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< Hplt.l. WMM.UO* ImrHM Ul
board or otnaoroiui:
o. W i:HILM. C. S- THOU,
C. urconjMr.N, johk masoarel
r.\< II »o« MALIC 0\
New York, London,
Frankfort, Dublin,
Paris and Berlin.
Atir k... ... Hepoelte aud iaaua Their Uer
aVT Buy aaat Hell Government., State. County
nd Lit) Honda
BO H. BONUaaaa, Jons baTaoa, Ha.
had Hee-Pro'et.
F. 0. Ho™, Oaaklet.
[•OS Angeles National Bank,
irelea. Cal
Pkkrt M. Orjuui, loux Baraoa, Sa.
11. HuieAßAiieH. P. O. Moama,
Geo. H. UoaBIAAAA.
OrKtoHaoge for aels on all fbe principal clti
4 tbe United State and Europe. Jell
First National Bank
Japitatl t>took, •UJO.OOO
lurplua. 470,000
i F. SPENCE, : : ; President
rVM. LAOY, ; . Cashier
wiaiw 'lOrte.
U. BiuajfßLL, J. F. UAAHa, H. Haa-«,
o. S. Wiman, E. p. Arwaoa
*■ btwuoumoul:
lan. A. B. Wlloox, Da. K. H. McHoNatJU,
i H. Winuuun, Jon» MoCui.
. P. Orajie, Übobob oSodm,
. K. Uoixmnkb, 1. Laj*uiuuiia,
I. Maarat. A. W. Vail,
»•«*» MaatKV S. H. Hon,
. 11. FIICK.BLL, K. P. SWCB. 04U
I.os Aaro>azaaa
Main Ot, Urn Angeles, CaL
Baewrve Fund, 11900,000.
JOHN X. PVATI R- Preeldeni.
K. S. HAtflS . . .W» rWdcM.
H L. UacNEIL. ... Oaahiar.
3. «. Hut**., aotHAji Rum,
Jim. E. Puatiui. Koeairr a Baaiw,
Juhh A. t'ArroA, OaoKoa w. PHaaoorrl
U. M Wlia,..
r'Hi-r ajaoSaeJ. Kw kano* oo Sao rreueovw
York, tendon, Part., Berlin and Pnnktort
mrbn Exihahsb oo all nana ot the United
fetlee and Europe.
AVRacaira n.i.m on open aeeoum ...ni orrtli
»le of depoalt, end do a general banking and
xchaiare buairieaß
Flume & Trading Co.,
talit .iawl door, and aaah made to order.
i.os ani.kus, DAL.
Head i*. Han Joar, CaL; Looation ol Worka,
ladera. Pr ..on rounty Cal. derl lm
Ivrnona found aborting oo or near Oteeeel] rea
rvnir will be proaeeuted to the lull extent ol ,tho
,w, [novo In) K. ROOKKS, A|iwt.
A ■ t. iia/r.trai pUiX- Invwhde lor tbe wiatar
tv? found In
At Vartium'* rvjnaWotM, lo the Hlerre lasvdre
u.ountalm, X.\oo . ek»Vßtion, mi lee
from Loa Ansrelea
Mi. Vamum tt lv town, at tbe pc*Mot!We,
t;vt- r> Suturtlay at aooa.
novl lm
In the Superior Court.
Cot riTT or Loa A!l«aurH. t
Notify lor Publivoalion d Tinte for
Proving Will, etc.
la the snHKer of tbe fatat* of Al«uaiM«r He
petto, de^esuad.
■WsaaaA to an order #1 iai« Cvurt mad** this
a>y, Dotloti i« B*r*i%f (ftw that Uw
lfttah 4ay al I w. u.LHrf. «t K> o\dor« j. n
aaal dcv, at tho oew*-|tXkut of ten Court. In
saM county of Lev Ansjeles. baa beeo aj>pol/it«H
iot hearlrw the applWtioo ol Harris hewsuerk,
praybitf that a rkitniiuent now oo tHo lo thi»
purportrntf to Ne tbe hurt will and testa
ment ut Alexander Be petto, decoased, be ad
inttt-ni tttl prohnte, and tbat leturs
bs ilttireon lo Hiirris Nowaatrk; at which
tiiu-: and ptaoe all persons int«r«sted taherein otay
uppuar arid wotest the same.
A. W. HITTH. Damm Clerk.
By a tti-je.il . Deouty.
(►nled. Derfwahee Ufit ijeoO td
Th. moruinf em 1b mpkn&m show
on the, mcl low p.rV or the Ts*K.ase»ii
The I'rtHid.at, lit the breek of 'lay
ila 1 packed hit duds and moved amy
A brays Mboshon- chief vame out
With hi* willow pole to flab tor trout.
It wee bat-part aix when be oaet bis line
And he kept on bUng UU half-past nine.
And paTTeoUv flabedu d t iThelTpee* two-
Jbo meanwhile swearing a powsifui sight
for fishing all day with aary a bit*.
And ha swors and flabed. and fished and sWOI
fill bit filgio watch told half past four,
nitao a big- fat trout cam* swimming by
And winked at tbe chief with bis cold aad ry<
1 Aud do you reckon, you pagan soul,
you can catch Ul trout with a widow poir
Tns President taught us manners while
Us Sibed for us In the latest style.
Tms'*s no Idea bow proud we feel
To be Jerked ashore with a Frankfort reel r
Tbe re I man gathered his dinner pall
Aud sUrted home by tbe shortest trail
And he told his faithful squaw he gueawed
They'd better movs still further Weet,
Where President* didn t come fooling about.
Turning tbe btads of tbe giddy trout.
-{Cnleago Tribune.
Items of Interest.
A butler man in Springfield, Mr - ...
is wearing h straw hat, which be is not
to change mull the General m elected
The thicket* Mi\U passed into the
I' >■ n of IsVooivcr Farnsaorth lost
waafc, in accordance with an order of
Court, without trouble, Bpragee declar
ing that he could not tight the Court.
If the deposits in New England Hav
ing* bank* were divided among the en
tirtt population, each person would re
caive $113.17. It* New York State tin
pro portion would he $81 .OH to each indi
The local pension list recently pub
lish< I at Wetertown, N. V., showed
tint several pensioners hat! been dead
for a year or in t<\ und that a woman
dmw money in the name of her dead
Canadians are again planning for their
winter carnival. iJesigns for the lee
Palace are already made and cold
weather ia greeted with ectasv, especial
ly hy tbe ahopkoeper*, whose fingers
tingle at the thought of crowds of visi
The city of Halle f r one of the
most interesting re!lot ol Luther—a cast
of his face taken after death, in the
night between the 20th and 21st of Feb
ruary, 154>6, when his corpse, while on
the way iron. Kiwleheu to Wittemberg,
Lay i» the oily ohurcli, now St. Mary's,
in Halle.
Vienna, exclusive of its suburb**, con
sume! daily 300 ton« of bread, making
nearly UO,OOO tons per annum, which,
at tho wholesale prion of 18 kreuzers
per kilogramme, represents a daily value
c»f M.OOO florins, and nu annual con
sumption ot around 19,000,000 of florins,
which are equal to $8,500,000.
A young Philadelphia!., writing from 1
Buffalo Park, Col., says; "At a select
hall that I attended last week the men i
wore their cartridge belts with thirty I
11 ;lu eolibre, and danced around wifh j
the girls quite unconcernedly." He adds: j
"Everybody gone armed, but if you
mind your business nobody molests you."..
A. singular Knit has been begun hy '
Mrs, Charles Hntmhinsou, ol Cuyuga, I
N. V., against Mrs. Kdwin Cowles th"
wife of the editor of the Cleveland, Ohio,
Lmdcr, claiming damages for the aliena
tion of her husbands affections. The
piaiutiff is the Brater of the defendant's
husband, and the suit probably origi
nates iv hoitip family difficulty.
Two young men cosrsrnenoed tbe salt
waking business, at Philadelphia. They
bought a lot of duck from Stephen Ql
rard on credit, and a friend had engaged
to indorse for them. Kach canght a roll
and wo* carrying [ft oW. when (iirard re
marked, "Had you not bettorget a dray?"
"No, it i- not far, and we can carry It
ourselves." "Tell your friend," said
Oirunl, "ho needn't indorse your note.
1 will take it without."
The New York Ttmaa says that taxa
tion in that city bid* fair to more than
keen pace with the advance in the value
of property. The rate of taxation the!
present mnntuipul year in $2.27 on $100, I
and next year it will be $2.50. It costs
the people m that city £X,000,000 a
year t»o have their affair* mismanaged. I
This la because the city i* run for the j
benefit of political rings rather than that:
of Uo people.
A rosy cheekt-d Herman girl arrived at '■■
St. Louis the other day. ail the way :
from . little town bi Westphalia, to meet
her ataanet el, win. had left her three
.ninths ago lo establish himself in Amor
ioa before their marriage. She found
him, but not ns she hud dreamed. She
found hint in jail charged with the mur- 1
d« o| one of her old schoolmate*. The j
murder was that of last Friday night in
a Clark avenue salmon, Ernest Kornhardt
being killed by his saloon partner, Henry
Spilker. Tbe latter* marriage was to
have taken place this week, hot it will
probably be postponed now for a time.
Tv« girl believos in her lover's inno
oenoo, and wilt no doubt stick to him to
the end.
Press Pleasantries.
"How do you know when a cyclone is
.■oming?" asked a stranger of a Western
man. "Oh, we get wind of them," was
the answer.
"Is you gwine to get a new overcoat
this Winter?" asked a darkey oi a coin-
I ..•mm.. "Well, 1 dunno bow dats
i;uine tubs," wan the reply. "I'se done
got uvy eye on n- coat, but de fellah dat
Ottfai itkeapa his eye on it, tee."
"How is Johnny doing at school?*'
asked a lady of .lolmnle's mother, daring
a <\trV "Splendidly. He is just through
perdition anil die true lion, and next term
he intends to study compound fractarrs.
and disciples. He's hmart at Aggers."
It was a young lady who brought her
timid suitor to her feet in one of our Bay
State village!, hy working the raotto, "I
ueotl thee every hour," aad sending rt
to her : -js'.. i\ birthday present, t he
result wunt wesidiag teu tor Urn pastor.
A Bliegress newepaper forsuiau got a
uiarriage notice among v lot of items
ueaded *'Horrors ot 1883," and when
the editor learned taut the groom's M>
otsma -s . ■ only seven dollars a week h«
tid it had tetter under tbat
"I notice," aaid Brown, who is a bird
lancier, "ihat ravens have been success
fully used instead of carrier-pigeons at
CoesW&ta, on tho Rhino." "Oh, that is
thing," s;iid Smith; "sparrows hate
been successfully used instead of reed
birdn in Philadetyhia rsjHlanrants."
I> hereby given that tbe Seventh Street Sawcr
4ml ii it Moll Nalhu been received by th
rtupermteudent ot Streets, and that mil sums
levied aad iiiimip Lo said assessment roll, are
new da* end paysJsfcs immediately end thai tbe
payment ot said) sums « to U made to htm
-i.hin >Mi fhi/'v dan from th. data of the nvwi
auUfaMtto'n of Mid notice; aad ail una |«
uot paid baton th. axotration of aald thirty (30)
day* will to declared to be deUao.uent, and that
thereafter toe cum of B per cent- upon the
amount of each UelUiqueot assessment together
with the coat of adrarUalng each dellnquant as
sessment will be added thereto
tB BiYD, Suet of Streets.
Lm AmrebM, Dee, 4. I*B3- deefi 10?
U hereby given tbat tbe -Virgin Street newer
AMeuwDt KoU has been received by the Super
intendent of Streets, and tbat all iudu levied
and aasesssd In aaid aaieatmant roll are now due
and payable Immediately, and tbat tbe payment
ol said sums 1* to be made to him within thirty
(HO) day* from the date of the flr-.t publication ot
aaid notice, and all assessments not paid before
tbe expiration of said tbirty daya will bedeclared
lo bf delinque nt; and that thereafter the aura ot
(6) lee per cent, upon the amount of each delin
quent asaewunent together witb the cost of ad
vertlsing each delinquent assessment will he
added thereto. K. U. BOYD,
Superintendent of Schools.
toe Angeles, Dec. 4, IMb. deal lot
1* hereby given tbat tbe Pearl Street Sewer
No. (1) One Assessment Foil has been received by
the Superintendent ot Streets, and tbat nil sums
levied and assessed in i-ald assessment roll ate
• new due and payable immediately, and that the
payment of said sums Id to t>e made to Mm
within thirty (HO) days from the dale ot the first
publication of said notice and all assessments
not paid before the expiration of said thirty day*
will be declared to be delinquent; and thkt
thereafter the sum of five per cent, upon tin
amount of each delinquent aweesment, together
with the ooet of advertising each delinquent as
wasment. will be added thereto.
K. 11. BOYD, Supt of Streets.
Los Angeles, Dec. 4. 1888. Oeo. lpt
Administrator's Sale of Real Estate
Notice Is hereby given that in pursuance of an
order of tbe Superior Court, of tbe County of
Los Angeles, State ot California, made on she ttith
day of November, la tbe matter of tbe estate ot
Suiedad Lugo de Yorba, deceased, Lbe under
signed, tbe administrator, with the will annexed
of said estate, will sell at private sale to the
highest bidder (or cash, la lawful money of me
United States, and subject to conDrmalioii by
said Superior Court, ou Saturday, the 16th day of
December, 1888, at 12 o'clock m. ,at tbe office ol
tbe Countf Recorder, In the County of Los An.
(reles, ell tbe riant, title. In tercet and estate
of tbe said Ho led ad Lugo de Yorba at the time of
her death; and all the right, title and Interest
that the said estate has by operation of law or
otherwise acquired other than or In addition to
that of the said soli-dud Lugode Yorba at
her death. In and to all that oerUlo lot, piece or
parcel of land situate, lying and being In tbe
said City and County of Los Angeles, state of
California, and bounded and described as follows,
Commencing at a point on tbe east line of the
Felipe Lugo tract on the mesa from which bears
a pile of rocks in the northeast corner of said
tract N, 1* W. 8 chains distant, thence running
true courses variation 14' BC E., S. 1' E. 4
chains to a stake, thence we«t 12.LU chains a line
passUnf between the houses and stables of Jesus
Yorba to a stake, thence N. t* W. 4 chains to a
stake, thence east It. fO chains through walnut
orchard to place of beginning, containing five <(>}
acres of laud, together with the right of Way
over and along th. road now estehlUhed to
said tract, which said road now has a line ol
olive trees on east side.
Terms ana conditions oi sale—f<t*b in lawful
money of the United state**; ten per cent ot tbe
purchase money to bo paid to tbe said adminis
trator , with tbe will annexed, on the day of sale,
balance on conformation of sale by the said Su
perior Court
Deed at the expense of purchaser.
Bids will he received for the purchase of said
property up to the hour of IS h. ot said 16th day
of December, 1883, by the said administrator at
the office of the County Kororder of Los Angeles
County. E. A YORBA,
Administrator, witb the will annexed, ot the
"«tate of Soleoad Lugo de \ ori'u, deceased
November tTsb, 1883. r.ovjJstd
Phineas Banning.
WILMINGTON, Los Angeles County, Cat
Vessels towed, goods lightered lumbe
and grain stored, with
OoTtf _
Administrator's Sale.
Tao Weenhold Floral Garden, with stock ami
Improvements, situated In East Los Angeles, con
sist iag of green houses, trammer bouse, stable,
eec„ one horse, oue spring wagon and single
set of harness, snd all Sewers, towering plants
and nursery stock to be sold without, rexerve, on
the premises, at 11 o'clock %. m.,
Tarsaay. l>e. ember 11th, |H*Mt.
To the highest bidder, for cash, lawful money of
the United States. *
riex ltd Public Administrator.
Notice to Creditors.
Betst* of T. Q. Smith, deceased
Notice is hereby given oy the undi m. m :, .), . i
mlmstrator of the estate of T. 0. Smith,
assessed, to the creditors of and to &4 persons
having ulaluu against ths seisfc deceased, to ex
hibit them witb tbe nneossary veuebers, to tbe
saw administrator at bis omoe, so. s Aueu
Block, th« same being ths place for the transac
tion of the bustnews orthouidadn.iniftrator in the
city and county of Los Angelas. Hta.* of Califor
nia, wtthiu four mouths after the date ol tbe
nr«t pnbltcali- r, ot this notice.
Administrator of tbe estate of T. O. Smith, de
T>ated November 13th. IMS.
Oardlner & Stephenson, attorneys of admlnls-
Notice To Creditors.
Estate of Robert Furlong, deceased.
Notice Is hereby given by the undersbrned ad
ministratrix of the estate of Robert Furlong,
deceased, to the creditors of, and all
all persons having claims agaiust the
said deceased, to exhibit them, with tbe neces
sary vouchers, within ten -nentbs after tbe first
publication ot this notice, to tbe said adwlnb-tra
irix, at her residence on Alameda street. Vernon
district, or to her attorneys, Howard ft Roberta.
Room f>, Wilcox block, Spring street, Los Angeles
city. In the county of Los Angeles.
Dated met [aim Angeles, Nov. 12 1888.
Administratrix of the estate of Robert f'u'ioim,
deceased. uov 18 4 *
Notice to Creditors.
hstateof Andrew Viek, deceased.
Notice is hereby given by the undersigned,
executrix ot tbe last will of Andrew Vlck, de
ceased, to the creditors of an 1 all persons hav
ing claims against the said deceased, to exhibit
them, with tbe necessary vouchers, within tour
months after the first publication of thU notice,
to the said executrix, at the offioe of Smith,
Brown ft Uutton, rooms n,9t snd 9t Tom pie
block, city ot Los Angeles, State of California,
the same being tbe place tor the transsction of
the business of the said estate-
Dated m t Los Angeles, Nov. 24th, 1863.
Executrix of the last will of Andrew Vick.de
ceasod novxfi 4w
Notice to Creditors.
Estateof Robert Owen, deceased.
Notice Is hereby given by tbe undersigned ad
ministrator ot the estate of Robeit Owen, de
ceased, to tbe creditors of, and all persons having
claims against the said deceased, to exhibit
them with the necessary vouchers, within tour
months after the first publication of this notice,
to the said administrator at No. 2 Allen Block,
corner of Tttnple and Spring streets,
city ot Los Angeles, California, tbe same being
the place for the transaction ot tbe business of
said estate, In the county of Los Angeles.
Administrator ot Robert Owen. dex*ja*ed.
Dated at Los Angeles, November 2fth, 1883.
oovSO 4w
Urrdinerfc Stephenson, attorneys
In the Justka's Court of Ltns Angeles
Toersisbip, in the County of L*»a Ange*
lei, st a- of California, K. A. Ling,
Justice of tbe Peace.
J. M, Dimes, Plain tiff,
W. P. Goldman, ftoing business as W.
P. Goldman & Co., Defendant.
Ma PiQfss 01 the State of California send Greet
ing to VV. P. Goldman, Defendant
You are hereby required to appear In an action
brought against you by tbe sbove named plaintiff
in the Justice's Court ef Los Angeles township,
county of Los Angeles, State 01 CaUforuls, and
to an-swer before the Justice, at his office in the
said townstilp, the complaint filed therein, with
la five days (aacluglvc ol the nag of service)
after the service 00 you of this summons—lf
served within the township In which this action
It brought or, U served out of said township,
but in asid county, within ten days, or, within
-wentv days If served elsewhere,
Tbe saia yct|on is brought to recover of you
Mie sum ot 8130.67 alleged to be due trout you to
J M. Oavlea, plaintiff herein, for goods, wsres
aud merchandise I>> "Davis Bros., Toklas 4
C 0.," sold to defendant to the amount above
stated, the claim therefor having been assigned
tc plaintiff herein by said firm in writing, and
torcosta of suit; and you are hereby notified
that If you fall to so appear and answer said
rompklnt, as above required, said plaintiff will
'cause your default to be entered aud take Judge
ment by default against you for Ihe said sum of
Sl;iP.B7, together with certs of auit. Maks legal
service sou due return hereof.
Given under mv hand, this 30th day of October,
1883. R. A. UNO,
Justice of the Peace for tbe tow nship ot Los An
gelrs. In said county and state.
Graves 6 Chapman, Attorneys for Plaintiff,
dec.', 2m
Notice to Creditors.
IMMi ol : • renzoOsribaldl, rjeceased
Notice in heroby given hy tbe urt^erslgned,
.ulrrillniH-.t I- •>) th*- Sstate Ol LOf«OSU
Uariheldt, deceased to the <rt.iltor* c|, and
all having '■laitna against the said deceased,
or aaainut the Arm name of Oari
heldl « ferelli. to exhibit them with tbe
necee-ary voucher*, within ten months after
the first publication of this notice, to ths
said administrator-, at the offices of Del Vailed:
Be Pu>, Attorneys, rooms t and IS "City o*
Paris BulLting,' on ■Iflfsg stret. in the city of
Los Angeles, California, the seme being the
place for the transact lon of the hustna-M ol sold
estate in the count v of Los Amrtles.
Administrators of th" e«t*te ot Lorenso Gailhel-
I*ted Dec. 5, tflea deed 4w
I will be st«m> office from tf *. a. to 18 a . and
rom 1 to 4 r. w. dally, Hundavs excepted
< Superintendent of Streets.
Assessment JMo, 1.
The Sanchez and soladad Oold and silver
Jabiing Company, consolidsted.
Location tf piitci|s) place of business, Los
Angeles City. l-os Anxelee County. California.
Location of Works, Mojave Mining District,
San Bernardino County, California.
Notice is herein gt' en that st a meeting of tbe
Hoard ol Directors, held on the othof Decem
her, 1888, an sssossmcnt-No, 1 of one cent per
share was levied upon the common stock of the
corporation, payable immediately to tbe Secre
tary of Paid Company at the office of said Com
pany, No. 42 North.Main street, Los Angeles
city, Los Angeles county, Cel.
Any stock upon which this assessment shall
remain v paid on Monday, tbe 14th day of Janu
cry, l-« 84, will he delinquent, end advertised for
sale at public auction, and unless payment is
made before will be sold on Saturday, the td day
of February, 18*4, to p»y the delinquent ssseso
meat, together with the cost of adiertisins sod
expenses of sale.
By omer of the Uo*rd of Directors.
IRA W. FELT, Secretary.
i < r - No. 41 North Main street, Lost Angeles,
OaL deo7 luwft*
!Mr. M. Lenzberg,
Or the ok! system. Also teschsr of brats and
string rands Mr. Lensberg is a thorough tescher
of many years' experience, and oilers his services
to the public. Residence 638 Olive street, bet
Sevan lb and Eighth. dscl lm
■SO 000 FOR*
iffh Rffalar Nonthlvßrawitig <][
"till take place in the Masonic Hall. Mason c
Temple Building, lv Louisville, Ky., 1
A fuuwful Lottery and Kalr Draw
lags, charter* d by the Legislature el Kentucky
and twice declared legal by tbe highest Court in
the State. Bond given to Henry f ountv in tbe
sum of $100,000 for the prompt payment of nil
prises sold
A Hfvolutlftsj in Hingl. \omher
It raw In km.
B*7* Every ticket bidder bis own supervisor, can
call out the number oo his ticket ana see the cor
responding number on the teg placed In the
wheel In his presense. These drawings will oc
cur oo tbe last Thursday of every month. Read
the magnificent
■freember Neht nit*
1 Prise $80,000
1 Prise 10,000
IPrixe 6,000
•i Prizes, W.bOO each 0,000
G ITixee 81,000 eacb.. 6,000
SO Prizes, fJfiOO each 10,000
.00 Prizes, 8100 each 10,000
800 Priiee, 860 each 10,000
500 Prize*, 820 each 10.000
1000 Prizes, (10 each 10,000
9 Prizes, 8300 each, Approx'n prizes.... 2,708
» Prizes, 8200 each, Approx'n prixee.... 1,800
0 Prizes, 8100 each, Approx'n prises.... 900
lKf-7 Prises 8110,400
Whole Tickets, 81 Half Tickets, 81.
S7 Tickets, 860. o5 Tickets, $100.
Remit Money or Bank Draft tn Letter or sets!
by Expresa Don't send hy registered letter or
Postoflce order until further notice. Ord rs of
6 sod upward, hy Express, ran ' ■•■ sent at our
xpense. Address all orders to
5.1* • J. J. DOUGLAS, Louisville, Ky
profTpT en gels
m WUlOtoe Unas, uj
Cultivation of the Voice
auldenco: 133 Fifth atrMt. ootlllm
tn the Superior Court of the Statu SB
California, in and for tbe Count* SB
of Lorn Angale*. mm\\
J. Dougald Park, at al.. Defendant..
action brought lo th. guperlot Oonrt .11 tk. "
Wat. ol California, Ul and forth. cwEtV oi 1?
-aanilM. aad the OompUmt Wlo u |j couiS j
olllM °* °" C '" k
You in harsh) required to appear In an -
tiff in the Superior Court ot the Htste of OaStfe.
nLs, tn snd for the county ot Los Angele*
answer the complaint flux! thereto, aiUiiii ten
.lay-1 (exclusive of the day ot senlce), after the
service on you ../ this Summons-tf sen edwtuS
ihis county; or, if served elsewhere, within thM
days-or judgment by domult will beT Uken
JJjjjJ* you » K> the prey., ot A,™"
The said action Is brought to obtain a Juog ,j
incut In favor ot plaintiff against 1
this Court, that he b« judged to hsvea lv 1 I
!Tn W K ifw J 8 *of 5 A
* .'.t «.W> a» A>" Los Angsles county,Cel.. H
ami that the defendants and each ot them be 1
adjudged to have and to be, without say rteht t
title -r interest in and to aaid tract Tml forTosti M
at suit. jff
heierence is had to complaint for particulars. W
And you are hereby notified that if you fail to H
appear and answer tbe said complaint as above M
required, the said plaintiff will cause your default 9
to be out*, ed, and wiU apply to the Court for the fl
relief demanded in the complaint Wm
Ulrea under mv band and tbe seal of the Hu- at
perior Court of the State of California, in and fat M
the county of Los Angeles, this slut day of Maw j9
la the year of our Lord, one thousand eight hunJß
died and eighty-three, """If
.beaLJ A. w. POTTft, i
By A. RiHPAP, Deputy.
M. L. Wicks, Attorney for Plaintiff MM
Notice of Executor's SalejsJ
lo re the estate of Ramon Benites, deceased.
Notice is hereby given that in pursuance of tasjH
term-and provi«,onsoi the last will and
merit of raid oecedent, admitted to probate oseWl
tbe Wth day ot November 1888, to which Mee-TO
enee is hereby msde, ana of the provisions eflfl
Section IWI • f tbe Code of Uvit Procedure ot ■
tbe HUte of Calif or v la, the undesigned, executor 9
ot the said e-tele. wilt sell at | rivate sale, to thsVSJ
highest and beat bidder, for cash In gold coin ot ■
the United States of Ameiica, and subject to con W
flnuatioit by tbe superior Court ot L< v Angeles dm
county, on or after Friday, the 31st dsy of De ■
cetuber, 188S, sU the right, title, Interest and
tats of the said Ramon muiUs, tksrjj
time of bu. deaUt. cod sll the nght, title -3d- ffffl
tercet tbat said estate b* , by operation of kflfl
orotherwlse, aouaired other than or la addtfefß
to that of the satd intestate at the time esßTfl
death, in sad to that certain lot, situate lyemfl
and being in the cliy of Los Angeles, coubbbbbbl
of Los Attgelee, hUte 01 CsJiforida, aud rasmmH
particularly described as follows:
Commencing at tbe northeast comer of LptSfJJH
Main and H>gb sue.ts ibei»c« bortbsil)e.usVJJan'
the east Doe of sabl Upper Main street Qx
little more or lees, to the line of lot ot TooosßJJal
thence easterly and along south line of Ya.bfßffl
X de Tuneni one oundred and ttve feet(lo6
thence southerly, and parallel with the line übbbTJ
Main street, ■ 8 leet, a little more or less, to tsaVfl
unrthirly line of High street; thence weeteriyPfl
and alonu- line of High street, one hundred anoSffl
flvo feet (106 feet), more or less, to place of be^H
Terms and conditions of sale—Cash, gold coia4ma
ot tbe United States ■
Dead at esp**aea of purchaser. ml
Bida or offers may be made at any time after ■
the drat pab, i cation of thu notice en j before fl
makiag of the se|e. ■
All bids or offers must be in writing, snd left ■
at the office of Howard fs Robarts, attorneys at *j
law, room &, Wlieos block, Los Angeles city, or ■
delivered persocaliy to thj undersign.d. ■
Executor of the estate of Ramon BeDltes, de- ■
Novseaber 30th, 1888. dccl m 1
Notice of Oußxdi&n's Sale of Seal 1
Estate. I
Notkw Is hereby glv«u m*t in pursuance of a* I
carder of ths Superior Court of the county of Los '
assreiee, state of made ea Us 28d dar
of November, a 0 18S8.1B the matter of tbe estate }
and guardtanahip of Oeerge 8. Wstnshank, Prask |
Lee, brnma V. Lee andaVlnal.ee, mluors, tbs I
underaigtie.l, the guardian of the per
sons aad estates of the eaid minors, will sell at
private sale, to the highest bidder, snd subject j
to confirmation by said Superior Court, on or .
after Saturday, the IMb day ol December. 1888,
all the right, title. Interest and estate of the said
miners (otdag an undivided two-tenths istetsst)
In aad to all that certain lot, pieo or parcel ot
land situate, tjing and being in the city and
county of Loa Angeles, State of California, aad
hounded and described as follow*, to wit
On the east by Han Pedro street, or the berth,
by property of moot and Oorje*. oo ths west by
property ot Bishop 1 rands Mora, aad oa the
south by property of H. D. Barrowsakl prop
nrty being known as the ''Wein-hank property 1
sn.| being about 2*J feet on north hi c. FlO feet
on Rl-hop Mora line, T,n feet on i>arrowM' Una.
and about mo teet on Han Pedro street
Terms ami conditions of sale-Ten per cssm.
cash, and the t>alance ot the pureha-e price oa a
credit of one year from date of tbe sal.% upon
note, Necured by a mortgsge on the real ssnat*
Deed at expend of purchaser.
Bids or offer, may be made at any time after s
die flret publication of thi* notice and before
the making of tbe sate.
All bid* or nff-r* muet Ire iv writing, and left at
the office of C. TIMSm, attorney «t law. No. ,
Temple block, iii the city of Urn Angeles, orde
11vert-1 to the 'inden<igued personally.
Loe AlHfelee. Nee, 2tth,)eBB.
aadUAa wkinsiiank.
Uuardlan r>f the peraona and esta-emMl (.eorges.
Weinshenk. frank Lee. Kmt-a \ 1..- Uki r.l
as Lee. iso***.**
In the Superior Oonrt of the County
of Loa AtLgele*. State of Cali
In re tbe set ate of Robert Furlong, deceased
It appeenng to this Court by the uetiUou tufa
day presented and tiled by Martha Fur Long, the
admitd-trasrix of the estate ef Kobert Furlong,
deeeeeed,praying for an enter ot sale of real estate,
that It Is ascsssary to cell some portion of the
real property to par the debts out*landtag against
the deceased, sad trie debts, expenses sad charges
of administration: R Is therefore ordered by the
mid Court that all persons interested In tbe ss
tate of said deceased to appear before the
Superior Court ou Friday, ths Stnh day of De
osmber, 1883, at 10 o'clock a. a. of said day,
at the Oo art-room of aaid suiH>rior < our,. In
the Court House in the city of Los Arigilea,
to show cause why an order should nut be
granted to the said administratrix to sell so
much of the real property of Mid deceased, as
may be neees-ary; and tbat a copy ef this order
be published at least tour suoeessive weeks in the
Los Angeles Daily ItsaiLb, a newspaper printed
and pubitbhed in aaid county; and a ■• <\<\ of raid
order be aerved on John N Chapman, Keg., the
sttoroey heretofore appointed to represent minor
b. Irs. V. K. HOWARD. Jttdge.
Los Asssxas. Nov. it. 1888. tsrvtß ul
Notice to Creditors.
Estate of K. Welnbotd, deceased
Notice Is hereby given by the undersigned,
ef the .state of R- Wembold,
deceased, to tbe creditors of, and all persona
bavins claims against the said deceased, lo
exhibit them with the oeoosssery vvuobers,
U the eald sdssimttrat r, st bis offios. Room
No. 8, Allen Blocs In the City and O-unty of
Los At geies, state of California, the same being
the plans for ths transaction of tbe hueioees if
the said admlnietrator, within four months after
tbe date of the first publication of this notice.
Administrator of tbe estate of R. Wtlnhold
de seeed
Dated Los Angeles, Cal., Nov. 30. I*S.
dsof Attorneys of Administrator
notice to uredi -
Estate of J. U Edwards, deoeaesd
U hereby liven by the understgoad, ad
ministrator of the estate of J. O. Edwards, de
ceased, to tbe creditors and to all persons having
chums agaiust the said estate of J. O. Edwards,
-•»!»*!♦ *h~n «»*H she iwwwasary
vouchers, to said administrator, at bis office,
No. 1, Alien Block, the same being tbe place for
the transection of the basinets of said
trator tv the City aud County of Los Angeles,
State ot fsjlllarnls, within four months after the
date of she first publication of this notice.
Aduiuilstrator ot the estate Of J. O. Edwards, de-
Dated November 13th, IgeV
Gardiner ft Stepheonon, Attorneys for Adtuin
lattmtor 4wd014
Notice to Creditors.
Estate of Russeli T. Uajes, deceased
Notice Is hereby given by ths undersigned, ml
mlmstrator of the estate of Russell J. Hayes, de
reused, to the creditors of, and all persons havinu
claims agslnst the said deceased, to exhibit them
with the necessary vouchers, within ten
months after the first publication ol this notice
to tiie said administrator, at his office room No
7 Temple block, in the city of Los Angeles, oountv
of Los Angeles.
Administrator of the estate of Russell T. Hayes
Dated at Los Angeles elty, Not. 16th, 188 H.
novle 4w
Guardian's Bale of Real Estate
Notice is hereby given that In pursuance of an
order of sale of the Superior Court of the county
of Lws Angeles. State of California, made on tbe
IMb day of January, 1883, in tbe matter of the
estates and h uardlanshlp of Francisco Leon Reyes.
Maria sntoota Crlstlns Reyes, Juan Manuel
Rey- s, Juan Ranulfo Reyes, Maris Ysktra Reyes
Adela Reyes and Rosaura Reyes, minora, the un
derslgned, the guardian of the persons and es
tates of said minors, will sell st private sale, to
the highest bidder, for cash, and subject to con
ArmaUon by said Court, 06-or after the lltb day
of December, 1888. all tbe right, title. Inteiest
and estate of said minors In and to tbe following
real estate, situate in the city and county of Los
Angeles, State of California, deecribed as follows:
An undivided one half lntereet In lots No. 4. 7,
8. 9.10,11,12, 18, 14, U. 10,17,18, 18, So snd 21,
as laid down and desftgpeteu on a map thereof
made by Albert S. huxton. and filed as an exhibit
to the petition Of the guardlaa In this cause, to
which reference is made, said bits being a por
tion ot the tract allotted to Pablo Reyes, in the
Krtitiota of the Maria Ah ton la Machado de
yes tract, on esst side of s*ain street, made
Dec- ruber Ut, 1865; see Miscellaneous Records,
Book 1, page 268.
Term, of sale: Cash in United States gold coin.
Deed at expense of purchaser.
bids or offers In writing may be made at any
time after tbe Srsi publication of this notice, and
before the making of sale, and left at the offl a
of Wm. D. Stephens, my attorney, at room 86
Temple block, In the city of Los Angeles, or de
livered to me personally.
Guardian of the minors abovs named,
novfj td
Adjudication of Insolvency, Stay of
Proceedings and Order ot Pub
lication of Notice to Creditors.
In tbe Superior Court of the County of Los An
geles, Htete of California.
In tbe matter tjf D. Vf. Oopcland, an insolvent
It, W. Copeland having filed hi this Court his
petition, schedule sod inventory in Insolvency,
by which rt appears that be Is an Insolvent
debtor, tbe said D. W. Copeland Is hereby de
clared to be insolvent The Sheriff of the county
of Los Angeles is hereby directed to take posses
sion of all the estate, real aad personal, of
the aaid D. W. Copeland, debtor, except such
as may be by law exempt from execution, and
of all but deeds, vouchers, books of account,
and papers, and to keep the same safely until the
appointment of an assignee, of his estate. All
persons are forbidden to pay any debts to the
said Insolvent, or to deliver to him any property
belonging to him, or to any person, firm, or cor
poratioD, sr aaeoclation tor his use. Ths said debt
or Is hereby forbidden to transfer or deliver any
property, until the further order of this Court,
except as herein ordered.
It is further ordered, that all the creditors of
said debtor be aad appear before ths Honorable
V. E. Howard, Judge of tbe Superior Court of tbe
county of Los Angeles, la open Court, aft the
court room of said court. In the county of Los
Angeles 00
The jf*tfc day ef Der«smter, IWU,
At 10 o'clock v « , of that das, to prove their
debts and choose ooe or more aiengnce* of tbe es
tate of said debtor.
it is further ordered, that this order be pub
lished la tbe Los Angeles Daily Hbbald, a news
paper of general circulation, published lo the
city and county of Los Angeles, as often as tbe
said paper Is published, before the said day set
for the tuniting of the creditors.
And It Is further ordered, that in the mean
time, all proceedings against the said insolvent
be stayed.
Dated, November loth. Msg.
Judge of tbe Superior Court.
Albert M Stephens, Attorney for Insolvent
novl7 td
In the Justice a Court of L<>« Angeles
Township, in tbe County of Los An
geles, State of California. R A Ling.
Justice of the Peace.
J. K. Fleming, Plaintiff.
\V, p, tloblnian, duini; business as W.
P. Goldman A C>.. (defendant.
rbr I' ■ r•• of tbe State of > Wlfornia exist greet
ing to W. p. Ooldman, Defendant
You are hereby reunited to appear in an action
brought against you by the above named plain
tiff in the Justice's Court ot Los Aagslea Town
ship, county ot Los Angeles, State of California,
and to answer before the Justice, at his office in
the said Township, ths complaint filed tb.-n.-ifi,
within fhedeva (exclusive of the day of serricek
after tbe service 00 yon of this rm-mons-il
served within the township in wblrh this action
Is brought or, if served out of said township, but
In aah. county within tea days; or within twenty
days if served elsewhere
The said action fs brought to recover of you
the sum ot ¥104,2/. for goods, wares snd mer
chandise sold by Pacinc Jewelry Co. to defend
ant within two years last past, and the sum of
8*2.62 for goods, wares and merchandise mdd hy
Nset. Greenswerg ft Co. to defendant wrtbla two
Cars last pai 1; both of which said claims have
• nin writing awrigned and tranferred to plain
tiff, and amount In the aggregate to *lf «.K7 and
costs of suit; and you are hereby notified that If
you fail to so appear and answer said oomptdnt,
as above required, said plaintiff will take Judge
ment by default against you for the earn of
81& A.97 together with costs of suit Make legal
service snd due n-turn hereof.
Given auder mv hand, this 2/lth day October,
1883. R. A. LING,
Justice ot the Peace tor the Township of Los
Angeles. In said uouuty and State,
Graves ft chapmen Attorneys for Plaintiff,
deofi 2m %
special meeting of tbe stockholders of tbe Los
Angeles Oil Company will be bald in-the office ot
the company, room No. 7 Temple block, city of
i.oe Angeles, 00 Wedaeedey. the 12th day of De.
rerober. I*B*. at 14 o'esoek t * of that day,
for the purpose of o»o4derkag what dispowt
tion of steeft of the company, for • bioh no r*r
Ueeatesef stock have been issued, sad ef the
atoek acoulred by tot- company by pnrchase ut 1
sales lor delinquent assessments and by surren- 1
der; also to coaetder the mat sr < i making a '
stock dividend; and tor such other business as
may legauv some before the meeting.
By r-rder or the Board of Directors of Novem
ber«2d, I*oB,
Secretary Los Antral as UN Company.
Los Ans-elee. Nov. 28. 1888. ott 2w

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