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As Old Mlaiatsr Figaros at aa Editor witb
Surprising Reinlta,
Yesterday old Uncle Jesse Wing
lop, a time-honored preacher, who
his preached among the hills for
fotty years, and who, In bis
younger days, was known as the
"wheel-horse exhorter," came to
town and called at tbe Gazette
"My son George," said Uncle
Jesse to tbe political man, "has
Just graduated from tbe old Bed
Bluff Academy, aud, after saunter
ing around among tbe professions,
peeping into lawyer offices and
poking around doctor shops, aud
not being satisfied, be has conclud
ed to learn tbe editing business
I know bow much fun has beeu
made of men who waut to be edit
ors, but, of course, I understand all
that. At first I'd like for
George to take bold of tbe Beliglous
Department, for you know that I
can help him some. I've got four
or five old sermons that I'd like to
run In—old sermons preached long
before men thought of getting out
new Testaments. Now, don't ridl
eule the idea."
"Uncle Jesse," replied the polit
ical man, with something like a
sigh, "we'll hold aoabiuet meeting
some time during tbe preseni
week, when your son's case will be
considered. It Is encouraging to
see that church members are seek
ing journalism, and I have no
doubt but that George will be of
advantage to us. But 1 must go to
dinner now. Just sit down here
among tha the exchanges and
amuse yourself until I return."
The editor went down, and the
old man took out his speotacles
•nd began handling papers with a
newly-awakened idea of import
ance. The editor bad not been
'gone but a few moments, when a
burly looking man entered Ihe
editorial room, and seeing tbe
minister surrounded by a ruffled
landscape of badly bandied papers,
"All I ask of you, sir, is to let me
■hake the Little Bock dun from
my feet. Do you hear, you specta
cled fragment of a mortgaged men
"What do you mean?" exclaimed
the old man in surprise.
"Just let me shake tbis dust oS
you gaping wbippoorwill of flat
footed ignorance. Slander a man
as you did me this morning and
then say you don't know what be
"I never said a word about you
In my life, sir."
"Let me shake off this dust and
than you can slash and slather my
memory. Nice old stretcher of the
"Doyou mean that I have lied,
"I do."
Tbe old man hopped across the
room and grappled the insulter.
The fight was earnest and terrible,
aud wben tbe editor came back,
tbe top of the old man's bead was
smeared witb ink aud the insulter
was lying in the haP.
"Sort of a monkey and parrot
time, as tbe feller says," remarked
the old man. "I say, I believe
George will change his mind. You
needn't call a cabinet meeting.
Talk about a religiouß department;
you ought to bave a sack-full of
horse pistols."— Arkansas Gazette.
Warner opened a dancing school
at Menomonee, Wis., and also (rave
lessons on the guitar. He regard
ed his employment as sentimental,
and largely dependent for success
upon the personal impression
which be made on his female pu
pils. Therefore, be deemed it nec
essary to be thought a bachelor.
He had a young wife, whom lie in
troduced as his daughter. But the
deception, though a pecuniary suc
cess, resulted in disaster. The girls
became enamored of their teacher,
•nd his jealous wife finally shot
About twenty years ago little
Jimmy McGinnla lived with his
brother-in-law, Henry Gordon, of
the Board of Works, Detroit, and
ran away with James A. Bailey, v
famous circus man, who adopted
him. He took Bailey's name, and,
at his death, succeeded to bis busi
ness. On Monday last be sought
out bis relatives, appeared at the
•haw with them, and entertained
them royally in tbe evening. Hut
small boys need not Imagine that
adopting managers grow on every
"Is it always foggy here, Cap
tain?" was the lackadaisical lady's
query to Commodore Judkins
"How should I know, madame?"
growled tbe choleric old Captain,
suppressing an execration; "do
you suppose I'm always here?"
Sea captains, as tbe special prey nf
idle and idiotic querists, are doubt
less among the most bored of men,
but tbey have an easy limo com-
Pared with tbe doctors of wounded
"Eloiae" asks if we will publish
ber poem on "The Wavelet of the
Rivulet." With a smilelet upou
our facelet we reply yes. Write
only on ono side of the sheetlet,
Eloise, and put ou enough stamp
lets. Your poenitef shall bave
spacelet.— Quincy Argo.
Clover & Alfalfa
Tba only machine manufactured to-day
in the world haviug a TUroaßiiig and Halt
ing Cylinder oonibinsd in one frame.
Bend for a copy of the " Glover Leaf,"
oontaining much valuable information on
tbe oal tore and harvesting of Clover and
There are, to-day, over 4000 of these
lastly oelebrated Birduell Clover Separator,
at work throughout the United States, and
not one at yet has ever failed to give entire
attiaiaotion both t the Threehermen and
We guarantee oar machine in everyre.
speot. From the first of Angust to the firs
ot November, 187«, we sold over 800 of these
machines, and in not a tingle inatanoe have
we heard one word of complaint either
against the manner of their oonitrnction
Address for farther information tht
BMseil Muufacturing Co.
Hotel del Monte
Will be Kept Open the
Year Round.
•orNo person should vlalt San Fran
cisco without going to Del Monte, if tor
only one day.
Tie BatMi Estaltlislimeiit
Spacious Swiiini Tank,
HSOxSO feet)
BUT-ELEGANT ROOMS for individual
baths, with DOUCHE and SHOWER
TERMS.-By the day. Si; by the week.
$17.50; by the month, 170.
Jy2s-2w Manager.
Malaria is an Unseen Vaporous
Poison, spreading disease and death, in
many localities, for which quinine ifi no
genuine antidole, but for the effects of
which Hestetter's Stomach Bitters is not
only a thorough remedy, but v reliable
preventive. To this fact there Is an
overwhelming array of testimony, ex
tending over a period of thirty years.
AU disorders of the liver, stomach and
bowels are also conquered by the Bit
*yFor sale by all Druggists and Deal
ers generally.
Baker & Hamilton,
13 to 19 FRONT STREET,
San Franolsoo, California,
Are Sole Agents lor tbe following
well known
Champion Reaper and Mower;
Genuine Buffalo Pitta Thresher;
Bain Farm Wagon;
J. I. Case's Celebrated Headers;
Amea'B Straw and Wood-BiirniDg
Star Moline Plows;
Sweepstake and Eureka Gang
Plows, Elo., Etc.
Sweepstake Plow Company,
The Leading Paper
Southern California.
Will devote oolamas to furthering tbe
Interests of Los Angeles city and county
and the Southern portion of tbe State. It
Is tbe Intention of the publisher to make
Anewspaperot tht day. complete in all
usdetalls, aud lv every department
Full and Reliable,
The Editorial Columns will discuss all
live Wplcsof the day, while tbe
By arrangements newly eßeoted.wlU bt
tbe fullest and most exhaustive to be
found In any papor of the State, not be
tngsurpassed by those ot the Ban Franolsoo
dallies. Tbe
Local Columns
Will contain a complete resume ol local
happening, and all matter, ol home In
DAILY HERALD, by mall.l year...llo 00
6 months... 500
< months... 260
Delivered In the City at
Weekly 1 year by mail tx uu
" (months ,„„,, mo
« " m 100
Payable invariably In advance
Joseph D. Lvnoh
In the Superior Court
Of the Btate of California, In a iv
for tbe County of Los Angeles.
Francisco Grazlde, plaiutlff, vs. Oliver
Devillers. defendant.
Action brought in the Superior Court
of the State of California, In and for the
county of Los Angeles, and the com
plaint filed In said county of Los Ange
ies, in the office of the Clerk of said su
perior Court.
ThePeopleof the State or California
send greeting to Oliver Devillers, de
You are hereby required to appear In
enaction brought against you by tho
above named plaintiff in tho Superior
Court of the State of California, In aud
for tho county or Los Angeles, and to an
swer the complaint filed therein, within
ten days (exclusive of the day of service)
after the service ou you of this summons
—If served within this county; or, IT
served elsewhere, within thirty days—or
Judgment by deraul twill betaken against
you according to the prayer of said com
The said action is brought to obtain a
decree of this Court for the foreclosure or
a certain mortgage described In the said
complaint, and executed by the said O.
Devillers IoC. Grazide, on the 3d day ol
October, 1876, to secure the paymeut of n
certain promissory note, made on the 3d
day of October, 1876, by O. Devillers, for
the sum of $800 gold coin, with interest
at the rate of 1% per cent per month from
date until paid, and payable to the said
C. Grazlde; that the premises conveyed
hy said mortgage may be sold, and the
prooeeds applied to the payment of 8300
gold coin, with interest at the rate of i l .,
percent per month from October 3, 1870,
and for lo per cent as attorney's lees, as
provided for In suid mortgage, and costs
of suit; and in case mien proceeds ure
not sufficient to pay the same, then to ob
tain au execution against said defendant
for the balauce remaining due; and also
that the defendant and all persons claim
ing; by, through or under him, may be
barred aad foreclosed of all right, title,
claim, lien, equity of redemption and in
terest In aud to said mortgaged premises'
and for other and further relief.
Reference is hud to complaint for par
And you are hereby notified that If you
fall to appear und answer the said com
plaint, as above required, the said plain
tiff will apply to the Court for the relief
demanded in tlie said complaint.
Given under my haud and the seal of
the Superior Court of the State of Cali
fornia, in and for the couuty of Los Auge
les, this 4th day of March, In the
year of our ljOrd,oue thousaud eight hun
dred aud eighty-one.
LSeal.l A. W. POTTS, Clerk.
By A. RIMPAU, Deputy.
niB-2m Attorney for Plaintiff.
Administratrix's sale of
Real Estate.
NOTICE Is hereby given tbat iv pursu
ance uf an order of tbe Superior Court
of the county of Los Au go Irs, Htste oF Cal
ifornia, made on the 2(.>th day of June, A. D.
1881, In the matter of the esiate of Nicho
las Quirolo, deceased, tho undersigned,
the .administratrix of the estate of said
deceased, will sell at public auc
tion, to the highest bidder, for cash
In gold coin of tho United States,
and subject to continuation by said su
perior Court, on
JULY, 1881,
At 12 o'clock. At., at tho Spring street
front of the Court House, iv the city
and county of Los Angeles, all the
right, title, Interest and estate of the
said Nicholas Quirolo deceaned, at the
lime of his death, aud al 1 the right, title
aud interest that the said estate has, by
operation of law or otherwise, acquired
other than or In addition to that of the
said Nicholas Quirolo at the lime of his
death, iv and to all those ccrtniu lots,
pieces or parcels of lund, situate, lying
and being in the suid city and county of-
Los Angeles, btate of Cal Horn iv, and
bounded and described us follows, to
Ist. Ail that certain piece or parcel of
land situated iv tlie city and couuty of
Los Augeles, Slate ot California, bound
ed and described as lollows, to wit:
Bounded on the west by Aiumeda street,
on tbe north by land of one Miller, on
the east by Lover's lane, and on the
south by said lane aud the lundsof John
If, Griffith and Thomas Dwyer, and bo-
Ing the same property conveyed to
Nicholas Quirolo by deed of convey
ance Irom Maria Merced Tapia de I'rud
homroe dated January 18th, 1873, record
ed In Book No. 23 of Deeds, pages 434 et
seq., Records of Los Angeies.
2d. All tbat certain lot of laud situate
in the city and couuty ol Los Angeles,
State of California, aud descrioed as
follows: Commencing at the northwest I
corner of upper Main antl High streets,
thence noitherly along the wesl lino ol
Upper Main street twenty-nvo leet to
lot of F. Casuave; thence westerly along
said lot forty-seveu leei; theuce south
erly, parallel with Upper Main street
twenty-five feet lo High street; tbenee
easterly along High street foriy-seven
feet to point of beginning.
JEach of said two parcels of laud will
be sold separately.
Tnrms aud conditions of sale: Cash in
United States gold coin, ten ncr cent, of
purchase money to be paid to the Ad
ministratrix ou the day of sale, balance
on confirmation of sale by suid Superior
Deed at expense of purchaser.
Administratrix of the estate of Nicholas
Quirolo, deceased.
Juno 22d, 1881.
Application will be made to the Mayor
and Council of the City of Los Angeles,
at the session of said Council to be held
the 6th day of August, 1881, for a quit
claim deed from said city to L. J. nose
und Charles Stern of all the real proper
ty hereafter described:
First—All tbat real property In tbe
city oi Los Angeles, c junty of Los Ange
les, State of Calilornia, bounded and de
scribed aa lollows, viz; Commencing at
a point on the north side of the San Gu.
brlel road at tbe east.bank of zanja No.
seven and running thence along said
north line of San Gabriel roaa south
81% degrees east 295 feet to the southern
corner of this tract, a bend in road;
ihence still along said north line of San
Gabriel road north 61% degrees east three
hundred and eighty feet to the southern
cornerof lotof Maria Ygnacla Vurehr
tbenee along the dividing live between
the lots formerly owned by Jose Antonio
Sanchez and lotof Maria Yguaclu Yare-
I a north 80. degrees west 281) leet to the
land formerly owned by Theodore Bon
on thenortbwest bank of zanja No. sev
en; thence along said northwest bank
of zanja No. seven north 72 degrees east
118 5-10 feet to station four of the Bors
tract; thence 63>$ degrees east
193 feet to station fi ol the Bors
tract; thence north 33% degrees east 810
8-10 feet to station 0 of the Bors tract;
thence north 50% degrees east 60 feet *o
station 7 of the bors tract; theuce north
65% degrees east 205 o*lo leet to station 8
ot the Bors tract; thence noith 69% de
grees east 13? 9-10 feet to station 9 or the
Bors tract, in tbe fence of the land for
merly owned hy (he widow Serrano;
theuce aioug said fence north 4)6 degrees
west3l7 6-10 feet to station ten of tho Bors
tract, beiug the northeast corner of t his
tract and to the land of Louis Vlgne;
tbenee along tbe same south sv 4 degiees
west 1059 9-10 feet le station 11 of the Bors
tract; thence down the east edge of the
Los Angeles river south 14 J4 degrees west
sHBfeet, to station 12 of the Bors tract;
thence south 3% degrees west 292 3-10 feet
to station 13 of tho Bors traci; theuce
south 37 degrees west 159 feet to station
14 of Bors tract; thence south 39J4 de
grees east 180 feet to the point of begin
ning, containing 21 09-100 acres, more or
Second—All tbat real property in the
city of Los Angeles, county of Log An
geles, State of California, bounded and
described as follows: Commencing at a
point in the southeast Hue of tbe Mis
sion road or road to San Gabriel, from
which bears the southern cornerof the
picket fence of the Sanchez tract north
18 degrees east distant 78 feet and run
ning thence along said southeast line of
said road south 61% degree* west 75 feet
to a point Irom which bears the north
east corner of the junction of the San
Gabriel and San Diego roads south 64%
degrees west 112 feet distant; (heuce
south 81% degrees east 75 feet; thenco
north 64% degrees east 75 feet; ihence
north Si% degrees west 75 feet to tbe
place of beginning, being the lot some,
times known as the "Boarding-House
Reference is hereby made to petition,
map and abstract of title on file with the
undersigned, Clerk ofsaid Council.
Objections, If any there be, to the issu
ance of such deed must be made In
writing and filed at least one day before
such application with the undersigned.
Clerk of the Council of tbe City of Los
Los Angeles, August Ist, A. D. 1881.
Mortgage Saie.
Execution No. 867.
Iv tue Superior Court of the County oi
Los Augeles,State of California.
A. R. LOOMIB, Plaintiff, |
Defendants, j
Uuder and by virtue of a decree ot
foreclosure and order of sale entered in
the Superior Court of the couuty
ot Los Angeies, State of California, on
the 7th day uf July. A.D. 1881, aud a writ
ol execution for the enforcement of ludg*
raeut requiring sale of property under
foreclosure uf mortgage, Issued uut uf
said Oourt, annexed to said decree and
dated the 11th day of July, 1881, in the
auove entitled action and iv favor of
A. R. Loomis, plaintiff, and against Jos
eph S. Hatchings, W. H. Thomas and H
B. Thomas, defendants, a certified cupy of
which said decree of foreclosure, dulj
attested uuder tho seal of said Court, on
tho 11th day of July, A.D. 1881, and de
livered to me together with the writ an
nexed thereto, ou the said last men
tioned day, wherby I am commanded to
sell at public uuctlou to the highest aud
best bidder for cash in U. S.gold colu the
fallowing and in said decree described
real estate, t.o-wit;
The southern portion ot lot eleveu (li)
of the 1 Hyman tract, of Ihe Rancho Sau
Autonio, commencing ut the southwest
corner of lot eleven (if) and running N
42 degrees east twenty-six 24-100 chuius;
thence south degrees east thirty-four
74*100 chains; tnence south 42 degrees
west twenty-two 88*100 chaius to the
northeast curuerof the school house' lot*
theuce along the line of said school
house lot uorth eighty-two % degrees
west teu i lot chains to the uorthwest cor*
nerof suid school house lot; tticncesoutb
42 degrees west twelve 17-100chaiiis to th«
southwest corner of said school
house lot; ihence north Wl% de
grees west twenty-four chains ta
place of beginning, containing
sixty-five acres ot land, saving and ex
cepting therefrom that certain portion
thereof conveyed by Joseph Hutching*
to S. H. Murry by deed of date January
20,1870, recorded In book 14, page 421 or
deeds, of the records of said county, ref
erence being made to said deed and said
record thereof for a more particular de
scriptiou of said exeepted portion, to
gether with all the water rights aud
privileges unto said land belonging.
Also, a portion of lot (10) ten of 1. Hy
man tract of the Rancho San Antonio,
being tho northeast corner thereof, uud
described as follows: Commencing at
the northeast corner of lot (10) ten and
running south 42 degrees west and twelve
17-IUO chains; thence north 82»i degrees
west (10) chains; thence north 42degrees
east twelve 17-100 chains; thence south
Hl% degrees east (10) ten chains to placo
of beginning, containing ten acres of
land, tor a further and better descrip
tion ol said lot reference is made to a
map of suid I, Hyman tractor the Ran
cho San Antonio, recorded in the office
or the County Recorder of Los Angelea
county, in hook of deeds, page 2l!),togeth
erwithuil the water rlguts and privil
eges thereunto belongiug. Also, lorty
shares of stock in tho San Antonio Irri
gating Company, dated October 12, 1875,
standing on the books of said company
Initio name oi J. s. Hutchins and en
dorsed by him to plaintiff.
Public notice is hereby given that on
AUGUST, A. D. 1881,
At twelve o'clock m. of said
day, I will proceed to sell at the
Court House door, iv tho City and Count;
of Los Augeles, State of California, at
public auctiou, to the highest and best bid
der, for cash in United States gold coiu, tc
satisfy said decree for principal and interest,
attorney's fees, coats, and all accruing
costs, all tbe aboyo described real estato, or
bo much thereof as may bo necessary to
satisfy said sums.
Given under my hand, thil tbo 12th day
of July, A. D. 1881.
WM. R. ROWLAND, Sheriff.
By JAS. C. KAYS, Under Sheriff.
In the Superior Court ,nf the Htate of Cal
ifornia, in and fur the county of Los
U. W. A. Pallett, plaintiff, vs James A.
Stewart and Bettie SLOwart., defendants.
Action brought in IheSuperiorConrt of the
State of California, in and for the county
uf Los Augeles, and the complaiut filed
in said county of Los Augeles, in the of
fice of the Cierk ofsaid Superior Court.
ThePeoploof tho State of California
send greeting to James A. Stewart and
Bettie Stewart, defeudauts:
You are hereby required to appear in
an action brought ugainst you by the
above named plaintiff in 'he Superior
Courtor the Stute of California, in und
for the couuty of Los Angeles, and to
answer the complaint fifed therein,
within ten days—-exclusive of the day of
service—after the service ou you of this
summons—if served within this county;
or. it served elsewhere, withiu thlny
days—or judgment by default will bo
taken against you, according to tho
prayer ot suid complaint.
The said action is brought to recover a
Judgment against the defendant James
A. Stewart lor the sum of 1868-99 in gold
coin, with interest thereon at \% per
cent., per month irum the29th day of No
vember, 1830, balance due plaint ifffroin
said Stewart for money loaned May 1,
187S, and to foreclose v mortgage On block
21, town of Downey, county of Los An
geles, stato of California, given to secure
said sum, nud which said mortgage Is
contained In a deed made byJohu G.
Uowuey to plaintiff on the Oth day ol
December, 1*79, and which deed was
mude to plaintiff ut tlie requestor said
-tewart and was intended as a mortgage
to secure said sum, and also to declare
tuectulms of Betlie Stewart to said land
subject to said mortgage, uud for costs of
Reference is had to complaint for par
And you are nereby notified that if you
fail to appear and answer the saldcom
plaint asabove required, the said plain
tiffwill apply to the court for the relief
therein demanded.
Given under my hand and the seal of
the Superior Court of t he state ot Culifor
uia, in and for the county of Los Angeles,
this second day of July, in the year of
our Lord one thousand eight hundred
and eighty one. ISeui.J
A. W. POTTS, Clerk,
iiy A. Kimpau, Deputy.
GRAVES Ai CHAPMAN, Attorneys for
Plaintiffs. Jy22-2m
Petition for Pardon.
Tv tlie Superior Court of the couuty
of Lot Angeles, Stato of Califor
The People of the Htate of Callforuia,
Plaiutiff, vs. Hatry Holvleu uud Fred
Morris, Defendants.
To Thomas B. Brown, District Attor
ney of the Couuty of Los Angeles, .State
of California; please take notice that it
Is tue intention of the undersigned to
apply to His Excellency, George 0. Per
kins, Governor of the State of California,
for the pardon of Harry Holdou and
Frederick Morris, convicted iv the Supe
rior Court of tho county of Los Angeles,
Stato ol California, on the ?—that is to
say, the said Harry Holden ou the 11th
duy of April, A.D. JSSI, and tho said
Frederick Morris on the 12th day of
April, A. D. 1881, ol the crime of burglu
rjr.and by said Court sentenced to im
prisonment In the state Prison of the
State of California, and each of them for
i the term of years, respectively, to wit:
the said Harry Holdeu for the term of
3 years and the said Frederick Morris lor
the term of VA years.
11. A. WATriON.
Couuty of Los Angeles, f
A. J. King, being duly sworn, deposes
aud says he Is a citizen nf the (tutted
States and State of California, and over
the age of 21 years; that he served tlie
foregoing noticeuuThomas B.Browu.Kstj,
District Attorney Of the county of .Los
Angeles, btate of California, by Ueliver
lug to bim a true copy thereof, at his of
fice, in said county, ou the 28th day of
Juue, A. D. 1881. A. J. KING.
Subscribed aud sworn to before me,
tbls 28th dayofJune, 1831.
fSeal.l A. W. POTTS,
County Clerk and rx-018010 Clerk of
the superior Court of Los Angeles coun
ty, Calu.
Hy K. H.Qwkn, Deputy. Je29
Notice to Creditors.
Estate of Jacob L. Wright, deceased.—
Notice is hereby given by the under
signed, executrix oi the last will and tes
tament of Jacob L. Wright, deceased, to
the creditors of, and all persons having
claims against the said deoeased, to ex
, hibit them, with the necessary vouch
ers, within four months after the first
publication of this notice, to t he aald ex
ecutrix, at tbe office of her attorney, No.
14 Temple Block, in the city of Los An.
geles. In thecounty of Los Angeles, State
of California.
I Dated at Loa Angeles, May 17, 1281.
EMcutrlx, etc., of Jacob L. Wright, de-,
cessed, myIMW 1
In the Superior Court,
Iv and for tbe County of Loa An
gelee, Btate of Callforuia.
[v the matter of the estute of Carmen F.
de Charles, deceased.
Henry Charles, the executor of tho es
tate of Carmen F. de Charles, deceased,
having tiled his petition herein, praying
Tor an order of sale of tho real estate of
snid deeedeur, fur tho purposes therein
let forth.
It Is therefore ordered by the Judge
:>f said Court that all persons interested
iv tho estate of said deceased appear he.
Tore tlie said Superior Court on
AUOUST, 1881,
AtlOo'clock in the forenoon of Hald duy,
it tho Court Room of said Superior
L'ourt. ar, the Court, House, in said
county of Los Angeles, to show cause
why an order should not bo granted to
Lhe said Henry Charles, executor, to sell
10 much of the real estate of the snid de
ceased Carmen F. de Charles us shall be
And thutu copy of this order be pub
lished at least three successive weeks In
the Los Angeles Daily Herald, a news
paper printed and published in said
county of Los Angeles.
Superior Judge.
Dated July 12, 1881.
In antl for tho County of Lob An
geles, Btate of California.
Iv the matter of the estate of)
Vaclllio Jurado, deceased, f
Henry Charles, tho administrator of
:hc estate of Vaclllio Jurado, deceased,
having filed his petition herein praying
for an order of sale of the real estate of
aaid decedent, lor tho purposes therein
set forth.
It is therefore ordered by the Judge of
said Court, that all persons interested in
the estate of said deceased appear before
the suid Superior Court on Tuesday,
the 2d duy of August, A. D. 1881. at teu
o'clock: iv the forenoon of said duy, at the
court-room ofsaid Superior Court, at tho
Court House, in the county of
Los Angeles, toshowcause why an order
BhouldSiot he granted to the said Henry
Charles, administrator, to sell so much
ol the real estato of the Baid deceased as
shall be necessary.
And that a copy of this order he pub
lished at least three successive weeks in
the Los Augeles Dally Herald, a news
paper prlnteu and published in said coun
ty ol Los Augeles.
Super'or Judge.
Dated July 12th, 1881.
In the matter of the application of
Mary Thoroughman to become a sole
Notice ta hereby givon that 1, Mary
Thoroughman, wife of John Thorough
man, resident of the county of Los An
geles, State of California, being desirous
of availing myself of tho provisions of
Title XII, Partlll, of the Code of Civil
Procedure, intend to make application to
the Superior Court of the State of Callfor
uia,ln ana for the county ot Los Ange
les, at the court-room of said Court, in
said county and State, on Monday, ihe
22d duy of August, 1881, at 10 a. IC, of tbut
day, or us soon thereafter as the applica
tion can be heard, for a Judgment and
orderol said Superior Court authorizing
me to carry on and transact huslucss in
my own name aud on my owu account
aa n sole trader.
The nature of the business I propose to
carry on and conduct is that of selliug
milk, butter, chickens, egge* hogs, a few
cattle and horses, a small dairy busi
ness and farming on asinall scale.
Walter I>. Stephkxson, Attorney for
Petitioner. jlltd
In the Superior Court
Of tlio Btate of California, in and
for Lob Augeles county.
In the matter of the esiate ofl„„ iau
B. 1». Wilson, deceased. f NO ' ™'
Notice le hereby given t hat In pursu
ance ul two orders of the Superior Court
of (he State of California, In and for Los
Angeies county,oue madeon the 6th day
ot May, 1880. and tlio other on the 15th
day ot November, 1880, In the matter of
the estate of B. D. Wilson, deceased, the
undersigned, tho executors of said estato,
will sell at private sale, to tho highest
bidder,for cash tn gold coin of the United
States, and subject to confirmation by
said Superior Court, ou or after
All the right, title, Interest and estate
of the said B. D. Wilson, deceased, at
tho time of his death, juid ail the right,
title and interest that.the said estato has,
by operation of law or otherwise, ac
qulied other thau or iv addlLion to that
of the suid intestate at tho time
of his death, in and to all thosecertain
lots, pieces or parcels of land situate, ly
iug and being In tho said county of Los
Angeles, state of California, bounded and
decrihed as follows, to wit:
First—Lot 10, range 5, of the Alhambra
tract, according to survey thereof made
by Ueorge Hansen and recorded In the
jecords of Los Angeles county.
Second—An undivided one-haif of that
certain tract ot land situated in sail,
county and known as "Oak Knoll," said
tract being hounded on the north by
lauds of the Lake Viueynrd Land and
Water Association' east by Home tract;
south by lands of Carter 4 Richardson,
and west by lauds of Stoncman, contain
ing one hundred and seventy (170) acres.
Third—Also, the following lots of land,
situale in what is known asthe"Alham
bra tract," in said Los Angoles county,
and being:
Fractional lots 3 and 4, in range 2, con
taining 5 acres.
Lot 5, range 2, containing 5 acres.
Lot 0, range 2, containing 2.4 ucres.
Lots 7 aud 8. range 2, containing 10
Lots 7 and 8, range a, containing 10
Lot 0, range 3, containing 6 acres.
Lots 5 and 0, ranee 4, containing 7.4
Lots 10, 11 and 12, range 1, containing 15
Lots 5 and G, range 5, containing 7.4
Lots 10,11 and 12, range 5, containing 15
Lot 6,range 6,containing 2.4 acres.
Terras aud condition ot sale—Cash in
gold colu of the United States. Deed at
expense of the purchase, Bids or oilers
maybe made at any time after the first
publication or this notice and before the
making ot thesale. All bids or offers must
bo in writing uud uellvered to the un
dersigned. J. Le Barth Shurb, personally,
ut his residence, near Sun Gabriel, Cali
Dated July 25th, 1881.
Executors ol tho estate of B. D.Wllsou,
deceased. Jy2t(td
School District Election Notice.
Notice is hereby given to the qualified
elector** of Little Luke School District ot
Los Angeies couniy, State of California,
that au election will he held in said
school district, at which the question
will be submitted to said qualified elect
ors: Whether bonds shall belssued and
sold for the purse of building a new
school house In said district und for fur
nishing tho sumo.
Suid election will be held on Friday,
the 12th day of August, A. D. 1881, at the
school house, tnsald district.
Henry Eatou, William Ryle und S.
Foster have been appointed Judges to
conduct said election.
The polls wlil bo open from 11 o'clock
A. m. until 6 o'clock p. m.
The amount of boudti proposed to be
issued is two thousand dolliirs; the de
nomination, ol said bonds one hundred
dollars each; tho rate of Interest eight
percent, per annum; and the time Lhe
whole or any part of said bonds are to
run Is ten years, subject to the provis
ions of section 1887 ot the Political Code.
Los Nletos Township, July IK, im.
W. W. ORR,
Trusteea of Little Lajce School
or Loa Augaieecounty, jyai-law-Swl
Sale of Real Estate
By Administrator with the will annexed.
Iv the Superior Courtof Loa Auge-
JeH County, State of California.
In the estato of Rosa Isabella D.
Baldwin, deceased.
Notice Is hereby givon that In pursu
ance oi the urder 01 said Superior Court
of the county, of Los Angeles, stale of
Caliiornlu, madeon the6th day of May,
A.D. 1881, in themat:erof the estate uf
Rosa Isabella o. Baldwin, deceased, the
uudeisigned, administrator with the
will annexed ol naul estate, will sell at
private sale to the highest and best bid
dor lor cash nud subject to the confirm
ation of said Superior Court, ull tho
right, title, interest aud estute or the
said deceased at the time of her death,
and all tlie right, title uud interest the
said estate bus, hy operation of law or
otherwise, acquired other than or in ad
dition to that of the said deceased aL the
tiin* ol her death tv and to those certain
lots, pieces, or tracts of land lying aud
being In tho county ot Los Angelea, State
oi Culilornia, and described as follows,
to wit:
First -Uoiumeuclug at a forkod willow
tree about 6 inches through, marked
Slu, in black paint, which Is situated
near the bank ot tbo zuuju or Irrigating
uitch and corresponds with and lv Slu.
Jo of v survey made in December, 1870,
by H. M, Johnson of tho irrigable flat of
tne Kuucho Los Feliz, reiereuce to
which Is hereby more particularly
made; theuce, lollowiug tue meander
line of said survey N 0% degrees Wove
otiam and seventy-eight links; theuceN
4ti%degrees JO 2.76 chains; thence sliiJtf
degrees E 1.75 chains: thence N 823tf deg
rets E l.."ischains; theuco N3% degrees
W. 2.28 chuius; tueuco j* lt*% de
grees W 9.5.( chains; theuce N Bwt de
grees E 2.87 chains; thence 87% degrees
ft! 2.01 chains to nation -i ol Johnson's
survey; theuce JN 78% degrees E 28.96
cuaius; Ihimco S lo>;i degiees W 26.84
chains; iheuee S 74% degrees W 10.00
ciiuius; theuce IN uj degiees \V 8.60
ouaini to the point Ol beginning the to
tal area of the laud hereby conveyed
being 01 5-100 acres ul luud.
Second—Also tlie one-tilth interest iv
about 8.800 ucres ol that certaiu tract uf
lund situate, lying and being ru the
couuty oi LtOfl Angeles, wtatu oi Oullior
nla, and more particularly described as
follows, to Wltl Commencing ut the
river of Loa Angeles, at an oak tree, v
Jaud-iuurk ol the rancho called *'Provi
deuela," near a lime kiln, and ruuulug
theuce southwesterly along the bouud
ury »me of &uid Rancho Lv Provldeucia
to the Aliso free of tbe nopalero; thence
easterly to the "Aguage ue Mocovenga;"
theucu to a point in front of tlie "Aguage
delßauoitOr' theuce in another straight
line passiug directly through the
Porteiuela to the river ol Los
Augeles; theuco up the channel
of ihe said river to the place ol
beginning, tne laud hereby described
being apart of the Uaucho Lus Feliz,
granted io Mang. Ygnaolo Vordugo by
Manuel Michellorenu March 22, 1848,
saving and excepting from tho lust
above described tract a certain parcel ol
luud described as lollows: Commencing
ut a redwood stuke in mouud ol stones
marked P. D.S. 1, 4x4 Inches in diame
ter und distant lo liuks from the cenier
01 the Canal aud Reservoir Company's
ditch and ou north side of same, from
whlcn point a live-oak tree about 4 feet
in diameter uud marked B. T. s. J, P, ij.,
bears N 48% degrees E 277 chains dis
tant; anotheruve-eak on oppushe side
of Reservoir Company's ditch aboui4)6
feet in diameter, blazed and marked B.
T. N. 2S. IP. D., bears S 50} a degrees X
2 21# chaius distant, uud is uu tlie west
bauk of a suiullgulch; ihence runniug a
fow links to the northward of Reservoir
Company's ditch N 75% degrees W 8.89
chains to sands touo rock and stake
marked rt. 2, 32 links fromosuter Of ditch
Iroiu whicli poiuL a live-oak tree übuui
2)6 leet iv diameter near edge of ditch
bearsN42H di.geees VV 8,23 chains dis
tant, another iive-oak about sumo size
bears N 87)4degree* vv about 8.00 chains
distuut anu feE corner ol Jose Pace's
adobe house bears N 40 degrees E 4.47
chains ami is l.tw chaius lung hy 27 links
wide; a sycamore tree stands about cen
tre of rear of house and is about 76 links
distant from bouse* another lurge live
oak on north side of ditch anu immedi
ately ou edge of same bears S 05 degrees
Bl.itfChains distant; theuco following
Reservoir aud Canal Company's ditch up
stream N 46% degrees VV 0.37 chaius to a
c,tuke 10 liuks distuut from center of
diich and muiked.S. 3; theuceN 88i4 de
grees \V 2.01 chaius lo a stake 27 nuks
distant from center ol ditch aud maiked
S, 4; thenoe B 67M degrees vV 1.84 chains
iv a stake 27 liuks from center ol ditch
aud marked s. o; thence N 64% degrees
VV 8.06 chains to il slake 17 links trom
center of diich und marked 8, o; theucu
N G££ degrees VV 1. 24 chains toa stake 11
liuKslroui center Of ditch and murked s.
7; theuco IN tis% degrees VV 2.02 chuius to
a stuke 10 links from center of ditch and
marked rt. S; thonce IN 13% dtgrees E 4.68
chains lo a btako 11 liuks from ceuter of
ditch and marked S. 0; thence N 2 de
gr< es VV 0.18 chaius to a stake distant 19
links from center of ditch and marked s
io; theuco jn degrees w o.o? chains to
a stake 33 Uuks uoiu center ot diich uud
maiked m. 11, irom which poiut v live
oak tree 2feel in diameter on X side of
ditch hears S 2y% degrets E L 0 link* dis
tani; uuother live ouk same size, tame
side of ditch, boars rt 48% degrees E 60
links distuut; iheuce uioug diich ou hill
side N 8% degrtes W 0.30 'chains to a stake
11 links from center ol ditch aud marked
y. 12; thence N 35% degrees W 6.82 chains
to stake 10 links trom center of duch and
marked S. 13; thence JN 40%. degrees W
5.03 cnaius lo a stake marked s. 14;
thence M 0% degrees E 11.68 chains to a
willow stump niazed and marked with
black patnt to. 15; thence along ditch und
edge 01 small swamp N 0% degrees VV 1.78
chuius lo v stake Ij liuks irom center of
ditch and maraed s. 10; thenoe N 48% de
grees X 2.75 chains to a stuke 8 links from
center of duch und marked S. 17; thence
S 08% degrees E I.7fi cuaius to a stake
marked rt. 18, on easterly side or flood
gate; theuce N 32H degrees H LBBchains,
alongceutoroi mulling wuter of ditch
aud through a doep cut which crosses
hill on point of which is located house
of K. Paco to stake marked S. It); thence
N3% degrees VV 2,28 chains to astake
marked rt. 20; thence N 16VJ degrees W
0.68 chains to a slHku 20 liuks from center
ot uitch and marked S. SI i thence n 22%
degrees E 2.87 chains tv v stake 18 links
from centre of dilch and murked s. 22*
theuceN 37% degrees Ml 201 chums to
stake marked S. 23; thence N 4% degrees
W 4.47 chaius to stake 25 liuks from ditch
and marked 8. 21; thence N 11% degrees
VV4.l6chulns to a stuae 15 linksfrom
ditch aud marked S. 25; theuce N 35%de
greesE6.2o chains to v stake luiuiKs
irom center of ditch and marked S, 20;
theuce N 11% degrees VV 2.82 chaius to a
stake marked s, 27; thence on side ol
hill between dilch and road N 12k* de
grees VV 2.3ochains to stake ou edge oi
road marked S. 2b; thence N 32% de
grees W 5.07 chaius to stuke on edge ot
road and maiked S.'2o; thence NlftJji de
grees VV 1.87 ciiuius to a slake ouedgeol
ditch and marked- S. 30; thence a.ong
edge of ditch N 33 degrees W 500 chaius
to stake ou odgu or road and marked S
31; tuenoo N 31% degrees VV 4.04 chains
io v stake between road and d'.tch und
marked S. 32; theucu along Caual and
Reservoir Company's ditch N 2H degiees
W 8.40 chains to a stuke marked S. 3,1;
thence following meanders of river bunk
N 83% degrees H 4.70 chains to v stake nt
head of deep wash uud murked S. 81;
iheuce N 41% degrees C 3.01 chains to a
utake on edge of bank marked S. 35;
theuceN 25 degrees X 4.20 chains to a
stake ou westerly sldo of zauja marked
S. 30; thence N 45% degrees E 10.00 chains
to stake marked rt. 37; theuce N 18 de
greesE I.o7chains to a stako marked S.
38. from which point a willow tree mark
ed B. T.S. 38 P. U. hears N 41% degrees X
03links dlstaut; theuce S 7SJS degrees E
12.70 chains to stako marked s. 31); theuce
» 24H degrees X 7.04 chains to stake
marked s, 40; thence s 7% degrees E 8.00
chains to stuke marked s. 41; lhence s 4
degrees VV 1481 chaius to stake marked
S. 42; thence H 2% degrees E 11.62
chains to stuko marked S. 43; thence
S 74% degrees E 1.11 chains to oak post
in line oi willow f«noe murked S. 44 P D.;
thence S. lu l 4 dtgrees W. 34.42 chains
along said willow feuce tostake lv Hue
of fouce uud marked S. 45; theuce S. 15%
degrees E. 15.15 chains to stako marked
H. 40; theuce S. 30% degrees E. 11.68 chains
to stake marked w. 47; theuce s, 80% de
grees E. 6.H5 chains lo stake marked S.
48; thence S. 38 degrees E. 1'i.37 chains to
pwst in Hue of willow lence ut Intersec
tion of saiu fence with L. A. C.W.VV. Co's
ditch and maraed P. D. S. 40; thence S.
63% degrees W. 808 chains along live
willow fence to stake marked S. 50;
thence N. 77 degrees W. si) chains
to stake marked S. 51; theuco S.
58 degrees VV. 0.86 chains to stake
marked S. 52; theuce s. 22% VV. 14.50
chains to stake marked S. 63; tbeuce S.
H% degrees VV. 10.13 chains to stake 4x4
luetics in diameter In mound oi stones
aud marked P. D. S. l.the place of heKlii
niug and containing 828.82690 acres ol
laud and being the same tract of land
within the exterior boundaries of which
is included the 64 aero tract hereinbefore
described, aud all of said lands being
within the exterior boundaries of the
Rancho "Los Fellz" and forming a part
Also, all tho water rights, casements
aud servitudes to each of said dlfiereut
tracts belonging or tn any way apper
Said sale will be made on or after the
All bids or offers must be lv writing
and will be received at the offloe of
Messrs. PtaHlip* Baldwin, No. 67 Main
street, Los Angeles city, Cala., or uay bo
delivered to the administrator personal
ly ,or filed with the Clerk of saidfSuperior
Court, at any time after the first publica
tion of this notice and before the making
of the sale.
Terms and conditions of sale—Ten per
cent, of the purchase money to be paid
upou notice of acceptance oi bid, balance
on cofirmatlon ot sale by said Superior
Court. Deed at expense of purchaser.
Dated Los Angeles, cal., May tfth, 1881.
Administrator with the will annexed of
the estate of Hosa Isabella D. Baldwin,
Eastman, Haley, King A Koharts. At
torneys for tbe estate.
Oertilieate or Special
This Is to certify tliat the undersigned
have formed a special partnership, pur
suant to tbe provisions of the Civil Code
or tbe Htate of California.
That the name or firm under which
such partnership is to be conducted is
"J. W. Bixby & Co?'
Tbat the general nature of the business
to be transacted is rulsiug and trading In
cattle, sheep, horses and other stock, in*
cludlug wool raising, dairy business,
pasturing animals aud all other business
incidental to such general business.
That the uaraes of all tbe general and
special partners are as follows: John W.
Bixby, who resides in Los Angeles coun
ty, Htate of California; and Jotham Bix
by, who resides In the same oounty and
Btate, each and both of whom are the
general partners; and Isalas W. Hell
man, wbo resides in the city and county
of Los Angeles, in said State, who is the
special partnor.
That said Isalas W. Hellman has con
tributed the sum of ($10,660 67-100) six
teen thousand six hundred and sixty-six
67-100 dollars as capital to the common
stock, and as his portion of the capital
of said partnership.
That the principal place of business of
said partnership is and shall be In said
county of Los Angeles, State of Calilur
That the said partnership Is to com
mence on the 11th day of July, A. D. 1881,
aud is to terminate on tbe 11th day or
July, A. D. 1886.
Dated at Los Angeles, tbls 9th day ot
July, A. D. 1881.
County of Los Angeles, f
On the ninth day of July, one thous
and eight hundred and eighty-one, be
fore me, Geo, S. Patton, a Notary Public,
in and for said county, personally ap
peared Johu VV. Bixby, Jotham Bixby
and Isalas W. Hellman,known to me to be
the persons described In, whose names
aro subscribed to and who executed the
foregoing instrument, and each of tbem
duly acknowledged io me that he exe
cuted tbe same.
In witness whereof, I bave hereunto
set my hand and affixed my official seal,
at ray office, in the said county of Lus
Angeles, the day aud year first above
written. *
[Seal.] GEO. 8. PATTON.
Notary Public in and for said oounty.
— ,
Assignee's Notice of Sale
By virtue of an order of sale made by ,
tbe Superior Court of the county of Los
Angoleß, State of California,ln tbe above
entitled cause, dated Slst day of May,
1881, whereby I am commanded to sell
certain property of L. W. Kirby, the
above named Insolvent, notice Is hereby
given that on the
At 12 o'clock m. of said day, at the west- j
em door or the Court House, Spring *
street, city and county of Los Angeies, l
will sell at public auction, to the highest
bidder lor cash, the right, title and In
terest of the said insolvent, L. W. Kirby,
in and to the following described prop- i
That certain lot of lund situate lv tbe
town of Anaheim, county of Loa Angeles,
Stuieof California, more particularly de
scribed as town lot (No. 54) number 54 or
the towu of Anaheim, as per map of the
town of Anaheim on file lv the oounty
records of Los Angeles county, in the Be*
corder's office of said county, at theclty
and county of Los Angeles, Cal.
Dated Bth day of July, 1881.
Assignee of said Insolvent estate.
JStd Attorney for Assignee.
July 80lh, 1881,12 M.
The aoove sale is hereby postponed un
til i Tuesday August 16. at 12 M.
Assignee, Ac.
Dissolution of Partnership.
The St. Charles Barber Shop aad Bath
Rooms will henceforth be conducted by
the undersigned on his own account, his j
former partner, Mr. N. Rech, havlog re
tired from tbe business.
Los Angeleß, July 21,1881. J22-lw
Burlington Weekly Haiieye
Tbis paper, which it universally quoted
may bo had at any News Depot at 5 centa
porrapy. Annual subscription, post-paid,
Agents are wanted everywhere to take
subscriptions and retain CO centa iaeaah on
eaoh annual subscriber. General Agent.;
may eeud $1.25 per year.
We will pay the agent Bending us ths
largest list of subscribers before March 1,
187.), one first olass 71* octave, rosewood or
full iron framo, overstrung bass, thr.j
unisons, patent Improved agraffe bar ar
rangement, Ex tha Rich, $850.00. This list
to be at least 850 names.
For tho seoond list, not to be less than
200 names, $100 in gold,
For the third list, not to be less than 10b
names, $50 in gold.
For $13.00, at ono time, we will send tot,
copies one year,
Jfor $7.00, at one time, we will send fly.
conies one year.
For three names and $6.00 we will send
the Companion Scroll Saw and Drill, value
$3.50, as a special premium.
For five names and $10.00 we will send
the Companion Scroll Saw, Drill and Lathe,
value (5.00, as a special premium.
Burlington, law*.
To Raise Large Crops you
must irrigate.
To Irrigate successfully, you must hsva tit -
power that does not give out when
ths wind talis.
LaufkotWr & Oharchmsn Bros. Horis-Powsi '■
IfiTIBTID rBB HU ART 13TH. 1873.1
Sever falls to supply more water than tool
or five Windmills, even supposing you have i
all the wind you want. It la also suitable an 1
running light machinery, such as Barley
Orackers, Uoni Shelters, Fanning Mills Grain
Beparatoas, or tor Sawing Wood. They are
never falling, cannot get oat of order, easily
worked, substantial, and always give satin,
taction wherever they have beon used. One
horse can easily work two 6-lnch pumps with
a continuous flow of water. Force Pumps
from a.ooo to lu.uoo gallons per Lour.
WINDMILLS of all kinds manufactured to
order Wells Bored, Windmill, and Horee-
Fowera Bet In any part ot the State, and re.
pairing ot all kinds done. Uannfaetureal ani
for sale by
Uar lotuane aaoramanto fats., ,
Perforated Sheet Metal
t or Milling aud Mmuig Machinery,
32 West w«.hlna,ton .tret j

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