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Los Angeles Herald.
General Fremont in Arizona.
[From the News Letter.]
Tbe following communication
will serve to snow that, although
the "Coming State" may be all
very well when you get there, yet
there ia some difficulty in reaching
it, even when 1 the traveler's rank
aud welcome make things as easy
as possible. The letter will, be
sides, be interesting to innuniera
able friends aud well-wishers of
General Fremont. Although the
latter Is private, we feel sure tbat
the fair writer will pardon tho lib
erty we take in publishing it:
Pbbcott, A. T. Oct. 10, 1878.
Dear Mr. Marriott:—The Gen
eral, much to his surprise aud an
noyance, has been ill—a sharp at
tack of what Is called mountain
fever, but which, if anyalized in
his case, would be:
Long mental strain 80parti
Overland cookery 1 "
Want of sleep en route, want of
sleep at San tfrancisco (where ire
had too pleasant a time to sleep or
eat) 1 "
Heat, dust, cactus plains 2 "
Awfully hard gronud to sleep on,
and a drop ol thirty degrees from
noon to midnight 2 "
Everywhere queer water to drink,
and all the time not erough for
proper dressing purpose. 4 "
Relaxation from coming to a stop
among most friendly welcomes
and surroundings, just as a woman
falls ill after she has nursed a
child through a great illness —at
last itis her turn 10 "
To-day the General is very com
fortable, end has taken some light
food with appetite. We were
brought to a lovely cottage here,
which its owners vacated for us un
til we find a house.and tbeGeneral is
lying peacefully in this pretty blue
bed-room, the morning sun and
■oft air coming in filtered through
a great pine tree, which sings its
mountain hymns, the only break
ID tbe soothing quiet, as we are up
tbe hill from the town.
We are going to feel very com
fortable here. The welcome has
been sincere (as well as scrutiniz
ing). There is no false standard
here —not a sham of any kind. Aud
where one has to stand or fall on
his personal merits, you know
how tbeGeneral must stand.
I send you a few slips, which
will show something of our travel.
Eight days, and especially eighl
nights, of camping iv sand, cactus,
lava-rock (very sharp to sleep ou),
and ouly little drops of water to all
the grains of saud, make a testol
one's physique. Major Lord, at
Yuma, bad niade us a most com'
plete outfit, but he could not smite
the rocks aud provide water, and
eighteen thirsty mules need more
than can be carried, so we
had to make camps at water
stations. No waving palms in these
oases, these tramped-over plaint
growing harder and dustier around
the water-troughs. We bad two
charming, natural camps, running
creeks and green trees and grass
just at the last. But our whole
party was good naturtdami iv gnoc
condition. It is un odd chapter iv
our straugely varied lives. Just
now I feel the repose and strength
of Ihe truth nf the whole situation,
and tbe refreshment of seeing
places aud people quite new to us.
And our cloud will, I am sure, get
it* silver lining. Meantime we
are here—the General will he tlie
better for the little illness, lor it
has obtained him reft and a clear
ance, and, for the rest, the chapter
of accidents lies open, und, us "be
\)iiud Kate there always stands a
drMfsklL'j) man here will push Fate
and take advantage of accidents as
they rise. Bincerely yours,
Jessie B. Fkkmont.
A Local Enterprise.
The Home Indultrial Aid Associ
ation should be a public lustitu-
Uon. It is incorporated to promote
and protect home industry, devel
ops tbe resources of tbe city and
county and give employment to
tbe honest and industrious poor.
Its capital stock is $5,000 divided
Into 5,000 shares of oue dollar each.
They are fixed at this low valua
tion in the hope that every person
will take one and thus make tbe
society and its operations objects of
universal and public interest.
Its Directors are some of our best
and most respected citizens; honest
meu and true.
Believing that in this favored
section manufactories are urgently
needed, which, while utiliziug and
rendering valuable many of its
turplus products, will give employ
ment to tbe idle, bread to the hun
gry and render smiling and happy
many sad and poverty-stricken
homes, the Association earuestly
entreats co-operation and assist
ance in a movement that may have
the effect of establishing one or
more in this city.
Tho company lias already com
menced in a small way the busi
ness of canniug fruit* and vegeta
bles, ou Commercial street, in the
building formerly occupied as Jhe
.McDonald restaurant, which sub
scribers and the public generally
are cordially invited to vlsll; the
former may ste what is being dove
with their money, ami the latter
may be induced to lend a helping
band. Both will witness a lively
and encouraging scene.
Mr. Butts, the patentee and pro
prietor of But'Va dryer, having
made a very favorable proposition
to sell, ths Directors resolved to
purchase one of his dryers, and it
Is expected here to be in operation
In the course of tbe next ten days.
Visitors at tlie Horticultural Fair
will doubtless remember the
model of this machine and
the beautiful specimens of
its products. Botli were awarded
premiums by the committee
and the former comes highly rec
ommended from other quarters.
But favorable as is the proposition,
It calls for $300 cash, and to raise
this amount contributions from
our fellow-citizens are needed. By
a clause in Its constitution, paid-up
shares are made unassessable. As
far as the laws nf the State will
permit, the Association intends to
keep them so under all circum
stances except those of unavoida
ble misfortune.
Trusting tbat the goodness ofthe
object may be appreciated ami
feeling the necessity of prompt
•nd substantial aid, subscriptions
are respectfully solicited.
W. H. J. Bbooks,
A. M. Lawrence, Seoretary.
A OLAMS. Uive ua a ea.ll.
tmu S. HAKFFNER.Proprlator.
Biographical Annals ol tlio Civil Oovcrr
ment of the United States, During tho
First Century of it« existence.
By Chas. Unman.
Author of tho "Dictionary of OoagmM, 1
"Private life of Daniel Webster," "Bed
Book of Michigan."
This valuable work, the only one or its kind
extant, contains about seveu thousand 1 >i
graphical sketches, and eight thousand ad
ditional names of persons who have boen
connected with the Government since the
signing of the Declaration ot Independence,
making In all, about fivtesn thousand fxb*
sonax. axrKasNau in the volume. It em
braces in its scope the Delegates, Represent
atives, and Senators who have served in the
Cent mental aud Federal Congresses, the Fed.
eral and Htate Judiciary, Ministers to aud
from Foreign Countries, Executive Ctheors In
sll the Departments of the Nation, as well as
all the Governors of the States and Territo
ries, together with a very large amount of
tabular information, gathered from unlciAl
sources, calculated to illustrate the growth
and present condition of the Government o!
the United States. For greater couvct i ace
or reference, the Book Is arranged tv ewe
parts; the first containing tlio
and some idea of the value aud extent of th*
Tabular information which forms the SEC
OND PART, may be gathered from the sub.
Delegates to the Colonial congress.
The Declaration of lndcpon-iei.ee.
Signers ol the Declaration.
Delegates to tbe Coutinental Congress.
Seasions of the Continental Congress.
Presidents ol tlie Continental Cougrese.
Articies of Confederation.
The Constitution of the United States.
Sessions of the Foderol Congress.
Speakers ol tho House of Represent*, ive*.
Presidents of tlie Senate.
Secretaries of the Senate.
Olerks of tho House of EttpreMDtaAt***
Chaplains to Congress.
Successive Administrations.
Executive Officers ot the Civil Servic.n,
Presidential Klectors.
Electoral and Popular Vot**e tor President.
Political ParttCH.
The Justice* of tho Supremo Com t
Olerks of tho Supreme Court,
marshals Ol the Supreme Court.
Justiceo of tho Circuit. District and Ter
ritorial Courts.
The Court of Claims.
Organizatiun of the Exaetttive Depart,
Settlement of States and T rritorlea.
Ooimties and Towns of the United States.
Area of the United States.
Origin of the names ot States and Territo
Length and Cost of American Wars.
Ohiet Commanders of the Army.
Progress ot Pouulation in the Unit*).]
Dousity of Population.
Population and Ratio ol Reprea*. ntatlon,
Pay Table of Civil Officers
Leading Oovernment Publication*.
The Newspaper press.
Education in the United State*..
Colonial Governors of America.
The State and Territorial Governors.
The Seat of the Goner al Government.
Bight of SutTrage in tho Unitod States.
Qualifications ot Lluctive Officials.
Diplomatic Agents of the United States.
Diplomatic Agents from Foreign Countries.
International Arbitrations and Oomotio.
Treaties and Conventions.
Foreign Government nopTaaaiitatlTiit it
the United states.
Officials of the Centennial Exhibition.
Additional Facts to Date of Publication.
Index by States of Federal Congress.
General Index.
Besides its own vahio aa a work of refer
duce, the Book forms a worthy adjunct tv
every published history of the United States,
and will be an indispensible acquisition tc
every Public and Private Library. In form it hi
aroyal octavo of about 100 pages, well printed
on good paper, and is sold in
Morocoocloth binding, plainedgos, f0r..17 ot
Half Morocco or Calf marbled edges .... 8 Ot
Full Morocco or Calf marbled or gilt .. 10 ot
To be had from Agenw and BoolttQileri
everywhor ere, byiuaii or express prepaid,
from JAMES ANGLIM, Publisher,
uoia-tf 1424 F Street. Washington D. 0.
Eclectic Magazine
Thirty-Fourth Year.
The Eclectic reprints Irom all the HMralga
Quarterlies, Reviews, Magazines, and Jour
nals their choicest contents, including --
Bays, Scientific Fnpors, biographical sketches
Reminiscences of 'travel, and Adventure,
Tales, Stories aud Poems. Tho field of se
lection Is very large and it is believed that
the Eclectic presents a greater variety and
higher standard of literature Uiau any peri
odical can hope to do that depends exclu
sively upon home talent.
A knowledge of tho current literature of
other countries Is mdispousablo to all who
would keep pace with the progress of the
human mind, aud tho Eclectic oilers the best,
and, indeed, the only opportunity for ob
taining this knowledge within a reasonable
cuuipass, and at a moderate price.
Among the writers represented in recent
numbers of the Eclectic nre: The lit. Hun,
W. E. Gladstone, James Anthony Froude,
Matthew Arnold, Charles Kingsley, Hubert
Buchanan. Geo. McDonald. John Kutikin,
Alfred Tonnyson, Thutuas Hughes, William
Black, Mrs. uliphaut, Tboß. Hardy, William
Hurris, Miss Thackeray, Mrs. Alexander,
Profs. Huxley and Tyudall, hi chard proctor,
B. A., Prof. Owen, Dr. W. li. Carpenter, Max
Muller. J. Norman Lockyer, Horbert Spen
cer, and others etpialJycminmiT. Besides the
regular articles in the body ut the magazine,
there are luur original Editurial depart
ments: Literary Notices, Foreign Literary
Notes. Science and ArL and Varieties.
With regard to tho character of tbe selec
tions, the aim of the Eclectic is to be in
structive without being dull, aud entertain
ing without being trivial. Whilo each num
ber contains somuthiug to interest every
member ef the family circle, it addresses
itself particularly to tbat great body of In
telligent readers who sock profit as well as
amusement in solid and healthful literature.
Besides the 12S pagus of reading matter,
oach number uf the magazine contains a line
stool engraving—usually a portrait- -execu
ted m tiie mod artistic muuuer.
Terms.—Single copies 15 cents, one copy
una yoar, :■" . two copies, gtfi u V e copies, f'Ju.
Trial subscriptions lor three months, fl.
Tlio Eclectic and say $4 aiagazin* to OOS
address, %b.
Postage, tret- to all »üb»cribe.rs. Address,
E.H. PEL'tON. Publisher,
rt«l«tf -io Bond Street. New York.
18/3. NHW HER IKS. 1878s
Published Once iv Two Months.
I'rice, #0 a Year, in Advaru-f.
* entering on a new series under now
management, will retain all tlmt had made
it, for over sixty years, so important an ele
ment in American literature.
Its more frequent issue, and tho addi
tional writers cngagod for it, will liereafter
on&ble it to discuss more promptly and
thoroughly the vital questions of fho time
—political, economical, social, industrial,
scientific, educational, literary and moral.
The REVIEW is not Ihe organ of any
party. Beet, suhool, cliquo, or of its editors,
but of tlie best scholars, thinkers, scientists,
statesmen, writers and critics of tho day.
With this aim and character, with this
honorable record, and with the abundant
resource* at its command to make pood its
promises, tho NORTH AMERICAN RE
VIEW commends itself to tlie favor all of
intelligent citizens.
TERMS—SS a Year, in Advauco.
Arc not advertised as "cure-alls," but
nre specifics lv the diseases lor which
they :iro recommended.
Investigators of nnlural BCh nee hnve
demonstrated beyond eoatrovery that
throughout ihe auimal kingdom the
"survival ol the fittest" i« tin* only law
that vouchsafes thrift and perpetuity.
Does not the same principle govern the
commercial prosperity o; man .' Au in
ferior cannot supercede a supwior arti
cle. Hy reason of superior merit, Dr.
Pierces Standard Medicines have out
rivaled all others. Their sulo iv the
United States aloue exceeds one million
dollari per annum, while the amount ex
ported loots up to several hundred
thousands more. Ko busiuess could grow
to such gigantic proportions and rest up
on any oilier bail! than that Of merit.
Dr.Sage'sCatarrh Remedy
Is Pleasant to Use,
Dr.Sage'sCatarrh Remedy
Us cures cxtond over a period of
Twenty Years.
Dr. Sage's Catarrh Remedy
Us Bale Constantly Increases.
Dr. Sage's Catarrh Remedy
Cures by Its Mild, Soothing Effect.
Dr.Sage'sCatarrh Remedy
Cures "Cold lv Head" and Catarrb.oi
Kookpokt, Mass., April 2, 1877.
Mit. Kuitok:—Having read in your pa
per report! of tlio remarkable euies ol ca-
Larrli, 1 am induced to tell " what 1 know
about catarrh," and I fancy the "snuff"
and "inhaling tube" makers (mere dol
lar grubbers) would be glad if they could
embleson a similar euro in the papers.
For 20 years 1 suffered with catarrh. Tho
nasal passages became completely closed.
"Snun." "dust," "ashes," "inhuitng
tubes," and "sticks" wouldn't work,
though at intervals I would suitl up the
so-called catarrh inttff, until 1 became a
valuable tester lor such medicines. 1
gradually grew worse, and no one can
guow how much I suffered or what a
miserable being I was. My head ached
over my eyes until 1 was confined to my
bcu lor many successive days, suffering
the most intense pain, which ut one time
lasted continuously for IUB hours. All
sense ot smell and taste gone, sight and
hearing impaired, body shrunken
auu weaiceneu nervous system snat
tared and constitution broken, and 1 was
hawking and spitting seveu-elghtus ofthe
Lime. 1 prayed lor death to relieve me oi
my aaflertng. A favorable notice In your
paper ot Dr. Suge's Catarrh Keniedy in
duced me to purchase v package and liacj
U with Dr. Pierces Nasal Douche. Which
applies the remedy hy hydrostatic pres
sure, the only wtiy compatible with com
mon sense. Well, Mr. Editor, it did not
cure me in threu-jourths or a second, nor
mono hour or month, but iv less than
eight minutes 1 was relieved, and in
three mouths entirely cured, and have
remained so over sixteen months. While
using the Catarrh remedy, 1 used Dr.
Pierces tiolden Medical Discovery to pu
rity my blood and strengthen my stom
ach. I also kept my liver active and
bowels regular by the use of his Pleasant
Purgative Pelleta. It my experience will
induce other sufferers lo seek tbe same
means of relief, this letter will have an
swered its purpose.
Yours truly, 8. D. KEMICIC.
lowing named partial are among the
thousands who have been cured or ca
tarrh by tho use ot Dr.Sage'sCatarrh
Remedy: A F Downs, New Oeueva, Fa;
D J Brown, St Joseph, Mo; E C Lewis,
Rutland, Vtj Levi springer, Nettle Lake,
Ohio; ChasNorcrop.N'thChesterUeld.Me;
Milton Jones, Scriba, NY; J E Miller,
Bridger Station, Wy»; J C Merrimun, Lo
gunsport, lnd; M M Post, Logausport,
lnd; J W Bailey.Treuaont, Pa; II B Ayres,
La Porte, lnd; Jesslo M scars. Ft Branch,
lnd; L Williams, Canton, Missouri; W A
Thayer, Ouarga, Hi; SB Nichols, Jr, Gal
veston, Texas: Jonas F Reiuert. Stones
ville.Pa; S W Lusk, McFarland, Wis;
Johnson Williams. Helmick, Ohio; Mrs
MA Curry, Treuton, Teun: J G Joslln,
Keeue, Mi; AJ Caspar, Table Rock, W
Va: Louis Anders. Gaysport, Ohio; C H
Chase. Elkhart, lnd; Mrs Heury Halght,
San Kranclsco. Cal: Mrs E M Gallusha,
Lawrencovliie. N V: W J Graham, Adei,
Iowa; A O Smith, Newnan. Ga; Chas E
Rice, Baltimore. Md: Jesse M Sears, Car
lisle, lnd; Dau'l B Mlller,Ft Wayne,ind;
Mrs Minnie Aruaise, 2yo Delancy St, New
York; H W Hall, Hastings, Mich; Wm F
Marston, Lowell, Mass; I W Roberts,
Maricopa, Ariz; Chas S Delaney, Harris
burg, Pa; M C Cole, Lowell. Mass; Mrs C
J Spurtin, Camden, Ala; Charles FKaw,
Frederiektown. Ohio: Mrs Lucy Hunt
ington, Farmiugtoii.lll; CaptE s Spauld
ing, Camp Stambaugh, Wyo; I W Tracy,
Steamboat Rock, Iowa; Mrs Lydia Waite,
Shushan, NY; JM Peck, Junction City,
Mont; Henry Eba. Bantas, Cal; L BCuin
mmgs, Runtoul, 111; SE Jones, Charles
ton Four Corners, N V; GeoF Hall, Fueb
Jo, Cal; Wm E Bartrie, Sterllug, Pa; H
fcl Ebon, WtJPenn St, Pittsburg, Fa; J R
Jackman, Samuel's Depot, Ky; Henry
Zobrist, Geneva, NY; Miss Battle Par
rott, Montgomery, Ohio; L Ledbrook,
Chatham. Ill; S B McCoy, Nashport,
Ohio; W W Wuruer, North Jackson,
Mich; Miss Mary A Winne, Durieu, Wis;
JohnZelgler.Carlislo Springs, Pa.; James
Tompkins, St Cloud, Minn: Enoch Duer.
Pawnee City, Neb; Jos T Miller, Xenia,
Ohio; S B Nichols, Galvtstou, Texas; li
L Laird, Upper Alton, 111; John Davis,
Prescott, Ariz; Mrs Naucy Graham, For
est Grove, Ogn.
Golden Medical Discovery
Is alterative, or blood-cleansing.
Golden Medical Discovery
Is Pectoral.
Golden Medical Discovery
Is a Cholauogue, or Liver Slimulant.
Golden Medical Discovery
Is Tonic.
Golden Medical Discovery
Hy reason nf its alterative properties,
cures Diseases of the Blood and skin, as
Scrofula,or King's Evil; Tumors' Ulcers,
or Old Sores: Blotches, Pimples ami
Eruptions. By virtue ot its Pectoral
properties it cures Bronchial, Throat and
Lung affections; incipient Consumption;
Lingering Coughß, and Chronic Laryngi
tis, its Cholugogue properties, render it
an unequal remedy for Biliousness; Tor
pid Liver, or "LlverComplaint;" aud its
Tonic properties make it equally eflicu
clous in curing Indigestion, Loss of Ap
petite und Dyspepsia.
Where the sain is sallow and covered
with blotches and pimples, or where
there arc scrolulous, swellings and affec
tions, a few bottles of Golden
Discovery will effect an entiro cure. Ii
you feel drowsjr, debilitated, have sallow
color of skin or yellowish-brown spots on
face or body, frequent headache or dizzi
ness, bad taste in mouth, Internal heat
or chills alternated with hot flushes, low
spirits and gloomy forebodings, irregular
appetite and tongue coated, you are suf
ientrig from Torpid Liver or Biliousness.
In many cases of Liver Complaint, only
partof these symptoms aro experienced.
As a remedy for all such cases, Dr. Pierces
Golden Medical Discovery has no equal,
as lteffects perfect cures,leaviny tlie liver
strengthened and healthy.
DR. R. V. PIERCE Is the sole proprie
tor and manufacturer of the foregoing
remedies, all of which are sold by drug
gist*. He is also the author ol the Peo
ple's Common Senso Medical Adviser, a
work of nearly 1000 pages, with 282 wood
engravinus j*nd colored plates. Ho has
already sold of 1 his popular work
Over 100,000 Copies!
PIUCE, (post-paid) : : : $1 50
AMttm R. V. PIERCE, Nl. D.,
World's Dispensary, Buflalo, N.Y.
The Leading Paper
Southern California.
Will devote its columns to furthering the
Interests of I.os Augeles city aud county
and the Southern portion of the Stale. It
Is the lutentlon ofthe publisher o make
Anowspaperof Ihe day, comploto in all
lis details, and In every department
Full and Reliable,
The Editorial Columns will diaaulS all
live lOPleeof the day. while the
ISyarrangements newly effected, will be
the fullest and most exhaustive to be
found in any paper of Hie Stale, not be-
Ingsurpassed by those of the SnnFranclsco
allies. The
Local Columns
Will contain a complete resume ol local
happenlnss uud all mutters ot home In
DAILY HKRALD, by mall, 1 ycar...»looU
v ' 6 mouths... 800
~ v 8 months... 260
Delivered In the City et
Weekly 1 year by mall JSOO
" 6 months 153
" 8 " ICO
Pnyable Invariably In advonoe
Joseph D. Lynch,
IN the District Court of the Sr .jteeuth
Judicial District of the state of Callfor
uiu, lv and for the county of Los Augeles.
Dor I a Jones, as Executrix of Johu
Jones, deceased, PJainlitl, vs. F. P, IP,
Temple e-L al, Deicudants.
Action brought in the District Court ot
the Heveuteenth Judicial District of tho
State of Calilorula,in and for tlio Couuty
of Los Augeles, and the Complaint hied
in said County of Los Angeles, iv the
ofllce of the Clerk of said District Court.
The People of the Htate of California,
send greeting to F j' F Temple, D Free*
man and E FSpom s, Assignees of I*' P X
Temple, J P Newmurk ami IsuicLlght
ner, partners doiug husiness its J 1' New
inark d Co, Ellas J Baldwin, The Mutual
_aud Company, a corporation, Mary X
VlcClellan, surah Francis AlcL'leilan,
James B. McClellan and Anna McCiel
uu, minors, John is Thompson, yuarttl-
UD of tuld minors, E Geimaiu and G H
Slat Held, partners doing business as
E Germain & Co, Henry North, Charles
1 Kills, Hiram J M GrittUh and
S j LyueU, pariuersi doing business as
Jriihth, Lynch *Sc Co, Benjamin F
rhompeon, John 11 Ham ires, Kern Vai
iey Bank, a corporation, Louis Phellfon
bergerand C N Nolle, doing business as
I'liellTeuboiger dt- 00, Thomas It Uard.L
Qrllttmacher. Arcadia li de Baker, X a
Baker, I. Slelbel, Godfrey llargitt, Johu
Lei ver, X P Tomklnt-on, feier Laland,
Alexander Weill, Francisco Lopez,
tv J Weston, W W Jenkins, M S
Latham, George A Temple, Los Augeles
County Dunk, a corporation, Joseph
Blow, H A liindall, U«orge Lundie,
George Lynch and John Errint;ton, part
ners doing business as Lynch a Erring-
Lon, L Lehman, s X Jlolinan, Henry
Hamilton, Wm MoKee, V W Koll, it
O'Neal, Win Smith, M W do sablohi, E
Boutou, Reyes A Serrano, A Bullock,
Hosinu Allen, Rosa B Gray, F P F Tern
pie aud George) H smith, ttustecs of Rosa
B Gray, D H Whlttemoie, G X LOUS, As
signee in Bankruptcy of F 1* F Temple,
You are hereby required to appear in
an action brought agaiust you by the
above named Plain tifl in tho Lislrict
Court of the Seventeenth Judicial Dis
trict of the State ol California, In aud for
the Couuty of Los Angeles, and to an
swer the oompiaint filed therein, within
ten days (exclusive ofthe day of service)
aftei the service on you of this summons
—If served within this couuty l or,lfserved
out of this county, bin lv this District,
within twenty days; otherwise, witn
lu forty days —or Judgment by de
fault will bo takon ngiMust you accord
ing to the prayer of saftl compluint.
The said action is brought to obtain
* decree of t'lis court for tho foreclosure
* certain mortgage descagjed in the said
complaint, aud executeQ by the said
defendant, F P F Temple, ou Ihe 23th of
August, A D 1875, to secure the payment
ot a certain promissory note, in words
and figures as foi lews, viz:
Los Angelks, August 28tli, 1875.
On or before oue year after dale, for
value racelved, 1 promise to pay to John
Jones or to his oruer, the sum of eighteen
thousand one hundred uud twenty-one
>(J 100 dollars, in gold coin of tlie Govern
ment of the United .Slates, with interest
thereon In like gold coin, from date un
til paid, at the rate of one percent, per
month, said interest to be paid monthly,
uud if not so paid then to be added to
the principal sum und hoar like raLe of
interest. F. P. F. TEMsVLE.
Of which note the said Doria Joues, as
sxecutiix of John Jones, deceased, is n/»w
the legal holder and owner; thfM the
premises conveyed by said inortgagctmay
be sold, and tho proceeds applied to the
payment ol said sum of 818,121.50, flplth
Interest as stated in complaint, five jjer
3ent. on amount due ou said mortgage ;is
Attorneys' fees, all payable in Us goM
SOiDi and costs of suit; and in ejlse
such proceeds are not sufficient to ppsy
Uie same, then to obtain an cxecti
lion against said F P F Temftbe
for the balance remaining due; and also
that the said defendants and all poison*
by, through or under
them, or uny of them, may
be barred and foreclosed ol all right, ti
tle, claim, lien, equity of redemption and
interest in aud lo said mortgaged prem
ises, and for other aud further relief.
Reference is had to complaiut for partic
Aud you are hereby notified that if you
Tail lo'appearand answer the said com
plaint as above required, tiie said plaintiil
will apply to the Court for the relief de
manded In the said complaint.
Given under my hand and the seal of
the District Court of the Seventeenth
Judicial District of the state of California,
lv and for the county of Los Angeles, this
Uth day of September, In the year of our
Lord, one thousand eight hundred and
aeveuty-eight. FSeal.J
A. \\\ POTTS, Clerk.
THUM <fc HOSS, Attorneys for Plaintiff*.
Sheriff's Sale.
Duncan McArthur, Plaintiff, vs. Robert
Farris et al.. Defendants.—seventeenth
District Court.
Under and hy virtue of an execution is
sued out of tlio District Court of tho
Seventeenth Judicial District of the State
of California, iv and lor tho county of
Los Augeles, und to mo directed and de
livered on the 20th day ol August, A. D.
IK7B. for a Judgment rendered In said
Court oh the 2d day of April, A. D. 1878,
in favor of Robert Farris and J. N. Vick
ers, defendants, and against Duncan Mc-
Arthur, plaintiff, 1 have levied upon and
shall on
NOVEMBER, A. D. 1878,
At 12 o'clock v., proceed to sell,
at the Court House door, in the clly and
eouutyoi Los Angeles, State of Califor
nia, ut public auction, lo the high
est and best bidder, for cash in U. S.
gold coin, to satisfy said execution for
judgement and costs and all accruing
coKts, all the right, title and interest of
■aid plaintiff, Duncan McArthur, In and
tothefollowing described real estate, to
The NW. Mof Seel ion 25, Township 2
South Range 14 West, San Heruardino
Meridian, situate in tho oounty of Los
Angeles, State of California.
Given under my haud at the city and
county of Los Angeles, State of Califor
nia, this 18th day of October, A. D.
1878. H. M. MITCHELL.
By James C. Kays, Depnty. o22td
Location of principal place of business,
Los Angeles, California.—Location of
works, Ventura county, California.
Notico is hereby given that at a
meeting of the Board of Direc
tors of this Company held on
the 2Sd day of September, 1378. an ns
se&sment(No. 5) of twenty-five cents per
share was levied upou the cap
ital stockof the company, payable Im
mediately, in U. S. gold coin, to tlie Sec
retary, at his office, No. 5 Temple Block,
city of Los Angeles.
Any stock upon which this assessment
remains unuaid on tlie 28th day of Oo
tober, 1878, "will bo delinquent and ad
vertlsed lor sale ut public auction, and,
unless paid boiore will be sold on the
18th dny of November, 1578, lo pay the
delinquent assessment, together with
custs uf advertising and expenses of sale.
By ordor of the Board of Directors.
WM. J. NKELY,secretary.
No. 6 Temple Block, Los Angeles,Cul,
Los Angeles, September 24,1878. s35Ui
WW Montgomery St., San i i mcisco. j
Persons holding any claim or Indebt
edness ogaiiiNt the above-naniftd compa
ny are n quested to forwuid them to this
office for payment. No bill will be acted
upon unless certified lo be correct by 11.
C. McPherson. Superintendent.
By order of tho Board of Directors.
oMOd Secretary.
Notico to Creditors.
the undersigned, Administrator ot
the estate of Henry Carlery, deceased, to
Ihe creditors of, and all persons having
clalmsagHinNt the said deceascd,toexhlb-
It tin in,with ihe necessary vouchers,with
in four months after the first publication
uf this notice, to the said Administrator,
at the oftlco of 8, Haley, attorney nt law,
Room No. 3, Downey block (tip-stairs),
Los Angeles city and county.
Administrator «f the Estate of Henry
Carteiy, deceased.
Los Angeles, Oct 8,1*78. ofl 4w
All persons having claims ngalnsl the
tate firm or H. D. WILSON A CO. are
hereby notified and requested to present
tbe same at once to the undersigned, ut
his residence, Ht Kan Marino. Los Ange
les county; and alt persons Indebted to
latd firm are hereby notified and request
ed to settle their account* without delay.
Dated April 17th, 1878.
.*erT. dr R.
Seventeenth Judicial District ol the
State of California, in and for tlie
couuty (»f i-os Angela*,
A. Lothian and T. Walsh, parti?e 10 un
der tlio Urm name of A. Lothian A Co.,
Plaintiffs, against. 11. J.Wood und tlie
Southern Dlelrlet Agricultural society, a
corporation, Deft ndaiits.
Action brought in the District Court Of
the seventeeutii Judicial District of the
Staleof California,in and for tlie county
of Los Augeles, and the complaint filed in
said county of Los Angeles, in the ofttOf
of the Clerk of said District Court.
Tlio people of the State of California
send greeting to ii. J. Wood aud tlie
Southern District Agricultural Society, a
corporation, Defendants.
You are hereby required to appear in an
action brought against you by the above
nuiued I'laiutifls in the District Court ol
the Seventeenth Judicial District of the
State of California, in and for the County
of Los Angeles, and to answer the com
plaint Hied therein, within ten days (ex
clusive of the day of service) after the
service on you of this numinous—lf served
within this County; or, If served out
of this County, hut iv (ills District, within
twenty days; otherwise, within forty days
—or judgment by dcfaull will be taken
against you, according to the prayer of
said complaint.
The Paid action is brought to obtain a
decree from this Court for tho foreclosuio
of a certain mechanic's lien described in
tho said complaint and Hied by the said
plaintiff* in the ofllce of the County Ke
corderof said county ou the 2uth day of
June, A. D. 1878, to secure the payment
of an account for materials furnished for
the construction of tho building de
scribed in said lein, belonging to said de
fondant H J. Wood, said cluim amount
ing to 9401 40, gold coin; that tho prem
ises covered by said lion may bo sold,
and the proceeds applied to the payment
of the costs of this suit, 8100 attorneys'
fees,BB (the costs of filing and recording
said flan) and the balance duo on said
account, amouuting to the sum of 3401 40,
aud costs of suit; and iv case such pro
ceeds are not sufficient to nay the same,
then to obtain an execution ugainßt said
H. J. Wood for the balance remaining
due, and also that the said defendants,
and all persons claiming by, through or
under them, or eithor of them, may be
barred and foreclosed of all right, title,
claim, lien, equity of redemption and
Interest in and to (■aid mortgaged prem
ises, and for ot h( rand further relief.
Reference is hud to complaiut foi par
Aud you are hereby notified that if you
fail to appear and answer the suid com
plaint as above required,the said plaintilfs
will apply lo the Court for th« relief de
manded in the said complaint.
Given under my hand aud tho seal ol
the District Court of the Seventeenth
Judicial District of the State of California,
in and for the county of Los Angelen,
this first day oi October, in the year ol
our Lord one thousand eight hundred and
[seal.] A. W. TOTTS. Clerk.
By A. RIMPAU, Deputy Clerk.
Barclay *k Wilson, Plaintiffs' Attorneys.
oil 4w
Assessment Notice.
San Francisco Petroleum Company.
Location of principal place of business,
San Francisco, California; Location of
works, San Fernando Petroleum Mm*
ing District, Los Angeles Co., Cai.
Notice Is hereby given that at a meet
ing of the Board of Directors, held on tne
sth day of October, 1878, an assessment
(No. 4) of thirty cents per share was lev
led upon the capital stock of the corpora
tion, payable immediately, in United
States gold coin, to the Secretary, at the
o/lico of tho company, 22 Montgomery
street, San Francisco, Cal.
Any stock upon which tills assess
ment shall remain unpaid on tho 12ih
day of November, 1878, will bo delin
quent and advertised for sale at public
auction; and, unless payment is made
before, will be sold on Thursday, the sth
day ol December, 1878, to pay the delin
quent assessment, together wit h costs of
ud vert ising aud expenses of sale.
By order ol the Board of Directors.
Ofllce —£2 Montgomery street, Ban
Kranclsco, California. ocBid
Assessment Notice.
PotnOO a Orcli ti rd Com pan y.—Location
of principal place of business, Los
Augelea city.
Notice Is hereby given that at. a meeting
of the Board of Directors, held on th« 27th
of Keptember,lB7B,an assessment of thirty
dollurs 153 D] per share was levied upon
tho capital stock ofthe corporation, pay
able immediately, in United States gold
coin, to ihe Secretary, at Ihe office of tho
company, No. 48 spring street, up stairs.
Any stock upon which this assessment
shall remain unpaid on the 80th day of
October, 1878, will be delinquent and ad
vertised for sala at public auction; and,
unloss payment is made before, will be
sold on SATURDAY, November 16th,
1878, at 2 o'clock P. m., to pay the delin
quent assessment, together with cost ot
advertising and expenses of sale.
By order ofthe Board of Directors.
Office—Mott Building, 48 Spring street,
Los Angeles, Cnl.
Los Angeles, September 27, 1878. sftOtd
In tho Probate Court,
Of tho County of Loa Angeles*,
State of California.
In tho matter of the estate of Frank
Cowden, deceased.
Ambrose H. Cowden, the Executor of
the estate of Frank Cowden, deceased,
having filed his petition hereiu, duly
verified, praying for an order of sale ol
nil tho real estate, of said defendant, for
the purposes therein sot forth.
It is therefore ordered by Ihe
Judge of said Court that all persons inter
ested in tho estate of said deceased ap
pear before the said Probate Court on
At ten o'clock in tho forenoon of said
day, ut the Court Room of said Probate
Court, ut the Court House lv the
couuty of Los Angeles, to show
cause why an order should not be granted
to the said executor to sell so much
of the real estute of the said deceased,
Frank Cowdeu, as shall be necessary.
And that a copy of this order bo
published at least four successive weeks
in the Daily Los A ngeles Herald, a news
paper printed and published in said
Los Angeles county.
Probate Judge.
Dated September 20th. 1878. s2l-4w
Notice to Creditors.
Notico is hereby given by tho under
signed, administrator of the estate of
Louis Firman, deceased, to the cred
itors of and all persons having claims
v gainst the said deceased,to exhibit them,
with the necessary vouohers, within tour
mouths after the tlrst publication of this
notice, to the said administrator at bis
home, in El Monto, Los Angeles county,
or at the offiVe of his attorney, M. L.
Wicks, Temple Block, Los Angeles city,
In the couuty of Los Angeles.
Administrator of the estato of Louis Fir
iiimi. deceased. oio-4w
Dated October tlie 9th, IS7S.
Notice to Creditors.
Notice s horeby given by the under
signed, administrator of the es
tate of Publo l'ryor, deceased,
to tho creditors of und nil persons
having claims against the «a:d deceased,
to exhibit them with tho necessary
vouchers within ten months after the
first publication of this notice, to the said
Administrator, at San Juan Capistrano,
in the county of Los Angelos.
Administrator of the estute of Pablo
Pryor, deceased.
Dated Los Angeles, Onlober 11,18T7.
Partnership Notice.
Wo, the undersigned, constitute a part
nership, under the Arm name of 8.
SPEEDY A CO., with place of business
at No. 50 Aliso street, Los Angeles, for
the purpose of curing and packing pork
nnd conducting the business In all of Its
bran eh ok.
027-4w A. W. BISSON.
Mortgage Sale.
Eli/, i Klernan, Plaintiff, V 3. Bridget
Clifford, Janies Gorman and Peter
Keinan, Guardian oi the person and
estate of Bridget Clifford, an insane
person, Defendants.—No. UHi.—Sovcu
tm-ulh District Court.
doereo or foreclosure and or
der ot sale entered in the
District Court of the 17lh Judicial
District ofthe .State of California, in and
for the county of Los Angeles, on the
18th day of October, A. 1), 1878, and a
writ on foreclosure of mortgage untered
In tho aforesaid District Court, annexed
to said decree aud dated tho 16th day ot
October. A. D. 1878, In tho above enti
tled case, and in favor of Eliza Klernan,
plaintiff, and Bgiilm.t Bridget Clifford,
James Gorman and t'etor Keinan, Guar
dian of tlie person and estate of
Bridget Clifford, an insano person,
defendants, a certified copy of which said
decree of foreclosure duly attested under
tho seal of said court on the 10th day
of Octobor, A. D. 1878, ami delivered to
me, together with tho writ an
nexed thereto, on tho 23d day
day of October, A. D. 1878, where
by I am commanded to sell at public
auction, to the highest and host bidder
for cash in U.W. gold coin, the following
and in said decree described real estate,
to wit:
All that certain pieca or parcel of land
situated in the city and county oi Los
Angeles, State of California, bounded
and described as follows:
All that certain piece or parcel of land
lying and being in the city, county and
State aforesaid, eontaintug four acres,
more or less, being the same property
conveyed by J. W. G. Smith and wife to
C. C. Higby on March IS, 18fW, and con
veyed by said C. C. Higby to George W.
Dent, by deed dated June 25,1830, and by
said George W. Dent to James Gorman
by deed dated June 25, 1871, aud by suid
James Gorman conveyed by deed of
September 15, 1871, to Patrick Clifford,
reference belug mado to all the übovu
deeds for a more particular description,
tho descriptions in each of said deeds
being made part of this description, to
gether with all and singular tho tene
ments, heraditamenta and appurte
nances thereto belonging or in uuy wise
Public notice is hercb. given that on
NOVEMBER, A. D. 1878,
At 12 o'clock nr., 1 will proceed to sell
at the Court House door, in the city and
county of Los Angeles, State of Califor
nia, at public auction to the highest
aud best bidder for cash in U. S. gold
coin, to satisfy said decree tor principal,
and interest, costs una all accruing costs,
all f ho above described roal estate.
Given under my hand, at the city of
Los Angeles, county of Los Augeles.
Stale of California, this 23d duy ol ucto
ber, A. D. 1878.
By James C. Kays. Deputy. C*Mtd
Mortgage Sale.
Hymn Brown, Plaintiff, agalnitlsaac M.
Leihy, Defendant, — seventeenth Dis
trict Court.
a decree of foreclosure and
order of lata entered In the
District Court of tho Seven
teenth Judicial District of the State
of California, in and for the county ol Los
Angeles ou tho 2tid day of September,
A. D. 1878, and a writ on
foreclosure of mortgage entered iv
the aforesaid District court, annexed lo
said decree aud dated the llth day of
October, A. D. 1878, in the aoovo entitled
case and in favor of Byron Brown,
ftlatutlff, and against Isaac M. Leihy, de
endant, a certified copy of which
said decree of foreclosure, duly
attested under tho seal of said court on
the 9th day of October, A. D. 1878. and
to me delivered on tho llth day of Octo
ber, A. D. 1878, together with tho writ
annexed thereto, wiiereby 1 am com
manded to sell at public auction, lo tlio
highest and best bidder, foi cash in U. S.
gold coin, the following and in said de
cree described reai estate, to-wit:
All those certain tracts of land In tlie
Ranoho Santiago do Santa Ana, in the
county of Los Angeles, State of Califor
nia, bounded and described as follows:
First—That tract of land assigned and
alloted to Raymunda Yorba by the final
decree in partition of said runcho in the
■UltOf Abel Steams et al vs Leonardo
Cotaet ul, District Court, First Judicial
District, State of California, in and for
thecounly of Los Angeles, case No. U92,
containing one bundled aud forty-lhreo
.md73-10l) acres of land, which tract ts
bounded and described as follows: North
by land assigned by aiiid docive to Sole
dad Porulta; west by land assigned to
Leonora Yorba do Rowland; south by
lands assigned Stafford and Tust.n, and
east by lauds assigned to Ynez Yorba de
Cota and Flint and Bixby, excepting and
reserving from said tract about forty
acres in the south portion thereof,hav
ing a frontage of 71 rods on south lino
nnd of equal depth, and a tract of twen
ty acres conveyed by 1. M. Leihy to
Ue-rge 11. Beach, by deed recorded In
tlie County Recorder's ofllce of Los An
geles couuty, California, in book 42,
page -18), deeds.
Second—An undivided one-half of that
tract assigned and allotted to Ynez Yorba
de Cota by the Dual decree lv partition
hereinbefore referred to, containing ono
hundred and sixty-eight and tfG-100 acres,
and bounded on the north by land al
lotted by said decree iv partition to Ra
mono Yorba; east and southeast by laud
allotted to Flint and Bixby, and west by
lands alloted to Knymuud'i Yorba and
herefnbefore described, excepting and
resorving therefrom a tiactof five acres
conveyed by Isaac; M. Leihy aud Pacific
N. Stumps to D. Sepuiveda by deed re
corded in book 58, pages 2*il et Sf q ol
deeds, County Recorder's otlieo of Los
Angeles county, Calilorula, leaving an
undivided ono-hall of 1G3.06 acres of said
last described tract.
Public notice is hereby givon that on
NOVEMBER, A. D. 1878,
At 12 o'clo n k m, I will proceed to sell, at
tlio court house door, in the city and county
of Los Angeles, State of California, at public
auction, to tho highest anil best bidder, for
cash in gold cein of the United States, to
satisfy said decree for principal, interest,
attorneys' fees.costs ana all accruing costs,
all the above described real estate.
Given under my hand at the city and
couuty of Los Augeles, State of Califor
nia, this llth day of Ootober, A. D. 1878.
By JAMES C. KAYS, Deputy, oloid
In tho County Court
Of the County of Los Angeles, Slate
of California.
fa. j
Pursuant to an order ofthe Hon. A. M.
Stephens, Judge of tho said County
Court, notice is hereby given to all tho
creditors of said insolvent, Samuel H.
Winter, to be aud appear before the said
Judge, in open Court, at the Court-room
of said Court, ut tlio Court House, in the
city and county of Los Angeles, on the
2Mb day of November, A. D. 1878, ut 10
o'clock a. m. of that day, then ami there
to show cause,if any they can, why tho
prayer of said Insolvent should uot be
granted and an assignment ot his ostate
be made and he be discharged from his
dobts and liabilities, In pursuance tothe
statute In such cases made and provided;
and in tho meant!mo all proceedings
against said insolvent be stayed. -
Witness mv hand nnd the seal of said
Court, thlSttd day or October, A. I>. 1878.
[Seal.] A. W. POTTS,
By C. F. TOWNS END, Deputy.
Delinquent Notice.
Main Street and Agricultural Park Rnil
roud Company.—Location of principal
plnco of business, Los Angoles Cal.—
Location ol road, Los Angeles, Cal.
Thero arc delinquo.it upon tho follow
ing described stock, on account ot assess
ment No. 4, levied on the llth day of
September, 1878, tlio several amounts let
opposite the names of tlie respective
shareholders, as follows:
No, No.
Certitlcato. Shares. Amt.
Buchanan, R. 11 101 I 55 00
Beano, C. E 132 2 10 00
LlchLonberger, L 51 2 10 00
And In accordance with law and an or
der of tlio Board of Directors made on
tho llth day of September, 1378, so many
shares of each parcel of such stock ns
maybe necssary will be sold at public
auction, at the office of the Maiu Streot
and Agricultural Park Ituliroad Com
pany,on MONDAY, the FOURTH day
of November, 1878. at the hour of one
(1) o'clock p. M. of said day. to pay said
delinquent assessment, thereon, together
wltb costi of advertising and expenses of
- Secretary,
t Offloe-No. 3 Commercial street, Loi
[Angeles, California. o2hd
Certificate of Co-Partner-
KNOvYullmon by those presents: l'hul
we, 11. Sehlndler, residing iv the M
city of Los Angeles, couuty of Los An- ™.
geles, and A. Welhs, residing i
iv the city of Los Angeles, county of Los I
&ligeles, In Ihe State of California, do I
hereby certify and declare that we have n
organized uud formed ourselves Into a
co-partnership, and wo covenunt and
agree, each with ihe oilier, to be co-part
ners lor tho purpose of carrying aud con- 4,
ducting tho business of manufacturing
and dealing with boots, shoes and find
ings, in the city of Los Angeles, county of
Los Angeles, State of California, under Ji\
theflrm namoand style of SCHILDLER {\m
That the principal place of business of S
said co-partnersulp is situated In tne city ■
of Los Angeles, county of Los Angeles. ■
and state aforesaid. That the names of M
all the persons inter* sled as partners In V
such business are above stated and signed *■
herelo, and that men. partnership will tM
cunilnuoaud be in force until further no- H
tiee by us. WM
In witness whereof, we have hereunto A\
■St our hands and seuls, tins first day of '
October, \. D. 1878. ■
tf. SCHINDLER, [Seal.l m
ALBERT WEIHS. [seal.] v j
County of Los Angeles, j *
Ou this first duy of Ootober, in tho yeut
one thousand eight hundred and seventy
eight, before me, A. W. Potts, Couuty 11
Clerk and ex-ofllcio Clerk of the County \
Court lv and lor suid county of Los
Angeles, personally appeared H. Sehlnd
ler and Albert Welhs, known to
mo to bo the same persons whose names * 1
are subscribed to the within Instrument,
and acknowledged to me that they exe
cuted the same. .
In witness whereof, I have hereunto %
set my hand and alhxed my official seal, J
the duy und year in this certificate 1
first above written. 1
A. W. POTTS, County Clerk 1
nnd ex-ofllcio Clerk of said Court,
Clerk. 02-4w <J
Assessment Notice. 1
-* Location of works, Santa Rosa Mining
District, Los Angeles county, CaL—Lo
cation of principal pluce of business,
Los Angeles, Cal.
Notice is hereby given that at a meet
ing of the Directors, held on the twenty- >
third (23J) day of September, 1878. an as- i
sessment, No. nne(l), of thirty-five (36)
cents por share was levied on the capital
stock of the corporation, payable imme
diately in United states gold coin to tho
Secretary,at his ofllce, No. filty-flve (55)
Main street, Los Angeles city, Cal.
Any stock upon which this assessment j
shall remain unpaid on Saturday, the 2d
day ol November, 1878,wi1l be delinquent "
nnd advertised forsale at pubic auction,
and, unless payment is made before, will #r*
bo sold on Monday, the sixteenth flfthj
day of December, 18T8, to pay the delin
quent assessment, together with costs of
advertising and expenses of sale. »
J. D. DUN LAP, Secretary.
Oflicc—No. 55 Main street, Los Angeles,
CaL 828 td
ssr.tr JK-A.ru
Has facilities for doing JOB
WORKnotequalcclin South
ern California. Power and
Job Presses run by steam se
cure promptness and moder
ate prices. Give this office
a call and secure work at San
Francisco Prices and of a San
Francisco finish and st\*le.
KILLS ftli 1 1
room in T
lOC. •woitli ;
will kill
than $fO HP
worth of '
No dirl, s>
no trojl.l-'.
Sold by V
DmJG'.i-.; ■
Botanic Meclchi
Watches and Jewelry.
Having purchased tho stock and fix
tures of the well known Jowelry store of
Mr. T. W. Siockpole, adding thereto a
largo and entirely new assortment of
goods, we are are propared to show the
citizen* of Los Angeles and vicinity one
of the finest aud best selected (docks to
be found In the State, which will be sold ■
at tho lowest living rates.
We shall constantly be in receipt of all 4
tho latest novelties in watches, chains, I
Jowelry, etc., to which the attention ol I
the public is especially Invited.
In spectacles wo have a large nnd va
ried assortment, and are the exoluslve
agents In Southern California of tho ccl
eorated Lazerus A Morris perfected spec
tacles, which wo claim are the finest In
the world.
Mr. Siackpole will remain In our em
ploy, having exclusive control of tho
work department, and, as heretofore, es
pecial attention will be given to the re
pairing of line watches and Jewelry.
We shall be happy to sec all our old
friends and the public at large.
Jyfltf 3>i Spring street. J
BiJ'All work warranted first-class."Wu
Jobbing attended to with despatch. ol3tf
[Patent Applied Tor.J
Is tho moat perfect, and easiest operating
dorrick fork in existence. One man cau
operate it with the greatest easo, as tho strain
of lifting the fork causes It to grapple its
load automatically, while a pull upon tho
releasing cord, whon the fork has bean lifted
to the desired place, causes it to drop the load
Thorn is nothing in the construction of this
Fork that is liable to gat out of order,
Farmers will do well to examine this Bay 1
Fork, as it saves expense ana greatly faclll- \
tatoK the handling of bay, grain and straw.
Communications addressed to
J. T. HOTT, Gen. Agont,
Ban Mateo, C
J \ A , V

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