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Los Angeles Wholesale Markets
Wholesale prices tor goods sold in
round lot,. Grain and rlonr by tbe carload.
Corrected weekly by Woodhesd A Gsv, 42
md 44 Spring street.
oreen raurrs.
Apricots, per lb 4 " 8
Apples, per box 1.25 " 1.75
Peaches a b
Pesr. 3 " 5
Keepberii s. per lb IS " lo
Blaokbsnl.., " ........ 7 " 10
Plume n<rbox 125 "1.25
Oranges. perboi,LA .... 1.00 "1.60
" •■ Budded. IM " 2.80
Lemons. ' " LA 1.80 "2.50
Limes L A, per 1' 0 76 " 1.00
Limes Mexican, per 100... 1.23 "180
rr-mn.. par bunoh 3.00 '• 4.50
Psasbee,peeled, per lb ... 20 " 23
■■ unpeeled, " .... » " 14
Plums pitted- " l S !' J!
Apple*, sliced in boxes.... 9 " 14
• in seeks.... 8 " 10
" quartered, per lb,. 6 " 8
Pigs. imported 20 " 27
Prunes, per lb » "
Apricots; ■• W ai
Nectarines par lb 18 " 20
Blackberries per lb , 10 " )8
SSonT*' ■*•' » 8
- ::::::: Hi " »
In sacks per lb J
Grapes, in saoks, per lb.. 6 ♦* 6H
BoxeT.No. 1 WO "1.73
»o. 2..... l.iS " 1.&0
flalvee 2.0*1 " 2.26
Quarters 2.2* " 2.50
Almonds, soft shell 18 " 12
"* bard " —
•• shelled 85
Brazils 13 " 16
Walnut) 7 " 8
Peanuti, rousted, L. A—
imported 18 " 14
" raw, L. A 6 '■ 7
•< •< imported 9 " 10
Hickory 8 10
Feean* 16 <• 17
Filberts 17 " 18
f -Jotatoee, per cwt 85 "LOU
■■ sweet per owt ... 3.00 "8.01
Onion-*, per owt "1.60
Garlic, per owt 6.00 " 7.u0
f-tring beans, per lb 4 " 6 -
Summer squash " 2 " 8
Bhubarb, " 8 " fl
Oreen peas, " a ns
Tomatoes. " 2 " 8
Green chiles, " 8 " 11
Dtj •• nerzting... 76 " 2.8H
Cucumbers, per aoseo 10 " 16
Cabbage, per ost " 2.(0
Beets. " 1.50
Turnips, " 1.50
Csrrpte, " 1.60
Cauliflower, per dozen ... none
Lettuce. •« .... 18 "20
Radishes, " 26 "SO
Celery, " .... none
Buns —
link 186 " 1.45
Bayo 1.85 " 1.45
•White 2.56 "2.50
Butter 2.00 "S.'O
Lima 2.60 «■ fI.OO
Dried pets 1.60 " 2.00
poo 1,1 sir.
Turkeys, live, per lb 16 " 18
Bens, per dozen 3j 0 "6.00
Boosters, " 6.00 " 6.00
Broilers, " 8.00 " 4.50
Ducks 8.78 " 4.75
taseee, per pair
Extra........'. 4.10 " 4.25
Empire Mills snperrlno ... 8.18 " 3.28
Bue wheat flour, cwt " 4.60
Orabam flour 2.01 "2.36
Byaflou- 2.80 "S3i
Corn meal 1.45 " i.'S
Oatmeal "4.60
Hominy, lirge " 4 28
email. 4.86
Gar iua
Cracked wheat "3,25
Pearl bar ey, No. 1 " 8.10
'• f>o. 2 "5.50
" Mo. 8 "5 00
Split pees " 6.00
Barley, per ewt 83 •• 85
" ground, per cwt " 95
Corn, white, per cwt 9"> " 1.00
" yellow, " t6 " 95
Hsy, per too (2 0001b<). .. 6 " T
By, wire a, 10 ton, to oar,
as* 8.83 " 9.50
Butter, fresh, ehoioe, per lb 80 " 85
•• •■ 2d •• ■■ 83 " to
" flrkin.. " HflH " 581«
" pioide roll, " 28 " 30
Obsess, l.ige 1 H " 12
•« sm.l 12 " 13
*• Eastern
Eggs, per dozen 28 " 26
Bstno, Hgnt breakfast.... 12H " 13>*
'• medium 11 " 18
'• heavy
H»m,. Call on ia 10 " 12
« sigtr oared 12 " 13H
Lard, 1010 tin., a. wgt.... 11 " U
- 8 " Jl " IJH
" 24 " " .... 19)4 " 13
" 10 - full " ....
" 8 " " H ....
" SO " '1 "
•' in barrels..'
Strtned.flOlb t'ns 6 " 8
■ lb tine, ssrew top, per doz " 8 00
8 " " ■< "4 01
i " " " <'8.28
-46zeb ln section 14 " W
IBsvtisd by Messrs. Jac son, Kerckboff a
Bough Bw and pine, find qnali'y.. $27. 5u
'• " " seoond •• .. 20.00
Surface Bw " Hist " '.. 40 00
Ton«u>d and Groved H, Ist q'lty 50.00
do flooring pine, let quality 40.<0
do " " 2d " 85 00
Bnetio 42.60
Biding : 116 00
Split costs, eaeb...-. 2214
Shingles, per M 4.00
Lath per M 6.00
Shek-s per M 15.10
Pants Cms >ime, per bbl 8.00
Paster, per bbl 8 00
Pert and oi ment 7 60
Bo ed.le cement 6.00
float heir, per lb S
Delivered in yard.
Loa Anszelea Retail Market*.
lOoneoted weekly by the American
Cub Store.]
FLOUR—»J!bbl—Los Angeles Extra 5i.3.1
Paradise Mills- Oto lbs. sack) . 41.40
Superfine—bbl w .f4 eO
Graham—6o lbs l.oi
Bjs*ij||_S>s ~ _ 76
C' 'UNMEAL—-to m sicE 75081K
BOCKWHKAT-IO ID -".ox „.....55c
S BACKED WHEAI-10 lb sack _.!5c
OMI.SY-IOBISttCX „ ™_.45c
Eastern.„ M „ ftc
California.- ,v,
BUTTER-. _....25i8>30t
OHKEmE—per B)
gal l torula _ Pfo
BOUB—per doz, _._ _ „Uc
Soda—™— _. g
Butter _ j,
Jen .y Llnd _ „ . i,„
S\<JrJH -per Ib 12XSJ16
ttfS-psr tb-
Hugar cured ..„„.,....„ v,
E-i-tern auxar cured ie«)>iS<
LARD—per tV. - ............ 18 a 6<
POTATOES—per owt 81.00
sweet potatoes per D) .none
Exuaetsd __..„ sau
White. jSc
8ay0u...................... „. ..3c
Lima........ aotc
OOFFBE—per B>-
Java....— _ 38c
Bto_„ iS
Costa H1ca......... „.....15i»io<
Wane gr.n _ _ itUc
Yellow ._ _._ io-
Brown 10,
Hew Orleans. — _„ toe
IstaaS dark, 48
TEA—Per B>—
Japan „ -~~ 265500
Back — 2i§Boo
Qreou 40«UOc
RlOtt-Per » - Wo
[Corrected by Woodbead A Gay.]
oranges—Per <10z......_ „ tSt'O
Lemous—e'er doz ... if>(gt^>
Limes—Per doz - ... .is •
Apples—Per lb *»*>
Fears " — »<950
Fiueapples...... - [email protected] Do
Tomatoes—Per 10 » 2(Sr3*
. Bauauas—Per doz ..Soe
. — Per lb mm mm., pone
Baspwines-Per lb ~l i.ftii
oiHckbemas—l'er lb _....7q>'c
" S&luc
Aprloots " 4rJ3c
Pesobes " „ vv„/u'
Plums " - - o®l2c
B vWWsB-Per Bi
imponed (Neediest) „ 85c
California -.sffilOc
String Beans— Por lb Bo
dmnm -r Sttuasb " 4o
Aapsragus " l"o
"hubaro '* 6c
Oreen Peas " ™ So
v«bbais " So
beets " ltte
Turuipi " l^o
Oz.ro's " IHC
Csniiflower—Per dos •••• 400
Lettuos " SOo
ttadisnes " gflo
, Corrected by A. Frank.]
Beet ailSr
Do cholae Porter House steak* 16c
Veal „.12(.t/»isc
Mutton staiOe
Lamb 10a 2 let-
Pork i l^'.,r
Corned Beal „.. M „ e®loe
Do soloed - i 2 5
1-ard— Per Ib „ UH^UHc
Tallow—Per lb raw _ „...«o
do " rendered 8c
bcreams' FATtiro pbicxs.
Lambs (on loot) per lb 4sic
sheep 11 , «.„ s<3»ic
dogs " " .. ......... ..... (.. (36-
Keel '• " „ Main?
Calves " " So
cooltbt, oami aim Fiaa.
iUurrecte.l b. A h. Onstott.]
Boyiuir prioei.
iroilera—Mehum—P, r doz S2 5e
•• — Large—Per doz 3 00
" • -Sou 1 Ko sa <
Pigeons —Per dos St.Ot
leavy, fat bens—i'er doz 54.5 i
i he do " 4.0'
)ld roo.t rs " 4.00
foU"g roosters " 14.00(g4 5'
leavy fat ducks " 8 60
Light do " 3 0
. I'urkeya—Psr Ib 12*»i
leese—Kaoh 75c
'abbits " ■ 76
Snipe—Per doz 76
Selling Prices.
hickens— Eaoh 60®Bf
'bickens—Dressed 60
Tame duck.— Such... 5u
vi beys—Per lb [email protected]
>«rse—K.oh $1.00 <0,l 26
■ uipe^—P,r dos $l.vi
labbus—Per p,ir 25c
?rash fiah—Per ib 6SBc
almon " 15c
" 2iA
xibstera " 8.
Southern California
Packing Company
Preservers or Fruits, VsgStab es, Meats,
Honey, Manuiacre ■*. r,r Jams,
Jeille-, Msrmalsdi s*«! ckles,
Vinegar . "<\ bi.uss,.
Inoorporauu April 4, 1831.
CAPITAL STOCK. — 850,000
A.H. JtTDSOV President.
W, U WORK*A '— Vlce-P.e-Ident.
J. E. HuLLE.vBEL'K i reaaurer.
W.H.Perrv, W. T. Kittridge,
W. d. Woramau. J. M. Elliott,
A. li. Judson.
Offloe and Faotoryi
This company Is now ready tn contract
for fruite und vegeiable. fur the present
der tue superintendence of MR J. J.
I4HUUM, formerly connected wllh an.l
sup*'Plntsadeni of the t.oiuen oute hud
saujsse eiaeklai o.,mpauie., auu moi*
reosutly "-up'rmtendeut of the Sania
Barbara Can ci
'i'he ALuBN PROCESS will be etarted
under Ihe aiperv.slon of X, rllNrjC
'H .O, for ten ye»r* superintend nt of
the Aideu Facto;y at Jacksou. C- I. JeJc /
Oarl H. F. Schwcnn,
[Better known as Don Carlos,;
asrwiNES, LicjuoßSf! ale, beer
IND CIGABS ol tbe best quality to be
oaod ln tbe market always on baud,
A eordlal invitation Is extended to his
»>o friends aud tbe publio to give htm a
IBF Bagatelle Table for Pastime.
lUacoeseoie to Ohrle. Henne) Propriotois
San Franclsoo,
Orders Sot DRAUGHT or BOTTLitK
Been promptly attenu'ed to.
The oelebrated Beer Irom this Brewerj
defies oomnetltlon tn tbe .state. BSfMf
D. MAHLSTEDT, Proprietor.
The purest and most dellolone LAGEh
BKtclt mauuiactured In Houtbern Cali
fornia. Order, lor Draught or Bottled
Beer 111 led ou short noucs.
Lat« of Ban Frftncisno, bas opsned a
Unit nUM
Merchant Tailoring:
ta s'-T-a.ui_ihh vii-_:n x\
AT 1«7 MAIN STREET, Los Angeles
He is a orastleal tailor and cutter of 16
years years exoeneuce. Us bas out io
bs be-tt tioußria E i-t *ud In San
o. Hie term, are yery reaaouable.
**"Oall aod .*« him, aDlßtf
the pionber Market of thisci
Keep, on hand tbe beet Beef, Veal
Pork, Mutton, Halt Meata and all kinds'
of riauaxges. Meate deliver* I to all part*
of the olty. A. FRANCK.
mrl-tjm Proprietor.
County Warrants, etc.
I buy Witness Keea, Jury Fees. City
aod couuty Warrauta, Judgmenie,and
all kind* of claims.
_ __ Attorney at Law.
ear Room « Temple Blook. nSS-ly
I. •
i ■
The leading Paper
Southern California.
Will devote columns to farthering the
Intereets of Loi Angeles city and county
and the Southern portion of the State. It
Is the Intention of the publisher to make
AU»W»P*»Pw ol lb6 day, comp;i*te in all
Its details, and In ov«rr department
Full and Reliable,
The Editorial Columns will discus, all
live loplceef the day. while the
By arrangements newly efleoted, will bt
the fullest and most exhaustive to be
found ln any paper of the State, not be-
Vngsurpassed by those of the RanFranelsoo
dallies. The
Local Columns
Will contain a complete resume or local
happenings and all matters ol home In.
' DAILY HEBALD, by mall.l year...Blo 00
Dm on thu... 100
| months... 280
Delivered lo the City at
Weekly 1 year by mail 83 00
" fl months 1 SfJ
a " 1 oo
Payable Invariably ta advenes
Joseph D. Lynch
;i In the Superior Court
Of the State of California, In a v
for tbe County of Los Angeles.
Franclsoo Graslde, plaintiff, va. Oliver
Devlllers, defendanL
Action brought in the Superior Court
of the State of California, In and for the ,
couutyof Loa Angeles, and tbe com
plainL filed In said oounty of Loa Ange
ies, tn the office of tho Clerk oLsaidsu
ThePeopleof the State of California
Rend greeting to Oliver Devlllers, do
fend ant.
You are hereby required to appear In
sn action brougbt against you by the
above named plaintiff In the superior
Court of the State of California, In antl
for the county of Los Angeles, and 'o an
swer tbe complaint filed therein, within :
ten da\s (exclusive ol the day of service j 1
after the service on you of this summons
—if served within this oounty; or, li ;
served elsewhere, within thirty days—or j
Judgment by default will betaken against I
you according to the prayer of said com
The said action la brought to obtain a
decree ol tbls Court for tho foreclosure of
a oenain trior gage described tn ttie said
complaint, an I executed by the suid (J.
Devrileis 10 O. Graside, on the&l day ol
October, 1*76, to secure the payment of h
certain piomlssorv note, made on tbe 3d
day ut October, 1876, by U. Devlllers, tor
me sum 01 $JOJ guld coin, with inierest
at the rate of 1 4 per cent per mont b Irom
date until paid, and payable to the said
C. Graslde; that tho premises conveyed
by said mortgage may be sold and tin
proceeds appited to t(*e payment of SBno
gold coin, with Interest at the rate of jj4 1
peroeni per moutli from October 3, 1870, 1
and lor lo per cent us attorney's ICes, as 1
provided for lv said mortgage, and costs <
of suit: and iv case such proceeds are 1
uot sufficient 10 pay ihe same, then to ob- <
tain uu execution agalnal skid deiendaut
for the balance remaining due; and also
that ibe defendant and all persons claim
ing; by, through or under him, may be
barred aad fuiecloaed of all right, title,
oiaim, iien, equity 01 redemption uud in
teresi In aud to »aid mortgaged premiseb'
and for other and lurther relief.
Ketereuce Is nad to complaint for par- 1
llculurs. ' J
And you are hereby notified that If you l
fall to appear aud arswer tbe said com- 1
plain), as above required, the said plalu-
Uft will apply to 1 he Court for the reitei
demanded in the said complaint. ' '
Giveu under my hand aud the seal of '
the Superior Court of the State 01 Call- 1
fOi nia, iv and for toe county 01 Los Ange- >
les, 4bls 4ih day of Marob, lv the •
year ot our Lord .one thousand eight hun
dred aud elghiy-oue.
LSeal.] A. W. POTTS, Clerk.
By A. UIMPAU, ueputy.
Walter d. stephenson, 1
inB-2in Attorney lor Plaintiff.
Administratrix's ttale of
Real Estate.
NOTICE is hereby given tbat in pursn- 1
ance ot an order of the Superior court
of the G L untyof Los Angeles, etate or Cal
ifornia, made on tne 2oth day of Juue. A. D.
1881, in tue matter of the estate of \ .--ho
lus Quirulo, deocased. the untletsigned,
tbe udministratiix of the estate ot said
deceased, wnl sell at public uuc
tion, to the highest bidder, lor cash
io gold coin" of the United Slates,
ami subject te confirmation by said su
perior Com t, on 1
JULY, 1881,
At 18 o'clock m., at the Spring street
front 01 the Court House, in the city .
and county nf Loa Angeles, ull the .
right, ilile, intertst und estate of the
said Nicholas Qulrolo deceased, ut the
ilnie of his deatu, and all ibe Tin hi, title
and Interest (bat (he said estate has, hy
operation of law or otherwise, acquired
o-her iban or 10 addition to that of the
said Nicholas Quirulo at the lime of his
death, tn aud to all those certain lots,
pitroes or parcels of land, situate, lying
««ud being in tbe said city and county of
Los angeies, Htate of Califoruia, and
bounded und described as folioHS, lv
Ist AU that certain piece or parcel of
lund bttuated in the city and county 01
Los Augeles. State ul California, hound
*d und described a- follows, to wii:
Bounded ou me west by Alamoda si reet,
ou the north by land of one Miller, on
tne fast, by Lover's June, aud on the
-uu th by said lane and ihe landsot John
m. Griffith and Thomas Dn-yer, und be
ing the «*-m« property conveyed to
Nicholas Qui reft by deed of convey
ance Hum Maria Mt-rced lapla de Prud
h"mme dated Janumy 18th, 1873, record
ed in Bjok No 280fD.-ed9, pages 4j4 et
st-q-i Records of Los Auueies.
2u. All thai a iluiti lot. of land sliu Ue
In me city* and couuty of Los Angeles,
State ot C Ulfomts, and desert oed as
loliows: Commencing a tlm northwest
corner of upper Main and High Streets,
iQenoe nottoerly along t ie west, line 01
Upper Main street twenty-live leet to
101 of c-, casuav-; thence westerly ai* ng
said tot forty-seven leot; thai cc south
erly, parallel wlih Upper Main siree:.
twenty-Ay* feet lo High street; thence
•Mieny along High street foriy-seven
fa* 110 point ot beginning.
Each of said two paioels of land will
be »old Be) arately..
1 »rms and c mdl ions of aale: Cash In
Unlteu Busts* gold Bulo, ten per cent, of
putoba c money to be paid to the Ad
ministratrix 011 tbe day 01 BftM, balance
on eunuimt.t on of sale by said Superior
Cu_.rt, Deed at e-pi-nse of purchaser.
Administratrix uf tne estate uf Nicholas
Qu it.in. deceased.
June 22d. 1881.
Ctriifit-ato of* Hpeoml
Jr* mx*tit c r »Ix Ip.
Tb s Is to certify (bat tbe undersigned
huVu lurmed a spi clal partnersulu, pur
suant lv the provisions of ihe 11 Code
ot tbe state of California.
That the name or firm under which
* suoh partnership is to be conducted is
"J. NY. BiXb> & Co."
That t he geneial nature of the business
to be transacted is raising and trading iv
cattle, sheep, horses uud ofnai slock, in
cluding wool raiding, dairy bu-iness,
MHluring animals auu all other business
inoideutal to *ucb general business.
J hat ibe names of all the general and
special partners are as loliows: John W.
B<xby, who res dcs In Los Angeles cun-
J ty, S ate cf Onllfornla; anddotham B S
ny, whu resides In the same county und
state, each aud buth of wnom ure the
) general partners; und W. Hell
man, who resides in the city and county
of Lus Angele., in said mate, who is tue
l speclul partner.
1 hat said Isalas W. Hellman has con
tributed the sum of (416.8J 67-100] six
teen thousand six hundtedund sixty-s'X
67-100 dollars as capital
atock, and as his portion of the capital
of aald partnership.
Thar the principal place of business ot
said partnership is and shail be tn said
C'Uuiyof Los Angeles, SLate of Califor
'1 bat the satd partnership Is to com
mence on the Hih da\ of July, A. D. 1881,
audisto terminate on tho lllh day ut
July, A. D. 18Sd.
Dated at Lot Angeles, this Oth day ot
July, A. D. 1881.
i 'THA Jrl B Xli V .
County of Los Angeles, j B^
On tbe ninth day of July, one thous
and eight bundled and eighty-one, be
fore me, Geo. s. Pattou, a Notary Public,
ln and tor said comity, personally up
peared John W. 11 x y, Jotbum Bixny
aod isalaaW. Hellman,known to me to be
ibe per-ons dcs iloed in, whose names
a.c subscribed to and who executed the
foregoln* in-tiunieut, and eaoh or them
duly ucknuwieogeu to me that he exe
cu<ed Die same.
In wttneM whereof, I have hereunto
aetrny nana and Hffixed my official seal,
at my office, ln Ibe said county of l>os
Angeles, tue day aud year first above
[seal 1 GEO. 8. PATTON,
Not -try Public in and for said county.
lv the Superior Court
Of the county of Los Angeles, State
of California.
In tha matter of the estate of Trinidad
Yorba, deceased.
' Notloe Is hereby given that I, ss Clerk
of said Court, have, pursuant lo law, sei.
lUKSImY. JULY IULh. 1881. at ioa.bc.,
' at tbe Court Room or said Court, lv me
Cuurt House, cliy and oounty of Los Au
, geles, Cal., as tbe time und place for
' proving the will of Trluldad Yorba.de.
ceased, and forbearing the application
of Marcus Yorba and B. A. Yorba for tbe
issuance to th -mof letters testamentary,
when and where any peraon interested
may appear aud onntest tbe same. Said
bearing wtU be bail at said time and
place before tbe Hon. V. k. Howaid,
1 iidgnnf s-tidCCourt' t and the will above
referred to is now on die In my office.
Dated Inly 7iA,l*BL j I
IBaal.] A. W. POTTS, tf^
_ _ _ m • Clerk. I
Bj B. H. Owatv, Deputy. ;a2itd |
Delinquent Sale—Notice.
Los Angeles Mining and Smelting Com*
pauy—Location of principal place of
business. Los Angeles, Loa Augeles
county .California—Location or works,
Resting Springs, Inyo county. Califor
NOTICE.—There la delinquent upon
the following deacrlbed stock, on ac
oount of assessment No. 6, levied on the
thirteenth day of May, 1881, tlie several
amounts set opposite tbe names of the
respective shareholders, as lollowa:
No. No.
Na »c. Cert. Shares. Am't
McKnlght.WJ.. 44 25 |4876
McKnlght.WJ 61 80 62 60
McKulght, W J 65 17 2H 76
MeKulght.W.l 78 ....... 32 fiOtO
McKnight. W J 13! 82 58 On
Miausou, J S 10 25' i 437*0
slauson, J s II V5 1 ' 487 an
Siuuson, J S 77 39» 6y,t H
slauson, J s 91) J I lo
Slauson, J H ......11)9 12' 213 M)
Mhusou, J S 182 Si>B 017 "i 5
Slauaou, J S 157 83 116 26
>lauson, J S 173 7 12 2.i
siuusuu, J 8....... 177 5 8 75
Macnell, H L 47 10 17 50
Macnell, H L 4S lo 17 60
Macnell, 11 L 6-i 60 87 M
.Macnell, H L 74 8 14 to
Macneil, H L 82 1.0 62 60
Macueii.Hl >3 V 15 75
Macnell. H L 184 oZ 9 00
M tcneil, H L 161 47 82 26
M teueil.H L 1 8 5 8 75
niaoneli, h L lt>s 714 184960
Macnell.HL 167 23 4u 25
Macneil. H»L 1»K 1756 8071 25
hent H X W 98 6 875
Gardiner, W P 46. 20 35 < 0
Gardiner, W P 4fl 20 8600
Gardiner, W P 60 10 17 60
Gardiner, W P 79 22 38 60
Gardiner, WP 103 28 49 0©
Gardiner. WP Ufl i* ve2s
Gardiner, WP 188 36 6100
f.ilioll.J M - 45 in 17 50
Elliott, J M 76 7 12 2"»
Elliott, J M 81 4 7 t O
Elliott, ' M U's 3 6 25
Elliott, J M I*l H 14 OJ
McFadden, Jame»...i:o 729 1275 76
Hixhy ,Jott>am 2i 200 86000
Bixby, Jothana 88 200 860 <0
bixby, Jotuaui 28 .0 ' 88000
B xby,Jotham 67 i 95 84 - 2>
Xix by, Jotham 84 Si* 079 00
Bixby.Joiham 9l 1 I 75
liixby.Joiham.. 188 368 614 OO
bixby, Jot haul 175 6 8 75
Griffith, i M 29.....»„ 100 1751-u
Grlo.th, J M 67 6 0 876C0
Griffith, J M 89 255 410'<5
Griffith, J M 14-' 191 344 H
Griffith. JM 179. 4ln 717 60
Mils, 0 J l"l 100 175 00
KUis, C J IM '-00 8 0 0j
Bllla.OJ 153 89 156 7>
Kills, 0 J 171 - 26 4>sn
Ellis, C J 180 52 9 i 00
Kills, C J..-. 181 6 8 7o
Severance, Annie
Crittenden 96 89 16076
severance, Annie
Crittenden 161 28 JO 00
Crittenden, M 64 2'o 8 OW
Crittenden, H HO 7i 129 61
emtio dan. k 149 21 M 00
Crittenden.H '69 61 106 71
Morgan, H a ..... 174 25 Jf 78
K:liuii,J M.Trustee.iOl H 1920
Elliott. J M, 1 rustee.l4s 3 5 25
McFadden, Jumts,
Trusiee 121 28 49 00
Mcfudden, James,
Trustee 148 9 15 .5
[Ylson, HaineneS...i26 120 BlttOO
IvUou, Hatriette B.IM 87 04 7a
And in accordance with law and an or
der of the Board of Directors made so
many-shares of each parcel of said stock
as nay be uecessary will be sold at pub-
Ho auction, at the office of the company,
Room 1 Temple Block, Los Angeles city,
California,ou Tuesday, the math (9tu)
day of August, 1881, uL the hour 01 ten
o'- lock a .M. ol i-aid day, to pay laid delin
quent assessment, together with cost of
advertising and expenses ol sale.
.1. M. KLLlorr. secretaiy.
Offlce—Room 1 Temple Black,city and
county oi Los Augeles, California.
In the Superior Court
Of the County of Loe Angele*, State
of Calliornla,
In the matter of the guardianship of
William H. Hu-kin und Louis P.
Raskins, minus.
It appearing to tnis Court from the pe
tition this day present, d and filed by
Henry Haskiu, tbo guardlau of the p■ r
sous and esia es of William H. Hasliin
and Louis P. Haskln, minors, praying for
an order of aale of ceriaiu real estate
belonging to his said wards; thatil would
be beu> floial to each of said wards that
such reul estate should ha sold;
it Is hereby ordered that tue next ol
kin of ihe said wards, and all persons lu
lerested in tbe said estate, appear before
this Oouri, on
D. 1881.
At 11 o'clock A. m., at the court-room of
t his Court, at ibe Court House, in the
oity aud county ot Los Angeles, then und
there to snow cause whj uu Older Should
not be granted lor the sale ot such estute.
And it- is further ordered that a copy of
this order be published at least three
successive weeks befara the said day ol
hearing, in the Los Angeles Daily Her
ald, a newspaper printed and puoiished
in said county of Los Angelas*
Dated June Oth, 1881.
Judge ol the Superior Court, Los Augeles
1 hereby certify the foregoing to bo a
full, true and correct copy ol the original
order tosnow eanseon petition to sell real
estate in guardla .ship uf Wm. 11. Has
kln ot al., minors, on hie in my
office, and that I have carefully compar
ed the aame with (ho original.
In witness Whereof 1 have hereunto set
my baud and affixed the seat of
tbe Superior Court, this oth day ol
June, 1881.
[seal. 1 A. w. POTTS,
County Clerk.
By E. H. OWEN, Deputy. Jedtd
Petition lor i'ardou.
In tbe Superior Court of the oounty
of Los Angolas, State of Califor
The People or the- State ol California,
Plaintiff, vs. Hairy Holden and Feed
Morris, Defendants.
To Thomas B« Brown, DlatrlCt Attor
ney ot the county oi Los Angeies, state
of California: PleaßP take umlce that it
Is the intention of the undersigned to
apply to His Excellency, Geo-ge C. Per
kflis, Governor ul 1 be stale of Chl tfornta.
lor tbe pf*-'- n of Harry Holden and
Frederick Morris, canvictr-d In the Supe
liorUOUri vi me county of Loa Angel-s,
state ot flailfurnitti on the ?—that in to
say, tha said Harry Holden on the llth
day or April, A.D. 1SSI ( and th,e Bald
Frederick Morris on tne 12th ilay ot
April, A. D. 1881, ot the crime of burgla
ry, uud by said Court sentenced to im
prisonment lv ihotstale Prison of tbe
state of California, and each of them for
the term of years, tespectlvely.to wit:
the said Harry Holden for tho term ut
3 years and the said Frederick Monla for
the term of 2U yoars.
Comity oi Los Angelea. (
A. J. King, being duly sworn, deposes
>md sayß hels a clnsen nf ihe l ulled
states und Siate of calt'crnia, and over
I he age oi 2t years.; that he served tbe
foregoing noticeou rhomas B.Hrowu.Esq
ideliict Attorney of the county of im*
Angele-, Mate of CslKornia, b> deliver
ing to him a true copy thereof, at his of
fice, in said couuty, on the 28th dty ot
June, A. D. 1881. A. J,, KING.
Subscribed aud sworn to bawA me,
tlil- 23ib day 01 June, I*Bl.
fj-881.l A. W. POTTS,
Cuunty Clerk aud ex-ofnclo Clerk ol
the .-uperlor coun of Los Angeles coun
ty, Cala.
By E. H.OVTEN, Deputy. Je2o
JXotioo to Ox*e<litorsg.
In the Superior Court of Lob Ange
les county, Siute of California.
In the matter of the estate of MAT
THKW KELLER, Deceased.—Notice Is
hereby giveu t»y 1 n ■ undersigned, execu
tor of tne last will and test
deceaaed, to the creditors of aud all per
sons having claims against the satd de
ceaaed.io exhibit them, with tbe necessa.
ry vouchers, within ten raonlha after the
first publication of tbls notice, to tbe
r>ald executor, at his place of business,
the Farmers* and Merchants' Bank of
Los Angeles, la the city of Los Angeles,
county of Loe Angeies, State of Oaliior
.Dated May 14,1881.
Executor of the last will aud test.l-
I mem of Matthew Keller, deceased.
I asylMw
In the Superior Court,
Id aud for the County of Los An
geles, State or California.
11l the matter of the estate of Carmen P.
de Charles, deceased.
Henry Charles,the executor of tbe es
tate of Carmen P. de Charles, deceased,
having Hied bis petition herein, praying
for an order of sale of the real est.uio of
satd dteedem, for ihe purposes (herein
set fortb.
It Is therefore ordered by the Judge
of said Court that ull persons Inter, sied
In tlie estateof Mini deceased appear be*
fore tbe said superior Court on
AUOUST, 1881,
At lOo'clock In the forenoon of satd day,
at tbe Court Kuoni of suid superior
Court, h tbe Court House, lv said
county of l.os Alleles, to show ctiusr
why au order sbomd not be granted to
the sad Henry Charles, execuior, to sell
so much of the real o-tateuf the said de*
ceased t in men i\ de Charles us shall bo
And that a copy of this, order he pub
tlshtd Mt (hreo successive weens in
the Los Augeles Dally H< r aid, a neWs*
paper printed and published in suld
eouniv of Los Angeles.
Superior Judge.
Dated July 12. INL
In ami for tlie Counly of Loh Au-
BeltMi Slate of California.
In the matter of the estate of i
Vacllllo Jurado, deceased, f
Henry Charles, tne administrator nf
the entile ot Vacllllo Jurado, .ieceused.
having (lied bis petition herein praying
tor an order of sale of tho real estate ul
said decedent, ior the purposes therein
set forth.
It Is therefore ordered by the Judge of
said Court, that all persons Interested in
tlie estate ol said deceased appear he fore
the said Superior Couit on Tuesday,
the 2d day ut tug list. A, D. ISM. at ten
o'clock in the fort noon of satd daj', at thi
court-room of said superior Court, at the
Court House, in the county oi
Los Angoies, to show cause why an order
should not be granted to ihe said Henry
i harles, administrator, to sell so much
ol the real estate of tbe said deceased aa
shah bo necessary. .
And that a copy of this order ho pub
lished at least three successive week* in
the i os Angeles Dully Herald, a news
paper pnute > and published in said coun
ty ot Los Angeies.
Superior Judge,
Dated July 12th, 1881.
In the matter of the application of
Mary Thoroughmau to htoome a sole
Notice is hereby given that T, Mary
Thoroughman, wiie of Johu Tborouir,h
man, resident oi 'he couutyof I os An
geies, SLate of Cal Horn ta, b- i v- desltuu
ot availing mitetl of the provisions of
Title XII, PartJll, of the * ode of civil
Procnduie, intend to make application to
the superior Court of the stuteof Califor
nia, In ana for the county of Los Ange
les, at Ihe court-room of said Court, in
said county and Stat**, on Monday, ihe
0d day of August. 1881, at 10 a. m of tbat
day, or as soon thereaiier as tne applica
tion can be heard, for a Judgment aud
orderof said Superior Court authorizing
me to carry on and trausac. business In
my own name aud on my own account
us a soie trader.
The nature ot the business I propose to
carry on and conduct Is tbat of selling
milk, butter, chickens, eggs, hogs, a few
cattle and horses, a small dal'y busi
ness and farming on • small scale.
Walter D. Stephenson, attorney lor
Petitioner. Ji4td
Notloe of Sale in Partition
H.W. Hellman, Plaintiff, vs. Charles
Bon, alias Carlos Bon, a minor, Pab«
lo Acevedo, alias Pablo Hon, alias
Pablo A. Lopes, a minor, Adele Bon.
a minor, Prosper Pmlip, uuardianui
t t>e abuve-uamedminors, G. li.com p
ton, Mary A. Gibson, Prosper Philip,
as administrator with the- will an
nexed of the estate of m aria Autoniu
Aotvedo de Bon, deceased, and
Jacques Levy, d- feudauts.
Iv pursuance of an order and decree of
the superior Co'irt ol the couutyof Lo*.
Angeles state of California, mads in the
above-entilied action, dated ihe loth day
of June, a D 1841, tbe undersigned, rei
eree ln partith n will sell ut public nuc
tion, to the highest bidder, In front oi
the Court, Hou*e, ou Spring street, In ibe
city of Los Angeies, ln said county, on
JULY, A. D. 1881,
At 11 o'clock a. M., the following de
scribed tract or parcel ol land, to wit:
aII that certain real property, situate
in the county of Los Angeies, State of
Cali.ornla. bounded and described us
follows! Bounded ou tbe north by tbe
souibern line of th ■ luul foriueily be
longing io or claimed by John GraU'; on
the east by Main streel; ou tbe soutu by
the lino ol land of Annan SO Allen; and
on the weal by the laud of C. K. Thorn
and E. M. Ross; being the easterly thir
teen acres of the north half uf the north-
West quarter oi tbe southeast quarter oi
section bt-y<-n (7), township two (2>snuth,
range thirteen (i 8) west, auu Bernardino
Tei mi - ot sale: Cash in gold c m of the
United Stales, payable on cuufji mat ion
oi sule by said Coutt. Deed at expense ol
purchaser. J. R. SCOTT,
Dated Los Angeles, June 17,1881. JoiBld
Execution N0.767.
In the Baparlor Court of the county
of Loa Augeles, State of
Franclsoo Graslde, Plaintiff,)
vs. ;
Olivier Devlllers, Defendant.)
Cod ST and by virtue of a decree ol fore
closuru anu order ot sale en
tend in tbe superior Court
oi the county of Los Augeles, Staieoi
California, ou (he 23d day of June, a. D
1-81, aud a writ ol execution for the en
toioementof Judgment requiring sale of
property und«-r foreclosure of mortgage,
issued out, of suid Court, annexed lo said
decree aud daLed ttie 24th day of June, A.
D. 1881. in the nbnve eulllcd action and
in mvor of Francisco Graaide, plain
tiff, and against uu vter Devil
lers, dciendants, a certified copy
of which said docrtse of foreclosure, duiy
utteMed uuder the seal oi said Coun on
the24thday of Juno, A. D. 1881, and de
ilveied to me, togetber with me wrtcun
nexed thereto, on Ihe 25th day of June,
A.D 1881. wheieby 1 am com unanded to
scii at public auot ion, to tlie highest auu
best bidder, for cash ln U- U. void coin,
the following and In said decree de
scribed real estate, io wn :
Lot No. live (Si in block six (61 of lb*
Altso tiacL, acoordiug io L--o< uvreui*s
subilivision of said Irani, mttdein 18)9,
said lot having a front offlf'y (SU) feeiuu
Aliso street and a depi hot one hundred
and fifty UM reel, being tlie saute Jot
conveyed tv the. said ullvler Dovillurs b>
Kermin Kernandes by deed of dat»-
March 16th, 1878, recorded in book ■; ; of
deeds, i os Angeles county records, page
2*B; above laud being situated In the eliy
of Los Angeles, county ol Los Angeio-,
Sl ate of Cm 11 fo m la.
MibliC notice U hereby given that on
JULY, A. D. 1881,
At 11 o'clock ii of said d ty, I will pro
ceed to sell, at the court i-iouse door, in
thecity and county of l.os Angeles, State
of California, at public auction, to tbe
highest, and best bidder for cush ln U. B
gold coin, to satisfy said decree tor prin
cipal nod interest, attorney*s to , conls
and all acorulng costs, all the above de
scribed real estate, or so much thereof us
may be necessary to satisfy said sums.
Given v nd'-r my h -ml. thU xOth day ol
Jane, A. D, 188 i. \U v. I).
By J. 0. KaVS. Under Sheriff.
4tFl O k2*>4 i Pwr day, at Hon a
«fl>o H W&yJ Hemplea worth'*l,
free. BtikokA Co., Portland, Ma,
Salo of Real Estate
By Administrator with tho will annexed.
In the Superior Court of Los Ange- >
lee County, State oi Califoruia. (
In the estate of Rosa Isabella D. <
Buldwiu. deccusvd. i
Notice is hereby given that iv pursu
ance oi the older oi said supoilor Court t
of ihe county of LOS AUgeien, elate uf
Caiiiornia, madeou dayot May,
A. !>. ltjgt, in the DSaUerol Ihe esiULe ul
UOba isubella t>, bald win, deceased, tho 1
uud vi signed, administrator with tne -
Will annexed ol said estaLo, will sell at
private saio tv the niguost mid best bid
uer lor oa»ii aud *>v ujcoi to the ouulli in
ailou vi aald Superior Court, all lire
right, tlUe, inureal and estate uf tho
&aid deceased ut ilm umo of her dea. h,
uud ull die liglit, tUle and interest the 1
aald estate has, uy operation of law or
uLuer wisu, auqUtfed other Liiuu or in'ad
dition lo that o. Lire i-uid deceased at thu
Liui> oi hoi Ueai n iv and to tiioae cortaiu
iui.s, pieces, or tracts ol laud lying uud
heldy in the utiuutj oi LOS Ahgun-a, statu J
ol CailiOl via, uuu donuiibed us follows,
lv wn:
i 11 i ■ ■ i■ . i- ,it a forked willow
tree uoOut o iucusa through, wurked ,
a 10, lv blaok paint, wbicn Is snuaL«ai j
near thu o i.v oi the SaOja or LrrigaUng
. v .i■, wibtt und IS t)L a. I
isui kinurvu) Uiaue iv necouroer, la;u,
uy tl. M. Juliusuii ut too ii i iguole ol
tue Huul uu Loc* v cn 2, reicreiiUe lo 1
vsu.ch is beruby more tvurliuutariy
mauc; lUeUue, lolluWtUS f' >u meUUt ci'
iiu<; Oi said survey S)y 4 dcgiuen W one '
uhaiii uud «6kUiuy links; theuro ,N 1
' 604 degrees'E oha.nsj meuee
uegreva ti 1.76 chums: ihence *\ j2)j ueg* '
re-s Jfi I.Sj chain.-.; tnettvO N J)4 UVgrecs 1
VV. 2.28 oval -s, tueuoe de- '
grccs w Ohtcuuius; N '62 4 de
gieea h2 hi ouatu»i ihuucu 87>4 uegrees
at 8.01 chains to station 2i 01 Johnson's !
■UtVeyj thence it 784 UegrOfeS E UJi-Oti J
QUain»i thende S d<giees w 2j.81 ,
onatusj tneuett s *4;4 degrees Wiunu 1
chums; theuce Ei uj uegrees \V 800
a uiia lo tne point 01 be„iuuiug tiro to-' !
tal uioa 01 tue land hereby euuvey ed 1
being 6s 6*loo nera* 1 luuu.
heeOOU —aau tlie out-uith Interest In
ahuU L 6 too uOi a* vi Lout- eel tuln Liuct ol ,
luuu MttUaHe, tying uud buiug in tue ,
Cuuuiyui ..us AUgoISS, vi Ualliur
ttia, and mttfo put lieuJui ly t.ericilbfcd as ■
foIiOWS, to wit: tuiumeuciiiij at tne
nver of Lus Augciea, ul uu oaa live, a ,
iMUd-luara uliuu iuuluo cat led 'I'ioVi- |
deuuitt," uCar v litu 3 Kiln, uud ruuning |
tbantiv south Westerly u>uug too o-unu- <
ury live 01 #aiu Kauono i v t iovldeiiol.t ]
iii Lhe AiiTj ttce uf iho uoprtleru; buenoe t
easterly 10 iuu . iguuge oe. AaouuveiiSSi" j
Lhe. Oe 10 M puiUL lv ttoUl ol tlie ''AguagS |
ut-i aaUtrilo," liieuc in uuutlier hira gin. ,
linw iiiasising directly 1 h rough tuu 1
toriCXubtti to Ihu river ut Lu* ,
Angeies{ iheuce up tho cnuuud ,
vi the said river to LUo piuou v. 1
tjeginuiug, bue laud boiuuy uenetlbeu 1
being v part uf Lin; Kuncno Li-s ir'eiU, ■
granted to Maug, Vgha.uo V'eidi.gu bj ,
jiauuuJ Atlehettoreua Muicll 88, 18M. ,
aaVllig aud StSAJSptltig Lout 1110 lu«L ,
uOu v o ueaci lbcU ti BS) t a paiuel > 1 ,
land desorlbed us tuliowsi Cumrueuciug .
ul v ituWouu biulie in luunua vi muuu 1
uaai aed I. U.a. 1, 4a4 IUOUeS lv duture
ter uuu uibtuni, lv iiubo trout ihu center
ut iheCuuul uuu tuuttrvOir 1
diieiiunduu north siuu of settle, irom 1
whiu.i poiuL <t i.ve-oak tree uhout 4 ieei '
iv i t 1 ■ aud mursed li. 1. s. 1. i J . ti*, 1
bear ais 4J> 4 ueg re < s 27/ ouaius on,- 1
laui;auoLuui tiVe-oait uu ■>. . i side
01 HmservoirCompany's vi un uuuut ii*
feSi lv d.uuieur, oiaSdU auu maraed t. !
T, jn 2a. IP. l>., beara o o0; n degrees E
1 2:< chains UlSianL, aud IS Uu tne WeSt !
buua of a so,alt guich; Ihenus ruuuii.g a
lew Unas lv thu uoriiUWarU Of fcveservoll ,
Cumpuuy'd dio-h N i6J-4 degreea vv 022
cuui us Lo saud.i lone i\,ck ~ud sLajic '
mvi ked S. 2, $2 links fltdu o utsr of diuih '
Iroui which pom v live u-k lice H ouin '
2*5 lett in uuiuull'i US«r • uge ul UlLuh *
hear sJN «9>i d.gees \V 8.2 > cuains UL* '
utnt, another nvc-uak about sumo size
ue.tis> W auoUl lUuChiuiii- 1
uis.auiaria en* corner of June Pacu'o !
aiuue h jtiSO 1 euis N 40 de b retia E 4.4 i
ouaius aud is i.ba oouii.s louy by 21 jiuas '
Wide; ua>cauiu;u tree sLauUo uuout ccu
ii'e 01 rear ul uuu-' auu m uuuui io uuss
ilUbStnt iruU bouat; auoi our iurgu live
oak uU uetiiu slue ul ill ull uoil liuunUi
utoiy ou edge 01 sume bca. s Q o.i Uegret s
El.itfouaina distant; tut-uce loiiovring
ltee»*-iVuir and Uanai Ullou up 1
Streeai W dtgrtscs W 0.n7 cuaiun 10 a 1
. iKr 10 na as uisiuni ; ■ 11 center ul
di uU and UiU. sled s. 6; theuoe JN GB>4 de
glSeS VV tv v t,ia.ue Ui links
d.s> viii from oeuier oi ditth uuU inurstu 1
5.4; Lheuoo H67v4i uegrees .» i.si cnain.-. 1
tosiakeB7liuks iioiu cem.tr 01 ditch
and niarat«d s. 6; theiico N dtgiee< 1
vv g.uounntus to a «i,.ku 11 Luks Lt*tm 1
ceiiier ul diioa aud nn.ia.ed J» b; tneuttt,
f4c9adeg«e o vv l*g4euaina it*u ataku it
Unn>« irum oeuter vi uitcu uud ui<u sea a.
7; UieuOS N tiy>i d. grees i> S-OiehaUksto 1
a siaut- lb unas froui tuuit r ol d.ich and
muraed a. a; tUtu. v .n i v dtgisus hi 4.00
uuuuis 10 a atuae 11 ilnka uulu eeutt-r uj
dllcli Uud in ... 0; LiiOi.tti & % t|- t
gr. us w 0.18 chains iv a si...ke diaiuut 10
nnas liuiu o«nte< of dl>uu and vi.v ked o
lv; inenue J> % dtgrut-» vv o.o.'cnams L>.
Sslake 3J liuks iiuiu ceuter w vi oil uud
iuuiKiU a„ 11, frum vvuiuu point a Jrvi
uak iieo 2fteL lv dianmier on r, side ul
duch bears .1 2Jt4 degro. s E i>o linlta dis
u*n> 1 another **v« v..a same slss, semi
stuo vi tilicU, boars a 48.« ueg;cus E
UUhS d-Slunl; 1 hence along diiuU OU hill
side i* b; 4 dt-g tesWJ. >v chains iua make
11 nuks from Qeu be j vi duuu uud marked
y. 12; in»uue .n B6»aj u.gi-ews « b.Bi cnaiu-i
to St...Ue .0 link* ir- in Center uf d.icu and
tnuiKeJ IS. 18, lUeuOe 4j>* ttCgiaSS W
a.UJ CuaiUS lo v t.« ke Jiiai H. d S. li ;
ihence • o>4 degreea E U.Ol cuama to a
■wLiutv stump ~l/.cu uuu niaised with
black painto> lo; thunoe diioh au.»
edgo ul small s rVanip IN o> 4 i.tgiets vV 1,,8
na to a BialCu io liUsS trout Ceoiur Ol
dttob *>ud maraed s. lo; tueuce iN 4a; 4 uu
, green E B.7oChains to asiakc tt uuas ttuUfi
• center 01 uitcu undmark.u s. 17; thence
j attti*4 degrees E i.70 uaalus iua Muk<_*
mai aud 18, oa c..s eriy side ut flo.d- t
, gale; thence iN 82>i L I.B6chains,
aioug OHUtei o luuuiag v%**.or ul ditch
antl tnruugu a uCop ■ v wuicu uroaso
UiU uu jijihl Oi vvuiou is located Uuu*e
of t\. r*ucu to sLaau inurii. v S lit: liieiu-e
N3J4 degrees VV oh»lua to a a take
( maiked o. 20; thence Si ibv 4 \v
1 0,1 a cuam-. iv v St ..ke 20 tlnSta Hum center
et urtou aud uitvikju S gtj Lliuuue IS 84k
[ uegrees 2.87 chains to it Stake 18 Jink*
irom ceut.c 01 duch and marked b. gg:
, iheuce W degrees tt, 201 Chains Lo
> in .v ds. *8, tnence .y 4 d. greus
1 W 4.47 ouams tv Hiake lij 11 tins fiouiuilOh
aud muraed i.i; inenue jm degreea
W 4.1 a cli.ilns tv a btaae ! • i ;
[ ditch una maik>d .->. 261 tnonoe jn d&ide- 4
grees b o.tj eh lt S lv a stake Jo iiuKU
hum oeuier oi uiion und tuiiikeU fcj. jti,
Lhe nee JN 1 l, J 4 dt gie-ei 202 cutilna lv a
siake marked is.2>; th. ucuuu sine uj
vi.i buLwueu duch und iOaa is i 2v 4 de
grees w - <i n .us t.j stake on edgj o.
road marked S tneuce iN '6iy± de
grees W b.Vi chains to sluiko uu eoge ul
ruud aud inai ked o. 88; thence jN 2Q; 4 de
crees W 4.87 chaiua lv v smke uu eugeui
di.en auu m..rktd .s. 3j; ihence h ting
c ig;e uf d ttuu JN 88 degrees VV 6ou cbuJua
t * atake wu e< gc Ol loud uud marked s.
81; thence N iii'-4 degrees VV 4.U1 chains
iv a stake becWeon ruud and u'.Lth auu
rntirked M, '4-; tueuce along Cunui auu
RanSCVOir Uompauj's di ou .n 2Jf degrees
VV* d.tO onalua to a stake maiki-d ». 8i;
- ihence iullowiug meandeis oi i.vur bank
N 88X degrees t-. 4.<0 utiuiua tv a aiuke ai
befoul ueep wusn und marked a. 84;
Lbenoe N tlx uegrees E 8.81 cuains to v
MtaliU on tdgu oi bank m oked H. .{ ■;
' Lhence N 26 uegrees E 4.-0 cbaius lo a
, stake 011 WesLeny i-rUe of Baiija inaiktd
i S. iiO; I hence N degree.-* E iU.UU chaiua
1 ioetuke muiked a. 8?; tliunuu D> is do
gietisE L.OTob'aluatu a stake maike 1 s.
88. iron wuich poiut a wilwow tree murk
ei T.fcJ. im l. v. bears N \iy 4 uegreas B
■..1,,,1. Utsutnij ihence rt ioJ* di g. ees h,
.2.7u cbaius to SLaltt; tnaxkeua, BVj tueuoe
S 24\ 4 osgreea I,at eiiatus bu am a,
■ rnaikeds, 40; ibenrv S 7% degrees c. BOn
■ cuains to sl<>ae ma, ked a. 41.; tlieuce « 4
, degreis w v 81 ch.un.-i to siake murketl
,S. 42; Lheueri » 2% dt gr, |..
1 onams t > suike maiked y. 43; 1 hem c
, S 74Ji degiees E 1.l i ClialLS lv oak pOSL
■ in 11 no ol vviliow I. uuu 111 at Ked a, 44 P D.;
tbenoe «. \\<y 4 degree* w. 84.4J cnaius
SlOUg said WIIIOW fence Lv Btu.au iv line
1 ut fence uud mai ked a, 4b; theuon S. 15!/ 4
Megi. es ft*. 16.16 Sbalas 10 stsse marked
1 s. if;theneen. U6gra**H E. 1 Lot ohaius
I to stage marked ->. 4/; thuncea Bt % de
-1 green E 6«si cbsvlas to * t ike mai ut ds.
4v; ihefcca.3B degreas B, iJd7ctiain.s»io
p<Mitlu line 01 wi.lo\v lanes ai iuier-.eo
f .lon OfSSJd f hce Willi L. A. C. VV. %V L'u'a
■ d'icb and marseu p. l>. s. 40; thence s.
degiees W. 80.1 chains along live
wi 1 h»w fence to Stake mirk - d S. su;
tueuce N.- 77 deglSSs VV. st* Ohalua
to siake marked S 61; thence s.
58 di grees VV (>Bi chains lv sl»ke
marked St, b'i; tbvttOS 22% W. 116"
chaiua 10 atakt mai k. d H. sg, iheoot- tt.
VV 10.hi O.uuut t.)B.aae4x4
inoin-K 111 diamuLt r in mOUttd ul sionas
1 no marked P, D. a. l.ihe place 01 bSslu"
1 ulrig i.ou coutuinlng gyg.UttOj ucres ul
1 lauti und being ihe same tract ol land
> within theextrilor b'Uu>iarie-i ol which
Is Included the b\ uoru tract hereinb fore
. described, unil ull of said Juudu being
1 within the exterior houmluries of lhe
lianoho "Lus retiz" and lurmiug apart
1 Lbereof.
Also, all the water rights, easements
l mid servitudes to each of said diiter- ut.
tracts belonging or in auy way apper
ouid Mule will be mado on or uder the
( OTH PAif" OF JULY, 1881.
, All bids or offers must bs 11. writing
and will be reoeived at the office of
Messrs. Phillip * Baldwin, No* 67 Matn
street, Los Angeles city, Cats., or may be
uelivered to the administrator peraoual
i> ■•• filed wltti the Cierkof said superior
Court, at any time after tbe first puhllca
tiou of this notloe and beiore tbe making
of the sale.
Terms and conditions of sale—Ten per
cent, of the purchase money to be paid
upon notice ol acceptance of bid, balance
on oofirinatluu ol sale by said superior
Court. Deed at expense of purchaser.
Dated Los Augeles, Cal.. May (ith, 1881.
. , , , JOHN M. BALDWIN,
Administrator with tbe will annexed of
the opiate of Kosa Isabella D. Baldwin,
d' ceased.
Kasiman, Haley, King A Robarta, At
torneys for the estate.
Mortgage Sale.
Execution No. 887,
In tho Superior Court of the County of
Los Angeles, ital i of California.
A. R.LOOMIS. Plaintiff, |
Defendants. I
Under and by virtue of v decree TJf
foieuJostire and order of sale entered ln
the Superior Court of the oounty
01 Los Angeles, State of California, on
tho 7th day ot July, A.D 1881, and a writ
ot execution for the enforcement of Judg
ment requiring safe ol property uuder
foreclosure-of inurtgugc, Issued out of
suid Court, annexed io said decree aud
dated the llth day of July, 1881, In the
auove eululid aotipn aud lv favor of
A. H. Loomla, pluiotiff, and against Jos
eph 8 Hutchiugs, W. H. Thomas and H.
U. i boma-, Ueleudahts, a certified Copy oi
which satd deoree of foreclosure, duly
attested under the seal oi uald Court, on
tbe llth day of July, a. D. 1881, aud de
livered to me together with the writ an
nexed thereto, on the said last men
tioned day, wherby I am Commanded to
sell at public auction to the higheatand
nest biadci for oash ln U. S.goid coin the
nllowlngand In said decree described
real estate, to-wit;
Tne southern portion of lot eleven (ID
oi the l Uy mau traot, of ihe Rancbu San
Autouio, commencing at the southwest
corner of lot eleven (11) and ruuning J>'
42 degrees east, twenty-six 24-100 chains
tnence Houtb $2% degrees east thlrty-four
7MOO chains; Luenue south 42 degrees
weht twenty-two 82 101) chains to tho
northeast corner ol the sohool house lot
-1 hence along the line of said school
In.use lot uorth eighty-two % degrees
west ten tJQj chains to tbe northwest cor
ner of said school houae lot; tbencesouth
4Jdegie.-s west twelve 17-100 chains to ihe
southwest corner of said school
huuse lutj ihence north 82% de
urees west Iweuty-fuur chains to
place of beginning, oon turning
sixty-five acres oi laud, saving and ex
t epiiug therefrom that certain* portion
thereof conveyed by Joseph Hutchlngs
log. H. Murry by deed of date January
'2ii t 1870, rec .rdtd in book 14, page 421 ot
ooeds, of the records of said county, ref
erence being mude to said deed and said
tecord theyeof for a mure particular de.
tcnpUoti of said exeepted portion, to
gether with ail tho water rights aud
privileges uutosatd laud belonging.
Also, a portiou of lot ftOi tea of I. Hy
mau tract of the Rmcho San Antonio,
oring the uorlheasL corner thereof, und
desoiiued as follows: Commencing; at
ihe uonnouat corner of lot (10J ten and
running south 42 degrees west, und twelve
17 li v chums; thence uorth W2% degrees
west (10> chains; ihence north 42 degiees
east twelve 17 IUO chains; ibence south
82% degreesea%t ( 10) ten chains to place
of beginning, containing ten acres of
land, i'or a further und better descrip
tion of said lot reference Is made to a t
map oi suid 1. Hj man tractof the Kan
choisan Antonio, recorded in the office
oftheCouuiy Hacorderof Los angeies
county, in book of needs, page 2)9,togeth
er with all the water rights and privil
eges ihireumo belonging. Also, forty
shares of stock ln tbe Sau Antonio Irrl
guting Company, dated October 12,1875,
slauding oo the books of said company
in tne nameoi J, S. Hutchlns und en
dorsed oy him to plaintiff,
l'ubiio notice is hereby given that on
ALTQ US i\ A. D. 1881,
At twelve o'clock w. of said
day, I will proceed to soil at tlie *"
Court House door, in the City and Count)
of Los Angeles, State of California, at
publio suction, to the highest and best bid
der, for cash in United States gold coin, tc
satisfy said decree for principal and interest,
attorney's toca, costs, and all accruing
oasts, ail tlie abuve described real estate, or
bo mtioh thireofas may be necessary to
satisfy said sums.
Given under ray hand, this the 12th day
of July, A. 1) 1881.
WM. R. ROWLAND, Sheriff.
By JAS 0. ICAVS, Under Sherirt.
School District Election Notice.|
Notice is hereby g'ven to the qualified
electors ol Little Lake School District ot
L »s Angeies oounty, State of California,
that uu election will be held in said
school district, ut which the question 1
wilt be sui raitted fo said qualified eleot
ors: Whether bonds shall be Issued and
10 d for tne purse of building a new
school house in sard district and for fur
nishing the same,
said election will be held on Friday,
the 12th day of August, A. D. 1881, at the
school house, iusaid district. J
Henry Eatou, William Kyle and S. f
Poster bave oeen appointed Judges to
Conduot said eleotfon.
The polls will oe open from 11 o'clock
a- at. until 6 o'clock p. m.
The am- uot of bonds proposed to be
Issued Is iwo thou-and dollars: the de
nomination oi said bonds one hundred
dollars ouch; the rate of Interest eight a
per cent, per annum; and tue time the
whole or any part of said bonds are to
run is ten years, subject to the provis
ions of section 1887 ot the Political Code.
Los Nletos Township, July IK, UBl.
W. W. « RR,
Trustees of Little Lake School District
ol Los Auneles county. Jy2l-law-8w
Assignee's Notice of Sale
By virtue ofan order of sale made by
Ihe Superior Court of the oounty of Los
Angeles, Stale of Californa.ln the above
entitled cause, dated 81st day of May,
iBBt. whereby I am commanded to sell
certain property of L. W. Klrby, the
ahove named insolvent, notice is hereby /
given that ou the * "
80ru DAY OF JULY, 1881. Ng
At 12 o'clock m of said day, at the west,
em door of the Court House, Spring
street, city and county of Los Angeles. I
will sell at public auotion. to the highest
bidder for cash, the right, title and tn
leieat of the said Insolvent, L. W, Klrby,
in and to tue following described prop
er' y:
That certain lot of land situate in the
town of Anaheim, county of Loa Aneelea,
statuot i al forma, more particularly de
scribed as town lot (No. 64) number 64 of
the i own of a oaheim, as per map of the
town of Anaheim on file In the county
records of Loa Angeles conmy, in tho Mo*
cotder'ri office of Bald couutv.at the olty
und county ol Los Angeles. Oat.
Dated Bth day of 1881.
Assignee of satd Insolvent estate.
JStd Attorney for Asatgnee.
Notice to Creditors.
Estate or Jacob L. Wright, deceased.
Notice ts hereby given by the under
signed, executrix oi the last will and tes- i
tnment of Jucob U Wright, deceased, to
tbeorediturs ot, and all persons having
c aims against the said deceased, to ex
hibit .them, with the necessary vouch- r*
era, within four months after the first
publication of this notice, to ihe said ex
ec ulrlx, at the office of her attorney. No. J
■i Temple Block, lv tbe olty of Los An- *
geies, lv the county of Los Angeles, State
of Calliornla.
Dated at Los Angelea. May 17, 1881.
Executrix, etc., of Jacob L. Wright, de
neaaed. royiB-4w
Perforated Sheet Metal
i For Milling and Hlniug Machinery.
32 West Washington street ,
SCARCE COOOS-Booka. Photos, i
sample catalogue Sets. Paris
book.Co., Chisago, Ul. .

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