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rather discouraged, the lady duplicated
her former collection, and succoeded in
getting it Into the form that she wished
without further mishap. Soon after,
when showing the volume to a
friend in Paris, she waa told that
Mrs. Blank, an Atnorican lady of
considerable social position, had
the same volume illustrated in tfiu
saiue way.a&d. Ou faUhwlus|s>iry, found
that her fair countrywoman, having left
<t large order for books at tbe same Ro
man shop, saw and wished to bay the
volumes left there to be bound, and
which were then ready for tbe owner.
The shopkeeper told her they were not
bis and refused to part with them until
the declared she would countermand her
order and buy nothing from him unless
he would sell her those particular vol
umes and tell tbe owner he had lost
them. At last, rather than loie a profit
able trade, he did „ i, aod the hooka now
repoee among the valued mementoes of
in American lady of taste and fashion.
Better than grandeur, batter than gold.
Than rank aud tlUss a thousandfold,
h a nettthy bob and a miad st ease
ADil simple pleasure* th tt always plea's;
A heart that can feel tor another's woe,
With •) ru path Irs large en-.ugh to enfold
All imb as brothers, Is better than gold.
fUttarr than trnld la a ronacleueo clear,
Though tolling for bread In an humble sphere,
Doubly ble«t »Uh content end health.
Untried by the lusts and carss of wealth,
Lowly living and lofty thought
Adorn and ennoble a BBS* man s cot,
For mind ami morel* in nature'! plan
Are tbe genuine tests of a gentleman.
Better than gold Is the sweet repose
Of tho sons of tell when the labors close,
Better than gold Is the poor man's sleep,
And the balm that drops on his slumbersi deep
Bring einsping draughts on the downy bed,
Whore luxury pillows Its aching head,
The toller simple opUte deems
A thorter route to the land of dreams.
Better than gold IsathlnklnK mind,
That in the realm of booki can find
A treasure Burpa-wing Australian ore,
And live with the great aod good of yore.
The sage's loreaiidthe poofs lay,
The glories of empires passed awar;
The world's trreat dream alll thus untold
And yl Id a treasure better than gold.
Butter than gold is a peaceful bOSM
Where all th': flreehhi charatters come,
Tho shrine Of h vu. the heaven of life.
H t'lu *(j t by mother, Or sister, or wife,
However humble thu home may bo.
Or tried with sorrow by Heaven's decree,
Tbe blessings that never were bought or soil
And eeiit'.r there ara better than gold.
-iFather Ryan.
Ik! II lloNr»H»K«, Jam Hbvmw. SB..
Pree't. r. it
f. C. Iluwia, I'Mhler.
Los Angeles National Bank,
kHm. Cal.
CAPITAL, •100.000
IV. li. Uocubaii, Col. H. H. MjUUUUkI
I'liu.i M. Orin, lomi Baron, s»
11. hi»«abaooh. F. 0. Uown,
(no. 11. BoxBBBABa.
r-rKinhaine lot ■»!• on All the principal till
<>t tue t'oltwl State And Europe. Jolt
First National Bank
Capital Btookt. •iyS'ffi?i
Hurplua, ■ I : 870,000
E. F. BPENCE, : President
WM LAOY, : . Cashier
j I). Hicamu., J. C Cbaab. U. U«« mr
0. M. Wr»li>a»t. K. K. Snß.iT
Cart A H. Wilcoi. Da R. H. McDosilo.
0. 8. Wiruaajr, Jabvbb MoCor,
J. F. Cbakb, Oauaaa uSiidbb,
j. K. iioi,Lisnoa, I. LANiiiuani.
11. M ABUBY, A. W. VAII,
BrooM Mabcrt, 8. H. Mon,
j. I). Btcantt, X Sruca o4ti
Main St., Los Angel**. Oal
Reaerve Fund, $300,000.
JfJHN E. PLATER- t^'i 6 "?
11. 8. UAKER Vlco-PreilJe»t.
H. L. ItACNKIL Oaahlcr.
J. S. Stuno*. Jotbau Buir,
Jouj. E I'latib, Ronaßi 8. Baku,
Jon. A I'axto». 0»o«aa W. VBaacorrl
AoTßui AMD Snx EncHAim on 8»n Franolaoo
New York, Undon. FarU, Berlin and Frankiort
asriirt K«c«A»a» on all parta ol lh« Unltol
Statu and Europe.
rrßariiva Mosiv on open account ..ul o«rtl>
c«U) of doposit, aod do a general banking and
exchang*. busiuesa
Established In ISO*.
Capital. :: : : $200,000
Surplus and Reserve Fund, l 300,000
I r wb.i,»i.< VI.. FniVJnt
laAiAßW.iJjli'"-- ft'STfiw, '
FIIIL OaRNIRR. J. B. h ■: ■
New York, London, Franmorl
Dublin, Paris and Berlin.
Receive Deposits and Issue Their
Buy and Hell boveraments, State,
County and city Bonaa.
Notion of IMssolution.
Notice Is batiste nlv«m that th" ermartntrMhlp
(i.'tt-tcf'iru exirit'inir bntweoil Eugene Meyer,
Nathan Gahn and L. Loeb, under the firm
name of h Kmrene Meyer A C 0.," was this day tlis
lolrad by mutual consent, and that the said bus
n-«s will in future H rarried on hy K. b> Stern
N. Oahn and L. I.oeb, under the firm name of.
Sl« m, Calm 4 Lnub, who " U! collect all oatxtand
Ing amount* ami nil! pay all liabilities.
UntcA this vf.th <lav of Sertember, 18BJJ.
HfflWtj. El'fiENß MKYKB,
Certificate of Copartnership.
Countr or Loa Asotats, f
We. the undersigned, do hereby certify that wu
Art, partners, trw.xnctinir business in this State,
at the city and coufitv of Los Angelt-a, under the
firm name ami stylo of Stern, C»hn k Loeb, that
the names In full of all themcn.ber* if swli part
iitThhip are Km-\niiel b, stern, Nathan Calm and
1.-'dp ild IrQeb. and thtt the places rf our reepvr-
Uv« renldenrce are set oppo-dto our respective
names, hereto subscribed.
In wi'neni* whereof, we have hereunto set onr
handi this 2fith day of September, IfWS.
K. L STEt.N, Los Angeles
N. CAHN, S*n Franciaco.
L. LOEB. f .■ t Angelea.
Thily arknowtedgftd Lx fore Wui. S. Wntert. Ro
tary Pithlle, Bept 28, 1883.
Kndorted: Pilod Hopt. W. 1883.
A. W. POTTS, Cdinty Cb:rW.
rtciSlm By E. H.uwtsa, Doputy Clerk.
" Stookholders' Meeting,
Loa Axosiu.O.-t. l<«h, 1883, )
NoMto \* hcrobv ifivan the annual meeting
nf the stoekhtildirs of the above enmpariv « hi
held on MONDAY. ihelO.hday of Novomb.-r, A.
L>. 1883, at t o'clock P. v., at tha office of the
iv-rnpany, on the plaea. Anireks ciiy, for the
p»n \>"si< 'if c!c:lir>|( Trustee-i f<»r the year
8. U. MOTT, rtocret.iry.
Tim'S copy. o«fltd
A wirtow tatty, being fond of children, vrenld
like to take a few of any age to hoard, and either
c.lui'ato th *c o!d enoa«h, at home or »enrj them
l> school at rtretrod. She it fully competent to
iintiiiel themin tnglith. Music, Ura.vloa-, French
nu i Ourniun. Having her own hnma In the sub
urbn, fine v suitwl for the purpose., sh* will take
them nt \erv low pric it, AOslWi f"r the pres
o£o lm Postolrlce box 1175, Los Angeles.
250,000 Rooted Tines,
and also cuttings of the followlnK varieties;
Mai aro. Urenarbp. CarriKnan.
I'.-me.ib I. i liiu ti. r 4*rey Idrslirn,
Hlan« Kibe. Ciu-beiiet, itlalvatale
sVahrrTafH, ««or(l» Illanco. Sinn
oatH, MaltaaiaM. C'oiintha. and othci
ahoicf earietiea,
Treenn, Cat. utiSfiwOui
With three aerea ef land a well of good water
on the pretrNes, on Tenth streot, noar Pearl. Al+o
a lodg-ing hou<>e on Wiliningtun vtn et. including
irrouods aud furniture. For particulars inquire
se la No. tu Wilmington street.
Items of Interest.
London ban a oompany which lnsuit i
against bicycle and tricycle aceirlenta.
A child wan recently born in Port
Orange. Fl*-. with eight grown tretb. in
ita gumi.
In Coma la%chclort can be distin
gniihod by tho method of wearing their
hair hanging down in quenM. 'I'h
women are quite fafthiunablo acoordiug
to our standard. They adorn thefi
heads with bands nf false hair.
Miss Pope, a young woman of Wau
kesha, Wis., who married William Con
lin and loft him ou tho name day, says
that she did so because he her if
she had furniture, winter wood, ami
similar questions before they bad been
married an hour.
A man in Louisiana has a homed horse.
The animal is in all respects a well-form*
od two-year olduvoltt t without tbe slight
est peculiarity, with tbe exception of
Li horns, which arenbout IttOOQ incite*
long, protruding from either side of its
forehead about two inches abovo the
«yes, sad curving bark beautifully like
a RjOky Monuta.ii goat.
An extreme illustration of the great
commercial value of iron is furni«hed hy
Dr. George Woods, of Pitisburgh, who
figure? that 73 cents worth of iron ore
can be converted into bar iron worth
$6; horse shoos, $10; table knives, *180;
■hirt butt mi i, 9-2,090; watch springs,
9200,000; hair springs, $443,000, ami
pallet nrb irs, $2,500,000.
West of Lufayette Place, New York
city, witt r is freely obtained by boring,
and the New York Hotel, tbe Grand
Central and the manufacturing establish-1
menla about there get plenty of good
water, but at the fifth Avenue Hotel
they bored 2,200 feet deep nud then gnvt
up trying; and ono of the brewers in snid
to have spent $20,000 lo find water,
without avail.
The number of persona who have cross
ed the Brooklyn bridge daily since its
eonstracdon is 37,240. The receipts
from foot-passongers have been neatly
$500 pur diem, and from those who used
the cars 8582. The total receipts pi nee
the completion havo been $09,083, and
the t<tal expenditures s.-.i,ijs This
showing warrnnt. t\ demand for a re
daotton of the tolls.
In the suit of tVellx, Smith k Mucon
against lira. Augusta Tabor fur ¥5,000
fees, before a Denver, Col., Court, Mrs.
Tabor created ft sensation tho other day
by stating nuder oath that at the time
Bhe signed the papers in the divorce suit
she did not willingly givu her consent to
a divorce; that she d.d not expect a do
oreo in Tabor's favor; and thut she did
not consider herself legally divorced
front her husband.
Press Pleasantries.
Nover judge by appearances. A shabby
old coat may contain an editor.
A New York auctioneer cried llal
lana's "Middle Agos" as "a book intend
ed for gentlemen in tbo prime of life!"
Some people havo no more sense thttn
to Ask a mitn who is addressed hy tho
title of "Colonel" in what war lm was,
Devout .Moslems way that the world
will come to an end thin year on Nov. 8.
We are sorry to see this growing dispo
sition to set the date earlier every ibbjob.
"Say, you New Yorkem, why don't
yon call tho Boston Ibiflehiill Club 'pro
vincial,' and why don't you call Mr.
Sullivan 'provincial,' and then trot out
something metropolitan tit beat theut?
A Baltimore woman sneezed so hnrd
that she heeame dumb, since which time
v large pcreentago of the married men
of that city are leaving catarrh snuff
lying loose und careless about the house.
There was once a man who hoante<l
that Gen Grant had talked with him.
In a subsequent intorvnl of candor he
explained that tho general had said:
"What ure you sneaking around my
tont for? Do yon want to steal unmo
thing ?"
A middle-aged lady applied to Mr.
Uaruum for tho pnsitioS of circus man
ager. When asked about horprotieii my
she naively replied that shu hnd been
married three timea, and if any one p#r>
Bon could explain the word circus she
was the person.
"I'm afraid sho won't come," said an
Insignificant looking little man who was
nwaiting tire arrival of his wife with a
party ot friends at the railroad station.
Uut she did come, aud it was qmt« « v
ident that the little man was more afraid
than if his robust wife had not comu.
What to him was love or hope ? What
to him was joy or care? He stepped on
a plug of mottled soap Ihe gM left on
the topmost Btair, and his feet Bow Out
like wild, Merc wings, nnd hu struck
each Ptftir with a sound like a drum, and
the girl U- low wftß the scrubbing things
laughed like a tiend to %tn him come.
On a steamer lately iirrivcd from
abroad during Ins p4*etwtfs|| high seas »
traveler exclaimed tv his very stylish,hut
j'.st then pals and distressed-looking
daughter: "What, Grace, you sea-sick?"
Looking around at the rest of tbe com
pany hugging the rail's, alio faltered uut,
"Y-y>you dou't s papa, IM be
ent of f-f-fashion, do yon?''
A Queer Story.
1 Boston Pest.l
A little story was told v- by a lady
lately abroad which illustrates she moral
nbtuaeness that is sometimes seen in the
fair sex when they covet tbe goods uf
their ueigbhors which they ouniint ob
tain legitimately. The teller of thestory
was in Home and had by much trouble
and care collected a large number of
photographs of persons and placcy,
which she wished bound up with tbe
lettei'-presa uf ft favorite work of fiction.
Fur that purpose she went to a Komau
shop and left her book and photogruphi
to be bound, while she went on a visit
to Naples. On her return the man
of the shop, who was a (rermitn, by the
way. informed Iht that through tbe
carelusHnesM of bis boy the book h'tri
been lost after binding, and be wits
very mutfh troubled both at the loss,
aod being a poor man, at having to
make it good to his customer. Though
Certificate of Co-partnership.
Cm a» Cot m or Los Asoslss. •
We, the undersigned, do hereby certify that we
.re partners transacting business la thUState, at
he Ulty and County of Los Angeles, under tbe
Inn name and style of The Los Angeles
tode vVorke; keel the usiuw La full of a!!
he members of such partnership are Henry
rV. Stoll and Philip C. Ht-tl; and that the
daces of our respective reaulexiees are set oppo
ilts our respective names hereto subscribed.
Said partnership dating from the Ist day of
October, if**B and to conUnue until dissolved by
nuiual consent.
In witness whereof we have hereunto set our
nands thtsl7th day ot October, 1- • ■
11 F.N it V W. STOLL, Los Angeles City.
PHILIP C. NTOLL, Los Angslss Cliy.
Citt asn' odktt or Los Anoxlbm. f
On the sovont,eiith day of October,one thousand
eight hundred and eighty three, personally ap
peared before me, A. W. Potts, Clerk In
.'. 1 far the said county of 1 < ■ Angeles,
Honry W. Stoll and Philip C. Stoll, whose nanus
«re subscribed to the foregoing Instrument, Ss
the parties thereto, personally known to me t * be
the same persons described in, and who executed
the sal.) annexed It s'.iument, an pirtbs tl eroto,
the sold Henry W. Stoll and I'hilip U
Stoll, duly acknowledged to mo that they
executetl the same freely and voluntarily, and
for tho uses and purposes therein mentioned.
In witness whereof I have hereunto set my
hand, and affixed my official seal, the day and
year in this certificate first above written.
IhbaL]. A. W, POTTS, Clerk.
By E. H. Owen, Deputy. 018 *w
Notice of Street Work.
Public Notice Is hereby given that the Council
of tbe city of Los Angelea passed on tbe oth day
ot Ootobcr, A. D. 1883, a Resolution of In
tention, which Resolution was approved on the
Bth day of October, 1883, providing for the
grading ot
Hott Alley
At the expense of the property owners. And
all parties Interested are referred to said
Resolution ot Intention on file in the office of the
Clerk of the Counell for further particulars. A
copy of said Resolution may be found In the office
ot the Superintendent of Streets.
Superintendent of Streets.
Los Angeles, October 13th, 1448. octlt let
Notice to Creditors.
In the matter of the estate of Frank W. Nubor,
Notice is hereby given by the undersigned ex
ecutrix or tho last will and testament of Frank
W. Nabor, deceased,'to the creditors of, and all
persons having claims against the said deceased,
to exhibit them with the necessary vouchers,
within four months after the first publication of
this notice, to the satd executrix, at the ottice ol
D. M. Adams, attorney at law, No. 77 Temple
lilock. in the city of Los Angolas, In the county
of Los Angeles, Callfonnla.
Executrix of the last will and testament of
Frank W. Nabor, deceased.
Dated at Los Angeles, October 13th, ISS3.
Notice to Creditors.
Estate ol William D. Martin, deceased.
Notice Is hereby given by the undersigned
Administratrix of the estate ot Whllem D. Martin,
deceased, to the creditors of, and all persons hav
ing cjaitns against tho said deceased, to exblblt
them, with the necessary vouchers, within Mir
months after the first publication of this notice,
to the said administratrix, st the offices of Messr?
Brunson, Wells * Ue, rooms 11-17, Baker Block,
city of Loa Angslss, the samo being the
place for tbe transaction ot the business of
tho s-tli estate In the county of Loa Angeles, State
of California.
Administratrix of the estate ot Wllilam D. Mar
tin, deceased.
Dated at Los Angeles, 15th October, 1833.
018 4w
Petition for Deed.
In the Superior Court, County of Los
Angeles, State of California.
Is the matter of V. A Hoover, de-
Notice is hereby given that, pursuant to an
order made this day by the Judge of the Super
ior Court, SATURDAY,
Th» 10th day or ftorember, IHWS.
At 10 a m. of that day, at the court room ol
said Court, In the city and county of Loa An
geles, has been appointed aa the time and place
of hearing tho petit on of 11. W . Foster, praying
for a decree ot this Court, that the exccutrii
of said estate make a conveyance to said 11. to.
Foster of Lot 31 of Hoover tract, in said city,
at which time and place all persons
therein may nppaar and con*"-'* ,h * wrne, and
file obllgaiion» „ . ,
A. W. I'OTTS, County Clork.
By E. H. Owxx, Doputv.
October lOih, 188.-.. 013 4w
San Bernardino,
Montluy, Oct. «9th, and EiiiUdk
Thursday, Nov. Ist.
RUNNING—One mile daah - Free lor all borat.
owned in the oOMitv; puree, 1100 00.
TROTTING -free for al! 3 j-ean old'and under,
owned lathe ci.nty; Slaufhrar'. ' Terapeat"
barred, pnree, $100.00.
DISTRICT RUNNING - Hall mile and repeat
Frw far .11: puree, tia.oo.
DISTRICT mile de,h
— ,'re. for .11 1 old; pune, *100.00.
RUNNING—HaIf mil. and r«p.at-Fr«, for all
owued m tbe county; puree, lISS-00.
TROTTINO— Thrw minute DtMa. Free for all In
the county; Haughtw'a "Tempcat" barrel;
purse, 112 S. 00.
DISTRICT-RUNNING -Novelty t.ee, 1{ ml!c
da.h—Free for all—Flrrt half mile, £,0,00:
first milo, ri'J.OO; dash, tSO.OO.
D!BTnitT-TROTTING-2:45 cUaa- Free lor all;
puree, iISO.OO.
Byclcle Race.
All trotting racers are mile heats, 3ln 3. All
county horses must be fwnsa IIX months In the
county prior to the date of this programme, to be
eligible to enter in tbe county races.
All running races will be governed by the Pa
cific Cnsft Bioo I Horrt Association Rules, (old
weights) and all trotting races will be go verm d
by the National Trotting Association Rules. First
and second money lv alt raet>s; two-thirds to fh>t
and one third to second horss. Four to enter
md three to start in oil r ices.
Ten per cent, must accompany each entry in
all races, both raaning and trotting.
All Entries Will Positively Close
On October 20th. 1883.
octll id ffJHAM. I COLB.Prop.
Commission aod Forwarding
WhokaeJe Deaden in .11 klnda ol
Fish, Game & Poultry,
Oranges, Lemons, Limes, etc.
Illuminating and Lubricating Oils a specialty.
P. 0\ Box 767. Telephone Iff.
110 8. Spring St. Los Angeles, Cal.
OafTAII orders must be accompanied by sash, or
oisfesed c. o, D, tjr.;u
Change of Time
After the Grit of October the coach f ion. Fulton IJ
Welle f ill run to meet tbe morning train only. I j
Thirty-three Acres In Arroyo
Seco, fronting on Well Street,
East Los Angeles, and being
bounded on the North by the
Highland View,
I* Irrigable from East Side
Ditch i also irota
City Water Company's
Only thro* minute, walk from Street
Corner of Barranca and Well
Water Company's Mains
Two mlnutae walk from oorner HuLlmaa
Street and Dowuey Avenue.
Unit, ill oroun.l It selling for
$500 to $1000 Per Acre
Very desirable Tor n home.
No 40 North Main Street.
Temescal Warm Springs,
Address MBS. K. P. THORNDYKti,
No, 8 Now Montgomery St.,
004 Sin San Francisco, Cal.
Proposals foi Wilmington and Jack
son street Sewer.
Notice is hereby glvui that scaled proposal
will ba received by the undersigned np to th
meeting of the Council of the City of Los Angele
nf November 3d, A. I>. ISB3, for tho construe
Hon of the Wilmington and Jackson-streets sews
in accordance with the resolution of th
Msyor and Council of aafd city, ordering th
construction of said sewer, approved October
"■th. A. D. 1883.
All proposals offered shall be accompanied hy
check, payable to the order of tbe Mayor of th
* it v of Ins Angeles, and certified by a respons
hie bank In an amount of at least t7t.b%
The Council reserves the right to reject an v
and all bids.
Hy order of the Council of the city ol Lo« An
gotes at Its me ting of October 80th, A. D. 1883.
Clerk of the Cmuiril of the city of Los Angeles.
Los Angel**, uotober Ad, A. D. 1883. o'JSfit
Administrator's Sale of Heal Es
In the Superior Court of thu Statu ol
California, in and for the County
of Loa Angeles.
Notice of Administrator's Bale of Real Kstale at
private sal*. »
In re the estate of Jean Barron, >:■■ -■.<
Notice is hereby given that in pursuance ol an
order of the Superior Court of the Mate of Cali
fornta, In and for the county of tros Angeles, duly
made and entered on the -ltd day of October
IsSJ. in the matter of the estate of Jean Barron,
deceased, the undersigned, administrator of salt
estate, will sell at private sale, to the highest and
best bidder, for cash In lawful nuney of the
United Mate, of An eric*, and subject to con
Urination by Hid supe>ior Court, on or after
Thursday, the eighth day of November, A. V.
1&33, all the right, title, ii.tert.st and estate of the
•aid Jean Ban on. deceased, at the time ot his
death, and ail the right, uto and imcrjet that
the estate of said deceased has by operation of
law, or otherwise aequiitd, other than or in ad
dition to tbe interest of the said in estate *t the
time of hie death, of, In and to all those < ertain
tracts or parcels ot land lying and being situated
In the county of Los Angeles, State of California,
and particularly described as follows, to-wlt:
The north half of the northwest quarter, south
east quarter of the northwest quarter, and the
«outh»e*t quarter of the northeast quarter of
■Section twelve, In Township live north of Range
seventeen west, of Ban Bernardino meridian, in
California, containing one hundred and sixty
■•'•re. reference b* t.ig had to patent ot the United
3tate<, recorded September SOth, 18S9, in Book 3
of. Patents, page Uu, County Kceords of the coun
ty of Los Angelea,
Terms and conditions of tale—Cash in lawful
money of toe United Mates; ten per cent on ac
cuptance of hid, balance on confirmation of u -*ke
by the Superior Court.
Deed at the expense of purchaser.
All bids or oilers must he in writing and left
a' the utf.ee of A. J. King, No. 7i> Temple block,
.Main and Spring Nlreute, l«oa Angeles city, or
tiled with the cterk of the Superior Court, at his
■ 'Th. , in tho city of Los Angele*. count, ol Lot
Angeles, State of California.
Said Und will be sold In one parcel.
Administrator of the estate of Jean Barron, de-
October 23d, 1883.
A. J. Kl*o>, Attorney for Estate. oSiioaw Cw
Lodging House—l 6 Rooms,
Near center of city. For particulars Inquire of
oeftf court St, opposite tbe Court House
In the B-nperlor Court of the State of
CaUornit,, in and for the County
of Loa Angeles.
Francis Mora, Plaintiff,
Victor Beaudry, et al., Defendants.
Action brought Lv th« Superior Court of the
Stal.- of OeJifortiia, in und for the county ot Los
Angeles, and the complaint filed In said coun
ty of Los Angeles, In the olflea of the Clerk of
said Superior court
Tbe people of the State of California send greet-
Vkriorßeau dry, I. Beaudry, The City of Los
Angeles, a corporation existing under tbe laws of
the State ot California, Louise Nattd VYeyse,
widow of Edward itaud. deceased, Louise Marts
Ollniple Naud and Louise K. J. Naud, In
fant children of Edward Naud, deceased, Oeorge
T Bennett J. a. Chepman, tml! Duncan, John
X Dwjer. J. 0. Edwards, Annie it Miles. W. H.
Stombs, Thomas Stoiubs, O. Wiley Wells, William
Lacy and M*n» Urekk, Defendants.
\ ou are hereby required to appear In an action
brought agaltist you by the abovo named plain
tiff in the Superior Court of tbe State of Cali
fornia, In and for the county ot Loa Angeles, and
to answer the couiplaint tiled therein, within ten
days (exclusive ot the day of service), alter tho
aervlce OB you of this au.onwni - If served within
this county; or, If served elsewhere, within thirty
days—or judgment by default will be taken
against) ou according to tbe prayer of said oom
The said action Is brought to obtain a decree of
this Court for the foreclosure ot a certain mort
gage described lv the satd Complaint, and exe
cuted by the said Edward Naud, now deceased,
toThacfdous Auiat, who asaignod same to plain
tiff by mesne aBsignments(seo Complaint) ou the
4th day of August, A. D. 1577, to secure the pay
ment uf a promissory note (or the sum of $3,750,
executed ou same day, with Interest thereon at
tbe rate of one per cent, per month till paid,
from November. 1877, compounded quarterly, and
for costs of suit; that tho premises conveyed by
said Mortgage may be sold, and the proceeds ap
plied to the payment of the said promissory note
and Interest as aforesaid, and costs of suit, and In
case such proceeds are not sufficient to pay the
same, then to obtain an execution against saldVlc
tor Beaudry, who Is obligated to pay the same, for
the balance remaining due, and also that the de
fendants and all persons claiming by, through or
under them may be barred and foreclosed of all
right, title, claim, Hen, equity of redemption and
interest In and to said moitgaged premises, and
tor other and luither relief. Reference Is had to
complaint for particulars.
And you are hereby notified that If you fall to
appear and answer the said complaint as above
required, the said plaintiff wilt apply to the Court
for the relief demanded in the said complaint.
Olven under my hand and the seal of the bald Su
perior Court of tne state of California. In and for
the county of Loa Angelea, this ltd day of August,
In the year of our Lord, one thousand eight nun
drod and eighty-three.
[bsal] A. W. POTTS Clerk
By A. Norton, Deputy.
1 hereby certify the foregoing to be a full, true
and correct copy of the original Summons In carte
tbli— Francis Mora vs. Victor Beaudry et al., on
tile In my office, ami that I have carefully com
pared the same with the original.
in witness w hereof I have hereunto set my
hand and affixed the seal of the Superior Court
this first day of September, 13*3
[SIUL.J A. W. POTTS. County Clerk.
Id, K. 11. Owbhb, Deputy.
Howard & Roberts, Attorneys for Plaintiff.
Order to Show Cause.
Iv the Superior Court of Loa Angelea
County, State of California.
In re the estate of Martin Sanchez, deceased.
tt appearing to this Court by the petition this
day presented and filed by Uiurfno Verdugo, the
admtnl trator of tbe estate et Martin Sanctis*,
deceased, praying lor an order ot sale ot real
estate and tt Is necessary to sell tbe whole of tbe
real estate to pay the debts of said deceased ariu
the expenses and charges of administration; it is
therefore ordsred by this Court that all persons
interested in said estate appear before tbe Super
ior Court oa Wednesday, tbe loth day of October,
ISHS, at lv o'clock a v. of said day, at the Coart
room of said Superior court, In the Court House,
the city and county of Los Angeles, to show
cause, if any they have, why an order should not
he granted to the said administrator to sell the
whole of the real estate of said decedent, and
i that a copy of tills order be published at least four
suoceis;ve weeks In tbe Los Angeles Dally 11 sa
il, d, a newspaper printed and published In said
county; and further ordered that a cop) of this
order be i-ervwl on David Lyon, Ksq., heretofore,
by this Court appointed Attorney to r"present
■ Amado Sanchez, infant heir of said deceased, at
also ou the nald minor.
i Superior Judge.
Koptember Ist, is:
1 hereby certify the foregoing to be a full, true
and correct copy of the original Order to Show
Cause, Ac., in estate ol Martin Sancoea, deceased,
on file In my office, and that I have carefully com
pared the same with the original.
In aline** whereof I have hereunto set mj
hand and affixed the seal uf the Superior Court
this 4th day of September, 1883,
rtxiL. ] A W. POTTS, County Clerk.
By E. H. Owes, Deputy. see sw
Notice for Publication of Time foi
ProTinn WILL etc
In tho matter of the estate of Loreoso Garibaldi
t'urraant to an order of this Cosrrt, made tbb
day, notice Is hereby given that Tuesday, tin
31 day of October, lugs, at 10 o'clock a. m.
it said day, at the Court Room of this Court,
n the city and county of Los Angeles, has been
tppointed for hearing the application of Olovannl
(Ja'lbaidi aod Liugi Ua<ieinartori. praying that
. document now on Sic lv this Court, purport
.n« to be the last Will and TeaUmetit of I arenas
Jaribaldl. deceased, be admitted to Probate, and
hat Utters testamentary be Issued thereon to
•aid petitioners, at widen time and piece all per
*ons interested therein may appear and rxmiost
Dated October 10, 1883.
A. W. POTTS, County Clerk.
By E. 11. Owen, Deputy. octtl
Coostt or Los ANOKUfI. f
Wj, the undersigned, do hereby certify that we
ire partners, transacting business in this State,
it the city and county of Los Angeles, under the
irra name and stjle of Abernethy 4 Co., that tbe
names in full nf such partnership are William B.
tberneihy and James M. Uuinu, and that the
,>laresof our respective residence are set opposite
aut names, hereunto subscribe t.
In witness whereof we hate hereunto set our
bunds this twenty eighth day of September, JSS3.
W. li. AHKitNEriii, Los Angeles, Cal.
J AMK i v tJUINN, Las Angeles.
On the 23th day of September, A. D. one thou,
sand eight hundred and eighty-three, before me
frank A. Othsnn. a Notary Public in and for satd
:ounty, personally appeared W. B. Abernethy and
las. M, Uulnn, known to me to be the persons de.
ertbed In, whose names are subscribed to, and
■vho executed tin: within Instrument, and each
luly acknowledged to mo that be executed the
In witness whereof I have hereunto set my
hind and affixed my official seal, at my office In
r hti county of Loa Angeles, thu day and year last
ibqes written.
[SIAL] FRANK A. OIBfsON, Notary Public
Filed September M. 1883.
A, W. POTTS, Clerk.
tjvSQ lm By B. E. TassT,'Deputy.
Notice to Creditors.
in the Superior Court of the County ol
Los Angeles, State of California.
tu the matter of thi estate of l-ui Nicolas, de-
Notice i* hereby given br the undersigned,
FJodle Provencal, executrix of the last will of
lean Nicola-, deceased, to the creditors of said
jstare, and to all poisons having any claims
iftalnst said deceased, to exhibit and present such
Malms, with the necessary you« hers, to said ex
wutrix, at the office of J. Brouaeenu, No. ffi
B.ker Block, Los Angeles, OaL, within four
months after lhi first publication of tills notice
EKW eea*ed °' I *" t °' JW ' B Nlcol<u ' ue '
Datud i/ f Angeles, Cal., Sept. 18th. 18*''
seH las
Notice to Creditors.
Estate of Prledrirh Sabliomel, deceased.
Notice Is hereby given by the undersigned
executrix of the la»t will and testament
of Friedrich Schlmmel, deceased, to the
redltors of, and all persons having
■l.liua against the said deceased, to exhlbft them
vith the necessary vouchers, within four months
ifter the first publication of this notice to the
*old executrix, at the office F, H. H sward
.ttomer at law. No. 7S Temple Block, in the city
>f Los Angeles, Id the county of Los Angeles
Executrix of the last will of Frisdxieh Schlm
mel, dtrosaserL
Dated at Los Angeles, September IMb, 1891
Notice of Intention.
Notlcs Is hereby given that It Is the intentlot
of the Council of the city of Los Angeles to change
and establish the grade of Olive street, between
Temple and Court Home streets, fti follows:
At the N. W. corner or Court House and Olive
■tresis the grade shall be, as now established,
t&i 25 feet above the datum plane; at the N. E.
■MBba, as now established lC.it.2f> feet abovV the
datum plane; at a point on (Hive tt>eet xW feet
-.outherlv from the point of lntersectlm of the
center line of Olive street and the south boundatj
of Temple *troet thu grade sha t beontbewett
side of Olive street 12-.0 (set above the datum
plane, and on the east slds of ullve htreet 124.0
fe t above the datum plans; at a point on Olive
-treat 1*7.0 fe-1 southerly from the point ot
intersection of the OvDtsr line ot Olive street
u,d tho south boundary of Temple street
the grade shall be on tbo «e*t »ld* ef
Olive street 110.60 feet above tbe datum plane,
and on the east side of Olive street 114.W test
above the datura plane; st the S. W. corner Ot
Temple and Olive streets lbs grade shall be, as
now established, 114.70 fset above the datum
plane, and at the S. E. corner ot J emple and oil vs
streets the grade shall be, as now established,
110,70 feet above the datum plane.
All persons Interested aro hereby notified to
Hie their objections, If any they have, with the
Clerk of the Council within ten days after the date
of the publication of this notice.
By order of the council of the City of Los An
geles at its moethi? of October oth, A. I). 18*3.
Clerk ot the Council ol the city o' Los Angeles.
Loa Angeles, October gth, A. D. 183 i. octfcMOt
Notice to Creditors-
Estate of John A. limerick , deceased
Notlse is hereby given by the undersigned, ad
ministratrix of the estate of John A. Brnerlck,
deceased, to the creditors of, and all persons hat •
ing claims against the said deceased, to exhibit
them with the necessary vouuhers, within four
months after the first publication of this notice,
to the safd administratrix, at the office of C. K.
Thorn, No. 7 Temple Block, In the city and
county of Los Angeles.
Administratrix of tho estate of John A. Ejterick,
Dated at Los Angeles, Cal., October 3d, 18*1
ocl tw
Dissolution of Copartnership.
Notice Is hereby given that the partnership
heretofore existing be*toon 0. L. Usher and to.
It. Uasson. doing business under the firm name
of FUlier < Itaajon, hts this day bscn dissolved
by mutual efflnent, Mr. Hasson retiring. All
bills due by the late firm and all accounts due to
them will be settled by C. L Fisher, who con
tinues the business at the old stand.
ft. L. FISHER,
Los Angeles, August 26,1383. tw seplS
Dissolution Notice.
The partnership heretofore existing between
W. H. MeKcag and J. B. Thompson is this day
dissolved by mu.ual consent. W. 11. McKsag
will receive the debts due the late flum and pay
Its liabilities.
oct-lta J. B. THOMP ON.
Dissolution of Copartnership.
Notice is hereby given that the copartnership
heretofore exlitlngbetween A. P. Kunelland W.J.
Walker, unffer tbe name of " The Newport Pack
ing ' ompany," was on the l&th day of Octol er.
IoS3. dissolved by mutu A con sfiri .A. P- Kuffell
is to collect, all out-it sliding biUs ana pay all the
debts of said copartnership.
Los Angelea, October loth, 18*3. 017 8*
Order to Show Cause on Application
of Guardian for Order of Sale of
Real Estate.
In the Superior Court, In and for Los Angeles
county, State of California.
In the matter of the oduuo and guardianship of
Oeorge S. Wem,hank. Frank Lee, run ma V.
Lee and Edna Lee, minors.
It appearing to this mupt, from the petition of
Reglna Weinnhank, tbe ituardlan of the persons
and estates of George S. Wsinahank, Frank Lee,
Emma V. I.co and Edna Leo, minors, praying for
on order of sale of certain real citato belonging
to her stld waids,that It Is necessary and would
bo beneficial to said wards < hat such real estate
ehould be sold, it It* hereby ordered that the next
of kin of said wards and all }«»ons interested hi
■ the said estate appear before this Court on Sat
, urday, the 17th day of November, 1833, at 10
o'clock a. v., at the court room oi this Court, in
the Court Home in the city sad county of io
| Angeles, then and there to show cause why an
' order Rhould not be granted for tho sale of such
' estate.
And it IsfurtherorJorod Dial a copy of this order
be published at lea-t threo successive weeks befon
tiiesatu day of hearing, iti the I.OS ANOELES DatLV
li£aitD, a newspaper printed and published in
sal I city a: d county of Los Angeles.
J. D. HIKEs,
Supurior Judge.
VjU \ Oc'o'ucr g), IUS3. 05l id
z o
m srv
Report of tho^ondiXon
First National Bank,
In th« Stat, ol ClUoml.. .t the clan ol ba.lm-5.
October Si], ISS3.
fefcl 3J illwount. , 750.M1 V
«.«I0 V
Wl' o I"' w ?™. re "re" 1 "' 10 " • 100,000 oi
t. H. puna, on nana 19, gno q,
Other frtook.. bond, and mortgage , 07 577 S'
l)u« Iromapprov.d Mam «(|eiit« . j.'bss 7^
l)u« Irora oth. r Nation .l 8ank,.... i |r j i
-1 'ua Irom StAt. h.nk« and bankora. n',n oi
H'Ja! eataU, lurnituro and flxtuna, 41 7}. -.
"* d *' P " ndu,e ' '**
Pretnlum, paid 16 qqq ~
I'hatka and other raali itoma... , i v
Bill, ol other bank. lStioO 01
Leic.l tender notM fa
Redemption Hind with 0. S. Trea*
urer (5 pwr cent, ol tlroulation). ~600 00
***• luawi
SSS&ttSSaSa • 100,00000
surplu. liind 7n nmiM
Undivided prnflta ' JJ'SSJ M
National aank not., outataodina. Se'iJOO 01
Dividend, unpntd d'oOO Ot
Individual deposit, .übleet to check 1,178.~3« 10
Iwmaod certificate, ol denoslt, . 101,40 7"
I>uw to Utaa. hanka «nd hanker, ... ,[442 70
To, " , ti.tao.om g?
Stati Of CauromiviA, I
Coow or L.AMHB (""•
I, William Uov, Chler ol the .boie.nam«l
b.nk, do aolemniy awear that the ahoy, atate
met I, true to the beat of my kno» 1.1,,. and be
'"'•„. ~ , , »'&. I.ACV. t-uhier.
Sobacnbe,! and «*orn to belora inethlaKth
,j )l n, tuber. 1983 J. A Oaavu.
Noury Publ'ie.
J. F. Chask, 1
E K. BriKCE, [ iJlrectonL
[.».'■■ I octo
MRS. P. W. STEPHEN'S, cialrvm nn'u and Tea'
Medium, Is located at Mr-. corner o
I Ire and Fort itreets. Will give manifestations
tests ijuaruateed or 00 pay Price f 1 sa'.gini
Notice to Creditors. ~1
EsUt* of Samuel L Fames, docoasJ
All persons having claims against tho til
Samuel L. rimtit, deceased, are hereby re*
n present tht came with the iiec*ssa<y toJ
«.thin four months from th- first publics t
LhU notice, to tho ■ndarsl.rned, adminl B t r - 1
-aloe Uts, at the law office of A. H. J," I
he city or Los Angeles, which is the place \ sV
ransactlon « f the business of buid euUteMA.
vngelss county, Cat
,r . ... . . EAMES, M
v-fnilnlstrator of Ule estate of Ssmuel L VimF
deceased. ' k
Los Angeles, Cat., Sept. 10, 1381, ufsssP^
Notice to Creditors?]
In the Superior Court of the Count
Lot Angelos, State of Califoruia]
In tbs matter of the estate of Honor* not*
Notice is hereby given by the
■ tutor > f the estate and Je»t Mil Uo t -', ,
.aud, decoaaed. lo the creditor, of, and to „■'
,ons ha. lug auy claims sgatu.t the said de..
,o exhibit and present them with the vet
.ouch-rs to the said executor, at the J?*
, f. Hrcusseau, No. £.6 Baker block, L- a a,
:»•„ within fcur monthj after the first ul
tlon of this notice. '
Executor of the last wit] of Honors Pjneau\
Dated Lm Angeles, Cel., Sept lstfe, 1383,
Notice to *
Estate of Aune pft *sV e undi 's>B.
Notice hereby given by
Hannon, cxc utorof the eatsT*flH
,011 deceased. tr ' the creditors
'laving claims airaimt the said
bjblt them with the necessary
cour months after ttic first
tics, to tho Mid executor, st
rtlock, In <ho city of Los
of L>a Angelea bbssbUi
Kxecutor of tho last will and (egtii
Patterson, decca-ed. Absssbbbbbbbl
Dated a. I.os Angeles, Sepi^fl^H l
Notice to Creditors.
Estate ot Chas. J. Woolson, cteovased.
Notice Is hereby glveo by tho undersigned, si
ecntor of the est.te ol Chas. J. Woolson, de
csasvd, In and for the county of Loa Angeles, I
tho . nditors of, aud all persons hae ng claim
iga'Uit the said deceassd. to exhibit them * it.
tbs necessary vouchers, wtihln four months site
tne first publication of this notice, to ths sat
executor, st room 11, Temple Ulock, in IJtfM
>t Los Anirt Jes, the s-fno being, ths plsceJMF
transacth n of tbs business of said aetata
county of Los Ange'es.
Executor of tbo 'ast will and testament of
J Woolson, deceased.
Dated at Los Angeles, September 88th, 1
, ' sea
Notice to Creditors.
Estate of Jose Diego Sepulveda, decsa*
Notice Is hsreby given by the undersign,
niiid-traior nt ths esUtuOf Jose Diego Bern
dsceved, to ths creditors of. ami alt porsot
inn claims against the said dscessed. to c
them with the nftesssiy vouchers, with
months after the first publication 0 f tnia ,
to the sa d administrator, at No. 77 I crnple
In the dtye loa Augeies, the same bth
place for thw t anssttion of the 1 v !■,«„ c
estate In the county ol Los A nveles.
Admt' I trator of tbe estate ot Jose Dlsgo
veda, dt csassd.
Dated at L> • Angeles Couuty, O.tobe **"
( PC!
Notice To Creditors.
In the Superior Court ot the Com
Loa Angeles, State of Californii
[ In the ro-.tter of th* sstate of Rudededo
Enrique, deceased.
Notice Is hereby given by the undersign
ministrHtrlx of the estate of Rude Indo U
; riqus, deceased, to the creditors of said <
and to all jtersons having claims agun
■ said deceased, to exhibit and present mcb §§
1 with the necessary , oucbers, to the said sV
istratrlx, at ths office of J. Bmswettu I
Baker Block, Los Angeles, Cel., wi<hinl
months af *«r the first 1 uhlieatlon of this m
Administratrix of the estate of Endou.!
Dated Los Angeles, Cel.. Sept. 18th 188-1
No More Rheumatism, Qi
or Neuralgia.
[ Flr.7Mr* Htabludied .nd s.ver known to
, ft ilngl. cm, .tut. or chronic I'.t! 1 1
, ftllprominent phy.lci.nß .lid drix
giMU forth. »i.'idti>r of
N.tl ll Vl.lt A i. known M • coi
h.m remMly; btciiM It .trikw dlrKtly
' imm of lth.om.tl .m. Gout ari l NenraJgu;
, w> m.ny iptdlci anil |*t
only tr««t loclly tho cffMta.
It hfta b«.n coboralwl by ernlnerit scientist
{ ontward .ppllcattong, such aa rubbing atth
ointment., liniment, and lotiorj
not er.dl.mta tnea. diwwea, w filch an th, i
. of tbe poiaoriin. of the b!ot.l with Uric Aric
NAUCtLM A »ork. with mari.i.
tect on tma aol.l, and so remove, th. dlaoni.
is now eicltulrely a.e<i by all celebrukil i
, ci.fi.ol America and Kui..pe. Hla;l«.l jh
Aoadamy of i'aria reports V, par ■ nt cur
, three dftya.
that N tl II llllt I. . rertai,, n,
Rhesmatian. U.at and
the moat Intense pains are nbdneit
Oive It . trial. Ile'.iaf guaranteed or MM
I'houMiKls of testitimnl.la sent, on .pnttc.l
« A *<«. » ItOXliX I -Ii #i. Set'tfi.
mall on receipt of money.
Ask Tour Druggist for It.
Bat do not be deluded Into t»M. hurts
TOb.timte-, or aonn tliiiiß r . itomendec tl
ai X"I " U.S. t . '
<f WAHHBIiHN A Ct>. on each boi, n»:
fiisrnnteod cli. n.i. ally ~;m under onr'sittiis;
«n indi.penaable reuuiaito to insure sucet .* It
irMtmsnt, iak, n' u other, or senj to ns.
WASHBURN & CO.. Prop!.
!H7 Uronrlwmy, for. Itettlr Nt., J
nssrH-lydAw '
-roR usiso- I
Yon Bulow'i
t.-Itrarsalodtgeitlon snd Bllloiisiiees.
t— It keeps the bowels regulKr and rrstc**
S.—lt cleanses and purifies the liver by lUdil
action upon it '
1.-It Is agreeable to takn, and Its <^nfr«>
use giv.-f vitality and strentftb to the st<pr
5.-It will never strain the digestive orgstf
action Is gentle, yet certain. fl
C— The low price at which it Is toU p»,« gf|
within tbe reach of sil.
V F. lIKIMXF.nAV* Hrns llet.fl
maris-ly j J
B. A. BDWARDS, ManAger.
I Impnier, and and dealers In Palits, White
Turu ntine, Oluss, Ilium v a tin- and Ln
brlcaliiiK' Oils, etc., etc.
U/S ANOULEfI. OAilfOWifA. aall
In the Superior Court of the State of
California, in and for the County
of Lob Angelee.
P. Malrvfekl, Plaintiff.
J. Dougal.l Parks et at, IMeodautn. .
Action brought In tho Superior Corn* of th.
SUte of Califordla, in and tor the county of L»
Angeles, and the Complaint filed In ssld eounb
of Lo* Angeles, In the ollice of the Clerk of sak
Superior Court.
The People of tbe SUte of California r«nd greet
ing to J. ltougald Parka and Morris Ferg-uon,
You are hereby required to appear In an actloi
brouiihiagainat\ouby the above named plain
tift In the Superior Court of tho SUte of Calif or
nla, In and for tbe county of Los Ai-gelcs. ami ti
answer tha complaint filed thsrein, a ithin let
days (exclusive of the day of ser.lco), after tin
service on you this Summons—lf served wlthh
this county; or, tl served elsewhere, within thirtj
days—or judgment by default will be Ukei.
against you according to the prayer of said com
The said action Is brought to obUln a Judg
ment In favor of plaintiff ngatnbt defrtidanu, ol
this Court, that he be judged to have a tu.l am
perfect right to purchase tha S J> of Secibn 10,1
8 N, R 1R W, 3 B M. iv Los Angelea county,CaL
ami tnat tho defendants and each ol them tc
adjudged to have and to be without any right
title »r Interest In and to s Id tract, and for cost
of suit.
Refersuce is had to complaint for particulars
And you are hereby notified that If you fall t<
appear and answer the said complaint as above
required, ths said plaintiff will cause your detail!
to be entered, and v. ill apply to the Court for th
re list demanded In tbe complaint.
Given under m\ band and the seal of tbe Hu
perior Court of the SUte of California, In and foi
the county of Los Angele*. this Slat day of May.
In the year of our Lord, one thousand eight hun
dred and eighty-three.
[Seal ] A. W. POTTS,
By A. Riupao, Deputy. 018 im
M. L. Wicks, Attorney for Plaintiff
Notice Of Intention.
Notice hereby to given that It Is the Intention ot
the Council of the City of Los Angeles to
change and establish tbe grade of Hand >-treet,
between Montreal street and Cemetery avenue, a*
At tho Intersection of Cemetery avenue and
Sand street the grade shall be, as now estab
lishes,, lt4 feet above the datum plane; at a point
(10 feet westerly from the we at bouadary Oi
Cemetery avenue the grade shall be, as now **•
Übllshed, 188 feet above the datnm plane; at th.
Intersection of Montreal street and Sand street
the grade shall be 00 feet above the datum plane.
All persons Interested are hereby notified v
file their objections, if any they have, with th.
Clerk of the Council, within ten days of the daU
of the first publication of this notice.
By order ot tbe Council of the city of Los An
geles, st IU meeting of October 16th. a. D.
188 S.
Clerk of ths Council of the oltj of Los Angeles.
Los Angeles, October 10th, A. D. 1883.
Notice to Creditors.
EstaU of M. M. Wilson, ,1 oceans I
Notice is hereby given by the undersigned ad
mlnlstrator ol th* estate of M. m. WiTso ~ de
ceased, to the creditors of an 1 all persons hay.
log claims against the raid deceased, to exhibit
them, with tns necessary vouchors, a itbiu foui
months after the first publication of this notice,
to said administrator, at the office of Brunson,
Wells A Leo, room 11, baker blotk, Los A .gel**
city, the same being the place forth* tnaiactloa
of tbs business of the said sstate,
Admln<itrator of ths estate of M. M. Wilson, de-
Us Angeles, Sept. 85. 1888. se2B 4w
Notlce to Creditors.
EsUUof Enrique (or Henrique) Rhettn, deceased.
Notice Is hereby given oy the undersigned, ad
ministratrix of the estate of Emlque(or Hvnrlque,
It helm, deceassd, to ths creditors of and al) person*
having claims agaln*t the aaid deceased, to ex
hibit them with the necessary vouchers, wituii
tour months after the first publication of this no
ties, to the said administratrix, at thu offict
of Qrahhirt & Blscaltut, Koom 71, Templt
Block, Los Angelee city califomU, the same beina
the piece for the transaction *>f the business 01
;he said ssute.
Administratrix of the EeUU or Enrique (or Hen
1 riqus) Rhelra, deceased.
1 Dated October 8, 1883
Graham A Blscaliiu, Attorneys for Admlnlstra
i trix. oot 4w
Notice of Administrator's Sale of
Real Estate at Private Sale.
- In rt The Estate of Martin Sanchez,
I Deceased.
Notice Is hereby glveu tintt in purmanee of ar
order of the Superior Court of the county of Lo
Angeles, SUU of California, made on th* luth da.
of October, a. b 1888. In ths matter of the eateti
' of Martin Sanches, deceased, the undersigned,ad
mlnlstrator ot aaid eet«t>.«lll s*;ll at private salett
tbe hl|,hest and best bidder for cash, in Cold Coir
ol the United *UW> of America, and subject t<
confirmation by said Superiur Court, on or aftet
Monday, the SO til l»ay of Octaber
. Alt ths right, title, Intersst and sstate of thi
said Martin Sanchex, deceased, at ths t me of hi
death, and all the right, title and Intent Uut
1 said saute has, by operation of law or othsnrtas,
1 acquired other than off in addition to that of th
said IntesUts at tha tin* of hi - usatfa, In and U
all that certain lot, piece or parcel of land, situ
ste. lying and b.lng In the city ot Los Angelee,
county of Los Angeles, Sute of California*, arid
. bounded and dsscriotd as follows, tc-wit:
Un the westerly side of ban Pedro street, com
1 m*Detngat ths northeast control lot ot Jore
Antotdu llatbado, sold lo aa|d Machado by saiu
1 Martin (*an< hea, t>e>eraber It. 1848; and running
thence northerly along said west line of San I'ettri
street ninety feet (00 it.) to the southeast corner ol
lands formerly belong trig to U tvera; ihcure » e-t
erly along th* south line of said ultvera laud otia
hundred and seventeen yards and twelve in. 1.c.,
(117 yds. IX Ins.) to the east tins of land of ti.
Norton; thence southerly elong BaM east line ol
9, Norton, ninety-six feet xnd six inches to th.
northws t corner of lot ot said J. A. Ifaehado;
thence along the north line of lot of said Machado.
easterly one hundred and seventeen yards anu
tssalfsj inches, (117 yds. If Ins.) to ths place ot
beginning, being tbe north half ol the inn t of
land conveyed to Martin Ranches by Juan C.
Terms and condition of sals: Cash gold coin
of the United States, to per cent un a ceputloi,
of bid, balance on confirmation of sale by Su
perior Court Deed st expense of purchaser.
Bids or offers may I c made at any Urns after
the first publication of thU notics and before
makina the na:s.
All bids or off-rs mast be In writing, and left st
the office of Howard a Kobarts, attorney, stlaw
Room 5, Wilcox block. Spring street, Los Angeles,
or with the Clerk of tho Superior Court, at hi*
otßce. QtJlKlNu VKRDUtio,
Administrator of t b of Martin Sanrhrz,
October 10th, ISSB.
Howsrd A Roberts, Attomeyi fcr EsUte.ocHtd
Adjudication of Insolvency, Stay of
Proceedings and Order ot Pub
lication of Notice to Creditors.
In tha Superior Court of the County of Los An
geles, »Ute of California.
In the matter of Joseph Murtagh, doing busi
ness under ths firm name and stylo of Jo«s< h
viiit »i{h A Co., an Insolvsnt Debtor.
Jnsepb Murtagh having filed In this Court hb
petition, schedule and inventory in insolvency,
by whloh It appears that he is sn insolvent
dshtor, th* said Joseph MurUah Is hereby de
clared to be Insolvent. The Sheriff of the count)
of Los Angles is hereby dire-ted to Uke pemes
slon of all ths sstate, real and personal, ol
tbs said Joseph Murtagh, debtor, except such
as easy be by law exempt from exscution, and
of all his deeds, vouchers, Ikioks of account
and papers, and to ksep the same safely until the
appointment of an assignee of his saute. Al
persons are forbidden to pay any dsbu to tin
sat 1 insolvent, or to deliver to him any property
belonging to him, or tv any person, firm, or cor
poratlon,oraw»elatlon tor his use. Thssatddcht
or is hereby forbidden to transfer or deliver anj
property, until the further order of this Court,
except as herein ordered.
It Is further ordered, that all ths creditors ol
said debtor be and appear before thn Honorabh
V. R. Howard, Judge of the Superior Court of th.
said county of Los Angel**, 1n open court, at thr
Court room of said Court, In the county of Los
Angalss, oa
This l ib day of November, loss.
At 10 o'clock a. tU, of that day, to prove theii
debts and choose one or more saßignee* of the es
Ute of said debtor.
It Is further ordered, that this order be pub
lished in ths I.os Angeles Daily Hbrill., a news
paper of general circulation, published In th,
city snd county ol Los Angeles, as often as the
said pai*er Is published, before the snld day set
tor the meeting of tbs creditors.
And It to further ordered, that In the mean
time, all proceedings against tbe said Insolvent
be aUysd.
Dated, October oth. 1883.
Judge of the Superior Ouurt,
ftehAsli k White, Attoroeys for iosolrsut,
asUifcb till ne? 11 th

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