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g os geraW.
A Curious Geological Fact.
The excavation of • the State
House grounds brings out clearly
aome ef tbe operation* of nature
which are of interest to geologist?.
In tbe excavation conclusive evi
dence Is found tbat the river once
flowed where the State House
Will stand, and that it changed its
conn* and oame back three times
at least. The evidence is preserv
ed ia tbe earth itself. After a for
est bad grows up, tbe trees being
of a considerable site, the river
brought in sand and gravel, filling
up about the trees to a depth of two
or three feet. Then after the
trees decayed and disappeared, the
soil filled up the holes left in the
gravel. Then, after a long period,
another forest grew up, tbe river
again surrounded the trees with
sand to the depth of two or three
feet, tbe trees disappeared and
the holes left were filled up with
soil. The workmen are now using
the sand in preparing tbe founda
tions of the State House, and as
they take tbe sand and gravel
away tbe toil which filled tbe
holes left by tbe trees is left stand
ing, an exact reproduction of tbe
stumps of tbe trees, and so natural
it tbe representation that it is diffi
cult to believe they are models in
mud instead of real wooden
stumps — Indianapolis Sentinel.
... Abroad in Detroit.
A couple of chaps, whose years
will be few In tbe land if tbey do
not reform, entered a Gratiot ave
nue saloon five or six days ago,
and one of them explained to tbe
"Tbls fellow and me bave got a
bet. I bet htm $10 that Grant will
be the next President, and he
take* me. Here's the money; we
want you to keen Ituutil tbe bet ia
decided In 1880.''
"I vlll do ao" was the calm re
ply, as the money was raked in.
The strangers departed, each
vigorously asserting tbat he wasn't
afraid to trust the saloonlst, and
tbey were not seen again until
tbla afternoon. Then tbey ap
peared to remark:
"We have been talking the thine
over, and bave concluded to with
draw that bet. It has been souie
trouble to you, and if you hand
over $9 we'll" call it square."
"I' am no such mou as dot,"
replied tbe saloonist, as he opened
tbe till; "I makes no charge—here
ish der cash."
He threw cut tlie two fives they
had left, a sly twinkle in bis eye,
and as they slid out he called after
"Shentlemene, yen you makes
any more pets, bleasc call nrouot."
But tbey won't. The two bills
were base counte't'pits, ai"l they
didn't get mixed uv with !.:* lioh
o l o i* :
VANA. TOBACCO into cigarsof approved
brands. He al<*o de«ls In all lines of
Smoker*' Articles. Otve him a call.
nvl» tf
Naud's Warehouse,
The merchants and farmers of l.os An
geles county are respectfully Informed
tbat my warehouse is cutlrelv completed
and lam now fully prepared for the re
ceiving and delivery of «ram. honey,
wool and o her merchandise. The ware
bouse Is strictly fireproof, being built of
brick, with tin roof and asphaltum floor.
Advances on merchandise stored with
me can be obtained from uny of the
banks of this city on my warehouse re
ceipt. AftenerMl storage business trans
acted Your patronage Is respectfully
aollolted. E. NATJD,
niiUtf Proprietor.
LOS ANGELES, Cal., Oct. 30, 1878.
Forthemore convenient transaction of
business the PACIFIC MUTUAL IN
SURANCE CO. of California has estab
under the management of the under
signed, with headquarters at Los Ange
les. Until further time, when due notice
wilt be given, no other agent Is author
ised to do any business whatever for
thbt company in tbls department All
premiums and premium notes are pay
able at my office only.
eSltr Manager Soutnern Dep't.
The Regular Examination of
Will take place in McDonald Block,
i rooms formerly occupied by Arnold's
Justness College), ihts <*lty, llth, 12th
and 13tb of December, 1878. The sessions
will begin promptly at 8 a. m. each day.
w*. p. Mcdonald,
County Pcbool Superintendent.
Los Anneles, Nov. 16tb nl7ld
Wo have opened a restaurant under
tbe above neme in ihe new BANOUI
NETTI MLot *X, Main street. Weßhatl
have all the delicacies of the season on
hand. awopH-i day and night.
Mr. PAOLI PONZK) gives notice to
his friends and patrons that he has re
moved hi* Studio lo tbe residence of ,Mr.
■v. Coronel, on Alameda ptreet. All or
ders let at Heluzeman A Ellis's drug
■tore will receive prompt attention.
Oppo.it. th. Pico Haasr.
MEAIX at At) cts. or n In ctrte.
•WPrivale rooms for families.-few
American nn-l French style,
Of Lot Angeles.
CAPITAL 600,000 OO
ISAIAH W. IT EI. LAf AN .President
L. 0. GOODWIN _ ....Vice-President
JOHN MII.NBR Secretary
O. W. Chiudb, l. c. Goodwin,
Chaui.es Ducommun, Josk Mascakkl,
Johm h. Gairru,, C. E. Tbo*.
Fraiik Lacocvur.ua.
Exeuanze for sale 01
Receive Deposits and Issue Their
Buy and Hull
Will also pay the highest price for Gold
and Sliver Bullion.
From and after thla date, on all moneys
lei taa Term Deposits, Interest will be al
Commercial Bank
Of Los Angelas.
Authorized Capital - 300,000
. E. HOLLEN BECK President
E. F. RPENCE _ Cashier
A. 11. Wilcox, W. Woopwohth.
s. H. Mott, H. Maborv.
This Bank Is prepared to receive de
posits on open account. Issue Certificates
of Deposit, and transact a general Bank
ing Business.
Collections made and proceeds remitted
at cm rent rates of exchange.
Los Angeles _ Cal
Capital Stock (paid up), 300,000
I. ii. SLAUSON „ President
.4. S. BAKER _ Vice-President
I. M. ELLIOTT ...Cashier
J. BIXBY. Oko. W. Prxscott
A. W. Bowman.
Receive Savings Bank deposits.
Buy and sell exchange on San Francisco,
New York, London, Paris, Berlin and
B'ty exchange on all parte of the United
States aad Europe.
Receive money on open Recount and Cer
tificate of Deposit, and do a general
banking and exchange business.
Heinzeman & Ellis,
I>an franco Building, Los Angeles,
■as-Physlclans' Prescription, oarefully
compounded day or night. nut
Wheat Land to Rent.
WHEAT LAND in tbe San Jacinto Val
ley for rent on favorable terms, either
for a share of tbe crop or for cash rent.
Tbe wheat crop has not failed in this
vailey for 27 years, and is a Burecroplf
properly sown in season. In tbls valley
wheat Is not likely to suffer from dreuth
or rust. An excellent wagon road Is now
In process of construction from the San
Jacinto Valley to the Southern Pacific
Railroad at San Gorgon io, a distance of
less than six miles. We have choice
white Australian wheat for seed, barley
for seed or feed and hay, all on tbe ran
cho. to supply parties renting.
Apply to G. A. Collins, San Jacinto, or
to E. Bouton, Los Angeles.
n6-lm G. A. COLLINS «* CO.
Merchants' Money Exchange
and Loan Office.
If you want to buy or sell Watches,
Diamonds, Jewelry, Guns and Pistols, or
borrow money on them, you will do well
to call on It. B. De BAKE, Dowaey
Block, opposite Commercial street, Los
Angeles. Thero you will be honestly
dealt with. He member the place, DOW-
M BY BLOCK, opposite Commercial St.
N. B. — A large lot or unredeemed
pledges of the above goods will be sold
cheao for cash. n 12- lm
Has facilities for doing JOB
WORK notequaledin South
ern California. Power and
Job Presses run by steam se
cure promptness and moder
ate prices. Give this office
a call and secure work at San
Francisco Prices and of a San
Francisco finish and style.
The Leading Paper
Southern Cal Uforn i.a.
Will devote Its columns to furthering the
Interests of Los Angeles city and county
and the Southern portion of the State. It
Is tho Intent lon of the publisher o make
A newspaper of lho day, complete in ail
Its details, and In every department
Full and Reliable,
Tbe Editorial Columns will discuss all
live toplcsot the d»y. while the
By arrangements newly effected, will be
the fullest and most exhaustive to be
found In any paper of the State, not be
tne surpassed b 7 those of the San Francisco
allies. The
Looal Columns
Will contain a couipletu resume ol local
happenings and all matters at home In
DAILY HKKALD, by mall.l year_.slooo
ii ii * 1} months... 500
.1 •• Smooths... 260
Delivered lv the City et
; Weekly 1 year by matt 3300
" • months • IN
S " 100
Payable Invariably In advance
Joseph D. Lynch,
Are not advertised as "cure-alls," but
are spec 1 flea In (he diseases for which
they are recommended.
Investigators of natural science bave
demonstrated beyond controvery that
throughout lhe animal kingdom the
"survival of the fittest" is the only law
that vouchsafes thrift and perpetuity.
Does not tbe sams principle govern the
commercial prosperity ot man? An in*
ferlor cannot supercede a superior arti
cle. By reason of superior merit, Dr.
Pierces Standard Medicines have out
rivaled all others. Their salo In tbe
United States alone exceeds one million
dollars per annum, while the amount ex
ported foots np to several hundred
thousands more. No business could grow
to such gigautic proportions aud rest up
on any other basis than that of merit.
Dr.Sage'sCatarrh Remedy
Is Pleasant to Use,
Dr.Sage'sCatarrh Remedy
Its cures extend over a period of
Twenty Years.
Dr.Sage'sCatarrh Remedy
Its Sale Constantly Increases.
Dr. Sage's Catarrh Remedy
Cures by Us Mild, Soothing Effect.
Dr.Sage'sCatarrh Remedy
Cures "Cold in Head" and Catarrh, or
ROCKPORT, Mass., April 2,1677.
Mr. Editou:— Having read in your pa*
per reports of the remarkable cures of ca
tarrh, I am Induced to tell " what I know
about catarrh," aud I fancy the "snuff"
and "inhaling tube" makers (mere dol
lar grabbers) would be glad if they could
emblazon a similar cure In the papers.
For 26 years 1 sullered with catarrh. Tko
nasal passages became completely closed.
"Snuff," "dust," "ashes," "iuhaling
tubes," and "sticks" wouldn't work,
though at Intervals I would Bniff up tbe
so-called catarrh snuff, until I became a
valuable tester for such medicines. 1
gradually grew worse, and no one can
know bow much I suffered or wbat a
miserable beiug I was. My head ached
over my eyes until 1 was confined to my
bed ior many successive days, suffering
the most Intense pain, which at one time
tasted continuously for 168 hours. All
sense ot smell and taste goje, sight and
hearing impaired, body shrunken
ana weaseneu nervous system so at
tered and constitution broken, and 1 was
hawking and spitting seven-eighths of the
time. 1 prayed for death to relieve me of
my suffering. A favorable notice In your
paper ot Dr. Sage's Catarrh Remedy in
duced me to purchase a package and use
it with Dr. Pierces Nasal Douche, which
applies the remedy by hydrostatic pres
sure, the only way compatible with com
mon sense. Well, Mr. Editor, it did not
cure me In tbroe-iourths of a second, nor
mono hour or month, but in less than
eight minutes i was relieved, and In
threo months entirely cured, and bave
remained sooversixteen months. While
using the Catarrh remedy, I used Dr.
Pierces Golden Medical Discovery to pu
rify my blood and strengthen my stom
ach. I also kept my liver active and
bowels regular by the use of his Pleasant
Purgative Pellets. If my experience will
Induce other sufferers to seek the same
means of relief, this letter will have un
swered its purpose.
Yours .ruiy, S. D. REMICK.
lowing named parties are among the
thousands who have been cured of ca
tarrh by the use of Dr. Sage's Catarrh
Remedy: A F Downs, New Geneva, Pu;
D J Brown, St Joseph, Me; E C Lewis,
Rutland, V t; Levi Springer, Nettle Lake,
Ohio; ChasNorcrop.lN 'th Chesterfield,Me;
Milton Jones, ticrlba.NY; J E Miller,
Brldger Station, Wyo; J C Merriman, Lo
gansport, Ind; M M Post, Logausport,
Ind;J W Bailey.Tremont, Pa;H B Ayres,
La Porte, Ind; Jessie M Sears, Ft Branch,
Ind; L Williams. Canton. Missouri; W A
Thayer, Ouarga, 111; SB Nichols, Jr, Gal
veston, Texas: Jonas F Relnert, Stones
vllie.Pa; S W Lusk, McFarland, Wis;
Johnson Wiillams. Helmlck, Ohio; Mrs
M A curry, Trenton, Term: JGJoslln,
Keene. N H; A J Caspar, Table Hock, W
Va; Louis Anders, Gay a port, Ohio; C II
Chase. Elkhart, lud; Mrs Henry Haight,
San Francisco. Cal: Mrs i. M Gallu&ha,
Lawrenceviile, N V; W J Graham, Adei,
Iowa; A O Smith, Newnan, Ga; Chas E
Rice, Baltimore. Md: Jesse M Sears, Car
lisle, Ind; Dan'lH Mliier,Fl Wayno.lnd;
Mrs Minnie Arnaiso, 2JU Dulancy St, New
York; H W Hull, Hastings, Mich; WmF
Marston, Lowell, Mass; 1 W Roberts,
Maricopa, Ariz; Chas S Dclaney, Harris
burg, Pa; M C Cole, Lowell, Mass: Mrs C
J Spurtln,Camden, Ala; Charles F Kaw,
Frederick town. Ohio; Mrs Lucy Hunt
ington, Farmlugton.Ul; CaptE S gpauld
lng, Camp Stambaugh, Wyo: I W Tracy,
Steamboat Rock, Iowa; Mrs Lydia Walte,
Sbushan, N V; J M Peck, Junction City,
Mont; Henry Ebe, Banian, Cal; L BCuin
mings, Hantoul, 111; SE Jones, Charles
ton Four Corners, N V; Geo F Hall, Pueb
10, Cal; WmEßartrle, Sterling, Pa; H
H Ebon, 1148 Perm St, Pittsburg, Pa; J R
Jaekmau, Samuel's Depot, Ky; Henry
Zobrlst, Geneva, N V; Miss Huttie Par
rott, Montgomery, Ohio; L J.edbrook,
Chatham. Ill; S B McCoy, Nasbport,
Ohio; W W Warner, North Jackson,
Mich; Miss Mary A Win no. Darieu. Wis;
John Zelglor, Carlisle springs, Pa.: James
Tompkins, St Cloud, Minn: Enocn Duer,
Pawnee City, Neb; Jos T Miller, Xenia,
Ohio; S B Nichols, Galv* stou, Texas: H
L Laird, Upper Alton, 111; John Davis,
Prescott, Aria; Mrs Nancy Graham, For
est Grovo, Ogn.
Golden Medical Discovery
Is alterative, or blood-cleansing.
Golden Medical Discovery
Is Pectoral.
Golden Medical Discovery
Ih a Cbolagogue, or Liver Stimulant.
Golden Medical Discovery
Is Tonic.
Golden Medical Discovery
By reason of its alterative properties,
cures Diseases of the Blood and bklu, as
Scrofula,or King's Evil; Tumors: Ulcers,
or Old Sores; Blotches, Pimples und
Eruptions. By virtue or its Pectoral
properties it cures Bronchial, Throat and
Lungalfections; Incipient Consumption;
Lingering Coughs, and Chronlo Laryngi
tis. Its Cholugogue properties, render it
an yuequal remedy for Biliousness; Tor
ptdLtver, or *'LivorComplalnt;" and its
Tonic properties make it equally effica
cious In curing Indigestion, Loss of Ap
petite and Dyspepsia.
Where the sain is sallow and covered
with blotches and pimples, or where
tbere are scrofulous, swellings and affec
tions, a few bottles of Golden Medical
Discovery will effect an entiro cure. II
you feel drowsy, debilitated, bave sallow
color of skin or yellowish-brown spots on
face or body, frequeut headache or dizzi
ness, bad taste in mouth, Internal beat
or chills alternated with hot flushes, low
spirit* and gloomy forebodings, Irregular
appetite and tongue coated, you are suf
fering from Torpid Liver or Biliousness,
in many cases of Liver Complaint, only
part of these symptoms are experienced.
As a remedy for all such cases, Dr.Pierce's
jfolden Medical Discovery has no equal,
is lteffects perfect cures,leaving tbe liver
itrengthencd and healthy.
DR. R. V. PIERCE is the sole proprie
or and manufacturer of the foregoing
emedles,all of which are sold by drug
;latB. He is alio tbe author of tbe Peo
de'a Common Hense Medical Adviser, a
rork of nearly 1000 pages, with 282 wood
n graving* pnd colored plates. Ho has
already Bold of this popular work
Over 100,000 Copies!
PRICE, (post-paid) : : $1 60
Addrau: R. V. PIERCE, M. D.,
World. Dlipen.ary, BuSalo, N.Y.
D»r6-ood-d*w.ar >
JiograpldcaJ Annals of the Civil Govern
ment of the United Utatoe, During the
First Century of lit tsistem-e.
raon oaiaiNAL and owicut souuoeb
ByCha6. Lanman,
Author of the ''Dictionary of Congress,*
• Private lifo of Daniel Webster," "Bed
Book of.Michigan,"
This valuable work, the only one of lv kind
extant, contains about eeven thousand Mo
graphical sketches, and eight thousand ad
dit tonal names of persons who have beer
connected with tho Government since the
signing of the Declaration of Independence,
waking In all, about rnrrKEN thousand fsb>
bonal hkfk&£musB in the volume. It em
braces iv its scope the Delegates, Represent
atives, and Senators who have served in the
Continental and Federal Congresses, the Fed
eral and State Judiciary, Ministers to and
from Foreign Countries, Executlvo officers is
all the Departments of the Nation, as well at
all the Governors of tbe Btates and Territo
ries, together with a very large amount ol
tabular information, gathered from official
sources, calculated to illustrate the growth
and present condition of the Government oi
the United States. For greater convei it aw
or referenoe, the Book Ts arranged in twi
parts; the first containing the
and some Idea of the valuo and extent of tbi
Tabular information which forms the SEC.
OND FART, may be gathered irom tue sub
Delegates to the Colonial Cengress.
The Declaration of Independence.
Signers of tbe Declaration.
Delegates to the Continental Congress-
Sessions of the Continental Congress.
Presidents ot the Continental Congress
Articles of Confederation.
The Constitution of tbe United States.
Sessions of the Federal Congress.
Speakers of the House of Representatives.
Presidents of the Senate.
Bocretaries of the Senate.
Clerks of tho House of Representatives.
Chaplains to Congress.
Successive Administrations.
Executive officers of the Civil Service,
Presidential X lectors.
Electoral and Popular Votes for PresntbUt.
Political Parties.
The Justices of the Supreme Court.
Clerks of the Supreme Court.
Marshals of the Supreme Oourt.
Justices of the Circuit. District • 'for
ritorial Courts.
The Court of Claims.
Organization of the Executive Depart,
Settlement of Btates and T rrltorles.
Counties and Towns of tho I'uited Btates.
Area of tho United flutes.
Origin of the names oi statos and Territo
Length and Cost of American Wars.
Chiot Commanders of the Army.
Progress ot Population In the United
Density of Population,
population and Ratio of Representation,
pay Table of Civil Offioers.
Leading Government Publication*.
The Newspaper press.
Education in the United States.
Colonial Governors of America.
The Btate and Territorial Governors.
The Seat of the General Government.
Right of Suffrage in tha United States.
Qualifications of Elective Officials.
Diplomatic Agents of the United States.
Diplomatic Airentß from Foreign Countries.
International Arbitrations and Oointuis-
Treaties and Conventions.
Foreign Government Representatives in
the United flutes.
Officials of the Centennial Exhibition.
Additloual Facts to Date of Publication.
Index by SUtes of Federal Oougross.
General Index.
besides its own value as a work ot refer
ence, the Book forms a worthy adjunct to
every published history of the United States,
and will be an indispensible acquisition to
every Public and Private Library, In form it la
aroyal octavo of about 700 pages, well printed
on good paper, and is sold in
Morocco cloth binding, plain edges, for. .$7 00
Half Morocco or Calf marbled edges .... 8 00
Full Morocco or Calf marbled or gilt .. 10 0b
To be had from Agents and Booksellers
everywhor ere, bymall or express propaid,
from JAMES am. MM, Publisher,
nolB-tf IU4 F Street. Washington D. 0.
Eclectic Magazine.
Thirty-Fourth Year.
The Eclectic reprints from All tbe foreign
Quarterlies, Beviews, Magazines, and Jour
nals their choicest contents, including Ka
e&ys, Scientific Papers, Biographical Bketches
lteininiaceuces of Travel, and Adventure,
Tales, Stories and Poems. The field of ae*
lectlon la very large and it ia believed tbat
the Eclectic presents a greater variety and
higher standard of literature than any peri
odical can hope to do that depends exclu
sively upon home talent.
A knowledge ot tho current literature of
other countries is indispensable to all who
would keep pace with tlie progress of the
human mind, and the Eclectic offers the bast,
and, indeed, the only opportunity for ob
taining this knowledge within a reasonable
compass, and at a muuerato price.
Among tbe writers renreaented in recent
numbers of the Eclectic are: The lit. Hon.
W. B. Gladstone, James Anthony Froude,
Matthew Arnold, Charles Klugsley, Robert
Buchanan. Geo. McDonald. John llußkin,
Alfred Tennyson. Thomaa Hughes, William
black, Mrs. Ollphant.Thoa. Hardy, William
Morris, Mlas Thackeray, Mrs. Alexander,
Profs. Huxley and Tyndall, Richard Proctor,
B, A., Prof. owen. Dr. W. is. Carpenter, Max
Muller. J. Norman Lockyer, Herbert Spen
cer, nnd others equally eminent. Besides the
regular articles in the body of the magazine,
thero aro four original Editorial Depart
ments: Literary Notices, Foreign Literary
Notes. Science and Art. and Varieties.
With regard to tho character of tho Bolec
turns, the aim of the Eclectic is to be in
structive without being dull, and entertain
ing without being trivial. While each num.
ber contains souiothing to luterest every
member ef the family circle, it addresses
ltoelf particularly to that great body of in
telligent readeiß who seek profit as well aB
amusement in solid and boaltbful literature.
Besides the 123 paces uf reading matter,
each number of tho magazine contains a fine
a reel engraving—usually a portrait. -scen
ted in tiie moit artistic manner.
Terms.—Bingle copies 45 cents. Ono copy
one year, $6; two copies, i'J: five copies, $20.
Trial subscriptions lor tbred months, $1.
The Eclectic snd any $4 magazine to one
address,! ».
Postage free to all subscribers. Address,
E. It. PBLTON, Publisher,
delft.tl 16 Donil Street. New York.
1876. NEW SEMES. IB7Bf
Publieheil Once In Two Months.
Price, $5 n Year, in AUoarw*.
A entering on a new Beries nnder now
managdntnt, will retain all that has made
it, for over sixty years, so important an olo
ment in American literature.
Its more frequent isßue, and the addi
tional writers engaged for it, will hereafter
enable it to discuss more promptly and
thoroughly the vital questions of fbo time
—political, economical, social, industrial,
scientific, educational, litorary and moral.
Tho REVIEW is not lho organ of any
party, sect, school, clique, or of its editors,
but uf tho best Bcholars, thinkera, scientists,
•talesmen, writers and critics of tbo day.
With this aim and character, with tliia
honorablo record, and with tho abundant
resources at its command to make good its
promises, tho NORTH AMERICAN RE
VIEW oommenda itself to the favor all of
Intelligent citizens.
TERMS- *5 a Year, in Advance.
Notice of Executor's Bale
of Real Estate.
Notice Is hereby given that In pursu
ance of an order of the Probate Court of
Ihe county of Los Augeles, slate of Cal
llornla, made on the 4th duynf Novem
ber, 1878, In the matter of the estate of
Frank Cowden, deoeased, the under
signed, the executor ol the Bald estate,
will sell at public auction to the highest
bidder for cash, and subject to con*lrma-
Hon by said Probate Court, on SAT UK
DAY, the seventh day of Deoember, 1873.
at 10 o'clock *. jr., at tho Court House
door, In the city of Los Angeles, In the
couuty ol l.os Angeles, all the right, ti
tle, Interest and estate of the said Fran it
Cowden at the time of his death, and all
tbe right, title and Interest that the said
estate has, by operation of law or ether
wise, acquired other than or in addition
to that of the said Frank Cowden at the
time of his death, In and to ail those
certain lots, pieces or paroels of land
situate, lying and being in the said
county of Los Angeles, state of Callior
nla, and bounded aud described as fol
lows, to wit:
Lot 7 in block IS, range 3, in tho town of
Three lots situate In the town of Wil
mington, being lots 8,12 and n. In block
5, range 2.
Lot 1, block 5, rauge 2, In the town of
Also, the property commencing at a
point on the westsldo of Canal street, in
tbe town of Wilmington HSH feet from
the intersection of tue west side of said
Canal street with the north side of Sec
ond street; thence westerly on the line
of Canal street i laX leet; thenoe at right
angles 160 feet; thence at right augles
115>4feet; thence at right angles 100 feet
to the pluoe ol beglnniug.
Lot 12, blook 11, range 4 Wilmington
Los Angeles county, California.
Block No. 4, range No. 3, town of Wil
mington, Los Angeles county.
And also tbe undivided one-half of lot
No. 13, block 103, Bullevue Terrace tract
In Los Angeles city.
Terms and conditions of sale:—Cash
United States gold coin; teu per cent, o
the purchase money to be paid to the
auctioneer on the day of sale; balanoe on
confirmation of Bale by said Probate
Court. Deed at expense of purchaser.
Executor of the estaleof FrankCowden,
By THOM A ROSS, his attorneys.
November 12, 1878. ni3td
Assessment Notice.
Location of prinolpal plaoe of business,
Los Angeles. Cal.
Notice Ib hereby given that at a meet
ing of tho Directors, held at tbe office of
the corporation, In the city of Los Ange
les, Los Angeles county, California, on
the sth day of November, 1878, aa as
sessment of seventy (70) cents per share
tod on the capital stock of the cor
7n*Lion, payable Immediately to tbe
Secretary, at bis office, No. 56 Main street,
Los Angeles city.
Any stock upon which this assessment
shall remain unpaid on Saturday, the 7th
day of December, 1878, will be delinquent
and advertised for sale at pubic auction,
aad, unless payment is made before, will
be sold ou Saturday, the twenty-eighth
day of December, 1878. to pay tbe delin
quent assessment, together wltb costs of
advertising and expenses of sale.
J. D. DUNLAP, Secretary.
Office—No. 55 Main street, Los Angeles,
Cal. n«td
Notice of Application for
In the County Court of the County of Los
Augeles, State of California.
In tbe matter of the application of De
les Campbell for the pardon of Alfred £.
Ferris, tried and convicted on the 7th
day of May, A. D. 1877, of tbe crime of ar
son lv the second degree, in the County
Court of tbo county of Los Angeles,
Htate of California, and by the Judge of
said Court on tbe 30th day of May, A. D.
1877, sentenced to be Imprisoned in the
Slate Prison of the State of California for
a period of three years:
You will please take notice that it is
the intention of the undersigned to ap
ply to His Excellency, Wm. Irwin, Gov
ernor of tbe Kiate of California, lor the
pardon of said Alfred E. Ferris and for
his restoration to citizenship.
To C. E. THOM, Esq., District Attorney
for Los Angelas County.
Los Angeles, November 22, 1878,
County of Los Angeles.)"
A. W. Potts, being first duly sworn on
his oath deposes and says that be 1b a
male citlaen of the United States and of
tbe State of California, over the age of
twenty-one years, and has no Interest in
tbe pardon of the said Alfred E. Ferris;
that h» knows C. E. Thorn, Esq., District
Attorney in and for the county of Los
Angeles, State of California, and he
served the annexed and foregoing notloo
of application upon said C. E. Thorn, hb
such Distrlet Attorney, on tbe 22d day of
November, 1878, at tbe oounty of Los An
geles, by personally delivering to him a
true copy thereof. A. W. POTTS.
Subscribed nnd sworn to before me, Ibis
22d day of Novemb&r, A. D. 1878.
ISeal.l A.J. KING,
n24-lrn Notary Public.
Notice to Creditors.
Notice Is hereby given by tho under
signed, administrator of the estate of
Louis Firman, deceased, to the cred
itors of and all persons having claims
against the said deceased,to exhibit them,
with the necessary vouchers, within four
months after the first publication of this
notice, to tbo said administrator at his
homo, in El Monte, Los Angeles county,
>r at the office of bis attorney, M. L.
Wioks, Temple Block, Loa Angeles city,
in the county of Los Angeles.
jr. W. GIBSON,
Administrator of tbe estate of Louis Fir
man, deceased. 010-sw
Dated October the Oth, 1878.
Location of principal place of business,
Los Angeles, California,—Location of
works, Ventura county, California.
Notico Is hereby given that at a
meeting of tbe Board of Direc
tors uf this Company held on
;he Bth day of November, 1878, an as
.esfiment(No. 6) of tweuty-flvo cents per
mare was levied upon tbe cap
ital stock ot the company, payable Im
mediately, In U. S. gold coin, to tbe Sec
retary, at his office, No. 6 Temple Block,
city of Los Angelea.
Any stock upon which this assessment
remains unDald on the Oth day of Jan
uary, 1870, wilt be delinquent and ad
rertiaed for sale ut publio auction,and,
unless paid before will be sold on tbe
29tb day of January, 1870, to pay tbe
delinquent assessment, together wltb
costs of advertising and expenses of sale.
By order of the Board of Directors.
WM. J. NEELY,Secretary,
No. 6 Temple Block, Los Angeles,Cal.
Los Angeles, November 16,1678. nlflul
Assessment Notice.
The Pomona Orchard Company.—Loca
tion of principal place of business,
Loa Angeles City.
Notice Is hereby given tbat at a meeting
of the Board ol Directors, held on ths22d
day of November, 1878, an assessment of
♦30 per share was levied upon
the capital stock of the corporation, pay
able immediately, In United States gold
coin, to the Secretary, at the office of the
company, No. 48 Spring street, up stairs.
Any stock upon which this assessment
shall remain unpaid on the 25th day of De
cember, 1878, will be delinquent and ad
vertised for sale at public auction; and,
unless payment Is made before, will be
sold on SATURDAY, tbe llth day of
January, 1870, at 2 o'clock. P. m.. to pay
the delinquent assessment, togetber with
cost of advertising and expenses of sale.
By order of the Board of Directors.
Office—Mott Building, 48 Spring street,
Los Angelea, Cal.
Loa Angelea, November 22, 1878. n'Jitd
Of i, ics or the Los Angel km )
City Watbr Company,!
Lot Angeles, October 6,1178. )
Notice U hereby given that the annual
meeting ot tbe stockholders of the above
named company will be held on
THURSDAY, the 6th day of December,
A, D. 1878, at S o'clock p. m., at the off]oa
of tbe company, on Commercial street,
Loa Angeles city, for the purpose of elect
log Trustees for the year * m - Bl^jJ^ T
nfltd f* ' secretary.
~ Sheriff's Sale. ~
Delia T. Davis. Plaintiff, vs. Charles W.
Davis, Defendant. -Twelfth District
Under and by virtue of an execution Is
sued out of the District Court of the
Twelfth Judicial District of the State
of California, in and lor the city and
county or Sau Francisco, and to me di
rected and delivered on tbe 23d day of
September, A. D. 1878, and by virtue of
an order made by the aforesaid District
Court oh the 18th day of September, A.
D. 1878, In lavor of Delia T. Davis, plain
tiff, aud against Chas W. Davis, defend
ant, I have levied upon and shall on
DECEMBER, A. D. 1878,
At 12 o'clock tv, proceed to sell,
at the Court House door, In the city and
county of Los Angeles, state of Califor
nia, at public auction, for cash In U. S.
gold coin, to satisfy said order and ac
cruing uosts.all the right, tltleand Inter
est or tbe defendant, 0. W. Davis, In and
to tho following described real estate, to
All thatoertaln piece, parcel or lot of
land, situate in the city of Los Angeles,
county of Los Angeles, State or Califor
nia, more particularly desoribed as fol
lows, to wit:
Commencing on the north line of
Nichols' private street, at or near the
southeast oorner of lot No. one (1) of
block thirty-six (33). Hancock's survey
of thirty five aore lots or Donation lots;
thence s 02', degrees E 228 feet, more or
leas, to the western line or Pearl street;
tbenee N 87% degrees E along the west
ern line of Pearl street 600 feet, more or
less, to the southern line of Tenth street;
thence westerly along tbe southern Hue
or Tenth street 812 feet, more or less, to
land now owned by Irvine; thence south
27 degrees west, following the line fence
as now established as the eastern bound
ary sf said Irvine's land, 498% feet, to
the point or beginning, containing 3 1-12
acres, more or less.
Given under my hand at the city and
oounty or Los Angeles, State of Califor
nia, this 14th day of November. A. D.
1878. il. M. MITCHELL,
By James C. Kays, Doputy. nlold
San Francisco Petroleum Company.
Location or principal nlaco of business,
Han Francisco, California.—Location
of works, San Fernando Petroleum
Mining District, Los Angeles oountr,
NOTICE.—There are delinquent upon
the following described stock, en ac
count of assessment (No. 4) levied on the
fifth day of October, 1878, the several
amounts set opposite tbe nameß of tbe
respective sbarebolders, as follows:
No. No.
Names. Cert, Shares. Amt
Abbott Henry 126 100 J9O 00
Adams Grove 6 1000 81)0 00
Easton W,Truste...l22 600 160 00
Kaston W, Trustee.,lB3 6000 1500 00
Babe J L, Trustee ...138 260 76 00
Babe J L, Trustee ...137 2'o 75 00
Habe J L, Tr'Stee ...138 100 8000
Babe j 1 , ' cu'H>. iro row
Babu J L, Trustee . . 1 ,v 6U 10 UJ
Chllds M W 124 22107 6050 10
FeltonC N.TrußteelOO 10000 300000
FeltonC N.Trnstee 110 10000 8000 00
FeltonCN.Trusteelll 6000 160000
Franklyn H M.TrSt 131 1000 30000
Franklyn HM.Trst 141 600 150 00
Franklyn HM.Trst 142 600 15000
Goodwin I, 127 100 80 00
Uoodwin L.Trustee 143 10000 SCO!) 00
Gcadwlu L.Trustee 144 6000 1600 00
Goodwin L.Trustee 146 3000 900 00
Goodwin L.Trustee 146 1000 800 00
Goodwin L.Trustee 147 90t> 270 00
Hagan J W. 27 100 SO 00
Hopkins QW, Tr'st M 6000 1500 00
Ludovlcl Josephine ISS 3330 99900
Kimball OH Ut 100 SOW
Kimball OH 117 100 80 00
Kimball GH 119 60 15 00
Kimball OH 121 SSO 9900
Mount JO „ 29 100 3000
MahoneyJH 12 tOO 150 00
MahoneyJH 14 3UO 00 00
MacPtierson BC 19 200 60 00
MacfhersonKC 21 200 60 00
MacPhersonKO 22 50 1500
MacPhersonßC 24 60 1500
MacPheraonßC 47 500 160 CO
And In accordance with law, and an or
der of the Board of Directors, made on
the fifth day of October, 1878, ho
many shares or each parcel of |such stock
as may be necessary will be sold at pub
lio anctlon, at the Company's of
fice. No. 22 Montgomery street,
San Francisco, California, on THURS
DAY, the sth day of December,lB7B,at the
hour of two o'clock p. m. of said day, to
pay said delinquentassessments thereon,
together wltb costs of advertising and ex
penses of the sale.
Office—22 Montgomery street, San Fran
cisco, California. nlstd
The above sale Is hereby postponed till
Wednesday, December 11, 1878, at the
same hour nad place.
By order of Board of Directors.
San Francisco, Dec. 4,1878.
Creditors' Notice.
Notice is hereby given to all creditors
of the estate of Apolonio Domlnguez, de
ceased, tbat all persons having claims
against said deceased are required to pre
sent them, with the necessary vouchers,
to the executors of said estate, at the of
fice of .Messrs. Howard, Brousseau &
Howard,' attorneys at law, In the city ol
Los Angeles, county of Loa Angeles,
Stale ol California, vit; No. 29 Temple
block, In said city, within four months
from tbe first publication of this notice.
Executors or the last will of Apolonio
Domingues, deceased.
Los Angeles, Nov. 14, 1878. u!3-4w
In the Probate Court,
Of the County of Loa Angelea,
State of California.
Ia he matter of the estate of B. D.
Wilson, deceased.
J. de«arth Hherb aad Margaret S. Wil
son, the Exeoutor and Eiecutrlx of the
estate of B. D. Wilson, deceased,
having filed their petition bertoln, duly
verified, praying for an order of sale of
a portion of the real estate, of said de
ceased, for the purposes therein Bet forth,
from which petition It appears that it is
necessary to sell some portion of the said
real estate to pay the debts outstanding
against the deceased and the debts, ex
penses aud charges of administration.
It is therefore ordered by the said Court
that all persons Interested In the estate
of said deceased appear before tbe said
Probate Court on
At eleven o'olock in the forenoon of said
day, at tbe Court Room of said Probate
Court, at the Court House, In tbe city
and county of Los Angeles, to show
cause wby an order should not be granted
to the said executor and exeoutrlx to
sell so much of the real estate of tbe
said deceased as shall be necessary.
And tbat a copy of tbls order be
published at least four successive weeks
in the Daily Los A ngeles Herald, a news
paper printed and published In said
Los Angeles county.
Probate Judge.
Dated Novembers. 1878. BN«
Notice to Creditors.
Estate of CHARLES G. MASON, Dec'd.
Notice Is hereby glvea by tbe under
signed, admlnlsu-auix of ibe estate of
Charles G. Masou, deceased, to the cred
itors of and all persons having claims
against the said deceased, to exhibit
tbem, with the neoessary vouchers,
within ten months after tbe first publi
cation of this notice, to tbe said adminis
tratrix, at her residence, on Plgueroa
street, near the oornerof Jefferson street,
In the city and county of Los Angeles.
Administratrix of the Estato of Charles
Masou, deceased.
Dated at Los Angeles, October 31,1878.
Partnership Dissolution.
The partnership heretofore existing
between A. H. Moody and John Host
wlck, under the Arm name of MOODY A
BOBTWICK, has been dissolved by mu
tual consent, Mr. Bnstwlck retiring from
tbe same. The business will be carried
on by the undersigned ataaual.
November 18,18TS. «w
J ...
Seventeenth Judicial District of iho
State of California, in and for the
county of Los Angeles.
A. Lothian aud T. Walsh, partretn un
der tho Arm name of A. Ixuhlau A Co.,
Plaintiffs, against H. J.Wood and the
Southern District Agricultural Society, a
corporation, Defendants.
Aotlon brought in the District Court of
the Seventeenth Judicial District of the
State of California, in and for the county
of Los Angeles, and the complaint filed in
said county of Los Angeleß, in the oilier
of tbe Clerk of said District Court.
Tbe people of tbe state of California
send greeting to H. J. Wood and tbe
Southern District Agricultural Society, v
corporation, Defendants.
You are hereby required to appear In an
action brought against you by the above
named Plaintiffs In the District Court oi
tbe Seventeenth Judicial District of the
State of California, in and for the County
of Los Angeles,and to answer the com
plaint filed therein, within ten days (ex
clusive of the day of service) after the
servlco on you of this summons—lf served
within this County; or, If served out
of this County, but in this District, within
twenty days; otherwise, within forty days
—or Judgment by default will be taken
against you, according to the prayer of
said complaint.
The said action la brought to obtain a
decree from tbls Court for the foreclosure
of a certain mechanic's lien described in
tbe said complaint and filed by the said
plaintiffs in the offioe of the County Re
corder of said county on the 30th day ot
June, A. D. 1878, to secure the payment
ol an account for materials furnished for
the coostruotlon of tbe building de
scribed in said lein, belonging to said de
fendant H. J. Wood, said claim amount
ing to |4UI 40,e01d coin; that the prem
ises covered by said Hen may be sold
and tbe proceeds applied to the pay mem
of the costs of this suit, $100 attorneys
feeß,sB (the costs of filing and recordini
said lien) and the balance due on salt
account, amounting to tbe sum of $40140
and oosts of suit; and In caae such pro
ceeds are not sufficient to nay tbe same
then to obtain an execution against aah
H. J, Wood for the balance remaining
due, and also that tbe said defendants
and all persons claiming by, througb or
under them, or either of them, may be
barred and forecloaed of all right, title
claim, lien, equity of redemption and
Interest in and to said mortgaged prem
ises, and for other and further relief.
Reference is bad to complaint for par
And you are hereby notified tbat If you
fail to appear and answer tbe said com
plaint as above required .the said plalntlfls
will apply to the Court for the relief de
mandedln the said complaint.
Ulven under my hand and the seal c
the District Court of the Seventeen!
Judicial District of the State ofCallforniu
in and for tbe county of Los Angeles,
this first day ov October, tn tbe year of
our Lord one thousand eight hundred and
[seal.] A. W. POTTS. Clerk.
By A. RIMPATJ, Deputy Clerk.
Barclay A Wilson, Plaintiffs' Attorneys
oil 4w
Notice of Dissolution.
GIEBEL, heretofore doing business a
merchant tailors in the city of Los An
geles, la this day dissolved by mutual
consent. All debts due to tbe late firm
will be paid to Louis Pfeiffenberger, who
la alone authorized to reoeipt for tbs
Dated thls3olh November. 1878.
AH persouß having olalms against the
late firm of B. 1). WILSON A CO. are
hereby notified and requested to present
the same at once to the undersigned, at
his residence, at San Marino, Los Ange
les county; and all persons Indebted to
said firm are hereby notified and request
ed to settle their accounts without delay.
Dated AprU 17th, 1878.
Per T. A R.
Partnership Notice.
We, the underslgned.constltute a part
nership, under the firm name of S.
SPEEDY * CO., with place of business
at No. 66 Aliso street. Los Angelea, for
tbe purpose of curing and packing pork
and conducting the business in all of Its
027-4w A. W. SKSON.
U. S. Internal Revenue.
NOTICE.—State of California, County
of Los Angeles.—Whereas, the Los Ange
les Distilling Company, of Los Angeles,
California, have become chargeable with
and indebted to the United Stales for the
taxes assessed against them, together
witli penalties and interest, amounting
in the aggregate to 6.750 96-100 dollars, as
per assessment lists of February, 1874,
and May, 1874, and schedule of penalties
and lntereston file in my office: Now,,
therefore, by authority from William '
Higby, Esq., Collector First District on
California, 1 have levied upon the distil
lery, stills, vessels, fixtures and tools
therein, tbe tract of land whereon tbe
distillery Is looated and any buildings
thereon of tbe Los Angeles Distilling
Company, situated near the easterly end
of the covered bridge across tho Los An
gelea river, In the city of Los Augeles,
said tract of land being described
more particularly as follows: On
tbe east bank of the Los Angeles river,
tn the city and county of Loa Augeles,
State of California, commencing at a
point (stake No. 1) 140 leet easterly from
said Loa Angeles river and running
thence at right angles southerly 100 feet
to post No. 2; thence at right angles 00
feet westerly to post No. 3; tbence at
right angles southerly 46 feet to post No.
4; thence at right angles westerly 67 leet
to post No. 5; thenoe at rlgbt angles;
northerly 25 feet to post No. 6; thenoe ai
right angles ess tori y 60 feet to post No. t ■
tbence at right angles northerly 120 feetl
to post No. 8; thence at rlgbt angles)
easterly 06 feet, to point of beglnulng.
And at 11 o'clock a. h. on Thursday, the
26th day of December, 1678, in front of
tbe Sheriff's office, in the city of Los An
geles, I will sell the above described
property of tbe Los Angelea Distilling
Company at public auction, to the high
est bidder for cash, in satisfaction of said
demand, besides costs and expenses of
levy and sale.
T. S. HALL, Deputy Collector.
Dated Los Angeles. Dee. *, 1876. dStd
All persons Indebted to the late firm ot
MAHXSEN BROTHERS, bankr«pts,are
hereby notified to settle with Louis Ran,
No. 13 Spring street, falling In which
suits will be Instituted and collection
enforoed. A. HAAS,
n5-lw Assignee of Marxsen Bros.
Dr. Stoiunarta
remedy for the cure of nervous aud
physical debility, spermatorrhea, seminal
weakness and premature decline.
The Essence of Life
la the only safe and sure remedy and will
restore exhausted vitality without tail,
Kermanently and effectually, no matter
om what cause or of how long standing
The Essence of Life
Is pleasant to take, and la free from all
noxious drugs; It gives tone to the diges
tive organs, strength to the nerves, and
purities and enriches the blood, thereby
eradicating alt morbid eruptions of the
Price, $8 per bottle, or four times tho
Quantity in oase, $10, wltb full directions
for use. Sent to any address, secure from
observation, upon receipt of price, which
may be sent by express, registered letter,
or Poatotflce money order, er C. O. D.
Within 450 miles of San Francisco.
References of the highest standing and
unquestionable veracity from persons
tbat have been cured. To be bad only at
San Franolaco. Cal.. where all letters
should be addressed.
Office hours from 9 A. if. to 4 p. sr. and 6
to 8 p. It. marl3-80-lyr
View of Marriage!
LVl'»i'aiaßaffafjMai a omde to Wedfook nnd
IVI 11 Ji r»« r I'-nnl'lwiliil TrfHitUt on Ih*
Bfa Infill f.hjtif. ol mtrringo sod th*
uWK^mlm S a ! mm that unfit IoY It 1 tha w
~3t&!Mk& ™!&EP crrt< ° r Beproduotlon sn<
f£3liy|M Diseases of Women,
| V WM il si V.WaJ •al A book }of prlvtU>, ooniiil-
I\ L I il s1 al wL\ CI «*olnf. 9BU psgu, prio;
Oa sll SujorSln otVp&fsS* 5/luu iVsYuinf ulm Sail
Ahuss. Exossiss. or»Mr«t Bits m—, with tbs bm§>
Lucam or cure. KM )ary p*gn, pries SO cU.
. A CLINICAL LBrrrufefc on th. «bm dJMUsi snd
o°m U l Hs*? r °* t pJS«lnST* °*** rrb ' £u P <ur *- *■*

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