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Rubber and Packing Co.
Tho oldest and largtst manntactnter) ,
in America ot
laTits the attention of all who are inter
sited In the sale or cm of such articles to
lbs high slandartl quality and low prices o(
their various manufactures, comprising
Maohloe Belting Steam Packing,
Leading Hose, Buetioo Hose,
Car Springs, vV agon Springs,
Billiard Cushions, Oral n
Drill Tubes, etc
Made expressly for the use oi Steam Fire
■nffaMs, and will stand a pressure of 400
Sids par square inch. Officers of Fire
trtments requiring new hose will find
much superior in strength and quality
to any other. '
Solid Emery Vulcanite W heels,
A composition ol Rubber and Emery, mak
ing a very hard and uniform substance of
taw nature of stone throughout. These
wheels for grinding and polishing metals,
gamming saws, ere., aro the most econom
ies! snd effective tools that can be used.
36 and 38 Park Row, Now York.
JOHN H. CHEEVER, Treasurer.
Pries lists and farther information mar
bo obtained by mail or otherwise, on appli
cation. _ _
Water Elevator and Purifier.
(A fump a.v— Purlfiei
patented September 2c, urn.
EVATOR, will make the Foulest
Wall or Cistern SWEET, PURR
AND WHOLESOME, in ten days
or leas time.
It elevates water easier than auy other
devise. It never freezes. It never corrodes.
It has no wooden tubes to taint the water.
It Alls the bucket at the bottom of the well
or cistern. It agitates the water by pass
ing six gallons of air through it per minute.
It reduces Wiglers, Water Lice and Water
Bags to their proper elements. It will
save its price once every year in dispensing
with the use ot nansooas drugs taken into
the system to remove tho effect of impure
water,by rendering the wster pnre, sweet
and wholesome.
A child eight years old can, with ease,
draw water sufficient for the use of a large
amity out ot a fifty-foot well. For further
information, address
Indianapolis, Ind.
Hazard Manufactnrine: Company,
For Mines,
luollned Planes,
Snipensioa Bridget,
Wire Ropo Trimwsys.
Trifliniissiou of Power,
ship. Rigging, etcetc.
This Company his the largett and most
perfect rope-making machinery in the
world. Capable of making ropes of any
•i_, from a sash cord to ropes of sixty tons
weight without a splice.
Nona but tht Very Bast Material Used.
These ropes are used moro generally
than any others throughout the ooal and
mining regions.
For prloea, instructions on the use of
win ropes and oihor information, address
Hazard Manufacturing Co.,
WilkM-Barre. Perm.
< _>r. Tang Yee Son,
spfxW-stolaii and Sm-geou
ajafKs.Oal. offloo Moan from y v> il
tTL Vn4 from 5 to 7 r. *. feffl
The Leading Paper ,
Of I
Southern California. 1
Will devote its columns lo furthering the
Interests of Los Angeles clly and county
and the Southern portion of the Stale. It |
lithe Intention of the publisher o make ,
A newspaper of the day, complete In all
Its details, and In every
Full and Reliable
The Editorial Columns win d taenia all
live topics of the day. while the
By arrangements newly effected, will be
the fullest and most exhaustive to bo
found in any paper of the State, uot be-
Ingsurpassed by those of the SanFi-anolsco
dailies. The
Local Columns
Will contain a complete resume ol local
happen i nti»and all matUrsol home in
DAILY HERALD, by mall. 1 year...»loou
. 6 mouths... 590
~ :t mouths... -50
Delivered In the Cltf si
Weekly 1 year by mall 13 DO
" 6 months 6*T'
.. 3 " l «*
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United States ulone exceeds one mllliou
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thousands more. No business could grow
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on any other ba.ls than that of merit.
Dr.Sage'sCatarrh Remedy
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Dr.Sage'sCatarrh Remedy
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Twenty Years.
Dr.Sage'sCatarrh Remedy
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Dr.Sage'sCatarrh Remedy
Cures Ty its Mild, Soothing Kneel.
Dr.Sage'sCatarrh Remedy
cures ""old in Head" aud Catarrh,or
KOCKFOHT, Mass., April i, 1877.
Mb. EnlTua:— Having read in your pa
per reports of the remarkable cures ol cu
ton h, I am induced to ten " whai I know
about catarrh." and I fancy tho "snuff"
aud "inhaling tube" makers (mere dol
lar grabbers) would be glad If t uey could
emblazon a similar cure In the papers.
For 20 years 1 suflered with catarrh. The
nasal passages became completely closed.
"Suutl," "dust," "ashes," "iiiumlng
tubes," and "sticks" wouldn't work,
though at Intervals I would siiill up tlio
so-called catairh smiH. until 1 became a
valuable testor for such medicines. 1
gradually grew worse, and nooue can
know how much 1 suffered or what a
miserable being I was. My head acned
over my eyes until 1 was counned io my
bed lor many successive days, suffering
tho most intense pain, wnicu atone time
lasted continuously for 168 huurs. All
sense ol smell and taste goao, sight aud
hearing Impaired, body shrunken
anu weakened nervous sysiem snat
lersd and constitution broken, and 1 was
hawking aud spitting sovon-eightus of the
time. 1 prayed ior death to relieve me oi
mv sufiering. A favorable notice In your
paper ol Dr. Sage's Catarrh Kemedy In
duced me to purchase a package und use
It who Dr. Pierces Nasal Doueue, whicU
applies tho remedy by hydrostatic pres
sure, the only way compatible wuh com
mon seuse. Weil. Mr. Editor. It did not
cure me iv three- oui tha of a second, nor
inoue hour or mouth, but lv less than
elflit mluules 1 was relieved, aud In
three moutus entirely cured, and nave
retuaine.i so over sixteen inoulhs, while
using the Catarrh remedy. 1 used Dr.
Heme's Oolden .Medical Discovery to pu
my my biood aud strengthen my stom
ach. I also kept my liver active and
bowels regular by lhe use of his Pleasant
Purgative peileis. If my experience wm
Induce other sufferers .o seek the sun
means o. relief, this letter will have an
swered Its purpose.
inurs ruiy, B. D.HEMICK.
lowing nametl parties are among the
thousands who nave oeen cured of ca-.
tarrh hi the use ol Dr. Sage's Catarrh
Kemedy: A F Downs, New lielieva, Pa;
D J Brown, ot Joseph, Mo; X C Lewis,
Rutland, Vt; Levi (springer. Nettle Lake,
Ohio; ChasNorcrop,r.'th chcSterneld.Me;
Milton Jones, bcriha.NY; J E Miller,
BrldgerSUuion, »)■/; J C Merrlman, Lo
fins port, md; M M Post, Logauspori,
nu;J W Balley.Tremont, Pa;H B Ay res,
La Pone, Ind; Jessie Msears, rt Branch,
Lad: I. Williams. Canton. Missouri: W A
Thayer, onarga, III; s B Nichols, Jr. Gal
veston. Texas: Jonas F Keiuert. stones
vllie.Pa: S \V Lusk, McFanacd, Wis,
Johnson Williams. Idelmick. Ohio: Mrs
MA Curry, Trentou. lenu: J G Josiln
Koene. N ll; A J Caspar, table Kock, W
Va: Louis Anders, uaysport, Ohio; C II
Chase. Elkhart, md: Airs Henry llaight,
San erancisco. Cal: Mrs fc. M Gallusha.
Lawreucevllie. NY: W J Graham. Adei,
Iowa; A O smith, Newnau, Ga; Chas*.
Rice, Baltimore. Md: Jesse M Sears. Car
lisle, Ind: Dan'l B Miller,Ft Wayne.ind;
Mrs Minnie Arnaiso. M) Delancy al. New
York; H W Hull, Hastings, Mich: Wm F
Marston, Lowell, Mass; 1 W Roberts,
Maricopa, Ariz; Chas s Delaney, Harris
burg, Pa; M C Cole, Lowell, Mass; Mrs C
J spurtlu.Camdcu, Ala; Charles F Kaw,
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ton Four Corners, N V; GeoF Hull, Pueb
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fcl Ebon. MS Peuu St, Pittsburg, Pa; J H
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roll, Montgomery, Ohio; L Ledbrook,
Chatham. Ill: » B McCoy, Nashport,
Ohio: W W Warner. North Jackson.
Mich; Miss Mary A Wlnne. Daiien, Wis:
John Zelgler,Carlisle Springs, Pa.: James
Tompkins, st Cloud. Minn: Junoon inter.
Pawnee City. Neb: Jos X Miller. Xeuia.
Ohio: SBNiohols, Galv. stou. Texas. H
L Laird, Upper Alton, 111; Joan Dayi*,
Presoott, Ariz; Mrs Nancy Graham, toe
est Grove, Ogn.
Golden Medical Discovery
le alterative, or blood-cleansing.
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la Pectoral.
Golden Medical Discovery
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Golden Medical Discovery
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pid Liver, or "jLiverComplnini ;•» and n-
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you feel drowsy, debilitated, have mhliow
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ness, bad taste lv mouth, internal heat
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spirit* anu gloomy forebodings, irreguisr
appetite and tougue coated, you are suf
icrtng from Torpid Liver or Biliousness,
in many cases oi Liver Complaint, onl>
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As a remedy for all such caseH, Dr. Pierces
Oolden Medical Discovery has no equal,
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strengthened and healthy.
DR. R.V.PIERCE is the solo proprie
tor and manufacturer of tbe lore*; <ing
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glxtg. He Is also the author of the teo.
pie's Common Ben*e Medical Adviser, a
work of nearly 10U0 pages, with 282 wood
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already Bold of this popular work
Over 100,000 Copies!
PRICE, (post-paid) : : : $1 SO
address: R. V. PIERCE, IM. D.,
World's Dlspeniary, Huftslo.lN. V,
Mortgage JSalo.
So. £031.
Oaston Oxarart, Plaintiff, vs Francisco
Lopes, Catallna M. de Lopez, his
wife, George Cummiugs. Sacramentu
cummiugs, his wife, O. \V. Cblld9. K.
P. Ramirez, ..ilguel Leouis, Joseph Le
Masne, A. F. Coronel, H. Newmark &
Co., Workman Brothers, M. Norton, I.
Norlon « Co., a. Repetto, Jeanne etc
incut, **erry, a Co., .1. M.
GiifflthACo.,Jud on.GilletteASmith, ,
D Rlvara aud D. Rlvara, tiusteo, De
fendants, i
Under and hy virtue of a decree of i
forech'sme and order of sale entered In i
the District Court of tho 17 h Judicial
Disirictot tbeHtateol California, In and
for tbe county of Los Angeies, ou 100 Sit fa ;
day of June, A. D. 1879, and a wilt ul
execu'ion for tbe enforcement of Juds
ment requiring sale ot property under
roreclosureof mortgage, issued out oi Ihe
aforesaid District Couri, annexed
to ssld decreu, and dated the 23d day
of July, A. D. 1879, In the above entitled
action and in favor or Gaston oxarart,
plaintiff, and against Fr- nclsco Loptz.
Catallna M de Lope/, his wiie, George
Cum mm st, Sao ram en ta cunimings, his
wlie, O W Chuds, FP Ramirez, Mlgut-i
Luonls. Juse.di Le Masne. A F Corouel, 1
li Newmark A Co, Workman Bros, M
Norton, I Norton A Co, A Repetlo,
Jeanne Clement, Perry, Woodworlh «
0o» J M GiiihUh <sl Co, JuJsoii.Ciileitc
A smith, D, Kivara and I>. Rlvara,
trustee, defendants, a certified copy '
of which said decree of lore
closure, duly attested under the seal of
said Court on the 23d day of July, A
t». 1870, and delivered to me.together with
the writ annexed thereto ou the sal i lust
mentioned day, whereby i am com
manded to sell at public auction, to the
uiuhcstaud best bidder for cash, lv Us.
gold coin, the following aud in said decree
dcs ribed real estate, to-wit:
All those cerium tracts of land situate
In the city aud ouuty oi Los Augeles,
Slate of California, aud particularly de
scribed ns follows, to-wit;
Cominouciug at tue common cornerof
Workman and Lopez, ou Lopez street,
in said city, und ruuning thence S »>4 de
grees W along the aud oi Workman . I 15
ohains; theuce N IS degrees W 6.25
ohalus; theuce S SOdeyi'' es W 2.37 i-halus;
theuce N 8 deg.ees E 3.70 chains to lhe 1
land oi sacraineu'O Cummi..gs; theuce
N 81 degrees X 21.62 chains alo* g tho laud
of said Cummitgs to a post onbauk;
thence N6l egiets Es9Bclmlns to street;
thence S 21y, degrees E2siin ks along
saidsireet; tuencoS I}£ degiees X 11.6 a
eh dos along Lopez street, to place of be
ginning, containing 25 70-103 kurea.
Also, thai certain tiai'tcummei clng at
tl.r common corner of Cummmgs and
Lopez, on Aliso street, and running
thence 575 degree w i.SU eh tins; thenoe
577>6 degrees W Si 31 chums along the
laud of Cummmgs to (he land of Cle
ment; thence N TH degrees W 6.76 cnalns
along ihe laud of Clement to tue land of
Luzzaiovlch; th-nee along the laud of
Lazzamvicn > 763* degrees E 5.72 chain' ;
thence N67 d'-ifiees r. h.W chains; (hence
N 59 degrees E 7 ttontdns to Aliso s rei-t;
thence along also street n\t% degrees •
8.14 chans; thence S iH degrees E 236
ohains lo place ol hoginnlni;, containing
15,85 acres.
Public uotioe Is hereby given that, on
AUGUST, A. D. 1879,
At ISo*oloeh If.OfSAld day, I will proceed
to sell, at tbe couri Uuiiso door, In the
City and County of Los Angeles. »tate of
California, at public auction to the high
est and best bidder for casti in Umted
States gold coin, to satisfy said deoieefnr
principal and interest, attorney's fees,
costs and all accruing costs, all the above
descrlned r> nl estate.
i.iveu under my hand, at the city und
county oi Lot Angeies. State of Califor
nia, this the 28 day of July, A, D.
1879. H. M. Ml IT a ELL,
By J. C, KAYS, Deputy. Jy2itd
Notice to Creditors.
Notico Is hereby given by the under
signed. Executrix ol the estate
of Antonio Pelanconl, deceased, to the
cr ditois of and all persons having
claim« against the sti d deeea-ed,
to exhibit tbem with the necessary
vouchers within ten months alter tin
first publication of this notice, to the said
Executrix, at her resiitencM in Los Ange
les city, or lo her attorney. F. P Kami
rez,nt his ofllce, in j tmple Block, In suld
Executrix of the last will and testa
ment of Antonio i elauconl, decease i.
Los Acgeles,Jnne26th, 1179. IoSMW
Notice to Creditors.
ESTATE OF H. M. HALL, Deceased.
Notice Is hereby given hy the under
signed, admlntstrattlx Ol the estate of
U M. B*U, do. eased, to the cred
itors of and all persons having claims
against the suld deceased, to exhibit
them, with the necessary vouchers,
within four months after the first publi
cation of this notice, to the said admlnis
tr4trlx, at her residence, lv Los Angeles
city, or to her attorneys, Glassell, Smith
A smith, at theiroffico in Temple Block,
In said city.
Administratrix of the Estate or li. M.
Bull, deceased.
Dated at Los Angeles, June 21, 1879. je2s
Certificate of Co-Partnerahip.
Notice is hereby given und this is to
certliy that ihe uudeisiijned huve this
day formed a partnership for the trans
action of business lv this State; that the
names ol the persons lutoi ested as part
ners in said busmoss antl (he names in
lull of all the members of said copartner
ship are Robert Bills and Charles J
Glover; and that their pluce of residence
Is In the iii > and county ol Los Angeles,
State of California.
Dated July 14tn, 1879.
ugßkuc hills.
Charles j. glover.
htate of california, i hq
Countyof Los Angeles.
Ou this four>eenth day of July, in the
year one thousand eight huudred and
seventy-nine, before me, A \V. Potts,
County Chrk and ex-omclo Clerk of (he
County Court In and fur suid couniy, per
sonally appealed Robert Bills and
Charles J. Giover, known to me to be the
persons whose names are subscribed to
the within Instrument, and acknowl
edged tv me that they executed the
In wllness whereof, I have hereunto
set my band ami ufflxed the seal, of said
comt, at my office, in the said county oi
f os Augeles, thedny and year in this cer
tificate first auuve wrltteu.
[-eat.] A. W. POTTS,
County Clerk and ex-ofiklo Clerk of said
i ouuty Court
Jylo-4w By A. NORTON, Deputy.
In the County Court
Of Loa Angeles County, Stftte of
i'i ORS.
Pursuant to an order of the Hon. Henry
M. Will r, Presiding Judge of the said
County Courtof Los Angel- s couniy, no
tice is hereby given to all the creditor.
of the said in»olvent, Eugene G* rmaln,
to be und appear before ihe said Judge, In
open court, at the court room ol said
Court, ut the Court House, In the rdti
and county of Los Angoles, on isatur
day.tbe lfltu day of August. A.D 1879, at 10
o'clock a. M. of that day, i hen and i her
to show cause. If any they can, why the
piayerof said insolvent should not b«
granied, and an asslgnmentof his estate
he made, and he be discharged from his
debts and liabilities, In uisuanceol the
statute in such ca-o made and provided.
And In th - mean time all proceedings
against said insolvent be stayed.
Witness, my band und tbe seal of mid
Court, ihls i4th day of inly, A. D. lt>79.
MstftLJ A. W. PoTTS, Clerk
J. A. GRAVES, Attorney for Petitioner.
Take notice that on tho 12th day of
July, A. D. 1870, a seizure was msde oi
the following dcs r bed merchandise,
etc., the name being th» properly of
Henry Ferdinand Isert: <6G pounds loal
tob-ccn; 492,iolgars; 1 cigar press with lv
moulds; 10 cigar boxes. Place of seizure,
tSSan Pedrostreet, citvof Los Angeles.
Grounds of seizure, willful violation ol
isectlon 845S of the Revlsec i-tatuies nf the
United Slates. Any person or persons
claiming the above goodsare required to
appear before me within thirty days
from tbe date of the first publication of
this no'lce. J. A. KEi LV,
Jvl7-Sw Deputy Uolleotor.
In the Circuit Court of tlm United Slates.
Ninth Circuit, In aud ior the District of
CAMILO MARTIN. 1 omplalnnnf, vi.
WIELIAM TEMPLE, Administrator
with the will annexed of the esta.e ol
WILLIAM WORKMAN.deceased,et al.,
In pursuance of a decree of said Circuit
court, entered in the above entitled
cause on tne lath day of Fobruary, 1879,
where'.«y 1, the undersigned, Master m
Ch aucery of said Court, was authorized
aud directed to muke. conduct an i carry
out the sale ol the property heieinaner
dcs ribed.
Notice is hereby given (hat on
SATURDAY, the 20th DAY
Ai :l o'clock P. M. of that day, at the uoor
of iiou>ei iv ihe city of Eos
Auteies, In tho county of Lot Ange
les, in said district, I shall sell at
ptiultc auction, to ihe highest bidder, fur
Oaab lv gold coin of the I nlted mates, in
spa rid c parcels, heieluufierdeseribed
the following described property, or so
much thereof as shall be ■ eoessary to pay j
complainant the amount due under sain
decree, with Interest and costs and nc
ciulLg costs, c cept the uortions thereof
hereluuiler particularly'mentioned and ,
described, the Mild property being situ- ,
ated in the couuty of Los Augeles, Htate ,
of California, di-trict aioresuid, and par
ticularly bounded and described as fol
lows, to Will
First—All that piece of land situated in
tbo county ot . os Ant;o!os known and
described In lhe public suiveys of the .
United Htate-t of America as the south i
ban ol the <• uihwest quarter oi section
seventeen in townsutp two (2), south ■
range thirteen iI3J, west San heruardino
have aud meridian, containing 80 acres,
more or less.
ttecoud—AU that tract of land situated j
in the county of Eos Augeles known as
tho "Kancho Potrero Oraude," bounded
and described in the patent for the same
issued by the Uuited wtates uovt-rnuit-nt
to Juan Si. Mauehez, dated July 10. iB6O
recorded in Book 1 ol Patents, on page 1
aud foiiowiug, r.ecords oi the County oi
Los Augeles, to which, and to the su» ve> J
of lhe Uuited states surveyor Genual ,
and field notes therein coutaiued, refer
ence Is hereby made for a more particu
lar doseripilon thereof, saving and ex- 1
ceptliu fiom the operation of suld decree
to much thereof Mil contained amide- j
scribed in a certain deed made by Wil
liam Workman to Margenia Workman
ue Temple, dated October 2d, 1862; record- (
ed ueiober 3d, !6b2, in book f», page 631. .
Records oi Los Angeles count v.
Thud—All ihat Mact of land situated
In the couuty Of Los Augp'cs, being a
ponlon of iho "Uancho La Puente*'and '
being that portion con\eyed to Willmm j
Woisiuun by Jonn itowlanil «r., by a
deed nf partition dated June 23d, 18f>8, re
corded June 36th, 18fls, in book IDol deeds,
pag«*39, Heco.dsof Los Angoles couuty,
Having and excepting therefrom all iho-e
portions iheieof described and conveyed
in and by the lollowiug deeds: b irst —A
aeed irom William Workman to *iarga
ret Workman de Temple, dat« d March
o.h, UOB rcc riled Maiehf>th,;iBtiB l in book
3 o. deed-, p*tge 32ii. aecond—a from .
William Workman to Freder ck Lam- ,
Uourti, dated September 18th, .870. and
recorded scpteiuber 17th. 1870, in book 15 '
ol deeds, page 45d. Third-A deed from ,
William Workman and t j eregnue Fitz
liugu to E ij Beale aud Koi eri « JJuker,
du'-ed April Ist, 187/, und recorded Apri.
2d, 1*72, iv hook 20 of deeds, page 6:.
Fou.ih—A deed from William Workman
to Joseph W Workman, dated October
ilth, 1870, and recorded March 27t1i.1873, .
iii bouk 21 oi deeds, patte 275- Hlth—a ]
deed irom William Workmnn tv the ,
.southeiii Pacific Railroad Compauy,
dated Aunust 2ut«i ( 1873, »nd recorded No- ;
vember 20tu, 1873, tv book 37 of deeds,
page i 23. And sixth—a deed from Wil
liam waikman to the southern i acific
Railroad Company dated April Bib, i»7i,
and May 4th, is 74, in booa 20 ol ,
deeds. 317, all in Kecords of Los An
gles couuty, which said tiact - alter c*- .
ceptdig the portious referred to Iv the
six deeds last nbove-menilontd .is bound- j
ed aud de-cribed as follows: Ue*ien.ng
at a point In th< centro of the old bed ot
the river flan Gabriel on ihe south side
of ihe road from Los Angele* to San Ber
nardino, mau irregular mound of rock '
Horn wnieha villow troe 7 iuches lv d - .
ameter btnrs M 72Hdegrces W «.lstaut9Bi
links; thence accordl g to tbe ti..eme
lit ian iihe mugneilo vaiiatiou bi-lng 13
ueg 80 minutes east) along the exterloi
bouu-iaryo' said tiancho La Puente. us '
mirvejed and patented by the United
-tales, a • follow. ; T S> 32dea B> 13 chains 4o !
links to a willow o Luebes in utameter, '
marsed r>ta. 2; tbenoe N degrees IL 15
chains; thooee N li deg E 09 chains io
station 4, to a rock ll incites tony,B inches
wia«-and 0 inches thtCK; thence fN 75deg
«, 248 chains to a Sicamoro 24 inches In
diameter,about one ouam south of ihe
road leading to tan Bernardino and
marked Mai ton 5; thence along ihe parti
iion line described in said deed of parti
tion between William Workman aud
John Rowland, Sr, » 4 deg W 40 chains to
the northeast corner ot the 40 aero tract
of said rrr-derick Lambourn; thence
along said trait in 8»> deg W 20 chains; s
I uctj W 20 chulus; and H S6 degroes E 20 :
chains liacs tosaid partition 11m ; thence '
along suid paitition line as iollo*s: & 4
dog W ;tSch'tlns 82 links to a make esst
3y3chaius. to aslago in inoundln ravine, .
from which stake tbe northern one ol a
group oi threesycamoies on tlie southern
ed*e of a yuli y or wash, all of about thlr- '
ty iuches diameter, bears s Mi deg \V dis- :
taut 404 linas, and the southern one ol :
saidgioup bears S 83 deg \V distant 418
links; tho middle one of said group not
being vistblo iroui the said sluke; thence ;
over i he t*an Jose H ills S 22 degrees E Iou
chains and 6u links to the uonheasl coi- !
nerof tho nacLof laud conveyed by Wil
liam Workman and Peregrine VTtahUgb '
to E S Beale and Robert s Baker; theuce
alui'g the northern boundary Hue of said
Bealu and Baker tract, as fol
lows; S SSdeg W 47 chains 97 links to a
stake marked PFltzhuuh and William
Workman,ou top of a large hill; thence
H 83 deg W 40 chulnß and 50 links to a
stake in moundoi stone marked "1* Fitz
hugh and W WOi kmau," close to a sm-.1l
arruyo; theneo N bfl',4 deg W t3 chains
and 5j links to a big inleot rocks on top
ol a uili, marked 'P F Ot W W;" thence s
87 deg W 15 chums aud 80 links, io a
stake marked"!' h di W W," wltn mound
aud pits, posted ou summit ol a nigh anu
sleep hill; thence H 50 V 0 deg W45 chains
so liuks to a big pile ot rocks maiked on
the northern side "W W" and on
,the southern side "P F;" thence
H h7 deg W22 chains to a stuke
marked "P F * W W," ou the
summit ot a high hill, with mound aud
oils; hence S 65deg W 45chaius 05 links
to a stake maiked *'P FA W W," with pits
In a mound; tnence N 74 dt> W 75>-halus
toastakemurked "PFltzhughi W Work
mau," on top of a hi-1; theuce M 6» deg W
chaius io a poini lv said ptritiion line;
theuce a one said pariiiion line as fol
ows: N2B deg W2O chains to station 11,
at a stump of five prouus of an elder tree
in the center oi an arroyo, surrounded by
cactus pa ches; theuce over the plain N
-■V-- degrees W l<B chains to a siase in a
luo'iud; thencu 8 4 deg W 105 chains 80
:iuks to a atake lv mound at the fool ot
the western point of i ho Sau Jose Hills,
from which sluke tlio bouse of Willhun
Workman beais is W und is floVt.
deg W; the cnapol beats h 51 deg W; lhe
uitil of J hn Kowland boars n 7 deg r ,
an 1 his house bears w l9(-9 deg W; thence
s 22% deg W 48 chums 67 links to the
northern end of the division tence be
tween the end isures oi Woikman and
R tWinnd; thence along said fencu
« 2i deg W 8 chains 50 links to anoir-etin
fence on tbe t>outh tiank oi an arroyo;
thenoe N 08 d g W2i linkß to corner oi
fence; thence « 22 deg W 19 cnalns 88
links to the center of ban Jnse creek;
theuce along the channel ot said creek
oiy § d* g W 7 chains; H 81 deg VV 2 chain-; '
4034 deg W 2 chaius 50 link-; N63 deg
W2ch tins 60 iluks; N 13 deg W Bobalit»l
N 60 deg W 2 chains; N 7.» deg W 2 coaln- t
50 1 nks; n 35duu W I chain 50 links; N
5134 deg W 9 chains 85 liuks to station .:> I
whence the southeast come- of Work
man.-Chapel he r N2O deg \V: N 74 deg
vV 8 chains 50 links; N 84 de* W 8 chains
50 links; N 4udeg W 8 chaiua 5" links;
N 48 deg W 2 chains GO links; N 74>s Ueg
W 6 ohains, to station 44 in said 0 oek,
from which tin* teno ■on the west lde of
Kowland's wheat field ranges H 11 d*g W,
N 36 decrees W 4 ohains; N deg W 2 1
ohHins CO links; N fin deg W 3 cuaiusG
links; N 7734 deg W 1 i-nalnfl to station 48
lnsaldcieok; N 5034 deg W 2 chains n;
links io siailou 40 lv said creek; theuce |
Imsvo creek nud run In the direction ■ f ,
the suifar-Loiif Hill is 1G deg W 9i links to "
stall n 49; S 15 deg W 184 chains 10 ihe
Hiidof said partition line, being a point
In course twemy-lour (24) of thesouthem
rxtcrlor boundary of said Rancho La
Puent ; thencealongtbeexteriorbound
aryof suld rancho as surveyed and pat- .
entented by th- Uniied States a- follows:
N 6t»!4 deg W lt's chains 25 links to station
2noißatd raneho, to a charred sta«e in
mound; thence N 3i deg W 160 chains to
-lailou 2 ,to post in mound; It ence N
-55'4 deg W 107 chains to s allon 27, In the
v ntre of the Klvor Han Oaot iei; at 63
chains on this course leaves hlilt, antl io
a polntopposlie the dam ol ihe san Jose >
<'reek, agreed upon as a point In line be- 1
iwt-eu the Ranctios La Pueute nnd Man <
Bartolo, at a rock 2 feet lonu, IG niche i
wido and 12 inches ih!ck,on Hue; at 01 i
chains crosses tsau Jose Creek ut • he dam i
or toma, 14 links wide, course M deg W, i
at 105.50 chains to lei) bank of tho River i
San Gabriel, to a rock 14 Inches long, 10 <
nohes wide and 6 inches thick, on line, i
or ii wltnerti to said station 27; thence t
along the centre of the River tsau Gabriel
up stream a« follows: N 20% degrees X A
chains; N M\ deg E 6 chains; N 8M deg .
E 5 chains; N 28deg W 7 ohains; N ft deg
E7cbalns(at 3 chains 75 links Intersects
Uterolith bound ory of tow. ship 1, south
of the base llnuof range it west ofthe Man
Bernardino meridian, n chaius 50 links
west of M section corner on the Bonth
boundary of suction 83) E 12
chains, N \T*A dog E 7chains: N 10 deg W
5 chaiua; IS W K deg E fl chains; N 42*. Mpk
E 3 chaius; StfHs deg X 12 chains; N BtA£
degE7chains;» 77>S deg E 5 chains; s
T7h deg Bchains; X. 64)4 dog E 4 chains;
H4BdegE4chains; HOBS 4 dog E fl chains:
.yhtf J '4deghficnatn_; HB6>4 deg E Ii) chains
a79degE6chaius; in oi deg tv 0 chains;
,\ flwX deg E chains: N 84W degree.. E 8
chains: 88 %deg E3 chaiitH 60 links; N
tW>& deg E3 cnalns; N 644 deg E Sehaius;
i> 2034 deg E 8 chains: N di g JE fl
ci)auis;f.6dV.uegEschiins; .. deg E
Ochains; N 7i% ueg E Bchains; r*3oV.'deg
E y chains; N 4:* ueg E 13 chains; N
5.'4 deg E i;t chains; N 3034 decrees
w 3 chains .Ou links; in ,i\ deg
Y\* 11 chains; N Ol£ deg.E 16 chains, and N
deg. c 'M cUuius, mure or > s, to tne
most wesiorly point in the uaotof land
conveyed hy William Workmau to
JciPjili W. Workniiin aforesau; thence
along the exterior boundrles of syad tract,
and leaving the exterior bntiudarlcs ('f
said Uauoho "Ea Puente,*' as loilows: S
oSHuegf E ut) chains and 93 links; thence
X 38 f 4 deg, E77 ohains and 75 links to sta
thm ic\ theneo N oijideg, W ischalnw and
Bt) links to station 13; tnence N 15deg. E
21 eiiulns to station 14; thence N 75 deg.
W 57 chains and 73 links toi-tatiou one, v
point on tlie eastern bank of a branch of
the river mm Gabriel, and distant 158
chains Bod 68 link") south, aud IH chains
und 45 links west from th sycamore tree|
station live (5j of tue exterior boundary ot
the Government survey of said Kancho
•■Ea Pueute:" thence along h„lu brauch
W 14chaius to station 2: thence
tiiy A deg, W7 chaius a .d fio linas to
station 3; thence Hu4 U dog, W lichatusand
50 iluks io station 4; t nence S ll% deg, w
17 chains to station 5; theuce « B , deg, W
7 cnatus to sta lon ti; thence along the
cast bank of the river Wan Gabriel, n tOW
«ieg, W ii chums to station 7; thence n
3:Vi .leg, W B chains to s atiou »; tnence ts
50y 9 deg, W 5 ouains to station 9; thence
tui. i tho river bed, N7sde*, w 20 chai s
and 10 liuks io station 10, being ihe most
Westerly corner of aaidjose.-h w. Work
man.- tiac , und a point on theexterior
line of said huncliu **iia i-ueutt," hear
ing N 40 V 4 deg, E27 hams, moro or less,
liom the end of Lhe bid com so o saia Kan
cho. Thence alon the exterior line of
said Ha, cho, is io}4 deg, E 0 chMtns,
more or less, to tne modular mound oi
rocK aforementioned, being thepiaceof
beginning saving and excepting irom
the uuove acertaiu liactol luiiuconveyed
ii> William Workman to Mar_are_WVorK
uian de 'i'eiupie, dated March sth, istwt.
recorded March (ho, 1868 in book ll ol
deedn, puge and '-"iinded nud de
scribed as loilows: Beginning at the
mouth o> the mill race, wnere it Is taken
out of the creek oi water that runs over
AHd through the i'uente Kaucho, Eos An
geles county, and wh eh said miilrmo
supplies tin- mill of Wiiuum Wotkman,
lateiy unlit in and upon the i'uente Kan
cho; thence southwes.erly,down the bed
of said cieek to -aid mill, and on in con
tinuation down said oed, the uistaneeof
0 c thousand li.OtOj yards below tne said
mill; theuce northwesterly, out irom
said creek, one thousand (I,ooo> yards;
theneo northeasterly and parallel to Mild
t-roeK.tp is point, m front of the mouth oi
the s. Id mul race; i hencesomherly down
to the creek uuu tuoui hoi mill luce atore
sstd.betue contents more or less. Hav
ing anu t-xcEPTiNG. also, a ceria.u tract
01 lauu eoveyeu tty William Worautnu to
thotloU'ueru Pacific Uallroau Compan\,
by a ueed dated August 2di v, 1873, and re
corder in book 27 oi deeds, page i_3, ..ml
deaciibeii at ioilows: A strip or tract of
iaud, one hundred (1(H)) feel wide, iying
etmuilyon each tddo oi ihe located line
ofthe cijutheru Pacific Kailioad Com
pany's railroad, where tht-same is loca
ted througu thetractorsubdivibioii oi the
**La ruente i.nncno," In the county of
Eos Angeles, b'nte of California, and well
known as iho ''Woikman i met," and be
ing luore particularly described as ioi
lows, io-wIl: Commencing lor tnesame
at a point on theceuiro liuo ofthe -outn
«rn f*iC.Qc Katiroad, where said coutre
tine intersects the nor-hwostem line of
Workman Tract at the ciossn.gof
the tiaorlet liver, anu im nieiilat< l>
north oi couuty roud; nnd running thence
easterly, along said ceurro linOoi Hani
.■Miutnern Paciric Kali road, near to e-aid
county road, and entirely hrough said
Woikman ji .otto iheeasieru boundary
line Lhereoi,uL a point north of ihe ueu ol
-au Jose Creek, em niacin* as rip of land
fli y (su) iet t wido on eacu Ride Oi Mild
centie line, for a distance of tweut > thou
sand (aO.O-uj leet, mom or lens,contain
ing au area ot forty-six and two-ien hs
i4G 2-iU) acies, more or less. HAVING AND
iiXCErTI>G, also, uli that tmcr oi land
cunveicd by William Workman m.he
Moiithorn i'aclfle Kail road Company hy a
certain deed dited Aptil Bth, i_74. record
td May 4ih, 18 4, in hook 29 oi deed-,
pane3l7, Kec.'ids ot Angeles couuty,
and dese ihed us follo\?«: All thai, cer
tain lot, piece or parcel of laud Minute,
lying aud being tv >ald county ol l.;>s An
gr*les, aud bounded aud purliculiirly de
serioeu as loilows, to-wit: Couimencing
at a stake N 7H deg 4S c'JUL fc< t
from th" northwest corner of brick
church; theuce _n 43 deg23 mm E 688 feet
to a stake; tuenco »4. deg 37 mm E 3J7>i
feet to a.• take;. hence 522 deg 20 mm, W
574 feet to a s.nke; theuce N 40 deg.'i;
mm W 002>_ feat io thopolutof begin
ning, coi taming (exclusive of the riyht
of way 100leet wide extending through
the same; Aye acre* of hmd, more or loss,
heiutf a portion ofthe Ea Puento Hitncho.
The total area of the tiaet herein desig
nated und described us "Third," after ex
cepting iho several portions mentioned
and d< scribed In < he six deeds lastahove
referred to. Is 17,907 acies, he the same
more or less,
i ouaTit—All thut trnct of laud Mtuated
in the county ol Eos Augeles known us
the Itaucho 'de Felipe Eugo,' or •Dolores,*
granted April ibth, 1845, by PioPicoto
Teudnri) Keiiuni and Jorge Moriilo, and
cout'tlumg 201281-lOJ a. res moio or less,
whose ililo was conlirmed by the United
>t -tes Eand Commissioner* octobi-r lSih,
1853. 'lo the papers in tno case
be.ore that tribunal, and field
notes of surveys in tho office of the
United states Wurveyor-Oeneral in Han
Francisco, rt fereuce is hereby made lor a
more particular description, saving ami
excepting therefrom all Ihe interest
therein owned or h -id hy the defendant
Margarita Workman de Temple at the
11me oi the execution of tlie mortgage tv
ih bill of complaint herein ail ged,
which interest so excepted Is hereby re-
NrTve<i from lhe opeialion of the decree
Fifth—All that tract of land situated
In the coumy of Eos Angeles, known a*
the Kaucho 'Ea Merced,' ior v\ hlch a pa
lont was lsiiied by the U> ltvd .-'tines
Government to F. P. F. Tcmpie and Juan
-VI. Sauchez, duted Febriiarv 13th, 1872 lo
winch, and to ihe plat and flcid no es of
survey tuer. lv con allied re erence is
hereby made for a more p .rticuiMr de
*onp lon, coma nl>.g 75 100 acres.
hixtii - ai- o. vi 1 that piece, parcel
or lot '<t land situated In the Cuyui Eo*
AnueleK, bounded and described as fol
lows: Commencing on the nortn westerly
line oi Hpr ng slicct, ut a pom* where tne
same is intersect'd by th sou> berly Hue
of land of Hamilton; run theuce north
20)4 deg went, I4sfoet ande liicues: thence
■OUthoSkf deg wesi, along the -imtheaster
lyliueol New UlgbStreet. 2i«feotandio
inches; th -nc s<<uiheaster.y 187 leet to
ihe northwesterly Uuooi Hpring Htreet:
and thence alon_ Kald Huo of Hpring
htreet, 240 feet nd 0 inches to ihe poiutof
Any ol th- parlies to tho foregoing en
titled suit may occomepiuehusers nt any
Mich sale.
Dated at San Francisco, July 16. 187 D.
L, H. li. HAW'YKK,
td Master in Chancery,
Administrator's Sale.
In pursuance of an order of lhe Probate
Couri of Eos Angeles c 'Uuty, made on
the iflth day of June, .671*, lv the mattet
fthuestateof Ptdro Pilaris, deceased,
tho un.le.ri'.jgned adininlsirMti Ix of sahi
sta c, will t>cll at private sale, to th>
hi. hetit bidder tor cash lv gout coin o
ihe Government of the United Htules and
ul'. n io conrirmHtion v*j said Probate
ourt,on or after
1579, all the personal property of Mild es
tate, consisting of a out 10,000 sheep and
some shoep corrals, and a mnvenble
house uod one wagon anil four horses
Terms of the sale— Dids may be
made atany ilme afierthe flr-t pmdlca
tion of ihik notlee and ht-fore the making
of i lie saie. All bids or oiler* nuts ibe l v
writing and left at thu olllce of Ulassell,
Smith A Smith, attorney*) at law, Temple
Block, I.os n*ele*elty, or delivered to
the undesigned personally.
Dated Juueltf, 1579.
ol ihe Estate of IVdro
VI aria, deceits* d. Jel7
Notice to Creditors.
Pursuant to an order ol the I'iohatp
Courtof Eos Angeles county, notice is
hereby given to al ptrsons having
v a>ms against the said deceased, tn ex
hibit and present ill* same, with the
necessary vouchetß, to Ihe undersigned,
tidmlhlstriitor of said ttntr. ut his ofllce
and place of buslu< ss, lv the iuriilturo
ston-or Dotter A Hrudley, No 82 Main
titreet. Ix>s Angeles city, Slate of Califor
nia, accordlugio law, within fourmonths
inter tlie first publtcatlo" of this notice.
Les Angeles, April Id, 1870.
Administrator of the entftte of Lydla
WMt, deceased, a!6-4w
stlHl^OIN! ft*.
IN tho District Court of tne Sevenleeth
I Judicial District ofthe atate of Cali
fornia, In uud for tne county of Los An
henry Cowell, Plaintiff", vs. A. R. Me
aerve and others, Deiendantg.
Aotlon brought in the District
Court of the 17th Judicial District of the
.state of California, In and for the "Toumy
of Los Angeles, and tho Complaint flkd
In said city ami county oi Los Angeles,in
the office of tho Clerk of said District
The people ofthe State of Callfornln
send greeting to Alvln U Meserve, Syd
ney Horny, E. K. Huso, Kohrrt Cathcart,
Arthur J. Hutchinson, L. Brossead,
willi-m O. HalHtead, Henry K. W. Bent,
San*h Holser, Ualph Leonard, Willinui
Riley, defendants:
You are hereby required to appear in
an action brought against you by the
abovo named plaintiff in the District
Court of the Seventeenth Judicial District
of the Htate ot Caliiornla, in and forth*
couniy of Los Angeles, and to answei
the complaint filed therein, within ton
days (exclusive of the day of service,
alter tv« service on you of this summons
—11 served within this county; or, if served
outoi this county, but in this district,
within twenty days ; otherwise, within
forty days—or Judgment by default will
betakeu against you, according to the
prayer of said complaint.
The said action Is brought to obtain i
decree of this Court ior the foreelo- ure of
a cert a! n mortgage dei-ei! !?«*-d ill
the said complntut and ex<
cuted by tlie suid defendant A
tt. Meserve to Los Angeles Count>
Hank on tne twenty eighth day of Janu
ary, A, D 1870, to secure the payment a
a certain promissory note mane by tht
>ald defei.daiit A. K. Meserve on tbe day
anil year last afore-aid Tor the sum o
<i Oil, uayabio six months after date t«
Los Augeles County Hank or order, with
Interest from date at the rate of one uu«
one quarter per ceni, per month, paya
ble monthly lv advance, and compound
ing hMu nit rest monthly at tue sam<
i ale nnd pa>able in gold eoln ofthe Cfoit
cu r-Uitos, and by said l.os Angeles conn
ty Bank dujy awstgn'-d to pialuilfl; that
tue premise* conveyed by said mortgage
ujay be *oid and the proceeds applied to
th - payment of the sum ot $.f 00 (ha anee
of said note of tIUOGf. with Interest there*
on from Api 11 21,18.7, at the rate of one
and one-quarter per cen per month,
payable mouttily in nil i 'O, and com
pounding snid lntero-t iu<>uihly at th.
same rate; n I so. ior $421 7!' -luo, for so much
money paid for taxes and redemption o.
tnnrt({»ged premihOs from lax sale, with
into rest thereon irom February 6, la<9, ai
two percent per momh; al-o, Uvo pt-i
cent, on whole smount due for counsel
fct-s, as provided in said mortgage; ai*o,
forcosis antl expenses of suit, \c, all in
gold coin ol i lieUnlted Htntes of America,
aud in case such proceeds are not sutii
cieut to pay the same, then to oh am in
execution ugalnsi said delendaut A H
Mes.crve for the baianco remaining due
■Ad also thut tho sa d dciendants and
a. 1 persons claiming by,throiuch or un
der them or eit her of them may be hai
red and foieclosed of all right, title,
claim, lieu.eqtiiiy of redemption and iv
tc.cst in und to said mmtgaged premisei
aud ior other nnd further relief, as wil
more fully appear by reference lo the
complaint en vie herein
And you are hereby notified that if yeu
fail to appear anu ajftßwer the Bald com
plaint as übove required, the Bald plaln
fiff will apply to the court for the relief
demanded in the said comolalnt.
Uiven under my hand aad the seal of
the District Court of the Seventeenth
Judicial Districtof the State of California,
iv and for tlie county of Los Angeiea
this o.cventh day of June, in the ye*»r oi
our Lord, one thousand eight hundred
and seventy-nine.
[Real of .-.eveiueonth District Court.]
A. W. PUTTS. Clerk.
Ily D M. ADAMK 'eputy Cierk.
JtJcilAli 11. APPLEOATK, Plaintiff's
Attorney, l\o, 7*19 Montgomery street,
San Francisco. i 7 2m
Of the County of I.os Angeles,
State of California.
In lhe matter nf tho estato of Cnrmen
Pana do Charles, deceased,
Notice is hereby givcu that Henrj
Chanes has tiled wilh th'- Clerk of tlm
• uurt a petition, pruylog for letters tes -
aiucntury ol the estate of Carmeu Pattx
do Charles, deceased, nntl that Monday
the 21st day ».f July, A. D. 1H71), at h
o'clock a. m. of said day. being v day of a
n volar term of this Court, to-wit.o' the
July term, \. D Ih7;», at the court-room
ol this i ourr,, at thi Court Huitse, in th<
city of T.<js AngelC"., bas been set lor
heuriugsiiid petition, when and where
any persm Interested may appearand
show cause wuy the pet ition should nol
he grained.
Dated Monday, July 7th, 1|79.
A. W. POTTS. Clerk.
By OR If KIN JOHNSTON, Deputy Clerk.
Delinquent sale.
prineipul place of business.Los Anseleß,
There are dellnque.it upon theloilow*
ing described stock,on account ot assess
ment levied ou the tith day of June,
lh7H, the several amounts set opposite the
names of tht* respective shareholders, ns
fid lows:
No. of No. of
Names. Certificate. Shares. Amt.
L M Holt 60 and (18 2 ft}u
A S Spence 80 1 .10
S l> Matfleld 4 1 &i
James Mattield 9 „>..... t « 3t
b; X BhattUOß I!» 2 60
JE McComas 64 M 1 8i
a ndrew Showers... .26 1 v
V Ponet 01 1 .".ii
I A DuDsmoor 2S 1 30
X L'-throp ..>'i w l 30
Arthur Hcimau 00 1 S>
Antl In accordance with law, and an or
der of tlio Board of Directors, made oi
tho t-lxth day of June, 18711, si
many shares ofeach parcel of sucn stoci
us uuay be necessary will be sold at pub
lic auction, at the office of thi
Company, No. 5 Odd Fellows' block, Lo
Migoies, Cal., on WMiNESDAY, tu*
30ihday of July, 1879. at 2 o'clock p.m., to
t>ay i ■ i'■ delinquent assessment, togetnei
with costs of advertising and expenses oi
By order oi the Board of Directors.
Office— No. B Odd Fellows' Block, Julj
12th. 1879. jyl3-td
IN the District Court of the Se r ":-Ueeutti
I Judicial Districtof the Btftt« of Califor
nia, lv and for thecouuty J Los Angoles.
Jotham Blxby, PlaLnilf, vs. Alfi\u
Jones, Defeudunt.
Action brought in tho District Court o
tbe Seventeenth Judicial District of th<
State of Calllurnta, lv and for the Count*
of Los Angeles,and the complaint fllei:
in said County ot Los Angeles, in th
office of the Clerk of said District Courl.
The People of lhe State of California,
send greeting to Alfred Jones, Defendant
You are hereby required to appearn.
an action brought agrinst you by th*
abovo named Plaintiff in tbe I'strict
Court of the Seveuteonth Judicial Dls
met of the state ot California, in and fo*
the County of Los Angeles, and to an
swerlbe complaint filed therein, within
ton days (exclusive ofthe day ol servi el
aftei the service ou you of thtssummons
—If served within this county; or,lfserveu
out of (his couuty, but in this Dlstriot
within twenty days; otherwise, wlto
in forty days —or Judgment by de
fault will be taken ngalnst you accord
Ing to tlie prayer of said complaint.
The said action is brought to obtain
Judgment for the sum of 97M and interest
alleged to be due by defendant to tht
plaimifr, as follows: $4UO with interest
id the into ot one per cent, per month
fiom June l»>t, 1878 due on a certain prom
Issory note mnde.executed and delivered
by de enduut to plaintiff on June lat,lS7B,
and $83 witu interest at tbe rate of el*t>t
ppr cent,. p'T annum from January 2ft,
1879, balance due on a certain promissory
uotn tor StTo executed by defe d nt h
in vor ol Geo. W. Parlm on January 25th,
IS7B. and by sail Pari In assigned to
plaintiff) and 8270 51-100 with legal inter
bhi from Juni- 2d 1879, amount due one J.
W. Blxby by defendant on open accom-1
tor services rev ered and moneyN i>ald
out, and by said J W, Blxby duly a«»-
Hlgned tn plaihtlff, and for costs of suit.
Reference Is had to complaint for partic
And you are hereby notified that If yon
fail o appear and answer the said com
plaint aa above required, the said plaintiff
w< 1 cauvf y.*ur default to be entered and
take judgment for said sum of seven
hundred and fifty-four and 11-iUO nnd in
terest as more-aid and costs of suit.
Given under my hand and the seal of
the District Court of the Seventeenth
Judicial DlxtrlctoftheHtateofCa lfbrnln,
In and for the county of l.os Angeles, thla '
2Cth day of July. In the year of out
Lord, one I lion-ami eight hundred and
seventy-nine. [Seal.l
A. W. POTTS, Clerk.
By A. RIMPAU, Deputy Clerk. Iy2o-2m .
MBto $77 R W W
YICKBRY, Augusta Maine, «opt2wl
1 luuotliis day disposed oi all my in
terest In the arm of H. NKWMAKK 4
CO. to Harris Newmark, Kaspare Cohn
ami Morris A. Newmark, tue remaining
members thereol, who will continue tho
bufl.ness under tne name namo nnd style
Los Angela*, July Into, 11TB,
Certificate of Partnership
Doing business in the ally of Los Ange
les, county of Loa Angeles, fltato oi
We, ihe underslgued persons, hereby
certify that lhe above described partner
ship Is compo-ed of the following per
so. s, and n<» others, whose names and
places of resldeuee are as follows, to wit i
Name. ltcsldence.
Harris Newmark Los Angeles
Kaspare Cohn Los Angeles
Morris A. M-wmark Los Augeles
In witness whereof, wo have hereunto
.flixed our hand* nnd seals, this elt'hi
cntli day of July lb7l).
KAS Park COHN. Neal.l
County of Los Angeles, j ""•
On this eighteenth day or July, In the
car eighteen hundred and sevouiv-nlne
before me,.l. J. Warner, a Notary t-übllc
personally appearod Harris Nowmaik,
K.ispareCohn and Morris A. vewmurk
known to mo to be the persons whoso
..ames aro subscribed to the annexed In
H'limeot.and who acknowledged torn,!
hat they executed Iho same.
[Notorial Heal ] ,1. J. WARNER,
■i'9-tff Notary Public.
Notice for Publication of Time
for Proving Will, etc.
dimly of vis Ansoles. J sa -
In tba Probate Court
tn tho Matter of tbe Estate of
Teresa. D'Assonviile, deceased.
Conn made this day, notice is here,
of given that Wednesday, ihe sntu day
>t July, A. 11. IK7K, at 10 o'clock A. M ot
said d ,y, at Iho Court room of this Court,
n the OUT and county of Los Ange
las, has been appointed for hearing
ihe application of V. D'Assonviile,
praying that a document now on fllo in
this court, purporting to be the last will
md testament of teresa D'Assonviile, de
ceased, bo admitted to probate, and thai
letters testamentary be issued thereon to
tiim,at wnlch tlmeand place all persons
interested therein may appear and KMl
lest tho same,
July In, 1579.
„ „ _ A. W. POTTS, Clerk.
Hy E. 11. Owkn, Deputy.
Wicks & Wicks, Atiorneys for Peti
• loners. jylß lot
Seventeenth Judicial District of th,
State of California, in and for th»
county ol Los Angeles.
Ella D. Cook, plaintiff, vs. Vlning A.
Cook delenuant.
Action brought in the Dlstrlot Courl or
iho seventeenth Judicial District of the
stuteof Callfornla.in and for the couniy
ot Los Angeles, und the complaint filed in
said county ol Loa Angeles, In the office
of tho Clerk of said District Courl.
The people ot the slate of California
-tend greeting lo Vlning A. Cook. Dt
You are hereby required to appear in an
40' ion brought against you by thu above
named PlalutlO in the District Court oi
Iho Seventeenth Judicial District of the
state ot California, in and fur the County
of Los Angeles, and to answer the oom
plaint filed therein, within ten days (ex
clusive of the day of service) after the
service ou you ol this surainuns—ll served
■vithm this County; or, if served out
■f tbls County, but in this District, within
twenty days; otherwise, within forty day*,
-or Judgment by default will be taken
mains! you, according to the prayer oi
aid conipiatut.
The said action is brought to obtain
Judgment and decree of this Court dls
olving Ihe bonds of inatilmony now
aud hero ofore existing between the said
plaintiff and defendant, and awarding
Lhe care, custody und control ot tbe
minor, Fannie D. Cook, to .-aid plaintiff,
and for such other and further judgment
md decree as may be proper, and for
costs ot BUlt.
Reference Is had to complaint for par
And you aro hereby notiflc.l that If you
tail to appear and answer the said com
plaint as above required, the.suid plaiutllt
will cause your default to be eutored and
apply to the Court lor the relief demand
ed in iho complaint.
Given under my hand and the seal ol
the District Court of the Seventeen! Ii
Judicial District of the «;:.'« ul California,
In and for the county v Los Angeles,
this 2Hth day ol July, in the year oi our
Lord one thousand eight hundred anu
[seal.] A. W. POTTS. Ciei k.
By A. RIMPAU, Deputy Clerk.
Notice for Publication of time
for Proving Will, Etc.
Ol Los Angeles.— In tho Probato
Uourt. lv the matter of the estate of
William \bboti, deceased.
> ursuant loan order of this Court mndo
this day, notice Is hereby given that
lUi-HDAV.the Uih day of August, A.
D. 1879, at 10 o'clock A. H of said day, at
the Court Room of this Com:, in the oity
and couuty ul Los Angeles, bus boen ap
pointed fur bearing tho application ot
M«-ived Abbott, praying tbat a document
now on tile in this C. urt, purporting to
ne the lest will and testament of Wm.
Abboi t, deceased, be admitted to probate
and tbat letters testamentary be Issued
thereon to Merced Abbott at which time
and place all persons Interested theielu
may appear and contest the same.
JulySllth 1879.
A. W. POTTS, Clerk.
By E. H. OWEN, Deputy Clerk.
lii the County Court
Of the County of Los Angeiea,
State of California.
Pursuant to an order of the Hon. Albert
M. St phens. Judge ol ti.e County Court
■ f i os Angeles com ty, notice Is hereby
given to the creditors of tiie Insolvent,
William Slaney, to appear before the said
judge, ut tbe court-room of said Cuur , in
the t'ourt Hou-e. lv the city and oountv
of Los Angeles, nn the 30 b day ol
August, 1879, at ten o'clock A. H. ol
that day, then aud there to show cause.
If any there be, why the prayer of aald
petitioner should uot be gran cdl that a
cosslou of his estato be made and a dis
charge fro'.iall his debts bo had, as by
statute provided.
All proceedings agalust said Insolvent
aro stayed.
Witness, my hand and the seal of the
said Court, tnls the 24th day nf July, 1878.
A. W. POTTM. County Ciork.
By E. H. OWENS, Deputy.
I Seal.] JyJStd
John and Water Bts. '
Revolving Furnace,
Chlorodizing, Destnnhuriziug and Coast
ing Ores. Also manufaetureri of et-aiun
Engines, Saw Mills, Shafting. Gearing.
Mill and Miulng Machinery.
flcn4 for Illnatrßtctl Catalogue. \

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