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§ TPBBPAY...~....MABCH, 8. 18sl.
;! *na*Sßßs- Sa=^
■flMsMSteun Printing House.
fa* tastUtlas or the Herald Steam
SSftattag House for doing Job work are not
' la California outside of San
ynaetoeo and Sacramento. All work en
' lasts! lo lis will be executed with neat
| MM aad dispatch at tbe lowest living
asaciAi. nuridE.
■eteefter notlees of companies, socie-
ItOS sbanliss sto , ttll' only be inserted
jg ta the BasALD a* paid advertisements,
fra isaian. *>r Places oi Worship, s grat
la alloolol7. wbieh will appear every
jr. Bus dar morning-
XT will be seen by our dispatcbM
UMt tbo N*w York Tint* bat tbe
temerity to sneer at Ben Diego.
Oar contemporaries of the olty of
Bay and Climate will undoubtedly
attend to this audacious Journalis
tic earner In trenchant style.
"Whatever tbe New York oritic
may Insinuate, tbe prospect bas
Mm looked so well for our sister
city sa now.
Pbbjury Is a Tory rank produot
of tbe soli around tbe Bay ef San
VrtMlseo jnst now. Sosas tall snd
aoecumental swearing bas been
aVsoeaa te who flrsd the flrtt shot
Mi tke Kalloch-DeYoung episode.
It seed Hfoslsb no ons if, as tbe
■pbsl *f tbe trial, tbe jury find
"Tbst, on tbe 28* of April, 1880, one
Charles De Young songht out Isaac
af. Kalloch at bis residence and
ohopped hi* head off with a butch
ax's clearer.
I* the rumor proves to be true
thai den. Bir Evelyn Wood, at the
hood of ths British army, bas been
seat by tbe Boers to keep company
With Gen. Blr Cbarlee P. Colley,
ths situation in tbs Transvaal will
assume a grave aspect in England.
The fact ia tbat the attempt to
crash tbe Dutch Republic In South
' Africa is one of the crimes of tbe
a«*. If it be also tru* that tbe
Dutch of tb* Orange settlement
an about to make common cause
with their countrymen of the
Transvaal, snd thst King Coffee of
Ashsntee ia alee on tbe war-path,
the British dilemma In that section
of tb* globs threaten* to increase
rather tban diminish iv gravity.
Two British General officers lv oue
week, offered up on the shrine of
their liberties by tbe Bosrs, Is a
eesslderable installment of retri
bution at one blow, aud Ibe
Dutchmen are proving them
selves suoh excellent marksmen
that a station at the front is not
apt to be eaiulousiy sought after.
"Thrice i* bo armed that hath his
quarrel Just," and the disparity
between tbe available resources of
Great Britain aud the Tranavaal
Republic may, sfter all, be over
oom* by a people whose animus la
embodied in the Hues,
Thy spirit, Independence, let methsre,
Lord ef the hen heart and eagle eye.
After a leisurely perusal cf
Garfield's inaugural tbe best polit
ical ferret iv tbe world must ac
knowledge himself at fault as to
tho o*w President's intentions a*
to th* South. Whatever his ene
mies (or hi* just critics, for that
matter) may have said about Gar
fleld, we bave never anywhere en
countered auy allegation tbat be
was stupid. For the new Presi
dent to attempt to play marplot as
j between tbe several States would
bo ao excess of fatuous surreuder
'of tbe future of his administration.
| The Amerioan people are heartily
glad tbat tbe carpet-bag and scoun
drel development of politics iv the
| States once iv rebellion ia ended,
and they will be found determined
that It be ended forever. There
would be no surer way of wrecking
| a aow admtslatration than tbat its
"statwartism" should take th*
form of intermeddling with the
measurable rehabilitation of the
South. Tbe new President talks a
I groat deal about tbe necessity of
| educating tb* black*. In thla re
spect be simply re-echoes the ideas
Involved In Judge Tourgee's pa
per, in tbe last North American
Review, entitled the "Bod cf
Aaron in Politlos." He does not
vole* this programme io its entire
ty, as outlined by Tourgse, or we
I should apprehend trouble, immedi
ate aud, if not irreparable, at least
daplsrsble. Possibly Garfleld baa
: simply indulged in a few high
' sounding commonplaces, and we
are inclined to tbink tbat h* is too
| wis* to contemplate the reaurree
| tlou of the old pretentious human!
--i tatiaaism under wbich the white
1 people and the uegroea were robbed,
f oue) ef the most notable agencies
being tbe old Freedosao's Bank.
•{' atowever, tbere ia enough in his
■;. message in tbia regard to put the
people of Ibe United States in a
critical and observant attitude.
j£. I* bla Inaugural President Gar
fleld strike* tbe attitude of a Doo
f tef Cure-All. He puts forth eduoa
ittteo a* th* giand panacea for all
Ills. Hl* programme may
lipaMoepted in th* modified sens*
pt It I* probably better, all
pHttUg* considered, to be a villain
Mm* O fool. But tbere are certain
HptSHSs cf this pronuociamiento
pM lavlte examination. Twenty
gMMW sgo, In tb* United States,
|«M pis was pr*lty much Ilk* ao
■■Ml Corporations, for Instance,
■MM*** babies aod had the io-
HpMV. They were rather winning ,
than otherwise. There was a
strong Democratic impulse In tbe
I United State*, with a rod in pickle
for pretension, and the younglings
bad a wbolesom* fear of tbe birch.
There bad been several preliminary
•oandalt, such as the purchase of
ths Pennsylvania canals, by the
Pennsylvania Central Railway, the
repeal of the tonnage tax, aud so
on, all under the nasceut Republi
can patronage. But tbese things
were all tentative—the llrat timid
output of corporation pretensions
before thoy had purchased com
plete legislative compliance, State
and National, under the Republi
can regime. They were theu feel
ing their way, .Aa the case stands
to-day tbe corporations own the
United States. They elect Presi
dent* and control Congresses and
Legislatures. Their will ia law. At
tbeir beck—at the simple beck of
tbe Pennsylvania Railway—Grant
put Justice* Strong and Bradley on
tb* Supreme bench of th* United
States. Now, if tbis thing is to go
on, wbat I* the use of educating
th* average citizen op to an acute
•ana* of his misery ? His pangs
will bs intensified a thousand fold
through the minute and multiform
perception* education will give
him of tbe discriminations to
wbich be la subjected. Wby re
move hiro. from that charmed cir
cle, outlined by Pope, in whiob
simple Ignoranoe is bliss, and In
wbich the highest folly is- to
bs wise? At the beat, Mon
sieur Garfleld, you can only
convert your educated poor man
Into a resemblance of that eccen
tric Psrisian who delivered himself
at a public bath, accoutred with
cabbages, onions and otber vegeta
ble*, and asked tbat the hot water
only should be turned on. His
Idea was to convert himself Into
■cup for the famishing masses. And
tbis is really the practical pro
gramme to which President Oar-
Held Invites the people of the
United State?, under the circum
The Amerioan people have
i doubtless beeu duly electrified by
Garfield's announcement that, iv
i his appointment of Robert Lincoln
i as Secretary of War, he baa deaireii
' to aasociate the name of the patriot
President with his administration.
The probability ia, though, that
, he rather desires to placate Senator
Logan aud his followers by the se
lection. However, wo have at
■ leat one cabinet officer who, con
fessedly, owes the distinction to
. the fact that he ia the son of his
, father. The San Francisco News
. Letter has the following just reflec
tions on this appointment:
For the first time iv American
politics a man has been appoiuted
to a high Cabinet position for the
' sole reason that he had an illuatrl
' ous father. Robert Lincolu ia to be
f Secretary of War. What has he
, ever dune to entitle him to such a
distinction ? Has he ever written
a State paper, or anything else,
i that waa ever read or remembered?
Has he ever made a speech tbat at
tracted tbe slightest public atten
tion ? Has he achieved any prom
inence as a lawyer ? If he baa
dose any of these things, tbe eouu
! try is iv blissful ignorance of tbem.
Indeed, tbe ouly reason Gen. Gar
fleld gives for appointing bim Is,
' that hs "desired to have his ad
' ministration associated with tbe
i name of Lincolu." What would
be thought of a railroad presideut
wbo should appoint a man to au
' perintend his road simply because
' he was the sou of some great man?
. What would business men say of
Claua Spreekels, tbe great sugar
1 refiner, If he should appoint some
' young fellow to manage tbe details
i of bis business for the sole reason
I tbat ho was tbe son of an ex-Preai
. dent ? And yet tbe War Depart
ment of this government is a muoh
' more intricate machine to mauage
' than any railroad or sugar refinery
. ever was. Daniel Webster bad a
well meaning sou, and so had Hen
' ry Clay, but uo one ever suggested
i placing either oue of them In a
President's Cabinet. Tbey were
, both given snug places in the
. army, and very properly, the army
' being a place where brains cut lit
> lie or no figure. Tho trouble witb
i meet great men's sons is, that tbey
, are more apt to resemble the
mother than the father. It is the
' misfortune of most of our great
> men that tbey were married too
F young, and to women of only or
dinary gifts. As their husbands
grew famous, (heir wives grew fat.
1 The wives of our eminent states
men usually bays no appreciation
l of, nor sympathy In, the work ac
■ eomplisbvd by the men whose
namee tbey bear. This wss pre
' eminently so in the oase of Web
ster, Clay and Lincoln. And tbe
, sous of these men have been, in
dead, "their mother's own dar
' lings." On the otber hand, tbe
' Adamses and Bayards have always
i taken great care to marry superior
, women, and tbo result has been
five generations of statesmen.
ISpeclal to the Hkuald by the Western
Union Telegraph Company.]
San Francisco, March 7ih.—
Wheat, quiet; No 1, [email protected];
No. 2, $1.35. Barley; fe-d, 72}
CjjWc ; brewing, [email protected] for llgi.
aud $1.12j©l -M lor bright heavy;
standard ebevalier, $1.16©120;
ooeet de., 90a ®$110. Oats; irooo
and cheloe, $1 [email protected] <"}; common,
[email protected]; surprise, CI [email protected] 60
Corn; yellow, 97J®$1 02}; wnlte;
[email protected] May, »8 60® 14 50. Po
tetoaa; Humboldt reds, Sl.lo®
1.12,; do. peacbblowt, $l®1.05;
do. kidneys, 850 ; Petalnmaa aw'
Tom a lac, 90c @J 1; early rose, 90c (5)
11 Wool; tbe spring clip bas ar
assessment Levied.
SAB? Fbamcisco, March 7th.—
Union CoMoltdoted levies an as
MMMtit of one dollar.
Cil \NUE UO.lttO.
mam PHANoiaeo. March 7.
115 Ophlr, 4 83, 4.30 015 0 Nevada ti'.;,
3io li A C. 8 3j, 8.40 ti ~ t<4, W/i
20 B A 11.7' a 10 Uiho,7H
420 Savage, 1.73 120 NxeUequer. 1,
250 oal", «*.. 1.05
400 Con Va, I.W 45 S belcber, 4X
lit Cbollar. 1.73 PC Alia, 1.90, IS*
200 Potosl, S 05 50 Andes, 1.25
210 Jacket, 2.d5 tlVSoorpion, 1,15,
280 It A N,S,M 1.'.0
30 CouOdauoe, 2.49 ~305 Uuiou, Di
AKTHItNOON STttSag* "'1 r. Ol*
Calllornla, 65c b, $1 a; Wales, 95c b:
Ward, 1.00 b; Navajo, 2.50 b, 2.C5 a; BoUle,
Crown Point, 1.10 b, 115 a;
Aiblou, 1.10 b; Mlver Hill, 25c b,
Navajo, 2.55 s; Jupiter, 800 b; Andes, \%
b; Potosl. 2b, 8.05 a; Uest A Heicuer. Ti2
b, 7.. a; Cbollar, 170 b; licutnu, 600 b;
iscorpiou. Lit b, l.ion; Jacket. 2.70 b;
Overman,7scb; Gould A curry, 8.40 b;
Opbir.4.ttU b; Belcher, ttic l>: Alta, 2 b, 2.(5
a; Exohequer, 1 b; Con Virginia, 114 b;
Mexican, a'/, b, IM a; Cal. Wo b; Utah,
7% b; Savage, I', b, 1.80 a; Potosl, 2.0} b,
210 a; Sierra Nevada, o» a b,7a.
Tba li .noen Trial.
San FraNcisco, March 7th. —In
tbe Kalloch trial to day Barry,
wbo testified that he saw De
Young fire the first abut, was again
on tho stand aud swore that Mr.
Lloyd, one of the attorneys for the
prosecution, tried to bribe him to
testify tbat Kalloch fired first.
Mr. Lloyd last week explained to
tbe Court his action iv the prem
ises. Forester, arrested last week
on a charge of offering one Simp
son mouey to testify tbat De
Young was tbe aggressor, was to
day held to answer for subornation
of perjury.
Rrveune U 11 MIKueU.
San Francisco, March 7th.—
The Governor this morning signed
the amended Revenue law, wbich
exempts from taxation shares of
capital stock of corporations and
deposits iv savings banks.
Witnesses Arrested lv* perjury.
San Francisco, March 7th.—ln
tbe Kalloch trial thie afternoon,
witness Barry wss arrested on tbe
charge of perjury. IS. T. McLean,
tbe witness wbo reported last
week that he had been tampered
witb, makes affidavit tbat he had
beeh offered a bribe to testify tbat
be heard six shots. District Attor
ney Smoot aaked that Chas. Davis,
Isaac Baggs and Mr. Howe, the
parlies named in tbe affidavit, he
arrested and brought before the
Court for hearing. The Judge
took the matter uuder advisement.
Lyous «t u»mw»«rr Cadir Arrest.
Yuma, March Tib. — Marshal
Evans, with hla posse, arrived by
to-nigbl's train and at ones pro
ceeded to serve the process of the
Dietrict Court in tho Lyons at Gold
water case. By the time he had
placed bis posse in front of Lyous
& Goldwater's store, the resisting
forces begau to weaken and surren
dered after a Hilling resistance,
little in keeping with their former
threats. Evana promptly arreated
all opposing the service of the pro
cess and has the ringleaders iv
jail. There waa great excitement
here, sa it waa believed that blood
shed was imminent; but wben tbe
Marshal marched up, determined
to take possession, the opposing
force yielded. Had thla determined
policy been pursued at the start, as
Inaisted upou by Attorney Farley,
tho matter would have been closed
several days ago and the San Fran
. Cisco creditors would have been
saved much unnecessary expense.
li-.irj wi,lea c •assisiug,
Washington, Mar. 7.—TheCiu
cua Committee report that they will
maiutaln tbe old committees as far
as tbe changes will admit. Bayard
will be Chairman of the Finance
Committee; Davis, of Illinois, of
tbe Judiciary; Johnson, Foreign
Relations; Junes, of Florida, Pub
lio Lauds; Slatter, Agriculture;
Cottrell, Military Affaire; Hamp
ton, Mines; Groome, Pensions.
The other principal committees
will have the same Chairmeu as
before. Several of the new Demo
crats will get Chairmanships.
The Republican caucua lv the
forenoon discuased organization
and agreed that it ought to be post
poned until vacancies are filled. It
was held tbat a complete organiza
tion cannot be effected until va
cancies are filled. After the equ
ate adjourned tbe Republicans cau
cus again mat and it was stated
positively that the Democrata are
determined to go ahead with the
organization. This intention was
severely criticised aa taking an un
fair advantage. It waa stated that
tbe new Setiatora to succeed Car
pentsr and the Cabinet Ministers
would all get here by the laat of
next week and was agreed
that tbs Republicans would
oppose any organization be
fore " then. An extra ses
sion of Congress was alao discussed
and favored. It was said tbat if
the Democratic Senators take tbe
present advantage to control the
Senate, by an extra session the Re
publicans can probably get easily
control of tbe committees of both
houses. The Funding bill was
mentioned as a reason for an extra
ssssion. The Demoorats intimate
tbat tbey can adjourn in a few
days, leaving the uemocretlo su
premacy to stand until December.
If this is done tbe Cbloess trsaty
will not be taken up until aftsr act
ing ou busiusss sent in by tbe
President. The Republicans will,
unless assured that Mabone will
aot against tbem, attempt to upset
tbis arrangement, wben tbe new
members are elected. Mabone was
at tbe Capitol to-day witb Don
Cameron, but informed neither
side of bis purpose. It is probable
tbat the Republicans will refuse to
arrange the minority and the Dem
ocrats will tben leave tbe Republi
can membership tbe same as last
'foe Old nuil lUeNen.
Washington, March 7th.— Tbe
members of the Cabinet of ez-
Presldent Uayes, with tbe exoep I
tion of Senator Sherman, assem |
bled at tbe Executive Mansion at
half-past 10 A, M , as also tbsir euo
osssors, except Seoretary Lincoln.
President Uaifleld signed the com
missions of bis Immediate advisers
md detained tham a short time
after the Cabinet officers of the
previous administration had re
tired. Before the retirement of tbe
»x-Cabin«t officers, however, a
half hour was spent in social inter
iourse, during wbieb Garfleld re
quested the old members t i give
, tbe newly appointed Ministers all
nformatlon pertaining to tbelr ro
.peotive departments.
P.*.trifacial apnolulnaeuca.
V/ashinoton, March 7.—Dorsey
riae u.rried out tho scheme, an
nounced a month ago, to make
Clinton Wheeler, Indian Contract
or, Second Assistant Postmaster-
General, and "Hard - money"
Niebol, Indian Commissioner."
_t*w« IVoan the c«.'lia'.
Washington, March 7th.—
With the exception of Lincolu, all
tbe new Cabinet officers qualified
tbia morning at Hie Executive
Mansion, before Judgs Cartter.
Thay took t-harge of their re
epeotive departments this after
Tiie Committeeappointed by (he
Democratic Caucus to tirrauuo ihe
Standing aud BoteOt Committees
being not ready to rtport, another
caucus vmi heiil afier the session
adj-iiu ned. They will probnblv rt.
port to-morrow and iha Hepubll'
cans be asked lo till the minority.
It was Ihe Unanimous, opinion of
the caucuses that business sliull be
exptdited by airaiigitig the com
mit tees at ouce.
The President Ins nomiualed ex-
Secretary Nathan Uoh", Jr , United
States Attorney for West Virginia.
Judge Bancroft Davis, lorme'rly
Minister to Berlin, has accepted
the Assistant Secretaryship of
Attu her Pcilraeri.-'M Conteaf,
New York, Maroh "lb.—The
pedestrians. At 9 o'clock tbe score
stood: Howell 68, Albert 52,
O'Leary 46, Vaughan 48.
Sneering at ,n« Dlegi,.
New York, March 7tb.—The
Times editorially says: Certain
Boston capitalists, who are largely
interested in the prosecution of
railway enterprises in California
and the Southwest, are said to be
actively engaged In a scheme for
making Ban Diego, the southerly
aeaport of California, the entrepot
for a vast system of transcontinen
tal railway traffic It ia by uo
means the first time that the au
clent town of Ban Diego has been
made to do duty as a scare orow for
San Francisco. One would sup
pose from tbe animation which
this new aeheme bas infused iuto
railway circles, that San Diego bad
just been discovered As a matter
of fact, Sun Diego has long beeu
threatening to snatch tbe palm of
commeiclal security from Sau
Francisco and yet it remains au
Isolated and poverty stricken town.
Nothing short of being made a
Paciflo railway terminus will re
vive its ancient splendor.
Progress ol (lie r.atuye.
New York, March 7.—At 3 i>. m.
the score stood: Rowell 103, Albert
83, Vaughan 77, O'Leary 67.
flin International Walking* 61 .ten.
New York, March 6—A great
crowd of people witnessed the start
last night in the go as-you please
between Albert uud Howell, aud
the square heel-and-toe between
J'Luary and Vaughan. O'Leary
and Albert represent tbo Uuited
States and Howell and Vaughan
England. The first mile was made
by Huwsll in 6 minutes and sec
onds, by Albert in 0:33. by Vaughan
in 9:29 and by O'Leary In 9:57.
Tbe Nuailaeru H one E -si com
St. LOUI3, March 7th".—lt is
now otlluiali.. innouncoil that tbe
Atchison, Topeka aud Santa Fe
Railroad made counectiou with the
Southern Paciflo on Saturday last.
Auollier BeforltiCf HKtlie.
Toledo, 0., March 7th.—A Ral
mensuyder, a prominent member
of the late general reform party,
whloh elected him Treasurer aud
.Secretary of tbo City Water
W.orks, lias absconded for Europe,
leaving a deficit of from $6UOO to
me Die secretary or Wm— Mt.in
line sinl.uienl.
Chicago, March 7th.—Robert T.
Lincoln, tbe newly appoiuted Sec
retary of War, leaves to-morrow
morning for VVashiugton to assume
the duties of that portfolio. His
wife, wbo ia a daughter of ex-Sen
ator Harlan, of lowa, accompanies
bim, and their three children fol
low in a few days.
The Chicago Lumber Exchange
held its annual session to-day.
The President's address contains
the startling statement that owing
to the enormous growth of tin.
lumber business, it will take only
twenty years to exhaust Tho great
pine forests of the country, if the
present rate of depletion continues.
Auollier Vrlnsb Oeueral l&.iueu.
Chicago, March 7th.—The fol
lowing, dated Londou, to-day, has
been received: It is reported by a
special dispatch that General Sir
Evelyn Wood was shot and In
stantly killed while attacking the
Boers yesterday.
losiiortauS "leetioa wl seal wnjr
Omaha, Marob 7th It is abort
ed tbat Oeueral Manager Kimball,
Oeneral Freight Ageul Viuiiig and
Oeueral Ticket Agent StebbKus, of
tbe Uniou Pacific, went to Topeka
to-day to hold a conference witb
the official* of the new Southern
route, the object being to arrange a
friendly basis of doing business
and agreeing upon passenger and
freight rates or, iv other word?, to
form some sort of pool.
11 •HOW HI (■■til.
London, March 7th.—lt bas
besu suowing steadily in Scotland
for nine boura. Traffic has been
Former ol the I inula r. irluqaafee.
Rome, March 7th.— The loss of
lif. by the earthquake ou the Is
land of Iscbla Is appalling. One
hundred and two bodies having
beeu found at Casainaccela up to
tbe present time aud many otber
are under the ruiusof the building.
In tbe village of Laco thirteen
houses were destroyed and five
persons killed. Tbe fissures in tbe
streets were fifty centimes wide
Many people fled from the town
ami encamped in tbe fields.
Blown Ui» by n TarpeuV,
Melbourne, March Tib.—Th*
gig belonging to the Cerberus, c
vessel statioued hero for the de
fense of the colony, bas been blowi
up by a torpedo aud five of tbe
orew killed.
Notice to Creditors.
Estate of David Pu' Hips, deceased—N«
tlee'ls Hereby given by tne undersigned,
administrator of the estate or David Phil
lips, deceased, to the creditors of, and all
persons having claims against the salu
deceased, to exhibit them, with the neces
lary vouchers, within four, month* afiei
the first publication of this notice, to the
said administrator, at Ibe law office oi
<ir*ve* A Chapman, Mo. 8, Baker Blook,
bos Augeles city, In the county ot Lo.
Angeles, State of California.
Dated at U» Angeles. Match 7th, 1881.
Administrator or ths estate of David
rhi nips, deoeased. niWt
Pljj. _. STOMACH __ tfW
*lTTEft s
Invalids who lmve lout but nra recov
ering vital staimna, declaro lv grateful
terms tbeir appreciation of the merits as
a tunic of Ho-* tetter's Stomach Blt'ers.
Not only does It impart strength to tbe
weak, lt corrects an irregular acid state
of the stomach, makes the bowels act at
proper Interi ais, gives ease to those \vh
■utter from rheumatic nud kidney trou
ble!, and conquers as well as prevents
fever and ague.
•TFor sale by all Druggists and Deal
ers generally.
Situation Wanted.
By a man and wife; the woman is a
good cook and the man can muke him
self generally useful about a place. fin
quire at tbe White House. nirS lw
Situation Wanted.
By a competent woman, lo do general
housework or nurse. Knqulre at ihe
American Exchange, corner of Mpring
and Third Btrects. miB I w
A PUUMO, containing a small sum oi
money, which the owner can recover by
proving property. Call al No. £f>7 Ala*
medustreeL. mrft -8t
Officers and members of Per.talpba Lodge
No. 202, F. _ a. M., are hereby untitled to
attend a special mentlng or their liO''ge to
be h Id at their hall, in McDonald Block,
fer work in the ibiru Degree-
Members of JLosAngole-* I.ndgo No ii, F.
kA. M„ and visiting .retlmn ar. Invited
to attend.
By order of tho w. H«
J. U. MARTIN, Secrotary.
Application will be made to t!io Mayor
and Council of the city of Los Anifeles on
i Saturday, March 12, 1881, lor two quit
claim deeds, viz:
■ h irst—Kor a quit-claim deed to Jesus
VUlftnuava of tbmt real properly In the
i city of Lug Angeles, county of Los AngH
les,.Slate ot California, described as fol
lows: Lots No, is and ID, m block 2, of
, the Beuudry Tract, as per map thereof
recordei in book 1, pag* s 401-102, of Mis
cellaneous Uecoris, said lot being ut
southeast corner of Second and Cunrity
1 streets.
t second—For a quit claim deed to Sarah
j Ada Brown of that real property in the
city of Los Angeles, county o; Los Aug* -
' les, state of Calllornla, described as tol
. lows: Lot No. 16 and the north hair of
lot 15, In block 2 of the Lieamiry Tract, as
per map recorded bn aforesaid.
Reference is made to the petitions,
* maps and abstracts of till** relating
* thereto, now on file lv tho ofßno of th«
uodeislgned, with whom any objections,
if any (hero be, fo the granting or nucti
deed", must no filed before said petitions
are presented to Kaid Counc 1,
Ult-ric of Council.
Los Acgotcs, Cal , March 7th, ism. tj
counly of Los Augelen. i
In the matter or tho estate of Charles Ed
ward Eccuiius, deceased.
Pursuant (o an order of this Court,
made this day, notiea is hereby given
tbat Friday, the day uj
March, 18$ I, at lOo'elock a.m. of said day,
at the court room of tbis Court, iv the
city and county or Los Augeles, has been
appointed ror hearing the application or
Jacob i hlllippl pruying thai a document
now on til, in tuts Court, purporting to
be the las' will and testament oi Cha les
Edward EccarlHs, deceased, be admitted
to probate, and tbat letters testamentary
be issued theieon to said Jucoh Phillippi,
ac which time uud place all persons
interested therein may appear und contest
the same.
Dated March 7th, 1381.
Couuty Clerk.
By E. H. OWMJV, Deputy. m7id
Iv the Superior Court
Of tbo State of California, In a it
for the County of Log A-igoles.
Francisco Qraelde, plaintiff, vs. Oliver
Dovillers, delendant.
Action brougutiu tbo Superior Court
ot tbe Slate ot California, la him for the
county of Ix>B Angeles, and tbe com
plaint Hied In said county of Los Ange
les, in tneolllcoof tho Clerk of nam su
perior Court.
Tbo People of theStateof California
send greeting to Oliver Devlllers, de.
You are hereby required to appear In
an action brought agulnst you by tho
above named plalntln* in tbe superior
Cuurt of tbe state of California, lv aad
for tbe county ol Los Angelea, and lo an
swer tbe complaint ll le.l therein,wltbin
ton days (exclusive of the day ol service)
after the service on you of this summons
—lf Bervod wltbin this county; or, 11
served elsewhere, within thirty days—or
Judgment by default will betaken eg ulnsl
yon nccordlng to the urayerof said com
ihe said action Is brouabt to obtain a
decree of tins Court ror tbe foreclosure of
a certain mortgage described in the said
eomplitlui, and executod hy tbe ssld v
Davlllen to c. Qraalde, on the3iliiuy of
October, 1H76, to secure the payment ol a
certain promissory note, made on tbe 3d
day of October, 1870, by o. Devlllers, for
tue sum ol $.100 gold coin, with Interest
at the rale of i , per cent per month lrom
date until paii* uud payable lo tho said
0. (Irazlde; that tbo premises conveyod
by said mortgage may be sold and the
proceeds applied to tbe payment of |3uo
■told coin, with luterest at tho rale of I a
peroeni per month lrom October 8,1876
and for In per ceut us attorney's lees, as
provided for In hum) mortgage, aud cost?
o* suit: aod In case such proceeds are
uot sutneientlo pay the same, then toob
iatn un execution against said defendant
fortbe balaucs remaining duo; ana also
1. hat the ilefeudaut aud ull persons claim
ing by, tbrough or under htm,tuny be
narred aud foieciosed of nil right, title
iialro, Hen, equity of redemption anil in
teres- in and to .aid mortgaged premise.*
and for other and lurther relief.
neiereuce is bad to complaint for par
And you are bereby notiaed that If you
fall to appear and arswer tbe said com
plaint, as above required, the s.dd plaiu
tiU will apply to the Court for therellel
lemunded in the said complaint.
Given under«ny band aud the seal of
the Superior Court of the Stale ol Call
fo.nia. In aud for tne county of Los Ange
les, this Ith day of Maroh, In the
year of our l.ord,one thousand eight hun
dred and eighty-one. >
ISeal.l A. W. POTT*, Clerk.
By A. BIMPAU. Deputy.
Endorsed: ,
Walter d. stephenson,
mB-2m Attorney lor l*lalntlff.
imn i. iii i.n ■ jHfTITsV
i - • ' ~~
To be Sold at Los Angeles.
On the 7th of last January P. T. DREW, of Snn
• Francisco, received a largo consignment of Dry Goods
from S. L. Patterson, of New York, one-half of which has
been sold at auction in San Francisco, and the balance
will be sold at auction in Los Angeles.
The half to be sold in Los Angeles IS JUST THE
SAME as the half that was sold in San Francisco, as the
goods were carefully divided on their arrival, and a few
parties in Los Angeles who purchased at auction in San
• Francisco from the same consignment can testify as to
• the quality of the goods.
i A Partial List the Goods:
Ranging In Value from 51.59 to SIBO per Pair.
Of all descriptions; a full line of
Towels, Napkins,
Table Covers,
Also, a line line of
Blankets, etc., etc.,
All of which will be sold, to the highest
bidder, without reserve,
Tuesday, : : : March 8,
At 7:30 p. m., and continue each day at 2 and 7:30
p. if, until the entire consignment is sold.
No goods will be sold at private sale except wholesale.
116 Cardona Block
German Knit Hose
Having to close out to make room for a
new stock of
Gents Furnishing Goods
mwi ofTcr for tne NEXT TEN DAYSH
ita-RAItE UARQAINS In Ladles"Va
earand Children's UNDER--CW
Cor. Main and Commercial Sts.
A Pleasant Surprise
To Your Friends at Home.
Bird's Eye Views
Great Reduction in Prices!
Engravings of Loa Ange lee, size 12x1a.
forme. iysl, reduced to ~252
Engravings or Los Angeles, 15x3tf,
formerly $3, reduced to .50c
Engravings of : -Los Angeles, Wilming
ton and Santa Monica, on oue
sheet, size 27x36, lormerly $3, re
duced to 75c
Engravings of Wilmington, alze 10x21,
formerly f 1.f.0, reduced to. 40e
ttiTM;til a copy lo your friends at home.
Bookseller and Stationer,
Leek's Hall, Main street.
Gontlemen's classes, Tuesday evenings
at 8 o'clock.
Ladies' and children's class, Thursday,
at 4 p. m. . aod Haturuuys at 2:30 p. m.
Regular soirees Saturday evenlnge.
Mr; ani Mra, O. A. Williams,
Human IXair.
From the East, are now In this elty, and
will remain ashort time. They nave for
sale at their rooms Switches, Braids.
S nzies, Curls. Puffs, Chatelaine Braids,
Saratoga Waves, French Crlmpee, Ro
man coronet Braids, Perfections, Co
quets, Feather Frlaies, Mouliliorma,
leuhy's Curls, Bandeaux or Fronts, etc.
Ladies having combings or cut hair can
now get theia made up In first-olass
style. Combings rooted, old switches
cleaned, repaired and covered with long
hair and colored any shads desired.
Hair jewolrv br.lded and mounted lo or
der. Ladlea, call and see lor yourselves.
No trouble to show goods. Remember
tin- place, 18 Spring atreet, three doors
north or Postofflce, no stairs,room No.l.
Chickering Piano for Sale,
An Upright Chickering Piano, nearly
as good as uew, Is o tiered lor aale at l:i6U
a little more than half the original price.
May be seen at Waugemaa's Music
Store. lelsil
Rial Estate and Stock BaoxittS,
no. ar main strkAt.
The American Colony.
This new colony for Los Angeles coun
ty is now forming, to locate on the
Fronting on San Pedro Bay. Parties
looking for a desirable locatioa to make
homes should see these lands before pur
.chaslag elsewhere. Parlies can go and
see the Colony tract and return the same
day from Lo- Angelas. For further par
ticulars apply to or send stamp for Col
ony map. prospectus, eto, to W. E.WILL-
MoKE, linker Block, Room 1, Los Ange
tea, Oal, tttit
THE PIONEER MARKET of this city.
Keeps on hand the beat Beef, Veal.
Pork, Mutton, Mult Meats and all kinds
of Haus.iges. Meats deilvere I to all parts
ol tbe city. A. FRANCK,
mrl-om Proprietor.
Mexican Lime Treesl
Mexlean Lime Treesl
SALE, varr low, la lots to sUlt,

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