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Daily Los Angeles herald. [volume] (Los Angeles [Calif.]) 1876-1884, May 31, 1881, Image 4

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■ptjestic Marvels of Many Nations
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I Genuine Bedouin Arabian Athletes
I a&tSS ■* ™onua„c M wfh
I Performing Stallions! j¥ Educated, Reasoning
ThMnuvl wonderful t.ijnino trior. AtWl TRICK STALLIONS,
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( Two-Continent Cipnnd Circus
Eaghtßare Back Riders, Finn' V, iv.v 4 low hi, '!'< v <;rnu Leaper*, A lieainteiit oflVr
ftS"*.**. .Vi* •»'.*:l>«al«. Ilui-.lii- «i.1.-r Lady fl.iuuasis, Lady F.i|iirslrinn«,
■•■r Aerlallsts. Lady Itiryclv 1ti.1.r.. Mow 51,.», M«r.t Horses, Mom Aot, and Hotter Lttocti than
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Which will outrival ftnythtn ; i a A:: .t.o.i A i;.,val Prtt;;atl.T Pacbant, worth a day'a travel to
latSTtupoo. t1... i.r .' i . i ..f il.i. Tr.ily Show. Thirty Dean of Animals Drovoa
Li a*al»P>a"'». Hards ol C'aiDffls. Mount*..! KaijlUsauU /.idles. Tho Largest Tableau! Cara ever ooustnutsd, ate
■ssunktr Ih* Ureal Siren Parade, Every Nomina at Tea o'clock.
, -tmrn PBBFOBMANTES Et'ERY OA 1. Ooors opra at I ..'clock aad 7 o'clock P. M.
Mortgage Sale.
Kjcemitlon No. Hi').
Iv tbe Superior Court ol the oounty
of [joe Stß'e cf
KJwar.l L. Mayl.errv, Plaintiff, \
Uerocd Abbott,alias Merced Garcia j
Ue Abbot, Joliu Abbot, sal.ua**!
Abbot,Willlu'u Abboi, Aaroa Ab-1
bot, Amos Abbot, Merced Abbot,!
a*» executrix of tlie last wilt und r
leMLHtuent of William Abbot, dc-!
ceanett, Me ced Abbot, Uu lighter I
of the above-uanit-d Merced Ab- j
bot, <_;ei»r»ie Abbut, Critberino Ab* I
bot. Frank Al>bot and the City]
of Lo* Aueeles.de.eudtintij. j
|J decree of foreclosure aud order ol
sal* entered in the Buuerior Court
uf the coiiHty of Los Angeles, state
of Calllornla, on tbe IBtu day ol
May, a. I), 1881| and a writ ol
c*. ecu tlon for the cuforcemont of Juil£
raeDl, requlriuK sale ol property uudui
forcclosi.ro of mortgage. Issued out of
Hiild Court, on (tie 20th day ol
May, A. 1). ISSI, In the above eutitled
action, and In favorof Edward L. May
berry, plaluttiT, and against Merced Ab
bot, alias imcreed (iarcla de -\bbot, John
Abbot, Ball Dal Abbot, William About,
Aaron Abbot, Amos Ab mt, Meiced Ab
bot. us ct,ecu rlx of tbu lam will uud tes
lameat oi William Abbot, deceased,
Merct-d Abbat, daughter of the above
naa ed Merged Abbot, *Je->r«« Abbot,
Catherine Abbot, F'rauk Abbot and the
ott> uiLos ftngelei, de!endauts, a certified
copy oi wntch said decree ot foreclosure,
dul3* attested under the seiil of nald
i-nperior court on the2athdayof May,
A. i).lBSl,and delivered to me, together
with the writ annexed thereto,on the
2;id day of May, A. t>, 1881. whereby i
) am commuuded to sell at public auction,
to i he highest, aud best bidder, lorcasn In
United estate* gold coin, the following
and In said decree described real estate.
Ail that rfal property in the city nf Los
Angeles, couuty of Los Angeles, Stateof
Caiiioruia, bounded and described as fol
lows, viz:
i a lot on the west side of Main street,
the boundaries of which are us follows:
Commeticlug at a point on the went
bide of Mum street, being tbe northeast
corner of a 1 >t now or formerly of 1. W.
Htlluaanaud formerly of the heirs of
, Juan D<>miugo, deceased; thence run
, ultttf north easterly along the said ltne
of Main street Klxty-flve ftt»t, mure or
lei-s, to lot formerly belonging to F. 81 g
noretaud ailerwards parcaaMedof U.K.
Tt *cbmacker. tbence uurlbwesterly
i along une oi wali ajignoret It.t to eastern
1 line of New Hlgn street; theuce
southwesterly along line ot New Hub
street sixty-flvo leet, mure or le<», tv lot
ot I. W. Hellm 4ii; thence southeasterly
along lot of lluilmau to tho point ul be
I second—A lot bounded on the west by
Main Mreet and fronting thereou tblrty
| six ie«lj on the north by a lutformeriy
owned by Pio P.co aud on which tbe
Pico ilouse-tsnds; on tho east by Han
uhez street »*nj nuving a fioutagti there
on oi thirty-six leei, moie or IeBS, and <>n
thes.utti by a lot formerly owied by
W.H. Perry and Wallace W-oUworih,
t he lot h ;>etiy described being lhe Mttme
lot ou whioh stands what Is known M
.Merctrd Theatre bulldlug,
11:ird—A lot bounded on the west by
Mam street; on the nurth by lotfor-"-!
|y of v,. ti. Perry ana Wuilace \\'i*.>d-
Woitb! uu ihe ea*.t by Hanch*2 * reet,
und on the s >uth hy lot nu\v or to merly
of F. A. having a of
i.) iveu n ytain street and be ngsamelf<t
lurraerly occupied by W ilium Abbot,
since «tec astrd, as a furniture store
Public notice Is tiL-reu> g:\*eu that on
OK JUNK, A. D. 1881,
At 12 o'clock 51. ot Guid day, I will pro
ceed to st-11 at tho Cour ( iloase door in
the city and couuty of Los Augeles, State
of Californi.ii at public auctmu, to the
highest and best bidder for cash in U. 3.
g >ld com, to stttUiy said decree fo<- priuci
pal aud interest, attorucys* fees, costs and
all accraing costs, all the above described
real estate,, or so much tlit-roof ad may ht
necessary to -at:- I'y said earns.
Attested under my hand at the olty
nnd county ot" Los Angt-les, BtHteofOall
forma,this23d uuvot May, a. it. mi.
Hy JAS. G. Kilfl, Under Sheriff.
l'xecutlou No. 5021.
Conntyof Los Augules, State of Cali
Jesus A. de ftepulveda, Plaintiff;)
vs. ;
Plo i'ico, Defendant. )
Under and by virtue yf an execution 1*-
KUed out oi the superior Uottrt of tbe
L-t>nnty of t.os Angeles, mate of Califor
nia, on the llth d iy of May, A. O 188 i, to
me directed und delivered on (he SSJ day
ol May, A. I>. 1881, for a Juugment ren
dered in said Court on tue oth day of
hebruary, A- D. 1881, In f *vor of Jems A
deScpulveda, plaloliff, and against Plo
Fico, deienJant, 1 nuve levied upon and
shall on
JUNE, A. D. 1381,
At l_ o'clock m of said day, proc°ed to
uell, at the court House d .or, in ■ he c cj
ai<d coumy of us.ts Atigeles, H ate uf Cal
iiorula.mt public auct on lo tbe hlghcsi
aud be&l biud. r tor ca»ih in tl. a. goio
coin, to satisfy said Judwrnent
for a ll?n for costs In a
partition suit, with inltrest and al
accruing cos's, all >he rlgnt, title and
interest of said dtfeud<tnt In aud to ihe
oliowmg described real estate, lo wit:
CommtsnclUkf at northeastern c ir
ner oi the tract ol land allottfd to Maria
Olivcra -te Altamiruno on tho western
side of Baa Pedro street, in the city auu
county .*ud tttate afoicsald, at a -xi red
wood post in a lite widow fence; iheuct
south Bt}% degrees west a.ong the west
ern side ut San Pedro street ninety-om
(91) links to a 2x3 iedwo >d post-el lv a
li v« fencu at the end of a board fence auo
ihe southeastern corner of tne tract of
land described lo the cumpUlm ; theuci
running nortu 56% degrees west along a
board Jtnre on north lloe oi lam of £b
erle 4 v>u iOU caatu* to ins end of sab'
board fence und a 2x3 redwood post lv .
live willow it-nee between the land de
orlbed in compla nt uud sa d land o
Valilula Abila, Ih n c north 82K dettrets
east aiong «aid fencj
to ihe south western corn* rof said tr.>c
a lo.ted to Maria OH vera de Allamlrano
heretofore; theuce running south 51%
oegrees east 4 87 lOOnhati s to ihe place oi
uegluniuaf, coutainlug 4l»*Uoi> acres o
land, Hefert-nce is hereby made t» th'
map annexe*! to ihe report f*-f furlbei
dt,--criptiou ofthe tract of land above de
\ nested under my hand, this -J 1 duj
of Muy, A. D. itt>l.
W. ft. ROWLAND. Bherlff.
By J. C. ICaYS, Under Sheriff.
For the Purchase of Forty-Six Bonds oi
the County ot Los Angeles.
Los Angeies, Cab, May 13, 1861. .1
In accordance wiib a resolution of tin
Board of Mupervisum of Los
county, duted the fourth day of May,
ISM, sealed proposal- will be received b : ,
t he i'reasurei of the county of Loe ctntte
les, at bis office, in tbe city and count
ot Cos Angeies, until Hi o'clock a.m. ou
Juno Gth. 1881, for the purchase ot f-rty
sixboudsof the couuty uf Los Ai geles.
of one thousand dollars each, bearing
Interest at tne rate of six per cent, pei
annum, interest payable seu.i-auniially,
ou the drat days of January and July o
eaoh year, both principal and interes
payable in gold coin ofthe United male-,
said bonds to run from ih- first day ot
July, 1841, to tho first day of July, )Uoi. o>
payable at any time beiore maturity, at
the pietsure oi tbe counly
Wald bonds are lasued » the Board ot
Supervisors ol Los Angeles county, un
der the provisions of Chapter 11. of th
PoUUohI i ode ut California, and in con
fortuity with a re-oiuiiun of said Board
dated tbe fourth day of May. UBI.
' >- ropnsais will tie recelv*d for purchas
lug any or all ot said hondn.
The county reserves tho right to reiect
aoy or a 1 proposals.
Treasurer of Los Mig ies Cou .iy.
Bgy XV. SPKNCK. Deputy. mU-80d
Ths pabllo ara hereby notified tba>
neither tb* a,*nt or maatrrof tbe British
sraipS ottl h Mlostrel win b» reapona
bis tat any deoia contracted by anj
member uf ber oistr.
Sale of Real Eatate
By Administrator with the w 111 annexed.
Ia the Superior Courtof Loe Ange
les County, State of California.
In re the estato of Rosa Isabella D.
Baldwin, deceased.
Notice Is hereby given that in pursu
ance oi tbe order 01 said superior Court
uf the county of Los Angeies, state vi
Culuoruia, uiadeon iheb.u day of May,
a. D. Igft, iv the mat.erof lhe estate oi
HOsa Isabella mt, iiaid win, deceased, the
undersigned, administrator with tbe
Will annexed 01 said estate, will sell at
private saie to the nigUest aud best bid
uer lor cash uud aubject to the contl.m
atluo oi said Superior Court, all me
right, line, interest aud estate of the
said deceased al ihe time of birueatb,
aud all ihe right, title and interest the
said estate has, by operation of law 01
otherwise, acquired other than or in ad
dition to that vi tue mi id deceased ut ihe
iiiu-v oi her denth lv and lo tiiose certain
10**. pieces,or tracis ol lund lylug and
being lv the couuty ol Los Angeies, otuit
ul t_.»i Hoi nia, ana described us follows,
tirai—Commencing nt v forked willow
iree abOM .1 1 nelics through, marked
015, tv black pa,nt, winch In situ a leu
near 1 tie hutik 01 the l«nju or Irrigating
uitcu una corresponds \wiii aud is Mn.
ir,otasurve> inuue iv Dccc inner, ig?u
oy 11. M. John-ion uf tue 11 rigaole llut vi
me i.auctto Los re:./, reicreuce lo
wit.eh is In-it ny more particularly
made; tneuce, lullowlug the
line 01 said survey IS Pfi degrees wove
cuuiit uud I:C.oniy.eifclH links; ihence a
iiffm degrees bi g*l6 cnaius; tneuce m\
uctieta a i.76 chuius; thence > 1«H de
grees WI 51 cnaius; theuce N 1.2 , ue
giees L 2 Si OtuttUsj thence a u« ; i t:..
-ttlMli ChUIUH IO SllttlOU -i Ol .IoUUaUU'b
Niuvey; thenco A degrees E zB.au
cut.il]-.; thtmcu S IUM dtg.ees w 20.3 i
elialus; lueiictt S 71'' 4 degrees W ium
chains; thence N oj degrees \v sou
OuMiiiM to lue point ol beniuuing the to
tal mi ea 01 ibe laud hereby conveyed
being 6-i o*lPu auics 11 laud.
octouu—Aiso the oue-mlh Interest in
about 3 800 aciea 01 tuat cerialu iract 01
lanu situate, lylug und being in iv«
county 01 u.os Augeles, .sLaiout (Jailtur
uiu, aud mute particularly uescubedas
foiiuwn, to wit; Commenc.ng ut tue
iiVer ol Los Augeles, ul au ova tiee, a
i«uu-tuurk ol me luucitu caiied 'jfruvi
deucia," uear a ilto'i alio, aud running
ineuce souiuwesierly aioug tue v.,11 un
ary lineol Aaid Kuucho La rrovldenclu
tv the a 11=0 tree uf the uopalero; lucuc
eaateiiy to the ".-tguuge ue Mocuvei*ga;"
thence toa point lv liuni uf tne "Aguugc
uel SaUultO;" tueutv in unoiner mragui
liuw passing directly through tne
1 ot'tezueia to the river of Lo,
Augeien; thence up the cuaunei
01 in- saiu river to the place o
beginning, tue lauu heteuy uuscilbeu
being a pvrt of the HanCuu Lus Feiiz,
lo Maug. YgUaciu Vetdugj by
jduuuei Mieheitoreu.. MurCu 22. 1841,
saving aud ejk.cepilug ftum the last
above uescribed iiact a cenaln parcel ut
taud described us iuliows; Commencing
at a letlWouu Slake lv mound ot Bluu.es
marked f. v. &. 1, 4x4 incues m Uiaiue
itr aud distant Id iluaa iroui theceutei
0. theCuual aud tve.-ervoir company'»
diun and uu north side uf kuuic.iiuiii
WtktOu point a Lve-ouk tree abuut 4 feet
ludiuioetei andmaraea B. i'.s. t. I*. v.,
Uears JS 43-J* degrees tv 271 cnaius dis-
Uuilj auotuet nve-uaa ou Oppbiiie siue
OL lvcaeiVUirLOQlt>ttli>'a dt.CU tlUulll
feet in d.auit.ur, oiaZod una inuiaed o
T. IH, 3tt. I k*. if., bears n buy* degrees X
£2$ uhuiuo distant, aud 18 uu Lue WeMi
buna of v Hiuuliguichi ihence n
lcn liuas 10 the uurthWurdof Uehervoi.
L'unij.uiij'a ditch N j' 4 degreea vv t>2*
cuun.s tv sandstone aud stake
mutkea a. 2, 6t. liuks frum cuter ot uiu v
it .in. wiilch iju.ii. v live .... k. t.eti M UoUk
ltd iv ulutueler ueur > uge ut ditch
Uig ees W U,2j cualuS ul •
taut, ttuotner ove-uuk auuut bazue siZe
ueais> Wltn degrees W ii.UUCuaiua
cti comer of Joso I'amV.i
a .uuu bouse Lears IN 4u degrcea £ 4.4.
chains aud is i.t* cnaius lung by 27 <iuas
wive; asycamoiu tree stauusaooutcen
tre 01 rear uf ..uu c ana is auout 7otiuas
bullae; uuotuer large live
uak uu boitu siue uf dl eh uuu liuuicUl
ateiy ou tu.c 01 same bcuis n 09 Uegre. s
Ki.tf Chain* Ois autj thence ioiiuwiu b
1. t« ivuir and Uai'.ai company's alien nj;
IN degreeb Vv 0.37 ODSllll to v
stake 10' nuits distant from center ul
di eh uud uiUikeu 8. ii; IhcucuiN bS>4de
gteeM >v 2bi chains lo a stake "7 links
v.a.an 1 frum center oi ditch aud maraed
».<!; iheuc 557/ 4 degrees w l.el cli .m»
to a stake 21 iiuka hum ceultr ol diich
aud marked o. 0; Ihence N 6r, 4 d g.ee,
W y.uu enuins to v M,.ke 17 iiuks irtiiu
ceiuer vi diicu and maraed H t, tbCUCi.
A w tua aiake li
liuaa ii Liv Ceutei vi Ultcu and uiaiaed ti,
7; tneuce N b>^ 4 d> gives » iJUt chains to
v siuae 10 unas Irou, ccntt roi d.ich and
marked a. t; tlieuce jN i6}+ tl. gives i-. 4.65
cua.us to v aiuae 11 ilufca uohi ceutcr ul
uitcn uud inaiked a Vj theuce is 2 dc
gr.es W b.ib chains to a Itakfl UistautiU
uiiasfrom ceute. of dlccuaud maiked a
lv; thence jN AHy t d grees vv b.o; cnaius tv
a stake 3<l liuK.s .ibui Center ul di eh uud
maiktdn. 11, Iruiu waich puiut a iivc
oak tree 2 feel iv diaiuuLer ou c side ol
ditch hears a 'Ity* tl. gro. > Ef>D links dis
tau ; another live uai same »iue, ef>iut
■ia* oi ouch, beats a 4#y m uegtees t: »0
auks dislaui; thence aloug dn.cn uu hill*
side» vv tf.db chains loa stake
li links irom center ol ditcu aud uiaiktd
12; theuce i\ $hy A d. grees n &ju chaiiu
Lubuike ib ir. iv t-jnter uf d.tcu auu
maiked a. 13; theuce a 4u^ 4 uegices w
,"i.hj cuaius to a stake maratd ». 14;
tneuce .% »>4 degrees X 11.6J cuains to v
•al.iuw stump utazeu auu marked with
black paim a. lo; thence a.ong diich uuu
edge of small swamp vv
t haiua to a aiake ii> iiuas irum ceutei ol
di>ch and maraeu M. lb; tneuce A de<
grees i. 2.7 a chains to a stake g iiuas Hum
cen er 01 uncu aud maiked a. 17; ihence
3 wi% degrees X 1.75 cuains to a make
ma. aed 18, on eus.erly side of flood
gAie; tneuce N 32y v octrees X L3schains.
aiuiuj center 01 ruunlug wa«.er uf ditch
aud turougn a deep cut wnlch crosse-,
udl on puiui ol wnich is Jocaied houae
of K. r*aco to staae maritraS. ID; thent c
N3>4 degrees W 223 chains to a stake
maiked a. 2% thei.ee IN \\>v A degrtes W
sJ.,cuains to v .Make 2b links from center
oiuucu sua luaikeu & Hij theuce .\ 2i- A
.egrees h. 2.87 chuius lv a stuko IS links
irutu centie ol dttch aud marked a t xt;
ihence H 37>£ degrees tv 2bl chains to
Make m*rk d «. », thencu ls 4y t d grees
W 4 47 chains to stake 2a Unas rtumuiich
ami, maraed .->. 24; tneuce C*
vV 4.ia ciiain" to v staae 15liuk>irum
ditch and maiked ». 25; thence ri ad^du
trtcs t a,ij ch-.li.tt lv a Staku iuiluaS
irumeeuteroi uhcu and maiked ti- 2d;
theuce N Il?4 degrees »> 2 62 oualuNtoa
slake marked H, g«; theuce ou side oi
uiu between ditch and iouu in r2>\ de
grees w g.t>9cbalus dtaku on edgj 01
.uad marked >S zt.;. theuce in y^> 4 de
crees Vv 6.W7 chains to stuke on edge of
tuau aud maiked o. 29; tneuce ti de
giess W 4.87 chains lv a stake oue u g«ul
di eh auu murked ». ihence a ung
edge uf ditcu IN Hi degrees VV 6uu chain,
tj stake en c. ge ol road and marked 8
|i* thence N 3V/4 degrees W 4.01 chains
tv a slake be wee v ruad aud u'.tch aud
marked St. M 2; thence along Canai auu
Reservoir Company's di ou 4 n 2H deg ees
VV il.iO cnaius to a stake maiked a, 8r
meuce fuiiowlug meuudeis ol r.Yer bank
N 83V 4 degrees * 4.7U cnaiu* to a stake ut
ue .d ol deep WasU aud marked a. SI;
ihence N 41^ue M rees E S.bi cnaius to a
aiake oa edge or bauk marked H. gi;
theuce N So aegrees E i.jl chalus to a
stake on Westerly bide uf sauja maratd
,i. aa; meuce N 45; 4 degree* J£ iu.uuchaiu»
v stake maiked o. U7; thunce c is ao
grees W t.b7onun>s tv v stake mark« 1 s
.is. irum which point a wiliuw tree mark
ed B. l.fcS. 88 c. v, bears N4l ' 4 ucgrees L
tfg links distant; thencu o J»ji dtgreea tv
2.70 chains to Stake tnarkeue*. 8»; tneuce
1 degrees r. 7.b4 rhaios lv sLak.
maiked », 10; thenoe ti 7% degrees t. 8 Ou
cuains to stake mu.ked o. 41) tneuce -4
degrete W 14.84 chains to stake marked
n, 42; thenoi n 2% degr.es a J.o*
cnaina t*> stake marked H. 48; tbcute
74? i degiees X l.tl chains 10 oak ( .n,
iv nneol wihow l- nee marked 44 t t>.
thtuoe M. n !» dtgreea VV. 31.42 cuains
along said willow fence losLaae lv Hue
■ f feuc« uud marked a. 4;>, theuo a. lt%
M grees C 16.15 chains to stake markru
40; thence s aegreea i: 11.58 chains
1,0 stake marked a. 47; thence ti
;ret nL b.86 ohaius tj i-tafce maraed a
48; thence a. 38 degrees £. 1J.37 chains 10
p"St in line 01 willow lence at internee
ion of said f nee with L. A. C. VV. W Co's
j eh and maraed f Ik h. 49; ibence ti.
degrees W. 808 chains slung |iv*
wniow fence to slake marked H
tuence N. 77 degiees W. 69 chaiuh
to Htake marked S 61; thence 8
54 degrees W. 68b chains tv stake
marked a. 62; Ihence a. 22% VV. 14 &v
hams to stake inaiked S. 63, theuce a
Itte degreta W 10.13 cuains ljfltaae4x4
aches In diameter in mound ol siunea
tnd marked t. I), a. l.iho place ot
ulug and containing 823 a.b9j acres ul
laud and being the sumo tract of lanu
witbln the exterior boundaries or which
is luoluded tbe 64 acre tract herelnbefor*
j escribed, and all of said lands being
wltbia the exterior boundaries of tbe
itancho "Los *elu"and forming apart
Also.all tbe water rights, easement
nd servitudes to each or said diner* ut
iHcis belonging or lv any way apper
taining. •
said sale will be made on or after the
6th DA7 OF JUNE. 1881.
AU bids or offers mast be in wriilns
md will be received at tne offloe of
Messrs. Phillip * Baldwin. No 67 Mela
■tract, Loa Angeies eltjr, CfJe. l ermay be
delivered to the administrator personal
ly.or tiled wltb tho clerk of said r-uperlor
Court, at any time after the first publica
tion of this notice and before the making
of ibe saie.
Terois and conditions of sale—Ten per
cent, of tbe purchase nioney to be paid
upon notice ut acceptance ol bid, balauce
on coflrinaiion of sale by said Superior
Court, need at expense of purchtist r.
Dated Los Angeles, Cal.. May 1881.
Administrator with tne win annexed of
the estate of feoca IsubcHu D. Baldwin,
Eastman, Haley, King ft RohartS, At
torneys lor (he (-stute.
Execution No. - .
Ia the Superior Court of ihe county
of Loj Angeles, RttUe* of
Edward L. Muyberry, Plaintiff,l
vs. {
Merced Abbot et al, Defendants.)
Under and by virtue of a decree Ol fore
closure aud order ot saie en
tered iv the superior Court
»f the county of Los Angeles. State ol
California, oat lie lit h dsy of May, A. 1>
I*Bl, and a writ ot execution for the en
iorcement of judgment requiring sale of
property uniei foreclosure of iiiorfguge,
•slued uui uf said Court, annexed lo said
decree aud dated tne 20th day of May, A.
D 183t,lnine above eutllcd actlun und
iniavorof Edwaid L. Mayberry, plain
ill', and against Merced Abbot, alius
Merced Garcia do Abbot. John Abbot.
Salinas Abbot, William Aobot, Aurun
Abbot, Amos Abbot, Merced abbot.as
executrix ot the last will and testament
of William Abbot, deceased, Merced
\bbot, daughter or the above named
Merced Abbot, Frank Abbot, Geuige
abbot, Catarina abbot and the City of
Los Aumeles, deiendanU,a certified copy
of which said decree of foreclosure, duiy
attested under tbe seal ot said Court ou
the2iJthday of May, A. *D. 1881, and de
livered tv me, together with the writ an
nexed thereto, on the 27th day of May,
\.T* 1881, whereby 1 am commanded to
sell at public auction, to the hlgbest and
t»est bidder, for cash lv U.S. void coin,
the following and In said decree de
scribed real estate, to wit:
1 irst— A lot bounded on tho wen by
Main street and fronting thereon ihtrty
six feet; on the north by a lot formerly
owned by Pio i-ico and on which the Pico
rjouie utand-; on Ihe east oy Sanchez
street and having a frontage thereon of
6 feet, more or ie<>s; and on the south
by a iotformerly owned by W H.Perry
and WaJlaiw Woodworm, the lo; hereby
describe ) bolng tue same lot ou win-h
stands what is known as the Merced
Theater building.
Second—A lot bounded on the west by
Main street, on the north by lot former
ly of W. H. Pert 7 and Wallace Wood
w >rth; on the east by Sanchez street,
and on the south by lot now or formerly
ol F, A MaoDougall, having a frontage
• -f about SO feet on Main street aad an
equsl nuntage on Sanchez stiect. and
oe-iug the same lot occupied by William
Abt ot, since deceased, as a furniture
rubllc notice Is hereby given that on
JUNE, A. D. 1&S1,
At UO'oIOOI M of said day, I will pro
ceed to sell, at the Court house door, in
thecitv and county of I.os Augeles,Stale
of California, at public uuction. lo the
highest and best bidder for osh lv If. S.
gold coin, to satisfy sad decree tor prin
cipal aud Interest, attorney's f e<, > osts
an 1' 11 accruing costs, ull the above de
scribed reai estate, or so much thereof as
may be necessary 10 satisfy said sums.
Given und r my hand, tnts *7th dayof
May, A. D. 1881. Wt K. KOWu.Nb.
By Jas. 0. K**s. Under Blioriit.
Under Foreclosure of Mortgage.
Execution No. 491.
Iv the Buperlor Court of the county
of Loa Augele-, State of Califor
A. LUIS WALTER, Plaintiff,!
vs. I
Pio Pico et al., Defendants.)
Under and by virtue of a decree ol fore
closure and orderof snio entered lv the
Superior Court utoreeaid on the h day
of May, a. D. l)>3l,uud a will of execu
tion for the enforcement ot judgment re*
quiring sale of property under foreclos
ure of mortgage issued out of said
Court, unueXed tv said decree and
dated the utb day of May, A. L>. 1881, iv
the übove emit ed action and in favor 01
Andres Hriswalter, plaintiff, and against
Pio Pico, J. U. Lucas, A. v. Chapman,
'iheodureC. Porter, W.Woodworth, John
Hancock, the City or Los Angeles aud
Maria Martinez, defendants, a certified
copy of wnlch said deoree ot
foreclosure, duly attested under the
seal of said court on the 6th day of
May, A. D. 1881, and dellveied tome,
together with the writ annexed there
to, on tbe said last mentioned day,
whereby I am commanded to soli
at publlo auction, to the highest and
best bidder, for cash iv United States
gold coin, the following nnd lv said de
oreedescrlbed real estate,to-wlt:
All ihuse certain lots or parcels of land
situated in the city of Los Angeles, coun
ty ot Los Angele-s and state of California,
and more particularly described as fol
lows, to wl(:
one lot bounded on tbe north by the
main plaza, on the east by the small
piuza and the lot formerly of Ocampo;
un the south by the lot formetly of r*e
pulveda and on the west by Sanchez
One lot bounded on the north by the
school house (lot No. 1); eu--t by tne lot
or Petanconl; south by the lot of Maria
Martinez, uud on ihe west by bath
One lot bounded on the north by the
Catholic Church; t ust by Main street;
south by the lot of Mrs. Sancboz, and
westb, the lot of tho Gas Company; ref
erence being made for further descrip
tion uf add three tracts of lund übove
describe 1 to the mortgage from Pio Pico
to Andres Rnswulier, recorded in the of
fice ofthe Oouniy Kecorderof Los Ange
les county, Iv book No. 29, page 859, et
Publio notice Is hereby given that on
MAY', A. D. 1881,
At twelve o'clock h, oi said
day, I will proceed to sell at the
Court House door, in the City and County
of Los Angeles, State of California, at
publio auction, to the highest and bid
der, for cash in United States gold coin, tc
satisfy said deoree for principal aud interest,
attorney's tees, costs, and all accruing
costs, all the abore described real estato, or
ao mnou thereof as m..y bu necessary to
satisfy ssld sums.
Given nuder mv h«ud, thii (>tb -dsy of
May, A. li 1881.
WM. R. KOWLAND, Sheriff.
Ry JAS. C. KAYS, Under Sherlit.
Notice to Creditors.
Estate of Jacob L. Wrlghf, deceased.—
Notice is bereuy given by the under
signed, execu< rix 01 the last will aud tes
tament of Jacob 1 m W r -in , deceased, to
the creditors oi, and alt persons having
c alms against tbe said deceased, 10 ex
ulbli. them, with the necessary vouch
ers, within four months after the first
publication of this notice, to be-aidex
ecutrix, at the ( tlicu of her atloruev, Nu,
4 Temple liloi k. In ihe city of Los An
geies. In the counly of Los Angeles,state
of California.
Dated ul Los Am ' los. May 17, l«Kl.
EXCCUtriX, eto.,Of Jacob L. « right, do
ceased, my 18-iw
Los Angeles Oil Company.
Loeutlouof principal plane of business,
Los Augeles. Califoruia. L"Cailou
of woik.i, Ventura cutiutj ,California
Notice Is hereby given that at a meet
ing of tne Kouru of Directors of tbis com
pany held on the liflh day of May,
iBsi.au assessment (No. lv uf fifteen
(15o> cents per share was levied upon ib>
capital stuck of Lhe company, payable
Immediately, in Us. gold coin, to the
Seoretary, at room No. 5, lemplu Block,
city of Los Angeles.
And any slock upon whioh this assess
ment remains unpaid on Tuesday, tbe
84'h day of Jun-, ltfBj, will be deln.queni
and advertised f *r sale at pr bile auction.
and. unless payment In made before, wll
hp sold on Tuenduy. tbe IH. h day of Jul v.
1881, to pay delinquent costs
of advertising and expenses of sale.
W. J. NlfiKLY.se reiary,
, mm No. 6, Temple Blook.
Los Angeles, May 23,1881. 4*
m mm ''\t%%4m in '
In the Superior Court
Of the State of California in a
for the County of Loe A dgefes
Francisco Orazlde, platntifl", vs. Oliver
Devlllers, defendant.
Action broogtitiu the Superior Court
of the State of Califoruia, lv and for (lv*
county of Los Angeles, and the com
plaint filed in said county of Los Ange
ies, la the office oi Ihe Clerk of Said Sa*
The People of tho State of California
send gieetlng to Oliver Devlllers, de
You are hereby required to appear in
an action brougbt ugaiust you by the
above named plaintiff In the auperior
Courtof the State of California, iv aud
for tbe couuty of Los Angeles, and 10 an
swer the complaint tiled therein, within
ten da> s (exclusive ol tbe day of service)
after tbe service on you of this summons
—if served within this county; or, li
served elsewhere, within thirty days—or
judgment by default will betaken against
you according to the prayer of said com
iho said action Is brought to obtain n
decree of ibis Court lor the foreclosure of
a cenaln mortgage described in the said
complaint, and executed by tbe Bald v.
Devilleis toC. Orazlue, on the ;j 1 day ol
October, 1876, to seoure the payment of a
certain promissory note, mado on tbe 3d
dayof October, 1876, by o. Devlllers. for
the sum ol $300 gold colu.with Interest
at tbe rate of l'- 4 per cent per month irom
date until pa>d, and payu ble to the s.iid
C. Grazide; that the piemises conveyed
by said mortgage may be sold and the
pnuveds applied to the payment of £300
noid nolo, with Interest al tbo raie of \%
percent per mouth trom Oct 'ber 3, 1870
and lor 10 per cent us attorney's lees, as
provided for In said mortgage, and costs
of suit; aud in cuso such proceeds ate
not sumcienlio pay the sume,tbHn to ob
tain un execution against si. id defendant
for tbe balauce remaining due; and also
that the defendant and hi 1 persons claim
ing by, through or under bim, may be
barred aad foieclosed of all right, title,
claim, lien, equity 01 redemption and In
terest In aud to s&id mortgaged premises'
and for otber and further relief.
Heierence ls had to complulut for par
And you are hereby notified that if you
fall to appear and arswtr tho said com
plaint, as above required, tho said plain
tin will apply to tbe Court for the reilei
demanded In the said complaint.
Given under my hand and the seal 01
the Superior Court of the State 01 Call
fo, nia, in and for tue county of Los Ange
les, this 4th day of March, in the
year ot our Lord.one thousand eight hun -
dred and eighty-one.
LSeui.l A. W. POTTS, Clerk.
By A. HIMPAI7, Deputy.
Walter d. stephenson,
mB-2m Attorney lor Plaintiff*
In the Superior Court of the State of
California, in and for the county of Lop
The Farmers'and Merchants' Panko'
Los Angeles, ft corporation, plaintiff, vs.
Crlstoval Macnado el al, defendants
Action brought in the Superior Court
or the State of California, lv and for the
county of Los Angeles, and the cum
{daint filed in sold .county of Los
es, in ibe office of the Clerk oi said an
perior Court.
Tbe People of the State of California
send greetlu* to Crlstoval Mach .d >. Jou
qu v Almada nnd T D. Mo.t, Harris
newmark, hasparCobn, Me.er 1. .New
ma k, Morris A. Mewmark, composing
the firm of H. Newmark A Co., uud i.W.
tietiiuuii, d<'londaftts*
>. ou are hereby icqulred to appear In
an action brought you by the
sbove named plaintiff In ihe Superior
Courtof iheSiuie of Ca Iforuiu. in Bud
for the county of Lot- Augeles, aud to an
swer the complaint flied therein, within
ten days (exclusive oi tbe day 0/ service)
af er the service on youui thissumuion
—if served witbln this county; i.r, If
served eisewhere, within ihtny day-—or
judgment by default will be tak< n
ugaiust you, according to tho prayer of
said complaint.
1 lie said action Is brought to obtain a
decree of tbis court for the l'oe -Insure of
a cerialu mor gage described in tbe said
complaint and ex. cut -d by the *uid OrlM
tuval Machado tv lhe plalutlit herein
on the first duy of November A O 1876 to
S'Curethe payment of ac-rtaln promis
sory note of date Oct. 31st, 1576, fur in*
sum ul 81000, with inteiest then on iron
date tbl paid at tbe rate ot 1J« percent,
per mouth; If not paid punctually 10 he
compounded and bear like Interest; exe
cuted by defendant Ortstoval M'Cbad>>.
to the plaintiff hereto (all in U. S. gold
coin); tbat the premises conveyed by
said mortgage may be suld and the pro
ceeds spplied lo the payment of the said
principal sum of $1000, with Interest at
the rate of one aud uue- half percent pei
nioutlt,compounded monthly, rom in*
Set h day of April. A- D. 1879; SY7 48 taxes
paid March 12, 1878; $31.03 ou 20lh Match,
1879; $2101 paid on sth February, lBao.
$15.00 paid Dec. xu.lSfto; $19.40 paid Febru
ary Ist, 1881, with interest thereon at ihe
rate of 1% per tent per mouth till paid
irom tbeir respective dates; counsel tees
at tbe rate of 10 per ceni ou the ainouni
of luclgmeut recovered, aud lor costs of
suit; ana In case such proceeds are not
sufficient to pay tbe same,
then to obtain an execution
against said Crls oval Machado lor the
balance remaining due; uud also thai
tbe defendants aud all persons claiming
by,through or under them,may be barred
and foreclosed of all right, title, claim,
lien, equity of redemption and Interest
lv and lo said mortgaged premises, and
fjro herund mrtber relief.
Reference Is had 10 complaint for par
And yon are hereby notified that if you
fall to appear and answer tue said com
plaint as above required, the sad plain
tiff will apply to the Court fur the relief
demanded lv the said complaint.
Qlven under my hand aud the Real of
the Superior Courtof the State of Califor
nia, in and for ihe county of Los Ange
les, tnis sth dayof Februaty, lntheyear
of our Lord one thousand eight hundred
aud eighty-one,
(Seal.) A. W. POTTS. Clerk.
By L. H. OWEN, Deputy.
mr3o-2m Attorneys lor PJaintiil.
In the Superior Court
Of Los Angeles County, State of
of California.
L. W. Klrhy, an Inso'vent Debtor, vs.
Ills Creditors.
The petition of Meritz Meyberg, as
signee of L Wt Kiroy. above eutltled
Insolvent debtor, eouilng un regulari>
for hearing Mils day, and It appearing to
the satisfaction or this Court tbat there
liss ueen a failure of proper publication
of notice Ut creditors of said insolvent
csla c of said hearing, hy reason of Ihe
lailuie of tbe Clerk uf t his Court to mat 1
or to serve personally said creditor*
with copies of tbe order heretofore m«de
setting this matter for hearing, as or
dered by ibis Com t by order made and
filed ot date May 4, 1881.
It ls hereby ordered tbat tho ordot
hereinbefore made on tie 4th day ut
May. 1881, setting the petition ofthe saiu
assignee for sale of assets ot said insol
vent . state for hearlug May 16 isSi.aud
directing no-lee of said hearing to b
given. bedeoUred oull and void.md on
motion of counsel for said as<lgne - tb>
said order Is berebv set aside and vac-it
ed; and, it appearing to the Cun from
the records herein tbat Merits Mey
berg, assignee of L W. Kltb,, abovo-eu
tltied Insolvent,did on the 4<hduyo
May, 13*1, present 10nnd file la ibis Court
his petltlou praying f <r au o<der to del
all tbo property of SLidestat* in htm
vested as such assignee at public auc
It is hereby ordered that
1881, at the Western Court Room 01
tbis Court.at th.* Court ll..use, In 'herlM
a d county of Los Migele*, r-tate uf Call
Tornla, at thebourof ten o'clock a. at., 0
si t for tbe bearing o> said petition.
And tbat this urder be pubi shed in th*
Dally h. raid, a newspaper ul general
'droulation, published In tbo city and
co-imy of Los Angeb s, state o Callfur
via, as often as tne said paper is puo
nsbed before tbe said day sol ror ib<
'.earing of said pe'itbm; and that ami.<
oftbli order be served by t be Clerk uf tub
Court for hwbb by United Stales nail,
postiue prepaid, or personally, 011 all
creditors named In tbe schedule.
Dated stay 16,1881.
m v I7td Judge of tbe auperior Court.
For Sale.
L\ND, uear the city, well improved,
with bearing trees and grapevines, and a
bouse, nam, windmill, etc.
netrihe Normal school grounds, will be
sold cheap.
For particulars enquire of H. ED
WARDS, at the central cUablcs, Bering
street, opposite tho Oourt Hoose. attHm
BkMUtton No. EC7O.
ta tbeSt'ptrlor OonrC of liie Counly of
Lo« AngeleSetotate erf California.
A. LOTHIAN, Plalntlfl, i
LKWIw WOLFSKILu, Defendant.)
I'ndcr and by virtue Of iiu cxocutlon Is
sued out (if Uie MHperlor Court of ibe
county oi" Lou Anneles, «tat« ol Cultfor-
n nt, o i tile 51 ti day of .V] uy, A. i> IBSI. to
ma directed and delivered on the 18 b
day or May, A. D ISS', for a ludvtnt-nt
rendered In I un DllUloC Cuurt ol the l?Mi
J Bdl'dai Diatrlot ol m d ouunty nf Lo*
Ac galea, State of Calif rum, ou thcfjth
dny of luno, A I). 1579, lv fuVjr ol A.
• otlilim, plHlntlff, and egalut Lewis
Woiisktii, defendant11 have levied upon
aud fch .11 ou
At 12 o'clock H, or laid day, proceed lo
■ell, at tbe Oourt House door, in the olty
und couuty of Los Aiiinles, al -te ■ f Cal
iiorui.t, at public n&d on, to thu hlgbeNt
aud best bidder, (Or cask in U. gold
coin, to satiNiy said Jtuitfrnfm, lnt« rcsl
aud co-is, and all accruing costs, all tuc
titcut, title n nd intertst ofsaid uefenduut
which be bad on iho day wbOQ ihe tuiig
me it wa<* dt ckoied or at any time tuorc
uitt r lv uLd tul
First-All Ihftttraet or parcel of land,
rl uate, lyliiK «nu ueing In .ho coumy oi
Los Ai rites, 8 tttc of Uailfontla, known
hs thd IttU' ho sa<i Jos , r.-iereuce being
made lor more particular dociptiou to
tu. pa out ot said ruticlm. as recorded in
tbeuinceol lhe County Bee Mur of suld
county ul Los Angeles, lv book Zso. 2 ol
patents, pagy ius et icq.,
Btco'.d—All tbut tract or parcel of Und
situate, lying and being iv thu couuty of
Los Aiig -Jt h, State oi California, kuuwu
as the Kttncho Addition to San Jose, rel
erduce being h id for more p.tnleu ar de
scription to tne patent of s »id ranouo, as
recorded in the otilce «.f tne County K« a
c »rder of Los Angeles coumy. Statr
aforesaid, in booli No*Soi patents, page
11 : et
Given under my hand this ISLhday ol
May, A. D. 1881.
WM R. ROWLAND Sheriff.
ByjAs. c. Kays, ljuder suer.nT
Administratoi'd sale of
Real Estate.
Notice is hereby given that In pursu
ance ol uu order of ihe superior Cuurt \ii
he oonnty oi Los Angeles. State ol Cal
iiurnia, made on the lourtu day ol May,
18*1, lv the matter of the estate oi David
Phillips, deoea*ted, the undersigned, the
udmml-traior i»l tho e>tite of imviu
ehuitpg, deoeasfd* will tvell at puulic
ituctiou, to the lit.li M I ler, for o*»i»fi
in U. H. g -Id coin iui ; cc- to - Ouflr
matlon by vi .' ■ t ~ .
OF JUNE, lStit,
at eleven o'clock a. m., in front of the
.sheriff's t fflcc, at the court House vi
-aid county, in the city and OuUuly ol
Los a naelee, all t ,<■ rfsnt, title, interest
and osiate of tue stid Uavld Phillips at
the tune ol his death, uud all tun iuli ,
title uud interest ihrUtbeeald e>t .tehas
b> operation oi law or OtbOiWise, he
gui ed other than or iv addttl<-n to lhat
of ir.e Kald deceased at the time
ot his deaih. In uud to aL thut certain
lot pleceorparoej of Und Bl uate, b lug
and being lv ihe said cny .nd county o
Los Ana ties, State ol Cal foi i.la, und
bounded and deoilbfd u> f dlows, to wt:
Lot No 6of blOOk 101, Bel lev US Terrace
Tr.'Ct. accord In g lo the survey oi said
iract maie by rraok Lecouvieur, ."aid
lot iionis on itet on olive stieet by 185
IOOt deep
1 frins and o md it tons of sale: Cash in
U a g.dd coin paa vi' « ••: » me nl -a",
to be refuuded snou tv the superior court,
lail tooonfirm tha sale.
A<iministra(nr of the estate of David
Phillips, deceased. tn7td
Certificate of Co-Partnership
of the firm of
LAUTII & SsXliCltlCXi.
-aiNTS. that we. Phil. Lautb, roslalngm
the *Uy of Los Angeies, c<>uut> u> Lo>
Augeles, un i Fred. Sleeker, residing in
ihe el yof i.os AuttaleM, coumy ot Loe
Angeles, in tue t*taia of Calliorota, uo
hereby oorilfy and declare thatwehavs
huil loimed into v
ao*parinership, uud we covenant and
agr< o each with ihe other, to be co-p,»rt
uers tor ttte purpose oi carr> lug and coo
ducting ihe uur.inet-3 of cairyingou ihe
New York Brewtry. in tbe elty of Los
Aiign es. county of Los Angela*, State ol
California, under the linn name aud
sty le ol liAUl'HikUl l-.CKKet
i h tt the p« Incipsi place of business r.f
Nniu co-paitner»uip Is .--iiu.ited in the olty
o 1 Los Anueles. couuty of Los Angeles,
and -ia '■' aforesaid.
1 hat the names of all the personsin
terested as partnews in sul>li buslue»>S
are übovo slated and si«:nea hereto, and
that such partnership will oout iuue auu
be In forcT) until fUrtuer n.,t c i by us.
In Witness whereof we have hereunto
set our hauds and seals, this sccoud da>
of May. A.U. ISSI.
ISeal.] PHH* L\UTFI,
LSsal.J I'HKi). SIkCKfCR. j
County of Lus Angeles. J sa
On this seuoud day ol May, In tho
year of our Lord one thousand eight
Hundred aud eighty 000, before me, A.
W. Potts, Couuty Clerk and ex-omcio
Clerk of the superior Court In and lor
said county, personally uppr-ared
Phil. Lauih uud Fred, meeker,
known io me to be tho persons Wuose
names are subscribed to the within In
sttuuieut, and acknowledged to uu thut
tbey executed tue same.
lv witness whereof, I have hereunto set
my baud aud athxed the seal uf said
t'ourt, ibe day and year in this certificate
fiist above written.
(seal J A. W. POTTS,
County Clerk and ex-omcio Clerk ol
eaid superior court.
Hy to. H.OWEN,Deputy. in 3
IVotlee tv Cretlitors.
In the Bupprlor Court of Los Ange
lea couuty, titatu of California.
In the matter of ibe estate of MAT
THKW KfiLLhR, Deceased. —Notice In
hereby given by thu undcrsigint d, execu
tor of tuo last will and test
ament or M\ITHEvV KKLLfctt.
decs ised, to trbo crsdltoi.s of auu all per
sons having claims agalust tbe said de
ceased, io exblbli tbem, v nh Ihe necesHa
ry vouchers, w thm teu mouths af<«ar the
rtist publoaiiou of tills no lea, to tne
-aid execuLn ,ut his plafl* of
he i«\n ihit.s' and Merchants' bank uf
Los Angeles, in tne city of Los Angeles,
county of Los AOgeleS, State of Calllor
Dated May 14, m\.
FZfOQtor of lb last will ami testa
ment of Maini w X -ller, dec ju;iud.
OfthefSiuto <»f Culifortita, in and
for the County oi Log Augel#B,
In tbo matter of ihe estato or t
Nicolas QiiUolu, deceased, |
It appearing to this Court by tlie pctl
lon this day pre-euied an i filed by Ut*
tugia qulrolo, tha admin stiairlx of tne
riMiale uf Nicolas Quiiolo, oiM-eascd,
praying for an order of sale ol
real c tate; that it Is necessary to *o I
tbe whole of the real eftiaieioiay the
.allowance to the lam ly, the dobts ou (.
standi g against the deceased and tin
debts, expenses and charges of admlnls*
It is thertf pro ordered by the said
Court, that all poison-Interested In the
Mi ate ot said dcci a->od tielore the
-..id Super or tomt on Monday, i he
twen'ietoday of .itit.o, A< l>. ISst. ht ten
•'clock In ih»- loitnoon oi' sat ' dai*, at ibt
oourt rootn of -aid uperlorCoUr at the
Jourt Hons.., in the city and uwtiutyw
l.os AtlgS es, io sh<».v oause wny an ordet
diould do. ij" to \h- s-ud .dm n
str 'tilx to S'dl , muoh ol tho real estat
■ r tbe said decease.i shall be neoes
And tbat a copy of this order he put>*
lisbed at leasi lour successive w. o\%* I n
he i os Angela llally Herald, a news*
aiper prtoteu and puulished in Suld chy
and county.
iSuptror Judge.
Dated May 10tb,18Sl.
I hereby certify the foregoing to be n
lull, true and cm ct copy of th* original
>rder lo r-liow cause, c c . In trse estate ol
Sic 'las Q,llroio. -»eeea-ed, on Hie lv
,»y ome *, and that 1 have oarefuiiy com
pared tber-ame with the original.
In witness whereof, I have hereunto
el my b .nd ami xfflxed the seal of ih*>
Super lor Court, this Ifitn day nf May. IBBL
By fi. H. OwxN, Deputy, mtttd
lv the Superior Court
Or tbe county of Loa Angelea, State
of California.
In the matter of tbe eatate of MarlH
Antoula Villa de Xt yea, d,-cea»ed —No
tice to Creditor-.—f> once la hereby given
en by the undersigned, JoseYsldro But a,
administrator, and Francisca Reyes, ad
iiili.i-iririii ol lhe estate or
lhe .aid Mnrla Autoula VII a dc
rtoyps, deceased, to lhe creditors
oi. hiiil ail peisoub bavlne claim*, against
suld neeea-ed, to exhibit them, with lhe
ucceaaary vnuchera.withlncli lour months
Irom the flrsi puniiratlon oi this • otlee,
10 the said adiuinli-trator and adminis
tratrix,ai ti.i.. unci sof tbe'r attorneys,
.Mc»or.-. i~nilth, Brown & Mutton, attor
neys ut law, roiiins number, d ul, 92 and
Ml, ietii|,le nlock. In tne oity of Loa An
gelas, Stut'i ol Calllornla.
bated L"S AngcKs, California, May
13ih, A. D, MM,
Administrator of tue estato oi Maria
Antouia Vulade Heyea. deceased.
Administratrix of tbe eatate or Maria
Antonia Villa de Ke.et*, deceased.
Execution No. 07».
In thp Superior Court, f the county
of Lib Angulea, Stuiu of Cnliror
Uoromerclil Bank of br« Amjules.l
a corporation, Plaint 11, I
aiiai ,st i
The Loa Angeles a .v Allso Avenne |
Mtr. et Kallroad 0 >rapany, is coi-:
porullun, IJCiendaut. j
Underand by vlrlue or an execution
Issued out of the superior Court or tbe
coumy ot Lo. Angeles, State or C il nor
ma,., tbe 2utb d.v or May, AD. IfBl, to
vie dlreoted and delivered on tbe IU day
of May, A. i>. tSrJ•. ror v Judgment reu
deied.nsnld Court on the iioth day of
May. a. I). ISSI. lv favor of tbe Coinmer
elal H>.nko. L.OB Angeles, a corporation,
p alnnff and anainst tne Los Angeles
anil Aliso Avenue Street Bat. road coin
t'liuy, a coip irutloii, defendant, i bave
levied upon auu shall on
OF JUNE, A. D. 1881,
At 12-30 o'clock P. m. or aald day, pro
ceed to sell, at lhe Court House door. In
tne city uuu county ot Loa Angeles.State
of California, ut public auction, to ti,a
Ugliest und lie, t uldder,ror caaa In U.
ti nold coin, to satisfy said Ju lament,
wnh imercst, costs and ,11 accruing
cos, nil tbo runt, title and Interest ol
suio de.enditnt in and to tbe following
■I scriiiid pr perty, situate in the city
anil oounty ot Los Ansel, s, Caltlornia,
to wit:
lhe atreet railroad be'onglng lo aald
i1»l M r-nnimenclug at a pomt on
"j.'.o.' ii. 'ieujplo Block, in the
Rliyof LOS Aug lee, uud extending up
M.,iu street to Arcadia street, down Ar
cadia to Al so, and extending ou Allso
stieet to lhe eastern line of tbe tract
known as Uo. le Heights, to the end of
-ai i»,reet imlroad, together wlih tne
truck road-bed, franeblse and all rights
of way uud privileges apourteuant to
»utd roadofihento beloualair.
uiven under my baud, tbla 23d day of
Mu\, A. ~. I8ti;.
W. R. ROWLAND.Sheriff.
By I.C. X \YS Under Sheriff.
Assessment Notice.
Los Angeles Mining and Smelting Com
pan*— L ictt ton oi works, Rearing
prints, inyocounty, Calnoruiu—Lo-
Oailou• f priuclp-l pL.ce,.f eusln.ss,
Loa Angelea, Los Angeles county,
Notice ls hereby given that al. a meet
lug oi tho Buard of Directors of s.»ld
C-,lnp,ny bold on the thine, tub day of
Mhj , ISBI, un Hsseaameut, number six (9),
or one d , lur and seventy-five centsper
share was levied on the entire capital
si. ea of said corp. ration, p. yable imme
diately iv i win money, to J n. Elliott,
s.-cin'.iry of a 1,1 com, any, at bis otthe,
No. I Ten,pie Block, lv Ibe city and
county of Los Angeles, Stale of Calllor
Anyatock upon which thl. assessment
shall remain unpaid on Tuesday, tbe sth
oiiy of July, 1881, win be delinquent
and advertised ror sale ut public auu Ion:
i,ml, unless payment is made before, will
bu sool on i'upsday, tbe 9.h day or Au
atiat, iSSl,lo pay s ,ld delinquent assess
inenl, together with cost ol advertising
anil ex pens, sol sale.
By order uf tbe Hoard or Direolors.
I. M. El.l.liiri\-ec etojy.
Office of Secretary, No. 1 Temple Bl.ck,
c ; ty and counly ol i,us Augeles, Ctllfur.
nia, tnlllw
J. G. DeTurk,
Near corner of First and Fort atreels.
e-a-BuL'giea. spring wagons and saddle
horses to biro.
Double team and tmggy.a day............53.nQ
Two borsea and spring wagon, a day. 2.60
Horse aud buggy, per iluy„, Hlwt . HHH . 2.60
Hall a day „„.._ „ „. 1.80
Ocean House,
Ocean Avenue, Santa Monica.
»»rFlrst-01ail in Every Roepeot.-Be
This popular bouse having been thor
oughly rennvateil and leQtted. Is open
tor ibe ucoommodatiou of tbe publlo.
THP. r A [ILK Will ha supplied wltb ail
he luxuries the market auor.ia.
opWtf Proprlatreaa.
Tho Annual Meeting of thfis'ockhoid
eta of tiiH Los Augeles vt inlng ana »m--!t
-lug Cotapuny will be heid at ibe office of
tbe Company. No. 1 'j ample Bii.ak. Loa
Aogol***. uu Monday, the Sixth day of
June lt>Bl.atone o'clock p. a.
mttftd J. M. ELLIoiT, (secretary.
Popular Monthly Drawing ol tbe
Commonwealth Distribution Co.,
On Tuesday May 31, MSI.
These drawings, occur monthly (Sun
ilaya excepted/, under provision, of au
set oi tne Uenerai Assembly of Ken
tucky, incrpoiatlug Ibe Newport Print
ing >ud Newspaper Co.. approved April
■J, 1878.
«r l'bls is a special act, and haa never
been repeated
Tbe United States Otrcult Court on
Marcb Hist, rendered the following de 0
Ist—That the Commonwealth Distri
bution Company Is legal.
2 1—its drawings are :air.
The Company has bow on hand
* large reserve land. Head the llstot
prl/.es for the
1 Prize - ......................130,000
1 Krize — 10,000
I Prize........ - 6,1X0
10 Prises, HOuu each IO.OuU
10 Hrlze*. loOu each.. ....... 10,000
100 Prises, 1100 each „ 10,000
AM Prises. 150 eucb _. _. Io,uoo
dOO Prlaes. $20 eacll. 12,0. 0
loot. Prises $10 each lo.la 0
» Prizes, {.am eaeb, Approxlma
tloo prises 2,700
U Prizes, $200 each, Approxima
tion prizes _ 1,800
9 Prlzi-s, $100 eaoh. Approxima
tion prices. „, 9to
IDiiO Prizes - .....$"lls,400
Whole Ticket*.M. Half Ticcets, $1.
27 llckeis. $50. S> Ticket*, f.uo.
Bemlt Money or Bank Draft In Letter
orseud by Expresa, Don't send by reg>
istered tetter or Postoffloe order. Order*
it $5 and upward, by Kxpreas, can be
.entatour expense. Addresa all order
Courier Journn 1 building .Lnnlavllie.Ky.
kT, J. COMMERFOBP. ••• Broadway.
Mew York. tuVdatw

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