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The Herald Steam Printing
House makes a specialty of Legal
Printing. Briefs, Transcripts, etc.,
printed at low rates.
Teutonia Saloon, 123 Main Street.
The celebrated Fredericks
burgh Lager Beer will be, from
thisday, on draught and be kept
all through the Summer months on
Ice. Hot lunch from 11 to 2 o'clock;
all delicacies always on hand.
Tony Faber,
my29tf Manager.
Ponet & Orr
Have removed their Under
taking aud Picture-Frame
Warerooms to the store formerly
occupied by R. Sotelo, No. 45 Main
street, under tiie Lafayette
Hotel. my 2ml
Reduced Prices.
I offer my stock of doors, sashes,
elc, at the following reduced pri
window sash.
SxlO $1 35
!)xl2 1 50
9x13 1 65
1.1x12 1 65
10x14 1 75
10x16 2 25
15x28 2 75
15x32 3 00
15x36 3 35
15x40 3 50
Other sizes iv proportion.
2.6x6.6x1 iucli $1 60
3.6x6.6x1J, moulded 1 90
2.8x0.8x1} " 2 12
2.8x6.8x15 " 2 25
2.10x6.10x1} '• 250
Bx7xl} " 2 75
Every other size in proportion.
Also great reduction in paints, oils
and glass, at No. 28 Los Angeles
street, under tlie White House.
B. Raphael.
lm 80pt27
Coal oil sold at retail for whole
sale prices, at the Continental Oil
Slore, 70 Spring street.
Artistic Photography.
Mr. Charles Hasselman takes
pleasure in announcing to the pub
lic of Los Angeles and surrounding
cities that he has formed a partner
ship with Mr. F. Parker, tlie gen
ial photographer of No. 65 Main
street, Downey Block. The firm
engages itself to do nothing hut
lirst-class work, erjual to the best
done In the Eastern States anil
Europe. Portraits in oil colors,
pastel, colored aud black crayons,
water colors, India ink, etc., at re
duced prices. Reproductions from
any kind nf old failed pictures taken
In a superior style. Every kind of
re-touching done for the trade.
F. Parker,
Chas. Hasselman,
(i. r > Main Street, Downey Block.
The dry goods and novelty store
of Charles Prager, at No. 5 Com
nicicial street, is tin attractive re
sult to the ladies of Los Angeles.
Air. Prager has one of the most ex
tensive und recherche stocks of
goods ever brought to Los Angeles,
und there is absolutely nothing
J&fl J"flmUUss toilette
store. Ho baa been gulden".'.,
purchases by v thorough knowledge
ol the requirements of this section,
uud Hie latest fashions und novel
lies may he ut all times inspected
at No. 5 Commercial street. Give
hlmacull. my 7
The Ladies' Oyster Rooms, Re
quena street, near Main, opposite
tho United States Hotel, nio again
opened to the ladies and will he
carried on in a strictly respectable
way, so tlTat all ladies, with or
without escorts, may feel at ease
and receive prompt and respectful
attention. Oysters in every style,
shrimps, tea, coffee, etc., constantly
on hand. JOE BAYER.
oct4 tf
The Messrs. Lips, Craigue & Co.
iiave made arrangements lo receive
monthly cargoes of Hie famous Ph.
Best Brewing Company's export
lagi-r beers. These beers are made
ut Milwaukee and bottled by the
Messrs. Statum & Meyer. The
first of the cargoes arrived yester
day, consisting of an entire load.
The Messrs. Lips, Craigue & Co.,
through this arrangement, are
enabled to oiler special advantages
to purchasers. The first prizes
were awarded to this Ph. Best Ex
port beer at the Centennial Expo
sition, at (he Wisconsin State Fair,
held ut Milwaukee, and at the
luter-Statc Fair held at Chicago.
Uo it, McKenzie's, 120 Main
street, Ponet block, for the finest
domestic and imported liquors aud
wines, by the bottle or on draught.
The purity of these wines and li
quors is guaranteed, and McKen
ne's host of customers testify
unanimously as to their merit. J3tf
Joe Bayer, of Congress Hall, has
just received a consignment of
Humboldt lager beer, it is a su
perb article and cannot be excelled
at a draught beer. Oysters,
shrimps, hot and cold lunches of all
kinds, constantly on hand. Give
him a call. Corner Main and Re
quena streets, opposite the U. S.
Hotel. o9
For all kinds of tents, wagon
covers and awnings, go to John
Shaffer, No. 68 Alameda street, op
posito Sisters' School. He sails
und sews all kinds of canvas
cheaper than any one in Los An-
Li'les or San Francisco, by hand or
machine. Second baud tents
bought aud sold or to rent. fe3tf
Call on Caroline C. Burton, at
No. 148 Main street, proprietress of
the Ladies' Hair Dressing Estab
lishment. She makes braids, curls
nnd waterfalls at the shortest no-
Hoe. Tangled hair straightened
and made up into any shape. Per
fumeries of the finest quality al
ways on hand. oct4-lm-eod.
City Bill Poster.
M. Engel, bill poster anil distrib
uter. All kinds of advertising
done at reasonable rates. Controls
all the best and most prominent
bulletin bill boards. Office, No. 3
Market street. ap26tf
Billy White, the lively moke, at
Wood's Opera House.
the City, At MEYERSTEIN'S, 49 MAIN STREET, Under the Lafayette Hotel.
§0t §tx\\Ul
Herald Steam Printing lion se.
The facilities of the llik.'.i.h Steam
Printing Mouse for doing Job work are not
surpassed In California outside of San
Francisco and Sacramento. AH work en
trusted to us will he executod with neat
ness aud dispatch at the lowest living
sfkiiii MOTICK.
Hereafter notices of companies, socie
ties, churches, etc., will only be Inserted
In the M i- ha li as paid advertisements,
We reserve, for Places of Worship, a grat-
Ib directory, which will appear every
Sunday morning.
Division ol Telegrams anil Reports for
Ihe henefitof Commerce and Agriculture.
Report of observations taken at Los An
geles, Cal., Jnne4, 187*.
A. V.
P. M.
P. M.
Maximum Thermometer,
Minimum M
J. M. Fit A NT
None should fall to cull on De;
mond for a good hat.
Go to Desmond's hit store if you
want to get a fino hat.
If you want a fashionablo hat go
to Desmond, the hatter.
Go to Desmond, the only hatter
in the city, for your hats.
Four "bunko" sharps are a recent
feature of tho shady life of Los An
The only place to find a fine hut,
cheap, Is at Dastnonda'a Temple
Ice cream, cream chocolate, tea
and coffee, nt the Ladies' Candy
Factory, every day.
The Los Angoles Guards propose
to celebrate Independence Day by
a gland ball at their armory.
Tiie publio schools will bo given
a half holiday to-day to attend tbe
Jubilee opening this afternoon.
The following Angehfiis were
registered ut Sin Fraucisco hotels
on Monday: W. Mcßae, T. C.
Smith, International! G. 11.
Perkins, J. Johnson, American
Owing to tho repeal of tlie na
tional bankrupt act, all claims due
tbe Temple & Workman estate
will be sued upon by tho United
States Assignee between now und
tho Kith of July.
Yesterday Professor Gunulng
made an assay nf a piece of tin ore
that he procured from Ihu Sail
Jacltlto fin mines, which assayed
about 30 per cent, of the pure metal,
lie thinks they ure Ihe richest and
— S'ttn Bernardino Argus.
It will be seen, by advertisenient
iv our "New To-Doy," (hat tlie
cars of the Los Angeles and San
Pedro street Horse Passenger Kail
way will resume running to-mor
row between the Santa Monica
Depot and Mullally's brickyard.
M. 0. lieebo lifts leased the rood
aud will conduct it a private
yen I ii re.
There will be h regular Tin Pun
Bull—one of the old Virginia kind
—at the pluce of Lion I das Bales,
corner of Washington and Alame
da streets, ou Friday evening,
June Till. All are cordially invi
ted. Admission for gentlemen
will be $1, Indies free. Thorough
dunce music has been engaged.
Supper will be served between the
hours of twelve and two. As will
be seen, from a glance at our "New
To-Day," Ihe Messrs. T. B. Weiss,
John 0, McDonald and M. J. Wat
sou are the Committee of Invita
tion; Leonidas Bales and wife
munagers. The affair will be a do-*
lightriil one.
In the 12:4"> race to come ofl" at
Agricultural Park to-morrow,
J. W. Donathau enters b. g. "Dom
bey," A. Walters b. g. "Cade," C.
A. Duifee b. jr. "Major," nnd S. A.
Jackson s. g. "Fieland." The
purse of was offered on condi
tion tbat there were five to enter
and three or more to slnrt. As
there were but four eutries, nud all
of them will start, Col. \\'ood will
give the first horse $118 33£, second
$43.33} and third This
promises to be tho most interesting
race on Ihe Los Angeles truck for a
period of nearly two years. The
track will be iv fine order. The
race is to lie mile heals, throe iv
five, to harness and to rule. Horses
will he culled out promptly ut two
o'clock I*. If,
We were presont at the Jubilee
reheusals last night nnd night be
fore last. One of the notable feat
ures of the lirst evening was the
Carnival of Venice, executed in
inimitablo style, by little MissSor
mano, a girl of nine years, on the
violin. This childish but highly
artistic effort extorted rapturous
applause, as it deserved to do. Last
night we put iv an appearance ut
the mammoth teut, ou Spring
street, where the first Jubilee per
formance will take place this after
noon. Verdi's florid music was in
full blast, and we listened to the
anvil chorus from "II Trovatore."
It was very acceptably rendered.
This huge tent will seat two thous
and people. Only a few of the
chairs have so far been put iv place.
The rest will be put there this
morning. Tlie trains on the South
ern Paolllc have all beeu delayed
out of deference to the afternoou
performance of tho Jubilee to-duy.
The Wilmington tiain will leave
at 5, the Santa Ana at 5:20 and the
Suntft Monica ut 5:40 P, M., thus
admitting of the inhabitants nf
those towns enjoying (he Jubilee
The Democratic Convention.
Members of the Democratic
Counly Convention for the norn
inatiou of delegates to tlie Consti
tutional Convention, assembled at
Union Hall yesterday morning
according to appointment.
At Uslfi Mr. M. J. Newmark
called the Convention to order,
stating the object of the assem
Mr. Ed. L Baker nominated Mr.
Stephen M. White for temporary
Chairman, who was, upon vote, de
clared duly elected.
Upon taking thcchair, Mr. White
acknowledged the honor conferred
upon bin), uud dwelt somewhat on
tho importance of tlie occa.dou.
Ho counseled the members of the
body to throw away all personal
feelings in the selection of candi
dates and look only to tlie fitness of
the persons selected.
Mr. Workman placed in nomina
tion for temporary Secretary Mr.
W. M. McFadden, who was duly
On motion of Mr. Morgan, the
Chair appointed a Committee ou
Credentials consisting of J. 0. Mor
gan, W. H. Workman, E. M. San
rord, 15. Conn, Et. J. Elojd, J. A.
Berry, and E. H. Workman.
Tho Convention then took a re
cess until 1 o'clock p. sr., ponding
the report of the Committee.
Tlio Convention reassembled at
the appointed hour, Chairman
White presiding.
Tho Committee on Permanent
Organization and Credentials re
commended that the temporary
officers be retained as permanent
officers of the Convention. Report
The following list of delegates
was then reported:
Anaheim—Theo. Rirapau, R. W.
Scott, Wm. M. McKadden.
Azusa—S. Cahen, K. R. CofTman.
Coiupton—O. P. Bentley, J. M.
El Monte—R. J. Floy.l, J. R.
Fountain Valley—J. M. Edding
ton, E. H. Johnson.
Garden Grove—W. H. Jasper.
La Ballona—T. A. Saxon.
LnsNietos—G. W. Puliett, EM.
Los Angeles—First Precinct—T.
P. Campbell, C. Aguilar (proxy B.
Cohu), Dr. Hanuoii, A. Ccli».
Secund Precinct—Geo. H. Smith,
N. P. Richardson, E. M. Ross.
Third Precinct—A. F. Coronel
(proxy B. Colin), F. A. Mac-
Dougall (proxy B. Colin), Luis
Martinez (proxy M. 1,. Wicks), B.
Fourth Precinct—Wallaca Wood
worth, Stephen M. White, W. H.
Moore, S. Licey, W. H. Workman
nnd E. L Baker.
Monte Vista —P. E. Benedict.
Norwulk —Thos. Isbell, M. G.
Old Mission —J. W. Drown.
Orange—R. M. Hargrave.
Pasadena—J. W. Wilson.
Pomona—J. A. Berry.
San Jose—T. D. llallidny, A. li.
Han Juan Canistrano.—R. Egan
(proxy Heatliman), H. G. Rosen
baum(proxyß. M. White").
Han Antonio—H. B. Thomas.
Upperßantt Ana—Tillman Bush.
Ban Joaquin—Levi Plikeg, John
Datueron (proxy by I, Fiokas),
T Silver—C. 1 " XV." Moores7*W. F.
Cooper, W. T. East (proxy by P.
O. MeGaugh).
Santa Monica—John C. Morgan,
R. Caruacham (proxy by John C.
Tustln—W, B. Wall (proxy by
fj. Fiokas).
Vernon-W. M. Carglll.
WllmiDgton—George Hinds, F.
San Fernando—Martin Tlmrman.
Owing to the absence of tbe elec
tion officers appointed by the Coun
ly Central Committee for San Ga
briel no election was held in that
prtciuct. On petition of resident
Democrats, Judge Gibbs andJl. L.
Wicks were ullowed seats.
Col. Smith moved tliat a Com
mittee of fivo bo appointed to draft
resolutions. Carried.
The Chair appointed as such'com
mitteo Geo. H. Smith, Levi Fiokas,
E. L. Baker, A. B. Caldwell and M.
G. Settle.
A recess was then taken to allow
the committee time to report.
On reassembling Col. Smith,
Chairman nf the Committee on
resolutions, submitted the follow
ing which were read ami adopted:
We, the Democracy of Ijos An
geles couuty iv Convention assem
bled, declare that the delegates to
the Convention to frame a new
Constitution for California should
he graded by tlio following princi
ples ami rules of conduct, viz :
The State shall control nil non
political corporationsexisting or to
exist within Its limits and shall
never abandon or relinquish the
right lo regulate and coutrol fares,
freights, lolls, wharfage or other
compensation levied by railroad,
steamboit, gas, water or other
similar corporations.
Discrimination in any form
ill fivor of or against any
person or locality shall be ex
pressly prohibited in tlie Constitu
Monopoly of Ibe soil should be
discouraged as being fraught with
peril to the masses of the people.
The acquisition, cultivation aud
improvement of small farms should
be fostered, and that these objects
may bo effectually reached a
just and equitable system of taxa
tion should bo provide I for which
will force the uncultivated aud un
improved territory of the monopo
list to bear its proper portion of the
publio expense, and such unim
proved land shall be assessed at the
same rate as improved prop
erly of a similar quality. Improve
ments shall bo assessed separate
ly from real estate, taxation shall
be based upon actual value. No
one shall he assessed for his debts;
all shall pay taxes upon what they
are truly worth.
The welfare of the masses and
the demands of morality aud good
government require lhat the Chi
nese immigration shall cease and
that those Mongolians who are vow
among us shall depart, and we
therefore declare Unit the right to
enact and enforce right sanitary
and police regulations, not in con
flict witli the Constitution of tlie
United States or the laws made in
pursuance thereof, shall be ex
pressly asserted lo exist iv our
State, county anil town govern
menfs. Tbe employment of Chi
nese by the State or by any corpor
ation existing, or to exist, within
its jurisdiction, shall be inhibited.
Bonded indebtedness shull only
be incurred by municipal corpora
tions when a definite proposition to
lnour tlio came shall bare been
previously submitted to the people
of the district to be affected there
by, aud accepted by a two-thirds
vote of the qualified electors
The public school fund shall for
ever remuiti inviolate aud Intact,
and shall never be used for any
purpose save for the rnuintenauce
of such public schools.
The Judicial system of tho State
must be so revised and simplified
that the rights of litigants, wheth
er rich or poor, may be speedily,
cheaply uud justly determined.
The Grand Jury system should
be abolished as being a Star
Chamber proceeding, inconsistent
with the practical demands of the
times and productive of enormous
and ever-continuing expense. The
prosecutlug officers of tlie various
counties should be given power,
under due restrictions, to file infor
mations against persons accused of
crime, whloh informations should
have the same legal effect as the
preseut indictment.
Neither the term of any public
otlicer nor his sulary or emolu
ments should he increased or di
minished after Ids electiou or ap
Power should be given tlie Gov
ernor to disapprove or veto any
item or items of any bill making
appropriation of money.
Special legislation must be dis
The Stato shall be redistricted
for legislative purposes once in
every live years.
We require that each candidate
nominated by this Convention
shall solemnly pledge himself that
in the eveut of his election he will
endeavor to frame the organic law
of the land in conformity with the
foregoing declaration.
Mr. Colin moved to proceed to
tho nomination of candidates for
Mr. Morgan moved that the vote
be viva voce aud tbat a majority
of the wholo vote of tho Conven
tion be uecessary to a choice.
Mr. Caldwell moved to amend
by voting by ballot. Carried.
Mr. Cohu again moved tlint the
Convention proceed to nominate
coudidates. Cerrio-1.
Mr. Colin nominated Gou. Vol
ney E. Howard.
Mr. Settle. Dr. Thomas W. Daw
Judge Gibbs, Col. Win. H.
Wm. M. Carglll, Col. John F.
Mr. Hcathuian, J. R. Eiun.
Mr. Bentley, John C. Morgan.
Judge Morgan thanked Ins spoil*
sor for the honor Intended but de
clined to be a candidate.
J. C. Morgan, A. J. King.
T. A. Saxon, Dr. Bush.
P. E. Benedict, Charles Dudley.
On motion of E. L. Baker the
no-initiations closed.
Tho following letter was real
from Judge Charles Llndley:
Stephen. M. White, Esq , member
Democratic County Convention:
neio «!»• ai;;-" — r >-~
useil as a candidate in your Con
vention, it will be without my
special knowledge or direction.
My association with the farmiug
interests, my efforts In calling a
Farmers' Council aud trying to se
cure a full representation with a
viow of euabliug them to exercise
an influence, ou the nominating
Convention, the more or less use of
my name by the fragmentary
council, lroni which it was with
drawn, and by the joiut Conven
tion without my knowledge, make
it of doubtful propriety for me to
be a caudidate before a Democratic
Convention. At all events, If made
a caudidate at all, it must be by
the voluntary action of the Con
vention rather than from auy
agency of my own. It must also
be with the understanding that I
have the largest freedom of
thought aud notion in advocating
those reforms that I have long con
tended for on behalf of the farming
aud oilier industrial classes. The
newspaper reports that the
Fannerl,' Council repudiated my
platform and iv consequence there
of I repudiated them were purely
May I ask you to read this note
to the Convention if my name is
presented, and oblige
Yours truly,
Mr. Scott moved that tbe three
candidates bo voted for at ono time.
Major Rosa moved to reconsider
tho million to vote for three cuudl
datesatouetime,which waa carried,
lie then moved that one caudidate
be voted lor at a time. Adopted.
On motion of Col. Smith tho can
didates were invited to address the
Couventlou iv speeches of three
minutes duration.
Mr. Dawaou was the first to re
spond. His remarks were neceisa
rily brief but to the point and wero
well received by the Convention.
He w s followed by Col. God
frey, who endorsed the platform
aud said the time allowed was too
biief to make any further remarks.
Ou motion of Dr. iticbardsou,
tbe Couveution proceeded to bal
lot. '
Messrs. Ross and Saxon were ap
pointed tellers.
First Ballot — Stephens 29;
Howard 14; Dawson (I; Godfrey 2;
King 3: Egan 1; Bush 1; Bind
ley o.
Mr. Stephens having received a
mujority of the votes cast was de
clared nominated.
On motion of Geurul Sunford the
nomination was made unani
Second Ballot — Howard 18;
Godfrey 15; Dawson 12; Egan 2;
Bush 8; Liudiey 1; no choice.
Mr. Cargill moved that after (he
next ballot tbo two candidates
receiving the smallest num
ber of votes ou each ballot be drop
Major Wicks moved to amend by
dropping the candidate who re
ceived tlio lowest number of votes.
Judge Llndley made a short
speech and withdrew his name
from the list of candidates.
Third ballot—Howard 18; God
frey 15; Dtwsou 9; Bush S;
3. No choice.
Mr. Egan having received the
smallest number of votes, und, r
the rule, was dropped.
Fourth ballot—Howard 16; Daw
son 18; Godfrey 14; Dr. Bush 8. No
Dr Bush being the lowest on tbe
list was dropped.
Mr. Smith moved, there bring
but three names before the Con
vention, that no further names be
Capt. Beane moved, as an amend
ment, thai the rule requiring the
oandidate receiving the lowest
dumber of votes lo be dropped, be
reconsidered. Carried.
Fifth ballot —Hnwaid 16; Dawson
15; Godfrey 24. No choice.
Sixth ballot —Howard, 17; God-
Dawson, 12. No choice.
Mr. Wilson moved that after the
next ballot the lowest name be
dropped, and tbat afterwards dele
gates be allowed to vote as they
please. Carried.
Seventh ballot—Howard, 26; God
frey, 24; Dawson, 7. No choice,
and Mr. Dawson having received
tbe fewest votes was dropped.
Eighth ballot—Howard, 27; God
frey, 29.
Mr. Godfrey having received a
majority of the votes cast was de
clared nominated.
On motion of Mr. McFadden the
nomination was made unanimous.
Captain Beaue moved that a re
cess of ten minutes be taken for
consultati in.
Mr. Colin moved to amend by
proceeding with the billoting,
Ninth ballot—Howard, 31; Daw
fori, 12; Bush, 7; Egan, 5; King, 1.
On motion of Mr. Cargill, the
nomination of Gen. Howard was
made unanimous.
Mr. Smith offered a resolution
endorsing the ticket nominated by
the Democratic Convention of tlie
First Congressional District.
Captain Beane raised the point
of order that the Convention hav
ing finished the business for which
it was called, it could not act on
any other matter.
Col. Smith, in reply, stated that
the resolution simply recommend
ed the party lo support the only
Democratic district ticket nomin
ate.l iv the State, and us such It
was deserving of the support of
the Democracy of LOI Angeles
Captain Beane said that he had
misapprehended the purport of Col.
Smith's resolution and withdrew
his objection.
Mr. Wallace Woodworth then
seconded Col. Smith's resolution,
which, he suid, claimed his hearti
est support.
The resolution, as follows, was
then unanimously adopted:
Whereas, The Democracy of
the First Congressional Dstrict
has met in Convention und nomin
ated as delegates at large to the
Congressional Convention Messrs.
J. C. Shoib, Kdwurd Marshal, J. J.
Williams, Jumes L. Oir, C. L.
Welter, Cameron H. King, O. P.
Kvans and Charles A. Sumner, iv
whom we recognize gentlemen
earnestly qualified to represent the
Democracy of the State i.■ tho Con
vention; therefore be it
Resolved, By this Convention
that we approve aud endorse the
nominations of the San Francisco
Democracy and recommend all
Democrats of this couuty and I lie
State ut large to vote fur the said
nominees und that the Central
Committee be authorized to place
their names ou our ticket.
On motion of Col. Smith, a vote
of thanks was tendered to tlie offi
cers ot Ihe Con ventiou for the im
(•.«■ milliner iv which they had
discharged the duties devolving
upon them.
A motion to adjourn sine dio was
then carried.
Mr. White, Chairman, in dis
missing tho Convention, again re
lumed thanks for ihe honor con
ferred in selecting him to preside
and impressed upon all tho ueces
ityof doing everything In their
power to secure the election of the
ticket (list nominated by an over
whelming majority. The ticket
is one that will do honor not
only to Los Angeles county hut In
lho State of California. The Con
vention llien adjourned.
The Bunko Sharps Again.
The bunko sharps who have
been plyiug their nefarious trade
in this city for some time past,
made an attempt to take iv Mr.
Fischer, of San Diego, who is here
on a visit, yesterday. A stranger
met him on the street and spoke to
him iv a familiar way. Fischer
did not respond In the same lone,
when the stranger said, " Don't
you know me? I am Mr. Nesmitb,
brother of the Pro-iJent of tlie San
Diego Bank, and am going down
ou tha next steamer." Au ac
quaintance was struck up and the
caliper, as he turned out to be, said
that, he hud some business lo trans
act, aud led lho unsuspecting San
Diegan into a recently fltted up
lottery effice In the Siguoret build
ing, on the corner of Main and Ar
cadia streets. Here tho stranger
presented a ticket and received
iheiefor $150 in gold. Fischer did
not bile, however, his suspicions
having been aroused, but con
veyed information lo tlie po
lice. An officer was at once
dispatched to investigate. He
climbed to the roof or the awn
lug In front of the building aud
peered through the wiudow, where
he saw Ihe whole paraphernalia of
tlie lottery office. He hastened
back to the City Court to
procure the necessary war
rant for making a seizure
und arrest, but his movements had
been discovered. By the time he
got buck to tho deu it had beeu
stripped of its entire contents
and the birds ha i flown.
We yesterday paid a visit to tlie
farm machinery warerooms of the
Messrs. F. G. Hanna & Co., who
keep one of the most extensive as
sortments of all that is new and
useful in this line to bo found on
the Coast. This firm are the agents
for Osborn & Co.'s " Self-binding
Harvester," oue of which has been
in U9O by Mr. Titus of Mission San
Gabriel, who pronounces it a thor
ough machine which does its work
to perfection. All their oilier farm
machinery is of the sumo kind and
stands second to noneyet invented.
They are also agents for the Stover
and Freeport windmills which for
cheapness anil durability are unri
valled. Farmers ami all others
requirliif; anything in this Hue will
lind it to their advantage to cull
und examine their stock.
Chief Harris and officers Baker,
Jerome Fnnok and Ketlet made a
descent last night on a faro bank
kept in the rooms of the old Social
Club on Los Angeles street. The
entrance was effected from the
piazza In the rear of the Helnscb
Block by officer Jerome who, as
soon as he got into the room, ad
milted the other officers. No game
was in progress but two men, one
of whom gave the name of Wm.
Thorn psou aud the other George
Cushiug, proprietors of the den,
with a faro lay out and a "sluice"
board, were captured. They will
have a hearing before Judge Peel
this morning.
Property Transfers
SCRIPT OF MOunb, IDS! 4, 1878.
J C Illckcy to M S Jones—lnterest In
blk 1, Santa Ana; 13 0.
Kobert urubull to I. CI Goodwin and
W H Mace-Lot 5, block M, Mt Pleasant
tract; «10U
Kmtl undLede Hants to Jacob Conn—
Lot GO fOL-t front en Sansovain street:
Maria Plassuu to Antoine and Maria
Begnn-Lot 1, blk 35, O S, except lot 50x165
ft: t7io.
Elizabeth Ross, Trustee, to Samuel
R055—210.43 acres In Santa Ana Raucho;
A R Loomli to Mary A Mace—SE '4 Sec
21 T2S R 13 W; «58 M
0 WChllds, J G D.iwney and IW Hell
man to August J Welsser—Lot 13, blk C,
Frederick HofTaer to Samuel Hoffner—
Two tracts in Itauobo de Los No' r ales;
Samuel Hoffner to Thus 8 A Maynard—
12 acres on Los Angeles aud San Bcrnar
dlno soige road; »20.
Los Angeles City to I W Hellmnn—Lot
on SE corner Main and Commercial
E .Merrill, by County Tax Collector, to
A R Liomts-SE H Sec 21T 29R13 W;
|U 50.
San Fhancisco, June 4.
Eureka Callforula...a)^a2oVi
.1 season S 10 Oeuld&C t%
Newark 2 13 A Its. (,',,«««
N Belle iy t Mexican WAalO
Manhattan ...«K'4*J< Bullion 4 2x14 26
O Prize 3 *M»3 f>o (.'hollar ~....26<a25%
Independ'el Kojl 90 Julia t 3 A*.V/.
Hill Side 11,I 1 , Belcher 2'i«2 4o
Modoe 2 Con Va 14Vi014
Hamburg sy. H A N »kffl7
N (loso I ill M Hill Ik
Rodie 4 H A B „ ISH
Leeds 1 40 Overman 12V4
Tip-Top 1 40 Exchequer..',! 71102 75
Ophlr. 40Vf»4l!i, lustice XV,
Savage 1074'a1i% Alpha U?4«il>i
Jacket a c 8 Nevada 3 »5 a 4 10
No disorders, excepting the most dsad*
ly firms of luug disease, Involve such a
tremendous destruction of organic tissue
an most! which fasten upon the kidneys,
-net! maladies, when they becunie
chronic—and none are so liable to as
sume that phase—c unpletcly wreck tho
system. To prevent this terrible dls tster
recourse should bo had, upon the first,
manifestation of trouble, to tsostetter's
Hitters, which experience has proved to
be highly effective as v means of Impart
ing tone and regularity to the organs of
urlautlon, as well as iv thti liver, stom
ach and hotels. Another beneficial re*
suit of tbls medlctue, naturally conse
quent upon Its diuretic actlun, Is tbe
elimination from the blood of impurities
which beget rheumatism, gout, dropsy,
aud other maladies. By increasing Ihe
activity of the kidneys, It augments the
depurailve efficiency of those organs,
which are most Important outlets for the
escape ot such impurities.
Bluu flannel aud light weight
suit, also a full Hue of boys' cloth
ing ot Isaac Norton & Co.'a, corner
of Main and Requena streets, oppo
site the U. r4. Hotel.
Men's, youths' ami boys' white
and colored shirts, check shirts,
overalls, jumpers, overshirU, at a
great reduction. Tauao Norton A
Co., corner Main and Requena
streets, opposite U 8. Hotol.
Clothing, the best assortment
and best goods, are sold cheaper
than elsewhere at Meyerstein's, 49
Main street.
In sixty days from to-day I must
dispose of the largest portion of my
new stock of fine men and boy's
clothing, hats, boots and shoes, dry
goods, elc, and will from this day
•at] all the above goods at greatly
reduced prices. The publio are po
litely Invited to call and examine
my stock and prices and convince
themselves of the above facts.
H. Meyerstein,
49 Main St., under Lafayette Hotel.
Mr. Noidliuger. the popular
jeweler, preparatory to removing
to the warehouse on Main street,
which he has secured iv the Hell
man Block, now lv process of erec
tion, will sell off, at a sacrifice, his
extensive and very elegant stock
of jewelry. All who desire to be
stow upon their friends some mark
of esteem or souvenir, those who
wish to supply themselves with ta
ble aud other appointments, and
those who aro anxious to add to
their slock of bijouterie, should
give Nordlinger a call. From a
watch to a charm they can be ac
commodated at his present store,
No. 4 Commercial street, nils i.
Gent's, youths' and boy's cloth
ing at greatly reduced prices, also
boots and shoes, hats, etc , at Isaac
Norton & Co.'s, corner of Main
nnd Requena streets, opposite the
U. 8. Hotel.
Meyerstein's is the best place to
buy your clothing, dry goods, hats,
boots, etc., etc You you will
iind him fair aud square dealing lv
every respect, and goods cheaper
than elsewhere —49 Main street,
under Lafayette Hotel.
Ladies' linen, wash poplin and
percale suits at half price at Isaac
Norton & Co.'s, corner of Main aud
Requena streets, opposite the U. S.
Coal oil sold at retail for whole
sale prices, at the Continental Oil
Store, 70 Spring street.
Go to Meyerstein's for the best
dry goods at lowest prices.
Cheap prices at Sutherland's gun
store, 75 Main street. 2my7
Parasols, embroideries, gloves,
ties, laces, white and colored hose,
silk handkerchiefs, corsets at bot
tom prices; at the Bazaar, Main
sireat, opposite the United States
Butlei's watchmaker's shop is
removed to 139 Main street, be
tween Court and Fir»t streets, next
door to Bernstein, the tailor.
Tlie Russian Eleotrio Baths of R.
Hughes and Wife are located at No.
16 Main street, opposite the Pico
House. Gentleman aud la
dies will be waited upon by persons
of their own sex. novlltf
Tbe Hamilton House, four miles
Norlb of Pasadena, Is one of tbe
cheiceet places iv the county to
speud a few weeks. niy23tf
Coal oil sold at retell for whole
sale prices, at the Continental Oi!
Store, 70 Spring street.
Spring eye needles (our own
make,) et Sutherland's gun store,
75 Main street. 2my7
Coggill and Cooper at Wood's
Opera House to-night.
The French Sisters at Wood's
Opera House to-night.
Great bargains for tlie next sixty
days at Meyerstein's, 49 Main
street, under tbe Lafayette Hotel.
Carving knives at Sutherland's,
76 Main street. 2my7
Twenty of tbe finest looking
young ladies in town, at Wood's
Opera House.
Genuine Marrian's Burton Pale
Ale on draught at McKenzie's.
Coal oil sold at retail for whole
saleprices, et the Contiuental Oil
Store, 70 Spring street. •
Razors of every make at Suther
land's gun store, 75 Main street. 2
Fishing tackle and cutlery at
Sutherland's gun store, 75 Main
street. 2my7
Coal oil sold at retail for whole
sale prices, at tbe Coutinental Oil
Store, 70 Spring street.
HEWITT-MATTHEWS—In this cily, on
the 3d last, by Kg*. Geo. 8. Hickey, Mr.
J. Hewitt to Mias B. J. Matthews, both
of Los Angeles.
I'ollsli tba TunuKiiers .Treili
With 80ZODONT, and when they grow
up their mouths will be garnished with
sound and handsome ones. The founda
tion or many a toothache Is laid In child
hood by neglect.and it ts very important to
the well-being of either child or adult
that the teeth should be well taken care
of. Bad teeth are no lit masticators or the
food, and breed dyspepsia. Make them
white und strong, therefore, with SOZO
DONT, a preservative of supreme excel
lence and purity. Use it without delay.
Mothers, Mathers Mothers.
Don't fall to procure Mas. Wxmslow's
Sootuino. svn-ui* tor all diseases of
teething in children. It relieves the
child from pain, oures wind colic, regu
lates the bowels, ami,by giving relief and
health to the child, gives rest to the
i mother. fe2B-eod-6m
lam prepare 1 to still, at unprecedeot
eiliy low figures, eighty thousand apple
(-ree*. or the most approved varieties.
Those wUo propose to sol out orchards
would do well to call and examine my
stoak. lam aUo prepared to sell PEAK
and other orchard trees, on favorable
terms. My oofect In sacrificing tbe<*e
trees Is to retire from the nursery busl -
OOUPTON. Lot Co., Cal
Good Templar Block.
One Hundred Musicians
AT 2 P. M.
AND 7 P. M.
At'm;6Elon, • - - - S I .CO
is peio. * ov HMI U| 11
Clothing House,
Cor. Commercial 4 Main Sts.
Wantsd.' I
A situation by » BAKBKwho kubU
four years experience. Address J Jaeoss,
care of Herald offloe. mSI-'Jt
By a young married man, lately from *
the East, a position of some kind. la a
good busluess man. salary moderate.
Reference given. Address Herbert, care
American cash Store, corner rlret end
Spring streets. mytt-lw
street. House has elgh t roeras, with all
modern Improvements. Enquire at
premises or at the store, 120 Main street,
Cardoua Blocs.. Jei-M
ROOMS, In a good locality. Apply at
tbls office.
One or more rooms,with board, botane.
cold water bath, etc. Persona visiting
I.os Angeles will find this one of the
pleasantest locations in town. Address
P. v. Box 1107. mhJMf
Fully furnished with bedding, furniture,
kitchen furniture and water, at No. MS
Uuena Vista street, Los Angeles. Rent,
%W per month, payabU In advance. Ad
dress U. W. W.. 110. aid office- mrS-tf
$1 to 91000 te Loan,
Removed to No. 6 COMMEI
Will advance on collaterals
on all kinds of personal pro|
as watches. Jewelry, dlamon Is. vi
guns, etc. Gold, alfver aud U.
cy bought and sold. a
Near Orange and Sant < -
Which were heretofore reserv ■ I
sell A Chapman, are now orre->' kt
or rent. sdrRAILttOAD DE!
Apply lo CAPT. QLASBELL,,.. Ici. ;
Block, Los Angeles, or M. F. PARKs-K,
Orange. dl*x
Grocery Store for Sale.
Doing a good business; satlsfaetory
reasons given for selling. Enquire at tbe j
Herald office. my2Stf
Sunny Rooms and Board.
Gentlemeu and their wires and single
«ents can beaccommoiated with board
and fine, large, front, sunny rooms, con
tain lug alt modern conveniences and
home comforts, at. tfae
New H i treat, oul? one Voe-V m
fr>m th
comma -i ■ .>• iuj>
and val > < <.
P. CA y. nu<iUS,
ProtectUome InduMtry ,
From thia date you will And In onr fac- i
tory the beat ground and roasted Coffee J
■ lvi f-picpi. put up in paper or iv cans,
in the best and most stylish manner.
Messrs. P. (Jaaenave A Co. have fitted
up their factoiy, ao aa to permit them 1
to sell tbeae articles at Ban PYancleao
prices. They respe"tiully nr. licit your
patronage. X CABKNAVJC A CO.
Has been removed from SIUNORET'3 i
BLOCK to Tjj
Cardoua Block, 118 Main St., f
Opposite the Mariposa store.
••"Prescriptions prepared with great
care. d&tf
No. 116 Main et.,
Exhibited to the people of Loe Angelee
the greatest and finest assortment of
Or his own manufacture, and the
ever availed of by them, An extensive
experience In I'ranee nnd San Francises
bas enabled Mr. Lenoir to invite the pah-
He to an inspection of his elegant stock,
sar Hold on monthly Installments,
WORK a specialty. mylt
Fine Wines & Liquors.
H.4H.W, Catherwood's
Fine Old Whiskies
From tbelr agents, DICKSON, DeWOLT
A Co., San Franolsoo; also,
Old Bourbon and Rye I
Direct from Louisville, Ky., by the Bottle
or Gallon, at LOW PRICES.
Genuine Scotch and Irish Whiskey.
English Ales and Porter.
Is provided with the purest
Ponet'e ttiilUllii**-.
Main street, near court, Los Angeles.
Addrosa RANCH, Herald office, ale-iw

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