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Farm Notes
(Downey Courier.)
Dr. Wolfe commenced on Tues
day laat slaughtering hogs. He
will have butchered about a hun
dred head this week, and will turn
them Into hams and bacon. Dr.
Wolfe understands the business,
and will plaoe an excellent quality
of oured meats on the market. He
is also buying bogs for the San
Franolsoo market.
Oar exports during the present
Week bave consisted of: Corn, 293
aacka, 36,048 pounds; ten bundles
treat,(oo pounds; ten boxes oranges,
716 pounds; five oars hogs, 100,000
pounds; merchandise, 1,645 pounds.
Total, 138,508 pounds.
Three car loads of hogs were
shipped from here on Sunday last
and two more on Thursday. There
were three hundred and fifty-one
In the two shipments, and the hogs
were purchased by Mr. Morton and
Dr. Wolfe for tbe San Francisoo
market. One car load was shipped
from Loa Angeles. Buy ers are pay -
Ins; two and a half cents per pound
for hogs, and there seems to be a
downward tendeucy in prices.
Our valley is gradually assuming
Importance as an exporter of wal
nuts and oranges. For several
years walnuts bave been raised
here, but It is only quite recently
that orange trees have come into
bearing. Two shipments have just
been made to San Francisco, and
tbe fruit was exceptionally One.
Last year 25,557 pounds of walnuts
were shipped to Han Francisco, be
sides those sold at homo and used
by the producers themselves, which
comprised no small arnouut. This
year there will bo several shippers
of oranges from here, James Shugg,
J. M. Bushard, L. L. Bequette,
George Harter aud John Tweedy.
Mr. J. H. Burker Is tbe largest
shipper of walnuts, owning two
large orchards; tbe ether shippers
being Jamea Shugg and O. P. Pas
aens. Many persons have a few
bearinpr orange and walnut trees,
which nourish luxuriantly through
out this valley.
[Downey Outlook.]
C. M. Beubrook, of this place, lias
ft vegetable curiosity iv his garden
■ \ l, -8t is something entirely uewto.
us. It is the common pepper that
bas yielded three crops for three
successive years; ami it is now get
ting ready for tlie fourth yield.
Portions of the moro tender
branches die every year, and are
trimmed oft, leaving i lie main stnlk
t» put forth new shoots. We have
always supposed that the pepper Is
au annual plant; this seems to be
perennial. But, then, California i ■
always committing some freak or
other. i
We Heard three men of this val
ley talking about their young
orange trees the other day, from
which we gathered tbe following
facts: Mr. H. Sealer said be had a
two-year-old bud tbat preduced
flfty-two oranges, and Mr. O. P.
Parsons replied that he hud ouu of
tbe same age that is bearing fifty
one. Mr. Jobn Tweedy said that
he had eleven trees of tho Mission
variety, budded on Mission, only
seven years old, that are bearing
flue oranges, 120 of which fill a box
oftbesize in which this fruit ia
shipped. We think these facta are
pretty good for a "hog und corn
Specimens of oats and wheat,
grown ou the farm of J. S. Elliot,
on east side of New River, have
been left at this _ Tbe seed
came from Sonoma crttHity, and is
known as the "While Dutch"
variety. Mr. Elliot says it ia much
better than the common kind, so
generally known. The stalk
grows as high ns eight and
a half feet, and the head
is Bitten inches long. Tho wheat
is also from Honomu county,
and is supposed to be tlie Austra
lian. It is beardless, the grain is
large and this variety soems to be
subject to no rust, as it lias escaped,
although grown ou rich bottom
land. Mr. Elliot promises to write
to his brother, who sent him the
seed, and get further information,
which we shall commuuicato to our
readers. If this wheat, which sev
eral judges have pronounced very
superior, can he grown on our bot
tom lands without rust, it is very
valuable to Ibis Bection.
Rev. Mr. Hill's Lecture at Ana
L Anaheim Gazette.J
Tbe lecture delivered by the liev.
W. H. Hill of .Loa Augele9 on
Thursday eveulug was worthy of a
much larger attendance than that
which was present. We should
hail a large attendance at such
lectures as a good indication of a
tssto for higher entertainment than
that which negro minstrels and
Terpsicborean gatherings afford,
and we hope that tbe time will
come when an overflowing hall will
mark tbe intellectual appetite of
our people. The lecturer began by
vindicating his right as a clergy
man to engage In the work
of societies such as the Ma
sonic order and tie Odd Fel
lows. Tbo Church of Christ
Is a great brotherhood, ami has for
one of itsmbjects the amelioration
of evil and relief of distress, but its
members do not always do their
doty, and distress still exists and
cries for help. The heuevolence of
Odd Fellowship and Masonry meets
to a great extent tbe demand, and
In working with these societies the
minister of the Gospel is helping
forward one great end of his minis
try, In particularizing these twe
societies Mr. Hill paid a warm tri
bute to others, such as the Good
Templars, etc., but said he would
speak principally of those which
he knew must intimately.
The place and work of such socie
ties were forcibly and eloquently
exhibited in connection with three
leading points, Ist. The pewer of
association in charitable and be
nevolent works. Individual charity
needs channels through which to
flow. It needs concentration and
direction; otherwise muoh of its
feree is dissipated. The effect or
association is to encourage and In
tensify the beuevolcuce of the
2d. Their social effects. Differ
ences of race, pursuits, religious
creed and political opinions all tend
ta sever men into oliques and
parties. Animosities and antago
nisms arise and perpetuate theevil.
The influence of such societies is to
weld together differing elements
and to soften down asperities.
Striking illustrations of this prop
osition were adduced by the Rever
end lecturer.
Sd. Tbeir Influence In tbo con
servation of existing institutions. I
Political considerations lie outside
of tbo range of such societies and
loyalty to "the powers that be" is
inculcated by all the principles of
Masonry and Odd Fellowship.
Touching allusions to events in
connection with our civil war bore
out the speaker's remarks, and he
concluded with an eloquent appeal
to his brother Masons and Odd
Fellows to live up to the princi
ples of their orders, and to see that
no reproach oould be cast on the
Societies by the unworthy lives or
characters of any members.
Francisco Pico, Prcp'r.
Thl-i well known ami popular hotel —
by common counent tbe best appointed
and mont luxurious lv aoutbcni Califor
nia—basjust been
Refurnished and Renovated.
Apartments single n:id en suite. The
cuisine Is unsurpassed on tbe (.oast.
Every detail ef the service, apartments
and tniili-
United States Hotel,
Cor. Main and Requena Sis.
This hoiel take* in an entire block,
fronting 321) feeton Requena street.. 160 on
Main and feet on Lot Angeles street.
THU uoo.MS
Are airy, ami all eoutuln Spring Keds,
with the latest improvement*;.
Is supplied with the best the market
A Free Omnibus la ailnched to the bo*
tel. and baggage U conveyed gratis to
and from the depot.
The United Slates Hotel Is centrnlly
located, opposite the Court House, and is
near tbo Postonlce and Lhul office.
Call and see us. You will receive good
treatmeut. HKNHY HAMMEL.
8. W. CRAIGUE & CO..
Tho St. Charles Is located lv the busi
ness centre ol the city, and is tbe largest,
most elegant and completely orsauljted
Hotel lv Southern California.
Free coach to the house.
»_e-Yv'esteru Union Telegraph lv Hotel
office. Jylltf
!*OO Fest JWront, With Kouth
cru KxpoHurc.
110 rtuoms, all .Lifiht & Airy.
JPuro Spnnf; Water, CS jvm and
I£lcctric 13 ell 9 in Every
Tills elegant house U now In the most
complete order for the accommodation
of guests and tourists. The tiavellng
public will always llnd the best accom
modations and MOST MODERATE
PRICES at this house ot any (similar ho
tel on the Coast.
Board nud I.od^iujj:
PER DAY 81 10 to $2
PER WEEK SS lo $14
The Bar and Billiard Room
Will keep the best ot everything.
In Wines, Liquors Si Cigars.
Will always bo in readiness with HOT
and COLD WAT&H, and every other re
quirement lv tho beat manner.
dM Proprietor.
Mojitve JTuiietloii, Cal.
to receive its numerous patronsJilJjM,
aud the traveling; public lv general. Be
lng entirely new and splendidly fur
nished, it affords superior accommoda
Is second to none in Southern California.
THE BAR Is supplied with the choicest
brands of wines, Ihjuors and clgarß.
An elegant BILLIARD ROOM Is also
attached to the honjie.
All trains stop h«re for breakfast and
supper. It Is the polntof departure for
the celebrated Inyo county mines, viz.—
Darwin, Lone Pine, Cerro Oordo and Pan
amlnt. The office of t the
Is at this hotel. The patronage of c
traveling public Is respectfully solicited.
fe2.-tf Proprietors.
A Private Hotel on the mesa or table
lands of the Sierra Madre Mountains.
Climate unsurpassed for
Summer or Winter Residence.
Commands a charming view of valley
and mountain, overlooking the Han Ga
briel orange grove.; in four miles from
railroad and telegraph station; house en
tirely naw, lighted by gas, and contains
all modern conveniences.
For particulars addiess proprietor. P. O.
Are uot advertised us "cure-alls," but
arespeciflc. In tbe discuses for which
they are recommended.
Investigators of natural scleuco have
douiuiiKtratcd beyond coulrovery that
throughout the animal kingdom the
"survival of Ihe fittest" W tho oul.v law
tbat vouchsafes thrift and perpetuity.
Docs not tbe same principle govern the
commercial prosperity ot man? Au in
ferior cunuot supercede a superior arti
cle. Ily reason of superior merit, Dr.
Pierces staudard Medicines have out
rivaled all others. Their sale lv tho
United States alone exceeds one million
dollars per unuum, while tbe amount ex
ported foots up to scverul hundred
thousands more. No business could grow
to such gigantic proportions and rest up
on liny otner bu-is than that of merit.
Dr. Sage's Catarrh Remedy
Is Pleasant to Use,
Dr.Sage'sCatarrh Remedy
Its cures extend over a period of
Twenty Years.
Dr.Sage'sCatarrh Remedy
Its sale Constantly Increases.
Dr. Sage's Catarrh Remedy
Cures by lis Mild, Soothing Effect.
Dr.Sage'sCatarrh Remedy
Cures "Cold in Hend" aud Catarrh,or
UorKPORT, Muss., April 2,1877.
Mr. Editok:—Having read in jour pa
per reports of the remarkable cures ol ca
tarrh, I am induced to tell " what 1 know
about catarrh," and I fancy the "snuff"
and "inhaling tube" makers (mere dol
lur grabbers) would be glad If they could
emblazon a similar cure lv the papers.
Fur 2tJ years I suffered with catarrh. The
nasal passages became completely closed.
"Snuff," "dust," "ashes," "iuhaling
tubes," and "sticks" wouldn't work,
though at intervals I would sniff up the
so-called catarrh snuff, until 1 became a
valuable tester for such medicines. 1
gradually grew worse, aud no one can
know how much 1 suffered or what a
miserable being 1 was. My head ached
over my eyes until 1 was connnedtomy
beaior many successive days, Buffering
the most intense pain, which at one time
lasted continuously for 103 hours. All
senso ot sincll aud taste goue, sight and
bearing impaired, body shrunken
and weaaenea nervous system snat
tered and constitution broken, audi was
hawking and spiLting seveu-eigbtns of the
tube. I prayed lor death to relieve me ot
mv suffering. A favorable notice In your
paper ot Dr. Sage's Catarrh Keniedy lu
duced nte to purchase a package and use
It with Dr. l'ierce's Nasal Douche, which
applies the remedy by hydrostatic pres
sure, the only way compatible with com
mon sense. Well, Mr. Editor, it did uot
cure mo In three-iourths of a second, nor
Inonehour or month, but lv less than
eight minutes X wus relieved, and in
three months entirely cured, and have
remained so oVer sixteen months. While
using the Catarrh remedy, 1 used Dr.
l'ierce's Golden Medical Discovery to pu
rity my blood and strengthen my stom
ach. I also kept my liver active and
bowels regular by the use of bis Pleasant
Purgative Pellet*. If my experience will
induce other sufferers lo seek the same
means ot relief, this letter will have an
swered ils purpose.
Yours truly, S. P. BBMICK.
lowing numed parties ure among the
thousands who have been cured of ca
tarrh by lho use of Dr. Sage's Catarrh
Remedy: A F Downs, New Geneva, Pa;
D J Brown, Bt Joseph, Me; E C Lewis,
Rutland, Vt; Levi Springer, Nettle Lake,
Ohio; CbasNorcrop,N'th Chesterfield,Me;
Milton Jones, Scrlba.NY; J E Miller,
Brldger Station, Wyo; J C Merrlman, Lo
gunsport, lnd; M M Post, Logausport,
lud;J W Bailey ,'i'remoDt, Pa;H B Ay res,
Lv Porte, lnd; Jessie M Sears. Ft Branch,
lnd; L Williams. Canton, Missouri: W A
Thayer, Onarga, 111; SB Nlohoit, Jr, Gal
veston, Texas; Jonas F Reinert. Stones
vllle, Pa; S W Lusk, McFarland, Wis;
Johnson Williams. Helmlck, Ohio: Mrs
MA Curry, Trenton, Term; JGJoslin,
ICeenc, N H; A J Caspar, Table Rock, W
Va: Louis Anders, Gaysport, Ohio; 0 H
Chase. Elkhart, lnd; Mrs Henry Height,
San Francisco. Cal: Mrs E M Uallusba,
Lawrenceville. NY: W J Graham, Adei,
Iowa; A O Smith, Newuan, Uu; Chas X
Rice, Baltimore. Md: Jesse M Sears, Car-*
lisle, lnd; Dan'lß Miller, Ft Waync.lrid;
Mrs Minnie Arnalse, 200 Delaucy St, New
York; H W Hall, Hastings, Mich; Wm F
Murston, Lowell. Mass; I W Roberts,
Maricopa, Ariz; Chas S Delaney, Harris
burg, Pa; M C Cole, Lowell. Mass: Mrs C
J Spurtiu, Camden, Ala; Charles F Kaw,
Frederlcktowu, Ohio: Mrs Lucy Hunt
ington, Furmlngton,lll; CaptE s Kpauld
ing.Cunip Stanibaugb, Wyo; I W Tracy,
Steamboat Rock. Iowa; Mrs Lydia Walte,
Shushan, NY; JM Peek, Junction City,
Mont; Henry Ebe, Bantas,CaJ; L BCum
miugs, Hanloul, 111; SE Jones. Charles
ton Four Corners, N V; Geo F Hall. Pueb
lo.Cal; WmEßartrie, Sterling, Pa; H
X Ebon. 048 Perm St, Pittsburg, Fa; J R
Jack man, Samuel's Depot, Ky; Henry
Zobrlst, Geneva, NY: Miss Hattie Par
rott, Montgomery, Ohio; L Ledbrook,
Chatham, ill; s B McCoy, Nashport,
Ohio; W W Warner, North Jackson,
Mich; Miss Mary A Wlnne, Darien, Wis;
John Zelgler, Carlisle Springs, Pa.; James
Tompkins. St Cloud. Minn; Knoun Duer,
Pawnee City, Neb; Job T Miller, Xeuia,
Ohio; SB Nichols, Galvfston, Texas; It
L Laird, Upper Alton, 111; John Duvl*,
Prescott, Ahz; Mrs Nancy Graham, For
est Grove, Ogn.
Golden Medical Discovery
Is alterative, or blood-cleansing.
Golden Medical Discovery
Is Pectoral,
Golden Medical Discovery
Is a Cholngogue, or Liver Stimulant.
Golden Medical Discovery
la Toole.
Golden Medical Discovery
By reason of Its alterative properties,
cures Diseases bf the Blood and Skin, as
Sciofula,or King's Evil; Tumors: Ulcers,
or Old Sores; Blotches, Pimples and
Eruptions. By virtue or its Pectoral
properties it cures Bronchial, Throat and
Lung affections; Incipient Consumption;
Lingering Coughs, and Chronic Laryngi
tis, Its Cholagogue properties, render it
au unequal remedy for Biliousness; Tor
pid Liver, or "Liver Complaint;" and Its
Tonic properties muko It equally effica
cious in curing Indigestion, Loss ol Ap
petite and Dyspepsia.
Where the sain Is sallow and covered
with blotches and pimples, or where
there arc scrofulous, swellings and affec
tions, a few bottles of Golden Medical
Discovery will effect an entire cure. II
you feel drowsy, debilitated, have sallow
color of skin or yellowish-brown spots on
face or body, lrcqueut headache or dizzi
ness, bad taste in mouth. Internal heat
or chills alternated with hot flushes, low
spirits and gloomy forebodings, irregular
appetite and tongue coated, you are suf
lerlng from Torpid Liver or Biliousness.
In many cases of Liver Complaint, only
part of these symptoms aro experienced.
As a remedy for all such cases, Dr.Plerce's
Golden Medical Discovery has no equal,
aa Iteffeots perfectcures.leaviug tho liver
strengthened and healthy.
DR. R.V.PIERCE Is the sole proprie
tor and manufacturer of the foregoing
remedies, all of which are sold by drug
gists. He is also tho author ot the Peo
ple's Common Sense Medical Adviser, a
work of nearly 1000 pages, with 282 wood
engravings pud colored plates. He has
already sold of this popular work
Over 100,000 Copies!
PRICE, (post-paid) : : : $1 60
AJdresi: R. V. PIERCE, M. D.,
World's Dlspemary, Buffalo, N,Y.
The Leading Paper
Southern California.
Will devole Itscolunins to furthering the
interests of Los Augeles city and county
and tho Southern portion of the State. It
is tho Intention of tho publisher o make
A newspaper of tht day, complete In all
Its details, aud In every department
Full and Reliable,
Tlie Editorial Columns will discuss all
live topics of the day, while the
By arrangements newly effected, will be
the fullest and most exhaustive to be
found in any paper of tho State, not bt*
ingsurpassed by those of the San Francisco
allies. The
Local Columns
Will contain a complete rraime ol local
happenings and all mailers ol home In
DAILY HERALD, by mall, 1 ycar...JloM
• > • 6 month*... 500
,> 3 months... 260
Delivered In the Cily el
Weekly 1 year by mall ..1300
emootbi 150
" 8 " — ~ 100
Payable Invariably In advance
... ■
Joseph D. Lynch,
Mortgage sale.
No. 4847.
Elisabeth Duncan and Annie Herrlek,
wife of J. F. Herrlek, Plaintiff*, against
Francisco Aranjo,
teenth District Court.
Under aud by virtue of a decree of foro
closureaud orderof sale eutered In tho
District Court of the Seventeenth Judi
cial District of the State nt California, In
and for the county of Los Angeles, on
the 15th day of January, A. D. 1879, and a
writ of execution for tbo enforcement of
judgment, requiring saloof property on
foreclosure of mortgage, Issued out of the
aforesaid District Court, annexed to said
decree and dated the i6th day of January,
A. D. 1879, in tbe abovo entitled action
and In favor of Elizabeth Duncan and
Annio Herrlek, wife of J. F. Herrlek,
plaintiffs,and against Francisco Aranjo,
defendant, v certified copy of which
said decree of foreclosure, duly
attested under tbo seal of said
court on the loth day of Jauuary.'A. D.
1879, and delivered to me, together
with the writ aunexod thereto, on
the lflth day of January, A. 1). 1879,
whereby I am commanded to sell at pub
lic auction to tho highest and best bidder
for cash in U. S. gold coin, the following
and in said decreo described real estate,
All that certain real property situated,
lying and helm; in the county of Los Au
geles, Stato of California, described aa
Twenty acres of land In the southwest
corner of the quarter section known on
the official plat and surveys of the Unit
ed States Laud Office at Los Augeles,
California, as the northeast quarter of
section sixteen (161, township two (2)
south, range tblrteeu (13) west S. B. M.;
said twenty acres being bounded as fol
lows: On the north by a road; on the
east by land now or formerly of Gibson;
south by D. Rogalado. and on the west
by land now or formerly of C. Camacho;
being same laud conveyed by Joso Hubio
to said Aranjo by deed recorded in book
18. page 2£l, records of Los
Public notlco Is hereby given that on
FEBRUAItY, A. D. 1879,
At 12o'clock m.11 will proceed to sell, at
the Court House door. In the city and
county of Los Angeles, State of Califor
nia, at public auction, to the highest and
best bidder, for oash In U. S. gold coin,
to satisfy said docree lor principal, Inter
est, attorney's fees, costs and all accru
ing costs, all the above described real
Given undcrmy hand, at the city aud
county of Los Angeles, this the 17th day
of January, A. D. 1879.
H. M. MITCHELL, Sheriff.
By JAMES 0. KAYS, Deputy. JiMd
Skeriff'fl Sale.
Delia T. Davis. Plaintiff, vs. Charles W.
Davis, Defendant. — Twelfth District
Under and by virtuo of an execution Is
sued out of the District Court of the
Twelfth Judicial District of tho State
of California, in and for the city and
county of San Francisco, and to me di
rected and delivered on tbe ISth day of
January, A. D. 1879, und by virtue of
an order mado by the aforesaid District
Court on tho 10th day of January, A.
D. 1879, in lavor of Delia T. Davis, plain
tiff, aud against Chas. W. Davis, defend
ant, I have levlod upon and shall on
FEBRUARY, A. D. 1879,
At 12 o'clock m., proceed to sell,
at the Court Houso door, lv the city ami
county of Los Augeles, State of Califor
nia, at publio auction, for cash in U.S.
gold coin, to satisfy said order and ac
cruing costs,all tho right, title and Inter
est of the defendant, c. W. Davis, iv and
to tho following described real estate, to
All that certain piece, parcel or lot of
land, situate In the city of Los Angeles,
couuty of Lotj Angeles, State of Califor
nia, more particularly described us fol
lows, to wit:
Commencing on tho north lino of
Nichols' private street, at or near the
southeast corner of 10l No. one (1) of
htock thirty-sir (36). Hancock's survey
of thirty five acre lots or Donation lots;
thence S 62>£ degrees E 228 foet, more or
loss, to tbo western line of Pearl street;
tbence N 37>£ degrees E along the west
ern line ot Pearl street 500 feet, more or
less, to the southern lino of Tenth street:
thence westerly along tho southern line
of Tenth street 312 feet, more or less, to
land now owned by Irvine; thence south
27 degrees west, following tho lino fence
as now established as the eastern bound
ary of said Irvine's land, 498>£ feet, to
the point of beginning, coutalnlng 3 1-12
acres, more or lata.
Given under my hand at the city and
county of Los Angeles, State of Califor
nia, this 2ith day of January, A. D.
1879. H, M. MITCHELL,
By James C. Kays, Deputy. j2std
of Los Augeles, State of California.
Pursuant to no order of tho Hon. Albort M.
Stephens, Judge of tbe said Cuunty Court,
notice is hereby given to allthe creditors of
tbe said insolvent, E. NEITZKE, to be and
appear before tbe said Judge, in open Court,
at the Court Boom of raid Court, in the
city of Los Angelas, In the said county of Los
Angeles, on the
At 10 o'clock a. h. of that day, then and there
to show cause, If any they can, why the
prayer of said insolvent should not be grant
ed, and an assignment of his estate be made,
and be be discharged from his debts and 11a
bllities, in pursuance of tbe statute in such
case made and provided; and in the moan
time all proceedings against said insolvent
be stayed.
Witness my band and tbe seal of said
Court, this 7th day of Jaauarv, A. 1), 1878.
[Seal j
A. W. SOTTS, County Clerk.
By E. H. OWiiN, Deputy. jaS-law4w
United States of America.
Whereas, A libel was filed In the Dis
trict Court of the United States for the
District of California, on the 31st day of
January, A. D. 1879, by William Falken
berg et al. against the schooner "Elko,"
her tackle, apparel and furniture, in a
cause of wages, civil and maritime, as by
said libel, reference being horeby made
thereto, will more fully aud at large ap
Now, therefore, In pursuance of the
motion, and under tbe seal of tbe Court
to me directed aud delivered, I do hereby
giye public notice to all persons claim
ing the said schooner or In any manner
Interested therein, that they be and ap
pear before the said District Court, to bo
and appear before tbe said District Court,
to be held at the City of San Francisco,
on Tuesday, tbe 18th day of February,
A. D. 1879, at II o'clock in the forenoon ot
that day, provided the same shall be a
day of Jurisdiction; otherwise, on the
next day of Jurisdiction thereafter, then
and there to interpose their claims and
to make their allegations In that behalf.
Dated tho 4th day of February, A. D.
1879. A. W. POOLE,
U.S. Marshal.
EUG. B. DRAKE, Proctor for Libel
lanls. fcB-td
Assessment Notice.
San Franciso Petroleum Company.
Location of principal place of business,
San Francisco, California; Location of
works, San Fe< nando Petroleum Min
ing District, Los Angeles Co., Cal.
Notice Is hereby given that at a meet
ing of the Board of Directors, held on the
6tb day of February, 1879, an assessment
(No. 6) of sixteen cents per share was lev
led upon 1 he capital stock of the corpora
tion, payable Immediately, In United
Slates gold coin, to the Secretary, at the
office of the company, 22 Montgomery
street, San Francisco, Cal.
Any stock upon which this assess
ment shall remain unpaid on the Hth
day of M&roh, 1879, will be delin
quent and advertised for sale at publio
auction; and, unless payment is made
before, will be sold on Monday, the 81st
day ol March, 1879, to pay the delin
quent assessment, together witheoslsof
advertising and expenses of sale.
By order oi the Board of Directors.
Office —22 Montgomery street, Sun
Francisco, California. feB-td
ABC trt 917 A WEEK to agents. JHJ
MOP W O// outfit FREE P. O
VIOkERY, Augusta Maine. sepl2wly
Delinquent Notice.
Southern District Agricultural Society.—
Location and principal place of busi
ness, Los Angeles city, California.
There Is delinquent upon the following
described stock, ou account of assess
ment No. 24, levied on the 19th day of
September, 187S, tbe several amounts
set opposite tiio names of the respective
stockholders, as follows:
No. of No. of
Names. Certlllcate. Shares. Ami.
llammt 1 A Donker 263 4 $20
J Wiley fi j 5
n C Wiley 119 2 10
H 0 Wiley 49 2 10
Geo Stoneman 166 5 2*
Geo Htoneman 85 y 4r>
W W Edwardi 109 2 10
A C Chauvln 134 2 10
A C Chauvln 73 2.. .. 10
H D Barrows 208 1. .. o
J A Barrows 1 6
J S Carr. 71 4 20
P Beaudry 63 5 25
P Beaudry « —, 15 75
R 8 Baker 89 5 25
X S Baker. 162 5 25
CDucommuu — 10 60
W F Edgar. 27 2 10
W F Edgar 149 2 10
I W Hellman 109 6 30
I W Hellman 216 6 30
I Cohn 101 1 5
X D Wise 186 1 ...... 5
J A Fisher „ 4„ 2 ...10
J A Fisher 154 2 10
Louis Wolfskin 41 2 10
Louis Wolfskin 219 1 5
F A MoDougall — 0 30
0 Thomas —, 3 15
FW Gibson 94 2 10
J F Ward 86 1 fi
J F Ward 144 1 5
J Reed, estate of 37 5 25
J Heed, estate of 117 5 25
Dotter* Bradley 20 2 10
Dotter A Bradley — 2 10
J J Melius 121 1 fi
T B Brown — 1 5
T Wollweber 215 1 6
H 8 Orme 40 1 5
H S Orme 153 1 ft
Eugene Meyer & C 0....123 4 20
F M Slaughter. 125 6 25
F M Slaughter. 209 4 20
W R Rowland 43 2 10
WR Rowland 118, 2 10
W R Rowland 226 2 10
J Babcock 26 2 10
J Babcock 170 2 10
Standifer & Dun1ap....155. 4 20
C E Thorn 66 5 25
C E Thorn 135 6 25
H W Hellman 81 1 5
H W Hellman 161 1 5
FAde Cappe 23 1 6
FA de Cappe 139 1 5
E D Gibson — 1 fi
John Haley 141 1 6
B A Gibson 181 2 10
G 8 Gibson 182 1 fi
S Lacey 172 1 5
1 W Lord 173 1 fi
W Kalllsher - 2 10
GeoOTlflany. — 2 10
H Nichols _ l 5
A Sepulveda — 1 fi
W S Chapman - 2 10
J J Reynolds 74 1 fi
WCardwell — 1 6
Levy A Coblentz — 1 6
F Eaton — 1 ft
G Johnson — 1 5
E B Glfibrd 239 6 30
W Donithau — 2 10
Asa Ellis 45 4 20
W 8 Moore 273 1 5
WS Maxwell 223 1 6
W A Conn 301 10 BO
H Starr 69 1 5
H Starr 160 1 ft
Ii Lfchtenberger 75 ] ft
P H.ilpln, estate or 65 2 10
Louis Sentous « 6 « 3d
uco A Johnston 8 10 50
And In accordance with law
and In puisuance of an or
der of tho Board of Direc
tors made on the 19th day of September,
1878, so many shaves of each parcel of
such stock as may be necessary will ho
sold at public auction at the oflice of the
oftlce of the Secretary, No. 76 Commer
cial street, office of Perry, Woodworth A
Co., in tiiecltyof Los Angeles, Cal.,on
tbe 11th day of February, 1879, at 4 o'clock
i\ if. of said day, to pay delinquent
assessmentthoreon, together with costs
of advertising and expenses of sale.
H. H. MOTT, Secretary,
No. 70 Commercial street.
Los Angeles, Cal., Jau. L 7,1879. j2Btd
.mortgage sale.
No. 4,715.
District Court of the Seventeenth Judi
cial District, Los Angeles cotinly, Cal.
—G. A. Dobinson, PlalntltT, vs. A. J.
Horu et ul., Defeudants.
a d ocree of f oreelos uro and
order of sale entered lv the
District Court of the Seven
teenth Judicial District of the State
of California, in and for the county
of Los Augeles, on the 27th day of Jan
uary, A. D. 1879, and a writ of
execution for the enforcement of Judg
ment requiring sale of property on
foreclosure of mortgage Issued out of
tbe aforesaid District Court, annexed to
said decree and dated the 4th day of
February, A. D. 1870, in the above enti
tled action and in lavor of G. A. Dobin
son, plaintiff, and against A. J. Horn, W.
C. Harmon, William Badger and V. Ber
nard .defendants, a cortlfled copy of which
said decree of foreclosure, duly
attested under the seal of said court on
the 4th day of Fobruary, A. D. 1879, and
delivered to me, together with the writ
annexed thereto, on the said last
mentioned day, whereby I am com
manded to sell at public uuctlou, to the
highest and best bidder, foi cush iv U. S.
gold coin, the following and In said de
cree described real estate, to-wlt:
All tbat lot or parcel of land,
with the Improvements thereon, situate,
lying aud being In the aforesaid county
of Los Angeles, State of California, and
situated partly in the NE % of Section 21
Township one south Range eleven (11)
west of ban Bernardino Meridian and
bounded and more particularly described
as follows: Commencing at a point 161
feet In a westerly direction from tbe
northwest corner of A. J. Horn's home
stead lot and running thence 322 feet in
a westerly direction along the south line
ot tho San Bernardino road to a point;
thence 270 feet in a southerly direction
to a point; thonoe27o feet in an easterly
direction to a point; thenoe 256 feet in a
northerly direction to placo of begin
ning; a portion of the said premises be-'
ing a portion of the premises conveyed
by A. V. Patten to the party of the first
part, viz: the defendant. A. J. Horn, by
deed recorded June 3d, 1870, In book 16 of
deeds, page 136, Los Angeles county rec
ords, to which deed reference is hereby
Public notico iv hereby given that on
MARCH, A. D. 1870,
At 11 o'clock a. m., I will proceed tosell
at the Court Houso door, in the city aud
county of Los Angeles, State of Califor
nia, at public auction to the highest
and best bidder for cash in U. S. gold
coin, to satisfy said deoree for principal,
interest, costs aud all accruing costs, all
the above described real estate.
Given under my hand at Los Angeles
city and county, this tho sth day of Feb
ruary, A. D. 1870.
By James C. Kayes, Deputy. tefltd
Assessment Notice.
Los Angeles Immigration and Land Co
operative Association — Location of
principal place of business, Los Angeles
Notice is hereby given that at a special
meeting of the Board of Directors
held on the 4th day of February, 1870, an 1
assessment of fifty cents persbare was
levied upon the capital stock of the cor-
G oration, payable Immediately, in >
nited States gold coin, to the Socreta- •
ry, at the office of the company, No.fi '
Odd Fellows' block, up stairs.
Any stock upon which this assess- i
ment shall remain unpaid on the 7tb
day of March. 1870, will be delin- 1
quent, and unlesi payment is made be
fore will be sold on TUJCBDAY,
MARCH 25th, 1879, al 2 o'clock p. m. , to
nay the delinquent assessment, together
with costs of advertising and expenses of
By order of the Bonrd of Dlrectois.
Offico—No. 5 Odd Fellows' Block, Los ,
Angeles, Cal.
Los Angeles, Fob. 4, lS7il. festd
All persons having claims against the '
late firm of B. D. WILSON A CO. are •
hereby notified and requested to present '
the same at once to the undersigned, at 1
his residence, at San Marino. Los Ange- '
les county; and all persons indebted to I
said firm are hereby notified and request- 1
ed to settle their accounts without delay, 1
Dated April 17th, 1878. i
Per T. a R.
Los Angeles, December 10,1578.
Notice Is hereby given that John E.
Jackson has this day Hied in this offico
his application for tho purohase of lots 1
und 2, section 20, T. 2 south, R. 10 west 8.
H. M., under tbe provisions of an Act of
Congress approved June 3J, 1878, provid
ing for the sale of timber lands, etc.,
said tract containing 30 09-100 acres.
Any person or persons claiming any
ndverso Interest in said tract Is required
to present tho same at this office within
sixty days from tho dato of first publica
tion hereof otherwise said claim will be
barred, In virtuo of the provisions of this
dl2*6ot Register.
Dissolution of Co-Partnership.
The co-partnership heretofore existing
In thisclty under the name and style of
EUGENE MEYER * CO. has this day
expired by limitation, Mr. Constant
Meyer having sold his interest to the re
maining pnrtners, who will continue tho
business under tho same name nnd who
will settle nil liabilities and collect all
outstandings due tho late firm of Eugene
Meyer & Co.
Los Angeles, January 31,1879.
LEON LOE It has this day been ad
mitted a partner In our house.
Los Angeles, January Silt, IS7H.
The Leonard Scott Publish
ing Company,
41 Barclay St., Kcw York,
Contiuue their authorized Reprints of tho
i Conservative],
(Evangelical |,
The British Quarterlies give j tho reader
woll-digestod information upon the great
events in contemporaneous history, and con.
taia maßterly criticisms on all that If Thresh
and valuable in ift*ratur*», its w*ll aft sum
mary vi the . . urt.
The wars likely to couvulso all Europ • will
form topics for disoussiou, th;' will be
treated with a thoroughness and ability no
where else to bo found. Blackwood's Maga
zine is fomous for stories, essays and sketch
es of tho highest literary merit
TERMS (Including Postage):
Payable Strictly in Advance
Per Annum,
For any one Revlow H 00
I or any two Beviews 7 00
For any three Beviews 10 DO
For all Jour, Reviews 12 00
For Blackwood's Magazine 4 00
lor Blackwood andone Review 7 00
For Blackwood andtwo Reviews iv 00
For Blackwood and three Reviews 13 00
For Blackwood and the four Reviews. ..15 00
Adl3conntof twenty por cent, will he al
lowed to Olubs of four or more persons
Thus: Four copies of Blackwood and of one
Reviow will be sout to onb address tor (12 80,
four copies of the four Roviewa and Black
wood for $48, aDd so on.
New subscribers (applying early) for tho
year 1877 may have, without charge, the
numbers for tbe last quarter of 1876 of snob
periodicals ap thoy may subscribe for.
Neither premiums to subscribers nor dis
count to Clubs can be allowed unless the
money is romitted to tho publishers. No
premiums given to Clubs.
Circulars with further particulars inny ba
had on application. .
The Leonard Scott Publish
ing Company,
41 Barclay St., New York.
Harbison Hive, without inside mate
ria), each „ $ i 00
Harbison Hive, complete in all except
glass and hardware 1 CO
ison Hive, complete, including
glass and hardware 1 76
Harbison Soctlou Box, per 100 (8 frames
to each box) lo 00
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each set} , is 00
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rial, each 1 00
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Langstroth Hives, with Brood frames
and 8 small boxes....' 3 00
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side material, each I 25
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Frames, each 1 co'
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AU orders accompanied by cash will be
promptly tilled and delivered on wharf or at
railroad depot in San Francisco.
Tk&mb— Cash in U. S. gold coin. Silver
taken only at market rates.
E. GERMAIN & CO. are ray agents iv Los
Angelos, where samples can be seen aud or.
ders left lor my hives, etc.
211 and 213 Mission Strcot,
aus-w-tf San Fuanoisco.
\l Claws Yly~ Bale
KILLS all the
FLIES in a^s^^V^fe\ a
room in TWOJ&<T*^^SgjL Ss£ jfi) t
worth o(
""'' : ;TS ' y l^^ 4 X[jt
Botanic MeJicineTCo., Uuffalo.K. Y.J
Marstor's Self-Regulating
Is the only Feeder manufactured that feeds
without moving all tho straw in a body, con.
Bequently giving a more regular feed than it is
possible to obtain with a draper feeder; it
feeds the whole length of the cylinder; it is
easily changed to toed fast or slow aa desired;
saves the labor of two men and does not re
quire an experienced tableman to feed It,
The separator needs no alteration with the
exception of the removal ot feed board to se
cure it in position, and does not have to be
taken off when moving. It roquires bnt lit
tle power to run it, and has no complicated
parts liable to get out of order. Its success
having been fully demonstrated, I cordially
invite all parties interested to call and Judge
of its merits. Fer full particulars address
Stock ton, Cal.
1879. NEW HEUIKH. 1879r
PobHtheri One** in Two Mouths.
J'r i- -, f 5 <i )>rtr, in Advance.
* ontoriug on a new series under new
management, will retain all that has mado
it, for over sixty years, bo important an ele
ment in American literature.
Its moro frequent issue, and the addi
tional writers engaged for it, will hereafter
enable it to discuss more promptly and
thoroughly the vital questions of fhe time
—political, economical, social, industrial,
Hcicutiik', educational, literary and moral.
The REVIEW is not lho organ of any
Earty, sect, school, clique, or of its editors,
ut of tho best scholars, thinkers, scientists,
statesmen, writers and critics of the day.
With this aim aud character, with this
honorable record, aud with the abundant
resources at its command to make good its
promises, tho NORTH AMERICAN RE
VIEW commends itself to the favor all of
intelligent citizens.
TERMS—JS a Year, in Advance.
winthiiop square, boston.
Eclectic Magazine.
Thirty-Fourth Year.
Tho Eclectic reprints from all the foreign
Quarterlies, Beviews, Magazines, and Jour,
nals their choicest contents, including Es
says, Sciontiilc Papers, Biographical sketches
Keminißcences of Travel, and Adventure,
Tales, Stories and Poems. The field of se
lection is very large, and it ts believed that
the Eclectic proaents a greater variety and
kighor Btaudard of literature than any peri
odical can hope to do that depends exclu
si vol y upon home talent.
A knowledge of the current literature of
other countries'"ill indispensable to all who
would koep pace with the progress of the
human mind, and the Eclectic offers the best,
and, indeed, the only opportunity for ob.
tain ing tail knowledge© within a reasonable
cuiapasa, and tt a mo lerata price.
Among the writer- i puresented in recent
numbers of tho EeL r.tw wo: The Ut. Bon.
w. E. Gladstone, J tunes Anthony Froudo,
Matthew Aruoh:, inarles Kingsley, Robert
Buchanan, Geo. McDonaliL John Buskin,
Alfrod Tonnvsou, Thomas Hughes, WUiiam
Black, Mrs. Oliphant, Thus. Hardy, William
Morris, Miss Thackeray, Mrs. Alexander,
Profs. Huxloy and Tyndall, Richard Proctor,
B. A.. Prof. Owen, Dr. W. B. Oarpeuter, Max
Muller. J. Norman Lockyer, Uerbert Spen
cer, and otbersoqualiy eimnenr. Besides tbe
regular articles in fho body of the magazine,
there aro four original Editorial Dep-rt.
ments: Lit rary Nwtices, Foreigt. Llt«> ry
Notes. Science and Art. and Variation.
With rag*rd to tho character of the sel*c
tlons, thea im of the Eclectic is to be m
• tractive Without being dull, and entertain,
ing without being trivial. While each num.
bor contains somotbiug to interest every
moniber of the family circle, it addresses
itsolf particularly to that great body of in.
tolligent roaders who seek profit as well as
amusement in solid and healthful literature.
Besides tho 128 pages of reading matter,
each num'ier of the magazine contatus a fine
steel engraving—usually a portrait- -uxecn
ted in the mott artistic manner.
Tonus.—Siuglo Copies 10 Qenta, On.-* copy
one year, $5; two copies, |v: five copies,
Trial subscriptions for three months, $1.
Tbe Eclectic and any ii magazine to one
address, (M,
Postage free to ail subscribers. Address,
E. B. PELTON, Publisher,
dwlfi tf Bond Street. New York.
Biographical AtinaU of the Civil Govern
ment of tho United IftMtM, During the
Firrft Century of its existence,
By Chas. Lanman,
Author of lho "Dictionary of Congress, 1
'•Private lifo of I v.nu.l Webster," "Red
Book of Michigan."
Tills valuable work, tho only one of its kind
extant, contains about seven thousand bio
graphical sketches, and eight thousand ad
ditional names of persons who have been
connected with the Government since tho
signing of the Declaration of independence,
making In all, about fifteen thousand pek
■on ai. itF.y kuksoks In the voluuio. It cm.
braces in its scope the Dalogates, Represent
atives, and Senators who havo served in tho
Gcntineutal and Federal Congresses, the Fed.
oral and Stato Judiciary, Ministers to and'
from foreign Countries, Executive Officers in
all the Departments of the Nation, as well as
all the Governors of the States and Territo
ries, together with a very large amount of
tabular information, from official
sources, calculated to illustrate the growth
and present condition of the Government of
the United Statea. For greater convei Itoco
or reference, lho Book Is arranged in two
parts; the first containing tho
and sumo idea of the value and extout of the
Tabular information which forms the SEC
OND PART, may bu gathered from the sub
Delegates to the Colonial Cengresa.
The Declaration of Independence.
Signers of tbo Declaration.
Delegates to the Coutinental Congress.
Sessions of the Continental Congress.
Presidents of the Continental Congress.
Articles ot Confederation.
The Constitution of the United Slates.
Sessions of the Federal Congress.
Speakers of the House of Representatives,
presidents of tho Senate.
Secrataries of the Senate.
Clerk* of the House of Representatives
Chaplains to Congress.
Successive Administrations.
Executive Officers of the Olvil Service,
Presidential Electors.
Electoral and Popular Votes for Prwtd<'<-Mt.
Political Parties,
The Justices of the Suprome Court.
Clerks of the Supreme Court,
Marshals of the Supreme Court.
Justices of the Circuit, District and Tor
ritorlal Courts.
The Court of Claims.
Organization of the Executive Depart
Settlement of States and T t vritorles.
Counties and Towns ol the United Slates.
Area of the United States.
Origin of tho names oi States aud Terrlh
Length and Cost of American Wars.
Ohiet Commanders of .the Army.
Progress ot Population in th* i
Density of Population.
Population and Ratio of Rspreaentath n.
Pay Table of Civil Oflicers.
Leading Government Publications.
The Newspaper Press.
Education in the United States.
Colonial Governors of America.
The State and Territorial Governors.
The Seat of the General Government.
Right of Suffrage in the United States.
Qualifications of Elective Officials.
Diplomatic Agents of the United States.
Diplomatic Agents from Foreign Countries.
International Arbitrations and Com mis.
Treaties and Conventions.
Foreign Government Representatives in
the United States.
OfHclalß of the Centennial Exhibition.
Additional Facta to Date of Publication.
Index by States of Federal Congress.
General Index.
Besides its own value aa a work ef refer
ence, the Book forma a worthy adjunct le
every published history of tho United States,
and will be an lndlspenalble acquisition to
every Public and Private Library. In form It is
a royal octavo ef about 700 pages, well printed
on good paper, and is sold In
Morocco cloth binding, plain edges, for. .17 06
Balf Morocco or Calf marbled edges .... 8 00
Full Morocco or Calf marbled or gilt .. 10 00
To be bad from Agents and Booksellers
•very whor ere, by mail or express prepaid,
rrom JAMES AttOl^Vublliher,
nolS-tf 1424 F Street, Washington D,O.

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