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Thk large number of people in the
Asure who are liable lo he engaged iv a
suit in the United Stales District Court
in San Francisco emphasi/** the out
raire of unr present judicial system.
Here we have Miitois hy the hundred
compelled to leave their houivs und
travel nearly five hundred miles lo
protect then rights. Years ago, when
Southern California had not *ne inhabit
ant for the twenty that she h is now, we
hail a District Court of the United
Slates, with its foriltu iv l.os Angeles,
which was presided over by fade*
Ogier. Why shoubl we not have such a
tribunal now? To compel litigants to
go nil the way to Suit Francisco to
protft cute their right* amounts to
a practical and Very shameful denial
of justice. By all means tot
Southern Calilornia have a United Slates
Court of her own. Her right one* eon
ceedisl, geographical considciation*, as
well ss those of population, point out
| Lo* Angeles as its seat.
HinaTle Copies* of toe Meraia. 0 Omit*.
Herald Steam Printing House.
The llbs*luHu. ( »ih iTmimK SIsSJSI Is nol sur
■Mud by say J«.i. Prtattag on lbs Parliv
Coast, OSBBsdS of Hal" ftSSOSSSt, HI rB SlHlßi ("I
Joion job aurk. srless, ti«xl w»rk sesl sx
fkiitioo ssa) be rsUsd spos at teasesass
dpecial Nctioe
, Imn'lir- ■ t.- '»nh u.-erle»l in he Has ami
ol Wnr«hl|t, « irralniU.il- .lirtwtery, srli ell will
appet every Xnn.inv mortitmr.
The IISSSLS oflie* w coiimm-u«i with the tee
ph<,n,> n>nt.JH r,f Ati L.'< . in nii'l colllit.V.
• tit through tt' - "" alnai t> SjSXSMMN I'rft.
The llssam. v tlir orHelal |*|»«r ol the efts ol
law legstM The rity SetSwaSHXSI Us lints ami
all otlnr niuulrlpal not leas ap|M>ar only In Its col
llrtMilann IrSSV, No. h Union H>|Uars Ni-w
York City, IN ftfjenti tor the rltlilT It will
roiiHUntly bS fiMinil on ssle on thrlr counters
Mr It. N. Howe In lh« Hants Ana aaeiit "I
THI intimation that Senator Farley
was tho other day near death's door
tfrosjfh toe too liberal use of hair dye
is one of those gross nlnnum of the tee
graph which are dictated by pcis.oal
and political malice, mid which arc
utterly iudeteiiMible from any stand point.
There ought to he BOOM soi l of remedy
for such n pros til utinu of an og'-ncv
which |i supposed to aim at the public
good wd sybiek ought never to be di
verted to ihe u-.es of a petty, iiersniial
Blaine the Republican Nominee.
Tho vote which bus been POOntod up
for Arthur on the first ballot for Presh
tlent in otM of the DMNIt uncertain quan
tities in the Chicago Convention* In
the first place, ihe oypnerers who have
given him '.".'I votes at Hit- opening of
the Convention don't know what tiny
are talking about. Many of the South
urn States have sent then delegates Ml
instructed, and there in v vague ftOCUßjp'
tion that them w ill all be oounted for
Arthur. Half of these nuinstrnoted
delegates will, M like as mil, turn up
voeifcra iug for Blaiuo. It in also an
sumed that the twenty-four He-adjuster
delegates of Muhntic, who, from a poll'
lical standpoint, are hull horse and half
alligator, are ears to be admitted to tho
Republican National Convention. We
confess that we see nothing probable or
likely iv litis proposition. On the
contrary, wo think the twenty four
Republican delegates from Virginia
who, In a man, an- for Blame,
will probably he tin. voting delegates,
On the principle I hat nothing suoceeex
like success, there M ill be troops of del
egates who will he found to vote for
Blame, instead of Arthur, at the critical
moment. Col. T, M. Bayoe, one of the
Republican in cm hen of Congress from
Western Pennsylvania, believee that
the Pltttntd Knight, will, ultimately,
pull up at Chicago, with 426 voles. We
idi mid not he ■tirprleet] if he received
this vote on the first ballot either Unit
or a inunh larger vote. The assertion
that much stress can be laid upou the
mere preference of ft national edmlnlfttrft
tlon has been discredited for n timo
wbercot the memory of ordinary voters
runneth not to (he contrary. Not even
the gliimour of the glorious Ifeileen
war, which added both Texas aud Cell
forms. to the United States
nvailed to secure I In- renom(nation
of President Polk. NolwUbsUndlng all
of I'resideiit Pierces winulug ways Jamm
Bucliauuii seen red ihu nomination in
ISfioj and, notwithstanding that stater
man's rapid nUernnlloni of Governor* In
AUIOIf-S promise* shortly to ovei
itlufxtow Utdte Superior as lln- prisUrpej
oooper producer in the Unitedstates.
The output of this inelal bus increased
onunninisly of late, but its cnuMimption
in lln- chuuiii tuts aud for electrical
purpoHc-i is incrensing in an equal if not
greater ratio.
Tut: letter of Miss Sherrith to the St.
Louis Btp&blka&t portions of which ftp
pear elsewhere, will will repay fending.
The lady writes a vivueiou i screed
and she duals iv details of Los Angeles
which will he in an especial degree int* r
csting to the strangers within our gatus.
IntoroHtuiK iteport ol City Superln
tondent Smith.
At tho meeting of tho City Board of
BdOCalion, held last I veiling, IVof. L.
D. Smith, Superintendent of the city
schools, presented the following repoit
ou tho condition and requirements of
tho public* ol Is:
To the Board of Education: Gentle
men 1 have the honor to submit Ihe
accompanying monthly report, giving
Ihe tiHteil statistics us to enrollment,
attendance, etc.
In a4dtMon, I beg leave to present the
following facts and statements in regard
lo the condition ami needs, present and
prospective, of our schools.
We have now enrolled about 2,700
pupils, mi average of ft<> to each trim her,
lv Oakland and Nan dose, the average
number enrolled, v shown by the latest
reports of the SuperinlomlentH, is 41
und 4.'l raapeolivaly. The maximum
number ol pupils that ought to be
placed iv one room, Under Ihe charge of
one teftOhM-, should not exceed 69. Tins,
the common verdict of bait Hlllhorities
on the subject, is based not only upon
(bo ground of health of pupil und
teacher, but upon tho coudiiious n
tjiiired for doing good und thorough
work. Many of our classes this year
Hy from twenty to fifty p*r cent. Six
ol our teacher?, having "double-Mission"
classes, have this month an aggregate
enrollment of 046, one reporting tha
enormous number ol ISO. This condition
is the result of a choice of two evils, rill
crowding the schools, or turning from
their doors several hundreds ot children.
The Hilt is bad enough, but th« Other
seemed to be still WOIU. it has there
fore been my constant aim tolinda place
in our schools for every child who ap
plied for it. From tho opening of tho
schools in September, a largo share of
my time has been devoted (o (his one
object, to accomplish which it las been
necessary to crowd to their u*mont ca
pacity most of the lower grade clam
looms. It has also been ntcessuiy to
Kansas -transitions running from grave
to gay, from John W. Geary to ttobarl
J. Walker—ho wai powerless to prevent
the Democratic party from bifurcating
In 1800; and from presenting, instead of
his own ihataeeqae self, the Messr*.
Douglas ami Breckinridge as antago
nist i ■ Democratic Procidentia! >caudl
dates, In tho white heals of tho war
Mr. Lincoln procured himself to bo hi*
own successor. Andrew Johufton, how
ever, who occupied to Mr. Lincoln pro
cleely tho Vice Presidential relation
which Mr, Arthur occupied to Mr. Car
held, was not 10 much as mentioned for
the Democratic nomination for President
in 1808; although, for all the years of
his honest, spotless, and patriotic life, he
had been a Democrat of tho Democrat!.
The fact that, in commoti with countless
millions of Democrats, he had adhered
to tho Union cause, in no whit inter
rupted his right to succeed himself, nnd
yet his claims were not even considered.
Grant, of course, succeeded himself, and
yet the whole forces of his administra
tion were powerless to procure his
nomination for a third term. Cartel
the fraud Hayes had too much "gump
tion" to attempt to procure bis own
rcnomination. Nevertheless, ho per.
mitted Jolm Sherman lo manipulate the
whole resources of the national adminis
tration, with tho well known result that
another Ohfoaa, Garfield, as an mi
tagouist to Sherman, was advanced to
the post of honor.
to almost ignore district boundary linos,
and frequently tv send children Irom
the same neighborhood to different, and
in many cases, to distant schools. To
explain to parents the necessity for this
iv such a manner its to make it clear
and satisfactory, has often t ailed for tho
exercise of mora wiedoxn ami patience
than your Su crintctttuut claims to
posses., lie Ills hud, however, the sat
ialaction of believing 1 lint, w ilh the ex
ception ot two or three suburban dis
tricts, very lew children have been
crowded out of school. Too much praise
cannot he accorded those teachers who
nave cheerfully reeelved and aneonv
plaiugly taught then.' ovei flowing classes,
striving faithfully thai Individual pupils
should lose nothing by il. They deserve
your native appreciation, ami the thanks
of their patrons. Ami, notwithstanding
the disadvantages und. r which we have
labored, I feel gratified and jnstilied ill
expressing the belief that the schools
have never done better work than they
We shall he able to get through the
present 5e11....1 year withoin farther aer
ions inconvenience on account of room,
it is to the
That I would again call your attention,
and through you, present yet mine ur
gently the . hums ol our schools upon
the public and Ihe an Ih. .11 lien w ho mutt
provide ihe needed relief, We are now
using 4N school-rooms. Twelve ol lh.se
are reuted, of these twelve, only three
can be retainedafttr the 30th ol June,
proximo, another (on Ihe Fori street
lot) ia temporary and cannot he rued
Tnia leavt-e thirty-eight rooms. Tha
new building ..u Spi ing and Port strett. t
under contract for completing the lower
story only, will add six rooms (making
10l ly dOUI ), four lean than we now have.
Or, if the entire building is finished,
with iti twelve class rooms, we shall
have Hfly, nil actual iie reasti of only
two over the number now occupied.
Comparing the enrollment this mouth
with that ..f the corresponding month
two years ago, we have an Increase of
7- per cent. The nee us la I ioun din
ing tin- period bate been Increased only
;11l per cent,
Iv the light of such facts we have no
heaitatiou in saying that anyone who
thinks that Arthur will receive'.".ll voles
on the lirnt ballot is lugubriously mis
taken. The whole resources of Ihe
telegraph to .lav ate being manipulated
to deaden the fact that Jim Blame, of
Maine, has already compassed the Be
publican nomination. Only an unlimited
employment of money, as to which Home
other man than Arthur will be tbe I
eliciary, can prevent the nomination of
Blame at no early ballot at Chicago,
Tbe lIKItAI.I. believes that events an.
ahapiug for his nomination hy acclama
tion. The telegraph might be need from
now till doomsday to deaden the ilgnifl
cance of the recant popular Bepnblicau
outgivings, and ntdl Blame would loom
up aa the popular Bepnblioan favorite.
ToliAY will he a field .lay at Sacra
mento, a number ol very important billa
coming Bp for decisive aotioo. The
Barry bill, an amended l.y the Senate,
baa beett returned to the Assembly for
ita concurrence. A number ol excited
extremintn have pronounced Ihe I.ill, an
amended, worse than nothing. Thin,
however, is the merest vaporing. The
amendments deprive ii 1., a great extent
of a rniaohievoui character which would
be productive of paraly.ii to all rail
way eaterpriaM in this State, and
which wunld work untold injury
to the people of this coast. The
averments in tiie preamble of the
Barry bill are revolutionary and iwe. p.
log. They could he permitted to I tend,
however, on the eonlident ai-sumptiou
that the courts oi the United States
would decide them to he nnooDstita
tional. Not even the Slale of California
can pas, any laws Invalidatlag the force
of eon tracts previously existing.
in September last, there were 71KI mors
P i pits enrolled than at Ibe close m June
previous. We ma; {nelly count upon a
like pn.poiti,mate n.civuse lor the op. n
ing next year. Thin lo.au, tally IIMHI
: new pupil-, wh... with the 2700 now at
tending, will pi, t thenuelvta for en
rollment. Whit shall be done with
I them all, is v problem winch to those
who will he calledu| to solve ii, can
not but be a source of serious anxiety.
Pifty sol i rooms cannot properly as
oommodsle mure than •_' .(Kl pupils,
Twenty sdditioual r s (besides twelve
iv the new building now under any) is
the minimum thai would seem lo hi, in
dispensable if your schools are lo ac
complish the work the public expects ol
then, and which the law really reuuires.
|To the tonalities where theee are most
I needed, your attention bat alreay been
called. Yon are fully convinced of the
|le.--illi! r.ec.nsHv, an,l hive nigliilie.l
to meet il. Tbe one thing lacking is the
SllOt't.o TUB rkIIfOSITION TO ISAtI'K st*-!,
--000 IN 1.0M.S
I'.e carried, and, in addition, should the
I City Council levy the maximum rati-of
taxes for s.-b0.,1 purposes, at Ihe next
apportionment, you may see y„u r way
~ut ..I the ,iilli, ally. Should either or
, both these contingencies fail, however,
it is difficult to see what can l„- dona
The outlook for next year would he
gloomy indeed. lam in almost daily
receipt of letters from parlies in the
Knst who ask for information about our
schools. They are debating the ques*
tion of coming to make their homes iv
Los Angeles, aud uaturally eoosidur the
advantsges tor educating their children
au important factor in decidiug their re
If it wire not that we huvo been so
Often deceived we should really be
tempted to belieVS Unit the gentlemen
who eoatrol tha Atlantic ft Paid tic and
tbe Atchison, Topeka ft Santa Pa Kail
ways, really Intended either to buy
that branch of the Southern Pucilie
which stretches Irom Mojatre to the
Needles or to build a paiallel road.
Nevertheless the must sanguine believer
in railway grow th iv California cannot
fail to remember the. multiple-,I promises
with which the ears of our people have
been tickled during the punt five <>r .-ix
years. All these projects have thus far
ended in smoke, and it reijolrse a man of
very sanguine imagination to believe in
anew and vivifying railway deal, It in
of course possible that the Boston cap
italists may knuckle down to the propo
sition of building now roads, hut the
present conditions of the money world
are not favorublu to this presumption.
1200 men gathered in front of tbe Court
House and began to yell and cheer. I
■lohn Turner, father of the murderer's 1
victim, with tears in bis eyes, addressed
the crowd and told then to ht tbe law
take lU course; the verdo t is all right,
keep q unit. The mob batem d attentively,
ehsisretl him wihily and dis|M rstd, fol
lowing him up the Main street. His
conduct was noble in the high* st do
ns he himself hronybt the prisoner
bom Cbeyniio after he murdered hisb-ey.
He is the same man who captured the
Moiitcih. train robbers. Some anxiety
is - till felt, but the worst is believed to
vlrrordrd one oflhe ItlnhtMorirlen.
RaO afoOK, May A.— In the Kennedy
rase today Mrs. hi Lambert, culled us
a witness for Ihe prosecution, refused
lo go on the stand, stating, as she was
denied the right of citizenship, she
would assume uone of its duties. Hhe
was sent to jail for contempt of C r.irL
Minora Mtrlke at Tosnb*tone.
ToMinTosK, A. T., May . r >. —The min
ers hnvo completed the organi/ation of
a nliner's union, and this morning 100 of
them met and, headed by a hraoi bund,
marched to the mines and interviewed
the Superintendent; hut it is impossible
at the present to ascertuiu the result*.
ljiter -The miners are determined to
hold out for St a day, and the Superin
tendents say either or they will shut
down tbe mines.
Still Liter The miners will listen to
no compromise und the mince will shut
down this erenhsg. A mass meeting
has been called by citi/.-tm for to-night.
Tim eifhuYM are raising subscriptions
for the Miners' Union.
moval. As a imsiness proposition
merely, it can require no argument to
convince our people that they cannot
afford to slight their school*. To do so,
is to discourage from coming iuto our
midst the very best elements ojj society —
iho c who appreciate ami ibuiand good
of our section is known to nil. Our
citizens cannot plead poverty. With
•110,000 invested In churches, a f.'MJO,
000 (Courthouse on hand, and two or
three millions spent in privnte building",
all within two years, it would seem that
it ought not to lie iM cesnary lo auk
a second time for funds to provide
ROfcsxeJ accommodations for ihe children.
1 do not know that your honorable
body can do more than you hive
nlr.-rtdy done. lon have fully complied
with ilie law in making and j ro*enting
■■•tnuate4 of your nee I- lo the (,'ily Coun
cil, and have repeatedly ami s|>ecifi cully
set forth these needs in the columns i f
the daily pre*a. Still, if there ho yet
out: Itceis left unturned hy means of
which the properly constituted authoii
ties can be moved to Act and net speed
ily, I beg of you to make the olfori. If
our schools continue to inaintaiu the
high ntandaid they have held for the
Met decade, we must have more and
(utter accommodations.
[Special to ths llkkai.d by the Western
Union Tulegraph Company.]
Kpeerh or Miller on Free Mhlua.
VVaJJttyofOjr, D. C, May fl —In Ihe
Senate the shipping bill was Inken up,
and Miller, of N. V , spoke in its favoi.
He l*4d it would be well for the Senate
to lay aside the theory of tine sounding
phrases and rhetoric in regard to free
ships nnd take counsel of practical men.
Why should wo protect our iron,
hntss, steel, wool and everything
else and not protect our ships, lbe ex
pense of whose construction consisted of
IH) per cent labor. He was willing, if it
would meet the approval of ihe other
side of the Senate, to are such change
made in ihe navigation laws as would
admit foreign budt ships to American
registry, just as other articles of
foreign manufacture* were i in [Mil ted, hut
subject lo a fair rate of duty,
either at so much per ton, or by an ud
valorem charged on tho cost. Miller
contended that protection of our ship
building interests was indispensable as,
if iron ships could bo brought in free,
none would he hnilt here, and in 'Jo
years there would not a shipyard worth
tho name iv the Unitod State*.
Kerne In a Bad Way.
Nkw York, May ft.--Keen's f* (Fairs
are badly involved. His losses since
January, last year, ore estimated at
Pretest Aa;alit*t the Converge
Dknvkk, May ft.—A strong protest
was to-day forwarded lo Setmtor Hill
aga ust that portion of the now Converse
bill admitting carpet wonU free of duty.
It represents that all wools of that char
acter grown in the United States are
raised in the section of which Colorado
iw the ceuteraud the result of the free
udmiHsiou of this class of wools would
be the impovcrismeut of thousands of
New Mexican sheep owners and tho ex
tt rmiiinliou of their flocks. The action
of Representative Converse is regarded
as Hellishly iv the interest of the Ohio
wool growers tod cannot but turn tiom
fail rapport a powerful Intereel of this
■'•HRrngrrii for I him lnsrrleM.
San Kkam ihcii, May ft.--The steam
er Orizaba nailed today with the
following passengers for Los Angeles:
Rev «|. W. UwghboroagO, Kov R J
Waggoner, Mihh \ uln iH Browll, MihH
Honoke, Mm Honcka, X I'hdips, Miss
M folks, II .1 Payne, Urt Nixon, \V 0
Luivcy, Minn Lizzio Nixon, Key Merrill,
.1 .1 Son horn, .1 M Dnncur, wifs and
daughter; Mi»s A I. lugs Is. Henry
Woollacott, II Miller, Mis* L Willis, Q
Boifalaxie, II Clerk, II M Johnston, M
HawkiiiH, Mm X Browning, II T Craft,
Mi- • Shall*, s /••«,... M C Catighey,
S W Batchelor, L A Jossleyn, J A Bax
For San Diego -fl M (Jayb.rd, Mrs
LC Barton, Mrs I'C Kelly, A it Field,
S M Morse and son, Miss H Morse, J H
Brnekett, A WntUee and wife, C Mar
tin, W W Wilson.
l*rereedliia;M or the Aeaeinbly.
Sai uamknto, May ft, —The Assembly
■net at 'J I', m. On account of the ab
sence of Terry, Chairman of the Judi
ciary Committee, the re pur t of that
committee on the compromitied railroad
tn i Miit- und the action of the Attorney
General, was postponed until Tuesday
afternoon. Wharton's hill relating to
the duties of County Hoards of F.[iiali
Ration, Bibb's bill limiting taxation, ami
Kecler's bill on bribery, were all passed
on tile on account of the absence of the
an thorn. The Barry bill, us amended in
the Senate, was passed on the tile,
HtOfke'l bill on itsseaameut of mortgages
was road the lirst time. At '2Mb the
Assembly adjourned.
Work In I lie Me tint c
Sackamknto, Cal., May s.—ln the
Senate this afternoon Campbell's amend
ment cnnid up hh the special order.
When amendments were called for
Knight offered as a substitute for the
whole, the bill introduced some time
ftgO by him nnd Mill in the hands of the
Del Vnllo objected Iv this ku I .-dilution
nit tb« grounds that Urn lull iv lliti hands
of the committee could not lie advanced
hy a mere majority vote aud made the
special order instead of tho bill which
had gone through the hands of tbe com
rnlttae and hueu twice read.
The fiinlflHllt OdTirpOl ruled tho
point not well token.
Del Valle appealed and was sustained
against tbe decision: of the Chair, by
a vote of 'JO to HI.
« ha me of Forgery A union! Mell-
MOU lllMnilMMed.
San I''i:a.\('lsco, May ft.-Tho charge
of forgery and uttering the ellegud
Shnrnu-Hill marriage contract brought
against W. M. Neilson, WM dismissed
this morning by Judge Eerrul, on the
ground as Stated that, the District At
torney had no evidence against plain
iff, The District Attorney d> marred
against the record appearing iv that
form, hut tho judgw ordered it so re
NrerlliiK, Kxrhane** aud HoudN.
NKW Yokk, May s.—Sterling bills
ou London, HO days, $4.tfK; .Sterling
bills on Loudon, sight drafts, $1.00; IK
8. t .k.i 1801, iuterest iptartcrly, f1.1.1j;
U.S. 4s of 1 SHl,interest ipiarteily,*!. ISf]
V, S, 4-1, 11)07, inters>stijuaiterlys
U. !S. .'ls, optional, optional quarterly,
81.004: \V. U. Tel., .00^.
Settlement of Rs>Dtlan AlTalra.
LoMion, May ft.—Tht Parte mnler
sfnnils that tho u-mditions upon which
Fnince consents to a conference with
Ktighuul upon tho Kifyptiun i|iicstioii
are, "That Kngland give up annexation
ami the protectorate, and on the other
litind Franco recognizas tho service ren
dered by Kiiglitud in Kgypt and actpiie-ises
In tho right of England to maintain mil
itary occupation in Kgypt until reorgan
ization is completed. Franco atipulatus
that the Withdrawal of the British be
definitely fixed before occupation shall
cease. The Egyptian army is to lie reor
ganized and to be otlicered partly by tho
Britteh. That Franco ami Italy must lie
allowed a share of the influence, in re
spect to the financial and judicial ad
ministration of affairs of Egypt France
pledges herself not to iutm fero hy arum
with the Affairs' of Egypt, recognizing
that England done has the right.
The Mliaron I'osie.
San Fkaniiscu, May 6.—lv the
Sharon cast, the day was consumed by
experts in tbe examination ot various
documents presented aud to he presented
iv ovi.lcucc.
Nniroeatell hy Law.
San I'ltANcisto, May, ft.-Capt.
Ilcarup, of Company P., Third Kcgi
meat, WM iound deud this ntorniug,
sudiicuted hy gas. He was iv the
employ of Phillips Kennedy A Co., of
this oily. He was a native of Ireland,
thirty voars of ago and unmarried.
Wheu ho retired to lied last night noth
ing peculiar was observed in bis
The Stock Hoard.
San Fkaniimo, May fi. — Host ft
Belcher, si.no; Chollar, 4180j Con
solidated Virginia. ; down Point,
SI :I0; Kureka Con., I 1 Gould ft
t.'urrv, SI 3S| Hal.. * Nnronass, is,Sßi
Mexican, Sl.2s)Ophir, #1.40; Potoei, ,BS|
Savage, .4(1; Sierra Nevada, 11.75)
Union Consolidated, S--(H); Yellow
.laeket. S-.MO.
vYhrut and Hurley Market.
San Pkanixsco, May S. — Wheat,
steady hut dull; seller, II .40*. Bayer
I .".Sid. I .ill; Barley, slcndy luit dull;
siller .77.1; seller, season, si; buyer,
season, .SilJ.
■lohbrd Hy Hoed Akcmlm.
Ukiah, May B.—Tha Cloverdale and
Ukiah| stage, leaving Clovcnlule at
12:30 o'clock Ihla afternoon, was robbed
by two men, diaguieed with matkl of
lianel. and armed with double-barrelled
■hut-gone. Tbey secured live Micks of
letters, including the registered letter
sack, and Wells, Fargo ft Co.a treasure
box, contents unknown. They did not
interfere Willi the pnsnengcrs, as a
wagon containing several men, came
along following the Mage, Tbey covurud
the men with their guns, tailing them to
drive ou.
This uotablo Spuiish-American cele
bration yesterday, was completed hy a
sui'ial iliiiicn at Nadeuu Hall, eon*
diluted hy J. V. Ontrado, T. D. Matt,
Martiti Aniline, N. A. Covarrubi.is, M.
A-.llamluirgcr an*l H. C. liuiiado, re>
ception couunitlee; and Joae Aatoalo
Agallfa, floor manager. As floor com
nlttae, Mr. B. A. Yorba, E, T. MaOfai-
OU, F. Lope/., A. Domingo and .1. U.
Unerrero. The parly wan large and
soleet, aud iiontinued till the small
Injurs of the morning.
Superior court, Smith, J.
Monday, May sth.
Retkali of T. Ramirez, deeeaeed -Ac
count eontinoed until May I tit b.
Estate of C. llumilU i, (ltceaß*!il- Same
Ksbiite of (ieorge.l. Btoli -(!. Hafaer,
uppointeit adalnietTator. Bond, $100.
People vs. John MoDoaald •lufoftna
lion tiled in open court. I'ail fixed at
$1000. Continued until tomorrow ut
10 A. U.
reople vs. tJ. li. .Tolllison Forgery,
lufornititiiin liled. Sot lor trial May
I llli at 10 a. m.
Mutter of the application of Main
street and Batt L<>* ABgelai ■ treat rail
ways, a corporation, to diaaotra- Heard
and granted.
I'eoplo vm. Ah Blag, marder- On trial.
Betate of Baekheim—Will.
Qaaadiaaehlp of Qoward — Account.
Batata of J fJoldemith Petilion.
I'eople vs. McDonald—To plead.
Clark ta. Raaeetl at al.—Defendaa'i
allowed tea days farther Unte to preime
iiiul Mi let it. iill iit mi motion fin ;i m w
trial, hy consent at" ptfttntiff,
Hancock vs. riummer -J ustilic.ition
of sureties.
Illi'il From Hlm ITllMl.
VlHOWta City, Nov., May 5.-W.
11. Clarke, a well-known broker, who
shut hlmaell in Ihe bead in hit ottos mi
Saturday morning, expired on Sunday
morning about daylight, without raeotr.
ering coruvoloneneea. "It in ntaiu.l on the
beat authority that hit buiiasts is in a
perfectly aolvent condition, ami that no
i utiii Isae a cent. Clarke m ana
Uva ol New York, ng.d 63 years, ami
leaves a wife bat no children.
Murdered li, HI- WltC and Her
Saikm, Ogn., May 5 David Swart*,
an 01.l resident of tliia ooaety, wan
ronai) dead in the road mar his 01.l
home a Few miles .ant of thin city, at an
early hour Ibm moruing, with a gun-shot
wonnd in the face end another in tke
neck, apparently by a revolver. I'oot
piiuts around indicated tbe preaanee ol
it mail, woman and boy, |.iohahly bin
wit.', son ami it colored farm band.
Swartx's domestic relation, have been
very unhappy an.l he an.l bii wife have
been in th.- cunt, several iimti recently
in croai obargea of aaaanll and battery,
eic. sberitl' Forward ha« arrested the
woman and boy on suspicion nn.l they
arc now in jail. The. eotortd mail baa
not yet been foumt. The shots were
Hred at clone range, the tlcnh being
powder burned.
Men. Swart/ elated late thin afternoon
that .lon. Drake, colored, ami Win. Hen
ry, white, farm hands, were implicated
in the murder, ami tbey have ln.cn ar
reted, it mh. iieved that Mr*. Swarti
wan oogniaant ol the ooramlasloa of the
Clime, il indeed she wan not accessory.
The OOruner'l jury returned n verdict
that .Swart/ came la bin death at the
bauda of unknown pU'ties, The pre
bmiaary sxaninatioa will commence to
morrow. Than ia greatexcitement bere
over the affair.
Three Times. I I i.nillv.
Salt LaKB, Utah. May 6.—The jury
in the eaeeof Fred llopt, alias Welcome,
on trial tbe third time for the mur.h r of
John Turner, in July, 188 ft after being
ont forty mianiea, returned a verdict of
guilty of murder in the first decree.
Thin in tbe thiril lime he haa been found
guilty in tbe lirnt degree, lie will In!
seiiteucsd tv death Friday. A mub of
Spencer vs. Page- Cease tTMiiaferred
t.) 11..n. 11. M. Smith's rlepartneat.
WriglM et ai., v.-. Loboi i t ai Mo
tion to set aeide judgetneat, InaraiißaenL
a A. 4e Avis et nl. te. \V. bUllalvi
etal.-IMaintiits allowed to His ameau
mend to asaended ootnplaint
I Vani iHco Beileeteree vs. PreeeatAoli n
hallesteres —Haley wiihstttute.l io place
of Horace Hell and U. Domiagtiei as at
torney tot ptaintitr.
Hauuock vs. I'lii miner Justilicituui
of sureties on appeal luunl, apprOTod.
Aro you niaile misi-ralilu l>v Indigft*>
tioti, foiifltio.ltinii, di/./iiioss, limh ol a\t\.v
tite, yellow akin! Mul'dY* Vltailaer la
a |HiNitive euro. For sale by IVetiss ft
Kruik hrtMa, st l.oui. H lln.ry. City
PliiiMMitt Mui.t.-. s DkfO A I. iwl. y, do
<))» ii HoDonOa, " o.«)!t Miii.rvc.io
0 I'lluy., S»n Juiw UOHIatMnL .In
XII J.BM, .iaWl.ii.l WII Mm ith, do
A II HriKi(..Vwr. V uiitur.i (' S 11.i.... I.
I. AH .1 1, IVm.nu POSaHMT, ilo
.1 UODM, do Chita Hint , ,lo
It GaraWr, no WaJt RfMKia, oa
J I Ko«. IMnthiimti W J Mufti, .lo
Jlt 11r..i..0ii, Pttiaad J W .5,.rii.K1.,r,.10
.1 I. ii urtwM, i'.u«uii..» J I' Tlatw, Ati<..n»
1 i .1 . do Kii.il,.. .lo
.1 I'Curli. A »Hr. do X II Kroni h. OatM.
J N I'.tt.. .aaßlcca J h n.i.tv,
B taoka, sa. PJaffaaid'M W T Brew., do
I W llovntofi, Ntmlu.ll Mr. W.rhttin, do
F I X .11 On A ll.it. i, Cnlloo
W stuwart, fcfoj.v. Mr, J 1.- r . i*onioiia
Mr, X Uowi and . otty.
Board of Supervisors.
Mom day, May t.
The Hoard of Super visor* lU et to day
in adjourned session, full Board and tbe
Clerk present.
I'lie minute* of the previous meetiug
were read and approved.
In the mutter of Wilmington School
District Bonds—Bonds sold to E. Y.
Spence, for one percent, premium.
Boilds of New Hope School District-
Sold to A. It Lawrence for Trustees of
L 0. 0. f t No. 100.
Contracts for supplies to the County
HiMpital were awarded as follows: Bread
awarded to .1. Kinder, at four ccuts a
pnaHld. with $000 bond.
Meati awarded to Simon Maier. Same
(Clothing awarded to UellmaD, Haas
& (Co. Same bond.
Drugs tmd niedieinea awarded to C. F.
Hchizeman. Same bond.
Provisions, coal, wood, etc., awarded
to 11. Newinurk & Co. Same bond.
San Pedro school bonds—Referred to
the District Attorney.
Petition of K. VV. Clark, et a!., for a
mad in San Juan road district -Referred
to Supervisor Moesser.
Petition of D. Freeman, et 01., for
road in Ccnlimla Road District- Peti
tion and bond tiled, and J. E Jackson,
L D. (lavitt aud Win. Dryden ap
pointed viewers.
In the matter of the changoin the An-'
aheim aud Santiago road- Dead from J.
R. Toberman, et id., filed and road de
clared a public highway, as per said
deed and map filed this day and asked
for in the petition.
In the matter of the petition of A. C.
Kchafer, * t n!. t for a chmge in old road iv
A/usa Road District—Petition granted.
In the matter of tho petition of J. if,
Steinhart, et aI . for a road in Downey
road district. Referred to Supervisor
On motion of Supervisor (liroux. Dr.
J. ilaunou Is hereby appointed county
pliysiclun and .Superintendent at the
County Hospital during the pleasnre of
this Board, at the same salary as here
tofore allowed.
Application of E. J. Vawter, for ap
pointment as Justice of the Peace. Re
ferred to Distiict Attorney.
Petition of \V. O. Kerckhoff for a
wharf franchise at Han Pedro, liefer
rod to District Attorney.
M. S. Wilson was appointed Justice
of tho Peace for Xl Monte in place of
Thomas Mc( 'lain, deceased, on motion of
Supervisor Osborn.
The proposition of Liuis Phillips in
regard to jail facilities was accepted.
A petition to create a now sohuol dis
trict known a* Ln Virgenee, was granted.
Adjourned till 10a. m. to-morrow.
Meeting of Produce Exchange.
At a regular meeting of the Directors
of the Produce Exchange, at theirrooms
yesterday, there were present Van
Nuys, Lambouru, Mathews, Book and
('.lit. The i-nancial report for April was
approved. Hicks, Dupuy & Co., were
admitted as members of the Hoard.
John K. Mathews ami Secretary Da vies
were appointed a committee to cauvass
for membership the grocers and produce
dealers of tha city who arc not already
members of the Board, with full power
to prepare applications, ami report at
the next regular meeting of the Board.
Bills aggregating <7*-! ,86 were audited
and oideretl paid.
A fiirnl.he.l. minny room l.y a yotiny man;
uc.t ..MI..K. strt-et near biuin.«*.nttT pi.
leirotl. AddtOM''Koom," Hskalii ollic'. iiiyu j,
A hilly d.-tlr.'. a iioaition v boil.ek.-uper in n
hutcl ..ran, i. .(Miniiihle |iia.f; would t.Kecharjfe
..I niothtrl..., i Inl.lruii; no olijet'lion t. 1h....00n.
fry. Adilun».»rcjll M. J. it., as leaia Snriii X
.trout. lujol*
From It) Main mreet, btt.Hß Sooou.l and
Tlii.il HtiM.'t.. it 1..y mart': H|..iiiihli l.raml .... tl.u
l.itt hiu. Piirtim will lit iil.t-rully ruwardt'd l.y
lutiirniliK ttiOßitnif to S. UarlHaa. Iliyli ilt
A Sat larito hay luaro. Whltt .tripe In face,
lelt hml loot white and a .cur on right hip. Jto
turn to r'. (I. Kich, Mhui etreet, Imtwcen H'u.h
iliKtonand Adam, .tri'ete, and receive reward. It
Nf nth. ai«i raoaa,tulaabl.fo, liuht hou.e
1.-.ii.«, .ith uwi ot ranjie. Apply at luti tilive
alre.it, corner Second. uivtMw
Apply nt.\,i. 20 H ilmin K ton .treat. myOtt
(if the IN lataatty, la wanted. Apply to C. N.
ila.tlett ot Co., 1.0. Aiieele., Lai., lor parti, ultra.
Notice ii hereby given that the firm ot Maptia
v JottuttO. i. .li»aolved by mutual conaent. It
A Vibrator Separator. NkltaSl cylinder, with
.lerr.ck fink ami tulil.- and H tioi* p,tt. p.,»er
» ,tn .l«k».li'H aelf-fi eicr Hill be noM lir caah
at foOD AildlcM i. , 11 \ ii \ ril'NU
mm lw ( I', o. Box 7'i*. Lot Aii|,'elea, C*l.
Rtt Ise east nan stkkkt.
A full aaaortillelit.il tholate.t«ty lea li i iii li
MMllwr*' juat revive.l. The U.li.a ale cor
dully i..,ite,l to call and ex amine heratoek.
_ UijO Jni
Attorney-at-Law and Exam
iner of Titles.
Room 4 Allen Block, corner Sprii.B ami Tomplo
street*, Uut Aliitelca, Oat ni)U tl
(Mm <t Mm BVSiilssl ami test home glares in
ix>< Anioiiej. owasr's beaieew Mm to
ifd KasS OrainjuoiL-harilln full hoariiis;; also
psaMei on-hard, M*sJaan, psaea, sanees, vines and
oraasseetal sh rob Wry. Hat HMeeM H&tsj to
aj (Hi from DWIMJOa Kl. tur hbusc of Urn
rooms; hoi mid oofcl wsti-r and throughout
rotLtiff, liaiiH and iv perfuct order
000-t well snd windmill. Oest el Inleetlse, $t
psrannnm. T#oMrssi car liass and tun mm
atef drive from the Pnr-tiiffire.
For furthur Liirticularj aildresi
•I* lin "A, Q m »» |. ox 4SOI City.
ton* C. A Frank Sh
n■ w ■ i m i m
Hvnt Net ot Teelh, [<says istpn.*
-hoiil.t ti-.-th is th.- iimriiinu', can havu thi-m
s-ime d tv. T(-*th without a|> ate. Kinu flllinifs
n s|..-.-uilh Alt -ratimis u.ntru.t.-01. .looms
Hand 18fabsaaeieiirBloea.eyfMsrtsP.0 mjutf
Dr. J. S. Griffin,
OlMee Hours » to 11 A. M , 1 to 3 and 7to 8
Fjiht side of Main strcd, Wlow
Wrst. oilfV-U
Beeaakee Boess He. 14ia urn Los aafelei iio
t«l. mni.T lir-t and Loa Anv'«d.-i str.-.-ts. lit
will r. niain iv his orlit-i; from ti to 10 a. h., to
ia.'. iniiHtr those »l ay wifh i , at the hands
of tha i ll}.
■ .a Oretileeeeers aqreM
Notice to Creditors.
Mill of MattlaieselfaeFi ilcrcased.
Notice ii tM-r. t.v Kiveii liv tho umhirsirncd, ad
miiii4lrat.ris with ths wili anm<xe.l of the
•Mete of HsfUe eseßesw, dixfioei, to
tho erMitors of, and all persons savin*
asanas spiiir.! tht mnu\ sJi-coawil, U, exhihit them
with th.i m-tn-Hsarv vouehcrs. within foui
itiontlis ftft. r tin llr«I pulilicatlDii of this notiiM
to the said i.dmi-.i-trAtriv, with the will auuess.l.
at tho olhVi. of 1.,-r attorney, Th.is It. Hrown,
Kotiuis No hi '4int HJTempla IIU-k. in the i-lli
sii.l fount) -.f |.o. Anodes, SUt'uf *'aliforuls. "
Uat. d at Us Au K uh">, Ua\ Mh, IHH4.
Adnilnl-trstrix, with the sill annexed, of the cs
tste of Martin Hosllner d.. . t--i mytl 4w
El Cinco de Mayo.
«Tbe Peerless Dry Goods Emporium kB»
The Largest Stork. The Finest Goods.
Black Silks | Headquarters | Black Silks
The fallawlas rorrrapondrnrr rs.l.la* It.rlf:
Silb, SUkS I *. coasmcN a rai; I SHIK SilkS
uit.ll, lumu Boulf»«,d Ht. H...... > l'Aii ( la dr I. Jim u "»»| "H»»
St. IN-....
CITY Paris, le ler Mars, HW4. CITY
Messrs. Stern, Cshn 0 Ix>eb. Los Angeles.
Call tor nla:
CF DsskSiss: We beg to inform you that f\p
we have appointed you sole agents lor wr
l-os Angeles eouuty, California, for the sale of
PA Rift our silks ' Caehemlre Vllle de Paris, •' brandwl na Bio
KAKia. "Will not Cut nor Oreaa..'' Webavenodoubl PARIB.
these silks will meet Is your market ths same
Idiih siioosss they have met with elsewhere,
aiHwit dill™ end we remain, dear sirs, yours re*p.*-tinlly,
Sills.Silis «■«"■■- r '[ silks, Silks
We have vow in stock a fall assortment of this celebrated make
of Silks.
Our Prices will be fouud aa low ac those charged for very inferior
Our Drt-ss Goods Department Is perfection Itself,
Our I'ancy Goods Department cannot be equaled in this city.
Our Ladies' Hosiery aud (.'underwear Departments cannot be ear
passed. ,
Oar Cloak Department is in charge of an expert cloak manufac
turer, aud for perfect htting garments and magnificent stylee can cer
tainly not he 111iiated in Southern California. *
We have just received aud added to our immense stock a com
plete and beautiful tine of
We parry tbe finest lines of Gentlemen's Furnishing Goods in Los
Angeles. .
Gents' Neckwear and Underwear.
The New York Clothing House.
Bargains in Clothing.
Ws announce tbe arrival of our complete stock of choice selection in
Men's, Youth*', Boys', and Children's fine Clothing & Cents' Furii'iOi ni; Goods.
Our .tock U complete, our good. an.l our prices always reaunable. We will do better by you lltau other, will or caa.
oomb jsv»rx> sbanzi xjs.
New York Clothing House,
134 Ma,in Street,
. .ptti
Sale Extraordinary!
Diamonds, Watches & Fine Jewelry
Will now he
E. K. MacGillivray, Manager.
kboiiivdi) bit
100 Tons of Furniture and Carpets 100
340,000.00 IN CARPETS ALONE.
Elegant Assortment, Latest Styles and Lowest Prices. We are determined to
show as fine a line as San Francisco dealers and I'ndersell them
' JulO-tl
Notice of Application for
Arailkatton will be made to tbe Mayor and
Coum II of the city ot I. - Angeles on tbe 12th
day ot May, ls*4, for thrne felt clalin deed.,
vis A IKi'l Ir-an said Citt to J. 11. ShoberaikJ
K. J. I i k of kit that tasW |>roj- rt v in the city ot
Us Aftkuh*. t'oui.ty of Urn Ansi'lt*, Huts of
California, desert I**l as full"*. (Jontineiii tnf at
a point on the w. it Hide of iSau Pedro street at
tho H K. corner of J. If. Hhotrar'tf tract, from
which point the old loeui>t .tump st tha N. X,
. ornar of Mrs. Meott and the s. K. corner of J. O.
HroKti he«r« N. tip X J.OC ehslns ai.d N 81* 4a'
K. O.UuS-iflOU chime distant; tlicuce from Saul
point of lietfinnliiK hloi.k the southerly bcundurv
ol said Knoher tract N. f*o4/ W. s &e-100 chains;
thein-B aloiix the «*•-•«?.-riv boundary of J. H.
Hhoh.raii<t H. i. llsck N. 411* K. ;\9o chains toths
southerly houiidary ot Mrs. a. M. Uullix; Ho ned
ul nu tin- lifsiiHlsry of said Hullni N. :,0 f de*. W.
t tl-100 chains to the easterly bouudsry ol tbe
Kejes ent*te, thence alons* a live aidow hedge jii
th«t.a-l«rly houmUryofstUleittitc 8. 44* Oeg.
W. 1 St* HO chains to a point; th-rue 8. itJ deic.
W. a.SH 100 chains to a point; the.rsr* 281 dog.
W. I rsi-IOU chains to a point; thence f*. 40j Jeg.
W 1 ;t; iihi ehalas to a point on the N. side t>l
Seventh street.; thsnos O. 44 deg. It ndn. W. 4.
M-IUU chain* to the N. W corner ol T. Walsh'-.
Ivmls-r yard; thsnee aloes; tbe north boundary
ol *aiu| lumber yard H. 4W r dts/. B. n s-iuu
chain* to Kan Pedro street; theeea along Man
Pedro street N. 41 jileK. E, » Wf>3HsJo chains to
the pises ol lien inning, containing 6 OJJ 1000
Hecond A Deed from said City to J H. Bhober
of ad tnat real property in tha City ol Los An
ge cs. County of Los Aiigelei, Btatu ol i alijom a,
.L-scriiicd as lollsws: LVnimei.cing at a point on
the went sides! Ban Peilro street at tb* 8. K.
corner of H. J. Heck s homestead, from which
point theold locust stump ou tne west side ol
said street at the N. K. numeral Mrs. Scott .and
theB E. corner ol J. 0. Ilrown bean* N. 41J deg.
X I f>u 100 chaisi and N. ai deg. 45 nun. K. 0
l*.>:» 1001 chains; thence fr-im said point ol begin
ning along the southerly lioundary of said 8. J.
lleck N. &oj deg. W. i oiMOO to a point; tbenco
H. 411 dug. W. l 60-100 chains to a point; thence
H. . r io| deg, E. 3 fsMUU chains to Han Pedro
Street, IaeOMO along ssld street N. 41 deg. X 1.
fi -10(1 chains to the place of begionliig. contain
ing Af 1000 l an a. r..|
Third— \ Ueed from said City to 8. J. Reek or
all that real property in the City ol Los Angeles,
County of Lo» Angeles, State of California, de
scribed as follows: Commencing at a point on
the west side of Sun Pedro street at the S. K. cor
ner 0 f Mrs. A. U. Uullh from which the old lo
cust stump on the wsst side ol said street at tbe
N. X corner of Mrs. Scott and the 8. E. corner of
J.C. Hrown besrsN SI deg. 46 uiln. E.CW63 1000
chalnii distant; tlieneu frsm said point of begin
ning along the southerly Istundary ef Mrs. A. M.
Ilulhs N. fti'i deg. W. 3 50 100 chains to a point;
HtetMtl. 4Udeg. W. I ;.0 iun chains to a point;
th. lice 8. 601 deg E. 3 60 100 chains to Han Pe
dro street, ttmuo along mid street N. 411 deg.
K. 1 60 IUO chains to the place of beginning, con
taining 62-IUU ot an acre.
Heforeuce is made to abstract of title, map and
petition now on tllo with the undersignd, with
whom all persons who may object to tbe issuing
of such iloeds niUit rile their objections, bvfore
the day mmcd for making such application.
Clerk of the Council ef the City of Los Angele*.
Los A*geles, Cals., Msy&tb, lssi. m>ft-6t
A pbstton buggy, as good as new; price, |luf.
J. U. DeTurk, >'irst street, between Spring and
VoiL my4tl
A full chest of carpenterV tools; all complete
and in fine order; will he sctd cnesp. Apply at
No. 11l s oi P. dro street. myl-tw
Right acres of land, 3 miles from the Court
Roast! B acres in Muscat onm, 2 years old:
small hi.use; tbe balance, 8 acres, to all kinds ol
choice fruits, mostly in bearing; good| well and
plenty of city water; also, horse, buggy and all
the turuiing implements at a big bargain by
J. K. UHlTfi,
Office No. 3, N. E. Cor. Main and Vint streets.
WV4 «
Ten acres of land, 31 miles Irom the Court
House, small house or ;t rooms; good well and
city water,and must lie closed out at once, as
the owner w uhes to go East. Ily
Oltlce No. 3, N E. Cor. Main and First Ht'rUt*.
my 4 tl.
Four to five desirable vacant lots on Fort and
Hill streets, between Seventh and Ninth, at very
low ilgarts for a few days, by
ni) 4 'it N. E. Cor. Main and First streets.
Parties wishihg to purrhaae some real bargains
in l>oth city and country property sboulil not
Ml to call on J. F. Wh.te this coming week, lie
wdl be sure to make you plenty of money. Office
No. 3,N. K. Corner Main and First street . my 3 2t
Draft snd cart horses for sale by En.il Frsnkel
at Downey City. The animals can he seen 8M
every Sunday by parties who desire to pur
chase, my'i tf
The Kink; largest hall in the city; 120 feet
long, IU) feet wide; line floor, tin roof; lot to
lease. Apply on premises, 141 H, Spring street.
Skating to continue until further notice; to be
reopened October next in new rink; cement floor;
all mo.lern improvement*. myl-lw
House of 11 rooms, asd the furniture for sale,
on Main street only S blocks from the Court
House; all is first-class snd the location cannot
be heat fur a lodging house; at a bargain for a
few days by J. F. WHITE,
Office No. 3, N E. Cor. Main and First streets.
In center ol business locality. Apply to Mark
U. Jones, Itoom 1, Jontis block. Spring street,
oppo-lte Hssai.l* office. MOO lw
Furnished rooms or part of the house, No. 617
West Sixth street. ap:ti» lw
One of tne beet esstensasd paying saloons m
the city at a sacrifice, owing tinil health of the
pn.pi i. ior. Apply to P. O. Eddy * Co., No. 310
North Main street, opposite Pico House. ap6tf
A denl-a hie residence, of 8 rooms on Figutroe
street, first house north of Wa-hiugton street; I}
acres of laud, covered with choice hearing fruit
tree* of different varieties. On the premises
is also a ben and wind mill. ap -6 2w
A handsome cottage of five rooms, nicely fin
ished inside, situated on Sixth street, between
Fort and Spring, For terms, etc.. apply to
ii'ii -j tl Opposite the Court House.
Handsosielv furnished front room with hay
window and facilities for heating, with use of
bath room, on second floor of elegant new house,
ii.-iritl.ly located; occupied by select private
family. Address, P. 0. Box fWO. a*7tf
A cottage of seven rooms, on the south June
tion of Spring and Main street. Inquire at the
store or up stairs of P. Kern. apSntf
l^rge,elegantly furnished rooms, with board;
centrally located and in the most desirablu part
of the city; .100 Hill street, near Fourth. ap6tf
Two large finely furnished front rooms to lot
with board; house containing telephone and all
modern conveniences. No. 463 South Spring
street, axfjOM.
From BOSS! Heights, on Monday night, Apiil
->Mh, t«o horses; one a b ».v gelding, Spanish
brjud on right flank, the other a tir*s neldi ig,
no brand, hut h Horn's » ith hlioi s all around. A
liberal reward will he paid for the return ol the
horses te Francisco LOffO.tt Virgin street my;il2
Hv a firs-elans cook, a situation in a respects
bts Is null; good references can be given Ap
pi, at rent ol 7*JSan Fernando St. Thoa. Hogao.
Eight hundr«il to *1000 lor one or more years
on lirst class security, with good interest. Ad
dress 'V. H.," llknai.iioffice. aaflOtf
Auso Stki:i:t Market,
A. A. lILRICII. Prop'r,
Ml Aliso Street, opposite tho Cracker Factory
Dealer in all kinds of
Fresh and Salted Me its and Sausages. Onods
delivered to all parts of the city free. my4tf
Oeneral Commission Business,
14 North Spring St., Koom 1, Los Angeles, Oat
Tartiefl desiroua ot disposing of their business,
or wishing to engage in business, will do well to
call on me, as | have special facilities for such
transactions. iny4tf
A itnol h-iiiui r>f r mm, all h.nl IblSmJi «
roniorl.it laiMMi, «.t«l.l. iu.,l ~t.li. r ouiliuilo
lni<». Tl.rl.it I. ....tru.l »ilh tt.iit tr., ~ .11
'»•»"'« «H ' '..num., mill . m.v ».|.v
MM i.f tin*, on.
* >ion will buy this place If
sold soon.
»P3O 3t Temple Block, 114 N. Spring St

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