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I go*, fortes Jfttratfl.
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Herald Steam l*ring"lsocsibT™
I fas 11. r.i'. i xte.im •»ri..ti!.i Hooso Is
'; nut surpasso 1 '.iv ai.y JuO !'. luting one
I OS the Pacific Coa-t, ours.de a: t-'rao
•teen. In facilities for uuitit; .'ol> work.
I Vow prises, good work anil expedition
r wsar be railed uponi tit this office.
In a brief note we referred yes
terday to the action of "the San
Francisco Chamber of Commerce
. la rescinding its original endorse
ment of the projected Frauco
. American treaty, whose enactment
I lata law would have inflicted such
• fatal blow upon our growing Cal
ifornia wine and brandy Interests.
HI would indeed liave proved to be
Ih unspeakable calamity if an in
■taieetof suo'a m.ignituJo now, and
I whSoh is destined to so expand in
Urn course of the next, decade,
abould be slaughtered in tbe bouse
of its friends, the enormous wealth
•f Pranos la due primarily to her
▼Ineyarda. It was these aud the
accumulations resulting therefrom
that enabled her to pay the Uer
■u Indemnity with such rapidity
aud ease. Frauce makes about
thirty-five per cent, of all the wine
■tad* on tbe European continent
The latest statistics show the
product of the French vineyards to
be within a triflj of 1,501,000,000
gallons of wine yearly. The graat
est wine manufacture of California
la a single year was six million
gallou*, or about one two hundred
•nd fiftieth part of that of France.
'When we consider tli.it it is q jite
irascible for us to make, iv time, ns
■such wine in this State us France,
WO can get an idea of the ex'cut to
I wblcb our present mauufasture
I -Bay expand if it is not nipped in
i the bud by allowiug the French
vlguerons tv dictate our national
legislation. Not ouly have we an
I immense area iv which the scrape
I nay to advantage, but
"loTyield of our vineyards U some
thing extraordinary. It may be
•tated, according tv looatiou, al
frem twice to three times that of
Prance. In addition, we aru not
obliged to resort to expensive
manures, to ranew an impover-
Ished eoti, as tiiey ara iv that
country. There are vineyards in
Li* Angeles county now which are
one huudrj 1 years oid, and whose
, yield is, we have every reason
to believe, as priliSj as
I When tbe oautury opened. Ail
California needs to achieve
| success Jn the ni ■nu f ao-
I ture or*wrluc& brandies is a lit-
I tie fo'teriug care on the p irt of the
1 government and the spread of tej'.i
, nlesl kuowledgL'. Kvery d»y li
adding to our acquaintance with
j tbe best methods of handling out
grapes. In conseq lence, we are
already miking wines which are
becoming q iitv popular lv the
East Mr. Dreyfus informed tbe
writer that we tire making light
wines In California now which will
compare favorably wi;h the most
I famous light wines of the Rhine.
' We have already passed the first
It crude and tentative stage of the
I industry, are finding out the grapes
I I best adapted to our soli and the
If methods winch Will secure us the
I happiest results. We are uot lm
■ patient because we are uot already
prepared to m-et Frauce in the
markets of the world. Our day
will come and ooine rapidly. Out
m ist creep before one walks and
W-lk before one runs. But Con
gress should see to it that Ihe goose
which is destined to lay such a
Tery large golddii egg is not killed
ky French intrigue, backed by tbe
Viue and brandy importers of New
York. Five years more of a judi
cious protection and our viguerous
Will be able to dispense with ail
otter forms of government recog-
B tiou save such a* relate to Im
: jved methods of collecting the
ultrtisl Revenue.
We can discern in Republican
quarters an uneasy feeling that
Uen. Benjamin K. Butler may be
Ihe ii, xt U ivernor of Mussachu
■etts. It Is true that the itbulis of
tbe el ciion in O ib> anil luiiiuna
have demonstr-:e.l the fact that
the greenback, pirty ln» nothing
like the stiength claimed for it.
But Butler has tlie Democratic as
well ac the greenback anil National
Labor nominations, and he is a
tower of strength in himself. The
fact that the Herald has been
friendly to Butler's candidacy lias
b »en commented on adversely in
aeveral quarters. We have what
we regard as three good, capital
reasons fir desiring him to succeed.
If ever there has been a supercili
ous, Pharisaic sect It has been the
Republican parly of Massachusetts
Its arrogauce and self-sulliciency
have beeu beyond belief. As ■ ar
ties stand to day in tbe Bay Slate,
an old line Democrat has not a
Vestige of a chance, of buccoss. We
heartily desire lo see this party de
feated in its very pncreant cradle.
Iv the second place, Ben Butler
has always kept his sympathies io
line with the common people,
from the earliest days of his career
Ma lawyer he would drop a wealthy
client to hurry to the aid of v poor
operative. We do not regard him
•a an angel of light, by any means,
but be has always kept to the es
' aentlal Democratic principle that
' tbe muKi stioultl couut for ionic
thing io tbe government of tlie
Btetea end nation, and that their
I well-being, as contradistinguished
from thai of the capitalists and em-
niOKtf ot labor should occupy a
,oepsnnrftble portion of the atten
tion of law making bodies. In the
third place, we hail with pleasure
a willingness ou the part of a man
of suoh recognized political sagac
ity as Butler to dissever himself
from the fortunes of the Republi
can party and Identify himself
again with tbe pat ty of his youth
and early manhood. It is an omen
of evil for the. Republican and an
auspice ot good lot tbe DaaaoeratU
psrty that be has done so.
i There are seme partisans who
are not wi'.bout a sort of sympathy
with what might he called the
"cussedness" of old lieu. Ou«
can come iv time to forgive the
larceny of a silver tpoon or so, but
there is something fascinating
in the strabismic eye of
Butler, iv ''fine pluensy roll
ing," and we should not wonder
If he were to prove to have over the
rack aud flle of the voters of Mas
sachusetts much sui.b un influence
as tbe rattlesnake is said to possess
over bird", by means of which the
latter are brought within striking
distance. If, owing to the demor
alisation his bolt h is caused in the
Republican party of Massachusetts,
we succeed in cap tiring astray
Congressman or two Irom the Bay
State, ws shall regard his candi
I icy as an uiimiXrd gnod to the
AM unquestionably pleasaut
thing is the largo number of pre
miums which have been awarded
at tlie Paris Exposition to citizens
of the United States. This country
has advanced to the front rank in
tlie invention and manipulation of
all tliat contributes to the necessi
ties or the luxury of mankind.
When we read Pix'cy and Bierc
In the Argonaut wa are tempted to
think that the United States is at
best but a scrubby sort of a coun
try, but wheu the results of a close
competition of the products of
Americau genius with the best
achlevemeuts of the most intellto
•oal and progressive uations of the
world are reported, wj humb'y
venture to differ from th* insolent
pro-Anglicans of San Francisco's
biZirre literary paper.
It is a somewhat curious circum
stauce lhat mountain fires and a
very high temper.ittire in Los An
geles are frequently coincident.
Yesterday and the, day before tlie
mercury ranged as high as uiuety
two and the lurid gleam of the tires
in the mountains could be seen on
all sides. We undoubtedly have
warm weather without fires, but
such a torrid temperature iv Octo
ber is doubtless largely due to litis
dls;urblng came.
The newspaper people have per
petrated their last outrage on Mr,
Tilden. They have it tint the old
gentleman is about to mirry a
young and blooming St. Louis
belle. We have great eonfldenoe in
the resources of tho rightfully elect
ed President but we don't think he
is equal to snob an emergency as
that, and we are unhesitating in
our belief that he would decline to
tike any such chances.
THE San Francisco Chronicle, In
transferring to its columns our
account of the Chlneec ceremonials
propiatiory of the devil, credits it
to the Los Angeles Gazette. Our
ooutemp >rary is entirely welcome
to any matter* of interest it may
find in our columns but we confess
we would prefer to see them cred
ited to tlie Herald.
The sensational story as lo the
cause of the death of G"n. C ilton
would seem to be be completely ex
ploded by the card of his physi
cians. We have arrived at such a
pass of sensationalism that it ig
very hard to allow a famous man
to die a natural death.
ISpecUl f.o tha lItaALD by trie WtMlera
Uaiou Tetrgr&pb Company.
Pacific Coast News.
l*ror«eaiMK« or t iii.r/Fsiiiin (.'Oat
Sacramento, Oct. 23d.—The
Cninunttee on Corporations re
sumed this afternoon. It was re
solved that the Commissioners
should hold office for four year-. A
subcommittee — Gregg, Baibour,
White and West—was upp noted to
formulate a section defining the
powers of the Commission. A sub
committee, consisting of Howard,
Reddy, Dean ami White wa< ap
pointed to district tlie State into
three districts.
Howard offered a proposition
giving the right to any citizens to
run cars and locomotives on any
track by psying the rales fixed oy
the Commission. Defeated.
The Committee on ilie Pardoning
Power, Shafier Chairman, adopted
a section vesting the pardoning
power in the GoVerner, the Cbiel
Justice concurring.
The Committee on Revenue ami
Taxation reconsidered the section
adopted yesterday, making mort
gages containing a provision re
quiring the moiigagee to pay a tax
on the money loaned invalid, and
amended it so as to cause the
lender to 10-e the interest only. A
section was added giving tbe Leg
islature power to levy a poll tax ol
uot less than $2.
Tbe Committee mi Education to
day provided fur tlie appointment
by the Governor of a r-Jtale rlo-r'
of two from each Cotigiesiional
District to sit twenty days eaeo
year at the same per diem ami
mileage as the legislature. The
Judiciary Committee to-day fixed
the salary or the Supreme Court
Justices at $7,000. The salary of the
superior Jtidg'-s was left to the I.ee
i-l.it lire, being limited to $4 000.
Special provisions will be made for
San Francisco.
The discussi-n on the Fawcett
case will probably occupy the entire
session to -morrow. The vote will
undoubtedly bo very close. There
are fifty Worklngmen, of whom
two, West and Evey, will vote to
retain Fawcett. 1 here are from six
to ten Non-Partisans who have
avowed their Intention tn vote with
the Workingmeu. There arc five
or six Nnn-Partizans ahseut and
the Workingmeu will not need
many votes to secure a majority.
Shaffer, Hager and Freeman, of
the Non-Partisans, will speak in
favor of ousting Fawcett.
&>U:el4» uf Sir*. TeJ lor,
Oakland, Oct. 23. —Mrs. Taylor,
wifenfLem. VV. Taylor, committed
suicide last evening by taking
strychnine. She had been in poor
lie.l h for a long time, which was
probably Ihe cause of her taking
the f ital step. She leaves a family
of small children whom she baa
been unable to care for properly.
Auultier siulelde.
Columbia, Cai., Oct. 23.—Pierre
Johnson, Inrmerty of this place
and of late the well known propri
etor of the Turn-Verein Hall at
Snnora, committed suicide near
this place by shooting himself in
the breast, When found he was
dead A letter written by him
and found on his person gives
financial reasons for tlie act.
Ore and %Vuol Billnnsen&•
Yuma, Oat. 231.—The steamer
M have arrived from Elirenberg
this morning at 11 o'clock, briug
lng ten tons nf copper ore aud six
tons of wool tor San Frauciso", and
twenty-eight lons of Castle Dome
ore for Oakland All went forward
hy Southern Pacifij Ballroad to
Latest Eastern News.
Tra'tsary DoastSl■■*«».« X.si,
Washington, Oct. 231. — The
heavy gale of last night having
Interrupted telegraphic communi
cation betweeu Washington and
most points nortli and wes\ the
time for receiving proposals for the
sale of silver to the government
has been extended to next Friday
noon, tlie 25th iust.
A'torney General Devens lias re
versed bis former opinion that
National Ranks, in making up
capltal subject to duty, should be
permitted to deduct United State
bond.i at their face value only, and
now decides that they may deduct
Ihe total amount invested iv such
bond; that is to say, not only
their value but the premium added
It is »aid by Treasury officials that
this decision will re open some
fifty thousand assessments made
by the Treasury Deptrtment sluce
>he passage of tile National Bank
ing aot, ami that a large atuouni
of money will bo required to re
fund duU»B erroneously collected
from banks under the previous
Senator Sargent and Represent
ativePige arrived here to-day in
good health.
sev- re ratortn.
New York, Ont, 23 '.—The storm
here is very severe. The telegraph
wire" are down In all directions.
The biy ta very rough and the
damage to shipping is probably
heavy. It is blowing directly on
Cff.-i* »r tne asaras.
SCRANTON, Pi, Oft. 231. —In the
terrible storm of this morning
buildings were dismantled, trees
uprooted ami roof-i hlowu off. Ad
vices from surrounding towns re
port great damage to property.
R*nh Nii*t|»-»oi«ion.
Baltimore, Oet, 23—The bauk
ing house of Clabauizb, Nelson &
Co,, has sispende I and made an as
signment to J. Alexander Preston
for the benefit of their creditors.
The cause of the failure is attribu
ted to tlie losses of the senior part
ner, Mr. \V. H. Clabaugh, in tbe
St. Clair Hotel, of which he was
proprietor, shrinkage iv value of
real estate and general dry rot
in the business of tbe banking
house. Tlie liabilities of hotel anil
banking house are ub rut £100 001).
of which $50,000 are secured. The
assets consist mostly of real estate;
und book accounts.
European Cable News.
Tlie Murder or Slclienaet I'aalia.
London, Oct. 23.—The Albanian
League disclaim responslhlllty for
the murder of Mehnmet Pasha and
declare tbat the murder was perpe
trated by brigands. It is thought
that this explanation will be ac
c=pted by the Porte and Iho neces
sity avoided of sending troops lo
punish the Albanians,
A Flno'l Is Frnttc.
Paris. Oct. 231.—At Largenture,
Monday night, the riverSigue rose
twenty metres in an hour, flooding
i great part of the town Much
property WM destroyed. No loss of
life is repented.
9elioiiv.%l. IT » ureeetle Cier:eeli«h<»fT.
Berlin, Oct. 23d.—Sehouvahff
wlilsuroeed Gortechakof? as Rug
slan Prime Minister, ou acoount of
the luttei's precarious health,
i i.ii.- 1n... it l by Pulle*.
BERLtN, Octt. 23.—Pursuant to
the provisions of the anti-Socialist
bill, the police ha.c dissolved four
Clubs iv this city.
< .-■mi flara mi .\. xi Year
Bombay, Oct. 23 I.—The Vazetle
st»tes that advances upon Cubul
hays been postponed uutll next
The Miser's Money.
[Mempbls Avala icbe, 0c:. Bill.]
Dr. Nelson, the tail raiser, died.
Hi* sou died. Then his daughter,
a beautiful young girl Just bloom
ing into womanhood. Then bis
wife. In almost one fell stroke the
family were annihilated. Nelson
was worth almost a quarter of a
million dollars, a goodly portion of
that sum in United Htates bonds
He lived in tlie suburbs. When
tlie house was cleared of its inhab
itants, v man named Hamtiridge,
who had been a resident of this
city three years, walked in and
took possession of a box containing
j-welry, gold watohe-, etc. Like
most ton v. n, Hambridge mu-l
make a splurge with his 111 gotten
gains, aud on Sunday evening be
was arrested in a hack with a brace
of cyprlans, making a racket
about the towu. Hambridge's story
is that the box of jewelry was taken
possession of by him for the sole
I'Utpoaeof delivering It to J. H.
south of the Howards. But Ham
bridge basa villainous looking face
that would suspend hlin to a hick
ory limb on sight iv Texas. When
arrested, Hambridge made repeat-*
ed efforts to get rid of Ibe jewelry
box. He even attempted to give It
to the poor women, hisfiolicksome
companions, but tbe eagle-eyed po
lice were too smart for Hambridge,
tho box was then taken from bis
person, and the dark-eyed looking
thief is behind the bars.
Woman on the Phonograph.
[Eureka, Nevada, Leader.]
A Nob Hill man retired early
lasteveuiug, weary with the heal
and tired out from a protracted
siege of pedro, and vaiuly endeav
ored to woo the drowsy >. <> I, sus
tained and soothed by the uninter
rupted flow of small talk from his
wakeful spouse. 11 r conversation
was not exactly in tbe lino of a cur
tain lecture, as she was not iv an
Inharmonious mood, but was rath
er seeking Information in the
world's work. Her last question to
her nodding lord was iii reference
to E lison and his inventions.
" How about the phonograph,
dear?" she queried; 'yu hove
never explained It to vie. How
does it work?"
He roused himseT up and an
"It's a little machine that the
husband leaves ou the table while
lie is down towu, aud on bis return
be turns a crank, and it informs
him of everything that has beei
said ou the premises during his
She meditated a moineut, then
broke out:
"The fool men are always getting
up some pesky invention, and If
you bring one of these things in
ibis house I'll leave."
He promised not lo do so, if she
would let him go lo sleep, and a
areat sileuee fell on tbe room. Bui
she is now firm iv the belief thai
Edison is a monster aud au enemy
lo poor, weak woman.
They Knew He Meant It.
[Fulton Times I
When a newly married widower
passed a orowd who arere fttatiUlug
on Kir-l street last week one of the
party remarked:
"He waited a long time before he
nit-die I onto his second wife, didu't
"How long ago did ills first wif.
die?" querried a subdued looking
stranger, who was standing near.
Tlie party figured that it had
been about lour years.
"Ton soon, too sioti," tin
stranger; ' if my wife should die
I'd never get murried again."
Tbe moisture that gathered in
the strangei's eyes eugulfed the
crowd lv a sea of sympathy, ami
when he bowed his head, and they
saw the murks of the rollinu-pii
behind h's oar, and observed that
several tufts of hulr were missing
from bis scalp, they knew he meaut
what be said.
The New York Commercial Ad
vertit.er indulge! iv Ibis! " lliey sii
who tell us love Can die," sab:
tjnuthey, Southey is d aI, or wr
-liould like to put this question t<
blinl tSupuOse a fellow to liave had
half a doleu lovo affairs between
ihe age* of six ami thirty, Inolua
ive, and they nil pegged tun in the
usual manner—letters, locks ol
hair anil broken sixpences throwii
iv—do they continue to live, or do
they requiescat in pace, like Susan
Jane and a portion of Hanut'i?
A oauful observer ha* Informed
a contemporary that the person
who origluattd the contemptuous
expression, ''It is not worth a but
Ion," had no correct idea of the
import of that remark. He never
knew what it was to depend upon a
single button for the support ol his
pautaloona aud have thut button
give out when he wa9 walkinj;.
A Row of Pearls
Qlistenln 4 through coral lips is certainly
a pleasing objeoi; but a row of dl 00
--ucd, bespaukled teem in aay mouth at
all Is ai;nevous drawb cK. Add to till*
that IBOU a set or teeth is u-u 11. uocom
panled by impure breath, and one can
ujftroaijr imagine snvthlng more obiec
tjot ail*. SOZCJUONT, lbs great purlfl.-i
of thebieatband -.vbittner of tbe teeth
obviates ihis nuie ot the moutii com
pletely, re cuius its dental occupant*
from dsslruotioo and counteracting the
influence upon tln* suamel ot acldstcrf
tloos la th moutb.
A situation as IionsEKKF.PEK or to
ilo huiseworK. Address M. N. H., Her
ald offlca. oil 1»
J. G. Smith, I. 1).,
Lit" noiiie anrl Phy«leimi (
Bsllovue and BlaekWell'fl I,laud Hos
pitals. Ncrt- Voik CJ y.
Erunson & Weils.
Wo have comi'-cMona established a
tYaahinKton with Hun, Mutt. Carpenter,
>y whlou v • are ouartled to give apenrni
i lemioQ to eaiet lv t he supremo Court
>f the United >>tate.H unJ al 1 matters be
ure till- bepurtLn ats at Washington, oil
Delinquent Notice.
tlain Street and /ign uiiura! Park Rail*
r<i*d Company — l.ocailou of prlnrlprtl
pluce of busmeas, Los AntfciCM Cai,—
l.ouailou oi ru. d, Los Angeles, Cai.
NO iTcE.
There are dellnque.it upon the follow-
Ing de»«Tlbed stock,on ticcountoi asse»- u
rn 'lit No 4, Invert on the 11th day of
S.-p'ember. IWB, the sever-iI amounts *et
uj.p'imie the intnie* or tho iesperjtlv>
bharebolder*, aa follows:
No. No.
Certifioato. Shares. Ami.
Buc'innan,H IG* 1 $3 t it
Beane, C. X \H'l 2 V\ 00
Lichtenberger, 1..... 51 i 10 u0
Aud In accordance with law and an or
iler of the ttoanJ c Diroct rs uaade on
the lltb ilay ot septembf-r, lrwH, a > many
shatea of t arh parcel of Hitch stork un
maybe noeas.ir.v will oa sold tit public
uucilou, at ilioofflcfto 1 ili-i Main *ire»t
and Agrhunurai Park ;allrjud mm
pariy.on MONDAY, tbe KOl/UTII day
of November, lt*7B. ut tbe bour ol one
(l)n'rlook P. M.ofKuld d»y, to » ay Raid
delinquent aaiiepisnrienL thereon, together
■v; tv iMHi , ol advertising and r-npeufcta of
Office —No H Commercial Ntie--i, Los
Angoies, California. o.'4td
Mortgage Sale.
Klernan, Plalatlfr, vs. Bridge'
Clifford, Jhuiob uarinun ana
Keluan, Guardian oi ths person and
estate of Bridget Clifford, au laaana
person, l>efendants.-No. 4184.—seven
teenth Oia'.i let Court.
decree of foreclosure aud or
der ol sal* entered lv the
District Court of tbe nth Judicial
District of tho State of California, iv and
for the county of Los Angeles, on tbe
n>> day of October, A. I). 1878, and a
writ ou foreclosure of mortgage entered
In the aforesaid District Court, annexed
to said decree and dated the n; b day ol
Ociober. a. D. 1878, In the above enti
tled case, and in favor of Eliza Kieruau,
plaintiff, and ugalubt Bridget Clifford,
James Gorman and peter Keinan, Uuar
dian of the person aud estate of
Bridget Clifford, an Insane person,
defendants, a certified copy of which suld
decree of foreclosure duly attested undor
the seal of said court on tho 16th day
of October, A. 1). 1878, and delivered to
me, together with tho wilt an
nexed thereto, on the 13d day
day of October, A. D. 1878, where
by I am commanded to sell at public
auction, to tho highest aud boat blddor
for cash In V. s. gold oolu, tho following
and lv said docroe dexciibod real estate,
lo wit:
All that certain piece or purcol of land
situated In the city and oounty ol Los
Angelas, state of California, bounded
aud described as lollows:
All that certain pieoo or parcel of land
lying and being iv the city, ecuuty aud
State utoresald, oontululug four acres,
more or less, being the same property
conveyed b/ J. W. ii Smith and wire to
0. C. tilgby ou Mnrch IS. ISM. and con
veyed by ssid t:. C. IliKby to Oeorge W.
Unlit, by deed dated Jis n 13, 1811), aud by
said (je orge W. Dent to James Gorman
by deed dated June 26, 1874, and by said
■lames Gorman conveyed b, deed of
September ii. 1871, to PutiToll Clifford,
reterenoe being m ide to ull Kio above
detdsf >ra more particular description,
be descriptions in eaca of -said deeds
being made pan of this description, to
gether wllh all aad singular the tene
ments, heraditamints aud appurte
lances thereto belonging or in any wise
Public u.nice is boreb7 glveu that ou
Kill DAY, THE 15lb DAY OF
NOVEMBER, A. D. 1878,
At 12 o'clock IC, I will proceed to sell
at tbe Cuurt House door, In the city und
county of Los Angeles, state of Califor
nia, at public auction to tlie highest
and best blddor lor cosh In U. 8. gold
coin, to satisfy said decree lor principal,
and interest, costs anu all accruing costs,
all the above desorlbed real estate.
Glveu under my hand, at the city of
bos Angeles, county of Los Angeles,
St no of California, this xM day of octo.
Ocr, A. Li. 1878.
By Jamas C. Kays. Doputy. ooSttd
A Clear stand In I ho bß9t location la
the city, with or without slock. Apply
at the Hesai d office. 119 If
VlinilLLl ML//-11110,
The Wonderful Mimic
11* a.-s
Character Impersonations,
Introducing a number of NEW awl
fore glveu In tiiis o ty, assisted by
1 ,
','nllery 26 els
Hoserved seats -ib cts. extra.
Fine Wines & Liquors.
H. & H. W. Catherwood's
Fine Old Whiskies
from ttaolr agents, DICKSON, DeWOI.F
A Co., salt Francisco; also,
Old Bourbon and Rye
I From their agents, A. P. Hotaling A Co.,
Sun Francisco, by the H. tUe or
Gallon, al wholesale prices.
Genuine Scotch and Irish Whiskey.
English Ales and Porter.
Is provided with ths purest
Ponet'iH JJullclluy,
Main street, near Court, Los Angeles.
Washingteii Garden Tract.
FIFTY LOTH COiIOO, 00x150 aud tlxli) ft.
Sale to take place on
TUESDAY, Oct. 29,
Kuy a lot while you can AT YOUR
"l-td Auctioneer.
Mr AH work warranted
Jobbing attended to with despatch, oluti
Lost. Saturday afternoon, ou Alameda
slr«-ei, between tbe new and old depots
or the southern Paeiflo K<tiroad,a sil
ver cased Walt ham watch wlih steel
chain. Tho above reward will be paid
on the return of tho watch to the H kkh.d
53 as 55 ZMI__I_T STREET.
In order Io make room for onr extensive Full purchases, wo will hold a
Special Clearance Sale !
Beginning on tlie 27th instant, and will offer some very
reall^?!^!;, 11 - 15110 W*^ 7 . _ B 2 ted t0 call a,ld convinco themselves that we
reailj sell at prices never heard of before, and that we DEFY COMPETITION.
Choice Prints 00
Lonsdale and White Rock Muslins '.!!!.'.".To £± £ f
Heavy Brown Sheetings, one yard wide 2 Sid! for Si
Two and Sheeting... orTLvL,\
All-wool Red and White Flannels .*.....& P p C O . gj
Linen Napkins " P ei ) aru
Linen Towels. $} P er * ozen
Corsets, sold before at'sl'so . $l P er
A Great Variety of Dress Goods, sold before at 25c'.'.'.'.'. .*" ' joi" and 15c'
Men s and Boys' White and Colored Shirts. 5 JtSi
Cheviot Shirting W' V r 11
Cashmere for Dresses, in all colors!!'. .*'.!.'.'!'.".'.25^'per vafd
Black Gros-Grain Silks... i° r per yar^
76c. per yard
3 Points Heavy Gray Blankets $3 | 4 Points Heavy Gray Blankets. ... $4
White Blankets also Reduced in Proportion.
Below tl_c T «owest.
IJSS_?*EVERYTHING % Marked in Plain Figures and Only ONE PRICE.«=S#
i """
Eugene Meyer & Co.,
CITY OP PARIS, 53 & 55 Main St.
— _ sM-lm
6 4 3VEX IN" ST.,
Where he is prepared to show tlie iadies of Los Anceles goods at. GREATLY RE DUPED PMTPK<s
is the time to come ami secure your BARGAIN'S. NO COMMON TRASH .old at this
Establishment. All Goods as Represented.
?0 yards of the best American Prints
12 yards Lonsdale M DO
12 yards White Rock 1 °"
O'heviot Shirting •• 1 00
5000 yards Snowflake Dress G00d5.... f? 0| "- l' er > ar<l
iOOO yards French Armins 15 els - |,er yard
5000 yards Clan Plaids 2o eta. per yard
1000 yards Black Silk, gros grain 2jct «, B ; > ,er ** t(i
100 Ladles' Dresses of the Latest Styles...'.'..".'.".V. _ yar !'
100 Ladies' Dresses of the Latest Styles. I! 55 oach
150 Ladles' Dresses of the Latest Styles... i? 9 , °° eacl '
Ladies' Cloaks 512 00 eaoli
$6 00 each
Ladle*' HnndltcrchlefH, 3V np _i„ s , Towo.s, Embroidery. Ho.icry,
Gloves, Luces, Now Stylo Veils.
m pairs of Mission Woolen Mill, Family White Banket* at $9 00, from the great sale of N.whall, San
rmttalMO. These Blankets always sold at $10.
All Kinds of Fancy Goods at Half tho Usual Prices.
his noI humbug. 011011 PBIOKH, Call aud examine for yourselves and be convinced that
DOTTER dfe I3l^ADl_,_3Y'S_
— nnIS 9w
(Successor to Chris. Henne) Proprietor.
Ban Franolaoo.
Orders tor DRAUGHT or roTTLKD
Ur.r.K promptly utended to.
Tha celebrated Beer from this Brewery
dsflea oomxMßtltlon In tha state. oirfr-tr
Tho undersigned will rommooco tho
payment, of premiums awanie l at the
Horticultural Fair oo WKDN I'-SIM V
O lobar 23d, 1878. at l o'clock r. M . at the
soc eij'solltce, No.otid.l Keliowk" Mnok
and continue OH.vin. nu during tmsinc»e
to urs oi each day, until ull premium.
«re pcid.
Snci e««fnl competitors desiring to as
sist lo . ouipletliin tbe H-ivillou can ran
tier the Society a r.vor by applying
their premiums on meinberslnuoi dues
at o >unt.
oM-lw L. M. UOLT, Secretary.
ton SALE.
Tim Stock, Flxturoi and Improve
m»ni- nl theCaudy aud stationary more,
iNo. .id Spring Itreet. TUo lease will bs
iran-rerred to the purchiser.
Mrs. rrye's Lane and Cough Syrup
constantly 01 n md. Mrs. Harrison's
aystemof dress-ruulng taught In tlire<
iv-sous. An Intelligence ufflce Is no*
open, d, and > hose wishing help can l
-upplied and tho-e wlshlnu emptojin
can ..nialn de Iralile situations.
APo.KURHa.LR CH-. w, a house i
bain, pleasantly located on a corner
caid lot Ci.n Htnii'g a great va letv
iruit und -hade trees, sin- ib. and vli
"for ottnT Information Inquire at M
J. S. !• EYli's, No. M spring St. oeig

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