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Thu Herald Steam Printing
! ousb makes a specialty of Legal
i Tinting. Briefs, Transcripts, etc.,
I tinted at low rates.
Teutonia Saloon, 123 Main Street.
The celebrated Fredericks
tJUßOii Laoer Beer will be, from
this day, on draught and be kept
all through the Summer monthson
ice. Hot lunch from 11 to 2 o'clock;
ail delicacies always on baud.
Tony Faber,
my29tf Manager.
Ponet & Orr
Have removed their Under
taking and Picture-Frame
Warerooms lo the store formerly
occupied by It. Sotelo, No. 45 Main
street, under tho LAFAYETTE
Hotel. my2ml
Reduced Prices.
I offer my stock of doors, sashes,
etc., at Iho following reduced pri
"es -
SxlO $1 35
9x12 1 60
»xI.H 1 65
Uxl2 1 65
10x14 1 75
10x16 2 25
15x28 2 75
15x32 3 00
15x36 3 35
15x40 3 50
Other sizes in proportion.
8.6x6.0x1 inch $1 60
3.6x6.0x1,, moulded l 90
2.8x6.8x1* " 2 12
2.8x6.8x1$ " 2 25
2.10x6.10x1* " 250
3x7xl* " 2 75
Every other size in proportion.
Also great reduction in paints, oils
nnd glass, at No. 28 Los Angeles
street, under the White House.
B. Raphael.
f.'oal oil sold at retail for whole
sale prices, at tbo Continental Oil
Store, 70 Spring street.
Artistic Photography.
Mr. Charles Hasselman takes
pleasure in announcing to the pub
lic of Los Angeles and surrounding
cities that he has formed a partner
ship with Mr. F. Parker, the gen
ial photographer of No. 65 Main
street, Downey Block. The tirm
engages itself to do nothing but
first-class work, equal to the best
done in tlie Eastern States and
Europe, Portraits in oil colors,
pastel, colored and black crayons,
water colors, India ink, etc., at re
duced prices. Reproductions from
tiny kimlof old faded pictures taken
In a superior style. Every kind of
re-touching done for the trade.
F. Parker,
Chas. Hasselman,
65 Main Street, Downey Block.
Tlie dry goods aud novelty store
of Charles Prager, at No. 5 Com
mercial street, is an attractive re
soi tto the ladies of Los Angeles.
Mr. Prager has one of tlie most ex
tensive and recherche stocks of
goods ever brought to Los Angeles,
and there is absolutely nothing
necessary to the feminine toilette
which may not be found in bis
-loir. He has heen guided in his
purchases by a thorough knowledge
of tlie requirements of this section,
und the latest fashions and novel
ties may he nt all times inspected
nt No. 5 Commercial street. Oive
him a call. my 7
The Ladies' Oyster Hooms, He
lena street, near Main, opposite
tlie United States Hotel, are again
opened to the ladies aud will be
curried on in a strictly respectable
way, so that all ladies, with or
without escorts, may feel ot ease
and receive prompt and respectful
attention. Oysters iv every style,
shrimps, ten, coffee, etc., constantly
on hand. Joe Hayek.
oct4 tf
The Messrs. Lips, Craigue & Co.
have made arrangements to receive
monthly cargoes of the famous Ph.
Meat Brewing Company's export
lager beers. These beers nre made
at Milwaukee and bottled by the
Messrs. Staunm & Meyer. The
first of the cargoes arrived yester
day, consisting of an entire load.
The Messrs. Lips, Craigue & Co.,
through this arrangement, are
enabled to oiler special advantages
to purchasers. The first prizes
were awarded to this Ph. Best Ex
port beer at the Centennial Expo
sition, at the Wisconsin State Fair,
held ut Milwaukee, aud at tlie
Inter-State Fair held at Chicago.
Go lo McKenzie's, 120 Main
street, Ponet block, for the finest
domestic and imported liquors and
wines, by the bottle or on draught.
Tbe purity of these wines and li
quors is guaranteed, and McKen-
Eie'a host of customers testify
unanimously as to their merit. j3tf
Joe Bayer, of Congress Hall, has
lust received a consignment of
Humboldt lager beer. It Is a su
perb article and cannot he excelled
as a draught beer. Oysters,
shrimps, hot and cold lunches of all
kinds, constantly on hand. Give
him a call. Corner Main and Re
quena streets, opposite tbe U. S.
Hotel. o»
For all kluds of tents, wagon
covers and awnings, go to John
Shaffer, No. 68 Alameda street, op
posite Sisters' School. He sells
und sews all kinds of canvas
cheaper than any one iv Los An
geles or Sau Francisco, by hand or
machine. Second hand tents
bought and sold or to rent. feStf
Cull oa Caroline C. Burton, at
No. 148 Main street, proprietress of
tlie Ladies' Hair Dressing Estab
lishment. She makes braids, curl 9
and waterfalls at tlie shortest no
tice. Tangled hair straightened
and made up Into any shape. Per
fumeries of the finest quality al
ways on band. oct4-lm-eod.
City Bill Poster.
M.,Engel, bill poster and distrib
uter. All kinds of advertising
dove at reasonable rates. Controls
all tbe beat and most prominent
bulletin bill boards. Office, No. 3
Market street. ap2otf
Coal oil sold at retail for whole
sale prices, at the Continental Oil
Store, 70 Spring street.
Genuine Napa soda at Mc-
§0* |,ngfto §mlt
Herald Steam Printing House.
The (acuities or tbe Herald Steam
Printing Boom for doing Job work nre not
surpassed In California outside ot San
Francisco and Sacramento. All work en
trusted to us will be executed wltb neat
ness and dispatch at the lowest living
M!' I; <I % I NOTICK.
Hereafter notices of compuuics, socie
ties, churches, etc., will only be inserted
in the Hbralu as paid advertisements.
We reserve, for Places or Worship, a grat
is directory, which will appear every
Sunday morning.
0. S. ARMY.
Division of Telegrams and Reports for
the benefit of Commerce and Agriculture.
Report of observations taken at la>a An
geles, Cal., Mny3l,lß7°.
I. * .- o
S I - >. li
i % a | ti = I
5 I i 1 3S J 1
r- s s s » 4
H _Q
4:50 A. h. 29.98 58 75 K| S Fair.
1:50 P.M. 30 00 68 42 S 111 Fair.
8:15 r.M. 80.02 58 76 WIS Clear
Maximum Thermometer, 71.
Minimum " 55.
J. M. Frantz, Observer.
The steamer Senator is due from
San Francisco this morning.
None should fail to see Fred
Mackley'H new sketch at Wood's
Opera House.
Among (he Jubilee attractions
there will be noticed a solo by a
lady violinist of tho city.
The eleventh annual commence
ment exercises of Saint Vincent's
College will begin at 9 o'clock this
The mammoth tent for tho Ju
bilee will arrive by to-day's steam
er and will probably be put up this
The County Court sut till half
past nine o'clock last night in the
Cuyas case, which was contined
till 9 o'clock tills morning.
Arrived at Sau Pedro, burkeutine
Modoc, Christiansen master, from
Departure Bay, with 810 tons of
coul for Southern Pacific Railroad
Co mpauy.
The pupils of the Turn Wrein
Qermaula will give a dramatic en
tertainment in German and Eng
lish, to conclude with a ball, on
Sunday evening June 9lh.
Tho Home Industry League meet
at the County Court room this
evening. A full attendance is de
sired as business of importance
will come before the meeting.
Tickets for tbo Jubilee can be ob
tained at all of :lie prominent places
of business intliecity. Remember
that the opening concert comes off
nt/xt Wednesday.
A special Bleating of Chapter No.
33, Royal Arch Masons, is called
for 7:30 o'clock this evening, for
work iv the 4th ami 5Lh degrees.
All Master Masons in good stand
ing, aro cordially Inviled to at
We see by llio Alia of Wednes
day that United Stales Commis
sioner O'liiernc discharged tlie six
sailors who had been arrested and
arraigned by Capt. Frank Austin,
the details of which we gave some
days ago.
Tho auction sale of hotel goods
and furniture, wliich the Express
of yesterday stud had already taken
place, will not commence till 12
o'clock noon to day. A rare chance
will be presented to hotel keepers
aud others to purchase articles at
their own prices as the saio is per
emptory. For description of goods
see handbills.
The Democratic primaries to
elect delegates to the County Con
vention, to be held iv this city on
Tuesday next (June 4tli), to elect
delegates to the Constitutional
Convention, will bo held through
out the county to-day. Polling
places aud names ot election offi
cers will be fouud ou tho fourth
page of the Herald.
The Los Angeles Guards give a
social at their new armory, Merced
Theatre, to-night. During the
evening tlie prizes contested for at
the recent target match will be
distributed. A very pleasant eve
ning will be spent by all who at
tend, as the Guards make it a point
to see lhat their guests are properly
Attention is called to the mag
nificent programmes which tbe
management of the Jubilee have
placed before the public. Our dis
tance from Sin Francisco has pre
vented most people from attending
the May Festival held thero tbis
week. There is now plueed before
them, at a nominal expense, a
similar entertainment here at
home. It is an opportunity no one
can aliord to lose.
Sau Bernardino Timer. Robert
Ward, on the Santa Ana, had a set
to with a couple of mountain lions
last week. Ward was sitting down
when he observed one.of the beasts
sneaking towards him and wasjust
in time to defend himself; grasping
his rifle he drew a bead aud shot
Mr. Lion in tbe back of the head,
when another one jumped up aud
made for a tree. Mr. Ward gave
him a charge which killed him in
stantly. Eacli oue measured nine
feet from tip to tip.
Tho Horticultural Society meet
to-day to reseive tho report of the
Committee on Pavilion site. The
Committee at their meeting yes
terday agreed to recommend tlie
property offered by Messrs. Rivara
,t Vignola. We hear, however,
that a minority report will be pre
sented favoring the acceptance of
the location tendered by Mr. Beau
dry, who has so modified his offer
as to ouly require the erection of a
building to cost $5,000 within
twelvemonths. His original offer
stipulated for a building at a cost
of $10,000.
Wong Chu Shut Found Guilty.
The third trial of Wong Chu
Shut for the murder of Yo Iling,
another Chinaman, was concluded
in the District Court yesterday,
the jury rendering a verdict of
murder in the first degree and fix
ing the penalty at imprisonment
for life. Tlie murder for which
Wong Chu Shut has been so often
tried was committed ou the 14th of
May, 1877. His lirst trial took
place on the 27th of the following
September, when lie was found
guilty of murder as above aud sen
tenced to the State's Prison for lile.
After his incarceration application
was made to the Supreme Court
for a revision of tho case and
that tribunal ordered a new
trial, basing tliolr action on
a technical point. The prisoner
was brought buck to this district
and ou the 2*l of May, 1878,asecond
trial was had, which resulted in
the disagreement of the jury. The
third trial was commenced on the
30th of May and ended as noted
above. Four venires of 75 jurors
each, the first of which was dis
charged before the case came to
trial, have been drawn in this
Wong Chu Shut on the verdict
being iuterpretted to him yester
day evening faiuted und remained
in uu unconscious state for lully
ten minutes.
Dr. Wise's Vindication.
Editor Herald:—l addressed
the following note to the editor of
tho Star in reply to some strictures
which appealed iv lhat publica
tion of Wednesday. The editor of
the Star having declined to pub
lish my vindication, although I
have reason to know that he knew
its statements to be true, I find it
necessary to appeal to public opin
ion through other channels.
Very truly your.
K. D. Wise, M. D.
The following is Dr. Wise's orig
inal letter:
Editor Star:— Dear Sir:—Permit
me to state over my own signature
a few facts, iv order to set you
right, in reference to an operation
which was mentioned in tho Ex
press of the 30th inst., as well as to
do justice to its editor and myself.
The lady upon whom I operated is
very poor but entirely respectable,
and in stating these facts uo insult
is given. I performed the opera
tion and am attending her for
nothing. As they nre unable to
pay me, my more than pay \a In
knowing I have done au act of
charity, and saved her life, so far.
Mr. Simms und myself paid for
all lhe medicines and appliances
for the operation. As to the truth
of (his I refer you to Dr. Ed. Praties
and Mr. Simms. The young lady
referred to nurses her because Ihey
are unable lo hire a nurse. The
tumor weighed seventy-one
pounds, as stated In the Express,
und is now in my office, ami meas
ures three feet anil a half in cir
cumference. Tlie only justice I
ask is, that us the case bus become
public, the facts shall be stated
K. D. Wise, M. D.
May 31st, 187 S.
The above statement is correct
in every particular.
Franca A. de Oallardo.
F. Qallardo.
Los Angeles, May 31at, 1878.
Murder and Suicide at Arlington,
We clip the annexed telegram
from the San Francisco Post of lhe
28th. Kearney, who perpetrated
the horrible crimes described, and
then ended his own life, was for
merly a resideut ot Los Angeles
and, we learn, leaves a widow and
two children iv this city:
Mendota, May 27.—News reach
es here of an atrocious murder com
mitted at Arlington, a small town
nine miles west of this place, ou
Suuday. Sam Kearney, a young
mau who had been refused permis
sion to visit Miss Culleubiii*, a
young lady of his acquaintance,
went to her room last evening and
cut her throat Willi a razor aud
shot her with a revolver, aud being
met by Mr. and Mrs. Culleubitie on
his way dowu stairs, shot, the fath
er iv the hip, cut Mrs. Cullenuine
severely with a butcherkuife, aud
rushing out iulo the yard, drew a
razor across his own throat several
times, aud expired almost instant
ly. The parents are severely but
uot fatally hurt. The daughter
lived but a few minutes. Kearney
has no friends here. His mother,
and Mrs. McCoy,a sister, are living
iv California. It is also reporteu
that he has a wife and two children
in that State.
Turf Notes.
Tlie following horses are in prep
aration for the great trotting con
test, free for 2:45 horses, to come off
on Thursday next at Agricultural
Mr. S. A. Jackson is putting the
final polish ou Fieland; Gus Wal
ters is bracing up Cade; C. A. Dur
fee is quite reticent about Major
and Judge Joues, of the Mission,
winks knowingly and talks about
what Dombey could do if he was uot
a little oil. There is talk of several
dark ones that may be entered. As
the entries are to close before nine
o'clock l\ M. this day, we will all
know to-morrow what is going to
Everything points to an enjoya
ble race in which the best horse
will win.
Tbe entertainment for the bene
fit of the Congregational Church
drew together a large audience at
Union Hall last night. Tne pleas
ing and varied printed programme
was'carried out, witli oue or two
exceptions. Miss Falrman aud
Mr. Doblnson were encored. The
latter recited "The Jackdaw of
Rbeims" and gave the "Charge of
the SIX Hundred" on the encore.
After the entertainment ice cream
aud cakes were served to all who
wished to gratify tho palate aud
aid the church at the same time.
We take pleasure iv informing
our readers that Mr. L. Harris of
the Quincy Hall clothing store has
one of the most complete stocks of
clothing, men's and boy's, to be
found outside of Han Francisco.
His supply of furnishing goods la
also very full and comprises every
thing in that line known to tbe
trade. Call ami see him aud we
know you will be suited both In
material, style and price.
Tho lahamaa " Principle »f Attrition " by
Which Ha Achisvod His Success.
A receut article by General D.
H. Maury, in the Southern Histor
ical Society's papers, on " Grant as
a Soldier a-id Civilian," sayn
In estimating Grant's claim as a
General, we must admit that one
principle by wliich he achieved
success is a uew one. It is known
in this country as the "principle of
attrition;" uud being a newly an
nounced principle of war, may be
appropriately discussed iv a paper
like tbis. Whatever the military
student may And lv Grant's career
to admire, he should Uot unadvis
edly adopt tbis "principle of attri
lion." Humanity revolts at it,ami
history will arraign Grant for the
recklessness with which lie dashed
his men to death.
In Virginia, he either could not
or would not maueuver, but know
ing that for every thuusaud men
who were slain by the rifles of the
Army of Virginia, he could within
ten days receive an equal uumber
of recruits, he persevered in a crim
inal manner in this new principle
of war. It isquite remarkable that
the tactics of tlie late Commander
of the Army of the United States
and his successor, General Sher
man, were so at variance, and yet
carried both men to such substan
tial personal rewards.
Giant announced and acted on
the principle, "I never maneuver."
Sherman uever fought when he
could avoid it, except at Chicka
saw Bluff, but is the greatest of
living maneuverers.
Without doubt Grnut must be
held responsible for the stoppage
of the exchange of prisoners, which
was the most cruel act of his plan
of attrition. No parallel can be
found for this double crime against
After Grant came to the Army
nf the Potomac it never left tlio
Held. It was punished more se
verely under him than it had ever
been under any of bis predeceeors.
Some accounts show that it lost
100,000 men!—one hundred thous
and men from the first movement
In May, 1864, till the battle of Cold
Harbor closed, in June, 18B1! Yet
Grant never suffered it to get be
yond his control. After this re
pulse at Cold Harbor he could uot
get it to tight any more there, but
he held it near the victorious army,
and marched it in order by flank
to his new base on the James,
where he kept It till tbe end. This
was what no other commander of
that army had ever done, and
stamps bim au able general.
He has been severely criticised
for fighting all those battles and
losing so many men to gain a po
sition which he might have
reached without any loss at all.
But, in jostle i, we can say that he
was uot chargeable with want of
military capactity for adopting
that plan of compalgn. It was v
moral and not a strategical error
ou his part. From unquestionable
authority we Know that when
Stanton first told Gratit tiiat lie
was to be placed in command of
the armies of Virginia he was well
pleased and said: "I sliall at once
change the plan of campaign, anil
make my base of operations ou tho
James river, south of Kichiuond."
Stanton said, "No; you must oper
ate from tlie oilier direction."
"But," said Grant, "if I do it will
cost us one huudred tliousaud men
before we can get to where we can
take Richmond." "Well," said
Stanton, "you shall have the hun
dred thousand men to lose rather
than this Administration, by aban
doning its plan and route of opera
tions, in which wo have so loug
persisted, shall be convicted before
tlie country of having persisted iv
error." Said Grant, "If you will
furnish me the men to do it, I will
exeouta your plan." do that,
while lie had military capacity to
appreciate the surroundings of the
secretary's campaign, aud lo fore
see tbe tremendous slaughter of his
men which it would involve, he
consented to be the instrument of
its execution!
Doing it Prettily.
Mr. G oilman had evidently
gained the idea from an old story
aud the thought struck him that
lie would apply it to his minister
In a new fashion. So on a Sab
bath, as the preacher de*ceud<td
from the pulpit, after having deliv
ered a truly Christian uud fervent
discourse, Mr. Goodman shook him
by tbe baud, and after the usual
salutations tho conversatiou turned
upon the sermon just preached.
"It was certainly a grand dis
course," said Mr. Goodman, " But
I think I have either read or heard
something iv the same vein be
ii Very likely," responded the
clegymuu. "The subject is as old
as is the world of humanity, and
has been treated by far abler men
than myself."
"But," pursued the parishoner,
"I think, aye I am sure—l have a
book at home containing every
word of it!"
'•Of my seiiiioii?"
"Impossible, Mr. Goodman."
"I am veiy confidant. I will
look aud see, uud if I nud it, I will
show It to you."
"I should like to see it certainly;
but you will Hud yourself badly
disappointed. I wiote that sermon
during the week last past, aud it is
my own composition."
Mr. Goodmuu promised that he
would look for the book, aud if he
was iv error, he would acknowl
edge It.
On the following day the good
clergyman received as a present,
with tbe compliments of Mr.
Goodman, a splendidly bound copy
of Webster's Unabridged Dic
The Miseries of Sudden Fortune.
Dennis McCarthy, of Limerick,
who has rcceutly etsabllshed,
through Mr. Butt, M. 1., his claim
to au Indian properly of $20,000,
--000, almost wishes he had been
left a poor man. He receives from
600 to 000 letters a day, and has to
employ a stenographer aud secre
tary to answer them. lie is har
assed with appeals iv behalf of
schools, churches, hospitals, mis
sions, etc., to say nothing of having
confided to him the mishaps,
griefs, failures and needs of man,
woman and child. One lady, who
is engaged to au Admiral, tells
him that there is a hitch in the
settlements, aud lhat a loan of
$10,000 will make two loving hearts
beat as one; another, who confesses
tbat she is, indeed, a Countess,
sends him her photograph and
threatens to commit suicide unless
$250 is sent her at once. Mr. Mc-
Carthy lias given Mr. Butt,
through whose agency h» secured
his fortune, a present of $50,000.
A little girl who was somewhat
out of sorts, but whose exact ail
ment no one had beeu able to dis
cover, amended her evening prayer
of "God bless mamma and papa,"
by addiug, "aud cure me if there's
anything the matter with me."
DUtriot Court Sbfulvboa, J.
Friday, May 31, 1878.
Gamier vs. Gamier et al—Motion
of defendants to strike out amend
meuts to coinplatit denied. Demur
rer to amended complaint over
L. A City vs. P. Beaudry—Re
porter ordered to write out testimo
ny herein at iqual expense of the
Malcom ye. Shelton—By consent
referred to Gehr to take testimony.
Bpence va. Tansey et al—Ordered
that the Sheriff deposit in the Com
mercial Bank of Los Angeles the
surplus $1,778.88 resulting from the
»ale of the premises, to the order of
the defendant, Saruh E. Tansey,
People ye. «ong Chu Shut-
Verdict of guilty of murder In >he
Hrst degree, with penally fixed at
imprisonment for life.
County Curt STEPHENS, J.
Friday, May 31.
People vs. Cuyas—On trial.
Allen vs. Tiffany—Plaintiff hav
ing failed to amend, judmeut or
dered to enter on demurrer.
Y. Y. deCota vs. VVolfikill et al
—Ten days further time to plaintiff
to tile Btutementou motion for new
Simon vs. Simon—Findings for
plaintiff; ten days stay.
Properly Transfers.
scrii't or iiKcouns, may 81, IS7B.
Q E Long, Assignee, to Alexander
BonahejF—Mining claim on Catalina Is
land; lion.
W Oftiid Mary A liolman to Peter Lal
land—Lot 2. block A, Johnston tract:
NHiicyMand John O Wheeler to R N
i: Wilson—Lot 12. block L, Mott tract:
Prudent Beaudry to Edward O'Brien-
Lot 11, bid B, Deanoyers tract; $500.
John J Carrlllo to E Nrltzke and H
Hlller-Undivided %or lot fronting 50 ft
ou Slchel st, i£ L A; $25.
it F and Jo Lotspelch to C L Perry—
acr.s in lot 12, Lotspelch Ji Co tract;
J C and Jennie U Brush to A W Ryan
—Lot 7, bin 21. Ord's survey; $750.
Allen and Anna M Wilcox to Wm Mr-
Crlndle—Alt luterest In Man Amoco
Rancbo; $1
Jamea w Sbauklin to Chas M L uigli
lin— Lots 3 and 4, W >/, of SK V, and MX 'A
of SF, >4 -ec 8, E of -.W y. ai.d MWM of
SW V t and MIC % wee 9. nil of Sues 15. 16, 21,
21 and W U of Sees 23, '28 nnd 83, 101 l 1,2,
i and 4 NS 14 nud W % ol ME H Sec 17,
lot-. 1. 2,3 and 4, and X X of NS y t and X
li ofSE 20. lots 1. 2, 3,4 Sec 32, all in
I 3 -Ml 9 W B B .\I: tijODO.
MftH|R|H| it MAM.
ftA* Fbanuimoo, May 31.
Ophlr SB3*:@4n!4 i Alpha [email protected] v
Mexican u>'»<i,\u\ Belcher 2 6uus3 15
(* A <J f15i(87 uu j null 9(#87.
B A It MVqjJ 1 ., Bullion ... .4 00064 10
Oalltoroii., 2<i*[email protected]"i< Exchequer...2 6o®j SI
I Overman....a [email protected]
o'»u Vn 13?i--aji3Ji , Justice 3 50
Ohollar 2btg)263tf Onion 4 Co<ffli r>s
« * N [email protected]< I Alt* (i%@CH
(Jrown homt 3 M j Join l\(ati M
T JaokeT [email protected]!i Caledonia... 1 SB®! B0
Ooundenco 4 1 8 Nev 4 oo
San Fkancihco, May 31.
First N't'l BankfOn Mexlcnn lO^ftlU^
v.v X 4 Alta d*A6m
Kurotca 53&51 Bullion 4 15
Jackson 3'4(93 -lavage llWAllMf
Newark 2 hi Julia T'^tfW
Ulla I 2031 10 H A N 7J#a7'"
N Belle 7Ha|H Con Va Uk9l«2
Manhattan 7<»6J< s Nevada 4i).i"4 10
Q Prize 3 .0 Onion 4 BOAfi
Indepeud'e 210 liould A C HUM 7 ,, I
Modoc 1 65 Point 3 ttifitf W I
N Coso I 2d HA B U
Rodle 2(92 05 Justice BflQ9S6t>
Hamburg 3 IflrklW Kxchequer..3 Ola**' 05
Hill Side I -* Hill l oi
oalln>rnla.»BlkAllU Caledonia 1 Bo
Ophlr. 43(344
Mr. Nordlinger, the popular
jeweler, preparatory to removing
lo the warehouse on Main street,
which he has secured in tlie Hell
man Block, now in process of erec
tion, will sell off, at a sacrifice, Ids
extensive and very elegant stock
of jewelry. All who desire to be
stow upon their friends some mark
of esteem or souvenir, those who
wish to supply themselves with ta
ble and other appointments, and
those who are anxious to add to
their stock of bijouterie, should
give Nordllnger a call. From a
watch lo a charm they can be ac
commodated at his present store,
No. 4 Commercial street. mlSif.
Ladies', Misses and children's
fancy colored hose iv pale blue,
pink, navy blue and seal brown,
also a full line of kid gloves and
corsets very cheap, for cash only, at
the Bazaar, coruer of Main and Re
quena streets, opposite the U. S.
Coal oil sold at retail for whole
sale prices, at the Continental Oil
Store, 70 Spring street.
Frank Toal informs tlie citizens
of Los Augeles generally that lie is
now shoeing horses at $1 50 perset.
His slop is at No. 97 Sprinir street,
opposite the M. F. Church South.
All work warranted. ruylOtf
Ladies' scissors and pen knives at
Sutherland's gun store, 75 Main
street. linys
Kid gloves, silk scarfs and bows,
parasols, laces, embroideries at
your own prices for casli ouly, at
Isaac Norton & Co.'s, corner of
Main and Requeua streets, opposite
the Uulted States Hotel.
Coal oil sold at retail for whole
sale prices, at tlie Continental Oil
Store, 70Spring street.
Ladies, drop into tho Bazaar and
see that line of summer silk which
they are just opening; also those
imported ladies suits at away down
prices for cash only. Isaac Norton
& Co., corner of Main and Requena
streets, opposite tlie U. 8. Hotel.
Butler's watchmaker's shop is
removed to 139 Main street, be
tween Court and First streets, next
door to Bernstein, the tailor.
The Russian Flectric Baths of R.
Hughes and Wife ere located at No.
15 Main street, opposite tlio Pico
House. Gentleman nnd la
dies will be waited upon by persnus
of their own sex. novlltf
The II million House, four miles
North of Pasadena, Is one of tlie
choicest places in tho county to
spend a few weeks. my23tf
To the Ladies.
Madame V. Ponet having found
her old store on Commercial street
too contracted for a proper display
of her immense slock or tlie latest
styles of millinery and ladles'
fancy goods, informs her old cus
tomers and the ladies of Los Auge
les generally that she has removed
a portion of her new stock to the
store at No. 78, Laufrauco Block,
which she has lilted up lv a superb
manner, and where she will to-day
open a full assortment of the new
est and most elegant Parisian
modes. An elegant stock will also
be kept at tho old store on Com
mercial street.
Powder, shot and caps at Suther
land's gun store, 75 Main street. 1
Billy White, the lively moke, at
Wood's Opera House.
Coal oil sold at retail for whole
sale prices, at the Continental Oil
Store, 70 Spring slreet.
Ooggill aud Cooper et Wood's
Opera House to-night.
Cartridges and ammunition orall
kinds at Sutherland's gun store, 75
Maiustieet. lniyS
The French Sisters at Wood's
Opera House to-night.
Uuns, rifles and pistols at Suther
land's gun store, 75 Main street. 1
Twenty of the finest looking
young ladies in town, at Wood's
Opera House,
Oeuuine Marriai.'s Burton Pale
Ale ou draught at McKenzie's.
Coal oil sold at retail for whole
saleprices, nt the Continental Oil
Store, 70 Spriug street.
Pruning shears and budding
knives at Sutherland's gun store,
75 Main street. Imys
A Manifest Absurdity.
It U manifestly absurd to claim for a
mere stlmulnut tonic and alterative
properties. Yet this Is what Is daily
done by the vendors of cheap local bit
ters, colored to make the 11 look all rue
ttve, una agreeably flavored, but the ul
cohollc basis of which is of the vitest and
most hurtful description. The tran
ucendant success of Uostetter's Stomach
Bitter*, the leading alterative tonic of
tbe United States, has induced many of
these compounders of drams In disguise
to attempt tlie counterfeiting of this
standard medicine, but their efforts have
never proved successful on a large scale,
and they have themselves In many In
stances notoriously "come to grief,"
through tho instrumentality ol the law.
The genuine Riiicrs have, indeed, a
spirituous basis, but they are umphatical
iy a medicine,since heir botanic Ingredi
ents are signally efflcaclou- la oveicom-
Ing and preventing eh Us and fever,dys
pepsia, liver complaint, constipation,
and many other d isorders.
I'uilsb liif V t»ii..|i«i*4, ■«.-, (\ <>t >■
With BOZODONT, and who:, they grow
up their mouth* will be garnlslu-u with
sounl nnd handsome ones. The founda
tion of many a toot hache is laid in child
hood by nt gleet,and It Is very important to
the well-b in« of ettherchlld or adult
that the teeth should be well taken care
of. Bad teeth are uo fit masticators oft c
food, und breed dyspepsia. Make them
white and strong, therefore, wllh SOZn-
DONT, a preservative of supreme cxcel
lenceand purity. Use it without demy.
Mothers, Mothers Mothers.
Don't fall to procure Mils. Winsi.ow's
Sootiiisu HYltnr for all diseases of
teething In children. It relieves Ihe
child from pain, cures wlud colic, regu
lates the bowels, and,oy giving relief and
health to the child, tftves mat to the
mother. fe2B-eod-0m
Persons who desire to become conver
sant with photography wilt bo instructed
in the an by me upon nn expeditious
method und ut moderate rates.
SALE, AT $100. $200 AND
UP TO $1000.
These nre decided bargain*, and the
puichtifcri aro certain of largo profits.
ap3tf Wnllensteln's An Gallery.
All persons having claims against the
Inte firm or ti. U WILSON A UO. are
hereby notified and requested to present
the same at oi.ee to the undersigned, at
his residence, at San Marino, liO* Ange
les county; and all person* indebted to
said tirm are hereby notified and request
ed to settle their accouuls without delay.
Dated April 17th, 1878.
Per T. A R.
Having been appointed General Agent
for tho
Mutual Aid Association
of S uthein California, my office w!U
herealter be with E. Germain <% Co. The
advantages ot tbe Mutual Aid Associa
tion as a protective society cannot be ex
aggerated. Persons desiring to becure a
resource in time of need should commu
nicate with nie. a4tf H.HHKHWOUI).
Has Just received from Eastern manufac
turers a variety of Dec >ratlug Viues and
sprays, Parlor Kaleidoscopes, and a full
Hue of White and Walnut Splints, Chess
Boards and Men. my3tl
lam prepare 1 to sell, at unprecedent
ed ly low figures, eighty thousand apple
trees, of the most approved varletus.
Those who propose to set, out orohards
would do well to call aud examine my
sto'tk. lam also prepared to sell PEAK
aud other orchard trees, on favorable
terms. My oofect in sacrificing these
trees Is to retire from the nursery busi
COMPTON, Los Alleles Co,, Cal
1 remedy for Ibe cure of nervous and
pnyMieatdablllty, spermatorrhea, seminal
weakness and premature decline.
The Essence of Life
I. lhe only safe and sure remedy and will
restore exhausted vitality without tail,
fiermanently and effectually, no mailer
rem what cause or of how long standing
The Essence of Life
Is pleasant to take, and is free from all
noxious drut;s; It gives tone lo the diges
tive organ., strength to tbe nerves, and
purifies aud enilolies the blood, thereby
eradicating all uiorblJ eruptlous ol the
Prloc, t3 per botlle, or four limes tlie
?inautlty In ease SlO, with full directions
or use. Hent lo auy address, aeoure from
observation, upon receipt of price, which
may be sent by express, registered letter,
or postolllce money order, or C. O. D.
wlMitn 459 mites of Han Franctacn.
Rate rencos of the highest standing and
unquestionable veracity from persona
that have been cured. To be bad only at
sun Francisco Cat., whero all teller,
should be addressed.
Oflloe hours from 9 a. v. to 4 p. v
to t p. K. mai < 0
Tho undersigned has recently been ap
pointed Agent and will Issue policies di
rect for the well known
This Company has a
Paid-up Capital of $1,000,000
Assets nearly $2,600,000
In addition to the above, I also still
represent, the following sterling compa
nies, viz:
Liverpool & London & Globe,
iETNA, or Uartfoid,
Union, of San Francisco.
Policies will be Issued at reasonable
rates. Los es will he promptly adjusted
and immediately paid.
mylgtf 8 COMMMI' UL ST.
Oil & Transportation
Forwarders of and dealers in
STANDARD WHITE, 110 deg. fire test.
PRIME WHITE, 120 to 175 tost.
WATER WHITE, 120 to 150 test.
Are test.
GASOLINE, 71 to 88.
-California Star Oil
And all grades of LUBRICATING OILS.
Corner of FIFTH and BERRY
Streets, San Frauclsco.
I-,o» Angeles Warehouse.
W. ft. RAMSEY,
Agent for the sale of the above oils.
Exotic Gardens & Nursery
rear ol Cathedral. 3C
I would respectfully announce to my
old customers aud the public generally
lhatlhuvoon hand und shall keen eve
r.vtblng In my line of business—TßEES,
SHRuns, PLANTS, etc., wholesale and
retail,and at LOWEST PRICES.
Orders from abroad promptly executed
nnd satisfaction guaranteed. Plants de
livered free of charge In the city.
mr2-;m Formerly Shaeffer A Stengel.
Furniture Factory
Los Aogslos County, California.
Factory hat* all approved machinery In
nse, which Is entirely new. Machinery
driven by an eighty horse-power bollt*r
and engine. Kallruad switch connects
fatMory V. li. it., giving facilities
mi- shipping to all points in thf Inteilor,
and it> Olos# proximity to the wharf fn
ablea ii'UU t hI to be landed hi iho larin-y
from lhe inihs an cheap'y a» In Man
TnoloM up partnership ntralrs of B. D.
Wit-on 4% Co. Apply to ths surviving
pftrtaer, J. Dkßarth shorb,
mi :itf NMn Qabriel P. 0.. Ca'.
Rubottom Ranch for Sale.
Thin v.ilnable property, containing
EK*UTY-sIX ACHK oue of tha rtiosl
eligible to investor in southern CalllOr
nia, la torMafu. (food title and abund
ance of water. It Is in thelieat tul the
beautiful and pr-.iht.-tive Han Jose Vui
ley, thlr.y miles from I.os AugeieM.
Hotel Furniture & Fixtures.
A HARK B.YRO UN Is nted. 11l
health, and a desire to give my wife a
ehtnga nfneene nn I air, are iho motives
w tiicfa loilac<i Dis to seii.
Ad-lrosM, f r itTins,
mr2n( W. w. RlTlioTTOM.Ppadra.
Evergreen Laundry.
Called for and delivered to any part
of Ihe city, by
Reed & Phillips, Adams St.
or-t.Ts ran be left at the book store of
Mr. Sam Hellman, Spring SL oHU
and Japiineve Goods and Toys.
TKAS.ouenpeHt and best In the
town. (.'IGARM of tlie best brauds. Ser<
vanls and hands of all kinds furnlshc>d.
ap4 tf
saio Acuns
Apply to ROL' T S. BA X I It.
my2s lw
iron hale.
By the Lake Vineyard Land and Water
A-soclallon, the b> st Orange and oil-
Tropical Krul Land In tin-Htate. W Uer
-•ant goes woh l c land A.pply to'he
p. Beaudrv, No. 81 New High St.
ap!Btl F. W. WOOD, Secretary.
Wanted. *
A situation by a BAKER who hat had
four years experience. Address J Jacobs,
care of Herald office. mBl-2t
By a young married man, lately front
the Kits: , a position of some kind. Is a
good business loan. Malury 010 lerate.
Keterence given. Addrssa Herbert, oar*
American cash Slore, corner Fir.t and
spring streets, myan.ltr
FPU SALfc—FOr> rtfcfMT.
The residence and grounds formerly oc
cupied b.v Joe Huber, on Main street, be*
to. n Third and four h street!, lnqulie ot
I W. Hell.nan. mg-lOt
Rooms, In a good locality. Apply at
tnls office.
One or more rooms,with board, hot and
cold water bath, eto. persons vl.tllng
Lo» Angeles will And this on* ofthe
pleasaotest locations In town. Address
P. U, Box U;i7. mbSHtf
Fully furnished with bedding, furniture,
kitchen urn.ture and water, at No. In
vluena Vista street. Loa Angeles Rent,
ti*l per mouth, |.ay Oh la advance. Ad
■iress U. .v. W . Herald office- mro-lf
$1 to 91000 to Loan,
mirw Of.r. .f.• »- . .... ..........n g
Rem .ye.' )M«itni:ui. "T.jsjM''
on a ~. ~ w
as a. ■ . ... v ,|
gum , i
oy b. .nit
FO' Bit f»l bar. o
r .z p . i(
Whl r v
sell. c> i . reit ror Mt>»
or re
j»p 1.1,.t i Temple*
€ rocop/ Stt " r Saie.
Doing a goml ■ s:is'a.'tt>-j ft*
rea;, •■ -i-,
Sm i '.: •. ,h aui Board. '•;
Oei 'ernei. and t - .vivai *ruS s'lagM?
and t on
tar.l ~ . . ■ ad
New om I .
fr in . ,
corn t , of aaountJ^^^^H
and *
—fc** USUI. Klll.W WISH
P. I .'ioIUJR. I
!*«•< tecllloiuclii 'lu«*ii - ;* 1
Fro . , ■' ■ fa,.
KltlJ >
tv tl.<
up th
t«» SC ' LSOC */ '-is
price v • w, ar ,Jj
put I' . '.I.
tally. ■!■'.
Haa I .' f*a
Can | ,ii. St.,
At ' ::LEB.
■ri gnai
F •• ..• Anas' fa.«
Add ■ v.. ..n. i. iiU-tk
— OF — 1 r*<s£9
«T. l i:s in o"s ?'* .
No. . (6 Main St.,
Exhlt !■ I'o the t.tnpl« oi 1... -. ,
the ■ latest aad gn.n - . a..«. tea,.:: of
Of ' s c* c. ruu-.r* turr, sod tli.
tvtra all* •>/ by t>em a i r-ne v|v# j
exper i
IleM «I V . I* |.)>* -
Uo to i i* ■ ..ail «iv J
SW* H<
RE -I 'Nf? AN i > .■<■• y ■ *■*
lit •. t» Ml
fion i . u« gfl|
cam Now in rorau at
no. re sxPitiiNCi »t..
At the Key West Cigar Factory.
Mr. Hugo Kremer inauufaciUr»S HA
VAN V Tub A'"'•li I in • olgara o' apomv.d
bramla. 11a al o de ls lo nil linns ol
| Smokers' Articles, flive him a call.
> aula tf

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