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•Cos tSUgrir? Sjcvulil.
The Illustrated Herald.
Oar contemporaries of the press
are very cordial In their recogni
tion of the Illustrated Herald.
Below we present a few of these
pleasant notices:
We have received the first num
ber of the Illustrated Los An
•UU Herald. It Is gotten up in
•piendid style and reflects great
credit on its able editor, Mr.
Joseph D. Lynch. — Cotton Semi-
Tbe Illustrated Herald has
keen received at this office. It is
• paper which we advise every
body to buy and rend. The descrip
tive) articles are In keeping with
the excellent typographical ap
pearance of the paper.— Anaheim
The Los Angelea Herald is out
■with a handsome extra illustrated
edition. It Is the best and hand
somest edition of any newspaper
tbat we havo ever seen issued from
■ Southern California office, and
for Eastern circulation will no
doubt prove valuable. The illus
trations are artistic, and the arti
cles, with the single exception of
tbo one on State division, of a qual
ity to match.— Sanla Barbara In
We have received a number of
tbo Illustrated Los Ano ei.es
Herald, Just Issued. Besides a
largo amount of luteresting matter
relating to our county, there are
several Illustrations, one showing
tbo Loa Angelea city of 1881 and
tbo elty of 1857, in the latter of
which we recognized an old friend.
Tbo paper is a credit to tbe pub
lisher, both as to contents and
taste displayed in Us get-up.—
Xanta Ana Herald.
The Los Angeles Herald has
published an Illustrated edition,
giving some account of the progress
•nd resources of the county, with
akotebos of tbe city and some of
Its prominent public buildings and
private residences. The paper is a
•rodit to tbe Herald, and an
honor to Los Angeles, and if any
one wants to know what may be
expected from Los Angeles couuly,
that Is tbe authority for him to
consult.— San Jose Herald.
The Illustrated Los A ng elks
lIKRALD for May is to band, it is
B most complete paper, nnd is v.tli
•alcnlated to promote tue coloniza
tion of Loa Augeles by Eastern
people, if widely circulated among
tbem. This duty should be under
taken by the landowners aud busi
ness meu of Los Angeles. The
printing is admirably executed,
and the arrangement and compila
tion reflect en at credit upon
Jtrother Lynch, ot the Herald.—
Han Francitco Po^t.
The Illustrated Herald, Is- '
filed by tlie Los Angeles Ijaii.v
Herald, Is received. It coutaiu.
aaacy illustrations cf prominent
buildings iv Los Augeles city und
•ounty, including a bird's-eye view
Of Ibe city in Ico I as com pared
Vlth a view taken in 1857, at v
lime when l.»n Angeles w»h but un
•dobetowu. The Herald is full
of valuable reading uud will ex
tensively advertise the Southern
Soetropolis.— EivertiUe Prim and
We have received the first uum
her of tbe Los Angeles Illus
trated Heuald v journal which
lias been issued by Mr. Joseph i).
Lynch in Ihe City of the Angels. II
la a remarkably neitand Interest
ing publication, especially in its
typography and design. We there
Xlud engravings of incontestable
merit, amongst others Los Augeles
In 1881, contrasted Willi that of
1887, some of tho principal drives
stud residences and, to conclude, au
excellent map of the three great
counties of Southern California. —
Courier de San Francisco.
The Illustrated Herald was
distributed about tbe city on Mon
day last. It is chock full of infor
mation about our city aud couuty
and to persons inquiring about
California, will be of more use than
• dozen letters. Views of ltose's
"Sunny Slope," Baker Block, I.
W. Hellman's residence and a map
of tbe county grace its pages, be
sides a magnificent view of Los
Angeles to-day and us it was in
1857, from photograph", which
■how at a glance the wooderful pro
gress which has been made.—Mir
We have received a enpy of the
.AiiD. 'Ihe views, which represent
tbe residence of Mr. J,. J. Hose at
Sunny Slope, the city of Log Ange
lea contrasted with tlie Log Ange
of 1857, Baker Block, ihe residence
of Mr. I. \V. Hellmau, am! a map
of tbe couuty, are of a liuish iv the
execution which shows Ihut the
engraver* nrs veritable artists.
The Illustrated Herald will
be Indispensable as an ornament of
the social drawing room and in the
family circle. It ie for ante ut the
office of the Herald.— V Union
J. D. Lynch, editor and publisher
of tbe daily Loa Angelea Herald
lias issued uu illustrated edition of
that paper. It is a sixteen page
octavo, and is brim full of tho past
history and resources of Los Ange
les county. There are v number of
illustrations of resiliences and or
unge groves and v line lithograph
view of the city lit Ls Augeles,
uud au excellent map of portions
of the counties of Los Angeles, San
Bernardino and Sm Diego. It is a
splendid piper for circulation
abroad, and thrf people of Los An-
Kelts will not be alive to their own
Juterests If tin y d.> not entourage
IMr. Lynch in bis enterprise.—
fianta Batbara Press.
The illustrated edition of tlie Los
Augeles Herald lias reached us
and we must suy r< fleets great
credit upon Uu enterprise of the
people of our ulster city and upon
It* editor, Mr. Lynch. The work
of getting out this n .ruber has
beeu somewhat slow but the supe
riority of the work amply repays
for tho lime spent upon it. A
double page panoramic view ol
I/O* Angoles Is very handsome and
Ii perfect In all Us details. The
front psgo is devoted to a series ol
View* of Hunuy Slope, uitislically
arranged, while other views of
prominent features of the city at.
interspersed through Ibe work. It
te prlotod on superfine book paper
from new type and is edited with
prromt ability. — Han Bernardino
We have received Ibe Illus
promisnd for soma lime back, by
■ tlie editor. It iia sixteen page
paper, Illustrated with map aud
prominent places in and around
Xaa A ace tea, and fllUd with mat-
Mr ooieaimted to convey • good
Idea of the capabilities of the city
and couuty, and induce Immigra
tion to it. The front page is adorn
ed with views of the residence and
farm of L. J. Rose, Esq., at Sunny
Slope, the Baker Block, map of a
portion of the county, a view of
Loa Angeles in 1857 and 1881, and
tbe residence of I. W. Hellman.
Tbe matter contained in tbe
Herald should prove of interest to
distant readers as well as at home.
Tbe paper can be bad of the editor,
at ten cents per copy.— San Diego
We have received a copy of tlie
Illustrated Los Anoeles Her
ald. It Is an excellent newspaper
and will contribute greatly towards
presenting to those who have
thought of vialtiug (his coast s
true and faithful picture of out
rich and fertile country. Tbe en
gravings of this publication repre
sent some of the most interesting
and characteristic subjects in Los
Angeles county. The work,
moreover, contains an excel
lent map of the couuty. The
views of Los Angeles as she is now
and as she was a quarter of a ct n
tury ago are raagnillcent aud give
a perfect idea of the wonderful in
crease iv our city that has taken
place in that brief period. Dr,
Widnjy has contributed to this
valuable compilation various lumi
nous articles upon matters of much
interest. Taken as a whole, the
Illustrated Herald is a work
worthy of the most cordial neep
tiou.—La Cronica.
We are In receipt of a copy of the
Illustrated Los Angeles Her
ald, a special publication of six
teen pages, nearly as large as Har
per't Weekly, issued by Jos. D.
Lyncb. The Issue before us, in
point of typographic art, is fully
equal to tho best that can ho pto
duced on the continent, and we
have a vague idea tbat Its mechan
ical excellence bus been attained
through tbe large printing house
of H. S. Crocker & Co ,of San
Francisco —no establishment in
Los Angeles being capable Of its
production; Ihlf, however, in no
wise detracts from tlie credit due
our friend Lynch as its publisher.
Ou the first page is a very line
wood engraving of tlie residence,
viueyard and wine buildings cf
Mr. L. J. Rose, called the "ouury
Slope," while the inside pages are
adorned by a line bird's-eye view
in lithograph, or photo relievo pro
cess, of Loa Angeles city us it ap
pears to-day and us it was in ISS7,
affording a striking end pleasing
Clv i.l net. The reading matter has
evidently beeu prepared with much
oare, and fully sots forth the ad
vantages of Los Angeles us a home,
aud with which we frankly confess
we are not in the iea-t jealous oi
envious, lor all we bave ever lo say
iv behalf of our own city of Sau
Diego will readily apply to nearly
all of Southern California, W. are
oniy envious of the euterplise dis
played by brother Lynch in getting
up such a beautiful und valuable
publication.— San Disgo Union
We have received a copy of Ihe
Illustrated Lob Angeles Her
ald, just issued. The editor and
publisher, Mr. J. 1> Lynch, lias re
turned from San e'rancisco, Where
he has beeu superintending ihe
public ii ion. It ii a very credita
ble work, tlie Illustrations being
much more artistic tbun i hose gen
erally found iv special publications.
The cuts are finely engraved, and
have a suft, tropical tone, which te-
II jets, very strikingly the repose
and lialiu peculiar to our section.
The frontlsplsos givts exquisite
views of Sunny Slope vitieyaids
and i!s winehouios and distillery.
Tbe centre-piece runs across two
pages and gives a fine panoramic
view of Los Allodia as It is, I'rooi
a photograph taken by Payne &
Stanton, ol the Elite Uailery, this
city. It is accompanied by a
aketcli of Lob Angeles in 1557,
which alTords ut v glance a most
striking contrast between tbe city
of tlie present lime and that of the
adobo period. Views of Baker
Block, lieliman's residence and a
map of Los Angeles county also
contribute to the pictorial excel
lence of this publication. The read
ing matter conveys a comprehen
sive idea of the resources uud tbe
advantages of tbe county, and is
marked by careful editing aud a
commendable absence from the ex
aggeration usually indulged lv by
special publications of this charac
ter. Ou tbe whole, the Illustrat
ed Herald is a very creditable
woik, und should be widely circu
lated. We learn that the edition
for distribution will not be here till
Friday or Saturday. —JExprcsn.
In the Superior Court
Of tlie County of Los Angeles, Wlute
of California.
In tlie matter of tbe guardianship ol
Willlitm it. Uaakiu unit Louis t.
ilaskllis, minors. ,
It appearlngto this Court from the pe
tition tills day presented and Hied by
Henry Huskin, the guardian of the per
sous und estates of William H. iiasKiu
una Louis P. Haskin, minors, praying for
mi order of Bute ot certain real estate
belonging lo bis said wards; that it would
he beneficial to each or said wards that
such reul estate should be sold:
it is hereby ordered tbat the next of
kiu of tlie said wards, and all persons In
terested lv tlie said estate, appear before
this Court, on
A. D. 1881,
At ii o'clock A. At., at tho eourt-ioom of
this Court, at u.o Court House, in tbe
city und county of Los Angeles, then and
there to show cause why an older should
not be granted lor tho sale or such estate.
And it is further ordered that v copy or
this order be published at least Three
successive weekß berora Hie said day ol
hearing, in the Los Augeles Dally Her
ald, a newspaper printed und published
lv mid county of Los Angeles.
Dated Juno (lib, I. al.
Judge or the Superior Court, Los Angeles
1 hereby certify Ibe foregoing; to be a
full, true and correct copy ol the original
order to show cause on petition to sell real
estate in guardluosblp of Wm. 11. Has
kin ct al., minors, on me in my
ouloe, and that I have carefully compar
ed the same with the original.
In witness whereor I have hereunto set
my hand and afllxed the seal of
the Superior Court, this Cth day of
June. 18SI.
l«eal. | A. W. POTTS,
County Clerk.
Bp E. 11. OWEN, Deputy. Jeßtd
Perforated Sheet Metal
For Killing ud Mining Haebinery.
SS Wast Washington street
]V!Co:o.cclEly, June 13.
rll i: .-.itil-.BT AJViy REST!
... beti • on a TOUR ix rortEiux lands.
IlcUccting a:nl producing in prodigal cscc~. Urn
Majestic Marvels of Many Nations
rilltesSsillf Urn :n Ot IHnßßDdettl Alnuccmeiit Eiitvi-,,r1..0 OB the face cf t;i ■ v.Me, wide v0r1.1,,
aud actual!)' PfSsisitlni .
Kcw AtrracUoas, Thrilling Reasatfoas, Mransjc Features, r.ud Bclcntlfie Studies,
All tnler the most perfect Bnn-eellislni ELECTRIC I.IOIITS, whleh ere c-irtni.iv.-ly aied t„ lllatslatts tho
Vast Metrorolis ... Ej tiiotrius resTs. Among, the myriad ot remsrnbls Foaxtoa BovsLTtsa am.
lota L L. jf £W Pauro: ... which I shall SXhlblt, I wi.uld catalogue the fcliun-in-j : The See.euj marvelous
WTiom ettneatlon tutdtfrtu' would leave room for doubtM to their bcitu leu than baman. TLcy laro never been
•quailed. BMUtlfut Thoroilghhre is. paTitomiiutntf, drilling and acting with perfect i>roc:>:!mi
Al a still further oxarapla ot the superior attractions to bo praanta 1, note the foUowt&j
rRWTCM Ivrni in, P »ra-lwnris* Ai:jiAl, Bl^'l'^
I tihail also, for tho first time present a Troupe of
SOllffl ill SAVAGES!
Or IKC AO:ES.X ~%7U~jCLH- jdacto^ueis,
Tktt joe-l Barbarians, faithfully portraying t'uo Ilubita, War L ancet, anil antics peculiar to their uncivilized race.
9Rwhi too, i ihali eshlbU i Troup* ut
Genuine Bedouin Arabian Athletes
The sinewy, herculean Sinn of the Deserts, when feats of Tumbling. Vaulting, an'l Hazardous Performances with
rasorodaw Knintfj auJ Uwords, excel tajthlng arcr Introduced In the arena.
TllO 650,000 fSfo a tboipk or
The moat wouderr.il Etininc Actor* Ah TRICK STALLIONS,
AWild Snow-White Buffalo
An Alhiuo-ooatol .Mountain Bitot), Ibe only uue ever seen.
m this OjUßat
Two-Continent Compnnd Clrcns
Eight Bare Back BMf n. Four Willy Clowns. Ten i; real Lcnpcrs, A Brglmrnl ofPfr
former.. The Only Female Hurdle Bltler Mvlilg, l.uily (.ymn isH, l.:itly Equestrians,
Lmly Arriall.ts. Lndy Bicycle Killers. More Men, Mure Hones, More AoU aud lletter Effects than
any show in oxlstcnce. 1,000 FOBEM.Xi FEATIUES! I.oae MHMRX ■ABTBM !
Wldch wiU outrival anything ever seen in America A Royal Prikceiw PaurakT, worth a days travtj to
look upon, embracing ;dl the Qnil fmkurm of ttiis Tnilv Ittagatftoent Hhow. Thirty Den* of Animal*. i>.
tt Klenluuita, Herds of Camels, Mounted Knights and Lailiu*. The I»ar j< tat Tableaux Oars ever constructs 1, itc
Remember the lircut Street S*.tt*aUo t Every 31 urn lug at Ten o'clock.
TWO PUrOKNANCES EVEItV DA V. Oaur* open ut 1 o'clock and 7 o'clock P. H.
Reserved Seats, - - SO otMajE&ntra.
Children Under IO Years of Half AMI I
Mortgage Sale.
Execution No. 810.
In tlie Superior Court of the couuty
of Loa Angeles, tttute of
Kdward L. Mayberry, 1 laiuliil, }
Merced Abbott, alias Merged Garcia
de Abbot, John Abbot, aaliuas
AbboL,William Abbot, Aaron Ab
bot, Amos Abbot, Merced Abbot,
as executrix of the last will aud -
testament of William Abbot, de
ceased, Merced Abbot, duughter 1
of tho above-named Merced Ab-j
bot, George Abbot, Catherine AL- |
bot, Frank Abbot and the City 1
of Los Augeles, defendants. j
U decree of foreclosure and order ol
sail* entered lv tho aunerior Court
of the county of la)S Angeles, state
of Cailiorula, on ibe 18lh day of
May, A. L>. 1881, aud a writ- ot
execution for the eulorcemeut of Judg
ment, requiring sale of property under
foreclosure of mortgage, Issued out of
suid Court, on tue 20th day of
May, A. i). 1881, lv the above entitled
action, and lv favorof Edward L. May
berry, plulutitf, und against Merced A i»
bol, alias Merced Garcia de Abbot, John
Abbot, aallnus Abbot, William Abbot,
Aaron Abbot, Amos Abbot, Merced Ab
bot, us executrix of lbs last will uud tes
tament ot William Abbot, deceased,
Merced Abbot, daughter ol tho above
uauied Merced Abbot, George Abbot,
Catherine Abbot, Frank Abbot and the
city of Lob Angeles, defendants, a certified
copyot which said decree of foreclosure,
duly attested under tho seal of said
Superior Court on tho 20th day of May,
A. D. 1881, aud delivered to me, together
with the writ annexed thereto, on the
23d day of May, A. i). 1881, whereby I
am commanded 10 sell at public auction,
to the highest uud best bidder, lor cash lv
United Mates gold coin, the following
and in said decree described real estate,
All tbat real property lv the city of Los
Angeles, county ol' Los Angeles, atateof
California, bounded uud described as fol
lows, via:
A lot on the west Ride of Main street,
the boundaries of which ure us follows:
Commencing at a point on the west
side of Main street, being the northeast
corner of a lot now or formerly of 1. W.
Hellmau and formerly of the heirs of
Juan Domiugo, deceased; thence run
ning north easterly along the said line
of Main street sixty-five feet, more or
less, to lot formerly belonging to F. Slg
noret aud ailerwards purchased of H.
Tt sen mucker; thence northwesterly
along line of said Bignoret lot to eastern
tine of New High street; thence
southwesterly along line ot New High
street slxty-rlvo feel, more or less, to lot
of I. W. Hellmau; thence southeasterly
along lot of Hellmau to the point ot be
Second—Alot bounded on the west by
Main street uud trontiug thereon thirty
six leet; on the north by a lot formerly
owned by Pio Pico and on which the
Pico House stands; on tbe east by San
chez street and having a frontage there
on of thirty-six feet, more or less, aud on
the south by a lot formerly owned by
W.H. Porry and Wallace Woodworth,
the lot hereby described being the same
lot on which stands what is known os
Merced Theatre building.
Third—Alot bounded on the west by
Main street; on the north by lot former
ly Of w. U. Perry and Wallace Wood
worth; on the e.ist by Sanchez street,
und on the south by lot now or foimerly
of F. a. MaoDoagai, having a froataie of
SO feet en Main street aud being same lot
lormerly occupied by William Abbot,
since deceased, us a furniture store.
Public notice is hereby given that on
OF JUNE, A. D. 1881,
At 12 o'clock M. ot said day, I will pro
ceed to sell at the" Court House door in
the city and county of Los Angeles, btate
of California, at public auction, to the
higheet and best bidder for cash in U. a.
gold coin, to satisfy said decree for princi
pal and interest, attorneys' fees, costs and
all accruing costs, all tho above described
real estate, or go much thereof a* may bo
ueceßS&ry to satisfy Bald sums.
Attested under my baud, at the oily
and county or Los Angeles, State of Cali
fornia, this 23d day of May, A. D. 1881.
liy JAS. 0, KAYS, Under Sheriff.
Execution No. ou-l
County of Loj Augeles, State of Cali
Jesus A. de Sepuivcda, Plaintiff,)
vs. J
Pio Pico, Defendant. )
Under and by virtue of au execution Is
sued out 0! the auperlor Court of the
county of Los Angeles, state of Califor
nia, on the 11th day of May, A. I>. 1881. to
me directed and delivered on the 88J day
of May, A. D. 1881, for a Judgment ren
dered in said Court on tue 6th day of
February, A. D. 1881, i» favor of Jesus A.
(leSepulveds, plaintiff, and against Pio
Pico, defendant, I havo levied upon and
shall on
JUNE, A. D. 1881,
At 12 o'clock M. of said day, proccod to
sell, at the Court House duor, in the city
aud county of Los Angeles, State of Cal
ifornia, ut public nuctiou to tbe highest
and best bidder lor cash In U. «. gold
coin, to satisry said Judgment
for a lieu for costs in a
partition suit, with interest aud all
accruing costs, alt the right, title and
interestof said defendant In and to the
following described real estate, to wit:
Commencing at tba northeastern cor
ner ol the tract of land allotted to Marta
Olivera de Altamlrano on the western
side of San Pedro street, In the city and
county and state aforesaid, nt a 2x3 red
wood post in a live willow fence; thence
south 30% degrees west along the west
ern aide uf San Pedro street ninety-one
(91) links to a 2x3 redwood post set lv a
live fence at the end of a board fence and
the southeastern coruer of the tract of
land described In the complalut; thence
running north 65-% degrees west nlong a
board fence on north line of land of Eb
erle 4 90-100 chalus to the end of said
board fence and a 2x3 redwood post In a
live willow leuce between the laud de
scribed In complaint and said land ot
Valllnla Ablla, theuce north degrees
east along said fence uiuely-ouet9l)lluks
to tho southwestern corner of said tract
allotted to Marta Olivera de Altamirauo
heretofore; thence running south 50%
degrees east 4 87-lOochalns to the place of
beginning, containing 415-ICOO acres of
land. Reference is hereby made to the
map annexed to the report fur further
deitcrlptlou of tho tract ot luud above de
Attested under my hand, this 23 1 day
of May, A. D,UBI.
W. R. ROWLAND..Sher.tt.
Py J. C. X AYS, Under Sheriff.
In the Superior Court
Of the county of litm A off ale*, State
of California.
In the mailer of the estate of Mail.t
Antonla Villa do Reyes, cb ceased —No-
tice to Creditors.—Notice Is hereby given
en by the uudcr.signed,JoseYsidro Reyes,
administrator, uud Franclsca Reyes, ad
ministratrix ol Hie eslute ol
tho said Maui Antonla Villa de
Reyes, deccuseJ, to the creditors
of, and all persons having claims against
said deceased, to exhibit them, with the
necessary vouchers,within (4j four months
from the first publication of this xotloe,
to the said administrator and adminis
tratrix, at the offices of their attorneys,
Messrs. Smith, Brown £ Hutton. attor
neys at law, rooms numbered 91,92 and
93, Temple Block, In tue city of Los An
geles, State ot California,
Dated Lis AngcKs, California, May
13th, A. D. 1841.
Administrator of tbe estato 01 Maria
Aulouiu V'iilude Reyes, deceased.
Administratrix of the estate of Maria
Antonla Vlilude Reves,deceased.
The Annual Meeting nt Ihe Btookuold
-ol'm ol tue V'urtnere' and Merchants' Bunk
ofljos Angeles, will be held ul the Uunli
BullUlDg, on
At 4 o'clock p. m. . for tbe eleotlon or a
Boark ol Trustee, aud for the transac
tion of such other bualnot. as may be
brougbt be/ore tbem.
JOHN MILNKR, Secretary.
Lo. Angsle., Cal., June 7,1881. td
$5 2 SiJO 'ilmifit worth- I ,*
ft**. tmmm.nfe.Po7tuuid.il*.
Sale of Real Estate
liy AdMlttlatrator wltli the will annexed.
Iv the Superior Court cf Lot Ange
les Couuty, Htate oi California.
in the estate of Bom Isabella D,
Bu Id Will, dt Cl'USod,
Notice Is hereby glvon that in pursu
ance ol the i,n!cr oi suid Superior (Join t
of the county of Los Angeies, stute of
California, made on thoOlti day of Muy,
A. i>. 1841, In the matter of the estate ol
Rosa laabellu v. Baldwin, deceased, the
undersigned, administrator with the
will auuexed or said estate, will sell ut
private sale to the highest uud best b Id
dor for cash uud subject to the confirm
utlon of Hald Superior Court, all the
right, title, Interest aud estate of the
said deceased at the time of her death,
aud all the right, title aud interest the
said estate has, by operation of law or
otherwise, acquired other tbau or lv ad
dlttou to that of the said deceased at the
time of her death lv aud to those certalu
lots, pieces, or tracts of laud lying and
being iv the county ol Los Augeles, State
ol California, aud described us follows,
10 wit:
first—Commencingat a forked willow
tree übout ti Inches through, marked
S 15, lv black patut, which is situated
ueui' tho bunk of tho zunju or Irrigating
ditch and corresponds wuh and is Sia,
15 of a survey made in December, 1870,
by ii. M, Johnson of the irrigable Hat of
tue Huncho Los Feliz, re.erence to
wnleh is hereby more particularly
niade; thence, lollowlug the meander
line oi said survey N m degrees w one
chalu and seventy ■eight links; thence N
4t>54 degrees X 2.75 chains; thence a 645(
degrees X 1.75 chains; theuce N 32)4 deg
rees E 1.3 5 chains; theme N Uegrets
W. 2.28 chalus; thuuee n de
grees W 0.5-J chains; theuce N 82> 4 de
grees E 2.87 chains; theuce is 37, l i degrees
E 8,01 chalus to station 'li ol Juhusou's
survey; theuce N 78# degrees E 23.90
cualus; theuce s iv'- 4 degrees W 25.31
chalus; thence S 7r t degrees W JO.uo
chains; thence N Ou degrees W 8.00
cnaiuß to tho point ol beginning the to
tal area ol the land hereby conveyed
being ti* 5-100 acres of laud.
Second—Also the oue-lltth interest in
about 3,800 acres ol that certalu tract ol
laud situate, lying uud being in the
couuty oi Los Augeles, wtuto oi Callior*
nla, aud more particularly described us
follows, to wit: Commencing ut the
river of Los Angeles, at au oak tree, v
laud-murk ol the rancho called l, Pruvl
deuciu," near a iiine kllu, and running
theuce southwesterly along the bound
ary line of buid Huucbo La Provideuola
to the Allso tree of the nopalero; theuce
easterly to the "Aguage de Mocovenga;"
theuce to a point lv front of ihe "Aguage
del Saueito;" theuce In another stra.gut
line passing directly through ihe
Portezuela to the river of Los
Augeles; thence up the channel
of the said river lo the place oi
bcgluulug, tho land hereby described
being apart of the Kaucho Los Feliz,
granted 10 Mang. Ygnaciu Verdugo by
Manuel Mlcheltoreua March 22, 1813,
saving and excepting from the lust
above described liuct a certain parcel ol
land described as follows: Commencing
at a redwood stake In mound of stones
marked i\ D. S. 1, 4x4 Inches iv diame
ter and distant 10 links from the center
of the Canal and Reservoir Company's
ditch and on north side of same, from
which point a live-oak tree about 4 feet
in diameter and markod B. T. ». I.l\ if.,
bears IV 4324 degress X 2.77 chains dis
tant; another live-oak on opposite side
01 Reservoir Compuny's ditch about 43*
feel iv diameter, blazed aud marked B.
T. N. 2». 11*. D., bears S 56j£ degrees X
2 _\i chains distant, aud is uu the west
bank of a small gulch; lheucu running a
few liuks to the northward of Reservoir
Company's ditch N degrees W 0.22
cuaius to sandstone rock and sluice
marked a. 2,32 links from center of ditch
from which point a live-oak lieu üboui
2>i lectin diameter near edge ot ditch
bears N 42>i dtgeees W 3.23 chains dis
tant, uuoiher iive-oak about same Bize
bears N 37>i degrees W about 3.oochuius
dlstuut and bkl corner of Jose Fuco's
auohe house bears IS 40 degrees E 4.47
chains and is 1.08 chalus long by 27 links
wide; asycamore tree stands about cen
tre ot rear of house and is übout 75 links
distant irom house; another large live
oak ou uorlh side of ditch anu i mined U
ateiy on edge of same bears a 65 degrees
E I. jJ chains dlßlaut; thence following
Reservoir and Oanal Company's ditch up
stream N 452. degrees W 0.37 chains to a
slake lb links distant from center of
dhch aud marked a. li; thenceN 83>i de
grees W 2.61 chains lo a slake 27 links
distant from center ol ditch aud marked
8.4; theuce a degrees w LSI chains
to a stake 27 links from center ol ditch
aud marked a. 5; thence N 5454 degrees
W 3.05 chains to a stuke 17 links iroiu
center of ditch and marked a. 6; theuce
N degrees W 1.24 chains tou stake 11
linns from center of ditch aud marked a.
7; thence IS OS% d« grees W 2.02 chains to
a stuke 10 links from center of ditch and
uiarked a. 8; thence N degrees X 4.58
chains to a stake 11 liuks from ceuter of
Ultoh and marked a. U; thence N 2 de
grees W 0.18 chains to a stake distaut 10
links from center of ditch and marked a
lo; thence IS 23% degrees \y 0.07 chains to
a stake 33 links irom center of ditch and
marked a. 11. from which point a live
oak tree 2 feet in diameter ou E side of
ditch bears a 20% degrees E . : .o links dis
tant; another live ouk same size, same
side of ditch, bears a 48 l -« degrees ElO
links distant; theuce along ditch on hill
side N 8% degrees W 9.3ochalus tou stuke
11 links from ceuter-ot ditch and marked
y. 12; thence N 35) i degrees W 6<82 chains
to stake 16 links from center of ditch aud
marked S. 13; thence IS 40% degrees W
D.93 chains to a stake marked a. 11;
thence N 0% degrees X 14.63 chains to v
willow stump blazed and marked with
black pa iiu a. 15; thence along ditch uud
edge ol small swamp N degrees W 1.78
chains to a slake lo links from ceuter of
ditch and marked S. 16; thence Is 40)4 de
grees E 2.75 chains to v stake h i i hk s from
center of ditch and marked a. 17; thence
aMM degrees E 1.75 chains to a stake
marked a. 18, ou easterly Bido of UooifH
gale; theuce N 32>i degrees E I.3schalnH
ulong ceuteroi running water of dltcH
und through a deep cut which crush JB
hill on point of which is located housn
of it. Paco to stake marked a. 19; then if 1
N:{'4 degrees W 2.28 chains to a stud i
maikeda. 20; theuce N JOl4 degrees J 1
0.63 chains to a stake 20 links from center
01 uitch and marked a. 21; theuce is zi%
degrees X 2.87 chalus to a stake 18 liuks
fruin centre of ditch und marked a. 22;
thence N 37?£ degrees E 201 chains to
stake marked a. 23; thence N 4% degrees
W 4.47 chainß to stake 25 liuks from uitch
and marked a. 21; theuce is 11% degrees
W chains to a btaao 15 links from
ditch andsnarked a. 25; thence n 35%de
greesK6.2j chalus to a stake loiiuks
irom oenter of ditch uud marked S, 20;
thence N 11% degrees w 2.82 chains tou
stake marked S, 27; 1 hence on side ol
hill between ditch and road is 12% de
grees W 2.39 chains to stake on edgd ol
road marked a. 28; thence N 32% de
grees W 5.97 chains lo stuke on edge ot
road and marked a. 29; theuce N 2&y 4 de
gree! W 4.87 chains to a stake on edge ol
ditch and marked a, 30; thence amug
edge of ditch JS 33 degrees W 600 chains
to stake en edge of road and marked a
31; thence N 34% degrees W 4.04 chains
to a stake between road and ditch aud
marked a. 3*l; thence along Canal and
Reservoir Company's ditch N 2J4 degrees
\V 3.10 chains to a stake marked 8*88:
theuce following meanders of river bank
N 83% degrees E 4.70 chains to a stake at
jieau of deep wash und marked a. 34
-thence N 41% decrees E 3.61 chains to a
stake oa edge of bank marked a. 33;
1 hence N 25 degrees £ 4.26 chains to a
stake on westerly aide of zanja marked
a. 36; thence N 45% degrees E 10.00 chains
to stake marked a. 87; thence IS 18 de
grees E 1.07 chains to a stake marked 8,
;K from which point a willow tree mark
ed U. T.S. 38 I*. B. bears JM 41% degrees E
v t links distant; thence a 78H degrees E
12.70 chains to slake marked a. 89; thence
a 24% degreos E 7.04 chains to stake
marked 8,40: thennea 7% degrees E 8 00
chains to stake marked a. 41; thence a 4
degrees W 14.81 chains to stuke marked
a. 42; theuce 8 2% degrees JC 11.62
chains to stake marked a. 43; theuce
a 74% degrees E 1.11 chains to oak post
in line ot willowfttnee marked B. 44 P.U.;
Ihence H. 10% degrees W. 84.42 chains
along said willow fence to stake iv line
of feuce und marked a. 45; thence 8.15%
degrees E. 15.15 chains to stake marked
a. 46; theuce S. &9j% degrees E. 11.58 chainß
to stake marked a. 47; theuce a. 80% de
grees E. 6.85 chains to stake marked H.
4s; thence a. 38 degrees E. 12.87 chains to
p»st in line of willow fence at Intersec
tion of said fence with E. A. C.w.W. Co's
ditch and marked P. D. 8. 49; thence 8.
0.1% degrees W. 808 chains along live
willow fence to stake marked 8. 60;
thence- N. 77 degrees V. 69 chains
to stake marked 8. 61; thence 8.
58 degrees W. 0.89 chains to stake
marked a. 62; thence 8. tl% w. 14.60
chums to stake marked 8. »S; thence 8.
11% degrees \V. Io.U chains to stake 4x4
Inebea In diameter in mound ol stones
and marked F. D. 8. l, the place of begin
ning and containing 823.82690 acres of
land and being the same tract of land
within the exterior boundaries or which
Is Included the 64 acre tract hereinbefore
described, and all of aald lands being
within the exterior boundaries of tbe
Rancho "Los JTeIU" and lormlng apart
Also, all tbe water rights, easements
and servitudes to each of said different
tracts belonging or in any way apper
aald sale will be made on or after the
9TH DAY or JULY. 1881,
Alt bid* or offers must b» in writing
and wilt be received at the offloe of
Meeera. Phillip*BaldwlD^^J^MaJa
s treat, Los Angeles city, Cal a., or may be
delivered to the administrator personal
ly.or tiled wltb tho clerk or said Superior
Court, at any time after the first publica
tion of this uotlce and before the making
of the sale.
Terms and conditions of sale—Ten per
cent, of tlie purchase money to be paid
upon notice of acceptance of bid, balance
on cotlriuulion ol sale by said Superior
Court. Deed ut expense oi" purchaser.
Dated Los Angeles, Uat, May Ulh, 1881.
Administrator with the will annexed or
Ibe estate of Hosa Isabella D. Baldwin,
Eastman, Haley, King ,t Roberts, At
torneys for the estate.
Execution No. - .
In the Superior Court of (he county
Df LOS Aiifteley. State of
Edward L, Maybeny, Plaintiff, j
vs. (
Merced Abbot et al,Defendant*.)
Under and by virtue ot a decree ot fore
closure axbd order or sale en
tered In tbo (Superior Court
ot the county of Eos Angeles, State of
California, on tho 19th day or May, A. D,
ltBl, und a writ ot execution for tbe en*
forcemcutof Judgment requiring Role of
property under foreclosure of mortgage,
issued out of said Court, annexed to said
decree and dated tbe 20th da; of May, A,
D. M8l« in tho above entiled action and
iuiavorof Edward E. Mnyberry, plalu
ti 11*, and against Merced Abbot, alias
Merced Garcia de Abbot, John Abbot,
Salluas Abbot, William Abbot, Aarou
Abbot, Amos Abbot, Merced Abbot,as
executrix of the hist will and testament
of William Abbot, deceased, Merced
Abbot, daughter of tho above-named
Merced Abbot, Frank Abbot, George
Abbot, Catarina Abbot and tbe City of
Los Angeles, doicndants,n certified copy
of which said docreo of foreclosure, duly
attested uuderibc seal or said Court on
the2oth day of May, A. 1). 1811, and de
livered to me, together with the writ an
nexed thereto, on tbo 27th day of Muy,
A. D. 188I< whereby I am commnudod to
sell at public auction, to tho highest and
best bidder, for cash in U.S. told coin,
the following and in said dtcree de
scribed real estate,to wit:
first—Alot bounded on Iho we-H by
Main street nnd lrontlng thereon thirty
six feet; on the north by a lot formerly
owned ay Pio kMco and on which tho Pico
Hoiuc stands; on tho cast by Sanchez
street und having a frontage thereon of
36 foe t, more or Jess; and on tho pouth
by a lot formerly owned by W. 11. Perry
aud Wallace Woodworth, the lot hereby
described being the same lot on whi>>h
Rtauds whut is kuowu as tho Merced
Theater building.
Second—A lnl bounded on tlie west by
Main street, on the north by lot former
ly of W. U. Perry and WuJlsicn Wood
worth; on tho ca*l hr L *"~chez street,
and on tho tool It < t or f" r merly
orK. a -•
of about lee* ou fetou hbteul u*.u *<
equal iroutugo on Sanchez tit eat, mid
being tho same lot occupied by William
Abbot, since deceased, in a furniture
Public uotlce is hereby given that ou
JUNE, A. D. ltai,
At U ••'clock X< of said day : I will pro
cefd to sell, ut the court House door, In
the ci > v and county of l.os Angeles, State
of California! at public auction, to the
higlo-st. and best, bidder for cash iv U. S.
gold coin, to satisfy said decree* lor prin
cipal and Interest, attorney's fees, costs
aud ill accruing costs, all the above de
scribed real estate, or so much thereof as
may l>o necessary 10 satisfy said sums.
GlV'-u umlVr my hand, this 1:71b day of
By Jas. 0. Kays. Under Sheriff.
OftheSiato of California, in and
for the County of Los ADgel*?B,
In tin* mat ter of I he estate of)
Nicolas Q,ulfolo, deceased, i
It appoariug to this Court by Ihe peti
tion this day presented and filed by Re
fugia Qulrolo, t he administratrix of the
estate of .Nicolas Q,uirolo, deceased,
praying for an order of sale ol
real estate; that it Is necessary to sell
the whole of thereat estate to pay the
allowance to th« faintly, the debts out
standing against the deceased and the
debts, expenses and ehurgesof adminis
It Is therefore ordered by the said
Court, that nil persons Interested in tho
estate ot said deceased appear before the
said Superior Court ou Monday, the
t.wenlieth day of Juno, A. D. 1881. utteu
o'clock in the forenoon of said day, at tbe
court-room of said Superior Court, at the
Court House, In the oity and county of
Los Angeles, to show cause why an order
should uot bo grauted to the said admin
istratrix to sell so much of tbe real estato
of the said deceased us shall be neces
And that a copy of this order he pub
lished at lesst lour successive wcclcnl v
the Los Angeles Dally Herald, a news
paper printed and published lv suid city
aud couuty.
Superor Judge.
Dated May 10th, US L
I hereby certify (ho foregoing lo be a
full, true and correct copy oftfrebrlginul
order to show cause, etc., in the estute ol
Nicolas Qulrolo, deceased, on lile in
my office, and that I have carefully ei>m*
Estate of Jacob L. Wright, deceased.—
Notice Is hereby given by tlie under
signed, executrix ot ttio hist will and tes
tament of Jacob L. Wr.'ght, deceased, to
the creditors of, and all persons having
claims against, the said deceased, to ex
hibit them, with the necesaary vouch
ers, within four months after the first
publication of this notice, to t he said ex
ecutrix, at tbo office of her attorney, No.
14 Temple Block, la tbe city of Los An
geles, in the couuly of Los Angeles, State
of California,
Dated at Los An go lew. May 17, IPBL
Executrix, etc., of Jacob L. Wright, de
ceased. mylB-lw
Los Angeles Oil Company.
Locution of principal place of business,
Loi Angeles, California. —- Location
of works, Ventura county, California.
Notice is hereby given that at a meet
ing of the Board of Directors of this com
pany held on tho mth day of May,
IBKI, an assessment. (No. H) of fifteen
(15o) cents per share was levied upon the
capital stock of iho company, payable
immediately, in U. S. gold coin, to the
Secretary, at room No. 5, Temple Block,
city of Los Angeles.
And any stoca upon which this assess
ment remains unpaid on Tuesday, the
28th day of June, 1881, will be delinquent
, and advertised for sale at public auction;
and, unless payment Is made before, will
be sold on Tuesday, tho lHth day of July,
■ 1881, to pay delinquent assessments, costs
' of advertising und expenses of sale.
W, J. NEELY, Serretary.
No. 6, Temple Block.
Los Angeles, May 23,1881. 4w
Assessment Notloe.
Los Apgoles Minlngand Smelting Com*
• pany~Locatlon of works, Hestlng
(Springs, Inyo county, California—Lo
i cation of principal place of business,
Los Angeles, Loa Angeles county,
i California.
1 Notice Is.bcreby given that at a meet
■ Ing of tue Board of Directors of said
[ Company held on the thirteenth day or
' May, 1881, an ussAssment, numbersix (0),
■ of one dollar and seventy-five cents per
1 share was levied on the entire capital
' stack of said corporation, payable tmme
' dlately in lawful money, to J. M. Elliott,
■ Secretary of said Company, at bis office,
1 No. 1 Temple Block, in the city and
t county of Los Angeles, State of Callfor
» nla.
t Any stock upon which this assessment
> shall remain unpaid on Tuesday, the 6th
i day of July, 1881, will be delinquent
and advertised for sale at publlo auction;
> and, unless pay men t Is made before, will
t be sold on Tuesday, tbe 9th day of Au
' gust, 1881, to pay said delinquent assess.
ment, together with cost of advertising
and ezpensea of tale.
By order of tbe Board of Directors.
J. It. ELLIOTT, secietaiy,
E Office of Secretary, No. 1 Temple Bleck,
C olty and county of Los Angelea, Cal if or
i nla. BUM*
1 —
In the Suporior Court
Of the State of Californi*, lv a
for tbe County of Los Angelea.
Francisco Qraiidt. plaintiff, vs. Oliver
Devillera, defendant.
Action brought in tbe Superior Court
of tbe State of California, in and for the
county of Los Angeles, and tbe com
plaint filed lv said county of Lo. Ange
les, in the office of tbe Clerk of said Su
perior Court.
The People of the State of California
mml greeting to Oliver Devillers, de
You are hereby required to appear In
an action brought against you by tbe
above named plaintiff In tbe Superior
Court of the State of California, In aad
for the county of Los Angelea, and to an
swer the complaint Hied therein, within
ten days (exclusive of the day of aervlce)
after tbe service on you of this summons
—if served within this county; or. If
served elsewhere, within thirty days—or
Judgment by default will betaken against
you according to tbe prayer of saidcom
The said ac-Uon Is brought to obtain a
decree of this Court for tbe foreclosure of
a certain mortgage described lv tbeaaid
complaint, andexecutod by tbe aald o.
Devillera toC. Grazlde, on thesd day ol
October, 1876, to secure the payment ol a
certain promissory note, made on tbe 3d
day of October, 1876, by o. Devillera, for
the sum of $300 gold coin, wltb lntereal
at tbe rate of I' 4 per cent per month from
date until paid, and payable to the aald
C. Graalde; that tbe premises conveyed
by said mortgage may be sold, and tbe
proceeds applied to the payment of ,300
Koid coin, with Interest at the rate of Y%
percent per month Irom October ft, 1878,
uud for 10 per cent as attorney's lee., at
provided for in said mortgage, ami coats
of suit: and lv case such proceeds are
not sufficient to pay tbe mime, then to ob
tain an execution against skid defendant
lor tbe balance remaining due; and also
that the defendant and all persons claim
ing-by, through or under him, may be
barred and foreclosed of all right, title,
claim, i ten, equity of redemption and in- 1
terest in and to said mortgaged premises'
and for other and further relief.
Keiereuce is bad to complaint for par
And you are hereby notified that if yon
fall to appear and answer tbe said com
plaint, us above required, the said plain
tiff will apply to tbe Court for the relief
demanded iv the said complaint.
Ulven under my hand and tbe seal of
the Superior Court of the State of Call
fo.nla, In and for tbe county or Los Ange
les, this 4th day of March, In the
year ot our Lord.one thousand eight hun
dred and eighty-one.
LScal.l A. W. POTTS, Clork.
By A. KIMPATJ. Deputy.
Walter d. stephenson,
mMm Attorney for Plaintiff.
No. m.
Iv the Suporior Court of Ihe county
of LO3 Augelo't, Htate of Califor
ANDRI33 BIUSWALTIikt, Plalutltf,) .
PIO PICO etaV., Dofeudants. j A
Under and by virtue of an execution Is
sued out of the superior Court of the
couuty of Los Augeles, State ol Califor
nia, oa tbe 6th .lay of Juno, A. I>. 1881. to
me directed and delivered on tbe said
last mentioned day, for a Judgment
rendered lv the said superior Court on
the sth day of May, A l>. 1811, In favjrol
Andres Briswalter, plaintiff, and uga'.ist
Pio Pico, defendant, 1 have duly levied
upon aud shall ou
OV JUNE, A. D. 1881,
At 12o'clock m. of aald day, prooeed to
sell, at the Court House dour, iv the city
aud couuty of Los Augeles, Stale of Cal
ifornia, at public auction, to the highest
nnd best bidder, lor cash in U. M. gold
coin, to satlsly said Judgment, with in
terest and costs, and all accruing oosls,
the following described real estate, or so
much thereof bb may be necessary to
satlsly suid sums:
All the right, title and Interest of the
defendant, Flco Pico, in aud to tbe fol.
lowing described property, to wit: Ail
that oortaln traot or parcel of land, situ
ate aud lying In Los Angeles city and
county, Slate of California, and described
as follows:
Commencing at the 8W corner of the
land of Juan Davarede, in said city, said
SW coruer fronting on dan Pedro street;
thence 8 U% degreesjjW 816% yards more
or lesa to a point ou the aoutb line or Loa
Angeles city, as fixed and described by
the U. 8. Patent Issued to aald city on the
4th Auguat, 1875; tbence easterly along
said line 777?, yarda more or leaa to a
point; thence north 23X degrees east 875
yards more or less to tho south line or
Washington street; tbenos westerly
along the line of said street 28.30 chains
to the NE corner of the landof Davarede;
thence south along the east line of said
Davarede le 80 chains to SE corner of
same; thence N 7i>4 degrees W 8.10
chains to tbe place or beginning, being
lots 4,6, 0 and 7, ol blook 7, and lot 7or
block A, or Hancock's survey of Dona
tion lots.
Oiven under my band this 7th day of
June, A. D. 1881.
W. R. ROWLAND, Sheriff.
By .7 as. C. Kays, Under Sheriff.
Execution No. 870.
In the. Superior Court of tlie county
of Loa Augelee, State of Califor
Commercial Bank or Los Angeles, 1
a corporation, Plaintiff, I
The Los Angeles aud Allso Avenue I
Street Railroud Company, a cor- i
poratlon, Detendaut. j
Under nnd by virtue or an execution
issued out of tbo superior Court or the
county of Los Angeles, State of Califor
nia, nu the 20tb day of May, A D. 1881, to
me cl ireeled and delivered on the 23d day
of May, A. D. 1831, for a Judgment ren
dered in said Court on the 20th day of
May, A. D. 1881, lv favor of the Commer
cial Bank or Los Angeles, a corporation,
plaintiff, and against tbe Los Angeles
und Allso Avenue Stieet Railroad Com
pany, a corporation, defendant, 1 have
levied upon aud shall on
OF JUNE, A. D, 1881,
At 12:30 o'clock p. li. of said day, pro
ceed to Sell, at the court House door, la
tbe city and county of Los Angelea, State >
of California, at public auction, to tbe I
highest and best bidder, for oaah In U.
s. gold coin, to satisfy aald Judgment,
with interest, coats and all accruing j
cola, all tbe right, title and Intereat ol !
said delendant In and to the following
described property, situate In tbe city
and couuly of Loa Angeles, California,
to wit:
The street railroad belonging to said
defendant, commencing at a point on
Main street near Temple Block, in the
olty of Los Angeles, and extending up
Main street to Arcadia atreet, down Ar
cadia to Allso, and extending on Allso
street to the eastern line or tbe tract*
known us Boyle Heights, to the end of
said street railroad, together with tbe
track, road-bed, franchise and all rights
of way aud pnvilegea appurtenant to
said roud or thereto belonging.
Olveu under my band, this 23d day of
May, A. I), mi.
W. R. ROWLAND, Sheriff.
By J. C. KAYS, Under Sheriff.
IVotlce to Creditors.
Iv tbe Superior Court of Los Ange
les county, State of California.
In the matter of the estate of MAT
MEW KELLER, Deceased.— Notloe Is
hereby given by tbe undersigned, execu
tor of tbe last will and test
ament of Matthew keller,
deceased, to the creditors of and all per
sona having clalma agalnat the said de
ceased, lo exhibit tbem,with the necessa
ry vouohera, within ten montba after the
lirst publication of tbls notloe, to tbe
said executor, at his place of business,
ihe Farmers' aud Merchants' Bank of
Loa Angeles, In tbe city of Los Angelea.
oounty of Los Angelea, State of Califor
Dated May 14,1881.
Executor of the last will and testa
ment of Matthew Keller, deceased.
A meeting of the stockholders of the
First National Rank or Loa Annie. Will
be held al tbe Bask anw EDNBSDA V,
JULY.e)ib, 1(81, lor ll~T~.j*J|M I I
log a Board of lilrfoti-. and tranMlllag
i euoh other bualneevfa mar araMsWttt
brought before thyKieuVg.
'mfi *i"- latter if \m r i.; ii i ii* im\ ,tHt 'iktitir ilHrtii i

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