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Downey City Items.
I From tbe Courier. ]
lousand five hundred and
rounds of eggs and two
iud one hundred and sixty
if chickens were forwarded
s railroad station to San
io during the week,
g thu present week five
: and thirty-nine pounds of
tter and chiokens were for
ay rail from this place to
• l ■■,
□ports of general mercban-
Qlsi rail here tbis week have
ted 14,206 pounds,
hundred and eighty-five
p lads of egg*, butter aud vege
tl ent from hero tj Mohave
this We k.
| ■ barrels of grapes were
l| by rail from here to Los
:.- this week.
oney order branch of the
post offloe, during the
ending June 30tb, 1880,
irders to the amount of
;j, W . The amount paid out on
ordei jrlng the same period was
$ 1.53 J. 2!..
-o indebted to Mr. B. W.
Farwal r, census enumerator, for
ures regarding his district,
won !. < nbraces all that portion of
Lou N 1 '.ns township lying south of
11 ;raph road. Within this
Haul there is a population of
1,14 - ouls, and 202 cultivated
'farms, The population of Downey
This is embraced within a
radiui f about half a mile.
An ex inordinary number of but
- eem to be migrating north
. s year, Tbey are said to
hue be in in such immense num
bers, i.i places in this valley, as lo
almost.. bsoure tbesun. Wherever
they settle vast quantities of eggs
tire le] sited, and great numbers of
lsrs are now making their
appeal ice. We besr that these
nost completely destroyed
tbe easl >r bean Held of Mr. Pallett,
upon tv s Pico rancb, and are prov
ing troublesome elsewhere. Iv ono
Held th growing corn was not dls
:ur')i"i, out every cockle-bur was
c '.U i tji wn.
Tucson Items.
From the Star, Jans 80.1
Mike Killeeu, the bar-Uecper
who b shot Tuesday week by
£4Trank Leslie, died on Monday
ill it i.d was burled yeßteribj.
. i. O. luman, a carpenter In
th employ of tbe railroad, cut him
■el te seriously la the hand
witli uu adze lact Monday.
Tin! be but a very abort time
before. » town will have growu up
lilroad station. The nura
' character of the buildings
< . • ited and in course of erec
w how much importance is
much tv this station.
al of all kind* In vnst
i es is being pushed rupidiy
i ' out, and tbe mad is being
ted at a rate that will hilng
il 1 Swell's Springs within the
ue>; • iety days.
ne, blacksmith mid ear
shi large extent are now being
en ■ ■ here, and sixty days will
. 1 ge Increase in the number
itlves here. This i* the
kin i ncreu9n to our population
i' i * like to see.
The ... and Capture of the
lAcnhelm Gazetle 1
veek we gave an uccount of
i aid to Mr. Meycrholtz by
tn - leradoes, and this week we
tal s p aeure in announcing their
capture at Vallecitos, twenty miles
from iv Luis Key, Suu Diego
e>i' Sometinieaftcrthe.de
par. -'.' of the two men above ineu
i-l I, vhose names are Davis aud
udeis, Deputy Sheriff Bar
eived a dispatch from the
" of Ban Bernardino county,
ii.;| ; g about two men resembl
. I Is and Saunders. Barliam
ni;- - d witli a full desorip
llon, ten tho San Bernardino
trfilci '' replied that some of
bis i.-ien were after them
aud uld soon reach Anaheim.
ived correct, and iv due
course .-Boers Welch, of Fresno
ty, and Thomas of San Ber
i i, accompanied by Alvarado
o; • _ incoo, put in an appear
a< I. Barham bad In tho mean
Il trie bud tbo wires at work nnd
put tli San Diego Sheriff on his
Tbe force now requested
Bai to accompany them and
the pursdjt commenced. At Santa
Ann fi ib traoks were found and a
>i sulfation occurred; a dift'er
eooe oi opinion was tbe result.
Bariian lueisted tbat the men
i take for San Luis Itey, tbe
linking not; be, however,
bed to San Luis Bey on his
ouut, aud all hands set sail
When Ban Juan wub
re . i a delay occurred In cnii9e
i if the absence of the tele
>eralor, upon whose urriv
leplred that tbe men were
iuls Rey,that the Constable
■y of attacking them, aud
t. j men had started inland
tbe border line. Barliam
ou tbe constable at San
iy raising a posse and foi
the robbers, leaving word
■Ulcers as to what route
I taken, and promising tbat
srs would soon oatcb up,
Hi sno and San Bernardino
- icting from over-anxiety to
themselves. Au all night
i ight the pursuers to San
lere lt was found tbat a
id started aad left a guide
officers to follow, wbicb
forthwith, and after a hard
venty miles they met the
liming with three prlson
■ iv tbey had takeu just
arterauf a mile from where
c met by Barham aud his
■o principals were caught
op, disarmed and made
i hy a roan named Free
a native named Chavez.
. 1 man, one Slankard, was
tt his house, he being a
tte, living but a short dis
tance i m the place of capture and
j if whose house the otber two were.
All the prisoners were
•in.i J ' ver to tbe up-oountry offl
i anil are long since enugly lodg
ill, -The Barbara posse were
ilsgusted and felt like sing
|u| ou.art so near and yet so
I - wo have no hesitation in
tbat Barham'e bead wee
: My level, and tbat tbe first
' ,n officer is to protect the
ul i iterest and not to sacrifice
the chance of obtaining
elorv The men wen»only
,lai.s-.. from tin tine, nnu
tue prompt pursuit would
'-. escape. They
were well armed with a needle gun
and six-shooters and made no
secret of their intentions to fight
for liberty. One said he had follow
ed the business for twenty years;
another bad already served seven
years lv San Quentin, and so we
say the State is well rid of three
desperadoes for a time, thanks to
Barnaul's judgment, foresight and
energy backed by Freeman and
Chavez's pluck. It Is worthy of
remark that the men were wanted
for crimes committed out of this
county, and that Barlmui has no
claim on anyone for his services,
but elected to glvo his time and
money for the public good. Officer
Welch i» also evidently a strayer,
he having follower) liis men from
Fresno (about 500 miles), and
Thomas and Alvarado made a ride
of 143 miles within 24 hours.
The Guarman Railroad.
I From t'ao S. F. Chronicle, July ij
Iv reference to the Atchison anil
BantaF6 Kailroad project, to which
deprecatory allusion has recently
been made in some of the city jour
nals, a gentleman in this cily who
is interested In tho enterprise
makes the following statement:
The company has3GoYaqul Indians
at work under the direction of Mr.
Morley, tbe chief engineer, grading
Ordilla Island anil bridging to the
mainland to make a way out of the
harbor of Guaymas. After the feast
of St. John they will have a thous
and of these men ou tbe work, and
the agents of tho company in tbis
city, Messrs. Williams, Dlmond &
Co., have contracted with a party
here for 2,000,000, railroad ties io be
cut and shipped to tlie scene of op
erations. Tho company has two
shiploads of iron, engines and cars
on tbe way from Cardiff, and Mr.
Morley has instructions, which he
will carry out to the letter, to com
plete the road at any cost as far as
Hermssillo before the first ol next
March. At present the company is
working under tlio "lilair concess
ion," but tbe President has re
ceived authority from Congress to
confirm the amended contract with
Simon aud others, substituting a
money grant in lieu of land, and
tho work will be pushed forward in
vigorous good faiih to an early com
—— « « .
The reception of President
Hayes at Brantford, Connecticut,
recalls to mind the present to
General Bourn iv the "Grand
Duchess." The presentation of tbe
scythe of his great-great-grand
father to tbe President is on a
similar plane with tbat of the
ntvord of liis father to the Im
aginary General.— Sac. See.
Unqualified Success
The Democrat, Columbus, Ohio,
in speaking of Warner's Safe Rem
edies, »»>>: "Testimonials not
numbered by hundreds, but by
thousand*, nre in the bands of H.
If. Warner & Co., ull furnishing
ample corroborate evidence that as
a curative, for specific- diseases for
which recommended, are au un
qualified and pronounced success."
Situation Wanted.
Hy a middle-aged man, totakecare oi
horses and make himself generally use
lul; best OT cltv rolerencDs given. Ad
dress D. GERMAIN, Fnstoftlce, Los A
ngeles. 11-lt
ly l rem San Francisco, wishes a lew cus
tomers in private families—lo work hy
the day or weok. Address J. E. Hugues,
al tho Sisters' Hospital. Je3o
"" Wanted,
A GIRL, to do general housework.
Address H., 1\ O. box 80. Jcai lw
IV anted,
AN IMPItOVIOD Plj\CE. worth from
S5J_O loi2o,uuo, with bearing orange and
othertrees, vines, etc. Apply lor partic
ulars to HEKDMAN A JONES, under
Cosmopolitan Hotel. Je2B-lw
From the Lugo Ranch, Friday night,
no brand; mare bus red mane and tail.
A liberal reward will be paid lor then
return to the Pony Stables, Los Angelos.
LET, single or in suits oi' iwu or four, to
gether wltu stove ami nil lhe apparatus
lor Keep inn house, wlthla one block of
Poslofnoe, corner of Fort unit Franklin
streets. upSOtf
This la the only reliably first class
hotel, is sit rutea in the center of the
city of Los Angeles, contains
nearly a hundred spaolOUS and
airy rooms, newly furnished ln the moit
comfortable style. Rooms lv suites for
families and parties ou every floor, with
hot aud cold baths.
THK TABLE will always be furnished
with the best supplies that can be pro
cared in the market.
A FREE CO AO His always on hnnd. to
carry tfuestß to the house.
No pains spared to make citests ooeiv
lortable to every way.
night and day.
n.y,7tf A. H. DENKER.
Grand Central Hotel,
ear-Conducted on the European plan.
First-class RESTAUIIANT in thn houso.
IiOJ-Ilu G. L. SCHMIDT. Prop'r.
BXojtivo Junction, Cal.
to receive its numerous patrons J&<m
and the traveling public ln general. Be
ing entirely new and splendldl" fur
nished, lt affbrds superior accommoda
Is set-on ct to none In Soathem California.
THK BAR la supplied with the choicest
brands of wines, liquors and cigars.
An elegant BILLIARD ROOM Is aiso
attached to the house.
All trains atop here for breakfast and
sapper, lt la the point of departure for
the celebrated Inyo county mines, viz.—
Darwin, Lone Pine, Oerro Gordo anu Pan
amlnt. The offloe of the
Is at th.- hotel, Th,. patronage of th.
travdlLognuniK t- .r.,peoUnli> -nllolle.l
*E. a. BOYD.
Uit-it Proprietor.
Are not advertised us "cure-nils," but
arespoclflo. In the diseases for which
they are recommended
Investigators or natural science have
demonstrated beyond controvery that
throughout tbe animal kingdom the
"survival of tho Attest" Is the only law
that vouchsafes thrift and perpetuity.
Docs not the same principle govern the
commercial prosperity of man? An In
ferior cannot supercede a superior arti
cle. By reason of superior merit, Dr.
Pierces Standard Medicines have out
rivaled all oibors. Their sale In lhe
United States alone exceeds one million
dollars per annum, while tho amount ex
ported foots up U> several hundred
thousands more. No business could grow
to such glgaullo proportions and rest up
on any other basis than that of merit.
Dr.Sage'sCatarrh Remedy
Is Pleasant to Use.
Dr. Sago's Catarrh Remedy
Ha cures extend over a period of
Twenty Years.
Dr.BastJ s catarrh Remedy
Its saloon tautlv Increases.
Dr.Sage'sCatarrh Remedy
euros by its Mild. Hoothinc KOeot.
Dr.Sage'sCatarrh Remedy
Cures "Cold In Head" and Catarrh,o»
ROCKPOBT, Mass., April 2,1877.
Mb. Editob:— Having read ln your pa-
Eier reports ol tho remarkable cures ol ca
arrh. I ant induced to tell " what I know
about catarrh ."and I fancy the "snuff "
and "Inhaling tube" makers (mere dol
lar grabbers) would be glaTl If tbey could
emblazon a similar cure lv the papers.
For 26 years 1 sußored with catarrh. The
nasal passages became completely closed.
"Snuff." "dust," "ashes," "Inhaling
tubes." and "sticks" wouldn't work,
though at intervals I would sniff up tho
so-called oatarrh snuff, until I became a
valuable tester for such medicines. 1
{radually grew worse, and ho one can
now how much 1 suffered or what a
miserable being I was. My head ached
over my eyes until I was confined to my
bed tor many successive days, suffering
tbe most Intense pain, wnich at oue time
lasted continuously for 188 hours. All
sense ol smell and taste sight and
bearing Impaired, body shrunken
and weaaenea nervous system snat
tered aud constitution broken, and I was
hawking and spitting seven-eighths ofthe
time 1 prayed lor death to relieve me of
mv suffering. A favorable notice in your
paper ot Dr. Sage's tlatarrn ttemeay In
duced me to purcnase a package and use
It with Dr. Flerce's Nasal Douche, which
applies the remedy by hydrostatlo pres
sure, tbo only way compatible with com
mon sense. Well. Mr. Editor, lt did not
cure me ln three-iourtbs of a second, nor
lnone hour or month, but ln less than
elgbt minutes 1 wus relieved, and ln
three mouths entirely cured, and have
remained so over sixteen mouths. While
using the Catarrh remedy, 1 used Dr.
Pierces Golden Medical Discovery to pu
rlly my blood and strengthen my stom
ach. I alßo kept my live* active and
bowels regular by tbe use of his Fleasant
Purgative Follets, It my experience will
induce other sulferers lo seek tho samo
means ol relief, this letter will have uu
swered Us purpose. - r. aauinir
Xours.ruiy, 8. D. RbMICK.
lowing named parties aro ainoug the
thousands who have been cured or ca.
tarrh by the use ol Dr. Sage's Catarrh
Keniedy: A 9 Downs, New Geneva, I'a;
D J Brown, St Joseph, Mo; E C Lewis,
ttutlaml, Vt; Levi Springer, Nettle Lake.
Ohio: ChasNorcrop.N 'to chesterueld.Me;
MUlonJones, Bcrlba.NY; J E Miller,
Bruiser Station, Wy>: J C Merrlman, Lo
guusuort, Ind; M M Fost, Logausport,
Ind: J W Bailey .Treuioo I, Pa;H B Ay res.
La Porte, Ind; Jessie M Sears. *t Branch,
Ind- L Williams. Canton, Missouri: W A
Thayer.Onarga,lll; s li Nichols, Jr, Gal
veston. Texas: Jonas F Women, stouos
vllleFa: 8 W Lv»«, Mol'nriand. Wis;
jobn«on Williams. Jielmlck.ohlo: Mrs
MA curry. Trenton, lenn: J GJosiln
X.cone, N H; A J Caspar . Table nock, W
Va: Louis Auuers, uuysport, Ohio: O H
Chase. Elkhart. lud: Mrs Henry Halgut.
Sau Francisco. Cal: Mrs E M Gallu»ha.
Lawrencevllle. N V: W J Graham. Adei.
Iowa: AOSmlth.Mowuan.ua: Chas E
Hlce. Baltimore. Md: Jesse M Soars. Car
lisle. lud: Dau'l B Miller. Ft Wayue.lnd;
Mrs MlnnlsArnalse. aiu Deiaucv st.New
York: H W Hall, Hastings, Mloh; WmF
Marston, Lowell, Mass: i W Roberts.
Maricopa, Arls; Chas S Delaney, Hams
burg. Fa; M U Cole, Isiwell. Mass; Mrs C
J sourllu, Camden, Ala: Charles F Kaw,
Freilerlcklown. Ohio: Mrs Lucy Hunt
lueton. Farmluglon.lll; Capt E 8 Spuuld-
Ing. Camp stamoaugh, Wyo: I W Tracy,
Steamboat Kock. Iowa: Mrs Lydla Walte,
Snushan. NY: J M Feck. Junction City,
Mont: Henry Kbe.Buntus,Cal: L BUuni
miugs. ttauioul.ill; SIS Jones. Charles
ton Four Comers, N V; Geo F Hall, Fueb
10. Cal; WmEßartrlo. sterling, Fa; 11
tl Ebon. WSl'enn St. i'lltsburg. Fa; J 11
Juckmau, Samuel's Depot, Ky; Henry
Zobi Ist. Geneva. NY: Miss li utile Fai
rott. Montgomery, Ohio; L Ledbrook,
Chatham. Ill: S.B McCoy, Nashport,
Ohio: W W Warner. North Jackson,
Mich: Miss Mary A Winne. Darien. Wis:
JonnZelgler, Carlisle Springs, Fa.: James
Tomuklus. St Cloud. Minn: Kuoou uuei.
Pawnee city. Nob; Jos T Miller. Xeuia
Ohio: SU Nichols. Galveston. Texas; 11
L Laird, Upper Alton, 111; John Cava,
Prescott, Aris; Mrs Nancy Graham, for
ail Grove, Ogn.
Golden Medical Discovery
Is all' I..live, or blood-cleansing-.
Golden Medical Discovery
Is Pectoral
Golden Medical Discovery
Is a Cholacogue or Liver Stimulant.
Golden Medical Dscovery
Is Tonic
Golden Medical Discovery
By reason of Its alterative properties,
cures Diseases of the Blood aud Skin, us
Sciofula, or King's J£vll; Tumors: Ulcers,
or Old Sores: Blotches, pimples uuu
Eruptions. By virtue ol Its Pectoral
properties lt oures Bronchial, Throat and
Lung enactions: Incipient Consumption;
Lingering Coughs, and chronic Laryngi
tis. Its Cholagogue properties, render it
an unequal remedy lor Biliousness; Tor
pid Liver, or "LlverComplalut:" and its
Tonic properties make lt equully eltlcu
clous ln curing Indlaestlon, Loss ol Ap
petite aud Dyspepsia
w uere tne sain is sallow and covered
with blotches and pimples, or where
there are scrofulous, swellings und affec
tions, a few bottles of Goluen Medical
Discovery will effect an entire cure. II
you feel drowsy, debilitated, have sallow
color of skin or yellowish-brown spots on
(ace or body, Irequeut neauacue or dizzi
ness, bad taste In mouth. Internal heat
or chills alternated with hot Hushes, low
spirits aud gloomy forebodings, irregular
appetite and tongue coated, yeu are suf
lenng from Torpid Liver or Biliousness.
In many eases of Liver Complaint, ouly
part or these symptoms are experienced.
Asa remedy for all such cases, Dr.l'lerce'a
Golden Medical Discovery has no equal,
as ltefleota perfect cures.leaving tho liver
strengthened and healthy.
DR. R. V. PIERCE. Is the sole proprie
tor and manufacturer of the foregoing
remedies, all of which are sold by drug
gists. He is also the author ol the Peo
ple's Common Sense Medical Adviser, a
work of nearly 1000 pages, with 282 wood
engravings pud colored plates. lie has
already sold of this popular work
Over 100,000 Copies!
PRICK, (post-paid) : : ,| $160
dC.reasi R. V. PIERCE, NI. 0..
World's JJlspensary, BnHalo, W.T,
* . ■
Tho Leading Paper
Southern California.
Will devote its columns to furthering the
Interests of Los Angolos city and county
and the Southern poitlon of the State. It
Isthe Intention ofthe publisher to make
I Anowspapor o! the day, oomplete ln all
' its details, and ln every department
; Full and Reliable.
\ Tbo Editorial Columns will discuss all
1 uve toplcsofthn day. whtlo tbe
j Telegrams,
• Uy arraugcuienls newiy eaected, will be
I the fullest and moat exhaustive to be
* found In uny paper of the State, not be
' lngsurptissed by those nf the SanFranoleco
' dalllox. The
Local Column.
Will contain a oompleto resume oi local
happenings and all mutters ot home In
DAIIA HKttALD, by mall.l year...»lo 00
i, t c months.., 600
j months... 260
Dollvered in the City «t
Weekly 1 year by mall _ IS 00
" 6 months 160
S " 1 00
Payable invariably ln advance
Joseph D. Lvrsch,j
County of Los Angeles, htato of Cali
Alexander Weill, Plaintiff, )
vs I
C C Lamb, administrator of tho es
tate ol F Bonnard, dec'd, el al,
Defenuuuts. J i
decree of foreclosure and or
der of sale entered in the .superior Court <
of the county of Los Augeles, Htato uf '
California, on tbe 2itb duy ol 1
June, A. D. 1880, and a writ of ex- J
eoution for the enforcement of Judg- <
ment, requiring sale of property under
foreclosure of mortgage, issued out ol f
the said Superior Court, unnexed to J
said decree and dated the 25th duy of <
June. A. D. 1880, tn the above entitled ;
action, and in favor of Alexander Well!, 1
plaintiff, and agulnst C C Lamb, admin
istrator of tbe estate of F Bounard.de- 1
ceased, Mathilda Bonnard, Amalle Van j
Ban ten, and Everest Van Hun ten, her j
husband, Henrlette Le Prevost and Al- 1
cldor Le Prevost, her husband, Paul Bon- 1
nard and Ainerlc Botraurd (the last two <
minors), Felix Arnulf, P Dassaud and
Joaquin Amat, defendants, a certified -
copy of which said decree of foreclosure, 1
duly attested under the seal of said Court i
on the 25th day of June, A D 1380, and de
livered to me, together with the writ an
nexed t hereto,on tbe said last mentioned
uay, whereby lam commanded to sell at
public auction, to the highest and best
bidder, for cash ln United States gold
coin, tho following and ln suld deuroo
described real eslato, to wit:
All tbat certain tract or puroel of land
situate In ibe county of i.os Augoles,
State of Calliornla, known and described
as loilows, to wit:
The northern fifty (50) acres or tho
northwest quarter of section llitoen (Id)
In township two (2) south range thirteen
(13) west, Ban Bernardino base line und
meridian,taking the northern lineof
said quarter section for tbo northern
boundary and running south so as lo
embrace tbe said quantity of flity acres
in a rectangular form, being the Baino
land described ln a deed of conveyanco
from H M Bailey to said F lion nard .dated
July 2,1874, and recorded lv Book 30 of
Deeds, page 178, ln tbe otr.ee of tho Re
corder of Hrtld county.
Public notice is hereby given that on
JULY, A. D. 1880,
At 12:30 o'clock P. M. of said day, I will
firooeed to sell at tbe Court House door,
a the City and County of Los Angeles,
' Btate ol California, at publlo auction, to
the highest and best bidder for cash, in U.
h. gold coin, to satisfy said decree for
the principal sum, attorney s fees,
costs, and all accruing costs, all the
above described real estato, or so much
thereof as may be neoestary to satisfy said
principal sum,costs, etc., asufor*said.
Giveu uuder my hand, this 251h day
of June. A. D. IBM).
WM. R- ROWLAND, Sheriff".
By J. C. Kays, Under Sheriff.
Mortgage sale.
No. 312.
IN the Superior Court of the County ol
of Los Angeles, Btate of Cullioi uiu.
Mattle S F Bent, Plaintiff, )
I vs I
James McFadden et al, Defendants.)
IJ cree of foreclosure and order of
sale entered ln the Superior Court of tbe
countyof Los Angeles, State of Califor
nia, on tue l.th day of June, A. D. 1880,
and a writ ol execution lor the enforce
ment of Judgment requiring sale ol prop
erty under toreolosure ol mortgage, s
sued out of the atoresaid * ourt,
annexed to said decree and dated the
24th day ot June, A. D. 1880, in tbe
above entitled action and In luvor of
Mattle S F Bent, plaintiff, and against
i James McFadden, James A McFadden
and W Frank Poor, defendants, a cer
tified copy of which said decree of fore
closure, duly attested under the seal of
said Superior Court on the 21th day ol
June, A. D. 1880, and delivered to mo, to
gether with ibe writ annexed thereto, on
the 25th day of June, A. D. 188", whereby
I am commauded to sell at public auction
to tbe highest aud best bidder, for cash ln
U. B. goid coin, tbe following and ln said
decree described real estute, to-wlt:
All that real property lv the Rancho
Las Bolsas. county of Los Angeles, State
of California, described as follows, viz:
Lot number fifteen (15) in the town of
Westmluater.according to the plat of said
town, as recorded in iho otlice ot' the
County Recorder of the county of Los
Angeles, Stale of Calliornla, in book 2,
B page 518-7, of Miscellaneous Records.
Public notice Is hereoy given tbut, on
JULY, A, D. 1880,
> At 12 o'clock m. of said day, I will pro
ceed to sell at the Court House door, In
the olty and county of Los Angeles, state
of California, at publio auction tothe
highest and best bidder tor cash ln
U. B. gold coin to satisfy said decree
for principal and Interest, attorney's
fees, costs and all accruing costs, ull
tbe above described real estate, or so
much tbereol as may be necessary to
satisfy said principal, interest, etc., as
Given under my hand this 2jUi day of
June, AD 1880.
I WM. R. ROWLAND, Sheriff.
By J. 0. Kays, Under Sheriff.
In the Superior Court
Of the State of California, in tint]
for tbe County of Los Augeles,
George H. Beach, Plaintiff, )
Elmlna S. Beach, Defendant.)
Action brought ln the Superior Court ol
the State of California, in and for the
countyof Los Angeles,and the Complaint
filed ln said County of Loa Angeles,
In the office of the Clerk of said Superior
Tbe People of the State of California
send greeting to Elminu 8. Beach, de
You are bereby required to appear In
an action brought against you by tbe
above named plaintiff ln the superior
Court of the State of California, in and
' for tbe countyof Los Angeles, und to an
swer tbe complaint filed therein, within
ten days (exclusive of the day of service)
' after the service on you of this summons—
if served within tbis county; or, if served
elsewhere within thirty days —or Judg
ment by default will be taken against you,
according to the prayer of said complaint.
The said action Is brought to obtain v
judgment dissolving the bonds of mar
riage between plaintiff and defendant
and awarding to plaintiff the care, cus
tody and exclusive control of his son
William and awarding to defendant t he
care, custody and control of tho girl
Julia; also, setting aside to plaintiff his
separate property and docreoiiur thai ti>«
community property, after the payment
of tbe debts, be equally divided between
plaintiff and defendant, aud that plain
tiff have such otber and furl her relief us
may be proper, and for costs ot suit.
Reference Is had to Complaint for par
And you are hereby notified that if you
fall to appear und answer tho said Com
plaint an above required, the suld plain
tiff will cause your default to bo ontorod
and will apply to the Court for tbe rolio/
demanded in the Complaint.
Given under my band and the scat nf
the Superior Court of tbe Btate or Cali
fornia, ln and for tbe County Ot' Los Au
geles, this 25th day of May, in tbo year
of our Lord one thousand eight bundled
and eighty. [Seul]
A. W. POTTS, Clerk,
By A. NORTON, Deputy. Je4 2m
Notice to Creditors.
Estate of JOHN M. GREAVES,
Notice is hereby given by tho under
signed, exerutrix of tbe estato of
JOHN M. GRKAVES. deceased, to tbo
creditors of and all persons having el a bus
against the said deceased,to exhibit them,
with tho necessary vouchers, within tour
months alter the first publication of this
notice, to tbe said executrix at theolty
of Los Angeles, lv the county of Los Au
Dated at Los Angeles, June 17,18 W.
Executrix of tho > state ot John M.
Greaves, deceased. JelB
Office of the Bouth.rn PanlDc Railroad i
Company, San Frnnolsoo, June 17, lssu— ;
Th. Annual Meeting of the stockhold
er, ot th. above-named Company, tor ■
th. election of Director, forth, ensuing I
year and for th. tranaantlon of mli oth- •
, -c braaguk before tbe ,
the offWof the
| WKKNKHUAY. July ><ti\
In the Superior Court 1
Of tbe State of California, In and i
for the County of Loa Angeles*. ;
Farmers'and Merchant-*' Bank of Loa
Angeles, Plaintiff, vs A S Gray, execu
tor of the estate of Jucob Gray, dec'd, et 0
al. Defendants. I.
Action brought ln the Superior Court B
of the Htate of California, ln and for thu "
rvumty of Lob Angeles, and tbe Com- c
plamt filed In said county of Los Angeles, r
In tbe otflee of the Clerk of said (superior j
Court. t
The people ofthe Btate of California j
send greeting to A H Gray, executor of tbe •
last will of Jacob Gray, deceived, A H <
Gray, Elizabeth ADGray.JumesTGray, j
Austin M Gray and Sydney Tbomus -j
Hodges, uminor, defendants: {
You are hereby required to appear ln t
an action brought against you by the j
above named plaintiff ln the Superior ,
Courtof the Btate of California, in and for ,
tbe county of Los Angeles, and to answer j
the complaint filed therein, within ten t
days (exclusive of the day of service) ]
alter the service on you of this summons j
—If served within this county; or, if served j
out of this county, within ,
forty days—or Judgment by default will
bo taken against you. according to tbe ,
prayer of said complaint.
The said notion is brought to obtain a ,
decree of this Court lor the foreclosure of
a certain mortgage described in .
tbe said complaint und executed by the
said Jucob (.my and Jonathan Watson
on Lhe sth day of (September, A. D. 187(1,
lo secure the payment of five certuiu
promissory notes for $2000 each, payable
in one, two, three, four aad five years
from January Ist, JB7B, the date of all of
said notes, which said mortgage was
prior to tbe commencement of this ac
tion duly assigned by said Watson to
said plaintiff for value; that the
premises conveyed by ha id mortgage
may bo sold, and the proceeds applied to
the payment of the amounts due or ow
ing to tbe pialntlffou said notes, Includ
ing tho sum of two per cent upon lhe
amounts so found due for attorney's
fees, tbe charges of suit and sale, the
amounts paid by the plaintiff for tuxes,
as provided by said mortgage, and costs
of suit; and ln case such proceeds are
not sufficient to pay the same, then to
obtain a Judgment against said A. B.
Gray, as executor ol tbe estate of
Jacob Gray, deceased, for the
balance remaining due. and also
that tbe said defendants, nnd
ail persons claiming by, throngh or un
der tbem or either of tbem may be bar
red and foreclosed of all right, title,
claim, lien, equity of redemption and in
terest In and to said mortgaged premises
and for otber and further relief.
Reference Is had to Complaint for par
And you are hereby notified that if yeu
fall to appear and answer the said com
plaint as above required, the said plain
tiff will apply to the court for the relief
demanded in tbe ..aid comolalnt.
Given under my hand aad the seal of
the Superior Court of the Btate of Cali
fornia, in and for the county of Los
Angeles, this 3d day of February, ln the
ye*r ol our Lord, one thousand eight
bundrcd and eighty.
A. W. POTTS, Clerk.
By A. RIMPAU,Deputy. rayB-'im
Mortgage Sale.
No. 151.
3 Farmers* and Merchants' Rank of )
Los Angeles, Plaintiff, I
; vs. r
. Anton Sutter et al, Defendants. }
t, Under and by virtue oi a decree of
i foreclosure and order of sale entered ln
j the buperior Court ofthe oounty of Los
Angeles, State ol California, on tbe 2nd
t duy of July, A. D. 1880, and a writ of j
i execution tor tbe emorcement of Judg- I
- ment requiring sale of property under
• foreclosure of mortgage, issued out of the
f aforesaid Superior Court, annexed
f to suid decree, and dated tbe 2d day of
- July, A. D. 1880, In tbe above entitled
i action and in favor of the Fanners' and
y Merchants' Bank of Los Angeles, plain
i titt, and against Anton Batter, C C
ii Lips and Joseph Bayer, defendants, a
1 certified copy of which said decree of
foreclosure, duly attested under tbe seat
-> of said Superior Court on the 2d day of
c July, A D. 1880, and delivered to me,
together with the writ annexed thereto,
f on the last mentioned day, whereby
1 lam commanded to sell at public auc*
0 tlon, to the highest and best bidder for
s cash, In U. 8. gold coin, the followingand
I. lv said decreo described real estate, to
1 All those certain lots or parcels of land
situate In tbe county of Los Angeles,
r Btate ot California, known aud described
asfollows, to-wlt:
Lots numbers five (5) and ten (10) of the
Freeman tract, uccording to tho plan nf
" said tract recorded lv book 11 of Mlscel
-1 laneous Records, page 114, ln tbe records
3 of said county, each of said iots contain
- ing 0 85*100 acres ni land and being in und
■ forming part NW % ot BVV H of Sec
-3 tlon 81 T1 H Rl3 WSB M.
"j Also, those certain other lots, pieces or
' parcels of land, situate ln theclty of Los
> Angeles lnlhecountyandSlateaforcsald,
1 known and described as follows, to wit :
1 First—Lot number (1) one, in block N,
of tho Moft iract, according to tho map of
r said Mott tract recorded lv book one of
Miscellaneous Records, page 4bo, iv the
records of said county.
Second — Blocx thirty-eight (38), lot
- seven, division B, containing 22.436 acres,
situate ln the northwest quarter of the
funds of Los Angeles city, as will more
tully appear by reference lo tho official
map of tbe city entitled "Map of tbe Re
servoir and its vicinity," dated Decem
ber 3d, AD 1870,
Public notice is hereby given that on
JULY, A. D. 1880,
At 12 o'clock m. of ssJd day, I will proceed to
sell at the court house door, in the city and
' county of Los Angeles, State of California, at
i public auction, to the highest and host bidder,
, for cash, in United tttates gold coin, to
, satisfy said decree, for principal and Inter
est, attorneys' fees, costs, and all accruing
costs, all the above described real estate, or
i so much theieof as will be necessary to sau
• isfy said principal sum, interest, etc., as
Given under my band at tbe city and
i county of Los Angeles, State of Caliior
■ nla, this the 2d duy of July, A. D. 1880.
Sheriff of Los Angeles county,
i By R. A. LING, Deputy BhoritT.
I , .
» Of the Couuty of Los Angeles l ,
; Htate of California.
t In tbe matter of the guardianship of the
persons and estates of Robert Rains,
i John S. Rains und Fannie V. Rains,
j minors,
1 hmar(wo firrrrjopr iv SEr,r,
On reading and filing tbo petition of M.
W. do Currlilo, the guurdluu ol tbe per
. sons and estates of Robert Rains, John
B Rains and Fannie V Rains, minors,
praying for an order of salo of certain
. personal property and estates of said mi
nors for the usts aud purposes therein
set forth:
It is hereby ordered that tbo next of
kin of said wards uud all persons inter
ested in the suiu estates appear colore
this Court on
JULY, 1880,
At ten o'clock a. m., nt tbo Court Room
of this Court, at the Court House, in tbe
city and county of I,os Angeles, ihen
and there to show cause why an order
Rhould not be granted for the salo ofsuoh
estate. '
And lt Is further ordered that n copy
of this order be published at least
once a week for three successive weeks
before the said day of bearing In the >
Dally Los Aniroles Herald, n newspaper
printed and publishod ln said countyof
Los Angeles.
Da fed June 21th. 1880. Je2s 3w
Application to Mortgage. 1
Notice la hereby given tbat on the oth 1
day of July. 1880. at 10 A. at, tho corpora
non known as »t. Atbanasius Protestant .
Episcopal Church of Los Angeles city,
California, will apply to the Superior {
Court of Los Angeles county, California,
at the court-room of said court, for leave
to execute a mortgage in tho sum of $2000 t
upon all Its right and title to tbat tract l
ot land lying tn the city aad county of
Los Angeles, California, described as lot
1, block 17, of Hancock's survey of city
donation lota; at wbicb time and place
all partial inter***** may appear and
••WW""*, if any thsy b» v ., w*V said f
Mortgage Sale—No. 230.
Ia tbe.Superlor Coart ofthe county of Los
Angeles. Btateol Calliornla.
Bernardino Uuirado, Plaintiff. )
vs. I
UefuglaO.de Ulvera eta). f <
Uelendauts. J
Under and by virtue of a decree of fore
closure and order of sale entered In the •
Hu perl or Court of the county ot Loa An
geles, Htate or California, on tbe Htbday
or June, A D 1880, and a writ of exe
cution ,ior the enforcement of Judgment
requiring gale of property under
loreclosure ot mortgage* Issued out of
the utorenald Court uu tbe Idth day of
June, A. i>, 1880, in the above entitled ac
tion aud lv lavor of Uernardlno
Uuirado, plaintiff, and against
Hefugla O de Oivera and Juan de
Toro, defendants, a certified oopy of
which said decree of foreclosure, duly at
tested under theseal of said court on tbe
loth day of June, A £> 1880, and
delivered to me* together wllh the
writ annexed thereto, on tbe said
lost mentioned day, whereby I
am commanded to sell at pab
lie auction to the blgheat and best bidder
for cash la United mates gold coin, the
following and ln said decree described
real estate* to-wlt:
All those certalu pieces, parcels er lots
of land, situate lv tne elty and county of
Los Angeles, State ol California, de
scribed rcHpectiveiy as follows, to wit:
first—That oertain parcel of land de
scribed as loilows, to wit: Commencing
at a poiut In the northern line of the
I'laxu i 7.38 reet H 61% degrees X of tuo
western corner ol Lhe block conveyed to
Augustin olvera, now deceased, by tbe
cily of Los Angeles March 7tu, 1865, and
ruuning tbeuce along the north side of
the Plaza H 51 degrees IS 17.38 feet;
tnence N .18!£ degrees ni 92.790 feet to the
land formerly of Encarijaclou Hepulve
da; tbence along the same N ii degrees
W 10.2 feet; thenoe H 37% degrees W
04.728 feet, Lo the point of beginning, be
ing the same lot conveyed to the party of
the nrst part, Kelugla O de olvera, by
Maria V ulvera de Toro, tbe wife of tbe
party ofthe first part, Juan Toro, by deed
ur date January 23d, 1877, and vow the
property ot tue said grantee.
Hecoud--That oertain other parcel of
land described as follows, to wit: Com
mencing at itie southeast corner of this
lot (before Its subdivision) and ruuning
N 3H degrees W 30.6 feet along Alameda
stieet; thence N 02!4 degrees W 1212 a leet;
ihence H degrees W S3 H feet; thenoe
tt 02% degrees X 130H feet tothe place of
beginning, being the same lot conveyed
to tbe said Keiugla Ode Olvera by ttnear
noclon F Coronel de olvera by deed ol
date December 18th, 180(>, recorded in
book 40, p 503, of deeds, records of Los
Angeles couuty.
Publlo notice is heroby given that on
A. D. 1880, at twelve o*clo A Jc *.. of
said day, at the court house door, ln the
city and county of Los Angeles, State of Cal
ifornia. 1 will proceed to sell, at public
auction, to tbe highest and best bidder, for
cash ln United btates gold coin, to satisfy
said decree for principal, and Interest,
attorneys' fees, anj taias paid by
plaiut|lY, costs an i all t.ccruiii£ costs,
all the above described real est* to, or so
much thereof as will be necessary tn sat*
isfy aald deciee ior principal,lnterest, etc,
as aforesaid.
Olven under my hand at the city and
couuty of Los Aogetei, State of Califor
nia, this the 16th day or June, A. J>.
By James C. Kays, Under Sheriff.
Mortgage sale—No. 5417s
In the Superior Court of tbe county
of Los Augeles, Htate of Califor
Farmers' and Merchants' Bank \
tif Los Angeles, a corporation, 1
f Plaintiff, vs. f
J 11 Hice et al, Defendants. J
a decree offoreelosure aud order of
1 sate entered ln the Superior Court of the
county of Los Angeles, Htato of Call
iornla, on the 14Lh day of June*
;A. D. 1880. and a writ of execu
tion lor The enforcement of Judg
ment requiring sale of property under
foreclosure of mortgage issued out of
, tbe uforesala Superior Court, annexed to
said,decree and dated tho loth day of
• June, A. D. 1880, In tho above entitled
1 action and In lavor of The Farmers' and
Merchants' Bank of Los Angelea, a cor
; poratlou,piaintitr, and agalustJ H. Rice,
Elizabeth J Rice, N P Campbell,
Eldridge J small and Nancy
J ttmall, defendants, a certified
copy of which said decree of foreclosure,
duly attested under the seal of said
Court on the loth day of June,
A. D. 1880, and delivered to me, together
with tbe writ annexed thereto,on the
said last men tinned day, whereby I am
commanded to sell nt publlo auction, to
the hliiuerii and best bidder, lor cash ln
United States gold coin, the following
and In suid decroe described real estate,
All that ploco, parcel or lot of land ■li
mited In the city of Los Angeles, county
or Lou Angeles. Suite of California,
bounded nnd described as follow**:
Commencing at tho northwesterly cor
ner of Spring and Seventh streets, runs
thence northeasterly along the north
westerly line of Spring street forty [401
leet; thence at right angles northwest
erly on a line parallel wllh seventh
street one hundred aud sixty-five 1165]
leet; ihence at right angles southweni
erly on a line parallel with Spring street
forty [40] leet tothe northeasterly Uneof
Seventh street, and Ihence southeasterly
along sold line of Seven lb street oue hun
dred aud slxty-flvo |16,ij feet to tbe point
of commencement; being a portion of
lot 1, of block 17, of Ord's survey and map
of the city ut Los Angeles, subject nev
ertheless to a perpetual right of way ten
feet in width across the rear of said 'ot
to Seventh street, heretofore granted and
conveyed to Catherine S Thayer, her
belrs and assigns, and also the same
right of way to tne owners of tbe next ad
joining lot of land on tbe north of 40 leet
in width now owned and occupied by
John X Skinner.
Public notice is hereby given that on
OF JULY, A. D. 1880,
At 12:30 o'clock p. v. of said
day, I will proceed to sell at the
Court House door, in the City and Count}
of Los Angeles, State of California, at
pnblio auction, to tbe highest and best bid
der, for cash in United States gold coin, tc
satisfy said decree for principal aud interest,
attorney's fees, oosts, snd all accruing
oosts, all tho above described real estate, or
so much thereof as will be necessary to
satisfy said principal Bum, Interest, etc.,
as aioreaald.
Given uudermy band, at the city and
countyof Los Augeles, State or Califor
nia, this tbo 16th dayot June. A. D. 1880.
By JAMES C. KAYS,Under SberlH.
Ccrtlfloate of Co-Part
County of Los Angeles, j "*
Wo, lhe undendgned, do hereby certify
tbat we are partuers, lr<tutjucllng busi
ness lv this Stute, at the city of Los An
geles, county aforesaid, under the firm
name of A. Vignolo tt Son; tbat the
names In full of all members of such
partnership are Ambroglo Vignolo and
Oeorgo A. vignolo, and lhat tbe places
of our respective residences are set oppo*
site our respective names hereto sub
in whereof wo havo hereunto set our
hands this sth day of June, A. D. isso.
Names. Residence*.
Los Angeles, California.
Loa Angeles, California.
City and Couniy of Los Angeles. (
On this sth day of June, A. J). 1880, be
fore me. A. W. Potts, County Clerk and
ex-oltlolo Clerk of tbo Huperlor Court in
and lor aald county, personally appeared
Ambroglo Vignolo and George A. Vig
nolo, known to me to be the same per
sons whose namea are subscribed to the
annexed instrument, and they duly ac
knowledged to me tbat they executed ihe
In witness whereof.l have hereunto t et
my band and athxed my official seal, at
my office, iti the city and countyof
Angeles, the day and year lv ibis cert id
eate tlrst above written.
County Clerk and ex-offlcio Clerk ol Sn
perlor Court.
Filed June sth, 188).
les-«w A. W. roTTS, County Clerk.
The Annual Meeting or the Stockhold
er, .tin- Lo. Aisxelas County Bank will
he V*id on tUeTfoter ••' w
flrar ; •^?.V lt - b 99tMm9sr' <• - > .
i. I. AllgOiU . j
Mortgage Sal*. ''^mW
No. 306.
Ia the Superior Court m
Or the County ot Lot Angels*, «3|
State of California. 9^9J
John Lung, riaintlff, ") StflH
C. E. Hub3r et ul., Defendant...) fl
*J decree or foreclosnra and order ot . fl
silo entered tn the Ho per lor Court 9
oftLe county of Los Angeles, Htate of Cat- 9
norma, on tbe (Oth day ol i
June, A. D. 1880. and a writ ol 9
execution for the emoroement of Judg- '999
ment, requiring sale ol property under - AA
foreclosure of mortgage, issued out of tbo *S9H
aforesaid Superior Court, annexed to said 9
deciee and dated the 80th day ol June. 1
A. D. 1880. ln the above entitled action. . 9
and ln favor of John Lang, plaiatlff, aad " 9a9
3;alnst C X Huber, Margaret Gertrude MMt
über. a minor, Mary Lojlea Kuber, a flj
minor, and O E Long, assignee la bank- .fl9l
ruptcy or X P F Temple. Individually <• m
and as surviving partner of J
Temple and Workman, bankrnpta, ' J M
delendants, a certified copy ot waieh ;fl
said decree of foreclosure, duly .nested 'JM
under thesealofsaldoourton th.Mtbday II
or June A. D. 1880. and delivered to me fm
together with the writ annexed there- £■
to. on tbe last mentioned day, *yvS
whereby I am commanded to sell ■ 9g9
at publio auction, to the highest and 'S
best bidder, for cash ln United States iM
gold coin, tbe following and la aald de- . '*S
cree described real estate.to-wlt: *ka9H
All those two certain lota of land eltu- flHgfl
ate, lying and being ln «ne panel, situate ,%M
ln the city of Los Angeles, oounty of Los .ifl
Angeles, State or Calirornla, known and fj
described asfollows, to wit: iMMM
Lbts number (18) fifteen and (It) tlx- ' ' 991
teen, in blook (61) ntty-one.urd's survey. .»■ 1
as shown on the map of the Huber tract j
made by Hansen and Be.bold, and re- MM*.
corded ln book two of miscellaneous roe- 1
ords, page 380. In tbe County Recorder's . 'M
oinoe Los Angeles county, and more par- . j
tioularly described a« follows, to wit: 1*
Commencing at a point on tbo eastern ~'"m
Uneof Fort street distant northerly oae za
hundred and eighty feet irom the later-
section of said line witb the northern >9I
lineof Ninth street; thence northerly • vaS
along the easterly line ol Fortstreet (ISO) tt*9i
one hundred and twenty feet; then** TBI
easterly and parallel to tbe northern 'M
lineof Ninth street one hundred anil 9
■lxty-flve feet; thenoe soutberlv and .
parallel to the eastern line of Fort street :^9H
(120) one hundred and twenty feet, and '1
thence weeterly and parallel to tbe 191
■ northern lineof Ninth (Btb) street (186) ' ."9
one hundred and sixiy-nve feel to the 3
point of beginning. .99
Public nolice is hereby given lhat on 99
JULY, A. D. 1880, 49fl
lAt twelve o'olock M. or said *
■ day, 1 will proceed to sell, fl|
lat the Court House door, ln tbe *1
- City and County or Los Angeles, State of . m
• California, at publlo auction to the high- 1
, est and best bidder for cash ln United 99
> States gold coin, to satisfy said decree for 1
, principal and Interest, attorney's fees, < M
, oosts aud all accruing oosts, all tha above • ■9
• described real estate or so much thereof 3
, as will be necessary to satisfy aald prtn- M
clpal sum. Interest, etc., as aioreaald. 99
I Given under my band, at theclty and MM
■ oounty or Los Angeles. Btate of Callfor- MM
. nla, this the 2d day of July, A. D. 188s. 99
WM. K. KUWLAND, . flj
Sheriff or Los Angeles county. <99
By R. A. LINO, Deputy Sheriff. Id Vggaj
' Iv the Superior Court of the State nf JIJ
■ California, lv and for the Couniy of Lot *JM
Angeles. M\
Alexander Weill, Plaintiff, va Daniel >-9i
MoCarthy etal., Defendants. fIHIJ
This action transferred from the Seven- 9
teenth Judicial District Court. flfl9
The People of tbe Slate or Calirornla. '■'r'-^M
send greeting to Daniel McCarthy and , -M
Daniel Sullivan, Defendants. -MM
You are hereby required to appear la JS
f an action brought against you by the jB
) above named Plaintiff ln theSupertor .-991
- Court of the state 01 California, ln aud for *i 39
, tbe County of Los Angeles, and loan- V9I
■ ewer the complaint Hied therein, within - UmM\
■ ten days (exclusive of the day of service I ,91
r after the service on you of this summons JL\
I —If served within this oounty; or, If --91
0 served elsewhere wltnln thirty days W
t or Judgment by delault will betaken -, %
1 against you according to the prayer of * M
1 said complaint. 799
The salo action Is brought to obtain a de-
', cree of tble Court for the foreclosure of a 99
, certain mortgage described In the said * ■
f complaint, and executed by the sold Das. ]
i iel McCarthy to Alexander Weill on the 9
, lath day of Msy, A D. 1877, to secure the 99
1 payment of a certain promissory note, tor the 5 1
, sum of MOOu, gold coin,with Interest thereon ■
r from date until paid, at the rote of eae per 1
s cant, per month Inters! payable quarterly, . 1
1 If not so p, id to be added to the principal H
> and bear the ssme rate of interest, B|
> and tbat a Baoeirsr be appointed; MM
I taat tbe premises conveyed by said naort* 99
. gsge may be sold, and the proceed, applied *
to tbe payment of said sum of SSOOO, gold T9
- coin.with interest thereon at the rateoleae 91
' per con t per month from April 19,1878, com. .9
, pouonlug quarterly, and for (33V attorney's 13
lees, as provided for In said mortgage;also, iagg
- for (108 IJ, paid for taxes, liisjslhsi 1991
• with 60 par esnl. thereon and .V 991
' costs of suit, and in ease such proceeds ore 9
I not sufficient to pay the a u», then to ob- Jgj
• tain an execution against said Daniel j
' McCarthy for the balance remaining .H
J due, ana alsu that tbe i.ilcleisndants and all I
." persons claiming by, through or «
'• under them or either of them | J
' may be barred sud forecleetd of Iggl
' all right, title, claim, lien, equity of re- 9
- demptlon and Interest ln and to said mort- M
• gaged premises, snd for other and tart bar ■
■ relle'. heferenoe Is but to complaint lor J
psrtioulars. vaffggß.
And you art hereby notified that, if . 9
| you fall to appear and answer Ihe said 991
5 complaint, as above required, the said plain. J$M
; till win apply to the oourt for tne relief de- s9l
[ nianded In the aald 00m plaint.
Olven under my hand and the seal of ~ j
the Superior Court ortbeStateofCalUbr- dm
I nla, ln and ior the oounty of Los Angeles, $991
this 20tn day of Msy. In the year of our S
Lord, one thousand eight hundred and -9L9
eighty. [Seal. I .991
A. W. POTTS. Clerk. "991
By A. RIMPAU. Deputy. jM
Qlasseil,smith A smith, attorneys for *M
plaintiff. my 22 IM
i —• —— *■
In the Superior Court 'M
t Or the County or Loa Angeles, o|
rotate or California. 999
i John A. Mltrovlch, Plaintiff, I 991
vs. J MMM
| Johu W. Swansou, Defendant.)
Under and by virtue of a deoree or (ore- 999
closure aad order of sale entered §8 the 999
Superior Coat of the oounty al Loa An- 1
gei<». Hinle of California, on the tlh day 1
o< June, A. D. 1880, and a writ of sxe- 999
• cutlon for the enforcement ot Judgment 1
• requiring sale of property under funotoe- 999
ure oi mortgage Issued out of the said 8»- c9a9i
parlor Court, on tbe (th day of June. EM
A.D. 1880, In ihe above entitled action anJ 9991
In favor of John A. Mttrovioh, plaiatlff, 9
and against JohnW.Swnnson,defendant, ■
acerillled oopy of which said decree ol -MMM
foreclosure, duly attested under e£_ eeet 9^9
- nt said superior Court on the (etTaey or MMM
June, A. D. 1880, and dellveieal te me 999
on tbe said last mentioned dor,together 999
1 with the writ annexed thereto. Whereby 9991
lam commanded 10 sell at public anc- 9991
tlon, to tbe highest and best bidder, for 9991
cash ln United States gold coin, the 999
following and in said decree aeaeJibed 9991
' real estate, to-wlt:
All that certain real property, situate, 9991
lying and being ln the Kancho Santiago. 9991
de Santa Ana, county or Lea Angeles, 999
state of California, hounded and de- 999
scribed as follows, to wit: 999
Commencing at a point (lt 82-10t) hint- 9991
teen and 82-100 rode east of the sea th east 9991
corner of lands now owned and occupied 9(91
by L O Carter; running thence north 999
sixty-six and 21-100 (08 21-100) rodss tbeaee «%9
easl thirty -oue and tVIOO (81 it-lib) rods; *9J
thenco south forty-six and M-J76 (et (6476) Ym
1171-160(1 rode; tbenee south twelve aad ■. 9991
10-276 (12 18-2761 rods; thence west thirty- -9991
four and 84-100 (S4 92-100) to ploee of he- ' 999)1
ginning, containing twelve (12) acres of 9
land, more or less. 'iM^MW
Publio notice is hereby given that on 'S!
JULY, A. D. 1880, j
At 12 o'olock M. of taid day, I witt pro. MMM
ceed to sell at the Court Mease eVet ia 999
theclty and county ol tot ligtltt, Btate 999
of California, at pablie taaHon, to the 999
highest and best Udder tor cask ia U. S. 91
X .ldcoin. tosatUfyssHdeente (twartgen- IM
l»l and murrst. aUoraey's tswL sossn s(sl ALA
alltccruing oc.ts.aU the above cSbB
real estale. or se ssash th(Hiaf
ssfflcieut to aausty said pruaetpsi eefsk, *»> •' v 9

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