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Daily Los Angeles herald. [volume] (Los Angeles [Calif.]) 1876-1884, April 23, 1884, Image 6

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Meeting of the Historical Society.
I'ri.,. ttivul at. for round lots, ot .tan
dard saaJHf, dallvorsj st .toio or waret-usc in
thi. cltt. Hiuall psnsils, eat quallues or extra
rtastM itaaas are not tasatatsfi On the third
i kkc ot thl, pa|s*r will be found a rcsumS ot
trannfictlniiß on flijo.-i . with « i.vl.w of the
market net .V
st- saaap.
N. I • 1 »»
Ho. t
Hold I imp Heed
li. Ili ... ~l
1 i.-f... .... No. 5 „
ulna, seed „ „. 1 66
No. J 1 tt
Urjre yellow 1 ft 1 35
Until yelln. I to
Urt-o While 1 SO
■asttl white 1 40
Uruwum 1 00
tWltsaa 1 10
Pdmi sr. ao
Cracked I t'6
Oronnd 1 Of.
Koll.sl I Hit
Oats J «>
Wow •»
Bran, tea}
M.t.'l fis.l 1 »D
Cracked torn I f>o,
Oraln has-,: 6|
Uvi rpool returned «l
Juiiii dellv.ry
apt* "
Oakland Jut., spot
IM i*. MMtk, ''
liar i t , win babul 16 00
Ban. ~ ro|-haled I* 1*
llear.llen harley
Alf.lf, » <*>
R3 it oo
Mixed Straw « 00
AI (a If a ~~1 '.''.'.'.'.'. '..'l;.'» 60
I. i, , „,-
U A. Karlv lion 1 .1
I'oael.l.lows I St
Cloy.lrl.-h 1 «>
lliunls.ldt * *)
PHTlrsa t tf)
O.rnel t;hlll
Halt lako '-' '*
Kiver Reds
Irish Itiaiitlas I on
Jens'v I'.lu.
Sweet |>. '
While I 60
Yellow S 00
Anti les SO
Norll.'.n 10 SS
Mi,.-I Store M
lirl.ni »
t'lrkiu (Eastern) 16
Cooking »0
l entiira llerwlrh
Urge M
Mo.ll It
Alamlto,. hand, litis It
Kirm i*' 20
Kulrsi te.l. Ilsht 0 7i
taxanraa 26 so
Onions » 00 6 00
Chille. I 16 I W
O.rlle Il» 6
Cahhsße |ST 1110 1 26
"""pink 6 111 6 M
Hal on. 6 00 II 00
lama I DO t 7t
Navy small 260 910
I tv Iter
' "no, 726 776
old rnostort. 0 00
nonstsri to" 700
llroller « 00
Turkei. 18
DsjsS „ «00
lleiw. |.-r l»ll
Ki,h fj
''""Layer. I «'
l<imlon latrts 1 76
Old Ijivers 1 00
Butt i' n «l
V :::::: 14 1?
him, | 12 tb
I'ltuus 11l
I'lunis. i.ltti',l SO
Nectarine 17
irapta *
Btaekbsrrlsa 16
AtaHotae, pitted
W - S
hsjnt., fait il
Ne. er01..... S 00
imart.'.','.*. ««•
yiaslon, small
baauw » 60
Limes I *t
With,lit, ... 7 *
Hi tman Waln.lt, 10(1112
Aide: 2 60
Dry 10
Kip 17
Calf I*s
full. 1 le
st in-:
Mmrt wi..,, ..eh 20,. Ml
Look wool, Bach SVf*l 00
atasarnOKS lOCttt
Kail clip. V H. 7(al0
Spruit; clip, V ■ ."It
CKSt Bacon IM
stadium " n
Heart •• IS
lard, 10-t. tin, 12
•' 6«, •' lft
" Bt" 'I
•• mm •■ is
" Hulk
Sugar eiiosl 17
A. At - ., nt.i-.ititiuiiksl
tabrloatlnK oil. n
The Hiatorical Society of Soutbern
California mi Iyi stnadaj evening ot Ihe
CMr Court It""!" i» Natletii Hlock, IW
idetit Warnai presiding.
Ad.itlons tv rf made lo Iho Incipient
llbrnrj ol tl.. S t> by Judge Morgan
aud Ocn. Maiislield, fornldcl these gen
tlemen received tlie thanks ol tlie Soci
,ty. We trust tint citisens In general
will adopt the landablo custom of mak
ing similar present, lo at. Institution
which will presarvi Hum tot tlie bern lit
ol posterity.
In accordance will, a reqnesl nf the
Boc'n t\ made at a previoil mooting Mr.
C. Wilson prosentcrl fin preser,»tlon
in Iho archlras a manuscript con
taining IH' legal history ol a church
lot, , anhieot which lias hitherto basn
a mailer of illscnsslon hy the Society.
Facts tbo, put in a permanent condition
by persons who Knew of them nt tbe
Man* "I their ooonrrvnos will be of great
t1,t... -t 1 ' Mitnro generations.
l'rofessor Ira More txMbtted apiooe
ctf llieloino'ii Intlinn pipe stone from Un
quai-ry in Bonthwestam tstinnaaota, tbe
only placo in tlio world when tins stone
is known to exist. Ths speaker do
s. i-il.ed tin. tooatlt) as In I att il fifteen
years ngu, nnd gave n learned and inter
eating account ol the mode "t quarrying
the wtono nnd preparing the pipes. A
fact not generally known is that these
pipes, marl* ol n alone iound only In
limited quantities nnd at nno place,
were in use among tbe Indians of Ihe
Atlantic aealroard and even among those
of Northern Mexico.
Mr. .1. 11. Nile, oxhibilcd a stone from
near I >»l torn, Ohio, whioh is supposed
to have been smoothed by glacial action,
Tho stone is found in largo quantities
in that locality, nnd is used for paving
purposes. Whether tho genial Council
man proposes to introduce this stone for
paving purposes in Los Angeles be did
not state. Many cili/cns w ill wish that
dame nature had placed a quarry of tin
kind at our <
Col. Grifhil exhibited n photograph oi
a fdngutar stone in the State ol Antio.
quia, United Stales uf Columbia. It is
known ns "I.a Careha" Ihe shell and
Is thrust np on i t.d near tho summit of a
Mil in a spur ot the central Cordillera of
the Andes, nnd at an elevation of some
two thousand feet above Iho sea lovel.
Tko stone, weighing ninny tons, uml re.
sembling a lingo scallop shell, is of
Bienite, bnt tlio grooves are as sharply
ont ns thinigli dono by human agency.
It is snpposed that lliese. grooves were
made by the action ul water, during the
lapse of man) et ntnries, whon the slum,
probably lay in n recumbent position,
after whioh il was Ihrnsl up mi end by
semo great ctumilsiuti of nature, proltn
bly au earthquake. Simitar stones are
HOt latrcqnent iv that region, nnd some
or them were nlilire.l by Col. Griffin iv
the eunstriirtiiitt id bridges, abutment!
and the like.
Prof. Huh' I- spukl un the subject of
measuring rainfall, contending that the
recent invention of a rain-gauge swung
in gimbals, after the innn I n emit
pass, will invariably measure in excess
of tho truth. This the speaker demon
titrated mathematically.
We regret that a lack of space pre
vents onr giving nt lenglh tlio very in
teresting reni n l.:< ul professors Shaw
and Halter. Wo trust alto Ihat the His
torical Snei,'v will see lit to allow a
shorthand reporter tobepresenl at their
meetings in order that such matters of
general Interest ma> nut lm lost to the
The members ..f the Society appoar to
Mat a greet deal ul interest in historical
and scientific quettlons, mid it is pleas
ing to note that we have among us gen
tlemen ol scientific attainments who arc
an honor to the community.
The Kind They Are.
In Blnltratloii nf the quality with
which 11.11. Gordon ha- In dool, it is re
lated that in 1821 I- Il.sonol Mehemi I
All, the oonqnerpr of Soudan, was
ordered l.y hi:, father In oolleet the
tribute due irnni llic tribes of Bedouins
of BLtndj on tho Nile, hall way be
tween Hcrhcr ami Khartonm, liinailsnm
srtoiied n chieftain known ns the Tiger,
and told him to Hu nisli 11 large amount
of forage and fodder in lion of n money
payment. Next morning Ismail and his
troops found with satisfaction pile, oh
the still) demanded plant .1 around the
oamn, but thoir satisfaction was short
liTod. Tho "lull was net un lire, aud
those not burned wero picked nil hy
men lying in wait behind the burning
piles, loehemet, tv avenge bis roasted
son, razed the town of Shendy, hut the
Tigor made tracks iv good time into Ihe
fastness... ni Ihe interior. Vhictttio
Iltigliea's Rntaiao hatha, located No.
Sl6 Main St., ~|.posi(.e the PiOO House.
Ileiitieiuen and ladies uttended to by
A positive cure for dyspepsia--f>ami
ana Bitten. Michel Levy A Co , whole
sale liquor dealers, agentr,
If you want a good appetite, drink
Damiana Bitten, Michel Levy ft Co.,
Wholaaale liquor dealers, agents.
The old reliable store of C. F. Heinze
man is still headi|uarters for drngs and
tnedieiueH. fife bas a full line of patent
medicine*, selling thtwi in quantities to
suit at ITfeatolß prices.
If yon want a good littiug trnss call
at 0, V. Heinzeman s I>rug Store, 122
Main street, who keeps tho largest as
sortment of tru-n.es on baud in Southern
Decoration'- and wall papers, thetiuent
uml latest, aud the greatest variety, al
Raphael Bro*., Ul Main street.
.1. A. Valder can be found at tbe Los
Angeles Picture and Art Store, No. 114
Nadeau Blook, « here he baa the largest
atoek of pictures, I't'titnes and artists'
materials souili ot Sun Ki-atieiseo. auH
The largest stock of drugs, medicines,
perfumeries and toilet articles in Soutb
eni California, atC. K. Hoinzcman'a.
r>atnian.i Hitters regulates tlie ntomaeu.
Michel & Co., wholesale liquor
dealers, ugonts.
The Mt'\ican remedy for diseases of
t !■•■ kidneys and blailder is Damlana B t
ters, M. Levy ACo . wholesale agents.
Xi r health, stiength and vigor drink
Dam aia ll.ttors. M. Levy A CW
whokhtala eg nts. jau6 ly
Thu HtTJULo rbmi Pbimvimci BoVai
makes a specialty of Lafal Printing.
Ilriefs, Trntiai l ints, etc., printed at low
Spanish buiguage. Hy Trof. A. Cuyas,
4 Main Street. dll-ly
You will never have a sour stomach
' if yon drink DamiaM Ritters.
| Damlana tnakM the old young and
the weak strong and healthy. Michel
Levy ft C ..whdesale liquor dealer.
1 agent.
I I*adieH win. ure troubled with cramps
: and nerTOOineas abould drink Damiana
Hitters, it Is pleasant to take.
Damiana m ikes the »bl und the
weak atroop mid healthy. M.Uvy, A Co.,
IA 111 l 1 '■■■ul Llt|H«N deulcrM, ilk', lit. .
To Whom It May Concern.
Plaaae take nolle*, Any person bav
tug pledge; or eolluterals at the SUr
Loan and looker Offioa, No. 4 Com.
mereial street, will please redeem tlie
satin- Ot pay accrued interest tin Toon
within thirty days from this date or thry
arill be sold. P, S. -Money loaned on
all kinds of pt-rsoual property. mr.lOtf
All raapaotable dealers keep Damiana
Bitters. Michel Levy A Co., wholeaale
liquor dealers, ngeuts
CJan a Woman Keep a Hen at ?
A prominent phyaioan wmili that a
woman oan really be made quite ill by
j trying lo keep a gn »t s. cret; vn, with
i ont wishing t«> etiuse any illness, but
ratln-r to cim it, wo Luvu a MOTPs' to
impurt, and tbat iv, there is ..nly one
! thing tbiit will diaaolve tlie poiaoaomtt
Uric hci.l which exiate iv tbe l.loud nf
Kheutnatic and Couty pntienta. Of
course you are ut Überty to teil the se
| cret, which is called Salicylica. It
strikes directly at tbe cause of Rheu-
I uiutiam. CntU and Neuraltria.
Call ut C. K. Heinzeman's Drug Store
j fur West's Nerve and Brain Treatment,
I Yon Billow's (ierman Dyspeaia f .ure, and
j Mlaven's (,'uliforuia Fruit Salt; t' c only
| agent in Los Aiitreles oountv.
Too Short to Be Convenient
Eshvard Trowbridge Dana, a brother
of tlm poel Richard) H, Dana, was tho
perunn who aetcd as a coat holdvr tun
bulky Kngllsh frien.l while the liittci
poltHlied ofl a LoihUiu Street rough. The
btaldeut wns related Uy Ih: Hotmesoti
the occasion nf introducing Matthew Ar
nold to his lirat Boston auiiieme, und
recitlla ti remark of tlie autocrat's brother
On a certain occasion. Some one, in tho
presence of tbe bitter, hud been dilating
on the fact of the inking nf Ihe human
body, saying: ".Itiat think, it one should
live tv l>c n couple of tbotisnnd years old
he would shrink down to say, live inches
in height."John I lohnes objected strong
far to this result, "lor," said be "if 1
should shrink to micli n height it would
be very inconvenient, wince my Hboe
atrings would be continually flapping in
my face." — A,V. r» ttth'-r Sn/unfit;/,
It is etrango that some one did not dis
pose tho mob iv Cincinnati by proposing
to tako up a collection,
tyyvbil \V ) i;!i}.'m»V, it', U'.. "" "
■nMra; *»■ '"" " ' "'
t> niUlpa lo I', <n .in, I.f,n i„ 1,1 |, i.ik
31. 1,1 ... 1., '..r I I 1.,t ... Mk |v„ i.li,
14. V i ML i | , ,!i ,
Vi*fv""'H t'l' '' A '" S I"
tj*" I'M. i. i>.,'.',UV.!"V.-1..ki..i s .i.iv
7th .t; na:,.
Co.ti.riii, 1:.,,,, m I tt.i.,l i;,.0».> iv
i:,.5..i.i . -.in..
••nta A i., ..-r. I mi: « Hmlth Lot I.
I,lk «,»,,. .1. s„„i , \,,„ ~,„, ~.r , „,
J lm*. i.,c 4 i. i: >„.in |.i •»*,.,».' r .„
Joining i :,-r..s, Ii !„«
X Ainr,..., XI i., \JI it -lo* w-r.- iv
R0h,ii,1i.,.-...i. -..ni:, Ann syn
H Al'.ir.l t II ns .rit.M.-r Ki. I.i a.-r I 1..t
34, W'.lt- t i.i H<. sin I- ,r ~' >~ ~
j wiiii. i ~ : i , , , ~n, ,„.
4, N»» IM-.t 1r.,1 .„.
f '•'""*•
■OBIC Co to \.\, .»■ S.Mvl.all MlfKi
tk.mu Co t.. \1 i.ir-. -| .it- "„„',, i. ,; lk
No* ha 11; «?1 'J.'.
blkoß,l'oi.i ni ': .i *" ' "'
• mVm"'^."'.''!^;' 1,1 vw * , "" '" ~lk
HII YVrtK. li. .11 tn W I |{„ haldvoll -11,,. ro-L.
ItO Hull!lug Minu. Aim VU.UU.
H.,„ a. but;
JB Jamls. i. t.| |i lurkur -40 air. .in iv.
Nai.l ili Sn- t:, \| in : xiisai
THKlai;. f. \ II .1.v1.n0 uml c: .1 r.,>
040011 " ' **' i>r ' " M "" 1
In reappli tt'i■ni "I s. I'aul's Protectant Kpis
i-opal l ien li in i. ■ i.utli-.ri/m,/ Mil nt uu«.M
neilii.ti- -.i l-.t i l.ik .17, ll.in.n k'i -nrv.-\
I It M Wilt., t , Mr- I. ; M i „,< |, uuii |,i
blk |07. w i 11... .1- i i"
Mnn SI Nli ... » an.lH Kron.ick Lot Ili
Shaw tract; i'GTi i
NsttmHUinliill.erai.dCE, her husband, lo XI
t. 11.-l -Ut li,, ),|k v All- (nut SILO
1 Be«iMr> t.. 11 li R.iu*'.in.. X \ Q i s. I.lk VH,,
Canal ami Xi wrwur I m-N . i >7 ,
EC Bs»l*m to a A h.irr. li w*ofNW inf N
W J sar 32 TV S |< 13 H; I.
FII Varolii* to Mm H v ti Bar h.v Lot in,
Oillmoo ..ml tr.irt r. •
r II Ua«rla> to SlmlSCfi Latvia., ami MrsSC
MeLHUII " Lillumn- Vme.nrd Ira-t, «M
¥II Hardin mMn KrMeLellaa Lol If.aaaas
C Whito to Mr. c H Copu- NI. cor ;..l and
Olnc "U; 9SBOO.
M liodaworll. ami S Whit« In L I* I. ■ . l.w.
3, blk Itj, E L A, 8410
1 Building and nvii le nl of tool,, ,11 ..... ... .!
In Bnt rate ont.r, tn . good toc.tl.ti Will b«
■mid rhaap on account of 111 t.*alth. AppL on
Upp.il M.in .lroet, AUmoda Hotel.
»p SI! lw
moo* fmmlT 1
One ol the 1.,.test,!. Halted paying- saloon, in
thseltv ata sa. rlt.',, nwiiif lv lit lit.lth ol the
proprietor. Applyto P. U KsdyACn , Ho. tt*
North Main -tt. .I, opposite I'leo Houw ap6tf
A handsome eottas. of lite rooois, nicely nn-
Ishod Inside, sltu,U.l titi Hl.th .treat. Iwtween
fort and Hiring. for term,. It.\, .tppll to
nnv2 tl Opfioslte the O&OH House.
A j MittK hearing orange grot ti, .ttuated near
Innl'lulL; al.uul It acre« pLlittil, with a wat.r
unlit equal to one head ol water for to hour.
t-v.T> month, without Mil ihargefur u.e of w.
t.t; w.terpiped to the Und; will give a wrltt-n
KUiratiteeilf r' .|"iir«l,itl,.t the next (Ton will
.111 for tt p*r "nt ..I the prl.ie a.ke.l for the
plaaf Satisfactory reasons lor selling and other
particular, git en on »ppll.uti<.n lo "J, H. A.."
Ilintti.nOffli. mh2slm
Newly tinilt two story family residence in the
hint part of tb* ally, .MM to atreet ear..
ItOBINMO* * » 'AIR, Hll.ll
IOr'.rMMRItIiAL fITKF.KT, threo iloori front
Main. apl ft 2w
Urn, elegantly Ullrlatll room., with board:
ri i.l mill l.s:«l. .1 und in Ihe moat ilsalrahlti part
ol th. city; IWO Mill tint*, MM fourth. ep.'.tl
Two largo finely furnished front room, to let
with hoard; house eontalnlng telephone arid all
modern con. i niftier,. No. 4. r »:i South Spring
BtfMl. ii.r2. r .tr
A .tout hot to luaru the trade ol hia. tamlth.
Apple to JOHN WII/sllN,
»i.*3t Pirgtitr. Nt uar ktaia,
A woman to took aad do general homework
for a 1i.i.1l tainill Apply ,t No nil Fort .Intel,
hot went Sin etith an I Eighth ap2 ! St
Str.tyed tfom rmii-h nmr r*ihtii>ii<.. two old
horm.V, *KtH\ .im. it ...»>. r>f»», - ollarM reward
f.»r inft.ri.mti. n ili:il will liml In the r recovery.
Add re*. \m IBS, Ul Aii.'. l'-* I*. ap2->2t
A .li»nibi i u»ti<( Apply Inuiifc.litM. )> at No
| ) Diicna Vl*»i a|»>Trt ot ap2'.i it
About 17 ..earn t i,l, to team thr, phutoxraph
iiiinncsH. O.io who livM with imrtintri pre'erretV
K»(|iilrti at Hcliinaciicr's photograph (fallory. op.
stotjite the potslofflt-e. apti 2t
A Ana bed of day iult tble for a brickyard,
Apply at io, 19 AU o rrtreut. ofM Iw
An aXporl MM milt »..t. AddrtM* irt OWfJ haiid
wjrtipip, tiviun Mi-ren-eH, 11., HIUVIU rltlt-e.
apis lw
Hirayod or 'itolen IrMU Uk> <jM I4WISM -.dm t>,
t-ut.t niilf. li-rUml l.ns Arisflft .ity.i.no Mark
hor**!, at'OUt it; viar.i r.1.1, while fuc. whit.- hiii'l
liiot.atut lir-ml.. 1 -non lull hip. Also one da;>
pla t,'rt.y htu .»b> »t H vt'i.rH old, 1 ram*.*, kj
un Ut hip fHwi l >'<'!>>i l '•>>' tiimr return or
for iitforiiutlvß -.ii' will I■: ti It ,1 tho in .vl-j
tin. ;il.ott („. d hor« i 4.
w J. KINa^BUnT.
auiy t* LoaAiiKo!*!". *'•»••
An AmtrloM rjM to do iv hi bona«woM in a
yiuall family. Apply t*t Ml Houth rh tritv
rtrttaj ttpl7.t
hark lta\ Maro, about IS yearn old, wbiio face
«ml four whit** fp- t; hm rltflit oir notch: .1 ami
sp.tnir.li hrti.il on l.'lt tl ink. Tho itbovc rt-wanl
willhanal.l r>u nltiin to Ital H. HBfM ntrpet or
lit . t Hi, , apititf
No. 15 South Spring Street
Haa |tt*t received, i all. .il uf Ihe
Alio, one Sal lot* of the
Dnvis-'.onlil ('iirrlaitex. Una
fflrs, Phii'toiiM ami Tarts,
PurehaHivl iltratt from the inntiiifai-torv for
CASH an I he sold CHEAPER than
ut any other pl.iee In Ihe l it) npo lm
The Clti I SIM ll fit will ne In his Sstat daily
Iron. 0 a. a. to 12 a. and 1 lo f. r. »..
No. 6. WK.ST KIIIBT STlltdKT, KOOM No. S up
stair,. utarlstf
Feed und Sale Slahles,
No. 126 Reqnena Street.
Day, Week or Month.
A full -i. k of wull hmke horaos and niuloa al
wa>a on hiintl fur tale.
The breakioK Mid m\mSm*g of colt*a Hpfviulty.
The Poetry of Sonlheru €nll
for ul it,
And other I'n.ino,
By Albert F. Kereheval.
E.srv home itaoul l contain s copy ot t is
lisaollrul hook.
For Sale by Phil Hirachfeld & Co.,
ix.lt\. \ inn, k
Prlt-p. - .' - #:t.
too MM Htrert.
J. at 1.MK7.. ptmirtttltt. fssstllss suppliisl
Witb hre,d, rske,, pie., ele., of tltn liest i|U,litv,
Onler, taasttsA. mftl Ini j
LittlesW Sheep Dip.
Price Reduced to $1.25 per Gallon.
Twenty (.'-Allonsof rlui.l mixed with cold waU-r
will riiak. l,?0n nitlluns ul I tip.
It lit HiiiHTior to all liipe and hrwtiiiiiK * for
Hi \a in Sheep; h certain in *flfeet: Ib etiiily
mixed, ami ii* applied in a cold state, rulikt
Hiilplun or tntmeen, of nt b* r polsoimtlt Dipo.il
iiKTetuM'tt Ihe arnuth of the wool, stimulate** tht-
It. e-'f Hti.lrenlh addl to thr jolk. It ileMtrovt,
nil vermin. It it i lH.aeioUß lor almnrt t?verv
ilneßse tiiiternal and external) nheop are nuh-
fctbM la Kan Franelttco, Cal.
The Finest Part of the
San Bernardino
Adilrisw y. i. .11IMOB, or
elTtfwj San Bernardino, ilal.
Mineral »...„. Siurklinir Wine, and all Cr
honated iw veraire,; Apparatiw. Materials and
Ari*«HorieM for Mai.ufartiiriiiK. I >is|k'i..ioi: hih)
llottlitiK, with lull ItiHtfiii t'oiis i :.Uiloiiin sent
saa. sfjillasilts. The Ptna of joiin mat
THEWS, first .venue, -'nth .nd I7th St.,
Hsw York. dsv7 Sai
Madame Ponet,
Millinery and Fancy Hoods,
A new and complete atock ol the lataat styles,
to he aohl at bottom price*. spHtff
In .11 its liranthea. New Rprlng M) les just re
ap! 'f Mo. irHopth MalnMt.
Formerly of the White StMMI, ten Franelsco,
406 Sixth Street, Oor. of Olive,
lIP STAIRS. raarlO lm
Mrs, M, A, Forster,
Fine Millinery,
\o, no\. H|»riiifr St.,
Opposite Hie * k 4 Uv or Purls."
An fffejf/aat stock uf Flowuri, IUb«l and Real
Lace Triininiuirs. inhliU I in
And all thuvanous diaeasos o! tlu He id, Tbroat
aud Chest, IncludliiK the - ye, E.rand IKart,
stieclariH treated b> al. Hh.tuN Willi amh, M. !>,,
formerly ot Detroit, Mich, offhv 273 North Main
street, Lt sAnu;elei, Cellfornb.
All diseases of tlie rusmrat 'ty urif im treated
by the most improved mcilicited iuliaUlnins,
thus brinnin(i tie: remedies intu direct contact
with the dlst asod part . Thess are in ail cases
< oi.tr' I with proper constitutional rsasadlei
for the liver, stomach, nervous r-v stem and blood
DrtMioliitbj is .in ln.lani'uatl m of tiie nuoous
membrane ot the bronchial tubes, and Is one of
the mi t comniou of thn pulmonar aftcctious.
L hronu nn nctuti.s more often app- us later iv
Ufa. H hen a cjl i sctties on the tbe i!U
oasi lit-ier duds in bronchlti* ur putumonia It
It ends i-. luoiiehiti.t it usually pas>ts. ff a. a
cold on thu chest and Hill tiie patient docs not
feel tut ir.-ly well. Ho feels tned nn I languid,
arid is ni.Mp.iblo of lakliii; bU Usual aiiDiint'it
extrcta.- ami cxi eiU ihus a fcla iliith-H tl breath,
with n.ore nr Un< warmth in the pulius M hi.
hands. So ,n after Cib a appears, accm
pini.id by an exp.ctoiation ot thick mucous 10l
I iv.oj by a hectic Hush, 10-ixV and -trciib'th
ami iiijrht sweats continue wheu the pa'ient a-.
bUiiius all tht appearances of liavim,' n ti*'"mnc
case of cousiniiptioii. Liv llll» i, -imp'y ca«
tjirh r.f the tnitffi or chro, tc branchlUs,
In rbc hter st ike of tlie di«.MSi.- tlu- uiuc,>j.,
niciul.riit.c ot tin larger npui.blal tuh: solun--,
while in theaunllertutKs atid air eelll nf thl
luntfs the icncivw menil l me hrcoin. <• convert, i
and inflamed. There are no cavities nor liil.ui'uh-s
iv thu lutijn, but mirely a wasting aviaj ol the
larirer bronchial tubes and death t.iket placo
from obstruction of the bronchial tubes and air
culls off the lunar, Tho patient dies from ex
b-iustion and suffocation, I» inn uiitldn to expec
torate tho mucous « hit h an io. ulatcs in lhepa*i
u iLjt le id nu; to the lungs, which in some oaaea
i-s*tlcl.v tind small in quantity, but mure c.ini
in .tilv eoptous, of a light -draw or yi 11-h ir«li
jrrecn Uftcntln Htrcaks of lilood make their
..ppearaiicc in the n in:.>ih, and at times there is
a diiagreeahlc smell. I't-rsons thus titliictcd ore
liable to take a cold, at which time tbe mucous
hcfiuncs clear ami frothy, and It is not uncom
monly the ease that the patient dies In one of
these attack.
Humid bronchitis , from humor, t■> be moUt.j
Is so called from thu profuse quantity of watery
seeietions » hi, h c >-s fioni t lie mr ot
the ItiiiKs. At times it. In i tin quite lopy , like
t!n white Of an ettK. This form ot disease usu
ally attacks oM people.
l»ry Kro:iL'liiti.s This r-lsitaac, the very oppo.
site of the above, it a VSTJ common affection.
Very mam |ic.ip:e wb > n «ud tin ms lyes quite
ht.allb\ aie to dty under its influi nee, and are
-lowly but surely ln:c.uniiik 'he vittiitu of this
treaciiCi-i.tis complaint. This is the most insidi
ous of all pulmonary dheasca. llure may at
Ihwl be a slii;!it, hacking mgh, und an e\pt to
rn tlun of a bluish-white n '.eou-t. Ami hi rein
lie th- danger. This iiiuimim, inhabiting the
air cults of the lungs, b.-ing difflcub to raise, af
ter a time bi-fomes ►olUified, p> iiiiit.nilly 01,
-htructing i nrlions of the lungs, ■ lusing short
ness of breath and a fueling f oj prcsian on the
eho t, putieularlv alter meals or <in aliijht exer
t.on After a time tb \cr ngh be. nines niore »e
-vera arid cent* on la paroiylans, and as the
shortness of breath i n .--l t-a is. it c.l most assumes
thucharac*.-r of nsthnia. The iuucoih meat*
brans nla.. be conns nioieand more thickened,
which arises Loin tho frequent fresh c,Ms, and
tin-patient at last becomes fully a a are of the
terrible eh jiges that have tiken place, and the
inevitable rehulU that aro to follow .
Inha'ftti ni is tlie only svslcni which will euro
these dis asus nnd yet the Heat in. Nt of the two
are entirely different. In the on « o hillst allay
the irritation, vh.le in the other we must stim
ulate a healthy action
This will cr mince usol theneo, .itv of fully
Uiidi'i-sfaiidiiig the sy stems of Mcd eated luhila
tinns in the treatment of the various dis, awns nt
of the pulmonary organs, for when property ap
pt'ed thor* is no system uf medicine to be com
pared with it.
Thoee who desire to consult me in regard to
their case had better call personally tor an eij
uniiiulit.ri, hill Ulin | >-1 ,-i 1 .le t<■ do SO, niftl WTlte
foi list nf Uncut inns and Mi dieul Treaties.
AddressH. Hilton W illlnniH. SI. I> .
276 North Main street, Los Angeles, Cal.
OFFICE HDOM yveui 10 a. m. to 4 p. m«
Sunday from 4 to S r. H.
Residence, 16 South Charity Street.
ionSOdiw tf
Mantit Monica Home Toiiilorls.
I hay') a few first-class rooms with board for
those incking health aud comfort.
Adjuining the Post office, S»i ta Monica,
eplfi lw
H. Newmark <& Co.,
Dealers In Wool, Grain. Midas
11, II nrl 15 U)8 ANOFJ.KSHTRKKI
Merchants' Lunch Counter & Chop
Cor. MAIN aiel ARCADIA. Optm * Night.
»pl7t) lIIIDEN ft HAI L, Props.
Three thousamt lino budded or.mge trees six
years old at thirty d-dlarsper hundred. Apply
attW North Msln street, over 0. U Hush's
Jewelry store. aplTtf
kIMRAUi M A\si4i\ Select Fam
llv Moatditig. line .uites an.l la.ire siiurlc rooms.
«'ontainini' al) Irtish m t-.-nv with hoard.
< harn.inc v iew of mountains and vallc and only
a few steps from business cuter. Khclrie lujlit
IBnadaalaetaa spu%mm. ttl I*ea night street,
nasi Temple. arm) »lm
A. CUYAS, A. M.,
Ueinber et Ihe it ~r.| of In.tru, ti-.n of the Inl
>erait) ol Soul hern I'nlilon.is
Prof, of Spanish Language
Balm fil.iL-k. Room 34. ■ - Lo, l.gllw
We would respectfully call the attention of
reMd.-nts of Sout horn i alifomia to thi fact that
Oor. of First .and Alameda Streets,
Will be ready on or about the lUh of April, to
turn out all kinds of heavy forging*, engine* and
boiler work.
In tne meant hue we aie prepared to attend to
all repairs on boilers and engine*.
Notice of Annual Meeting of Mem
bers of the Los Angeles Board of
Trade, for the Election of Direct
Orniß or Lo. AKf.Ri.KK BaUM oi Trap., t
Rooms 2. S and < Hiker Block, I
lai. Anireles ISaJ, Callfornl.. )
The .anna) meeting of memlicra ol the lyrs
Anirele. Hoard of Trade »ill Is- lield at the offloe
ol said Board, Rooms 1. X and 4, Raker niock.
Is. Angeles City, Cl., on
Thursday, April Ita, 1884%
At 7 SO o'clock p v., for the election ef three (3)
Directors for the ensuing year and the trans*.
tmnof other l.iu«ine*i that may be necessary.
Fvery member i» ratiuested to he present in per
Ry ordarof the Mveinbsrseffiald Board of Trade.
John M. i.a V) fa*. liwelary,
(Ea*>r«sspU*ae cop y ) epatd
Mortgage Sale.
In tbe Superior Court of the County a
Loa Angelea, State of California.
Case No. 1373.
Thos. K. Hatchings \
Administrator, elr., |
f, \V. Clark, J
Under and by virtue cf a decree of foreclosure
and order or sal-\ entered in the above Court on
the sal d tvol Si ptemher, A.D. 1882, and a writ o
execution for the enforcement of aaid judgment
lequirlug the bale «f property under foreclosure
of mortgage reciting said decree, and date t
SipiMiibcr »!th, lrW*_\ in the above untitled
cause In favor of Thos. B. Hutching* Admin
istrater, etc., plaintiff, ami against J. VV. Clark,
debndanl, fftr thu sum of 63380.06. Including
attorneys' fees, besides costs of suit, interest
and accruing com >, a certiftad copy of which
decree of fuiv- I'-nurc and sale, duly attested un
der the seal of said Court, on the 9th day o
February, A. D. IHB4, and delivered to me on
the Ist day of March, ISS4, togethe
with the writ annexed thereto whereby
1 am commanded to sell at public
auction, to the highest and best bidder,
for cash lv 1/nited Stales gold coin, the following
and in aaid decree described Real Estate,
to-wit: Lying and being in the County
of Los Angeles. State ot California, and
bounded and particularly described aa follows,
to wit:
southern pertlon o' lot eleven (11) of the
J. Hyman tract of tho Rancho Sun Antonio, cooi
iiicn. mi; at the southwest corner of lot ele/en
(11) and running north 42 degrees E. 26 24-100
chains. Thence south S2| degrees E. 3* 79-100
ahains. Thence S. 42 degrees W. Vt 82-100 chains
to the northeast comer of the school house lot;
thence along the line of said school house lot
N. ] degrees IV. 10 chains to the northwest cor
ner of said school house lot; thence S. 42 degrees
W. 12 17-100 chains to 8. W. comer ol said school
bouse lot; thence N, 82] degrees west 24 79 100
cha'nstothe place ot beginning. Saving and
excepting therefrom that certain portion thereof
com eyed by J. S. Hutchlngs to S. H. Murray by
deed of date Janmtry 26th, 1870, recorded In
Book 14, pago 4*24, of deeds of the records of Loo
Angeles county; also a portion of lot Ten (10) of
the J. Hyman tract of tho Kancho San Antonio,
being the northeast corner thereof and described
its follows, commeitc:ug at the N. E. corner of
lot 10 and running south 42 degrees W, 12 17-100
chains; thence north 82} degrees W. 10 chains;
ilium; -V 42 degrees E. 12 17-100 chains; thence
south 82} degrees E. 10 chains to tho place of be
ginning, containing ten acres of land. For de
scription ot said Innds reference is made to a
map of said J. Hyman tract of the Rancho San
Antonio recorded In the oilice of tho County Re
corder of Los Angeles County In Hook 7 of Deeds,
page 219.
Public notice Is hereby given that on
Tharadjay, the K7h Day of March.
A. It. IH*4.
At 1-2 o'clock, a. of that day, I will proceed to
sell, at the Court House Door, on Spring street.
In tbe City and Country' of Los Angeles, State of
California, at public auction, to the highest and
best bidder, for cash lv United States gold coin,
to satisfy Bald decree for principal, attorneys'
fees, interest, cost , and acorui*•«» costs, all the
above described real estate, crt much thereof
as may bu necc?aary to satisfy »>*... sums.
Giv. n under my hand this 4th day ol March
A. D. 18S4.
A. T. CURRIER, Sheriff.
ByU. Burdick, llndar-Sheriff. mht-td
The above Rale Is hereby pestpened until
Thursday, April 3d, 13-4, at the same hour ant
Los Angeles, March 27th, 1884.
A. T. CURRIER, Sheriff.
By li. Burdick, Under Sheriff.
The above anle Is hereby postponed until
Thursday, Apr.l 17th, 1884, at the same hour
anil place.
Los Angelas, April 3. I*B4.
A. T. CURRIER, Sheriff.
By II Bt Him a, Under Sheriff.
Thu above aale is hereby postponed until
Thursday, May 1, 1884, at tbu .same hour and
Los Alleles, April 17, 1884.
A. T. CURRIER, Sheriff.
By 11. Hi' it ii. h, Under Sheriff.
Sheriff's Sale.
in the Superior Court wf Loa Angeles
County, State of California.
F. A, Frank, Plaintiff, \
M. 0. Plnmmer I No. 1390
and |
li R. Plnmmer, Defendants. J
Under and by virtue cf an execution issued
out of the above Court iv tie above entitled
case on the l!)th day of M.-.rch, 1884, to me dl
reeled and delivered on the 31st day
of Match, 1884, for a judgment ren
mcnt rendered in said Court on 2"Lh day of
April, 1882, in favor ot the plaintiff, K. A. Frank,
and against tbe defendants, M. O, Plummcr and
K. It. flu miner, and each of them for the sum of
ijll'.W with interett at set en per tent, per an
num mid 62l*.Sr> comih ami seeming costs, I have
duly levied upon au anaß on
Wednesday, the *»d day of
April, A. D. I "is l,
At 12 o'clock H, of suid day day proceed to sell
;.t the Court House door on Spring street, in the
city of Los Angiloa in the county of Los Angeles,
state of Calif ,mii, at public auction to the
-t and best b.dder lor cash in lawful money
of tbe UniteJ St ttcs to satisfy said judgment for
I'iitii ipal, intt reot, rusts atid all accruing costs
all tho ri-ht. title and interest of the said de
fdidanls ttliich the\ or either of them had on
thu 27Hi day of April. iHat, or which they or
either of them bate since acquired in and to tht
following ties nbt' 1 propnp. -i'uatc and being in
tbe county 61 Los Angeles, state ot California,
and described as follows, to-wit:
The southeast suarlcr (S. E. 1) of Section '
twenty-three i-J;j) Township oi„- < ]) south, Range j
fourteen (U) we«t, and tlie northeast quarter '
(N, E. J) of Section twenty-three pit), Township
one (j) south, Range fourteen (14) west, both San
Bernardino base and meridian.
Also, all the right, title and interest which the
said defendant, M. C. Hummer, had on the said
27th day of April, lvS2,or which she has since ac
quinsi tv and to the following doaejibed property
situate and being hi the said county and State,
to-wit: The southwest quarter (8. W. J) and the
northeast qu v ter (N. E. of Section twenty
thive(■_';», Township one(l) south, Range four
teen (14) west, San Bernardino base and merid-
Also, all that portion of the Rancho La Brea
in sail county In Sections fourteen and twenty
ihree, Township one south. Range fourteen
west, S. H. M., which is embraced within the
United States Patent lines of aaid Rancho and
which lies and is situate on the east of a line
running due north Ift chains from the corner of
Sections 11, 1.1, 22and 23 of said Township tn the
land of Cornelias Cole, bounded on tbe west by
other portions cf thu lUncho I.a Itrea, on the
north hy land of said Cole, and on tbe east and
south by the east and south boundaries of said
Ham ho a bor ting to the map of patent of aaid
Rancho and containing 137 acres of land more
UUen under my hand this Ist day of April
1884 A. T CURRIER, Sheriff.
By H. BURDK'K. Under Sheriff. apltd
Notice for Publication of Time for
Proving Will, etc.
County of Los Angeles. J M>
In the matter of thu estate of Isaac N, Cooper,
Pursuant to an order of this Court, mule this
day,notic- isliordu ghen that Tues lav. the 2»tb
day of April, IM4. at 10 o'clock a. m of said
day, at the court room of this Court, in the
city ami county ol Los Angeles, has been appoint
od for hearing the application of S. M. Davidson
a-id Fug* ni tt ooper.prtn inn that a document nn>»
on fib'in this.Court, to be the last rVill <
and Tc-t anient ot Isaac N, Cooper, deceased,be a.' - t
milled to probate, and tba: h tt< rs t. stamentary
be issued thereon to M. M. Da\ idscn ami F. 'nop
er, at which time nnd place all persons In
terested therein may appear and content tlm
A. W POTTS, Comity Cork. i
By A. Rmpai, Deputy. 1
Dated April 17, 1884. apt! 101 I
Mortgage Sale.
Care No. 2908.
In the Snncrior Court of the County of
Lob Augflcs, Hlute of Califoruia.
Julia Schneider, Plaintiff,
Old Fellow Hall Ruildimr Association, .
Defendant. '
I .'rider and by liitue ot a decree of foreclosure
and order of sale entered io tlie above
Court, on the 14 day of April. 1884, and a writ
of execution for the enforcement ol said judg- '
meat requiring the sale of prnpertv under fore- 1
closure of niurtka,;!- leeitii.K "aid decree, and *
dated the ltth day of Apri., lBSl.iu the al-ove en- <
t ill d ease in faiorof .hiha Schneider, plaintiff, '
and against Odd Fellows Hall Building Associa
tion, dofctidant, for the sum ol Mint 60b 1
tha principal sum and interest, besidesattor- '
ney's fees, seeming interest, coals and accruing '
costs, a certified copy of which dssree of j
foreclosure ami sale, duX attested under the aeat '
of the said Court on the Itlth day ofjApril, 1884, '
and delivered to me on the aame day, '
Vrgether with the writ aanexed thereto^
» berctiv lam on inded o i -11 al public auction, c
to the highest and bent bidder, for cash in U, 8. ■
gold coin, the following and In said decree tie- 1
»cnl>i-d real estate, to nil. I,\ing and lieing in I
tbe aaid county of Loa Angelea, Statu ot Califor- «
nia, and bounded and particularly described aa
followa, to-wit;
Commencing at a point on the en«ierly line of -
Los Angeles ftreet In the town nf Anaheim
Stat* mid county aforesaid, where said line
would he Intercepted by the northerly line of
the atreet now known aa First North atreet,
ami miming northerly alorw the said easterly
line off Lo* Angeles street flfty (Mi) feet; thenoe
at right anghn parallel with KiiM North street, „
and easterly one hundred and twenty (Ijii) feel *,
thence at rlaht angle* In A anntherli direction i,
fifty CO) feet; thuic- at right ancles arid along h
tin north side of First North strest one bun .
.Ired and twenty (120) leet to point or place off
he K iDtiuitr, and being the pi«»-e off land vram
whn bod.l I tlluw" Hall is uom tohiatc.l in the
aaid town of Anaheim.
Public notioo Is herdu git en that on
Monday , the Ittth Day of May,
A- I>. 1«84, at 12 o'clock M. of that day. 1 will U
proceed t'isell al Hie Court House ifoor >in
SpriiiK stre.l, „ , d\ and ~,uuts of lami Ango J
les. State of California, nt public aUO
tion, to tha highest ami best bidder, lor cash
in U. S. gold com, to satisfy said decree for prin
cipal, inlereflt, attorney's leea, costs and
ercruinK <-oete, all the almve deacribsd real
estate or ne much thereof as may be necessary
to aatisfv said sums.
Given under my hand thl* 10th day off April, a
A D. 1884. A. T CURRIER, Sheriff
By U. BURDICK, Under Sheriff. apiuta
Real Estate and Loan Agents.
Mo. tl Flrrst Street. 12jta*
A FaimciiiLD G, A. Dv«mw-n'
(tt.ftji doors from Main street.) seplZtf
Real Estate, Mining
Bomard Block,
I.ux /tnCFlra. Cal,
decll tl
Eeal Estate Brokers,
Temple Mock
H 'in .h, Orange Ororea, Vineyard.,
Kanuhns and Farm,
liefer by licrmiMlon to
J. K. Tulnrm.il, Ex-Mayor: Uen. (leorgo
Sl.mi. in:.n, Ooii-riiiir; John K. i'l.tcr, !'rc.t. L. A.
r.iitntj >Unk; Uun. Jurui Mansfliilil, Xx l,|put.
Ij.noruor: It. S. Huk. r.V : .■ I'r. ml. Nt 1.. A.eoilli-
IV Hunk; J. Dollarth Hhnrli, VltknUKtrUti E. V.
IfauM, Prmldcnt Hr»t Sulioi.nl Bulk; I. Mr.
lkllrtiii'.. I'rv.lilent Kftinier'a nnil Mertl.aiit'a
Bank dec 7 tf
Seal Estate, Loan
.... AND ....
References -Los Angels*) National Bank; First
National Rank; Lou Angeles County Bank.
Have for Mty Property, Improved and
unimproved; Vineyards, Grape and Trait Tind*,
Ranches etc. ocA I tf
Erank E. Adams. Eu K. Adams,
Real Estate Dealers and Mow Mers,
Office, No. 338 Pico Hoase:
Improved and unimproved City and Country
Property. tiraiigo Hrchard.s, \ ineyards aud
Ranches in the btst localities in Southern Califor
nia. Corresoontlcnce solicited.
a. ml--, ADAMS a SON,
No. ffltarico Houae. N. Main St..l,oiiAiiitele.. Cal.
Ttacher ot Music and tbe Herman Lansuage,
Tirim liDSHat.. Flri,tCliss Rrtemm*
Meets al llic nrjsiui Hall
Monday and Friday Evenings.
|«nnt for jtaitunaw.. I \mtmt, : : : lono
Tcninf.ir l.idi.'J. S leiisons, : 3.00
Sinirlo >iiltiii,.-i..n per couple. : I.M
Hu.].: at 8. Mcdli-.v it 11.
mi si»i;cta revs.
t.'lawtor Ijidii-' md l.'hildrcn on Saturday after
noon, at 2.
Ticket* (or Si lessons ti. No \ isitora Iml
married Udiei. fati£l 2m
Pi'ofessor Louin Adams,
Who hu had Itrcntr-MViu yi am ekperienre as a
teacher, Apl niie Ii json- in iv. It. n. Ii I.hii-h:,i;.
-at his uffioe. No. S4 Baker Hlock, or at pupil.- res
idence, on moderate ttn.is. References; Mr.
Kimetie M. nr. Kr,;iieli (.'. hsiil, Miss Sioneman,
J. 11, tiri.Hth, Mis Bishop Kip, tl. A. 1n.1iii,......
*nd many others. j.l -21 lm
tiur patrons MB please take dmJm Ih it our
re pcelive l..U.eii,. i.,!l nvl even Mimlav
from VI ::o to 4 :{ll I. «. till further notice.
Fire and Burglar Proof Safes.
WM. H, SCHKLINC, afwt,
No. 0 North Main Street, at J I*. Mansfield
store, Loa ABfsht*, fal nihlltt
Notice for Publication of Time for
Proving Will, Etc.
CouJtTT or Loh Aaoklrk. i "
In the matter of the Estate of Ebi rnezer llalli
day, dcccastsl.
Pursuant to an order of thN Court, made this
d*y, notice is hereby pi.en thnt Monday, the
6th day off May, IKS 4, at 10 oelnrk a. m. of
said day, at the co irt room of this Court, In
the city and county of Los Angel, s, has b.-en
Mrptnatan fM hearinir the application of
Ihf pi'titi'im r )ira\inir that a dncunietit now on,
tile in thin Court, pui-jsminz to hu the laat Will
and TeNtsiineiil nf Khcrniver Hallidav, deceased,
la> admitted tn l'ndtate,and that Itttrr* testament
ary be issuel thereon to Wharain, at
which tfana and ]>lace nil |«rsnTis IntereMerl
therein may anptm and cnnti nt the same.
ISkai,.) A. IV. I'tiTTS, Comity Clerk.
Hy E. 11. OwtN, Dopntv.
l»atid April 21 ht. IHS4. ap 22 lot
All persons, linns, fffffflMnlfnt cornuratlons
and asso-'iatinn - are reipiiretl to deliver at the
A-nessor's office, Court House, immediately, a
statement Under or\th of all tht property, both
real and perso al, owned or claimed by him,
her or them, or in their possession i r held in
trust for ethers, at 12 o'clock meridian
On tin- In* Hnndny orMttrrh, IHS4,
In accordance with the New Constitution.
Refusal <>r nag act to make a sworn statement
of all the prop.-rty owned or batata trust will
stilijc.'t the )h rson so refusing nr little, tinit to
make such sworn statement to tl.c full penalty
of the law one hundred dollars fine anil tfuilt v
of a misdemeanor.
All p. rsons ow iiinfc real estate that has hcre-to
bmlaat) aasseaad In the amng aaaat on the
Real Estate Roll, or »ho have pur
chasetl real estate within the last year, are re
(piestetl t-- appc.ir with the r dc< d* at thf Asseas
t.r's offlce and have the pmper changes made f..r
the year ltftti.
I nmetliatf attention is n.i• nn , work on
the Roll has tltaatl) In an i niiiilata'sal
Proper bl inks m«\ \n- obtainM at the Aescs-i
-or.s office.
The Poll Tax r.f two dollars is now due ami
payable ut tin-, offfto* <ir to a Deputy As«ch..,i
I earnestly ri quest < f each ami every tax pay -
er to file his 9tat.-ui.-nt immediately and co ip
crate with the nttKv in sa\in« i-\penee.
ap22 lm AaaSSSOr ol Los Antr.-les Counly.
Sealed Prcposale.
Sealed proprisals will he received until the
Stfe Slav of May. 18S4, hy the Trustees of the
First Baptist Church of i'oinona for the erection
of a chnr. h htiildinK ai .MrdliiK to the plan and
specifit ation-. now in my office iv the uiwn off
The Ttaitaai raauiia tha rlfht to reject tuay
and all bids.
UR P. HOWE, Sicretarv.
Pomona, April 17th, 1&44. aplDtd
Hospital Supplies.
O.RKk's Owen Boa an ok Si i-kkmsohs, )
An)fel<«n, April 1«. IHB4, (
Kcaleil proposal* will be l>aatra< at tliis nftw
until Monday, Mag ftth, UfM. at 10 o'eim-ks. m.
f,,r turni-hiriK vuppbes f.,r tin-1' n n-i-pilai
for the ensiling y ear.
Specification,, for tb.- same on fil.- <n this offlce
The Roard rener\<a tbe i-iubt lo reject any or
all bids '
A ccrttlt«l check for SS-'.I must Kn.mpanv
each bid.
liv ord. r of tba Hoard of sni«T.i*or*.
aplWtd A. W. POTTS, Clerk.
Notice of Street Work.
PaWa aaataa hi h. rehy that the council
oftheriu of |...a Amrelt-s prisscil on the 2nth
day of March, A. I>. ISB4, a Resolution of Inten
tion, which resolution was approve* lon tin Wth
day of March, providing- for tbe jrradinjr of
sVaMhtnixton sin . t
Between FiKUcroa street and the west Ix undary I
of the city, at the expense of tfaa p|u|iai*s| i
And all parties lutrreeted are referred to aabl 1
Ibssnlution of Intention on lih In the office ot the i
Clerk of the Council for further particulars; a i
copy er aaid resolution may be found in the office i
of the Superintendent of Streets. j
E. H. Hovn.
SuperiiiUiHlviit ot Stroeia. ,
Loa Ang-eW. April 16, 19>%4
Colton Lime Company,
Principal bmine&a offico No. 119 North
Loa Angelea Street, Loa Angeles City,
County of Loa Angeles, Cala.
Notice is hereby given tbat at a meeting ol
Directors held on Tuesday, March 25th, 1884.
ao assessment (No. 2) of 88 per share,
was levied upon the Capital Stock of the Corper
atlon, payaSfc before or on Friday, tbe 26th day
of April, A. D. ISM, at the office of the Cor
poration, No. 118 North Loa Angeles atreet, Loa
Angeles City. Any stock upon which this as
aeearnent shall remain unpaid on the aforesaid
26th day of April. A. D. 1884, will be delin
cjaent and advertiaed for aale at public auction
and, unless payment la made before, will be aold
on Thursday, tha S2d day of Say, A. D.
1884, te pay the delinquent assessment together
with costs of advertising and expense a of aale.
By order of the Board of Directors.
eah«7-4w A. If, MILLER Secretary-
Order to Show Cause.
In the Superior Court, In and for the
County of Los Angeles, State of Cali
In the matter of the estate and guardianship of
C. Tyler Longstreet, a minor.
On reading and filing tbe petition of Mary E,
Billings, the guardian of the estate of C. Ty ler
Longstreet, a minor, praying for an order of aale
of certain real estate belonging to ber aald ward
lor tbe uses and purpose* therein eat forth:
It ia hereby ordered, that the next of kin of
the said ward and all persona interested In tbe
aaid estate, appear before this Court on Thurs
day, the 24th day of April. 1884, at 10 o'clock a.
m.. at the Court Room of this Court, at tbe Court
Houae In the aald county of Loa Angeles, then
and there to show cause why an order should
net be granted for the sale of such estate:
And It la further ordered, that a copy of this
order be published at least once a week for three
auooeealve weeks before the said day of hearing,
in the Loa Angeles Daily Hsralu, a newspaper
printed aud published in aaid county of Loa An
rales. HENRY M. SMITH,
Dated March 88, 1884. Superior Judge.
Notice of Bale of Real and Personal
Notice Is hereby given that In pursuance ot an
order of the Superior Court, ot the County of
Loa Angelas, State of California, made on the 12tb
day of March; ISM, in the matter of the
estate at Juana Reyes de Ranilrex, deceased, the
undsrslgneu, tba Administratrix, of the said es
tate will salt at publio auction, to the highest
bidder for cash In United States gold coin,
and sublect to confirmation by said Court, on
Wednesday, tke ISth Day of April,
At ll o'clock a. at., at the Court House door, In
the oity and county of Loa Angeles, State of Cal
ifornia, ah the right, title, interest and estate
of the said Juana Reyes da Ramlree, at the time
of her death, and all the right, title aad Interest
that the aaid aetata haa by operation of Law or
otherwlae acquired other than or In addition to
that of tho aaid Juana Reyes de Ramirez, at the
time of her death. In and to the real and per
sonal property described aa followa, to:wit:
Thai certain real estate situate in the city aad
county of Loa Angelea. State of California, l>e
ginnlng on the east aide of Main atreet at tba
point of Intersection of the east line of aald
atreet with the northerly line of Moran's Lane;
thence northeasterly with the eainline of Main
street 188.80 feet, mors or lees, to the corner of
a fence; thence witb said fence S. 41' 41 east
8010 feat; thenoe with said fence S, BO* Str east
154.88 feet to tne corner ef a fence; thenc* S.
47' 46 west IM-50 feat to the north line of Mo
ran's lane; thence with north line ef Moran.s
Une 188.06 feet to point of beginning, being the
same property described and laid down on a map
thereof made by A. O. Buxton, filed as exhibit
No-1 to petition for aale of real and personal
estate In this cause, aaid tract having been sub
divided Into lota 1, 8, 8, and 4, respectively.
Reference is in de to said map for full particu
lars. Said land will be aold In one body.
Also the following described personal property,
to-wlt: One-half cord Ore wood,one stove and fix
tures, one table, one-half barrel of lime, one
instate, old garden tools, and three bunches
Terms and conditions of sale, Caah in U. S.
gold coin, ten per cent of purchase price to l>e
paid at time of aale, balance on confirmation of
aale by aaid Court. Bead at exponas of pur
chase WM. H. NOKDHOLT.
Administrator or Estate ot Juana Reyes de Ram-
Ires, deceased.
March 20, 1884. marSHd
Administratrix's dale of Real
In tho Superior Court of the County
of Los Angeles, State of California.
In the Matter of the Estate of Robert Bills, de-
Notice la hereby given that In pursuance of an
order of aale of the Superior Court ottbe County ef
Loa Angelea, State ef California, made on tbe
20th day of February, 1834, In tbe matter ot the
estate of Robert Bills, deeeaeed, the un
dersigned, the administratrix of aald estate,
will sell at private aale, to the highest
bidder, for caah In gold com of the United
States, and subject to confirmation by aaid
Court, on or after MONDAY, APRIL 21st.
1884, all the right, title, Interest or estate of said
Robert Bills, deceased, at tha time of hia diatb,
and all the right, title and Interest that the
aald estate haa, by operation of taw or other
wlae In and to all that certain lot, piece
or parcel of land lying and being situate in
thecityand County ofLos Angelea,State of Call
fornla, bounded and described aa follows, to wit:
Lot 1 of Block 104, of Hollev us tract of said city.
Terms of sale: Cash In gold coin on confirms
tion. Bids or offers in writing will be received at
any time before day of aale and after flrat publi
cation of this notice, at the office of Bickneß *
White, No. 11 Temple Block, in the city of Loa
Administratrix of .aid estate.
Los Angelea, April 4, 1884. apstd
Executor's Sale of Real Estate.
Notice is hejehy given that In pursuance of
aa order of tho Superior Court In and lor the
county of Loa Angeles, State ot California, made
on the Slat day of March. A. D. 1884, In the
matter of tho estate of Elisabsth E. Beach, de
ceased, the undersigned, Executor of the last
Will and Testament of Elizabeth E. Beach, do
ceaaodjwill aetl at private aale, to the highest
bidder, for caah gold coin of the L'nited States,
and subject to confirmation bt said Superior
Coort, on and after
Friday, tht) 45th Day ar April,
A. D. 1834, at 10 o'clock a. a. nf said day, at the
offlce of Rrunacn, Welle * Lee, Rooms II to 17,
Baker Block, in the city and county of Los An
geles, State of California, all the right, title, in
terest and estate of tbe aald Elisabeth E. Basch
at (he time of her death, and all the right, title
and Interest that tha said estate has by opera
tion of law or otherwise acquired,other than or in
addition to that of the said Elizabeth F. Bea. h
at the time of her death In and to all those certain
lota, pieces, par cell or tracts of land king and
being situate In the Bold city ane county of Los I
Angeles, State ot California, and bounded and
described aa followa, to-wlt: And In the follow >
Ing parcels to-wlt:
Parcel No. 1. All that portion of lota i lour
and (6) live of Oriffln's Addition to East l.oe An- i
galea contained within the following dlmon
■ions, to-wlt: Fronting on Hoff street about one •
hundred and forty-four feet and running hack •
about two fcnndred and twenty three (eet, so os
to make the rear line of said lot run jti-t in the
rear of.the two hydrants now back of tha real- >
dance on said lot, together with all tbe improve
ments on said portion of said lota 4 and fi afore
Parcel No 1. All the residue end remainder
of aaid lota four (*> nnd (M five of Oriffln's Addi
tion to East Los Angelea, aforesaid, not can
taJned within the dim. usions limited and de
sort bed in parcel No. 1 aforesaid.
Parcel No. 3. Alio lot 1,151 fifteen In Block < 10|ten,
of East Los Angeles, according t-i the survey and
map thereof made by Frank lajcouvreur in De
cember, 1878, the same being at the southwest
corner of Hoff and Truman streets, havbga
frontage of fis feet on Hoff street, and being f 'j
feet deep, with the Improvements thereon.
Terms and conditions of aale:- Caah, gold coip
ot the United States, ten per cent, of the pur
chase money to be paid to the Execu'or on the '
day of aale, the balance on confirmation of sale
by ths Superior Court. Deed at the cxpenst; ef 1
purchaser. Bids for the aame will be received >
In writing, to bs opened on the day of sale, and '
may be left at the said office of Brunson, Wells <
* Lee, aforeaald. I
The right to reject any and all hide ia re- '
served. I
Executor of the Last Will and Testament of
Elizabeth E. Beach, deceased.
Dated Les Angeles, Cal., April 11th, 1884. '
Brunson, Welle A bee, Attorneys for Executor. '
aplfltd j
Notice of Street Work.
Public notice la hereby given that tha Council
nf the city of Los Angelas passed on the Slat
day of M.treh, A. D. 1884, a Besolatloa of In
teution which Resolution waa approve*! on the ,
Ist day of April, ISM, providing for the •
grading of
Stacy Mtreet ,
From Old Allso Road te the covered bride,
at the expense of She property owners
And all partlee Interested are referred to ,
said lt<solution of Intention on file In the office ,
of the Clerk of the Council for further partien
lars; a copy of aold Resolution may bo found In \
tha offloe of the Superintendent of ritreats. ,
Superintendent of Street*.
Loa Ansshse. April lft. 1884. Api MM
pissolution of Partnership. [
The Partnership heretofore existing between
August L. Renter and William Uoldkofer In the
brewery and saloon business In Bants Ana, Los
Angeles county, is this day dissolved hy mutual
consent, August U Renter continuing the bn*l
Seas aa heretofore; assuming all liabilities ol the 1
rm and collecting alt bills due the firm.
Santa Ana, April 7, 1884. epS.lm *
Proposals for Building Engine
Notice Is hereby given that scaled proposala 1
will lw received hy the undersigned up to the 1
meeting of the Caunril ol the city of Loa Angelea »
of April 21st, A. D. lftM, for the furnishing of *
material* for, anil construction complete on a J
lot fronting the Plara, nt an Engine lime i fnr 1
tha city of Loa Angelea In accordance irith *
plans and spedfleatlone on file In his office. ■
A certified check for 860, payable to tha order 1
of tha undersigned, must occonipanv each hid as
auretv that ths bidder will enter Into a contract <
lv conform!*? with his bid If ths aame la ac 1
canted hy tha Council. 1
Tha council reserves the right to reject any
and all hhta. •
By order of the Council of ths oitv of l,os An
geles at Ita meeting of April I4tn, A. D Ikil. r
clerk of tba Counsel of tha City of 1,-st AngaUa *
Lag Angeles,' April IMb, A. l». 18M. aplS-et
Adralnistrator's Bala of Real Estate.
Noti* la hereby Riven that In pursuance ot ao
order cf f ne .superior Court ot the county of Lo*
Angele,, JUte of California, soda on (urn 14th
day of March, 1884, In tho natter ol tha es
tate of hobart Owens, itiraaacirt. tha under
■lfnod, M. P. culler, admltiistrator of Hid es
tate, will Mil at public auction, to the highest
bidder, for caah, aud subject to confirmation by
aaid Superior Court, on
Wedaesday, tfeeSOth Day or April,
At 13 o'clock M.. at the door of tbe Conrt Houae
on Bprinf street, In the city of Loa Anrelce,
county of Loa Angeles, State of California, all
tbe right, title, interest and estate of the aaid
Robert Owena at the time of hia death, aud all
the right, Utle and Interest that tha aaid estate
haa, by operation of Uw or otherwise, acquired
other than or in addition to that of tie aaid de
ceased at the time of hia death, tn nnd to all that
certain lot, piece or parcel of Quid situate, lying
and being In the aaid city of Loa Angeles, coun
ty ot Los Angelas, State of California, and
ttounded and described aa follows, to-wit:
That certain lot, piece or parcel of land sit
uate on Han Pedro street. In the city and coun
ty of Loa Angeles, State ot California, bounded
and described as follows, to wit; Commencing
at a point on the northeastern line of San Pedro
street where tho south corner of the lot herein
described joins the land of Wallace Woodworth;
thence northeasterly along tha northwestern
line of said Wood worth's land abont one hun
dred and twenty (120) feat, more or lean, to tha
south corner of the lot known aa lot No, ''IS C,"
on "a map of the subdivision of the garden of J.
Murrat, surveyed Juno, IMS, by L. Seebold;"
thence north eighty-seven and one-fourth (871)
feat to the coiner of lot No. (17) seventeen as
marked on said map; thence westerly along tha
division line ot said lot No. 17 one hundred (ICO)
feet to the aaid N. E. line of San Pedro street;
theneo along aaid line of said street thirty (30)
feet to the place of beginning, being lot No. 16
aa shown by tbe map above rel aired to.
Cash; tan per cent, of the purchase money to be
paid to the auctioneer on the day of sale, bal
ance on confirmation of sale by said Superior
Court. Bood at expense of purchaser.
Administrator of the Estate of Robert Owena,
March 16th, 1884. loarlStd
Ia the Superior Conrt of the State of
California, In and for the County
of Loa Angelea.
Jotbtm Bixby and
Humphrey W. Willett, Plaintiffe,
William M. Johnson and
Felipe Alvarado, Defendant*.
Action brought in the Superior Court of tba
State of California, in and for tbe County of
Los Angelea, and the complaint lied in said
County of Los Angeles, In tbe offloe of tbe Clerk
of said Superior Court.
Tbe People of tbe State of California read greet
ing te William M. Johnson end Felipe Alvarado,
You are hereby required to appear In an action
brought against you by the above named plain
tills in tne Superior Court of the State of Califor
nia, in and for the county of Loa Angelea, and to
answer the complaint tiled the rein, within ten
days (exclusive of the day of service), altar tbe
service on yon of thia Summons--If served within
this county; or, If nerved elsewhere, within thirty
days—or judgment by default wilt be taken
against you according to the prayer of aaid com
The aaid action la brought to require you
and each of you to act forth the nature of your
claims to the real property hereafter described
and to obtain a decree of this Court tnat plain
tiff, Jothain Bixby, is the owner: tn fee of the fol
lowing described premises, rk; Ajl that real
property In the city ot Lftj *..5..-!vs county of
Los Angeles, State of CaUfotfnV .rounded and
described as follows: Comiue-i.«tiur at tbe south
west corner of said tract at a post of the flumes
marked aa Station O) one, being the northeast
corner otChavls street and Lovers' Lane, Nsl'
East, eighty six one hundredths chains; thence
N. East four and 01-100 chains; thence N.
17' IS. S 62-100 chains: thence N. SH" E, nine
00 100 chains; thenoe N. W E. four and 45-100
chains; thence. South Sfti* E. nine 50-100 chains;
thence 8 81* W. two 3 100 chaixs, thence 8. 36*
W. two 10-100 chains; thence S 48* W. nine 85-100
chains; thence S. 50' W. six 90-100 chain*; thence
N. 37i' W. two 60-10J chalna: thence N. 33|* W.
Ave9s-100 chains to point ef beginning, accord
ing to survey of Geo. Han* n, surveyor, made
March 4, A. D 187 ft. The laud above described
comprUlng what la now known as "Mills Sub
ditlgTlOi of the Sabichi Tract," aa per map rec
orded in County Recorder's offloe of Loa Angeles
county. Excepting therefrom tbe tract of land
previously sola to tho Sou-horn Paul tic Railroad
Company and lots 6 and 6 In block 3 of aaid 8a
hlehi tract.
And that plaintiff, Humphrey W. WMetts, is
the owner In fee of the following described prem
ises, viz: All that real property In the cfty of
Les Angeloa, county of Los Angeles, State of
California, known and described aa lota ft and 6
in block 3of Mills Subdivision of aaid Sabichi
And further, that it be adjudged and decreed
that you nor cither of you have any right, title
or Interest In said premises or any part thereof,
and that you and each nf jou be forever debar
red from ever asserting any claim to said prem
ises or any part thereof adverse to the plaintiffs
or either of them, and lor costs of suit.
Reference Is had tv complaint for particulars.
And you are hereby notified that If you fail to
appear and answer the aaid complaint aa above
required, the aaid plaintiffs will cause your de
fault to be entered aud apply to the Court for
tho relief domain led.
Given under my hand and the seal or the Su
perior Court of the State of California, in and lor
the county of Los Angeles, this 6th dar ot Feb
ruary In tbe year of our Lord, one thousand eight
hundred and eighty-four.
|BeaL] A. W. POTTS,
By A. RitfPAtT, Deputy.
A. H. Judson; Attorney for Plaintiffs.
marlB 2m
Re-Registration of Voters.
Bmn or thk Corxnr Cmhb op I
Los Angeles County. I
It Is hereby ordered that the County tloik of
the county of Los Angeles, aha.ll procure new
hooka tor the registration of the qualified elec
tors of Los Angeles county and ahall proceed to
re register the voters of aaid county In conform
ity with the Political Code of tbe State of Call
"Sic. 1004. There must be kept In the office o
ten ('unity Clerk of each county, a Great Regis
ter; whenever deemed necessary the board of
Supervisors of any county may, hy order, re
quire a re-registration of the voters of aaid
county, whleh said erder shall be published in
at least one newspaper pubVahed In said
comity for not leas than six months preced
ing the next ensuing general election. Such
registration shall conform In all respects to the
provisions of this ('ode concerning original regis
tration, except that any person applying for re
registration shall be entitled thereto upon show
Ing that his name was enrolled and uncancelled
on the former Great Register."
The former Great Register of Loa Angeles
county muat be preserved by the County Clerk,
hut shall not be used for the purposes of any
election after the Ist day of November, 1814.
By order of the Board of Supervisors of the
n.mitt of Los Angeles,this Bth day of February,
A. D., 1884. A. W. POTTS,
feblO 6m Clerk of the Hoard.
Administrator's Sale of Real
11l the Superior Court of the County of
Los Angelea, Statu of California.
lv the matter of the Estate of M. G. Rulr,, de
Notice is hereby given that tn pursuance of an
onler of sale of tbe Superior Court of the County
of Los Angeles, State ot California, made on the
12th day of February, 1443, In the matter of ths
cttiite'd M. G. Ruix, deceased, the undersigned,
the administrator of said estate, will sell at pri
vate sale, to the highest bidder, for cash In gold
coin of the L'nited States, and subject to confir
mation by said Court, on or after FRIDAY. MAY
2d, 1884, all the right, title, interest or estate of
said M. G, Ruls, decease-1, at the time of her
death, and all the right, title and interest that
the said estate haa, by operation of law or other
wise, in and te all that certain lot, piece nr par
cel of {snd lying and being situate in the city
and county of lais Angeles, Statu qf California,
bounded and described as follow*, to wit: The
north 81 feet of Lot*, Block 34. cf Ord's surrey
of said city of Los Angeles.
Terms of sale: Cash in gold coin on coiiflnna
tlon. Bids or offers In writing nIII be received
at any time before day of sale and after first
publication of this notice, at the office ef Blck
nell at White, No. 11 Temple Block, in the city
Dl Los Angeles. EI'GENE R, TORRES,
Los Angeles, April lft, 1884. nplHtd
Order to Show Cause.
Iv the Supftrior Court, in and for the
County ol Los Angeles, State of Call
In the Matter of the Estate and Guardianship o
J. Dennia Longstreet and Guy Longstreet,
On reading und filing the petition of Lucy S.
Longstreet, the guardian of thu persons and is
tates ef J. Dennis Lrmgatrtei and Guy Long
street, minora, praying for an onler of sale ef
.. itiiin vill -■-t.i*i- r.Honi'n.L tn her said wards
for the Uses and purpose, therein set forth"
His hereby ordered, that lb.-next of kin of
Ui. -.o l wards and all persons inUicsUrd iv the
said estate, appear nefore this Court on Thurs
day, the 241 h day if April, IHH|, at 10 o'clock A
a., at the Wouit. Kh'.tii of ibis Court, at the Court
House In the said county of Los Angeles then
an.l tin re to show cause why an or ler should not
t <■ granted for the sale of such estrte:
And it is further ordered tbat a espy of thia
Order br published at least once a week for three
succesrmc weeks before the said day ol hearing,
in tba LoslAngeles I lAii.r HsaiLi', a newspaper
printed ;tll j |„,bliahed in said county of Los An
Dated Mann Bfi, ISs4. Superior Judge.
Sealed Proposals.
clbrk's Orru.'R, Board of Suraarasoaa, I
Los ARaatan. April 17, 1864. f
Healed proposal* will be received at thia office
until M lav, May Mh. 1884, at 10 o'clock a. a..
forthe purchase of two thousand dollars in
bonds of tbe New Hope School District. Said
bonds beer interest at 7 par cent per annum,
and are payable as follows, vis:
Bond Ne. 1, payable May 6. 1886.
Bend No. 2, payable May ft, 1887.
Bond No. 8, payable May ft, 1888.
Bond No. 4, payable May ft, lath*.
Bond No. ft, payable May ft, 1600.
Also at the same UoneTand plans five thouaaid
rarssxi) dollars tn bonds of the Wilmington
School District. Said bonds bear Inserestat 7
per cent, per annum, and are payable as followa,
Bond No. 1, payable May 6, 1886.
Bond No. 2, payable May ft, 1887
Bond No. 8, payable May ft, 1888.
Bond No. 4, pavshle May ft, 18s».
Bond No. ft, parable May 6, IMO.
The Board reeorvee the right to reject any or
all bids
By order ot tbe Board of Supervisor*
aplltd A. W. Rom, Clark.
Notlee to creditors.
In tha Superior Court of the County
of Loa Angentes, Htate of California.
In the matter ot tbe aetata ol Walter B. Work
man, deccaaeil.
Notice la hereby given by thu undersigned, ad
ministrator of tht estate of Walter B. Workman,
deceased, to the creditors of, and all persons
having claims against tho said deceased, to exhlUt
thi'iu with the necessary vouchers, within ten
months after the first publication of this notice,
to the raid administrator, at bis residence.
N W. corner of Klcvunih and Main streets, in
the city ol Los Angeles, county of Los Angeles,
State ot California.
Administrator of the estate of Walter B. Work
man, deceased.
Dated nt Los Angles, April 4, 1884.
Wm. A Chem \, Attorney (or Administrator.
ariv-lw t
Application to Sell Real Estate.
In the Superior Court ol the State of California,
In and for the County of Los Angeles.
In the Matter of the Application of St. Paula
Protestant Episcopal Church ot Los Angelas
City, State of California, a Corporation, for
an order authorizing salo of certain Heal
The Board of Truetees ot tbe above named
corporation having filed their petition heroin
praying for an order authoring tho sale of cer
tain real estate of aaid corporation, descrsbed In
said petition, being all of lot one (1) in Blook
thirty-seven (37);0f Hancock's survey of SS-acre
donation lota, In said city of Loa Angeles, ex
cepting therefrom certain building lota hereto
fore sold at varioua times under order of this
It la therefore ordered by the aaid Court that
all members of said corporation and all persons
interested appear before the Raid Superior Court
On Holiday, the Slat Day of April,
1884, at 10 o'clock In the forenoon of said day, at
the Court-room of aald Superior Court, at ths
Court House, in said county of Loa Angeles, to
show cause why an order should not be granted
to the said corporation to sell tlie Bald real estate
of tho aald corporation described in aald petition.
And that a copy ot thia order be published
at least Aye. successive days lv the Los
Anorlbb Daily Herald, a newspaper printed
and published In said city and county of Loa An
gelea, so often during said period of five days aa
said newspaper shall be printed and published,
said publication to be completed before aaid day
of hearing
(Signed) HENRY M. SMITH, Judge.
Dated this 14th day ot April, 1884.
aprl6 6daya.
Completion of Section 7 of the Hill
and Seventh streets Sewer, known
as the Fort street Sewer No. 2
Notice Is hereby given that the work and Im
provement of constructing Section 7 ot the Hill
and Seventh Street Sewer, known aa the Fort
Street Sewer No. 2, and the contract therefor hay c
been completed by tbe constractor.W. J. Neely,
aud tbat the Council of the city of Los Angelus
will hear objections to tbe manner In which
aald work and improvement have been done at
Ita meeting of April 21th, A. D. 1884, from
any and all.persoas directly Interested lv aald
By order of the Council of the City of Los An
geles at Ita Mission of April 14th, A. D. 1684.
Clerk of the Council of the city of Los Angeles
Loa Angeles, April 16th. A. I>. 1884 aplfl St
Award of Contract for Grad
ing and Improvement of
Virgin Street, between Yale
and Upper Main Streets.
Notice Is hereby given that at the meeting of
the Council of the city of Los Am/elcs, held on
tbe 14th day of April, A. D. 18*4, a contra* t
tor tlie grading and Improveuiciit of Virgin
Street, between Yale street and Upper Main
street, In acconia'-cc with Resolution No. 181,
approved September 17th, A. D. 1883, waa
by aaid Council awarded tv X Uay A Co. far
the sum of |ir77.r,7. W. W. HO ill N SON,
Clerk of the Council of the city of Loa Angeles
Los Angelea, April 15th, A. D. 1884.
Notice of Street Work.
Public notice ia herehv given that tbe Council
of tbe City ot Los Angeles passed on tho 2Mb da>
of March, A. D. 1*34, a lb-solution of Intention,
which Resolution was approved on Ihe irtfth day
ot March, 19<U, providing for the grading of
JarkMon Street
Between Wilmington and Alanud I'arects, at
tne expense of ttie property owners.
And ail parties interested are referred to said
Resolution of Intention on 111 c in the office of ths
Clerk of the Council for further [isrticulara. A
copy of aald Resolution may he f..nnd in the
office ol the Superintendent oi Street-.
E. li. BOTD,
Superintendent of Streets.
Los Angelea, April IMb, 1881. aplfl KM
Proposals for Grading and Improve
ment of Aliso avenue and Aliso
avenne extension
Notice is hereby given that sealed proposals
will I* received by the undersigned up lo tbe
Meeting of the Council ot the city uf Loa Angeles
of April Cist, A. D. 1834, for the grading and
Improvement of Aliso Avenue and All-o Avenne
Extension In accordance, with Resolution NO. z: t>
ot the Mayor and Council of the city of Los An
geles ordering said grading and improvement,
approved April nth. A, D. 1884.
All proposals offered shall be accompanied by
a check payabln to tbe order of the Mayor of the
city of Los Angeles and certified by a reeponsi
ble bank in au amount ol at taaet 81387.80.
TheCouucl! reserves the right to reject any
By onler of the Council of tbe City of Los An
geles at ita meeting of April 14th, A. P. 18H4.
Clerk ot the Council of the City ot Us Angelea.
Loa Angeles, April in, A. D .1884. spiff f»t
Notice of Sale of Real Estate.
Notice la hereby given that in pursuance ot an
order of the Superior Court of the county of Lou
Angeles, Htate of California, mailt on ths 14thday
of September, 1882, in the matter of the estate
of James (Iregg, deceased, the im lerslgrusi tbe
ext.tutor of the estate of said dceeaat-d, will sell
at private sale to the highest bidder, for cash,
In gold coin of the United m ites, and eubleot lo
confirmation by said .Superior Court, on flstuw
day, tbe SHIb day of April. lays, at 10 r/cloA
a. a,,at the office ot Wicks, Lucas* Hentley, W
and 87 Temple Hh.ck, in the city and county of \
Loa Angelea, all the right, title, interest and
estate of tbe said deceased at the time ot hie
death, and all the right, title and Interest that
the said estate has, f.v operation of law or other
wlae, acquired other than or in aljltion ti that
of the said deceased at the time of his death. In
and to all that certain lot, piece or parcel of
land situate, lying and being in the said county
of Los Angeles, state of California, and bounded
and desen Led as follows, to-wlt:
Tne west one half /1) of the northeast quart! r
(Hot Section five, (.'■! township Bye (5) aouth, of
lunge trn(Kl) west, of Han Bernardino baae and
meridian, except that portion thereof sola to
Mrs. S. K. Bibb, amounting to fifteen (15) acres,
said land containing sixty Are (flfi)
Terms and conditions of sale:-Cash, gold
coin of the Unite! States, ten per cent,
of ths purchase money to be paid to ths
Executor on the day of sale, balance on con
flmiation of aale by said .Superior Court. Deed
at expense of purchaser.
Executor of Estate of aaid deceased
April Hth, 13*4. aplOtd
Petition for Discharge.
In the Superior Court of the County of Loa An
gelea. State of California.
In the matter of p. Kuck, an Insolvent Debtor.
Notice to all creditors who hare proved their
Notice Is hereby given to all creditors who e>
have proved their debts In the matt, r -if f'.
Hack, an insolvent debtor, that said 11. Kuck has
applied to thia Court for a discharge from all hia
debts and to appear before this Court at the
Court Room of the Hon. V E. Howard at the
Conrt House, In the city and county of Los An
geles, California,
Oa the lists Say of May, ISS4,
At 10 o'clock a. at, and show cause, if any they
have, why the said D. Kuck should not be rfis
cherged from all hia debts In acrordanre with
the statutes in such cases made and provided,
Dated April 9th, 1884.
[SiALI A W. POTT 3, Clerk
By A. RIMPAU, Deputy. apll-4w
Order of Notice to Creditors.
In the Superior Court of the County of
Loa Angeles, State of California.
In the Matter of S, Cohn, nn Insolvent Debtor.
3. Oohn, au Insolvent debtor, hating applied
to this Court for a discharge from his debts it
Is hereby ordered that the l h rl. of this Court
give notice to all creditor* who | m proved their
to appear before this court, at. tbe Court
room thereof, on the
SSth Day or April, ISS4,
At the hour of Hi o'clock A. a., and show cause,
If any they have, win the said S Cohn should
not he discharged 'm,,, all his debts, In aecor.l
ance with the Statutes in aueh rases made and
It Is further ordered tint untie* of aald appll
ration be given to the creditor* by mail and b
publication for tour weeks In the Loa Angeh
Daily Hbrald, a newspaper published lm
•wniy. V. t HOWARD
mac td Judge of the Superior Con
Thoa. B. Brown, Attorney for IVttito ncr
Proposals forOradi ng and Improve
ment of Court House street from
Port street to Flower street.
Notice i« beret,.,given thai sealed proposals
will 1... received Im the lersigli.sl up to the
meettngnf the - ~| ~t „ H , r)t . V nf Los An
gelesof April '.' Ist, A |i. 11X4, for Ihe grading
nndimprovomenl of < ~,,,„„ fpom
Fort street to Flo vcr street, io accordance with
Been ..tlm, No. •>:., of, in- M,. or and ( osne.ll of
theeitwiflos Angela ordering * f grading
•nd Improvement, approved April nth A U
Alt proposals offered shall he accompanied by
a check, |*vab|e to the enter of th. Mayor of the
city of Los Angolea and cert died by a respon-.ble
bank. In an amount of at least anus. 70.
The Council reserves the right to reject any
and all hide.
By order of the Council of the oity of Loa An
galea at Itei stating of April Hth, A. D. 1884.
Clerk of the Council nf the City of Loa Angelea
Lea Angelea, April IMb, A. D. ISM, epie-M

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