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Hendy with His Jack-Knife.
jrj [St. Loul, Republican. I »
One ofttfe most eccentrio characters in
tsouri—if not iv the entire Mississippi
lley—is William Yohe, of Kirkwood.
■. is better known as "Bill the Whit
t." Bill claims to be the champion
Ittler in the world. With an ordinary
i-knife he baa demonstrated his ability
make almost anything a carpenter, a
jinet-maker, or wood-carver cau make
iit a full set of edged tools. He occu
i man old church in Kirkwood, which
f i has filled almost complely with curi
/.sities of a novel as well as useful charac-
Jeer with the aid of his trusty bone-han
/ died knife. The spectators wbo take the
f trouble to Tt.it this museum will find
the collection as Interesting as the pic
tures of a famous art gallery. A short
time ago Bill made the announcement
that he would throw the church doors
ripen on * a certain day iv order
Stat those who desired to see bis contri
vances might gratify their curiosity.
After that date no person would be ad
mitted, as he proposed to begin the
greatest undertaking of his life, vis.,
the construction of a great automatic
concern, that would surpass anything of
Ihe kind tbe world had ever seen. The
population of Kirkwood. with scarcely
an exception, accepted Bill's invitation,
Snd all day during bis reception th.
♦Lurch was filled weth people. Ever
Such that eventful day the people of
Kirkwood have looked upon Bill as th.
eighth wonder of the world. A Repub
lican reporter visited Kirkwood yeater.
day and had a very pleasant interview
with "Bill." Bill waa sitting on a
bench with a section of a cigar-box on
die hand and his favorite bone-handled
knife hi tbe other, whittling away aa
though the destiny of the world de
pended npon his ability to complete bia
work. The blade of tho knife he used
was about an inch long and tapered all
the way from the hilt to the point.
"Well. Bill,"said the reporter, "thay
ssy you are the champion whittter of the
"Yea, and I am willing to whittle any
thing against any man living. There ia
only oue other whittler ou the face of
the earth who can ever spproach my
work, and that person is Monkey John,
of Chicago. Monkey Jobu would
cot whittle against me, for he and I
have whittled together and he knows
what 1 can do. 1 was bora in St. Louis,
on Morgan street, in the building
occupied years ago by the old Mound
CHy Bakery. When in my teens I be
came the apprentice of a millwright, but
before my time waa out, at the beginning
of the war, I ran away and joined the
Union army as a member of Capt. O. W.
'enu's company. While aerv.ng as s
Lldier I had one of my toes of my right
>oot shot off, aad conld haw had a
tension had I aeen fit to apply for one.
However, I had a tittle pride that
prompted roe to vow that I would never
call upon Unole Sam for aapistanoe as
long as 1 could use a knife and obtain •
t livelihood by whittling. It may appear
strange to you, but It ia true neverthe
less, that I never knew I had any extra-
I ordinary gift for whittling until I had
reached my twenty-third year. Then I
tad« a toy house for my sister, which
aa so universally admired that I de
termined to manufacture other ouriosi
tiet. The first piece of importance I
whittled waj a complete model of the
Castle Bingen-on-th.-Rhine. Thi< piece
was finished in 1873, and contained 580
windows. It is now owned by a gentle
fnau residing in Clay county. The next
piece waa the model of the steamship
Bristol, copied from an engraving on a
"I defy any artist fo eclipse my work
with either a pencil or brush. An artist
may draw a ptoture as perf«<jfcr as he
pessiMy oan and hand it to meTo repro
duce in wood, and I will improve on th.
picture. Some think because they can
make a wooden chain with a knife they
axe great whittle™. There is do trick
bj making a simple chain, aa the man
who can make one link can make forty.
Scrolling is by far Ihemostdiffiouit work
a man can do with a knife 1 can carve
perfectly a leaf or an animal. With a
simple pocket-knife I have msde over
300 model*, which occupy plaoee in the
Patent Office. ...
"Abont a year ago I msde the modi i
af a steamship lor parties in Europe.
They were so well pleased with it that
Vhey paid me »850 for my work. This
noilelwaa run by steam and conld travel
through the water at the rateSf sixteen
Tiiles an boar. My aptitude for whit
ling is as natural to me as an ear for
nnsic is to some other m.n. After •
piece of work is finished I often look at
t with astonishment and wonder how I
Iver succeeded in making it so complete
n every detail. I cannot draw, and know
vsxt to nothing about mathematics, yet
iy proportions in every pieoe of work I
■ lake are slways remarkably oorrect.
1 then I look at a piotnre which I in
\ nd to represent in wood I unconscions
l measore its proportions with the eye.
■ will wager my life almost that I oan
Jaittleout any aotomatio contrivance
gver invented in the space of a year,
f fntil thia year I was not aware tu.t
§ anything more than a living could be
f made by a whittler, but now I enlcrtain
f s different opinion. The most I ever
made on a piece prior to this year was
$20, which was cleared on a raffle. in
two weeks I can complete in every detail
the model of any ship ever built, and I
I will construct any kind of a machine
aver Invented and make it run lo an
! eight ounce bottle. All this sounds very
strage to yon, yet every word of it is
true." .
j Th. latest thing in clocks comes from
Russia. It ia a little timepiece abont
eight inches high, on a base five inches
in diameter, and covered with a glass
globe. All the works ar. plainly ex
Sosed. The pe.dnlum is a solid brass
wheel supported at the center or hob by
a slender wire. It does not swing, but
: revolve, from right to left amd left to
[right. Being. 400-day clock, tt. wind
ing of it is a small stem. It will not
vary Hva minutes in rnnning 400 days.
No t«mp««* ur * »nVcts it.
A looal paper of D»kot» i« responsi
ble for the following: A Dakota farmer
in 1881 planted a eingle grain of wheat
and from It grew twenty two italkl,
each bearing a full head of wheat
yielding in all 860 graim of wheal; ,80
ot theae were planted the next year,
prodnoing one-fifth of a buebel of .plen
did wheat Thle wa. planted la.t
•pring, yielding aeTenteen buaheU, mak
ing 1,020 pannds of whaat from one
grain,'iu three yea re.
Order to Show Cause Why Order of
Sale of Real Estate Should Not
be Made.
In the Superior Court of the County of
Lob Angeles, State of California.
In the mutter of the estate of Mary K. Smith,
Kerugl ensln, the administrator of the
Miste of E. Smith, deceased, having tiled
hi* pstttlo ereln, praying for sn order of i isle
ofthswholeofth« wslessste of said decodem
for tbe purposea therein set forth.
It Is therefore ordered by the said Court tha'
all persona interested in the estate ot said de
oeased, appear before the said Superior Court 01
Friday, the *9th May of Ansaat.
At 10 o'clock Id the forenoon of said day, at th*
Courtroom presided over by Hon. H. M. Smith
Judge of said Superior Court, st the Cour
House In said county of Los Angeles, to show
cause why an order should not be granted to the
■si j serninlstrater to sell so much of the n n.l
estate of the said deceased aa shall be necessary.
And that a copy of this order be published at
least once s week for four successive weeks in
the Daily Hseald, s newspaper printed and pub
I lulled in said county.
Judge of the Superior Court.
Dated July 30, 1554. JySl td
In the Justice's Court ef Los Angeles
City, In the County of Lob Angeles,
State of California.
Jos. H. Smith, Plaintiff, i
vs. } Snmmons.
Ah Kan, Defendant. J
The people of the Stat* of California send
greeting to Ah Kan, Defendant:
Yos are hereby required to appear in sn action
brought against you by the above named plain
tiff in the Justice's Court of Loa Ant/eles city.
County of Loa Angeles, State of California,
and to answer before the Justice at his office in
the said City tbe complaint filed therein, August
4, 1884, within five daya. (exclusive of the day of
service) after the service on you of this summons—
if served within the Township in which this action
la brought; or, if served out of said Township,
but in said County, within ten daya; or within
twenty days If served elsewhere
The said action is brought to recover of yon
the sum of fifty dollsri alleged by plaintiff to Se
dueftim for goods, wsres and merchandise fur
nished and labor done and perform yd lor you at
jour Instance and request, as will appear by re
ference to complaint tiled in my office, copy
whereof is hereto annexed.
And you are hereby notified that If
you fsll to so sppesrand answer said complaint,
aa above required, -aid plaintiff will cause your
default to be entered snd take judgment against
you for said sum of $M>. together with coats of
Hake legal scviee snd due return hereof.
Given ander my hand this 4th dsy of August,
Justice of the Peaoe for the City of I*o* Angelas,
in said County and State.
A true copy. C. L. CRITZ, Constable.
By M. X BARRETTO, Deputy. suglO lot
Order to Show Cause.
In the Superior Court of the County of
Los Angeles, State of California.
Order to shew cause why order of sale
of real estate should not be mad*.
In the matter of She estate and guardianship of
Wm. X Creed, deceased.
Henry King, the guardian of the person and
estate of Wm. K. Creed, sn Insane person, hsving
filed bin petition herein praying for an order of
sale of certain of the reaf eststeof said decedent,
for tbe purposes therein set forth.
It ts therefore ordered by the Judge of said
Court tost the next of kin and all persons inter
esu<d 'in the estate of said insane person, ap
pear before the said Superior Court on
Wedneeday, tbe 3d day of September,
At 10 o'clock In the forenoon of aaid day. at the
Court Room of raid Sur»r<orCourt attheestyof LsM
Angelas, in the oounty of Los Angeles, to show
cause why sn order should not be granted to the
■aid Guardian so mooh of the real estate
of the said insane person aa shall be necessary.
And that a copy of this order be ptblishsd at
four successive weeks In th- Los xisribs
IH.ly Hsaskp, s new-paper printed ,ki pub
lished in said lam Angeles tounty, before s..id
3d day of September, 1884
Judge of the Superior Court.
Dated August 41 h, 18*4. sug4-4w
Guardian's Sale of Real Estate.
Notie ia hereby given that In pursuance o an
order cf tho Superior Court of tbe county of Lo*
Angelei, State of California, made on the 18th
day of August, 1884, In the matter of the estate
and guardianship of R. C. snd P. K. Woodworth,
minors tbe undersigned, the (lusrdisn of the per
son and estates of ssid minors,. will sell at pri
vate sale to the highest bidder for cash, gold
coin of the United states, snd subject to con
firmation by said Superior Court, on Tueedav,
the Wh day of Scpteinner, 1884, at M o'clock*.
H. at the ofrl'-e of Bicknell a White, Rooms
II 14. Temple Bloc/, In the city snd county of
Loa Angeles, all tbs right, title, Interest snd es
tate of the said minors in and to all that ce.taln
lot, piece or datcsl of land sltnate, lying snd be
ing in the aaift county of Lot Angeles, State of
(frjffrirwts, and hounded and generally described
as follows, to wit
Being about 4 acres situated In Sec 18, Tp. ft
8., R. 18 W..S. B. M., situated fa San Pedro,
upon the Bay of San Pndro. and hounded on the
Mouth and west by Ihe wharf of the Pacific Coast
Steamship Company, north by the lands sold by
sail Steamship company to J. A. Hooper, an t
•att by the Bay of San Pedro. Together with
all wharf privileges and franchise-!, easements
and rights of way connected therewith. Refer
enee being hereby made to the Order of Sale
made herein August 18, 1894, for a more portion
lsr and full description of said land.
Terms son conditions of sale: Cash in gold coin
upon confirmation of sale by said Superior Oourt.
Deed at eipesae of purchaser. Bids or offers
may be made a-, any time after the first publica
tion of this nffilc* and before the mskimr
of tho sals. A> hid* or offers must bo In
writing and left \e office of Bicknell a White.
Booms ll- 1 $ Block, in said oitv of Loa
Angeles. J. J- WOODWORTH.
'luaroiaß of the Pervitin and Estates of said
rslnors. , suir24td
> taction of prlnclu,! plans of buslnem. Sen
Gabriel, Los Angeles, California.
Netloe I. hereby girt , that nt a meeting of the
Directors, held on the ',Bth August, 18*4, vi v
fMKn<nt of one dollar per 't\nr.- waa levied
upon the Capital Stocko* the Corporation, paya
ble immediately In gild poln, to the Secretary,
at tbe offlee of the Company In San uahrlel, Lo*
. Angela, county, Cal.
An.v stock upon ahlch thl, aseesHnicnt ahaU
» remain u.tpald on th, »tn day of September,
, 1884, will he delineueiit, and advartiaed for
■ale at public aucUfn. ant unleaa payment la
! made before will be .Id on the 16th day cf Oo
' toner. lDfe, to pay the delinquent aaMe*.
I meat, together with be coat of advertising and
. espenses of aale.
. , Jr. W. WOOD, Seorrterv.
OFFICII—At San Übrlal Winery, San Oabrial,
■ Lo. Ancles county, jal.
, eugSSeptttinol
En tho Superior Court of the SUte of
California, in end for the County of
Los Angeles.
P. J. O'REG AN, Plaintiff,
MARY O" BEGAN, Defendant.
Action brought In the Superior Court of the
State of (Jsllfordls, In and for the oounty of Los
\ngeles, and the Complaint filed In said oounty
»f Loa Angelas, in the offlee of the Clerk of said
Superior Court
rhe People of the SUte of California send Greet
ing to Mary O'Keg an, Defendant.
You are hereby required to appear In an action
ir>>ught against you by the above named plaintiff
n tho Superior Court "of the SUte of California,
n and for the county of Los Angelas, sad to an
raj t the complaint filed therein within ten days
exclusive of the dsy of service) after the service
hi you of thU summons-if served within this
,'oiinty; or, if served elsewhere, within thirty
lays, or judgment by default will be taken
against you, according to the prayer of said
The said action Is brought to obtain a judg
ment against you that the bonds of matrimony
now existing between you and the plaintiff be
ilsso ved.
Reference is had to complaint for particulars.
And you are hereby notified that if you fail to
appear and answer the ssid complaint as sbovs
required, the said plaintiff will cause your
iefault to be entered and will apply to the Court
(or the relief demsnded In said complaint.
Given under my hsnd and the Seal of the Su
perior Court, of the SUte of California, in and
lor the County of Los Angeles, this 10th dsy of
luly. In the year of our Lord one thousand
sight hundred and eighty-four.
Issam A. W. POTTS, Clerk.
Ry B. E. TANEY, Deputy.
Gardiner A Stephenson. Attorneys for Plaintiff. \
Jy 17 2m
Guardian s Sale of Real Estate.
Notice Is hereby given that in pursuance of an
rmter of the Superior Cour of the county of Los
Angeles. State of California, made on the— day
af July. 1884, sr d entered and signed on the 18th
isy of August. ISB4, in the matter of the estate
snd guardianship of Wallace Woodworth, minor,
the undersigned, the guardian of the person snd
estate of said minor, will sell at private sale to the
highest bidder, for cash, gold coin of the United
States, and subject to confirmation by said Su
perior Court, on Tuesday, the oth dsy of Sep
tember, 1884, at 10 o'clock A. a., at tbe offlee of
Bicknell a White, Rooms 11-14, Temple Block.
In the city and coonty of Los Angeles, sll the
right, title, interest snd estate of the said minor,
Wallace Woodworth, in snd to sll that certain
lot, piece or parcel of land situate, lying and be
ing in the said county of Los Angeles, State of
California, and beunded and described as fol
lows, to wit: Rein** about 3s acres situated in
Sec. 18, Tp. A S., X IS W., S. B. M , situated In
San Pedro, upon the Bay of San Pedro, and
bounded on the south and west by the wharf of
the Pacific Coast Stcsmsihp Company, north by
the lands sold by said Steamship Company to J.
A. Hoope , and east by the Bay of San Pedro
Together with all the wharf franchises snd priv
ileges, easeinsnU and rights of way connected
therewith. Reference being hereby made to tho
Order of Sale made herein August 18, 1884, for a
more particular and full description of**»id land.
Terms snd conditions of sale: Cash in gold
coin upon confirmation by the Superior Court.
Deed at expense of purchaser. Bids or offers
may be msde at any time after the first publica
tion of this notice and before tbe making of the
•ale. All bids or offers must be in writing snd
eft at the oQce of H. W. O'Mlslveny, Rooms
1114, Temple Block. In said city of Los Angeles.
Juardlan of the Person and EsUte of said Wallace
Woodworth, minor. sugSttd
School Tax Election Notice.
Notice is hereby given to the qualified electors
if Newhall School District, county of Los An
gles, State of California, that an election will be
told at the School House in said District,
On theSsth Day af Neptr-aaber, A.
Is. I*A*4.
md the polls will then and there be open from
>ne hoar after sunrise to and until sunset of the
same day.
Said election has been duly called by the
rrusteesof said District for tbe purpose of de
termining whether the sum of fifteen hundred
toilers (81600) shall be raised by sua in said
Said money is Inteded to be used for tbe pur
(rosea of furnishing additional school facilities
And building achool bouse for said District.
District School Trustees.
NOTE. The 'orogolng notice must so signed
oy the Tru itess, and published in one of the
xwnty newspapers for three fuli weeks befoie
:he day of election, not counting the day of elec
:ion, and should be posted in three of the most
public places In the District during the same
jwriod. The election can only be called for tbe
purposes mentioned in the Political Code, and
•are should be taken that the language em
ployed In the notice is In conformity with the
Hee Sections 1830, ISSI, 1832, 18S3 snd 1101.
Political Cod*. augfcftd
Order to Show Cause Why Order of
Sale of Real Estate Should not|be
In the Superior Court of the County
of Los Angelee, State of California.
(n the Matter of the Estate of Matthew Keller,
No. 846.
It appearing to the Court by the petition this
lav presented and filed hv laalas W. Hellman,
Sxecutor of the last w ill of Matthew Keller, de
based, praying for an order of ssle of real es
ate, that it Is necessary to sell some portion of
he real ornate to pay the allowance to the fami
y. the debts outstanding against the deceased
md thedehts, expenses and charges of admlnfs
ratioti, it Is therefore orderei by the said Court
hat ail persons interested In the estate of said
leceased appear before the said Superior Court
•istsrday, the *7th Day efarptrm
ber, A. D. IK*4.
It 10 o'clock In the forenoon of said day, at the
sourt room of said Superior Court, at tbe c mit
souse in the city of los Angeles, county of Los
angelee, State of California, to show cause why
un order should not he granted to the ssid Exoc
rtor to sell so much of i he real estate of said de
ceased as shall be necessary.
And that a copy of this order be published for
tt least four successive weeks prior to ssid date
in the Los Angeles Daily Has alu, a newspaper
printed and published in said county.
Dated this August Xlst, 1884.
Siig22td Judge of said Superior Court
Notice to Creditors.
KataU of W. G. Goes, deceased.
Notice Is hersb' given by the undersigned.
Executors of the estate of w. G. Goes, deceased,
to the creditors of. and all persons hav
ing claims against the said deceased, to exhibit
them with the necessary vouchers, within four
months after the first aublicatlon of this notice,
to the said Executors, at tbe office of Gardiner
ft Stephenson, Allen Block, Lee Angjles oity. In
tbe oounty of Los Angelas.
Executors of EsUte of W. O. Goes, deceased.
Dated st Los Angeles. July 2Mb 1884.
Gardiner a Stephenson, Attorneys far Execu
tors. Jv2W
Adj idication of Insolvency Stay
of Proceedings and Order of Pub
lication of Notice to Creditors.
In the Superior Court of the County of
Los Angeles, State of California.
Id tho matter of C. M. Jackson, so Insolv
ent Debtor.
0. M. Jackson having Died In this Court his
petition, schedule and inventory in insolvency,
by which It appears that he is an Insolvent
debtor, the said C. M. Jrckson la hereby de
clared to be Insolvent. The Sheriff of the county
of Los Angeles la hereby directed to take posses
sion of sll the estate, r.al snd persons), of the
said insolvent debtor, except such ss may
be by law exempt from execution, and of
all bis deeds, vouchers, books of account,
and papers, and to keep the same safely until the
appointment of an Assignee of his estate. All
persons are forbidden to pay sny debta to the
said insolvent, or to dcliv er any property belong
ing to such insolvent, to him, or to any person
firm, corporation or association for his use. And
the ssid Debtor Is hereby forbidden to transfer or
deliver any property, until the further order of
this Court, except as herein ordered.
It Is further ordered, that all tbe creditors of
said debtor be and appear before tbe Honorable
V. E. Howard, Judge of the Superior Court of
the County of Los Angeles, In open Court, at the
Court Room of said Court, In the County of Los
Angeles, on tbe
let Day of tjeptesaber, 1884,
At 10 c clo-k a. a., of that day. to prova their
debta snd choose one or more assignees of the
estate of said debtor.
It is further ordered, that tbe order be pub
liabod in the Los AsuKiss Dailt H rk alu, s news-
Sper of general circulation, published In the
unty of Ixn Angeles, as often as the said paper
is published, before the said day sot for the meet
ing of creditors.
And it Is further ordered, that, \n the raesn
time, all proceedings against the said insolvent
be stayed.
Dated July 26th, 1884.
Judge of the Superior Court.
Tonner, Claiborn k Foley, Attorneys for In
slvent. J/tetd
Notice to Creditors,
In the Superior Court, of the County of
Loa Angeles, State of California*
In the Matter of the Estate of Theodore Tillot
> son, deceased.
Notice is hereby given by tbe undersignod, ad
ministrator of too estate of Theodore Tillotson,
deceased, to the creditors of said decedent snd to
all persons having claims against him, to exhibit
their witn the necessary vouabers. within four
months after the first publication of this notice
to tbe said administrator, at the office of Dr. J.
S. Crawford, dentist, in Downey Block, in tbe
city of Los Angeles, oounty of Los Angeles,
State of California W. S. BENEDICT,
Administrator of tbe Estate of Tfteo. Tillotson,
Dated Los Angeles, Cal., Aug. 2f, 1884.
Of the County of Los Angeles, SUte of
In the matter of the Applioatl m of the Los An
golas and Humbold Lumber Company,-a corpo
ration, to dissolve.
Notice Is hereby given Mist the Los Angsles
and Humboldt Lumber Company, a corporation
formed under the laws of the State ot California,
has presented to the Superior Court of the coun
ty of Los Angeles, State of California.an applica
tion praying to be allowed to dissolve, and for a
judgment snd order of the Court declaring the
said corporation dissolved, and
Hat or day . t tat* 4th Day of Oetebrr,
At 10 o'clock a. m., has been appointed as the
time, snd tho court room of the Superior Court
In which the Hon. Henry M. Smith, one of the
Judges of said Court holds Court, at the Court
House in tbe city of Los Angeles, ss the place at
which ssid application will be beard.
Ia witness whereof I have hereunto set my
hand and affixed the seal of the Superior Court,
aforesaid, this 22d dsy of August, 1884.
[Seal.} A. W. POTTS,
County Clerk and sx-Ofßcto Clerk of tbe said Su
perior Court-
By E. H. OWEN, Dsputy. aug23td.
Dissolution of Copartnership.
The copartnership heretofore existing between
Walter Raymond snd A. H. Gluck, under the
Arm name of Raymond A Glues, doing business
In the ooon'y of Los Angeles, state of California,
is hereby dissolved by mutual consent and Wal
ter riaymoad das succeeded to tbe entire interest
of A. H. Gluck in the concern.
Dated July 20. 1884. augtt 4w
Rrinclpal pUce of baatness, Loo Angeles, Cali
irnhv. Location of worka: Ventura county,
Notice is hereby given that at a meeting of the
Directors of this company, held on the 26th dsv
of July, 1884, au assessment (No. SO) of fifty
(6oe> cente per share wss levied upon the capi
tal stock of the company, payable immediately,
In United States gold coin to the Secretary, st
the offlee of Perry. Mott * Co., No. 244 Commer
cial street, city of Los Angsles.
Any stock upon which this assessment re
mains unpaid on the Sd day of September, 1884,
will be delinquent and advertised for ssle at
public auction, and unless payment Is made be
rare will be sold on Tuesday, the 23d day of
September, 1884, to pay delinquent assessments,
costs of advertising snd exponas of sale.
W. J. NKKLY, Secretary,
Offlee: Perry, Mott A Co., 224 Commercial Street,
Los Angeles.
Los Angeles, July 28th, 1884. jy9o 4w
Notice for Publication of Time for j
Proving Will, Etc i
In the matter of the Estate of Emlliana Valen
sueU de Yborra, deceased.
Couxtt or Los Ahoslbs t
Pursuant to an order of this Court, made this 1
day notice is hereby given that Monday, the drat
dsy Of September, 1884. St 10 o'clock A M. of 1
ssid day, at tho Cojrt-room of this Court, In the 1
city and count v of Los Angeles.haabecn appointed :
for hearing the application of Ramon Velen- 1
suela, praying that a document now an
file in thla Court, purporting to be the last Will
and Testament of Emlliana Valensuela de Ybarrs, ,
deceased, be admitted to Probate, and that letters
testamentary be issaed thereon to said Ramon
Valesuele st which time and place all persons
interested therein may appear and contest the
*Deted August 13th. 1884.
[Ssal ] A. W. POTTS, Cosnty Clerk.
By E. H. Owbn. Deputy. suglStd
Los Angeles Cash Store,
Comer of Vlgnes and First streeU,
a TAN ZOLA, Proprietor.
To-day and hereafter will be displayed for sale
a full assortment of goods in the grocery lino.
They have boon selected with judgment and s
view to moating tbe demands of this market
Tnlwhed cheap fir oash. Give the Los Angelas
Cash Store a call. augl-lm
Pursuant to the Constitution of tbe State
of California, and an Act of the Leg
islature of the State of California, enti
tled "An Act to provide for the submission of
proposed amendments to the Constitution of the
SUte of California to the qualified elector! for
their approval," approved March 7th, 1383, no
tice is hereby given that the of the
State of California, at its twenty fifth session,
commencing on the first Monday after the first
day of January, A. D. 1883, two thirds of all tho
members elected to each of the two Houses of
said Legislature voting in favor thereof, proposed
that Section 10 of Article XI of the Constl
tutlon of the State of California be amended so
as to read aa follows:
SscTto* 19. In any city where there are no
public works owned and controlled by the mu
nicipality for supplying the same with water or ar
Uncial light, any individual or any company .duly
incorporated for such purpose under and by au
thority of the laws of this State, shall, under the
direction of the Superintendent of Streets, or
other officer In control thereof, and under such
general regulations as the municipality may pre
scribe for damages, and indemnity fur damages,
have the privilege of using the public streets
sod thoroughfares thereof, and of laying down
pipes and conduits therein, and connections
therewith, so far ss may bo necessary for intro
ducing into and supplying such city and its in
habitant* either with geJight or other illuminat
ing light, or with fresh water for domestic and all
other purposes, upon the condition that the
municipal government shall have the right to
regulate the chatges thereof.
And notice is hereby further given, that at the
same session two-thirds ot all tbe members
elected to each of the two Houses voting iv favor
thereof, the said Legislature proposed that Sec
tion 7of Article IX of the Constitution of the
State of California be amended so as to read as
''Seel ion 7. The Governor, Superintendent of
Public Instruction, snd the Principals of the
State Normal Schools shall constitute the State
Board of Education, and shall compile, or cause
to be compiled, and adopt a uniform series of
text-books for use in ihe common schools
throughout tho State. The State Board may
cause such text books, when adopted, to be
printed and published by the Superintendent of
State Printing at the State Printing Office, and
when so printed and published, to be distributed
and sold st the cost price of printing, publishing
snd distributing the hbiuc. The text books so
adopted shall continue in use not less than four
years; and said State Board shall perform such
other duties as may be prescribed by law. The
Legislature shall provide for a Board ot Educa
tion in each county In the State. The County
Superintendents and tbe County Boards of Edu
cation shall have control of the examination of
teachers and the granting of teachers' certificates
within their respective jurisdictions."
And notice is hereby fur.her given, that the
Legislature of the state of California, st its
twenty-fifth testis) session, commencing on the
twenty-fourth day ot March, A It. 1884, two
thirds of all tbe members elected to each of the
two Houses of said legislature voting In favor
thereof, proposed that Section ft of Article XIII
of the Constitution of the State of California be
amended so as to read as follows:
Sscnosft. A SUte Board of Equalization,
consisting of one member from each Congres
sional District in this SUte, ss the asms existed
In eighteen hundred snd seventy nine, shall be
elected by tbe qualified electors of their respect
ive Districts, at the general election to be held
ia the year one thousand eight hundred and
eighty-six, and at each gubernatorial election
thereafter, whose term of office shall be for four
years; whose duty It shall be to equalize the val
uation of the taxable property in the several
counties of the SUte for the purposes of taxation.
Too Controller of Sute shall be ex-otßcio a mem
ber of the Board. The Boards of Supervisors of
the several counties of the State shall constitute
Beards of Equalization for their respective coun
ties, whose duty it shall be to equalise the valua
tion of tho taxable property in the county for
the purpose of taxation; provided,such State and
County Boards of Equalization ore hereby au
thorixed snd empowered, under such rules of no
tice aa the County Boards may prescribe, as to
' the county assessments, and under such rules of
notice as the SUte Board may prescribe as to the
action of the SUte Board, to increase or lower
the entire assessment roll, or any assessment
contained therein, so as to equalise the assess
moot of tho property contained in said assess
ment roll, and make the assessment conform to
the true value in money of the property con
Ulned in said roll; provided, that no Board of
Equalization shall raise sny mortgage, deed of
treat, contract, or other obligation by which a
debt is secured, money, or solvent credits, above
its face value. The present State Board of Equal
isation shall oontlnui' in offlee until their succes
sors, as heroin provided for, shall be elected and
shall qualify-. The Legislature shall have power
to re-district the State into four districts as
nearly equal In population as practical, and to
provide for the t lections of members of said Board
of Equalisation.
Each amendment shall b« voted upon sepa
rately from tha others, by ballot, at the
next general election, to be holden on
Tuesday, the fourth day of November, A. D.
1884. The ballots ueed at such election shall
conUin the words "For the Amendment No 1,"
or the words "Against the Amendment No. 1:"
' For the Amendment No. t," or the words
"Against the Amendment No. 2;" "For the
Amendment No. 3," or the words "Agsinst the
Amendment No. 3." written or printed thereon.
Sacramento, July 21. 1884.
*ug2 t nov4 Secretsrv of SUte.
Order to Show Cause Why Order
of Sale of Real Estate Should
Not be Hade.
Id the Superior Court of the County of
Los Angeles, State of California.
la the Matter of the Estate of T. O. Smith, de
M. P. Cutler, the administrator of the esUte
of T. G. Smith, deceased, having filed his petition
herein, praying for an order of sale of the real
esUte of said decedent, for the purposes therein
sot forth.
it is therefore ordered by the said Court tnst
all persons interested In tbe estate of said de
ceased appear before the ssid Superior Court en
Friday, the i*th Day of Step
teßMber. mm.
At 10 o'clock in the forenoon of said day, at tho
Court-room of said Superior Court, at the city of i
Los Angeles, in the coonty of Los Angeles, to
nhow oauie why an order should not lw granted
to the said M. I. Cutler to fell so much of the i
real estate oi the said deceased as shall be neces
And that a copy of this order be published at
loot four successive weeks in the Los a ngelee
Holly Hkb alu, a nt-jrspaper printed and pub
lished in said county V Loa Angeles
Judge of the Superior Court.
Dated August 18th, 1884. augUtd
Sealed Proposals.
CtaaK's Omci Board of Sutrrvisom, •
Los Angeles, August 14. 1884. )
Sealed proposals will be received st this office
until Monday, September Ist, 1884, at 10 o'clock
A u„ for the purchase of 92500,00 bonda of the
San .Mm as School Dint riot. Said bonda are of
the denomination of #600 each, and payable as
follows, to-wit: Two bonds payable on the Ist
dsy of September, 1880, and three bonds paya
ble on too lat day of September, 1801, and
bearing 7 per cent, per annum Interest.
The Board reserves the right to reject any ar
all bids.
By order of the Board of Supervisors,
auutd A POTTS, Clerk.
Knights Templar.
<'<Bt v Da Lion Oohuandirt mo. 8, X • T:
Holds its sUted conclavci at the asylum In -Ma
sonic Hall on the Third THURSDAY of each
month, st 7} o'clock r. a. Sojourning Knight*
Templar In (food standing ere cordially Invited
attend. By order of the E C.
S. KKicaaaaooxaß. Recorder
Los Angeles No. 33, B:»
SUted convocations on second MONDAY of each
month, 7i r. a., at Masonic Hall. Sojourning
oompanioiis in good standing cordlallly Invitoif
Bj order of SAMUEL PRAGER, H. P.
M. Lxvi, BVretary.
Los Angeles Council No. 11, Royal
and Select Masters, F. & A. M.
Holds Its tUted assemblies on the 4th Hon
day of each month at Masonic Hall, st 7,90 r. s.
Sojourning Companions in good standing are
fraternally Invited to attend.
By order of theTh!- Ill\
It O. CUNNINGHAM. Recorder.
Masonic Notice.
Los Anqslss Lodqi No. 42, F. SA.
M. -The stated meetings of this Lodg
/ \are held on the first MONDAY of each
month at 7:30 p. m. Members of Pentalpha, No.
tot, and all Master Masons in good standing are
■ oordially invited.
j By order of the W:- M:-
Los Angeles Lodge No. 35, L O. 0. F. *
RiOPLAR mootting held on Wwlnemla
evening of each week at 7:SO .'clock.
Sojourning brethren in food standing are oordial
i ly Invited.
J. 0. Dl Tl ItK N. O.
A Faaim B, 81
American Legion of Honor.
Simnr Cotmca, No. 664, meet. Flr« ami Third
Thursday evenings of each month at Good Tem
plar.' Hall.
Visiting Companion! nlways welcome.
D. R. PAYNE, Commander
C. O. fitum. B«cretary. ap6-3m
Tri color Lodge No. 96 meets every Friday
evening in Masonic Hall, spring street.
Sojourning Knights invited.
J. B. BROWN, C. C.
M. P. CniMFXiatß, K. of R. and 8. ml 4
K. of pT~
Ouvs Lodos No. 80 Meet first and third
THURSDAYS in tbe month at Odd Fellows' Hail
P. O. Building. Sojourning Knights invited.
B A. Yorba. K. ef R and S. Jal-ly
Los Angeles Lodge No. 2925, K. of H.
Regular meetings of the shore Ledge sre held
every Wednesday evening at Old Masonic Hall,
Spring street. Visiting brothers sre cordially in
vfted to attend. H. C. AUSTIN
™*_ Dictator.
L 0. 0. P.
Orsnge Council No. 26, I. O. C. F., meets
every Wednesday evening in Good Templars
Hall. Vistttn#members arc cordially Invited.
Isaac S. Smith, Secretary. jc6 ly.
Eagle Corps, N. O. 0.
Rmulak meetings at the Armory, Oour
street, every Friday evening at 8 o'clock.
Captain Commanding.
C. A. Kmtlsk. First Sergeant je24-tf
Confidence Engine Company.
R son. ar meetings of this Com pa
sny on the flnrt Wtdetiuav evenini
Qsa*s***a€of each month, at 7:Moclock
Rv order N. COHEN. SecreUn
Of the County of Los Angeles, State of
In the Matter of the Estate of W. P. McDonald
Order to Show Cause Why Order of Sale
of Real Estate Should he Made.
It appearing to the Judge sf this Court by the
verined petition thia flay presented and filed by
M. U. Crawfurd, the Administrator ot th* estate
of W. P. McDonald, deceased, praying for an or
der of ssle of resl estate, that it is necessary to
sell seme portion of the real estate to pay the al
lowance Of the family, the debts outstanding
against the deceased and the debts, expenses and
! charges of administration, it is ordered by th*
Judge ef said Court that all persons interested ia
the estate of said deceased appear before the
said Superior Court on
Monday the «il Day of He p tern be r,
At 10 o'clck a. s. of said day. at the court-room
of said Superior Court, at the court-house, in
the said county of Los Angeles, SUte of Cali
fornia, to show cause why an order should not
be granted to the said administrator te sell so
much of the real estate of tho said deceased as
shall be necessary.
And that s copy of this order be published at
least four su- cessive weeks in tbe Los Angeles
Daily Hissld, a newspaper printed and pub
lished in said county.
Dated August lyth, 1384.
aug2otd Judge of tbe Superior Court.
Notice for Publication of Time for
Proving Will, etc.
County of Los Angeles. S m '
In the matter of the j. Q. a. SUnley,
Prususnt to sn order of this Court, made this
day, notice is h*rebv given that Tuesday, th* 2d
day of September, 1884, at 10 o'clock a. a of
said day. at the court room of this Court, in the
city and county of Los Angeles, has been appointed
for hearing the auolication of Mary Jan*
SUnley, praying that a document now
on tilein this Court. purporting to be the last Will
and Testament of J. 0,. A. SUnley, deoessed, tie
udmitted to probate, aim that let tern tesumenUry
be issued thereon to said Marry Jane SUnliy,
at which time and place all persons in
terested therein may appear aad contest the
Rated August 19, 1884.
A. W. POTTS, County tferk.
By B. E. TANEY, Deputy. augtOtd
No. 10 Alsmeds Street, near Electjio Works.
Contractor for all Kinds of Wood
ord« on short notice. JanSltf
Picture and Furniture Dealers
Pictures enlarged to any sice, in sny grads n
quired. New and second hand furniture bought
and sold. Pictures, frames and furniture re
newed. Open daily until 7:30 r a., Sundays ex

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