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Jtrjs |Uf)ftro Airraid.
Society Gossip.
For tbe last week society circles
In this city have been on the gui
rive ever the approaching nuptials
»$Mr. Fred J. Lincoln, of Cahuen
ga Fan and late of Rochester, New
York, and Miss Sadie A. Glass, of
Vstroon. Thursday evening at eight
o'clock being the appointed hour,
about thirty couple of the "young
folks," from the oity and Vernon,
assembled at the residence of Mr.
John Glass on Fast Jefferson street,
Jeateuttldcof theclty limits. Tbe
night was all that could be wished,
for; the moon, full and silvery
abed over tbe shaded avenues of
semi-tropical trees a mellow
Brightness. Promptly to the hour
mania ri lii gn bell tolled, and "our
Fred" led to the altar his fair bride,
Men, with all due solemnity, tbe
Rev. J. C. Nevln, au old friend of
thirty years of tbe bride's
family, performed the cere
osouy according to the rit
ual of the United Presbyterian
Otutroh. After tbe customary con
gratulations and well-wishes for
the "happy couple," the music
ntraok up a lively air ending with
the ''Dicing Room March," at the
elees nf which all bore witness to
Ibe •Herts of the caterer, Merriam,
cad enjoyed to their most hearty
satisfaction the bountiful repast
of the good things for which
ou county is so celebrated.
Tbe tables being cleared the light
fantastic was tripped most merrily
MtU tbe "we sma' hours" warned
alt of approaching day. The bride
aad groom left for their home in
the beautiful oaOon of Cabuengs,
mm of tbe party being delegated
t* throw after the departing couple
tie shoe of good luck, aud with a
hearty "God bless you!" separated.
Among those present we noted Mr.
aad Mrs. F. B. Fanning, Dr. and
Mis. Kirkpatrlck. Mr. aud Mrs. L.
W. Rigdon, Miesea Tombs, Bratt,
tierey, Barclay, Redding, Clapp,
ftorte, Cook, Getcbell, Blase.
Messrs. Bratt, Barclay, Thompson,
Wtldemutb, Luitweller, Hrauer,
Clapp, Roricks, Cook, Townsend,
Bargees, Daltou. The Hurald
Joins loathe well-wisbes of the
mends of the happy couple,
f Margaret F Boutoa to Elizabeth Hon
Ma—Lou 15. It, 17, IS, U and 8), In bile li
andloU 8, », 10aud li. blk D, in Moreno
VUMTard tract, Lo» Angelas city: si
Oostdalupe Koeha to Miguel Leonis —
WseetioCalabasa, containing about .a)
acres, in Hanebo Las Vlrglnes; $630.
A Battle of the Pedagogue.
Tbe Anaheim Qazelte wad fool
lab aoough a few weeks ago to pub
lish a problem aotiiething after tbia
"A boy spent 5 8 of 910 of hla
money; what fraction of bis money
was left?"
All of the pedagogues iv tbo
eonnty were at loggerheads about
It in lew than do time. They l>e
aleged the office with communica
tions, and one side of the paper wss
•boot given up to dissertations on
the subject The nice point raised
was, whetlu: Ibe part of the boy's
mouey which he spent could cnoie
Inasufactor hi determining the
fraction which was left; or, in
other words, If a boy spent his
mouey, was it his money any
iouger? No two of the learned
blackboard scientists could exactly
agree upon any one proposition,
and it was impossible lo nuke
them split the difference and com
promise. Every pedagogue was
willing to write himself and the
paper to death, hut he would not
yield. Like the village schoolmas
ter) II wm true of each, that
"S'en though vanquished, tie could ai
gue still."
And the result was that he argued
and argued and never left off urgu
.lag. The Gazette man begged for
mercy, but mercy was not given
Mm. The contestants on the
mighty problem drifted from the
fraction of the boy's money
Into a personal vein, and
abused each other roundly.
Seveielof the learned and respect
able Instructors were denominated
by their opponents as "idiots,"
"ignoramuses," "fools," "asses."
"acrobatic figure tumblers," "uiur
derera of Daoul," "axiomatic Ham"
"reduolios-ad-absurdums," etc.
Huouau nature could not endure
this sort of ihl ni» longer, and this
morning the Qazelte makes the
following brief but emphatic an
"The little hoy who spent 5-8 of
•10 of his mouey is dead. He wa
swcMinaled by our express order. Ii
l«, therefore, of no use to try and
And out how much money he had
left. They don't use money where
be has nolle Correspondent- |. lease
take notice."
- —And it is an undetermined eiues
tlou what fraction of his tuotte)
that boy had left.
The Kind of Man California
Mr. J. A. Day, one of our moat en
terprlsing farmers, with a keen eye
to business, came lo this place four
vara ago and liought a farm in the
•*? Clara valley. He saw men
aui.t?i" water al great expense,
de saw til. 't it did not pay anil al
ouce put down -1 a well 104 feet deep,
Mid cut off'the expense of hauliui*
water. He saw InVs neighbors also
hauling woo l from, the cafions of
. the Ventura valley ami he deter
if iulne<i that would li<ot pay in a
country where wood can be grown
, an speedily. He plant* >d encalyp,us
| treeaand on Wednead ay brougbt in
' to town bis iirat Imt.tl of wood from
his little grove. Httwill have wood
to Bell now, every year, beaideß
i enough for his o«vu use. Mr. Day
baa demons! rated bo men wbo have
been bare forijr yaara that there is
ueilher propriety nor economy iv
- heulins; wood ami water. He baa,
with otber neighbors, also proven
that onugea and lemons can be
i/rown successfully in the valley.—
tl Vtnlura Signal.
The Earliest Home Industry.
Iv the r< corded testimony before
Urn United States Land Offloe In
trie Ranehito land case we And a
reference by Col. J. J. Warner to
tirolwbly the earlleat home leaguer
» Loa Angelea county. Tbe Coi
onel nays:
''About 1831 a Mr. Carpenter lo
oatled ou tbe west aide of tbe Sao
Gabriel river, at a point a mile or
two below the Paeo de Bartolo, on
tbe west side or tbe river, and en
gaged lv tbe manufacture of soap."
Dairy Cows Wanted.
Will buy ten to fifteen bead ot good
alrycows; also, ten to fifteen hellers,
tate price and leave note marked
Cow,." at Herald office. »IMt
A FURNISHED HOUSE, for one year,
aan eligible location. Must be coui
>letely furnished. Addreaa box 711. sHtf
Furnished House.
WANTED—A nicely furnished house
4 about tour rooina, wtth.n convenient
llstance of tbe Court House. Address
P., Herald office. axxtf
A warrant on the Ollv Vi-eaaurcr, No
'81, dale of September oto, tor 9)1, t*aya
lletoH. Kruindlctt. fuynienl Having
)een stopped, all parties are rioWnVd not
0 negotiate the same,
slo-lw tL X RUM DICK.
Oue new two-scut SPRINU WaUo.N
ihtl one new TOP UUUIiY, with break.
Enquire ut Latikersriiin'.-* new mill, our*
uer of Commercial una Alemttdu street*,
>Id depot. uf74M
LOW.NEARLY Nl2>V. Al»o, horse*lor
hire or sate, at WAaKI.Y'S NKW STA
BLES, Sanchez street, rear .»!' l'lco
House. sJVtf
1 have ut my ranch, {otteteatl miles
aortu of Los AO|B*lWj on I . - Veutura
road, soo wi; 1». U MEIUNO UUI'KS
lor aale, wtikwi 1 oiler at low flguies.
J. ii. l. \NK.i.ti>iilM.
By llie J*akt- Vmnyanl Land aud Water
Association, the bs-*si orange ami feeinl-
Tropioal Kruu i,ftud lv tHedtate. Watei
rlxtu goes with me Mud Apply to the
office of P. Beaudry, No. til New High Bt«
apISU r. W. WOOD, secretary.
91 to 91000 to Loan,
Removed lo .No. tj COMMERCIAL ST.
Will advance on collateral! $1 to JIOOU,
ou all kinds ttt pHrsuual property, such
as watches, Jewelry, diamonds, pUtoU,
guns, eio. Uold, silver and V . s. OarretM
cy boueht and sola nllti
Watches and Jewelry.
Having puro-hascd the slock and fix
tures of tho well knowu Jev.-elrv store oi
Mr. T. W. Hlackpole, adding thereto a
large and entirely new assortment of
goods, we pre are prepared to show the
oitlzena of Los Angeles and vicinity one
of tile finest and best selected stocks to
be found in the State, which will be sold
at the lowest living rates.
We shall constantly be in receipt of all
the latest novelties in watches, chains,
Jewelry, etc., to which the attention ot
the public is especiuliy invited.
In siiectacles we have a large and va*
rled assortment, and are tiie exclusive
ugents In southern California of the cel
ei,rated Lazerus A Munis perfected spec
tacles, which we claim are tlie flne-t lv
the world.
Mr. Siackpole will remain in our em
ploy, having exclusive control of the
woik department, and, as heretofoie, es
pecial attention will be given to the re
pairing of flue watches and jewelry.
We shall be happy to see all our oh;
friends and the public at large.
Jr9tf IH Spring street.
lias beea removed from SItiNORET'B
HI_"XJK to
Cardoua Ulock, 118 Main St.,
Opposite tit*, Mariposa amiss.
rillllf H .\.Nl> OTHKK FOREIGN
prepared with great
care. dtttf
The Steams Ranchos,
AlifBED kohlNnon, Troatee,
34*2 Market St.. San Francisco, cm.
f-J/ k d \i \i \ a cues OF LAND FOB
sale, in lot* to suit, suit
aole for the culture of Oranges, Lemons,
lmes,Figs, Alnionds, Walnuts, Peache*,
.pplea, Pears, Alfalfa, Corn, Rye, Barley,
/lax, Ramie, Cotton, etc., and also many
iioiKsauU acres of
Natural Evergreen Pastures, Suit
able for Dairying.
Oood water Is abundant at au average
itjptu of Mix feet from the -urtaoe. Ou al
most every acre of this land PLOWING
ARTESIAN WELltScan bo obtained, and
tbe more elevated portions can be irri
gated by the water of the Santa Ana river,
vlotttof those lands are naturally inolsi
-equirlug only good cultivation to produo
TERMS—One-fourth Cash; balance It
one, two aud three) years, with 10 per ceo
I will take pleasure in showing these
lands to parties seeking land, who ar.
mvif'"i to come aud see this extensive
tract before purchasing elsewhere.
WM. R. OLDEN, Agent.
Anaheim, Los Angeles county, Dec. 24.
Rubottom Ranch for Sale,
ThH valuable properly, containing
EI<*UTY-SIX ACRE-*, one of the mos
eligible to investors iv Southern Callfur
nla, Is lorsuie. fJood title and abund
ance of water, it Is in the heart of tbf
beautiful and productive Han Jose Val
ley, thirty miles from Los Angeles.
Hotel Furniture & Fixtures,
A RARE BAKU \IS is presented. 11l
health, an i a desire to give my wife p
change of scene und sir, are the moll yes
which Indue* me to sell.
Address, f >r terms,
mr2otf W. W. HUBOTTOM, Spadra.
Agricultural Implement Depo*
.... At
dan Jose, Cal.
Agent ior Walter A. Wood's Now Iron
tft.wer. Reaper and Self-Binder, Uslnes' sm.
gle-Gear Header. Improved Bwnepstaker>
Thresher and Sulky lUkoa; also, the Cele.
brmted Revolving Sulky Bake, and tbe Cham
pion Revolving Bake, and tbe well known
Tiffin Revolving Rake; La Belle Farm Wagon*
and Hpnng Wagons of. all descriptions.
Tbe attention of tbe farmers is particularly
oal led to tne
It has met an enormous sale st the East and
In and around Sacramento.
Also, all kind* of new and second-hand ma
chinery for sale. Farmers snd others will
Ond it to be to their Interest to call on nit
before buying, as I am selling svurythms;
very low for cash.
see. J Hvvrx s so .v. us a im wood s*.,ntuswfts,Vs.
United States Hotel,
Cor. Main and Requsna Sts.
TUW U tie! lutte* In HU tmllM bl'>ck,
fronttutj >U0 pel on tfequcua street, 160 on
Main mill '•.[,,! ~[: i J( ,s Angel*** street.
An* any, ant all contain Splint. Bed**
with the lutes, Improvements.
.THE TAlil^lO
Id supptled Willi the best frl market
R !M<>l>lCTi VTK.
•v Kree Omnibus is aiiaobed r>» lb« ho
tol. Hint baggage is t(Divey<ti tint; Is to
and from the -J.-;..-:.
Tbe (Julled suites Hotel Is centrally
located, opposite the Court House, aud is
near tbe Poslotiice aud Land Office.
Call unit see us. You will receive pood
treatment. hknky hammki-
Tho st. Charles Is located in LU< bunt
nesH centre olthe city, and Is the largest,
most elegant and completely organized
Hotel In Southern California.
pfrec poeea to f he imtue.
Western Uniou Telegraph in Hctf»l
oflloe. Jyii"
Mo.jave JuuctioD, Cul.
lo receive IU numerous patronsJujM,
aud tbe traveling public in general. Be
ing entirely new aud spleurtldly lur
nlshed, It affords superior accommoda
Is Hucond to none in s»>ut item Cvi lunula
THE B\K is supplied with the cbntueat
brands "f wines, liquorni»nd cigars.
An elegant BiLUIAKD BOOM 1» »UK)
attached to tho bouse.
All trains stop bere lur an 1
supper, it is the point of departure for
the celebrated Inyo county mines, viz.—
Darwin, Ijone Pine, Cerro Gordo arid I'an
amlnt. Tkeottioeof the
1 Is at this hotel. The patronage ole
traveling public Is respectfully uolteiusl.
feUJ-lf Proprietors.
A Private Haiti on tho inusa or table
lands of thrt Sierra Madre Mountains.
Climate unsurpassed lor
Summer or Winter Residence.
Commands a churrntng view of valley
and mountain, overlooking tbo Han Ga
briel orange grove*.; in four miles from
railroad and telegraph station; house en
tirely n«w, lighted by gas, and contains
al) modern conveniences.
For particulars addiess proprietor. P. O.
Box 1141. Los Angeles
Cor. of CENTER & LEMON Sis.
sarii o vis large, sunny and airy »v
TABLE supplied with all Ibe luxuries
the market affords.
SVfr REE COACH to the Hotel.
apl3tr E. DUNHAM Proprlotor.
Spear, Meade & Co.,
[Successors to Littlefleld, Webb A C 0.,1
316 and 318 vVashlogto-i Street,
Sau Francisco.
•Solicit consignments of alt kinds of
couutiy product*. Make prompt returns.
\dvanue liberally on approved ship
For business and educational reasons
desiring to remove Into Los Angeles. 1
will lease
Including residence and out-bulldtngs
Uoraes, mules, wagon, harness, agricul
lural Implements, etc., for ihe term of
The farm eemsfsSa of 204 acres, ou which
ire 40,000 grape vines, over 2,000 orange
trees, 700 English walnnt trees, 600 lemon
and lime trees; also a number of black
walnut, pecan, almond, tig. apricot
plum, peach, apple, pear trees, 1..-tanas,
etc.; twoor three acres r.f alfalfa, fifty
aoies vacant arable land, and
Attached to the residence Is a spacious
bath-room, supplying hot, cola and
shower baths. There Is also a MILLIARD
ROOM, table and appurtenances.
The farm Is most eligibly sltusted in
the FRUIT BELT of the
San Gabriel Mission Valley
About eight miles east of Los Angeles
city, and near tbe Railroad Station of
Sanoubrlel Mission. If not leased,
On advantageous terms, to-v.it. One
third cash, the balance In one, two, three
and four years, at 10 percent. Interest per
annum interest, payable semi-annually.
Nos. 10 A 11 Strellts Building, Spring AL
8. P. Bulletin and Chronicle copy. o2ltf
•D* ■" Ageau AdSrtMß. A Ooviru k 00.. CoJotfo.
re o sl£»)tf I Per slay, at borne
«3>o f- sv.aspfea worth'fl.
free. Snaon* '"a. Po/tlend. Me.
Aim not advertised as *' cure-alls," but
are specifics lv the dhvttases lor \vui'*U
they are recommended.
rnvestlgatora 6f uatutal scfeiice have
demon*liaied beyond outrovery Unit
throughout the auimo 1 king Join tbe
"survival of iho fittest" 1-. tbe only law
that, vouchsafes thrift nnd perpetuity.
Does not the sums pnueli»le govern lbe
commercial prosperity 01 lu.ul.' An in
ferior cannot supercede a superior arti
cle. By reason of nuperlor merit, Dr.
Pierce.* su.udard Medicines have out
rivaled ail 01 hers. 'ilieir sale lv the
United states aloue exceeds one million
dollars per annum, w ntla the amount ex
ported foots up to several hundred
ihousauds more. No business could grow
to such gigant ;c proporilous aud rest up
on tiny other ba-is than that of merit.
Dr. Sago's Catarrh Remedy
Is Pleasant to Use,
Dr. Sato's Catarrh Remedy
It? cures extend oy«r a period of
Twenty Years.
Dr. Sage's Catarrh Remedy
Its Sale Constantly Increases.
Dr. Sage's Catarrh Remedy
Cures by its Mild, Soothing ECect.
Or.Sage'sCatarrh Remedy
Cur*"* "i v>M lv Head" and Catarrh,ot
HoCKPO&T, Mass., April 2,1M7,
Mu. Elutok:— Huvlng read in your pa»
per reports of tho remarkable cures oi ca
tarrh, i am luduced to tell '* what 1 know
about catarrh," aud I fancy tbe "snuff"
aud "Inhaling tube" makers imere dol
lar grabbers) would be glad if they could
emblazon a idmilar euro lv tlie papers.
For *JU years I suflered with catarrh. The
nasal passages became completely closed.
"Snufl," "dust," "ashes," "iuhaiiug
tubes," and "slicks" wouldn't work,
though at intervals 1 would snill up the
so-called catarrli snufl, until 1 became a
valuable tester for such medicines. 1
gradually grew worse, and v j one can
kDow how much i suflered or what a
miserable being I was. My head nched
over my eyes until 1 wan routined to my
bed for many *uccesstvo days, suffering
the most intense pain, which at ono time
lasted continuously lor IUB hours. All
sense ot smell and taste goae, sight aud
bearing impaired, body shrunken
and weakened nervous system scat
tered aud constitution broken, audi was
hawking and spitting seven-eighths of the
lime. 1 prayed ior death to relieve mo oi
my suflerlng. A favorable notice in youi
paper ot Dr. Sage's Catarrh Remedy lu
duced me to purchase a package and use
it wlih Dr. Pierces Nasal Douche, wbicb
applies tbe remedy by hydrostatic pres
sure, the only way compatible with com
mon sense. Well, Mr. Editor, It did not
cure me In three-iourtbs of a second, noi
lnouehour or mouth, but In less than
eight minutes 1 was relieved, and In
three months entirely cured, aud have
remained so over sixteen mouths. While
using tho Catarrh remedy, 1 used Dr.
Pierces Golden Medical Discovery to pu
rity my biood aud strengthen my stom
ach. 1 also kept my liver active and
bowels regular by the use of his Plnasuul
Purgative Pellets. Ii my experlonce will
induce oilier sufferers to seek the same
means o! relief, this letter will have an
swered its purpose.
Vouri ruiy. S. D. UEMICK.
lowing named parlies art- among the
thouftanus who have been cured of ca
tarrh by the use ol Dr. sage's Catarrh
Remedy: A F Downs, New Geuevn, Pa;
D J Brown, St Joseph, Mw; E C Lewis,
Rutland, Vt; Levi Sprlngor, Nettle Lake,
Ohio; CnasNororop,tVth Chesterfield,Me;
Milton Jones, Scrlba, N V; J E Miller,
Brlditer Station, Wye; J C Merrimau, Lo
fansport, Ind; M M Post, Logan sport,
nd;J W Builey.Tremont, Pa;H B Ayres,
La Pone, lud; Jessie MScars.i-t Branch,
lnd; I. Williams, Canton, Missouri; W A
Thayer, Ouarga, IU; W B Nichols, Jr, Gal
veston, Texas: Jonas F Keiuert, stones
viile.Pa; S W Lusk, McFarland, Wis
Johnson Williams, lielmick, Ohio; M
MA Curry. Trenton. Term: JUJosiln.
Reene, N ii; A J Caspar, Table Hock, W
Va: Louis Anders, Uaysport, Ohio; C H
Chase. Elkhart, lnd; Mrs Henry iialght,
Hau Francisco. Cat: Mrs h M Gallu*ba
Lawreucevllle. N V; W J Graham. Adei.
Iowa; AO Smith, Newnan.Ga; Cnas I
Rice, Baltimore. Md; Jesse M Sears, Car
lisle, lud; Dau'l B Mlllcr.Ft Wayne,inu;
Mrs Minnie Arnalse, 2sju Deiuncy mi. New
York; li W Hall, Hustings, Mich; Win*
Marsion. Lowell, Matin; i W Roberts
Maricopa, Aria; Chas s Deluney, Harris
burg, Pa; M C cole, Jxiwell, Mass* Mrs t
J spuriln,Camden, Ala; Charles F Kaw.
FrederJcKtown. Ohio; Mrs Lucy Hunt
ington f Farmingtou t lll; Capt E s Spnuld
ing. Camp stamnaugh, Wyo; I W Tracy
steamboat Rock. Iowa; Mis Lydta Walte,
NY; J M Peck, Junction City
Mont; Hoary Ebo, BanLas.Cal; L BCuuc
inings, Hanioul, lit; SK Jones, Charles
ton Four Corueia, N V; GeoF Hall, Pueb
lu,Cal; Wm E llaitrle, Sterling, Pa: H
X Ebon, Wo Perm SI, Pittsburg, Pa; J 1<
Jackuian, Samuel's Depot, K.y; Henrj
Zobilst, Geneva, N V; Miss uuitle Pai
roLt, Montgomery, Ohio; l > J edbrooli
Chatham, 111; s B McCoy, Nashpon
Ohio; W W Warner, Noith Jackson
.dich; Miss Mary a Wlnne, Dai ten. Wis
JohuZeigler, Carlisle Springs, Pa,; Jaine.
lumpkinn, St Cloud. Minn; Enocn Luei
Pawnee City, Neb; Jos T Miller, Xenia
Ohio; SBNichols, Galv. ston. Texas; i
L Laird, Upper Alton, III; Jonn Davi*
Prcscott, Ariz; Mrs Nancy Oruhain, For
est Grove, Ogo.
Golden Medical Discovery
Is alterative,or blood-cloanslng.
Golden Medical Discovery
Is Pectoral.
Golden Medical Discovery
Lv a Chohiirogue, or Liver Stimulant.
Golden Medical Discovery
Is Tonic.
Golden Medical Discovery
By reason of its alterative properties,
cures Diseases of the Blood and alt In, a
siciofula, or King's Evil; Tumors; Ulcers,
or Old Bores: Blotches, pimples ano
abruptions. By virtue ol us PeotOrai
properties it cures Bronchial, Throat and
Lung atlecttous; Incipient L'onsumptiun
Lingering Coughs, aud Chronic L*aryngl
us. Its OnOlagOgae properties, render li
an unequal remedy for Biliousness; Tor
pid Liver, or "LlverUomplalnt;" and lv
rouit! properties make it equally ettica
ciouh iv curing indigestion, Loss of Ap
petite and Dyspepsia.
Wucre the satu is sallow and covered
with blotches and pimples, or where
tnere are scrofulous, swellings and affec
tions, v few bolt lea of Golden Medical
Discovery will effect an entire cure. Ii
you feci drowsy, debilitated, have sallow
color of skin or yellowish-brown spots on
tace or body, irequeut he;tdache or dizzi
ness, bad taste lv re out li, Internal heat
or chills alternated with hot flushes, low
spirit* end gloomy forebodings, irregular
appetite and tongue coated, you are suf
tcring from Torpid Liver or Biliousness.
In many cases of Liver Compliant, only
part of these symptoms are experienced.
As a remedy for all such cases, tOr. Pierces
Golden Medical Discovery has no equal,
as lteffects perfect cures,leaving the liver
strengthened and healthy.
DR. R. V. PIERCE is the sole proprie
tor and manufacturer of the foregoing
remedies, all of which are sold by drug
glstd. He is also the autbor of the Peo
ple's Common Hen be Medical Adviser, a
work of nearly 1000 pages, with 282 wood
engravings pud colored plates. He has
already sold of Ibis popular work
Over 100,000 Copies!
PRICE, (post-paid) : : : $1 50
Address: R. V. PIERCE, SI. P.,
World's Dispensary, BuU»lo, NY.
Pacific coast
San Franckco and Los
Angeles Express Line.
Soptt'oibrr r-.ln-.1m1.-.
jComlnx 8 jutkj Going North
I? ja if »i
BTKAxin. &» »» a" a*
?_a o c o c
Aut'on \ux.2b AUj;.3O Sept. 1 Sept. 3
Orizaba.... * pt. S Sept. 4 " » " »
Senator... '• ' '• l> " U ' !!
Orizaba.... " 11 " H " 10 " \*
senator " r. '• 111 " HI ' 23
Orliaua... " " it " W," 2J
senator..... •■ tl " tfJ On. 1 Oel. I
urUabM... Oct. 2 Oct. i " I) " X
Both steamships call at fort ilanord
(SauLulsOblßpoJaiut fcanta Hnrbaia; also,
on down trip, ut Aiiaiicliu Landing tor
freight only. The Senator calls al Han
Buenaventura also every trip.
■HfPlJlTepgv l *. ior san Francis.o take
the train loi Wilmington that loaves
txis Angeles at :t:ii> P. M., Urn Angeles
Los Angeles and San Diego
Senator and Orizaba
Leave San Pedro ior Ran Diego, August
DO. and Sept. 4,9, U, 19, M, :9, and Oct. 4.
Pafisengtrii take the train that leaves Los
Angeles for Wilmington at ,i 4"> p. u„
Los Angeles time.
Rates of Fare from Los Angeles.
(Payable in Gold.)
Cabin, isieerage.
To Sau Francisco «i 5 00 510 00
lo Port Harford 13 00 9 00
To Santa Barbara U 10 00
To San Diego 7 60 a t*i
Plans of steamers'cabin* at ageut'sortlce,
where berths may bs secured.
Tlie steamer Constautlne leaves San
Buenaventura and Santa Barbara for Sau
Francisco every Sunday, calling al all
way ports.
Freight steamers leave Sau Francisco
for San Diego and way ports about overy
ten days, cariyiu;, s*ock, combustibles,
For P4W»Me or Freight as >. bove. or
for tickets to and from
Eastern Cities and Princi
pal European Ports.
Apply to H. McIfELLAN, Local
Agent, Office, No. 66J Maiu street,
over tho ('ommorcial Hank, Lob
fi A' X A M hi li B.
Los Angeles, Yuma, San Diego and
Wilmington Divisions.
Important Change of Time
On anil after Monday, Dec. 17th, 1877, and
until further notice, trains win run every
day as follows:
Fon— akkivk.
Wilmington un.'io a. at. UiM a. a.
dun I'laueisco 1:15 r. M. Vf.tor. M.
** Accoru'daliou iu:3s a. M. 7:30 A.M.
Yuma „„ _ z:2sp. v. 7:00 A. M.
tViluituglou _ 3:30 " 1:54 P.M.
dan ta Ana 4:UI " u:to "
Vuma 6:30 r. m. 10:10 a.m.
Sauta Ana 0:30 A.M. K:SO "
Wilminaton 7:44 " »:10 »
Wilmington 1:(MP. v. HlguP. M.
da:i Francisco 4:00 " 1:55 "
M Accomodation 4:30 " 11:55 A.M.
Trains run dally to Yuma, connecting
with steamers for Aubrey, Kurenbera
md lniermedlatelandings on the L'olo
-ado about three limes per month,
deeping cars will be run dally.
Trf'i- will be run by wan Francisco
ion'l l'asa. ami Ticket Agl.
A. N. TOWNE, Gen'l Bup't.
ii. E. HEWITT, Ass't Bup't.
15th, 1877, trains will tun dally on
.his road as follows:
S P Arrive Leave Arrive In
Depot S X Depot S. Mnlca a. Mnlca
L Angl'a L. Angel's
I3UA.M |B:4UA. M. 1.7.40 A.M. 110 30AM.
IM e.HMM P.M. 118 HO P.M. 15:40 PM.
On steamer days trains will connect
with the P. C. Steamship Co.'s steamers
for San Francisco and Sau Diego, See
their advertisement.
On Sundays only, regular train will
leave Banta Monica at 4:20 P. it., arriving
ut Los Angeles at 5:20 ft*, v.; returning,
cave Los Angeles at 5:40 p. v., arrrivlng
at Santa Monica at 0:40 P. 91.
Olltf Ass't Sup't.
li ; xs s fly brie
■StM Ma** t.r •«**. Ink, pld D, u »h„ aud »,«,.
tMn« in -i. ■. I Hwl SO »: N K*K of tl„ -uoJerful
■ ■ Itm M*. n Ute- fH*S." fS oih»r Afrbi.' ra« wllin,
•Miclfa. " I'.iTiitw I iMtt." Ilimt a*** mmiM tot «i
Su»-jl« Phut, S". at*, Urni pir-ial cvtl tW ftiU parUdilMi. Pf. S,—l
Url arrancauirnla ntvU and BM l»ini>!i ■■rji.nil, an, artist*
wniß.l hi a»rita ur .■ iiuitr*. <.f American or f..r«{fjTi raak*
U. O. BIIVANT. Manuraatutw. 1(S tt Mhiuatm. m . SstSS*
Dissolution of Partnership,
Tli« partnership of Klne A Co., reilau
raut sud saloon-keepers. Is this d.y dis
solved. All pet*oDS Indebted lo tbe
conoerit will settle with Patrick Rlae, at
the old stand on San Fernando street,
opposite the new depot.
LosAagsdss, A«fust IMb. au-4w
IN the District Court of the seventeen! h <
Judicial District of the state Of Califoi
ula, lv and for the county of Los Augeles.
Dorlii Jones, as Executrix of John
Junes, deceased, plaintiff, vs. F. I' i-.
Temple et al, Deiendants, i
Action brought in the District Court ->i i
IheSevonttei.ih Judicial id the i
State of California, m and lor me County
of Los Angeles,and the Complaint tiled 1
in said toumy ot Los Angelew, 111 ihe
office of the clerk of said District Court.
The People of tbe State of California,
send greeting 10 F 1* F Temple, D r-ree
man and t. P Mpcuce, Assignees of F l' f
Temple, J FNe*marfcand lsuuc Light
ner, pai tuirs doing business hs J P New
mark • Co, Kllas J Baldwin, The Mutual
L.and Company, a corporation, Mary X
Mcctellaii, .surah Fraud* McCieilan,
Janus K. McCiellan and Anna MeClel
lan, iiiiittuh, John s Thompson,
au of haid minor*, E Geimuiu and 1. ii
Mstneld, partner* doing business us
X Germain A Co, Henry North, Charles
J Kills, Hiram Qulmby. J M Griffith and
s J Lynch, puriuers doiug business as
Griffith, Lynch a Co, Benlainin F
Thompson, John It itamirez. Hern Val
ley Dans, a corporation, Louis Pheiffcu
berger and 0 M Node, doing i<n as
Pheiflenbuiger<fc Co, Thomas It liard.L
Utldmu-htr. Arcadia li de Baker, Us
Baker, B Slcibel, Godfrey Hargiit, John
Leiver, X P Tnmklubou, Peter Lalaud,
Alexander Weill, Prttncisco Lopez,
h J Weston, W W Jenkins, M S
Latham, A Temple, i.w-, Augeles
County Bank, a corpoiatlou, Joseph
Blow, H A Kindall, Geoige Lundie,
Geotgo Lynch and John Kvnngton, part
ners doing huhiness us Lynch a Kmiig
lou, L Lehmau, a X llolman, Henry
Hamilton, Wm McKee, F \V Roll, >"i
O'iNeal, Wm smith, M W de Sabtohl, E
Bouton, Keyes A Serrano, A Bullock,
Rosiua Allen, Kosa H Gray, P P * Teiu
-61 c and George H sraUh, trustees of Kosa
Gray, D H Whlitemore, G X Long, As
signee in Bankrupicv of FP F Temple,
You are herety latjulred to appear in
an action brought ugHinst you by the
' above named Plaintlfl in the District
Court of the Seventeenth Judicial Dis
trict of the State ol California, In and lor
the County of Los Angeles, and lo an
swertbo complaint 11 ted therein, wilhin
ten days (exclusive of the day ol servi ej
aftei tho service on you of ihlssumrnons
—if served within tills eounty;or,tlsei ved
out of this county, hui in this lUstuct,
within twenty days; otherwise, e/ttn
lu forty days —or judgment by de
lault will be taken you accord
ing to the prayer of s»ki complaint.
'Iho said action is bn Ugtil to obtain
a decree oft ds court for v.v loreclosure
a certain mortgage descaJfl In the said
oompialnt, and executes by the maid
deteudani, F P F Temple, on the 23th of
' August, A D 1876, to secure the payment
of acertaln promissory nolo, in words
aud figures as follows, \iz :
Los Anoki, Krt, August 28th, ]575.
On or before one year afler date, Jor
value rscelved, I promise to pay to John
Jones or to hlsoruer, the sum of etgUteen
thousand one hundred and tweuty-OLO
1 6tJ IQodollars. In gold coin of the Govern
mentof the Uulted Sisles, with Interest
thereon In like gold coin, from date un
til paid, at the rate of one percent. per
month, said Interest to be paid monthly,
and if not so paid then tn be uddod to
the principal sum and bear like rati-of
interest. F. P. F. TKiVW'J.K.
Of which note the said Dorla Jones, as
executrix of John Jones.deosased, is now
the legal holder and owner; that the
premises eonvej ed by said mor tgactim ay
be sold, aud the proceeds applied to :he
■ payment ot said sum of $18,121.56, v*th
Interest as stated In complaint Aye per
cent, on amount due on said mortgage na
atiorneys' fees, all payable In U aycrSa
colh, and costs of suit; and in ctsse
such proceeds are not sufficient to oa v
tbe same, then to obtain an exeou
t ion against said F P F Tern Be
for tbe balance remaining due; and also
that the said defendants and all person,
claiming by, through or under
them, or any 01 them, may
be barred and foreclosed of all right, ti
tle, claim, Hen, equity of redemption und
interest In and lo said mortgaged prem
ises, nnd for other and luriher relief.
Reference Is had to complaint for partic
And you are hereby notified that if you
fail 10 appear and answer the said com
plaint as above required, the said plaintlfl
will apply to the Court for the relief de
manded in the said complaint.
Given under my hand and the seal of
the District Court of the Seventeenth
Judicial District of the Stato of Ca ifomia,
in and lor the county of f <os Angeles, this
(Jth day of September, In the yearorour
Lord, one thousand eight hundred and
seventy-eight. [Seal. I
A. W. POTTS, Clerk.
By UKIFFIN .lOHNSTON, Deputy Clerk.
THOM A ROflS, Attorneys for Plaintiff.
A. Etldrad, Piaintitr, vs. Ci. K. Amti aud
H.'J - . Hnney, Defendants— In Justice's
Court, Los Angeles Township.
Under nnd by virtue of an execution I- s
auednut o: Justice Traflbrd's Court. In
Los Angeles Township, and to lue di
rected hdj delivered ou ihe 29th day of
August,A.D.lBTK for ajudgineut rendered
In said Court ou the midday of August, A.
D. 1879, 111 favor of A. Eldred, plaintiff,
and agulnsl U. it. Arues and H. T. Fin
ney, defendants, 1 have levied upon HUd
shall on
SEPTEMBER, A. D. 1878,
At li o'clock M., proceed to sell
at the Court House door, In the city and
county of t.os Angeles. State of Califor
nia; at public auction, for cash In V. S.
gold coin, to satisfy said Judgment and
all costs, all the right, title aud Interest
ol defendant O. It. Ames in and to the
following described real estate, to wit:
Commencing at a point on tho north
eru lineo. section thirty-one [31] T one
[1] south range 13 W of 8 B M, distant 4
chains W ttvm the WE corner of lot one
[ij iv said section; running thence W
distant six lm chains forty [4u] link-;
hence at right angles souih dlstuni
twenty-five IWi chains; rut nlng thence
at right angles £ six 16] chains and lony
[4e] links to the a W corner ot tho laud o,
Horace Hlller; thence N along said line
of H Hlller to the place of beginning,
containing sixteen [10] acres.
Also, a certain piece of land commenc
ing at a point sixteen |161 rods west ol
the N X corner ol lot one [1| of tbe NW
quarter ol Sec thirty-one [31! Tone 11J >
range 13 W 8 B M; thence a one hunuied
|Ioo] rods; thence at right angles E six
teen 116] rods; tnenco »t right ungies .\
thtrty [30] roas; thence at rigtit ungle-
W thirteen [13] rods twenty-four [.4]
links; thence at right angles N seveut>
[70] rods; thence at right angles W two
yq rods and one [l] link 10 the point oi
ueglnulng. containing three and one
hundred and forty-three one huudreu
and sixtieths acres of land.
Given under my hand, at the city and
county ot Los Angeles, Calilornli, thl.
id day ol September, A. D. IK7B
By J. C. Kavs, Deputy Sheriff. " ijti
1 hereby notify all parties, Interested
or otherwise, that A. J. HORW, of El
Monte, Los Angeles county, (Jal., has
duly made an assignment to me fur tin
oeuetlt or his creditors of all his property,
real and personal, or every nature anu
kind, and that 1 have duly qualified at*
such Assignee,and that all pc sons in
debted to such Assignor by note, book
account or otherwise, are required to pay
(be same to me Immediately; that I am
tbe only person authorized to have anu
receive said properly or receipt for an 3
such Indebtedness; that the payment ol
any debts aud the delivery o( any prop
erly heretofore belonging to said As
signor, to him or to any other pei>on foi
his use, and ihe transfer of any property
by him, 1* unlawful aud void, and the
same Is hereby forbidden.
And all persons having claims ngulnsl
the said Assignor are hereby requested to
present tbe same, duly verified, to ihe
undersigned, within sixty days frein
this date.
Ass ». nee.
El Monte,Cal., Aug. 23,1578. eM lm
All persons having claims ngainst the
late firm of B. I>. WILSON & CO. are
hereby notified and requested to present
tbe same ut onco to the undersigned, at
his residence, at San Marino, Los Ang
eles county; and all persons indebted to
said Arm are hereby notified and request
ed to settle their accounts without delay.
Dated April 17th, 1878.
Per T. ± R.
Notice Is hereby given tbnt the part
nership beretotore existing between tbe
undersigned under tbe fir in name of
Aockerblum A Co. has been this day
dissolved by mutual consent, and all the
Interests of said firm have been trans*
ferred to William H. Nordholdt, who
alone Is authorised to collect the debts
due to and pay those due by said Arm.
Los Aageles, California, August an. lb7B.
SHERIFF'S sfti.ii.
O. W. Childs, Plaintiff, vs, Jnmenl). Bul
lis and Joseph J. Bullis DefeudanU—
seventeenth District court.
Under anil by vlrtuoof an execution Is
sued out oftlm District Court id tba Sev
eiitoeiiih JudtclHl Distrler of the BUM al
Calllorma, In and lor the county 01 Los
Angeles, and lo me directed uud doltvoi
cil 011 ihe IMb. dny of August, A I). 1878,
lor a juugtiieul rendered 111 said Court 011
tne7Ui day or August, .\. Jj. iS7s, for n
ludgmi 111 loudereu in said Court ou iho
7lb duy of August., A. D. 1878. In favor
of O. W. Chllds, plalntlfi, and against
James D. Bullis and Joseph J. ilullls.de
leudants, I have levied upon aud shall
SEPTEMBER, A. D. 1878,
At 12 o'clock M,. proceed lo sell, ut tho
court house door, inthecitv anu couutv
of Los Angeles, Mate l.( Cnlllo niu, i.'t
publicum n, n, lorcnci In U. n. gold coin.
,o satisfy «u|d judgment, interest uud
costs, end accruing costs, ail tuo righi,
tlileaud Imprest of delcnclunt Joseph J
Bullis in nnd to mi those tracts of lima,
situated In the county of Los AngQ ea,
Siatuof California,described as follows,
to will
t Irat—L>it No. C or the Blauson tract, on
Ihe Uerrltos muL-an Antonio It.men, uc
coiding lo the mup of survey thereof
made by John Gold-worthy and recorded
in hook,, of MiscellHneons Becoru., pane
348 in the County It, corner's otlice oi said
county, containing 50 Oii-iOi acres.
Second -58 acres ol tlie f% of tho S\V V;
ofiii etlon is, iv Township 2 a ttmige 18 yb,
iS b M, 1> lug east of and along the Los An
aelos and Pedro itaiirouu, and leaving the
residue of laud in said quarter *eciioii Li
as nearly as possible asquare iraulln tbe
N\V con.er oi sa.d laud , lying east ol
aud rronting on suid railroad, beiiu the
same liaol firstly described In a deed
from J. B. Kir In to Jos. ph J. Bullis.dated
May 2 167», and iccnided In book 0! o
Deeds, page 331, In said Mecordcrs ottice.
Tlurd—rtll [hat portion of tho
(Section 16 InTownship9 H KangeliiW a
Ii M, Ijlng Immediately unjoining the
Los Angeles aim ami l'edio hallrourt.ou
the west slite thereof, containing 0 acres,
and being tho same treel BeOondly de
scribed in the ssid deed from J. 11. r-'irth
loJo-ephJ Unllta anuTe referred to.
r-ouitti—That tract represented nnd
marked on a map enlil led •'Map of I ho
hullis Land," on ihe nan Antonio Ran
cho, Los Angeles oouuty, California,
John Uoldsworthy, Surveyor, January
17,1*77, recorded in Book :) ol Mlseellau*
eons neoDi ds, pan Si 9, In sahl tu-cqrdei»»
otJicoas",!..!. Bui lis' v Boae.es," and fur.
ther described as follows, to wi> I Unm-
Oxenolngal the aw comer of uuirl Bui
1i5'43.03 acre tract, as laid uown on said
map; iirnssy degrees la minutes W
19.71 chains to pomt on lino of railroad;
ihcnee a 7 degrees M minutes 1-. c chains
to polnl In said line; tlionco B 19 chain:-;
thence N 5.b" chains, lo place of beam*
filth—That tract commencing at XV
corner of the tract m.ukeu '■uinil .1. Bul
lis, 1006WVI000acres."ou «aid mat. of die
Bullis land last above referred lo; theneo
N 10degrees 11 minutes W 15 07 chains;
thence IV 14 decrees 06 minutes 10 lo in
tersection with the prolongation western
er N line ol tract marked '-H D Htster, 'iv
acres," on said majpt said Hosier truct
being tbe lanu described in a deed from
Joseph J. Bullis lo 11. D. Heater, duud
March 7, 1878, and recorded in Book 44 of
Heeds, page 154, in said Recorder'soffice;
thence « s3Vi degrees E 17.70 chains, lo
line ot Los Angeles and San l'edio Itall
road; thence along same a 7 degree-.il
minutes X t'l INK comer of and lot
491-IUOO ecie irnct; thenco fcj 70 de
grees 51! miimtts w 486 chains;
theuco s 85 degrees 22 minutes
W 10 63 chains; tbunco N 88 do
grees62mlntucs W 6 00 chums toplueeof
beginning, containing 02244 acres, more
or less, and being part of iraci nisrkod
oiißuld mup "Joseph J. Bullis' 83 Oii-luoj
t-lxtb.—That tract commencing at ai£
corner of said Iract mark.d"H li 110-
ter, 10 acres," on said map of the Bullis
hind; thence S 27.90 chains; theuco M 82
decrees 20 minutes W 2J.25 chains 10 nun
of said railroad; thence along sumo IN 7
degrees M minutes \V 34.2t» chains;
ilienoo 8 S3 degrees so minutes X 2J.53
chains to place of beginning, being the
tract murked 011 suid map "Joseph J.
BuHis'JO.H acres."
Given under my hand at Los Angeles,
California, this 17th day of August A. D.
1873. H. M. MITCH BLU
By James C, Kays, Deputy, 11I8KI
ttortgftge Sale.
Jaeobßumillor tad Jacob BnmtUar.as
Executor ol ihe estate of the 1041 will
and testament of Charles Bumther, de
ceased, Pmtoilff, versus Maggie Kelly,
Defendant. — Heventsebtu " District
Under and by virtue or a decree of
foreclosure and order ot sale, en tired Ju
the District Court o; the 17'h Judicial
District oi the state ol California, in and
ior tho county of Los Angel* s, on tho 15th
day of Augu.si, A. D. Io7S, and ft writ ou
foreclosure of mortgage an tared iv tho
aforesaid District toun, annexed 10 said
decree and dated the 30th day ol August.
A. J). IS S, In the above entitled case, and
In favoi oi Jacob Bumnlcr and Jacob
Humtller, as executor of the last will and
testament of Charles Bumiiiier, dt-ccas*
td, plain Uff, and agamst Magjjio
Kelly, dtfenuant. a certified copy of
which said decree oi foreclosure,
duly attested under the heal of
snld Court on the SO h day of August, A.
L). 1878, and delivered ionic, together with
the writ annexed thereto. on
Hie 31sl day of August, a. i>. 187H,
whereby 1 ara commanded to sell at
public auction, to ihe highest and best
bidder,for oaah In U. s gold coin, tua/oi*
lowing and in said decree described roul
estate, to wit:
A»i that certain pi- cc, parcel or traot
oi lund in the oily ol Eos Angeles, coun
ty Of Los Angeles, State Of California,
bounded nnd described as follows;
Uommtneing; at a point lv lb* south
erly Hue of San Pedro street, truer*
the eastern boundary lino of t*arah J.
-mart siriUes the said line vt aald al rset
distant seventy-eight (78) feet s. aa de
grees F. from the Junction of tho south
erly lmt- of Lot Angeles street with -.aid
ilneof Sau Pedro atreai; iheico s. '2b\
decrees west along theUlViding Bin; be-
LweeuSarahJ. Suiari and the pa tv of
tne first part In said mortgage, viz /the
said Maggie Kelly, ninety-right leoi
to the boaid icnce« f Dr. Griffin, thence
south 68 degrees east aIOOH tho fence ot
Dr. Griffin twenty-five (25) feet thence in
a siralght Hue lo a polru in tbe said line
of San Pedro street diet ant thirty (So> feei
35 degrees b,, from tbo point of begin
ning; thence non h ')b degrees west ulorg
"aid line or miv Pedro street thirty li'Oj
feet to point of beginning.
Publio noticols given that ou
SEPTEMBER, A. I>. 1878,
At 12:30 o'clock p. m., I will proceed
to soil, at the Court House
door, in tho city and counts
of Los Angeles, State of Callinriua, at
Subtle auction to the highest and best
idder for cash In U. S. gold coin, io satis*
fy said decree for principal, Interest,
attorneys' fees, costs and all accruing
costs, all tho above described real estate.
Given under uiy hand, at the city and
county of Los Angeies, state of Califor
nia, this BUt day of August, A. D 1878.
By James 0. Ka- s. Deputy Sheriff.
Sheriff'B Salo.
Margaret Poyle, l'lulntirr, vs. .lumen
Doyle, Defendant — Twolitn losiuot
Under and by virtue <.i an execution,
Issued out of tho District Court ot the
fweuih Judlclul District ol the Stale
of California, in and ior the clly Hii.t
county of Man Franulsoo, anil lo me di
rected and delivered ou tlio Bt'tta dayol
August, A. t). ,878, nnd by vlrlueof an
order made by the uforesaid Jji»trlct
Court on ihe roth day ot August, A. D.
IS'B, In favor of Margaret Doyle, plain
tifl, and against J.iines Doyle, defendant.
I have levied upon and shall on
SEPTEMBER, A. D. 1878,
At 12 o'clook if., proceed to sell at
tbe Court House door, in tbo city and
oounty of Los Angeles, state of Cali
fornia, at public auction, lor cash In
U. 8. gold coin, to satisfy said order and
accruing cosis, ail the right, title und
interestot snld defendant James Doyle,
In and to the following described real
estate, to wit:
situate, lying and being In tbo ellyol
Loa Angeles, county oi Los Angeles,
standlug of record in the office of the
County Recorder of said county >v the
name of James Doyle, said proe.cn y is
desetlbed as fellows, lo wit:
Fractional lot two (21, In block 41, con
taining ton (10) acres, situated m t| lt .
nortbwest quarter of the lands or the clly
of Los Ankoles, entitled v. mup of reser
voir anavlclnliy,dated December 3, is7o
tbe land herein mentioned, bolng n,*
same conveyed to tho defendant by deed
dated Deo. a, 1870, and recorded lv book
44, P«ge 871, Records of Lug Augeles
Given under my hand at tbe city of
Los Angelas, Cal., this 31st day of Au
gust,, A. D. 1878. ' ' a,u
By J ameh C. Kays, Deputy Bberlff? rl »Ud
Delinquent Notice.
The Los Angeles immigration and Lam'
i'o-Opeia ive Association.—Localio
nnd principal place or b.islricH, 1,0
Angeles, Cul.
There Isdeiinqurlil upon the lollowllsl
described stuck, on aCOouul 01 mm.
In 111 No.—.levied July Is7B, the sov
ernl amounts set opposite tlie I,tones ol
Ihe ropectl ye snareuoldr rs, as follows:
No. ISo,
Nauift. Certllloati Sharoa, Ami.
11. J. dltm 5 100 »2.4)
It ho 200
7 IIHI 2io
8 7i 10
— 10 40 08
,„ *o 9H coo
_. 71 10J 2UO
7u ioo 2i.0
72 26 52
H '.0 120
84 76 150
Ml 6 111
92 12 21
Oil 80 ItiO
Thru. H. fsunih N lOSfi 2IIJB
Tims. A. Haley luo 95 IWI
J H. MoOotnal to 10 iO
oeo. 0. Ulbbs 20 hi p
_~ Si 7 hi 10
W 10 2il
- .0 1(1 10
09 JO iOII
11. a. Paroals 8i 5 10
lv uccordnncc Willi law uud au oidor ol
tho Hoard ol Directors made ou tho ;iLsl
day ol July, IS S. So many snares of ouch
parcel ol said slock as may he necssary
will be sold hi public auciuni at the op
flceo ilio Beeretary,No 43 Hpriftgaireet,
room 1, up s airs, Mott's building, Los
AugeJcs. tu1.,011
At 2 o'clock r. M. oi said day, lo pay
t.nid deliunuouf. ftSeessriieiil Iheicou, lo
geUier Willi the cost of advertising and
axptmel 01 sale.
I.os Angeles, August 30, 1878. u3ltd
iMotico of Assessment.
Locution of principal Place or Business
Sau frauol>Oi ,Cal. —l ocation «.f »\orks,
A'ttdrews' Station, UOS Aujfr.es Count\
San Bttenav4utUra, Ventura Co , Cal.
Notice I* hereby given tbstnl a Hirel
ing ol lho Board ol" Directors held on the
MMi day ot August, l*7S, an assessment
(.No. 3i tut £1 60 per shaio was levied upon
the capital Bloo* oi the corporation, pay
aole miniediat. ly, in U. s. goid c dn, to
t he sec alary, at the oiik-o o tne Com pa.
uy, 315 California street, San Frauctaco,
Any st-.cif upon which this assessment
sliati remain unpaid on theJti'.h day oi
September, 1878, will bo delinquent and
advertised lor sale ut public auction,
and, unless payment Is m ids 'adore,will
bo hold on Wednesday, the 16th day of
October, 1678, to pay delinquent assort
ment, together with costs oi advertising
and expenses ofsalc.
By order ol" the Hoard of Directors.
O filet*—3U California ftt., .San Francisco,
California. u£i;d
Sheriff's Sale.
A. Lothian and T. Walsh, partners doing
Uuinees under the mm Dame oi a.
Lothian A Co., Plaintiffs, vs. Mary E.
Borrows and William Uoriowe.i'efend
ants-Seventeentb District court.
Under and by virtue of a decree of fore
closure or lieu and order of
sale entered lv the District
Court ot ihe Seventeenth Judicial Dis
trict of the Suite oi Calllornla, in and foi
tho county of Los Angeles, on i he ititu day
of AUgtMt, A. D. 1678, ami a writ on fore
closure ot Hon. euiered In tbe aforesaid
District Court, annexed to Said decree and
dated tho 21.h day oi Audits', A.D, 1878. in
the above entit.ed case and In favurol
A. Lothian A Co., piaiullPs, and against
Mary E. Buriowe end William Borrows,
defeudanta, a certified copy ol which
said decree of foreclosure, uttly
attested under the seal of said
eouri on the 2ilh day Of August, A. D
187S, and deliver*, d to mo, together wiih
tlie will annexed thereto, on the
Htta day of August, A. I>. 1578, whereby 1
am c inmand* d to sell at public auction
to Die highest and bust bidder ior cash in
LT fs. gold coin, tho following and in said
decree described real estate, 10-wlt:
those oeriaiu lots of laud, m this
town of t-auia Monica, county of lai»
Angeles, folate of California, des-iribsd
hi followa to witl Bdng lots Z2andM,
as designated on Ihe map of satd town,
in block CD, together with the buildings
thereon erected.
Public notice is hereby given that on
SEPTEMBER, A. D. 187$,
At o'clock at., 1 will proceed to sell
at the Court House door, In theelty and
county of Los Angeles, mate of Caiifur*
niu, at public auction to the highest
and lust bidder ior cash in U. s. gold'
Coin, to suilaiy suld decree ior principal,
interest, attorney*' feea, cost-, and all ne
cruinrj costs, all tho abov-,- described re.t!
Given under my hand, at the city and
county of Los Aiitfeleti, this itfrh utty of
August, A. D, Itfe.
By Tames ('. Kays. Deputy. «2Sfd
lv the i'rolmte Court,
Of the County of Lot Angeles,'
Stat a of Oalflforttift.
In the matter ol the Estate snd Guuid
luusblp oi Iloitensiu Teian, ininoi.
Order lo Minw cause on application of
duardiau for Oit-'or lur fettle of hi al
It appearing to this Court fn*m the
ret itl.-ii this day presented and uiei. by
JiijUmTt-tan, the guardian ol tn*per>oa
and estate m Hurtensla 'Jvran, am.j.or,
pray log for an order ol *iUe oi certain
irni esiate belonging to hit said ward,
tlidt H is nccet-sary and would t,e beueil*
utalLbatsuonreal estate should be sold
it is hereby ordered th»t tbe next of
klu o*'ihe said ward, nnd oil persons In*
to'esied in the estate, appear before
this Court on
A. D. 1878,
At IU o'clock A. M., ut tho Court Room
oi this Coun, at Lc« Angeie« city, in the
county oi Los Angeles, then und there
io show cause why an order should not
be s ran ted for the auic ol such estate.
And it is further ot d ere d
that a copy of Hits, order bo pub
lished at leusi four successive weeks
be.ore tho i»ald day of bearing
In the Los Angeles Daily her
ald, a newspaper printed and published
in said county oi" Los Angeles.
Dated September 3d, I>7S.
Mid Probate Judge.
Aesossmont Notice.
Main Street and Agrieulnirnl Park Rail
road Company — location of principal
place of business, Los Angc.es City,
Notice is hereby given that at a meet
ing oi tlie LioHid of the Dliect- rs held on
he Uth day of September, 1878, an us
sess*«tnt. (No. 1) of live uoluirs par
■dtpre was levied upon tho subscribed
and unpaid up cnpltal Stock of tlie cor
poration, payitblo Immediately, at the
office of the company, In Los An gel fa
city, California.
Any siocit upon which this Meets*
moiit shall remain uupuldon Ihe ltfth
day of uctoi or. 187tf. will he dellu
qur-nt, and unless payment Is made ne
fore will bo sold on the FOURTH PAY
OF NOVEMBER, KS7(J. to pay tnodnlfn.
qucnt lif-sessment, together with costs of
advertising and expenses of sal*».
By order of the Hoard of Dlrectois.
Ofliee of the Company, los Angeles
city, California, September Uth, U7S.
si 2-1 m ■
Dissolution of Co-Partnership.
The firm of OIDENHERO & fiTROHM
Is this day dissolved by mutual consent,
Mr. A.*ildenberg withdrawing from the
firm. Mr. Thoiuus JStrohm will paj M
liabilities of the lalo firm and Is a
allowed to collect all outstanding «r
Los Angcß -i, Wept em ber 11, 1578.
Referring lo tbe abovo, I beg leave to
In orm tbe patrons t>f tbo late Aim of
Ol enberg & fstmbna a* d tbo pubi ■ In
general that 1 will continue the business
at the old stand, and respectful iy solicit
a continuance of tlu ir patronage,
THOa. 13TB (>HM.
Lo* Angeles, Sept, 11,1878. sl2-4w

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