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Uameda Street. Near Allso. <
Iv all style, of shspe, size and finish,
Shingles, Lath'A Moldings
Constantly on hand
from trie San Francisco Moun
tains of Northern Arizona. (
Lumber delivere 1 along the line otthe 8. P. R.
I. from Newball to the Needles. Addreas ,
■AMPTOS HITTO>, Affent. !
splstf 1
Doors, Blinds, Windows, Eastern
Oak, Ash, Hickory, Walnut
and Poplar.
Are prepared to execute any and all kinds
Mill Work.
Telephone No. 8. V. O. Bos 93.
mr23 3m
Lumber Dealers,
Manufacturers of Doors
Stairs, Stair Rail, Ballusters, Newell Posts an
Mill Work ot tvery deerrlptlon, end dealer, n
Lime, Plaster, Hair, etc.
No. S3* North Alameda Btree
Iperry mott & oca's
U.o 8. Sarroaa. Wn. CAanwata.,
Pres. and Oen. Sunt. Vice Pros
E. ll.o'MsLVßht.Sec'y.
California Truck €omp'y,
Successors to Bill* * Co.,
General Forwarders.
No- 9 Market fit, Temple Block,
Opp. Court House, Los Angeles, Cal.
Machinery, Sates, Pianos, Furniture and
UeixhaiidUe. shipped or delivered on reasonable
Consignments shipped to our care C. O. X>. and
Bills of Lading left at our office will reoclve
prompt attention. Telephone No. 78.
office No. 3 Market Street.
aWTelephoae No. IS7.
apltf OEO. P. McLAIN, Proprietor.
Phineas Banning,
WILMINGTON. Los Angsts. County, Cal.
V ease la towed, good, lightered umtss
sad grain stored, with
. , . . Fortilv theava
,S«'^tlllH»tll^«lal, M n „,d wit.
JAXI neaaod Uie eS.-et
I tv re decsr.lt now
_ M pretne tooie and
l>l> „ STOSSaCM^ AW .Iterative there
r '> ,A| -'
-' *r rs ara\eeae pvinclpl. which
re.whe. t*r vers
aouroe of the trouble, and effects a ahsjlute anl
Knanent cure. For sale by al Druggists and
lers generally
I If yon are rronliur Wray or Bald I
I If your Hair is Thin, Brushy. Dry,
I Harsh, er Weak;
I U yesj are tremkletj wIU DaaeretT,
1 Itrkinz, or aaf Heiuor er Dis
-1 ease of the Scalp,
It heals nearly erery dlaeaae peculiar to
tba aaalp, checks the falling ont of the flair
and prerenta It from tnrnlng gray, and Is an
anaxjualled dressing and toilet article.
Dr.J.C.AyertV Co., Lowell, Mass.
Sold bjr all druggists.
Who want glossy, luxuriant
and wavy tntwtes of abundant,
beaiiUfnl Hair must use
clPK»i't, cheap article always
makes thp Hair stow freely
anil fust, keeps it from falling
out, arrmts and cores uray
npßN, removes tlaiidniiT and
itcliini", makes the Hair
strong, giving it a curling
tend ncy and keeping it In
any desired position. Kean
tiful, healthy Hair is the sura
result or nsing Kathalron.
From these aonrcea arlac throe fourtha ot
lie tllscaaea of the human race. Then*
■ym IndtcsLtc thelreitatenoe: lVaaa at
tpp.llt.. Bowel, coatlve. Sank Il.a-I
■ehe, rutin... aflar aatlssf, armiem tc
-sartloia nf bstdy er ml seal. Eraetatloa
mt tssost, IrrttatbllltT of teatp.r, Loss
.ptrtta, A feeling of hawln« ..sjlee.t.d
...me duty, Ulaaln..., Flastt.rtn» th.
Heart, TSota before th. ..... hiataly enl
•redllrlae, os»lfrriPATlof«7 and*J
nan.l tho use or a remedy that nxtadlreotlj
inthoMver. AaaUverraedlolno ss; a a-8
i'lLLSliaotnociiial. Their act ion on thr
< Mneya antl Skta la also prompt; removtrnj
ill ItupuriMea through tn«BO thren s«s»v.
merer, of th. ayst.n.." producing appe
It" eotind tllgeetlon, regular atoola, a cleat
ikltt ami a vigorous body. t'Ll'T'S Pn.IA
atuao no nauaaa or griping nor lnterten
with dally work aad ifo a perfect
Guar Hair oa WHtsaraa ohanged la
Stan tl. to a Ula>air BLACK hy a single ap
pllontlon of thl. DTK. Sold 67 Druggists
or esmt by exttr bib on receipt of St.
0f80n,44 Murray PUusH,New Tork.
Claims Set Up by tbe Aggravated
(Jodllsti Aristocracy.
The curiouß libel anil, brought by a
man named N ghtincate against the
Boston publishers of "Cape God Polks,"
in which tbe author, Miss Mclean, used
the names of actual persons for her
characters, will go to the Supreme Court
of Massachusetts.
The claims of the aggrieved persons
were, with tbe exception of Nightingale,
settled by the publishers. The suite
were largely lawyers' suite. As soon as
it was known that real names hail been
used, tbe lawyers flocked to Cape Cod
like sharks to a whnle ship. Tbey made
those simple people believe that tbey
hail been deeply wronged. They called
a meeting of the "sufferers" and ob
tained permiaaion to bring suite at their
own expense. Some of them even offered
premiums for the privilege of bringing
suits or procuring a settlement.
According to the publisher's story,
who would not naturally be disposed to
look very favorably upon people that
were bleeding him, the author so far
from slandering them, idealized and ex
nlted Ibem. The "touch of infinite
eelm," "the manly daring" and "tbe
queenly beauty" did not allow for much
when their possessors were clamoring
for their drafts. One Baintly person (in
tbe book) Baitl she never auy longer
spoke of tbe antbor as Sally McLean,
but always aa Sally McDirty.
Ia the'editions of tho book where the
namea have been changed, nearly alt of
the persons referred to cannot even
identify themselves. Some wauled pay
for dead relatives mentioned. Those
whose namea did not get Into Ihe book
are more vexed than those who did. The
others with their libel money and their
prominence are now tbo uriatooracy of
tbe place, And look down npon tbe
others, while tbe latter feel poor,
humiliated ami envious. The author
has created a kind of peerage, a social
order or oaate never before known ou
Cape Cod.— Drinil Frer Preu.
Riverside Items.
(Press an l Horticulturist.l
Mr. Heaps waa severely kicked by a
horse laat Monday.
A store nttd livery atable la to be
opened ut Klainore by Messrs. MoVicker
A Lett, of Riverside.
The school children of Riverside dis
trict have inoreaaed in number during
the past year from 247 to 290.
The cut-worms hare disappeared from
our vineyards. Their departure was
very su iden and the people are satis
John B. (lough wauls {MOO to deliver
one lecture in Uan Bernardino. He talks
good temperance, but his charges arc
Very intemperate.
Mr. Tracy, postal inspector for tbe
Pacific cuaat, recently visited Riverside
aud prouounoed our superb poatottice the
tiueat outfit iv his department.
Charley Smith, of Klainore, has aold
his store and a 160« acre (lovcrntnenl
claim at Klainore for $5000, aud proposes
to build a steamer for tbe lake,
A hotel is hi he built at HigMande.juat
north of Base Line at. and across Iba road
west of Mr. Ruaa' property. Already
80,000 feet of lumber has been purobased
for the building.
Mr. E. J. W'aite transplanted 1080
orange trees recently at Redlanda, antl,
we believe, without losing any. Tbe
trees are line and thrifty, mosily Wash
ington Navel buda.
Elsinore lake ia reported fnll bnt not
overflowing. The watera of tbe Han Ja
ointo river are now snbeiding, and tbe
proipeota are now that the lake will not
overflow this season.
Tbe Board of Trustees have called a
special election at the same time to vote
a tax of $1000 in order In have funds lo
Beat another room of tho school boase,
d»g a welt nttd make other needed tin
K. E. Brown and Hiram Barton of
Redland went to San Kranciaco on Mon
day last to examine several large reaer
voira in Central California, with a View
to applying tbe information received to
the Bear Valley reaorvoir, ia which they
are largely interested, and of which Mr.
Brown ia ebief engineer.
Hints to Wine Makers
One of tbe moat aerioua mistake* made
by Cavlifornian wine growers ia the indis
orioiinate aiinaa.l aale of every gallon of
wiae in thru cellar*. Not a sample is
kept for ageing, and in uu way ia any
provision ma«le for learning tbe affect
time works on tbis or that variety of
wine. Tbis is radically wrong, aa those
interested may soma day cc* to tbeir
chagrin. If we owned a vineyard we
would oousderitof paramount import
ance to hold a email paokago of each
variety of wine made under favorable
ciDßuinaiauot-s, in ortAer to determine
wlmber hie or that wine improves ma
tt«riully with age, what cbjravter it
assumes, what properties, dialf pear and
what properties appear, whether it
would be prufitatd" to plant more of the
variety of vines which yielded this or
that wine, etc. Kiperimental blends
are alao nectseary to tbe attainment of
the greatest pipesible amount of suueres
with certain varieties of wine, and to lie
able to blend wiuea to advantage the
via* maker should be versed in tbe
chemistry of wines, and know which
properties want to be supplemented and
which to be reduced to secure a aacceee
-11 eveunena of flavor, bouquet, etc.
Many vineyardlaU say, "Wo bave
not the neceeearv oellar-room aad cooper
age to conduct the experiment* you
apaak of." Very true; bat are you not
contemplating eatwive outlays in tbe
way of clearing more land and planting
it with vines? In moat oases, yea. Now,
do yon realise that until yon have con
ducted such eapflrimertts aa w* allude to
you are rushing along Mindly, and may
and very probably shall saoner or later
have to undo a great part of the work
yon are doing ? Better to plant a little
more capital in cellar room and o lopar
age, and delay extending your vineyard,
for in Ihe long run it will i ay you best
to go slow and look before yov leap.
Experiment with tbe wine made from
vines planted in your own land and you
will be enabled to proceed intelligently
In your art, and may make thousands of
dollars by learning what to plant exten
aively, and how to make aud handle
yoor wines to tbe best advantage. —Clo
vrrdult Smtinel,
Wet Coal, or Dry.
The question of burning coal in a wet
or dry state is still being diauussej in tbe
English journals, a large amount of
both theory and praatical information
being set forth. One writer says that,
although It is generally concerted to lie
true that wet bituminous ooal will not
produce as large 'a quantity of steam in
a boiler aa dry coal, there are few fignres
to anbetantiata this, Tke results of a
aeries of testa made recently with much
earn are regarded as having conaiderahle
weight in the determination ol tba points
Involved. It appeared that a mats of
waahed alack, bold ing 18 |>cr cent, of
water antl 9 tt-10 jyer cent, tufa, esa.pt>
ratals 7-10 pounds oi water per pound
of fuel, while the MM coal with only 3
per cent; of water, mAde from H to 8 ft 10
pound* of steam Making due allow
Mice for motature hy redueinu to a stan
dard of like ejuanlitiea of coal fraa from
moisture, a direct loss of 14 per cent, is
shown In tuiaK wet Er- hn»-j..
A Conductor's Luok.
Conductor Hesekiah McKinncy, who
waa killed in Connecticut rectmtly, was
tfie man who had v little episode with
the auppo*«d Northampton Hunk hnrg
lara the nigbt after the robbery. A uaa
aenger in the smoking oar huudod him
what waa supposed to Im a $HM hill in
Dapment for tare. VVbeu he weut to the
baggage ear for change McKiuney found
that it was a $1000 bill, ami, returning,
gave it back to tho man he IM|iMsd he
got it from. The man denied giving him
aoy bill, and,a*uoownur could be found,
he turned it over to thu railroad, which
deposited it in a Hartford bank, aSd
aome four yeara afterward gave it to Me-
Kinney. f!t,«lun Journal.
The I do.tun Lanrrt, a leadiug euttfnr
■ ty or health maiters, says that a person
should never doze - that is nut
from any health point of view. This is
equivalent to advising persons to stop
reading t'unrk and other l*ond a oaptta
week lira. i
At the Academy: Mrs. l«llowwuk
(wife of eminent dry sslter) — "Whata
that big picture, .lames!" Hnaband
"Flight 4 into Kgynt, " (Lady looks
wouderingly.) 'Tfioeidents in the war,
vf the Soo dar v, my fear, no doubt. M I
We, the undersigned, do hereby certify that
we are partners, transacting business in this clty
snd county of Los Angeles, under tho Arm name
and style of Peroival a Chambers; that the
names In full of all the inembeta of such part tl
nershlpare J. Peroival, of Los Angeles, Cal., aud •
Jos. Chambers, ol Covington, Ky., and that the "
places ot our respective residences are set oppo- p
site our respective names, hereunto subscribed d
In witness whereof we have hereunto set our I*
hands this 4th day of June, 1884.
J. PERCIVAL, Los Ainreles. t
JOSEPH CHAMBERS, Coriugton, Ky. b
Los Angeles, June 4, 1884. Jell lm 8
Application to Mortgage. "
Notice Is hereby given that on Monday, the i
Kith day of June, 1884 at 10 o'clock A M., the t
association known as the Us Bolsai Methodist r
Episcopal Church South, will apply to the 8u- i
perior Court in and for Los Angeles county, at c
the Court room o' said Court, far leave to mort
gage its certain real estate situated In said coun< 1
ty of Los Angeles, to-wlt: Commencing at the >
NE corner of Sec. 18, in township r> south, »
range 10 west, H. & Mor, and running due
south on the line between L. M. Morrell and I
Thompson Sears 150 feci; thence west l W feet; '
thoiict noith IfiO test; thence cast If*) feet to •
place of beginning.
At which time and place all persons interested
may appear and show cause, if any there be, .
why said application should not be granted.
A W. POTTS, Clerk.
By A. KiMrAi, Deputy.
June 1 th, 1884. Jell &t
~ 1
Application to Mortgage.
Notice is hereby given that on Monday, the '
loth day of June, IBe4, at id o'clock a.m., tho
association known ai the Norwslk Methodist
Episcopal Church South, will apply to the Su- ■
per tor Court in and for Los An* clew county, »t I
the Court-room of said Court, for leave to mort <
gage its certain real estate situate In saul couu I
ty, to. wit: Lot two (2), in block eight (8), In the ,
town ol Norwalk, according to the burvey and i
map thereof recorded in Book ol Miscellaneous )
R j.ords, page 423. of L< s Angeles county. j
At which time and place all persons interested >
may appear and show cause, if any there be, [
why said application should not be granted. ,
A. W POTfB, Clerk.
By A. Rim fa v, Deputy. |
June 10th, 1884. Jell fit t
Application to Mortgage-
Notice Is herehv given that on the loth day of
June, 1884, at 10 oVlock A. m., tho association
I known as the Azusa Methodist Episcopal
. Church South, will apply to the Superior Court
in and for Los Angeles county, at the Court
room of safd Court, for leave to mortgage Its
certain real estate situated in said county of Los
Angeles, to wit: Beginning at a point eleven
■ and a fourth (111) chains south et the northwest
1 corner of section thirty -six i3O), township (1)
■ north, range tea (10) west, Han Bernardino Heri
-9 dlan, and due east one hundred and
1 fifty (160) feet; thence due south one hundred
thirty (130) feet; thence due west one hundred
and fifty (1( 0) loot, thence due north one hun
d- 1 and thirty (130) feet to the point of bsgin
a u which time and place all persons interested
may appear and show cause, if any there be,
why said application should not be granted.
A. W. POTTS, Cork.
By A. KiMrAC, Deputy.
June 10th, 1884. Jell fit
Stockholders' Meeting,
Orriva or thr Soi tubus Pacific Railroad I
Company, San Francisco, June Bth, 1884. i
The annual meeting of the Stockholders of the
above named company, for the election of seven
Directors lor the ensuing year, and for the trans
actlo i of such other business as may be brought
f before the meeting, will be held at the office of
the company on Wednesday, July oth proximo,
r at 10 o'clock a. m, J. L. WILLCUTT,
Jefl td Secretary.
, Notice of Application for City Deed.
Notice Is hereby given that application will ht
1 made to the Council of the city of Loo Angeles at
the session of said Council to be held June 10th,
1884,f0r a quit claim dead to Charles N. Williams
for that lot of bind In the city of Los Angeles,
State of California, bounded and dtscribed as
' follows, to-wit:
Bounded en the north by land of Miller and
Cochran (formerly Istlongii.g to Cecelia A.
Owen), on the east by Lemon street, on the
south by lands ef Thos. Leahy (formerly of Olive
A. William?), and on the west by A ameda street,
containing 23 ( acres of land, more or less.
Refeience is made to the abstract tf title,
maps and petition now on file in my office, and
all parties Interested are hereby notified that
they are requested to file their objections, if any
they have, in writing at least one day before said
session of the Council of June loth, 1884.
I Clerk of the Council of the City ef Los Angeles
Los Angeles, June IMb, A. D. 1884. JelO td
In the Superior Court of the State of
California, in aad for the County
g of Lob Angeles.
Action brought In the Superior Court of the
State of California, in and for the County of
Los Angeles, and the complaint filed in said
County of Los Angsles, In the office of the Clerk
of said Superior Court.
~ 8. H. Ileraam, Plaintiff,
Ira Nichols, Administrator, et al.,
■ Defeudatits.
' The People of the Btate of Callforsla rend greet
1 " fra Nichols, admmstrator with will annexed,
L of estate ol Hiram Heraam, deceased, Mrs. Sarah
Wallace, May Tucker. Olive Tucker, Samual
i Tucker, Mrs. Nancy Frost, Ursenleef Hersain,
Willard Heraam, Andrew Heraam, Angelina
I Dunn, Arvila Spmulding, Nathaniel Heraam,
Amanda dimming*, Lorano Tucker, defendants.
i yea are hereby required to appear in au action
brought against you by tbe above named plaio
l tlft in the Superior Court of the State of Califor
nut, in and for tho county ot Los Angeles, and to
i. answer the complaint filed therein, within ten
days (exclusive or the day of service), after the
service on you of this Summons—if served within
this county; or, if served elsewhere, within thirty
days—or judgment hy default will be taken
■against you according to the prayer of said com
i. plaint.
The aaid action is brought to recover a
judgement snd decree aganist you and each of
you In favor of the plaintiff, S. H. Heraam, In and
*o those certain tracts or parcels of land in the
county of Los Angeles and State of California,
being portions of the Rancho Santiago ds Santa
Ana and described as fo : lows'
First— E. i of lot S, block 8., of the tract sur
veyed by E. R Nichols in 1871, otherwise de
scribed as K. | of the NW. j of Ihe NR. |, Sec.
20, T. 4 8., R. 0 W , S. B M.
Second—Also twenty acres of said Rancho
bounded as follows: Commencing at the SW.
corner of land formerly owned by JoseptYMartin,
thence W. 10 chains; thence N. 9) chains; thence
- R. 10 chains; thence S. 80 chains to the point of
to complaint for particulars.
And you are hereby notified that if you fail to
appear and answer the ssAd complaint as above
required, the said plaintiff will apply to the
| Court for the relief demanded in the complaint.
Given under my hand and the seal of the Su
perior Court of the State of California, in and for
the county of Loe Angeles, thia 6th day of June,
tn the year of our Umi, one thousand eight
, hundred ami eighty-four.
J I Seal. | A. W. POTTS,
1 Clerk.
By E. H. OWEN, Deputy.
1 fhcknell Jl White, Artorm-ys for Plaintiff
jeio *m
To New Comers and Old
! New and scrand-hand Fnrni
' tare bonxht, sold and repaired
Hcrr*rn Doors. Nnfes and
Windows made and repaired.
All making and repairing done on shortest
notice, and, aa we have a Arst-class workman,
will guarantee satisfaction to our patrons.
No. 147 iwodse Btocs, pear Tumvertin Hall,
South Spring streat.
«a-Onl«r. for LalKinltolrfr racrirad Ml (Ifed.
Buena Vista.
purchased the "Buena Vista" house of |
entertain went of Mr. .1. Phillippi, on
Port Hill, will be pleased to see all of \
the old patrons of this beautiful location,
which commands a view of the City of
\jom Angeles, where he will furnish the
l>est wines and liquors in the market,
with the best of hiuches served in ap- i
proved style.
The patronage of the public is respect
fully solicited.
The Ruena Vista will be open day and '
evening. 1
m>Li lm J
Manufacturer of
And .11 kind, ot
tH AI.AMM'A hTKKKT n.»r.nt|
stosb star. ja.ai oar.
BBlon. bulkltnr.. fouml.tlon. ud cn>«.l, . ,
arrvolr*. AM kl.d«of .lon. prwnp:- ,
k> NH«»bk ratr. All work gu.r.ntma. ,
aVAddrw. or Mil it'aitod SteM Hotel, Lo. .
Au«.li». a;!*-*.
Steamship Company. <
IOODALL, PERKINS * 00., Oenersl Aitem. '
For Wrangle. Hltka and Harrleburtr, Alaska, ami
Nanaliw and New Westminster, a C.,asad
vartlsed In Ban Francisco newspapers.
For Victoria. I'ort Townsund, Seattle, Tacom
Htt-ilaeoom antl Orympl* on Junes, in. 84. (.ml 1
July t, at 10 A. a. j
For Astoria antl Portland. June 3,8,13,18,83,
88 snd July 3, st 10 a. m.
For Eureka, Areata and lluokton, every Wetlnea 1
For Point Arena, OulTys Cove, Little River
WhiUwlwro, Meiidochto Oity, and Noyo, every
Tj ef j] \\
fl V s i_ Sl_
l»9 An|(ele, J""» s ' Jun 6 Ju " 8
Orizaba ' It! 11 " g
Kurek. ".»;.! 10 ! 8
Santa Hoaa "1«"" ", " J2
l.osAli|(eles " 12 " » " J» \»
Eureka. " IT " 1» " 80 '■ 28
tU«t ROM " 80 " 88 " 841 " t»
Lo, Angeles " 88 " 84 " 25 " 88
Orisahs " 86 " 27 " 89 July 1
Kurek. " 87 " 29 " 30 ' 3
Suite Rosa "80 Julv2jJuly6| 7
gseainers Santo Rom .nil Orlsala. |ro
through to Han Wego, leaving S.n Pedro on the
dates ol thoir arrival, from Bui Fr»nclaco.
The Santa Rem and Orizaha call at
Santa Barbara and I'ort Harford. (Han Lille Obia
no) only, on the root.' In, and from San Francisco
Oan to eonneot with steamers leave S. P. R.
R. depot. Lo. Angeles, as follow.: With Haute
' Horn and Orizaba, going north, at 10 o'clock a.
a.; going south, at 4 o'clock c. a. With Los
Angeles and Kureka, going north, at 4 o'clock
Bates of Fare from Los Angeles:
Cabin Steerage
To San Francisco, Monterey or
Santa C'rus 416 »10
SanSilnejll 13 10
Cayucoe 18 10
Port Msrford 12 9
Uariota 10 »
Sante Barbara 8 «
San Buenaventura 7 6
San litego 6 6
San IHeRo and return 11
g9Tl.ua of Hteaiuers' Cabins at Agent', office
where berth, saav be aeoursd.
For Newport Landing, via Santa Crua, etc.
freight steamers leave San Francisco alKHlt every
two weeks, aa Udes serve on Uie Newport bar.
The Company reserves the right to ohenf« the
steaxners or their da va of ealliiie
, JsrFOR PASS AOS OR fkf.ioiit as above
All Important Points in Europe
I irur to
H. MoLBLLAN, : : Agent
, Ofhoe No. 8 OonirsMwetal St. Lo. Ans.le..
S. P. R. R.
Friday, May 2d, 1884
Train, leave sad era due to arrive at
as rotbowa:
Leave aaairn
t roe sa.iia.Tvo.. paoa.
»*o a. a CoK™. emu p. a
2:uo r a Cotton 18:»r. a
j 2:oc r. a. / Deming > Express 12:80 p. a
6:00 c. a. ( Bast. jaVadgrnnt...., 4:80 a. ■
2:00 r a. .... B Pan and Kan..... 12 at. r. ..
i It-Mr. a, i San Franetsoo I Rrpress. Ujp. a
8:80 A. a. ( Sacramento. ) Emhrr'nt 3:06 r. a
8:30 r. a. .Santo Ana aad Anaheim 8-80 a. a
8:80 A. a Sante Monica 8:15 a. a
'6:00 r. a Santa Monica •» as r a.
18:60 p. a. Santa Monica 16:80 p. a.
HMO a. a. Wilmington 2:20 p. a
4:00 P. a Wilmington 9-00 a. a.
10:00 a. a. San Pedro 1:10 p. a
4-00 p. a .San Padre,.., .. 9-80 «. a.
"Sundays sxoepted. tfsnndaya only.
Oeneral rnasenger aixt Ticket Agent
(tener.l Manager.
Asatstent Superintendent, Los Antetss
On and after Monday, February 18, 1883, trains
of tkV eeJifnmle Southern Railroad going south
will leave San Bernardino daltv, Sundays es.
copied at 1 16r. a., Colton at 1:48 a. a., or on
arrival at East-bound Southern Pacific train,
and Riverside at 2 15 a. ... arriving at San
Diego at 7:16 p. B.-
Ooinf north, add Imv> San Otero at 8:40 a. a
Rive rattle at 8:81, arrlt Ins; at Colton al 8:48 p. a
aad San Bernardino at S:tt r. a.
which is 80 minutes faster than San Franctero
time. Paaeangers will asv. froni ten (10) to alsty
(00) cents by purchasing their ticket, ol the agent
bator. entering the cars.
Cross connection, made with 8. P. local to and
from Loa Angela. Passengers to and from
the Eaat wig have but short May at
Colton. The above is National City time.
For Information for freight or fare address
Agent California Southern Railroad, Cotton, or
Soneruree'dent, and Oen. Pr* aad Paaa. Ag't
N Jinal CitT. Cal ati-28
Have removed to their new .tore. No. 47 North
Spring street tf
Undertaker and Embalmer,
Oarriag. and [lean. Free far adult funsrata.
Telephone No. 7.1. No. 834 N. Main St
Drs. C. tl Frank Stevens.
X> IB DaT "a." I HI "X* fa.
Bent act «rTeeth WH. Leav. Imprea
eiou for teeth la the morning, can have them
anotedav. Teeth without a p.ate. Fine fillings
a apeclalty. All operatinn.atilarantecd. Room.
18 and 19 Sehaaaaea.r Block, oppn.it. P. O myOtf
*"B— The renowned t'eletanbla
Hlcyele.. rhe "KXPKKT
g(7k th. Leading BICYCLE tit In.
W/>\ world. oaeoas a Albx.sdbb,
WtZ \ Sole Airents, 828 Market Street
San Franeaaxi, t'al Mechanloa'
IYNLfa. Tools, Hardware ami Maehin-
CaUloelie of all our s<s.la
ftwaonspplicaaion. 2iay3m
RnllT"r" 1 Ticket and Employment
BUREAU of INFORMATION; male help tee.:
Real Relate Broker : house, .ad lota aold on In
aullmenta; housM *nd rooms, farakussd or un
mrnlahed, aennl. t MITTINOER
lit North Mala street, mar First St
Telephone ho. lit. sapl> Out
Notice tv Creditors.
Iv the Superior Court of the County of
Loe Angelee, Htate of California. I
In the matter of th« estate ot UolorM S. de
Avila, deceased.
Notice la horeby given by the undersigned,
Executor <>l the estate of liolorea 14. do Avila, de i
ceased, to the creditors of. anil all peraona hav
ing claims against tho aaid deceased, to exhibit
them with the proper vouchers -'thin four I
m-nths aftci the llrst publication of thta liottoo,
to th>> said Executor, at I ho office ol hit attorney.
Win. I>. Stephens, Room ST. Temple Block, in
the eltv ol I,on Angeles, the same being hla place
of business. FRANCISCO K. AVILA,
Executor of Dolores S. de Avila, de< cased.
May 27, 1884. mtt lw I
Administratrix's Sale.
Notli* Is herehv given that In ptirauatiee of au I
order cf the Superior Court ol tho oouiily of Los J
Angclc*, State of California, made on the 27th
da} of May, \H»i, In the m-vtter of the estate ot
Tho. McLaln, deceased, the undersigned, «d- <
miio-trutris ot the estate of said deceased, will
•ell on and after
Malurday, the 7tli l»aj or Jane, t
At private salt., to the highest hldder, tor cash, ,
gold coin of the I'iiited States, at the store ut |
Thomas McLaln, In the town of Xl Monte, ooui - |
tv ot l-oa Angeles, the following personal prop- j
erty, to-wit: i
I Hie general stock of merchandise and store ,
fixtures. For a detailed eiiuiucratini of thear- (
tides ot aaid stock of merchandise reference Is
hereh}made to an Inventor, then of (lied as Ex.
"A " to aaid order of aale. and
Two mules, i horses, I roll, I row, t two-horse
wagon, 2 eultlvators, I turn plow. 1 ht diking
plow, I harrow, I set wagon harness, I wing
loarhilie. 1 gang plow, id tens when!, hay, f. tons
ha* lev ha\, luo sacks ot corn, .60 sacks of bar
ley. 1M» sacks of rye, I parlor set, I bedroom -»t,
I set of furniture. M large oil paintings. 3 Brus
-els cariiets, ti wo<sl seat chairs, 1 wire safe and
: banning lamps. IIKiNIA McLAIN,
Administratratrix of said Kstate.
May 27th, 1884 Ml lot
Sheriff's Sale.
In Jnstice's Court, Wilmington Town
ship, I .os Angeles County, California.
Charles Peterson ravA, M. Peek and A. 11.
tinder antl by virtue of an execution taued
oHt of the Justice's Court of Wilmington Town
ship, County of Los Angles. California, in the
above entitled ease, on the tilth day of May,
1884, to me directed and delivered, for a Judg
ment rendered in aaid Court on the Ist day of
Match, 1884, for the stun of #2iw» in besides costs
ami accruing costs, In favor of said plaintiff,
Charles Peterson, and against said defendant-,
A. M. Peek and A. H. Ifaten, I have duly levied
upon according to lav and shall, on
Thurnday, the 10th Iray or June,
A. ■>. IHH4,
At 1 o'clock r. M, of said day proceed to aell
at tho Court House door on Spring street, in the
city of Los Angeles, county of Los Angeles,
State of Calif sriifa, at public auction to the
highest and best bidder for cash in U. s lawful
tnoiiev, to satisfy said Judgment, with
interest, coaU and accruing oasts, all the right,
title and interest of tie- j u.lenient debtor, A. H.
Ilazen, in and to the following dencribod real
estate, to-wit:
Tho NK.Jof lot 4, range 4, of the Temple*
Oihsoii tract, In Rancho San Pedro, in the coun
ty of Lou Angeles, State of California.
Given under my hand this 28th day of May,
A. . 1884. ■ ( |-p|;|Kit Sheriff.
By 11. BURDICK. Under Sheriff. iii)2xtd
Notice to Creditors.
In the superior Court of Lea Angeles County.
In re the Estate of Pedro M. Vejar, deoeaied.
Estate of Pedro M Vsjar, deceased, no
tice is hereby given by the undersigned,
administratrix, with the will annexed, of the
i estate of Pedro M Vejar, deceased, to the
s creditors of, and all persons hating
■i Maims against the said deceased to
> exhibit them with the necceseary vouchers,
within four months after the first publication
. of this notice, to the said administratrix at the
office Of Howard ft Kobarts, Room ft, Wilcox.
Block, Spring street, Los Angeles city, that be
u big the place for the transaction of hu-dness ot
t said estate. MARY E. VEJAR,
Administratrix with the will annexed of P. M.
f DaYed'at Los Angeles, April 25, 1884.
aprtfl 4w
Guardian's Sale of Real Estate.
c In the Superior Court of the County of
B Los Angeles, State of California.
' Order to Show Cause on Application of Guardian
* for Urder of Sale of Heal Estate.
* In tho Matter of the Estate and Guardianship of
Catherine K. Howard, insane.
| It appearing to this court from the petition
c this day presented and tiled by V. E. Howard,
c the guardian of the person and estate of Cath
. erine E. Howard, an insane person, praying for
; an order of sale of certain real estate belonging
a to his said ward that it would he beneficial to
a said ward I hat such real estate should be sold;
It is hereby ordered, that the next of kin of
il the said ward and all persons interested In the
0 said estate, appear before this Court on
1 Tharnday, Ihe 4*»th Isay or May,
ti A* I*. IHH4
l . At If o'clock a. pf.. at the Court-room of this
. Court, at the city of Los Angeles, tn the county
' of Los Angeles, where, n presides the undersigned,
Judge of said Court, then and there tj show
caase whr an order ahoulJ not be granted for
. the sals of such estate at private aale as prayed
1 far in said petition.
' And it is further ordered, that a copy ot this
' order be published at least three successive weeks
before the said day of hearing, in the Los
A-.tfi.tw Daily Hrralii, a newspaper printed
and puhlished in said county of Los Angeles.
Dated and done in open Court this 28th day of
April, 1884. ap29td
, Judge of the Superior Court of Los Angeles
I All persons, firms, companies, cor pert t inns
and associations are required to deliver at the
Assessor's office, Court House, immediately, a
r statement under oath of all the property, both
real and pereo si, owned or claimed by him,
tier or them, or in their possession or held In
trust for i thers. at 12 o'clock meridian
On the lat Monday er March. 1*4*44
- In accordance with the New Constitution.
Hefusal or neg'ect to make a sworn statement
" of all the property owned or held in trust will
1 subject the parson so refusing or neglecting to
make such sworn statement to the full penalty
of the law—one hundred dollars fine and guilty
of a misdemeanor.
All persons owning real estate that has hereto
i fore been assessed in the wrong Maine on the
* Real Estate Assessment Roll, or who have pur
chased real estate within the last year, are re
quested to appear with their deeds at the Assess
i or* office arid have the proper changes made for
i the year 1384.
I-nmediate attention is necessary, as work on
I the Roll has already been commenced
Proper blanks may be obtained at the Assess-
The Poil Tax of two dollars Is now due and
i payable at this office or to a Deputy Assessor.
I earnestly request c ( each and every taxpay
er to file his statement immediately and co-op
erate with the office in saving expense.
»p22 lm Assessor of Los Angeles County.
Adjudication ot Insolvency,
Stay of Proceedings and Or
der of Publication of Notice
to Creditors.
In the Superior Court of the County
of Los Angeles, State of California.
la the Matter of Samuel Norton an Insolvent
Samuel Nortrn having filed in this Court bispe
tition, schedule and inventory in insolvency, by
which it appears that he is an Insolvent debtor,
the sakl Samuel Noiton is hereby declared to be
insolvent. The Sheriff of the said county of I*o* '
Angeles is hereby directed to take possession of all
the estate, real and personal, of the said Manuel 1
Norton, debtor, except tuch as ma\ be by law ex
empt from execution, aad of all his deed* vouch
ers, books of account and papers, and to keen the
sante safely until the appointment of an assignee
of his estate All persons are forbidden to pay
any debt* to the said insolvent, or to deliver any
property belonging to him. or to any person,
firm or corporation or associatiou for his use.
The aaid debtor is hereby forbidden to transfer 1
or deliver any proporty, until the further order '
of this Court, except as herein ordered.
It is further ordered that all the creditors of
said debtor be ami appear before the tlon. V. E. ,
Howard. Judire of the Superior Court of the ,
said county of Lot* Angeles, in open Court, at the
Court room of said Court, iv the city and county (
of Lea Angeles, on tbe
7th Isay of July I**H4.
At 10 o'clock A. m., of that day to prove their I
dehu and c oo*> one or more assignees of the .
It is furthyr ordered that the order be pub- I
lis cd in the Pail* Hsa «i.n, a newspaper of gen- <
era! cireuia'.ioii, published in toe city ami count v t
of Los Arsreles, as often as the said paper is pub
lished U-fore the said day set for the meeting of )
the creditors. <
And it is further onlered that, in the mean. i
titae. all proceeding* against the said insolveut i
its staved, both In law and equity. I
V. k HOWARP. |
Judge of Superior Court.
Datetl June Mh. 18S4.
Rninson, Wells « Les, Atttornays for Peti-
Assessraent for Grading and Im
provement of Court House street,
from Fort street to Flower street. *
Notice is hereby given that the assessment c
roll for and mt aorouM of the grading snd lm- a
provciueui of Court House street, front Port n
street to Dower str. et, is on file in my offlow, t
having been so alsd June 4th, A. D laat, a
aad the aal>i assessmtot rail is aow open for It
public inapectiofi. a
w. w EOBnrscN,
Clerk of the Council sf tbs City of Los Angalsa.
Los Akfe-eles. Cala,. June 4th. A D. 1884. A
Re Registration of Voters.
inn. sUP ffMB UOtSTT CLBfUI OT I ]
Los Angeles County. I
It la hsraby ordered that the County Clsik
tho county of Los Angelss, shall procure now •
lK>oks for the registration of the qualified eleo
tors of l/>s Angeles county and shall proceed to
re register the voter* of said county in conform
ily with the Political Cods of the State of (ah I
"Sac: 10V4. There must be kept in the office o j
toe County Clerk of each county, a Great Regis- i
tcr, »heiiever deemed iietH-asarv the Board of ,
Supervisors of any ixiunty may, hy unlet, re- |
quire a re registration of the voters of said »
county, which said wider shall be published in i
at least one newspa|«r publ'shetl In sakl <
ceanly for not lew than six months prts-ed
lug the next ensuing gcberal election. Such
registration shall conform in all res|>ects to the
provisletis of this (Jods concerning original regia
tratioti, otecpt that any person applying for re
registration shall tie entitled thereto u|mjii show
ing that hla name was enrolled and uncancel led
on the former Great Register."
The former Great Register of Los Angeles
county must be preserved by the County Clerk,
but shall not ho used for the imrjsnM-sot auv
election after Iho Ist day ol November, ISS4.
By order of tho Boanl of Huperv isors ot the
county of I-os Aiigelts.thia Mth day of February,
A. !>., 18S4, A. W. IVTTS.
foblOtlm Clerk ot the Board.
Adjudication of Insolvency, Stay of
Proceedings and Order ot Pub
lication of Notice to Creditors
In the Superior Court of tho County
of Los Angeles, State of California.
In the Matter of Henry M. Ames, an Insolvent
Henry M. Ames having Bled In this Court his
petition, schedule and inventory in lnsolteniy,
lo which it appears that he is an iusoh cut debt
or, the said Henry M Ames is hereby dedarwl to
be insolvent. The Sheriff of the comity of Ixis
Angeles is hereby directed to take possession of
til the estate, real and personal, of the said lb n>.\
M.Anies.iiistdvent.lebtor.cxceptMichasmay be by
law exempt from execution, and of >rll In- deed-,
vom hrrs, hooks of account, and papers and (o
keep the san c safeh until the appointment of an
assignee of his estate. All persons are forbidden
to pay any debts to the said Insolvent, or to de
liver any property belonging to him o
to any person, firm, or corporation, or
association for his use. And the said debtor in
herein forbidden to transfer or deliver any prop
«rt>, until the further order of this Court, ex
oept as herein ordered.
It is further ordered, that all the creditors of
said debtor lie ami appear befgsN the Hon. \ol
net r: Howard, Judge of the Superior Court, of
the county of l<os Angelas, in open Court, at the
Court room of said Court, in the city and
county of Los Angeles, In tho State of Califor
Tsrsdsy the-IOIh day of Jnnr, 1W44.
At 10 o'clock A. M.,ot that day,to prove thoir del its
and choose one or more assignees of the estate
of said debtor
It is further ordered, that the order be pub
lished In the Los Angeles Dally Hbsald, a news
paper of general circulation, published in the saitl
county of Ixis Angeles, as often as the said paper
is published Ixfore ihe sakl day set for the meet
ing of creditors.
And It is further ordered, that, in the mean
time, all proceedings against the said insolvent
be stayed V. E. HOWARD,
Judge of the Superior Court.
Dated May 7th, 1884. my Btd
Notice to Creditors.
Estate o) H. E. Ross, deceased.
Notice is hereb*- given by the undersigned, sd
niinistrator of the estate of R. K. Ross, de
ceased, to the creditors of, and all persons hav
ing claims against the said deceased, to exhibit
them with the necessary vouchers, within ten
months after the first publication of this notice,
to the said administrator at the office of Graves
a, Chapman Room No. 21, Baker Block, Los An
geles city, the same being the place for the
transactions of the business of said estate.
Administrator of the estate of R. E. Ross, de
ceased mitm
Dated May 28th, 1884.
Proposals for a Span of Horses,
i Notice Is herehv given that sealed proposals
will be received by ¥. R. Day, Esq., at his
i office. No. 20 N. Main street, for furnishing to
the oity of Los Angeles a span of horses for tne
I use of the Fire Departmeiitiof said city.
By order of the Council of the city of Les An
l geles at its meeting of Jnue 2d, 1884.
Clerk of tbe Council of the City of Los Angeles.
Los Angeles, June 3d, A. D. 1884. Jn4 fit
Notice of Application for
t Oity Deed.
Notice is hereby given that application will be
I made to the Council of the City ot Los Angeles
at the session of caid Council to he held June
the yth, 1884, for a quit-claim deed to Alice
Henderson, wife of J. A. Henderson, as her s?p
arete property, for that lot of land in the , *t> of
Los Angeles, county of Los Angeles, State of
t California, bounded and described as follows, to-
Commencing at the southwest coiner of the
building known as the White House, on the east
side of Los Angeles street, distant fifty-six feet
from Commercial street, the same being the
i north woe* corner of the property allotted to
[ Cameion E. Thorn, as administrator of the estate
: of Jacob Bell, deceased, in partition suit in the
Se-entoenth Judicial District Court, Los An
geles county, in case No. 1778, in May, 1871;
thence following the east side of Loe Angeles
streets. 23* 30' west thirty-three (33) feet to a
spike; thence south 68 E. one hundred and sev.
entv-two .60(172 50) feet to a stake and hoard
fence on the easterly line of property allotted to
aaid Thorn in said partition suit; thence follow
ing the sakl easterly line of said land so allot
. tad to mid Thorn N. 87" 4 J . E. thirty four (34)
feet to the northeast corner of the land so al
lotted to saiii Thorn; thence along the north line
) of aakt land allotted to said Thorn N. W.
I one hundred and eighty-one (181) feet to place
of beginning,
j Reference is made to the abstract of title, ina| s
and petition now on file in my office, and all
parties interested are hereby notified that they
are requested to Ale their objections, if any
they have, in writing at least one day before
said session of the Council June Oth, 1884.
Clerk of the Council of the City of Los Angeles.
Los Angeles, June 3d, A D. 1884. jn»-f»t
Certificate of Copartnership.
CITY ami Cot >TV or LOS AsaRLBB, i
We. the undersigned, do hereby certify that wt
are partners, transacting buaiawn in this city,
and county of Los Angeles, under the
Ann name and style of Lazarus A Melzer; that
the names In fuK of all the members of such part
nershlp are P. Lasarus, at Los Angeles; Louis
Melaor, at Los Angeles, and that the places of
our respective residences are set opposite our
respective names, hereto subscribed.
In witness whereof, we have hereunto set our
hands this al day of Jnns, 1884-
P. LAZARUS, Los Angeles.
LOUIS MELZEK. Los Angeles,
jet 4w
Proposals for Grading and Improve
ment of Washington Street, Be
tween Main Street and San
Pedro Street.
Notice is hereby given that sealed proposals
will be received by the undersigned np to the
meeting of the Council ot the city of Los Au
geles r.f Juno 9th, A. D. 1884, for the grading
and improvement of Washington street, between
Main street and San Pedro street, in accordance
* ith Resolution No '>7« of the Mayor and Coun
• il of the city of l.os Angeles ordering said
grading and improvement, approved May 13 h,
A. D. 1884.
All proposals offered shall be accompanied by
a check payable to the order of the Mayor of the
city of Lea Angeles and certified by a responsi
ble bank in an amount ot at least $251.40.
The Council reserves the right to reject any
and all bids.
By order of the Council of the City of Los An
geles at its meeting of June 2d A. D. 1884
Clerk of the Council of the City of Los Angeles.
Los Angeles, June 2d, 1884. Jn4 oi
Consumers of Water from the
Beaudry Water Works.
The Committee on Finance of the Comic 11 of
tbe City of Los Angeles request the consumers
of water from the Beaudry Watea Works to saeet
them at ihe Council room on Wednesday, June
11, A. D 1884, at 2 o'clock r. m. The said Com
inlttee having been instructed by the Council to
report if the Franchise for said water works has
BSjfSJ forfeited.
The Committee will at sakl meeting hear
complaints against said water works, and re
cci vu any pjana or suggestiosM for tho relief of
the parties interested*.
By order of the Committee on Finance.
Clerk of the Council.
Los Angeles, Jnne 4th, 1884. jefi At
la hereby given that the Main street grade aa
seasment roll from California streot to Washing
ton street has b en received hv the Superintendent
of Streets and that all sums levied ami assessed fn
said assessment roll are aow due and pays
able Immediately and that the payment
of aaid sums Is to be mads to him withm
<3u) thirty days from the date of the first puhlina
t ion of this notice, and all assessments not paid
before the expiration of said thirty (3«i)days will
be declared to be delinquent and that thereafter
tbs sum Of five (ft) per cant, upan the amount ol
each delinquent assessment, together with the
east of advertising each delinquent assessment,
will be added thereto.
E. 11. BOYD, Supt. of Streets.
Lee Aagvisa, jm a 4. 1884. lOt M
Notice of Dissolution.
Notice is hereby given that the co-partnershp
heretofore existing between F. L. Kles ami
James Harnett, as proprietors ot tho St. Antho
ny Saloon, in tbeo.ty of Los Angela , is hereby
dissolve !hy mutual consent, I. L. Ries retiring
from sakl business. Messrs. Harnett and Solo
mon being in charge of said salon will collect
and pay all bills of sakl firm {of Ries a Barnett)
from and after thu date.
Los Angslss May list, 18H4 mv 24 3w
Headquarters for the popular marblsissd 1
slate and iron mantels, from the Louisville man
tel company. These an acknowledged to be the
finest mantels over shipped to the Pacific Coast, <
Call and examine them at 26 South Main street
Hi.. itra.le Jerseys, with milking .-.p.ntv nl thro, to five ir.llons p«r dar, constantly on
li.ml. Th. T ehl 1 Hull, ,1,.r..-i C 1.1..1. «t Is at our yard. Farm, dellrery ard banr.
1,m,„ . „,,,,.! Thnrniuhl.r.-I »„ I An. ur.dp.l r'.iwl.. Brown >nd White Le«horn eg*. atil.OO;
Ply inniilh Hock ....... from Imported fowl., stlU.o per settl'm. apso lm
Importer and Commission Merchant forfool.
The finest stock of Imported Liquors. Cordials and French
NjriipH in tbe city, anil « large assortingnt of choice Krocerie.. The Bar i>
•omplvte and contains on. of the unsurpassed Refrigerators manufactured by
Lewis Simon, of this city.
Money Loaned on Mere hiiii.lise nt Cheap Kates.
McCormick Mower
Stands to day without an equal.
Nearly '400 sold In this county. and all are giving- entire
Minn.-sola Chief Threshers.
Furst & Bradley's Sulky Rakes and Cultivators,
Fish Bros.' Farm Wagons and Header Tracks.
Arc all standard goods, and a farmer who Imys them knows he is getting th*
i worth of his money. A full line of extras always in stock.
anM&wtf «3 Allso Street, fcos Angeles. "
WI. LIEVER, No. 18 Commercial Street.
• GUNS, RIFLES Pl,T * ti
Of the following eels*
AND PISTOLS t bra ted makers:
Fishing Tackle and Gun Sharps, Ballard, Rem
Materia] of Every Ington, Winchester and
Kind. othei makers
r Muzsle and Breech-Loading Shotirnns of the most i-elebrated English and American makers. Re- *
pairing and new work done and warranted to give satisfaction.
Pacific Wagon Comp'y,
'• Wholesale and Retail Dealer in Every Description of
I Carriages, Buggies, Phaetons, Wagons, Ite. 1
Manufactured from Material Seasoned to Suit this Climate.
Call and Examine My Goods,
i J. R. McMANIS, Manager. |
i- dsKWtl
The New Colony on the California Southern R. B*
Twenty Miles Sooth or Riverside.
Ha. proved s (Treat success. Ocer forty farm*. averturinir thirty seres, snd orer on. hundnS
town lots have been sold. Thousands of trees have heen Mt in orchards snd broad street. bwS
inminM. <Mr URA.NI> AY KNI K. TKN MILES LONG: onr beautiful lake, now at ft,
'• highest static; our de'Uthtful elimve, nicturesijiie scenery, abundant .nnual rkinf.lluidwa.at
II facilities, rich adl. lov.price.- an(s to MO PP.K At'Hß-euy terms, one-third eaakjH
• balance at s per cent, interest, certainly make th s the nest oAVrintf on the market. For ehMfSJB
'. and further particulars cal! en or addree- the proprietors, WM. I OLI.IKR, Keokuk, lowSSM
« P. M. HK/tLO IMnora, Cat, ft
' X>. BX. H«»< ifl and S7 Nade.il Block. Urn Angela.. IMH
atrUMthi.Eley.tor. isi ut' aSTTeleplun. Ss. tSH
j i ll.j
8.W.8T01.L. P. O. SSnTOUKa.
Los Angeles Soda Waterworks,
;H. W. STOLLL & CO., Prop'rl
'Soda Water, Sarsaparillaand Singer AM
Mineral YVatera, Champagne Ciller, and all kinds of Syrups.
\o. 107 Sainsevaln Telephone Ma, tsfj
i All order, promptly attwded to. aSSM|
$A-> asjly^Kt
tv by ■aaasaas this mas, that ths
Chicago, Rock Island & Pacific tf9
•etn« tho Croat Central Lino, affords to travelers, by reason of ttS) unrfsssStaf mLU
graphical position, the shortest and beat route between the last, faNtWts^ayjja^^l
Southeast, and th* West. Northwest and Southwest.
It is literally and strictly true, that its connections are all of the B*lnaSs*aa? aatpfl
of road s>etween the Atlantic and the Pacific.
Br Its ma en line and branchee It reaches Chicaao, -toilet, PsMrtat, OMljfl
;La Salts), Ceneeeo, Molina and frock Island, in Illinois); Oavsnport, SBstSasM-l
Washington, Keokuk, Knoxville, Oskaioosa. Fairfield, Oee fsfOlnea. West* IksVfjH
lowa City, Atlantic, Avooa, Audubon. Harlan, Outhrie Center and CsswtaaN oaafi
tn lowa | Qaltatln, Trenton, Cameron and Kansas City, in Mteeowrl, astsj LssSfl
' worth and Atchison :n Kansas, and the hundreds, of oitlaa, vllsaasjsja ssjSsM^H
Aa it » tamlUarl, oanad. offer, to traveiara all tn. iaja. aaa* «S^|
tnold.nt to a amootn traoK, MS brittsraai. Union Owpot. at «U aaaaaa|B|3
Fast lipr... Traiaa, comoOMd of COMWOOIOUS. WILL VIMTHLATHaa
lata*. d..<an»d and nanaeons*at *ALACS SLItetHO OAS*, anal OsWaß
'Sat nr. acxo.MiM b, 0r... i., moo', re o« is. rmtST arwat «•>■
ROAO IN THS COUNTRY, and In whlon aurwlor mania ara In il a» iraaß
; tna tow rata of SCVtNTV-FIVI CRNTS SAOH. Wmmm
A RMS* and OH rant Llna, via Ssnsaa and Kankaaaa, haa raoanf ty baa* wSBsl
b.f .an Mawßort ».»,, Richmond, Cincinnati, Indiana poll, and U MBl
and Council Bluff.. St. Saul. Mlnnaaoolla and intar mad lata polnta.
All Throu«n PatMngsrs cnrrlad on Rsnyt Sspraaa Trains.
for mora d.taiiad Information, aaa Rtaaa and Roajara, arbtari o. aaaabaaySSJ
wall a. Tiokata, at all prlmspal Ttpaat OfSiaa In IS. United Rtaasa ana OaaaTaaaM
V«a-a>raa't a Carl Maria gar. Oan'l Tat a """^J
In the .Initios"a Court »f Wiliningtoii
Township, of the Omntyof L >b Ango
les, Htate of California.
Hetrie Uunnett, I'laintill, ,
ts. \ Huitiinoua.
Kind Burke, Defeudant. J
The people of the HUt** of t'alltornia send
grect-iit, to Pred Burke, Defendant
Yon arc hereh> rctpiiretl lo aiijs ar in an action
brought against vnii by the above named plain
tiff in the Justice's Court of Wilmington Town
ship, County of LOB Anaelea, Htate of California,
and to answer before Ihe Justirc at his office In
the said Township, the complaint filed therein
within five days, (exclusive tit the day of service)
after the service on you of this summons if
served within the Township in which this action
Is brought; or, if seiSled nut of said Township,
but In saldsSmmtv. within ten days; or within
twenty days if served elsewhere
Tho said act on Is brought to recover of you
tho sum of thirty-six _r> no ,i..|lai s n-1.l .-.-m >
the l uitcd States of Aiserica allege-l lo be dee
the said plaintiff for board anil bsltring had at
her house In the Township of Wilmington,
County of Los Angeles, at (SSjf special instance
andretiues; for further |>artlculars reference is
hail to annextsl copy ef hill of complaint nti flic
hi this office and ton are hereM notified that It
you fall to so appearand answer said complaint,
as above repaired, said plaintiff will take Judg
incut against yon for #:w..:!;. together with costs
of this suit.
Make It-gal set \ ice ami dm- M urn hereof.
(liven under mi hand this M ilayof May, 1884
Justice Of the Peace ol aaid Township
A true copy: UEO. UEAVKR, (lonstnhbv
my Hi im
Certificate of Co partnership.
Osnrrt or urn a immMi i
We. the underaiirnett. do hereby certify that
we arc partners transacting Mislness in this
rttate, at the ("onnty of Istts Angeles, oniier the
firm ttan.e and stvb-of Wageubaoh A Lorrain,
that the names in full of all the nicnihers of such
partnership are Charles Wngenhach aud A. Lor
rain aiid that the places of our respective rest
deuces are set opposite our rSSpSCtira names
hereto suhscrilied.
In witness whererd we have hereunto set our
haiwla this fifteenth da. of May. IHB4.
I 'II MM I-s WAUENBACH, Los Angeles, Cali
A. mylttwl
Delinquent Sale.
COLTON LIME COMPANY.-Location of prin
cipal place of business, Los Angeles, Los An
geles county, California.
NOTICE. Then are t'eliii'pient upon tUV fol
lowing described stock, on account of asseseinent
levltd on the 2Mh day of March A". I». 1884. the
several amounts set opposite the MM ol the re
spective shareholders, as follows:
Number Number
Names. Certlttcate. Hharea. Amount,
PaeiftcM AR Co. . „ Saj ||,600. „
Or J. E. Condict, | ■
L. F.Olmsted. " 28:tf IJM 66
W U. a Franklin " liO 400.00
A. 11. Miller " M *OO 00
And in accordance with law, so many shares
of each parcel of such slock as may Ite ntoeasary
will l« sold at public auction, at the offli-o of the
Company, lit* N. Loe Angeles street, 1-ne An
geles, California, on Thuradav, the IN day of
May, A. 0 1884. at the hour of 2 r. of such
day, to pay delinquent assessnieiits thereon, to
gether with oosU ot advertising and expenses
ot sale
A. 11. MILLER, Secretary,
Office 119 N. Los AnKeles St., lam Angeles. Cala.
Notice is hereby given that the above aale ts
postponed till June -4th, 1884, at the same hour
and place. A. H. MILLBR,
Los Angeles, May ii. 1884.
Notice to Creditors.
Estate of Nicholas Mueller,
Notice Is horebv given by the undersigned,
Rudolph Mueller, administrator of the estate of
Nicholas Mueller, deceased, to the creditors of,
and all persons hsvin-claims against the said
dec-eased, to exhibit them with the iteceesarv
vouchers, within four months after the first
publloation of this notice to the said Rudolph
Mueller, al the office of Thos B. Brown, Rooms
No. and »2, Temple Block, in the city of Los
Angeles, the same being the place for the trans
action of the business of tbs said estate in the
city and count, of Loa Angeles, State of Califor
Administrator of the Estate of Nicholas Mueller;
Dated at Los Angeles, Cat., May 21st, 1884.
m 22 4w
Notice to Creditors.
Estate of Thomas McLain, deceased.
' Notice is hereby given by the undersigned
administratrix of the estate of Thomas
MoLain, deceased, to the creditors of. and all per
sons having claims against the said deceased,
to exhibit them with the n«H#Jsary vouchers,
within ten months after the first publica
tion of this notice to the said aduiimitra
. lm, at the olfh« of Bicknell A White. Room 11,
. Temple Block, oity ef Los Angeles, in the said
county of Los Angeles,
. Administratrix of the estate of Thomas McLain,
Dated at Los Angeles, April 30th, 1884.
Notice to Creditors.
Estate of Isaac N. Cooper, deceased.
Notice is hereby given by the undersigned,
Executors of the last Will of Isaac N. Cooper,
deceased, to the creditors of and all
persons having claims against the add deceased,
to exhibit them with the necessary vouchers,
within ten (10) months after the first publication
of this notice, to the said Executors, at the office
of Bicknell A White, {Room 11, Temple Block,
in the cltv and county of Los Angeles.
Executors of tbe Estate of I. N Cooper, de-
Dated at Los Angeles, April 30, 1884
may 18
OE i ecu tor's Sale of Real Estate.
In re Estate of Ramon Benitss, deceased.
Notice is herehv given that In pursuance of the
terms and provisions of the last Will and Testa
ment of satd decedent, admitted to probate on
the 26th day of November, 1888, to which refer
ence is hereby made, and of the provisions of
Section 1561 of the Code of Civil Procednre of
the State of California, the undersigned, Execu
tor of the said estate, will sell at private sale, to
the highest and best, bidder, for cash, in gold
coin of the L'nited States of America, and sub
ject to confirmation br the Superior Court of
Los Angeletc m.tv. aa or after Wedii-rtar. the
:.th day of Jun . 1 si. all the ri.ht, title, inur
estand estate of the sa:d fafsoa lienitts di
ceased, at. the time of hU d ath.aclal the
right, tide ami interest that *anl estate ha-, l.>
operation of Urn or otherwise, siijuired ether
than or in addition t" that ol tho said intvstat"
at the time of bU death, in and to that cert.in
lot, situate, l.vi g and being iv the city of i., s
Angeles, county of Los Siate r>t Califor
nia, and inoie partiiui ar.y described as folio**
foinmeiii itig at ths BOftneaet corner of I'pper
Main and High streets, thence northerly along
the east line >f a id I'pper Jain st ect 6:f ft- t. a
little more or hm% to th - line of I,t ot Tammi.
thenoe easterly and sloiiar south line ol \ sibel K.
deTononi one liundn-d and Bra feet (1 5 feel>;
ttience southt-rlv and purallcl with IM Ii c m
Main stree* d-jfoet, a little more or less, to the
northerly hue of ma SsTStH; thciee westerly
and along t nc of bitih str.-vt. one sslMtsfi an .
Are feet (.nr. teel). more or less, to f asSS tw bf
Cash, gold «sit -I Mm 0 iled States.
Deed at expense ol pur- l's er.
Bids or ■ Item tray be BMtfS at aaf tlmeafter
the first i ot.'it at. n of this notice si d befv-rr
making 11 ibe sale.
All bids r.f mmv tM in wr tin r. en 'lit '
law, room 5, Wilcox Block, Loa Angeles city, or
delivered personally to the undersigned
Executor of the estate of Ramon Benites, de-
June 6, 1884. JeT lm
Notice of Application for Whar
Nitioe la hereby given that ths undersigned,
John P. Janes, has filed with the Clerk of the
Board of Supervisors of tbe county of Los An
geles, State of California, his petition in writing
I sking said Board to if rant him authority to con
gable oreek or arm of the sea. variously known
as'•Wilmington Creek, 'Wilmington Channel,"
'•WUminton Bay." San pelro ('reek," or the
"Inner Bay of s*ui Pedro,'' located between the
Wilmintrtoß Breakwater and ths Palos Verdes
Rancho (or the shore bouniting the same), in the
said county of 1.-w Angeles, and also to construct
a bridge or approach to the same, with a license
to Uke tolls for the use of -aid wha<f for the
term of twenty years; and that application will
be made hy the under*, rued to the said Roan I at
the Supervisors' room, ih the Court House, in
the city ef Los Angeles, in said county, an Hon
day, the 7th day of July, A. P. isB4, at 10
o'clock a. a., far a grant of such authority with
said license. The location of aaid proposed wharf
is as follows: Commencing at a point front
which the soutfllbstern corner of the Pacific
Coast Steamship Company's wharf as now cca
strut tedin said creek, bears N. i k i -
teat 449 feet: thence raaniog s ft* " w '
fset to tfle northeastern corner of the wharf lo
cation of W. H. Perry , dtwribed in the fran
close granted to him hy said Board on .January
Sth, 1884, and recorded in Franchise Book I .
pages Ml et seq ; thence at right angles N. 04
40' W. 7* feet to the notthwestern corner of said
whatf location of W. H Perrr; thenoe at r%*ht 1
amies N » »' E. '*7!» feet to a point; thence at :
ritfht angles S «*« til feet tp the place of
Dated at Los Angeles. June nth 1884.
Notice to Creditors.
Estate of Martin Soellnsr, deceased.
Notice ts hershv given by the undersiKnett, ad
immstratru with tha wilt annexed of Uie
estate of Martin Soallner, damea>ed, to
the creditors of. and all persons bavin*
claims against the said deceased, to exhibit there
with tae necessary vouchers, within foot
months after the first pahlication of this notice
to the aaid administratrix, with the wilt annexed,
at the ofltcti of her attorney, Thos. R Hrown.
Rooms No. a] and »2 Temple Block, in the city
and county of lx-j Amrslss, SUtsef tCalifornia
Datsd at Los Aagai*s, May 5lh F laSi.
Admlniatratrie. with ths will aanexsd, ef the se-
Uto of Merlin Stadtaer deoeaesd. aay4>4w

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