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I'he Herald Steam Printing
'.iij.sk makes a specialty of Legal
i rintlng. Briers, Transcripts, etc.,
iluted at low rales.
reutonia Saloon, 123 Mam Sleet.
Tbs celebrated Fredericks
burok Lager Beer will be, from
this day, on draught aud be kept
all tbrougb the Summer monthson
Ice. Hot lunch from 11 to 2 o'clock;
all delicacies always on band.
Tony Faber,
ujy29lf Manager.
Ponet & Orr
Have removed their Under
taking and Picture-Frame
Warerooms to the store formerly
occupied by R. Sotelo, No. 45 Main
*t reel, under tbe Lafayette
Hotel. my2ml
Reduced Prices.
1 nfter ray stock of doors, sashes,
etc., at the following reduced pri
es -
window sash.
•ixlO $1 35
Dx.l2 1 60
9x13 1 65
13x12 1 65
10x14 1 75
10x16 2 25
15x28 » 2 75
15x32 3 00
15x38 8 35
15x40 3 60
Other sixes in proportion.
2.6x6.0x1 iuoh $1 00
.1.6x6.6x11, moulded 1 90
'.8x6.8x1 J " 2 12
2.8x8.8x1) " 2 26
ilox6.loxlj " 260
Jx7xlJ " 2 76
Every other size in proportion.
Also great reduction in paints, oils
and glass, at No. 28 Los Angeles
street, under the White House.
15. Raphael.
lm sept 27
Great bargains for the next sixty
days at Meyerstein's, 49 Main
rtreet, under tbe Lafayette Hotel.
The Russian Electric Baths of R.
Hughes and Wife are located at No.
15 Main street, opposite the Pico
House. Gentleman and la
' dies will be waited upon by persons
of tbeir own sex. novHtf
The dry goods and novelty store
of Charles Prager. at No. 5 Com
mercial street, is an attractive re
sult tn the ladies of Los Angeles.
Mr. Prager has one of the most c x
tensive and recherchS stocks of
goods ever brought to Los Angeles,
and there Is absolutely nothing
necessary to the feminine toilette
which may not be found in his
e'ora. He has been guided in his
purchases by a thorough knowledge
of the requirements of this section,
and the latest fashions and novel
lies may be at all times inspected
at No. 5 Commercial street. Give
him a call. my 7
The Ladles' Oyster Rooms, Re
.juena street, near Main, opposite
the Uuite ' States Hotel, are agalu
opened to the ladies and will he
carried on iv a strictly respectable
way, so that all ladies, with or
without escorts, may feel at ease
and receive prompt and respectful
attention. Oysters in every style,
shrimps, tea, coffee, etc., constantly
»n hand. Joe Bayek.
oct4 tf
Spring eye needles (our own
make) at Sutherland's gun store,
75 Main street. 2mv 7
The Messrs. Lips. Craigue & Co.
have made arraugements to receive
monthly cargoes of the famous Fb.
Best Brewing Company's export
lager beers. These beers are made
at Milwaukee and bottled by the
Messrs. Statu in & Meyer. Tbe
first of the cargoes arrived yester
day, consisting of an entire load.
Tbe Messrs. Lips, Craigue A Co.,
through tbis arrangement, are
enabled to offer special advantages
to purchasers. Tbe first prizes
were awarded to tbis Ph. Best Ex
port beer at tbe Centennial Expo
sition, at tbe Wisconsin State Fair,
held at Milwaukee, and at the
later-State Fair held at Chicago.
do to McKenzie's, 129 Main
ttreet, Ponet block, for the finest
domestic and imported liquors aud
wlnea, by tbe bottle or on draught.
The purity of these wines and li
juors is guaranteed, and McKen
zie's host of customers testify
unanimously as to their merit. J3tf
Joe Bayer, of Congress Hall, has
lust received a consignment of
Humboldt lager beer. It is a su
perb article and cannot be excelled
as a draught beer. Oysters,
sbrlmps, hot and cold lunches of all
kinds, constantly on hand. Give
blmaoall. Corner Main and Re
quena streets, opposite tbe U. S.
Hotel. o9
Men's, youths' aud boys' white
and colored shirts, check shirts,
overalls, jumpers, overshirte, at a
great reduction. Jsaao Norton &
■ ' i 2, youth s
Herald Steam Printing House.
The facilities of tho Hrhat.d .Steam
Printing douse fur doing Job work are not
nurpfiesed in California outside of Ban
Francisco and Hacramento. All work en
trusted to us will be executed with neat
ness and dispatch at the lowest living
Hereafter notices of companies, socle
ties, churches, etc., will only be luserted
In the 11 K.tAi.n as paid advertisements.
We reserve, for Places of Worship,a grat
is directory, which will appear every
Sunday morning.
U. 8. ARMY.
Division of Telegrams and Reports for
the benefit of Commerce and Agriculture.
Report of observations taken at I .on An
geles, Vi]., July 5.1879.
_ v 1 ■ 1 —■—-
iI i 0
111 I > *
B a_
4:50 A. St. 29.78 82 10 N t Ol'dy
1:60 p.m. 20 80 74 ho sw 10 Clear
8:18 p.m. 29.78 84 78 W < Clear
Maximum Thermometer, 78
Minimum " 69.
J. M. Frastz, Observer.
Figs are beginning to come into
The veteran stage nun, Mr.
Cllft, was in Los Angeles yester
Dr. Shoib oilers some desirable
town lots for sale. See Advertise
Oai more Fourth disposed of!
aud a pretty lainesirt of a Fourth
at that.
Combined flailing and hunting
excursions to the mounlai.i eiiQ his
are the order of the day iv Los An
Major lien C. Truman and fam
ily came down from San Francisco
Tbe Board or Education meets
In (he parlors of the Commercial
Bank at 7 o'clock this evening.
The health of Mr. F. Signoiet,
we learn, is rapidly improving and
he may shortly be expected ou our
streets again.
Augeitflisat San Francisco ho
tels ou tiie Fourth: D. M. liar
wood, Rubs House; Wm. I.ince,
American Exchange.
Col. John E. Jackson yesterday
completed a map of his recent sur
vey ofthe Silverado ruining di
triot in ihe Santiago cafi >n.
I'"i\e or six brand new coaches,
to run «ni the mail route between
Sauta Ana and San Diego, passed
through l.os Angeles yesterday.
After all the talk about opening
Los Angeles slieet through Negro
alley, that historic quarter still
stands and seems likely to stand.
The wile of Hon. G. Wiley
Well", Coneul-General of tbe
United States to China, is the
guest of her brother, Gen. Bunion.
We are indebted (a a kind heart
ed barbectier for n large slice ol Ihe
juicy beef which refreshed the
revelers ut that place on the
The Naud warehouse, on Alame
da street, is rapidly approaching
completion. It is, after its kind,
on as large a scale as the Baker
For the number engaged we have
never seeu a more creditable
procession that that of day before
yesterday. It was the bigg-st
small turn out we remember ever
to have seen.
Ex-Mayor Beaudry is about (o
take up his residence at Santa
Monica, where iie will be fouud
o' nights for at least a portion of
tbe So miner.
Dv Bois, a colored man, was up
belore Judge Peel yesterday,
Charged with whipping his wife,
for which luxury he contributed
$10 to the city's fund.
The sale ef delinquent stuck of
the California Star Oil Company,
which was to have taken place yes
terday, lias been postponed uutil
Saturday, the 27thof July.
Pio and Trujillo, charged with a !
murderous assault on Manuel Bias,
were examined before Judge Peel
yesterday and discharged, there
being uo evidence lo implicate
The Meesrs. Laukershlm & 'Van
Nuys are busily engaged thresh
ing out thai* mm**j In tliAMnn
The beautiful wax ft-ai; which Is
taiitiug street, w!:l be r.ffledfurat
.'> -tore at S o'clock odSatuiday
i Angele* CoutitJ Bank hss declared
I a dividend (.1 9 per cent, per Biitium
i innovation on Hit old style -.f thing
i this year. a. It will be held at Af
y Uh rival.
:he Capital Saloon, al «8 Malr
', will be opened tbli
b* Mauoge
While little Miss Thompson, a
daughter of Mr. F. A. Thompson,
eight years old, and Mi-x Diana ds
la Querra, eleven years old, were
picking strawberries at the Tapo
ranch, a large rattlesnake made its
appearance near where Miss
Thompson wus standing. Miss Di
ana knew at once that it was a
rattlesnake, aud with a nerve
worthy of a much older person,
said to her companion, "Watch the
snake while I go get a slick to kill
it." The brave little Miss staid by
It while the snake thrust out its
tongue and rattled furiously. Just
as the snake seemed ready to strike
at the little girl, Miss Diana struck
It over the head with a big stick
and finally suoceeded In killing it.
who brought it to the house in tri
umph. Mr. Thompson and the
people of the bouse were horrified
at the danger to which Ihe girls
had been subjected. The snake, ou
beiug measured was found to be
four feet four inches long anil had
thirteen rattles. Mr. Thompson
will preserve the rattles as a testi
monial relic of the pluck of the
two little girls.— Ventura Signal.
Judge Sepulveda returned ou tUe
Fourth from a visit to the Camu
los Rancho, whither he had gone
with a number of others to assist
at the celebration of the seventieth
birthday of Sefiir Don Ygnacio del
Valle, which occurred on. tho Ist
Inst. The celebration was a joint
one, tho iiaving been born
on the same day of the month, but
thirty-six years later in the centu
ry than his venerable friend.
About thirty guests sat down to
the dinner, which was arranged lv
a vine clad arbor in frout ofthe
ranch house. Don Ygnacio is one
of the oldest Ranclieros iv the
State, and presides over his ample
mansion with old-lime hospitality.
His gates are never closed and to
all who come a cordial welcome is
extended. We join with his
friends lv wishing the old gentle
man many more years nf health
and happiness.
At the race track on tile lth a
man named Bell, who had been iv
the employ of Mr. Nadeau as a
driver, but who hud beeu dis
charged, made an assault with a
knife on a boy who had been hired
to succeed him. The boy, as
Bell approached, picked up
a chair and knocked him
down, cutting It is head badly, tbe
blow almost forcing one nf his
eyes from the socket. In the fall
Bell received a second ugly cut on
the back of his head. He wus ar
rested aud brought into Dr. Wise's
office, where his wounds were
dressed, after which he was com
mitted to jail to await examina
tion before Judge Peel on a charge
nf assault with a deadly weapon.
At a regular meeting last even
ing of Golden Rule Lodge No. 100,
I. O. O. F., Ilie following offloers
were duly installed, D. D. G. M.
Horace Burdick olllciating: J. B.
Smith, N. G ; J. D. Allen, V. G ;
D. M. Adams, R. 8.; \V. W. Rob
inson, P. 8.; C. C. Lips, Treasurer;
A. L. Bath, R. 8. N. G ; Benjamin
Robinson, W.J Charles Ems, C.;
A. W. Hutton. I. G ; H. D. Me-
Farlan, R. 8. V. G.; J. A. Smith,
L. S. V. G.; Trustees, A. L. Bath,
A. W. Hutton and E. H. Work
About 10 o'clock ou tbe night of
tbe Fourth a small frame houseod
Howard street, lv the rear of the
gas works, oaught fire and was
burned to tho ground. The tire
originated U9 near as can be
learned, from the stove. Mrs.
Doody, the owner and occupant,
feeling Indisposed .started a lire to
prepare some medicines and retired
to bed. She fell asleep and was
only awakened lv time to fly from
the burning building In her night'
clothes. The building was insured
in the Home Mutual fur about
At the late examination of teach
ers iv this city, the following per
sons receivetl certificates: Mrs. M.
C. Graham, Joseph Hamilton, T.
C. Jory, Edwin A. Parker, C. W.
Campbell, Miss Eva Bisbee, Geo.
J. Forbes, Miss Mary Darby, Miss
Lillian A. Putnam, H. It. Wiley,
Miss Ada Connor, Miss Bettie An
derson, Miss Alice A. Bisbee, Miss
Adah dcs Granges, Miss Mary E.
Molony, Mrs. Mary S. Myers, Mrs.
Emma S. Oastott, and Miss Ida
B. Dudley.
Some forlorn bachelor makes his
wants known in tbe personals of
tho Chronicle, thus: Wanted by a
bachelor, a wife; he is partial to
widows, provided he cau find one
of this class who does not make
money an object and has not more
than three living husbands; a few
children ami a poodle dog not ob
We are Indebted for complimen
tary tickets to the Liquor Dealers'
picnic, which takes place at Agri
cultural Park on Suuday next.
The management Inform us that
all their arrangements arc croinir
' JX<i7** "re mil'" twdftl w'd
I mile aiol repeat, Sorrel G*ofg« won
Two met, had • «Mtt»l •» M»«J
Sircet }>sUi\.:.y wauv 1
I started baelt lo the liili la Mitt*
|tacti JiUVviiity wbeu •iffiner A*a>
| tbem both to the Hotel de yarpattr
I ter.
1)1.K Hpa-'ors to tlin.'O persons
1 wtio o i ibui*il«6 latitat* tn Iha
I Uuoew. neircUoneranU ftsLvali
. sincere tt.aokst»tl»#jttt,ii'.d «*p«i!i
--: ally do limy wUU to an* now ivitga
II Klintiali aud wife, Mesan*. Wood
-1 head & tanvy t i)>tier at Brail ley.
"I j. taekla «iitl cul tiv at
* (Si 'ii st- :.;. • Mam
How it was Failed — Farads of tin Firemen
and Guards—Other Celebrations.
Our city on the Fourth presented
quite a gay aud holiday appearance,
the two Engine houses,the Ouards's
Armory, Ihe hotels,business houses
aud many private residences being
handsomely decorated with bunt
ing, flowers and evergreens. From
au oarly hour the previous night
young America, in tbe exercise of
bis inalienable right, kept up a con
stant fusilade of pistols, Are crack
ers and Chinese bombs, but fortu
nately not a Binglo accident occur
red to mar tho pleasure of tiie
coming day. Although the streets
were filled with people,
many of whom were strangers,
not a single disturbance took place
and we saw but two druuken men.
At daylight the nation's birthday
was fittingly ushered in by a salute
of 100 guns, fired from Fort Hill by
members of Confidence Engine
Company No. 2. At 10 o'olock,
Ihe two engine companies, with
their machines beautifully deco
rated with flowers and flags,
moved to the Plaza where, with
the Los Angeles Guards and the
Academy Rase Ball Club, they
formed In
In tiie following order:
Mouuted Police.
Conterno's Band.
Grand Mnrslial Geo. (I n ,1. witi. ailes, \Y.
It. lvttis and Martin Lehman.
Los Angeles Guard, Capt. Darcy, mai'bha 1 .
--td by Lt. O'lllmer, aido of tho
iirst division.
Academy Base Ball Nine.
Carriage containing Chief of Fire Depart
ment and Presidents of Fire Companies.
Thirty-Eights lire Company, marshaled
by Jos. Bayer.
Kalmback's Uaad.
Confidence Engine Company, marshaled
by Walter Moore.
The line or innrch was taken,
down Main street to Second; Sec
ond to Foi l; Fort to Fourth; Fourth
to Main; Main to junction of
Spring and Main;counteruiarch on
Main to First; First to Spring;
Spring to the engine house ot the
Thirty-Mights, where the new hose
carriage was I mined and the column
broke ranks. We thiuk that, at
this juncture, tiie Thirty-Eight*
did the hospitable thlug with two
or three kegs of heer and several
dozen glasses. Considering the
long dusty march, Hie beverage
was not out of place.
The next feature cf the duy's cel
ebration was thu Ctilathumpiaus,
who, with the Duster Hose Com
pany No. 6}, were the sensation of
the day. Thu company consisted
of a line of meu in linen dusters,
stovepipe hats and sixuuttnu
stockings, pulling by a formidable
rope a diminutive mock engine.
At Washington Gardens tiie din
ner aud picnic given by the La
dies' Benevolent Society was a
great success, both from a social
and fiuancial standpoint. Those
who went there to eat and make
merry hail refreshments nf the best
quality lv p'enty aud fun galore.
The ladies, we are glad to know,
will realize iv the neighborhood of
$400 from their self-devotion.
The Uiuuer given by the Presby
teriau ladies at Union Hall was
also a suocess, and was well patron
ized. The hall was beautifully
decorated and the matrons aud
maidens of tbe congregation vied
with each other lv courteous at
tention to all whopalronized them,
Tbe day's enjoyments were
pleasantly concluded by the ball of
tbe Los Angeles Guards at their
armory and that of the Turnverein
Germania at Turn Halle. Both or
ganizations had their halls beauti
fully and appropriately decorated
with flags and other patriotic in
signia. Their Fourth of July en
tertainments will be lung remem
bered as two of tbe most enjoyable
events of the kind that have ever
taken place in Los Angeles.
District Court SIPULVKDA, J.
Friday, July sth.
J. S. Siau inn et al vs. the Co-op
erative Nursery aud Fruit Compa
ny of LO9 Angeles County—Appli
cation to determine legality of
election of Trustees set fur August
sth at 10 A. m .
J. K. Cummlngs vs. John C.
Brown et al—Findings pursuant to
law and evidence entered.
Loa Angelea County Bank vs.
the Co-operative Nursery Associa
tion and Fruit Compauy—Demur
rers of both defendants submitted;
25 days to file points.
Alexander vs. Demereaux &
Maiaon—Stay of proceedings until
motion for new trial is heard aud
Pollard vs. Wldney — Leave
grauted loflle amended complaint,
Chat Tee vs. J. W. Potts et al—
Caae closed aud submitted.
Hinds et al. vs. Leal—Statement
settled and ordered engrossed.
Perry, Woodworth & Co. va.
Hellman—Motion for new trial de
Francois vs. Both Broa.—Motion
to retaxflcosts submiltted; flvedays
to file points.
A. I.iiH.i».i t. Pn va rU.-M.frr.
| c-.a.y «,..., tatw...
continued \pd ... to beU»»a
up t-y cjoseut and lca\-: pf COttl
1 ITntU-.l i. ' j.te-. p«te;.' ,r, .1 M t romptou
-f rSettanal N«' seu *, T J H R * W,
Los Nietoa Calcbratsa Indepandencj Day—A
Day of F«tivity-Sp«ch ani Bong, Feast
ing and frolic.
Downey and its neighborhood
un'.tcd on the 4th in a regular old
fashioned celebration of the glo
rious anniversary of American in
dependence. From far and near
came the patriotio masses—country
folk and cily folk, tho young aud
the aged—iv farm wagons, iv bug
gies, in carryalls; in Tact, iv almost
every conceivable variety of
wheeled contrivance except wheel
Tho crowd went to "the Wil
lows," whero a stand had been
erected, aud an inclosure roofed
with brandies of willows made.
Some stayed in the inclosure,
others formed themselves into
friendly groups and sought
tbe best shade they could 11 ml.
The Declaration and a poem were
read, and patriotic songs were ren
- Hon. J, B. Holloway was Presi
dent of the day. Our able young
townsman, Mr. Stephen M. White,
delivered the oration, which was
s!mrt, eloquent aud appropriate,
and well received. A procession
was formed aud marched to the
scene of the literary exeiclses, con
taining many of the usual features
of like affairs, such as the repre
sentation of the States, tho God
desß of Liberty, etc., by beautiful
young ladies.
After the speaking and the sing
ing, then came the eating and tbe
drinking. Brest) aud barbecued
meat were freely distributed to the
hungry crowd. Little parties
formed themsolves, either acci
dentally or by design, and, deputiz
ing one of their number, he would
go tor and return with great pieces
of Juicy, luscious meat, and would
be rejoicingly received by his con
stituents, who wilh and without
ceremony would tear or cut nutri
tious morsels. Casslus would not
have asked "Upon what meats
bath this our Crasar fed, that he
hath grown so great?" if Downey
barbecues had beeu frequent lv
thossdays. You may talk about
your Malsons Dorees and your
Trols Fieres Froveticaux, etc.;
they may do to cook canary birds'
tongues with sauce piquante, and
suob like, but if you want that
good old stand-by, roast meal, well
cooked, barbecue some beef like
they did at Downey on the Fourth.
Iv tile evening v dauce closed
the day with some, while others
attended a social at the College.
In short, the people iv and around
Downey had v "real good lime" on
the Fourth.
Trip to the Cummit of the fin Ql'lllllti
Tha Eaiabridgj Mine,
Editor He it all; leaving tho
Sun Francisco ranch we com
menced the ascent of the Soled ad
Pa*s. The first few miles wag over
a dry and uuinlerestiugcountry and
after passing Ling's Station, the
can" in narrows down to a mere cleft
iv the rocks, through which (be
iron hursu dasher, waking the
stillness of this groat solitude. Ar
rived at Raveua we took a mental
inventory of the place. The most
prominent thing we could see was
Walkei's paper mill which, for
some unaccountable reason, tilled
as an enterprise and li now one of
the things of the past. Two stores,
a handsome depot and the usual
and everlasting adobe and you have
Ravena in a nutshe'l. There Is a
beautiful green ine.idow of several
huudred acres in extent and an
abuudanco of water here, which
mark it as a pretty site for a town.
VVesoou arrived at tiie summit of
the pass, 3,211 feet above the level
of the sea.
Traveling up Gleason Creek
grizzly bear tracks were us numer
ous as cattle tracks and as night
came on we pitched camp in the
romantic cafion. In the morning
we saw where a large grizzly had
come quite close to camp. Here
is the place for sportsmen and if
any Angelefios are ambltioi s of
hunting tbe fierce grizzly, here is
the place. Continuing the ascent
we soon arrived at the extreme
summit of the mountains, G,UUO
feet above the level of the sea.
The scenery was wild aud ro
mantic beyond description. Tall
pines waved in the cool breeze and
wild Alpine gorges and caflins
were seen ou every side. Far away
to the uorlh the Mnjave desert lay
before us, and in t'.ie beautiful mi
rage imaginary castles, towers,
towns and lakes could be seen.
Far away to the south stretched
the Los Augeles valley, aud to the
east Ihe Colorado desert and the
San Bernardino valley, and to tUo
west the oceau an I the coast range
Of mountains.
We soon arrived at the Bain
bridge quarlz mine, and what a
n l„„. f..- .. ~ • -
i but energy and enterprUe vucoeeU
jed. The nnu? well ami
!-i»t .i Tic .t"nt. *ra<r.ra i aiv
|In operation bere, ao.J ;*e prunes:.
lis not tbs only wi>- of "striking a
t bonanza. Mrs, Cooper, a wide c
•■ 11 it':c;'. - v boaratag iiuti»e iv
• Virginia.city, Nay., has found a
« ty of ex« ttu« tulle that is nettrl
of her household supplies were paid
fir by the Ophtr stockholders. The
Ophlr trustees invited Mr. Sum
Curtis to resign. He transferred
his services to Ihe Justice mine,
and now men walk two miles from
the mine lo Virginia City to board
with Mrs. Cooper, one of them, a
married man, paying her $25 a
month for a room that he never oc
cupies, that he may have the privi
lege of working in the Justice.
The kidneys exercise most important
functions, which are so wearisome that
they tax to the utmost the etrcn'rth and
endurance of these busy If. organs.
Every br«atb, every pulsation of the
heart, every movement of a limb, every
thought, mattes waste aud necessitated
tbe development ol new atoms. The
üßed up particles In tbe blood are sifted
from it and dissolved In a waLery fluid
by tho kidneys, which then discharge
tills fluid into the bladder. A train nf
disasters to the system would follow li
these "ashes," so to speak, we.c not
thoroughly strained ofT and discharged.
Tins la the case when the kidneys become
Inactive. Hosteller.* Htomach Bitters,
by restoring their activity, not only
keeps open a most Important outlet for
impurities, but prevents diseases of tbe
kidneys themselves, which when Inert,
beoome liable to fall a prey ro diabetes,
Origin's disease, nepbistis albumenurtu,
and other maladies specially Incident to
them, which, although not specially
rapid in their progression, are particu
larly obstinate and fatal.
■ ♦ > «> M ■
Meyerstein's is tho best place to
buy your clothing, dry goods, hats,
boots, etc., etc. Yon you will
find hi in fairaud square dealing in
every respect, aud goods cheaper
than elsewhere —49 Main street,
under Lafuyette Hotel.
Blue flannel and light weight
suit, alsj a full line of boys' cloth
ing at Isaac Norton & Co.'s, corner
of Main aud Requena streets, oppo
site the U. 9. Hotel.
Clothing, the best assortment
aud best goods, are sold cheaper
than elsewhere at Meyerstein's, 49
Main street.
Gi to Meyerstelu's for the best
dry goods at lowest prices.
Frank Toal informs the citizens
of Los Angeles generally that he is
now shoeing horses at SI 50 per sot.
His slop is at No. 97 Sprinir street,
opposite the M. B, Chinch South.
All work warranted. myl6tf
Geuuine Marrlan's llurlon Pale
Ale on draught ut McKenzie's.
Cheap prices at Sutherland's gun
store, 75 Main street. 2my7
Mothers, Mothers Mothers.
Don't fall to procure Mits. Winslow'3
Soothing Syrop for all diseases of
teething in children, lt relieve* tho
child from pain, cures wind colic, regu
lates the bowels, and,by giving relief and
health to the child, gives rest to Ihe
mother. re2B-cod-6m
Among the Whitest Things on Earth
Are teeth, baautiflsd and preserved by
SUZODONT; aud tbe rose is scarce
sweeter tban the breath which becomes
aromatic through Its inliuence. It Is tbe
very pearl of dentifrices and the surest
prevoutive of dental decay In existence.
It remedies with certainly canker and
every species of corrosive blemish upon
the teetb, and counteracts the hurtful In
fluence upon them uf acidity of tbe
stomach. The formula of its preparation
lt contains only botanlo Ingredients, and
Includes only the purest and most sal
utary of these.
A Remrkabia Cure.
Wbst Townsksd, Vti May 14, IStK).
Gentlemen—Several years since 1 look
a severe cold, which settled on my taogS
where it remained without relaxation. 1
wan then lv Massachusetts, and growing
worse and becoming unable to attend to
my business, 1 relumed home and com
menced searching in earnest for some
medicine which would restore my lost
health. 1 consulted physicians and
tried many remedies, but obtained no
help and dally g:ew worse. 1 had a ter
rible cough and raised a good deal ol
blood. 1 bad profuse night sweats and
severe pain in my side. 1 continued in
this state for mont hs.and became .so weak
that it was with great difficulty 1 could
walk, when 1 was advised to try Wihtak's
ll \ i.ha m ok WILD CuJiiiuv, und, to
my groat Joy I soon lound tiiat Ihls rem
edy had arrested ihe Disease. I contin
ued to use the Balsam to tho extent, otnve
bottles aud have, since then experienced
an difficulty ofthe lungs. 1 believe Die
Balsam sa>ed my life and I shall ever hold
tl iv high intimation.
Y«mrs truly,
Lew is I'uclfh
Do It at Once!
i'ersons who have become thoroughly
chilled from any cause, may have their
circulation at once restored by taking in
tothe stomach a leuspoonl'uiof Johnson's
Anodyne Liniment, mixed in a little cold
water, well sweetened.
Every farmer who owns a good stock ol
horses, cattle and sheep, and Intends to
keep them Ui rough the winter should ■»
once get a good stock of Sheridan's Cav
alry Condition Powderc. One dollar's
worth will save at least a hall a ton of
A Wide - Awake Youth's PAPkr.—
For Judicious editing, select and popular
contributors, and sprlghly, entertaining
readlng.the Youth** Companion, of Boston
has no superior among the youth's publi
Perry, Wood worth & Co. '8
— AND —
Kn, 16 C'ommerrfal street, near
Kullruiul MM*. mfJMr—l
! V ... f~*i «•-» 11 ' j". >» :
J, ft bill rt"! In ou UU
Lumber Dcalcrd.|
'Alameda d First Streets
The undersigned beg lo announoe that
they will open their store on July Is*, at
48 and 50 Spring St.,
With a largo and well selected stock ol
Choice Staplu aud Fancy
Groceries, Provisions,
Wines and Liquors.
We have made such arrangements In
Chlua und Japan tor getting team
packed expressly tor our trade and
shipped to us dlrect.whlch will enable us
to sell Teas at such prices and of such
qualities that will meet with the approv
al ot all who give our Teas a trial.'
Our own brand, which we will guaran
tee as choice in every respect, will con
slut of full lines of Japan leas, viz:
Tho celebrcted Tea District near Kilo;
AT A 311 -N O - 311 Z A.,
And many other CHOICE TEAS, with
wh'cti a long residence in Japun has
made us thoroughly acquainted.
We have a fine selection of Oolong, Cou»
gou, English Breakfast, Imperial, Young
Hvmoii and Gunpowder Teas, at from 40c.
lo SI 50 per pound.
Our facilities for roasting and grinding by
Will enablo U3 to furnish our customers
Coffse Fresh Roasted and
Ground Every Day.
'I ho advantages of this method Is too
palpable Is need further c uninent.
Real Mocha, Old Gov't Java,
Costa Ricu, Rio,
Manilla, Sau Salvador,
Guatemala, etc.
Ci roeeries.
We shall keep full lines of the usual
BTAHLEGOODS, which we will sell at
the smallest possible margin of profit.
In Farcy Groceries we Have:
Anchovies, spiced;
do Bf.lt;
llolluud Herrings;
do do fMarinert);
do do nil Milts;
Brabant Pardelles;
Uusslau Sardines;
Oysters, Spiced and Pickleil;
Anchovy aud Bloater Paste;
Assorted Truffled Pates, consisting
of goose livers, plovers, snipe
and quail;
Sardines, boneless;
Muckerel in OU;
Fruits in Brandy;
Honed Turkey aud Chicken;
Swiss Cheese,
Edam Cheeee;
Crosse A Bleckwell Tickles and
Currie Powder;
' Cnrnlflbono*. chutnre;
J'.ittcd and Devilled Meals;
Preservi d Ginger;
And many other delicacies too numerous
to mention.
{Chateau La Koae, Meyneux;
Chateau Lafltte, Meyneux;
Chateau Margau, Btckernis,
Bautei n«*, l o Stoulz;
Uiu-vee Hannupier;
Chaieau Yquem, F. Dtslomu.
CUantb rtln, Moppert;
CJia(nbortin, A. Noblet;
Voluay.Th. do Kutte;
Com aril, A. Nobltt.
Lilb.rjurnmilcb, Klebct.
Grand fm^crin!;
Curie Blanche;
Veuve Clfcquo';
MoeL tir i iiandan;
ROi derer.
I Ciiiai'on;
Jiur u>b mo;
'.veiiball * ..tctpa full uwriMCM of
j WOOD AND tfitlGV,
lb • sasCnarii
jWILI.OOrP r iULY m.
t Ihe puhlle ..'ilv 1.. iv.
new advertisements.
Corner of Main and Requena Sit.
Immense RediTJwnf
in ova
DREBB COO* "•»•'•*
** on the ttfe
■ruaily InTlted to
"«*« Th. - - in;.
Hao <'rdT.
NOTICE . >J ~ A *
As the Bti to mer season li s Utile back
ward this year, we have deter salsved la
close ou' our entire stock of
We will therefore offer for Ihe NEXT
•runny days ladikS' SUITS at tbe
following prices:
Our SIS Ladle.' Willi Poplin Bolt at STM
Our 112 ha Ilea' Wash Poplin Soil at MM
OurilO Ladle.' Premie Salt «• ef»
Our 110 Ladle*' Lluen Suit at KM
Our tS Ladles' Linen Suit at ....„_tt MTV,
•WThe above prices are JUST HALF i
what these suits cost to Import.
We have also made a d. elded rodue
tlon In our
Gents', Youths' and Boys lo
Trunks A Vallsee.
Isaac Norton &Co.,
Jc6-tf Opposite the U. S. Hotel.
Clothing House,
Cor. Commercial & Main Sts.
IB A. 1C H5 —— ~.
> ■■'! iM'sEAM ON SCNDAYA.

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