt
residence of families, Si.
mUtS VtL, Terras Reasonable. ol'M
Money to Loan,
Apply lo C. CARoT,
leiiUlf 34 Temple Block.
I am now ready to receive anima'a <
pasture. In my enclosed lauds. In the
western part of the city.
Al 1 animals at owners' ripk.
Apply at my oflice. P. BEAUDUY.
81 New Hish street, opposite Pico House.
IN AID ok the erection of
Good Templar Block.
One Hundred Musicians
Wednesday, April 10th.
Admission, - - - -Si.OO
in Btd
Fine Wines & Liquors.
H. & H. W. Catherwood'B
Fine Old Whiskies
From the'r agents, DICKSON, DeWOLF
Co., sen Fruncisco; uUo,
Old Bourbon and Rye
Direct Lorn Louisville. Ky.,by the B"Itle
or Uallou, at LOW fItICEH.
Genuine Scotch and Irish Whiskey.
English Ales and Porter.
la provided with tbe purest
PORTED Ha VAn a cvi ars.
Poiiot'x tSiiildinjur.
Main Ktreet, near Court. Los Angeles.
OCC in *n A WKFKiouneut*. tie
IV 911 outnt FREE P. o
VIOKKKY, Angua's, Main*. eeptawly
With this aim and character, wish thu
honorable record, and with the ■Villi!MS .
resources ut its command to make Mediae
promises, the NORTH AMERICA]! BS
VIEW commends itself to the favor all ot
intelligent citizens.
TEHJIH-*-. a Year, in Advanoc.
' '- ••-■••^afe-'^l
The Leonard Scott Publish
ing Company,
41 Barclay St., New Vctk,
Continue tueir tmthorittd ReprtnU of the
I Conservative],
. _\D ■
The British QusriverUes ghrs *ta« retries
well-digested inforuiation quo* tho oOfc
eveuts iv contemporaneous mat**/, naeso
taia masteily criticisms on all task v} t*&%
and valuable In literature, aa wail Cm A eotfV
mary uf tbe triumphs of bcieaeo c-3 Pi
Th* wars likely to convulse all BusMSrtlll
form topics for discussion, taajt wttl .hjßjp
treated with a thoroughusts ana ttillfl( %%%U
where else to be found. Blackweefs aMssi *
sine is fomous for stories, essays and ■ksfaW
es of the highest literary merit.
TERMS (InclnJing rosUg*):
Payable Strh u> ia Advance.
Par Aaeur
For any one Review t* i .
For any two Reviews t
For any Hirer Revis-un 10 v.
For all four Reviews IS S* ■
For Blackwood's Magazine 4 M;
For Blackwood und one Review T 0
For Blaokwcod aud two Kevlswa IS tßs
For Blackwood and three Reviews U ftv
For Blackwood uud the four Reviews. ..IS C 9
A disromit or twenty per swat, rill SAsl
lowui " t ssc^^c**;
New subscribers (applying easiy) for s»s*J
ytar 1877 may have, without ofcjsjft «n
numbers (or tbe last quarter ef law Ws<S*f
periodicals as they may tubterlso fer.
Neither premiums te subscribes* mm f*fc
count tv Clubs can be allowed SBalSSt wLc
money is remitted to the publishers, m
premiums givan to Clubs.
Circulars with further particulars sea? fcs,
had on application.
The Leonard Scott Publish
ing Company,
41 Barclay St., New York«
uu m
1216 Market Htket, ri*,sj
Francisco. 1
on. . -ins. tuHt f.rw arealM
by mnil or oitprea*. |
Bridal an I Moiiniinx order* « (ptjaUMal
also iiitsnts' wardrobes, and U11111.W7 ta tm
Samples of Dress and other Kooda asjat Jm
receipt ef order and atamue te lleflasjl JaWav
age. Address,
Mua. j. w. TiaaHAJL
t*tf uu Market Street, Ha »*rli tmmW

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