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Los Angeles Daily Herald
Wonderful Time Made by a
Pacing Horse.
Kdmunde' Opinion of Blame
II mm, In it or v Neajro "Inr
derer-Tlte Fall of Her
be I- l. ran t lleellneo
to be at Blame
Kler ter.
[Special to th' ll'•raid lit) A mr.inltiPren\
Chicaoo, Oct. The opening doy of
the trotting and pacing meeting nt
Driving Park. Weather warm, truck
feat, First event was Fannie Weather
epoon, trotter, reoord it; 17. again-t
Frili pscer, record '2:18. Fannie won
easily. In the last beat she waa pulletl
upinaide of the distano stand, but nev
ertheleas lowered her record. Time
2:l»i, '2:194. 8ll«.
The event of the day was the aucceas
ful attempt of Comniodor.i Kittson's
pacer, Johnaton, to lower his record of
2:10. Conditiona were most favorable
lor speed and Johnston promises to
sjtaud al the head of the list for a long
time. He waa brought t.nt and given
a warming-up heat in Stlflf. Then he
and Richball were brought out and
tbe judges announced that they would
be started about four leugtba apart, not
to pace against ouch other, hut each iv
an attempt to beat hia own record,
Ricbball'a being 2:12 J. They were given
tha word, both going fast and level.
Johnaton reached the lirat quarter in 32
aeconde, a '2:08 gait. Soon si let passing
tbe quarter post Richball made a very
bad break and was jogged the tost of
the way without au attempt lo make
time. Johnaton increased his speed
elik-blly, reaching the half poat at o rule
of 2:07 for mile record, the quarter be
ing covered in 111 J seconds. Along th.
third quarter the aame tertiHio flight
was kept up and the ■peeU**™ began
crying, "He will beat v." . fttjl*M*
quarters post was reached in 1 .to and
theory was, "See him go; he will beat
209 " Down the home stretch ho came
even faster, hut without a falter anil
steady as clockwork. Those holding
watches couUl scarcely credit the lag
aiinu seconds. At the distance stiiuil
there waa a cry: "He will heat 2:0!)."
There was no alackening of apoetl to
the wire, and the mile was completed in
the unprecedented t.me of 2:001, the
lest quarter being paced in .'lll seconds,
or at Ihe rate of 1:05. The Uorse and
Ins driver, John Uplan, were loudly
cheered, as was Woodniausee, the man
ner for Commodore Kittaon. Richball
then attempted to lower his record, but
only succeeded, in making 2:14.
The closing event of the day was the
attempt of the pacing mare Minnie R.,
bitched to a wagon with a running mate,
to heat her own recortl of 2:0.1. In this
she waa ancceaaful. Tho lirst quarter
was paced in 31J seconds-, hslf in L0l$;
three quarters, 1:314; mile iv 2:03}. The
best time at this way of going H West
moot's, 2:01 f.
He Dealest Bells*- Oppoaed to the
"Freedom of Worship BUI."
Buffalo, N. V., Oot. 3.-Nearly
everybody in BafTilo to-iley is talking
the great demonstration last night
in honor of Oov. Cleveland. The
weather cleared off beautifully after
yeatarday's .torm and a large number of
•i.lting organizations remained for tbe
purpose of paying thfir rospecta to Oov.
Cleveland. Aa ia hia habit, tbe Governor
arose early, notwithstanding the fatigue
ef tbe recaption laat night, and afler a
bre.kf.at at hia rooma with hia Albany
friends roceived the lir.t caller* at W:.HI
A. U. Front that hour until lunch,
which he alao took in hii rooma at 2:30
r. U. there waa bu uninterrupted atrcain
of rajitors, including pcraona in all con
ditions of life, from tho humble laboring
man to Ihe millionaire. Kor each he
kind a hand-abake and a MM*
not word. Among those who vnted
tbe Governor were many of hia
old friend, and acquaintances
in Buffeb who had known him
when he came here a poor and r.L
mosl.riendlessboy; who had watched
bit progreaa in hia chosen profession,
and who now Ml tod in honoring htm.
Very frequently the Governor called up
remtniiceueee. He waa always inex
.client apinu. Thia afternoon tho Gsv
eraor drove about the city visiting bta
old friends, many of whom be had not
■wen ainco hie sleetion le the Guberna
torial chair In the evening tbe Gov
ernor waa given a dinner at tbe reai
daaee of Mra. Walter Gary. Justice
Field, of the I'nited States Supreme
Court, waa one of tbe guests bishop
Ryan and Father Croniu called on
Governor Cleveland to-day, and a pleas
ant chat waa had in which tho Governor
took occaaion lo reaent in a moat em
phatic manner the a barge that ha bn/1 ever
directly or indirectly influenced any
member of tbe Legislature reajardlna
tbe disposition of the "freedom of
worship bill." So aa to relievo the Gov
ernor from any embarrassment in ita
consideration Father Croniu will make
thia statement in tlie next week a Issue
«{ tba Cathotit f 'm'on and Timet.
Cleveland returned to tbe Genesee
House from dinner at 10:30 p. m. anil
made preparations for departure. A
large number of cititens aud tbe I leve
land Legion colled upon bun and bade
bimaGodapeeil. The Governor de
parted quietly and in accordance with
Jiie deaire no demonstrations' were made.
At II the Governor drove to the depot
witb hia Albany frieuds and boarded the
Cincinnati expreea leaving hero at I I :.W
p. m. A largo crowd congregated at
the depot and as Ihe train moved oil
hearty cheers wore given.
iii.aim: im oiiio.
He Tell* reaplr That He wea
There Berere.
Colithum, Ohio. Oct. 3.— There wm
» great turn-out »t Xenia. Blame was
received by » local committee and etcort
ed by "Plume 1 Knights,''mounted and
afoot, through the principal etreela.
Nearly every house was decorated. Tbe
people in the stroets numbered at leaat
aa many aa the entire population of the
oily, there being a very large attendance
from the adjaoent country. Whin the
proceesion reached the aland Blame waa
received with loud cheering. He waa
presented to Ihe people by Be*. Dr.
Canon, a prominent Presbyterian clergy
man of Xeuia. Blaiue said i
"By a coincidence which is interesting
to aaa I waa here eight yeara ago th a
day te address a Republican meeting iv
tbe intrust of the election of un Ohio
•talesman to the Presidency The man
then elected President gave way after
an excellent administration of four years
to another Ohio statesman, who, after
an agouy that touched the sensibilities
oi the whole world, sleeps in au hon
ored grave, but with theso changes some
things have remained permanent, and
among these are the foundation princi
ples of the Bepublican party. They re
main, and tho contest for their mainte
nance recurs again after four years and
alter eight years, and the appeal is again
made to the people of Ohio, who hold
to-day aa they held then, the post of re
sponsibility and the post of honor. (Ap-
Slanse.) It la for the Republicans of
bio to say whether the principles on
which they eleoted Hayes and ou which
tbey elected (isrtield ore still vital and
•till reprraent their convictions."
At Sooth Charleston lilaino left tbe
train and was driven a short diatancc
to where a large meeting was in pro
greaa, Governor Long, of Massa
chusetts, being one of tho speakers. Tbe
regular proceediugs were suspended in
aider thai Blame might hs presented to
(be people. He waa very warmly re
ceived, and be spoke a few words in
acknowledgment of the compliment, but
declined io further interrupt the meet
ing. Iv thia an in ull other gatherings
lo ihiy, there were many ladies. Tho
demonstration at London waa tine of the
moat enthusiastic and beautiful on the
whole route. Front the station Maine's
carriage waa escorted hy mouuted
knights, latliea and gentlemen, in equal
ntiuibeia. while the pruceaaion moved
along between two linea of uoifonned
men, members of local Republican clubs.
Across the streets at abort iutervals flaga
anil Illinois wore hung with auch
tnottoea aa, "Cleveland, Koglantl
and I'ree Trade, ' "Hlnine. Amer
ica and Protection. "Upon tbe
front of tbe aland wru an in
aciiption, "London, Koglaud, fur • '!■ ive
land," "l.mdvii, Ohio, for Kluiue."
Hlaiue passed up on to the stage be
tween two liuea of little girls dreaaed to
repreaent the thirty-eight States. The
girla ropreaeutiiig Maine and Ohio stood
together by the chair that had been
provided for the distinguished guest.
When he waa introduced by tho Hon.
J, t, Locke, be waa enthusiastically
cheered, lie mounted a chair ao that
all the people could ace him,
anil when the cheering had eeaaed aaid:
"It haa been tbe singular good fortune
of Ohio on aeveral great occasion, to lead
tho people of Ihe Uuited Statea to im
portant decisions, and the responsibility
rests th : s year on Ohio, perhaps more
emphatically and more aigniticautly than
evor before. I waa induced by pressing
invitation from your Htate Committee
anil from many frienda to visit yonr
Slate, but was warned tbat I might ex
pect to liotl a campaign of apathy [de
risive laughterl. I ace it hefnre me. [Re.
uewe.l laughter. J I have aeon it from
tho movent 1 touched your State on tbe
lako tshore. 1 went across its northern
bonier and western border, and thus far
progresaed iv penetrating the center, and
I am prepared to believe that tbe decia
loe w-ith which Ohio ia charged to-day
may prove in the end aa valuable aa her
grout loyal vote of 1883." [Oreat ohoer
Columbus, 0., Oct. 3.—Nothing in
Bluinc's progreaa from Boston weatward
has excelled in enthusiasm the great
demonstration iv Columbua'.his evening,
and there haa been only two or
three larger. The crowds io
streets when tbe train arrived wore cer
tainly greater thau had greeted htm at
any other point reached in tbe day time
except the one at Kocheater. The State
Cominiltee had engaged a room at the
Neil Houae, from which Blame could re
view tbe proceaaion in the evening, but
instead of atoppiug at the hotel, Blame
went from the depot to tbe house of his
kinsman, Mi. Henry Miller. Ho had a
formal escort compoaed of uniformed Re
publican clnha, but tbe Mart of people
who marched along on each side uf hia
carriago and behind it was very much
larger. Opposite tbe Neil House, on
the edge of Mate House square, a Urge
■ land had been erected, and in front of
tho hotel, facing tho aquare, a amall
temporary balcony hail been construct
ed. The people wore so densely packed
in tbe street be-low that it seemed im
possible lo clear a way for the proces
sion. They kept their eye. fixed on the
little balcoiiy ami kept up audi a storm
of cheer., yelta and calla for "Blame,"
"Blame,' that tbe gentlemen in charge
of the procession insisted upon Blaiue
allowing himaelf and makiog a
little speech 80 aa to satisfy
the people and induce them to
make way. Accordingly, when the
profession was ready to move he ap
peared on the balcony. fix-Govern*.r
Foster introduced Blaiue. who waa re
ceived in a manner that bahiea descrip
tion. When he got a chance to apeak he
tail: '".leu of Ohio: I can any with
soma pride tbat I am not a atranger in
Columbus. I ways here forty-three yeara
ago, before tbe great majority of you
were born, and 1 have viaited your beau
tiful city at abort mtervala cv r aioce
and have kept in my own mind and in
my own sight the record of its splendid
growth and advauecmeot. I have never
visited it under more pleasant circum
atances than thia evening, and I thank
you with a aenae of profound gratitude
lor this magnificent, overpowering wel
come. I know very well that you would
.luem it great vanity in me to attribute
this reception to myself, (It'a all for you:
1 tell you it's for you: it'a for Blame).
No, it ia becauae fur a time I represent in
the great national conteat ibe priuciplea
wbioh you uphold, and 1 beg to call
yonr attention lo Ihe fact tbat whareaa
there may lie many questions of greater
or less magnitude involved in the na
tional i b ction, there ia always one
great controlling issue that entera into
the popular mind, and that iesue this
year palpably and distinctly marked is
protection to American induatry. [Ureal
aud prolonged cheering ] Aa bearing on
that and illuatrating il 1 wish to further
call yonr attention to another fact thai
whou the Republican party name into
power by the election of 1* tbe total
wealth of tbe State of Ohio was a little
over 1110,000,000. Twenty years from
tbat time, in ISBO it was three thousand
two hundred millions of dollars. [Clieera ]
In other worda under twenty yeara ol
protective tariff yea advanced in wealth
double the whole amount that you had
acquired iv all tbe yaara gone before.
I.Oman lw Ohio.
Dayton, Oct. 3.—John A. Logan ar
rived in Dayton at llill o'clock tbia
morning, leaving Cincinnati on a special
train, accompanied by a committee of
fifty representative men fiom Peyton.
Along tne route be waa met with ova
tions from the people wbo gathered at
the depota. At Dayton immense crowds
awaited the arrival of tbe train atlbe de
pot, and when he stepped to the plat
f ana hurrahs rent the air. Mrs. Logs*
uud tlen. Noyea and daughter accompa
nied him. Carriages were in waiting and
an escort of 200 soldiers and tailors,with
Ibe oommiltas, led them to the Phillips
Honsp, where on the verandah Login
spoke a few words and retired. In the
afternoon the party waa driven to the
Southern Ohio Fair, w here Logan made a
short apoech congratulating the Ohio peo
ple upon theirgreat intelligence and great
progress enumerating millions ofdollaia
worth of produoe annually raised, and
calling attenliou to the extent of mans
factories, »nd to the fact that there are
700,000 children in the public Bchools,
as many children as there are voters.
When ne had conoluded ex-Governor
Noyfs aaid a few words and Mr, Beebe,
President of tbe Pair Association, a
Democrat, propoeed three cbeera for the
d stinguished guest not aa a Republican,
not as a candidate, but aa a man who
bad accomplished ao much for hia coun
try in civil and military life. The party
w ere driven abont tbe grounds aud then
to the Soldiers' Home where 4,000 sol
diera were drawn up iv line on the
campua. Logan reviewed them and
then went into Memorial Hall, where a
crowd aoou gathered to bear bim speak.
Sew York Bnal«ea» men far
{Special U> tbe HsaaLD.)
Hm Ho»», Oct. 3--Tbe Cleveland
clubs of tbe several business exchanges
here will hold a mass ratification meet
ing next we ok. Theae clubs are com
posed of oa mauy Republicana as Demo
crats, the former more bilt»r against
Blame than the latter. Among these
Republicana are many who voted and
gave money for the Garfield election.
They propose to make the meetiag the
largest business men's meeting eyer beld
in this oity.
He-eclat to the HsaaLS.l
New York, Oct. 3.—Tho Blame man
agers givo up V irginia. Dispatches re
ceived by them from that State aay that
no compromise is possible between tbe
Straightouls and Mahone. The Blame
Iwsaea are downhearted at thia new*.
Thoy hoped to carry Virginia as an off
aet to the certain loss o! several Western
States, and aent all the money they
could spare, on Mahone's assurance of
fixing things. Now they are cursing
Oaalel'a Deed.
New Yuan, Oot. 3.—Daniel Ort, a
Hollander, aged 32, living with Kmma
Slorck, a concert aaloon girl, ihot at tbe
girl iv the saloon, to-night, and then
killed himulf. Tbo girl waa uninjured.
It le Wenled that the I isltert
•states Will Act sua Mediator.
W.smsoTos, Oct. 3.—luquiry at the
Department of State to-day failed tv
elicit either a continuation or denial of
tho dispatch of tho Loudon Times Babied
to America stating Hint the Unitod
States Minister John Russell Young,
had arrived at Tien Tsiug, acting under
inatrticlious from Washington, und had
informed Li Hung Chang that the
French government had requested the
mediation of the United Stalus. It hua
been learned, however, that Mr. Young
recently viaited the American Consulate
in China and that within a few days has
been iv Tien Tsien, which is only übonl
seventy miles distant from Peking.
While there be hail au audience with Li
Hung Chang, but was not instructetl to
convey or rrquest mediation on the part
of France. Mr Young prior tv this v.sit
had several oouferenoes with the Viceroy
to ascertain whether China was disposed
to take any steps towards a settlement of
tbe controversy with France. Hia recent
visit was for the same purpose. Neither
France nor Chiua, however, haa made a
request lot mediation. Both countries it
seems favor such a mode of settling their
dispute, but neither is willing to take the
initiatory steps.
Grant s»eellnrM to Merve aa a
Hlalue Klprtor.
New York, Oct. 3.—Gen. Grant was
asked to serve as a Republican elector in
the place of Dr. Dorrick, but he abso
lutely declined, lie told a member of
the committee who approached him on
the subject that he was out of politics.
A ZVfire Murderer Hanged.
Paducaii, Ky., Oct. 3.—Wash Fletch
ar, colored, was hanged here to-day for
tbe murder of Amanda Jackson in Au
gust, 1883. The murdered woman was
the mother of Fletcher's mistress. He
became onraged at the daughter and at
tached her, and the mother was killed
defending her daughter. Thousands of
people, mostly colored, wi'uesscd tht:
execution. Fletcher addressed the crowd
in a loud, firm voice, but iv a rambling,
incoherent way, fur an hour. Rev. Mr.
Rise preached the funeral discourse from
the gallows. Thu condemned mau pro
tested his innocence to the lost and give
the names of two negroes and two white
men who committed the deed. He knelt
ou the trap and prayed for everybody,
especially the gamblers aud whiskey
Thi- fvODTK I.an*! Half.
Washington, Oct. 3. —lv tbe cane of
the Southern Pacific Railroad vj. Jose
Juan Lopez, involving a homestead
entry in Ijos Angeles district, the Secre
tary of the Interior has sustained tbe
decisiou of the Laud Oltice, in favor of
The ttappreaaed Letter frota Kd
aaaada Al-oul ftlalae.
[s|wcial to th. H.saLD.I
Ni:w York, Oct. 3.—Another fraud
perpetrated by the Blaiue managers was
exposed to-day by publishing Senator
Edmunds' full letter io Frank Flower, of
Madisou, Wisconsin. Iv September
Flower wrote to Edmunds asking
whether he had ever writteu a letter
aayiog tbat Blame acta aa attorney of
Jay Gould. Tbe Chicago Tribuur pub
lished Edmunds' reply gsrbled, and
which made him totally deny tbe story.
Now tbe fnll letter is published. The
portions suppressed by the Tribvnt. ver
aion are: "Aa lam Dot iv the letter
writing buaiuesa 1 make thia, as I have a
similar oue private. I presume it is
true, though I can find no copy of the
letter that in 18.10 I did write to
some conatituent adversely to the nomi
nation of tbe gentleman named. I be
lieve it to be true that bo was on the
aide of the railroad in the atruggle of
1 - 70, and it waa my belief tbat 1 said so."
Sjlertaaa Ceatenalal.
New York, Oct. 3.—Arrangements
are made at Steinway Hall and Lieder
kranz Hall for the centeuuial celebration
of the German Society of New York.
The (rogramma at Steinway Hall in
cludes speeches by Carl Sctinrz on the
history and beneficial work of the Ger
man Sociery and by President White of
Cornell University on German immigra
tion aod its influence in tbe develop
ment of this country. The Liederkranz
and Ariou societies will furnish a choir
of 160 voices and will sing appropriate
aelectiona, among them "Our Mother
Tongue." At the cloae all present will
join in sieging an old German hymn
composed in 1649, "Now Let Us All
Praise God." In tbe evening a dinner
will be given in the hall of the Lieder
krariz Bociely and toasts will be prg
posed by Churlea Hansell, President of
the Society, sn 1 responded toae follows:
"The President cf the United Statea,"
Andrew I). White; "The German Em
peror,'' Consul C. Colter; "Germany,
the Fatherland," Oawald Ottendorfer;
••Tbe United States, our new home,"
Carl Schnri; "The German Society,"
Higiamnnd Koflman; "Our guests and
siater aoeietire," (jus Schwab. The
German Society waa founded by German
officers of the K-volution .i > army.
Tke Mi on. Market.
Naw York, Oct. B.—Governments
•teady. Railways quiet. Stocks dull,
but stsady. Compared with laat night,
olosing prices are 4 to r biglier for New
York Central, and Union Pacific, aud j
to i for Texaa Pacific, Oregon Transcon
tinental, Northern Pacific, Kansas and
Texas, and Central Pacific. Western
Uniou is unchanged.
Mining Mtaeka.
San F&ANcihco, Oct. 2.—Belle Isle,
.SO; Beat & Belcher, $1 80; Crown Point,
; Gould * Curry, $1.20; Hale k
Norcroea, $2.70; Mexican, tl AO; Navajo,
$-1.60; Ophir, $1.13; Potoai, $1 05; Sav
age, .95; Sierra Nevada, $1 ..15; Union
Consolidated, $1.05; Yellow Jacket,
Waveraaseat Honda aad Hallway
Nkw York, Oot. 3 — Threes, 100)
4Js. I 28,; 4.. 12,; Central Pacific, 39»;
Denver and Rio Grande, Dj: Kansas
and Texas, 17J; Northern Pacific
19J; do pre ferred, 43j; Northwestern.
91 (| N. Y. Central, 94|; Oregon Navi
gatiou, 70); Trans-Continental, 139; Im
provement, 19; Pacifio Mail, .Mi;
Panama. 8; Texas Pacific, 11; Union
Pacific, SirJ; United States, S3; West
ern Union, 64,; Wella, largo tt Co., 5,
Nkw York, Oct. 3.—Petroleum, firm,
Th.- Maaey Market
Nsw York, Oct. 3 —Money easy,
li; Prime paper, 6<5,6; Kxchange hills,
weak .82; demand, .84.
Pry goods imports for the week,
$2,324 000.
The Sjlrala Market.
San Francisco, Oct. 3.—Wheat,
ateady, lair; buyer, $1 324<5,1.32j; buy
er, season, $1.40j(a1.41J. Barley,atrong,
uoiet; aeller, 90(0.901; seller, season,
SpfeojlJ; buyer, 9*4,984; buyer, season,
LivißrooL, Oct. 3 —Wheat, tnai fair
demand; No. 1 California 7>U}~t 3d; Cali
fornia, 6a 6d(atis IOI: red winter, fit Bd(a
7s; spring, 6s Bd&6j lOd. Corn, dull
and easier, 4s 1 t M
Chicaoo, Oct 3.—Wheat, weaker;
78|c October; SOJcIH-SOjc November.
Corn, irregular; 58$ c October; Slo No
vember. Oata, eaay; 26ic October; 26, c
November. Barley, dull; 62c.
A Letter Thief.
Nkw Haven, Oct. 3.—Albert Bowon,
the colored janitor of tho New Haven
Poatoffice, to night oonfeaaed to stealing
letters from the mail boxea. Among
tboee stolen waa a ten thousand dollar
registered letter from George Crosby, of
New York.
The Republicans Despair of
Carrying the State.
No ( hnnru rur the Mahonelten
and the Mtralshtoula to 4 o
alewce t'araeM Heaped oa
Mshone'S Hrml Mum i
Vainly Mpent.
[Sperial to the Herald hy Annoriatetl I'remt]
Lot i-vii.i.K, Ky . Oct. 3.—A National
Convention of the Drummers of the
United States was held ut the court
house iv thia city to-night. A great
crowd was present and great enthusiasm
prevailed. The following nominations
were made: Permanent Chairman, O.
F. lliirtori; Permanent Secretary, L. F.
Baker; Prettdent of tbe Uuited StaLe*,
Joseph Mulhattan, of Kentuoky; Ytoe-
President, Z. T. Collier, of Ohio. The
platform adopted favoring tbe workiug
ineu and drummers and prohibition, and
opposing convict aud Chinese labor, us
against tree labor. The drummers claim
to number in the United States '250,000,
and claim each cau influence at least '20
votes and can thereby poll about .~>,0Ol),
--000 votes. It is their intention to wield
their power aud influence iv the affairs
of the nation and be recogui/cd uf by
one of tho great national parties.
The Ksrj ptlnu < ampul*.i
Linuon, Oot. —A Cabinet council
was suddenly summoned for Tuesday.
It is reported that the council is culled
to reconsider the positiou taken iv Egyp
tian arl'iiirs. 11 is believed there
is a basis of truth iv tbe
reported recall of General
Wolsely. He will go as far as Dongalo,
but the expedition up the Nile will he
abandoned if free communication is
opened by General * iordon's co-operation,
General Gordon being at Berber now. A
projected advance of a camel corps witb
a small force of cavalry from Suakim to
bis support. New proposals for the set
tlement of tbe Egyptian financial ques
tion will be presented to the Powers on
tbe return of Lord Northbrook,
ttaffety of aVoreisrnera.
Pahih, Oct. 3. —Kerry, the Prime Min
ister, has explained to the British Em
bassador here that ample precautionary
measures are adopted by tbe French
officers for tbe safety wf foreigners in
A sJaatle Deatroyed.
Copenhagen, Oct. 3.—A fire is raging
in the royal castle at Chrisliansberg. No
hope of saving the Hittersaal chambers,
occupied by Kisdorg. The whole struc
ture will probably be destroyed. Paint
ings of great historical value were saved.
Death •ran ArtlMt.
Vienna, Out. 3.—Hans Makarf, artist,
died today from inflammation of tbe
Reduced Datles.
Madkii), Oot. 3.—lt is stated that
the United States ia commercial nego
tiations offered largely reduced duties
on sagar and raw tobacco imported
frotn Cuba in return for reduced Cuban
duties on American cureal*.
French KlnmifrM.
Paris, Oct. 3, Temp* says the
Bndgnt Committee on the opening of the
French Parliament will recommend the
conversion of the 4£ per cent, rentes
into either four or three percents. It ia
stated tbat the remit will cause an au
nual saving of £600,000.
A Powerful 4-on.
Spezzia, Oot. 3.— Experiments to-day
with a 100 toil gun. A ohr.rge of pow
der weighing 350 pounds was fired and
the projectile penetrated a Schneider
arnmr plate of hammered steel, a com
pound Chummel and a compound Brown
plate. The Schneider plate waa broken
in two, the Brown plate into four and
the Chummed plate into six pieces.
Insane Antic*.
Krik, Ha , Oct. S.—Leo Schrick aud
wife and John Fleikee had $118 depos.
ited in the Erie County Savings Bank
when the bank suspended. The loss of
the money drove them insane. Think
ing ufterwarda they were commiting a
great sin they inflicted self-tlaggelation.
To-day two officers caw the man and bis
wife diguing a grave in the back yard of
th«dr house. Tbey entered aud found
that the people intended to enact the
death of Christ, to be followed by the
killing of th.ir children, to represent
Herod's slaughter of innocents. Tbey
were arrested and jailed.
Bancroft's Birthday.
Newport, K. 1., Oct. 3.—Bancroft,
the historian, celebrated bis 84th birth*
day anniversary to-day. Congratula
tions from all parts of the world poured
in. The reception waa largely attended
and was a delightful affair. Bancroft
received from hia callera many floral de
vices. Mrs. Anna Lodge, mother cf
Henry Cabot Lodge, sent a wreath.
Mrs. Winthrop, wife of Robert C. Win
throp, and Mrs. AunaTicknor, widow of
the historian, called on the distinguished
gentleman. The celebration to-day was
oniet owing to the indisposition of Mrs.
Bancroft, who all day waa compelled t j
keep ber room.
Covington Bare*
Covinuto*, Ky., Oot. 3.—At the La
touia Jockey Club races the track was a
trifle rough. In the mile dash, Modesty
woo, Moral second, Tom Martin third;
time 1.444. Maiden stakes, three-uuer
ters of a mile, maiden two-year-olds,
Oold Bar won, Vigilance second. Ulti
matum third; time 1.17 J. Merchants'
stakes, mile and one-eighth, all ages,
Berlin won. Matinee aecond. Woodward
third; time 1.58 J. Mile and three,
eighths, Biuette won, Mattie Rapture
second, Athlonelhird;time2:27J. Siven
and a half furlongs, Galaxy won, Silvio
second, Whisperer third; time I 39J.
The Cholera.
Romu, Oct. 3.—The report of cholera
for the past twenty-four hours give a
total of 2:14 fresh coses and 174 deaths,
against 321 fresh caies and 194 deaths
for tha preoeding twenty-fonr hours.
Reports to day include 80 caaea and 50
deaths in Septra; 24 cases'and 25 deaths
in Genoa.
The Fall er Berber.
Lost-os, Oct. 2.— After attaching bie
proclaniHti,.n to a tree, 1.1 in. Gordon
started for Berber. On the day after
hia arrival the Oeneral placed two steam
ers iv the middle of tho river and opeued
a bombardment on the town. The bom
bardment laated until late in the after
noon. Gordon afterwarda proceeded in
tbo direction of Djolizen. It Is rumored
that Mohammed XI Kbur, wbo was El
Madki's Ameer at Berber, waa killed
during the bombardment. Other re
ports state that he escaped and hail bis
treasure in the city removed to Kerpi.
Subsequently Gordon thorougly chas
tiaed tne inhabitants of Djolixtin.
Porti-asd, Ogn., Oct. 3.-The North
ern Pacifio Express Compauy to night
withdrew from the Oregon and Califor
nia road, east and west side division, and
from the narrow gauge roads. The rea
son given ia that the business did not
pay, and they will leave Wells, Fargo .V
Co. a clear 6eld, routining themselvaa ex
clusively tfi thr Oregon Navigation and
Northern Pacifio lines.
Paaaaacers ttaath aad Kaat.
Mkri-kd, Cal., Oct. 3.— Folloaing
is a list of south-bound paaaengera pass
ing hero this evening:
Mrs H F Bennett, Mrs D W Morris,
Henry Vrooman, Oakland; A B Gonxa
lee, Miss W A McNeal, R McDavitt,
Chas B Liebel, Charley Kohler, Jr, Mrs
Lynch, Moore Sisters, San Francisco;
Mrs L G McGaughey, Varna; J D New
come and wife, McKenna, Texas: W H
Doberty and wife, Gainesville. Texaa;
Mrs D Breeden,Omaba; L Oppeuhelmer,
Riverside; Chas T Shafer, Milwekaee,
Man Jsse Karen.
San Josk, Oct. 3.—The mile dash for
two-year-olds was a walk over for Mis
Next was a running race, a mile aud
repeat, won by Hilly tbe Kid, who tuok
tbo lirst aud third heats, Juju won the
seooud heat. Time, 1:4.'>1, M,v, if.,
Then followed tho novelty race for a
purse of 9350; $50 t« first bone at
quarter, >..o to first at half, |0O to first
at three-quarter, $'200 to lirst at linish.
The entire purse was won by Jin
Douglass iv I A 2, the fastest time ever
made on this track.
Next was a special running race, half
mile and repeat, won by Mischief, who
took the second aud third heat*; fir*t
heat won by George. Time I :')0, 1 ">4|
Tbe last was a pacing race for a purse
of :fJOO, three in five; first two heats
won by Bruce in 'J. 33*, aud 2.3HL Finish
postponed until to-morrow.
WsSMleavsUsi Harder.
Omaha. Oct. 3.—A special tells of the
murder of Harry Pereival, wife aud in
fant child, and a young man living ou a
neighboring farm about teu miles West
of Fullerton in Mance eouuly, Nebraska.
Thu mother and child were shot in their
bed; the father was fonud Inside a hay
slack with two bullets iv lm body and
the body partially consumed by hogs.
Tho young man was shot in his bed.
Percivul's house was robbed aud every
thing of value that was in it and all
money aud jewelry except his wife's
watch was taken. The deed is supposed
to have been committed by a farm baud
and his partner both of whom are miss
Kant Steamer Tine.
Nkw Orleans, Oct. 3—The steam
ship Texan arrived this moruiug from
Liverpool. She marie tbe voyage in 1(1
■lays and In hours, the fastest time on
A Coon Hunt at the Geysers
Fer several weeks past chicken* have
been disappearing much faster tbao
I even Geysers guest* oould get away with
them in the regular way, and Col. For
syth, the proprietor, suspecting the
culprit to belong to the outsida army of
chicken theivea, organized a squad of
skirmishers, with a force of two sharp
shooters, one yellow dog, citizens aud
others with lanterns. After reading
the riot act to the riflemen tbe dog was
let loose and was soon heard in fall cry
down the canon. The order to advance
was given by the Colonel—the front
rank consisting of himself and young
Charley Fuss, the stageman with the
latest improved Henry rifles, the rear
rank of citizens with lanterns, and tho
lady guests of the Springs bringing up
the rear as tilo closers, carrying lint and
band.igea for whatever casualties might
befall the sharpshooters should they be
obliged to discharge their firearms. It
was an excitiDg chase, the poor yellow
dog doing his share of the duty nobly.
Back mine the poor animal through the
creek and over the rocks uutilhestopped
uuder the shadow nf a huge oak, bark
ing up the tree. Then the sport became
intensely exciting. As the hunters, and
the citizens, ana the lanterns, and the
ladies came up, a hurried consultation
was held. "I see his eyes," says our.
"Don't shoot until I am ready,"
said the gallant Quartermaster. "Hold
the lautem above my head," says tbe
loog and lithe Foes, aud raising his rifle,
cevering an exact center between the
gleaming eyes, he tired, and down came
crashing through the hranebes into the
jaws of the yellow dog a huge coon,
shot through the bead. The line of
march was once more taken up and
headed toward tbe hotel, where the
squad was triumphantly received. The
Colonel immediately ordered a barrel of
whisky to be opened, and it is aaid tbat
at present thero is a grettt scarcity of the
article en hand. Judgo Advocate Col.
Harry J. Brady has been ordered to the
scene of action to decide who own* tbe
coon. He will also take a supply of
limes and ice.
Hugo Rudiger will to-night open the
Humboldt Saloon, at \%% Commercial
street, with a tirst class band of music.
A lightuing artist will paint some beau
tifnl California scenery on a frescoed
ceiling, carrying the brush antl paint
pail on stilt*, at 9 o'clock sharp. He
will finish at It) .W; music to 12 m.
Their will be a tine free lunch. All in
vited to witness the feat aud participate
in the festivities of the occasion.
A Suicide
Thursday Coroner Nadean got a tele
gram announcing that a dead body had
been found near San Fernando. He
telegraphed back for the Jnstice of the
Peace of that precinct to bold an inquest.
This was done, and it was found that the
man's name was W. A. Brown and tbat
he came to his death hy taking morphine
with suicidal intent. The deceased was
about fifty five years of ago and had re
sided in the vicinity of Sari Fernando for
some time.
The Real Issue.
It is of little importance whether Mr.
Blame's first or second marriage, thirty
years ago, was the legal marriage, but it
is of the highest importauci whether or
uot Mr Blame tells the truth about it
now. His word was so badly impeached
by the Mulligan letters that what he
says in his own defense ou any question
Is not accepted unless corroborated by
other testimony,— Detroit Frre Frew.
Full cargo now ditrtharginn vi San /V
dro per American $hip 11. D. Itice. Con
sumers of this well-known coal should
take particular notice of same and ar
range for their WINTER COAL. For
sale at all the retail coal yards in this
oity. Immediate application should be
made to the undersigned for car-load
lots of teu tona or over, delivered at all
stations ou the line of the S. P. K. R.
Walter is. Maxwell,
No. 10 Court street.
Reported by Gillette & Gibson, Exam
iners of Title*.
Tin md at, October 2, 1884.
George Gnnl to Jams* L Flood—Ro Mission
Via jo or La, Pas Ro Trabuco ami Potreros de San
Juan Capittrano or Polreros de la CieDega, El
Oariso and Loa Pino*. $10.
Anrne Head and Mary E. hi* wife, to E Turner
and W B Loughery-I-ot 7. Turner'! subd'n ol
part of division B land*, of San Gabriel Orange
Drove Asaoc'n, f*,ooo.
X F Junor to Mrs Rebecoa B Hammond— Ixrt
1(1, Mills's ■übdiviaion of lot 1, Cells Vineyard,
Halt Medlin to Marion Medlin -6 M 0 acres E
of R M Lonir. tftOO.
M G Cra*foni ami John O Downey t« Fred B
Weiss, Carl Albiwht ami Henry Albrecht-2
a. rr-iS oi R R near Downey, fI6U.
Jas 1! Fleming to Wm If Harp, r-Lota 28 and
20. Westminster, si...
Jul.a C Seaman* to W F Wise-Lot S, Hamil
ton'i subd'nof part of L'ru ides Garden, iti»JO.
J A M L -Crarj to C B Van E» cry SW [ofSW 1
of SE * See M, T I S. R 10 W. tl.
Mrs Affiles Deut*ch to A Mari<* Mai-hris- I.oU
40, 41, 5J and 51, Kinney tract, gift.
C R Van Every to 1 A McCrary —E 90 acres of
SE i Sec 1(1, T 7 N, R 12 W. and lots 12 and 13,
blk 7, Brooklyn tract, fl,
V Ueaudr? to Peter Wolt«—Lot 21,b1k 12,Weet
Rosas tract, fS&O.
M Lobner, Colfax O T Dyer. Ki.oi.il.
T Filch * wl, S f Newbtrir. s Brinlo
A J Stftniur.il. do A Haimwlu do
H P Whatoo. do H H Bell, Wis
W P Snider, do OA X...... i..
8 tm do w B stes-art * wf.rity
J u<nm, lo >> • ■ M.n i ii.:. , >~,„.
E H He* i> do I l.i i.. i. .1.. .. .
LC htore., do B W Cxib. Stockton
Harper & Reynolds Co.,
Wholesale and Retail Dealers in Hardware, Stoves,
Metals and Tin Plate.
Sole Agents for Perry k Go's celebrated Brighton Ranges,
Churter Oak Stoves and Ranges, Golden Star Oil
and Gusoline Stoves and Ranges.
Specialties in Builders' Hardware. \ iles Links.
A Large Stock Sacramento Vitrified Stone Sewer Pipe.
48 andso Main, 61 and 63 Los Angelea street, Los Angoles.
The Election
From the Best regulated families in Los
Angeles and vicinity show a decided majority
for H. Jevne, the popular grocer, at Nos. 38
and 40 North Spring St.
His store is now double the size of former
ly and a complete and separate Order Depart
ment has been added, where orders wlil be
put up with a neatness and dispatch such as
his former cramped quarters would not per
Economical housekeepers are particularly
invited to examine our stock and prices.
< our!rous Treatment, Oood floods, Lowest Prices,
Are the rules at
Popular Grocery House!
38 & 40 SPRING STREET. r-*...
H. H. M \ RKIUM Pr.aUl.Dt. i. P. JOHNSON. grttcUry.
C. H. BKADLEY, Vice-Plea.dent. O. T. irUH,Tl«uili«.
lß.arp.l-.ted Aaca.t 1, l<M4 Capital. •IM.OOO.
Wall Paper, Decorations, Etc.,
•».->!). i6l North Main Street, Los Angeles, Cal.,
Are Constantly receiving New Goods, and, on account of convenience
in handling and having bought at reduced orices, they are
.vu* Sts tiro
Gordon Hardware Co.,
I sue 24 la*
-A. T
Just Received I
20,000 yards Calico 4 cents |
7,000 yards Oinhams ... 5 cents |
8,000 yards Lawns 6 cents 1
3,000 yards White. I'ique 6 cents j
6,000 yards Dress Goods from 5 to 5o cents J
5,000 yards of Brown and Bleached Muslin 6 cents and J
5,000 yards of Summer Dress Goods Just Received.
6,000 pairs of Gloves from 6c. to $1 a pair 1
6,760 pairs of Hose for Lad es at 7 to 35 cents 1
8,650 pairs Children's Hose 5 to 15 cents
1325 Corsets from 2oc to $1 I'm
10,000 pairs of Ladies' Shoes from ?5 r ''' TO-fl
7,500 pairs Children's Shoes from 25c. to $i.3Sj|
20,000 yards Ribbons from 2 to 75 cents a yard |
20,000 yards of Lace from 1 to 50c. a yard J
20.000 yards of Jaconet Edgings from ... .2 to 40c. a yard m
10,000 Ladies' Hats, trimmed and untrimmed, from 25C*j9
to $5.
1 0,000 Children's 1 bits from 1 oc. to $1. '%
6,000 Plumes and Tips Irom 10c. tosl :i
6,000 Bunches Artificial blowers from toe to $1 a bunc^^i
Also a large stock of
Boys'& Men's
Underwear for Gents and Ladies and everything kept ia |
a general variety store and prices are always cheaper than
elsewhere. Gall at
239 Main Street.
._ _ . rriTT I OVEB 100,000 operations—NOT ONE DEATH!
IF not TOO LATE you CAN BE CURED! Come and aeeut! L«me Back Menrß— 3
Hr<H.ir»ll«»i»-«'on»tip«ll»ii lll.rfh.pii IMiaeaaFd Kidney.. 1.1.rr, Mleaaaata, J
Bladder-Head Trouble-Im. of *fnior, I rliurj aad W«a Tieaaao
Bloallnaof Bow»l« Dj/«pep.l» all reealt from I N Pa. AJIM ATION. mmm Urn% _
Cm plainly tlmt you ka.rtr.rTtl, I ur.nl Tbeaioaajd. die from It I Co—,
ro red before TOO LATE I lIH Nl'l. T ATION FREE! « barge. ■la ■■■able. j
PK. G. EDGAR SMITH, "™ u \h£?«mVr o,,lA . J
Bronze Medal awarded by Am-riMii liutftute, New York. 1879. Mastake.i orer two] baatlrad J
5 l*J Iws k■' "1. O
■~ \f O
sTi: IK\s MTU CO., Fonnrrly or «.ra.mt Haven Mv 11.
a We deatn* te call your atteatio. to ta.
gNiles Patent MorticeLoct,
UD I " aai thi.-a ..aa ol Joan: an It. v hole
Q. BoMgfnajnjl I PJI llt ,. ni . '„ nor ro*Mdat» to airt km.: it i. fa.t.n«i «ak
B Ef .* nHßawi t« re»9 above and halo, ai.4 eeateqerattf no* Heel, to
H af"aH le.-.,tue Law. and laat. iboaah not team, it a 111
BH 1™ " >C *'
HJ o Brown & Mathews
m^^ mmmm M mmm W tj-tValera ia Builders' liaidwa*. aad A.rlceltaral In
WSMf pieniaota. avtaaHa
Having ponhaacl (rom BOai Broe. * To. the entire aloek of
Diamonds, Watches, Jewelry,
Etc.. Mow at tke-Corner offonrt .md Spring Htrorts.
Will off.r the same at Price. LOWER THAN THE LOWEST.
1 wake aSrecialty o( riae Watnk awuaafcu. Maitterturin. ol Jenelry*
I to»a: la. H. T. HOLLINOSVVORJ*^
NO. 30.

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