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litis Herald Steam Printing
House makes a specialty of Legal
Printing. Briefs, Transcripts, etc.,
p lilted tit low rates.
Reduced Prices.
1 oiler my stock of doors, sashes,
eic, at the following reduced pri
ce •
8 I 111 •} £5
ti,i-) 1 60
} *
13*12 , ] «
KlxH 1 '0
lux in -, X
i.-, x >s " "o
15x82..:....::....... ;i 00
15x81) ' W
15x40 !! 50
Other sizes in proportion.
l.Oxli.Oxl inch $1 "0
1.0x6.(5x1}, moulded 1 90
.'.Bx6.Bxl} " 2 12
18x6.8x1} " - 25
110x6.10x1} " 250
Ix7xl} " 2 75
Every other size in proportion.
Vlso great reduction in paints, oils
and glass, at No. 28 Los Angeles
street, under the Whito House.
B. Raphael.
I m sept 27
Take Care of Your Eyes.
Persons having a tendency lo
weakness of sight, or those experi
encing unusual fatigue of the eyes
iv reading, or similar occupation
requiring clou- vision, should re
sort to the aid of glasses immedi
ately. Nothing is gained by wait
ing and much may be lost. But il
is important to have the right
kind of glasses. Do not huy them
of venders who have no knowledge
of opticul science, but go to Hirsch
feld, tbe practical optician, who
will give you a pair of glasses that
will suit you, whether your case he
weak sight, old sight, near sight or
Phil. Hirschfeld.
Healer In books, stationery fancy
and optical goods, 71 Main street,
Downey 810-k. e27lm.
The Russian Kleotrie Baths of X
Hughes and Wife are located at No.
15 Main street, opposite the Pico
tloU9e. Gentleman aud la
lies will be wailed upou by persons
jf their own sex. novl-ttf
The Cosmopolitan saloon, Main
siicet, under Temple Block, is sup
plied svith the finest liquors und
enjars to bu found in tile city. Hoi
lunch composed of all the delicacies
of the season every day troin 11 tn
2, for the moderate price of 15
cents. Oysters iv every style ami
all other special dishes at reaaoua
h!e prices. Business 1 men will find
the Cosmopolitan ihe moat con
venient place in the city. "84-iw
Spring eye needles (our own
niekej at Sutherland's gnu store,
75 Main street. 2my7
At Pearson's Oriental saloon,
I) iwney Block, you can Bet a ait
tie of excel lent champagne for SI,
Hue whiskies, Imported direct from
Kentucky, milk punches of a per
fection which reflect* unbounded
honor on their com pounders and
capital Havana cigars, the Utter fol
a bit. iSkVlm
[Jeer lias a FilstalHian effect, as
Henry Well, I lie brewer of the
Philadelphia Brewery, will testify.
Good beer makes muscle and fat,
sod all the regular pit.mus of the
I'niKdelphia Brewery are strong
ail m> tlthy. It mikm ths sick
well und th- heal'by stronger;
physic is uiiue«e«tary and doctors
■j . played ..ul, if you us,- the I'hil
a tvlpllia beer. Leave orders al the
niewery or send them by mail. De
livered free to any part of Hie oily.
aug24 tf.
A.T. MODOMOVOH, into of 39
.-Spring street, lias just opened the
At'ME OF FASHION at No. 12, Tern
plu street, where ho will be pleased
10, meet his old customers aud Hie
public in general, to whom, as be
fore, he guarantees the most stylish
uml best fttting clothes to be had
111 the city.
Fishing tackle and cutlery at
Sutherland's gun store, 75 Main
iUeet. 2my7
rtie Ladies' Oyster Room*, He- (
luwna street, near Mala, opposite
U« United States Hotel, aro again 1
upoued to the ladies ami will be j
oarrieii on in ii strictly respectable
way, so that ull ladies, with or
without escorts, may feel at ease
ami receive prompt und respectful
attention. Oysters In every style,
j iriinps, ten, coffee, etc., constantly
■a hand. Job Bayku. 1
>ot4 tf
Ten Cent Shaving Saloon. i
A. i.ahouge has opened a shav
ing la loon at 138 Main street, where
ho will be glad to serve tho public
UentliMUeu with tender faces es
pecially ln*ltud to give him a call.
The Messrs. Lips, L'raiguo & Co. ,
a tve made arrangements to receive
monthly curgoes of the famous Ph. ,
B3st Browing Company's export ,
llger beers. These beers are made
»t Milwaukee and bottled by the
Messrs. Stainm & Meyer. The
Brstoftbo cargoes arrived yester
day, consisting of un entire load.
The Messrs. Lip*, Cruiguo & Co.,
through this arrangement, art
enabled to oiler special advantages
in nurchasers. Tho first price*
x "
If I
i at
u in
• ■■ ■
baWrday-TTTZsept. •Is.'ists.
Herald Steam Printing House.
The laclllttes of the llkuai.h .Steam
Printing llousa for doing Job work are not
surpassed In California outside of San
Kranclsoo and Sacramento. All work en
trusted to us will be executed with neat
neaa and dispatch at the lowest living
Hereafter notices of ootupaaiea,socie
ties, churches, etc., will only be inserted
in the llKßAl.nas paid advertisements,
We reserve, for Places of Worship, a grat
ia directory, which will appear every
Sunday morning,
Division of Telegrams ami Reports for
the benefit ofCommerce and Agriculture.
Report of observations taken at I»o9 An
geles, Cal., Kept. £7,187H.

• 4)
:fl w 72
■S J ' 1
f I I
_ I
I!"* I A. V.
1:80 P. M.
1:15 P.M.
Maximum Thermometer, 76
Minimum " 59
J. M. Frantz, Observer.
Gen. Fremont ami party left for
Arizona yesterday.
An experienced orchardist II ad
vertised for in our New To-Day.
Lehman's auction sale of furni
ture w.II be resumed at 1 n'clock P.
v. to-day.
Wild get st are reported to have
made their uppearance at Gospel
The Horticultural Canvaasitig
Committee were out again yester
day ami did good service.
Dint forget the wine glowers'
m eting at the County Court room,
at 1 o'clock t his afternoon.
Mr. L, M. Holt, Secretary of tbe
Horticultural Society, lectures to
tbe people of Santa Cruz to night
o i matters pertaining to the Fair.
Mr. Charles J. Fox will act as
short hand reporter in the District
Chirt during the absence of Mr.
Julius Lynns,who leaves for Vallejo
Twenty-five boxes of cash, each
marked SIUOO, arrived by express
yesterday for the pay car of the
S lUlherii-Pacific Hiilway Compa
Arrived at Wilmington Septem
ber 27th, schooner Lizzie Madison,
Carlson, master, from Coffey's
Cove, with 0,200 railroad ties for
the Western Development Com
Among the exhibits [hat have
come to hauls i far in the postal
investigation, are the cosmetic
gloves thai so recently formed one
of the bases of a spicy correspond
Col. Hewitt inform) us that he
has received official information
from headquarter* that work upon
the extension of the S lutdiern r'a
citic into Arizona will he begun at
H. 0. Berry, Chirp I Swamp, is
experimenting with alfalfa ou his
mesa farm. liis IHO3MI seems (o
be assured, as he iias already har
vested two crops from alfalfa sown
last Spring.
The several insurance companies
represented by Mr. \V. J. Brodrick
are Htnong the most reliable in tbe
world. Persons about to insure
will Nnd it to their interest to give
Mr. Urofrick a call.
Deputy Sheriff J. A. Berry, of
Pomona, j ester hiy brought iv
Joseph ChUiOlllll, whom he arrest
ed ou a telegram from Sheriff
Mitchell on the charge of having
stolen a horse from G W. Valpey.
Angeled >a at San Kraneisco ho
tels on the 20th: J. J. Ayers, Pal
ace; li. H. Highes, International;
J. Bixby and wife, Miss Hattie
B'Xby, Grand; A.S. McDonald, D.
McKee, W. J. Montgomery, Russ
On October Ist the Southern Piw
oiflc Railroad Company will put on
sale a round trip coutraot ticket,
limited lo twenty days, between
Los Angeles and San Francisco
and Sacramento, The rate to San
Francisco or Sacramento and re
turn will be $34.
By reading the triple-column ad
vertisement which appears on the
third page of this morning's
Herai.p, our readers will And an
explanation of the word "Silver,"
which has appeared in the Herald
and been oast broadcast about the
streets for the past month.
The Sau Bernardino Times says:
Numbers of our citizens are getting
xhihits ready for the Los Angeles
Fair, and San Bernardino will yet
make a good showing there. We
hope everybody will do their ut
most to show that we are entitled
10 a front seat among the Southern
Young Geary, whose natural
home seems to be the County Jail,
was again sent up by Judge Peel
yesterday, this time for 30 days,
with the condition that if, mean
time, his people should send a
ticket to bring him home an officer
shall esoort him lo the cars and
see him off for Sau Franoisoo.
Mrs. Virginia Solillni, who has
been confined to the house since
Monday last from tiie effects of a
blow inflicted by her husband,
Joseph Soldini, appeared before
Judge Peel yesterday evening and
tiled a complaint charging Soldini
villi assault. Tbe case will be
h«ard at 0 o'clock this morning.
Postmasters and agents of Wells,
Farno 4 Co,, iv all tbe larger
towtit of the Stale, have received
copies ,r the prospectus and sub
scripts, |i„t of "The History of
San Fiai c |goo," by JohnS. Hiltell,
to be pubi„|,ed for the benefit of
ihe yellow f eV er sufferers and tbt
Orphan Aay-um of San Francisco,
and are auth\rized to receive sub
scriptions anopayment for it.
At tlie oratorical and musical
entertainment at Metropolitan
Temple, San Francisco, last Wed
nesday evening, in aid of the yel
low fever sufferers, Col. Ayers of
this city was one of the speakers.
We clip from the Call's report of
the entertainment:
Colonel J. J. Ayers, of Los An
geles, gave a synopsis of bit ad
dress ou "Pioneer Times," delivered
some time ago before the California
Pioneers. He said the prlucipal
object he had in view was to disa
buse the popular mind of the er
roneous Idea that the days of '49
were days of semi-barbarism. If
the State had progressed since theu
lv a material sense, it had also
kept pace in crime and immorality
with the other adjuncts of modem
civilization. In early days, the
miulug camps were united in a
federation, and though there were
no written laws or regularly Insti
tuted magistrates, yet law and
order were there in the most sub
stantial sense. Justice was weigh
ed with scales as true as ever
known in older communities. The
vulgar crime of larceny was rare,
and summarily punished when
discovered. Assaults were more
frequent, but It was not safe for
desperadoes to go outside their own
class in their trawl , and unnn -
queutly tbe serious affrays were
confined principally to the
gamblers. Persons and prop
erty were safer in the mines In
'49 than to-day in Sau Francisco.
Tbe speaker said tbat Bret Harte
and Mark Twain bad created an
entirely wrong impression of tbe
character of the pioneer, who was
generally an educated aud intelli
gent man.
Col. John D. Graham, of theTol
tec Mining Syndicate, in Southern
Arizona, looked in on us yesterday.
He has just returned from his trip
to tbe Santa Rita mines. He has
been absent about six weeks; and,
though he has sweltered much un
der tbe torrid sun of that region he
is the picture of good health. Col.
Graham informs in that a great
mining revival is going on in Ari
zona which is quite paralleled by
the Railway revival. Eastern
Railway men are proving fully
alive to the opportunities ottered iv
that rich mineral section. Tbe
Santa Rita, the Arivaca, the Tomb
stone und other districts, all look
well aud are being rapidly pros
pected. Arizona bas never wit
nessed such an influx of people be
fore, aud of people who mean bus
iness. There is universal confi
dence lv both the extent, richuess
aud permanence of the mines.
Mr. Jesse Ysrnell left per steamer
Oiizaba to attend the meeting of
the Grand Lodge of Good Templars
of California and Nevada, which
will meat at Vallejo next Tuesday.
Mr. Julius Lyons will leave for the
same purpose to-day and Mr. W.
D. Gould to-morrow, the latter two
going overland. These gentlemen
will represent Merrill Lodge No.
299 of this city.
Some thirty witnesses have thus
far been ex imined by the pro9ecu
tion in the examination of the
charges against Postmaster
Dtinkelberger. The investigation
will be resuin d this morning, aud
the prosecution will endeavor to
close to-day. As special agent
Shaip leaves for San Francisco this
afternoon, further investigation
will then be postponed until uext
Tuesday or Wednesday.
A Hog Herders Association hat
been organized on the mesa, Gospel
Swamp, in opposition to the Hog
Raisers Protective Union, its ob
ject being to protect the member!
of the fraternity from auy en
croachments by tbe H. R. P. U.
Grand Jury Report.
To the Hon. Albert M. Stephens,
County Judge of Los Angeles
Sir: The Grand Jury, empaneled
on the 23d instant for the Septem
ber term, A. D. 1878, beg leavo to
report that we have examined into
twenty-eight cases brought before
us and have found nineteen true
bills. Ignoring eight aud referring
one to the next Grand Jury.
We would recommend that the
Justices of the Peace aud tbe Police
Judge be In the future somewhat
more careful in sending cases be
fore the Grand Jury without the
shadow of proof to act upon, there
by running tbe county into un
necessary expense. We would also
like to call tbe attention of your
Honor to a case which was brought
before us, wherein it appears that
young boys, tbe rising generation
of this city and county, are oor
rupted, admitted and permitted to
play unlawful games iv certain
gambling houses, the consequeuues
of which will bring them lo steal
from their parents, their employes,
or from whomever they may be
able to gain the money to gamble
A Committee of this Jury have
examined the jail and recommend
that the Board of Supervisors make
an appropriation for the purchase
of a copper kettle now In the jail
yard for the purpose of oleanlng
the blankets aud clothes of tbe in
We extend our thanks to the able
ami Indefatigsble District Attorney
for his aid aud advice during this
term, aud to the Sheriff for his
punctual and ready attendance.
All of which is respectfully sub
Henry Wartenbero,
Los Angeles, Cal., Sept. 20, 1878.
Property Transfers.
moM Gibson's th a w-
It M Town and Robert Turnbull, by
«herlff, to Annen Averlll— gag uoree In
Hec2taodßoacrea In See 20 T2SII11W;
11010 12.
I !•: Fulton to X W Hawkins—Lota 1,
2,3, 4 and 5. Hulphur Springs tract, Ran
cbo Hanta tiertrudea; $30;).
I,ettice Houebton to X W Hawklna —
NW'/iofSW KS<-06T3881l W; 3i700.
John Benner and Orlatlna Benner to L
Llcbten berger— Lot 9, block 3, Ord's sur
vey, and lot on San Fernando street;
W II Rowland to C H Williams-Lot 12,
blk 10. Mott tract; »Xli-
M M Ooodner and H X 8 O'Malveney
to Alex McKenjie—Part or the north
portion of Ml 1 . Soo 13 T2B Rl4 W; 3500.
A Ouy Smith to hU wife. Maey 8
Smith—2o aoers In Ranabo Santiago de
Sania Ana; girt,
a Oomte.Jr, to Jules Pleret—Lot 10, blk
4, Pryor Iran*; 36.
John W Han-» to N W Stowell—HE V t
See 25 T 1 N R 1 W aud water right; 31400
N W Stowall to John Bellamy, John
Morrlaon and Walter F Cuahlog-145
acres of SB See 26 TINII yW, and Sen
Dlmas Janon water; $1600.
District conn Itmrmi, 1.
Friday, Sept. 27.
Alexander vs. Bouton—Demur
rer submitted: two days to file
Alexander vs. Brinkerhoff—De
murrer submitted; two days to file
Probata Court SriPßwa i.
Friday, Sept. 27.
Guardianship of Lauriana Ma
chadrj—Final account of guardian
filed and approved.
New Way to Pay Back Rent.
A Frenchman named Courtade
bas found a new way to pay back
rent. He bad been sued for arrears
and threatened witb expulsion.
He insisted tbat tbe Judge, the
clerk, tbe bailiff and the landlord
should examine tbe premises.
These four men with tbe landlord's
wife entered th* yard together, and
the tenant told them be was will
ing to pay up, only he wanted an
extra grange and tbe well. He
said, "I'll go and fetch tbe agree
ment," and went into the house.
He brought back two guns and a
pistol. " Now," be said, "we are
on the battle field. We must all
did here. These are for you—this
for inc." Aud he pointed to the
arms In his hands. "Come, come,"
said the Judge, kindly, " this is
childishness. Put down those
arms." Courtade fired, and the
landlord and Judge tell dead where
they had stood. The clerk and tbe
bal iff followed next. The land
lord's wife ran Into tbe house and
locked the door. Courtade fol
lowed her and fired through tbe
window. She had a child iv her
arms. Both fell. He Uiei
walked quietly to his own place
and shut himself up. Tht
bnuse was soon surrounded. H>
tried to kill himself, but did uoi
succeed. The four men lv the yard
were dead. The woman, thanks to
her presence of mind, escaped.
Courtade tried to appear mad, bul
did not deceive the doolors. He
is terribly afraid of dying now.
He hopes to have the sentence
commuted to hard labor for life.
A Victim of His Own Superstition.
Lrruckee Republican, Sept. 21st.]
Robert Hyslop was killed at
Katz's logging camp, uear Boca,
and about a week later a young
man named Butler was killed at
the same camp aud iv nearly the
same manner. Several of tbe
workmen became alarmed at the
strange fatality wblcb appeared
to overshadow the place aud, de
manding their wages, quit work
Among the superstitious workmen
was Thomas Hahn, who suicided
by jumping Into Luke Bigler last
week. Mr. Kabn's death is
shrouded in mystery. He was Ob
nerved sitting ou the wharf at Bay
City, aud a few moments later his
body was found lying lifeless on
tbe pebbly bottom of the lake. The
dread fatality which he imagined
presided over tbe camp bad appar
ently pursued him with relentless
The Turks lost about 150,000 men
killed and wounded duriug the re
cent war, and, according to tbe
Invalide Eusge, something over
10,000,000 cartridges were fired by
the Russians, which would make
the proportion of hits 1 in every 66
shots fired. At Splcheren, the
Prussians scored 1 Frenchman for
every 279 shots, at Worth 1 for
every 147 and at Co'ouibe-Neuilly
1 for 114, so that if the Russian
figures are correct, the Russian sol
dier is a better shot or more eco
nomical of ammunition than his
Germin cousin. However, the
Russians employed artillery fire
more largely than usual, and a
London paper hints that they may
have used the bayonet after their
enemies had surrendered.
Bam Fbanowoo. Sept. 27.
Optnr 77i»70)t Belcher 11V*U>.
Mexican 79:q>7H ConlllOnOo. .11 \ZtU\
* »o- msv<h st Nevada. -mufti:
BAB SH&Vllfe OUh [email protected]>
Ja,iltorm»....l«Wta>, Bullion 17®. 7S
savage TMttas exchequer... 7V<*iA
Onn V. 15(4) 'ft 1 . Overman MBMM H
Ohnllar. | [email protected] luanoe lOxialOH
H AN [email protected](Hi Succor 1 OU
Point lufclgluK Union l,Mi<gl&i
lacker &®it Alta lOfcffllCX
Imperial 1 Inlla 6"4foi6S
Eentuck *(<i*h Lady Bryan [email protected]
Alpha 181318* Caledonia »>,«>»»
Prompt Reform of Bodily Evils.
Tho prompt reform of those bodily
evils, enfeebled digestion, Incomplete as>
simllatlon, Inactivity or the liver, kid*
neys and bladder, as well as of the ner
vous symptoms which tbe»e ailments
are especially prone to besot, Is always
accomplished by the use of Hostntier's
-HomHch Bitters, a medicine accredited
by physicians, pronounced pure by ana
lysts and omlnently wholesome ann
agreeable. Surely suoh a restorative Is
preferable to unpalatable nnd indigesti
ble mineral drugs and unsanctioned
nostrums. The nation at large assuredly
LhlnkH so, Judging by the unprecedented
I em and fur the article from Maine 10 tht-
Paolflc, a demand now supplemented by
immense orders for it received from trop
ical America, Mesloo, the British and
Spanish Colonial possessions and else
where. Both at home and abroad it i»
reoognlzed as a standard remedy and
prevent ive, the decisiveness of Its effects
■ecommendlng It everywhere.
No Clearance Sale.
The proprietors of the Mechanics'
store wish toinform tbe publio that
they make no clearance sales and
offer no bails. We receive new
goods every week and guarantee to
give our customers perfect satisfac
tion and the full value of their
money. We also wish the publio to
know that we inteud giving you
goods lower than tbe lowest, at all
times, uot merely for a few days,
but will be witb you, we hope, for
many, many years. Patronize the
Mechanics' store aud you will find
it to your advautage. Do not mis
take the place. Look for sign and
Mechanics' Stok;:,
49 Main street, directly opposite St.
Charles Hotel. sep27-tf
Genuine Marrlan's Burton Pale
Ale on draught at McKenzie'g.
One of the Brightest Charms
Of afairface is a Hue set of testh. The
ladies, being fully alive to this fact, pat
ronize 80ZODONT In preference to any
other dentifrice, since they know by ex
perience tbat It preserves like no other
the prittine whiteness and cleanliness
ot the teeth, and makes a naturally
sweet brea<hadditionally fragrant. It Is
one of the privileges of the oeau aex to
look lovely, and that proportion of it
Whloh uses SOZODONT has learned tbat
the article contributes In no small de
gree to the end tn view. All druggists
Stsl It
A Remrkable Cure.
West Townsind, Vt., May H, 1860.
M khhhh. a. W. Fowls A Sons.
Gentlemen—Several years since I took
a severe oold. wbloh settled on my lungs
where It remained without relaxation. 1
was then In Massachusetts, and growing
worse and becoming unable to attend to
my business, 1 returned home and com
menced searching In earnest for some
medicine which would restore my lost
health. 1 consulted physicians and
tried many remedies, but obtained no
help and dally giew worse. I bad a ter
rible cough and raised a good deal of
blood. I bad profuse night sweats and
severe pain In my side, 1 continued In
this state for months.and became so weak
that It was with great difficulty I could
walk, when I was advised to try wibtak's
Balsam or Wild Ciukkv, and, to
my great Joy I soon found tuat this rem*
edynad arrested tbe Disease. 1 contin
ued to use the Balsam to the extent of Aye
bottles and have, since then experienced
no difficulty of the lungs. I believe the
Balsam saved myllfe and I shall ever hold
it in high estimation.
Yours truly,
Lewis Phblps
A Wide - Awake Youth's Paper.—
For Judicious editing, select and popular
contributors, and sprighly, entertaining
reading.the Ymuth't Companion, of Boston
baa no superior among the youth's publi
from m DlatiuffHisiieu Jurist.
"[ have tried the Pkkuvian mykup. and
the result fully sustains your prediction.
It has made a new man of mo, infused In
fo my system new vigor and energy. I
am no longer tremulous and debilitated
as when you last saw me, but stronger,
beartler, and with a larger capacity for
tabor—mental and physical—than at any
ilmo during the last Aye years. Sold by
all druggists.
Do II at Ones!
Persons who have be corns thoroughly
chilled from anyeauss, may have their
circulation at once restored by taking In
to the stomach a teaspoonful of Johnson's
Vnodyne Liniment, mixed In a little cold
water, well sweetened.
Lyon's Kathaikon makes beautiful
luxuriant, glossy hair; prevents it* tall'
ingoutor turning gray. It has stood tbr
test of 40 years Is charmingly perfumed
and bas no rival.
Henry K. Bond, of Jefferson, Maine,was
oured of spitting blood, soreness and weak*
uses of the stomaob, by tbe use of John
•on's Anodyne Liniment internally.
Every farmer who owns a good stock ol
bones, cattle and sheep, and intends to
keep them through the winter should at
>nee get a good stock of Sberldan's Cav
alry Condition Powders. One dollar's
worth will save st least a half a ton of
— TnE —-
Fashion Livery Stable,
Consisting of the following property:
1 Kimball six-seat carriage, pole and
lead bam;
1 Los Anjteise six-seat carriage;
1 Baronche;
1 Canopy t.>p hack;
2 closed backs;
3 Lop carriages;
2 open Kimball buggies;
1 open carriage;
7 top buggies;
li se(B single harness;
6 sets double harness;
4 sets hack harnen-s;
1 «et D«v Concord coach harness;
1 Coucord coacb;
4 buggy poles;
27 fine driving horses, will work both
sides, single or double.
Also, ROBES, WHIPS, etc.
Tbe above described property will be
sold entire or in part, to suit uurohaser.
For particulars enquire at
No. 29 MAIN ST., opposite Arcadia St.
The Havana Saloon,
[Formerly Grand. Central,]
IV o. 40 Maiu Nti-oe t,
Liquors and Cigars.
•WLimOH FROM II A. M. TO 1 P. M.
J. CAPPE, Proprietor.
it til
SI to 91000 to Loan,
Removed to No. 0 COMMERCIAL ST.
Will advance on oollatarala SI to 11000,
on all kinds of peruana) property, such
as watches, Jewelry, diamonds, pistols,
guns, etc. Oold, silver aud U. 8. Curren.
or b.a«hl and Bold. irllU
Our store will be closed on SATUR
DAY, September anii.
Has facilities for doing JOB
WORK not equaled in South
ern California. Power and
Job Presses run by steam se
cure promptness and moder
ate prices. Give this office
a call and secure work at San
Francisco Prices and of a San
Francisco finish and style.
iiaii Tat a »hm.« o»- c»m».
Silver! Silver!
puzzled the financiers of the mercantile world! This all-important world-wide enigma
will be practically illustrated on MONDAY, September 30th, at the
3XTo. 9 Commercial St.,
Who are selling another consignment of
AT STILL LO WER PRICES than those which have already startled the people of
Southern California. THEY MVST BE SOLD AT ONCE; therefore, by
order of SHERIFF TOWNEY, the following
Will be distributed among the customers: FOUR CASES OF SILVER WAR JB,
seized by the Custom House authorities, which we have received from Sheriff
Towney, will be GIVEN A WA V at the IXL AUCTION CO.
To be Given Away 2500 Silver Tea Spoons
To be Given Away 1000 Silver Table Spoons
To be Given Away 1000 Silver Forks
To be Given Away 100 Silver Sugar Bowls
To be Given Away 50 Silver Syrup Cups
To be Given Away 50 Silver Fruit fctands
To be Given Away 2500 Silver Napkin Rings
To be Given Away 2500 Silver Butter Knives
To be Given Away 500 Silver Cups
To be Given Away 100 Silver Butter Plates
To be Given Away 50 Silver Castors-"
To be Given Away 50 Silver Combination Sets
This GREAT SILVER GIFT SALE will be inaugurated on
MONDAY, SEPT. 30, 1878,
And each purchaser to the amount of $2 50 will receive a bona fide FINE SILVER
GIFT of one of the above-named articles. The SILVER GIFTS will be open for
inspection prior to the sale on Monday, September 30th, and we pledge ourselves to
carry out this programme in this entirety, and we need only add that the distribution
of these GIFTS will be made in an impartial manner and in equity —the larger the
purchase the more valuable the Gifts.
In conclusion we would say that faith will be kept with the public and tho above
statement carried out in all its bearings. We are perfectly aware that these high
priced stores will sneer at this Silver Gift Sale of ours, and ask the question, "How
can they do it?" That is our business; and we paid for our experience, and we have
no doubt that these high-priced stores will pay through the nose for theirs. Suffice it
to say that we paid for the SILVER. We shall at all times conduct our business as
we see fit, irrespective of all outsiders. The simple fact is, the people want cheap
goods, and we are determined to let the people have cheap goods at the GREAT
On Monday, Sept. 30, and following Thirty Days, at the
Fashionble Merchant Tailor,
vro. 12 TEMPLE Block, Sprint strMt,
JN Lo. Angeles. He ha. the LARtf »»f,
C.lPornla. His old customers and the
Subtle will And It the place toMt BEST
TYLES and FITTING obtainable.
Constantly on hand. Refers to the prin
cipal gentlemen of the olty, tor whom he
ha. made clothing.
asy-No necessity to lend to San Fran
cl.oo for good aitiui: suits. deoao.tr
Notice of Removal.
Ha. removed nla Freight and Trausfer
Office from 110 Main street to
Evergreen Laundry.
"W .A- S 131 I IsT O-1
Galled far and delivered to any part
or the city, by
Seed & Phillips, Adams St.
Orders can be left at the bookstore ol
Mr. Sam Heklman. Hprlng 81. oUtt
a. Mckenzie,
Fine Wines & Liquors.
H. & H. W. CatherwoorJ's
Fine Old Whiskies
From their agent., DICKSON, DeWOLF
6 Co., .sau Francisco; also.
Old Bourbon and Rye
Dlreet from Louisville, Ky., by tbe Bottle
or tiallon, at LOW PRICES.
Genuine Scotch and Irish Whiskey.
English Ales and Porter.
la provided with the purest
Ponet'a BulldlDfr,
Mala .treat, near Court, Los Angela..
South California Pork Market,
Will furnish customer, with none but
ar.t-elau Meat., Sausages, Head-Cheese,
Pates of all kinds. Has., Haoou, Poultry,
Kgg«, Cheese and Butter. Shop open
from .1 a. M. to *\i r. M. Meat, delivered
to all parte of I he city free. s2J
Merchants' Money Exchange
No. 1. Fourth street, San Francisco, baa
removed to Loa Angelas, California, on
account of Ul health, to
Main St.i Downey Blook,
Next to Wonwener's Drug Store, oppo
site Commercial street.
Watches, Diamonds, Jewelry,
Or Borrow Money
N. v. A larg- lot of unredeemed
pledge, o; the above goods win be sold
cheap for cash. e3otf
W. M. WILLIAMS « Co., :
* •
General Forwarding, Storage and
Commission Merchants.
WAREHOUSE—San Pedro at. depot.
OPFICB-Noe. 1 and It, Downey Block,
with Thompson A Ellis.
M. 8.-We are prepared lo make liber
al loans on (rain stored with us at ORE
PER CENT, per month. atu*

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