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Los Angeles Herald.
Los Angeles Wholesale Markets
Wholesale prioes for goods sold in
round lota. Grain and flour by tbe oarlood.
Corrected weekly by Woodhesd A Gay, 43
and 44 Spring street.
oastis yßurrs.
Cherries, per box $1.40 01.60
Apricots, per lb 4 " t
Apples, per box 1.36 1.75
Peaches a " 6
Pears 3 " 6
Currants, per lb 10
Bnspberri s. per lb . 13 " 16
Blackberris., " 7 •• 10
Plums, per box 160 " 2.0 )
Oranges, per box, L A 1.00 "1.50
Mission. 1.60 " 2.00
" Budded. 1.50 "2.75
Lemons, " LA 1.50 "2.50
" " Mission. 2.00 '• 8.50
Limes, L. A., per 100 76 " 1.00
Limes. Mexican, per 100... .1.26 "160
Bananos, per bunch 8.00 "4.50
dbuio rscrrs.
Peaches, peeled, per 1b.... 20 " 23
' " unpeeled, " .... 9 "14
Plums pitted. " .... 15 •• 18 ■
Apples, slioed. in boxes 9 " 14
" in saoks.... 8 " " 10
" quartered, per lb.. 6 " 8
Figs, imported 39 •< 27
Prunes, per lb 9 " 12
Apricots, " 3'l " 22
Neotarines per lb 18 " 20
blackberries per lb 16 " 18
Baapberries, " 85
Citrons, " 34 " £8
Lemon peel, " 30 " 2i
Orange " " 3D " 22
In sacks, per lb .8
Grapes, in sacks, per lb.. S " 64
Boxes, No. 1 1/ 0 " 1.75
" Ko. 3 1.55 " 1.50
Halves 2.00 "2. i 5
Quarters 2.£0 '• 2.E0
Almonds, soft shell 16 " 19
" bard "
•' shelled S5
Brazils 18 " 18
Walnuts 7 " 8
Peanuts, roasted, L. A
" " imported 13 " 14
raw, L. A 6 '• 7
" " imported 9 " 10
Hiokory 8 10
Paeans 16 " 17
FUber ta 17 " 18
Potatoes, per cwt S3 "1.00
" sweet, per owt— none
Onions, per owt 1.60 "2.00
Garlic, per owt 6.00 " 7.u0
Ir-tring beans, par lb 4 " 6
Summer squash " 2 " 8
Rhubarb. ■' 6 " 6
Green pets, " 9 " 8
Tomatoes, ■• 3 " 8
Green chiles, " 8 " 12
Dry " perst ing ... 75 " 2.50
Cucumbers, per dozen 10 " 15
Cabbage, per o*t 2.00 •• 2.60
Beets. " 1.50
Turnips, " 1.51
Carrots, " l.to
Cauliflower, per dozen ... 89 " 40
Lettuce, " .... IS " 20
Radishes, " .... 28 "30
■Hak 136 " 1.4;
1.35 "1.43
While. 2.25 "2.50
.Hi. 2.60 "3.00
fined pes*.. 1.60 "Set*
Tnrkeyo. live, por. lb 15 '• 18
Hem, per do»n 6.8 a) " 8.00
Boosters, " 6.00 " 7.00
Broilers, " 8.00 " 4.00
Geese, per pair.
Extra 4.16 '■ 4.23
Kmpire Mills Bnpetflne ... 8.15 " 8.33
Bno wheat flour, cwt " 4.80
** ai.'h.a4«our 2.0) •/.85
Byetlou 2.83 '8 3>
Coin meal 1.46 " i.',B
Oatmeal ■• 4.611
Momlny, I rge " I 21
" inn!' 4.85
Cueted whost "8,25
barev, No. 1 "6.10
Wmf- " r.0.4 " 5.60
" No. 3 "6 00
Split peas " 5.00
Barley, per owt 83 " 83
■' ground, per cwt.... 87H " 9214
Corn, white, per owt 9' " l.no
" yellow, " 15 " 95
Hay, per ton (2 060 lbs)... 6 " 7
H y, wire B, 10 tons to oar,
new 8)4 " 9.00
Batter, fresh, ohoiee," per lb 80 " 36
"2d " " 36 " 30
" 'firkins. " 27 " SO
•' piokle roll, " '28 " 32
Cheese, large Ik" 13
" email 12 " 13
" tastern
Kggs, per dozen 28 " 27
breakfast.... 12)4" 12H
" medium 12 " 13 ■
11 heavy
Horns, Cali omia 10 " 12
" sogar cured 12 " 18*4
Lard, 10 Id tins, a. «5t.... 11 12
" 8 " •• .. . 11 " 1214
" 2)4 " " .... 19)4 ■• 13
'« 10 " fuU " ....
" 5
■• so •! ";;;;
" in barrels'.
Strined.BOlb t'ns 6 " 8
■ ■lb tins, screw top, per dos " 600
8 •« " o "too
S " " « <■ 8.25
Comb In section 14 << 17
~" -I BfTbed by Messrs, Jackson, Kerckhoff A
—~ ~ Cuzner.J
Bough Bw and pine, first qualiiy. .$27.60
" " second " .. 20.00
Surface Bw " fliat •' .. 40 00
Tonanfd and Graved m, Ist q'lty 60.00 g
do flooring pine, Ist quality 40.10 t
do •' " 2d " .... 3500 Q
Bnstio 42.60
Biding 65 00
Split costs each 22)4
Bningles par M 4.00
Lath per M 5.00
Bbak s per If 15.' 0
PaulaC,nz lime, per bbl 3.00
Paster, per bbl 6 00
Pert and otment 7 50
Bo edsle cement 5.00
Goat hair, per lb 8
Delivered in yard.
Law AstSJelea Retail Markets.
fOerreoted weakly by the American
FLOUR—aj) bbl—Los Angeles Extra gl.Sfi
Paradise Mills- (60 lbs. sack) Si.4o
BoperOne—hhl 81 , c
Graham—6o 1b5........ _. l.On
ftye-26 aw..— _ 76
OORNMEAL— so lb sick 75®3ti<
BCCKWHEAT-10 a sack Ssc
CRACKED WHEAI'-lOtbsack 86r
HOMINY —10 lb sack - t„i
Eastern..... _ _ Be
California 4K<
BUTTER—™ _ -. 26®800
Oaluornla 13r
BGGS—par doz— iic
Bods — — —.._ 6
Batter ... 8c
Jenny Lind Inc
BACON—per ft) 13k«15c
HAMS—per B)-
Hogar cured 1 ti-
Bastern sugar cured............ 16^4^17,
LARD—per B> _ luiauSc
POTATOES—per owt 81.00
Sweet potatoes per 0).. none
HON hi V —
Extracted „ [email protected]
Come „ _. _ „ 18
BSANS -Red „ _ iJ4c
White _ _ 2&i
8av00.....—....-...— _ 11c
•Uma — 834 c
O JFrEE-per ft,-
Java.....™..... ...™~ „ 2bc
BJo ™— » 18c
Costa Rica.—.. .....Kkaitic
Ground ™...™ gotjazsc
SUGAR—Per at—
WBlte gr»n ISKc
Tallow Ustc
Brown- loc
STBUP—jper gal —— —76s
ftew Orleans ... SOo
SsMdaik.. 46
TEA—Per ft—
RICE—Par ft> „ _ 91870
(Corrected by Woodhead A Gay.]
Oranges—Per doz , 6$ 38
Lemons—Per doe Hraync
Limes—Per J« - nl Rm 100
Apples—Per lb 4rs«o
Pears •' ™_ ™ S<gso
Pineapples ™..SSo®Si 00
Tomatoes—Per lb 23*,=
Bananas—Per doz » ooc
Ouavas—Per lb ™™ » none
Raspoerrles—Per 1b.....™..™... ........ 150
Cberrlea *' ™.„ is®flic
sirawbenles " same
Apricots 11 „„ _ [email protected]
Peaobes M ..„.™ » 4cs6j
ruirante ■' ... ....... lie
PIUIUS " „ MW..120
Imported (seedless) „ 2Bc
California - _..«<rjioc
o A 111) EX PRODUCE.
String Beans—Per lb So
Summer Bquash " 4c
Aaparogus M ...lie
Hhubaro " 60
Green Peso " 8c
Cabbage " So
Beets " IHo
Turnips " IHo
Carols " lHc
Cauliflower—Per doz — 4uo
Lettuce " 800
Radishes " V6O
[Corrected by A. Frank.l
Beer Bf9lßc
Do choice Porter House steak 4 .100
Veal _ nsVSc
Mutton ™„ „..R®loc
Lamb .-. „. lOffllKc
Pork „ lU(fII2N,C
Corned Beer _ _ tSIOc
Do spiced „ i2v,c
Lard—Per lb UHailiisic
Tallow—Per lb raw „ 6c
do " rendered 8c
Lambs (on loot) per lb ™.4)4c
Sheep " HrSic
Hogs •' •• 4HIS6.
Heer '• •• [email protected]«c
Calves '• " . 8c ;
[Corrected by I. H. Onstott.]
Buying prioes.
Broilers—Meiium—Per dcz $2 60
•' —Large—Per doz 800
Plgeons-Per doz $1.00
Heavy, fat hens—far doz $4.60
llibtdo " 4.00
Old roosters M 4.00
Voting roosters " $4.00©4 50
Heavy fat ducks " 8 80
Light do " 3 0u
Turkeys—Per lb 12*40
Geese— Each 75c
Ksbbiti " 76
Snipe—Per dog 76
Selling Prices.
Chickens—Each 50(860
Chickens — Dressed 80
Tamo ducks—Each SO
Turkeys—Per lb 15®18c
Gotse—Kaoli $1.00 @1 26
Suipe—Per doz $1.00
Babbits—Per pair. 26c
Fresh fish—Per lb 698 c
Hattuon " . ..18e
Bhrimps " SOo
Lobsters " 8c
Santa Monica Pavilion,
EOKLEKT <s BRIGHT, P-.-_,.,otoia.
I This favorite Bummer Rnsort vlll be
opened NcXl' SUNOAY.
Heal bruous ot wines, liquors, aiea, beer
and cizers i iwsys on band. Hot ana
eo'.d lunobes. shooting gallery, bottling
alley aod other amusements attached to
tbe I'aviilou. Visitors should nut Hll to
give them a call. at)t2tr
Mr. P. ha« made arrange
menta witb Mr. I>. V. Watdrnn wbiuh
enablf mm to announce tbat,ever; hug
day, be*iunli_!i wuh Sauday, April iTtb,
be *dl give rfleltfbt of* Hauu perform
ances at LhU popular resort. In aJditlon
there wilt be f joi-races, a t-hooiing eat
ery and other ways of amusing the pub
10, A new programme every Sunday.
Professor Kaimbacb, Musical Director.
Admission—Grown persons, 250.; chil
dren <00.
Bad otiaracers exclufled. ap7-lm
Southern California
Packing Company
Preservers of Fruits, Vegetables, Meats,
Honey. -Oil Manufacturers ofjams,
Jeilie-, MHrraalrtdea, pickles,
Vinegar and Sauces.
Incorporated April 4,1881.
CAPITAL STOCK..™™...™..™™ 860,000
A. H. JtTDSOV President.
W. H WoRKMA - vice-Prefldent-
J. M. F.LLIi TT secretary.
J. E. HollEnßEcK Treasurer.
W, H.Perry, W. T. Klttrldge,
W. H. Workman, J. M. Elliott,
A. H. Judson.
Offloe and Factoryi
Tbts company is nnw ready tn contraot
for iruits und vegetable* for tbe present
der tbe superiutendtnee or MR J. J
(jrKOOM, formerly counected with aud
Suprrlnleooentof the uoiuen tiale ttud
sau Jose r-acklQg O»*mpaole»i, and mote
rtcently ? up Tiiiu-ndent of the Sauia
Baibura Ca'nier^'.
The aliiEN PROCESS will bo started
under tbe supeivielon of uinoC
tIH ,0, tor tt-u yetit* superintend' nt of
tbe A den Faotory at Jaehsun, Chl. Je2Bif
THE lUg FOR .881.
Everybody reads THE bUN. In tbe
editions of this newspaper throughout tbe
year to come everybody will fiud:
1. All tbe wond's nar\s, so preivnted
that tbe r»ader will g-t tbe gi«t(an
amouut of information with tbe let it Ui
probtablb expenditure of time m.d e y t>
sight. THtii ttUN loojg; ago discovertu tbe
golden mean between redandtiiit fullness
ttnd un>*a isfaetory brevity.
It. Much of that soi t of news which de
pends itss upon its recognised importance
L_u upon iv iutertst toinaukind. >Rom
mornr g to OiOrriing Tn_ priuts a
continued story of the lives of real men
and Women, and of their deeds, plans,
o/»st, hates, and troubles. This story is
more vaiud and muie interesting tuan
any roinaure that was ever denned.
111. Good writing io every ooinmu, and
freohuess, origluaijty, accuracy and deco
rum in tbe treatment of subject.
IV. i-oßest Goiuiueut. Trie. oUN'S
habit is to speak out fearlessly about nicn
an i things.
V. 1 qual oacdor In dealing with each
political party, and equal readiness to
oomnit-nd what is praiseworthy or to re
buae what blamab.e in Democrat or
VI. Absolute independence of partisan
organizations, but unswerving fidelity to
true Democratic principles. j hi, &UIN
believes that the Uovernment which the
Constitution gises us is a good one to
keep, its notion of duty is to resist to Its
utmost power the efforts of meu in the iie
pubtic-u party to set up another form of
government tn place of that which eitsts.
The year 1481 and ibe years immediately
toliowing will probably decide this su-
Eremely importdnt contest. THiv SU.N
.lieves that the viotory will be wi h the
people against the Uiugs lor monopoly,
the iiiuga for plunder and the Kings for
imperial power,
our rates are aa follows:
For the OuLV titJN, a
■sheet of twenty-eight oulumns, the
price by mail, postpaid,' is 65 oenta a
month, or $6,150 a year; or, mcluoUng the
■Sunday pap* r, an eight-page sheet of fifty
six columns, 'ke price is 6o cents a month,
or $7.70 a year, postage paid.
The buuday edition of THE HUN is also
furuinhed separately at Si.2o a year, poet
age paid.
The price of the WEEKLY SDN, eight
pages, fifty-six columns, is $1 a year, post
age paid. For olubs of ten sendlag $10 we
will send an extra copy free. Address
Pvitfstur of THIS BUM. NswYoTk OftTs
The leading Paper
Southern California.
Will devote oolnm ns to farthering 'the
Interests or Los Angeles city and ooonty
and the Sonthern portion of the State. It
Is the Intention of the publisher to make
j ■-. swsnaper ot day, oompiete In all
Yw detail*, aod in every department
Full and Reliable.
The Editorial Columns will discuss all
live toalosof the day, while the
By arrangements newly effected, will bt
the fullest and most exhaustive to be
(bund In any paper or the State, not be
tngsurpassed by those ot the SanFranolsoo
dailies. The
Local Columns
•701 contain a complete resume ol local
Happenings and all matters ol home In
DAILY HERALD, by uall.l yeai...»lo 09
a months... 600
j months... 900
Delivered In the City at
Weekly y year by mall MOO
" f% months . 180
» '• „1 00
Payable invariably In advance
•Joseph D. Lynch
In the Superior /.Court
Of the State of CallfonhU, Iv a v
for tbe County of Loa} Angeles.
Framlseo Graslde, plamain*. vs, Oliver
Devillers, defendant. J
Action brougut in the Superior Court
of the Stale of California, l{n aim for the
county of Los Augeles, Bind the com*
plaint filed in said county/of Los Ange
ies, In toe offloe of iho Cnj&rk of said su
perior Court /
The People of the Sta/le of California
send gieeting to Ollv/er Devillers, de
fend ant.
You are hereby required tn appear In
mi action brought agjalust you by tbe
above named plainyiff In the superior
Court of tbe Htale yff California, In and
for the couuty of U-s Angeles, and 10 an
*wer the complatrf t filed therein, with in
ten da,s (H>ciusHve oi the day of service)
after the service i>n you of ttiis summons
—if served withfin this county; or, li
served elsewhere, within thirty days—or
judgment by default will betaken agHinst
you according to tbe prayer of said oom
plalnt. /
The said at-tton Is brought to. obtalu a
decree of ibifs court for the foreclosure of
a certain mortgage described Iv the said
ed hy the mum o.
Deviiie.a/t'>C. orasme, on theB< day ot
October,«N7B, lo secure the payiueutof a
oeriain utrowlssnr, note, made on tt>e 3d
day oi Utetohei, 1876, by o. Uevillera. tor
tne sum {pi $800 gold coin, with lii.ert-st
a> tbe raiAjof VY A per cent per month from
date uutiu pad, and payable to th ■ a>l <i
C. Graaidfe; that the piemises conveyed
by said njhortgrtge may be sold and u>e
proceeds/ applied to tbe payment of tUIX)
gold citj.ii, with Interest at tbe rate of \%
percent! per month trom October ?i, 1H76
and lofr 10 per ceut as attorney's lees, an
provided for in said mortgage, and cost*
ot sulti; and In case such proceeds are
not etathoienlLo pay i ht- bame, then to ob
tain -mi execution against t .-.ld defendant
for tjhe baiauce remaining due; ami also
thait the uefeudaut and an persons claim
lug, 1 by, through or under bim, may be
barred aad IVnecJosed of all light, title,
clfuw, tim, equity oi redemption and iv
tei est in aud to mid m>>rtgr<ged prenuv s'
antd for otber and lurtber relief.
Ifieiereuce Is uad to com plaint for par
/And you are hereby notified that If you
ffiii lo appear and arswer the said com
alalni, as above required, the said plaiu-
Q will apply to ibe Court for tbe relict
demanded In the said complaint.
Given under my baud and tbe seal ol
the Superior Court of tbe Stale of Cali
fornia, in aud for tueoouuty ot Los Ange
les, this 4lh day of March, tn the
year ot our Lord.oue thousand eight hun
dred and eighty-one.
LSeal.l A. W. POTTS, Clerk.
By A. KiMPAU. deputy.
mB-2m Attorney for Plaintig.
No. 49L
In the Superior Court of the county
of Los Angeles, State of Califor
PIO PICO ot al.. Defendants. )
Under end by virtue of an execution Is
sued out of the superior Court of the
county of Los Angeles, state et Califor
nia, on the 6th day of June, A. D. 1881. to
me directed and delivered on the said
last mentioned ft >y, for a Judgment
rendered in the said Superior Court on
the 6!h day of May, A I). 18*1, in favor 01
Andres Brlswalter, pialnilff, and agali si
Plo Pico, defeuuant, I have duly lovied
upon and shall ou
OK JUNE, A. D. 1881,
At 12 o'clook m of said day, proceed to
sell, at the Court House door, iv tho city
and couuty of Los Angeles, si ■. le of Cal
ifornia, at public auct.ou.to tbe highest
aud best bidder, for cash m U. tr*. gold
coin, to satlsty said judgmeni, with in
terest and co-its, aod all accruing costs
the following described real eßtate, or so
much tnereof as muy be necessary to
satisiy said sums:
Ail the rigftt, iitle and interest of tbn
defendant. PfOO Pico, in aud to tho fol
lowing d scrioed property, to wit: All
that c-rtuin tract or parcel of land, ittn
ate and Jying in Los Angeles olty and
county, St ate ol Calnoi ula, aud described
as follows:
• Commencing at the corner of the
laud of J ii .n Davarede, In said cIU/, sain
SW corner fronting on e)*u Pedro street;
thence S degree-,W yards more
or less to a point on tbe sjutn line ot Los
Angeles city, as fixed and dVscrlbed o_\
tbe U. S. Paten? Issueu to s»id city ou the
4to August. B'6; ibeuce easterly ait
said line 777% yards moie or Jess io a
point; thence north *2i% degrees east 875
yartis more or les-t to me south Imo oi
Washington street; tbenc-t wosterli
aloi g toe line of sabi street 28.3>< chains
to the N X corner of thn landoi
tbenoe south along'he easiLueof
Davarede iy 9j chains to mX corner of
iMQie; thence N T*% degrees W B.bo
chains to the pluc* of beginning, being
lots 4 5,0 and 7, oi block 7, and lot 7 ol
bfoak a, of Haucook'a survey of Dona
tion lots.
Given under my hand this 7th day ol
June, A. D. ISM.
W R. ROWLAND Sberiff.
By Jas. C Kays, Under Sheriff
Administratrix's Hale of
Real Estate.
NOTICE is hereby given that lv pursu
ance or an order i.f ttie Superior court
of the oiunty of Los Angeles, Mate of Cal
ifornia, made ou the 2(.ictj day of June. A. D.
1881, in tbe maiLer ot tbe estate oi N.cho
las Quirolo, deceased, the nndeisigued,
tbe udmlnistratilx of ihe estate oi said
deceased, will sell at public auo
lion, to tbe highest bidder, lor
la gold colu of ibe United Slates,
and subject te confirmation by said su
perior Court, on
JULY, 1881,
At 12 o'clock m., at the Spring street
front oi lbe Court House, in tbe city
and Qjuoty of Los Angeles, ail ihe
right, title, Interest and estate of the
said Nicholas Qulrolo deceased, at ihe
time of his deal v, aud ail ihe rithi, title
aud iuteresl t bat tbe said estate has, by
operation of law or otherwise, acquired
o. her than or in addition to thai if tbe
said Nicholas Qjuirolu at the lime of his
death. In and lo all those certain lots,
pieces or parcels of land, sUuate, lying
aud being in the said oity and county ol
Los Angeles, state of Caliiornla, aud
bounded and described as follows, to
l*t All that certain piece or parcel of
land situated in tbe city and oouuty oi
Los Auueles. State of California, bound
ed and described as follows, to wit:
Bounded on the west by Alameda street,
ou the north by land of one Miller, on
the east by Lover's lane, aud on tbe
south by said lane and the lauds of John
It, Griffith and Thomas Dwyer, and be
ing the s»me property conveyed to
Nichulas Quirolo by deed of convey
ance irom Maria Merced laplade Prud
homcne dated January JBl.li, 1878. record
ed In Book No. 28of pages 4*4 et
aeq., Records of Los Angeies.
2d. All m.ii o ilain lot of land situ tte
In the city and county of Los At>geles
State of California, aud descriDed at
follows: Commencing at tho northwest
corner of upper Main and High street-,
tbence uoituerly along tbe West line oi
Upper Main street twenty Aye feet to
tot of H, Casuave; thence westerly o|. n«
said lot forty-seven leet; tbei.ce south
erly, parallel with Upper Main street
twenty-flve feet lo High Btreet; tbence
easieny along High street forty-seven
fe* t to point ot beginning.
Baob of suld two parcels of land will
be sold set arately.
T«rms and o.indl'ions of sale: Cash In
United Stales gold culu, ten per cent, ot
purchase money to be paid to the Ad
ministratrix on the day of sale, balance
on confli mat on of Nale by said Superior
Deed at expense of purchaser.
Administratrix of the estate of Nicholas
Qu role, deceased.
June 22d, 1881.
Notice to Creditors.
In the Superior Court of Loa Ange
les county, State of California.
In the matter of the estate of MAT
THEW KELLER, Deceased.—Notice is
hereby given by the undersigned, execu
tor of the last wilt- and test
anient of MATTHEW KELLEft,
deceased, to the creditors of and all per
sons having claims against the said de
ceased,to exhibit them, with the necessa
ry vouchers, within teu months after lhe
first publication of this no'lce, to ibe
t-ald executor, at bis plaon of business,
the Farmers' aud Merchants' bank of
Los Angeles, in tbe elty of Los Angeles
oounty of Los Angeles, Bt*te of Califor
Dated May 14,188 L
Executor of th* last will and testa*
numtof Matthew Keller, deceased.
Mortgage Sato,
Exeoutlou No. 862.
In the Superior Court of the Couuty of
Los Angeloa,state of California.
Josiah J. Andrews. Plaintiff, 1
Mathew M. Kuox and Eliza A. f
Kuox, bis wue, Delendaut*. 1
Un-Jer and by virtue of a decree of
foieciosure and ord--r of i-ale entered In
the Superior Court of the county,
o. Los Aiigeies, State of California, ou
the hi ii v t> of June, a. D 1&8 I, and a writ
oi execution for the eniorceineut 01 ludg
mem requiring sale 01 piopeity under
foreclosure ef mortgage, issued out of
said uouii, auueiej 10 s»id decree aud
dated Lh« huh day of June, 188t, lv the
auove entuud action and lv lavor of
Jostab J. A.udiews, plalnLifi, aud against
.win new M. KOOX and Uiiza A. Knox, bis
wile, uefendauts, a certified copy of
which said decree of foreclosure, duly
ulie»ied uudt r the seal o said Court, ou
the lOtn day of June, a. d. 1881, and de
livered to me together with tuo writ an
nexed iheieio, on the said last men
tioued day. wbrrbj I am o<»mmauded to
sen »t puullo-luciiou 10 the highest and
oeat bludci tor cash in U. S.go<u coin Ihe
1 Lowii gauU lv said described
real e.ttut.t-, Lo-wit;
I hat real eartsM lying and being situ
ate iv L.os ,\ugeles county, State 01 Call
sorm <, aud m.a'e partiouiaily described
as ib U portion of mo rorter aud Gr< en
unci iv suudivisltm "(i" of ibe subdi
vided lands of tne San Gabriel Orange
oruve Association, as Indicated on me
mnp of said Association lauds, recorded
iv book 2. pages n6tt to 859 of
the .viisculiui.eous Kecords 01 uos Ange
its c.tuniy, Juue 2ith, 1874, whicu Is in
ctuaed in the f allowing uouudsries:
Commencing at a stake 25 feel west of
station the Morengo survey and
running ibeuce north, 5 degrees east, 880
leet; iiifuoc north »81 feet; the»ce west
aiotig ih-s souih line ol Lbe Tan tract
J.w Dv feet; iheoce south along lue
east line ol Porter's mud 76.2.4 fee.;
thence west along tbe south Hue
of Poriei's land 1&O.02 feel; thence
soulii 014.48 K-t t tv ihe north line
oJ lue Ktib trtel; au 1 thence along
■ he norm line ol ih>) huub tract 4G1.18
leet 10 the place of beglnuiug; contain
ing 7>-« acres ul land, together wltu all
and singular ihe tenements, heredita
ments and appurleuauces thereto be
lontiiug or in auy wise appertaining.
Public uotice is hereby give n that on
JULY, A. D. 1881,
At twelve o'clock m. of said
day, X will proceed to sell at the
Court House door, in the City and Counts
of Los Angeles, State of California, at
public auction, to the highest and best bid
der, for cash in United States gold coin, tc
satisfy said decree for principal and interest,
attorney's lees, costs, and ail accruing
costs, ail the above described real estate, or
so much thereof as may be necessary to
satisfy said sums.
Given uuder my hand, this the 11th day
of June, a. 1). 1881.
WM, R. ROWLAND. Sheriff.
By JAS. 0. KAYS, Uuder Sheriff.
In the Superior Court
Of tbe County of Loe.Angelea, State
of Catitot mv.
In the matter of the guardianship of
William H. Haskin and Louis P.
Haskins, minois.
It appearing to this Court from the pe
tition tbis day presented and filed by
tlenry Haskin, the guardian of tbe per
sons and estaies of William H. Haskin
aua Louis P. Hasklu, minors, praying for
an order of sale ot certain real estate
belonging to bis said wards; that It would
be ben< floial to eaoh of said wards that
isuch real estate should be sold:
It is hsrebv ordered that tbe next of
kin ot ihe said wards, and all persons iu
itreated in the said estate, appear before
this Court, ou
A. D. 1881,
At 11 o'clock a. m., at tbe court-room of
ibis court, at the-Court House, in the
city aud count* Of Los Angeles, then and
there to vuow ottune why an older should
not be granted tor the sale ol such estate.
And v. is further ordered that a copy of
ibis order ue published at least three
successive weeks beford the said day ol
hearing, in the Los Angeles Daily Her
ald, a newspaper printed and puollshed
to said county of L <s Augeles.
Dated Juue Oib, IKBU
Judge olthe superior Court, Los Angeles
1 beteby certify the foregoing to be a
full, tiue and correct copy of tneorlginal
order to suow cause op petition to sell real
esiate iv guardla ship of Wm H. Has
sln et al , minors, on file in my
office, and ibat I have carefully compar
ed tne HHmn with the original.
In witness whereof 1 have hereunto set
my hand and Milan d the seal of
the Superior Court, this oth day of
Juue, 1881.
Lseal. | A. W. POTTS,
County Clerk.
By E. H. OWEN, Deputy. . Jetitd
Exeoutlou No. 5021.
Couuty of Lo« Angeles, State of Cali
Jesus A. de Sepulveda, Plaintiff,)
vs. \
Flo Pico, Defendant, )
Under aud by virtue <if au execution Is
sued out oi tbe superior Court of the
oonuty of i.os Angeles, state of Califor
nia, on tbe 11th d ty of May, A. D 1801. to
me directed ami delivered on Lbe '2sd day
ol May, A. D. 18S1, for a Judgment ren
dered In said Court on tne btn day of
t-ebruary, a. D. 1881, iv favorof Jesus A
■le St-pulvedH, plaintiff, and against Plo
i ifo, deiendant, I nave levied upon aud
shall on
JUNE, A. D. 1881,
At IS o'clock sc. of said day, proceed to
sell, at the Court House duor, in Lhe oity
ahd coun y of Loa Angeles, State of Cal
iiornla, at publm aud on to the highest
and be bidder lor oanh In U. ». gold
en mi, to satisfy said judgment
.'or a lien for costs In a
partition suit, witn interest and all
accruing cos**, all ihe rlgut, title aud
interest of said defendant in audio the
oitowing described real estate, to wit:
- Commencing at ih<> northeastern cor
ner oi the tract ot land allotted to Maria
Olivera de Altamirauo on the western
side of Sau Pedro street, lv the city aud
county and state aforesaid, at a 2xB red
wood post In a live wiltow fence; thence
-on Hi 30% degrees west aiong the west
ern side vi San Pedro street niuely-one
i9l) liuas to a 2x3 redwood post i-et lv a
live fence aLthe end of a board fence and
• he southeastern corner of the traoi of
laud described in (he complaint; thence
running nortn 65% degrees west along a
board fence on norm line ot land of Eb
erle 4 -m tot) chaiUK to the end of said
board fence and a 2x3 red wood post in a
live willow lenoe between tbe lam de
orlbed in compla'nt and sa>d land o
Valllula Abila, thence north 82>£ deeices
east aiongsaid fenecj ijlneiy-oue(9l)lii ks
to the southwestern corner of said tr< o
aloMed to Maria oli vera de Al i ami runo
heretofore; thence running south bb%
degrees east 4 87 100 chains iv tbe place of
beginning, containing 415-lt(M acres ot
laud. Reference is hereby made to the
map annexed lo the report for further
de-oriptlon of the tract ot land above de.
Attested under my baud, this 23d day
of May, a. ii. ltBi.
W. K. ROWLAND, Sheriff.
By J. O. KaYS, Uuder Sheriff,
In the Superior Court
Of the county of Los Angeles, State
of California. *
In the matter of the estate of Trinidad
Yorba, deceased.
Notice la hereby given that I, as Clerk
of said Court, have, pursuant to law, set
\VEDNKBimY, JULY 6tb. 1881, at 10 a.m.,
at the Court boom of said Court, In me
Court iiou.se. city and couuty of Los An
geles, Cal., as the time and place for
proving the will of Trinidad Yorba, de
ceased, aud loi hearing the application
of Marcus Yorba and B. A. Yorba for the
issuance to letters testamentary,
when and where any person interested
may Hppearaudeontest the same. Said
bearing will be had at said time and
place before the Hon V. m. Howard,
Judge of Bald Court, and tbe wilt above
referred to is now on file In my office.
Daied Juue 22-d, istii.
I Seal, j A. W. POTTS,
„ „ „ Olerk.
By E* H. Ow*w, Deputy. j«34td
Mortgage Sale.
Execution No. 810.
Id tne Superior Court of the oounty
of Loa Angeles, State of
Edward L. Mayborry, Plaintiff, |
Merced Abbott,atlas Merced Garcia I
de Abbot, John Abbot, saLuas t
Abbot, William Abbot, Aaron au- f
bot, Amos Abbot, Merced Abbot. |
a* executrix, of the last win and V
testament uf William. Abuot, de- |
ceased, Me cad Abbot, UHUghier,
of the above-named Meroeu Ab- j
bot, Oeor*e Abbot, Catherine Ab-j
bot. Frank Abbot and the City)
of Los Augeles, defendants. j
decree of foreclosure aud order ol
entered In the Superior Court
of the county of Los Angeles, State
of Cailtornia, ou the 18th day ot
May, a. D. 1881, and a writ ol
execution for the enforcement of Judg
ment, requiring scle ol property under
foreclosure of mortgage, Issued out of
said Court, ou tbe 20ib day ol
May, A. D. 1881, In tbe above entitled
aotion, and In favorof Edward L. May
berry, plaintiff, aud against Merced Ab
bot,alias Merced Garcia de Abbot, John
Abbot, Salinas Abbot, William Abuot,
Aarou Abbot, Amos Ab iol f Meroed Ab
bot, as execui rlx of the last wilt and tes
tament oi William Abbot, deceased,
Merotd Abbot, dausbter ol the above
named Merced Aboot, George Abbot,
Catherine Abb_t, Frank Ac bot and the
city oi Los Angeles, deieudants, a' certified
oopy oi wnich said decree ol foreclosure,
duly attested under the seal of said
i-uperior Court on the 20th day of May,
A. I>. 1881, and delivered to me, together
with tbe writ anuexed thereto,ou tbe
28d day of May, A* X>. 1881, whereby I
am commanded to aell at pu bllo auction,
to ihe highest and best bidder, lorcash in
United states gold colu, the following
and lv said decree described real estate,
Ail tbat real property lv tbe city of Los
Angeles, oounty ol Los Angeles, State of
Calliornia, bounded and describeu as fol
lows, vis:
A lot. oa the west side of Main street,
the boundaries of which are as ioliows:
Courmeiiolng at a point ou the west
side of Main street, being the northeast
corner of a lot now or formerly of I. W.
Heilmanand formerly of the heirs of
Juan Domingo, deceased; thence run
ning north easterly along the said line
of Main street sixty-five feet, more or
less, to lot formerly belonging to F. Sig
noret and atterwards purchased of H. W»
Ttaohmacker; thence northwesterly
along live oi said Slgnoret lot to eastern
line or New Hign street; tbeuce
southwesterly along line of New Hub
street sixty-five feet, more or lets, to lot
of I. W. Hell man; tuence southeasterly
along lot of Hellman to the point ot be
second—A lot bounded ou the wesl by
Main street aud fronting thereon thirty
six leet; on thenorlh by a lot formerly
owned by Plo Pico and on which the
Pico House stands; on the east by San
chez street aud having a frontage there
on of thirty-six feet, more or less, aud on
the south by a lot formerly owned by
W.H. Perry aod Wallace Woodworth,
tbe lot hereby described being tbe same
lot on wblch siauds what is known as
Merced Theatre building.
Third—A lot bounded ou the west by
Main street; on the north by-lot former
ly of W. H. Perry and Wallace Wood
worth; on the east by Sanchez street,
. and ou the south by lot now or fu< merly
or F. A. MacDougai, having a frontage of
30 feet on Mam street and ba>ug same lot
lormerly occupied by William Abbot,
since deceased, as a furniture store.
Public notice Is here uy giveu that on
OF JUNE, A. D. 1881,
At 12 o'clook M. ot said day, I will pro
ceed to sell at the Court House door in
the city and county of Loa Augeles. State
of California, at public auction, to the
highest aud best bidder for cash iv U. S,
gold com, to satisfy said decree for princi
pal and interest, attorneys' fees, costs and
all accruing costs, all tbe above described
real estate, or so much thereof as may bu
necessary to satisfy said sums.
Attested under my hand, at the city
and county of Los Angeles, St»»te of Cali
fornia, this 23d day of May, a. D. IrASt.
Ky JAS. C. K4YB, Under Sheriff.
To All Whom it May
Notice Is hereby given that the South
' eru Haulfio Kailroad Company, a corpo
ration under t ie laws of California, will,
on tho first day oi. Auguu, A. D. 1881, or
as soon thereafter as ihe case n ay be
heard, apply 10 the Board of Mupervisor*
■ of L is Angeles couuty, California, at ih"
* offloe of raid Board. In ihe oily oi Los An
' geleg, lor a whart franchise along th ■
w«-suriy side of the estuary known as
Wilm ngfou oreek or slough, In said
1 oounty of Los AIM es, commencing foi
' the same at the nmtberly oouudary line
of the whart franchise owned.or c mimed
by Jotliam Bixby, E. N. McDonald and
Thomas B. Hayes, or their assigns, and
running tuence northerly one thousand
feet to v point at or near the southerly
. boundary line ot the lands owned oi
claimed by ihe Pacific- Coast .steam-hip
Company, with a width of seveutv-fivc
feet, extending from toe lauds of tbe
Southe.n Pacific R-iilmad Company on
the westerly side to or into the navigable
waters of said Wilmington creek or
slough on the easterly side
■ southern pacific hailkoad Company.
Hy H R UNDctiHIbL, Agent.
Los Angeles, June 18,1881. JM-4w
To All "Whom it May
1 Notice is hereby given that the Pacific
■ Impiovement Company, a coiporation
> uuder the laws of the State of Cailforni»,
will, on the hrst day of August, 1881. or as
- soon tlion-aitor as ihd case may be
' beard, apply to tbo Board ot supervisors
01 Los Augeles 0 tunty, California, at the
< office of said Board, in tbe cliy of Los
Angeles, f»r a whaif franchise alon? the
westerly side of tbe known aa
Wilmington creek or slough, in said
' county of Los Angeles, commencing 101
the same at the southerly bouudaiy line
of the wharf lrauchise owned orclamied
byJotham nix by, k. N. McDonald and
Thus. B. Hayes or their assigns, and run
ning iheuce southerly one thousand feet,
wan a width of seventy-five feel, extend
i lug from the lauds of theooutberu Pacific
Railroad Company on the westerly side
to or Into the navigable waters of said
. Wilmington creek or slougu-on tbe east
erly side.
Pacific Improvement Company.
By H. tu UNI'EKHILL, Agent.
Los augeles, June 13, 1881. JI4-4w
Notice of Sale In Partition
H. W. Hellman, Plaintiff, vs. cfiarles
Bon, alias Carlos Bon, a minor, Pab
lo Acevedo, alias Pablo Hon, alias
Pablo A. Lopez, a minor, Adele Bon,
a minor, Prosper Pnitlp, auardlauoi
the above-named-minors,G. O.Comp
tou, Mary A. Gibson, Prosper Pbllip,
as administrator with the will an
nexed of tbe estate of Maria Autonia
Acevedo de Bon, deceased, aud
Jacques Levy, defendants.
In pursuance of an order and deoree of
tbe (superior Conrtot ihe county of Los
Angeles, state of California, made lv the
above-entitled action, dated the Itttb day
of June, a. I). 1881, tbe undersigned, rei
eree in partition, will sea at public auu
tipn.totbe highest bidder, in front oi
the Court House, on Spring street, in the
city of Los Angeies, in said couuty, on
JULY, A. D. 1881,
At 11 o'clock a. M., Lbe following de
scribed tract or parcel oi laud, to wit:
All tbatcertalu real property, situate
in tbe county of Los Augeles, State of
Caliiornla, bounded and described as
follow*: Bounded on the north by the
southern Hue of the land formeily be
longing to or claimed by John Uratf; on
the east by Main street; ou the south by
tbe line oi land or Armanso Allen; and
on the west by the land of C. 81, Thorn
and E. M. Ko*s; being the easterly thlr
teen acres of the uortb half of the uortti.
west quarter oi tbe southeast quarter oi
section seven (7), township two iSjsnutb,
range thirteen (>8) west, wan Bernardino
Tei,ms of sale: Cash lv gold coin of the
United States, payable on confirmation
ol sale by said Court, Deed at expense oi
purchaser. J, R. scOl'T,
Dated Los Angeles, June IT, 1881. JeiStd
A meeting of the stockholders of the
First national Hank of Los Angeles win
bs held at the Bank on WEDNESDAY,
JULY win, 1881, for the purpose of elect
ing a Board of Directors auu transacting
such otber business as may properly be
brought before tbe meeting,
jeftd «. r.OFBACK, CeenJer. J
Sale of Real Estate
By Administrator with the will annexed.
In the Superior Court of Loa Ange
les County, Stale of California.
In the estate of Rosa Isabella D.
Baldwin, deceased.
Notice Is hereby given that in pursu
ance oi tbe v.rder oi said tsupenor Court
of ihe couuty of Loa Angejea, btaie of
Caluornla, uiadeou tbe6.u day ol May,
A. It. tSBi, m lhe mat-er of the estate of
ttosa Isabella *j. ttaid win, deceased, the
uudei signed, with tne
Will auut-Xed oi said estate, wilt sell at
private saie to the uigneat, uud best bid
uer lor cash aud sduJeuL to the coufli m
atlou ot said Superior C juit, all the
right, line, interest aud of the
said deceased at tbe time of herueab,
aud all Lhe light. ilLle and interest tbe
said estate bua, by operation of law or
otherwise, acquired other tuau or m ad
dition to that oi the said deceased at the
inn* oi ber death in and tv tuose certain
pieces, or tracts of land lying aud
being in Lhe oounty ol l.os AUgen s, .-state
oiv.aiuotnia.au., deacnbed as follows,
to wU:
Fn>t—Commencing at. a forked willow
tree aootu o inches tuiou ..j-., waited
a 10, in black panjl, Which Is siLUaleu
near tue bank ol the z .nja oi' iirigaiiux
uiiuu ana corresponds v.i.u and is »ia.
l 6 ol a survey mane iv ueceuiour, 1870,
by ti. M. Jobnsou uf the uiiguole h<>. of
me ttauuho L,os reuse, rt.oiuL.uo to
wnicb is hereby more j amcuiariy
made-; thence, lollowmg thu
line oi said survey in 9% degiee» wove
cbalu aud «c• en ty-eight, liukaj iheuce i\
4o^4 degrees li 2.J0 cuu.ns; ineuce nOl St
uejsiee* k 1.75 chains; ibeuce ,s 82J6 ueg
ie si- I,So chain*; iheute ,\ B>4 degrees
W. 2.28 chains; tuence a *I»4| de
grees w0 5j chains; ihence N i>2 - 4 de
grees h, 2 M t heuce gi '67% uegreea
Ca t&.tit uuaiuil lo stalioo ti ol JuUU.~,UU'S
suivey; ibeuce in 78> 4 degiets E zn.titi
cnaina; ibwnce s loy 4 dtg<ees w 20.8 l
ttnaius; lueuoe S 74>£ W m k,o
chains; thence JS oi> decrees W 8 611
c .aiLis to tue point oi the to
tal aiea oi tbe laud conveyed
04 o-lt'o acies t laud.
aecoud—Also tUe one-nub interest In
aboutd bOtl ucitij oi Lua-t certulu' tract oi
land biiuaie, Oiug liuU being iv tue
couuty oi i.os Auijcitia, *>iatu vi Ualiior
ma, uud more particularly uescuued us
toltows, to wit; uoiniuenoing at tue
river or Loa Augeles, at uu oaa tiee, a
iaud-uiark ol tue laucuo cat led ' i-*rovi
deucia," uear a liwj aiiu, uuU running
lUeuce soULliWesleriy aioug tue 6jUuu
ary Imeoi f aiU ttuuuUo i_a irovideucia
to the rtibo lice <J ilio uoualuio; lucbca
easterly lo tUe ",-iguago uo Alocovei,ga;"
IheuCe LO a polut lv iioul ot tue "Aguagu
, aei Suuuito;" meno^-in auotber sua gut
Hue pasaiug directly through lite
foriezueia to tho • river ot Loa
Augeies; theuce up the cuauuel
01 ills said river to tue place oi
beginning, tue lava heieuy described
being a u»rt vi* tbe KaiiCuu Lus Kens,
grautea to Maug. VgUucio Veidugo o;.
Mauuel Micheuorena Marca 22, 184>i,
saving auU eAceptiug ftour the last
' above described tiact a certain parcel ol
laud described as iuiiows: G'ouiiueneiug
at a redwood Blake lv uiouud oi etouea
; marked r. U. ». I, 4x4 iuciies iv diame
ter aud-distant It* Uuks irow tbeceuter
' oi the Caual auu Ke.-ervoir <Jouii)auy'»
j ditcU and ou north side of same, iruiu
whicu poiut a Lye-oak tree about 4 feet
in diameter aud marked JU. i". a. i. I*. v.,
beajTa IS WA degrees .hi 277 cuaius dis
tant; auotuer nve-oaa ou opposite side
• oi Jticservoir Company's di.en auout »lf
i toet lv diameter, ulazed aud marked b.
T. IS. 2a.i F. L., bears fcj 6(i> B degrees E
1 2 2tf cbatus disiaut, aud is o« tuo wts*.
Oaiia of a small gulch; lheuce running a
. fewliuusLo the northward of iieservoir
Company's ditch JS 76>4 degrees w b22
cuaios to sandstone ruck aud staka
marked a. 2, links froaio uter of ditch
froiu wblcb poiui a live tree übom
2*4 leet lv diameter near edge ol" dUcli
hears in 42> a d> g. ees W 3.2j ouatus dl*>-
iiVc-oak noi.ut same sizj
■ oeais JN 37;* degrees W auoUl o.Uuouaius
i dlsiaulauo th corner of Jose r*aco's
a .one h iuse i.earn IN 4o decrees L. 14.
, chaius and is 1.06 caai>.s long by 27 nuas
Wide; Live stands uuouiccu
' tre oi rear of uoUoe and is auoui io Unas
. ulsiaut ITulll house ; auoLUer large live
' oak on uonu siueoi duch aud lwuudi-
I aLeiy ou ed*o ol saiue oca<s a 55 dvgre> st
> t i.jjfiJiuiii disLaut; tueuca loiiowuig
Kcsei Voir aud uaiiai tjoUl H au> 's aiLcu up
; sliea~u IN lj>4 degrees W 0.07 ouaiu.> io a
. -l iKe iv IIuSH diSiaut iiuw CcUtei ol
di.oU vi.v muiked a. 8j u.i. i;,: jn de
giCcS VV 2 til chains to v slake 'Ai uu&s
a a< .aj. fiuin ueuLer oi ditch Uud maraud
b,4| tuenc ' ao7' 4 uegrees >• t.ni eh »m>
to a stake g7 lli>ki iiom ceuter ol ditch
aud marked a. o; ibeuce IN o4; 4 d g.ee.
' W B.ul> cuaius lo a su.ke 17 links
oeuier of dticu und maraed ci ti; tneuuc
IN it* v h - < - " 1-21 i.-uaiUo toa li
littlLs iruUl oeaier id uiicu and m.t.l aeu a.
7; tuence IN d< gites n unaius to
" a Blake id tiUAS frw*M Venter Ul d. tch and
' mariced ca. o; iheu»eiN d gees j£4*9o
* ouaina <o a stake li nojii euuUf vi
r ditou und ma.kwa « w; Ucm a n % dc
-9 gr. cs W b. io OttSnflS to a sL. ke dUiaut iV
* nnss from Cuut.e< of di>cuaud maikud a 1
- iv; tbeuce an -.i Bd> gicea vV ti>Ui uiutau l»
" astake 3.i links .loru center ul tn oh aud
c 11, lioui w"nicu a liVb
% Oak tree 2fe;al in diatiioLci ou a, bide ol
1 duch bears a 2jJ4 c L :.0 Itnks dis
1 mv. J anoiUer live o«*a aume siilC, r um.
; , Siatt Ol UILoU, beaiS a lo ~ uOg.eea L.
] iiuks dißlaui; Lbeuoe along v,... auu uiit
] Side H* b; 4 d-g c. ■■ v y.au uhalos to a a.ake
j 11 links from center ol di tcu a.ud m.j k. d
1 cj. 12; ibeuce IN ii) . U giees *v o.tj. cUU.Ui
» to Si..lie io nuks if. vi c uter ufdaOu aud
' uiaikedti. 13; tuenou m 4u> 4 uc.ite.i \V
:> ."j.y-i cuams to a stake ruar«,<d n. l.;
• tueuce > Uy* degreen X iI.OJ cuu.iis to a
l! wi.iuw slump uittteu auu uiaised with
1 biaCk paIUL B)< lo; iheUi.'e u.UUg d.LcU uu u
c edge ul small swamp IN y> 4 w i,.b
' chains to a mukc io hukb iroiti ceuter ol
dm baUd maraed a. 10, tneuuc IN 4o> 4 de
grees X 2,70 chaius to asiu.&» » iinab ir.no
center oi ui.uti and maikcd la« ii; .neuce
Wi% degrees E 1.75 uuaius loa siake
" niaiKtiUn. 18, ou d«a eriy side of flood
? gate; tneuce in i>e-rcts X t-docbatus
along Oeuiei o: luuulug ol dUch
and turougu a deep cut wnicti oroase
Uill on puiut ot wnlch is located bouse
of tt. Jfaco to Btaae markeu a men. c
c N3>4 degrees W 228 cU»lus tv a stake
j walked o. 20; tbence IN lb 4 degrees VV
, li.. ii cuaius to a stoke 28 j i■.u - from center
s oi uitou aud maikdu » Hi j tbeuuu a 2tv 4
t aegrees k 2.87 chaius lv a stake 18 links
s frowoeutieo! ditcb and marked a»iUl
■ Lbeuce N 37>i degrees Ai 2ul chaius to
| nuHu muk dt6. tlience in d grecs
3 VV 4.47 chaius lo stake 2o liuaS f.uai ulicb
% aud marked et, 241 LUeuce (legreo»
I A 4 lo cu.iu.s to a .-1.t...- 16 UkJttt Horn
r ditch undmaikcd a, 2o; theuce jn ~r. 4 ,j, .
' grees Jb b.z,* cb.<iLS to a stake lunula
I iromoeuieroi diicu and v.a lv.-v ,s 2d,
I thence N iiH degrees vv 2«2 uhaiua to a
. stake in.ok'd S, 2i) ibeiiCe on sine vi
, viii belwoeu ditch and roau i> |gu de
- grees W 2.00 chaius t j btake on edgo oi
> road marked H 2b; tuence in de
' -rees W 6.U7 chains to sttike on cuge of
I road aud ina>ked ■-. 20; tueuce N 2b;-, de
■ grees W 4.87 chaius lv a stake on eugd ol
ducu aud marked a. 3D; ibeuce a oug
edge of d itcu iN 33 drgreca VV &uu chains
. tij stake en ci go ot load and marbed H.
3;; thence N degrees w 4.U1 oiiaius
. to a stake between road and Uitvil uun
marked s. ii.; tijeuce along (Janai auu
I lleservolr Company r s di on 2is dug ees
W 3.i0 ouaius to a stake maikid a. Sit
; theuce following meandefs oi i.v«r bank
■ N 88>4 de«reea n. 4.JU chain* to a sLake at
i no al ot deep wasu and marked 34;
, cbence-JM iIM ue.rees X 3.« i cuaius to a
i stake ou edge ol bunk marked h. 3j;
■ Lbeuce N 26 aegrCes E 4.(.8 chaius to a
, stake OU WeSten y side of Sanja lUniK* d
- 8. 3tt; thence N degrees IS lu.uu
, lo siake mat ked ts, 37; theuce i> ia de-
I gieesb. i.t>7 cuaius to a stake maike i ti,
.1% irom wnicu point a willow irue mark
ed B. X.B. 38 It*, v. bears N 41% uegreea X
. til links distant; ibeuce « ibft dtgrees r>
t2.7u chains toSLake marked a. atf; tuenoe
. -4 24!;.* oegree-t c. 7.04 etialus to siake
; marked a, 40; ihenne w 7% degrees fes ou
ouatus to stake tuai ked tS. 41; tneuce « 4
degrete w 14.81 obulus to stake marked
.S. 42; ihenoe a 2% degr. ai t. il.Gi
, chains t > stake marked H. 43; theiu-e
' a degiees E l.il cuaius to uuk post
iv line ot willow f<-nae marked d, 4i i- n.;
. thence a. MjM degrees W. 8142 Cuaius
along aald willow feuoe lostaae iv lj..e
of fence aud marked b. 45; Lbeuci ». \h%
degrees E, 15.16 chains to stake markeu
' a. 48; tuoucea. 88*4 degrees E. ll.&t chains
to stake marked a, 47; tbuuee a de
' grees E. (i.t;s ciiulus tv stake marked a.
' %i\ thence ».38 degrees E, U. 37 lo
■ p'ist tn Hue of willow teuce hl inieiseo
■ lion of said with L. A. C. W.vv. t'o's
- d'ich aud marsed I*. |>, B. 40; thence a.
iM% degrees VV. 808 chains along live
wulow fence to stuke marked *8. su;
tueuce K. 77 degiees VV. 5'J chaiitt
to stake marked B 61: thence a.
58 degrees VV. tl 8J cbainA to stnke
marked bt, 52; thence It, U% VV. il 5n
chains tostake 'uaiked s. |gj thence a
. W 10.13 cuams to stake 4x4
i inches In diameter iv mound oi siuues
aud marked f. U.a. l,lhe i l'iceot tielu- a
ulug and sontalniug ?i2B d2tioj acres ol I
laud and being the same tr.tct of iano
within tbe exterior boundaries oi which
Is included the 64 acre tract hereinbefore
described,.and all of said lands oeing
within ibe exierlor boundaries of ibe
ttancho teliz" and forming apari
Also, all the water rights,
aud servitudes to «f said dltler.-ni
tr.iots beJouKing or iv any wayappe.
osdd vale will be made oa or alter the
All bids or offers must oa in writing
and win be received at the office of
Messrs. JPtuXUp * Baldwin, No. 8/ Main
street. Los Angele* olty Cat a., or may b
cf live red tv Ihe Hdmiulstralor persona]
ly.oi filed with the Oerk-d said superlo
Court, at any time a'ter tbe first publiot
tloo ol tblu not ice and hufure ibe maklnt
of the sale.
Teruis aod conditions ot. wale—Ten pc
cent, of tbe purchase money to be pal<
upon notice oi acceptance of bid, batauo
on cofirtnai ion ol sale by said Superlo
Court, need at expense of purchaser.
Dated Loa Aogeies, Cal., May «vh, 1881
Administrator with the will annexed o
ibe estate of Kosa Isabella D. iiaidwin
d- ceased.
E*s> man, Half»y, King A Robarts, At
torueys for Ibe estate.
Execution N0.787.
In tbe Superior Court of tbe count/
of Loa Augeles, State of
California. • j
Francisco Graxlde, Plaintiff,)
Vs. i
Olivier Devillers, Defendant.)
tTnder and by virtue of a decree of fore
closure and order or sale en
ter* d 1 n tbe superior Court*
of the county of Los Augeles, State of
California, on t he 28d day of June, A. D,
1 81, and a wilt ot execution for the en
forcement of Judgment requiring saleoP
propt rty unici foreclosure of mortgage, |
issued oul >>f said Court, annexed to said I
decree aud daied tbe 24th day of June, A, 1
D. lt-Si.inthe above entiled action and*
iv lavor of Francisco Uraelde, plain
tiff, and against Olivier Devil
lers, defendants, a certified cops
of wblcb said decree of foreclosure, duly*
attested uuder tbe seal ol said Court on
the24tbday of June, A. D. 1881, and de
livered to me, together with ..." ** writ an-,
nexed thereto, on tbe 26!b day ». 'uue,*
A. D lBSl.wheieby 1 am com manned toj
sci i at public auction, to the highest and!
best bidder, for cash in U. S. *old coin 1
the following and iv said decree d.e-1
aonbed real estate, to wli: \
Lot, No. five (8i in block six (8) of the
AHko t:aot, according to L o- uvreut'a
subdivision of said tract, made In 18&9,'
si<ld lot navlng a front offlf'.y (60) feetou
Aliso street and a depth ot one hundred
and fifty (16) feet, being tbe same Jot
conveyed to the said Olivier Devillers byl
Kit mi n Fernandez by deed of date
Maroh 18th, 1870, recorded in book 43 of
deeds, i oi Angeles county records, pagej
2iB; i<bove laud being situated in tbeolty*
ot Los Angeles, county ot Los
State of California. ■
Publio notice is hereby given that on I
JULY, A. D. 1881,
At 12 o'clock m of said day, I will pro
ceed to sell, at the court House door, In
tbecity and county of i.os Angeles, Slate J
of California, at public auction, tothel
highest and best bidder for cash in 0. S.
gold coin, to satisfy said decree lor prin- I
oipal aud Interest, attorney's fees, costs!
ami all accruing costs, all the above de-J
scribed real estate, or so much thereof am
may be necessary to satisfy said sumac 1
Given uuder my band, this 26ib day* j
June, A. D. 1881. War. R. ROWhnND, "
Sheriff, j
By J. 0. Kav3, Under Sheriff.
Petition for Pardon.
In tbe Superior Court of tbe oounty
of Los Angeles, State of Califor
The People of tbe State of California,
Plaintiff, vs. Hairy Holden and Fred
Morris, Defendants.
To Thomas F. Brown, District At tor-j
n< y of the county of Los Angeles, State!
of California: pleaße take notice that it]
is the iuiemioii of the undersigned to,
apply to His Excellency, George C. Per-]
kjus, Governor ot the State of California,'
lor tbe pardon of Hany Holden and
Frederick Morris, convicted in the Supe
rior Court of die county of Los Augeles,
.-state oi California, un the ?— tbat is to
say, the said Harry Bolden on tbe 11th
day ot April, A. D. 1881, and tbe said
Frederick Morris ou the 12th - day of
April, A, D. 1681, ol the crime of burgla
ry, and by suld Court sentenced to l«vi
prisoumeut in the f-tate Prison of the 1
.state of California, and each of tbem for
tbe term o years, tespecttvely.to wit:
the said Harry Holdeu for the term of,
J years an i the said Frederick Morris for
Lhe term of 2>g years.
County of Los Angelas, j * \
A. J. Kin-, being duly sworn, depoJwl
-;j i say.s "he Is a cltiEeii of iho* nifebl
Stall s aod Stale of Calltcrnla. and over <
l be age ol 2> years; that he served the*
ton going nt reou I booms B.Brown Esq,
, Ids Met Attorney of the county of i.oal
Abwele v , .-late of California, by deliver-I
Ins to him a true copy thereof, at his of-i
Bee, In said couuty, on tho 28th day of"
June, A. D. 1881. A. J- KuNG. -
So Mori bed and sworn to before me,
tbL2B.h day ol June, ltBl. 1
f-»Hl | A. W. POTTS, 1
Codoty Clerk and ex-ofScto Clerk of
the - uparlor Couri of Los Augeles coun
ty. Cal a.
By fc. H. Owen, Deputy. je29
Notloe to Creditors. J|
Estate or Jacob L. Wright, deceased.—
Nonce Is liereoy given by the unner
sleni d, exem rlx oi tbe iHst will and tea-*)
tameni of Jucob i.. Wright, decea.ed.to
tin- creditors ot,and all persons having
c alms against tue said deceased, To ex.
uibli ihem.ultu ib.e necessaty vouch.*
era, wiihlu four months after the first
publication of this notice, to ihe .aidex
ecutrix, at the office of her attorney, No.
4 Temple Block, In the oity of Los An.»
geles. In the county of Los Angeles, State
ul i'.•morula.
Dated al Los Angeles, May 17,1881.
Executrix, etc., of Jacob L. Wright, de
ceased. mylS'lw
Los Angeles Oil Company. '
Local tin of principal place of business.,
I.os Angeles, California. — i,noaiion<l
of woiks, Ventura oounty, California.
Notice Is hereby given that at » meet
ing of the Boaru of Directors ol this com- '
pany held on the linn day of May,'
IBM. „n assessment (No. 14) of fifteen 1
(16e) cenls pur share was levied upon the J"
onpital siotkof the company, payable %
Immediately, In U. S. gold ooin, to the f
Seoretary, ul room No. 5, Temple Block,
oity of Los Angeles. j
And any slock upon which this assess JO
nii-iii remains unpaid on Tuesday, thmn
3i'h day of June, lagi, will be delluqoaoK _l
and advertised fir sale ai public auclionTV'
"int. unless payment Is made before,' Will
he sold on Tuesday, the Mib day of inly,
1831,t0 pay delinquent assessments, costs
of advertising and expenses of sale. f
W. J. NrtuLY.Se retary, .
No. 6, Temple Block.
Los Angeles, May as, lsii. 4w
— i~ ,
Assessment Notloe.
Los Angeles Mining and Smelting Com
pauy-L ioa len ol w..rks, Resting
springs, Inyo county, Oalifarnla— Lo
cation of pnnclp.l ptuoa of business, ,
Los Angeles, Los Augeles county.
California. V
Notloe Is hereby given tbat at a meet- «
Ing or lha Board <if Dlreotors of said
Company held ou the thirteenth day of
May, u-81, an assessment, uumbersix (61
of una d ular and seventy-live eenie per '
share was levltd ou the entire capital
si. ca uf said onrpi. ration, payable imme
diately In h.wiui money, loj M. Elliott,
Seoielury 0f5..111 Company.ttt his OlHce, «
No. 1 Temple Block, lv the oity and
county of J.,os Angeles, State of Califor
nia j
Any stock upon which thl9 assessment 4
shall remain unpaid on Tuesday, tbe 6th
iiay or July, IHBI. will be delinquent ,
nod adverilsed for sale at public auu ion; I
and, unless paymeutts made before, will m
be sold on Tuesday, lbe tin day of Au- I
iiist, 1881, to pay s .id delinquent assess- I
meni, iogeiher with cost of advertising j
untl expenses ol sale. jf
Uy order or ide. Board or Dlreotors «4
J. M. Ei.l.lo'l'i'.f.ec eiajT^C
Office or Secretary, No. 1 Temple Hi.if J
oily and county oi Los Angeles, CailS ■
" la - in 14 4?% I
ttollectors of Beads of all Trees and Bhrub*
indigenous to the Australian Colonies, ,
flnolodxe* |
I*4 vi hnrmlit Sun '-11111 Bk

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