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Herat J Steam Printing House.
The facilities of the Herald Steam
Printing House for doing job work aro not
surpassed In California outside of San
Franelaco and Sacramento. All work en
t Minted to us will be executed with neat
ness and dispatch at the lowest living
nrta'iAL. notice.
Hereafter notices of companies, socle-
Uos, eburohes, etc., will only be Inserted
In tbe Hebat.d as paid advertisements,
We reserve, tor Places of Worship, a grat
ia directory, wbicb will appear every
Sunday morning.
A Dangerous Innovation.
Perhaps the most interesting fea
ture of current aTscussion and con
troversy, for tome time past, has
hinged upon the revision of the
Holy Bible. We bave felt a keen
Interest In tbis quite sensational
religious development. Oa tbe
on* band we bave the Roman
Catholio Cburcb wbicb, from a
logics! standpoint, is absolutely in
dependent of any or all editions of
the Bible. Tbat superb organiza
tion puts itsslf forth as baying
been In full, valid and efficacious
vigor before even a single line of
the Bible had been written. ''Thou
art Peter," said Christ, "and upon
thla rock I build my church." Tbe
Roman Catholics claim that the
Pope of to-day is the regular, if not
lineal successor, of the clumsy and
cowardly fisherman of Galilee,
whom Christ honored above all his
Apostles on account of bis brute
Md dog-like fidelity. They point
to those passages of St. Paul iv
which tbe faithful ure exhorted to
hold fast to the traditions, aud the
oldest Christian oburch pluuts it
self absolutely auu entirely upon
tbe goepel aa interpreted by its owu
divine authority. The next oldesi
Christian church, the Greek, takes
precisely tbe ground of tbe Roman
Catholic; and, iv most of ita ob
servances aud details of faith and
practice, though tbe blsrarcby i
different, tbe Greek persuasion is a
remarkable confirmation cf tbe
Catholic claim us to iis light ol in
terpreting the scriptures.
These remarks are merely intro
ductory to tbe statemeut of tbe faci
tbat the revUiou of tbe Bible will
be mainly of interest tn the hun
dred and one Proteetant sects,
wbicb range from thu severe aud
predestinarlau ideas of Calvin lo
tbe loose and purely intellectual
theology of Theodore Parker
When Luther repelled lbs Papal
headship of the Christian church
he starud a multiplicity of sect
whose contradictory opinions hay,
been analyzed and commented upoi
at length by Bossuet, the eaglt
Bishop of Meaux. Since Boseuel't
time the niceties and variations oi
theological opinion in all quarter?
whioh do not rtcognize the infalli
bility of the Pope and the supre
macy ot tl c Roman Curia bavt
increased a huudred-fold. In tbt
United States to-day there is i.
mercurial intellectual Impulse
wbich will either multiply Chris
tian sects or lead, ultimately, to
an absolute denial of all authority
founded upon revelation.
It is at tti ia stage that a council
of learmd meu, oamprlsing many o
tbe eminent churchmen of Eng
land and tho United States, an
nounces a revised Bible which
cuts the ground from under tin
feet of tbe average Protestant. It It
safe to eny that 11 tbe revised Bible
had existed lv their day, Fox'r
Martyrology would have been im
possible and Banyan would nol
b»ve languished iv an English jail,
or bave written his Pilgrim's Prog
ress. Both were fouuded upou a
fanatical belief wbich could noi
have been generated by tho revlseu
While appreciating t ur eutire in
ability to enter upon the field ol
theological polemics, in any detai
or with any authority, we claim t<
be able to diagnose tbe signs of tbt
times. Tbe new Bible will co-ope
rate with the lugersolls of the daj
in dealing v deadly blow ut belie 1
In revelation. When long genera
tions of men and women bave rrg
ulated their daily lives upon tbe
authority aud verity of a sacred
prescription; when all that Is deal
to tbe human heart Is at one blow
swept away, the whole fabric of be
lief is apt to follow. There Is a
homely old adage which runs thai
you can't teach au old dog new
tricks. You can't take the bum
ble and believing Christian, and
above bim Into now grooves, with
out a shock which will unsettle
many of the old timer?, aud throw
tbe rising generation utterly out ol
gear. Bob Ingersoll is an eloquent,
cunning and masterly Vitruvius ol
unbelief. But the revisers of tbe
Bible beat Ingersoll all hol
low. Tbe Calholin and the Greek
church remain undisturbed by any
scheme of Bible revision, bui
tbe manifold Protectant commun
ions are left to struggle with a
movement of unbelief which will
gain momentum as an Incident of
tbe revision. Tbe man of science
will regard tbis result as undiluted
good, While tbe bumble and perse
wariog believer will bug bis King
iaa»Ws Bible to bia heart wltb
■saw v»bsa»sncs than ever. Wbat-
Biblical revision, tho fact is that
the old Bible was a well of Eng
lish undefiled. The people
had become thoroughly habitu
ated to it. The style of the
most nervous and masterly writers
of the English language has been
based upon the King James Bible.
Nearly all the polemical eloquence
and controversial skill of Protest
ant divines have been founded
upon it. In addition, it is certainly
very late in the day to sound the
note of Biblical change and revolu
tion. Tbe old Bible ougal to have
beeu let alone.
The Illustrated Herald
' meets a want loDg felt In this com
munity. In additiou to it 9 artistic
merits, it answers every inquiry
that has been or may bo addressed
to any inhabitant of Los Angeles
about this city or county. The ar
ticle contributed by Judge R. M.
Wldney, under the caption of
"Questions Answered," whs pre
pared with great care by lint gen
tleman, who bus a very Intimate
acquaintance with every phase o[
this section. The atticlss fur
nished by Dr. WJdoey ou Wil
mington Harbor uud our climate
are valuable and scientific, the lat
ter having previously appeared in
tbe Californian. lis republication
In its entirety is with the consent
and at tbe desire of Dr. Wldney.
Col. W. R. Olden bus writ.en uu
exhaustive article on the Southern
portion of tbe county, while Gen.
Beale tells wbat be knows of Santa
Monica. The other portions of the
letter print aro intended to make
the review uf our present status,
resources and prospects complete
and harmonious. As to the typo
graphical details of tbe Illustrat
co Herald it is not too much to
say that the work equals if it dot!
uot surpass anything of the kind
previously issued ou tbe American
continent, the design has
been to present the attractions of v
section to possible settlers and in
vestors. The publisher bus taken
a pride iv hie work and b;i« printed
it on a quality of paper finer aud
heavier tbau that ou which Har
per's Weekly is worked off, thus
giving grace ami finish to tho il
lustrations. Tbe cut of Lo-! Ange
les in ISSI, with tbe accompanying
sketch ofthe town in 1557, would
ordinarily be sold for at least tweu
ty-five cents. We have made it a
point to pu'. the Illustrated
Herald ut the popular price of
teu cents, witli the view of facili
tating iis universal circulation.
That such will be tlie result we
cannot doubt after the lively de
maud yesterday.
The Duke of Sutherland, who
appioved himself such a genial
jeutleuiaii during his visit to Los
Angelec, is a goo*! deal of a good
fellow at home, or all accounts be
lie bim. AtTrontliam Hull, near
the Staffordshire potteries, he has
a princely seat, embowered in a
fine park, and invested with the
traditional manoiial dignify. At
Trentbam there is cat and come
tgaiu for every oue, and a boru oi
tie and a chunk of bread and
cheese is at tbe service cf all wbo
call at bis lordly mansion. Those
wbo witnessed the wild and boy
ish delight with whicb the Duke
and bis aistinguished companions
disported iv tbe surf at Santa
Monica will never doubt but tbat
tbis British grandee is at the bot
tom a jolly good fellow. While
the rank is but the guinea's stamp,
.the real gold is often tbere too.
The fact that tbis British peer ot
ulgb desreo is interested in tbe
ailway projects wbicb aim
to develop the Pacific Coast and
Mexico invests bim with an un
usual interest to our people. We
confess that we are a little curious
to hear what Dr. Hussell will have
te say of Los Angeles and Santa
Monica iv tbe Loudon Times, li
lie writes as he talked while here
>t will be erjoyable reading to our
The people of California bear
with iueflable disgust of a proposi
tion (o again convene the Legisla
ture of this State in special session.
It is not too much to suy that thoy
would almost prefer eotiug (lie
State relapse into v territorial gov
ernment to knowing that tbe rusty
miscreants who, in the main, com
posed the body just adjourned, had
met again tv mock their constitu
ents. Anything but that is the cry
from a people who have tlevieed a
litany of supplication far more
piteous in its terno.9 thou that
which graces any of the rubrics of
any of tbe Christian churches.
How inexpressibly calamitous it
would he to have these abhorrent
fellows again vexing the circum
ambient air of Sacrameulo witb
tbeir cacophonous notes of plunder?
From any such infliction, good
L jr.l deliver us.
An old Iszzaroue has just died at
Naples after a most successful ca
reer In matrimony. He was mar
rled seven times under King Bom
ba, and bad 76 children, who are
still alive. Under the Savoy dy
nasty he was married six times
and raised up forty-seven children,
only two of whom alei.—Washing
ton Republican.
While Ihe old translation of tbe
New Testament la still In vogue,
we will take ooeasion to say that
Mr. Qarfleld bas raised more b—l
on bia watob than any of bis prede
cessors tbat we recall. After to
day we abould bo obliged to aay
tbat be raised more "hades"—but
IRpeniui Lottie USKALD y ibe We R tori*
tTttlnn Tft]«ff*|>fa a
mTouu Ettct'Oiii*.
San Fbanciscc, June 3
CSOuphlr. SW,tK 70 Belcher. 2.10
810 Mr'loau, UM, 00 Utah. 12
Wi 4HO million. 95c. St
6or> aa- il, 9- 1 ;, 9% soo Bxeneouer.iAO,
3nu B A I', 10, lija 1,56, 1.50
SwUata, 195,1! 40Ses Beliiher.il
•181 Savajre, iy 4.30, 500 1 iverman. 1 4",
1.40, 4.35 MM Justice, $1, Ha
1780 Con Va,4,4bSo, "70 U"' M, Wi,
4 WW
ISO l'liollKr.2 RO, S-90 R7OAU.it. 3 70,3.75
400 Polosl, 3.70, 303, Us I Challenge. 1
:).UU till Andes, 2.46
2S"> Hft X, 4.7", 165, 10 Ward,24
l.tij 150 Scorpion, 2.35
230 JasKet, t%, 4.65, 350 O Sate, 2K, 2.80,
4.70 2.70
100 Kenluck. 2.51 250 Sierra, VUi 1.85
40 Alpha, 180 2J Point, 2.2$
Si'js Nev:i,o<. 20)4. 310 North Ex Utah,
20W, S4M, *0,20}» 1.10, 1.15,125
Sierra, 1 75b, 1.81 a; Belcher, 2.f5 b; Hale
& Norcrows, 4.40 b; nretta, 3ti>, k; Coo Vli-
Kinla, 3.65 b, Union, 15\ »; sierru Nt
vadu, 15,4 b; Mexican, ISm b; Best 4
Beioner, 15 s; Goukl m Oarry, e94*Sj Wales,
195u; Chollar.2 75 b,2.80a; P01051,3.35 b;
California, 1.70 b, 1.75 a; Alpha, 4 b; ci .Is,
II Mt Diablo, ~Y, b; Jacket. 4.45
b, 4.60 a; Bullion b; overman, 1.30 s;
Alta, 3.55 s; Justice, 90c b; Exchequer,
1.56; Savage,3.9ss; opliir, t 3 j s; Scorpion,
I*4 b.
Pa,Kcj.erK Souin axtd Eul.
Fresno, Cal , Juno 3J.—The fol
lowing is the li»t of passengers for
the South and East on the train
whicb passed tbis place at 5 P. It.!
Lambert Camoo, Leonard Camon,
Tucsou; S Duulap, Mrs E S Koote,
I Madison, Geo S i'utton, E Reen,
Joe B Grow, D Bassausburg, A W
Thompson, Los Augeles; N F Pe
terson, New York; H \V Stoddard
and wife, El Paso; Mrs D Frelare,
Benson; Mrs J B Faiish, Deming.
Kiln Il> Borate,
San Francisoo, June 3.—With
in the last twenty-four hours light
showers of rain have beeu quite
general over Ibe northern and cen
tral pans of the State, Some dam
age is reported to cut hay, but uu
injury of cousequeuce t> grain is
anticipated, unless, iusome places,
hot weather Inimediately follows.
An I: rlioa In bn licit In *i a
San Francisco, June 81—Tho
Supreme C iurt to-day decided tlnit
* city election shall be hold In
September. Tho news of the de
cision created much comment on
the street, mainly of a favorable
Bines Sl-m Dona.
Bmartbvillb, June Brd.—The
employes of the Excelsior Water
and Mining Company were notified
to-day tbat the mines would he
closed down owing to the granting
of an injunction in the case of the
City of Marysville versus the
North Bloom field Mining Com
pany und others. The foreman uud
millers wero ull discharged. Sev
eral hundred men, the majority of
whom have large families to sup
port, will be obliged to seek other
homes unless mining is resumed.
The loss to the laboring class will
be $2a,()ou per month. The feeling
is very Intense among ail.
fracas — Bdlltua Sbf ptuents lor
Tombstone, June 3d.—Clark and
Field, two opposing laud title
magnates, bad a free tight iv a res
taurant to-day. The latter was cut
on the head hy a tumbler thrown
hy Clark. Friends interfered before
pistols came in play. Clark was
fined $25.
Another lattl swindle was ex
posed yesterday.
Tbe Union publishes the total
shipments of bullion for May at
$481,803, an increase of 161,000 over
Tne fJruy Jury Basvoeneleit.
Redwood C'itt, June Bd.—Ths
jury empauneled in the Gray cisc
are: W. A. Marsh, C. Kremlin, U.
Z. Trice, .A. McFiuley, Michael
Knopf, Chris. Johnson, L. B. Ber
nard, Wm. Johnson, John Donnel
ly, L. J. Winn, E. Bsrtans, W. E.
Stanton. Tbe prosecution exercised
tbe right of ten challenges; the de
fense sixteen. Public sentiment is
pretty equally divided. The opAi
lug statement will be made to-mor
row morning and the prosecution
will begin the Insroductlon Of testi
I red Uritut-a Rosltfuniioo.
WASHiNOTON.June 3d.—General
Sheridan, iv announcing the resig
nation of Lieutenant-Colonel Fred
Grant, wbich took effect June Ist,
returns thanks for the good soldier
ly qualities displayed by him dur
ing his i i-ht years service, and
earnestly wishes bim every luocscs,
Tue Mac It ,nt s.
Washington, Juno 3 I.—The
Cabinet to-day considered the star
route frauds. MacVeagh did not
believe tbat any of these cases
could be tried before September
next, ou account of the crowded
condition of the courts.
Ho itcaan lv its Yum.
Ai.BANY,Juue 3.— Spinola moved
to adjoin n the Joint Convention
until noon on Saturday. Agreed
to, the Democrats aud Garfield
men voting together.
Minify nail Stock*.
New Yokk, Juno 3d.—Silver
bars, 112; money easy, at S}|
Governments quiet; stocks closed
weak; Western Union, V 2.11;
quicksilver, 17t; Pacific, G4; Mar
iposa, 6 a; Weils, Fargo, 127; N. Y.
Central, 149}; Erie, 4SJ; Panama,
270; Union Pacific, 127}; bonds,
118}; C. P., 965; bonds, 117; Sutro,
2i; Silver ft ugget, e2; Mineral
Creek, 170.
Mnrdt'i* t.u.i Mlialde.
Monticello, la., June 3rd.—
James slogan on Wednesday night
shot bis Ulvorced wife six times,
Inflicting Injuries wbich are likely
to prove fatal, and tben, wltb one
shut, killed himself. She bad ob
tained a divorce because be was a
bigamist, lie bad threatened to
kill her because she retused to
marry him.
Oea'ereaaa ul Railroad jmgaiie .
St. Louis, Mo., June 3d.—J»y
Oould aud party are conferring
with tbe managers of lhe Texas-
Pacific, tbe Missouri Paolflo, tho
and Iroti Mountain Railroads. It
is supposed that tbe consolidation
of Gould's entire Southwestern in
terests is under consideration.
Meyerbeer and the Poet.
One night when be waa In Brus
sels a dust oamo into his tnlnd at 2
A. M. He leaped out of bed, rang
tbe bell for a servant, and asked for
a poet. Tbe servant, Dot knowing
wbat tbat dish was, awoke tbe
master of the house, aud, after sat
isfying himself that Meyerbeer re
ally wanted at tbat bour of tbe
ulgbt a biped wbo turned out verse,
gave bim the address of a well
known Belgian poet, ordereil a cub,
and sent Meyerbeer to the dramat
ist's bouse. Meyerbeer tugged at
tho beil till be brought tbe master,
who auswered tho alarm iv tbe
worst possible humor until the vis.
Itor said:
"I atu Meyerbeer. Aro you a
"Yes, when 1 am in tlie vein;
but at these untimely hours, when
only ohtireb-yards yawn, tlie humor
Is not on me."
"Humor is will; will is inspira
tion; 'twill come. Sit at your
desk and write a duet between a
lover anil his sweetheart. Hero ia
the idea."
Meyerbeer gave his thoughts.
"I would write what you waut a
good deal better after thinking it
over to-night, (live mo uutil to
"No, no, no; write It at ouo>, to
morrow 1 ehall tie iv Horliu."
Tho poet wrote tho duet. Meyer
beer was pleased with it. Ho drew
out his pocket-book, took a lUOO
italic ba ik note from it, and gave
it to tbe poet, saying:
"ile good euough to accept this
rag for your author's loyally, with
a tliousand tbuuks."
It ie said tbis duet was used in
An Old Acquaintance.
Tho late Charles Chapman, who
was iv his day the loremost crim
inal lawyer iv Connecticut, so ably
defended a mau once wbo was
charged with tho crime of murder,
tbat he cot oil'with manslaughter,
although there was scarcoly a
doubt of bis guilt of tho graver of
fense. ; A very prominent citizen
who was convinced of the man's
iruilt was so uunoyed lo think tbat
Chapmuu had saved tbe fellow's
ueck from tbe halter, that be re
fused to speak to tbe distinguished
advocate for a long time after.
A number of years later Mr.
Chapman's door-bell rang, uud a
visitor wus announced.
"Good moruiug, Mr. Chapman,"
was the salutation.
"You have the advantage of mp,"
replied the lawyer. "I do not rec
ognize you."
"My name is-——. Don't you
remember that you got me off for
ten years for killing so and so ?"
"Yes, I do remember it, and I got
throueli with you then and there. 1
want n0..: n j more to do with you,
sir." •
"You nesdn'i !i* «o 'ty.Sli about
it," muttered the fellow. "Tlie way
you talked to that jury almost
made me believe I didn't do it, and
now you've goue back on me;" uud
lie walked disconsolately away.—
HaHford Times.
Old 2sel 1 Giles is a negro fortune
teller at Auguta, Ga. She lives in
a cellar, iv the midst of weird
thing-, and is a hideous bag. The
negroes believe ehe is a veritable
witch. Joe Stevens went to ber
from Edgefield to get a cure for his
rheumatism. She performed some
mummery over bim, anuoiuted his
rheumatic arm,and tbe pain ceased.
She assured bim tbat be bad been
"conjured" by some secret enemy,
aud that he could uot be perma
nently cured until be sbed tome of
tbat person's blood. Her directions
to Joe for discovering the gulty one
was to shake hands witb all his ac
quaintances, voting whose band be
held when a twinge came into his
arm. Joe went to church, and did
a great amount of baud shaking
before the services began. His arm
save tbe warning when Audy
Kichardeon shook it. Jos went
home, procured a long knife, hid it
in his sleeve, returned to tbe
church, and plunged the weapon
Into Andy's heart. Whether this
would have brougbt about tbe cure
promised by Old Nell cannot be
determiued, for the patient bas
beeu hanged.
The correspondent of tho I'aris
Intransigeanl lv St. Petorehurg,
who proteoses to be equally well
informed as to the movements in
the palaces aud the plans of the
Nihilists, writes tbat the Empress
recently discovered betweeu the
leaves of ber prayer hook a sheet of
paper with a pen-and-ink drawing
ou each side. Each sketch repre
sented a gibbet, on one of wbicb
Hes-y Helfmau was seen banging,
aud on tbe other ber Majesty. Be
neath were written the words, "Au
eye for au eye. Your child will
meet the same fate as mine." The
Empress is said to bave Tainted on
reading tbis lugubrious threat.
During the trial nf the case of
perjury yesterday, while examin
ing the jurors, District Attorney
Oraln asked an Intelligent colored
juror if he knew wbat perjury was.
"Ob, res," said be. "Well, what
is it?" said tbe District Attorney.
"It's something bad," said the in
telligent juror. "But you mu-t
tell the Court wbat it is as you un
derstand it," said Mr. Craln.
"Weil, boss, I understand it to be
a big overflow," responded the in
telligent juror. He waa at once ex
cused for "cause." — Shreveport
"I feel," said the fat passenger,
as the train crossed the Ohio line
"that lam lv tbe land of states
men. There is a smell of the post
office in tbe air, and the low, sweet
sound nf a consulate is beard in
the dewy distance. I see the
shadowy forms of marshals yet to
be, and out of the dreamy gates of
the impossible I see tbe sad proces
sion of never-to-be supreme judges.
It is a dear and favored land, this
grand old step-mother of Presi
dents."—£o6 Burdetle.
Thoy were touching up their
toilets preparatory to tbe afternoon
promenade. "Cicely, my dear, de
you think I need any more color iv
my faos?" "That depends. If
you only want a delloate blush,
you bave it Just right. But if you
want your complexion to matnb
yonr hair, put on a little more Ver
million." Do yon supposed they
walked together that afternoon.
Fouud, by the undersigned: One bay
mare, branded s; one brown horse, and
one colt, whicb the owner can recover on
proving proporty and paying charges.
my23.lw WM. HEATH, El Monte.
Lost or strayed, ou Tuesday, May 3d,
from the Vlmlnes Ranch, A BAY
M AUK, branded (C> on tlie left hip.
Ten Dollars reward will be paid for Ihe
return of the mare to Nord bolt's store,
corner ol First and Isos Angeles streets,
my 8-1 m
A place whire a flue eur> oi COFFEE
-can be hud,
No. « TKMPLK ST. m29.ti
to jr.
at NO. It FIRST STREET, only a few
steps from tho Postomce. zn2l-lm
Enquire at Mott Building, No. 48 Spring
street, ueur the I'ostofHce. J2 lw
ton street, west uf FJgueroa street, for
sale very ebeup. inquire by letter un
der Cypher X., Herald office. Joltf
MADAME LEOROO. has removed her
Dressmaking uud Butirlck Pattern Es
tablishment to NO 13t» MAIN ST.,
nextto McDonald Mock. Jel-lm
An interest in a well established, pay
Irom $|ouo to SSiHM capital required. Also,
A DWELLING HOUSE, centrally lo
cated. Address R, Herald office. in 18-1 ni
three and four rooms; fine locatlou;
splendid investment.
uiy6-3m Room 49 Temple Block.
GOO ACRES of the best fruit or agri
cultural iand at SiO per aero, north ofthe
Hunter Ranch, ou the river, with right
ot water. Inquire of T. E. ROWAN, 7a
Downey Block, or of the owner, W. C. B.
RICHARDSON, uaar the premises.
Pleasantly located and neatly furnished,
Corner Fort and Franklin streets, one
block from Postoffloe. dBIU
ny lront room, hot and cold water,
southern exposure, In a private family,
lv the most desirable part ot the city.
Apply to Mrs. E.C. ST \RIN, first bouse
on north side of Orange street, Just off
fcarl aud sixtli street. iu3-lm
ACRES: two aneslau wells; orchard
nnd vlnevart of 20 acres. Inquire of A.
W. r'OTTS, County Clerk's office. m2s-lw
Kimball Mansion.
and Large Single Sunny Rooms, contain
ing all modern conveniences. I
M-THK TABLE supplied with the best
th« market affords.
fe22lf MRU. M. H. KIMBALL,Prop.
MRS. K. SMITH, having been with
Mr. and Mrs. G. A. Williams, will con- .
tluue business at their old place. Mrs. <
.Smith Is prepared to do all kinds of hair
work in the best and latest styles. Re
member the place, NO. 48 SPRING ST. .
ni2S-lm 1
Christy & Wise.
the sale of Wool. Hides, Tallow.
Grain, Live Slock, etc.
Also, Wool Bans, Twine, Hips and all
Raoch Supplies furnished customers at
lowest rales.
007 FRONT ST., between Jackson and
Perhaps it will Never
Come Again!
You Can Now Buy Your
Boots and Shoes at
Actual Cost!
But Remember.for3o
Days Only!
Men's Boots and Shoes
Ladles' Shoes at Cost!
Misses' Shoes at Cost!
Boys' Shoes at Cost!
Chlldrens' shoes at Cost!
Infants' Shoes at Cost!
This is the first time
that this has occurred
since our opening.but
remember, for THIR
The Great
Half-Price Shoe House
Mr. P. LOI3EAU has mado arrange
ments with Mr. I>. V. Waldron winch
enable him to announce that,every Hun
day, beginning with Sunday, April nth,
he will give Sleigbtaof-Hana perform
ances at this popular resort. In addition
there will be foot-races, a shooting ini
ery and other ways of amusing the pub
ic. Anew programme every rtunday.
Professor Kulmbach, Musical Director.
Admission—Grown persons, 25c; chil
dren. 10c.
Bud characters excluded. ap7-lm
The Los AnijelPs Tee Company having
reduced the price of ice to
One Cent per Pound
Permanently, are ready to sorve all fam
ilies with five pounds for five cents per
day during; tho summer, ice for sale ut
PREUSS A PIRONI'S, No. 2lBprlni! St.,
whore orders will be received my 2711
Grand Charity Ball.
To all Benevolent, Social and Fraternal
Societies, Firemen and Military Com
The Ladies' Benevolent Society of Los
Angeles extend to you a public invita
tion, and cordially Invite you to attend
their (IRANI) CHARITY BALL to be
given at Horticultural Pavilion on the
evening or FOURTH OF JULY next.
By order of tbe Society.
Mlts. 0. DUCOMMUN,
Mus. W. 12. Gould. Secretary.
Los Angeles, May 2>, lest. m2O-lm
Los Angeles Infirmary
Tbe grounds are highly Improved and
contain a large number or bearing or
ange, temon and deciduous fruit trees,
a* For terms apply on the premises.
Occidental Restaurant,
No. Ihi Main St., Cardou i Block.
Tho table will be furnished with tbe
best that can be procured in the market.
Rogular meals, 25 cts.
**• ICE-CREAM SALOON connected
with tlie restaurant.
mj4-lm CHAS. WENZEL, Prop'r.
Has facilities for doing JOB
WORKnotequaiedin South
ern California. Power and
Job Presses run by steam se
cure promptness and moder
ate prices. Give this office
a call and secure work at San
Francisco Prices and of a Sai
Francisco finish and style.
Water Elevator and Purifier.
(A. I'ump uud JPurillov
EVAIOR, will make the Foulest
Well or Cistern SWEET, PURE
AND WHOLESOME, in ten days
or less time.
It elevates water easior than auy otbr.r
devise. It never freezes. It never cerrodes.
H has no wooden tubes to taint tho water.
It fills the buoket at tbe bottom of tho wall
or cistern. It agitates tho water by pass
ing six gallons of air through it per minute.
It is luces Wiglers, Water Lice and Water
Bugs to their proper elements. It will
save its prioe once every year in dispensing
witb the use of nauseous drugs taken into
the system to remove the effect of impure
water,by rendering the wator pure, sweet
and wholesome.
A child eight years old oan, with ease,
draw water sufficient for the uso of a large
amily out ol a fifty-foot well. For further
Information, address
Indianapolis, Ind
Santa Monica Pavilion,
EOKERT & BRIGHT, Proprietors.
This favorite Summer Resort will be
Best brands or wines, liquors, ales, beer
and cigars always un hand. Hot and
oold lunches, shooting gallery, bowling
alley and other amusementa attached to
tbe Pavilion. Visitors should not tall to
give tbem a cal 1. apl2tf
Late of San Franolsoo, bas opened a
Merchant Tailoring
He ts a practical tailor and on tier of It
rears years experience. He bas eat la
ha bait bouses East and In San Treacle-
The City of Paris
Are now exhibiting lhe following
20 pieces Plain-Colored Heavy Dress Silks,
in all the new shades; at 75c. per Yard.
25 pieces Black all-wool Cashmere, at 45c.
per Yard.
50 pieces Colored all-wool Cashmere, at
50c. per Yard.
50 pieces Colored all-wool Bunting, at 30c.
per Yard.
250 Shetland Shawls, at 75c. each.
150 Ladies' Cloth Ulsters, at $2.50 eaoh.
17 cfc TO ST.
m yll-2m
for Devlin's Celebrated Custom-
Made Suits than ever hefore. His
priues i.uve been reduced. No better fitting
garments are to be obtained. Come and see our
samples. Select tbo kind you want, and we
will guarantee satisfaction lv every respect, or
no sale.
Our Reduction Sale In Gent's Furnishing
Goods still goes, and you will find it to your ad
vantage to buy your sblrls aud underwear and
otber goods at tbe low prices at which tbey are
now beiug sold. We hove certainly reduced
prices on larger lines of goods.
The "Coulter Shirt" is giving perfect satis
faction, aud is undoubtedly without a rival on
the Coast. Men are paying blgb prices for
shirts made to order tbat are no better in any
respect tban those we are selling at very low
prices. Tbe "Coulter Shirts" are manufactured
expressly to my order. Call and see tbem.
■"■ •— OF THE
Progress Clothing Store
No. 120 Main St., Cardona Block,
Are now complete, and comprise a full line of Men's, Youths' and Boy's
OF THE NOBBIEST STYLES, whioh will be sold at prices never
before equaled in Los Angeles.
Linen and Mohair Ulsters,
Dusters and Half-Dusters,
1 milieu aud Alpaca Coats.
Great Bargains in Stylish Furnishing: Goods
of Every Description.
IflrirV HATS you will be convinced tbat I bave tbe largest and
most stylish assortment, wblob I otter at astonishingly low prioes.
jeiTNECKVVEAR or all the Latest Color».-ea
SmTKull lino of Bootis and Shoe*, for Men and Boys.-©«
Tninkis, V alines, etc.
Sty At WO. BS Sptlns ft., OPPSIoWtO Qlift Hit— fM

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