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|pOSi gewto.
Supreme Court Opinion.
| riled Oot. Utb, 1830.
llm the matter 1
OF THE [-6957.
IJJsjtatk of Andres Pico. )
f On tbe 9th of July, 1879, Romulo
JPleo flled a petition in the Probate
Ooart for the County of I.as An
mlas, allegirjg that Andres Pico
Hied Intestate in the county afore-
IpJaon or about tho 14th day of
: Peb. 1878, leaving property in said
•aunty of tbe value of or about
#80,000; tbat on the lsth of Oct.
SS77, Plo Pico was duly appointed
JMmlnistrator of said estate, aud on
tba same day duly qualified as such
administrator, and from tbat day
was tbe acting administrator of
•aid estate; tbat on the SOth of Oct.
1877, said Court made an order re
quiring said administrator to pub
lish notice to creditors required by
raw which tbe administrator bas
'wholly failed and neglected to do;
Mat said administrator has wholly
flailed and neglected to have made
and returned to tbe Court any In
ventory or appraisement of said
eetate; tbat tbe admiulstrator bas
paid no claims against said estate,
though several bave been present
ed and allowed, aud has wholly
neglected said estate, and failed to
perform bis duties as such, aud haa
wasted and mismsnaged the proper
ty of tbe estate; tbat he
fa now near the age of
eighty years, does not speak
the English language, Is now and
has been for more than two years
last past, most ot the time, absent
from the county of Los Angeles,
Wherein the pioperty or tbe said
•state is situated, and which re
quires attention for its proper
management; and by reason of the
facts aforesaid, is Incompetent pro
perly to act and discbarge the
unties of bis trust.
The petitioner further states tbat
he la the sole heir at law of the es
tate ot said Andres Pico, and as
•uoh is directly interested in the
proper administration thereof; that
he Is the illegitimate ion and child
of said Andres, and was by said
Andres iv bis life time, iv writing
by an instrument Cor that purpose
made, as by law provided, duly re
cognized as his son and heir.
Tbe petitioner then asks lhat an
order be made suspending the pow
ers of Plo Pico an the administra
tor of said estate until the matters
and things charged in tbe petition
can be investigated; that notice be
given to Pio Pico aud that he be
•iter) to appear at such time as
■nay be designated and show cause
why bis letters of administration
should not be revoked; and tbat 00
aald bearing said letters be re
voked, aod letter 3of administra
tion be granU; Ito the petitioner.
On this petition tbe Court or
dered that a citation i--ne p.s
prayed for to Pio Pico oommaud
lng bim to appear iv Court ou the |
21st of July, 1879, and show cause
wby tbe prayer of tbe petition
abould not be granted.
On tbe 19.1 iof August, 1879, Pio
Pico demurred to this petition ou
several grounds, and on the same
day, without waiving his demur
rer, filed an answer to It, In which
he denied the allegations of tbe
petition as to his incompetency to
discharge tbe duties of administra
tor, mismanagement, neglect,etc.,
and pleaded as an estoppel to tbe
Claim of tbe petitioner for letters of
administration a former adjudica
Notice by posting was given to
all parties Interested of the hearing
on tbe petition and answer above
mentioued. The matters came on
to be beard, aud on the 25th of Oc
tober, 1879, the Court removed Plo
Pico from the administration, re
voked and annulled bis letters and
granted letters to the petitioner,
By its findings and order tbe
Court found aud adjudged tbat
Romulo Pico was the illegitimate
child of tbe intestate, and tbat
the intestate in bis life-time, in
writing, signed, io the presence of a
competent witness, duly acknowl
edged himself to he the father of
Romulo, and further adjudged tbat
Romulo was the heir ot Andres
Pico, deceased, and entitled to let
ters of administration on his estate.
From this order Pio Pico appeals.
As to the adjudication, the Court
found as follows:
"Shortly after the death of said
deceased, to-wit: on the 23d of Feb
ruary, 1876, tbe said Romulo Pico
flled bis petition In this Court
praying for the issue of letters of
administration ou Baid estate to
him/and alleging as grounds there
for tbat he was the sou of tbe said
deceased. Afterwards, to-wit: on
February 25th, 1876, tbe eaid Pio
Pico filed his petitiuu in eaid Court
alleging that be was tbe brother
and one of tbe beirs nf said de
ceased, and on tbe 6th day of
March, 1876, also filed a written
opposition to tbe issuance of letters
to the said Romulo, alleging tbat
he was the sole surviving brother
of said deceased and therefore en
titled to letters of administration
and denying tbat said Romulo was
tbe surviving eon of Baid deceased.
"Afterwards to-wit: on the — day
of , 1876, a jury was empan
eled to try the said issues between
the said Romulo and tbe said Plo
Pico, and ou the 4th of April, 1876,
tbe jury returned their verdict,
wherein they found, among other
things, tbat tbe said Romulo was
tbe illegitimate sou of tbe said
Andres Pico. That the said An
dres did iv his life-time
publicly acknowledge him, the
said Romulo, as his son, aud re
ceived him us such into his family
and otherwise treated him, tbe said
Romulo, aa if he was tbe legiti
mate sou of said Andres; and fur
ther, that on the Ist day of
January, 1873, the said Romulo
was not a minor under tbe
age ot 21 years. The jury
also found that the said An
dres did uot in his life-time in
writing, signed iv the presence ofa
competent witness, acknowledge
himself to be the father of the said
Romulo, s>od also tbat tbe snid
Andres was never married. Alter
wards, to-wit, on tbe 21tb day of
July, 1876, an order was made and
entered by this court reciting tbe
said verdict aud directing letters of
•dminstration to be issued to tbe
•aid Romulo on said estate. After
wards eaid cause having been
taken to tbe Supreme court of
•aid State ou appeal, tbe said order
WM reversed aud the cause re
manded by tbat court with direc
tions to tbia court to dismiss tbe
petition of said Romulo, on tbe
and that h« wm not a minor
Code or said State went Into effect,
under which tbe said Romulo alone
claimed ln the proceedings In this
finding mentioned. The petition
of said Romulo was accordingly
dismissed and afterwards an order
was made by this Court, directing
letters of administration on aald es
tate to be Issued to tbe said Pio
Pioo, which was accordingly done,
00 tbe SOth day of October, 1877, as
hereinbefore stated in finding num
ber two. Tbe said petition of said
Romulo and tbe said contest of said
Plo Pico of 1876 did not present tbe
same issues aa to tbe right of the
said Romulo to letters of adminis
tration on said estate, or as to bis
relationship to said doceaßed, as are
presented by the present petit iou of
said Romulo and the present cm
test of said Pico. Tbe question
whether the said deceased ever In
his life-time in writing, signed in
tbe presence of a competent wit
ness, acknowledged himself to bo
tbe father of said Romulo was not
within the issues and was not de
termined by any of the aforesaid
proceedings of 1876 and 1877."
We are of opinion tbat this adju
dication as found estopped Romulo
from making auy claim to letters
of administration by virtue of bis
being the son and heir of the de
ceased Intestate. All bis right as
such to letters, was passed ou and
decided against bim lv the pro
ceeding commenced in 1876.
Whether be was tbe legitimate son
of Andres Pico, or his illegitimate
son, land duly adopted or legiti
mated, was concluded by the order
tirade in that case. His right, if
be ever had any, existed in 1876;
he had an opportunity of then
bringing it forward to be passed
on, and whether be did or not, he
is alike concluded by tbe judg
ment rendered in tbat proceeding.
The allegations of the petition in
the proceeding of 1876 and tbe de
nials thereof as fouud by the Court
(see above finding) put all the
matters in issue as to Romulo be
ing a son of Andres, and therefore
entitled to letters of administra
tion. All the evidence of what
ever character to establish such a
fact could bave teen
under the issues iv that proceed
ing. The adjudication iv that pro
ceeding is an estoppel in this.
Garwood v. Garwood, 29 Cal., 521:
Sec 1908, C. C. P.
But inasmuch as the Court re
moved Pio Pico from the adminis
tration for neglect, mismanage
ment and incompetency. It had the
power under Section 1365, C. ('. P.,
to graut letters to the petitioner.
There is nothing In Section 1379,
C. 0. P., which deprives the Court
of tli is power.
We have considered the other
points discussed ou the argument
arising on the demurrer of Pio Pico
to the petition of Romulo, aud tbe
appeal of Oxarat, and And 110 error
iv the case In relatlou to them.
We must, therefore, affirm the
order of the Court below, and It is
co ordered. Thoknton, J.
We concur:
Sharpstein, J.
Myrick, J.
Minnesota Sugar Cane.
As stated in tins' cola runs re
cently, It has been • monstrated
that sugar can be lUOCesefolly made
from sun-dried beets raised in Los
Angeles couniy. We have no
doubt tbe mantn-uture of beet-su
gar will eventually become an im
portant industry ln Southern Cali
fornia. We have a few items in
regard to the experiment of grow
ing what is known as Minnesota
sugar-cane ln Ventura and Los
Angeles counties which will doubt
less interest our readers. The exper
iment of "raising cane" of tbls vari
ety this year was successful. On
Mr. Hall's ranch, near San Buena
ventura, the yield was fifteen tons
of cane (prepared for the mill) to
tbe acre. We have no data as to
the peroentageof syrup or sugar ob
tained. In the vicinity of tsanta
Ana, in Los Angeles county, tbe
experimeut bas beeu more exten
sively tried, and witb satisfactory
results. We have a report of
tbe manufacture of syrup as
follows: Messrs. Silkwood and
Young bave now In operation a
sugar-mill near Westminster, and
are working up the crop of cane
grown on their own and adjacent
ranches. The entire cost of the ap
paratus was only $450. It 1) called
"The Victor Cane Mill, No. 4,"
manufactured by Blymer & Co.,
Cincinuati, Ohio. There Is a large
upright grooved cylinder, say four
teen inches in diameter, with two
smaller ones. The cane is fed hori
zontally through a funnel-sbaped
mouth, and Is drawn successively
between tbe small and tbe large
cyliuders, tbe space between which
being regulated by set-screws. The
mill is turned by a horse-power
sweep. Tbe cane-julce, which flows
in a steady stream from the pan
when tbe mill Is in operation, is
conducted by a pipe to tbe dis
cbarge-tub of zinc, into which it
is strained. From theuce It pass
es to tbe boiling, evaporating and
flnlsbing-pans, the heat of which
is under tbe control of tbe sugar
or syrup maker by means of
an ingenious device of adjusted
dampers to regulate the draft. The
percentage of syrup obtained is
large and nf the finest quality. It
is clarified by a gas manufactured
in a retort 00 the premises from
sulphuric acid and oream-of-lime.
Tbe syrup sells readily at tbe mill
at seventy-five cents per gallon, re
tall, and finds au ample market at
wholesale at sixty-five cents per
gallon. This mill is turning out
an average of 75 gallons per day.
Other mills ln tbe vicinity are
equally successful. They are
none of tbem making crude
sugar, simply because tbe man
ufacture of syrup pays bet
ter. There being no sugar-refinery
in this section of tbe State Los Au
geles cane-sugar cannot compete
with other sugare,on account of tbe
greater cost of Its manufacture.
Tbe syrup bas the advance in this
respect of competing brands. Next
year there will be about four times
as large an area of land planted
with cane as was experimented
with this season— Riverside Repub
A Pastor Made Happy.
I have been greatly troubled
with my kidneys and liver for over
twenty yeare, and during tbat en
tire time I waa never free from
pain. My medioal bills were enor
mous, and I visited botb tbe Hot
and Wbite Springs, noted for tbe
curative qualitiee of tbe water. I
am bappy to say I am now a well
man, and entirely ac the result of
Warner's Safe Kidney and Liver
Cure. With snob glorious results I
am only too glad to testify regard
ing the remedy which has made
An agreeablesubsti
tute ifor pills and
drastic cathartics.
AndJALL v disorders
obstructed state
'One Lozenge" is the usual dose,
to bo taken at bed-time; dissolve
slowly\ in tho mouth, or eat like
fruit or a confection.
t PhysiciansTand I the Faculty
prescribe and indorse it.
up ia bronzed tin boxes only. Avoid
imitations. Ask your druggist for De
scriptive . Pamphlet, or address tho
proprietor, v
7J.'.E. Hetiierington,
New York or San Francisco.
A vegetable preparation and ths only sure
remedy in the world for Bright's Dlwiw,
Diabetes, and AU. BUdnej', lint and
WsvssajflJ Diseases.
of the highest order In proof
Of these statements. 4
sWFor the core of Diabetes, call for War
ner's Hmtm Diabetes Car*.
soj-porthe enre of Brlrht's and tneothe!
diseases, callfor Warner's Safe ludawjl
usllierCue. .
Jjrt. Saxfobo's Lnuit IsnaoßATOii
is a Biaud ir i Faauly Remedy for ,£
diseases of tUaLiverj Stomach «a % afl
and Bowels.—lt in Pur; ly «,^stt'L
tt^, c . vor fj
ilL* ; V" as 63 . 'V * , i e >
,v •• • zfaQul"^
IPb for mcro than 35 years,
IJ.E o'*0'* with unprecedented results!
ivy aaroniST will tell vor its repvtatios.
Los Angeles,
October 18, 10, 90, 91, 39, 93.
■sarThe Horticultural and Agricultural Societies unite to make a
GRAND EXHIBIT of tbe products of Southern California at tbe Hor
ttoultural Pavilion. Tbe Premium List is tbe largest ever offered for
Horticultural and Agricultural products on this Coast. Tbe Kaposi
tion will be tbe largeet and most complete ever held In Soulbern Cali
fornia. A number of new and Interesting features bave been added.
Catalogue and particulars free to any address.
GEO. RICE, Beoretary. J. DE BARTH BHORB, Pree'
Wanted to Rents
An improved place, with fruit trees,
alfalfa patch and farming land.
Apply to Hkxdm ah A Jonas.
oil lm
Desires to Rent Vineyard.
The undersigned desires to rent a vine
yard of from 2o acres upward. Apply to
Thayer & Graham's Real Estate office,
No. 29 Spring street. • oIS-lm
For Sale.
Good business opportunity, well es
tablished and centrally located; capital
required, from $onO toffiOO.
Enquire of Thayer A Graham, Real
Kstate Brokers, No. -y Spring st. 018
OFLANDonPuente Ranch, half mile
from Puente Dep it, front lug on Puente
Creek. Surface water from 16 to 40 feet.
Suitable for all kinds of farming. Terms
cash. For further particulars enquire or
li. roLASKI A SON, corner Main aud
Commercial streets Los Angeles city.
•WFlne lolation and elegant surround
ings. Accommodations first-class. Ap
ply at 198 Main street, late Fiench Con-
For sale at a bargain—Splendid Sheep
Ranch; over 8000 acres; good 2-story frame
house; plenty of water; 60 to 80 aerss of
moist land lor oorn, alfalfa, trees, etc ;
300 acres good wheat laid; balance good
grazing land. -
Apply to Hkhoman & Jonrs.
013-lw Real Estate and Insurance Ag'ts.
Fountain saloon,
LUNCH from 8 s. K. till 8 p. B. Friday,
October 15, and every duy thereafter.
Coffee or tea, with roll « 10c.
Coffee or tea with beefsteak- 16e
Coffee or lea, with beefsteak or h.m
and eggs 20c.
Regular noon lunches, with beer or
wine 10c
Deslres'to announce to her lady friends
amfcustomers that she has Just
Juid Lv a full stock of
Millinery Goods.
Which il'o will be glal to exhibit to
nil who call.
In the city Is employed to makeup goods
ou order. Buylus: all her goods for cash,
and from the manufacturers Is nw
York, she can sell her goods at EAST- I
EHN PRICES. 825-lin
Tho Woolen Mill Store,
Downey's Marble Front, opposite Cosmo
politan Hotel, Main street.
H UITH ot Every Description
from BBS to IBS.
I have constantly on band a large and
selected stook ef tho most elegant olotba,
of the latest fashions, and am enabled to
furnish Hie most stylish suits at tbe low
est prices. A GOOD FIT always guaran
Blankets and Flannels Sold Cheap.
Everybody who wants to have a coat
vest or pantaloons made to order, will
and It to his advantage to call on me.
Musical Institute.
Lessons will be given ln the Gorman
French and Spanish languages, Lltera*
lure and Needlework.
Tho musical instruction will be given
after the most Improved Uermau
Tothe student of music the Institute
offers an excellent opportunity to enter
upon the course of advanced grades for
classical music,by the approved meth
od ofUradusaTarmassi.nl parClementl.
No. 6 Third Street,
Between Main and Spring.
Rrpebrnces—Prof. Schumacher, First
Instructor of Music at the Brooklyn Col
lege; Dr. J. Kurtz, J. M. Grlffllb. I. M.
Hellmun. znr26tf
Vi&w of Marriage!
A Q"'do to Wax} look: and
sLiasSz a\W *>W\ ii' l 1 >niWojir.i«.l IroatiM oa tat
ffaf Aissli it frl 1 fr 1 "'' r ' inimafre. and tV
7^Ki^^W'S^ ,, * u * f!,,iinl l " lfit tor it; the at).
"eta oi ' Roprodtwrtlon am
ngMi m mmimmJßM r>i6f.-ae«e of Woman.
I T B.n "S »!■ .Y*J*« A K* o " ,fir private, conild.
wLmmirlT '»*«-• »**
3^S?J^F u A D .y.!?ESL sou
Abuse, MM or Seoret CUeaeea, wjtu tha Lwi>
OT Mmjiagr-p. prkefiu cts.
A CLIXraAL LECTURE on the ebarn ditfa--* and]
irtoce of tha Throat and Lurnjs, CaUurrh,Hup tare
Ornum Ifabit.ftc, pritre JOcta. •
tirlwr book «.-nt postpaid on receipt of price: or «II ttu*n 1
|MMtflfal<Jßm|M Ulurtmtws, tor 7i eta.
Adoi. .9 Vii. BUTTS. .No. 13 W. Bth iX. ml- Lou.as M»
The leading Paper
Southern California.
Will devote solnmns to furthering the
interests or Los Angeles oHy and county
and ths Southern portion of the State. It
Is the Intention ( f the publisher to make
A newspaper of the day, complete In all
its details, and ln every department
Full and Reliable,
The Editorial Columns will dlsouss all
live topics of the day, while the
By arrangements newly effeeted.wlU be
the fullest and most exhaustive to be
found many paper or the Bute, not ne
ing surpassed by those ol the SanFranotseo
dallies. Tbe
Looal Columns
■ ■
Will contain a oomplele resume of local
happenings and all matters ol home In
DAILY HERALD, by mall.l year...Slo <*
ii i (months... 500
~ i months... 250
Delivered In the City si
Weekly 1 year by mail.. 13 W
" (months ............ 1 50
n ■ •• i so
Payable Invariably ln advance
Delinquent Sale Notlee.
Loi Angeles Mining and Smelting Com-
§ any—Location of principal place of
uslness. Los Angeles, Los Angeles
county, California—Location of works,
Resting springs, Inyo county, Califor
There 1b delinquent upon the following
described stock, on account of assess
ment (No. 4) levied on the tnlrd day of
August, 1380, the several amounts
set opposite tlio names of the respective
shareholder, as follows:
No. of No. of Amt.
Names. Certificate. Shares.
Bent, n X W _.. tn 6 810
Bent. H X W 161 714 MM
Crittenden, H 64 2UO 400
Crlltendeu.il 110 71 118
Crittenden, H ....140 24 48
Crittenden, H 159 ol 122
Ivlson, Harrietts 8 126 1.0 V4O
Ivlson, Harrietts S Hi 87 74
McKnlght. W J 44 X 60
McKnlght. WJ 64 80 CO
McKnlght, WJ «3 17 84
McKnlght, W J 78 82 01
McKnlght. WJ ml yi 61
Morgan, H A 160 Si 60
McFadden, James 23 200 400
McFadden, James 21 100 2iio
McFadden, James 28 100 200
MoFadden, James 80 157 814
McFadden, James 187 172 814
Severance, Annie Crit
tenden lit 8 ) 178
Severance. Annie Crit
tenden _ ..151 28 60
Ward, James F 121 18 so
Ward, James F 128 5 10
Ward, James F le* 17» 3510
And ln accordance with law and
an order of the Board of Di
rectors made on the third day of August,
1880, so many shares of each parcel of
such stock as may be necessary will be
sold by publlo auction at the office of the
company, room 1, Temple Block, Los
Angeles olty, California, on TUESDAY,
1880, at the hour of tan o'olock a. h. of
said day, to pay said delinquent assess
ment thereon, together with costs of ad
vertising and expenses of sale.
J. M. KLLtOTr.Secretary.
Office—No. 1 Temple Blook, Los Ange
les elty, California. selltd
Office of the Blue Light Mining Company.
Location of mining operations Hilvera
do, Los Angeles County, Cal., location
of principal place of business Los Auge
les City and County, Cal.
Notlee Is hereby given that at a meeting
of the Directors of said Corporation, held
on ihe 15th day of September, 1880, an as
sessment or eighty ,80) cents per share
was levied upon the capital stock, paya
ble immediately to J. D. Dunlap, Secre
tary ol said Corporation, at his office,
Hoom No 30. Baker Block, ln said city.
Auy stock upon which this assessment
shall remain unpaid on Saturday, No
vember 13th. 1880, will be delinquent and
advertised for sale at publlo auction: and
unless payment Is made before will be
sold on Wednesday, January 15, at one
o'clook P. H. of i bat day, to pay the delin
quent assessment together with costs of
advertising and expense of sale.
J. D. Dttnlap, Secretary,
Room No. 30, Baker Block, Los Angeles
City aud County, California.
Haled at Los Angeles, Cal., September
15th, 1880. Hept.lBth-4w
State of California, ln and for the
county of Los Angeles.
George D. Rowan, Plaintiff, vs. John
Sohultz and C.C. Lamb, administrators of
estate of Patrick Halpln, deceased, de
ceased. Defendants.
Aouon brought in theSuperlorCourt of
ths State of California, in and for the
county of Los Angeles, and the complaint
Bled lv said county of Los Angeles, ln
the office of the Clerk of said Suporlor
The people of the State of California
send greeting to Johu schuitz and C. O.
Lamb, administrators of the estate of
Patrick Halpln, deceased, defendants:
You are hereby required to appear ln an
action brought against you by the above
named Plaintiff in tbe Superior Court ol
tbe State of Cal Ifornla,in and for tbe coun
ty of Los Angeles, and to answer the com
llalnt filed therein, within ten days (ex
clusive of the day of service) after the
aervioe on you of this summons—if served
Within this County; or, if served else,
where within thirty days—or Judgment
by default will be taken against you, ac
cording to tbe prayer of said complaint.
The said action is brought to obtain a de
cree ot this Court for the foreclosure of a
certain mortgage described ln the said
oomplalnt, aud executed by the said Johu
Schuitz on the ISth day of December,
A D 1876, to secure the payment of a certain
promissory note of date ]6tb December,
1878, for the sum of seven hundred dol
lars, with Interest at two per oent. per
month, payable monthly, executed and
delivered By defendant Sohultz to plain
tiff on said date and said mortgage Do
ing recorded in book 22 of mortgages,
page 205. of the official records of Los An
geles county, California, to winch record
reference Is hereby made for more panic
ular description of the mortgaged prem
lses, and that the premises conveyed by
said mortgage may be sold and the pro
ceeds applied to the payment of said
sum of seven hundred dollars, with In
terest thereon at the rate of two per
cent per month from the Ist day of De
cember, 1877, and attorney's fees, provid
ed ln said mortgage, amounting to fifteen
per cent. upon total principal
and Interest aud judgment debt,
and costs of suit, and ,in esse such
proceeds are not sufficient to pay ,the same,
than to obtain an execution against
ssid defendant Jobn Schuitz
for the balance remslnrag due, and
also tbat the ssid defendants and all persons
claiming by, through or under them or
either of them msy be barred end foreclosed
of all right, title, claim, lien, equity of re
demption and Interest in aud to said mort
gaged premises, and for other and further
relief. Reference is had to oomplsint for
And you are hereby notified that, If you
fall to appear and answer the said Com
plaint, as above required, tbe said plain
tiff* will apply to the Court for the rellei
demanded in the said complaint,
Qlven under ray hand and the seal ef
the Superior Oc art of the state of Califor
nia, ln and for the county of Los Angeles,
this 27th day of March, In the year of
our Lord one thousand eight hundred
and eighty.
[Seal.] A. W. POTTS. Clerk.
By CHAS. E. JtTDD, Deputy. al»-2m
B. C. HUBBELL, Attorney for plaintiff.
In the Superior Court
Of tbe State of California, in and
for Los Angeles Couuty.
Notice Is hereby given by the under
signed, executrix of the estate of
Jean Alexandre, deceased, to the
creditors of and all persons havingclaims
against the aald deceased,toexhlbu tbem,
with the necessary vouchers, within lour
months after the first publication of this
notlee. to the said executrix at her resi
dence. Los Angeles, California, or to her
attorney, J. Brousseau, at his offlco, in
Baker Block. In said city.
Executrix or tbe Estate of Jean Alex
andre, deceased.
Dated at Los Angeles, Oct. 1, 1880. 02-4w
Notice to Creditors.
undersigned, adralnstratorof the es
tate of Samuel R. Hoyle,deceased, tothe 1
creditors of, and all perons havingclaims 1
against the said deceased, toexhlblttbem <
with the necessary vouchers, within 1
four months after the first publication 1
of this notice, lo the said adrnlnlstra- 1
tor, at the office of Graves A Chapman, '
Baker Blook, Los Angeles city, lv the 1
said sounty of Los Angeles. :
Administrator of the estate of Samuel <
R. Hoyle, deceased. 1
Dated at Los Angeles, Sept. 23, 1880. <
HHf Attorneys for Administrator. 1
Location of principal place or business, t
Los Angeles, California—Location of
works, Ventura county, California. t
Notloe is hereby given that at a meet- .
lng of tbe Board of Directors of this Com- '
pany held on the 18th day of September, )
1880, an assessment [No.ii) of twenty-five 1
[250 l cents per share was levied upon the •
capital stook of tbe company, payable '
Immediately, ln United States gold coin, •
to the Secretary, at room No. 5 Temple ,
Blook, city of Los Angeles. 1
And any stock upon whloh this assess
ment remains unpaid en Saturday, '
Ootober go, use, will be delinquent, and
advertised for sale at publlo suction: and
unless payment is made before will be
seta aa Monday. November the aid, last),
le nay the delinquent assessments, oasis
at advertising aasleananaeof sale.
In the Superior Court of tbe State of Cal
ifornia, ln and lor the county ot Los
HIRAM H. WJ'IiKS, Plaintiff, 1
vs. 1
MIGUEL MORA ct al, Defendants.)
Action brought ln the SuperlorCourt
of the state of California, ln and for the
County of Los Augeles, and the Com
filainl filed In said County of Los Ango
es, in the office of tho clerk of said 8u
perlor Court.
The people of the state of California
send greeting to Miguel Mora, Gablno
Parra, Jose Rubio, Oordlna Santogo,
James Eutwistle, Martina P. Acho, Jo
seph Bonlno, Pier D. Aesand, 8. Hell
man. J. J. Campbell, 8 Levy and Fred
rlco Perm, defendants:
You are hereby required to appear ln
an action brought against you by the
above named Plaintiff in the Superior
or the state of California, lv and
lor the County of Los Angeles, and to
answer the complaint filed therein, with
in ten days, (exclusive of the day of ser
vice) after the service on you of this
summons—lf served within this County:
or, if served elsewhere within thirty days
—or judgment by default will betaken
agnlust you, according to tha prayor of
satd complaint.
Tbe slid action Is brought to obtain a de.
eree of this Court for the foreclosure of s
certain mortgage described in the ssid com
plaint, and executed by the said Miguel
Mora and Oablna Parra to Joseph M.
.Sherburne, re. orded in book 24 of mort
gages, p. 385, of the oittolal records of Los
Angeles count*, to which reference is haa
for a description of the premises there
in descrf bed, on the 31st day of Decem
ber. A D 1877, to secure the payment of a
certain promissory note for the sum of
1824, gold coin, with interest thereon
from date at the rate of two per cent
per month, interest payable monthly, if
not so paid to be compounded monthly,
said note and mortgage for a valuable
consideration having been assigned
by J. M. Sherburne to plain
tiff Herein; that the premises conveyed
by ssid ln.irtgsge may be sold and the pro
ceeds applied to tba payment of ,824, gold
coin, with interest thereon at the rste of
two per cent per month, compounded
monthly, from December 31, 1877, besides SO
per cent on tbe principal for attorney's
tees, provided for ln said mortgage, and
also lor ths sum of f 51.76, paid for taxes,
and Interest thereon at the rate of 2 per
cent per month from November 12ih,
IST-*, and costs of suit; and in esse
such proceeds are not sufficient to pay the
same, then to obtain an execution against
said Miguel Mora and uablno Parra for
tbe balance iema>nlng due, and also
that the said defendants and all persons
claiming by, through or under
tbem or either of tbem may be
barred and foreclosed of all right, title,
claim, hen, equity of redemption and inter
est in and to said mortgaged premises, and
for utuer and farther relief.
Reference is had to complain for par
And you sre hereby notified that. If you
fall to appear and answor the said complaint,
as above required, tho satd Plaintiff will
apply to the Court for tbe relief demanded
in the said complaint.
Olven under my band and the seal of the
Superior Court of the stato of California In
aud for the county of Los Angoles, this 30th
day of December, in the year of our Lord
one thousand eight hundred and seventy,
nine. I Seal. J
A. W. POTTS, Clerk.
By A. Biwac, Deputy.
an2l 2m Attorney lor Plaintiff.
In the Superior Court
Of tbe State of California, In ana
for the County of Los Angeles,
J. W. Randall, Plaintiff, 1
vs. J.
W A Palmer and S Cahen, Defendants.,
Action brougnt in the Superior Court
of the State of California, ln and for the
nounlv of Los Augeles, and tho Com
plaint flled in said county of Los Angeles,
in tho office of *he Clerk of said Superior
The people of the State of California
send greeting to W. A. Palmer and S.
Cuhen. Lefendanis.
You are hereby required to appear ln
an action brought against you by the
above named plaintiff ln the Superior
Court of the state of California, ln and for
tbe county of Los Angeles, and to answer
the complaint filed therein, within ten
days (exclusive of the day or service,
alter tho service on you of this summons
—if served within this county; or. if served
elsewhere, within thirty days—or Judg
ment by default will be taken against
you, according lo the prayer of said com
The said notion Is brought to obtain a
decree of this Court for the foreclosure of
a certain mortgage described ln
tbe said complaint and executed by the
said W. A. Palmer to j. W. Randall,
on tbe 20th day of Match, A, D, 1870,
to secure the payment of a certain prom-.
Issory note for the sum of $1400, with In
terest at the rate of 1% per cent, per
month from date until paid, interest
payable quarterly, and If not so paid to
be compounded quarterly and bear same
rate ol Interest as the principal; also, for
the sum of ten per cent on principal as
attorney's fees in this suit, principal and
interest payable In gold coin of the Unit
ed states; that tbe premises conveyed
by said mortgage may be sold, and tbe
proceeds applied to the payment of $1400
gold coin, with interest us aforesaid; also,
ten per cent on the principal as attor
ney's fees, provided for In said mortgage,
and for $14.50 paid as taxes, with interest
from December Ist, 1879, at 1% per oent.
per month, and that a receiver be ap
pointed to take ohargeof said mortgaged
property and take charge of the
rents, issues and profits, and costs
of suit;, and ln case such proceeds are
not sufficient to pay the same, then to
obtain an execution against said W. A.
Palmer for tbe balance remaining due,
and also that the said defendants, and
all persons claiming by, throngh or un
der them or either of them may be bar
red and foreclosed of all right, title,
claim, Hen, equity of redemption and In
terest in and to said mortgaged premises
and for other and further relief.
Reference is had to Complaint for par
And you are hereby notified that If yen
rail to appear and answer the said com
plaint as above required, the said plain
tiff will apply to the court for the relief
demanded in tbe »ai.l comclalnt.
Olven under my hand and the seal ot
the Superior Court of the state of Cali
fornia, in and for the county of Los
Angeles, this 61 h day of August, ln the
ye»r ol our Lord, one thousand eight
hundred and eighty.
A. W. POTTS, Clerk.
By A. UIMPAU, Deputy.
s9-2m Attorney lor Plaintiff.
In the Justice's Court
Of Los Angeles Township, In the
County of Los Angeles, State of
C. F. Harper, R. H. Moore and I). F. Coul
ter, co-partners under firm name and
stylo of Harper Moore a Co., Plain
tiffs, vs. Iru Carpenter, Defenuant.
Injustice's Court, Los Armeies Town
ship before John Trafford, Justice of
the Peace.
The People of the State of California
send greeting to Ira Carpenter, defend
You are hereby required to appear ln
an action brought against you by the
above named plaintiff ln the Justice's
Court of Los Angeles Township, oounty
of Los Angeles, state of California, and
to answer before tbe Justice, at his office
ln the said Township, the complaint flled
therein, within five days (exclusive of the
day of service) after the service on you of
this summons—if served within the
township in which this notion Is brought
—or, if served out of said township, but
in said county, within ten days, or with
in twenty days If served elsewhere.
The said action is brought to recover
the sum of forty-two 88-100 dollars, with
interest thereon at tbe monthly rate of
one and one-balf per cent., compound
ing from April 12,1879, and rive per aei.t.
additional for attorney's fees, all ln U.
w. gold coin, alleged by plaintiffs to be
.due tbem on defendant's certain prom
issory note, made to their order at the
city of Los Angeles, on the date and for
tbe amount above named.
For further particulars reference Is had
to plalntlO's Complaint filed ln this of
And yon are hereby notified that I r you
fall so to appear and answer said com
plaint as above required, said plaintiffs
will take Judgment against jou for the
■aid amountof forty-two 36-100 dollars,
with Interest .and attorney's fees as
above, together with costs.
Make legal service and duo return
Olven under my hand this 28d day of 1
August, 1880, '
Justice of the Peace of said Township. I
Attorneys for Plaintiffs. i
A true oopyof theorigjaaL LrJJ<| 1
Notice for Publication of
Time for Proving Will, etc.
County or Los Angeles.
In tho Superior Court.
In the matter of the estate of Frauclsoa
Duarte de Lugo, dsoeased.
Pursuant to an order of tbls Court,
made tbls day,notice Is hereby given tbat
MONDAY, the 18th day of Ootober,
1880, at 1 o'clock r. x. of said day, at the
Court room of this Court, ln satd
county of Los Angeles, has been ap
pointed for bearing the application of
Bernard Dubourdleu, praying that
a document now on 1110 ln this Court,
purporting to be the last will and test
ament Ot Franolsoa Duarte de
Lugo, deceased, be admitted to pro
bate, and that letters testamentary be Is
sued thereon toMr. Bernard Dubourdleu,
at whloh time and place all persons In
terested therein may appear and con
test the same.
Dated October 6, list).
County clera.
By K. 11. Own, Deputy. oil td
San Franclsoo, Cal., Sept. 4th, 1880.1
Incompliance with Instructions from
late Commissioner of the General Land
Office, dated July Sd, 1880,1 shall hold a
hearing at SANTA ANA. Los Angeles
eeunty, California, on MONDAY, Octo
ber 11th, 1880, commencing at 10 o'olock
A. sc., to take testimony to prove the lo
cation and course of the River Santa t urn
in tbe yeat 1881, or as far baok as me
knowledge and memory of witnesses
may extend, and to show the ohanges
that have since taken plaoe therein,aud
so desorlbe and designate suoh location,
course and changes as to show their rela
tion to tbe lines of the official survey of
ANA, Bernardino Yorba etal., conflrm
ees; also, proof to show the charaoter of
the Inlet at tbe southeastern part of said
rancho, as to being tide water, etc.
All parties Interested are requested to
attend with their witnesses.
thko. waoner,
D. S. Surveyor-Oeneral for California.
I s7-law-4t
In the Superior Court,
Of State of California, in and for
Los Angeles County.
In the matter of T. W. Temple, au in
solvent debtor.
To whom it may concern:
The undersigned hereby gives notlee
of his appointment as assignee of the
estate oi T. w. Temple, an Insolvent
debtor, of the county of l.os Angelea, ln
tbe state of California, and who was, to
wit, on the 18th day of August, 1880, ad-
Judged an lnsolvsnt debtor, upon his pe
tition, by tbe Superior Court of the
county of Los Angeles, state of Califor
nia, dated at Los Angeles, the 10th day
of August. 1880.
Assignee of T. W. Temple, an Insolvent.
' ot-4w law
Notlee is hereby given that the part
nership heretofore exlsilng between
John Lattemore and Annie Waller, do;
Ins- business at Lynchburg, Virginia, un ■
der the firm name of Lattemore A Wal
ler, was dissolved by mutual consent
September 15,1880; and that John Latte
more of Los Angeles, California, has no
further Interest In any business trans
acted by this firm,
Lynchburg, Va„ Sept. 15, 1880. ot tw
! S. SPEEDY A CO. having merged their
! business into that of the LO3 ANGELES
( PACKING CO., take this method
; of thanking tbelr numerous customers
for the liberal patronage extended to
them in the past, and ask a continuance
for the new company.
522 S. SPEEDY A 00.
September 1, 1880. /
We the undersigned have formed a
partnership for the purpose of conduct-
Ing the pork-packing business ln all of
Us branches, to be known as LOS AN
GELES PACKfNG CO.; that our place of
business is located in East Los Angeles;
that our place of residence Is as set .oppo
site our names.
A. W. SISSON San Francisco
CLARK w. CROCKER San Francisco
W. H. WALLACE San Francisco
S. SPEEDY Los Angeles
M. DODSWORTH. ....Los Angeles
Eureka Restaurant,
No. m*9 >ltiln St..
Open Day and Night.
ay ME ALS prepared In the best style
of the cuisine art.
••-Eastern and California OYSTERS
served ln all styles.
aas-MACOARONI, Italian style. Ravi
oli and Taliarinl every Sunday.
awprivate Rooms for ladles and fami
nes. sggtf
300 to 310 Hoff Street,
East Loss Anfrelesj,
Manufacturers and dealers In all kinds or
Hog Products.
Sugar Cured Bam, Medium Bacon, .
Light Bacon, Extra Light Baoon,
Lard in bulk,barrels,oans, Daddies, eto
Pickled Tongues, Smoked Tongues,
Pickled Feet.
s2ltf M. DODS WORTH,
Business Manager.
Mrs.Lu Wheat Smith.
Having Justrstarned from Europe and
the East, whose she has taken great
pains to ascertain the most modern as j
well as the- most systematic plan ef 1
teaching art, respectfully solicits ths pa- I
trooage of parents who wish to bave ,
their children Instructed for entering art
as a profession, or who wish them to ,
pursue the lighter branches of decoraUve
art. i
SsmmC'iav't- -'jifcX- tti

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