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SUNDAY APRIL 20, 1879.
Herald Steam Printing House.
• Tbe Heras'i stream printing House Is
mot surpassed by any Job Printing office
01 tbe Pacific Coast, outside of Sau Fran
• isoo, in facilities for doing Job work,
tow prices, good work and expedition
mar be relied upon at tills office.
A Jesuitical Programme.
We recognize the just objection
which the Roman Catholic clergy
have made to some of the defini
tions of Webstei'a dictionary. It
Is perfectly true that that sublime
religious order, the Jesuits, have
uever formulated any such code of
morals as that the "end justifies
the means." But, through a big
otry which is rapidly waning, the
idea of treachery and dissimula
tion, pure and simple, has been at
tached to an order which has
poured out, iv an unselfish, even If
we concede unutilltarian manner,
more martyr blood than any body
of men who have lived iv this work
a-day world of ours.
But we are not debarred from ac
cepting tbe Websterlan definition
of Jesuitism because of its essential
Injustice as applied to a particular
religious body. Webster's definition
of Jesuitism reads:
1. The arts, principles and prac
tices of the Jesuits.
2. Cunning, deceit; hypoerlcy;
deceptive praotices to effect a pur
pose—an offensive sense.
Not being a Constitutional
"bouncer," we are careful and defer
ential in suggesting any of these
definitions as characteristic of the
partisans of the new Constitution.
Least of all should wo bint of any of
tbem as properly characteristic of
any performance of the Evening
Express. Aud yet our courtesy is
strained to avoid establishing a per
fee. parallel.
Tbe Sau Francisco Chronicle, of
the 16th Inst., had a Damphool—
Doestick's friend—estimate of the
result of the election on the new
Constitution. The Chronicle made
it out that the Communistic "doc."
would roll up a msjority of 25,200
in Its favor.
Now we invite the attention of
tbe public to the Express's Jesuiti
cal handling of this estimate. As
published in tbe Chronicle, Los An
geles county was set down as giv
ing a majority of 2503 in favor of
the Kearney organic law. The Ex
press, in quoting the Chronicle,
should have quoted the figures ac
curately. But the editor of the Los
Angeles journal which claims to be
par excellence, the friend of fair
play, knew that if Los Angeles
oounty were put down as being iv
favor of the new Constitution to
the amount of 2500 majority it
would be seen that Doestick's
friend Damphool was the author of
the estimate. Consequently the
Express, while purporting to give
tbe Chronicle's figures, lowered
them from 2503 majority in Los
Angeles county to 1500. That this
was no inadvertence is proved by
tbe fact that that journal also
changed tiie total formulated by
tbe Chronicle from 25,200 to 21,200.
The estimate as the Chronicle
gave it was made by a sort of
Damphool whom no association
with Doesticks could relieve from
his innate idiotcy, but the Express
is not doing the square thing in
pretending to quote while it is iv
reality garbling the figures of a
journal to which it is profoundly
deferential of late.
The fact is that the uew Constitu
tion will be beaten by seven thous
and majority as the case stands to
day. We are not without hope
that a robust visitation of common
sense will raise the majority to
somewhere in the neighborhood of
seventy thousaud.
Let us all join bauds to guarantee
the latter figure. It is perhaps
unattainable, but we work heartily
in common,as a sort of forlorn hope,
to secure it.
With the railway commission of
three men a fact accomplished the
people might as well bid good by
to any hope of curbing corpora
tions. To remove any of these
Commissioners requires the con
currence of two-thirds of both
houses of the Legislature, aud of
the Governor, also, we believe.
With a Legislature which meets
for but sixty days once in two
years the prospect would he a
gloomy one indeed. If it be true
that tbe railways can buy a Cali
fornia Legislature, it would then
only be nec?ssary to buy one more
than one-third of either house to
block all possibility of redress.
We are told by a pious writer of
hymns that Gid moves iv a mys
terious way his wonders to perform,
but certainly the modern reformer
can discount all sublunary wonders,
and almost approacli tbe supernal.
His methods smack much of indi
rection and, we may add, stultifica
tion. Tbe Railway Commission is
really a acheme to betray the State
to tbe corporations.
HAS it ever struck the readers of
the newspapers aud tbe hearers of
constitutional speuters that every
effort is being made to arouse
tbe passions of hatred and envy
and the demon of discontent as ad
juncts to enlist partizane for tbe
paesage of tbe new Constitution?
est aud most inflammable
elements of human nature to attain
their end. Tho man of average
common sense may be sure that a
cause is desperate indeed which is
in need of such auxiliaries. It Is
an evidence of weakness and a
note of despair. The Stato of Cali
fornia is a wide domain. Scattered
throughout its ample boundaries
are many communities which are
seeking a scape-goat. By some per
version of common senso they ex
pect to visit upon the railway the
spites and disappointments of
years, and they expect to do it
through the ageuey of a Railway
Commission of tiiree men whr,
were they once vested with su
preme power over railways, would
be the surest guarantee that the
will of Stanford & Co was to be
henceforth supreme.
We have indulged in some re
marks elsewhere 011 it "Jesuitical
Programme." The Sin Fraaelsoo
Chronicle and Judge Terry are both,
evidently, believers In the Common
idea of Jesuitism, Via., that "the
end justifies the means." Tbe
Chronicle, in its daily italicized
dabs, aud the Judge, in his speech
from tho Court House steps, night
before last, indulged in a little Jes
uitism. They both say to the voter,
"Take money for your vote, but
vote as you please when you have
received the money as a considera
tion for voting in a specified way."
That is to say, show yourself to be
a lelon and a liar at the same lime.
This may be a line battle cry for a
party; but, even tbougb that party
may be communistic, wo fail to see
where either the policy or tbe priu
ciple of such ostentatious utter
ances of a languid morality dsn
come in successfully.
Heaven help the State of Cali
fornia when the city of Sim Fran
cisco shall he surrendered to tbe
Sand Lots and the State shall be
given up to the city. We shall
then have in rank ofFeusiveuess the
imperium in impcrio— tbe govern
ment within a government —which
writers on law have always so much
deprecated. Tho two Houses of
Legislation of San Francisco
mark tlie pomposity of the phrase
—will be the formidable rivals of
the two houses of legislation at
Sacramento. In fact, the citified
legislature, which will deliver to
ttat provincial body tbe programme,
all cut and dried, which it is ex
pected to carry out. Then we shall
have reform with a vengance. The
upshot would be in time a staggering
load of debt, universal disgust and
a remodeling of things with a ven
geauce—ou the principle of locking
the stable door nfter the horse is
Han Francisco. April 19.
7.!6 ophir,2s'i, SSK, fiSNConVa.TJi
20, b5,26j4 60 Heuton.3 2 >
Sl6 Mexican, a,?!, 32 650 N Bonanza, 1.25
B', b5. 32 ' ISO Mao Say, ISO, UK)
2fioo&i',B« 63 Ml View, tH
780 BAB. la* HO X 4 K. 5
68U uala, <P.. 470 t.ureka, US, U'4,
1375 Con Va, 0,0, b 5, llji
0,5K 465 Leopard, IV,
80 Savage, 10 850 Belle, 8%, 8!<
100 Potosl. 8M 211 Manbultau, 2%,
200 it <* N, il'-i 600 Prize, 3, s 5, 3,'j,
4lsJimket, 15, 330
15 i 250 Argenta, 1.80,
825 Imperial,l.3s 1.10 1.70, V/i
1.35 1235 Imle.pei.Uo- cc,
20 Point, 4.90. 4.50,2.752.10
60 Alpha, IB'4 475 Par dlse,1.40 I l)«
1115 Belclier.!, 4*5 Bodle, &%, 8 SW
SOCon tldenou, 13 1200 B.ehlel, 1 20,1.26
H5HNev,43 1.15. 1.10. 1.20
lOtTtan.uVK 250 McClinton, I,
HO Milton, J.85.4.R1 10
490 Exchequer, 480 003 Tioga, |Js, 1.80
4.85, 4to 30 Bulwer, «l) 4
10 Overman,9 860 Belvidere, 1.00,
20 Bullion, 4 85 1.66. I^4
1 I) Justice, 3.05, .1.110 8008 Hawk, 2, 2.05,
1511 Union. 60S, 69>j 2,10, : 05
60 Alia, 4V4. 4.50 200 Mono, 2.80. 2!i
215 Julia, 3 :, i, 3.80 100 Noonday, 2(4
30J Caledonia, 1.80 470 N Noonday,l.ls,
1.85 1.10, 1 05
ICO S Hill, 1.20 20Con Pac,2.10
280 Ward, 1.10 1 CS ISO O Terra, 9, 9, b5,
155 Scorpion, 1.65
Pnaanice or lh» Snbsldlnry ftllver
Bill Assured.
Washington, April 19i.li.—De
bate, iv the House yestenluy on the
bill reported from tho Coinage
Committee, for the interchange of
subsidiary coins for legal tender
money, iv sums of ten dollars aud
multiples thereof, and making
them legal tender in sums not ex
ceeding ten dollars, extended suttl
ciently to show that its passage is
assured. A 9 stated by Stephens,
the committee based their action
upon a petition from the New
York Gaslight Company, praying
the Passage of Senator Booth's
bill, aud that the measure reported
for passage is a copy of that bill,
with two modifications: First, the
subsidiary coins are to be redeema
ble not only with legal tender
notes, but with standard silver dol
lars; aud second, the committee
recommend the extension of their
legal tender power to tho maximum
of ten dollars, instead of twenty, us
proposed by Booth.
A riunncial Coup.
New York, April 19th.—A syn
dicate composed of nineteen banks
aud banking firms in this city and
Boston yesterday made a subscrip
tion of $150,000,000 of four cent,
bonds and $40,000,060 of funding
certificates, making this the largest
single subscription ever made to a
government funded loan in this or
any other country. The heaviest
subscribers ate tho First National
Gob] Bank, Fisk & Hatch, the
Metropolitan National Bank and J.
<fe W. Seligman. The subscription
is made thiougb the First National
Bank for itself and associates.
BJemloau Hews.
New York, April 19th.-We
have city of Mexico dates to April
10th: Hlpollto Ramirez, has taken
former imperialist, anil after three
days of official life be resigned,
giving place to Trinidad Garc'a,
Minister of (i ibernaclon. Edward
Parkhurst taking the latter posi
Work is stopped on the Exposi
tion Building, Garcia refusing iv
furnish money in advance of ap
Cortina Is very 111 iv prison here.
Ttios* Nteal Units.
New YORK, April 19.—D. J.Mor
rtll, President of the Iron and Steol
Association, publishes a card show
ing that Vanderbilt paid for steel
rails no better titan those of Amer
ican manufacture, one-quarter
more than the latter commands.
DeMvdtteee m* lto"i'b subsidy wurt
Ilia gMsnisaets asm Junes t**>e)ifle
Batlrea«l MHI*.
New YORK, April 19.—The Times
lias a long lender denouncing the
Roach subsidy aud tito bills of
Chalmers and Jones, looking to tho
completion of tho Paoiflo Railroad
system,all of which it term", "New
Masks for an Old Face."
Tae <\',#U| ul.nl are tliir it r i.sittl c.
Nkw York, April 18th.—Tbe es
tate of the late Commodore Garner,
on Staten Island, will he sold by
auction in a few days. The story
is again afloat that It Will be bought
by or for General Grant.
Politic* null Ilio Weather,
New York, April 19th.—Politics
aro dull this morning; also the
weather. It baarained for 21 hours
and a gale prevailed most of the
time. Tiie weather is more like
October; nothing green is visible,
whereas, a year ago this time the
trees cast a splendid shade,
rim Propuard i.h-u Osaetvaeevy,
Chicago, April 19th,—The trus
tees of the generous legacy of Mr,
Lick, the California millionaire,
for tho establishment of a first
class astronomical observatory,
have seemed the services of W. 8.
liuruliaui, of this city, to assist
them in determining a suitable lo
cation lor the observatory. Burn
ham will go to California some
time during the season to experi
ment on tho atmosphere, wind,
etc., of various localities, anil will
make his headquarters for a couple
of months on Mount Hamilton,
Where a temporary establishment
is to be fitted up for ins accommo
rite Cninrrtl (',»■• v I.linn in ?i,n
Chicago, April IS.—A nines'
New Orleans special says: Tho
Convention of colored men from
all p:irts of the Stato had a confer
ence yesterday regarding the ex
odus. Pinohback beaded the poli
ticians and Rev. A. M. Newman
lhe church members. The latter
prevailed, aud organized tho Con
vention. Some very Intemperate
speeches were made, but generally
the prevailing sentiment was voic
ed by C. H. Thompson, tho perma
nent President, who delivered v
moderate but extremely ominous
address. He sad: ''Pnminent
Southern men have confessed to
me that When the country was in
vaded and its women and children
were at the mercy of the negro,
that race remained faithful beyond
expectation; liui the Southern peo
ple have trusted too much to tbe
docility of the negro. There is a
settled conviction among our race
that we have not been justly treat
ed. Our fidelity iv a season of
deadly peril lias not been met by
the amity we had a riitht to expect.
They tell us we will die in Kansas
of cold, but wo had better die there
than die here by the shotgun,
Treated as citizens, we can do bet
ter here than anywhere else. If
white capitalists will put down ruf
fianism, I will, to tho utmost of my
ability, endeavor to prevent ih" ex
odus. We were born here, and the
climate is congenial, but if we can
not live hero iv peace, we had bet
ter lenve. One delegation nn this
floor represents a socioiy of 40 0111 l
souls. We havo carefully consul
ereJ the consequences of this move.
The experience of a few in St.
Louis will not be repealed. Those
who go hencelorth will go amply
piovided with means to place them
in their homes, and with a suffi
cient sum to maintain them until
i hey c.i n secure profitable labor.
We know the consequences, and we
know that our labor here cannot be
replaced, but the white people have
presumed upon our good nature,
and unless we have better guaran
tees than have yet been accorded
within v year there will not be n
man, woman or child cl our race
left in Louisiana."
PrufMiNed lluuors to Uuuoriil carniif.
Chicago, April 19th.—A Tribune
Philadelphia special says: Tile
Councils to-day continued tiie
Committee appointed by last year's
body to prepare for the reception of
General Grant at San Francisco.
Colonel Churles Thompson Jones,
who made tbe motion, said the
Councils had decided when he left
here that they would receive him
on his return, and it would be
done. The General, said he, ex
pected to make Philadelphia his
home in the future, aud I hi Colonel
thought it no moro than proper
that the Councils should send a
delegation to California to escort
him home. He (the speaker) was
going to California, whether any
body else went or not.
"I have no objection," said Mr.
Becket, "to the gentleman from
the Twenty-first Watd going into
the Cabinet, but I can't see the
point of sending a committee all
the way to California to welcome a
private individual."
Mr. Copelaud, in au9wer, said
that lie clearly understood the dis
like Democrats had to General
Grant. They hated him before lie
took Vicksburg, and have been
hatiLg him ever since for taking it
and whipping their Southern
"Beoket replied: "As a Demo
crat J love General Graut."
A Tribune Albany special says:
In tbe Assembly yesterday n reso
lution was offered expressing
pleasure at tho honors paid ex-
President Grunt, and recommend
ing that on account of the great
esteem for his past services, a com
mittee of three Senators and five
Representatives tender iiim the
hospitality of the State upon his
Colored Imiular«llom aid society.
St. Louts, April 10—A number
of prominent colored men of this
city have organized a society called
"The Colored immigration ami i '
Assocition." The object of
Association is to raise funds for
establishment of colored oolot
and to aid tbe colored people of
Southern States in moving to o
sections of tbe Union. J. Mi
Turner has been elected Presk
A »•*>• Lyurlin t.
with James Carroll, tbe nvgro ac
cused of outrauing Mrs. Thomas, at
LlOksvllle, Mil., reached Washing
ton juuctiou yesterday, fifteeu oi
twenty masked men boarded it,
and after a desperate struggle, sue
ceeded in overcoming tbe police
meu. Tho negro was dragged from
the train, a rope thrown over liif
head, and he was pulled across a
Held to the nearest tree aud hauged.
Los. o, Lift, nud Properly by n Toi
llnctw It. Nolllll enrolls.*
Charleston, April 19th.—Last
evening a violent rain storm occur
red here, which continued through
out the night. Accounts from tilt
interior show tho storm to havo be
gun with a terrinlo tornado, which
swept through the lower part of the
state, causing groat destruction ol
ife and property. In tho village ol
Wulterboro moro than lUO build
ings aud all tho churches were
swept away. Three-fourths of the
Inhabitants are homeless. Fifteen
persons were killed and many
wounded. At Oakley «astationod
the N. E. R. R., all llio negr.>
houses were leveled, and ono negro
killed, besides many hurt. Similar
casualties are reported from various
points in the track ot the tornodo,
Among the killed at Walterboro
are Mr.. Dr. S. M. Rivers, her
daughter and Philemon Sanders.
The flli.ti-ltiir.it r. ECscape ullli a
! :, 0.,.i I, t Imprisonment,
Omaha, Neb., April 10th.— The
jury In the Olive murder case re
turned a verdict of guilty of mur
der in tho second degree ugainst
Olive and Fisher, and the Judge
sentenced them to life imprison
msnl at bard labor. Great lndlgoa
lion exists at tho result, as every
body expected a verdict of murder
in the It rat degree
Arrival iiluuirriim-Ueutral Ulaueo
Havana, April 19th.—Governor-
General Hlaueo arrived yesterday
from Spain. He took the oath of
ofltoe and entered upon its duties.
ilio Turtle a.ill llie Alniinloiis.
Athens, April 19th. —The Turks
are fortifying the coast of Ep'rus,
anil Turkish war vessels are cruis
ing in the neighborhood, iv cmise
ijiieiieo of the apprehension of ti
landing of a band of Italians and
Albanians, with the object of se
curing Albanian autonomy.
UoVfrnor of Komoellii.
Hi PSTIBSBURS, April 19.—The
Journal announces the appoint
ment of Aleko Pasha Governor of
RoumeliafOf five years, with the
approval of treaty powers An In
ternational Commission is to par
ticipate in the administration <»f
affairs, and its functions ars pru
lonired one year.
The Bulgarian Assembly meets
on theß9th to elect a Prince.
Ttte .iaa.» Was) fried m Him she catr,
St. Petersburg, April 19th.—
Solorleff, who tired at the Csar Is a
son of a groom in the household of
the Grand Duchess Catherine.
in.. Dial Kiae Es.pin.ioi,.
BRUSSKLLS, April 19. -Of the 240
miners imperiled by the explosion
in the Agarppeooal pit, eighty-nine
have thus far been rescued.
More Destructive PlttOdS.
Pesth, April I9th.—Tbe rivers
Marnso and Kerns havo again
broken their dams. Szereud Is del*
troyed and Arad endanger<d.
lasverisil nanst atai cut.
BERLIN, April 19.—The state
ment of the Imperial Bank of Ger
many shows a decrease in specie of
20-1,000 marks. ,
They Yearn for Wallace.
[Denver Democrjt.J
Says tho Wa-hiiigton Post; "The
Wallace, nee Teller, Committee lias
a very inviting field of labor staked
out. In showing how the Republi
cans have obtained majorities, in
Districts where tile Democrats have
the most voters, Senator Wallace's
Committee will furnish several
elmptera of Interesting political his
tory." Colorado would be pleased
to contribute one of these chapters
if Senator Wallace will only favor
US willi tho pre-ence of his Com
mittee—of course, we mean Demo
cratic Colorado. Our Republican
friends pretend to re-echo the invi
tation, but they do so with fear and
The other day as a large funeral,
headed by a band in full uniform
and attended by several civic soci
eties, was proceeding to the cenie
tiry, a decrepit old darkey with
grizzled hair eat down ou his
Wheelbarrow, and when lie had
viewed tbe procession, took oeea
siou to remark to the bystanders
generally: "' Deed now, honeys, I
tell you faint DUffln to die, when
yer kin bo laid away like dat."
It is related that when James
Russell Lowell wits last iv Rome,
a mendicant monk met the poet on
the Corso one day and asked for a
contribution to repairs monastery.
"You should not ask me for aid,"
remarked Lowell in choice Tuscan,
"for I am a heretic." "That makes
no difference," replied the astute
friar; "your money is orthodox."
The poet appreciated the witticism
and made the contribution asked.
A lovely young lady, at the
time wbon belles wero scarcer in
Glasgow thau they are now, was
talking with a gentleman from a
distance uhout that city and its
guyeties. The conversation turued
upon bdls aud tbe attendance at
them, when the gentleman laugh
ingly asked the question: "Have
you many beauties in Glasgow,
Miss ?" on which the young
lady naively replied: "Oh, yes, sir;
there are live of us!"
Wanted for Tucson.
session and utlracuvo appearance,
to assist In t lie wine and cigar business.
Correspondence solicited from those ac
quainted with tbe business. Address,
a. d. n„
010-lw Tucson, A. T.
no) Proprietor,
EKR Bomb of
■ or <koTTUU>
Sunday, April 27.
Opcu only to pftrso&l having resided
for the past litres months in the city of
LO3 Angeles.
es*Conieone,c(imo all, nud try your
speed aud moeole.
Entrance feo for competitors, 60 cts.;
Kntrles for the race will be received up to
riie night Of THUUSiOAY, tho 21 h iust.,
at the Capital Saloon, by WM. i.Ucas,
or at lhe Agrlculiural Paris by C. A.
OUKFEE. Post entries on the dny of
tho race. 31.
aistd 0. A. DURFEE, Prop'r.
Sold on Installments,
$8 to SIS Per ftlonth,
For tho Next Thirty Days,
al2-lm iOSPUINO ST., Lo* Angeles.
Damiana Bitters.
—AND -
The Leonard Scott Publish
ing Company,
41 Barclay St., Hew York,
Oontinue thoir Hermits of the
I Conservative],
[ Evangelical j,
The British Quarterlies glr« ** ttu ruailor
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events in contemporaneous history, aud con
tain inastetly criticisms on all that lr> ".<■■•].
mil valuable in literature, as well at <* sum*
mary ot the trluniohs of uciencn an'l art.
Ftta wars likely to convulse all Swop will
iorm topics for disoussion, thr will be
treated with a thoroughness and ability no
where else to be founds Ulackwood's Maga.
f.ino fonious for Btorie*, ewsays and sketch,
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tonr copies of the four ltovicws snd Black,
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numbers tor the last quarter of 187U of such
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Neither premiums to subscribers nor dis
count to Clubs can he allowed unloss the
mouoy Is remitted to the publishers. No
premiums given to Clubs.
Circulars w.th further particulars may bo
had on application.
The Laonard Scott Publish
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4! Barclay St., New York.
1579. NEW SERIES. 1879,
Published Once iv Two Months.
fries, $5 i year, in Ailvano.
1 on a new series under new
manugeuicnt, will retain all that has made
it, for over sixty years, so important an de
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Its moro frequent issue, and tho addi
tional writers eugagod for it, will hereafter
enable it to discuss moro promptly snd
thoroughly tho vital questions of fbo time
—political, economical, sooial, industrial,
scientinc, educational, literary aud moral.
The REVIEW is not Hie organ of any
§arty, sect, school, clique, or of its editors,
at of the best scholars, thinkers, scientists,
statesmen, writers aud critics of tbe day.
With this aim and character, with this
honorable record, aud with the abundant
roeourcos at its command to make good ibj
promises, the NORTH AMERICAN RE
VIEW commends itself to the favor all of
Intelligent cituteus.
TERMS—*S a Year, in Advanoe.
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f\f\f\ aches or usdjm— ?!!=■.•" - as bssjs a -j^-j —i— ... ~i
CMJ.UvAJ FOR KAI.K, ll> fSs; <.»:•'. . .. ... : ».<«• tsm \IMC
lots to suit, suitable tor tho cultun .-. -~;—- . ... ... .;,"„;-.... s-'V. ■ p-f —1
or Oranges, Lemons, Imps, Figs. P*> t>. ,i"uU^i'.W'» v
Almonds, Walnuts, Peaches, vp- ■* ) N. | -».-„,- ' • • , : s~ ■' V 8
pies, Pears, Alfalfa, Corn, Rye, I'.ar- f jX, I. , ■ p "» J ; '/'.' U^'jSßsTO^tSi^lWa^y
lev, Flax, Ramie, Cotton, eic, and > 1 — —^-'^ffgwfei^v'"'"r-'i'l'll ' —
also many thousand acrrs of >v >--. ■ ' ''• / '~' *• n f )'* : fy\ $
Natural Evergreen Pastures. L^4.,i.::..^^^
Suitable for Dairying. ";. s, "-" \_Js
Good water Is abundant at an !r~ -^/r~-M:- J 12*11* —-ii*fS|M/4^p»
average depth of six feet from the JKcv, .» •> ItT ~ [email protected]< Hlf/«W*
surface. On almost every aero ol It £■ r,-- if '< i'•• l:: V 3
tills laud FLOWING ARTESIAN V i A>& ■ ■■■Kf ,
WELIXcan be obtained, and the «, \ At - TT" —"T~l «F*i~"«|j'*S\ ; ' 7 V f
more elevated portions can be Ini- \> \-U : '4 \ /;,-/ 7v''l> ■ ' J ' 1 - "■ /\asp« " f)
■rated by the water of tbe Hanta Ana >, vA l A .mi •wt&am rt*L V®Sk 5
river. Most of these lands are nat- \ Vj> "X/ni! / jj=Sr>-v : -r V. .rliiet'— ■ I >•
urally moist, requiring only good 1 \h\ V S "~~ fl\ H : '■'^J^STr-riZ 1 "'"Si x:.X.\^'' r : ?
cultivation to produce crops. J /,(-\ f /y ;/>^^ :; :i: : :P •:* h iV^i !^ A,:l:,v I \.V" }V" < J
TERMS —One- fmirlli Cash; lull "~ f' °' 1 E /,L.',i,.'5,: \ > "' . ■ - ''/
anceiaone, two and three years, 1 ■ \ I T :I2Y $L : . r ; t;_. . y
wltblU per cent, Interest, ft /*^W« r ..^*«<v.<>»,rJ4xfe!.:: '• -\y,«
I will take pleasure In showing mw kh>«ttts .%;^f^tJ&iawjy-.
these lands to parties seeking land rajWOtttS 0 -W**;- /. .»£•>>■<, t / {TWrt"
who are Invited to come nnd sei smrBCRNAnDtRO vI(LS # > Vt't£>y\g/ \" f\A N «
this extensive tract betore purchas- coyi.r(MTcsi> . '/ I . ' 'a.'.'■. . I*.
ing elsewhere. i ... '—'— 1 1 ' r~rn J
W. R. OLDEN, Agent.
Anaueim, 1.03 Angeles county, Cal., April 16th, 1879. aplO
ear i ~m us" n -t3a \ ••; -©a
The People's Award to the
Comiauies liavo sprung up in Tha SINGER has takeu the Singer ! The people bought
ElusT Prize over all competitors siimer Machines as follows:
every part ol the Luion for makiug more than Two Hundked Times. 1870 127,833 Singer Machines.
an imitation Singer Machine. Whyl 187 L........ 181,260 ' "
After tlic Chic.igo fire the Relief 1872 219.758 "
Committee UntlertooK to furnish 1873 232 441 "
Why arc not similar companies sewing machines to the needy 1874 241,67!) "
formed for making imitations of women of that city. Applicants 187"> 249,852
other Sewing Machines f P«m|tted to choose from six 1876 262,316 "
■' dlfierent kinds of muchmes; 2944 1877 282,812 "
applicants were furnished with 1878 356,432 "
The public will draw Its own in- machines; 2427 chose Singer Ma- Many of lite manufacturers of
fereuce chines, and 517 distributed tbeir other machines refuse to state their
choice among the Hvo other kinds sales. Why?
_ ... .. ~ r.., of machines. The girls were to Sales of 1878 over uny previous
Gold is continually counterfeited; r , m f heir living n-i these machines, year, 73,620; average sales for every
bras 3 and tin never. I Why did they take Singers f working day of tho year, 1,138.
■sVvVaste no money on Inferior counterfeits. Wo warrant every machine soi lby us. Machines soi l
on lease or installment plan. The Singer Manufacturing Company,
28 Spring Sthket, Los Angeles, Cal.
W. H. TUTHILL, ACrENT. " 15 - lm
$50,000 "WOJ^TH
Dry Goods & Fancy Goods
This entire line of goods has been purchased under the present depressed state of the
dry goods market. VVe are therefore in position to offer most extraordinary inducements
in every department.
3200 Yards Stcfano Suitings at lOcts., 4 lOC Yards Maltese Mixtures at lOots.,
275 STRIPED SHAWLS at 82.75.
Previous to bit di? pur til re for Arisccß, at
75c.; to bo bad at Wungcnian's Music
Storo. A3 Id
Orchard and Vineyard Lands,
Alt Irrigable and level, situate on the
line of tbe S. P. R, R., ono mile from an
lmpotant station. The soil is a rich
loam; Ibo water belongs to the land.
Prloe, $15 per acre; one-half cash, bal
ance In one year, at ten per cent. Dla
Turn-Verein Hall.
Frank Bartl'
| No. 6
APRIL 23d, 24th, 25th & 26th.
Matinee Saturday Afternoon.
Under the ausplceo of tho Post, assisted
by the ladles and gentlemen of this city
and members of the Los Angeles Guard.
Muslo by Conterno's and Wangeman's
Bands, umlor direction ol • rot. Conwrno.
RoMrred Seats, aotf.Mtra.
-* """"
! r JNIC
jieta Italiana di Mutua
WIT.I. nnl.n ITS—
WECO - _
AJBttt* *
-. n
Tho Society »
nor expense tc
the Heason," i
fort shall bo tl
•or Admit'

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