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Board of Supervisors.
Tuesday, May 4.
Board met pursuant to adjouru
| Blent, present, full Board.
O. P. Passons appointed Water
Commissioner for Los Nietos town
, ship nice T. J. Kerns, who failod to
| qualify.
Petition of Teodora Verdugo to
change road through Verdugo
cafi.n referred to Prager and Young
to report at next meeting.
On motion of Supervisor Prager
the map of hospital grouuds and
poor farm was approved and or
dered recorded.
On petition and affidavit of John
Dodson, the Clerk was authorized
to credit Mr. Dodson with 86 re
ceipts of $2 each, amounting to
On motion claim of Henry Dal
ton for compensation for construct
ing Dalton road was referred to the
Di.trlst Attorney.
In the matter of petition to
euange Trabuco road. Referred to
Supervisor Ott to report at next
Meeting. The .District Attorney
was requested to atop all proceed
ing! in the above matter until fur
ther orders frem tbe Board.
Reslgnatiou of J. Q. A. Stanley
as Road Overseer for Vernon Dis
trict was deferred until he makes a
settlement with the Clerk.
Wesley Williams was allowed
$13 for road work on Santa Ana
In the matter of the report of
Superintendent Morton on Nor
walk and Puente Mills road, report
P adopted, retaining road as it is.
Report of School Superintendent
received and filed.
In the matter of remonstrance
•gainst opening road In Norwalk
District, referred to Supervisor
[ Morton.
Board of Education.
Monday, Juue 3.
At tbe regular meeting of tlie
Board of Education there were
present Messrs. Kurtz, Bent, Lacy
and Jackson.
Minutes of last meeting read and
The following bills were then pre
sented and allowed:
L. Lewin & Co $29 91
C. H. Kimball, sundry bills.. 840
Tbe following applications for
positions as teachers were received
Md placed on file: Miss Mary
Thomas, Mr. J. E. B. Bell, Mr. W.
V. Wenok, Mr. Stratton and Miss
On motion, it was ordered that
the public schools be closed on
Wednesday afternoon, so that the
pupils can attend the Jubilee.
The Committee appointed at the
last meeting reported adversely on
appllcation.for the use of publit
school rooms by private schools.
On motion, Mr. Kimball was in
structed to procure the necessary
number of blank diplomas at the
cheapest rates at which they can
be had.
The Board then adjourned.
District Court ..Fawcktt. J
Tuesday, June 4th.
Dye v.. Golden—Judgment on tlio
.pleadings ordered to enter for plain
tiff but without costs.
8. H. Mottet al vs. Lord et ill—
Demurrer sustained; ten days to
amend complaint.
Hancock vs. Valdez et al—Tried
and submitted.
Viokery <k Hind vs. Leal—Ten
days further time to file statement
on motion for new trial.
Bo tiller vs. Kalisher et al—Dj
marrer submitted.
McDonald vs. Abiln—Continued
to 9:80 A. M., to-morrow, Juue sth.
Del Vale vs. Abila—On trial.
Lanterman vs. Williams—Al
lowed until June 20th to prepare
amendment to proposed statement
on motion for new trial.
t'eaaitr Cunr< Stipiikks, J.
Tuesday, June 4.
Eads vs. Leonis—Motion for new
trial denied; fivedavsstay.
People V 9. John A. White—Per
jury—Oa trial.
San Quentin Statistics.
Recapitulation of Prisoners dis
charged and received at the Cali
fornia Statu Prison during May,
Ou hand April 30 1,400
Received during May 87
Convict witueßse. rctariud 3
Discharged by provisions of Act 31
under provi.-ion of
Goodwin Bill 80
Discharged by order of Govern r 8
I'ardoned ou condition to leavu
tho State 3
rardoned and restored 1
Taken out for new trial 4
Taken out as witnesses 4
1 ied in Hospital 4
— 85
On hand M»y 31 1,495
Increase during May 5
A. G. McAllister,
Captain of the Yard.
Sun Qneutlu, June Ist, 1878.
At the depth of forty-six feet E.
M. Cole, whose farm is situated
about n mile west of town, struck a
slxteen-iuch flow of water over a
ten-inch pipe. The stream came
up with such force that it could net
be confined. When tbe cap was
closed the water would burst
through tbe pipe, anil in order lo
avoid floodiuk the whole country
south of 111 in, lie was compelled to
Hume it oir west to the old river
■Mrd. — Herald.
Tlie smullent audiences ever seen
In the Grand Oj*ra House, New
York, were tlmse drawn by Mr.
John McCullougli during hi. late
iugnjrenient ut that llipatre. Oue
evening the curtain diil not rise
until nearly nine o'clock, In con
•cqueuco of the noti-ariival of the
audience, and when it did come
there were only about fifty of them.
Evergreen Laundry,
Called for and delivered to any part
of the city, by
Reod & Phillips, Adams St.
Orders can be left at tbe book store of
llr. Bam IlellnißD. Hprlng 81. olßtr
their advantage to look at these beauti
ful grounds before maltingarrautfemeuU
elsewhere, tor I
It has no equal In the State.
One of the largest in the State, just com- '
Sleled. Fine groves, beautiful lawns,
ase Ball grounds. Croquet grouuds,
swings for families and children, hori
zontal bars, in fact everything has been
built and put In tbe finest order. No
ttme, trouble or expense has been spared ,
to make It the great pleasure resort of .
Los Angeles.
Thefluestdrlveoutof fhe elty, Streot t
Cars run to the grounds •very W minutes ,
for all Picknics. H. J. WOOD,
mll-tf Proprietor.
Picnic Grounds-
SOCIETIES aud private parlies desir
ing to secure picnic grounds would
Uo well to consult tho Messis.
These grounds have been prepared re
gardless of expense and are provided
withone of the largest and best dancing
pavilions outside ef San Fraucisco.
Arbors, Teu-pln Alleys, Swings, Hori
zontal Bars, Shooting Gallery, and in
deed, everything necessary fur tho
amusement of picnickers, ami will be let
cheaper than any other grounds lv this
No improper persons will bo admitted
to the Gardens under any circumstances.
Lunch can at all times be procured at
the house. in9-tf
Furniture Factory
Los Angeles County, California.
Fac:ory has all approved machinery In
use, which is entirely new. Machinery
driven by an eighty horse-power boiler
and engine. Railroad Bwilch connects
factory with S. P. R. X.. giving facilities
tor shipping to all points in the Interior,
and its close proximity to the wharf en
ables material to be landed at tho factory
from the mills us cheaply as in San
TO el o*6 up partnership affairs of B. D.
Wilson At Co. Apply to the surviving
partner. J. Die BART II SHORB,
my3tf San Gabriel P. 0., Cal.
Rubottom Ranch for Sale,
This valqabia property, containing
EIGHTY-SIX ACLtEo, oue of the most
eligible to investors In Southern Califor
nia, is lor sale. Good tide and abund
ance of water. It is in the heart of the
beautiful aud productive Han Jose VaJ
le>, thirty miles from Los Allg9lei.
Hotel Furniture & fixtures,
A BAKU BARGAIN la presented. 11l
health, auJ a desire to give my wife a
cbauge of scene und air, ure the motives
which it; hit* ■ me to sell.
Address, for terms,
mrtOtr W. W. It IT BOTTOM. Spadra.
"foe sale.
1 offer my place, three-quarters of a
mile from Downey City, on the Wllmlng
toa road, adjoining the College, at a bar
gain. Il comprises
Flftcec of which are in fruit, ol" choice
varieties. There are eight acres of Mus
cat grapes. Comfortable house on the
Immediate possession will be given, 11
desired, wilh tho entire growing crop of
fruits, etc. Water rlgbtattached to land,
but no necessity for use. Apply to
Jv l (lm O. H. ALLEN, on the premises.
Persons who desire to become conver
sant with photography will ba Instructed
in the art by me upon an expeditious
method and at moderate rates.
UP TO $1000.
These nre decided bargains', and the
purchasers are certain of large profits,
apttf Welfensteln's Art Gallery.
All persons having claims against tho
late firm of H. I>. WILSON A CO. are
hereby notified and requested to present
the same at once to the undersigned, at
his residence, at San Marino, Los Ange
les county; and all person* Indebted to
said firm are hereby notified and request
ed to settle their accounts without delay.
Dated April 171 h, 1873.
Per T. &. R.
Kaviug oeo.i appointed General Agent
for tho
Mutual Aid Association
of Southern California, my office w!ll
herealter be with E. Germain & Co. The
advantages of the Mutual Aid Associa
tion as a protective society cannot be ex
aggerated. Persons desiring to secure a
resource in ttme of need should commu
nicate with me. aitf H. SHERWOOD.
Succesor tj 11. Slol'.eibcck A Co.
Sporting roods of All Kinds.
Chinese and Japanese Goods and Toys
FKJBfH TlOAH.cueapest and best in tlio
town. CIGARS of the best brands. Ser
vants and bauds of all kinds furnished.
ap4 tf
Has Just reseived from Eastern manufac
turer, v variety of Decorating Vines and
Spray., Parlor Kaleidoscope., and a full
line of White and Waluul Splints, Chess
Hoards and Mcu. mySti I
Are not a Iverthed as "cure-alls," but are ?
■peefara le tin diseases for which they 1
aro recommended.
NATURAL SELKCTlON.—lnvestigat- 1
"is of natural science bave demonstrated 1
beyond controversy that throughout the
unimal kingdom tbe "survival of the Ut
tesi" is the only law that vouchsafes
thrift and perpetuity. Does not the same
principle goveru tbe commercial pros- ]
perlty of man? An interior citnnot su- x
persede a superior article. By reason of
superior merit, Dr. Pierces Standard
Medicines bave outrlvalted all othois.
Their sate in the United State< alone ex* <
eeeds one million dollars per annum
while the amouut exported foots up to
several hundred thousand more. Nu ,
businesscould grow to such gigantic pro- '
portions and re>t upon any other basis
lliau that of merit.
Dr. Sage's Catarrh Remedy ;
Is Pleasant to Use. J
Or. Sage's Catarrh Remedy '
Its cures extend ever a pcrioi of 20 years.
Dr. Sage s Catarrh Remedy '
Us sale constantly increases. !
Or. Sage's Catarrh Remedy
Cures by its mild, soothing effect.
Or. Sage's Catarrh Remedy
Cures "Cold iv Head" and Catarrh, oi
Rockport, Mass., April 2, 1877.
Mk. Elutoh:— Having read iv your pa
per repoits of the remarkable cures ol ca
tarrh, 1 am Induced to tell " what I know
about catarrh," aud I fancy the"suurt"
and "inhaling lube" makers (mere dol
lar grabbers) would be glad if tbey could
emblazon a similar cure iv tbe papers.
Fur liOyears 1 suffered with catarrh. The
nasal passages became completely closed.
"Suufl," "dust," "ashes,'- "luhaiing
tubes," aud "sticks" wouldn't work,
though at intervals I would suifl up the
so-called catarrh snuff, until 1 became a
valuable tester for such medicine*. I
gradually grew worse, aud uj one can
Know how much I suffered or what a
miserable being I was. My head ached
over my eyes until 1 was routined to my
bed for many successive days, suffering
tlie most lmense pain, whicti at one time
lasted continuously for 108 hours. All
sense ot smell and taste gone, sight uud
iiearing impaired, body shruu kcu
aud weakeued nervous system shat
tered and constitution broken, aud 1 was
hawking and spitting seveu-eighths of the
time. 1 prayed Jor ueath to relieve me oi
mv Buffering. A favorable notice in your
paper ol Dr. Sage's Catarrh Remedy In
duced me to puichase a package aud use
it wlih Dr. Pierces Nasal Douche, which
applies tlie remedy by hydrostatic pres
sure, the only way compatible with com
mon sense. Well, Mr. Editor, it did not j
cure me in three-:ourths of a second, uor <
luonebour or mouth, but In less than |
eight minutes 1 was relieved, and In <
three mouths entirely cured, and have
remained so over sixteen months. While
using the Catarrh remedy, I used Dr.
fierce'a Golden Medical Discovery to pu- \
riiy my biood and strengthen my stom
ach. I aiso kept my liver active and \
bowels regular by the use of his pleasant
Purgative Pellets. If my experience will j
induce other sufferers to seek the same
means of relief, this letter will have an- <
swered its purpose.
ioms ruly, S. D. UK MICK.
lowing named parties ara among tho
thousands who have been cured of ca
tarrh by the use ot Dr. Sage's Catarrh
Remedy: A F Downs, New Geneva, Pa;
D J Brown, St Joseph, Me; E C Lewie,
Rutland, Vt: Levi Springer. Nettie Lake,
Ohio; ChasNororop,tS'th Chesterfield,Me;
Milton Jones, feoriba, NY; J E Miller,
Bridger Station, Wyo; J C Merriman, Lo
gansport, lud; M M Post, Logausport,
Ind;J W Bailey .Tremont, Pa;H B Ay res,
L-i Porte, lud; Jessie M Sears, Ft Branch,
lnd; L Williams, Canton, Missouri; W A .
Thayer, Onarga, III; SB Nichols, Jr, Gal
veston, Texas; Jonas F Ileinert. Stones
ville, Pa; S W Lusk, McFarland, Wis;
Johnson Williams, llelmick. Ohio; Mrs I
MA Curry, Trenton, Term; JGJoslin
Keene, N H; A J Caspar, Table Rock, W,
Va; Louis Anders, Uaysport, Ohio; 0 H
Chase, Elkhart, lnd; Mrs Henry llaight,
San Francisco, Cal; Mrs h M Gallusha,
Lawrenceville, N V; W J Graham, Adel,
Iowa; A O Smith, Newnau, Ga; Chas E
Rice, Baltimore. Md; Jesse M Sears, Car
lisle, lnd; Dan'l B Miller,Ft Wayne,lud;
Mrs Minnie Arnaiso, 290 Delaucy St, New
York; H W Hall, Hastings, Mich; Wm F
Maraton, Lowell, Mass; 1 W Roberts,
Maricopa, Ariz; Chas S Delaney, Harris
burg, Pa; M C Cole, Lowell. Mass- Mrs C ,
J Spurtlu, Camden, Ala; Charles F Kaw,
Frederlcktown, Ohio; Mrs Lucy Hunt- i
lnglon, Farnilngton.lll; Capt E S Spauld
iug, Camp Htambaugh, Wyo; I W Tracy,
Steamboat Rock, Iowa; Mrs Lydia Waite,
Shushan, N V; J M Peck, Junction City,
Mont; Henry Ebe. Bantas, Cal; L BCuiu
mings, Rantoul, 111; SE Jones, Charles
ton Four Corners, N X J Geo F Hall, Pueb
lo.Cftll WmEßartrie, Sterling, Pa; II i
H Ebon, 94* Perm St, Pittsburg, Pa; J R I
Jackman, Samuel's Depot, Ky; Henry
Zobrlst, Geneva, NY; Miss Hattle Pax
rott, Montgomery, Ohio; L ledbrook,
Chatham, III; S B McCoy, Nashport,
Ohio; W W Warner, North Jackson,
Mich; Miss Mary A Winue, Darieu, Wis;
JohnZeigler,Carlisle Spriugs, Pa.; James
Tompkins, St Cloud. Minn; Enoch Duer,
Pawnee City, Neb; Jos T Miller, Xenia,
Ohio; SB Nichols, Galvt ston, Texas; H
L Laird, Upper Alton, 111; John Dnvi*.
Prescott, Ana; Mrs Nancy Graham, For
est Grove, OgD. *
Golden Medical Discovery
Is alterative, or blood-cleansing.
Golden Medical Discovery i
la Pectoral.
Golden Medical Discovery
Is a Cholajjogue, or Liver Stimulant.
Golden Medical Discovery
la Tonic.
Golden Medical Discovery .
By reason of its alterative properties,
cures Diseases of tbe Blood aud bkln, as
Sciofula, or King's Evil; Tumors: Ulcers,
or Old Sores; Blotches, Pimples and
Eruptions. By virtue of its Pectoral
properties It cures Bronchial, Throat and
Lung affections: Incipient Consumption; ,
Lingering Coughs, and Chronic Laryngi
tis, its Cholagogue properties, lender it
an unequal remedy tor biliousness; Tor
pid Liver, or "Liver Complaint;" and Its
Tonic properties make it equally ertica
ctoua la curing Indigestion, Loss of Ap
pottte and Dyspepsia.
Where the akin Is sallow and covered
with blotches and pimples, or where ,
there are scrotulous, Bwellings and affec
tions, a few bottles of Goluen Medical 1
Discovery will effect an entiie cure. If
you feel drowsy, debilitated, have sallow
color of akin or yellowish-brown spots ou
tace or body, frequent headache or dizzl- ,
liens, bad taste lv mouth, Internal heat 1
or chills alternated with hot flushes, low
spiriti aud gloomy forebodings, irregular
ap petite and tongue coated, you are suf- t
ierlng from Torpid Liver or Biliousness, i
In many caßes of Liver Complaint, only i
part ot these symptoms are experienced. ,
Aa a remedy for all such caaes, Dr.Pierce's j
Golden Medical Discovery has no equal, ,
aa it effects perfect cures,leaving the liver (
strengthened and healthy.
DR. R. V.PIERCE Is the sole proprie
tor and manufacturer of the foregoing
remedies,all of which are Bold by drug
gists. He is also the author ot the Peo
ple's Common Sense Medical Adviser, a ,
work of nearly UNO pages, with 282 wood J
engravings *>nd colored plates. He lias
already told of this popular work
Over 100,000 Copies! ,
PRICE, (post-paid) : : : $1 50
Address: R. V. PIERCE, M. D., '
I World's Dispensary, Huflalo. N.Y.
I mrs-eod-d*w-ly
lii the Probate Court
Iv and for the Couuty of Los An- -
geles, Htate of California.
OF O. B. WILSON, Deceased.
NOTICE Is hereby given by the under
signed, executrix of the last will
and testament of the said O.
B. Wilson, deceased, to the creditors
of and all persons having claims against
the said deceased to exhibit them, with the
necessary vouchers, within four months
from the first publication ot tbls notice, to
the undersigned, at the office of O'Mol
veny A Trautum, attorneys at law. Stce-
Htz Block, Rooms 7 aud 8, Spring street,
Los Angeles city, Cal.
Los Angeles, May 23, 1873. my 29 lw
Notice for Publication of Time
for Proving Will, etc.
C~mity of Los Angeles. J bate Court.
Tn the Matter of the Estate of
Charles llumiller, deceased.
JL Court made this day, notice is here
by given that Monday, tho 10th day
of June, A. D. 1873, at 10 o'clock A. M. of
said d ty, at the Court room of tills Court,
In the city aud county of Los Ange
les,has been appointed for hearing the ap
plication of Jacob Bumtller, praying
that a document now on file in this court,
purporting to he the last wilt and testa
ment of Charles Bumiller, deceased,
be admitted to probate, and that
letters testamentary be issued there
on to Jacob Bumiller, at
which time aud place all persons
Interested therein may appear and con
test the same.
Dated May ISTB.
A. W. POTTS, Clerk.
By E. H. Owen, Deputy Clerk. my 24
Under eighteen yenr.of nge, who miilto
Tho Oest Biscuit
Bowen's Yeast Powder.
State Fair at Sacramento. Cal $50
State Fair at Reno, Nevada 00
State Fair at Salem, Oregon GO
Siskiyou Couuty Agricultural Fair,
Yreka 50
Northern District Agricultural Society
Fair, Marysvllle 50
Sonoma and Marin District Agricultu
ral Society Fair, Peialuina 50
San Joaquin Valley Agricultural So
ciety FMlr.Stockton 50
Los Angeles Agricultural society Fair,
Los Angeles „ £0
Santa Clara Valley Agricultural Soci
ety Fair, San Jose 50
Mechanics* Fair, San Francisco 50
m-fl deYw-tf
A full assortment of first-class Family
Groceries, Teas, Coffee, Sugar, Butter,
Eggs, Bacon, Hams, Lard, etc., kept on
Musical Instruments,
Can be found In
Immense Quantities
Lowest Living Prices
Notice of Removal.
Monday or Tuosday Next
From 101 Mnin street,
To No. 28 Central Block,
Spring Street
I shall baglnd to welcome my custom
er, ut in) new quarters.
a. 8. Mcdonald.
real tr
m& FASHION mfc
Livery and Sale Stable,
MAIN ST., Opposite Arcadia St.
Horses and Carriages, Hingle or Double,
nml Hailrile Horseß kept couxturitly on
hnnd for tlio nccommoUutlou of the pub*
lie. llnri.es Boarded by the duy, week or
mouth at reasonable rates. Couveyauuos
furnished for private or public occasions
al the shortest nutloe and upon as rens.
onablo terms its at any
First Class Establishment
In Southern California.
Private Boarding House,
No. 24, cor. Third and Hill sU.
UO.STH. Terms Reasonable. oMtr
Burnell & Kcbbeck,
Landscape Gardeners and
Garden Contractors,
J«tf No. 106 SPRING ST.
fApnroTod March 80, 1878]
The People of the State of Califor
nia, represented in Senate and
Assembly, do enact as follows:
SKcriON 1. An election shall be held
ou the third Wednesday in June, eight
een hundred and s ;vi nty-elght of dele
gates to meet In Convention to revise the
Constitution of ttils State and to frame a
new Constltatlon. No other question
shall be submitted to the people or voted
ou at such electiou, any statute or law to
tho contrary notwithstanding. All other
elections called for the same time shall
be held at the next general or special
Htale ill' l ' ii'ii.
sir. 1!. The number of .delegates to be
chosen to such Convention shall be one
hundred and tlify-two, lo be apportioned
as follows: Tho counties of Wan Diego
aud Sun Bernardino shall jointly elect
one delegate; the county of San Diego
shall elect one delegate; the county of
Han Bernardino shall elect oue delegate;
tho county of Los Angeles shall elect
three delegates; the counties of Ventura,
Santa Barbara and sau Luis Obispo shall
elect ouo delegate; tho counties of Tu
lare, Kern and Fresno shall elect one
delegate each, and tho counties of Mono
and Inyo shall elect ono delegate; the
counties of Marlposj. Merced and Stan
islaus shall Jointly elect one delegate;
the counties of Mariposa and Merced
shall jointly elect ono delegate; the
county of Stanislaus shall elect one del
egate; the counties of Sunt % Cruz, Mon
terey aud San Benito shall Jointly elect
one delegate; the county of Santa Cruz
shall elect one delegate; the county of
Monterey shall elect ouo delegate; tho
county of San Benito shall elect one del
egate; the county of Santa Clara shall
elect live delegates; (he city and county
of Sau Francisco shall elect at large
thirty delegates; tho city aud counly of
Sun Francisco at large, jointly Willi the
county of San Mateo, shall elect one del
egate; tho county of San Mateo shall
elect one delegate; the county of Alame
da shall elect five delegates; the coun
ties of Contra Costa and Marin shall
jointly elect one delegate; the county of
Contra Costa shall elect one delegate;
the county of Mariu shull elect ouo dele
gate; the couuttos of San Joaquin aud
Amador shall Jointly elect oac delegate;
the county of San Joaquin shall elect
four delegates; tbe county of Amador
shall elect two delegates; tue counties of
Tuolumne and Calaveras shall jointly
elect one delegate; the county ot Tuol
umne shall elect one delegate; the
county of Calaveras shall elect one dele
gate; the couuty of Sacramento shall
elect five delegates; the counties of So
lauo nnd Yolo shall Jointly elect one del
egate; tbe couuty of Solano shall elect
tureo delegates; the couuty of Yolo
shall elect oue delegate; tho counties of
Napa, Lake and Sonoma shall Jointly
elect one delegate; the county of Napa
shall elect one delegate; the couuty of
Lake shall elect one delegate; the coun
ty of Sonoma shall elect lour delegates;
t lie counly of Placer shall elect two dele
gates; thecountiesuf El Dorado and Al
pine shall Jointly elect two delegates; the
county of El Dorado shall elect one dele
gate; the counties of Nevada and blerra
shall Jointly elect one delegate: the
county of Nevada shall elect four dele
gales; the county ot Sierra shall elect
one delegate; the counties of Yuba and
Suttershall Jointly elect one delegate;
the county of Yuba shall elect two dele
gates; the county of Suiter shall elect
one delegate; the counties or Butte, Plu
mas and Lassen shall Jointly elect one
delegate; the counties ot Plumas and
Lessen snail jointly elect oue delegate;
the county of Butte shall elect two dele
gates; the counties of Mendocino, Hum
boldt and Del Norte shall jointly elect one
delegate; lho county of Humboldt shall
elect one delegate; the county of Mendo
cino shall elect one delegate; Iho county
of Del Norte shall elect one delegate; tho
counties of Siskiyou, Modoc, Trinity and
SbSßlaShall Jointly elect one delegate;
the counties of Siskiyou aud Modoc shall
Jointly elect one delegate; the couu
lies of Trinity and Shasta shall Jointly
elect one delegate; the county of
Tehama shall elect one delegate; tlie
couuty of Colusa shull elect one dole
gate; and thirty two (32) delegates shall
be elected by tho State at large, eight (8)
residents of each Congressional District.
Sec. 3. All persons entitled bylaw to
vote for Member;* of Assembly shall ba
respective "election"mstnonP'VtaW'lfcil
elsewhere. Such clectoin Bhall bo by
Skc. tf. The following regulations shall
apply to the aforesaid eleclion, to be held
on the third Wednesday In June, A, D.
eighteen hundred and seventy-eight:
First—The said election shall bo held
and conducted by the proper election of
ficers of the several election districts of
the State, and shall bo governed and reg
ulated In alt respects by the general elec
tion laws of tho state in lorce ut the
time of said election, so far as ihe same
shall he applicable thereto, and not in
consistent with the provisions of this
Second—At tbe special election to bo
held under this act, if no Gthei provision
for printing aud using new Great Regis
ters or ward registers shall have In tlio
meantime been made by law, the copies
of the Great Registers which were used iv
the several counties of this State at the
general election held in the year eighteen
hundred und seventy-seveu shall be
used. The Boards of Supervisors must
furnish the Hoards of Election of cuch
precinct in their respective counties, be
loro the day on which said special elec
tion is appointed to be held, at least ono
copy of the aforesaid printed Groat Reg
ister. If the Boards of Supervisors can
not otherwise ob am a sufficient number
of copies ofthe register for tlie purpose,
It must take the copies filed in the office
ol the County Clerk, In pursuance of sec
tion one thousand twohuudre.l and six
ty-eight of the Political Code. If the
copy of the register which shall bo fur
nished to any precinct shall havo been
used at any previous election, lho char
acter "X" may bo used instead of tho
word "voted," ns required by section ono
thousand two hundred and twenty-eight
of the Political Code, it shall not be the
duty of the Boards of Election to post
copies of tho Great Register, as required
by section one thousand oue hundred
and forty-nine of the Political Code. The
voter, when he offers his bal lot a* a poll
ing place, shall not bo required to an
nounce his number on tbe Great Regis*
ter, as provided for in section one thous
and two hundred and twenty-five of tho
Political Code.
Third—The officers of the several coun
ties of this Statu, whose duty it is under
tho law to receive and canvass Ihe re
turns from the several precinctsof their
respective counties, as well us tlie city
and county of San Francisco, shall meet
at the usual place of meeting lor such
purpose on the second Mouday after said
election. If, at Ihe time of meeting, tin:
returns from each precinct lv tho county
in which polls were opened have been re
ceived, tho Board must then aud thero
proceed to canvass the returns; but If all
returns have not been received, tho can
vass must be postponed irom day to day
until all ofthe returns are recei veil or until
six postponements havo been had, when
they shall proceed to make out return* or
ihe votes cast for delegates to be mem
bers of the Convention; and tho proceed
ings of the officers whose duty it is to
make out said returns shall he the same
as those prescribed for like officers in the
case of an election for Governor, except
that the returus shall bo truii-millet to
the Secretary of State. Tho persons re
ceiving the highest number of votes ut
such election shall be elected, except In
the case of persons voted for as delegates
at largo. Ofthe persons so voted for as
delegates at large, tho tight persons, resi
dents of any ono Congressional Dlctrict.
whoshatl have iccelved a plurality of
votes over ail other persons, severally,
who reside in the same Congressional
District, shall bo declared elected such
delegates at large.
Fourth—The socrofary of State shall,
as soon us the returns of suld election
shall bo received by him, or within
twenty days after said election, iv the
presence of the Governor ami Controller
of Sate, open and compute all of tlie re
turns received of votes given for mem
bers ofthe Convention, aud tho Governor
shall forthwith Issue his proclamation,
declaring the names of tho persons who
have been chosen members of said cvn
850.5. The delegates so chosen shall
meet In Convention In tho Assembly
Chamber at the Capitol, in the city of
Sacramento, on the twenty-eighth or
Sep'em ber, eighteen hundred and seven
ty-eight, at twelve o'clock M. They
shall, by n viva voce vote, and tho vote
shall bo entered on tho Journal, elect
one of tlifir number President, and such
Secretaries and other officers as they
may deem meesbary. Afcr tho said
Convention has met and organized, It 1
shall have powor to adjourn to aud hold 1
Its meetings at any place In said city ot i
Sacramento other than tho said Assem- i
bly Chamber, and all committee rooms ■
of the State Capitol building shall be uu- i
der the control of said Convention. I
Tho President of the Convention may ap
point not exceeding ouo Doorkeeper and
lour Pages. The convention may select
Phonographic Reporters, and fix tbe '
amount of tnelr compensation; also, a
sergeant-at-Armsand oncasslstant. Tho
delegates to the Convention ahull receive
the same per d.em aud mileago as mem
bers of Ihe f legislature; provided, no com- i
pensullou «diall be allowed delegates af-
ter the expiration of one hundred days.
No pay shall bo allowed Tor any recess
longer than threo day* ut one time. The
Secretary shull receive eight dollars per
day, aud hi* assistants each Mx dollar!
per day, and the Dnorke.-pers, Panes,
Sergeant-a t-Arms and assistants shull
receive the same Compensation as pro
vided by law lor ttmtturservices ami at
tendance upon the As.-embly. The
amount of pay ■ball bo certified by the
President of the Convontlou. uu-i shall
be paid by the fr asutvr of Mate, on the
warrant of the Controller, in the mimic
manner as members of the Legislature
are paid. II shall be the duty of the Gov
ernor to attend said Convention at the
opening thereof, and to administer the
constitutional oat hot' office to ihe dele-
Kates, and to preside at all meetings
thereof unlit a President has been elected
aud laktn his leal, but the Governor
shall have neither the casting vote nor
any ot her Vote therein. The Secretary of
State shall also attend at tho
opening of the Convention and
call t he Foil of delegates.
public officers. Hoards and Comm.s
slous shall furnish such Convention with
all such information, (tapers, statement,',
books or other public documents in their
poscession as the said Convention shall
order or require for Its use from time to
time wlille in sestion. It. shall be the
duty of the Secretary of Slate to I urn Is fa
the members of i-aid Convention with
stationery to ihe amount provided by
law for the Legislature while iv session,
and to the Convention such stationery,
manual,file boards and other like things
ns are inrnllbed to the two Mouses of the
Legislature. Said Convention may adopt
such rules and regulations for Its own
government al a majority of if s members
may determine, uud said Convention
shall be the Judge of tho electiou and
qualification of Hs own members.
BBC 0. A Journal of tho proceedings of
the said Convention shall be kept, and
■nail, at the final adjournment t hereof,
be filed in the office of the Secrotary oi
State,and the Constitution agreed to by
the Convention •ball bo recorded in his
Office, A majority of tlie Convention
shall constitute a quorum to do business.
The doors or the Convention shall be
kept tpen, except when lho public wel
fare shall requiro seeresy. Every dele
gate to the Convention shall have tlie
like privileges from arrest and from civil
process as members of tlio Legislature
how have by law. For any speech or de
bate In tho Convention, the delegates
shall not bij questioned In any other
place. The Convention shall have the
power to expel any of Its members, and
to punish lis members and officers for
disorderly behavior, by imprisonment o«
-otherwise; but uo member shall be ex
pelled until the report of a committee
appointed to inquire Into the facts alios*
ed as tho ground of his expulsion shall
have been made. The Convention shall
have the power to punish us a contempt
and by imprisonment or otherwise, a
brrach of his privileges, or of the privil
eges of lis members, but such powershnll
not bo exercised except against persons
utility of one or more of the following of
First—Tho ofXenso of arresting or sub
jecting a member or officer of tho Con
vention to civil process, in violation of
his privilege from arrest as heretofore
Second—That of disorderly conduct In
the immediate view and presence ol the
Convention, and dreoily tending to In*
tcrruptits proceedings.
Third—That of publishing any false and
malicious report of the proceedings of the
Convention, or of tho conduct of a mem
ber In his delegated capacity.
Fourth—Thai of refusing to attend or be
examined, as a witness, either before iho
Convention or a committee to take testi
mony iv the proceeding of tlie Conveu
Fifth—That of giving or offering a bribe
to a member, or of attempting by menace
or any other corrupt means or device, di
rectly or Indirectly, to control or influ
ence a member In giving his vote, or to
prevent him Irom giving the same.
In all cases In wblob the Convention
■ball punish any of Its members, or olli
ceis.or any other person, by Imprison
ment, auoh Imprisonment snail not ex
tend beyond the session of the Convon
tlou. Every person appointed to tho of
fice ot Secretary of the Convention shall,
before he enters on the duties of his office,
execute a bond to the people ot the State
with such security as tlie Controller shall
approve, in the penal sum of five thous
and dollars, conditioned that he shall
laltbfuUy perform the duties of his office
and account for all moneys which may
come into hishands by vh tue thereof.
Ski:. 7. The Constitution framed by
such Conventiod shall be submitted by
the Convention to tho people for their
adoption or rejection at a special election
to be held on the first Wednesday of May,
eighteen hundred and saventy-nine, and
GVI e r v J?f ! . rs . o J3,] ie , re . l iy entitled to vote for
such adoption or rejection, in t ho elect lOfi
district iv which he shall then reside,
and notelsewhere. The said Constitu
tion shall be voted on as a whole. No
other question than ihe adoption or re
jection of tho proposed Constitution
shall be submitted to the people or voted
on nt such election, any statute or law
to tho contrary notwithstanding. The
Convention shall prescribe the publica
tion of said Constitution, and Ihe notico
to be glvenof the election. The ballots or
tickets shall have printed or written up
on them the words " For the New Consti
tution," or "Agaiust the New Constitu
tion," and all the provisions of law now
or at thai time existing in regard to gen
eral elections shall be applicable to such
election, except that tho provisions of ihe
flr-t anil second subdivisions of section
four of this act shall also apply to said
election. Tbe canvassing and returns of
the voles cast upon sucli question shall,
In such manner as the Convention Shall
direct, be certified to the Executive of ihe
State, who shall call to his assistance
the Controller, Treasurer and t-eeretury
of State, and CO npare the votes as certi
fied to him. If, by such an examination,
it is ascertained that a majority of Ihe
whole number of votes cast at such elec
tion be in favor of such new Constitu
tion, the Executive of this State shall,
by his nroclnmatlun. dee.are such new
Constitution to bo the Constitution of
the State of California, and that it Will
take effect at such time as the said
Convention may havo iv Its direc
tion, by resolution, or In said Constitu
tion itself, fixed. If said Convention fix
no time for said Constitution to take ef
fect, i hen it shall take effect Immediately
upon such proclamation being made.
Skc. 8. Ail willful aud corrupt false
swearing in taking uny of tho oaths pro
scribed by this act, or by the laws of this
State made applicable to this act , or in
any other mode or form in carrying into
effect tbls act, shall bo docincd perjury,
and shall bs punished In the manner
now prescribed by law for willful and
corrupt perjury.
Set,-. U. 11 shall be the duty of tho Sec
rotary of State to cause this act to be
published once a month after its passage,
until the electiou of delegates herein
provided, lv not mote than five ol the
public newspapers published in this
State—one of said publications to bo In
tome newspaper published In tho city
and county of Francisco, und one In the
city of Sacramento, and oue in tlie coun
ty of Los Angeles, aud ono luthe county
of Nevada, and one iv the county of Tu
lare; and tho expense of publishing t he
same, and all other legal expenses in
curred in printing for the convention,
shall lie audited by the Controller and
paid by the,state Treasurer, according to '
Skc. 10. All the printing necessary for
the said Convention, under Iho provls
lonsofthls act, shall bo done and per- 1
formed at the State PrintingUffice.
Skc. 11. In case any vacancy occurs, by
reason of the death, resignation, or other*
WiffS.of any delegate elected to said Con
vention, tho same shall be filled by the
Sec. 12. The sum rf ono hundred and
fiffy thousand dollars, or so much there
of us may be necessary, is hereby appro- 1
prlated out of uny money In the State
Treasury, to pay the expenses of tlio Con
vontlou provided for iv this act.
Src. 13. This net shall ink* effect lm- i
Notico of Assessment.
Location of Principal Place of Business.
Sau French 1 00, California—Location ol 1
Works, Andrews* station, Los Angeles. '
Co.; m.ia Buenaventura, Ventura 'Jo, 1
Cal. i
Notice Is hereby given th it at a 1
meeting of the lioard of Directors held ,
on the Kith day of May, 187s, nu as
sessment (No. 8) of S'2 50 per .
share was levied upon lho cup- '
Ital stock of the corporation, payable lm- '.
mediately, in U. S. gold coin, lo the Be*,
retary, at tho office ot tho Company, 815
California street, Sou Francisco, Califor
nia. '
Any stock upon which this assess- ,
ment shall remain unpaid on the JB.h ,
day or June, 1878, will bo dclln
quent and advertised for sale at public .
auction; and unless payment is made be
fore will be sold on Friday, Ibe 6th day of
July, 1878, to pay tho delinquent as
sessment, together with costs of advcrtls- .
lug and expenses of sale,
liy order of the Board of Dlreclois,
J. S, TAYLOR, Sf cretary.
Offloe-315 California St., Sou Francisco, '
California. my2ltd
Aejaoensjjjjf t\n<\ Morphine habit nbsolulply m l
■ BUR B 1 BTrl fK-lily .i.M.I. l'ulnh-™, rrApubßcliy.
Ig i 111 IWn So nil t'rwpn lor pnt*l«ulnn. lir. Ctrl- I
a?«a alWtUAto-*. m *
Mortgago Salo.
Alexander Weill, I'lalnliff.vs. Louis Hal
berstjdlet al, Defendants—seventeenth
Dlslrict Court,
a docreo of foreclosure and
order nf sale entered in the
Disirict Court of the Seven
teenth Judicial Dlstilot of Ihe state
of Cullloruia. in and lor Los Angeles
counly ou the iSJ day of May, A. D.
18/8, and by virtue ot ll will
on foreclosure of mortgage entered In
I lie aforesaid District Court annexed to
said decreo and dated the 21th day of
May, A. D. 1878, lv the above entitled
case und In favor of Alexander Weill,
plulnlill.and against L. Hulbersladt, Cu
ruiu A. M. ILilberst idt aud E. Schubert,
assignee of L. Hulberstadt, de
fendants, a collided copy or which
said decree or foreclosure, duly
attested under the seal of said court on
Ihe 241b day of May, A. D. 1878, nud
delivered to me, together with the writ
annexed thereto, ou lho '.'oth day or
May, A. D. 1878, whereby 1 am com
manded lo sell at public ttuctlun, to ihe
highest and best bidder.'fbi cash in U. s.
gold coin, the following and lv said de
creo described real estate, to will
All those certain lots, pieces or parcels
ol land, situate In the town of Anaheim,
county of Los Angeles, state of Cal
ifornia, and being each 11 rods loug and
8)4 rods wide, and known and marked
upon Ihe map of Anaheim, recorded In
tho Recorder's office of said county In
Hook 4 of Deeds, pages 6-9 and 030, as
town lotl numbers flity ono idl) and illty
llve |55); ulso.all those certain lols, pieces
or parcels of land, situate In the county
and stale aforesaid, and forming part of
tlie Rancho Santiago de Santa Ana, and
known and described as loltows, to wit:
Lois number nine (0) and ten (Ir)ln block
C of tl.e Chapman tract, according to the
map and survey or said tract made by
Frank Leoouvreur In December, iB7u.
Also, a pieco ot land adjoining suld lot
uliieuud to tlie east thereof, described as
lollows, to wit: t'onimeuelug at the
northeastern cornerof said lot number
nine (0); ihcucc east two and 33100
chains; thence south twenty (20) chains:
llieuee west, two and 8-100 chains lo tho
southeast corner of said lot iilno (0);
theuee nori herly along tlie eastlineor
said lot nine to the point ot begluulug;
said lots Hand 10 and the piece or laud
last descilbod containing eighty acres.
l'u bl ie notic* is hereby given lit at on
At 12 o'clock M., I will proceed to sell
at tho Court Houso door, iv tlie city uud
counly ot Los Angeles, Stale or Califor
nia, at public auction, to the hlgliestand
best bidder, for cash In U. S.
gold coin to satlsly said decree for prin
cipal, interest, attorney's lees, costs and
and all accruing cosls, ail tlie above de
scribed real estate.
Given under my hand, at Los Angeles,
this goto day of May, a. 1). 1878.
my2o td Sheriff.
Sharifif's Salo.
Seventeenth Dlstrtat Court—Alexander
Weill, Plaintiff, vs. Mie laei White et
al., Defendants,
Under and by vlrtuo of a decree ol
foreclosure made and entered In
the District Court of Ihe Seventeenth Ju
dicial District ol' the State ol' California,
in and lor the county or Los Angeles, In
the abovo entitled case and in
favor ol' Alexander Weill, plaintiff", and
against Michael White aud Maria Rosa
lia de White, his wife. B. Colin, Joseph
Heslap and 11. \y. Hellmnn, J. Haas and
A. Haas, partner! composing the Arm ol
Hellman, Haas & Co.,defendants, on the
2.1 J day or May, 1878, and under and by
virtue of a writ reclllng said docreo issu
ed out of said Court on the thirtieth
day of May, 1878, and duly uttesled under
the seal of said Court, lam commanded
to sell at public nucliou to tlie highest
and best bidder, for casli In TJ, S. gold
coin, tho following nud In said decree
d.-sciibed real estate, to wit:
All that certain tract or pared of land
situate In I lie Township or San Osbrlel,
counly of Los Angeles, State oi Califor
nia, described as lollOWv. to Wltl
Lot forty-four (4s) In township one (l)
not Hi rauito twelve (12) westOaa Hernnr
dino meridian, being the samo tract of
land for which a patent wis issued by
tho Uovernmont ol the Uniled Slates to
said Michael Whitu August 21st, 1871;
said patent being reowdea in Book ouo
(I), page 91S, et seq. of Patent Records of
Los Angeles county, to which referenco
sci'iptfoh; saving'a'iltl ~9xWp\YMgPlAA.dft.
er, loose two certain parcels of said tract
ol land, one conveyed by tho said Mi
chaol While and Maria Rosaria do
White, his wife, August 2 1,1870, to Eran
cisca Eslap by doed recorded in Book 15,
page 810, or Deeds,records of said county,
find the other conveyed by said Michael
Wlillo and Maria Hosurla de While, his
wile, October loth, 1374, to Joseph EXeslap,
by deed recorded in Hook 31 oi' Deeds,
page 300, records of said county.
l'ublic notlOS is hereby given that on
JUNE, A. I). IS7B,
At li o'clock M., I will proceed to
sell, at the Court House door, in the city
and county of Los Angeles, State or Call
foruiu, at publio unction, to the highest
and best bidder, lor cash lv U. S. gold
coin, to satisfy said decree for principal,
interest,cosls, attorneys' fees, and all ac
cruing cjsls, all the above described real
uiven under my hand, at Los Angetosi
tuUSJth day of May. A. )i. 1878.
myOlld sheriff.
BherUTs Bale.
Klualdl & Co., PUlntiffs, va J. 0, Camp
bell, Defendant. — Veventeeuth Dis
trict Court.
Under aud by virtue of an oxecutlon,
issued out of iho District Court of tho
Seventeenth Judicial District of the
Htiitc of California, lv anil lor the county
of Los Angeles, to mo directed and de
livered on the 20th day of May, A.
D. IS7B, lor a judgment rendered in said
Court on tlie 86th day of June,
A. D. l,S7f, In favor of ttlnaldl A Co.,
plafntills, and against J. O. Cumubell,
defendant, 1 have levied Upon and shal 1
At 12 (('clock m. , proceed to sbII at
the Court House door, in lho city aud
county of Los Ani?elo.-i, State of Call*
fornta, at public uuctlou, to the
highest and best bidder, for cash in Unit
ed .states gold coin, to satisfy said Judg
ment lor principal, ccsts, interest and nil
accruing costs, all the right, title
and interest of defendant J. o. Campbell
in and to the following described real
estate, to wli:
Block No. 01, Ord's survey of lho city of
Los Angeles, lv the city of Los Angeles,
bounded by Ninth, tiUi,Tenth, and ollvo
streets, In said eliy.
GlVen under mv hand at Los Angola,
thl«,£BUl day of May. A. D. 1878.
m£f>td toherltf.
in tho Probate court,
Of the Counly of Loa Angeles,
State of California.
In the mailer of the estate of Jacob
Qray, deceased.
It appearing to said Court by lho peti
tion tills day presented and filed by A.
S. Oray, the Kxecutorof the last Will and
testament of Jacob Oray, deceased,
praying for an order of sale of real
esiate, that it is necessary to sell the
whole or sr.mo portion of the real es
tate ol said deceased to pay tho debts out
standing against the deceased and the 1
debts, expenses and charges of adtnlnis
tra lion:
It is thereforo ordered by said Court 1
that all person* Interested in Iho estate
orsald decoased appear before the said
Probate Court on
JUNE, A. D. 1878, \
At ten o'clock in the forenoon c f that »
day, at the Court Room of fsaid Probate c
Court, at tht Court House, iv Los Angeles t
City, county and Stale aforesnld, to show (
cause why an order Nhould not be grant
ed to the said Executor to sell so much ,
of the real estate of tlie said deceased
as shall be necessary.
And tbat a copy of this order be
published at least four successive weeks -
in the Ixis A ngeles Dully Herald, a uews
papcr printed nnd published in said
Probate Judge.
Dated Moy Bth, 1878. may9-4w 1
f'CC fn QT7 A WEEK to agents, t 0
■00 lv O// outfit FREE P. o i
lOKEHY, Augusta Maine. «ept2wly
Mortgage Sale.
Jamo< Stevens, Plaintiff, vs. s. A. do
Cnidonu. Euf.osln.ido Card ona, a. H.
Mott, J. M. urimth, Eugene Meyer,
Constant Meyer, Isaac Norton and
Adulph Culm. Defendant -Seven
teenth District Court.
, of foreclosure and order of salo entered
in tlie District Court of the Seventeenth
Judicial District of tho Btsto of Califor
nia, in and for Los Angeles County, ou tho
2d day of May, A. D. 1878, in the abovo en
titled case, aud ill favor of James hteveus,
plaintiff, and against 8. A. de Cardoua,
Boxroslna do Cardoua, S. 11. Mott, J. M.
UrilVuh, Eugeno Meyer, Constant Meyor,
Isaac Norton and Adulph Calm,
defendants, a certiflod cony of which
said decroe of foreclosure, duly
attested under the seal of said Court on tho
13th day of May, A. D. 1878, and deliv
ered to me, together with the writ annexed
thereto, on tho 30th day of May, A.
D. 1878, whereby I am commanded to Bell,
at public auction, to the highest and best
bidder, for cash in U. S, gold coin, tlio fol
lowing and in said decreo described real
estate, to wit:
Those certain lo!s, plecos nnd parcels ol
land situate, lying aud being In the city
i f Los Angoles, county ol Los Angeles,
State of California, and more panic -
larly describod as follows, to wit:
First-All that certain lot fronting on
Ihe easterly side oi Mum street, and
bounded on the north by proporty of D
Hivarn and J. li. Snnguinetle; on the
west by Main street; on tho south by
properly of Louisa B. stoll, wife or Hen
ry Stoll, and ou lho east by property ofs.
A. do Cardoua and John Wlls ,n. said lot
being known as lho Cardona lot and bo
lng ihe same lot upon which the Cardona
block is erected; said lot having a front
age of olghty-six feet and Hvo Inches nnd
a depth or one hundred and sixly leet
more or less.
Second-That certain lotof land fram
ing on Los Angeles street and beginning
at a point on west boundary ot Los An
geles street, tho same being the southeast
cornerof the lotof John Wllsun; run
ning thence in a southerly direction
along said wostern boundary of Los An
geles street abeut thirty (3D) vaniß, be the
same more or less, to the property or tho
Fluhr's estate; tueuco at right nngles
from Los Angoles street in a westerly di
rection about foity varas, bo the samo
more or less, to the eastern
boundary of the properly of
said Fluhr's estate; thence in a northerly
direction parallel with Los Augeles
street to southern boundary of said Wil
son lot; thence in an easterly direction
along lino ol said Wilson's lot to the place
ol beiilniiing.
l'ublic notice is hereby givon that on
JUNE, A. D. 1878,
At 12 o'clo-k v, I will proceed to sell, at
tho court house door, iv Uio city and county
ot Los Angeles, State of California, at public
auction, to the highest and host bidder, lor
rash in U. S. gold coin, to satisfy said
decreo for principal, interest, attorneys'
feos, cosls ana all accruing co3ts, all tho
above describod real est-to.
Given under mj> hand at Los Angelos, this
30th day ot May, A. D. 1878.
m'iltd sheriff.
iiortgage Sale.
a. ii. Wilcox, plaintiff; vs. Latira c. Blue
and A. J. King, defendants-.--'evei.
tcentii District court.
} decree of loreclosure and or
der ol sale entered lv the
District Court of lho l;tu Judicial
District of Ihe State of California, iv and
for Los Angeles county, on the 80th day
ol March, A. D. 1878, und a writ orTfore
closure of mortgage entered in the afore,
said District Court, annexed to said de
cree nnd dated the 10th day of May, a.
1). 1878, In the above entitled case, ana in
uivor of A. H. Wilcox, plaintiff, and
against Laura 0. King and A. J. King,
defendant, acertlfieu copy of which said
decree of foreclosure duly al tested under
Ihi-seal oi said court on tho IClh day
of May, A. I). IS7B, and delivered lo me
me on tlio same day, lot ill
er wilh Iho writ annexed thbrelu.
whereby I am commanded to sell at nnbl ie
auction, to the highest nud bout bidder
for cash in U. S. gold coin, the following
nnd In said decree described real estate,
That certain lot or parcel ol land, sig
naled in the cily and cuuuly or Los
An2nlp«.,-Jf/ t U'«4lb-,'.Uira, vi. tviti ' ' '
Commencing at a point In tha soilh
llueol Uiango street, being tlio north
west cornerof the Ut fronting two hun
dred feet ou said Orange afreet, which
was sold by John O. Nichols to John
Jones by doed recorded in Los Angeles
couuty records; running thence along
the south line of Orange street north lit!
dogrees 2> minutes west 223 4-10 l'eot;
thence at right angles south (it degrees
25 minuter, west 453 8-10 feet to tbe north
lineol tho extension ol' Severn h streot;
thence along said north line south 8) 1 *
degrees east 213 8-10 feet to southwest cor
ner of lotof J. Jones; thence along the
west line of said Jones north 23 degrees (j j
mlnutos east 3 3 15-KM foot to iho place of
Public notice is lureby given 1 baton
JUNE, A. D. 1878,
At 12.33 o'clock p.m., 1 will proceed lo sell,
at the Court House door. In the cily and
county oi Los Angeles, Stato of Califor
nia, at public uucllnn to the highest and
best bidder, for cash In U. S. gold coin, to
satisfy sail decree for principal, Inter
est, attorney*, fees, costs and alt accru
ing cosls, all tho abjve describod real os«
tjiven under mv hand, at Los Angel, a,
tills 10.li day ol May, A. D. 1873.
iny!7td Sheriff,
Lnuioisra A. MaeDougall, plaintiff, \s.
" Wm.J. Moore,de'eiid.iiit—,sevenloeut.i
District Court.
a decree of foreclosure and order ot
s.ii * entered in tho District Court
of tho Seventeenth Judicial District
of tl.o wtate of Caillornia. in and for Los
Angelescounty, on the 10th day of May,
A. D. 1878, and a wilt on foreclosure of
mortgage, entered in tho aforesaid Dis
trict Court, annexed to said decree and
dated the lath day of May, A. D. 1878, in
the above entitled aud iv favor of
Franclsca A. MacPouKall, plaintiff",
and against Win. J. Moore, defend
ant, a certified copy of which said de
creo of foreclosure, duly attested un
der the seal of said court on tho ISth day
of May, A. D. 1878, and dellveicd
tome, together with the writ nnuexed
thereto, on the same day, whereby 1
am commanded to sell at public auc
tion, to the highest and best bidder, for
cash in U. S. gold coin, tho following and
In said decree described real estate, to
All those certain lots, pieces and par
cels or land situ te, lying nnd being lv
the city aud couuty of Los Angeles, Stato
of California, and particularly described
ns follows:
First—That piece of laud commencing
at the nor(hwest corner of First and WH -
mlng'on streets, being tho whole cf tot
five (. c i) and it] I thttportlon of lot six (0)
lying west of Wilmington street, as
shown on tho sub-division map of tbe
Murat Oarden tract, and being the samo
whereon Is erected the lodging house of
the said Wm. J. Moore.
Second—Those certain lots known as
lots eight (8) and nine (li), fronting one
hundroil (100) feet on tho noi therly sldo
of First street, as shown on the said map
ofthe Murat G'irden tract, recorded in
Book one (1) of Miscellaneous Records,
page 910, In iho office ofthe County Re
corder of Los Angeles county.
Third—Those certaiu lots of land being
and Known as lots two (2), three (8), flvo
(5), six (6) and seven (7) of the Ballesteios
tract, us known and designated on a map
thereof made by F. Lpcouvreur, County
Surveyor, March Ist, 18W, and recorded
lv Book one (Oof Miscellaneous Records',
E eg*685, County Recorder's office of suld
iOB Angeles county; together with the
tf nemouls, hereditaments and appurte
nances thereunto belonging.
Public notice Is hereby given that on
JUNE, A. D. 1878,
At 12 o'clock M., I will proccod to sell at the
Court House door, in the City and County
of Los Angeles, Stato of California, at
public suction, to the highest and best bid
der, for cosh in United States gold coin, to
satisfy said decree for principal, iuaucst,
attorney's fees, costs, and all accruing
costs, ail the above described real estate.
Given under my hand at Log Angolts,
this 15th day or May, A. D. 1878.
ml6!d Shorltr.
I am now ready to receive animals on
pasture, in my enclosed lands, In tbe
western part of the elty.
All animals nt owners' risk.
Apply at my ottloe. P. BEAUDUY.
81 New High street, opposlle Pico Houso
I mm

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