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Burl et spirit, boya of will,
Soya ol muecie, brain and power.
fit to cope »lth al! thlor;
Theee are wanted every hour
!tot the weak aad a hlnlna drone..
That all trouble, magnlty- „
Wot the watehward ol' ICenl,
But tbe noble one, 111 try
I>o whale er you havo lo do j
With a true and eerncat reel; I
Bend your ainewi to Ihe leak, I
Put your ehoulder to the wheel. I
ThotiKh your duly may he hard, ]
Look not on It ac an 111,
II It be an honest Uek. » |
Do tt with an honeat will.
M the anvil, on the farm
Whereaoovor you may be,
From your luture eaTorta, boyi,
Cornea a nation's destiny
Items of Interest
Tho snow in •till throe feet deep in
the Wisconsin pineries.
Ohio has 4800 insane persona. Thisls
exclusive ol her candidates for oflice.
Tho Ohio Legislature haa appropriated
$200,000 for the relief ef the enfferete
by the flood.
Socialism In Vienna Is said to b« on the
increase, netwlthstanding the unusual
measure* taken to suppress It.
Stanley haa bean elected " Father snd
Mother" of tho Congo country by the
dark complexioned inhabitant*.
Gladstone say* the government wants
a bill paned providing for the appoint
ment of a mlniater for Scotland.
The death of the Saxon Princess has
broken up the socisl aeasoa at Berlin,
and the oity is unusually gloomy.
At Maoon, Oa., H. C. Surpin was
fatally stabbed by John Burnett. They
were rival sewing machine agents.
A heavy salo added to the aiifleriaru
and dangers of the Inhabitants of IBs
overflowed districts along the Ohio.
Senator Kdmunds, ss President of the
Senate, has ordered a bouquet of flowers
to be placed on his desk every morning.
At Trenton, O , Harry Mot'ullonghsnd
Ed. Jones were run down by a train.
Tho former was killed snd the latter
fatally injure!.
The Republican State Committee of
Massachusetts voted to hold a Stat; con.
ventlon for tho rhoioe of delegates to the
national convention at lioston, April 30.
Kngland has given her sanction to the
future increase of Turkish import duties
providing tho abate*, now prevailing in
the management of customs be sup
The abandonment of tlio N. Bloom
field, Kureka Lake and .Milton hydraulio
mines, including their system ot canals
and flumes, creates a loss ef about two
million dollars.
Lotta has bought the new Knglisb
opera of "Nell Tiwynn." Nell was a
high kicker in ber day, ii history does
not misrepresent ber, and Lotta may
make a hit in the role.
Tbe Courier-Journal reporter dropped
in at Elder Simco's colored Baptist
r-hurch on Indiana avenne last evening,
and there was just eleven feet six inches
of water over the pulpit.
Cougrcss has appropriated 9300,000
for the relief of the sufferers on the Ohio
river and its tnbntaries, and also passed
n joint resolution authorizing the Secre
tary of War to issue rations for thi relief
<>f the sufferers.
The product of gold, silver, lead aad
uopper in the State of Colorado, during
the year 1883, according to tho Denver
Tribune, was $56,306,100, of which Uke
county, in which is tho Leadville mines,
contrihnted »l S.OOI ,'JOi), aud the Custer
county mines 92,000.000.
The action of Bismarck in returning
tbo resolution of sympathy at the deattt
of Herr Lasker, continues to excite
much comment in Cermtny. Friends
of the deceased statesman in ths
reichstag propose to demand Kismarck's
I'Xplanation for his course.
Mils Lloyd, who is to go into history
nstheonly genuine "Bunthorne's Bride,'"
is not only pretty and talented, but rich,
so that when she beoomos Mrs. Oscar
Wilde she and tbat poet of passion aud
of pain will not (happily for them both)
be dependent npon his publishers for
their bread and butter.
Press Pleasantries.
An tagle carried off a mm all boy at
Waoo, 'lexas, and the oity authorities
nre agitating tbe question of hatching
eagles a« an important local industry.
Fifty years hence: "Where there's a
will there's a weigh," remarked the pa
per dealer, as he placed the last testa
ment of tbe showman tiarnum on the
When a Mandau luted girl was told to
se« that tbe week's washing was proper
ly mangled, she called in the family null
dog, and the job was done to her emi
nent satisfaction.
The Chinese giant, Chung Co. Sing,
sleeps on two beds at once, and eren
then hia bare feet protrude and loem
up in tbe murky gloom of night, like
bideoua live-horned monsters.
There is a street railway in this oity
in rough, that at the end of each trip
t lie car driver goes inside and picks np
from one to throe seta of false teeth rat
tled out ol their proper places.
A Massachusetts widow (.reuses in
mourning an<l wears bangs made of her
departed husband's hair. Bhe prudently
had saved, for tbat pnrpose, all that she
had palled out before his death.
Sullivaa, the slugger, will give you
$600 to box him for twelve minutea.
Eltven minutes and thirty seconds is
about the time you'll have left on your
hands alter being carried off senseless.
A novel idea—The man who is drunk
wilt find tbat if he tries to turn up the
coil with "Hot Ploughshares" he will
have gone on "A Fool's Errand," and
carry home iv bis hat "Bricks Without
Make Highest Priced Rnlslnn
Or » flrtt-dAM win* Trou«e»u mtvi /inf.ndel
rottlntfi, Citron Tree*, lames, PenlminOfi etc,
Alto torMS) trid <lrv stove wood for Ml* by
ftibM 1* Kinnslotv, Bad o»bm.
Grape Cuttings
Snfendttl. Tro>iss«*o,Oran>vßhe, SoMIm Ru.ts.ni,,
M«tv' mm other vsr.«tles for MM by
deed tf Hevn Gftbriel
Grape Cuttings
Toy nl,, tho lollowlni v.rietle, ol Cnpt
Outllny. Trnuweii, r.rirnano. F.He Blanche
ttronn.n. OniMJOtj. Berber. Matero, Black
M.1.0,, .1 li. HAHTII MOSS, s.ii Oabrlil.
Orape Cuttings for Sale.
Sera-ar, IHuck M.1......... l, ;l i. w |la, .ha,
•elleaen varltie...
Apply to W. H. WiiIIKMAK.
NO. avenue. Ho. Ir 11...M,
Or by Telepho 76 ill, lm
Uarirtir ktrnJ Ziiifsiidet .tsj- .mtl,.sfi for utle
i» n ,.t,», nf
PAGirio coast
For Wraacle. Sitka aod n. Alaska, and
Kuialmo end N.w >M> «"■'•'. •>■ ac ad
vrftlKd In Son FraocaeAO r, •»«pP»r"-
For Victoria. Port Townoow. ■J mm
ntetlaooom and Olyntpla on . eh.Sth. 16th. 14th,
•nd March ad, llli, l«h *7,, '•"'° 1 «:
For Astoria and Portland, r*°. «. ». 1».
:«, 28, at 10 a. M. ... ,
For Eureka, Areata and Ilooktoii, rvery Wednea-
For'polnt Arena, Cuflya Cora, .UtUo»"•'
Whlteaboro, MendiK-itio City, ana? rforo, every
Coalite Sotrre. Ooute Noara
ft y P sr
Orlxaba .. JIB. 30 Fab. 1 Feb. 3Fi b 6
dinoOD rob. 6 *' 7 " » " "
. Orlxaba ... ■' 10 " IS " l» " »
1 Aneon ' 16 " 17 " l» " «
orii*i»,. " so " is " m ■ n
AaOdd ... " 2i " S7 " » M » r *
( Orizaba... Mar. 1 Mar. 8 Mm. 6 " 7
i Htssunen Orimba and Aft*-on go through to San
San Dtago. leaving Ban Pedro on the datai of
tbeir arrival.- from San Frsnclsoo.
' The Orlsaba and Ancon oall at Santa Barbara
and fort Harford. (San Lute Obiepo) only, un the
I route to and from San Francisoo.
Can to connect with steamer* from San I'udro
leave the S. P. R. R. Depot, Los Angeles, at 10
. oclook a. S>, railroad time.
Rates of Fare from Los Angeles:
Qabin Steerage
To Ban Franelaoo SU $10
Port Harford lit ft
Santa Barbara 8 0
San Diego 0 b
San Diego and it turn li
VHim of Steamers' Cabins at Agent's office
where berths may secured
For Newport Landing, via Santa Crui, etc.,
freight steamer, leave San Franciaco about every
two weeks, as tides serve on the Newport bar.
Tha Company reserves the right to change the
steamers or their days of sailing
All Important Points in Europe
H. McLALLAN, | : Agent.
Office- No. 8 Commercial St., l,os Augeles.
a pr r.
Saturday, February 9th, 1884
Trains le.ve an.l nt.. .luo to arrt.e at
roa DaaTiNArtua. rfiua.
ft:t 0 h Colton Il 00 r. I
tO» r.u Colton IS:» f. tt
too !r. k. ( Dentine ) Express 11 CO r. at
• and
dlOOr. a. ( Kaat. J Kinlarant l.«tl a. n
1.40 r. > El Paso and Kaat.... 12:20 r. v.
12: tO r. a. loan Faanoleoo | Exprees. 1:50 r. n
8:80 a. a. ( Sacramento. ) Emixr'nt soft r v
0:35 A. M. .Santa Ana and Anaheim. 1:00 P. v.
4:80 r. a. Sent* Ana and Attain lm 8:20 a s
9:30 A. M Santa Monica tilt A. a
4 20 p. m S.nta Monica "MaVf. tl.
15:80 p. v Sauta Monica 14:50 p. M.
10:00 A. ■ Wilmington 2:20 p. St.
4:00 p. a Wilmington 8:00 A. a.
10:00 a. a San Pedro 2:80 r. ».
4.00 p. a Ban Pedro 8:00 a. a.
■Sundays oxeepted. tfttlnd.ys only.
General Paaaeneer and Ticket Agent.
General Manager.
Assistant Superintendent. Los Anitelea
On and after Monday, Ootobej Ist, 1883, trains
of th> California Southern Railroad going south
will leave San Bernardino daily, Sundars ex
cepted, at 10 40 a H.| Colton at 11 is a. sr., or on
arrival «f East-bound Southern Pacific train,
and Riverside at 11:35 a. m , arriving at Flan
Diego at 7 lb P. v.
(toing north, will leave San Diego »< * 40 ** "
Riverside at 2 Ti. arriving at Colton at 2 42r.
and San Bernardino at 3 "' r. m.
North-bond train makes close connection with
Southern Pacific I rain for la* Angeles and S;in
Francisco. The above is National City time,
whioh ia 20 minutes faster than Han Francisco
time. Passengers wiH save from ton (10) to sixty
SVjeonti hy purchasing thtir twkatl ofthe agent
fore entering the cars.
Round trip tickets cannot be purchased on the
For Information for fmight or fare addresn
Ajrept OesWsWmh .Houth.Tii Hailroad, Colton, or
Superintendent, and Gen. Fr't and Pass. Ag't
N .onalClty, Cal. * »'i23
Order to Show Canse.
In the Superior Court of lha County oi
Ixw An-'-Set, State of California.
In the matter of the estate of Robert Oa ens,
Order tn show caub© why order of sale j
of real antate should not be madi . j
It appearing to the nid Court, by the petition '
this day preSNiited and tiled by M. P. Cutler, ad
minis! rator of the estate of Robert Owerit. de (
ceaset). rraying foranorderot sale of real eaUte
Nsst it ta niosssar; to spII the whole of th* real
estate to Hj *he and chances of ad
niiriiPitrativJii and i utiinn acainst the deceased,
It li therefore or.i-r.-,i t, v ti,. anid Court that all
persons intereeted In thf estate ot said dsywaited
upju-ar befori' the saiil suit-nor Court on Prioav,
The 14th nay afMareh. IHH4,
At ten o'clock In the forenoon, of that dn\,at 1
t'lef mrt room of aai<l Bapmriot Court, to'wit: ?
NMOssjrt nmm In »hi.-b Hon, \. K. Howard, 1
nn»- the Judsre* tt said Court, presiiles, at the .
court House, In the city of Urn Angele*. in said !|
eountv of Los AngelcN, to show tatise why an or
der shmild m.t »>.■ granted to the said adiiiims- °
•rater U, sell ao n.u i nf the reel SSJlasf of the
saM i' ■ ■ i as shall be necessary,
Ami that a cony of this order )** published at ~
leant once a week for four weeks in the I<oe An
geles Daily ilfN.ii. s newspaper printed and
notillshsdln said Los Ataxies county
" fe
St. Bet nard Uesturant
Oor. Mtvin and First Btroets.
Kntranee Slrst Street.
taKBSfSSI A jJiJIOI,. Proprietor,
V. DOL, Proprietor,
Receive, .live and nerval up every day Ui
choioeet HSU, Uwluula, SOLE, TCRBOT an.
MR. I).il, Ii the exclusive ooiiaiai.ee s< the Ml
ebrated FROMAQE DE ÜBIE, »ffi o „ only be
had at thia restaurant. 1
SPRING CHICKENS, ]aa« U. Iran tue ..ehee
oookod In every style
Thl. rurtaurant Is Ua Aisrelee, Delinonloo.
- tax-11l
rWlffli Illtf raaMa,
HOSE'S NEW m-imii.no.
(Opposite Baker Block.)
The beet the market affords at tuodarete prioef.
Skillful Cooks and Pantry men. All the caket
and pise made In the establishment. Modeled on
the most famous resuturaatsi n San Francisco.
Restaorani anil Oyster Parlors,
41 and 43 N. MAIN ST.
Large Eastern Ovatem, per 100, ■ . $4.60
Small ft. no
Small Km tarn, raw or stewed, t& ot*. per plats
Large Eastern, any style, - sfl : enu per piste
Baltimore selected Oystars, 86 cents per oan
Up stairs for ladies and families, where meals
all! bs .iteel In the beat style.
Jerry Illicit, Proprietor.
Farmers' Home s.uoo y
pure liquors. fine cigars and iunches.
\<>. 13 K. Main St., near First.
PROrniETOr-1. dartOH
ormerly No. 10 Commercial St.
gyCome and tee ma.
Western Brewery,
llm established al ageno)here, and the world
renowned Beer Is telling et 5 CTS. A GLASS at
0. ZISBIG, 24 I*. Main Street,
Oorner of Spring and Second,
sepl2if Opp. New Freight Depot.
Police Bazettß Sliades.
lleai.ejuarterf, for .Sporting Fraternity.
Oor. First and Spring Bts.,Larronde
Block Basement, Los Angeles.
Of th* finest Brands Strict order preeerved
Assessment for Grading asd Im
provement of Hill Street, Be
tween Temple and Court House
Notice is hereby given that the assesftnent
roll for and on account of the grading end Im
provement of Hill street, betaeea Temple aod
Court Hove streets, Is on file in mv offloe, hav
ing been so filed February 10th, A. P. 1884.
■nd the said aaseatiment roll Is now own for
public Inspettion.
Clerk of the Council of (he ' itv of Los
Los Angel.«, February 10th, A I>. 1884.
feh!7 5t
Dissolution of Copartnership.
The Srin heretofore existing under the name
•ml style at A. Chervor kCo , <*..ing buaineae In
the city of l.os Angela*., is this day dissolved by
mutual consent, Mr. C. Rayle having purchased
the entire Interest of Antoine rharvoc.
Alt indehtednees ngainst «aid Ami «ill he paid
by Ctovi* Rayle and all Indebtedness due aaid
linn must Ik paf<l to Mr fflovlg Rayle, and to no
Hher pawn A. CIIARVOy
IAM Angelea, Fehru.rv US, ISM febl* lm
From and after Marsh Ist I will take horses In
lejwa encloted past use ground All animals
__ . LBOAL
fll the flutter ol the Katete of John t Pre
donee tic*.
Notloe I. here by glren oy tha umlertumed
Pr-h. 1 S'Jilif* A • nd
fT" 1 ' V eraditon ol «d to
MMDS th. nine with th. rteoeeeirv
D * ted Lo " Angeles, January 81M, lgi,
lenSl g
Ordef to Show Cause."
In th. Superior Court of U-.e Cunty ol
Lo. Angelas, Bt ,e, o(
!nlhcU..te,,M t „, Estate ol j u .„. ««.„„,
Ramirez, detSiaaed.
It duly appeerlng to thj. Court by th. petition
L- Patented end Bled by William it
hordhofi, the edmlntrtretor .1 ibe S, ",
"?**\**ffto praying &
in order ol ule ol reel end personal .state, that
iiw^^iL? 11 «"»">P™on.l property
rfeajdtxrtata thenln mentioned, end It
* M f ,**. —H wttela ea aama portion ol the
eel estate o| .aid eet.t. te pay the dtete out
lUmdlne, again., th. aald the
i.^l,!^™".*," d »' admUtratloa
t la therefore ordered by thl. Court that all pc!
nm Interred In the estate ol ..Id dooe.sed
>aar before aaid Court on v
18 S.'ri5 1 i°, d JJ k £ "'• *' Court-roomol
laid Court, in the Court House, in the city and
xmnty ol Los Angeles, to ihow cue. why an
trder ahould not lie granted to aaid admlnls
irator to etal aald penonal property, and so
uuch ot eald real estate a. may be noceeaery
And that, copy ol this order be published at
east lour suaoeeslr. week. In ths Los Angelas
aattj HanALo, a newepaper printed and pub
ished in aaid county. V. t HOWARD,
listed February Bth, 1881. ""^"SjbSww
Guardian's Bale of Real Estate.
Notice is hereby given teat tn pursuanoe ol aa
jrder ol th. Superior Court ol the oounty ol Lo.
tngelea, state ol Cslifortna, made enth. nth day
ll February, a. d. last, In the matter ol the
ruardianship ol the pereon and estate oleachol
tbe following named minora, to wit Roaa Ellen
Joetj, Edward Thomas Ooeu, Joeeph Ooete,
Alonao Qoela end Elizabeth Ooeti, the
rnderslgned, the guardian of the pereon and
estates ol each of aald minors, will sell at
private sale, to the highest bidder, ler cash. In
mid coin ol the Vnlted States, subject to oon-"
Irmatien by the aaid Superior Court, all in one
lot or parcel, on pr alter the
let Day ef March. A. 0.1884.
All the right, title, Interest and estate ol each
tnd all of aald minora, in and lo all that certain
piece or parcel ol land situate In the city and
jounty of Los Angeles, state ol Calilornia, and
nouuded and described aa lollows, to wit Com
uiondng at the south-east corner ol the land
Itantaja, by the city at Lea Augeles to Juliana
tola, ttarler date ol March sth, int. on the north
tneof Pedro Domlnattea, thence 8 771* E 6 2:1.100
>ha4»»traee NuV ll try-100 cJn&na, to the
MW't 1 ""'Jr.? I ' l v *•»«.» Re-yea; thence
MBlf W along the line ol the aald, Yaidro Reyes
tract »»j.loo etnite to the HneoTland formerly
JelOttgißg to Matilda Beadou; thence S 12,' va
done the line ol the Rendoo tract T US 100 chains
te toe tract cooreled to Juliana Solo, hereinbe
lore mentioned; thence N 70,' W eighty-three
links to the north-east corner ol aald Soto tract:
Ibenca 8 1!| W! 70-100 chains along the west
line of Soto tract, to tbe line oi the Poinlngiiez
tract; thence S 77,' E along south line of aald
Soto 8 75 100 chains to polot ol beginning, con.
tabling (Ul eleven acres, more or less, together
with the right ol way granted to Lawrence Goeti,
now deceased, by 11. Nlemeyer by deed dated
lan. te, 1870, recorded In book No. <0 ol deeds,
page 4PS et eeq. In tbt oflce ol the County Re.
»rder ot laid Loe Angelea county, and which
aid right of vi ay is described as being the right of
way for all purposes over and along a strip of
land sixteen feet wide, extending along the north
line of and across tbe lends which oa Mid Jentt
tn 89th, 1876, belonged to or were claimed by
said Nlemeyer from the lands above deserlb.d to
Wolfaklll streot; the intertst of eaelt ot said mi
nors In all oi said real estate being an undivided
.no fifth part thereof.
Terms and conditions of sale- Ten per cent,
ol the purchaae price or bid to be paid sttbjeet to
'Oiiflrmation at the tinteol the acceptance of hid,
the balance lobe paid on confirmation ol sale and
the execution of tlie dee J to the purchaser, all in
U. S. gold coin, the deed to be at the expena 1 of
th, tvurchaeer. '
ilfda or nfljtjra In writing may be made at any
tlmo alter the first publication ol tbi. notice, and
before the making of the sale. All bids or
offers uiuit belett at tho office of Smith A
llutton, room. No. 88 snd 83 Temple Block, Loa
Angelea, Cel., or delivered to the undersigned
personally, at his place ol business, ho. 214 N.
Main street, lv said city, er be filed in tbe office
ef the Clerk ol said aupcrior Court.
C. C. UPS,
Qltardian of the persons and estates of Rosa
then Oostz, Edward Thomas Ooett, Jos
eph Ooets, Alonso Coetz snd Elizabeth
tioetz, minors.
Dated l.os Angeles, Cel., Fehruarv 12th, I*Bl.
febia td
Notice for Publicatioa of Time for
Proving Will, Bto.
Coorrv or Loe Asexual f
In the matter ol the Betate ol Jasper Willlama,
Pursuant to an order ol this Court, made thii
day. notice is hereby given that Saturday, the
Ist day ol March. 1884. at 10 o'clock a. >.
of said day, at the cour* room of this Court, in the
city and county of Lot Angeles.ha. been appointed
lor hearing tbe application ol E. J. Duren,
praying that a document now on file in this
Court purporting to be the laat will and testa
ment of Jasper Williams, deceaeed, be ad
mitted to probate, and that letter, testaments
ry be issued thereon to E. J. Dnrell, et
whlea time and place all perron, hi ferreted
therein may appear and contest the tame.
Meal.) A. W. POTTS, County Clerk.
patet! February 18th, ltd.
Bmnaon,W.llt a Lee, Attorney s for Petitioner
In the Superior Court of the Htate Of
California, in and for (tie County
ot laOn Angeles.
Action brought la the. Stipwlor Court of the
Stat* et California, Id and for th* Count* of Loe
Annies, and the Complaint filed In said County
of Lot AmuldH, In the ofßee of the Clerk of said
Superior Court.
Walter S. Mexwell, I'luintiff,
Marin Oti&dainpe Fi«ueroa et al.,
The people of the Bute of Calt.ornla lend
vreetlot it Maria Ouadalnpe Fljtueroi Jose
Flfueroe, Franciaco n for rot, Maria Jeeui
Fiff-ierotv Amida Flgnerot., Clrla Maria Fisue
roa, Fauatlaa Flirueroa, John Doe, Jemee l)oe
Wm. Doe, Aurelta t*w, (Yteitlna Roe and
Juanita Roe, <Wo .dant.*.
YOll are hereby required to appear tn an actitm
brought muainit yon by the ahove named plain
tiff in thn Bnperlor Court or the Hut*, of falifor
nla, in and for the county of I,oa Angelea
aad to enewer the complaint filed therein
within ten day* (e*clunive of the day of service,
after the neniceon you of thia summons if
■erved witnm thia county; or if served elmwhere
within thirty daya—or Judgment by default will
be t*k«n ftgalnat you acrording to 'the prayer of
The ea'd action la brought to obtain Judgment
againat aaid deafendanta that they may be re
qtiired to set forth th* nature of their aeveral
claims to th* land, and premise* deecribed in
plaintiff 1 complaint, and that all adverse i-laim*
of the <»ld ilnfendante or ftther of them may be
determined by a decree ol thia Court, and that
by aaid doore* It be declared an<l adjudged that
Hi* eald deft-ndanta, or either of them have no
estate ot internet whatever in or to the'said land
and premise*; and that the title of plaintiff Is
good and sußctcnt and valid. And also that th*
defendants, and each and ev*rv of them, he for
ever debarred from asserting any claim what
•ver In or to aaid lands or pnmlae* adverse to
the aaid plaintiff, and for suoh other and further
relief aa to this honor-able Court shall seam meet
and agreeablo to equity, and for coats of suit
Reference is had to complaint for particular*.
And you aro bcrehv notiflol that if you fail to
appear and answer the mid complaint as above
required th: said plaintiff will rauso your de
fault to be. antt*red and will anplv to the Court
for the relief tharein demanded.' i
Given under my haal and the seal of td,. Be t
pt-rior Court ol the SUto of California, io and <
for the county ot Los Angeles, this 2,.th day of )
January, in the year of „ (lr 1.,-rd, on.,
eiglit huridiv.! and right-, tliree. 1
WMhI A. W, POITS. Clerk
By A. NnVTO-.pfjp-itv
C. E. Th..111, Attorney foi Plaintiff
f«M7 2m I
M.ln street, near th* Hois*.
M* prs*Mt weekly an organl'atton of hrilliant !
s \rs, t«'«nty tn imnbw
nttre chanfe of bill every Monday evening
I III" 1
Sheriff's jSttie.
In the Superior Court, City and Cooaty
of San Franoisoo, suto of Call
fffTnU, Department No. 6.
William Wi Jenkia., HaiutllT,
i vs.
The Polomaa l'laeer Mlniag o>i«)any
fader and by virtue ol en execution ieeueei
out ol the ehove Court, In the above entitled
OSes, on the ISth day ol November, 1883. to axe
directed, and[delivered to me on the 18th da, ol
iNovotnber, 1888, lor a Judgment rendered in aald
Court on the 11th day ol November, lata, iv
favor ol William W. Jenkins, plslnUff/and
against The I'alomas I'lsoer Mining . .iii,reny
deiendant, tor the sum of 81330.82, with Irsfereet
at 7 per cent per annum, coats and accruing
costs, 1 hare duly levied upon, snd shall on
Hatnrtlny, the sth Day 4>f Janu
ary. A. D. lfaVttV.
At 12 o'clock «. ol said day, proceed to sell
at tha Court House door, on Spring street in
the. City ol and County ol Loa Angelea. state oi
iiX'Sl!*- 1 publ ! c ""tlon, te the highest and
best bidder, for cash. United States lawful money,
to satisfy said Judgment lor principal, Intereat,
costs and all accruing costs, all the right, title
and interest ef said deiendant, The
Placer Mining Company, in and to all ot th. fol
owing described property situate aod being in
tbe County ol Lee Angeles, State ol Calllorn la
•ndi reepeotlvah- tteeorfbed as follows, te wit:
"k .i Mrtal ." J'I*™"'1 *™"' mining ouini known
aa "tee Magnolia," containing 100 acres, and
Mntr a part of Section 20, T. 5 N., R. 16 W. N.
Sd. Those two certain other placer mining
Maims, tha one called "the Webster " and the
other called ..th, Josey/' containing 160 acres
each and together constituting the east hall ol
Section 30 In said township.
3d. Those four certain other plaser mining
claims, called respectively "the Maggie " "the
M. M. it. " "the Blood" and "th? Vnnedy ,
each containing ISO acres, and the four together
eonstlluUng all ol Section 29 In eald taxwrujiip.
tth. Those two certain other placer mining
claims called respectively "the Casey" and "the
Booth." each containing ISO acres, and together
constituting the north half of Section 28 tn aald
6th. That certain other placer mining claim
called "the Mamie," and being the B. V. ft ot
Section 28 In sal- township.
6th. That certain other placer mining claim
sailed "the Jenkins claim," and being the N. E 1
ol Section 31 In said township. *
ith. That certain other placer mining claim
called "the Pink claim," a«d being the N. W 1
of Section 30 la aald township.
Bth. Those certain other three placer mining
claims respectively celled "the Edaer," "the
Sidney," and "the Reedy Return," each contain
ing Its} acres, lecated upon unstirvevetl govern
me nt land
Sth. All tbat certain Batata saw constructed
and completed, aud running Irani the
dam In Lake Elisabeth canon to that certain
tolning elalm known as''Cold Mountain," and
belonging to or claimed by W. W. Jenkins.
10th. All that certain uncompleted ditch run.
nine Irom the said Gold Mountain claim to the
Mid claim called the Blood claim.
11th. All rights to 1600 Inches el water flowing
in said Lake Elizabeth canon, and together with
any and all rights to the use ol the asms or any
other water, either In said caCon, dam or
dltchee, or herealter to flow through or In the
same, and also any or all other appurtenance*
ejrpertelnlng to any ol tha property above tie
Given under my hand this 13th day ol Decent
ber, ISB3, A.T. CURKIKK, sheriff.
By 11. Bntnira, t'nder Sheriff. .113 td
The Above sale is hereby postponed until
Friday, the 25th day ol January, 1881, at same
hour and placo.
Dated this 6th day of January, 1884.
A. T. OUMB.IF.H, sheriff
By H Bt■ttoicg, Under (sheriff
Tue above sale is hereby postponed until
laturday, ths Oth day el February, 1384, at same
tout and place.
Dated this 25th day ot January, 1884.
A. T. CLRRIKR, Sheriff
By 11. BrnoicK, Under Sheriff.
The above sale is hereby postponed until Sat
•irtUy, the Ist day ol Match, 18S4, at asms hour
Dated tbla Oth daj of February, 1884.
A. T. Cl'tutlEK, Sheriff
By H. BmetCK, Under Sheriff.
Proposals for Pipe Line on
Olive Street.
Notice Is hereby given that sealed proposals
will be received by the undersigned up to the
meeting ol the Council el the city ol Loa An galas
of February 11th, A. D. 1884. for the construct.
Ing and laying a cement pipe 16 Inches In diam
eter, 861 feet in length, from the south bounda
ry ol Nlath street to the south boundary ol
Tenth street In Zanja No. 8, according to plana
and spectflcati.na In the office ol the City Sur-
A certified check for 850, pas able to the order
ol the undersigned, must acsompany each
bid as surety that the bidder will enter Into
a contract in conformity with Ida bid, il the same
la accepted by the Council.
The Council reserves the right to reject any
and all bids.
By order of the Council of the cltv ol Lee An
■eta, at Ita meeting ol Fehruar) Ith. A. Bt
Clerk of the Council ol the City ol Los Angeles.
Los Attgalee. February 6th. A D. 1881
Petition for Deed.
In the Superior Court of the State ot California,
ia and for the County of Los Angeles.
In tho Matter ol the Estate ol William D.
Oreaham, deceased.
Pursuant to an order ol Judge V. E Howard,
of the Superior Court ol Los Angeles county
made this day, notice Is hereby given that Mon
day, the 10th day of March, 1881, at 11 o'clock a.
at., of that day, at the Court-room ot said Court,
in ths city and oounty of Los Angeles, haa been
appointed lor hearing the petition. I Thomas
Wftherldge. praying lor an order diroetlntr the
administrator ol aaid estate of Wm. I). Greshsm
deceased, to convey the land described In said
petition to said petitioner, at which time snd
place all persons Intereat. d therein may appear
and contest the same hv filing their objections
in writing. A. W. POTTS, Clerk.
By A. Rntrai, Deputy
February Btb. 1881. lehtrtd
Resolution No. UB5.
A Resolution of the -Mayor and Council ol the
City of Ua Angeles, providing I r the holding
ol a Special Election in tlie cltv of Las Angelas
ox the third day of Marrh, 1884
Be It resolved by tho Major and Council ol
the city of Loa Angeles ss follows
SaoTios 1. That a ape, Isi election he held by
the qualiflcd voters ol the city of l.os Angelea
In said city, on the
Third llay or Hat eh, IHW4,
For the following named officer, to ait: A Cltv
Assessor, to serve for the unexpired term ending
so the first Monday of l-ecelnlior, A. D., 1884
and until his successor la elected snd qualified '
The Polling Places shall ba as follows
For the FIRST WARD, Kansa, City House
For the SECOND WARD, Offl-e ol Chief of
Police, 31 N Spring street.
For the THIRD WARD, Turn V.reln Hall
For the FOURTH H ARD lingine House No
I. Main street.
For the FIFTH WARD, the Pavilion, Wash
ngtrm Oardens.
The billowing named itereona, residents ol tbe
respective wards, are hereby appointed sa onl
-era to hold, conduct and make re.urns nl aald
tlectton: that I, ta ray
FIRST WARD-Judgeas, Wm. Hughes snd J
Cllnc; Inatseeror, 'iscir Macv
BECOND W ARD Judges, Aaron Smith and
Walter MoGreth; Inspector, A. II Msppa
THIRD WA Kit- Judges, A. W Ryan' and J
1.. Merria; Inspector U. H. Pike.
FOURTH WARD-.lu.igee, Merit,, G. A.uirre
tnd I) H Riles; Inspector, Henry Osborne
FIFTH WARM—Judges, fl. J. Clarke and O.
I). Compere. Inaperrtor. John Philliln.
Sec. 2. Thlareaolntlnn ahall take effect lvi
nediately alter lv naaaave and i uhlicallon as
Sac. 3. The Clerk of th, Oeaeiral shall certify
0 the pasaage of tbla r.*,lo'iou and shall cause
hesame to be published for al least ten (10)
lav, ths same being ten ptlhUoatitne, the last
wbllea'ion to be made prior to tne third day ol
March, A. It 1884, la tha Los Angeles DaILT
'llsai.n, a newspaper published In aai.l city.
I hereby eertlty that Ihe foregoing reaoltttlnn
yea sdopted by the Council ol the city ol Idle
OHreles at iv meeting ol February 10th, A.D.
w w. nanixsoN,
'lerk ol the Ceuncll of the cltt ol Los Angeles, ac
Approved thia lltth day ol February, A. D.
884. al TIIOM, In.yor.
1 hereby certify that the lorogniog resolution
a a full, true aad correct copy ol the original
.■solution adopted by ihe Can. tl ol the oity of
.oa Angelas, at iUsession nt February 18th, A.
1 188 a
nark of tbe Couaeil el aha ettv tat Loe Aogslee
l.oe Angelas. Fabntarv 18th. A D 1884
lettto lot
_ LfilAL
Road Poll Tax Levy.
The Baud ol Supervisors ol Los Angelas coun
ly do ordain as lollows:
Samoa 1. There is hereby levied upon each
male poreen over 81 and under 56 years of are
lound in each road district ol this county be
tween the data oa which this ordinance aiaUjm
Into effect, aa hereinafter provided, aod theonrt
day ol October of the present year. the aunt of
(at 88) two 50100 dollars as a load poU tax lor
the current year
Sac. t (very person in a road district in laid
county, who has not paid tha toad poll tax .net.
tloned in tha preceding section, in soma other
district must pay the same prior to October Ist,
ISM, to the Bead Overseer of the district of
whioh eueh part) is than an Inhabitant.
Bsc. 8 Tits.road poll tax herein levied shall
ba delinquent on October Ist, 1884. and each
person liable to pay such tax under tale ordi
nance, who shall not have paid the same, before
October Ist, last/shall pay to such Hoad Over
seer in addition to the said two 66-100 dollars the
sum of one dallar (81) as a penalty lor euoh de-
Sac. 4. In addition to tha other penalties
herein provided lor, every person liable, to pay
the poll tax alaraaald, who shall not pay tha
same prior to said October Ist, 1884, shall be
deemed guilty ol a misdemeanor and shall ha
prosecuted before any Justioe ol the Peace of
said county in like manner aa ether utisdexaaan.
•rs are prosecuted, and any party convicted on
eneh prosecution ahall be Sned uot more than
aftv dollars (860) or imprisoned in tbe county
|ali of said oonntv not more than Oft) (60) days.
And In the event of the Imposition of a fine and
i failure to pay the eanie, the parly so Sned and
failing to then and there pay the same shall be
imprisoned in the county Jail of aald county un
til such fine be satisfied In the proportion of one
say 's imprisonment for ever}-dollar ol tha Saa'
sndoa tha payment of such portion of aald fine
v shall not have been satisfied at the rste above
leecrlbed, the party oonvlated shall ba dls
:harged Irom custody. Such imprisonment oan
not In any case exceed one day for every dollar
al the Una.
Sat' t. This ordinance ahall go into effect
snd operation upon the 15th day el February,
884, and shall prior to that data be pubashed
lor oue week In the Loa Angeles Daily HanaLO,
1 .".? W 9*P" P«»lhihad In said county, together
with the names ol the members of this Board
.otlng lor and against the same.
*hairmajt ol the Board ul Supervinere ot Loo
Angelea county
Dated February Bth. 1884.
The torcgoing ordinance eat adopted by the
following rote Waldron, Lew, Osborne, Uoes
ler, Giroux and Richard In the airmail vc, (ti):
and Prager in the negative, (1.) feblO lw
Notice to Creditors.
In the Superior Court ol the County ol
Loa Angelea, State oC California.
In the matter of the estate of William BrvsJtt.
Notice is hereby given by the undersigned,
tdministratrlx ol the eslateol William Bryant,
leceaeed, to the creditors of. and all persons hay.
tig claims against the said deceaeed, to exhibit
Item, with tha naceaaarv vouchers, within four
nonths after the flrat publlaatlon ol this notice,
0 the aaid administratrix, at the office ol Wm.
1 Stephens, her attorney, at room 85, Temple
Slock, In the city and county ct Loa Angelea
he saute being the place lor the tranaaction o
be business of said estate.
Vdmaniatratrix ol the E.tate ol William Bryant
Dated January 31, 1881- i. Id 4w
In the Superior Court of tue Hula of
California, in anil for the Guttata o
Los Angel.*..
L). Etlaon Smith, Plaintiff,
*arnh F. Smith, Defendant.
Action brought lv the Superior Court State
d California, County ol Los Angeles, aad the
xmtplalnt Died In aald County ol Loa Angela*, In
the office of the Clerk of eald Superior Court.
The People of the Htate of California send Greet
ing to Sarah F. Smith, Deiendant
You are hereby required to appear in au action
l.rought against you by the above named plaintiff
hi the Suiierlor Court ol the State of California
in and lor the county ot Los Angelea. aaat to an
»wcr the complaint Bled therein within ten clays
(exclusive of Ihe day of service) altar the eervlea
on you of this summons-if served within tbat
Co*rty;or, 11 served c las where within thirty
daya, or Judgment by default will bs taken
agaiuat you. according to tbe prater ot aaid
cotnplah.t r '
The said action Is brought to obtain a Jtiatf
mstit In favor of the plaintiff dicaolvingthe bonds
of matrimony tow existing between the plaintiff
and defendant, relerenre being herehv made to
the complaint on Hie ss aforesaid lor farther p ,r
-triage; aaid action Is brought ott the grounoT ol
deeertion hy deiendant.
And you are hereby notllled that II yon tail to
appear and answer the eald complaint aa above
required the aald plaintiff will apple to tha
court aforesaid for the relief demanded in the
said complaint.
Oiven nnder my hand and Seal ol the said Su.
parlor Court, at the County of Loa Angelas, state
ol California, this roth day ol December In the
year ol our Lord one thousand eight hundred
and eighty-three.
I"»M A. W. POTTS, Clark.
By A. RMFRAV. Deputy Clerk. Jane fan
Notice to Creditors.
Estate of Elliahsth K. Beach, deceased.
Notice la hereby given by the undersigned Ex
ectitor of tbe last alll and trstameat of Elisa
beth X Beach, deceased, to the creditors of
and al] persons bating rlslroa against ths said
deceased, to exhibit them, with tha necessary
vouchers, within ten months after the flrat pub
lication oltnls notice, to the said executor at
the office ol Brunson, Weill A Lee rooms 11 to
17. Baker Block, the «ime being the place for
the transaction ol the blttlness o] said tatatvln
the city and county ol Los AnsT.'.ee
Executar of (be last Will and Testament ol
Elttibeth E Beach, deceased.
Dated Lo. Angelea Cel., February Sth. 1884
Brunson, Wells A Lee, Attornovs lor Executor
Award of Contract for Construc
tion of First Street Sewer No. 2.
Notice la hereby given that st tin, meeting ol
S* iSX?? 1 01 .*«?.' L " Antalea, hekfon
the 18th day ol February. A. I) 1884. s contract
for the ccnirtrurtlon of First Street Sa.er No 8
teas hy asld Council awarded lo W. A, Frick lor
the sum of three hundred and eovetitv-four
4S 100 (187 4 43 100) dollars. '
■. .... , .. W - I- ROBINUSON,
Clerk olthr Council ol the City el Loa Angelea
Los Angelas, Febniiry lath, A. D. 1884
leblS 6t
Notice of Presentation
To Doria Jones, Eioisa M. de Sepulvels, Marks
Msrtlnex, J. Welter Drown, tvilllan, Ferguson
Andres Brlawslter, Oscar Mart. Margaret X
Maty, 11. W. I'eashke, A. 11. Judson* Keriah
Hunter, D. Ameltoy, M. 11. Santa Crux "am
uel strohm, Ratnona Reyra dn Flures Vicente
Florea, Howard W. Mill., tlenrgo w Morgan/
Edward L Barker, Jo«o M«<earcl Willism
Nllea, John B. NUea, Mra A. F Th.mti.on and
unknot, r. owners.
You and each c! yon arc hereby notified that on
Wednesday, th, |, lh t, uy ot
vinr.it ism
At 10 o'clock a. a , of said day, or as soon there
alter ac a hearing eat, be hsd. the undersigned
ac llty Attorney ol the city ol Los Angel.,* "
lit the n.me and lor and In beh.ll ol ..id rorro,.
■ tlon, pr.eent to the Superior Court ol the
oounty ol Los Angeles, Rut. ol Calilornia, at the
Court-house, In the city ol [,»» Angel... I* „M
oounty and state, and In ihe Court room ' ,
court House, known as Judge Howard a Court
a.petitioni In writing peering i,„ the .-ondenW
tlon lor the purpose t.f „c .„„ „™ n *
3 Main street, in aald oity. and tor the vi ol
I portion widened, .nd ..Id portion e'taadad
aa a public street. 1 "™ UI
. Th l. ."T"' ""erlned In .aid ,»tltlon and
sought to be condemned ia the lollo.lng
ih.'r^h'i?"*". 1 !'" 1 !! 1 '" '"'•reeetlon m
th. north line ol Harcheaaault street with the
centre line.ol Main street, lormsrly Bath street,
rot, which, no,! hear, the .ontlrv.at comer oi
t al?l t d° J,,n ea, nt.atth :»t degrees,
north line nl 'Mareheaasiilt "atr.'et'." ani«n"l*S de*
Irom the southeast corn.r ol the fence ol Use.
Doris Jones, on the wast tine of ol.are street'
thence north 87 degree, cart, ~11.9 1.., to Ike
northwest line of Alameda .ircrt thence along
th. asms, north 10| degrees east, 88 37 feat toe
ooatln the center line nf [lie propoaad «treet;thence
ttlil .long the northwsat Una ..I Alameda street,
north 10} degrees east. 86.87 leet to the south
line ol High street; thence south 87 degrees wast,
mi.sleet to the north line of Sertsheeeeulf
■treat a staks. south 63 degrees east. 48 ie.t die
tent Irom the prolonged seat line ol llui.er Main
atreet: thence along the north tin. ot Marrhea
aault street south 68 degrees .est, to the place
ol beginning, evr.pt that portion th.ronf It Ing
within the present li.Hita of Mala atreet
I or all further particular. ar-ferci la hereby
made to the aald wrIB-n petition .1 . -|~ f. ~,]
to now on Sle In Ihe 0ff1... ol th. Cl.tk ol th. Su
Crior Court ol th. county ol l.oa AngelM Call
City Attorney of th. OH> of Lo. A,.galea and
Attorney lor Petitioner
Lo. Ang.lae, I earner. 18th. 1884 laMStd
• Sf^JL
In the Superior Court of the Htate of
California, in and fer the County of
Loa Angelea.
E. 8. Jeffrey, llo.ard 8. Jeffrey, j.mee Mo-
Vlcker.J. H. r. Woodruff end Che.. J. lied
field, co partner, domi* business in the City of
New York ueder Ihe fimi netne end .til. of K.
8. Jaffray * Company, Plaintiff*,
David Warmer, Defendant.
Action brought in the nxiperior Court of the
State of California, la aad tor the county ot Loa
Angelea, and the complaint lied hi aaid county ol
Loa Angelea, In the office of the Clarlt ol aald Su
perior Court
The people ol the State ol Calliortla send
greeting te David Wagner, Defendant
You are hereby required to appear In al, action
brought aga.net you by the above named Plain
title. In the Superior Court ot the Bute ol Call
lornla, In and far the County of Lee Angalea, and
to anewer the complaint filed therein, within ten
daya (exclusive nl the day ol service), alter tbe
service on yon of this Summons—ll served
within this County; or, il served elsewhere
within thirty days, or Judgment by default will
ea tokenegainst you according to the prayer ol
aaid Complaint.
The aald action is brought to recover a Judg.
mettt ageinst you lor the sum of MS7SUI.IUO
with Intereat thereon from October 4th, 1883, at
the rate ol six per oeut, per annum, ailaged to be
due from you to plaintiffs on a cartels nrorule
sory note ol date June 1, 1883, tor the further
sum et (744 xg-lCa) alleged to be due ler goods,
wane and merchandise sold and delivered to you
by plalnttfa, tor each other or further relief aa
may bo just and lor casts -A suit. Reference ia
had to Complaint for particulara.
And you are hereby notified, that, II you tail to
appear and anewer the said complaint, as above
required the said Plaintiffs will toka judgment
against you aa demanded, to-wit; lor the sum ol
441,78 81100 with Interest thereon from October
4th, ISS3, at the rate ol 6 par cent, per annum;
for the lurther sum ol 4740 22-l«0; for such other
or further relief ea may be Just and for costs ol
Given under my bend end the Seal of the Su
perior Court ol the State ol Calllorala, In and for
the County ot Loe Angeles, this 27th dey of Octo
ber In the year ol our Lord, one thousand eight
hundred and eighty three.
By E. H OWEN, Deputy.
Plaintiffs. Jaalflß
Iv the Sujxsrior Court of tho Stats) ol
California, iv aad for the County
of Loa Angelea.
Action brought in the Superior Oonrl of the
Stole ol Celilcardia, iv and lor the counts; of Los
Angeles, and the Complaint riled in aaid oounty
of Loa Angelea, in the otftee of the Clark of said
Superior Court.
Ths People of tbe State ef Calilornia read greet
ing to Joseph Milam, deiendant.
Ton are hereby required to appear In an action
brought against you by the abovo resetted plain,
tiff In the Superior Court ol the Santa of CadtW
nut. In and lor the county ol Loa Aug alee, and to
anewer tbe complaint filed Overate, attain ten
daya (exclusive ol the dey of eetasaeej, altar the
eervlee on jou of this Suuunone-sa averred within
this oounty; or, II served else* late., aastsaia thirty
day.-or judgmeat by tlerae* anil la taken
against you eeoordli,. to the ■ raver at aaid com.
plain t-
Theaaid action Is brought te obtain Judg
ment ol this Court dissolving the hands ef neatrt,
mony now existing between plaintiff and defend
ant, and for carts ef suit.
Itelerei.ee is bad fee complaint for taarti-julara
And ton are hereby notified that If jou tail to
apjaaxr end answer the said cesnaaaint as above
raqalrad, (he aald ptaUrltst wfff apply ta tha
Court for the reli.l osaaaniled at the complaint
Given under mi hand and the esxvl of tha Su
perior Court of the State ol Calllorala, hi and lor
the county of Los Angeles, this tlat day of Dec.,
in the year of our Lord, one thousand eight huo.
dred said eighty three
fneel-I A..W. POTTS,
By A. Riarat, Deputy.
J E Godfrey, Attorney lor Plaints* - . derxT
Cortifloitte of Copartnership
Ws, the urtderalgrtad, do hereby certify fasftt
wa are nertnera, tranaaotitig hualneaa In teds
Stale el the dly and county of Loe 1 a ill I as
dart* firm ream, ami stale ol 11. tMUausT.
Co.; that tbe names In full ef ell tbe membera
o I snob partnership ere subscribed hereto, aod
that toe ptaoas ol our reapactlve raaadaaesa are
our respective i.amaa hereto sub
In witness whereof we have hereunto eat our
haiidalJbbiMeU.cy JaniW
Cocxtt or Loa axoxlcs. f **
On this lourteenth day efjenuary, one Urn
!?^, th ;^ ,, i*" etrttf lour, laatur. m
ConredJecoby. c Notary Public la and lores
oonntyol Lee Angelee. residing tberele, da
comtrdcaoned and sworn, ptrsossslly appeal
Beery Sehimmel aad Wntem
known to me to be the persona d
bribed In, and whom name, are sxjl!!Srlbid to
ths within Instrument, and acknowledged („ ,„
that they executed tbe same.
la witness whereof I have hereunto eet ail
hand and affixed my official seel, at my ouVe.
la the city and oounty ol l.oa Angelea.'the de
and year first above written.
>w Nolan Public.
Adjudication otf InsoJ-fwat-ey, May of
Proceedingi and Order ot •*>
Ucatlon of Notice to OretUMhL
In the Superior Court ol the Coauty of Lea An
geles. state of OelUomls
Adjudication of lutalwiacy, See. 6, Ac
of April, 1«80
In the Matter of Jamas II Satan, an Insolvent
James 11. Eganharlng filed in this Court his
petition, acbeditle aad Inventory In Inoolvencv
from which It appears that he la an Insolvent debV
or, the said James It. Egan ia hereby declared to
r» Insolvent Tbe Sheriff of tbe oounty of lays
Angelas Is hereby directed to take |,osacsslon ol
a I tho estate, real and i>ereonsl. of the said James
ll.Egan.lnsolventdehtor.exceptanch sttnav hebr
law exempt Irom execution, and of sell his deeds,
vouchers, books ol account, and papers, and to
keep tha seme salsly until Ihe appointment of ,n
assignee of hia estate All person, .„ forlddden
lepayany debts to tbe said insolvent or to de
llrar any property belong!., lo audi Ineolrent.
hercbylorbldden to transfer or deliver any prop,
erty, until the further order ol thia tmm
cept as herein ordered.
It Is farther ordered, that all the creditor, ol
ssld debtor be snd sppeer liefore the Hon Vol
ney t. Howard, Jitdgs of th,, Superior Court of
t he ceunt.v of Loa Angclra, In open Court, st the
Court Room ol aaid Court, In the county af Lea
Angelea, on the r'lth ,lai of February, 1 iSi. at 1
erfock r. at ,of that day. to prove their debts
"'aajd'Sebio,' °' •TTv' "' ** mmM
It la further orJered that Ihe order he pwV
llahsd In the Lo. AngeleaD.il. llna.Ln, a n.we
paper ol general circulation, publiahetl In the
count, o| to, Antrelee, ac often a. th. aald paper
a published h< lore the eald day eat for the meet-
Ing of creditor..
And It la further nrdnr.al that la the asaan
time, all proceeding, against the aald toaolvent
taexayed. V E RuWARD,
..... 'J' 1 *" lha Superior Court.
I'ate.l Januarr Hrtrt. 18*4.
P. 0 Tonner, Attorney for Intnlvent JaarM
Order to Show Oause.
In the Superior Cosrt of tbe County
nf I .., a Angalea, state of California
Order to Show C.u.e Why Order of Hale
of Real Estate Should not be Made
In th. Matter of the Batata of Robert Bill, da
. eeoeed
Mary Bills, the Admlnetrstrla ol th.eat.teaf
Robert Met,dllentil, flaring tiled her petition
oid.roliaile nl certain of
th. real estate el eald decedent, f,„ ,„„ p„ n ,oae,
therein eet lorth. raestpitrpoaae
It la therefore ordered by the aeld Court, tbat
.11 paraon. Interest, ,! In th. ct.te ol aald d.
eeaaetl, appear balot.- the ».i I Super.or Court on
nye*Maxtsy,the v,itl, ,|., of Maleh, ism, „ ~,
% >!>Z' " . 'he court
Bas., fn\K l c,,y s r,,*„'„:t7o7' &
Sth.«Tm»,i Bii;M: r Ji , :', 1 ; , ,;, , 1 ,h '„, v^id
•vtat. ol th. aald deceased ~ ,|,, n ~„ ,„ ' ' „
And that, cop, ef thia order he pithiumil
el les.t four ■oeces.lv,. week, in ' the Los
A.O.Mt. Hatter naa.ln, a newspaper minted
•nd pebllaheil In „|,| Htf snd count, ol \Z in?
ft laag.oiy; X "" WAI "'.
Paled r.brq.n'irttfo«4''* •*" ,,,t |^™g l d
I b« Mmy nflM rrom 9a.m.to li m *hJ
ItHB ItO« t « t. (iVjndllVC '
h ~M 9up«rinund«t«, of Mrotit
Notice to CreH
L'atato ol Samuel Kutan, JrBB
Notice is hereby given by the ><BB
minutretrix of the estate ot Bani Mmw
oeeeed, to tho creditors ot, end ci BJBJI
claints against the ssid dooeußßßk
tauiu with tho necessary vouci
months alter the tuet publicetic
to the eald administratrix et the o V
son, Wells et Lee, Mo. If Belter Bltxi, ,KR
galea, California, tbe same being the Bj
the transaction ot the business of eald M
the connty ol Loa Angelea. ■
Administratrix ol tlie estate of Heme ■
Jr., deceased. ■
January 26th, 1881. ■
Brunson, Wells At Lee, attorneys oi
tnlrix. j W
Order tO ShOW Oati W/wMmMi
In the Sop«rior CMart af Urn Aniratea
Connty, Stan* of California. J
It appeanng to thl.Ccaxrtfro.mßJ
verined end this day duly pie—WW
Mary A. Patrick, guardian c WW
estates ol said minors, pre)iißJf
tall eerteio reel eelatc partii WW
aald petition and belonging 1' BJ
It Is nacaasxary end will in SM
minors ta fall aaid reel propel Vf,
It is therelore ordered that BJL ,
said wards and ol each ot then w 1
interested iv the estates ul m \
either or any ol them, appear ot.jrc I
at the court room thereat, in which tk
K. Howard, one ol the Juegea Iheret ■
in the Court House, In the city and m
Loe Aaarelea, Stele ol CalUoritla. ou M
day o! March, IBM. at ten o'clock ■
noon of that day, then and there to a *
why an order ahould ttot ba granted ..I
directing the aala of the lolkiwlng-dee. i I
property, eituated in Ote co-uity ol ■
State oi Calilornia, aad more tatrti, ■
ecrlbed ac loUosre, to-alt ■
All the right, title end Interest t l ■
Patrick. Charles K. Patrick aad Mar.
rick, minora, aforesaid. In and to the WM
daeoribed real property, to-wit: WW
Block No, 212, lota A and B, in Mix MM
east one-third (|) ol lots J, X and Lit, <■
and lot Em Block 171, all Ut Horton. BJ
to Ban Blego, in the oounty ol Sen U.. ■
ol Calllorala; also lota 6 and tl In Rk, , ■
Mlddletown: also the undivided one hall Mm
southeast quarter of Pueblo lot to. t"; MM
undlrided hall al Pueblo lot No. 2til _MM
twenty aeree each In aald undivided mmm
The intereats ol said miuors in alo 888
erly la lurther described as the luteißJßf
acquired by aaid minors snd by eect 888
apectlvelv by inheritance from AWMM
lather, the late M. 8. Patrick, MM
minors owning an undivided on. -BJfl
est in ail the aforesaid propertj. YJBBt
And it Is lurther ordered that .BBBJb'
order be published in the Loa A. SBBM
UseaLD, a newsps(ier printed insaißJßß
galea cotiaty, at least once a week fo>BBJ
ceeolvc weeks prior to the said Bsßaxaxßa
March, 1884.
Done in open Court this firth day o. BBM
lees. .. E. HuWAItK, .BJM
W. P. Oaadlncr, Attorney lor tlitardi MMM,
lebatd Mmm
Jail Site. H
Whereas It appears to tbla lioaiu that Mm
eelutely neoeaaa/v tv provide a sunaii.BS
whereon to ertat a Jail lor aaid ,••»», Mm
Jail to contain such accomodation- „ i.BS
neceanary tew public ase under the 1.,„
appearing that ssld county has no j,., ,BJ
datlona adequete, sufficient or proie r lor i-ißj
use, aed It lurtasr appearing that the pr. [BJ
hsieinalter dewcribeJlslhs best In all r-,B
torealteSor caah leal and that it i. i .rat
beat I otereata at* ths Oounty of Los Angela. ■
the said profxarty ahould be parrhasaal [..■
price and Irom the owners thereof her, ,<■
■S3.ftere, be It Reeol. cd, Thai It ia M
teajaea ol the Board ol Super.Un. ■
coanly topurehaes from the owners tl.. aW
wit. O W Childa aud 0.-orge llau.e Sf
.aetata premleea located la Ihe City a' JB
ol Loa Aog.le., Calllorala. and mere ■ M mjj
deerjtted as lollows, to-wit Comm. BY
easaern comer ef the lot of the ' >;> BB
Angels, a petrtl In tb, aorthw.rißH
High etreet IMI leal northeast..!, MM
pie atreet aaai ruining thane .bag jM
•tvaat at. Uf" &-, ao haat; thoac. BB
laat ac tdae toad ef - Menrtcio. the., "J
to Newftrt street H. sS|- W, fai fee,"
Baaegtfielatet the eetanty ol Lo. 1
aanxel. tif t., lit, u-..M
maKmvnm daffira 'Ut m
O T^iM
»»l » d 'a*t Ihe Cork of thia llcer! ■
ol tb. latetrtloo aad time at meeting m
mete asnd purchase by eaiblicntiot," «A
In the Lea Angeles Dam Ileaai.n, »
ol genetal circulation, published I,: .
ter at leant taaee weeks prior to said
named. «
By order ot th. Board ol aupeiv, v . ( .
Re-Beflttration ef Voters A
On n , (a> TrxnOocxTt Cias a , f fafj
Lea Ahgelea t otii.tt BM
Hi. berahy ordered that the Co.iati t BBa
th. county of Lee fiailn ,h.i, „ro.
U»ksl.rtl»rsaistraUonM the , ■ j
tors of Los AagrtM c 0,,,, .ball i:..-Bfj
rwtnglel.i tbe voa>m «gsaid coniitv MM
Ity wltb the Political CBoSel tbe Kt.fe „t BB
rovnht: BB
. "J*"' I >"? 'nuat be kept i, ; the 08, ■
tee County Clerk ol each itmntt a (.real IoePJ
ter; whenever deemed neceaaar.' ihe Koanlßf
Supsrvlaora ol aay county mat l„ order Mt
quire a re registration ol the .', t,i , „t Mt
county, which axld aider ahall be publi, .Bf
at leaet one newspaper pnhl »|„.,| ,MM
co.ntj for not >„ ,„,„ „, „ , u< L9M ■
"".i h0 .," e»aa«Jraar general tk.tlor. BjJ
reglatration ahall conform ia all reanei t - BB
proTlrionaofthl.lvod.tMßceriiMuioi,-;: BB
trstlon, except that any pare™ apph it
regl.tralion ahall be eeMOed th.rev, 'n..
Ing that his nuue waaearolled and ...
on the lormer liranXSlMe, '
Th. former Ureal legist.., o! \ A ;
county mitet be preserved' t.v t h ,. t',.,,,,1.
but shall net bs need for the nuri.,aee
elation after the let day of Novemlier
By order ol th. Hoard nl Supert laora BBJ
7*2. 5 ."i.'.™ *"'''<'■ OttvAth d.y ol Fe BBJ
a. ii . IBS.. a, a, pirm Blfl
■ehlOnai „,',„, gBJ
Notice for Publication of Tim I
ProTlßf Will, etc. WM
eravsoe Cattreaati, i l„ the jm ttj
cot-rrr or 10. a»e»iai f~ i^rSc
tn th. matter of the est t. .: tar I
deeaaaad r^:
I'arauant to an order ol thl. Court, mule I
"a """brglve. that Thnriler.th Übl
day of March, IBM, „ w 0 cta .g . m 0 , MM
day, et the eeurt room ol thl. t „urt l BJB
rdtyaiid oounlj ol Los Ang.le.. h.. beou apt MM
aad Mary E. tjoae,prarlrag that a do, omen BJBJ
nn fil. In thai Court perport,,,, t„ i„. ~„ BJBJ
and Teaunaent ol» r 0. Ilea., de, c.v ,1 I BB
mltted to probate.and the; letter. , ..,,'.„ ■
he lamed th.rayin a.aaid Lotus ■
Mary C Oeaa. et which time and nl. 888
lttwmw^ , ' JZ '*>'»~"' Kll
...... A POTT.H. Countn Emm
By c. rr ow,v. n.pnt, BBS
Dated tasai iarv BthVISM IjaaßJ
Oerdlner ,» Stephenaan, attorney. 10. llMei
uo " - * _ ~z nn
Me Tratler Notice j
T^iS^r^'^&r,,' ■
Court 800,, ol "IBbI
dttnt aad crry on th. ku. n„ „,.".''' •affH
Idea Th. na,,,, ol m v hu.b.n.l la ff t,' ,BJIB|
m*w i.o.Areg.l.. *>'- Il
Nitioe to Oreditors. WM
loberi decee." ■|H
M 1m127" ill B
■ l*w>-1" a. I BBal
See Trader Nolle ■
ft h jtosvs»o' r.VaB

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