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Matters Affecting Western
Railway Interests.
U Ret AT »WM ™ SHU*.
The ttt.te Tax Klxed at 4» Cent.
Killed »r the • r alll»« or a
n0,,-. - tn llllaala
Baak Pall*.
[SpethtltothtFleraldbyA-ociaX'dPrm ]
Chicaoo, Sept. 15.-Thegeoer.l com
mittoe lo which was referred all matters
affecting the Western railway interoete,
including the continuance of the tripar
tite sgre. incut, waa In Bess,on till 2
o'olock, "hen an adjournment for four
honra was taken. The comm it, c ex
pect, to reach a conclusion of some aa.
ture this evening. A promine it otfiouil,
present at this conference, said some
progress had been made and preambl.a
and resolutions were possible, but not
aaattred. The Santa Fe declare, tbat it
will act independently unless tbe tripar
tite pool is dissolved, and tbe only road
holding out for its perpetuation is the
Rock islaud.
Killed ay the rail »f a Hnlldlna-
Bah Francisco, Sept. 15.—A now brick
retort hous. which was being boilt by
the San FranOlsoo Gaslight Company,
•nddenly fell iv yesterday, killing lwo
workmen, John Derapsey and Thomas
Wallaoe. The building, which wm not
fully oompleted, wu 70 feet long, 40 feet
in depth, with outer walls 40 leet high
A. investigation will ba held to deter
mine whether the fault wm in the con
An Elector Decline..
Bam Fbakohoo, Sept. 15.—Henry
Vrooman, who waa ehoted a candidate
lor Klector by tho Republican State Con
vention, bas addressed a lett. r to the
Republican State Central Committee de
clining to aerve. He gives m bia reason
the discUMioa over theqneation whether
he, being a State Senator, ia eligible aa a
candidal, for Eleotor.
The mate Tax.
Sacrambnto, Bept. 16—The State
Board ol Equalisation has fixed the State
tax at 45 cents.
f allure or llllnol. Baak.
Roceford, 111., Sept. 15. —N. C
Thon.psou's bank closed this morning.
A notion posted on tlie door of tbe bauk
and signed by N. C. Thompson, the
President, stated: "Owing to a stria
geney in the mo:.ey market I am un ible
to meet my obi gations as they matur
and am comi elied tv snsptud. My as
seta belet g to my creditors until their
demands are satiefied. Believing from
common experience that a. assignment
would result in omieces.aiy lot. to cred
itor!, I hava determined to apply my
sssets directly to satisfy ihe.e liabil
ities. Tbey are stated to be S6OO 000
The asset! include at. ck in the W.
Thompson Manufacturing Company,
aud are believed to be sufficient to cot-w
--all liabilities."
Narrow B.rape
OrTAWA.Ont., Bepl. 16 —Several mem
ber« of a party of British seientiats in the
Rocky Mouniama bad a narrnw e»oa|.a
from a fearful death on Friday,while ex
ploring a railway tunnel below Kicking
Horse Lake. Four miles of tb. tu nel
nddenly collsp.ed. precipitating an im
mense man uf rook in tbe mi.tat of tbe
party, two of whom were al gbily in
jure.l. The geologist, hava obtained
data by which they expeot to be able 10
Anally establish tbe exact eg of ha
Th* sss.ll way Hfi|iitri
Cbicaoo, Sept. 15 —Tba bondholders
embraced in the I ransoontint-iital Rhil
way A-aooia'i"a h«ld a short session to
day «nrl atijoomod till U o'clock to
morrow, to enable the General Commit
tee, appointed to consider tbe affairs uf
toe tripartite pool, to hold a hc-5u.,..
Tba) fuinre of tbe Trsna-'ontinenlal is
supposed to hinge on the diss It.tiou of
the tripartite, and the contiun uoe or
dissolution of thst comb nation is ex
pected to be Hnnounoe.i as a result of to
day's conference.
Fl•arte ln thins
Bak Fasitcisoo, Sept. 15 —Tiis San
Pablo, which an ivrd yeaterdey evening
from Hung Kong, brings inteH genoe ot
a terrible inundation i v King Bni
province. Th* flood Isstfd fourd-ys
and submerged the country in some
plaeee to a depth of sixty feet. Wh. If
towns and villages were swept awiiy and
from reports r*ceived it ia believed over
70,000 persons perished.
Take Warn Ins;.
ntatkhvilli, N. C, Sept. Iff.-Oen.
Latham, elisor of tbe Stetese/ille Ame-i
can, suicided Saturday wording. Lntuaio
joined tbe Repnblfc-tn par y two years
ago, was then repndiatcd by his family.
Is he I.otccl Dlsmoixt- ant a leach-
New Ynu, Sept. Ift.—Victoria Mori
sinl, daughter of Monsini, putuer in
Jay Gould's brokerage firm, who eloped
with and marr ed her father's ooaohman,
waa, on promise made thst all would be
fargirren, induced to return to New York.
She refused to separate from ber bns
band Her father then had her arrested
on a charge of stealing a diamond pin,
the property of her sister.
A Jfew wrhenie.
New Yr RK, Kept. Iff —A San Buffalo
special says: Oliver Wormoid, a fresco
painter, announces his intention to go
over Niagara Falls -n a rubber ball for a
parse of fIOOO. Ihe ball will be Hfteen
feet in diameter, tbree-qitaners of an
inch thick, and c on; n sac i air will be
injected into it. Wormoid says be can
live in it if necessary. He is 35 years
old end wee born in London.
Tha wain it crop of th * particular
teetion will be very Urge. lutheTicin- (
Ity of Downey, bowerer, the rrreran ia (
th* oat*. Tbe eio-a ive ralna of last i
winter anturated the ground ao Ihor
oaghly In that section that the atagntnt
water ao near tbe aurfMoe killed thona
and* of tree*. Aa an inatame of the
loe* from Ihia *oorce the c»»e nf one j
man who aold bia w.ilnnt orop la*i year
for $4000 and whi*a tree* era now all
dead, ia cited. In the Ooap-l Swump
country many thousands off fruit rre»s
hay* died from the aame can** — An
aheim Oauttf.
WHY WILL YliU oongh when fthi
loh** Cure will give immediate re IM
Price, 25 ota-. SO et* , |1. Sold by C. ¥
H sin tern a.., 122 North Main street.
Buokie./e Arnica Salve.
The greatest medical wonder of the
world. Warranted to speedily enre
burns, bruises, ouis, ulcer-, salt rheum,
fes-r-r sore*, cmcers, pslca, chilhla n',
Aims, tetter, chapped bunds, an 1 all
akin eruptions, guaranteed to cure 'n
every instance nr money refunded 2ft
e*n * per boi. For sale by C. T, Hfi.it*
A Cooa invetatmt-nt
My friend, if in yonr weodmi >
the pursu tof hup), ro m. you Ohanc* I
spend a few minute* in tbe purcba- i
a' luxury il.at wII conduce to both
health andp 1 casu re, count tli* tune ■ h
spent, and toe artiote 1 hat will re'tirn the
largest percentage nf bo h is TuiatHe
Punch So. cigar, at the P. O. Cigar
I will sell Eastern tranpp'anted oysters
in shells and cans her- rttt-r, at whole
*ale aad retail. B>b KcWertV
Tbe HeeuiCe-
All persona feeling dull end depressed,
or perhaps foamnah with no a| pi-tite,
no energy, the ejtiem olo,g>d, the livrr
torpid aad ihe bowels inactivo, who are
wondering how t find roli.f, ahcnld
purchase a (X) cant or tl bottlo ol -\vrup
of Figa, read tho circular around the
botlle, follow tho direction*, taking a
low doaea of thm plrneent remedy aud
be roatorad lo heahh nnd h.pninees. Il
may ba had of C. F. Heinavmno.
Uaa mmtVt Pamyle Horse Soap.
To Wnom It Mat conoera.
Plenae take notice. Any person 'Hav
ing pledgee or collaterals at the Htrr
Loan and Broker Office, No. 4 Com
merctal atreet, will please redeem tha
name or pay accrued internet thereon
within thirty days from thia date or they
will be sold. P. B.—Money loaned on
all kinda of personal property, mr.totf
If yon want Hue room., good board
and home comforts, go to tbe Kimball
Maosion —c r< nude I by a flower gar
dan—l3l Mew High etrset, near Tern
pis. eapMlin
■conoroioal fuel—Wellington coal
A careful estimate of the relative cost
of oosl and we ,d Showa the Wellington
coal in he tbe cheapest. It will burn iv
auy ordinary grate or cook stove, giving s
steady beat, and is much more convenient
to use than wojd. Now in general use
by all the hotels, restaur >v s etc., in
this ally. For sale at aU the retail oal
yards. Am prepared to sell same in car
load lota aud upwards, delivered at any
station ou the live of the Southern Pa
oifio Railroad.
Waltp.b S. Maxwell,
my2stf Whole-ala Dealer, 10 Part at.
and a ■pacific for
lous* aflectloni*.
the i-ouiid basli*
ma ' m r m mm \\m\\\W of nore thsn
Bass. - twenty yea™ «•
I BJ I shaken by the
claptrap nostrami of unscientific pretenders,
than the everlasting hi Is by the winds thst rus
tle through their defiles For sale by all Drug
gists and Dealers generally.
Ayer's Cherry Pectoral.
•mm aaai " Orrvllle, Ohio, Pep* „, ltg%
COLDS. " Having been suh'- to a bran.
chin! affection ..ill. frequent
colds, for a number ot ,rs, 1 hereby cer
tify that Arm's Cr ~v Pfctoral give,
mo prompt relief . Ir the most effective
remedy I have eve iff. I.
Editor of The Creteenl."
" «**■ fi »»»<l. Ohio, .Tune », 188 J.
COUGHS, " ' b"'" """l AVER'S CBERRT
Pr-fTonAf. this spring for a se
vere congh and lung trouble with good
effect, and 1 am pleased to recommend It
to any ono similarly affeoted.
Habvrv Baookmak,
Proprietor Globe Hotel."
Or. J. C. Ayer & Co., Lowell, Matt.
gold by all Druggists.
Who want glossy, luxuriant
snd wavy tresses of sbuudnnt,
beautiful Hair must use
elegant, cheap article a ways
makes th i Hair crow freely
and fast, keeps It from falling
out, arrests snd cores tray
ness, removes dandruff and
itching, makes the Hair
strong, giving it a curling
tend ney and keeping It ln
any desired position. Heau
tiful, healthy Hair is the sore
result of nsiug Katbairon.
and MALARIA, m
From these ao-r.-.c.a arise Uuee ftrarths O'
,c diseases of the hnrnftn race. Tuear
■Tnptoroa Indicate their e:uatenoe: I__oe oi
tppetlte, Bon. U costive, Stela Head},
che, fullness after eating, Merrtm to
~ rtlc.u af bod- or Kind, Eructation
X food, Irritability of temper, _*-
plrlu, A feeling of baring neajecte.i
■mo <lmy, IHnuUH, FlntterlßJt a* th'
Icert,Bota before the ejree. highlycot
red trine, COMSTIPATIOJfT and de
and tho nse ofa remedy that o<tajfllrjotl j
ntheLlrer. A«alJTermedlolmeTlJTr«
r£ IS have no eatial. Their aotlon ontnt
. I Ineyannd Skin Is alao prompt; remortns
11 imparities through these three '' •<■*▼-
inn of tho aietem," producing eppe
o, sound digestion, rogiilur stools, a oloa'
dnandavlgorouabodvr. TPTT'MFry*
mac 110 nausea or griping nor lnterfert
Ith dally work and are a perfect
W}?SlfJ r t9l^W&
Guar Hair or Whisrfrs. changed lr
'nntly to aGI/jasr Black nyasinglo ap
lUoatlon of this DTE. Sold by Druggists
iraont by expreaa on receipt of at.
Offlc', 44>1urmy Street, Ncr TJ*.
"tto wftiu of ustnii asceirri ran
DR. M 8. JOV'U it ft candidate for Count?
Aud'tor, robje*t to the deeUion of tbe Demo
cretlc Countr Conreiitlon. teptlOM
J. W. BROADF.D. present Incnmbent, Is ft
Cftndidste for re-, lection to the otlice of C ounty
Tre«eurer, subject to the Hem cr.tl.- Conren-
Haa. sadtltHd
For Distriot Attorney.
R n, rLOIIKHny it > canilMete for District
Attorney, subject to n oninfttlon by the Demo
crfttic County i onrentioo.
w. p MORF HI) wtll ha a candidate for tha
offlc* ot i-herlff of i#oa \sireles coanty, subject to
lhe decision of tbe Republican County Conven
tion sugtVtf
For County Clerk.
■f. H BRFWR, ol Vernon, announces him
self a- a candidate fir tbe otflce of 0 unty Crtvb,
•oblect. tt> tha Unclaion of ihe Democratic Cunty
Ov-nventlon. SAigl7
WM be a canrlidat- for Sheriff, subject to the
action of the Democrat!a C unty Convention.
i eugllHd
For Township Constable.
E. i. ROCHF annnunoea hlmaelf as a candi
date for 'h« fTi eof Constable in lAngeet
T**nsMn mhteot to the tlec.slon of the Demo
orat.o Convention. ss r >tlltd
For Township Constable
MR. 0. L. CRU/announces himself as a oan
dldats for the o Ttce of Con-dtble of Iroa Ancel-e
Township, subject to the dsclsi n of the Demo
cratic County Convention. «.■ ( .t zi.i
8 LETT, of r*owney, Is a candidate for ths
offlce of Tal Collector, subject t • the rlsclmon of
the D. mocrati Convention. septlHtd
The Model Settlement ol
Map of lrn-t nnd ropy ol "Ontario Truit Oroe
ar* wot free un nppln-^tion.
Proreedinff* ol serol-A nnuel Ktele I onventlou
of Fruit uVr/wnee, with tint ii Ha .ppeiidiv jflrtaa
prnflte f fruit culture, rllrn.te ami .eoeral In
rerenettea, mat aa famfart af as oants in stamp*
Apply to J. rI.OAI.KINB, bra N.i. «, Hchu
in.lter Heal, awn. P. it, Lo. Angeles, or mldrna
tlHAKKßV HBile.. Ontai'l'i. I nl
It ia located
li extremely healthful, has One surroundings,
and m actee-lbl* by both - all and rtaunsr. In
rttw of the c<in.t«iii|>l-iad early extension a< the
-.1 * fmithefS It*. I road, to a connection
srlth U.e Atlantic and Pactfl, Kail road this hntal
ran be made a grand success by an •n.tjrijn-.1. g
and a.periancad manairar.
For particulars apply to
J. M Vl( TflH
Superintendent Fan Diego l and and Tows Com
pany, National City, Cal. *ugl*, lm
Qoneral Met chandise Business in a
Oood Location
Capital Brqulrrd. SSO.Oee.
for panlcu'.are apply en
M. LEVY *% CO.
aug SI lss
Lumber Dealers,
Manufacturers of Doors
rttalc. Stair Rati, Ballusten, Newell Posts mi
Mill Work of .very description, and dealers It
Urn., Faster, Hair, etc
No. SSS North Alameda Street.
Ayer Lumber Co.,
Offlce aad Yard
322 Alameda St., near Aliso.
Of all kinda a Specialty. Flooring,
Ceiling, Rustic Mouldings and
Box Stuff, Hair and
131. HUTTOm' AG» T.
Bank Exchange,
The bent brands of
By th« (lass or Settle Also heat krauda ol
Celebrated St. Louis Lager
Alwaya on draught.
P. MC'MANUS, Proprietor.
Real Estate and General
Opposite tha V. 8. Hotel, ia tha Both Block,
Wit. conduct a general auction bu.iness on tha
moat liberal terma Prompt returns mads
oo all atlas Our regular Satur
day sals of
—AT tWB—
Central Horse Market,
Ona door froai Main Street.
mh» WW. T. FI-LO.
California Soda Works.
—Awum na-
from bM.ru Cider Company.
Pr Free delivery to say part of tha oity.
Telephone No *M.
Xotke to the Public
Siwovth. Orar at Co.. aad A. Laak tl Co.,
hays no lunar Interest in, and nothing to do
with, th Southern I'alliornl* Orang. Company,
having diapoead of their stock in sstd company,
t>ut will continue in tha Iruit trade oa their own
account awpta lw
George O'Brien, i
Late of th* Bay Vlaw Hotel at Wilmington,
haa opaned tha
City Front Chop House,
And will ha happy to as* his old friend* in hi*
aaw ptec*. sepUHf
Proposals for Earth Approaches
to the First street Bridge and the
Aliso street Bridge-
Notice Is h*r*by ftr*n that seeled proposals
will b* received by the undersigned up to the
meeting *t the Council of the city of Los Angele*
ni dapieiuber Idth, ISS4, for the construction of
eartn approach** t> ihe First atreet hr.dge and
ihe All*i street bridge, tn aoeo>danc* with plans
«>.d sprlligation In the otßoe of the lttt Sur
reyor of aalu city. ■ .Id pr poaaia shall b* as f I-
Pur tb* writ approach of th* First street
bridge, I T* r inear loot of embankment
l-or the caM appro t.b ot tn« First street bridge,
f. per linear foot of embankment.
Kor ths we*t approach of the Aliso street
In idire, I per linear foot of embankment.
Kor east approach ol th* Allan street bridge,
| per lla*af taut of rmhankment.
And each appmaeh to be separately con
tracted for.
A certified shack for f*V payable to the order
i of the undents: ed, to *> company each bid a*
1 aurety that tho bidder will enter int.. a contract
n. conformity with his bid If Urn earn* I* ao
cent ed hy the CounO 1
By order of the council of ths City of La* Aa
iraleaat it* meeting ol Auguat 96th,1884
Clark of the Council of the city ot Lo* Angstos.
La* Aaarela*. September 4th, 1-84. aaa 4 lot
Dissolution Notice.
The arm ol nutrhln||i * Monro, heretofore do
in* biialnere nl lh« ourner ol Upper M.tn nnd
Collnee itreeu. hna keen dbeolved by muMnl
i-oneent, H, E. Moore retiring. J. & Hutohlnne
wtll ror.tlnue the huetnene nl Ihe old etnnd,
where he wtll settle the eeoounte of the Into
firm. orpin ♦»
All pnrtlee baring »h»de or ornamental tree,
on the ildee-alk, ot the day ef Ln, Anfelee ore
r.quire.l tn trim tbe snnu> within ten dnye from
the dnte of tbi. notice. By order of
flrjportotendont of Utreotn.
Loe Anfrelnn, Alte-ant s», UM MTU
Mr . K. Km .Inn, r.eutly from Europe, hu
opened n studio nt Sin w. Flftn nt net, wliere
ehe I. i re,«red in make Portmito either In nil
,or Crayon. Lenmna jrlren In all breachee of the
I an. ferine roneaueble esaul lm
• Los Angeles Savings Bank,
CAPITAL, - - - • #H>o,<MM>
Hooird of iHrfrtors:
Is At as W Hulls an, Joss E. Pl atis.
Roar. 8. Basks, Joan A. Parros,
L, O. Qooawix.
Term Depoeite will be reoeired in earns of ono
hundred dollars snd ever.
Ordinary Deposits In sums of ten dollars sod
Money to loan on first class Real Estate.
Los Angelos, July 1,1884. full tf
First National Bank
Capital stork, : : SlOO.OOO
Surplus, : : : : • 100,000
lE. F. SPENCE, : Prasident
WM. LAOY, : : : : Cashier
J. D. Bickriu., 3. t. Ca11.., H. Hunt,
Wh. Laot, k r. urßtoa
Oktr. A. H. Wooox, Da. R- H. ScDo.au,
O 8 WrraWT, JumMoCot,
jr. cum, o. q. 3t.lt,
3. E. HoLumn, I- LAH.IIUHt.,
H. HAnntT, A W. V.IL,
J. D. Bratrau. a. V SrcKia ottf
Mala St, Lot Angelea, OaL
Baaarve rand, SSOaooo
JOHN & PLATER- riMtdMit.
tt & BAKER Vloe-Pro«d.[.t.
a L. MtoNKIL OMblw.
3. a Sunn, Jontu. Son,
Jon. R. Bonn 8. B.m,
Job. a. P.noi, Onu. W. PaMoOTT
R. M. tan.
RBTBtiT lwb tau, Riouaw on mot Pnuieino
Sn Tort, Loadoa, P-rU, Berlin mod rruktort
SS-Bot Ixcuni tn mil put. et th. tjattad
StotM .»] Knnpa
mmmomm MomtT OB open Hooont 'mA oertlf
o*t* of drnprMX, ud do . Rwml bi.nking .DO
axon as e framnmm
Farmer i Merchants' Bank,
Capital, HB.a—. saralaa aa
SeaerTe Turn*, OSSOitSS,
wil or DtaaoToa.:
O. W. CHILDtt. a R. THOM,
New York, London,
Frankfort, Dublin,
Paris and Berlin.
a** Bml.e Doportu .nd In Tlutt Co.
mW Buy "id Sell OoTe.nm.nt., SUte, Countr
o*o. ft. BoKesaias, Jou Bireos, Sr. ,
PrM-t »UrWt
r. O. Bona, cooler.
Los Angeles National Bam,
CAPITAL. • 104>.00»>.
Da. W. 0. CoonaAK, Cau. H. B. Maasaaa
Paaar M. Oaaaa, Joaa BaTaoa, Ba.,
Da. B. Sdnusaoen, F. 0. Howm
Oao. B. Boaaaaaaa.
aVbunauige foreue on all the principal dtlea
■1 tbs UaHad Mala and Euros*. luh*
Ollietto, Gibson * Wood,
Examiners of Title and
Room. 13 aod 14, McDonald Block, Main
HaaaT N. Oallowat D. B. Libsab.
Attor»«> «t-L«w.
Ex-miners of Titles & OonTeraneara
Room. 1 aad I Moore Blook, Court Street, oppo
site Court House. Loa AatNsss, OaL oet-flsa
Barrett ft Sherwood,
Na Ist Montgomery Street, - Baa Fraoci
Importer, aad Mtoufaetnrsn at
Diamonds, Watches, Jewelry, Silver
ware and Plated-ware.
Ws Invite visitor, to Saa rrsnc sco to Inspect
our stock before making their purchases. Al
American Watches. A Targe stock slways oa
hand. Agenta for Roekford Watches. nrMr
It. HiLLra. J. J. Woodwcrtb,
t'rastdent. S.UI story.
Old Santa Monica R R Depot,
Whotsaale and Retail dealers in
Santa Crag Lime, English and Eastern
Cement Plaster, Plastering Hair,
Firs Brick, eto., eto.
Alsa a tall Una of
Second Qjaalttr Oregon Pine
redwood" lumber
A Chance to Win if Yon
I barn the oontfolllnf InWrwt in IAM minim
clninga in Cnlioo Dhrtriot, mm* ot whloh li M
tool property M thorn In in thia dlntrlot. I will
nil nn; portion or nil thnnboro propnftjr. pnyn
bin wh«n Ororer Clorelnnd in nloctod ln thn
promnt oontnst.
nnl7 lm A. O. RHODES.
Cash Furnitiire Store,
m' ayaaaa aaa n—
IN Vmm Hmclm Hire**.
Loontod in thn
rhonauidn of ncrnn of good Oorornmont Lnnd
Cheap Lands For Sale.
nn*l» 1« Lmmr, OnL
Kx-Amor. Bnrh sonoo.o. dun In nil thin month.
Mil otto.: No, • so.K,m at
ii sass ■ ■ — n
Daily and Weekly
Leading Paper
Southern California,
WIU daroto It. milium, to further! ng the Inter,
as. of Loe Anfeke ottj mod county end the
Southern portion ot the SUto. It 1. the Intention
ot the nnbUahor to m.ke
The Herald
Complete la all ia detail, and is
•very department
The Editorial Columns
By errnrurementa ne»l v tbo ad wtll be the fallal
nnd moot eihauntl ye lo bo found in aar paper of
tbe State, not betnc nurpaannd by tbone of tba
Han Preaoiane deUlee
Win eontein a compute resume of
Lo Happening's and all Matters
Of Home tntorest.
DAILY HKRALD, by mall, one rear. ft.OD
DAILY HKKALD, by mall, au menthe t.Oo
DAILY HERALD, by mall, three montha... A.CO
15 Cents Per Week.
•a? rss aa aa a a
WTfKKLY, one veer, by mail M.o*
WKKKI.Y a. month* by mall L*
WUKLY, three month*, by mail LM
faynble lu.ertebly la alyaaaa,
Mortgage Bale.
In the Superior Court oi Los Angeles
County, State of California.
Oaee No. MT9
Fanners' at Merchants' Bank,
M. A. Forrtcr, Admlntsttator, etc., otal.
Wilder and by virtue of a decree of foreclosure
and order of sale enterod lv tho above
Court, ou the 24 hdayof April, 1884, end a writ
of execution for the enforcement of said judg
ment requiring the sale of property undor fore
closure of mortgage reciting oaid decree, and
dated September Sth. 1884, iv tho above en
titled esse tv favor of tho . lalntiff and against
the said defendants,tor thu sum oi 81b 872 w It*',
balance t.ue, including attorney'! fees, interest
aod costs, besides accruing costs, a cv. tiflud copy
ol which decree of foreclosure ami sale, duly
attested under the seai of said Court on the Uth
dsy of September, 1884, ami delivered to me on
l the 11th day of S pttisber, 1884, to
gether with the writ aim. x, d thereto
whereby I am commanded to sell at public auction,
to the highest and best bidder for cash fn U. S.
gold coin, the following portion in said decree
described real estate, to wit: Situate, lying and
be 1 g lv the county of Los Angeled, state of
Oalilornia, and bounded and particularly dcs
criued aa follows, to-v.lt:
let. All that cert tin lot or parcel of land sit
uUe.lving and being in tho county of l.os An
gelos, Btateof (.allfornla, bt.umt.tt and th scribed
as lollowe, to-wit An umtivided inteieot uf
one-third ( T ) more of lo<<s, In that certain par
cel of lan.i situ .te on the oa«t side of 1 os Angelee
river and being a pjrt of the Kancho Sau All
-tordo. and knuwu so "La Mesa de Felipe I Utro,"
and hounded and described as follows, to wit;
Cunimenring st a stake from which bears Ihe
northwest comer of the add c house ol Felipe
Lugo south tl* easts 7 -100 chains and running
thence In the direction'if the pole fence on the
north side of the oncl suie of M .nt Antoitls
Reudon do Lu*o, wido* ot Jo-0 MarU Lugo, do
ceased, south Stfi* west 17 oMoo . hairs to the
southwest corner of sal l tract in thu dry bed of
the Ins Angelee river; thence norlh 17.* west
2' 88 100 chains to th.■ nortuwast comer of this
tract, also in thedrvhed of tho Los Angeies
river; thence north M*," e»»t 2-* 01100 chains to
the northea-t corner of this t.ect: thence south
v 'oast 20 00-IOU ohtins tv the southeast corner
of of this tract; thenc south Btff* west t on Km
chains to the place of beginning, snd containing
Hfty acres of land.
2d. All that oertato piece or parcel of land
situate In said county of Lou Atmoies. State ot
California, and do-o ibed as follows, ta-wit: An
undivided into est 01 one-half, more rr less, in
and to all that certain Petroleum Clftl*. and
mining right or p operty-or that certain v- to
or limlo of rocks and earth containm* aq>baltum,
potro eura or kindred substances, rituate ln tho
san Fernando I'etroleutn titling District, and
described as follows: ihs same being known an
the "Heo" claim No. 0.10 (1)," siiu.ite In Pico
Cation «nd lyiug- befewn t>e "Hughes Claim"
and tho ' Pi. o Claim No. 2."
Public notice lo hereby given that on
Tu**»*tsy , the 7th I* ay of October,
A. IS. IHH4.
At If o'clock M. of that day, I will
proceed to sell, st the Court House door, on
Spring streot, in the city and county of Los Ango
les, State of California, at public auc
tion, to the highest and beat bidder, for cash
in U. S. fold coin, to satisfy said decree for prin
cipal, costs, interest and accruing costs, all the
above described real estate. 01 a 1 much thereof
as may bo necessary to satisfy said sums.
Olren under mv hand this 12tb day ot Sep
tombor, A. D. 1834.
A. T. CI tt Xl Kit. Sheriff.
By H. BURDICK, Under sheriff.
Notice to Creditors.
Estate of H. D. MoFarlao, deesssed.
Notice is hereby given by the undersigned. Ex
ecutor of the list Wil' and Testament of H. l>.
McFarlan, deceased, to the creditors of, and all
persons h*wng claims against tbe said deoeased,
to exhibit them, with the necessary vr.uchcrt.,
withtn four months after the first publication el
this notice, to the s-.ln Executor, at his plsce
of bu-iness, to wit: At the rarmer,'s * Mt m
ants Bank, in tho city ot Los Angele-, State of
California JOHN Al I LIS ER,
Executor of the last Will and Testament of H.
D. McFarlan, de<-e*ed.
Dated st Los Angeles, ("al., Sept. It, 1884.
septH 4W
Notice to Creditors.
Estate of Erat liana Valensuela de Ybarra, de-
Notlce is hereby given by the undersigned,
Executor oi the last Will of Emeliana Valenxuela
os Ybarra. deoeased, to the creditors of, and ail
persons having claims against the said deceased,
to exhibit them with the neceossr> vouchers,
within four months after the flr*t publication
ot this notloe. to the said Executor, at the office
of Thomas B. Brown Nos. 81 and 92. Ttmple
Blook, ln the city of Los Angele*, county of Lo*
Angeles, State of i aliforma, tho same being the
p see for the transaction of the business of the
eald estate. RAMo.N VAI.E>Z(/KLA.
Executor of the last Will of Emehsns Valen
suela da Ybarra, deceased.
' Dated at Los Angelas, cal., September 2d.
1884. eeptB
Notice to Creditors.
Estate of L. L Farley, deoeased.
Notloe Is hereby given by the undersigned.
Kxecutor of tbe estate of L. L. rhi lev deceased,
to the creditors of, snd all persons hay-
Ing claims against the said deceased, to exhibit
them with tbe necessary vouchers, within fur
months after the first public.ttion of this notice,
to the said Executor, at the office of Micks,
Luo»s fc Be- tlcy, 96 and 87, Temple Bock, the
same being the place for the transaction ot tho
buistnoss of ssld estate, in the • ounty of Los An
geies T. R CItKSSr.Y,
Executor of ths last Will of h. L. Farley .deceased
Dated September Sd, 1884.
Wicks, Lucas A Bentley, Attorneys for Exeeu
tor. septs
Notice Is hereby given thst the City Tsxe* of
ths city of l os Angeles, Calif or la, (or tn« fiscal
year 1884-8 are now due and payable, and will
(unless paid prior thereto) become delinquent on
the flr-t Monday of November (next), 884. at 6
o'clock p. a., and unless paid prior the »-tft (Wi
per oent. will be ad-ted to tho amount thereof
The said taxes are par -Me at the City Tax
Collector's Office, No. 83 N. Spring street, at Los
Atwslss city, every dsy, except Sundays and
legal boltdsys, between the hours of 0 o'clock a.
■t. and 6 o'clock r a.
And the law In n gird to the collection of City
Taxes will be strictly euforcsd.
Given under my hand thli 12th dsy of Septem
ber, A. D. 1884. H. 8. PAKCELB,
City Tsx Collector of the dty of Les Angeles.
OaL asptll! Ifit
Housewives, Attention!
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Have the only new and reliable msohinery In
Southern CaUfornis for claas Ing carpets, etc , and
Guarantee all Work Done and at
Reasonable Prices.
C.rpetn taken up, denned nnd rel.id in any.
part of ihe city or .oburb. on thn nhortant notion
Loare orden nt tbe
Los Aagelea Furniture Com
pany's Store.
259 ft 861 N. Main Street, or by Mail
to Box 1164.
H. Newmark & Co.,
Dealer, ln Wool, brain. Hlden
DOCTOR YOTH, from Europe, who under
'tends the "Gripe Cure' system thoromthly, s
■rnpart*i to yive advice to invalids sufferintr
29 South Sprint? St. Bryson Eall,
Hoom 3. auirts lw
Always In the lead. The finest studio in
'Southern California. Our work is unequellec
and unexcelled.
aUflssf Los Anaetrs, Cala.
Tha offlon of tha City Superlntendend.nl o
School, i. in the
Central School Buildins.
Coraer Fort and Ten pie Sts.
OPTICS Horns mil. ■ »<«> day, nnd
SWto 10 Mender.
nuarMlat L. U. SMITH. Supt.
Pit-lore and Farnitare Dealer
riotuma enlarged lo any ainn. in any grade re
quired. Now n.*l eeeood-h.ttd furniture u»nwi
eou Mid. Ploturaa, ir.in.-. and furniture i
newed. Open dall. uulll ;:*« r. a., Marian .i
napwd MUWOITHir
Sxactrms DsrASTitss-r. f
ftirsuant to the Constitution of the SUte
of California, and an Act of the Lev
islature of the Stato of California, entl
'led "An Art to provide for the subml«olon of
i>roposed S'lisridmwnts'o the Constitution of the
9'ate of t a 1 1 ' ri» to tho qualified ele.-t-.rs for
their itnproval," ap r rovttd March 7th, 1881. no
tice o hereby given that tho Legislature of the
st .tsof California, st its twenty-fifth session,
cotumenclog on the first Monday after the first
day of Janutry, A. D I*B3. two thirds of all tne
members elected to etch of tho two Houses of
•aid Legislature voting in ttvorthereof, proposed
that. Section tf of Article XI nf the Consti
tution of the State of California bo amended so
ss to road as follows:
AM I N I'M I N I NO. 1.
SacTtnx If). InHnycity where there are no
public works o>Mie.| and controlled by tho mu
nicipality to stipplyn.g the same with water or ar
tlltetallight, ant individual or any company duly
iocorporNt--d for Hiit-h purpose untler and by au
thority of tl c luvtsof this Huts, shall, under the
direction of the Superintendent of Streets, or
other officer In control thereof, and under such
general regulations as the municipality may pre
scribe for damages, snd Indemnity for damages,
htvethe privilege of u«lng the public si rets
ami thoroughfares thereof, and of laying down
pipes and concuits tin t. m. and connections
therewith, t-o far as may be necessary for intro
ducing into and sup-dying euch city and Its In
habitant* either with ge-Tight or other iiluminat
Ing I gkt, or with fresh water lor domestic and all
other purpose*, upon the condition that the
municipal fovrrument shall have the right to
regulate the charges thereof.
And notloe la herehr further given, that at the
game session two thirdt ot all the membera
elected to each nf tho two H >u»h voting in favor
thereof, the said Legislature proposed that Sec
tion 7 of ArtliHe IX of the Constitution ofthe
State lif California be amended wu to read aa
"Section 7. The Governor, Superintendent of
Public Instruction, and t'.e Principals of the
81 ate Norm*) Schools shall • onstltute the State
Hoard of frdiicstieu, and shall compile, or cause
to be compiled, and adopt a uniform series of
text-book* tor use in the common schools
throughout the itate. The State Board may
cause such text b ok*, when adopted to he
printed and published by the Superintendent of
Stut* Printing at the State Printing UhVe. and
when so printed and publ< -hod, lo be distributed
and nold at the cost, mice of printing, publishing
-nd distributing the some. Che text-books so
adopted shall continue in use not less thsn four
tears; and said utate Board shall perform sucn
oth r duties as may be prescribed by law. The
Legislature shall p.ovlde for* Board ol Educa
tion In each county ln ths State. Tho Oounty
■mii erlntendent- and the County Boards of Edu
cation snail have control ot the examination of
teachers and the griming of teaeherV oertlff oaten
within thuir respective iurledietiose."
And notloe is hereby fur.her given, thst the
Le lal-tursof thu Mate of Calitornla, at lv
(eitra) session, commencing on the
twenty-funrtn day of March, A B. 1884, two
thirds of all members elected to each of the
tvyo House* of said Legislature voting in favor
thereof, proposed that Section 9 of Article XIII
of tho constitution of the state of California be
amended 00 as to road as follows:
SRC-no* U A Stats Board of Equalisation,
consisting of one member Irom ssuh congres
sional bistrlct iv this state, as the same existed
in eighteen hundred snd seventy nine, shall be
elected by the qualified electors of their respect
ivo Districts, at ibe gen> ral election to be held
In tiio v.ar one thousand eight hundred snd
eighty-six, and at aavch gubernatorial election
thereafter, whose term of office shall be for four
years; whose duty itohall be to equalise tho val
uation cf tho taxable property in the several
counties ot the State tor the purposes of taxation.
The Controller of SUte shall be ex-otttoto a mem
ber of the hoard. The Board* of supervisors of
the several counties of the State shall constitute
Boards of Equalisation for tneir respective eoiin
t es, whose duty it snail be to equalise the valtu
tlon ot the taxable property In the county tor
the purpose of taxation; provided,ouch Stato and
County Boards of lU)ualisation are hereby au
thorized snd empowered, vi.dor sucn rules of no
tice w the county Boards m*y prescribe, as to
the countt assessments, and under such rules of
notice so the State hoti-d may prescribe ss to the
action of ihe St .ie Board, to locr a-e or lower
the entire assessment roll, or any assessment
contained therein, so as to equalize the sosssm
moot ol the ito*. rty contained in oatd saaees
tho nue value in money of the property con
tamed in Hal l roll; pro, idod, that no Board of
Equalisation shall rai»e any mortgage, deed of
tri'St, ao..tract, or 01 her 'obligation by which a
debt is recured, money, or solvent credits, above
its fsoe value. The present Stato Board of Equal
isation shall centinu in oitiee until their sucoss
son, as herein provided for, shall be elected and
shad quality. Tho Legl-Ututo shall have power
to re-diotrict tbe State into four districts ss
nearly equal in population as practical, and to
provide for t'>e . lectiono 01 members of said Hoard
of Equalization
Hach amendment shall be voted upon sspsv
ratolv fri'tn tho others, by ballot, st the
next general election, to bo holdon on
Tue-dav, the fourth day of November, A. D.
1884. 'the ballots u-ed at such election shall
contain the words "For the Amendment No 1,"
or the words '-Against the Amendment No. 1;"
■ 'For the Amemiuint No. it," or tho words
"Against the Amendment No. 2;" "For the
Amendment No. 3," or the words ' Against the
Amei'dment No. 3." written or printed thereon.
Saoraiuento, July 24, ISBI.
sug2 t nov4 Secretary of State.
Order to Show Cause.
In the Superior Court of Los Angelee
County, State of California.
lv the matter of the estate of Nieves R. de Read,
Wm. LacT, the Administrator of the estate of
Nieves R. do Reed, deceased, having; tiled hie
verified petition herein praying for an order of
sale ut the whule of the personal property and ao
much of the real ewte'e of eaiil deouotnt, aa may
he necessary, for the purposes therein sat forth.
lt is hereby ordered that all persons
interested in the estate of said deceased appear
before tbe said Superior Court on
Tueednj , the 80) th nay of "rptrm
At 10 o'clock a. a., of said day, at the Court
Room of said superior Court, at tbe Court
H use, in the city of bos Angeles, lv tbe county
of Loe Angelee,to show cause why an order should
not be it-ranted to satd Administrator to sell the
whole of the personal property ef said leoeased
and so much of the real estate ef said deceaaed
as eh nil be necessary,
And that a copy of this order be published at
least four successive weeks in the Los An
esLBB Daily Hssalp, s newspaper printed
and published in the said oounty of Los Amrele*,
immediately preceding said day duly set for the
hearing- of said petition.
Judge of the Superior Court of said L'-s Angeles
17th, 1884. augtStd
Notice So Creditors.
Kstate of T. J. Askia. deeessed.
Notice is herebr given by the undersigned,
administrator of the estate of T. J. Askln,
deceases, to the creditors ot, and all persons
b»ving claims against th* said deceased, to
exhibit them with the necessary vouchers, with
in four months after the first publication of
this notice to the said administrator, at Hooms
1,1 and 3, Allen Block, in the oity of Los An
geles, in the oounty of Los Angslse, Htste ot Oal
f. mis st. P. CUTLER,
Administrator of the Estate of T. J. Askin, ds-
Dated at Los Aagelea, August 17, 13*4.
Gardiner 6) dtephsnson, Attorneys for admin
strator. susjM 4w
Notice fur Publication, of Time for
Proving Will, Etc.
Stats of CAuroeinA, i
Cootrrr or Las Amsslsb. [
In the Mstter of the Estate of J. O A. Stanley,
Pursuant to an order of this Court made this
Jay, notice is hereby given that Tuesday, the Ifltb
jay of September,at In o'clock a. M. of sale!
lay, at the Court Room of this Court, tn Urn
sounty of Los Angeles, has been appoint
edfor hearing tbe application of Mary Jane Stan
Icy, pray ins: that a document now on file inthb
Court, purporting to he the last Will and Testa
raent of J. -v A. Stanley, deceased, be admitted
to j rolaate, ™nd that letter* teat amentary b.
issued thereon to Mary Jane Stanley, at whlcl
tiros snd plane all persons interested tfaereir
may appear and the same
Datsxl September Al, 1884.
A. W. PoTTS, County Clerk.
By A R . Deputy.
R. M. Wldney, Petitioner.
The Rrni uf Dotter at Bradley bas this day beet.
.U-tsohtd by mutual corw-sot. lather of the
partner-. ar« authorised to use tbe firm name In
.>],:- in j; up the lnwnees of the Arm anl collecting
debt, uwlna: to the firm. M pc-cons indebted to
the old tirui uf Potter v Bradley are requested te
call and settle such tiideb<<idnesa.
Referring to the above notice we would state
that we have disposed of nur large aloes, ot goods
to the LOs ANGr.LES KUKNiTCKK CO.. a cor
poration, Incorporated July HI. Itss with a oa»h
ai.it. 1 if #lu«,i-00 (Mid up. of whi.h Ct'L. H. H
IT. ai Unt, K. P. JOHNSON Secretary and U. T
STAMM Treasurer.
We take thU oroaslon te thank our numerous
friends and MM* ra 'or their patrona*,s, and
ta.rn.slly solicit a contlnuanoe of the same for
the new company.
Los Angeles, August l, ItM. auM-im
I now have m nsw and .omplete outfit for bor
ing wells and aw st work oa the Santa Anita
tlancho. Will be glad to m>ke soatraess with
all parties a lahing wells sunk
auatS tm LACTA Mf.lT
mt' . i La. Atreauaaa.co, Avar. 90, a.*
From gepternber lat, proihao. than tee et tee
. 11l oa reauoo. to *} M> per th u»ai..i rant rat
order BbWAJUI BALL, mnfy.
Notice of Presentation.
To H. L. Macnail, Oeorge D. Rowan,
Victor M. Clement, Clementine La
msr and X B. Miller.
You and each of you are hereby notified thst
on the 27th d*> of September. 1884, st 10 o'clook
a. H.,ofthatdav the undersigned, as Caff At
torney of the City of I.os Angelee, a municipal
corporation, will, in the name and for and In be
half of said corporation, present to the Superior
Court of the county of Los Angela*. Slate of Calif
ornia, at the c. omt Hou*e in the City of Los An
geles, In satdcounty snd state, and in the Court
Room of the said Court House in wt.fch Hon. H.
M. Smith preeidea aa ono of the Judges of eald
Court, a p tltton in writing praying for the con
detonation for publlo use, via: for a public
street, of that realty described in sold petition
and sought to be londsmnod, which aald realty
Is deacrlbed as fol ows:
Situate la the city of Los Angeles, county of
Los Angeles, State of California, and Inrther
described thus: Beginning st a point on the
south side of First street, east of Los Angeles
riror, distant 207.0 feet weeterly from the N. K.
corner of lands of Victor M. Clement and Clem
ci.hue Umar; thence S. 2* 4h' K. 1' 48.3 feet to
a point; tbence Westerly st right angles to said
laat mentioned line 00 feettu a point; thence N
2 4<r W. 1060.7 feet to a point on the south
boundary of Fir t street; then 0. 86* 80* K. 00 test
lo the place of beginning,
For all particular* reference is herebr
made to tho said written petition, atiovo referred
to, now on file In the otflce of the Clerk of tho
Superior court of the county of Loo Angelos,
Suto of California.
City Attorney of the < it* of Los Angoles and At
torney f. r Petitioner.
to- Angeles, September sth, 1884. sepO
Location of principal place of business, San
Oabriel, Loa Angeles, California
Nstice is hereby gives thst at s meeting of the
Directors, held on the 18th August, iSB4, sn as
sessment of one dollar per share was levied
noon tho < spits! Stock of the corporation, paya
ble immediately in gold coin, lo tho Secretary,
ut ths offlce of the Compahv in San Usbrlot, Los
Angwlea county, Cal.
Any stock upon which this assessment ahall
remain v paid on the 25th day of September.
1-84. will he delinquent, and advertise.l for
sale At public auction, and unless payment is
mode before will be sold on the 15ih day . f Oc
tober, 1894. to p«y tho delinquent aspen
meat, together with tne oost of advertising and
expenses of sale
F. W. WOOD. Secretary.
OFFICS—At Son Oahnel Winery, San Oabriel,
l.os Angelos county, Cal.
Notice to Creditors.
In the Superior Conrt, of tha County of
Los Angeles, State of California.
In the Mstter of the Rst*te of Theodore Tilled
son, deceaaed.
Notice ia hersby given by the undersigned, ad
ministrator of the estate of Theodora i lllotsoo,
deoeased, to the creditors of said decedent snd to
all persons having c.aims against him, to exhibit
then witn the necessary vouohsra. within four
months after the first publication of this notice
to the mid administrator, at the office of Dr. J.
S. Crawford, dentist, in Downey Blook, tn tbe
city of Los Angelee, oounty of Los Angelas,
SUte of California W. S. BKNEi-ICT,
Administrator of the EsUte of Tkeo. Tilloteon,
deceased. *
Dated Les An lm, Cel., Aug. tt, 1884.
Of tho County of Los Angeles, SUte of
In the mstter of the Applicatl >n of the Loa An
gelas and Humbold Lumber Company, a corpo
ration, to dissolve.
Notice is hereby given that the Los Angelea
and Humboldt Lumber Company, a corporation
formed under the laws of thu State of California,
has presented to the Superior Court of the coun
ty uf Los Angeles, Sute of California.an applica
tion praying to be allowed to dissolve, snd tors
Judgment and order of the Court declaring the
said corporation dissolved, and
Safnr.lny . Ih. 4lh Day of Ootohrr,
At 10 o'clock a. si., hss been appointed ss th*
lime, and thu court room of the Superior Court
in which the Hon. Henry M. Smith, one of tbe
Judges of aaid court, holds Court, at tbe Court
llouae In tbe dty of Los Angeles, as tbe place at
which said application will b* heard.
In witness whereof I have hereunto set my
hand and affixed the seal of the Su erior Coun,
aforuaaid, this xxd day of August, ISM.
I seal. 1 A. W. POiTS,
County Clerk sod ex-Offlcio Clerk of th* mid Su
Earlor Court,
y E. H. OWEN, Deputy. sugSStd.
Guardian s Sale of Real Estate. ]
Nut 1 1-« is hereby given that in pursuance of an
order of th Superior Cour of the county of Los
Angeles, sute ot California, made on the Oth dsy
September, 1884, in tbe matter of the estate and 1
guaruianahip ol Wm. K. Oreed, an insane parson,
the undersigned, the gu irdlau of the person and ;
saute of satd insane, wtll sell at private -ale to the
highest bidder, rut cash, g.dn coin of tbe United
state*, and subject to conarmatlon by said dv- t
periur Court, ou Monday, the 29th day of Sep. i
(ember, ibtW, at 10 o'elcck a a., at the office of t
BUkii. il ft White, Rooms 11-14, Temple Block, '
in the city snd county of Los Angelee, all the .
right, i itle, iniere-t and estate of tb ■ aald insane
p. rson.Wm.K. Creed, lv and to all those certain
lot->, piece* or parcel* Of land situate, lying and be
in* in the said oounty of Los Ange es, tftato of 1
Caliiornta, and bounded and dvscribed as fol- '
lows, to-wit:
First—Commencing on the westerly aids of 1
Ulive Slr*el at a point MJO feet northerly from
tne north-westerly corner of Ninth and Olive
a recta and running tbence northerly at) feet
along ssM lint of Olive at net; tbence westerly '
ido leet parallel with the northerly line of Ninth
atreet; thence southerly to f*et parallel with Ol
ive street, thence easterly I*s test to place of be
ginning; being a part nt Block 54, Ord's survty,
second Commencing on the north-westerly
line of Hill atreet st a point di Unt SO test north
easterly from the north-westerly earner of Hili
and Kleventb streeU; runs thence north-easterly
along aald line of Hill street td teat; tbence at
right angles north-weeterly on a line parallel witb
Eleventh street Ito f et; thence st right angles
south-westerly on aline parallel with Hill strait
ffl feet, and tbenoe at right angles south-easuny
on a line parallel with Eleventh street Ix 6 feet to
tne point of commencement: being s portion of
Block oft as known on Ords Map of City of Los
rssf and conditions of sale: Cash iv gold
coin upon confirmation by the Superior Court.
Deed at expanse of purchaser. Bids or offers
may be made at any time after the first publica
tion of this notice aod before the making of the
ssle. All bids or offer* must be io writing snd
left at the office of Bicknell h White, Rooms
11-14, Temple Blook. in said dty of Los Angeles.
Guardian ef th* Person aod Estate of said Insane
Person. seplstd
Of the County of Lo* Angelea, SUte of
In the Muter of the Estetetof w p McDonald
Order to Show Cense Why Order of Sale
of Real Estate Should be Made.
It appearing to the Judge *f this Court by tne
verified petition thia day presented and filed by
M. D>. Crawford, the Administrator nt tbe ssUte
of W. P. MeDonntd, deceased, praying for an or-
I der of aale of real estate, that it is na pessary to
-t 11 seme portion of the teal estate to pay the a!
lowaace of tbe family, the debts outstanding
again-t the deceaaed and the debt*, expanse* and
charge* of administration, it is ordered by tbe
Judire of ssld Court that all persons interested in
the estate of mid deceased appear before the
mid Superior Court on
Honday the*kM Day of Hrptcanb*-r
Ai 10 o'olck a. m. of said dsy, st the court-room
of mid Superior Court, at the court-house, in
th* said oeunty of Loa Angelee, State ot Cali
fornia, to show cause why an order should not
be granted to the aald administrator to sail so
much ot the real estate of the said deceased as
shall be necessary.
And that a copy of thia order be published at
least four su osaoiv* weeks in the Los Angelea
Daily t'SSAuD, a newspaper printed aad pub
lished in said county.
Dated August 10tb, 1884.
saajßstd Judge of the Superior Court.
Certificate of Copartnersioip.
Copktt of Loa am.«i» f m
We. tho undersigned. Jo herebr certify that w<
are partners, tniiaactiiig busiuess in thia State,
at tt.stowr, of Xl Mont*, county of L - Angel**,
State of California, under the Ana uaine of Hall
a tiaddox; that tho oanvw in fun i all ta* inem
bersof Mich jar.rtnon.tiii- are Charlea « Ball and
John Theodora Haddoi: that the aatd Charles
M. Hell roside* at the town of Xl Moats, county
of Loe Angele*, state of Calilmiia. and the aaid
John Theooore Kaodoi rvaides at tha loam of
El Monte, county of Las Angelas, State of Cali
In witness whereof, we have hereunto est our
bauds this lnh day ot September. LBU4.
Stats or CAurrosuaa, <
Corirrv or Los anoslss, f
On this 11th Ja» of September, cue thcusanu
eight hundred and eight) lour, before me. M. S.
Wilson, a Justice of the rssvee In and for aaid
oouniy, realdiag therein, duly ocumiaoioned aud
sworn,)>eriroßall> ai>|h arwd James 11. Bell and John
i bee ore Haddox.known to sssj to be the pei>ons
deserlbed In, whose namea are subscribed to
the within Instrassent, arw .vr know lodged to nx
that they executed the Sasss,
In witness * hen of 1 nave hereunto set my
hand, at say obVd*. in the town of Xl Moot* aad
county uf Los Angvles, th* <iay and \ car Brat
above written, at. a. WILSON,
sepal*, lm Jusatss cf the faass.
Coneumere ef nW ol UM LOS ANOtUB
OITY WATIB COMPANY will liereefter be al
lowed to oprlnele their gardena belweao th*
hoar, of dtoB *. a cod »u>Ar. a. Ooaoauio,.
; ara alao eauteoMd aaaloat ellowlae; aainnaaary
I waete Hi water ekeeev
I rata r*U>. BaIDM, tap*.
Notice of Application for Oity
Notloe le hereby Riven that application wtll be
made to the council ot the City ot Loe Angelea
at the RfltMion of tha -aid Council to be held Tues
day .September 1011. 1884, forfa quit-claim deed to
L. N Breed ot all that certain lot of land at
uate In the city of Loe Angelas, In the county ot
Urn Angeles, Stato ot Calitornla. bounded and
described as fn|]< at;
Ccmtnunclng at ths northesaterl* oorner of
, lot one (I), hl.ck .Isiv(oO), Hancocks snrvey of
Donation Lots of said l.os Angeles city, and run
ning thence southerly song the wr-terh line of
Soto street eighteen (13) chains and twelve (lt)
links to the northerly line of Aliso avenue exten
sion; tlience westerly along said nortberlj lis*
of Aliso avenue «i enslon eight (8) (in*ln-, und
thlny five (35) links to the eaaterly line of Isndf
BSScribsd in conveyance by L. N. Bread lo W.
M. Workman, trustee, recorded in B> ot 101,
page 430 ot Deeds, Records of Loa Angt les OMssV
ty; thence northi rlv al«ng the easterly Hue of
saitl lamls of Workman, trustee, eighteen (18)
chain* and twelve (Ir) links to the southerly line
of Brooklyn arenas; tbence easterly aioi a aid
southerly line of Brooklyn avenue eight («)
chains and thirty five (Sft) links to the place of
beginning, and being theeastetly 16 68-1 0 acres
of said lot one (1), le** that portion thereof em
braced In Aliso avenue extension
Keference ia made to the abstract of title, peti
tion ami map now on die In my office, and all
parties interested are hereby notified that they
are requested to tile thslr objections, If any
ther have. In writing, at least one dsy be
fore the said session of the council..! September
l*3th. 1884.
Clerk of the Council of the City of Los Angeies.
Los Angeles, September 10, 1884.
septll 6t
Guard ian'H Salo of Real Batate.
Notb« Is hereby given thst In pursuance o ao
order cf the superior Court of tbe county of I os
Angele), SUte of California, made on the 18th
day of August, 1884, In the matter of ihe estate
and guardianship of It C. and P. B. Woodaorth,
minors, the nndsrslgnsd, the Ouardian of the per
son and estates of said minors,, will sell st pri
vate sale to tho highest bidder tor cash, gold
coin of the United Mstes, and sublet t to oos
nrmetton by said Superior Court, on Tussdsr,
the Uth dsy of Septemoer, lBH4,at M o'clock a.
at., at the etflc« of Bicknell * white, Rooms
11-14, Temple Bloor,ln ths oity and county of
l.os Angeles, all tho right, title, interest and es
tate ot the said minors in sod to al) that coitaia
lot, piece or parcel of land sitnate. lying aod be
ing In the aald oounty of Los Angeles, State of
California, and bounded and generally described
Being about ,J acres situated In Bee. 18. Tp. 6
a., R. IS W s. B. m , situated lo San Pedro,
upon the Bay of San Pedro, and bounded on ths
south and west by the wharf of tbe Pacific Ocas
Steamship Company, north by tho lands sold by
sal I Steamship company to J. A. Hooper, and
east br the Bar of San Pedro. Tof other with
all wharf privileges and frsnehirs*, easements
and rights of way connected therewith. Brfer.
once being hereby made to ths Ordsr of Sale
made herein August 18, ISS4. for a mire parti col
lar snd full description of said land.
Terms sua oo editions of ssio: Cs>h in gold coin
upon confirmation of sale by said Superior Court,
Deed st expense of purohs>sr. Bids or offers
may bo made at any time after tba first publica
tion or this notice and before tha making
of the sale. All bids or offers must bo ta
writing and left st the offloe of Bicknell A Whits.
Rooms 11-14, Temple Block, In said city ot Loo
Angoles. J. J. WOODWORTH,
Duardianof the Persons sod Estates of said
minora suvMed
Order to Show Cause Why Order of
Salo of Real Estate Should not bo
In the Superior Conrt of the County
of Loa Angelea, State of California.
Is the Hatter of tbe Beta re of Matthew S slier,
No. 84b.
It appearing to tl» Court by the petition thif
day (ireMTited and filed by laaJaa W. .tollman
Rxecutor of the laat WUI of Matthew Keller, de
oeased, praying for an order of tale of real es
tate that It is iißcoieary to sell some portion of
the re ii e-*tate to i*> ihe allowance to the fami
ly, the debts outstanding against tha deceaaed
snd thedebts, expense* and charges of adminis
tration, it le therefore ordered by the said Court
that a 1 persons Interested In ths estate of said
deoessed sppesr before the said Superior Court
Matnrday, the «7th !>ay orsteatesa
her, A. It. l*f*4.
It 10 o'oloek In the forenoon of said day, at ths
court room of •aid Superior Court, at the icon
house in the city of Les Angeles, so unty of Los
Angelss.Statu of to show eauss why
an order should noi be /ranted to ths said Kxeo
utor ro set) - i much of he real estate of ssld de
ceased ss shall be neoema.y.
Aad that a copy of thia rdsr he published for
at least tour successive weeka prior to said date
In ths Los Angelea Daily Hun alb, a newspaper
print, d and publl-hed in wstd oounty.
l>ated thia August LSB4.
sugSftd Judge of said Superior Court.
In the Superior Cosjrt of the State of
California, in and for the County of
Loa Angeles.
P. J. O RF-GaS, Plaintiff,
MARY O'KEOaS, Defendant.
Action brought In the Superior Conrt of tha
SUte of California, in and for the oounty of Los
Angeles, and the Complaint tVied In said county
of Cos Angelee, In the offloe of the Clerk of aaid
Superior Court
The People of the State of California send Greet
ing to Mary O'Kcgan, Detendant
You are hereby required to appear in an action
brought against you by the above named plaintiff
in the Superior Court uf ihe State of California,
In and for the county ot Loa Angelas, snd to fa
rmer the complaint tiled therein within ten days
(exclusive of the day of i-emce) after the servies
on you of this summons—if served within this
County; or, if served ebx-where, within thirty
days, or Judgment by default will be taken
against you, according to the prayer of avid
Ths said action is brought te obtain s Judg
ment against you that the bond a of matrimony
now exiating between you ai d the plaintiff be
ilaso red.
Reference Is had to complaint far particulars.
And you are hereby notified that if you fall as
appear and answer ths said complaint ss shove
aulrsd, ths said plaintiff will cause your
ault to be entered snd will apply to the Court
lor the relief demanded In said complaint.
Gives under my hand and the Seal of the Sn
perior Court, of tbe State of California, la ana.
for the County ot Los Angeles, tins loth day oi
luly. in the year of our Lord one thousand
tight, hundred and eighty four.
,SBAb.J A. W. POTTS, Clerk.
m \ B. k. TaNEY, Deputy.
Gardiner h Stephenson Attorney* for Plaintiff.
iflT ass
School Tax Election Notico.
Notice Is hereby given to tbe qualified elector
of Nawhall School That riot, county of Les An
geles, Stmts of California, that an elation will be
held at ths School HoUas in -a* District,
Oa the afftffth f>ay mt Heptesaher. A.
fff. lf«f*4.
And the sells will then aad then be open from
one hoar after euarlae te and until anaset of MM
same day.
Said election has been duly called by the
Truateesof aald Diatriet for the par oseof ds
tennlainfr* whether ths sum of ftftesa kindred
dollars (VlfrOu) ahali hs raised by a tax in said
Said money ts iatsdsd so be used tor ths pur
poses of furnlahinir additional school faculties
and building achool house lor sstd Di-trlct.
District School Trustees.
VOTE.—The 'oregoing noties must fee signet
by the Trd-.tess, and puhlishsd Id oeo of tha
county newapapsTs for three full weeks bsdoi
the dsy of election, not counting tie dsy ot *.se*
uon, and ahould be posted in three ot the mast
public places In the District during the same
period. Tbe election can only be caller tor the
purposes mentioned in the V-olitled Cede, an
cars ahould be tak-n ihat the language sm
ployed in ths notloe is ia conformity with tho
fee Sections ISM, 1891, lsss, less and 1181
Political Code. eugfsasd
Administratrix's Sale.
In the Superior Court of the County o
Los Augeles, State of California.
In the Matter of the Estate of Kudocindo Lai
Knrique, deceased.
Notice is bersbv gtvsti that pursuant to an
order of th* abova vntiUed L'ond, made the sec
ond .ay of September. 1884, ia the shove saU
tied matter.the undent gust I, aa LheadminLatrain
of tha esute of hud.v.ndo LeuhEaiiqsw.de
oeased, will, co or after ins
teftth Iffuy of M.-ptesubi r, If** t.
And within six month* thereafter, •all to tbs
bsrhest sad seat bidder, for i*eh in gold
ossa of the Unites *tet*a. all the right, tit
aod interest which the aaid nudo md** luss Mn
ri uu* had at bis ceeih aod w h.ch the sale) sstat
has acquired in and to tbe real and panooal
pr)|«iftv described as follows, to-wlt:
"All that parcel -f land aituaU in the dty of
Loa Angelea, county ol U* An*****, State 1
ins at a point, being be northweatern corner of
the lot beretotoreoosveTed by t-elip* Artia
Bjkgusla K. Vails; thsnos northerly, fronting oa
Uvcjte Viate street thirty Bye feet, to a puis
th«nv**n*t*'lT nina.y 'set loth* lot of YgStteM
Las?" biers, thence eou».ierly aieng th* western
ha* of lot or baits of ima-io Luwo thirty fly
f. et to s point; i hence westerly siessr the north
•tiy lis* ef lot of Santa Cms to the point ot bsgta
i,|tiff, be ng a part ut lot oo* Block S>, of Old's
Survey. aooalied." Ar d also "one cheat of ear
iMnter'u loots," beisg at aaid pramhma
Thai offara end bioe is writing wilt be received
b» the underatgn d at thsofheeof i. Breuassao.
so. M Baker nlcok, ia tb* city of Loa Angel a,
oounty of Loa Angeies, State ot California, tor
in* purt has* ot aaid real and ef aaid pert <sal
.Jinnii.tr.tn. ol th* buu ul Kudo.id.lo Lata
k'lirtgu*. Jwwd
Lm ... ~•!«■. Mt> «k, UM. mmi
DlMolution Notioa.
Nolle i. h.r.b. *i<m. thu tb. Hmmt MM*
Oro, baowu mm auahj. • Sort * Murntv tm
Amy J1»K>1»«1 b* mutual cojimhil. Jo|,h W Mi
r.. miring mommm « will ou.iir.tM t
] ii t. in mt tmm mmi l**, P'.no bott
kfelnnrMt JOHN #. ttlkKi.
riuM t muAMM,
tu. t Axvuat,
t«• awSat *•*) «•». Mf*f Ul

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