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I hi Herald Steam Printing
House manes a specialty of Legal
Printing. Briefs, Traneorlpts, etc;
, rinted at low rates.
Heinzemati & Ellis are receiving
every week fresh supplies of drugs
and chemicals. Their prescription
department is in the bands of
skillful pharmaoißte, and no drug
or chemical is used unless It be
fresh and pure.
Just reoelved from the manufac
turers the largest assortment of
trusses and shoulder-braces ever
reoelved by any house in Southern
California. We sell them at East
ern prices.
The Central Pharmacy is the
<?nly drug store oonnected witb tbe
telephone system. Families and
fihy siciaus wishing anything in our
iue oan order through telephone,
and will be immediately attended
Eastern oysters every style;
hot and cold lunches and all the
delicacies of the season served on
tbe shortest notice at Congress
Hall, corter or Main aud Roquena
streets. Ice oold Booa beer, the best
on the Coast, always on hand, as
well as a full supply of tbe beet
brands of liquors, wines aud ci
gars. Entrance to ladles' rooms on
Requeua street. Open day and
Mr. F. Adam, tbe pioneer tailor
of Los Angeles, No. 13 Spring
street, Informs' bis patrons and tbe
publio generally that be bas just
reoelved a large assortment of tbe
latest styles of spring aud summer
goods, which for elegance and va
riety of pattern canuot be sur
passed. A cordial invitation ia ex
tended to all to call and examine
bis stock. m2-lm
F. Llndquist, merchant tailor,
No. 20 Spring street, is himself a
practical cutter; and, having bad
ample experience in San Franolseo
and Los Angeles, knows bow to
meet tbe requirements of hie cus
tomers. He keeps a full supply of
the best oloths constantly on baud
and makes tbem up "upon honor."
Clothes cleaned or dyed, then
mended and pressed and warranted
to look like new, at No. 8 Allso
To Whom it May Concern.
Please take notice: Any person
having pledges or collaterals at tbe
Star Loan and Broker Office, No. 4
Commercial street, will please re
deem the same or pay accrued In
terest thereon within thirty days
from this date or tbey will be sold.
P. H.—Money loaned on all kinds
»f personal property. mr3otf
Hughes's Russian Baths. Lo
cated No. 15 Main street, opposite
tbe Pioo House. Gentlemen and
ladles attended to by fersoDs of
their own sex.
Bee tbe Concolodor In his won
derful transmutation of colors at
the dyeing and scouring establish
ment, No. 8 Aliso street.
Preuss & Pironl, pharmacists,
bave the facilities for uigbt orders,
as their drug store is the only one
connected with the telephone sys
Pleasant rooms with board, 206
Spring street. apl6:lm
Atlantic Gardens,
The Schoenstein Big Or
Tbe largest on the Pacific Coast, will ar
rive here on trie 18th Instant aud will be
Los Angeles County Bank.
At a meeting of tbe Board of Directors
of Los Angeles County Bank bel'i on
Tuesday, July 6th,lSBl, dividend (No. 11)
of twelve per cent, ou the capital stock
ror tbe six months from January Ist lo
July Ist, ItlSl, was declared, payable July
10tb,188l. H. L. MAUNIEL,
j7-lui Cashier.
Key West Cigar Store,
Manufacturer of FINE cIUARH and
all lines of Bmokers' Articles*
A Practical Course with
the Spanish Language.
Introduced In Los Angeles by PROF.
OUYAS, For sale In the bookstores.
Awarded the Highest Medal at Vienna
591 Broadway, New York,
(Opp. Metropolitan Hotel),
Ohromos & Frames,
Htereotoopee. Views, Albums, Orapnoeoopea
ana Suitable Vises.
We are heado/i altera for everything In the
my of
Stmreoptiocmt and Magic Lantern*.
*W Catalogue 01 Lanterns and Slides, with
ttreeetoee lot using, tent on application.
•a* enterprising man sen make mensy
wtta a Sexki mi, am
§0$ QuntU* geralit
SUNDAY AUG. 14, 1881.
Herald Steam Printing House.
the Herai.i HI Learn Printing House Is
cot surpaHHeil by any Job Printing office
ou the Paoiflc Coast, outside of Han Fran
tlsco, lv facilities for doing Job work.
I ow prices, kiood work 'And expedition
rev he relied upon at this office.
Division of Telegrams ami Reports for
the benedtoi Commerce and Agrlculturo
Report of observations taken at I .oh An
geles, Cat., August 18,1881.
Maximum Thermometer, 83,0
Mlulmum 59 o
Cathedral of St. Vibiana. — Main
street, below First. Rev.Hugh McNamee,
Heotor. First mass at la, m.; second
mass at 8 ; high mass at 10—Sunday
School In English and Spaulsh at 3.00
p. m.; vespers at 4 p. m .
Church of Our Lady of Angels.—
Opposite the Plaza. First mass with ser
mon In English a! 7 a. m.; last mass at
« a. h. Cateohism ror the English at
1»:30 a. m .; Catechism tor the Spaulsh at
p. M. vespers at 3P. M.
St. Athanasius Protestant Episco
pal CHOrcii.—Corner ol Temple and
New High streets, Key. F.llas ttlrdaall.
Reclor. Sunday services—The Litany at
111:30; mornlug prayers with sermon st
11; Sunday School at 111: 15; evening ser
Fort st. M. E. Church. — Rev. K. s.
Chase, Pastor. Residence 165 Fort street
—sabbath service: Preaching 11 a. m-,
and 7p. H. Subbath School 18:30 PM,
Weekly prayei meeting Thursday even,
ing at 7; Class meeting Sabbath morning
and evening, Wednesday evening.
Presbyterian Church.—Rev. J. W-
Ellis, Pastor—Services at the Brick
church on Fort street, between Third
and Fourth streets, at 11a. m. Sabbath
Sohool at 9|30 a. m., Chinese School 6:<o
p. m. Pastor's residence, 95 Baker Block.
Trinity M. E. Church Sooth.—Spring
street, between First and Second. Rev.
Thomas R. Curtis, Pastor In charge.
Preaching every Sabbath at 11 a. h.
and 7 p. H. Sunday .school 9:30 a. m.
Prayer meeting 7:40, every Thursday
First Baptist Church.—Good Tem
plar's Hall, Main street, neur First
National Bank. Rev. Jay \V. Osborn
uctlng Pastor. Morning services at 11
o'clock; Sunday School directly after
morning service; evening services at 7:30
o'clock. Prayer meetings Thursday
evenings at 7:30 o'clock.
Church of Christ.—Meets at Utlon
Hall every Lord's Day at 11 A. M. Sun
duyScbool at 10A.M.
Evangelical Lutheran Church—
Rev, A. Geyer, Paster—Services In Union
Hall every Sunday at 10:30 A. m. and 7:30
P.M. Sunday School at 9:30 a. m.
Conoreoational Church—New High
street. Servloes every Sunday atll A. H.
and 7:30 P.M. Prayer service on Thurs
day evenings. Rev. C. J. Hutchings,
pastor. Sunday School at 12fe p. at.
See advertisement of Situations 1
Wanted. * 1
A second band piano isadvel>
tlsed for iv our New To-Day.
By order of tbe Beard of Educa
tion tbe city schools will open on
Monday, September 12lb.
The calendar will be called iv
Judge Howard* branch of the Su
perior Court to-morrow —Mouday.
There will bo an excursion to i
Sauta Monica to-day—dancing,
concert and all sorts of amuse
ments at the Paviliou.
General Stoueman has accepted i
the position of Grand Marshal for
the Centeuuial Celebration and
will aunouuce his Aides at an early
Rev. E. S. Cbaee, pastor of tbe
Fort Street M. E. Church, will de
liver a memorial sermou this
morning ou the late Bishop K. O.
We learn that the store of Judge
Moffltt, at San Fernando, was en
tered by burglars on Friday night
but that nothing of value was
There being no quorum present
yesterday afternoon,the next meet
ing of the Board of Equalization
was adjourned until 9 o'clock to
morrow (.Monday) morning
Lastre, the man accused of firing
into the bar of the Kansas City
House uud wounding Pat Kiue, the
proprietor, bus had bis examina
tion set for next Tuesday at 2 W. M.,
in the City Court.
Mr. J. J. Guinu, whose spine was
fractured by his beiug thrown from
bis wagon about a week ago, is iv
a very precarious condition and all
hopes of his recovery bave beeu
given up. Friday uigbt aud yes
terday be was delirious most of tbe
A correspondent writes us tbat
the party of Los Angeles Turners-
Phil. Lautb, Theo. Frohlinger, Joe
Maier aud Don Carlos Schweun —
now visiting Sau Beruardiuo uu a
bunting expedition, are all in ex
cellent health uud ate having a
splendid time. Phil. Lautb had
started In pursuit of a grizzly aud
says he will bring one to Los An
geles alive or dead.
A fletta de loa amigoa com
menced at tbe residence of S-flur
Don Felipe Lugo, ou the east side
of the river, last evening, aud will
continue for two days. It is equiv
alent to the English "house-warm
ing," wbicb is celebrated by our
Spanish-American fellow citizens
witb dancing and ether rejoicings.
Our fellow towusman, Don Miguel
de Madegan, acts as master of the
revels at tbe present fiesta.
Tbe Finance Committee for the
Centennial celebratiou were en
gaged all day yesterday In solicit
ing subscriptions and met with
very gratifying success. Tbey will
continue the cauvass urj Monday,
when they will csll on those of our
business wen who have uot yet
subscribed. It is to be hoped tbat
tbey will meet witb tbe same lib
erality that bas obaraoterlzed tbe
donations of those already called
upon, so as to make tbe coming
i Centennial celebration au event
worthy of commemoration iv tbe
annals of Los Angeles.
A tailor named Walter Riley,
, an Englishman, while deserting
from the ship Three Brothers, at
Wilmington, oa the 10th instant,
was drowned. He and a compan
ion left the ship about half past 8
o'clock in the evening, for the pur
pose of swimming ashore. The
companion reached a lighter astern
of tbe ship W. H. Connor, but
Riley floated off soma distance.
His body was found next day by
Captain Janes, who delivered it to
the Captain of the Three Brothers,
by whom it was takeu toWilmlng
ton, where an inquest was held.
Dr. A. MoFarland, of Compton,
who owns a claim in the Sau Ga
briel Cation, on the same iedce
and a short distunce beyond Mr.
Kelsea's mine, showed us yester
day a specimen of silver ore from
bis claim which IS pronounced by
experts to be exceeding riubly. Tbe
Doctor informs us that tbe ledge
has been traced fully three miles,
tbe trappings showing tbe Bame
obaracter of rock for tbe entire dis
tance. He bas gone down some
seven or eight feetou his claim, tbe
vein showing a faoe of about four
feet, anil tbe ore growing richer the
deeper he does He intends short
ly to commence the work ot devel
opment iv earnest.
Messr9. R. B. Dana and R. A.
Maddox arrived lv town fioui the
Mohave mining country yesterday,
bringing good reports of mining
matters in that Miction. They
bave been engaged ou tbe Watei
mau & Porter mill which, they in
form us, is being pushed ahead as
fast as possible. The walls are all
built, the engiue and boiler are iv
place, the battery block, set, ami
so soon as some of the machinery
for which (hey are waiting arrives
the work will be nulshed. Men
are busy takiug cut ore,
which still continues good.
These gentlemen, with others, are
owners of the Boss mine, a very
handsome specimen Irom which
tbey have led with us. They are
iv towu for the purpose of purchas
ing ore eaoks ami supplies, and
will ruturu iv a few days when
they propose shipping a car load of
their ore- to Sau Francisco.—San
Bernardino Times.
Council Proceedings.
Council met iv regular session
Saturday evening, Presideut Spence
in tbe Chair.
Minutes of the previous meeting
read and approved.
Message from the Mayor enclos
ing complaint of C. Hafen against
tbe Water Overseer. Referred to
a special committee of three—
Colin, McDonald aud Kubrts.
The report of tbe City Auditor
Showing the condition of the vari
ous fund- iv tbe City Treasury, Re
ferred to Finance Committee.
City Treasurer Kays reported
that, pursuant to instructions, he
has redeemed Railroad bouds Nos.
54, 50 aud 56, $1000 each, aud No.
57 of $500. Same reference.
Weekly report of Zaujeio of work
dove and wages due on city ditches.
The Zanjero reported that lie has
appoiuted D. Kevaueand R. Home
rs us watchman ou the mum sup
ply ditch. Approved.
Ordiuauce prohibiting the stor
age of powder within the city iv
quantities exceeding 60 pounds.
Petition of H. Newmark & Co. to
be allowed to build a magazine for
tbe storage of powder on a 50 acre
lot owned hy them ou (be north
side of Washington street.
Petition and ordiuauce referred
to Committee on Fire aud Water
to report in one week.
Report of Overseer of chain gang.
Resolution to establish the grade
of Fifth .street, between Olive and
Churity streets. Adopted and or
dered to be posted at tbe Postofflce,
Court House and offiseof the Clerk
of tbe Council.
l'he Finance Committee reported
favorably on bills referred and rec
ommend that warrants be drawn
for same.
Mr. Moran moved that the Clerk
be instructed to draw warrants for
payment uf same except the bill of
the Gas Company. So ordered.
Mr. Cohu moved that a warrant,
be drawn fur the payment of the
bill due the Gas Company. So or
The Finance Committee, to
whom was referred the bids for city
advertising, reported the matter
back (o tin- Council without recom
Mr. Bliss moved that the bids be
rejected aud that tbe Clerk be in
structed lo leadvertlse for bids to
do the city advertising. Lost.
Bills of R. Bilderraiu for $12 50
for olerical help, bill of Wm. M.
Osboru for $6 aud bill of Judson,
Gillette & Gibsou fur Slim, return
ed to Council without action. Laid
over for the present.
Mr. Gepbard moved that all bids
for city advertising be rejected.
The Committee ou Lauds, in the
matter of petitions L. J. Rose and
Charles Stern anil Emirs Hall fur
quit-claim deeds, ask fur further
lime. Grauted.
Petition of Andres Briswalter In
relatiou to condition of water ditch
and asking to be allowed water ou
certain days. Denied.
Mr. Bliss moved that the Clerk
be lustruoted to advertise for bils
for tbe city, advertising, proposals
to be received from any city paper,
daily or weekly, published In tbe
Euglish language. Ho ordered.
A resolution to re-divide tbe city
into Ova wards was read. I. ml ou
HORN-McOARTY-On Tue«day, August
», leSl.by the Hon. R. Howard, at tbe
groom's residence, Miss Mary Vie Mo<
Carty. of New Orleuea, La., and Mr. A.
J. Horn, of El Moute, Cat. No cards.
Bucklen's Arnica Salve.
The Best Halve iv tbe world for
cuts, bruises, sores, ulcers, salt
rheum, fever sores, tetter, chapped
huuds, chilblains, corus, and all
kiuds of skin eruptions. This
salve is guaranteed to give perfeot
satisfaction in every case or money
refunded. Price 25 ceuts per box.
For sale by Heinzemau & Ellis,
wholesale agents, Los Angeles.
Pure drugs, perfumeries, patent
medicines, both foreign and do
mestic, all the latest novelties, and
prescriptions carefully compounded
both day and night, at Preuss &
Papers on the Early History of
Ti)<- English vessels captured by
tbe Bj> iniards at Nootka were sub
sequently returned to tbe English
government. Ou tbe 18th of Octo
ber, 1789, Count Revillagiyedo
took command of New Spain. He
Immediately took steps to keep
Nootka Irom foreign powers, Mar
tiutz having pursuant to orders of
the Viceroy who preceded Rev
illagiyedo abandoned its occupa
tion. On tbe 3d of February,
1790, there sailed from Sun Bias
the frigate Coucepcion, the packet
boat Ban Carlos und the schooner
Princesa Royal, under the com
mand of Lieutenant Don Francisco
Eliza. They arrived at Nootka on
tbe 3d of April. Eliza had instruc
tions to fortify tbe place, aud pro
oure tbe amicable relation of the
Indiaus by treating tbem with
kindness. He was uot to interfere
with tbe Russians or any other
foreign power without royal or
ders and was to explore thorough
ly (he coasts up to the 60Lh degree,
especially Cook's River and the
Straits of Juau de Fuca. The in
structions were followed and suc
cess attended tbe Spaniards. They
were never molested by Russians,
English or Americans. There was
a treaty entered into between
Spalu aud Eugland as to the navi
gation, commerce and fisheries lv
the Pacific ocean aud South sea, ou
tbe 28th of Ootnber, 1790.
Revillagiyedo deslriius of ending
tbe disputes uud avoiding future,
complications between Spain aud
England, suggested that a line,
taking tbe 48 li degree, should tie
eatabliebed between the two
countries. Another expedition to
accomplish the object suggested by
Revillagiyedo, lettStU Bias on the
Ist of March, 1792. It was com
posed of tbe Santa Oertrudis under
Don Aloiizo de Torres, the frigate
Princesa and the new schooner
Active, under the respective com
mand of Salvador Hidalgo aud
Mendez Valdez. Although the
Aotlva and Princesa had to re
turn to repair damages oaused by a
storm, tbey again set out, the Prin
ces* arriving at tbe straits of Fuca
and the Acti va at Nootka It seems
that the Spanish government
had iutended delivering Nootka
to the English, and Captain Bodega
had beeu ordered so to do, but the
English Captain Vancouver, not
being satisfied with the delivery of
possession because It contained
some conditions that he was un
willing to accept, declined to take
possession. Bodega had returned
to Monterey. Tbe English, on
tbis occasion, experienced tbe very
best treatment at the bands of tbe
Spaniards, furnishing Vancouver
with provisions for his trip to
Botany Bay, Tbe English Com
mander desired to pay for all tbe
materials and provisions furnished
tbem by the Spaniards, but these
refused to luke anything, and Van
couver grateful for so much kind
ness, made a present of. two thous
and dollars aud some agricultural
Implements to the Presidio aud
Missions of Monterey.
Tbe Spaniards oommeuced again
to explore the uorlheru coast
above Nootka, on the 4tb of May
1791. Lieut. Hidalgo had com
mand of this exploring party, ar
riving at Prince William's Bay on
tbe 24th of May. He reooonoltered
thoroughly all the coast. He dis
covered tbe island of Montagu, ex
amined Cook's river, but was com
pelled to returu owing to heavy
fogs aud bad weather, having gone
as far as the 57th degree. He re
turned to San Bias ou the 13th of
November. Hidalgo fouud two Rus
sian establishments at Cook's river
and oue ou the island of Codiac.
He, besides, took possession of tbe
bay and roadstead on tbe east of
Prince William's Bay, which he
called, respectively, Cordoba and
Meneudez; and on the uortli of the
great bay be took possession of v
port naminc it Oraviua. On
Cook's river hs took possession of
another pott which be called Re
Although the straits of Juan de
Fuoa had been partially reconnoi
tered in 1789, uo accurate explora
tion had been made until 1790 by
Quimpe, aud iv 1791 by Eliza.
Royal orders were given in 1791 to
thoroughly explore the straits to
ascertain If it had auy connection
with Hudson's or Baffin's bay.
Don Francisco Antouio de More-lie
was entrusted with the expedition,
and sailed from Sau Bias ou tbe 9th
of March, 1792. He had instruc
tions to go as high as thesSth
degree, aud by all means to satisfy
himself if thete was any commu
nication between the two oceaus.
The expedition reached the
straits aud ou tbe 21st of June
sighted the vessels under the com
mand of Vancouver. Both expedi
tions were sailing witli the same
object uud it was found conclusive
ly that the straits did uot commu
nicate with the Bays of Hudson or
Baffin. Tbey found many ludians
who supply commerce with furs.
The Spanish expedition returned
to San Bias on tbe 23d of Novem
ber, after experiencing very rough
weather in sight of the Faralloues,
near Sau Francisco. The frigate
Arauziza made another expedi
tion iv 1792, reaching tbe 55th de
gree, but found nothing but what
already was known by previous
Revillagiyedo was very anxious
to have accurate reports of the na
ture of the country between Han
Franuisoo aud the 48th degree, aud
had given orders to send au expe
dition for that purpose.
About the same time that tbe
Spaniards wore exploring the
northern coast, Capt. Vaucouver
left London, In April; 1791, passed
by New Holland and the Sandwich
Islands sud explored our coast,
oommeuoing at the 40th degree, as
cending as tar north as the Straits
of Fuca and coming out of them
on the 51st degree. He returned lo
Nootka and reconnoitered our
coast well to Monterey.
It was thought once tint the Co
lumbia river might flow across the
continent and be tbe obauuel of
communication between the two
oceans. Bevlllagayedo gave spe
cial Instructions to have that river
accurately explored so as to ascer
tain tbat fact.
The commerce In furs was then
besoming very Important, tbe
Russians and English belug tbe
principal nations trafficking In
tbem, while tbe other nations also
sent their vessels to tbe northern
seas for that purpose. It seems
that the English wished tbe Span
iards to limit themselves to the
territory south from the bay of San
Franolseo and RevillagiyedD ad
vised tbe King to occupy and forti
fy Bodega and the Columbia river,
so as to check all other uattons In
their attempts to come south of
those points.
Narrow Gauge Railroad.
Editor Herald: Thereare con
siderable engineering difficulties
between Los Angeles anil Pasa
dena. But tbe causes of these diffi
culties are among the inducements
to build the road that way. For it
must be remembered that this fairy
land of bosky dells, forest clad
mountain steeps, viue-full ravines
and perpetual spriugs of water, all
close to Los Augeles city, makes a
kind of business for a railroad more
susceptible of indefinite expansion
than that of grain fields aud or
chards. Clifton, tho most broken
territory in the vicinity of Cincin
nati, lias become more valuable
than the equally distaut level al
luvious. The alluvions teem with
orchards und market gardens,
while Clifton, a wild tumble of
peaks uud dells, teems with the
princely homes of millionaires,
swarms with visitors and is tbe ob
jective uf numerous small-weight
railways tbat climb tbe more rug
ged steeps as inclined planes up
which wire cables pull the cars.
Tbe lay of the laud, cummeuolog
at a poiut between Pasadena and
Los Angeles aud extending to the
wash of the Sin Dlmas caflon just
above the Azusa, presents no en
gineering difficulty except at the
wash of the Sau Gabriel. This last
named wash presents the only ex
pensive work between the Arroyo
Seco aud the wash of tbe S»n Dimas
'The road, it seems, ought to as
ceud to the level mesa which bor
ders the Arroyo Seco from a point
south of Pasadena clear around into
the valley between Pasadena aud
the mountains. This valley next
to tbe mountains, I think, should
bay. the road, although the people
of Pasadeua may possibly think
otherwise. Tbe broad belt of coun
try between Pasadena aud the
mountains is unsurpassed in the
State, for growiug orauges aud
grapes. Settlement has barely be
gun hen). It will speedily become
the scut of numerous beautiful
homes, und au extensive and profit
able pouiccujture, narrow gauge or
uo narrow gauge. But morespeedy
aud more elaborate development
would tie sure to follow the con
struction of the narrow gauge.
There is a curious generalization
as to the point of the compass toward
which cities and villages grow. I
am gathering facts upon which to
generalize, the teudencies of expan
sion of our Los Angeles near Sierra
communities with respect to the
points of Hie compass. I already
suspect what will be the finding at
the end of the inductive process. I
will now venture to state tbe sus
picion. It Is that while cities
spread toward the west these near
Sierra pomocultural communities
do and ever will spread toward the
north until their northward growth
is abruptly arrested by tbe
unclimabie walls of the Sierras.
There is neither mystery nor any
remarkable acumen involved in
these propositions. Tbey rest upon
known causes among winch the
following are perhaps the principal
ones. Iv the first place the nearer
the mountain the more rain, the
more springs und the greater the
capillary ascension of moisture.
Secondly, the nearer the mountain
the greater the exemption from
frost aud the more complete is the
protection against northers.
Thirdly, the nearer tbe mountain
tho greater the purity and tho less
the humidity of the air, conse
quent upon which, of course, there
is greater salubrity. Fourthly,
the mountains are inexhaustble
fuel st on -houses, game preservers
aud the everlasting open side and
unrestricted free spaces in which
the Daniel Boone instincts tbat
run through universal humanity
may forever range without the em
barrassment of fence, hedge, corner
posts, human habitation or tres
pass laws. There runs not only a
Daniel Boone free wilderness vein
through all humanity lo revel In
wild Sierra solitude and fretdom
but the love of the beautiful uud
the sublime is never absent, but
only asleep in those who dwell ou
horiz >n girt Hats, Which purest
and loftiest emotions have a glori
ous awakening at the beautiful
pedestal ot the sublime Sierras.
Do not assume that lam wan
dering away from the narrow
gauge, All that has been suid of
these Sierra, near attractions serve
to show the necessity for uud the
certainty of the Sierra narrow
trauge railroad of Los Angeles and
San Bernardino couuties.
Pasadena some days since held a
meeting uud appointed Mr. Clapp
to superintend the Pasadeua part
ef the Centennial Exposition to
open at the Pavilion on tbe sth of
next month. The well known ca
pabilities of Pasadena to make a
great display, ami the selection of
Mr. Clapp us manager assures a
full and imposing display from
Pasadena. There is a disposition
along the line of the proposed nar
row gauze to make the exhibits at
tbe Pavilion prove the capacities
of the country "to support the road
when built,
J. H. S.
Azusa, Cal., August, 1881.
City Board of Education.
A special meeting of the Board
of Education was held In the rooms
of the First National Bank last
Present—Messrs. Wldney, Ellis,
Lindley, Workman and Lacy.
The Committee on tbe selection
of school sites made their report
and were granted further time.
A petition from residents of San
Pedro street asking tbe Board of
Education to erect n eohool house
on San Pedro street, between Sixth
and Seventh, was read aud placed
on file.
The matter of selecting a site for
a school house on Sau Pedro street
was referred to the Committee on
School Sites.
On motion, Dr. Ellis was ap
pointed a committee to secure an
additional room in East Los Auge
les at a reasonable reut for a school
On motion, Dr. Ellis and Mr.
Workman were appointed a oom
mlttes to confer with the Vestry of
the Episcopal Church about pur
chasing tbe church property for
school purposes.
On motion, tbe following teach
ers were elected to positions In the
school department: Miss Frances
E. Bennett, Miss Maggie Qraney,
Miss Emma B. Waite, Miss Lula
Entwistle, Miss Mary E. Squires
and B. v. . Ready.
Ou motion, tbe Committee on
Supplies was Instructed to purchase
such school f'irniture as may be
On motion, it was decided to open
the public schools on September
Tbe Committee on Supplies was
Instructed to advertise for supplies
for the ensuing year.
On motion, tbe Board adjourned
to Saturday evening next.
Property Transfers.
& GIBBON —AUGUST 13,1881.
Francis M Trapp to Annie Elizabeth
Trapp, bit wife—Part of lots 28 and 27,
A lams Vineyard traot, and 11.65 acres w
side Lemou st; love, etc.
A It Meserve,Sydney Sorby, EFHuse,
Robert Catiicart, Arthur J Hutchinson,
L Brousseau, Wm G Ualstead, Henry X
W Bent, Sarah Holser, Ralph Leonard
and Wm Riley, by Sheriff, to Wm Riley
—Undivided jiof one traot and whole of
two tracts lv Meserve A Loop traot, Reno
San Jose; $72(10.
A U Meserve, Wm Riley aud Robert
Oathcart, by Sheriff, to Wm Riley—Three
fourths of one tract and all of one tract
in Mesdrve d: Loop tract, Rancho San
Jose; fuse.
Samuol JJerioot to Chas T Harris—Lot
10, S Derloet tract, Rancho Santiago de
Kant . Ana; $1800.
Les Angeles city to IW Lord—Lot on
Sand street.
1 W Lord to Nellie Mann—Agreement
to convey s 40 ft of lot 14 aud N 10 ft of lot
18, blk 48, Mott traot; S4CO cash, So* Nov
I. 1882, interest 10 per cent per annum;
Estate of W H Scott—Decree setting
apart to widow, L) C Hoott, lot E side Hopo
St. and lot 4, blk 41, Park tract.
W H Morton to I Wilson—UK lot 3, R
8, Temple & Glbsan tract; |BN.
J M Dunsmoor to Mrs S A Dunsmoor—
Lots, blk M, and lot 6 and NX lot 7, blk
L, San Pasquat tract; love, etc.
W W Allen to Fannie M Farrington-N
% of NW!,; and lots 1 and S, Sec 24, T 8 N,
R 16 W; $2000.
Fannie M Farrlngton to W W Allen—lS
acres on W side river, s of Keroheval,
and right of way; $2000.
P Potts to Augusta A Twombly—N 201-8
acres of lot I, Stafford * Tuatin traot;
J Harmon to A J Stafford—Undivided
half of 10 acres of Ksncho Santiago de
Santa Ana; $600.
Estate of Charles Grucer to Pauline
Grucer— Decree In distribution — Lois 5
and 6, blk 11; lots 1,2 and 3, blk 20; lots,
blk 6; lot 7, blk 23; lot 10, blk 14; lots 7
and 0, blk 27; lot 9, blk 21; and lots 6 and
and ti. blk 12, East Los Angeles; lots 4
and 6, and undivided H of part ot lot 2,
Griffin's Addition to East.Los Angeles,
aud undivided 1-6 of Pioneer Building
Lot Association's traot.
Tree of Cost.
Dr. King's New Discovery
for Consumption, Coughs and
Colds, Asthma, Bronchitis, etc., is
giveu away in trial bottles free of
cost to the afflicted. If you have a
severe cough, cold, difficulty of
breathing, hoarseness or any atfec-
Hon of the throat or lungs by all
means give this wonderful remedy
a trial. As you value your exis
tence you cannot afford to let this
opportunity pass. We oould not af
ford, and would not give tbis rem
edy away unless we knew it would
accomplish what we claim for it.
Thousands of hopeless oases have
already beeu completely cured by
it. There is no medloine in the
world that will cure one-half the
cases that Dr. Kino's New Dis
covery will cure. For sale by
Heinzemau & Ellis, druggists, Los
Remember to get your Ice cold
Boca lager beer at Bob Eckert's
this hot weather.
Heinzauo.au & Ellissell at whole
sale, and will guarantee prioes as
low as any house in Southern Cali
Five hundred dollars worth of
second-band clothing wanted at
No. 8 Allso street.
Extracted from natural flowers Is
Bouquet de Los Augeles. Preuss &
Piroui, proprietors.
The colorist does dyeing and
enuring at No. 8 Aliso street.
Second-hand clothing bought aud
sold at No. 8 Aliso street.
Private School.
MRS. STARBUCK, Graduate of the
Convent of tbe Sacred Heart, Paris,
France, and puplt of the Conservatoire
of Music, will re-open her Private School
ISTH, at rooms 178 Main street, next
door to the residence of bishop Mora.
AGs-Instruction In English iv all its
branches, thorough elementary training
lor youn< children and a high course of
education for advanced pupils; also, pri
vate aud class lessons in French, Span
ish, German, Mustc and Singing. a4-lm
Los Angeles Infirmary
Tbe grounds are highly improved and
contain a large number or bearing or
ange, !emou aDtl deolduous fruit trees.
m* For ternm apply on the premises.
For santa Catalina.
Will take parties to Catalina Island for
bathing. Parties can come direct to Ban
Pedro in their own conveyance and their
teams can be cared for lv my pasture.
Campers must bring their own provis
ions and camping equipments.
PASSAGE, round trip 04
Children half price.
Sails from San Pedro Tuesdays, and
Fridayi; returns on alternute days.
For particulars write to
Pan Pedro, Wilmington P. 0., Cal.
iny.'dL* w.tiii
The American Colony.
This new colony for Los Angeles ooun
ty Is now formlug, to locatu on the
Fronting on San Pedro Bay. Parties
looking for a desirable looatioa to make
I homes should see these lands before pur
. cbasing elsewhere. Parlies can go and
. mo the Colony tract and return the same
' day from Loa Angeles. For further par
ticulars apply to or send .tamp for Col
ony map, prospectus, eto, to W. E.WILL
' MURE, Baker Block, Room 1, Loa Auge
- lea, Oal. feJtr
I would respectfully call the attention of the citizens of 1
Los Angeles and vicinity to the fact that I am now sole
proprietor of the I-X-JL< Auction Co.; thas 1
lam daily receiving from New York and Philadelphia k
goods of the Newest and Latest Styles in Men's Suit*. |
Ulsters, Overcoats, etc., for Fall wear, the elegance of fin-J
ish and style of which are unsurpassed. I solicit an exaim* : |
ination of these goods for comparison with any ready- J
made garments. They compare favorably to any gar-1
ments made to order, and in style are superior to any illjg
this market. 11. C. WEINER,
ais-im 73 Main St., Downey Block, Lo* Angeles.
Pianos and Organs
Ever Brought to Southern California, now on Exhibition at
Day's Music Store, 65 Spring St. |
eSTThese instruments are all broughtdireot from
BSS*Manufaclories, shipped at low rates of freight and"Vt
Also, to be added in a few days, a stock of
New and Standard Sheet Music,
Spreads and Musical Instruments,
Instruction Books, Stools, |
In fact, EVERYTHING to be found In a FIRST-CLASS MosroßTOM,^
Pianos and Organs to Rent.
SjoTTo parties desiring to purchase we will set up Instrument,
trial, and if not satisfactory will be taken away good naturedly.
tesTPlease call. CHARLES E. DAT,
jy3o lm 66 Spring St., Loa Augelea, Ota
/ For 30 Days Only! \
W To Reduce my Large Summer Stock, I now offer
/ Boots and Shoes\
At an Enormous Reduction on Present PrloeMU
tiaT*No need now of buying trashy goods, when you bave tbe oppor
tunity of getting first-class goods at such low prices as era now offered. '
SfiSrinvltution extended to all. Mark it down so you won't forget It. |
161 WL A. I STK, E IE
Ia Between First and Second. M
From the celebrated Columbus Buggy Co. and from the leading facto- ■
ries in New Haven and New York, comprising Extension Top Car
riages, Top and Opeu Surrlee, Brewster side-bar, combination, triple 4
and end springs, Piano, Wbitecbapel and Coal Box, Top and Open Bag
gies; also, Four-Bow and Canopy Top Phaetons; also, Platform, Side
and End Spring Business and Pleasure Wagons, all of tbe
Styles and Finitvlt.
m*Tl buy and sell NOTHING BUT GOOD WORE, and defy oom
petition iv prices for tbe same quality and workmanship.
St*" Ever j- Vehicle Fully Guaranteed. JeSttsa
Grand Centennial Exposition and Celebration,
September Stli, Continuing Six: Days,.
The Board of Directors invite the hearty co-operation
of every citizen who is interested in the progress and wel
fare of Southern California to make exhibits, as well as at
tend the coming Exposition and Celebration.
From arrangements already consummated the F3uYth |
Exposition of the Society will be equal in variety and
magnitude in every particular, and in many departments
superior iv point of interest to any former Exposition.
A special and interesting programme will be pre
sented each afternoon and evening.
The Southern Pacific Railroad will issue Round
Trip Tickets from all stations to Los Angeles at greatly
reduced rates. The Wells, Fargo & Co.'s Express will
carry all packages weighing twenty pounds, or less, in- •
tended for the Fair, tree. The Society will pay the freight
on all exhibits, and deliver them at the pavilion free.
For full particulars and Premium Lists, address the
Geo. Rice, Secretary. Im n
Santa Clara College.
Entered students are required to be
present on the opening day- New appll*
cants are received at any time.
Jy27-lw Presideut.
Hill avenue, near Second street; con
venient to Normal school and free from
dust. WM. D. STEPHENS,
Jet)-2m Room so, Temple Block.
County Warrants, etc.
I buy Witness Fees, Jury Fees, City
and County Warrant., Judgments, and
all kinds of claim..
Attorney at Law.
mw Room et Tempi* Block. nJB-ly
double and single Box Pleating,
space Pleating, and Kilt Pleating.
From one to 21 Inches In width at OOnV
All work guaranteed. JyatU
Direct from England, a splendid assert
men t of Roger. A Sons'
Also for aule,
Hardware Stwe,
Je M Main street,
Teutonla Hall, j
NO. ice MAIN ST., v. a TOOAOrN
Frohllnger at Mat*' :tm
*«r wines, LUeOoaa, im iMI
ob abort —lie*. fPNN

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