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Herald Steam Printing Houßo.
Tho llsa»i.» Sir*™ Printing House It not sur
nawl I" am Job I'rlnllng office on the Pad He
SLt. ononae of San Pr.nct.eo. 1* r*»Hl.s.l— '«
loins |nb work. I»w price*, rood work and et
eeut.on may be relied upon at this ofllee
special Notice
Hereafler nnlleee of rmnpenlee societies
ahurchee, etc., will only lie Inserted In be HB
atpal.l a.benlseraenle. We reserve, for Places
ef Wor,hi|i, a gratuitous directory, which will
ape*' r every Rundny momlns.
The Has 11.0 nffloe Is eonneevecl with the tele
Mian, system ..I bo* Angeles city and county.
Orders tor advertisements or Job work may b
eat through th'- mediant to numlier ive.
The llsrai," i, Ihe nrtVisl pe|ier of the eltv of
10, Angel". Tbe stlf delinquent t*i lists and
all other steaks pal ac ski is appeal only In Its col-
Brenuno llros Ro ' Uaion R.|uare Hew
TorkOlly. are eg-nt* for th. Ils.sto. It.ll
sjonstantly I* bans' on sale on their counters.
Mr B. R. Howe Is the Santa Ana agent ol
the Hasii.n
~,„ rRK-.It.FAT "V Till. . MITBU HTATKI,
Of New York.
Of Indiana.
for PetaWOaUrrUL Ri.inrroßa.
nl Ha" Kralicteeo; ot Hants I'lsrs;
of Butter; '»' Ooluaaj
ot Trinity; of Holuia:
0.0 ll.lltrliP.il. r It mi OL.
of Marlliosa; "1 Tnnl'i' : , ....
of Alameda; ot t'onlra l'o«ta;
at lea rrancleeo; el ttsn rrandsoo
of Hanu i lara; of HanU Om;
W. 11. WKBR, A. J ATWKM,,
nt Monterey. of Tulare.
Fos f'osoaass, Hum DMIBHJI.
of Los Angeles.
Genuine Democratic Usage.
Tho Hnßti.ii has watahed with great
pride and pleasure the growth of the
Democratic elnb organization in Los An
soles. At every stage of Its progress it
has met the cordial sympathy anil cheer
Ing word of this journal. We believe
that to-day I,oa Angeles is by far the
best organized district in Ibis Slate, and
perhaps in tho nation, and to the clubs
Wo ascribe much of the spl lid aplomb
which I gnalizoa the llcmooratic situation
l'roinl of onr clubs as wo ore, the
Herai.o claims the privilege of address
Ing to them a word or two of counsel, to
be prized by them ncem-ding to the worth
Of what we attar. The 1 leniocratic party
il an organization nhiioil coeval with tho
government of the United States, nnd its
▼cry essence waa devotion to the rights
of the individual voter. The cardinal
Ideal of TtoroM Joftttreono-ere mMt>
In the propositions lliat nothing should
be done by tlio general government
which the Staler, could do, nothing liy
tho Slates which the eonntiea ooald do,
nothing by tho counties which
ooald he done by the townships,
and niifbiiig by these latter
which the individual citizen could do.
We will be permitted Is remark that
theae wholesome. Democratic ideaa are
jnat aa potent now a« when thoy wi re
firat enunciated. The individual citizen,
after all, whether he is a elnb mail or
no, ia the potential political unit. Ho
la the factor upon whom all possible
aehemes of sufeva must be built.
In this connection we will explain our
Ideas of political clans. They are gen
erally composed of the youth, soul and
energies of tho parties to which they
belong. Their kgitimate object h, to
give momentum and purpose lo a cam
paign. The modus o}>?rnndi consists in
Inviting discussions ,»f Democrtie doc
trine, seeiug that their rightful follow
Democratic voters ore registered, giving
eclat and dash lo political processions
and demonstrations of a like character.
A Democratic club, in the present cam
paign, can be of inestimable service in
giving imprwm- nt ami velocity to the
popular movement in favor of Cleve
land and Hendricks and Del Yalle and
the Democrats loeat ticket which will
bo nominated later on.
Wo regret to see n movement in
some of tbe clubs to run the
approaching Democratic primaries and
to prevent any Democrat from voting
at these primaries who tines not belong
to some one of the nrgauized clubs.
Such a programme is hostile to the real
Democratic idea. The man who should
have the hardihood to stand in tbe way
of a reputable Democrat in his progress
to the polls, in a primary called by bis
party, ought to be shot down in his
tracks. The Democratic party Is not
seeking to repel but to attract voters.
No square man would seek to deny to
his fellow man the full complement of
his rights; and certainly no Democratic
club will be found intriguing to curtail
the Democratic vote at the primaries or
at the election on November 4th. What
man, w ho is denied the rights ot citizen
ship at the tirst, will caro to exorcise
them, under Ring dictation, at the sec
ond election?
Tbe Democratic olnbs of Lot Angeles
are too manly and patriotic to attempt
to dictate to their fellow citizens. They
know that, while both ornamen
tal and useful, they form not
a third of Ihe Democratic vote,
and that any attempt on their part
to disfranchise their Democratic brethren
would result simply in tho disorganiza
tion of the party in this city. We
want no San Francisco system in
troduced into Los Angeles. Democrats
here will not submit to it. They hope,
rather, to force upon the Democracy of
the metropolis the honest, earnest nud
nncontaminatcd methods of the country
The other day Gov. Hoadly, of Ohio,
put in an appearance at the Democratic
National Headquarters, in New York
City. He had no hesitation in express
ing the opinion that the Democrats would
carry Ohio in the October election. Why
should they not? For two years in suo
cession Ohio has shown Lerself to he
stauuchly P—iMliallll Last year the
undaunted Ohio Democracy elected
Hoadly though he was iv the full access
of an attack of typhoid fever at the time.
If l.lame shall fail to carry Ohio in the
October election his goose is cooked. All
the same, the Democrutio party, la view
of the certainty of their carrying New
York, New Jersey, Indiana and Couneo
ticut, hare a sure aud solid thing with
tbe I 'solid South" without the Buckeye
State. To make the Democratic situa
tion something like a walk-over is the
imminent certainty that Cleveland and
Hendricks will can y Peßnsylvaala, Wie
coußin, Illinois, aud, shall wo nay, lowa'
aud Kansas, owing to the defection of
the German vote in those Status?
But we forbear. We desire to leave
to our adversaries some Buch forlorn
hope as was noted in the Whig campaign
of 1852, when General Winheld Scott
carried four States, the antipodes of
which were Yermout and Kentucky,
against the tremendous roster rolled up
by the Democratic candidate, General
i iaid.lti. i.ii •.
Tub fiasco of Saturday night Is con.
ceiled even by Republicans to have been
triate in theexlreme. They endeavored
to account for ihe lack of enthusiasm by
belittling the orator of tbe day, with by
ilmali.ma that Pitch is gsttlng old and Is
not the man he once waa, etc., etc. This
is sn ungrateful device. Since tbe lirst
time we heard Ihe ci dV 'ant "Silver
Tongue" hs has become greatly ideal
ised in his personal appearance, and he
has iserbapa advanced intellectually and
morally as well aa physically, but the
truth is that tho dishonest characteris
tics of his candidate ait bearily upon
tha noo lof Don Tomato, tie trice to
ignore Blame's blank dishonesty; but,
from a sensitive moral fibre begotten in
him in Arizona, Piteb la no longer so
gallons to moral obliquitiea aa he once
waa. The Mulligan letters paralyzed
him, aa they paralyzed the audience
which listeued to him, the rontllt lining
a memorably tame and uneventful rally
--tame and uneventful, though it had
been advertised for weeks.
With great pleasure ws are able to
announce that the First and Thiid
Wards of Los Angeles, with genuine
Democratic spontaneity, repel and spit
upon tbe Idea that no Democrat should
be permitted to vote at Democratic pri
maries who lias not joired a club. Wo
are convinced that all Ihe loyal Demo
crats af all the elob, will join with so
claim in this wholesome Democratic pro
gramme. It Is on all grounds desirable
to keep sellish politic, out of these gen
iirous, manly and emulous organizations.
Their membership is composod almoet
entirely, as is the Democratic palty, of
people who value conviction above office,
honors and all tilings mundane. Let the
ulllhs be, as they ought lo bo, the but
tresses not tha dictators of ili" Damn
cratlc party in Loa Angeles. The Idea
of club Ring rule will not be more op
pressive to anybody than to the clubs
tlicmaelvss. Once Ring rule is estab
lished It grows in concentric ofteutivc,
ness, like an onion.
If H were not for the profound by
pocrisy and treachery bound tip in his
candidacy llcnjnniin Franklin Duller
would furnish the comic aspect of the
present compalgn. Undoubtedly he
essays to play tbe same rOU in this
Presidential election which Millnrd Fill
more played In that of lSsfi,and in which,
to the extent lo which he counted at
all, he counted in favor of the lletno
oratic candidate, .lames Buchanan, of
happy memory. The difference is that
In the present contest ltd tit* seeks to
reverse the programme, ami to count in
favor of Blaiue. Wo believe, however,
that his vote will he so subtly com
pounded, in spite of his utmost cunning,
that Cleveland and not lllaino will ho
benefited by his candidacy.
TllK "City llnds" elsewhere explain
very fully the status of our municipal
tiuancee. Aa, in our Sunday issuo, wo
dwelt fully upon the leading topics in
volved in this official exhibit, we aro
dispensed from duplicating our views
this morning.
[Tho t-nor of lajimniiiil.-iillioie aepoarine. la
this column Is nol necessarily endorsed by III,'
editor of the llst.si.li. The erller who tfestrca
I. lie heard in It should always accompany his
si-i.-id with Ills lull I mini', not necessarily lor
BehllcaHssi Last as a sroaraarteeof good faith.l
An Afflicted Town.
KiiiTon HasIATVM—I read in your issue
of Thursday, tho 10th instant, a com
munication from Den Martin, culling at
tention to the lilthy condition of n por
tion of 8a n Gmbtisu. I can say this for
Mr. Martin that he is not too severe in
his remarks.
In the heart of the town occupied by
peraous having families and who own
tho property on which they live, on the
Main street, about 300 yards from the
San Gabriel Hotel, three nuisances arc
maintained, two in the shape of China
wash houses, who allow their filthy
waters to collect in two large pools, which
are now filled with yrttn death-dealing
waters, which have been collecting there
for years, having no outlet, other than by
evaporation and absorption by the soil.
The atenoh arising therefrom these hot
days and nights, are enough to knock a
person down, who has occasion to pass
there. The two nuisances complained
of do not seem to satisfy the owners of
the property, or perhaps their •mettle
for tilth, but another is added in the
shape of a pig-pen, not tiftetm feet from
the road, where persona passing along in
their teams or on foot can have full view,
and a full benefit of the stench.
There is considerable sickness here
amongst children, and during (he last
week two have died in Ihis place, and 1
think the cause can be safely traced
to these filthy places.
The members of the families living in
this tilth are always ailing, and people
have warned them as to the cuuae, and
(hey take uo heed. Aa the cholera is
now raging in Europe, yellow fever in
Mexico; but, let one aingle case ever
obtain a foothold in this beautiful val
ley, and God only knows where it will
1 hope that (be Supervisors will take
some action, and that the citizens of
this place will show the same spirit
that has prompted Mr. Martin, and we
will never have occasion to fear any
disease. Taxpaykr.
Hail and a Deluge at Riverside.
Friday, August 22d, 18S4, will long be
remembered in Riverside, v»hen this
season of phenomenal weather seemed
to culminate.. About 3 o'clock iv the
afternoon black clouds began to gather
in the w.Mithenstern horizon, and moved
toward the doomed town of Riverside.
Sunn paltering drops of rain began to
fall, increasing faster ami faster until it
seemed as though the Hood-gates of
heaven were open. People looked on in
wonder, but when glistening white drop*
of hail began to come down wonder
turned to dismay. The intensity of the
storm increased, Riv.rside streets were
rivers of water, the irrigating canal*
overflowed their banks, cell*™ tilled up
in a lew minutes, waste pipes from r oofs
were unable to carry off the sudden
volume, and the interior of buildings
were drenched. Hail an inch in diameter
fall, but the average was about the size
of the end of the little linger.
The hardest of the storm did not last
much over half an hour. As nearly as
we can ascertain now, the town of Riv
erside saw the severest of it, some rain
falling iv the lower part of Arlington,
but uo hail south of the government
I ia impossible at this writing (Satur
day morning} to learn or even guess at
the damage done, but persons we have
seen think that the grape crop in the
track of the storm ia badly damaged.
Oranges do not seem to have suffered,
but peaches and pears are all knock M
off, or very nearly so. The worst of the
storm was about three miles wide. Very
little rain fell at Culton, and cone at
San Bernardino. About three inches of
rain fell in Riverside. Some damage
was done by wind, two windmills hav
ing collapse Iso far as we have heard,
and some trees broken down.
Three bents are gone from the flume
on the lower canal, and the damage done
to both main canals will take weeks to
repair.—rVusj and Horticulturist.
Regular Habits
"For ten years past," said the new
boarder, "my habits have been regular
aa clock-work. I rose on the stroke of
6; half au hour later I sat down to
breakfast; at 7 I was at woik; dined at
12, ate supper at f> and was in bed at
M:30; ate only hearty food and hadn't a
sick day in all thst time."
"Dear, me,"said the deacon in sym
pathetic tones, "and w hat were you in
And in the awful silence that fol
lowed yon could hear the hash grate its
A Georgia Rapist Hung By
a Mob
The I'niM Ulaa lauMloatea Motl
fl. il lit ■i.ae-lna Kantrra rrosia
-et. I. Cast* Baal] lrt)nrrd
- Tbe \t i„.i tip „t
a raat Rare.
Macon, (Is., Aug. 28.—The negro
Clark waa ha' dlo day for rape on an
old while lad) nt Dawson. The negroes
d(clured that lis bould not be hanged
and made many threats. The Sheriff
telegraphed to the I inventor for Hoops
and iwo companies from Albany were
otdcie.l to Ihe sc< las. When a mile and
a half from Albany tie engineer found
„1..1nn lions on the track, but too late to
stop, and three cars were derailed, but
nobody was hurl Another Irani
0 ,„„. i He. niilm .Ii I • i»bim,. This
morning Clark was i xt.nted at one
o'clock in the preseere of a largo crowd.
There waa no disorder, the military
A Urinal I'rlxr riuli iln the
Bomtus, Aug. 28 The Winder
theatre tnM crowded to-ni <ht owing to a
-quilling match between Domiii.ck
MeCiiffcry, of Pittsburg, and Pete Mt-
Coy, Among tbe aprcUtura were two
liumlreil sporting men from New York.
Bertha" tbe gale receipts there »«« no
particular purse, but Ibo betting run
very high, tbe Now York men generally
hacking MitCaffery.wliile Boitonmen sup.
ported McCoy. Thetirst round consisted
m akillfnl sparring with little or no
heavy hitiiug. M the second round
both men rcsortud to wrestling tactics,
in which McCoy showed hinnelf nil
perlor. Once bo threw McCi.tl.ry an
beavily that his grunt was heard all
over the boose, and again McCoy
threw MoCnffery on his head, the lat
ter fairly shouting with pain The ex
ri teuient ran high, at the second round
closed with McCaffery yelling and the
crowd making randemoniuin. In the third
round McCoy knocked McCaffery down
twice.whennnumberof exciladoutsiders
jumped on the stnge. As McCnffery at
tempted to rise McCoy struck a heavy
blow at him, which was the signal for a
general melee. Both pugilists had many
partisans and these separated in contest
Ing forces as they rushed on the sing...
John Ln Hnllivan, second for McCoy,
knocked down a half dozen supporters
of Met littery, when tho polio, rushed
upon th) stage aad stopped the per
formance. The light waa declared a
Ht. John Notified or Ilia Nomina
Cuba, N. V., Aug. 25.—The oommit
leo to notily aloha P. St. Johns and Wal.
Daniels, the Prohibition candidates for
President nnd Vice President, called on
those gentlemen hero to day. The ad
dress of notification was delivered by
Prof, llickey, Chairman, He spoke, at
length of tho character of the conven
tion which nominated them, being made
up of earnest men and wenieu, Biich ns
those who opposed slavery years ago. He
closed by invoking the Divine blessing
on the candidates, praying they might
have wisdom, coumge and strength,
flov. St. John replied, expressing his
high appreciation of the unanimity with
which the unsought honor had been
conferred upon hiul. Dnniela followed
him and sold ho was profoundly gratilied
at Ihe honor conferred. He accepted
the nomination and expected to do so
more formally by letter hereafter. The
inilile-ntion proceedings wero held on
the temperance camp meeting grounds
nbout two inilos from Cuba.
Frosts in the East.
Boston, Aug. 25. - - Dispatches roceived
from various parts of New Hampshire,
Vermont and Connecticut, report heavy
frosts Inst night. Crops aro damaged in
neiiiy places.
Iliepatelics indicate that last night's
frost canard great damage to growing
corn and buckwheat in northern New
Kindim!. In many places the corn is
still in milk and the crop will prove a
total failure. Following a drought the
frost will cause serious loss to farmers.
There waa frost also at Port Jervis, New
JT. I. Case Injured.
Raois*, Wis., Aug. 25.-While riding
in au Kuglisli cart on his farm bora
Saturday, J. L Case, owner of Jay-Kyo-
Sco was thrown out by the horse run
ning away. He was stunned and his
back and shoulders badly injured.
A Foot-ttaeer Down* Man Jsse.
San Josk, Aug. 25.— This afternoon
at the race-track a foot-race for $100 a
side was run by Fred Harmon and Wal
ter Lulihock, a distance of ninety-live
yards. Lubbock was allowed six feet
start and won liy about the aame dis
tance; time, 7J seconds. The attend
ance was lurge mid the betting, princi
pally by sporting men, was in favor of
Harmon by large odds. The result dis
pleased the losers and Harmon strainer,
I'Yeuehy, took occasion to knock liar
inoti down with a club at the conclusion
of tbe race. Harmon waa chased from
the ground by the enraged sports, and
only escaped further obastisßinent by
getting into a hack which was driven
rapidly to town. He left his clothes
behind, which were aftei wards attached
together with his money and watch Ivy
men who had loaned him money. The
sports claim that Harmon threw tho
New Freight Tin in
San Francisco, Aug. 25.— Commis
sioner Foote and Secretary Audrus have
almost completed the new tariff rate for
freight on the California system of rail
roads. It is baaed on the system of
Illinois ruilroa s. It applies mainly to
grain, cattle, sheep and hogs, as far as
completed. The principle is that rates
per ton increase as the miles traveled
over increase, but fates per ton per mile
decrease as the miles increase. Mr.
Foote's proposition will probably be
considered at the next meeting of the
A Woman Nulrldcn.
Svn Joaa, Cal., Aug. 25.— At 10 a. m.
on Sunday Mrs. Rosa Arata, wife of
John Arata, committed suicide by
drowning herself in a carp pond near
her husband's ranch, above Saratoga.
Her husband* business reverses, it is he
lievcd, unsettled her mind. She was a
native of Italy and 25 years of age.
The Mtate Board of Kqnallzntlon.
San r kancisco, Aug. 25 —The Stale
Board i»l Initialization has determined to
cite the officers of eighteen counties
before them to show why the assess
ment should not bo increased. Kan
Francisco, Alameda, Sacramento, San
Joaquin aud Los Angeles counties are
among those included in the list.
A Half Dealer
San Francisco, Aug. 25.—The Even
ing Peaf publishes a statement from
Mrs. Abbie L. Marble, employed in the
San Francisco postofticc, a sister of Mrs.
.1. G. Hlaine, denying the published ac
counts that Mrs. Staines father forced
Blame at the point of a shotgun to mar
ly her. Mrs. Marble says the circum
stance was simply impossible aa her
father died in January 1554, and never
knew or saw Blame, and it was not till
six years after his death that her sister
Miss Stanwood, now Mrs. Blame, saw
Mr. Blame for the first time.
The Wallow a Cheated.
Martinez, Cel., Aug. 25.—The build
ing of the aca-Told for the execution of
William Bennett, fixed for Friday next,
waa begun thia morning, bnt came to a
sudden conclusion when it was dis
covered that the condemned man had
committed auicide by severing tbe art
eries of bis left arm at the wrist with a
"jack" knife. Bennett ahot and killed
William Baker, at Stewartsville, in No
vember last.
The Mtork Board.
San Frascimc.., Aug. 25.—8e11e hie.
.70; Best & Belcher, 82.30; Chollar, §2 40;
Cnmn Point, $1.30; Gould & Curry,
$2.00; Grand Prize, .20; Hale A Nor
cross, S3 05; Mexican. $1.15; Navajo,
$4.05; Ophir, $1.05; Potoai, $1.00;
Savage, 1.25; Sierra Nevada, $1.30;
Union Consolidated, $1.15; Yellow
Jacket, $1.80.
The Rcpubl Irene to Open the
I inn pit Iv n.
San Francisco, Aug. 25,— The Blame
and Logan campaign is to be regularly
opened by the Republicans of California
on fsnptember Sib A circular to that
efteel addressed to the different conntlse
hasinwu is.ued by tbe Republican State
Ceulral Committee.
A Kllllac at Prrea*.
Prbhro, Ang, 28. -Mice Long shot
ami fatally wounded F. Morton at
Madera today. No particulars are
Wheat aad Bane' Harhrt.
Ran Krascisoo, Aug. 25. -Wheat,
weak, lively; seller, II 2ft}«»»l 26J; buy
er, 11.32; buyer season. Bl 37jM.fl .'l7l.
Barley, steady, active; seller, 79f»i7»t;
buyer, .88); buyer, season, .lll«»»li.
Is* part ant ta rniiroisis
Washington, Aug. 28. - The Acting
Secretary of the Interior decided in the
case of the Southern I'aaiiio Railroad vs.
tbe Htate of California that invalid
school sections are a bar to attachment*
ef lands under railroad rights.
tearatoca Raera.
Saratihia, Ang. 23.- Tbe mile and a
quarter race fer non-winners, Boverlegn
Pat won; Kaeter Second: Yellowatonn
third. Time, 2:111- 1" U"> ,nile r%M
Mainmoniat wou; Oano second; Auo
losta third. Time, IM.
A Bratal Prise Mailt.
Ciii.a.io, Aug. 28. -Patsy Cardiff and
William Brad burn fonght with hard
gloves, Cjnoenehury rules, to day, for
gate receipts. The affair was particu
larly brulnl and exciting from tho start
and was marked by most uproarious
conduct on the part of the undience and
the .eeonds. The police were several
times obliged to interfere lietween the
two principals and more than once used
their clubs on the spectators, who, pistol
in hand, joined with the crowd in a rush
upon the stsge. In the fourth round
Cardiff knocked Bradhurn senseless and
was awarded the victory.
■Sterling: K« elm nee null Honda.
Nbw York, Aug. 25.—Sterllug bills
on London, sixty days, *l H.IJ; Sterling
bills on London, sight drafts, (M.BT>4; IT
B. t)s of 18111, interest i|uarterly, II.12J;
U. S. 4s of 1907, interest quarterly,
11.20); U. S. 3h, optional, interest quar
terly f 1.001; \V. U. Telegraph, .07*.
New Vara Driaorrata
New York, Aug. 28.—A meeting of
leading Democrats will soon be held in
this city to discuss the political situa
Wrath or a Publisher.
Loniion, August 28.—Henry (loorge
Bohn, editor and publisher, is dead.
The < holern
Paris, Aug. 23.— There were two
deaths from cholera at Marseilles last
night, and live at Toulon. The panic at
Toulon is revived and the return of fu
gitives is checked.
A Head P.mliasmador.
London, Aug. 23.—0d0 William
lipoid Russell Baron Ampthill, British
Embassador to Berlin, is dead.
War Commenced Between
France and China.
MI.AI <4IITKK UP , 111 »i Kail..
The l i lme or a Marrantento Man
ItltTerenre or Opinion Be
tween the Attorney Uen
eral and the Wover
nor Rlatne Hlelt.
Paris, Aug. 25.—The Socretary of the
Ihiueae P.inbassy soys: "The rupture
between China and France is complete.
The P.ruhassy has nana to Berlin,"
A dispatch from Tien Tela of yester
day ssys: The Charge d'AHinra left, but
the ncting Consul remains. Kepublique
Frnncai** says: Frauce will soon seize
aud retain such territory in China as is
useful to her. Chang I'l Lung will lead
the Chiuese troops against the French.
Brsnlt or the First Kncasesnenl.
Shanuiiai, Aug. 25.—The Koo Chow
arsenal was destroyed after three hours'
hombardmen* by Courbel's squadron.
The French continue the bombardment
with the intention of obliterating the
place. Seven Chinese gunboats have
been destroyed.
The Chinese do tinod Work.
Lonuon, Aug. 25.—The 7'i'mes'dii
patch from Foo Chow this afternoon
says; The French ironclads entered the
mouth of the river this afternoon at 2
o'clock, The white fort opened fire
with Krupp oiinnou while the ships were
three miles away. After an hour's en
gagement the French retired. The Chi
uese lire was good.
Hlekenlnc Hlaaßhter.
Lonuon, Aug. 25.—The Time*' cor
respondent, the only newspaper cor
respondent present says: "The bom
bardment was of a sickening character.
It was more of a massacre than a com.
bat. No surrender was allowed to the
disabled and sinking Chinese ships."
War Formally Werlared.
Paris, August 25.—A dispatch from
Hanoi of to day slates that (leu. Mllot
has taken necessary measures for repel
ling the expected Chinese invasion. It
is rumored in Paris that China has made
a formal declaration of war and uotilled
the Powers to that effect. French pa
pers are indignant at the statements
made by the London Time* respecting
tno hombardmeut of Foo Chow.
War Hew*
Lonuon, Aug. 25. —Semi-official ad
vices from China reuort that during the
bombardment of roo Chow a French
officer ef high rank was killed. Only
three Cbincße gunboats were destroyed.
A special from Shanghai says that the
arsenal at Foo Chow is in ruins and
1800 woikmen out of employment. The
arsenal cost 42,000,000 francs and the
arms aud amunitiim destroyed were
valued at 140,000,000 fianos.
Another Idiotic Trip to the North
San Francisco, Aug. 25.-The
Chronicle Philadelphia says: At a ban
quet tendered to the Greely expedition
ofticers by the New York Yacht Club,
of which James Gordon Bennett, day
Could and Cyrus \V. Field, Jr.. are
members, Chief Kngineer Melville made
a long speech, in which he set forth the
lea-itnliiy of nettling once for all the
question of au open Arctic sea, and stat
ed his willingness to take command of
such an expedition. Mr. Field, in re
ply, said he was convinced of the truth
of Melville's t eory, and would advance
half tho sum necessary to lit the expe
dition out if other membcis of the yacht
club would aubcribe the remainder. The
amount waa subcribed on the spot. The
expedition will sail some time next year.
Clark'* Crimen.
Sacramento, Aug. 25.—C. R. Clark,
employed in the cabinet department
of the Central Pacitia Railroad shops,
► hot and killed M. Wainwright, yester
day afternoon, because the latter mar
ried Clark's sister-in-law, of whom it is
believed Clark thought more than
he did of his wife. Wainwright had
only beeu married the previous evening.
The bullet went through his head, and
death was instantaneous. The deceased
was a blacksmith. Both men have
always borne good reputations. Clark
is in'jel.
Attorney General th. 4-oveinor.
Ban Francisco, Aug. Co.—Legal ooun
selforll.M. Hinton, lately appointed
Police Commissioner by Governor Stone
man, made a request to Attorney-Gen
eral Marshall for him to proceed in tho
name of the people to oust Major
R. P, Hammond from the position to
which Hinton had been appointed.
The Attorney-General refused to do so,
and says the Governor had no author
ity to make the appointment.
rssifncers by the Orlaoba.
San Francisco, Aug. 25.— Tha fol
lowing pasaenges are on the Orizoba:
T H Smith, X Unger, W H Holmes,
Mrs X J Perry, and two chrildren, Mrs
Wilson, L J Winnons, Miss J Hall, Miss
N Carter, Mrs Waite and daughter, R
A Yauncst, Miss N Lellan, Mrs Adams,
Mr Long, Mr White. 8 U Parris, daugh
ter and wife.
Uood MhaotlHg,
San Francisco, Aug. 25.—The most
remarkable shooting score ever heard
of was made yesterday afternoon at
Shell Mound by Lieut. Klein in a con
test for places in the team of ten Call*
fornia marksmen who will compete in
an inter-HUtu match with a like number
from Nevada. Licnt. Klein at the 600
--yard range scored 00 out of a possible 50.
t.finier,, at Hn»«sia,
Washirutob, abb. n,.. United
Btatrs Charge d'Afairs at Route has
notified tbe State Department of the
outbreak of cholera at Hpezria. Consol-
Oenersl at Oenoe telegraphs: "Tha
cholera baa suddenly attacted Spezzia.
There were aixty-oti* cases but night
forty.nine being fatal.
Torn-on, Aug. 28. —There was one
death from cholera here since morning.
One death to-day at Hyerea and two at
liOeeyne. Tbe following is the record of
cholera in Toulon hospitals to-day: Ad
mitted 5, deaths none, discharged 3.
Death or a Deaueerat.
Ban Pranciboo, Aug. 28.—Matthew
Cannavan, a prominent Democrat leader
in Nevada politics and well known over
tbe entile Pacific Coast, died in this city
yesterday evening after a short Illness.
The Municipal Finances.
To the Honorable Council of the City of
Lot Anyelet:
Herewith please And ■tatement and
estimate furTas Levy of 1884-5, baaed
on the con.litiou of Funds, etc., August
lit, 1884:
Bon.ls ot ll''. duo May Ist,
law r5.000.00
Yea.h Interest etTporeent,
duo Hay Ist ol each y ear »5,850.00
Main Sewer bunds ol 1877,
due July I,l*ll 17,000.00
(early lntere,t at 7 per
cent., due January Island
July Ist I.IIWOO
Irrigation imp'.uent bonds
ol 1817, duo April l.lawl. 75.15r.00
Yearly Interatrial 7 percent.,
due January 1 and July 1 fi.260.00
tleneral Irrigation bond, of
IS7S, due IIKN aim
IglO 40,000.00
Yearly Interest at 7pare nt.,
due January 1 and July I. 2,800.00
bonds ol 1881, due July 1,
1001 68,00X00
Yearl. intcrestat 7 percent.,
due January 1 and July 1 4,000.00
Totals tiW,l!o0.00 tlB,«21).tO
Amount fnrthc Assess.
nient for the Usual
year (18.3-t) after
epulis .Hon »12,555.01i;1.00
Amount of tax levy tor
fiscal year 188J 4.... 1122 318.63
TAX I.SVT t«t MM> rasa 1883-4.
Interest and Kinking
lund, 1870 4 eta on 1100 ♦ 4,808.86
W. A B. Int. and hkg
rund. 1874 lO.rjcts on 8100 12,743.48
M. N. Int. and H'k'g
Fund, 1H77 ScUontlOO 001.77
I. I. liit.ai.dBkifFui.il,
18/7 4.11 raw oa MOO 6,630.18
0. I. Int. and Sinking
Fund, 1878 2.2ctS on »100 2,1144.87
llond Fund, 1881 b CIS on MOO 3,6011.04
Ca.ii 1,1, id 30.1clsonM00 36,1811.87
Fire lle.iartnie.it Fund. 11.2 cv on MOO 11,000.38
lis. Fund 7.1 cts on el. 0 «,»:!■'>.72
Mreel Sprluk'g Fund.. 4.7 eto on »|OO r.,6fi0.4l
Hein.ralHe«er 1 1... 8 cts on #10 i 0,017.7.
V iiinii 5,1i„,,l Fund. &.6ctsonMoo
1. Hi ran Fund 1.4 Ota on MOO 1,683.10
New Water Fund 8.7 cts on #100 10,469.27
"100 Total. .1120,421.48
Amount of the assessment for the
fiscal year 1884-5, after equalisa
tion ♦14,766,175.00
For y ear For y ear For 6 mot
cnd'gJuly cil'gjuiy ed'gjuly
31, 1881. 81, 1331. 31, 1884.
Cash Fund 118,376.31 ¥.1.i,'H7.l i a.Tt.IKI.SO
Salan Fund 13,834.87 44,342.28 24,428.311
Nell-Water Fund 15.Mi1. 11 23.823 3'l 12.1CU 63
lire De.it Fund.. 0.C4H.72 Sil.4U-l.il 1 Ift 8.17.35
lias Fund U1,!.36.33 8,787.60 0.212 30
.ft t Mil,;: Fund, 3.1H12 fit 5.2011.117. 2,435.40
lion. Sewer Fund. 2,521.30 10,567.60 0,008.61
balakoss or rcsne, Ital 31, 1884.
Call Fund (ovordrawn) .. M2.M13.88
Salary Fund 43,208.411
New Water Fund (overdraw li) 3.127.01
l.:e Dept. Fund " 8,1106.03
OaaFiliid 42.»f
.street Spku Kiindloverdrawn) 171.75
lien. Hewer Fund 33.35
folium.!. School Fund 4,080.82
Library Fund (oierdrawn) 161.14
Int. and Ske. Fund, 1870 1,836.41
Slain Hewer Int. .V. 8k X Fd, 1877 202.4J
Irrigation Imp. Int. and Sink.
lug Fund, 1877 OCB.OI
Ue... Irrigation Int. and Sink
ing Fund, 1378 437.76
Boml Fund, 1881 340.73
bstibats or Lsvr asoiinsD roa fiscal vsta 1884 6
Interest on bonds for 1 yssr. .8.7,320.00
Conpuos due and unpaid 1,154.60 40,474.50
Less balance In Fund 1,830.41
Amount required 41,638.00
Interest onhonds for lyear.. 41,100.00
C, u| i due and unpaid 108.06 41.298.65
bees balance in Fund 21,2 11)
Amount required 41,000.25
Interest on bonde for 1 y ear 4 5,2.50.00
Coupons due and unpaid... 275.00
For redemption 10,000.00 415.525.00
Lesa balance in Fund 6J8.91
Amount required 414,010.00
Interest on bonds for 1 year. 42 800.00
Coupons due and unpaid ... 175.00 42,075.00
Less balance in Fund 437.76
Amount required 42,587.25
llosu Ft so, 1831.
Interest on bonds for 1 year 44,080.00
Less balance in Fund 848.78
Amount required 43,711.22
. ash fvso,
Estimate on expenditures of last 611.08 450,066.40
< 'ust of First St. and Aliso St. bridges. 14,064.1X1
F,.r projected ilty buildings 21,1160..Ml
Amount overdrawn Jul, 31. 1884 12,663.88
Amount required 4108,481.28
Estimate on enpendltu-es ol last 8 pios
less coat of hose cart, hose, II VI
truck and engine hoase 810.23" 26
Cost of new hose cart 500.00
Amount overdrawn July 31, 1884 8,11.75H1
ilalaiiee to be paid on engine house 047.00
Amount required MM,I4
Amount required for 13 mos
on basis of lights now in
15 masts at 41,003 per yr. 410,250.00
1 short mast at s.liicrwk. 282.50 416,632.50
Less balance in fund 42.37
Amount required 416,400.13
F.etimated amount required for 13 m 05.410,000.00
otssaAL ssa-sa nxo.
F-atimeted amount required for city's
portion of extension of Main street
brick sewer, north and south, Ala
meda street sewer, debts and run
ning expenses 120,0 Rl.no
Limit ot Charter 15 cents on the 4100.
Twenty cents on the 4100.
Cost of extending conduit on Zanja
Mad re 410,600 00
Cost of etching concrete on Zanja
Mad re 4,000 00
Cost of repairing tunnel 6,000 00
" " making now dam at head of
tunnel 3,500 00
Coat of reservoir site in Orange Slope
Tract 7,402 00
Cost of cement and iron pipe across L.
A r ver 28.000 00
Account purchase from U. J. UrifHth.. 16,000 00
474,402 00
Estimated amount required 83,f100 00
Cts on Will pro-
Est. Ami. 4100 duoe.
Int. a sink'g Fund,
187t 4 4,648 08 4.5 4 4,646 77
Main Sewer I. and
B. Fund, 1877. .. 1,006 25 . 4 1,062 87
Irrigat'n Imp. I. &
8 Fund, 1*17.... 14,016 00 11 8 16,006 00
...■ii Isrigat.n I. *
8. Fund, 1878. .. 2,637 25 1.0 2,523 H
llond Fund, 1881, ~ 3,711 22 S.B 8.718 30
Cash Fund .. . . 108.41.4 28 00.9 K7.,:165 06
Fire Dept. Fund,.. 20,634 29 14.0 20,465 40
lies Fund 16,40.118 11.i 16..',10 H
Street Snr.nkl il Fd 10,000 00 7.1 9,952 SO
Heir Sewer Fund . 26,1X10 00 1 5.0 21.020 111
.' ..union School Fd 20.0 28.034 80
I ,t.rar\ Fund .... 3,000 00 2.1 2,943 05
New Water Fund . 74,461 00 18 5 26,932 19
170.3 4237,217 48
The calculation foe Interest and sinking Funds
is bsee.l on an assesament of 413,279,648, being a
reduction of ten per cent., and the remainder Is
eali ulated on a basis of 414,017,417, being a re
dnetion of Aye per cent, to oover expenses ef col
lection end protisble lose.
City Auditor,
Los Angeles, August 15, 1884.
Cash Fund 77 cts |1n7,033.0»
Fire Dept. Fund (tor paid depl)!7 cts 23.8
streel Sprinkling Fund 4 Ota 6,606.90
lias Fund 1 .Sets 111.540.6J
Common school Fund 20 cts t»A>34.sO
Library Fund 2.1 CIS 8.943.66
rul Sewer Fund 6 eta 8 410.44
New Water Fund 6.1 cts 8.660.61
River Improvement Fund.... 6 ots 8,410.44
I,ilets 42in.260.U9
To th' Honorable. Council of the City erf
Lot Anytlet:
Your Committee on Finance, to whom was rs
ferrrd tlio matter of tax levy far the BsoeJ year
1884-6, would rcspeetfully report that they have
considered tha matter end have In their estimate
for the Fire Department Fund provided for a
paid Fire Department, haeed on the Plre Depart
ment of San Jose, and In the matter of par
in, nt to O. J. Orlfllth, the, have provided
426,000 to be paid out of the levy for this year,
<5. : 3 >■ ■ ■ ' —
aud tha remainder ram ):a paid on or before the
Hf"tt|j»r of July, lHtt, out of the tax levy for
Mat or from other soUreM. they find lag it
to be {aßp-Jsalble t» pay the whoU amount of
said pij/cliass from the tax levy of this year
without (*ippllng every department of the city
govsriufMSit, their estimate being on tha basis
«.f funds newer* tor **>v li department uitU
AuftUt 1,1S8&, betag five months of the next
fiscal year In rttferetiee to the improvement of
the water ay stem, they h.'r urovUicd foi stich
Improvnneats a- are aTtsnlutrly necesea r st this
tisaa, In a«oordan<_-e with the opinion of the City
Hurvevor. the cost of the eeriera! Improvement
of the water system twin* too great to be paid
Mitefth* levy, aa arvordlog to the report of the
Board ot biejluerrs said improvement should be
saada as a whole and not in pieces here and
them, and they woulil the appointment
of a committee to consider the matter of Ictrlsla
tiori nscessary for the .nuance of bonds for that
uuriwse. And we would also suggest that the
tkminiittee en Lands and City AttOmer piescut
the ordinance (or sale of city lands on Fort Hill,
the proceeds of which should be arplied to the
water system. They have also provided for the
baildintt ot a jail an 1 fixing up city offices In old
suhool house #11,0iO, and for purchase of site lor
Reservoir No. 0,97402. And they would reo
emmand that the tax levy or rut* per cent, ef
taxes levltd tor all municipal purrwses for the
fiscal year 1#.4-ISBS, ending February 2Sth,
1886, be the sum cf one dollar and seventy cents
($1.70) oa each one hundred dollars worth of
property, both real and personal, according to
the assessed value thereof.
They would recommend that the tax levy or
rats per cent, ol U«es levied for all municipal
purposci for the fiscal year 1881-1885, endltijr
February SSth, 1885, be .apportioned among the
several funds as follows:
«S Sil§ 1 ■§ g_|,i e§ 8 8
I i
do ( H AS. R. JOHNSON,
The Committee on Finance staged to the Coun
cil that there was provided for in the levy of 77 '
cents on the 9100 for the Ca-h Fund t
$ W.QOU for payment on acct. of Fellz Ranoho t
7,642 for p tyment tor reservoir site In Orange I
Slope Tract, i
14,004 cost of First St. and Aliso St bridges; >
11,000 for Jail and city offices; |
12,.'0S amount overdrawn;
36,000 general expenses of the city. I
8107,169 total.
From the Cash Fund te paid the general ex- '
MMM of the city nat otherwise provided for, and
includes the cleaning and repair of streets, city
carts, bridges and culverts, printing and pub- >
lishlag, rents, lights and mipplle* for city offices,
parks, removal cf garbage, opening of streets,
stationery, assistance to Surveyor, litigation ana
other ex pen es too numerous to particularize.
The recent decision of the courts abolishing
the chain gang have made it necessary to pay for
the work that has In the past been done by the '
city prisoners, and will materially increase the *
expense of board of prisoners. The additional •
expense resulting from these decisions will be not <
less than tlO.OOO for labor alone, and may <
amount to much more for this year. 1
For tha Fire Department Fund about $3,000 <
has been added for increased expenses of a paid '
Fire Department. j
For the Ueneral Setvor Fund there Is only pro- >
vided for, of the general Improvements callul for '
at d much needed, the amount necessary for the '
rebuilding of a portion of the Alamsda street '
sewer, said sewer wince the rains of last winter 1
falling to perform tbe service now required of it, *
and It being necessary t > oonnect the sewerage
of several other street'! with said sewer.
au-.fi 3t
DOCTOR YUTH, from Europe, who under
stands the "Urapo Cure" system thoroughly, is
prepared to give advice to InvMlds ■ufferinir
from various diseases at
39 South Spring St, Bryson Hall, g
Room 8. aug2o 2w
The firm of Potter St Bradley has this day been (
di«aolved by mutual consent. Either of the
partners arc nut homed to use the linn nan em a
iln-sint; up tlie I nisi lies'*; of the firm ami colltrtitig
debts owimt to the firm. All iiersons indebted to
the old firm tit flutter * Bradley are requested to .
call and settle such indebtedness. 1
Referring to the above notice we would state
that we lint c itinpose i of our larj,'s stock of goods
to the LOS AM '■ KI.KS 1 1 itNl TURF. CO., a cor
poration, incoi')n.r:tfcfi .!uh -H, ISmi, with a cash
capital of $100,n(h> paid up, ot which COL. H. 11. -i
MARKHAM Is Provident. C If. BRADLEY, Vice J
President, F. P. JOHNSON Secretary and O. T.
STAMM Treasurer.
We take this occasion to thank our iiiimfn.ua
friends and customers for their patronage, and A
earnestly solicit a continuance of the same for a
the new company.
Los Angeles, August 1, 1884. au2o lm .
Cleveland Guards
There will he a meeting of the Cleveland
Ouardi at the regular
This (TVESDAY) Evening,
At t o'clock All .members are requested to
be en hand as another company Is to he formed
and office.s elected, and the UnlfoJtns to be dis
tributed. After the business meeting Is over ■
B. M. WHITE, Esq , and
Will address the Club upon the issues of the day, \
Central Committee
Will meet at the office of the Secretary '
ON 1
Saturday. August 30th, 1884, •
At 11 o'clock a. a.
W. 11 BTBPHENSON, Secretary. aug!6td
H. H. MARKIIAM, I'rff.lilent. E. P. J"«?»P I i »«reUr)r.
C. H. BRADLEY, VicelMwldenl. * T - WUM|"""'»
Incorporated liicikl 1, IMS Ctt#lfl, »100,000.
Wall Paper, Decorations, Etc.,
259, 261 North Main Street, Los Angeles, Cal.,
Are Constantly receiving New Goods, and, on account of convenience
in handling and having bought at reduced orices, they are
Mantels, Grates, Stoves, Tinware.
Full Llac Agate and Stamped Ware Always on Hand.
"Remnants for tie Thousands!"
Stacks of Remnants or Every Description.
The Result of an ImineiiHe Itiisiness.
« 25CENTS #1
The Peerless Dry Goods Emporium
XsOB AIBTC3I J01.11498.
The Largest Stock ! The Finest Goods !
The Lowest Prices 1
We buy and sell more goods than any dry poods house
in this city. We except none.
ley*' "ir goods .re .11 marked In plain fliruref.
Desk room at 10 Commercial street, Oood
place for Real Estate or Broker. aog26 lw 2p
And furniture for sale; house contains teur
room., kitchon and bathroom. Inquire at 560
East First street. sii*26 lw
Room od ground floor with board for man and
wife, with urn of stable for pony and phaeton.
Hoot be reasonable. Address, stating terms,
Box 898, P. O.
U hereby given that the Orange street grade
assessment roH, hotween Pearl street and
the east line of lot one block 37. Hancock's
survey, has been received by the Su
perintendent of Streets, and that all sums
levied and assessed In said assessment roll, are
now due and payable Immediately and that the
payment of said sums is to be made to him
within (SO) thirty days from the date of the first
publication of this notice; and all assessments
not paid before the expiration of said thirty (80)
days will be declared to be delinquent, and that
thereafter the sum of five (5) per cent, upon the
amount of each delinquent assessment, together
with the cost of advertising each dellnqueut as
sessment, will bo added thereto
K. H. Hoy I>, Sup*, of Streets.
Los Angeles, Cal., Augost 25, 1884. augSfl lOt
Is hereby given that tho College street grade as
sessment roll, between liuena Vi»t» and Yale
streets, has been received by tho Superintendent
of Streets, and that all sums levied and assessed
in said assessment roll are now due and payable
Immediately; and that the payment of said sums
is to be made to him within (SO) thirty days from
the date of the first publication of this notice.
And all assessments not paid before the expira
tion ot said thirty (80) days will be declared to
be delinquent; ami that thereafter the sum of (5)
five per oent. upon the amount of «ach delin
quent assessment, together with the cost of ad
vertising each dellnqueut assessment, will be
added therata. K. H. BOYD,
Sup*. Streets.
Los Angeles, Cal., Aug. 25. 1884. augto lot
The office ot the City 6uperlntendendent of
Schools Is In the
Central School Building,
Corner Fort and Temple Sis.
IPFICE HOUItS-8 te 5 r. a every day, aad
8:30 to 10 Mondays.
>ug26 lm L. D. SMITH, Bupt.
The Cleveland Cadet* will meet at
Judge Ling's Court Room on
Wednesday Evening
<H 8 o'clock, sharp, for business of Importance
tnd drill. By order ef the
Theodore Steiubach's Daughter Ida,
Hiinday, Aug. 30th. 1884.
The proceeds of this Plcnle h to pay the ex
pense* of a trip to San Pranolsco to hava Ida's
light restored, augsetd
Ellis Vila College.
Oeving to the fact that It is Impossible to have
the building completed and ready for the open-
Isfr as announced, on the Id of September, It has
been found nscessary to postpone It for two
week a
The Fall term will commence on Tuesday
morn Inn. September l«th, by which time every
thing will >bh ready for school work.
Arramrsment* bars been made for carrying
pupils to and from the College building at the
usual car fare rate of five cents, and by the time
of the opening hacks will so run that pupils will
be taken from any part of the city to tbe Col
lefe door at that rate.
For further in format! en addrsas,
REV. D. W HANNA, President,
auKW 2w P- O. Bos 1487.
We are showing larger and more desirable lines of
Men's Clothing
Especially in full suits, than can be found in any
house west ol Chicago. Within the past ten
days we have opened not less than
Five Hundred Suits,
All most desirable perfect fitting garments and
purchased at a very close price from one of the
principal clothing manufacturers in New York
City. We are ready now to offer newer goods
and brighter styles than any other house in the city.
Opposite the Court House. m , a Los Angeles.
Oao. 6. Barroaß. Wat. Oaadwsli.,
Free, and Gen. Sunt. Vlce-Prei
E H. o'.Mklvbnt, Beo'y.
California Track Comp'y, 1
Successors <i Bills A Co.,
General Forwarders, (
No. 9 Market St., Temple Block,
Opp. Court House, Los Angeles, CsL I
Machinery, Safes, Pianos, Furniture and J
Merchandise, ehlpped or dolivared on roaaonable '
Consignments shipped to our care C. O. D. and j
Bills ol Lading luft at our offlee will receive )
prompt attention. Telephone No. 78.
aptlatl s
Phineaa Banning. j
WILMINGTON, Los Angeles Ooonty, Cal.
▼easels towed, roods lightered ambe
and grain stored, with
A woman to cook and do general house work
in a small family. Apply at 618 Fort street, near
Seventh. augst at |
A young man wishes a sltuatlnn aa salesman or
traveling agent; understands merccendislng and t
business generally; can give best city references. '
Ait lr. .. H. J. Thurber, Southern Hotel, Los An
geles, Cal. aulolw |
Fro-n Bifi.OOO to BdO.OOO in an established and pay
ing mercantile business In l.os Angeles, can learn i
particulars of a rars opportunity iiy Iri.iiiirtng at
the Los Angeles National Rank. aug2l lw
To teach public school at Cms Grande, A. fr.
Salary 1100 per month An elderly lady prefer
red; good reference reijnired and mint be able to
give music lessons on I'iano and Organ.
Address 0. M. MARSHALL.
Clerk ll.iiiril Trustees, Diet. No. I, Pinal f..m,1»
A. T. augitt 3w
Who would like a paying Investment in a non
spectilelivc. established Im.iiieas that will return
Mm percent. proßt, will learn something to their
advantage by aemllrg their names to the P. O. .
Bos mentioned below. Interviews will then be |
had, with a view to investigation, partnership,
etc. None need apply who do not have means
anil mean business Address P. O. Lock lie, No.
3<r., Los Angeles, Oal. augrjtf
■RS. A. <1. ADAMS,
Room 211 Schumacher Block, Fashionable Dress
maker. A perfect tit and best id work guarau- '
teed and reasonable charges. Cutting and fitting
a specialty. auglO I m
Came Into the enclosure ol the unsja ' ,
Augii.tlillh, IBH4, agray nitre branded' ...
on left hip, wearing leather halter. The wwuer i
is requeeted to prove proper!,, piv charges and
take It away. .■ XT. BLAIR.
Comer of Seventh anil Poirl Bts
Los Angeles, August 21, IsBI. augjt lot
To my plsoe, August Uth, two hoises, one a
dark red, with one white leg and a white star on
the forehead; the other with three white leet and
a white face. MRS. SULLIVAN,
nue" i On the Downey Road. I
Railroad Ticket and Employment
BURIAU of INFORMATION; male help free;
Heal Estate Broker ; Iwueea and Iras sold on In
atallmenta, houeee and rooms, furnish,.! or un
furnished, secured. B. NITTINOER
lit North Main treet, near First St.
Telephone Mo. 113 eepir, 6m ,
W. D. Madegan&Co.,
Employment Office,
19 W. rimt Bt.,Wldoey Bl'lt,
All Kinds of Help Furnished Free,
Ooneral Merchandise Business in A
Oood Location.
Capital Required, $£0,000.
For particulars apply to
aua; M lB
I now have a new and .eornplet* outfit for bor
ing wolle and am at work on the Hante Anita
Jtanrho. Will be (lad to m*ke coatracte with
all pertiei wlahinß wella aunk. I
aun24 lm LAOTA MBIT,
Independence of Meiico,
Nadean Hall, Nadean Mark.
SEPTEMBERI6th, 1884.
Ron. R Fdd Valle, Col. H. R. Markham.
N. A. Cni-.rnil.iM, J. O. Estuiiillo.
J. Downer Harvey, Col. W. 8. Moor*,
A. W. Potts, Juan F. Forstsr,,
A. W. Ryan, Albert Rlnrpeu,
M, lllrlgoyen, P. Deranoette,
Jamee C. Kara, Abbot Kinney,
at. U. Agulrre, J. F. Flgueroa.
A. Q. Sanchez.
1. A. Agulrre. B. N Otrras,
J. I>. Machado, J. It Benches,
a A. Torbe. fyiltd
Sr»enty.|oiirth Anniversary of
the Independence of
Spanish- American Union ( lab,
September 160,1884.
Rkiptio* Oiliimi -A. W. Pette, H HI liter
rain. C. K. Mile,, A. T Currier, H A. Llnir, H.
T. Hasard.
Floor Coaarrrss—J. W. Uribln, C. I. Cml, J.
R. Sin inner., X F. de Cell*,
l.'oMairriß or As*, vihsasi* -Henry Husmann,
Vgnecto Ortega, F.. Hos.rsan, V. Biiderrain.
The thrive property \-> the very floeet ever put
in the market in thia county, aud Is offered In
lot* of 10 aroree and upward*
And upon BeMomablo Terms.
Tho-ie de«lrlnß a valuable property will do well
' o oil at one* and secure the flmt choice.
i onvi nl» ill to thr-4'ity, loNclioota
And to 4'hnrrnoo.
This npluni!l<l property must he ■eett to he ap
pr,".-i«.M. and «-,. .• .rdiullv invite all contem
plating invo-itmcnt to see It.
Eiclimlve aKent,
0 Nadean Block, Lot AngeleH, Gal
Having •» w the Paik Station Warehouse to
Mr John 8. Oarr, toyethp-r with IhejttH-tl will of
the entire builne-w of «ame. 1 resjtertfiiily rpqueet
my former patrtcie U> rontinim thoir pstri>nat(«
to tbe preeent firm of Carr 4 Thompton, who
will condurt theaa*ie.
Loi Angclce, July 20th, 1884.
Referring to the above, we would reapeotfully
request a conllnuanre of tho patronage hereto
fore ux'etidetl to the Park Station Warehouse,
and will he pleaaed to make rt tea an>l contract
for Atorafce tow present aeaaon.
jy3o Zplm SOS North lx* Angelea Ht
It la located
I, extremely lieeiittfnt, au line surroundings,
end Is aceeeiilble by both rail and .teenier. In
view id the iiomtempla'ed early extension ol the
C.llfnrnle Southern Rallnairl to a connection
with the Atlantic and I'adlle Railroad this hotel
can be made a a rand snoeeea by aa enterprising
and esrajrtenearj manager.
For particulars apply to
Bupeelntsndent Ban Diego Lead ami Town Com
pany. National City, Cel. anilt Ira

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