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X tWUMOAT APRIL 7, 1881.
phnM Steam Printing House.
fe*Tke taeUlttea ef the Hibalu steam
MtsßJMag Meass for doing Job work are not
p||Wssd to California outside of San
ppMlsse aad Sacramento. All work en-
Hp||ettea* will be executed with neat-
dispatch at the lowest living
E asssanss nottesa of companies, soole
tf ; Mil. ft-V"~ ~*~ —" only be Inserted
b> the BjraALE as paid advertisements,
5c •■ We reserve, lor Places of Worship, a grat
>.*n eUreetary. whioh will appear every
BBsUNNiNa with the municipal
•leotion is Philadelphia, a couple
of week* ago, tho people seem de
termined to show that, In looal
politics, at least, the old-timo pby
laoteriesof Democrat or Republi
can, merely as snob, count for
nothing. In tbo Quaker City a
Republican majority ranging from
| twenty-five to thirty thousand was
s swept away, not a remnant being
Mt ef It, and a Democrat being
L aJaattd Mayor. In tho East, tbe
i Other day, amongst the Innumsra
|| Mi) MUniolpal elections, Mayors
won sleeted In Cincinnati and St.
'* litßl* Strangely enough tbe Re
!' ooAUoan oily of Cincinnati elected
\ m Democratic Mayor, while the
Oomooratle olty of St. Louis elected
'<■■ a Bspoblioan Mayor. It will be
hard fer tho machine politician,
-hereafter, to rule the roast. It will
§ stood tho open sesame of personal
v botMsty and responsibility, in tbe
good time eomlng, to open the door
if ofsjslss to the citizen of tbe United
Bona time ago we stated, on tbe
authority of General Superintend
ent A. N. Towne, that the South
•rn Paoiflo Railway intended to
i posh tbolr railway ont to deep
water la Wilmington harbor. Col.
Charles Crocker, tbo other day, in
, foraaed several citizens of Loi An
geles that work would be begun at
ones on tho proposed extension,
and stated tbat tho material for
that purpose bad already boon pur
chased. . This wIU be a substantial
•vldenee of faltb In Wilmington
I harbor, and hereafter onr people
' will doubtless bave a powerful
ally In tbo Southern Pacific Rail
way In tbeir efforts to Impress
■pen Congress tbe wisdom and ex
podienoy of liberal appropriations
to complete this great work, which
is really one of national import
asms and magnitude. As a harbor
of refuge alone, to say nothing of
Its commercial facilities, Congress
would be justified in making four
fold tho appropriations ever asked
from that body.
No party over pot itself into s
■sore absurd or a more indefensi
ble plight tban the Republican In
bringing about tbe Senatorial dead*
look, and snubbing their own
President before be was warm lo
Us seat, all to enable it to work out
• disgraceful bargain with the ren
egade Democratic Senator Mabone,
aad empower bim to make a rene
gade Republican named George C.
Gorham Seoretary of tbe Senate
aad one Riddlebsrger, a repudiat
ing and renegade Virginia Demo
crat, Sergeant-at-Arms. Tbe San
Praociso Alta, of tbo sth inst,,
sommoating on tbis transaction,
Tory ouriously says:
It may bo a necessity now to
ooatlnue tbo deadlock in the Sen
ate, but it oertainly was not a wise
political mora which brougbt tbe
Republican side of tbe Senate Into
snob a position. It is unfortunate
tbat tbo Senate Is evenly divided,
and it is unfortunate tbat men
atandlng In tbe place of statesmen
oannot better appreciate what is
■ssssssry snd what Is proper as a
With the ususl inconsistency of
our vanorable old grandmother of
tbe press, the Alta, after making
tha foregoing admissions, proceeds
to berate tbe Southern Democrats.
The logic of its position is
that It is wrong to begin a
thing; bot, having begun It, tbe
wrong must be given continuity
aad extension. This is the atti
tude of tbe Kentuoky witness who,
on being told that be had said tbe
horse was sixteen feet high, eaid,
with an air compounded of regret
and determination In equal parts
tbat, having made tbe statement,
be was prepared to stick to it.
Lower down our San Francisco
contemporary says:
Summsd up, tbe figbt iv tbe
Senate Is over :he question: Shall
George C. Gorham be Clerk, and
Blddleberger Sergeant-at-Arms? A
assail matter to fight about.
No, It is not a small matter. The
disgraceful bargain which under
lie* tbo whole vile and trading
proposition makes it a very big
matter indeed.
finna bis recsnt visit Col.
Charles Crocker, President of tbe
•eathern Pacific Railway, labored
Ie Impress neon onr business men
the advisability of retaining in tbis
sWotton tbe trade or Arixona aa to
Ml the aell products of Les Angeles
•Maty. Tbere oan be no doubt of
the willingness of tbe Boatbem
fkwtie te cordially co-operate with
t sw» tcoels la this endeavor. Wo
fcaee to recognise the faot that the
AtehfesM, Twpeka and Santo Fe
Ij alter tbla state of tne foots. On
the other band, we have the ad
vantage that Arizona It settled
principally by Callfornlans, wbo
sympathize with the State from
whioh they ball, and who desire,
all otber things being equal, to
trade with the merchants and pro
ducers of tha Golden State. We
have no hesitation In expressing
our belief tbat tbe Southern Pacific
Railway will champion the pro-
ducers of Us own section, and tbat
business conferences by our pro
ducers with the officers (f that
company will result in a thorough
entente cordial. As te through
freights, foe some time to come,
owing to tbe lack of a cordial un
derstanding between Ibe two com
panies, matters will be, ao to
speak, chaos. The general opinion,
and it Is a natural one, tbat two
reads whioh have been approach
ing each otber for years, when tbey
reached tbe point of junction,
would have a perfect agreement on
all points relating to freights and
fares, bas proved to be an error in
this instance. As a matter of faot,
aa respeots tbe former, no agree
ment baa yet been reached. As to
Arlsona at least Southern Califor
nia producers ought to bold the in
terior lines.
In tbe height of tbe indignation
at the Debris swindle, which ie
beyond all question tbe most
threatening and gigantio tingle
spoliation over undertaken in any
State of tbe American Union, It
should not be forgotten that ths
State Board of Engineers Is doing
an admirable routine work wblob
ought, by all means, to be contin
ued. The corps of Engineers,
headed by Mr. Schuyler, wbo were
engaged in surveying tbe streams
of Southern California, gauging
their surface waters and estimat
ing tbeir subterranean flow, and
oaatlng about for reservoir facili
ties, bave done a valuable and in
dispensable work. These gentlemen
are now "licking" into shape the
immense mass of materials col
lected by tbem, and getting ready
for tbe preparation of an elaborate
series of maps which will be of tbe
first importance In an intelligent
comprehension of the Irrigating
facilities of Southern California.
It would be au inexcusable mis
take—a gross blunder, indeed —to
attaob to the scientific labors of
these gentlemen any of the just
odium whioh adheres to tbe Debris
infamy. Tbe Just and legitimate
expenses of tbe Engineer's Depart
ment ought to be provided for by
the Legislature. We very muob
regret that this body was mixed
up in any wise witb the Debris
ghouls. It is a lamentable fact
that large portions of the Siora
mento valley are threatened witb
overflow. If bydraulie mining
were totally suspended to-morrow,
physical conditions already exist
which, within a space of twenty
years, will, In all likelihood, pile
sand up to ths first story windows
ef the State Capitol, and which
will compel Marysville and Sacra
mento to change tbeir sites.
Tbe debris foolery, lo the face
of these inexorable conditions
of nature, is like piecing a
straw to obstruct a mill stream,
like King Canute whipping the
waves or Mrs. Partington mopping
up tbe Atlantic ocean. Jobbery
and fatuity characterize the De
bris measures; but some good
work, whioh ought to be utilized
and perpetuated in practical shape,
has been done by the State Board
of Engineers. The Just and mod
erate appropriations needed to en
able tbat body to complete its good
work should be accorded by tbe
Draw Poker in Paris.
[Spirit of tbe Times.]
Io tbe spheres of higher Paris
gaming, draw poker has obtained
a foothold, though only within ths
last few months, and in these lat
ter circles it is treated in a manner
muoh more orthodox* tban among
tbo frolicsome artists and idlers of
Mon tmartre, It waa at one of these
ceremonious sittings, in a oosey
little club, not far from tbe Plaoe
de l'Opera, tbat tbo writer wit
nessed a band worthy to he con
signed to poker annals. There
were five players, the game admit
ting of a very high limit, and, on
a jack pot being opened, four of tbe
five players "went In." After due
drawing, tbe wagering ran high,
and It was evident that large
bands were out. Three or four
limits, bet in rapid succession,
drove out two of the players, who
parted respectively from three of a
kind and from a little full. Or the
otber two players, ons, ths opsner
or the pot, bad drawn to three
nines, and had obtained tbe feurtb;
be was, of course, determined not
to lay down suoh a collection
as tbis, and returned bis adversa
ry's shots wltb all the more confi
dence tbat tbo latter bad drawn
to four cards, and bs suspected him
of merely holding a flash. And a
flush was, sursly enough, the head
announoed by tbe drawer to four
when at last there was a call, to
wbieh tbo gentlemen of tbe four
nines negligently responded by tbe
mention "Qaartre nenfa ?" "Yes,
bat wait a moment," said bis ad
versary; "my flush Is a straight
one—and high." All negligence
oa tha otber side very suddenly
disappeared: the fonr nines wore
relinquished, and tbeir bolder, aat
gaslng at a remarkably pretty
tethering of aos, king, queen,
■eve and ton of club*. The for
tunate p oss—or of thla extraor
dinary hand had taken a shore In
a Jack pot, drawing for queen of
oleee, aad bad got it. After tbis
(DpOcUU Ul tbo Hkkalu by .tbo West urn
Uulou Telegraph company.!
nuamsu session
710 Ophlr, 3.90, 3.65 2SO Jaoket, 3.50, 325
ISO Mexican, 5,5', 280 Belcher, 1.80, 1.9J
S.'O O * C, 4.60, 216 8 Nevada, s, »'.,
4-65 BW, B'i
270 B 4 B. 8 it) Ulr.li. T%
17J cala, 1.05 181 j Bullion, I.W, 1.16
UlO.Savage, 2.20, 2.16 815 Overman, I
120 310 Union, 7, 6%
SOO Con Va, 2 05, 8.30 890 Alta, 2.60,2.116,
1100 Potosl, 2.26, 2.30, i%
2.35 800 Andes, 1.80,1.85
895 tier N, 8.70, 365 100 Scorpion, 120
100 Point, 1 25
aftuuioon mum i r. m.
Caledonia,3io b, 40 a: Best A Belcher,
Bs,;8 s ,; Sierra Nevada, *% a; Silver Hill, 26c
b,Boa; A1ta,2.80 s; Jacket, 8.26*b; Hale *
Norcroes, 3.86 s; Crown Point, 1.£6 b; B A
B, SH a; Mexican, 5!» h.BHa: Potosl, 200
b; Chollar, 2Kb; don Virginia. 8.06;
Gould A Curry, 4.85 b, 4.80 v; Utah, 1% b;
Savage, 2.40 a; Ha N, 3.85 a; Justice, 00c
b, 05 a; Scorpion, 1.26 b, 1.30 a; Lady w,
lie b; N V, ISn b, 20 a; Andes, 1.80 ■;
Overman, 1.155; Bullion, 1.40 b, 1.45 a;
California, I b: Oro, 85c b, 90 a; Utah. Mj
b; Benton,7oc b; Exchequer, 1.20 a; Beioh
er,l.9ss; Julia,26c b, 90a; Ophlr,B9o b;
Albion, 2.05b, 2.10 a,
FMseaaera sun it, t a « c ,si.
Fresno, April Bth.—The fol
lowing is the list of passengers for
tbe South and East on the train
whioh passed this place at 5 p. M.:
W E Burton and wife, New
York; O P Wbitelaw.Los Angeles;
CbasWPerrio, New York; A P
Hottllag, Los Augeles; R H Lord,
do; TL Upshur, Tombstone; J, O
Bixbee, Deming; S Lubeok, New
ball; Mre E H Owen and two chil
dren, Los Angeles; J F Sterling,
do; J Oold water, Yuma; M David
son, do; Cbas Bell, Tombstone; J P
Hopkins, Cbiaago; R J Wheeler,
St Paul; J S Fassett, Los Angeles;
M P Fassett and wife, do; \Y H
Widdill, Kansas City; Mrs A
Thompson, Coltoo; Miss E Simp
son, Kansas City; Mrs Simpson,
do; N P Cole, Emma Cole, Nellie
Cole, Boston; G Ellis Mariposa;
LSohnidlapp, Cincinnati; Eugene
Canden, Los Angeles; J M Ross,
Albany; H Lotbarn, do; Fred P
Ballard, Washington; A J Stone,
Deming; F L Bailey, Loa Angsles;
a W Williams, Texas; Mrs Welch,
Deming; Miss Ella Shanbut, Tuc
son; Wm L G Jackson, Los Ange
les; Frank Donahoo, Tucson, and
58 emigrants.
Tin, B.tiroiiii cotttiulatiiinris la
Masts o,
San Francisco, April 6th.—Tbe
Railroad Commissioners met tbis
afternoon and proceeded to the.con
sideration of tbe freight tariff al
ready made out preparatory to Its
final adoption. None of tbe rail
road companies have yet respond
ed to tbe summons recently served
upon tbem by the Commission. It
Is estimated that the question of
freights will be decided within the
next thirty days and that of fares
within the next few days.
rue Veals-el reeiUe Flllkueleilas.
Washington, April Bth.—The
Central Pacific Railroad Company
bas declined to answer in the suit
pending to test tbo legality of tbs
payment of dividends while tbe
claims of the government are un
satisfied, and bave gained an ex
tension.. It is believed at tbe de
partment tbat tbe managers of the
road will practice this game to de
lay a decision to tbe last degree'
possible. If tbey succssd in evad
ing the law in this way it is under
stood tbat the Auditor of Railroad
Accounts will lay the matter be
fore the Attorney-General and in
sist tbst they be oalled on to an
swer for tho vast sums tbat, it Is
alleged, they have withheld from
tbe government for tbe past thirty
two months. It is olaimed at the
department that tbey bave done
tbis to such an extent tbat wltb
the SO mouths ending December
Bth tbey have made away with $2,
California aiiaulniuenla.
Washington, April 6tb.—The
President has sent to tbe Senate
nominations for Reoelvers of Pub
llo Money of Otis Perrio, of Stock
ton, and Solomon Cooper, of Hum
boldt, California.
Wasbuncton, April 6.—Senate
—Tbe Vles-Prssidented as unfinish
ed business presented the resolution
for ths election of Senate offloois,
MoPberson beld tbat tbo "Chair
should call for the presentation of
petitions and memorials, but tbe
Cba'.r said tbis was an executive
seislon and there was no morning
bour. Ferry sustained this view,
and MoPhsrson ottered as bis right
the Boynton petition and at his re
quest it wss referred without ob
jection to tbe Committee on-For
eign Affairs. Tbe Senate, 31 to SO,
refused to go into executive session.
Bayard said ho believed the Demo
crats were Justified in tbeir atti
tude of the past tsn days by law
and reason.
Waskinuton, April 6tb.—The
President end Secretary Blame are
annoytd by tbe continuance of tbe
dead-look and think nominatlone
should be confirmed without delay
and were disappointed at the. re- 1
suit of tbe last Bepublioan caucus.
Hale, Frye, Ingalls, Blair and
others hold similar vlsws and will
try to have another caucus to re
verse tho decision ot the last. It
is statsd tbat tbs President will
uss his power to break the dead
lock if it lasts much longer.
I Washinoton, April 6th.—The
positions taken by Senators Sher
man aad Bayard In their elaborate
speeches to-day have brought into
bold rslior the fact whioh bad pre
viously been less apparent, tbat
the present contest In tbe Senate is
praotieally a contest between the
two great political parties fer the
election of tbe next United States
Senator from Virginia. The peo
ple of tbat Stato will next fall
elect not only a Governor, Judges
of tho Oourt of Appeals and othsr
Stato officers, but also the Legisla
ture Which, In loot, ie to licet Sen
ator Johnston's cusosssor, to takt
his scat ia March, 1888. It U gen
etvJly bettered by beth'nejrtlehla
Sergeant-at-Arms, Involving an
extension in behalf of the Republi
can party of both material and
moral aid to the proposed coalition
of Re-adjustere and Republicans In
Virginia, would almost certainly
Insure the sucosss of the coalition
and result in tbs complete over
throw of tbe regular Democracy In
the old Dominion.
A rumor la afloat and credited
in some quarters, tbat If the dead
lock eontinueo much longer tbe
President will convene the Forty
seventh Congress in extra session.
Tbe report is probably intended to
frighten the Democrats into yield
ing the Senate patronage for fear of
losing tbe House patronage, wblob,
unless an extra session sbould be
oalled, tbey will continue to enjoy
until next December. It Is now
pretty definitely known tbat Presi
dent Garfield approves tbe stand
taken by the Republicans of tbe
Senate and tbis belief is etrongly
corroborated lately by the fact that
his closest friends In tbe Senate
bave opeuly advised the present
programme aud also by the Presi
dent's own utterances this morn
ing, when be expresssd himself
warmly in favor of the proposed
alliance of Virginia Republicans
with the party of Senator Ma
Persons! H atorj of tht Virginia Santtor.
IWusli. Letter ia Cleveland lierald ]
Happening to be In Virginia two
years ago thla coming summer, at
one of tbe reeorts overlooking the
beautiful valley of tbe Shenan
doah, I was treated to a near and
unprepossessing view of the great
''Re-adjuster," whose fame bas
gone iuto the groceries and bar
rooms of out-of-the-way Virginia
towns and crept into the flavorless,
aimless gossip of those summer
hives—"tbe Springs." People
were divided as to his merits as
statesman and politician, but be
had been true to the Confederacy,
bad fought her battles aud shared
tbe victories, short-lived, but none
tbe lees dear to every Southern
heart, and so the day of bis com
ing was an eventful one in the an
nals of our sleepy summer resort.
There were bands, banners and
visiting delegations of Virginians
to do honor to the man tben agi
tating Virginia politics, and when
he came aud was fairly set before
our eyes, where were all the pre
conceived notions of the mush
lauded bero ? Certaiuly it was not
tbe flue figure and commanding
presence of anybody's dreams that
we realized, but a little wlzensd
man, so thin and nervous that be
might bave bad an anatomy of
wire and steel springs worked by a
battery, instead of the bone, mus
cle, flesh and blood of the rest of
mankind. His pale, deeply-lined
face was surrounded by a shock of
gray balr and straggling beard,
and shrewdness and determination
looked cut of tbe small, brilliant
eyes. His dress was one that
would haw- damped bim as eccen
tric in any t liuunity. Ilia low
quartered shu.a were tied with
broad black velvet ribbon, a broad
flaring oollar falling over bis
shoulders looked like an attempt at
Juvenility, and his suit of light
gray fitted bis diminutive figure
like tbe badly, shrunken clothes of
a school-hoy. No one seeing bim
could have guessed tbat this was a
leader of men.
Away wltb your bulky heroes—
your avoirdupois estimate of great
men. Here is one who has never
weighed a hundred, and yet be has
battled with armies, been Presi
dent of a railroad and made a for
tune. Senator Mahone's early life
was that of many men who have
gone through privations and hard
ships to success—a series of strug
gles, In which, no doubt, some of
the inherited traits of his Irish
parentage came into play. He waa
born in Southampton oounty, Vir
ginia, in 1838. His parents were
very poor and his early education
very limited. For some years be
carried the mail on horsebaok, and
then mastered enough of tbe rudi
ments of learning to teach school.
Hie energy and ambition com
mended bim to tbe good graces of
a wealthy gentleman, wbo had
bim entered as a pupil In the Vir
ginia Military Institute, from
which he graduated witb distinc
tion. First and last bo seems to
bave had much to do with rail
roads. He was at ene time an en
gineer on the Orange and Alexan
dria road, and later was chief engi
neer of tbe Norfolk an 1 Peters
burg Railroad.
He distinguished himself as a
Confederate General in the war
and enjoyed the entire confidence
of Gen. Lee, with whom belaid
down bis arms at Appomattox, tbe
division which be commanded con
stituting about one-fourth of tbe
feroe which surrendered tbere.
At the close of the war
he turned bis shrewdness and
genius for management lo acoount
by manipulating the State's in
terest, amounting to about 56,
--000,000, In a certain railroad, and
negotiating a loan of $15,000,000 on
the consolidated lines from Nor
folk to Bristol, Term. As a consid
eration he received $25,000 a year
for five years as president of the
consolidation, and tben, at tbe ex
piration of his term ot office, re
signed, leaving tbe road, acoording
to the testimony of tbe English re
ceiver, involved, while he lost
nothing. Criticism and censure
followed tbo retiring president, and
while tbere are many wbo believe
his administration of Its affairs to
have been a steady and consistent
feathering of bis own nest, tbere
are still many who believe in his
He Is desorlbed as a very mo
thodlcal, industrious man, studious
and exaotlng in bis requirements
of others, but affable and sociable
In manner, and hospitable in tbe
true Virginia style. He haa a fine
reeldence in Petersburg, Virginia,
wbere bis family rssldes. Ho bas
two sons and a daughter old
enough to take their plaoes in sool
ety at the capital, and bis wife, a
very aocompllsbed woman, who ia
the exaot contrast to ber diminu
tive husband physically, wsighlng
over 200 pounds, waa tbe daughter
of Mr. Butler, formerly treasurer
ef Virginia, and a beauty In bar
day. Senator Mabono is by all
odds tbe most sooentrlo and notice
able man In the Senate, and, next
to Alexander Stephens, the small
est man who bas ever boon In Con-.
Sress. His bight Is about five feet
to loobcs.
On a postcard on view at an ex
hibition in Goraaany there had
been written In a Gorman system
of shorthand tho largo nambor of
shorthand magazine, offered prices
for miniature sborthtnd. Ths sys
tem was to be Pitman's, the writ
ing to be legible to tho naked eye,
nod to be on ons side of an Eng
lish postcard, whioh is considera
bly smaller tban a German oard;
26,000 words on tbs former being
reckoned equivalent to 83,000 on
tbo latter. Tbo first prise In this
competition was awarded to G. H.
Davidson, whose postoard con
tained 32,868 words, Including tbe
whole of Goldsmith's "Sbe Stoops
to Conquer," an essay on John
Morley, and half of Holcrofi's
"Road to Ruin."
Tbe Viennese are nearly as much
addicted to gambling in tbe public
lotteries as the population further
south, and as tbe death of an ec
clesiastical dlguitary is supposed
to bays a mysterious conneotlon
with tbe ohanoesof the lottery, a
rush was made on tbe ticket offices
during tbe two days following the
death of the Cardinal Archbishop.
The favorite numbers were 10, tbe
year of his birtb; 81, tbe year of
blsdsatb; and 71, tbs years of bis
age. There was scarcely a combi
nation hazarded without at least
one of these numbers. Next to
these in favor came those indicat
ing the day, bour and minute of
his death. Fortune on this occa
sion, however, did not favor tbe
superstitious. None of tbe above
wero drawn, but after the drawing
it was observed that 4, one of tbe
numbers tbat came out, represent-i
ed tbe ysars of his arch bishoprics.
Tbe custodianship of Queen Vic
toria's gold pantry at Windsor
Castle, just rendered vacant by tbe
death of Mr. Goring, Is an offloe of
great trust, ac may be inferred
from tbe fact tbat when the Queen
entertained tbe Emperor of Rus
sia, shortly after tbe marriage of
tbe Duke and Duchess of Edin*
eurgb, gold plate to tbe value of
some $10,000,000 is said to bave
been used. At a rougb guess, the
royal gold and silver services at
Windsor Palaoe are probably worth
about $16,000,000.
Ladies' Benevolent Society.
A special meeting will be bell this Thurs
day afternoon, April 7th, at Turnverein
Ball. All members are requested to be
present, at holiness of great importance
will come before the meeting.
MBS. loan MILNKK, President.
Mtst X. Kihle, Secretary. It
Insurance Notice.
hereafter aot as my solicitor, and Is au
thorised to accept applications for ths
Imperial, London, Northern aud Queen
Fire Insurance Companies.
A. HERDMAN. Agent.
Los Angeles, April, 1880. a7U
Mr. P. LOI3EAU lias made arrange
ments with Mr. D. V. Waldron wblob
enable him to announce tbat, every Bun
day, beginning with Sunday, April 17tb,
be will give Sleight-or-Hanor perform
ances at this popular resort. In addition
there will be foot-races, a shooting gal
lery and other ways of amusing the pub
llo. A new programme every Sunday.
Professor Kalmbach, Musical Direotor.
Admission—Grown persons, Mo.; chil
dren. 10c.
Bad characters excluded. ap7-lm
Grand Rifle Tournament
MR. H. SLOTTERBECK, tbe enter
prising proprietor of our popular Shoot
ing Gallery, proposes a prize of a Sue
Breechloading Colt Shotgun,
To be competed for nnder rules estab
lished by tbe tlcket-helders themselves.
There will be eighty tloksts and each
*loket. costing only 51.60, will entitle the
holder to 25 shots.
Tlokets oan be bought at the Gallery.
The highest toore In 25 shots carries off
the gnn. , 7 .i w
Reducing Stock..
Sweeping Reductions
In the Prices of our Entiro Stock,
To Make Room for Our Spring: Shipments.
A Full Line of Hosiery at Cost.
Actually Below Cost.
*3f»WE MEAN WHAT WE SAY, and invite the
public to inspect our stock and learn our prices before
purchasing elsewhere.
Specials !
Colored Percale Shirts,
Bargains Constantly Pouring Inl
Immense Value!
Underwear, Socks,
-A. 11 Perfeotion
The Arcade
Gents Furnishing Goods
Aroade Sialrt.
Corner of Oommerolal,
Key West Cigar Store,
Manufacturer of FINE CIGARS aad
all lines of Smokers' Articles.
New, Attractive and Cheap!
17 and 19 Spring St.

We present to the people of LoS Angelea and vicinity
The Grandest Array of
That has ever been brought to this market,
Comprising the Latest and Best Styles and
Fabrics in the DRY GOODS and
$Ss==».r4 visit to our extensive establishment will be con
vincing, that WE are far ahead of 'any other house in
Southern California in keeping the LARGEST AS
SORTMENT and selling at the LOWEST PRICES.
unusually attractive. Our new shades in plain materials,
as well as the charming combinations of colorings in the
new plaids and stripes, in gilt and ombre effects, are
greatly admired.
Our reputation for keeping, by far, the best assorted
stock of BLACK DRESS GOODS will doubtless be
highly enhanced this season. Our direct importations
of WOOL and SILK materials, at very low prices, are
now exhibited in great variety.
Towels. Table Linens.
Housekeepers aud hotel keepers can save a large per
centage in making their purchases from our immense
stock of TOWELS and TABLE LINENS. Such a
variety has never been exhibited in this city before.
Rare novelties in Ladies' and Children's French and
English HOSIERIES at very low prices.
Three, four and six-button FRENCH KID GLOVES,
in all shades. INSOLE AGENTS for the celebrated
"Riverside"Laced Kid Gloves. Fine assortment of SILK
MITTS, in black and opera shades. Latest styles of Lace
Top and other varieties of Lisle thread and Silk Gloves.
etc., received daily from New Tork.
Largest and cheapest assortment of PARASOLS in
the city.
The Latest Spring Styles of Cloaks, Dolmas and Dolmans.
Clothing Department.
In our Clothing Department we are showing the most
complete assortment for MEN, YOUTHS and BOYS,
comprising the Latest Styles in the most fashionable
materials. Particular attention has been given to the
SUITS for YOUNG MEN, to which we invite inspection
by those desiring something nobby for the coming sea
son. In BOYS' CLOTHING our variety is so great that
we feel confident to be able to suit small as well as large
purses. t6S»Our PARK SUIT for Boys from 4to 10
years old, in Fancy Tweeds of different shades, are the
newest in that line.
We have an elegant line of DERBY and SOFT WOOL
HATS, in different shades, and all the newest shapes
Complete line of STRAW HATS for Men, Boys and
Children, from the lowest grade to the highest.
GENT'S FURNISHING GOODS, comprising full
lines of Neckwear of the latest styles, Hosiery, While
and Colored Shirts, Paper and Linen Collars, Suspenders,
Merino, Gossamer and Flannel Underwear.
I BOOTS and SHOES.—Out 800 . and Shoe Depart
ment comprises full lines for Gents and Boys, Ladies,
Misses and Children.
Trunks and Valises in Great Variety
Public are cordially invited to evamine our new stock.

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