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[ 1 Herald Steam Printing House.
| ; The Herald Steam I'rlutlns House Is
|£ie H surpassed by any Job Printing office
;wa the Pacific Coast, outside of San Fran-
IptMe, lv facilities for doing Job work.
EjsOW prteet, good work and expedition
BBJf'be relied upon at this office.
What It Has Accomplished.
i It bas beeu amusing to notice
Hm attempts of Republican niwi-
to belittle the results of tbe
pa*lulrles of the Potter Committee.
Wfa every respect tbe investigation
i'ban so far been a signal success.
Eote* only bave the facta of tbe sup
§KShrosilou of tbe will of tbe people
BUI Louisiana and Florida been
holtoitsd, but it ban been shown
Pftkat even in tbe minor detail* of
Ptbe villainy a number of
■ forgeries were committed. Une of
HHMI* fraudulently returned Hayes
E~*leotora for Louisiana, Judge Lev
f teeee, testified before tbe commit
at Washington tbat his slgna-
I lure had been forged to a duplicate
But of electoral certificates, thus
I violating the letter of tbe law. An-
I other elector testified before tbe
I ■ab-eonimittce in New Orleaus
Euiat hid signature had also been
I forged. The least that, under any
I Circumstance*, should have been
I done with the vote of Louisiana,
I fair Republicans will admit, would
■ hare been to have thrown it out
I altogether, for informalities, ai
I was done in the count of tbe
I oteotoral votes in the first election
Bptf Grant. But to have rejected
■ the vote of Louisiana would have
I been to have elected Tilden; and,
K'tlMrefore, the thought was uot to
E*e entertained. The fairest and
1 Blearest summary we have 90 fir
I ooen of the action of lhe committee
B lloontaineil ill the following from
E Ike Philadelphia Times, a journal
|J which is edited hy a former dis-
I ttagutehed Republican, Col. Alex-
X ander McClme. That gentleman
The Potter iuvestigatien is not
E»aear Us end, but the holiday recess
_pf tbe committee affords a fair op-
Etyertunity to consider what it bas
n already accomplished.
BK : Mr. Sberoiau haa been entangled
p laanet of circumstantial evidence,
■ to lay nothing of that which is di-
I rect, but disputed, from which tx-
BH trlcation seems impossible; and
Mr. Stanley Mai thews is buried
beyond resurrection under the
[ weight of his own letters.
■B It la no light matter for the pur-
I poses of investigation that the
J Democrats have been able to show
P tbe character of the men who
X have been lhe managers of the Re
p publican party in the South. It
h Waa known that there were villains
ij aaaeng them, and now, so tar as
| Louisiana is concerned, the theory
Kjpmt there were any exceptions bai
Hmn well nigh disproved. Tbe
I Jenksee, Weber*, Andersons, Pit
-1 kins, Piukstnne, and tlie rot, tell
I their own stories, and no moro is
S needed to disclose their depravity.
I There can be uo more sinking il
» lustration of the straits of Republi
| oan partizacs Iban the fact that
ft whether these people testify for or
KJif*lnHt them they are obliged to
BjgHmit their knuvishness. The
Hfccre an Anderson or a Weber is
Hbnounced, the stronger is the in-
KWCtment of tlie Republican party,
BB&B* which they have been the evan-
Hgeiista. Certainly it is an anomaly
Bp politics tbat if you Hot; a Demo-
Htratio witness you cripple a Re-
B|mb)iaan statesman.
BBL:» At last tbe true Inwardness of
Elbe kJontlif 111 political situation of
F 1876 is understood by tlie whole
R country, aml nli hough the picture
Em be painted a good deal black
_\mr, as nu'l It might bp, iv truth, it
Evannot be more effective. No can-
Hpid mar, Republican or Democrat,
PSwtll now deny tbat (he States of
II Florida and Louisiana were
I! wrongfully counted for Hayes in
mtm', pursuance of a conspiracy origi-
I noting with certain members of the
■ j ifational Republican Committee,
I executed by Returning Boards un-
I der the inspiration of visiting
I ttatesmen, and under the protection
I pf the army of the United States.
■X An investigation which bat ac-
I oomplisbed this much toward elic
itiog tbo truth cannot be said to
li have been begun iv vain.
The Angln.Tuiki.il Convention
|i la iv no sense a departure from tbe
BK doctruios of the Salisbury note
Hand 'tho Scl.ouvoloff- Salisbury
R memorandum. O.i the ontrary,
If it is the logical development of tbe
|> policy enuiiohited in those docu-
I|meuts —a policy oi>enly avowed all
I along by the Knglish Uovernment.
■■.The Salisbury note distinctly
■■.pointed out the impossibility of
■ [Russia's retaining 1 tlie A 1 meuian
■■.'fortresses without danger to Brit-
I ish interests iv Asia aud tbe East,
li During the interval between tbe
■ let of April and tbe 30th or May
W the British Government repeatedly,
W bat without success, sought to in-
B**l»co Russia to modify her demands
EftO this respect. Finally tbe oele-
BBfferated Anglo-Russian agreement
B was signed, in the tenth clause of
1 which England explicitly announ
■ ees tbat in consequence of Russia's
■ detirmluution to retain Ardaban,
I Kara, and Batoum the duty of pro-
I tectiug the Sultan's dominions in
EjAeia will henceforth depend "iv a
Bkpecial measure" on herself. There
E. • no fretting around this language.
Is down iv back an! white,
pjgned by Russia's envoy. Dining
__\, »c discussion relative to tbe trans
_ff of Batoum, both Uortchakoff
I Bismarck cited tlie Anglo
■ Russian agreement ana reason why
I jthe port thouhi be given up; and if
lithe agreement can ne lield to bind
■{England to accede to that surren
j#er, it can also be held to bind
Ewossia to acquiesce in tbe Anglo-
BWurklsh Convention.
__\\ A* to the prospect* of the Con-
I rven'loti bedding good, despite tbe
discontent of certain ot the powers,
it Is probable that so astute a dip
lomatist as Beaconafleld would not
have concluded it without tbe cer
tainty of ultimate success.
We have often been struck by
one peculiarity of our people. We
seem to take preciouslittle account
of developments in our midst which
would excite any other community
to enthusiasm. Just now splendid
petroleum deposits are beiug un
earthed. We have also unmis
takably stumbled on coal, which is
being sold in our streets. Mines
of gold and silver of fine promise
are being developed. Three things
of this kind, In almost any other
section, would excite the people to
a fine pbrensy. And yet we take
it all with the utmost placidity.
We quieily allow couipauies to be
orgauizod iv the up country to
bring our oil to the surface. Al
though fuel lias been dear and
I scarce hereabouts we are not in the
least elated by the discovery of
coal. As for gold aud silver, that
Is an old f tory to us, and has the
flavor of a twice told uud jejune
narrative. Really, this record is uot
creditable to this community. We
should show that we sympathize
in development and that we are
ready to put our hands to the
plough-shnro ourselves. " Who
would be free themselves must
strike the blow." Who would be
rich must get down to the hard
pan of labor and energy and help
things along. It Is high time that
we should rouse ourselves.
We thould not be euiprited if
Southern California, after a long
d clay, should turn up as a very
thorough treasure region. The
miues of San Diego county, con
sidering the slender capital ap
plied to their development, have
made a very creditable record. San
Bernardino couuty, in a stretch of
territory which is almost" two
thirds as large as that of Eng
land, has shown that .he possesses
very valuable deposits. Ivanpah,
Bear Valley aud Holeomb Valley
probably only need capital to
admit of tlie development of tre
mendous deposits of gold aud sil
ver. Inyo counly has long beeu a
reli able pioducer of both tbe pre
cious and base metals. Resting
Springs is also looming up as a
yie Idcr of bullion. Last and, we
believe, not least, Is the Silverado
district, in the southern portion of
Las Augeles county. We have
every reason, fiom tlie opinion of
experienced miners, to think that
we are just upon the eve of splen
did local developments in a line of
t ressure production for which Los
Angilts couuty has hitherto bad
little reputation.
From Mr. Ivar A. Weid we learn
lhat his crop of barley, though by
no means as large as lie expected,
is nevertheless satisfactory. It is
probably only two-thirds of the
yield of Los Angeles county in or
dinary years, but then it is large
enough, withal, to carry joy to the
heart of an Eastern farmer. As
fuller reports reach us we are war
ranted iv assuming that the grain
orepof Los Angeles county,through
the unu-ual area sown, will bo tbe
largest ever harvested. This in
tbe face of tbe fact lhat the barley
is unquestionably light and lhe
wheat bas been extensively dam
aged. The Costa Rlcans who, like
Sefior Badilla, have been cultivat
ing wheat extensively in the
Asuza have, without au exception,
superb crops. This is because these
sensible people were careful to
search out and sow a wheat suited
to the climate of Southern Califor
The Sau Francisco Slock Ex
change seconds tbe suggestion
made by tbe Herald some time
ago tbat both parties iv Nevada
should unite iv re-electing Senator
John P. Jones to tlie United Stales
Senate. If ever a man has com
meuded himself to the unanimous
suffrages of the people of tlie Pa
cific coast it is John P. Jonea. He
D a man absolutely without parti
zau bigotry, anil hu has always la
bored iv season nnd out for the
interests of the whwle people of
this section.
Sacramento Record-Union: At
East Park, v young English gen
tleman appeared to bo much taken
with the tame black bear kept
there, and paid liim much atten
tion. Presently Bruin rose up on
bis hind legs, as though willing to
receive any amount of petting, and
looked so good-natured that the
young gentleman from over tbe
seas thoughtessly stepped up and
put his arm around tbe animal's
neck. This whs a new experience
for tbe bear, who resented the fa
miliarity by turning his head aud
giving tlie man's fingers a pretty
good bite. Tlie Englishman did
not wait to be told to get away,
but, as be examined hia fingers, be
remarked to a friend: "I thought
the blarsted thing was friendly,
you know."
Kansas City 7Yme«: According to
Congressman Acklin's last state
ment, he bad offered the widow
his hand iv marriage before tbe
little affair at Welcker's. Then,
after the little affair at Welcker's,
he proposed to her again, and was
again refused. From this we are
to infer that—the old maxim about
courting widows to tho contrary
notwithstanding—the little affair
at Welcker's did not in the least
advance his suit. Bat until tbe
widow herself makes a statement,
we shall never know whether his
second rejection was because he
carried the little affair at Welck
er's too Tar, or because be didn't
push it far enough.
ISpeolal to tie Herald by tbe Western
. Onto" Talegnujih Company.l
Pacific Coast News.
ftau tteaeetaoe Slarbt-ia.
San Kkancisco, July 20.—Flour
unchanged. Wheat scarce aud
firm; shippers pay $1 [email protected] 67J aud
are unable to get suflicient. They
are operating heavily iv tlie inte
rior. Barley easier, but tlie light
supply malutains prices; coast feed
$1 05, bay $1 07}. Oa's quiet at
Jl [email protected] 55. Corn dull and un
changed. Hay dull, Pota
toes plenty and dull, [email protected] 37}.
Wool—good demand for Oregon,
Eastern, [email protected]; valley [email protected];
other kinds unchanged nnd quiet.
Sugar market excited and ad
vancing on speculative demand;
Hawaiian, grocery grades, sj,
an advance of} on refined Is expect
ed. Grain bags—tlie combination
among holders of grain bugs lias
bought up all remaining outside
lots and an advance to ][email protected]} is
expected Monday. Gunnies un
Jt*Sl*J M 'rS<'i.
San Francisco, July 19.—Legal
tenders, 99} bid, 99} asked; Mexi
can dollars, 92 bid, 93 asked; Trade
dollars, 97 bid, 97} asked; half dol
lars, 97.80 bid, 98 asked.
Tbt rlilMeae sitiat W'»-T« rem—
VerUlei nl CUMIIy,
San Francisco, July 20th.— Tbe
steamship Alaska, for Panama,
took for Peru tbe tirst lot of Chi
nese laborers ever shipped from
this coast to work for three years,
at sixteeu dollars per month, on
the sugar estate of Crave Bros. &
Co., of Callao, at Cbicbin.
The cases cf Baichelder and Heu
niuger, charged with conspiracy to
defraud iv tbe matter of police ap-
pointinetit", waa given to tlie jury
to-day. After an absence of au
bour aud three-quarters they re
turned a verdict of guilty for each
of the defendants. The verdict was
entered and the jury discharged.
Killed bjr >> r.l i-i.
Dutch Flat, July 20th.—Daniel
Sullivan, a native of Ireland, aged
32 years, was killed by a bed-rock
blast in the Bonanza mine, at Gold
Run, this morning. Tbe blast
hung Are, and lie went back to it
in time to meet tbo explosion aud
his death.
Latest Eastern News.
A|.|.enl »l Hie Ajflia Callcnle
Washington, July 20th.— The
Commissioner of the Ceucral Land
Office to-day transmitted to the
Secretary of the Interior tbe appeal
made by Messrs. Brooks & Good
fellow, attorneys for tbeclaimants,
from the Secretary's decision of
Feb. 21, 1878, iv that portion of the
rancho Aqua Calieute in Sonoma
county, California, confirmed to
M. G. Vallejo.
[few Tak Ai.|>«iutiti.ui. — tiilier
Washington, July 20tb.—Gen.
Charles K. Graham, of New York
city, has been appointed Surveyor
of Customs nt that port, vice Gen.
E. A. Merritt, appointed Collector
of Customs.
Hon. James Tanner, Collec
tor of Taxes, Brooklyn, Gen
eral J. C. Robinson, and other
members of the Grand Army of the
Republic say the report that tbeir
organization is concerned in seek
ing a change of officers iv this
State, or is having anything to do
with the matter, ia false.
Mexican sliver dollars and
United Stales tuide dollars are
purchased as bullion at tbe Phila
delphia mint and the assay office
at New Yen at the equivalent of
the London rate for silver on the
day of purchase, less one-half per
cent, per ounce, payable In stand
ard silver dollars. It ia expected
that the New Orleans mint will be
ready to commence purchasing
Mexican and trade dollars on the
above terms about the Ist of Au
gust proximo.
Ibe in. jubii l*orle* Trtal,
New York, July 20th.— Tbe most
important testimony in favor of
Fitz John Porter was that given
yesterday by the witness Smith,
formerly 011 Portei's staff. It was
upon the evidence of this witueas,
chiefly, if not entirely, that Porter
was convicted iv the original trial.
At that time he teetified that in
an interview with Porter he saw
treason in Porter's eye, aud it was
his description of Porter ami of his
manner which alone went to tbe
point of giving a dishonorable mo
tive for Porters acts. Now he ad
mits that when he thus swore
away Porter's honor he did not
meau tbat he believed him to be a
traitor, but he was himself labor
ing under exoltcmeut because POl c
hadanubned him. He.alto, in cross
examination, admitted that he
was mistaken in the former trial in
supposing tbat Porter received
Pope's order of 4:30 P. M. at 5
o'clock. He now substantially
confirms the statements made by
General Ruggies, chief of Pope's
stall', aud several others, all con
firming Porter's claim that it did
not reach blm uutil so near dark
that it could uot be obeyed. Tbe
same witness further discredited
General Pope by declaring that he
protested to Pope himself against
the use, in au anti-Porter pam
phlet professing to review the case,
of what purported lo be au extract
from Stonewall Jaoksnn'a report of
his operations on tbe 29th of
August. Tbo witness pointed out
to Pope that this extract related to
operations of tbo 30th, which de
stroyed it as evidence agaiust Por
ter. Tbe extraot was furnished by
General Scbrlver, of McDowell's
staff". The witness also fixes Pope's
responsibility for tbe disappearance
of four important dispatches from
Porter, which the latter claims
would establish his own fidelity.
The scene during Smith's examin
ation was exciting and marked.
Smith was about three feel distant
from Porter and the glitter
ing black eyes of tbe latter were
turned on liim w|th tbe strictest
attention and almost without in
terruption during the long exam
ination. Porter has tbe look, or
dinarily, of an amiable man
and his eyes, which are large and
bright, bave a kindly expression;
but, as he regarded tbls man, who
had been instrumental in swearing
away his good name and fame his
expression was very severe. Prac
tically all the testimony Is now in
and military men generally de
clare that there can be no doubt of
Porter's honorable acquittal tn due
Tbe Ii««t lv Ensiera New Yoill.
Buffalo, July 20th.—The hot
weather is driving residents out of
town. Every berth on the fifteen
Lake Superior boats is engaged
from two to five trips ahead. Sev
eral horses have died. Specials
from points within a radius of one
hundred miles east report the
weather very warm, ranging 85° to
BS°, with 10u° at Lockpoit.
I.eatslmnre I'r sued.
Quebec, July 20tb.—The Legis
lature waa prorogued to-day until
the 127 th of August.
The Shah in Paris.
The Shah brought his own cook
with him, but, a* lie has few preju
dices, and likes French cookery,
the Services of this Individual have
not beeu required since ills Majes
ty's arrival In Paris. From a sim
ilar appreciation of other Europeuu
comforts, hia Ambassador was or
dered to inform Mr. Vanliymbeck,
the manager of tbe hotel, that it
would be esteemed a favor If no
Persian furniture were placed in
tho apartment, where the only in
novation on civilizo 1 customs is a
bed of cushions, destined for tlie
valet de thambre who guards bis
slumbers—this unfortunate official
is also intrusted with the duty of
keeping out liitiusive visitors dur
ing the day, aud will certainly
have his hands full. All the more
tbat, among the baggage of the
monarch, aro thirty - six boxes,
three feel in length and two feet in
height, each containing eighty
pounds of gold coin, amounting in
all to tlie sum of 4,320,000 francs,
which are to cover his traveling
expenses. His suite consists of fif
teen persnuages, and ten servants
from Teheran, to whom baa since
beeu added the Persian Ambassa
dor at St. Petersburg. All are na
tives, wilh the exception of Dr.
Toloson, a French army surgeon,
who bas been his Majesty's private
physiciansince his accession to the
throne. There is also a Persian
newspaper editor, Mahomet Hassan
Kabn, director of the Teheran
Journal Official, and author of a
Geographical Dictionary of the
Kingdom of Persia. Tbe way in
which the Shah takes his meals is
curious. Kach dish is intended for
eight persons. The Shah eats
alone, and, after tasting, sends in
tlie dish to the seven highest digni
taiies, who sit in the adjoining
room, aud who consider it a great
honor to partake of tbe royal
leavings, at a small table, near
which is a sort of dresser, where
the less exalted officials take their
repasts. Eighteen employee of tbe
hotel, and twelve police agents
from the Rue de Jerusalem keep
watch and ward over the apart
ments, whose windows, on the out
side, aro decked with trophies of
French and Persian flags. There
will bo no pageants or parades
gotten up for his amusement on
this occasion; it is rumored that
unpaid bills auil unfulfilled prom
ises of decorations left au unfavor
able impression wbeu lie was here
betore, ao that he will scarcely be a
vine days.' wonder.
Makes all the Difference.
P'lncl.inatl Saturday Slab! J
Impecunious man, nddressiug a
communistic meeting: "As I said
before, gentlemen, I am with you,
heart and soul. The property of
tho country should be equally di
vided. Tlie rich must be compelled
to share their hoarded wealth with
those whom a somewhat careless
and inattentive Providence lias
blessel with nothing. Why should
oue be penniless while another has
his thousands? Why—" At this
point a telegraph messenger boy
pushes his way through the crowd
and hands tbe speaker a dispatch,
which reads as follows:
Col. Whackup — Dear Sit: Your
aunt iv Perm ftj has just died,
leaving you a legacy of $12,000.
The speaker devouis the glad
tidings silently, aud then says:
"Hum!— ha!—yesl—well! — gentle
men, I shall be compelled to con
clude my speech at some future
day, ns I have been summoned
away ou important business."
Aud Col. Whackup isn't so much
wilh them as he was.
"His banner led the spears no more
Among tbo hills of Spain."
The Irrepressible Yankee.
The Hartford Sunday Journal
Bays: A new Yorker, having busi
ness in the city oue day last week,
jumped aboard tbe train at tbe
Grand Central depot, anil his med
itations continued undisturbed
until after the cars passed Merideu,
when a long, drawn-out Yankee
entered and seated himself by his
side. Tlie New York man was tac
iturn, but tlie Merideu man was
uot. "Unpleasant day, sir," ob
eerved the latter, '• Yes," replied
the oilier. " Stranger in these
part*?" continued tbe Merideu
man. "Would like to be," lacon
ically replied the other, looking
neither to the right hand nor tbe
left. "Perhaps, like myself, you
may be going to Hartford?" "Per
haps," responded the other, yawn
ing frightfully, and luoklug in
tently out of tlie car window. "Iv
that case, perhaps, you will put up
at the Uuited States?" "I may or
I may not," answered hia com
panion. "Pardon me the liberty
of the question, sir; may I ask if
you are a bachelor?" "No." "Oh,
married?" "No, no." "Sir, I beg
your pardon; I may have uninten
tionally touched upon a painful
subject—your black dress ought to
have checked my inquiries. I bee
your pardon, sir—a widower?"
'•No, nor-no!" "Neither a bach
elor, nor married man, nor wid
ower! In heaven's name, sir, then,
what can you be?" "A divorced
man, and be d to you, since
you must know!" exclaimed tbe
stranger, rising hastily and taking
another seat.
Detroit Free Press: A correspond
ent writes to know what Edlsou's
first name la. What Edison? Who
is Edison? What does he do?
Where does he live? Please be
more explicit. If you had asked
for Smith's first name, we would
answer John; but we can't be ex
pected to know everybody.
Wishing to pay his friend a com
pliment, a Parisian remarked: "I
hear you have a very industrious
wife." "Yes," replied his friend,
with a melancholy smile, "she's
never idle; she's always finding
something for mo to do.' 1
A Flan for Hit Harder Frattrtted by ta
let of Pultteteu.
I From tbe New Yoik ftan ]
Both the Czar and his uncle, the
Emperor of Germany, have twice
narrowly escaped being shot; but
the deadliest aud most nearly suc
cessful attempt upon tbe life of the
former was of a more insidious
kind and is still Known to only a
very few person', even lv Russia.
There is lv the Winter Palace a
chair, fixed upo.i a stand, original
ly constructed for ths Czar Nicho
las, who wus wont to mount in this
fashion liis Cabinet, on the third
floor of his palace. On one occa
sion, after a stale dinner, the pres
ent l'/.n, iustead of taking his
seat in the oha.li' as usual, olfered
tbe place to a lady of rank, who
had been tlie friend of his mother.
The Countess, flattered by tlie
compliment, look her seat at once;
but she had not risen many feet
when the chain snapped, and down
oame the chair with a terrific
crash, flinging ont its occupant
upon the floor with a broken limb
and other serious injuries. Tlie
dismay of the company was ex
treme, and all were loud In express
ing their thankfulness (hut the
Czar himseir had so narrowly
escaped a catastrophe, which,
however, no one looked upon in
any other light ihan that of a very
uul'ortunate accident. Hut oue of
the Imperial pages, a shrewd
young fellow, who bad himself
wituessed the "accident," took tbe
earliest opportunity of examining
the broken chain, when he at once
perceived that it had been sawn
half through, close to the staple.
The announcement fell like a thun
derbolt upon tbe assembled gran
dees, and not a moment was lost iv
calling up tbe palace servants for
examination, when it was found
that a roreigu lockey, who had en
tered the service some months be
fore, and had, up to that time, an
excellent character, had unac
countably disappeared. The affair,
however, was hushed up, and to
this day many persons who are ac
quainted with the Btory consider
the whole occurrence either imag
ination or purely accidental.
The Affable Man.
A mother and her babe were
among the many passengers wait
ing at a Western depot recently.
She had the child carefully
wrapped up, and thla fact attract
ed the attention of a big fellow
with a three-atory overcoat, and
rusty satchel in his hand. Sitting
dowu beside her, lie remarked:
"Cold weather forsuch little peo
ple, isn't It?"
She faintly nodded.
"Does she seem to feel it
much?" continued the man.
She shook bur head.
"Is it a healthy child?" he
asked, seemingly greatly Inter
"He was up to a few minutes
ago," she snapped out, "but I'm
afraid ho has smelled whisky so
much around here, that he'll have
tbe delerium tremens before
Ths man got tight up and
walked out of the room, and he was
afterwards seen buying cloves.
A acreech owl took possession of
a box at Lancaster, Pennsylvania,
the other day, in which, a pair of
martins were buildiug their nest,
and when they returned would not
let them enter. The birds soon
flew away and returned with a
whole army of companions, each
bringing in his beak a piece of
mud, with which tliey hermetically
sealed the entrance of the box.
When the box was opened a few
days later, tbe owl was found to
be dead. — Scientific American.
The audacious agent of a Boston
lecture bureau writes Hayes as fol
lows: "My dear Mr. Hayes: I see
the Potter Investigating Commit
tee is making decided headway. In
the event of your being disengaged
next winter, please send me your
lowest terms for fifty lectures."—
Ulica Observer.
Boson Post: It II said that Ne
vada Is the only State that was not
rccoguized in the liver and liaibor
bill. if Nevada hasn't a haib ir,
an appropriation should be made
to dig oue out of her.
rai.'k. and TWKLVK UEIFKKS under
onejearoid. Also. til HOGS.
J2ltf Tajauto Rancho, uear Corapiou.
In the Probate Court,
Of the County of Los Angelen,
State uf California.
Id tlie matter of the estate ol '1 humus
Uu ,ii., deceased.
J. £. Griffin, the Administrator of the
estate uf Thomas Booth, deceased, buy*
iu£ fllad his petition herein, duly veri
fied, praying lor an order of Hale ot lhe
whole of the real estate, of said deteud
uni , for the purposes therein ant forth.
It is therefore ordered by tha Probiite
Judge of said Court that all p<■ i - on- Inter
ested in Lhe estate of Bald deceased ap
pear Lefore the said Probate Couri on
AUGUST. 1878,
At ten i,'clock in the forenoon of thul
day, at the Court Hoom of said Probate
Court.at the Court tiouse in Los Angeles,
county of Los Angeles, to show
cause why an order should not be granted
to Lhe said administrator to sell so much
of tlie real estate ot the said deceased
as shall be necessary.
And that a copy of tills order he
published at least tour successive weeks
In the I .os a Deules Dally Herald, a news
paper printed and published In sakl
Los Angeles count}*.
Probata Jud*e.
Daled July 2<Kh, 1878. Jy2l-4w
No. C 7 BPHINO Hj„ Near First,
In lhe city Is to be found. WELDING
AU parties having claims against me
are requested to present them immedi
ately for liquidation, either at my store
orat tbat oi M. Chevalier.
Los Angeles, July 13,1873. JH-3t
G Tt A IV I>
Farewell Complimentary
Tendered to Mr. & Mrs. W. G.
Saturday Evening, July 80.
Assisted by
M'ME MARK\ Contralto
M tt. (>. H ASS ELM AN I enor
Mil. L. W. LUHOVICI Violinist
MR. j. j. i.iNDßEita Accompanist
SEATS, SI 23; UALLKRY, 50ctc.
Door* open at 1%; commences at 8.
eeV-Tickets and reserved soats at Lnols
Lcwin 4 Co.'s. 11 and IS Spring Si. I mm
Largest Auction House in
the City!
Two doirs Enst of Old Stand, on COURT
ST., opposite Court House.
•a- REGULAR SALE on Saturdays
from 9 o'clock a. m. till 4 c. si. special
Hates made at any time.
HORSES. WAGONS, and all kinds of
goods bought and sold.
Reference (II E. Hyde. Pres H'lt Vlsalia
by permls'n \ F. Spence, Cash Com B'k
Jal6tf H. R. BROWN. Auctioneer.
Has opened out at No. 1 MARKET ST.,
opposite Ibe Court Ronse. and will be
pleased lo serve his old friends aud tbe
public. Particular attoution paid to Real
Estate sales. Regular sale days for
Horses and rolling stook,
As I bave no partners and do my own
work, I intend to make my charges less
tban those of anybody etse iv tbe busi
ness, charging on real estate two per
eeul. for tbo Brat 11000 and one percent,
on all sums above that amount.
WAGONS und all kinds of property, and
p i v cash.
N. B.—Saturday's sales commence at 10
A. M. and close at 1 p. K.
Oldest Auotioneer in Southern California.
The best can- age and wagon work can
be had at
Mission San Gabriel,
Opposite the Fostefflce. The BEST MA
TERIAL will be used and the LOWEST
PRICE charged, star REPAIRING and
HORSE SHOEING a specially.
jyl7-lm SAINT POL 4 CO.
Furniture Factory
Los Angeles County, California.
Factory ha* all approved uaarhlnrry In
use, which is entirely new. Machinery
driven by an eighty home-power boiler
aud engine. Railroad switch connects
aclory with 9. P. K. X., Hiving faoUlttefl
lor shipping to all points in the interior,
and its close proximity to the wharf en
able* material to be landed at the lacto>y
from tha mills us cheup'y as In Han
ToolnM up partnership aflahs of R. L>.
Wilson & Co. Apply to the surviving
partner, J. DEHABTH BHORB,
myStf ' Man Gabriel P. 0.. Cal.
O I A. I* !■* !
At the Key West Cigar Factory.
Mr. Hugo Kremer manufactures HA
VANA TOBACCO Into olgars of approved
brands. He al-o deals In all fines of
Smokers' Articles. Give him a call.
inrlS tf
jron ma. i.k.
By the Lake Vineyard Land and Water
Association, the best Orange and semi*
Tropioal Pratt Land la the state. Water
riant goes with the land. Apply to the
office of P. Beaudry, No. 81 New High St.
aplSli r. W. WOOD, Secretary.

S3OO Bedroom Sets at BSOO
280 do do 176
200 do do 136
160 do do 116
126 do do 96
96 do do 76
76 do do 60
66 do do 40
46 do do 30
36 do do 26
j,w* w 80,82 and 84 Main St., Los Angeles, Cal.
?.».i4\' '.i
Lowest Possible Prices
SUGAR at Refinery Prices;
FLOUR, at Mill Prices;
«3"o/po,ri Teas,
AT THE m __\_ m STORE!
In tinier to meet the w.ur s or many pa
rents this Institute will be in session du
ring Lhe summer, and offers facilities to
all those desiring special Instruction Jn
ANY or Al,l, oriinches of the public
school course.
Xh'ise who desire promotion and feel
Incompeteucy'in any study gone over can
have unsurpassed fac Ilties for rdtiewlng.
For terms, etc , ndJress
p. o. Box :m je»tf
B -A. ]KZ IE ~R "3T
Kin SIMPSON announces to her
in.-mis und tile public Unit abo haa
opened a store at OLD BANT A MONICA
CANON, where she will keep a full sup
ply of Bread, Cakes, Confectionery.
Fresh Fruits, Nuts and Groceries at Loe
Angeles prices.
Rooms and Board.
GentlomoL. and their wives and single
gents can be accommodated with board
and tine, large, front rooms, containing
all modern conveniences and homecom
forts,at (he
New High street, only one blcck
from the Postoffice and Court tiouse, and
commands a charming view of mountain
und valley. Jelßtf
mrr * n &T1 A WEEK to agents. $10
OQQ 10 0// outfit FItEM. P. O
VICKKKY. Augusta Maine. saptawly
On Thursday, August 1,1878
If. RUBI, C. M.,
Jyl7-lni President.
A full assortment of flrst«clus Family
Groceries, Teas, Coffee, Sugar, Butter,
Egg., Bacon. Haras, Lard, etc., kept ou
Agents for the celebrated PACKARD A
and other flrst-clttss PIANOS. Inslru
meats sold on
Tho Installment Plan.
PRICES and TERMS to suit the times.
Headquarters at L. LB WIN A CO.'*
STORE, Nos. U and 18 SPRING ST.,
Los Angeles. jeO-lm

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