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Daily Los Angeles herald. [microfilm reel] (Los Angeles [Calif.]) 1876-1884, June 13, 1884, Image 5

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Alnmi'iU Nlri't-I. Nrnr Allse.
Shingli'M, 1,11 Hi A MoMing*
fromtue Bun Francisco Moun
tainHOf Northern Arip.ona.
Lumber deliver,, I ah, ng 111.- line of the H. P. R.
It. frwSl Newhall In the Iswlaa, Address
Doors, Blinds, Windowri, Eastern
Oak, Ash, Hickory, Walnut
and Poplar.
Are prepare.! In . .. i,t, s i.y and all kinds
.Mill Work
Telephone Nr.. H. P. tl. Box 113.
inr'.ia EM
Lumber Dealers,
Munufacturera of Doors
Stairs, Htalr Hall, llallusterN, Newell Posts aS 1
Mill Work ~1 nerv il.wrlptlnn, ami dealers n
1,1 , I'kvdcr. Ilalr, etc.
Nil. y.Vi North AlninedaNtrec
* ' *v'i',""KU
Citliroriiia I'riK'k Comp'.v,
Hitcs'ssors to Bills A Co.,
General Forwarders,
No 9 Market St. . Tomple Block,
opp. ciiia-t Boasa, Los Angslsa, Oal
.hipped 'r'?MiM re!i'lu7n'»",u,a H |',i,.
,' l „,Bitn,,ie,il»»lil|,|»-l to nur caret. 11. D, an.l
hills ~l Lading hit at our olllee aa 111 nw lye
pinuiptatUuitiuu. Telephune No 7S.
MM No. 3 Market Htreet.
J Telephone N«. I:ti.
upltf OKO. P. McI.AIN, Proprietor.
Phineas Banning,
WILMINIITON, Ua Angelee County, Cal.
Vessels towe<l, gooile lightered umbe
.n.l grain stonsl, with
V » alVe'rall'te "lln'l'e
~vi,|, a .pe. ille
InLeW prlnclplo ehich
' le.iclic the very
- me nf Ibe trouble, tile 1. He an 11.-nlllle vii.l
pejiitanentcure, Fetrtalebi .ill Dniggisuanl
I If .yon an l rtowliik ••''") '"' "iilil;
j lit our Hnir is Thin, Brushy, Wry,
t lliirsh, or Ut'iik i
1 If you an (roiihlftl n llh Winiilmff,
1 Hi hinu. or miy Humor or Wis*
I SAM „f || v . .vuip,
II hMll neArlf eTery dIMEM pOCMIIUC to
iln< wntlp, obeoki tin* telling out of the ||Air
niul pTCVGtetfl il from in n nrn\, isinl ii* an
uncipnillfil (IriHHitikT mnl toilet article.
; Dr.J.C.AyertlCo.,Lowell,Mass.
Sold I>> tilt liniivtKiute.
Who want plossy. luxuriant
ami wavy tri-snes ul'ahiiiulaut,
hi■;!utUn! Hair must use
plegants cheap nrtirh' slwsfi
makes ISO II air STOW ih'i'ly
ami fast, kopps it from falling
l out, .uresis ami cures tiiiy
| ui'ss. ipmovpH ilamliiiir anil
i itching;, in akes tlo> Hair
■tTOBfi Kivirnj; it a purlins
(••ml my ami keeping it in
; any denned position. ICeau-
Uful, healthy Hair is the sure
result of using Kalhairon.
iOOKSIHEE) liver,
From tlii-st« f-.nn,'. mm-.' thi' i' lourthfl o
viniitomslmhooto thoin \i- Ten..-. ; laosa 01
' ..p. ut. . Bowels costive, Nick Hosil
at he, ftallueafl after entlne;, aversion to
it rtin ii of bOflvr U r mind, Uru. tallmi
if food, Irrltabllltr of temper, 1.-.n
• plrlU, A rerllnß of havlnff neglected
. -mt dnty, in// Inees, I lm 1 < ring al th«
flearUlftota tycfore tlio *v< U. K U) v 1 .1
>rrd llrlHe, • o.\•ITI PA Tlo\, lt r, | ilo
naiiil t lie uno Of n r*'mi'.ly tl.iit n« t.s ilin-r; I,
in the l.ivi r. AsaLiverint'ilicit;. Tl'Tl"! 1
PttstaS b«VI no cjual. Tht-ir aciionon tin
Ai'lnvyiHinl skin Id also nrrnnpt; riMiiovlnn
.11 lmpuritii'H through ttio-..' thii-o *'*rav
tiK" r» of the si stem," prodncirikt, uppo
Konml (litrcstton, r«'tculiir :-tO"N, 11 cloii'
-kitiumlavlKorousboav. TrTT'S 1*11.1.*!
■:iu-*o no naust-a or nor inU-rf4.n
•villi ditiiv work ami nn- v porfuct
l . ii a T HXTR <ilt WIIISKFIW chiuitrt'd In
■itantiv to a (AOSBT BLACK hy it r-iiifrU' m>
;>lifation of this DTK. stoM by DriiKK'"
Offl<.-,«Sl.irn iy BtrHHt,.\r.u- York. 1
An OotOßftnarlmi Who Olvbh Fartn
and Fiato 1 >•■'
One Sunday afd moon a old man
Mt n»»r tb* fouoiuiii in MailKou Mjuarp,
bit tbin, elininken band* ri'slintj on tbe ]
knob of a etout MolHi ra rane. I 'nkcnipl
Wlsita balr, us g\omy an silk, (.11 in it
WftVhiK eataraut otim bin wasted iboul- j
dsn. A |iair ol > \ •-. once large and
bltvok, but now fadi-d ami sutikeu, witb
the peculiar appuaraixe tliat dark eyes
often contract in old peered from
beneath griffled blows into tbe farce of
ieeyou," pijH«l the old man, (
freeting a piuiser -by who recognized
itn. "A man of eighty in a ghost,
Rather, indeed, a gliont is tbe better one
of the two. Nooody knows vie any
more whim I come mil for an Hiring. I
I'm bk .«• who In bun dead, an I has
risen again to vex the survivors." He
•poke with tbe peevish diicuntent of one
wbo parted wKh tin* illusions too long
Sago to remember that lm crer had any.
"1 was j unt thinking," he sum,
abruptly skipping from one topic to an
other, "what it transfonnaLion Is going
on In the physical upiirAniiHte of our
Copte— particularly in nomplexlofj. I
ye long been satistiiMl tbat blondes
are slowly ilisappi'aring In this country
—In this city, at least ami I'vo never
bad better evidence of tho fact than this
aftiTiioon. Stnoa I've been sittiitg here,
old anil young, miities* ami nifeld,
thirty-sevon women huvo crm-cl my
•ye. Only five of fbem w«r« puie
blondes. Half a dozen more would be
classed, perhaps, n* mexKotlnt, hut at
least twenty five v ore distinctly bin
nette. It wasn't so lifiy years itgu, when
I commenced in my profession I told
you t was a ghost," h« interposed, par
•nthetically. "As I recollect our women
then, there were nearly an many bloudia
as brunettes. I am sorry for (be trutin
formation, lor a brunette angid is mil ol
tbe (piestiou. Blondes are no mort-
Mgelic in spirit tban their darker sisters,
perhaps. In appearance, however, per
fect blonde and perfect angel ate syiiou
ymotis terms, Au houH may be bin
nette, with soft, dark, lustrously lan
guishing eyes; but ft good un then tic
Ugel limit have masses of golden hair
•ml m complexion like alabaster or Parian
•hot wilh pink. So I deplore the eliui
tuition of the blonde that Is cut duly
going on in tbo development of tbe
- Anverieao people as a distinct type.'
The old gen tlen a 1 tovl gone on
rbipeotliaing until but very in use les wi re
braced witha momentary accent of vigor,
lie bout an Impatient tattoo mi tbo milk
witb )ih cttne ami continued; "Once au
old mnu stride* his hobby follow the
advice of Longfellow, 'Take care! be
wireT And the study of the coining
American woman has always been a
hobby of mine. What divine galleries
of tbe beautiful 1 have created In my
brain! What rare, ethereal girls! Talk
as yon please about real love being 11
blossom that unfolds slowly. I tell you
a man waa never yet desperately, hero
ically in love, who did not full in Invent
first tight, lie meets tbe woman of hit
dream, and that is tbe end of it. In
point of fact, be has 'known her all bin
life; only he boa never mot her before.
I saw my wife, uiily for an instant, yearn
ago. She posMcd me in a crowd, mid I
had only n glimpse of the features ol the
divineet blonde that ever wore an opera
* wr»p, Strange to bear such bursts nl
■entunentaliMiii from the hp. of ti pal-nod
old man, eh? Hut one nf the most
curious point-* about human nature is itn
paradoxical inconsistency. 'Very able
men,' says oue of LVfontaigne'i cleverer I
imitators, 'have paatad their lives 111
trying to prove that what is is not ami
what is not is."'
Again tbe old mnu turned the confer
aatinu abruptly- "It was in "Mi or '4(1,
I forget which, that 1 began to ittldj
the subject Ntatlsticully. New Yorfc
was nothing then compared to wlmt it
la now. Everybody knew everybody
who was anybody. I'd like to show you
my old note book, but 1 huv«ir , t ntnm
bled upon it myself for yearn. In it 1
gavedoneriptiou«.of a bundled New York
ladies of that tune complexion, eyee,
hair, type of beauty, etc. Tbero were
forty-one Dreek noses in (he collection,
twuiity-Mcveu aquiline, nineteen celestial
and thirteen more or less pug. And let
me tell you, young fellow, thai when a
pug nose is combined with 11 pair of
beautiful eye-* it, is simply Irresutlbl* ;
the popular no-ton of pug noses is libel.
Out of the 100 itudles tfaua made the
decided blondea nnmbtred forty seven;
there were twenty-one no// iiiutH, with
light gray or blue \-rny eyut, lud light
brown hair, anl thirty two decided
brunettes. Ami let me state, as a sin
gular fact, tbat the nquUtne aoee bilonga
typically to the brunette.
"I intended when I nt out to make a
memorandum on the lubjeot once iv
every ten years; but, in point of foaL it
was ISSI before I bad loiiure to pursue
my parpoc*. This time the notes com
prised the description of 2fio woineu -
some of whom 1 kuuw persomilly, while
others were simply represented by num
bera. The pmportiomi varied consider
ably, that of pure blondes hiving Mtwl
bly dimtnisheil In nil only eighty could
be classed in that category: there w< m
seventy-vine mez/otiutH, and tbe remain
ing ninety one were decided brunettes.
ytm 1870 1 took a third ot
notes, aud snhsc(|uently wrote a paper
on the subject lor a London muga/me, I
forget the title now, at the request of
the editor, who had 4-on something
about my boliby in an Aim-noun uewpu
per. This time 1 look I(H> exampb-a
only, just as tbey came, without dtw*
•riminatiou. The ratio of blondes bud
falleu to tweuU-nine in 100) that of
mezzotint* luwt risen to twenty-eight,
and that of decided bruuettee to forty
**In 18S0 I instituted another invest i
gation, but iv truth 1 was getting old
and decrepit, and the subject did not
interest me hh it once had. The result
ahowed tweniy-lhive pure blonde.-, in
every 100 women, twenty-live semis und
fifty two brunettes.
•'You might tb nk me romancing if
1 did not assure you that 1 realh bine
studied the matter carefully. Iv our
earlier history the ratio of blondes was
vastly larger than now, for reasons tb ,t
are very evident. Descended in ibe
main from Knglisb end N«therlin<l an
ceßtors, the population of this city, until
the tendency was broken by immigration
aud inter-marriage, showed v decided
bntttaation to (be blonde style in both
aexes. This predominance remained
undisturbed till about 1845, when the
development of the oity a* a great trail
and money center brought m a lar>c
influx trom the Marker races of louthei 11
Kurop,-. Since then thu blonde hits
been disappearing; lor it is a remirkahh
fact that the dark type la more persist
ed than the light, under tb.. Influence
of Por example, whether
the wife is dark and the husband light,
or vice versa, tin- posterttv will shov* th
same obstinate teadency to thu snrvivu
of the dark skin und eyes und the oblit
eratioiiof thedight As ■ physician 1
have bad ample opportunity to veril
this rule, and I have noticed verj fey
notable exceptions to it during an"e\p.
rience ot fifty years. Ihe Influx of the
Jewish stock of I ite years has tended to
acoeleiate the dis ippearuuee ot bl lea
What .-fleet tb-- *; nn ,v strata will hay*
when the Inoreaainjj r< atonic admixtui-e
has once been abaorbeil. in neutral.xing
other teiidencie-i, is something the next
ten years most ttaternilna.
"It is a lamentable fact ut piesent,
however, thut tbe blonde is gramiallj
vanishing; and one tbing that reaonoil i
me to old age and death is thai the
angel c type ot woman will lust till 1 am
goue.-.V,., fork Bmm
The Value of Oranges.
Throughout the euure range of fruits
that hay« attracted tin- attention of the
medical profession as a ini-un* of allevi.it
mil' many of (tit- ills that human natnie
is Mr to, there has mmm fmiud none
tbat have so many and dUersiH*). uses
ai the- Na»piMi .11. , Mooitlettl irtirngt, i
ParticuUily U this .-.,> in ail cam ol low
malarial complaint* which are so prera* '
lent in climates where redden changes of !
tvtmjifrature frequently occur. The '
nee of oranges an an anti-fthrine j
la recommended gent-rally through
out the civilized world, urn! has largely i
takeu thu place of , i..,,.!,tu1.1t- drugs »•> :
frequently u>t-ii to thl great disgust of ,
the taker. No fruit r-nnparu!! in shlfia
uesi witli tlu- U-iiutiful and lusei.nn or
ange, particularly on this ooaat, where j
thu linest rxaogsa in tha world are pro
duced iv immense quantities and sold at !
prices so low aa to Is.- within Ilia reach *
of the most moderate parse. All clatwtl
of fevera cau lie preveuH-d hy the daily
use of oranges, and no >io- should fail vii
this coast to avail theiuseh 'lm of the op- =
portunity to continue in health when \
the means to do s<> ar* cheap, haimy
and Uucticial. AUa C<U\fomia\ \
LOS AK"OELBB ftilT*x»TllßlWßlT^^
LafAiAl .
We, the uuderstgned, do hereby c rtlfv tbat
wear* partners transacting business In this city
and county of (><s Angeles, under the linn name
awl st)le of Peroival A Chamber*, that the
names tn full of all the in mbess of such part
i.'T-hiparo J. Percival, of IsM Angeles. CaU, and
Jos. Chamber*, of Covington, Ky., snd that tbe
plan* of our respective resideii.ves are est oppo
site our respective names, hereunto *uliswtilied
M wltneiss whereof we have hereunto set our
bauds this 4th day of June, I*B4.
J PKBCIVAL. Urn An/ele*.
JiMJKPH CHAMBERS, Covington, Ky.
Lo* Angeles, June 4, 1884. Jell lm
Application to Mortgage-
Notice i* hereby giv.nthat ou Monday, the
18th day of June, IHH4, at lv o'clock a.m., the
association known as the -.as Bolsas Methulist
Kpiscopal (,'hur. b Houth, will appU to the Bu
p« rlor Court In and for Los Angeles county, at
the Court room of aaid Court, fur leave to mort
gage It* certain resTeetate situated in said coun
nof Lo* Angeles, to wit Commencing at the
NE. corner of Nee. IH, In township f> south,
ranifc 10 west, H. B. Her, and running due
south on tbe line between L M. Morrell and
Thompson Hears 150 fee; thence west lnOfeet;
thenc north 1&0 feet, thence east IM bet to
place ot be.lnning.
At which time and place all persons Interested
ma> hp|mar and show cause, if any there Im,
w by Haid application should not he granted.
A W. POTTS, Clerk.
By A. Rim fat, Deputy.
June 1 th, 1884. Jell Ot
Application to Mortgage-
Notice Is hereby given that on Monday, the
tiilh imf of June, 1884, at l|J o'clock A.M.,the
association known as Hie Nnnvalk Metbo.list
Kplscopal Cliurcb H>.Uth, will apply to tbe Hu
js-rlor Court in and for Los Ant eles county, «t
the Court r mm of said Court, for leave to mort
gage It* certain real estate situate In said coun
ty, to.wit: Lot two (2), in block eight (*), in the
town ol Norwalk, according to the siirvt yand
map thereof recorded lv Ibsjk of Miscellaneous
R i onls, page 42J. of Los Angeles county.
At which lime and place all person* interested
may appear and show cause, If any there Im,
why said appllcat on should nut be granted.
A. W. POTTH, Clerk.
By A. Rimpac, Deputy.
June lOih, IHH4. Jell fit
Application to Mortgage-
Notice Is hereb; given that on the 10th day of
June, IHHI, at 10 o'clock A the association
known a* the Azusa Methodist Kp>-c p»i
Church Houllt, will appl.V to the Superior Court
In and fur Los \ngde* coiint.v, at the Court
r nnf xsfil Coillt. for leave to mortgage its
certain real estate situated in said county ot Los
Angeles to wit Ileginning ut. a p-unt eleven
ami a fourth (1111 chains -oulli «f the noithweet
comer of section thirty six (:W), towu*biw(l)
north, range tea (10) west, San H rnardino Men
dlan, and ruiuiin„* due east one hundred and
fifty (I bo) feet; tbemu due south one hundred
thirl v { UliM feet; tln-nce due we-t one hundred
and lift V 11.01 bet, theme due north cue liUli
di d and thirty (l.lii) feet to thu jKiirit of be4ln
.v which time ami place all persons interested
may appear an.l shu* cause, If any there be
why said application should n<d be grunted.
A. W. POITH, Clerk.
By A. Himfvc, Deputy.
June loth, IBH4 Jell Td
Btockbolderß' Meeting,
Comcakv, Hall Francisco, June Uth, MM I
The annual meeting ol the stockholders of the
above named company, for the eh . tion of sev. 11
Directors for the . nsuiog year, and for the trans
act io of such other business as may be brought
before the meeting, Will he held at the Office of
the onipuii on Wediiesdav, July t»tb prnxitno,
at 10 ovWk A. M. J. L. WILLCUTT.
JePtil Heoretary.
Notice of Application for Oity Deed.
Notice is hereby given that application will ht
made to the Council of the city of Los Angeles at
I in ic-wiou of said found; to be held June Ibih,
I**4,fur a quit claim detd to Charles N. Williams
for that lot of land in the city ot Los Angeles,
State of California, bounded and dtneribed as
follows., to-wtt:
Bounded 011 tbe north by landed Mill.-r and
Ciwhran (formerly belonging to Cecelia A.
Owen), on the east by Lemon street, nil tbe
south by, lands of Thos. i.eabv (mrumrly uf olive
A. William-), and on the west by A ameda street,
containing 2«J acres of land, more or less.
Refeience Is made tv the abstract of title,
maps and petition now on file in my ottb c, and
all parties interested aie hereby m.titled tbat
they are requested to tile their objections, if any
they have, in w rititiK at least, one day before sad
session ol the Council of June pith, I**4.
Clerk of the Council ofthe Olfr tf Los Angeles
Los Angeles, June 9th. A. D. 1884. JelO til
In the Superior Conrt of tbe Stnte ol
California, in and for the County
of Ix>s Angelee,
Action brought in the Suiwrior Court of the
state of California, in and tor the County of
Los Angeles, and tbe complaint filed in said
County ut I,os AiigwbH, iv the ollice of the Clerk
of sabi Superior Court.
S. H. Heraam, Plain tiff,
Ira Nichols., Atlniioistrutor, ot al.,
The People of the -State of California rend greet
ing to;
Ira Nichols, ad st rater, with will annexed,
nt estate of Hiram llersam, deceased, Mrs, Sarah
Wallace, May Tucker, Olive Tnoher, Saimiil
Tucker, Mrs. Nunev Krost, Oreenleaf Heraam,
Wttlard llersam, Andrew llersam, AngfliM
Dunn, Arvila Hpauldiug, Nathaniel Hersaui,
Amanda Loraiio Tucker, defendant-.
You are hereby required to appear iv an wtmn
brought against you by the al".ve named plain
tift In the Huuurior Court of the Htate of Califor
ma, inaiul for the county of bos Angeles, an.l to
answer the complaint tiled therein, within ten
days (exclusive of tho day of service), after the
serv ice on you nf this Numinous if served within
this county ; or, if served elsewhere, within thirty
days—or judgment by default will Im taken
against you according to the prayer of said com
The said action ii brought to recover a
judgement and decree aganixl you and each of
you in favor of the plaintiff, N. 11. Hersnm, in and
*o those certain tracts or parcels ef land iv the
county of Los Angeics and Htate of California,
U'ing portions of the Rancho Santiago de Santa
Ana and described as follows:
First-K. 4of lot 2, block 8., ot the tract sur
veyed by E. R Nichols in IH7I, otherwise de
scribed as E. Aof the NW. \of the NE. Sec.
IB T. 4 S., R. l> W., H. B M.
Second Also twenty acres of said Rancho
bousnled as follows: Commencing at thu SW.
comer of land formerly owned by Joseph Martin.
I hence W. ID chain*; thciuv N 20 chains; thence
E. 10 chains; thence S, 20 chains to the point of
Reference is tiad to complaint for particulars.
And you arc hereby notified that if yuu fail to
appear and answer the said complaint a* alwve
required, the said plaintiff will apply to the
Court for the relief demanded in the complaint
Given uu.lcr my hand and the seal of thu Su
perior Cnsrt ef tiie State of California, in and for
the county of Lu* Angeles, this f>th day of June,
in the year nt our Loftl, one thounaiKl eight
hundred and eight*, -four.
ISeal.j A. W. PoTTH,
By E. H. OWEN. Deputy.
Bicknell Si White, Attorneys for Plaintiff
To Km Counts and Old
New Ullil srcond-liaiid I tn Di
lute Dull-Ii l. N4t|<l ailtl rcp;ii rr«l
Scririi lloors. Sales ninl
Wiiislows imule ami repairesl.
All making and repairing done on shottost
notice, and. ss we have a llrst das-, workman,
will guarantees if isi.l.l ion to our patrons.
No. 1471tr. die H1..-H, near Turnverdu Hall,
SrOiSmfor Ctoomlmlm r,. imlSttaS.
Buena Vista.
pnrobued tlm "Bnena Vka" bonie ol
i nt. rtailinii iit ol Mr. J. Phlllip|li, on
I'ort Hill, will ba pbuued In wa nil uf
ihe old patfooiol tbla basmifnllooatiuu,
which command, a ,low ot tha City oi
Loa Angalea, wbara be will tarnlah tlu
heat wioai and Hqsora in tha market,
with the liei-t of Latioba, aarvad in ap
provad style.
Tha patraDSßa of tha pablu li r. sp, .1
fully sslMtadl,
The Itiiena Vila will lie open day and
mfU in.
THOH. villi 1:1.1.
Anil all kind, of
AI.AMtIiA STUKKT. uiarj It)
1 ■ SaaSBM Inundation* and ct-rnant, ' ,
afrvoira. AU kln.l.nf .tone uiaar-nrviloiio 11 j
S rLaHonablt- ratuH. All aork guarantied.
tTAMri-u or call I int..l atataa Holil, Lo,
Angelu, mj 16-3U
Steamship Company.
lIKMIAI.I,, PKHKINH a tiO., Oen.rel *». SJ
Fur Wrangle, Flltka and llarrinluinr. aleaka. tad
NanalM," an.l New WeMtiiiinsWr, B. tl.,aa ad
vrrtlaed in San KrenelsrM. ut w .|>e|>era
Fur Vii-turia. I1»rt Ti.wiisen.l, Heattle. Taruni
Mleilaennni sml <'lvni|.la ut. JatstS, 111, 21 awl
July I, al 10 A, M
Fur A-turla ran.l Portland. June », o, M, In, swi
M slid July I, al 10 A. a.
For Kureki, ,\ reels an.l 11...Hun, r.erv Wednes
r'..r*Pnlnt Arena, cull) « '•„„., Otlle Klver
Wlul.-i'uru, Mufi.l.H inn I it;,, and N1,),,, every
Hill li ,l
H raisin '"If— ' 2
_ lip
Lm Auk. li. '.lime 'Aluii I Jnn !> Jun H
Kur'i.r..;:•• 7 •■ «« mi v
suui i Bom " UN " In M Ml " 111
I m Untilin " Un " I* " It " U
II Iral.e , ' 15 " 17 " IH 1 " il
Kwolio " 17 " l» " ■ " 2:i
Santa Itnaa " HU " 22 " 211 " 211
lAm Aniiili* " 22 " 24 " 2. " El
OrlMba " 2ti " 27 " Bn'juli I
llnreka " 27 " t*| " SWi " II
Santa Buna " 111 l July ij Jul) 5| " 7
Steamers Niuita rinse end OTUtAM itn
tlirnuitli tv San DtafO, |MMM Hun Mia on the
dates of llielr arrlvala Iruin Han Kranelaeo.
The Hanta Ituen anil Orisalia rail at
Santa llarl.ara an.l I'urt Harford iHiui l.ula lllila
■ (Xl) unit, nil tiie rWN tv an.l Ml San KraliLlsexi
Caifl is mhh wHm steamers hm h. p. k.
i It. ,1,.,,.,1 l.v. Antilles, us fellows: With Santa
' line, iu,.l null « i.urlh, at 111 o'clock A.
«,• a.Jint anulli, al 4 .clock i: ». With l.o«
Arafsessattd Bnivko, goissj north, at 4 o'clock
r. «., rallrua.l time.
Bates of Pare from Los Angeles:
Cabin Steerage
T " Na'ntit rriiii""?.'..."ai* »I 0
Sau Sum. .11 18 10
C'ayni'iai IS 10
Purl Itarfur.l 12 0
llailnU HI »
Santa Itsrhara S «
Nun Sttarm van tare, 7 r»
Ban llleao II 5
Han I lie-go anil return 11
gATi'lans ut Mleeiners' I'altins at Agent's oMce
where berths mat lie aoeurod.
For Niaaail Landing-, vis Hants Cms, etc.
IreiKbt HteiimeiH have San Krntiel., „ aliuut every
twu weeks, as tides serve on the Newport le»l.
The C'uui)>hiiv reserves the right In ohange the
steamers ur their ilsvs of sailllis
All Importßnt Points in Europe
H. McLELLAN, : : : A«»nt
Offlixi No. N CouinierL-ial St Us Angelee.
S. P. R R.
Friday, May 2d, 1884
Trains leave and are due to srrlve at
Xeos staivaßisXis.
0:00 a. a. Cotton 11:1x1 F. a
2:110 r a Colton 12:20 r. a
3:00 t>. a. ! Ik-miniO Kxprcss 12:20 p. v
0:00 r. a. *( Fast. jKuilitrent 1:80 t. a
2:00 r. a El Paso and East 12:20 r. a.
12:60 r. a. 1 San Pranobjco Express. 1:31 P. a
8:80 a. a. ( Sacramento, i Euiigr'nt 3:06 r. a
2:30 p. a. Santa Ana and Anaheim. s :t) a. a
0:30 a. ■ BanU Monica 8:18 A- a
Vi OOr. a Sante Monica '3:85 p. a.
rtSSP, a Santa Monica....'?. 15:80 p. a.
10:00 a. S Wilmington 2:20 p. a
4:00 p. a Wilmington 9:00 A. a.
10:00 a. a San Pedro 2:20 p. a
4:00 p. a San Pedro 0:00 A. a.
'Sundays excepted. tsunduys only.
Uenerel Passenger and Ticket Agent.
llcneral Manager.
c. R iiKwirr,
Assistant Sutierintendent. 1.,., Angeles
On and after Momliiv, Fi'l.ruarv Is, 18HH, train,
of till, l.'tui[.,ri,ia Southern liailrcad iruinit south
will Ivan- San Bernardino daily, Sundays ex.
ospted, at 1 UP. ■~ Alton akliwBA.il., or on
arrival of East flOtllwl Heuthem l'iu-illc train,
and EUVSrStdS at 2:15 A. a., arriving at San
Mace at 7:15 p. a.
Ootnf north. wS] leave San Dii-go at 0:40 A. a.
Ilii er.lde ~t 2 22. Hrnviin: at I'elton at 2:42 p. v
aad san Bertrardlno at 3:25 1-. m.
-rlm-h i. 211 ininiue. I.v.ter tban San Francisco
time. Pawengers will »;tve fruni tun |101 to sixty
(Ouleeiit- l.\ llu ir lieketa ot the ayviil
befure -ntering Ihe cars.
C1.>..,.,11 ti..i,s tn.i.ie witli s I. It.'.il Iv ami
front !...« Angelea Passenasrs to and froai
the l'.i.[ will have but .hort delay at
Culten. The above is Natlunal city time.
For inlonnatiun fur freight or fare' aildreee
Agent Calitorula Soulhern H iilioad, i'uitun, or
Sui..Tint..i,dent, and Oaa. ft and Pses. Ag't
CNUKSTAKEruI ami km halm His,
H. 1., 1 ratu Inl te their new store, No 17 Soru
spring street. tf
I iiilorlakrr antl Kiiilinliiit'r,
Carnage anil lura-lult luncrals.
T. I. ph..in N>. .'. En. tM >. Mela St,
l>rs. C. A IViiiik itevem,
Bewl anl of Tri th, aW. leave inipres
■n.i. I r ". 0. ih 11,. eau 1«,.e tliein
I.v Teetl. withuiitap.atr. Fine tlllii.gs
as,aviaitv. A 11..,,,,: .guaranteed. Horn,.
is and IU Schnnre. her Block.op|Ke,iU- P. 0. injOlf
-T- The reftOWned 4'tilumbla
a* mwm Ml»»al«a. rhe "EXPBRT
X // sL ~„ leading lIICVCLK uf 'he
j +JA'' I S..]r A.'-,.'_'* M.llket S'Teet'
V M\ '' ; " Hardware and Mael.il, .
1 Oatalogtte of allonr g<..i.
Railroad Ticket and Employment I
Office. ,
BI'REAU of INFORMATION; male help free;
Xt al K»tute Bruker : houses and lots sold ot, 111 I
1u';,',"!,.",!, *.',-u,e.l *'" "'"""k NmiNOER ' '
121 Nnrth Main Street, near Flr.t St.
Telephone No. 118. sei.lsfliu''
Notice to Creditora.
In the Superior Court of tbe County of
Loa Angeles, State of California. 1
In ths matter of the ertato of Uolorss 8, de
Arils, oeeeased.
Notlee Is hereby given by the uirdenriirned,
Exeeutnr of the estate of ...olores H. tie Avila, d«- |
eeassst, to the crwiHon of. and all persons hav
oik claims sftsinst tbe said dweaseii, to exhibit
them with ths proper vouohern within fuur )
months after the first pulrliostion of this notice,
totht ssi*l Kxe<mt(ir, at the office ot his stt4>rne> ,
Vfni. 11. Hte|>heiis, Koom si. Temple Blork, in
tho eit> of l>- AllKfl' ■•, the same belli* In- plisee
ofhusiness. KKvNCm'U K. A VILA,
ExfMrutor of Ilolores S. de A»fl». (leei-s*tsl
Msy 27, IBH4. mSM _! W !
Administratrix's Sale.
NoUoe Is hereby Kiven that in pursuance of *n »
onlercf the Huperkir Court of the county of Los J
M, L ., 1,... Mat. nf Califomis, n.sde 01. the _Mh
■ tav of Ms>, IW*4, m Ih- in .tier of thr estate of
Tle«* Met , .Irceastsl. th- iimlerslttried sd- "
i„ii.i.tratri\of the esUte of will deceased, will
sell on ami after .
Matarday, the 7th »a>- of Jnsie, i
At tirlrate sale, to Ihe hiifhust bidder, for cash, ,
arfiltl roi,, ol the I'tiit.-'i .stnti'S, st the store of |
Them is MrUin, lii the U.wn of Xl Mt*nte, coui - |
ty of Los Aniteles, the followinic iMjrsonsl prop- ,
erty, to-wit: \
One kreiieral stock of merchandise .rid store ,
fixtures. Kor a detailed einniHTstioi of thear- ,
tides ol said stock .if mcrchsndise reference Is
herebj tiiA<lc to an inventory then of tilts) as Ex,
"A." to ssid order of sale, snd
Two mules, 2 homes. I colt, 1 cow, 1 two-horse
wsicon. 2 cultivators, 1 turn plow, 1 hreaklnfr
plow. 1 harrow, 1 set wskjron harness, 1 Mwtsg
inaehlne, 1 kfantf plow, Xl tons wheat hsy, 6 tons
huMey bsy. 100 sacks ol corn, *M socks of bar
ktj , IM rtsi ks of ne, 1 parlor set, 1 tmlrooin set,
1 set of furniture, U large oil palntltiK", * Brus
sel, eiiipfts, ti wckxl sest chairs, 1 wire safe and
t ksUsflSH la nips. IIMINIA MtNAIN,
Adiniiustratretrlx of said Estate.
May Wtk, t s-i ni2fl lot
Sheriff's Sale.
In Justice's Court, Wilmington Town
ship, Los Augelea Comity, California.
Charles Peterson M- Peck snd A. H.
Under and hy virtue of an execution Issiisd
oat of the Justice's Court of Wilminntun Town
ship, County of Los Angles, t'altfornia, in the
above entitled case, on the 16th day of Msy,
ISK4, to me directed and delivered, for a JinU
iiirin rcnlertsl in said court on the Ist day of
March, IHB4. for the sum of *2tt6 48, besides costs
snd accrulns; ooats. in favor of said plaintiff,
Charles Peterson, and against said defendant-,
A. H. Perk and A. U. listen, I have duly levied
upon according to la v and thall, on
Tharnday, Ihe lwth Way of June,
A. It. 1804,
At 1 o'clock p. a, of said day proceed to sell
at the Court House door on Spring street, in ths
city of Los Angeles, county of Los Angeles,
State of California, at public auction tv the
highest snd best bidder for cash In V. 8. lswful
money, to satisfy ssid judgment, with
interest, costs snd accruing costs, all the right,
title and Interest of the judgment debtor, A. 11.
Hazeu, in and to the following described real
estate, to-wit
Thu NE.J of lot 4, range 4, of the Temple & ,
Gibson tract, in llancho rian Pedro, in the coun
ty of Los Angeles, Bute ot California.
Given under my hand this *2ith day of May,
A. T ct'lt It IKK, Sheriff.
By 11. BUHPtCK. Under Sheriff. uiy2Btd
Notice to Creditors.
In the baperlor Court of Les Angeles County,
tn re the Estate of Pedro M. Vejar, deceased.
K-t tt- of Pedro M Vejar, deceased, no
tice Is hereby given by the undenie*ned,
administratrix, with the will annexed, of the
estate of Pedro M. Vejar, deceased, to tho
creditors ot, and all persons having
claims against the said deceased to
exhibit them with the neccessary vouchers,
within four months after the first publication
of this notice, te the said administratrix at the
otftcw of Howard <v Kobsrts, Room ft, Wilcox
Hlock, Sprint- street, Los Angeles city, that be
ing th" place for the transaction of bminess ol
said estate. MARY E. VEJAK,
Administratrix with the will annexed ot P. M.
Vejar, deceased.
Dated at Los Angeles, April 25, 1884.
aprt!H 4w
Guardian's Bale of Real Estate.
In the Superior Court oi the County of
Loa Angeles, State of California.
Order to Show Cause nn Application of Guardian
for Urder of Hale ol Real Estate.
In the Matter of the Estate and Guardianship of
Catherine E. Howard, Insane.
It Hppenring to thi-t Court from the petition
this day pre-ented sud riled by V. E. Howard,
the guardian of the person and estate of Calh
erine E. Howard, an iiifane person, praying for
an order of wile of 'ertain real estate heleiitritiK
to his said ward that it would he beiielleiul to
said ward that such real estate should be sold:
It Is hereby ordered, that the next of kin of
thu said wanl ami all person* Interested iv the
-till estate, ap|»ear before this Court on
Thursday ,i he <CVth l»ay of May,
A. I>. IHH4
At it o'clock a. M.,stths Court-room or this
Court, at the city of Los Angeles, in the county
of l,os Allgeles, « herein pri'sidcM tie- Uililersiglitsi,
Judge of said Court, then and there t i show
aaNae win an order should not ho granted fur
the sak< of such estate at private sale as prayed
far in said petition.
Ami it is further ordered, that a cony ot this
order by publislwd at least three Miireesnive weeks '
before the said day of hearing, in the fees
Anuklks Daily Hrralu, a newnpiuicr printed
and puhli-diid in said county of Los Angsles.
Dated ami done In open Court this Mtb day of
April, l- -i ap2Utd
Judge of the Superior Court of Los Angeles
All persons, firms, companies, corporations
and assoriallons are rwiuirtsl to deliver at the
A-sesaor's olttee, Court Hons.!, immediate!). a
statement under oath of all the property, lioth
real and perso al, owned or claimed by him,
her or them, or in their pome",nion nr held in
trust for ethers, at 12 o'clock meridian
On I he IM Monday of March. IH*4
In accordance with the New Constitution.
Refusal nr neglect to make a sworn statement
of all the property owned or held In trust will
subject the pvrson so rcfiisiiiK or neglecting to
make such sworn statement to the full penally
of tbe law one hundred dollars fine and guilt,
of a misdemeanor
All p-r-Mni- nwnlnii real estate tbat has hereto
fore been asaesaed in the wrong name on the
Real Estate AsHeHMiienl Roll, or who have pur
chased real estate wit'iin the lost year, are re
ipiestcd tonpitear w Ith their deeds at the Assess
or's ot lice nnd have the proper changes made for
the year 1884.
I'iiiiiedii.te atientinn in necessary, as work on
the Roll has already been commenced.
Proper blanks ina> In- obtained at the Assess
ors office. .
The Poll Tax uf two dollars is now due and I
paj able at this otfice or to a Deputy Assessor.
I earnestly request tl each and ever) taxpav- i
er to Hie bis statement iinmedl .tely and co-op- i
crate witb the otth c in saving expense. I
RPM lm Assessor of Un Angeles County.
Adjudication oi Insolvency,
Stay of Proceedings and Or- J
der of Publication of Notice
to Creditors. i
In the Knperior Court of tho County I
of Urn AugeleH, State of California.
Is the Matter of Samuel Norton an Insolvent 1
A in;. 1. -i- b. r. lo duct,,] li,l„k- js.s-l"-i.i.i olall J
thec-tatc. real hikl P-tmhihl, ot Ihe said Sanilel L
Nort. ~, .1. 1d... , v.-ept Mieliasunv be lo law i-v
-enipt 1n..,i ,v. eutinn. and of all Ins d- eds vouch- "
, r«, books . I .1, . ...im and p.ii-rs, ami to keel, tbe J
s ,mi -.afi h until Hit- ap| tun nt. of an a« .igiiiie ,
"ITi 'V t| A " '" 1 '"' ' "'"''''en Ui pay .
propeity longing to bin., or to imy person, ,
nr deliviT any pro porn , until the further order ,
..f tins Court, cv e|,t as her. in ordered.
It is further on! nil that all the creditors of
- n.l ii. i.t.j ai..l.i|.|« I ,re the tlon. V. K. J
said c nun oi [~,- An... 1.-, in op..i, court, at the '
Curt room of ~ai.l » mirl, in tin eitv and eoutilv '
•I Los Angeles, on the '
7th tiny or July, i ss i i
At 10o'clock a w. of that day. to prove their (
debts and c .»»se one or more assignees or the s
estate nf said did for. t
It isfurtbur onlensl that the urder lie pub- f
lll'ieil in the Inn s lieu ,|,n, a newspttpt:r of yen i
■ ral cm iilalion,puldishe.l in tne cily and count v ■
of Los Anueb w, as often a* Uie said pajH-r is pub f.
lished Is lore Hie said da> set lor Ihe nu at .
the creditors. 4
And it is further ordered tbat, In the nieau v
lime,all i.ro.ae.|nii£s agaiu-t. the -aid insoht-nt „
he atayid, both in law and e.piitv. ,
v. c. Howard. t,
Judge of Superior Court,
Dated June 4th. 1484.
PlUmea, Wmm m Lee, Atttorneys for Peti- _
tioner. jefi
Assessment for Orading and Im
provement of Court House street,
from Fort street to Flower street. "
Notice Is hereby given that tbe assessment "
roll for ami on account of the grading snd im w
provfluent of Court House strut, from Port v
street lo Klower .tret. is ou file in my ollice, t<
having been so filed June 4th, A. D. JBB4, at
and tti« saj I assestuuent rell is now open for X
public inspection. m
Clerk ot the Council »,f the Cltv of Los Angelas.
Los Asgeles, L'ala., June 4th, A. !< 1884. A
Re Registration of Voters,
Omca or tub Cocstv CLeaa or I t
I<oa Angeles Couatr- I
It Is heraby ordered that the County Cleik
the eotiiity of Lo* Antceles, shall procure new ,
hooks for Ibe registration of th* qualified elro
tors of Los n '- i proueed to
re register the voters ofsaid cimntv in conform
ity with tbe Political Cod* of the State of Call ]
"Son. MM, There niust be kept In the office o i
tee County Clerk of each county, a Or. at Regis- ,
ter; whenever deemed necessary the Board of t
Hiiperviaors of any county may, hy order, re- \
quire a re-registration of the voters of said
county, which said arder shall Im published in |
at least one newspaper publ'stied In sakl ,
coanty for not less than six mouths preced
ing the next ensuing K enera) election. Much
registration shall conform in all respects to th.
■mi Mens <-f utMOosts sess»srnteg iwigjnal regis
tratlon, except that any person applying for re
registration -bi.il be entitled thereto upon show
lug that his name was .-moiled and uncancelled
on the former ftreat Register."
The former Ureal ftegfnter of Los Angele
county must be preserved lo the Comity Clerk,
but shall nut Im used for the utirpoaes of am
election after the Ist dar of November, I**4
By order of the fVmr.f of Supervisors of the
comity of l,o* Angelea, this nth day »f February, .
A. D., 1884. A. W. PoTTH,
; feblO Dm Clerk of the Hoard.
Adiudication of Insolvency, Stay of
Proceedings and Order of Publi- ;
cation of Notice to Creditors. \
In the Huperior Court of the County of ]
Los Angelea, State of California 1
Adjudication of Insolvency. Sec. fl, Act of April ,
Ml 1 8H0. I
In the matter nf W a OIMMMJ,M Insolvent Debtor I
Wa cb'.ug having DM In this Court his
petition, schedule und inventory iv insolvency, ,
by which it api*>ars tbat be is an Insolvent
debtor, the sod Wa Chung is hereby de
idansl to be insolvent. The Sheriff of the county
uf Los Amides is hereby directed to take posses
sion of al) the estate, real and personal, of
the said o v Cb"ii«, insolvent debtor, except such
as nuty be by law exempt from execution, and
uf all bis dee.ls, vouchers, hooks of account,
„,d panert, and to keen tile same safely Until the
appointment of an assignee ot his estate. All .
persons art- forbidden tn pay any debts lo the
said insolvent, or to deliver any property
belonging to such insolvent, to him,
or tv snv Mreon, firm, or corporation, |
•r association for his use. The said debt
or ia hereby forbidden to transfer or deliver any
property, until the furth'.r order of this Court,
exeent. an herein ordered.
It Is further ordered, that al] the creditors of (
sakl debtor lw and appear before the Honorable i
V. E. Howanl, Judge of the Superior Court of the l
county of Loe Angoles, In oi»en Court, at the 1
court room of said Court, in the city aud county I
of Los Angeles on the
»let Way of July, IHM4. {
At 10 o'clock a.m.. ot that day. to prove their '
debt* and choose one or more assignees of the es
tate of said debtor •
It Is further ordered, that t his order Im pub-
Ihdied in the I,oh Angeles DaILY IIKHAi.D, a news
pai»er of general circulation, published In the J
county of Los Anodes, as often as the ,
Said piper is published, before tiie said day sat ,
lor the meeting of the crwlitore.
And it is further ordered, that in the mean- j
time, all proceedings against the said insolvent ,
be staved. 1
Judge of the Superior Court. j
Datisl June U, 18H4. Jel2ld ,
Huwsrddt Uobarts, Attorney for Insolvent.
Notice to Creditors. ~~ i
Estate oj It. E. Boas, deceased.
Notice Is herein- given by the undersigned, ad
ministrator of the estate ol R. E. Ross, de
ceased, to the creditors of, and all persons hav
ing claims against the said deceased, to exhibit
them with the necessary vouchers, within ten
months after the tint publication uf (bis notice,
to the said administrator at the otflce of Uraves 1
4 Chapman Kooin No. 21, Baker Hlock, Los An
geles city, the same being the place for the
transactions of the business of saitl estate
Administrator of the estate of R. E. Boss, de
ceased mv 29 t
luted May 28th, 1881. ,
Proposals for a Span of Horses,
Notice Is hereby given that sealed proposals
will be received by F. R. Day, Esq., at his 1
■ otlb-c, No. 20 N. Main street, for furnishing to '
the city of Los Angeles a span of horses for tne
use of'the Fire Departineiitiof said city.
By order of the Council of the city of Los An
geles at its meeting of Juue 2d. 1884.
Clerk of the Council of the City of L<rs Angeles
Loa Angeles, June ltd, A. 0. 1834. Jn4-5t
Notice of Application for
Oity Deed.
Notice Ih herein given that application will Im
made to the Council of tbe city ot Los AngeJes
at the session of said Council to be held .I line ,
. the "ih, IHH4. for a quit claim deed to Alice
Henderson, wife of J. A. Henderwin, aa her sep
arate propi rt v, for tbat lot of land in the city of
Los Angeles, county. uf Los Angeles, State of
t aliiorui», bounded ami described us follows, to
Commencing at the BVUthWSft OOtntt Of tbe
building known a* the White House, on the east 1
side of Los Angeles street, distant fifty six feet 1
frnni Commercial street, the same being the
northwest oMMf of the property allotted to 1
Canunoii K. Thorn, a*administrator of (tie estate
of Jacob lk tl, deceased, in partition suit in the
Se eiileeiit.li Judicial District Court. Los An
geles county. In case No. 1778, in May, 1871;
thence following the east side of Los Angeles
streets. 2:i ;in west thirty-three (&() feet to a
spike; thence south its E. one hundred and sev
enty-two .Mi (172 f>U) feet to a stake and board
fence ->tl the easterly line of property allotted tn
said Thorn in said partition suit; thence follow- ,
ink tho wa id easterly line of said laud so allot
ted to said Thoin N. 87' 4f.' E. thirty four (.14)
feet to the northeast corner of the land ho al- J
lotted to said Thorn; thence along the north Hue ,
of said bind allotted to said Thoni N. B*o W/. .
one hundred amWighty-oiie (181) feet to place
of beginning.
Reference is made to the abstract of title, ma}S ,
and petition now nn tile in my office, ami all
parties interested are hereby untitled that they ,
are requested to lib- their objections, if any
they have. |fl writing at least one day before
said session of the Council June Bth, ISSI.
Clerk of the Council of the City of Los Angeles.
Los Angeles, June ft), A D. 1884. jh3-f>t
Certificate of Copartnership.
CiTTASIiCoi'STTor Los AaußLß*, \ m
We. the undersigned, do herehv eertifv that «l
arc partners, transacting busiNeas lv this city,
ami county of Loa Angeles, under the
Ann name and style of La/.arus & Melrer; that
, tbe names in fuN uf all tbe members of such part
nership are P. Lazarus, at Los Angeles; Louis
Slelzcr, al Log Angeles, and tbat the places of
our respective residences are set op|K»site our
respective names, hereto subscribed
In witnc-K where if, we have hereunto set our
bands this 2d day ot June, 1884.
P. LAZARCs, Los Aiigcles.
LOUIS MEL/KB, Los Angeles.
4* Jet 4w
Proposals for Grading and Improve
ment of Washington Street, Be
tween Main Street and San
Pedro Street.
Notice is hereby given that sealed proposals
Will be received bj the undersigned up to the
lasewagOf ths Council ol the city of Los An
ptWOJ June tfth. A. D. IHB4, for the grading
all.l improvement of Washington street, between
Main ilreet and Sail I'edro street, in accordance
with Ib-solut ioii No. 27H of the Mayor and Coun
cil of the city uf Los Angeles ordering said
grading and improvement, upproved May 13'h, .
A. D. 18X4.
All proposals offered shall he accompanied by
a cluck payable to the order of the Mayor ot the ,
city of Los Angeles and certified by a response
bis hank in an amount ot at least 82M.40.
The Council resorres the right to reject any
and all bids. '
Hy order of the Council of the City of Los An
u.lc-al its meeting "f .1 one '.M A, 11. I v»4
Clerk nf the Couucil of the City of Los Angeles.
Los Angeles, June 2d, 1884. Jn4 f.l
Notice for Publication of Time for
Proving Will, Etc.
Cocxtv 01 Los AJHNUa \ m 1
In the matter of the Estate of Mrs. Caroline !
overman, deceased. j
Pursuant tn an order of this Court. made this j
day, notice Is hereby given that Monday, the
lid day of June, t BK4. at 10 o'clock A. M. of '
said.lay, at UM COJrt-rOOtO of tbis Court, in '
said county of Los Angel.a, has Is en '
a).pointed lor hearing the application of J. V. '
Holler.heck, pray uiir that a document now un '
file in ihis Court. pui|M,rtin-to be tbe last Will 1
and Testament of .Mrs Caroline Overman, de- I
cetscd. be admitted lo Probate, and that letters I
test on- ntarv be isj.ii.il thereon to J. X
Hoilonheck, Uisabeth Hollnbeck and Jswdo 1
Otennan, at wlueb time and place all pore BS '
inieroted therein may appear and contest the
Suis,] A. W. POTTS, County Clerk. 1
By A. ItlMl'Ai . D. putv
oated June It, I--4 '
J. DrOUSSnstt, Attorney fur Petitioners. jel'JUl '
|| hereby given that tho Main street grade as- 1
ses-iiieiit mil from i 'aliforma st r. to \A adiiug- 1
ton street hash i n re. ci ved lo tb. -siipem.telnlet.t
of >. r.-els and that all sums li v i«sl ami assessed in 1
said assessment roll are now dm-and pavu 1
abb- immediately and that the pavunnt '
Of said sums is to bo made to him within 1
i..iv il.n ts day* from the date of the firnt public* 1
turn of this nolicr, and all assessments hot paid
before the expiration ot ,o I thirty i t") days will 1
be dcelar.sl tv be delinquent ami that tbereafU-r h
the sum ol five if.) per cent, upon the amount of
each 'I..limp,en; assessment, together with the
cost of advert..in- each delinquent aasesmneut,
will be added thereto.
K. R. BOTD, Supt. of Streets. t!
liOS Angeles, Jui S 4. IHB4. lut Jen
Notice of Dissolution.
Notice is hereby given that the co partnership
heretofore existing between F. L. Ries and
James Harm It. aa proprietors of the Ht. Autho r
ny Saloon, iv the city of Li* Angelti-,is hereby P
dissolve Iby mutual conseiit, K. L. Ries retiring Hl
from said business. Messrs. Harnett and Holo N
mon being in charge of said salofl, will collect v
and pay all bills of said firm (of Ries « Harnett, P
from and after this date.
Los Angeles May 21st S4 my 24 8w
Fli» l ™ieJ.r»e,..wlthii I llkii.|(c.|»cityolthr M to five K»Hon. peray M
hand. The Thoroughbred Bull. UTS Chief, .taud. at our yard Jam, , d """" *" d .,
horaae .upplled. Thoroughbred and fine graded Pawls. Brown and White Leghorn ogiarttLOg,
Plymouth Rock egg., from Imported fowl,, at |I.GO per setting, epouna
Importer and Commission Merchant foriool,
The lineat stock of Imported Liquors, Cordials and French
Syrups in the city, and a large assortment of choice groceries. The Bar is
complete and contains one of the unsurpassed Refrigerators manufactured by
Lewis Simon, of this city.
Money Loaned on Merchandise al Cheap Kates.
McCormick Mower
Stands to dar without an equal.
Nearly 80© sold In this county, and all are Riving entire
Minnesota Chief Threshers,
Furst & Bradley's Sulky Rakes and Cultivators,
Fish Bros.' Farm Wagon* and Header Tracks,
Are all standard goods, and a farmer who buys them knows he is gettHlg tha
worth of bis money. A full line of extras always In stock.
ap3d&wtf '45 Aliso Street, Los Angeles.
WI LIEVER, Ho. IB Commercial Street.
dialer in xt, irii asas
Of the following C.I.-
AND PISTOLS, bratad maker,:
Fishing Tackls aad Ova * Sharp,, Ballard, Rem
Material of Every inglon, Winchester and
Bind, othni makers.
Muzile and Breeoh-Loadiiig Shotguns of tha most celebrated English and American maker,. Re
pairing and new work don. and warranted to git. satisfaction.
Pacific Wagon Comp'y,
Wholesale and Retail Dealer in Every Description ot
Carriages, Buggies, Phaetons, Wagons, Etc.
Manufactured from Material Seasoned to Bnit this Climate.
Call and Examine My Goods.
J. R. McMANIS, Manager.
The New Colony on the California Southern R. R„
Twenty Miles South of Riverside,.
Has proved a great mince*.. Over forty tarsia, averagiag thirty acre., and over one hundred
town lota have Wen .old. Thousand, of tree, have lieen act 111 orchards and broad street, snd
avenue, grade I. Our lIRANIi AVPNI'K, TEN MILES LONG; our baautlhll lake, now al lv
highealMtage. our delightful cliina-e, plcturesutie scenery, abondsa. anneal ralaf.ll and water
facilities, rich anil, low price. MS t* SSO PES .«« ■R-rsey term., on. third caah .nd
balance at a per cent, iutereat, certainty make th a the licet offering on the market. Pur circular,
and further particulars call on or addrea. the proprietor., SS. ( SLLISS, Keokuk, lowa.
R. N. HRtLf. Elslnor., Oal.,
X>. JUL. ORA.HAH, Hooma M and 87 Nadeau BlorF"Loa Angelas. Oak
tmTUm the Elevator. * lai letf SaTTelephotHi So. 17a.
-w-aarrox. t>. xw. o. stoul
Los Angeles Soda f ater Works,
H. W. STOLLL & CO., Prop'rs
Soda Water, Sarsaparilla and Dinger lie,
M iucral Waters, Champagne Cidt>r, and all kin<U of Syrupa,
No. 107 Haln»evaln Telephone ft©. Its.
WW All ordsrs promptly altotidod to. «ih«7 3m .
Chicago. Rock Island & Pacific R'y.
Being, th. Oraat Central Line, afford, to travelers, by reason of It. unrivaled «eo
graphlcal position, th* shortest and best rout, between the Saat, Northeast and
Southeast, and tha West, Northwest and Southwest.
It la literally and strictly true, that ita aonneotlone nr. all of tha principal Una*
Of road between th. Atlantic and th. Pacific.
B, Ita mafn Una and branonaa It reaches Chicago. Jollet, Pee/la, Ottawa.
La Salla, Qeneseo, Molina and Rook Inland, In Illinois ; Davenport, Muecatm*
Wushlngton, Keokuk, Knoivllle, O.kalooea, Palrflald, Oaa Molnee, West Libert,'
lowa City, Atlantla, Avooa. Audubon, Harlan, Outhrla Center nnd Council Bluff.'
In lowa | Oallatln, Trenton, Cameron and Kansas Oity, in Missouri, an d Leaven'
worth and Atonlaon In Kanaaa, and the hundreds of oltles, .manes and towna
Intermediate. Th.
As it is familiarly called, offers to tra.el.re all th. advantage, and comfort.
Inoid.nt to a smooth traok, safe brldases, Union Depots at all connecting oolnta
Paat Sipress Trains, composed of COMMODIOUS. WELL VENTILATED wav
latest deelaned and handsomest PALACE SLEEPING CARS, and DINING CARS
that are acknowledged by preaa and people to be the PINSST RUN up™ iv.
ROAD IN THE COUNTRY, and in which auperlor meale are sorted to tra.aT.r.
the low rate of SEVENTY-FIVE CENTS BACH. traveler, at
three TRAINS eacn way between Chicago and the Missouri sivis
TWO TRAINS aaoh way between OHICAOO and MINNEAPOLIS and BT Saul
•la tha famoue r »«"-,
A New and Direct Line, via Seneoa and Kankakee, haa reoantla ha.- „ „.
between Newport News. Richmond, Cincinnati, Indianapolis and l!? ?».»??'
and Council Bluffa, St. Paul, Mlnneapolle and Intermediate noint. W '
All Throu«h PaasengSre carried on Paat gspreas Trains
For mora detailed Information, see Maps and Poldere, which ma, be obtained ..
wall aa Tickets, at all principal Ticket Office. In ,h, united "
l ai^ rM «. JOHN.
Vtoe-Pree t A a.n-1 Manager, Oan'l T'k't I Paae'r Ag*s
LKUAL. ■ _
In tbe Justice's Court of Wilmington
- Township, of the County of Loe Ange
les, State of California.
Betrie Bennett, l*JaintitT, \
rs. J Summons.
Fred Burke, Defendant. J
The people of th* Stat* of California send
greeting to Fred Burke, Defendant:
You nre hereby required to appear In an action
bromclit against you by the above named plain
tiffin C.c Justice ~ Court of Wilmington Town
ship, c,.unty of I on Angeles, State of California,
anil to answer before tbe Justice at his office In
the said Township, the oomplaint tiled therein
within the days, (exclusive of thedav 'if sen ice)
alter the service on you of this summons-It
aervcd within the Township in which tbis action
Is brought; or, if served out of said Township,
but in said County, within ten days; or within
twenty days if serv ed elsewhere
The said act on Is brought to recover of you
the sum of thirty six 2fi loe dollars gold coin of
the United States of Aiserlca allege.! to be due
the said plaintiff lor board and lodging had at
her house in the Township of Wilmington,
County of Los Angeles, at tour special Instance
andreoues, for further particulars reference is
had to annexed oopj of bill of complaint on file
In thia otflce and you are hereby notified that If
you (nil to so appearand answer said complaint,
aa above require.), said plaintiff will take Judg
ment atrainst you for *W.ilf> together with costs
of this suit.
Make legal serv ice and due return hereof.
Otven under mv hand this 2d day of May, 1884
J. f. 0. JOHNSON,
Justice of thu Peace ol said Township.
A true copy; GEO. DKAVKH, Constable.
Certificate of Co-partnership.
County or Los Airaaitss. I
Wo. the undersigned, do hereby certify that
we are |iartuers transacting business In this
Htate, at thu County of Los Angeles, under the
firm nan.c and stylo of Wagsnbaoh * Lerrain,
that the names in full of all the members of such
partnership are Charles Wag en bach and A. Lor
rain and that the places of our respective real
deuces are set opposite our respective names
hereto subscribed.
fn witness whereof we have hereunto set our
hands this fifteenth day of May, 1884.
A. LORRAlN.LosAnffe.ee, California. my.tf.w4
Delinquent Sale.
COLTON LIME COM PAN Y. Location of prin
clpal place of business, Los Aagsles, Los An-
Sdes county. California.
oTICE. -There are delinquent upon the fol
lowing described stock, on account of assessment
levied on the 2tith day of March A, D. 1884, tbe
several amounts set opposite the names of the re
spective share-holders, aa follows:
Number Number
Names. Certificate. Shares. Amount
WISS&.\ " «• «•** o
L. F. Olmsted. " 28g| 1,860 00
W O. C. Franklin " BO 400.00
A. H. Miller " SO 400.00
And in socortlance with lsw, so many shares
of each parcel ef such stock as may be necessary
will be sold at public auction, at the office of the
Company, lin N. Los Angeles street, Los An
Biles, California, on Thursday, the 22d day of
ay, A. 0 1884, at the hour of 8 P. a., of such
dsy, to pay delinquent assessments thereon, to
gether with costs ol advertising and expenses
A. H. MILLER, Secretary,
Office 119 N. Los Angeles St., Los Angeles. Cals.
Notice is herebr given that the above sale Is
postponed till June 24th, 1884, at the same hour
and place. A. 11. MILLER,
Los Angeles, May ti. 1884.
Notice to Creditors.
Estate of Nicholas Mueller, deceased.
Notice is hereby given by the undersigned,
Rudolph Mueller, administrator of the estate of
Nicholas Mueller, deceased, to the creditors of,
and all persons he vine, claims against the said
i deceased, to exhibit them with the neeesaarv
vouchers, within four months after the first
publication of this notice to the said Rudolph
Mueller, at the office < I Thos B. Brown, Hooms
No. 91 and Vi. Temple Block, In the city ot Los
Angeles, the same being the place for the trans
action nf the business of ths said estate in the
city sml eouutr ef Los Angeles, State of Califor
Administrator of the Estate ot Nicholas Mueller;
Dated st Los Angeles, Cal., Msy 21st, 1884.
%tm 4*
Notice to Creditors.
Estate of Thomas McLaln, deceased.
Notice is hereby given by the undersigned,
administratrix of the estate of Thomas
McLaln, deceased, to the creditors of. and all per
sons having claims against the ssid deceased,
to exhibit them with the necessary you her-.,
within ten mouths after the first publica
tion of this notice to the aaid administra
trix, at the otflce of Rlckncll A White. Koom 11,
Temple Block, city of Los Angeles, in the said
county ef Los Angeles.
All in i n i-«tratri n of the estate nf Thomas McLain,
Dated at Los Angeles, April 30th, 1884.
Notice to Creditors.
Estate of Isaac N. Cooper, deceased.
Notice is herebr given by the undersigned,
Eveeutors of tbe last Will of Isaac N. Cooper,
dcecased, to the creditors of and all
persons having claims against the said
to exhibit them with the necessary voiieh'th,
within ten (10) months after the first publication
ol this notice, to thu said Executors, at the office
of Bicknell * White, |Room 11. Temple Block,
in the city and county of I,o* Angeles.
Executors of the Estate- of Llt Cooper, de-
Dated al Los Angeles, April 30, ISB4
may 18
Executor's Sale of Real Estate.
In re Estate of Bamun Benites, deceaaed.
Notice Is hereby given that in pursuance of the
terms amLprovisions of the last Will and Testa
ment of said decedent, admitted to probate on
the i!.'.th day of November ltwo, to which refer
ence is hereby made, and of the pro isions of
Heel ion If* lof the Code of Civil Procedure of
the Htate of California, the undersigned, Execu
tor of the said estate, will sell at private sale, tn
the highest and best bidder, for cash, in unlet
coin nf the United States of America, ami sub
Ject to confirmation by the Hup. rior Court of
Lo* Angele*countv, on or after Wednesday, the
J...th dnv nf June, I*Bl, all the ri.bt, title/inter
est and estate of the said Cam in Betif'i* >v
i eased, at the time of hi- .Lain, ami al tbe
right, li leand ihtete-vt that said estate I a , by
oporatii.-. ol law or other* is-, i cq ilre.l »th.-r
than or in addition t » that of Die si.nl int. siat.
at the time of hi, death, ... and t, tbat cc.f.,iu
lot. MtUata, |J b | and l.i log in the cif.y of los
Angele-. count; ol |,os Angeh-s. S"ate of Califor
nia. and n.n | parte u'arly .hwcr.bed urn follows
Conunem |,v at - be northeast norm r of U| |«
slain iml Hi :b tn et-. thence no.th.rly *L n«
ttieea-i m.roii...id Upper -lain street rVJ feet, a
little mor or less, to the line of lot of Tnm.,d
theme e.-te and a ulig south hue of V-iUI 11.
deTni.oni o„e hund.ed and five fed (I & tod);
fbeiice southerly and parallel with the line of
Msin Mnet U'fe. t, a little mcr.. or lest, to the
north, n I >r iiiuh stveU; theme *.«* vr.y
and al mg I no ol hiuh street, one hotel red sml
nrsfset iWfset), mete tn hs-, to \ lac* ef >
nrtJIM AND «MSHlTlnss Of I ALB:
Cash, gold coin ol the v Pel si.tc.
Deed si eip. nse M Mmsi er.
Hid ..1 it. is >■ ;.j be made st any time after
the llrst publication . f tin- mil c and before
makitr'f f lhc -ah
All I.ls or OOS nul l ho In wfiwlStf, and | Il
at the - rtl.e oi Uowartl * i. ■ iti <>■■
law, r*. im I sTP.ek fttnok, Los Angjl <• cilv, or
delivered osesuoallj to tbs iimlsrstausij
mtmrnrnW nf the ■ Ht at enf Kaiilon Hcidtes, de-
June c, 1884. Je7 Im
Notice of Application for Whar
N-.1.e0 is hereby given that the undersigned,
John F. Jams, has filed with the Clerk of the
itiotrd of NtiperUHors of the lOlllllV of Los All
adc, stabM.f California, his imition in writing
sking said Board to irrant him authority to con
struct a wharf un lauds bordering nn the navi
kable er. ek or arm ol the sea, variously known
"Wilmington Creek," Wilmington Channel,"
"Wilmuiton hay," H m Pc lm Creek." ar the
"I t Buy nf *an Pedro," I<-fated between the
Uilnuiuftns Breakwater and the Palos Verde*
Itaneho (or the -bore bounding the s.one), in the
said ,- itj of Lon Angeles, aud also to . nnstrtlet
a bn.l-c or a .pmach to the same. « it li a license
to take tolls for tbe Use of said wharf for the |
term of twenty years; ami thai application > !l
be made by (he undersi/ued tn the said Board at
ihe NHperasnrs' room. ).. the iViurt House, in
the eitj o| I,oh Ahgi-lcH. In said county, on Mon
day, the 7th day of July, A. D. 1884, at 10 <
o'clock a. m , far a gram of such ant horltv with
said license The location of said proposed wharf I
Is as follows; Commencing at a point from i
wbiili the southeiihtern corner of the Pacific ■
Cow it St. amship Cntiipaiiy's wharf as now com* 7
stru. te,|i„ creek, bears N. >[, 2o E , din- '
tani Ul'i fed: thence running H. V 6" MW W 27f> '
f«et to the north, astern corner of the whirl lo- i
cation of W H P.-rrj. described in the Iran ,
• hue granted to 1 lo said Hoard on January '
Kth.lH.S4, aud reeurd.il In Pran.lmse BonkJ,
pan- 6« et seq., thence at right, angles N. 64' ,
40 W. 7. feet to the nottl,w. stem corner of said
wha-f I.H-atiotiof W. H. Perry; thence at right !
ainfle-" N K. feet to a point' thencs St
r.u'ht angles x C-l hy K. 7« feet tn the placed I
beginning. JOHN V JANES. I
Dated at Los Angeles, June 6th, 1884. I
p>7td '
Notice to Creditors. 1
» -to. of Martin Soellner, deceased.
Notice is hereby given by the undarsigned, sd- 1
mimst.atm with the will annexed of the
estate of Martin Soellner, deceased, to
the cre.liU.rs of, sml all persons bavin,
claims against the said deceased, to exhibit them
with the necessary vouchers, within foui 1
months after tlm first pablbation ol this notfoe '
to ihe said administratrix, with the wUI annexed,
■ t ib. otflce uf her attorney, Thos. B. Brown,
Hooms No 01 aud W2Temple Block, in the city ,
uud .-i.unty of Los Ant-elea. State ot California.
Administratrix, with the will annexed, of the es
ttu of Martin Hoellner deceased tuyfl 4w

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