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The Order of Chosen Frienda
A II , I ! IK. a ■> " «> I ' '"<>«
■atasarlae Cables preben-Cleve
laad Betarne (a Albany
Held ler. Barned to
Ueatn-A SklrnHsb
la China.
[Sprcial totheHrrtddbvAuociaUdPrtu.]
Bah Fbascuco, 0«t. *.—Rev. Dr.
MorriaOD, late Orand Kooorder, aud at
present Grand Counsellor of the order
of Chosen Friends, snd a well known
physician and Episoopal minister, waa
arrested yesterday, on a charge of
forgery. The story of tbe crime charged
is that Dr. Morrison waa an organiser of
the California Cooncil, which had nine
~"Tfftarter members, four of whom were
dummies or imaginary persona, for
whom Dr. Morrison paid dues and as
sessments since the organisation. Two
of these dummies hare been reported
dead, and by reaaon of forged death and
undertakers' certificates, Dr. Mortison
has collected $3,000 for each death in
the name of the fictitious beneficiary. He
was enabled to make the performance of
hia crime easier by the fact that be
acted as Medioal Examiner for the
Council. The reported death of the
third oase, suspiciously similar to the
two previous ones, led the members to
make striot investigation, which re
sulted iv the discovery of the fraud dee
oribed aud the coaseouent erreet of the
perpetrator. Dr. Morrison denies all
criminal intent, and claims to be the
victim of a oouspiraoy of his •aeinies.
Tke Week's rallares.
San Francisco, Oot. 4.—Bradstreet's
Mercantile Agenoy reports twelve fail
ures io the Pacittc Coast States and Ter
ritories for the week ending yeeterday,
aa compared with ten for the previous
week, and twenty for the corresponding
.week ol 1883.
Cleveland Returns ta Albany.
Albany, Oot. 4 —Oovernor Cleveland
arrived here early this rneaSjbg, after
a quiet trip from Buffalo. SSSdeniou
atratiou waa made upon his return.
ollii-lnn bu the Pan Handle I
WaxiLiNQ, WestVVat. t Oot. 4.—A
speoial nam on the Pan Handle road,
carrying Mr. Hendricks, oollided with a
baud-car tbis mot a-inn at daylight, kill
ing a boy of 12 yours and a trackman.
Tte Plumed Knights of this oity were
also od the traiu, but none were injured.
The collision waa caused by a heavy fog
prevailing at tbe time.
Hold.era l-niu.d to Death.
London, Oct 4.—A dispatch from Co
peubagea states tbat tea soldiers were
burned to death while attempting to
save some effeots in tbe Royal Palace si
Christianeboro, which was destroyed by
tire last night. At the time tlm dis
patch wan scut it was feared tbat Tbor
woldsen's museum would also be con
A Mklrmlah In liilna.
London, Oct. 4. -Advices from Hanoi
to day state tbat tbe gaubosfs Mosque
toa. H*asue and Hauhe. while cruising
fn advance of the party whioh was re
oonnoitering in Valley Coohrau, was.
attacked by Chinese regulars. One
French officer was killed and thirty men
wouuded. Reinfor etnentshava already
arrived at the scene of tbe enooanter.
Others under command of Oen. Negrier
bave left Hanoi.
Siubaaarlue Cahlee Broken.
' London. Oct. 4 — Both the (ionld oa
'nTSs between Kugland and America are
•rtlera ta «:«a rhet.
Pahl,, Oct. 4. The TeU<tra t *h stales
that it has raeetved information that tbe
government intends shortly to call Ad
miral Courbet from China, and there
fore, instructed him to destroy the
Chinese fleet In the event of the capture
of Kelang, failing to cause China to
submit to French demands.
Ferry, in a note to tha British Em
bassy explaining the measures adopted
by France for the safety of foreigners iv
China, says Admiral Courbet was in
structed at the beginniog of the war not
to injure foreign oouoessions. Tbo note
soncludes with aasursnoes of France's
solioitnde for the interests of English
A Klot i rnong Ceelles)
Hono Kono, Oot. 4.—A serious riot
among oeolies occurred here yesterday.
Some boatman refused to couvey a cargo
to French ships and a general strike fol
lowed, resulting in disorder. Tbe popu
lace maltreated the police who endeav
ored to preserve order. Tbe military
busily quieted tbe disturbsnce. Heveral
natives were killed and a aumber
Another Lie Exploded.
M. T. Lynch, of Buffalo, ia in
otv He wa. . deputy under
.laud when Ihe latter wa. Sheriff,
'egard to ths charge, of brutality
mads much of by th. Republican paper,
in that Cleveland aui.ted in tbe hang
ing of two murderer., Mr. Lynch aaid:
"It ia a lie out of th. whole cloth. Th.
hanging wa. dona by Jake Kureoke, wbo
ba. done all tbat kind of work for thirty
yean. I helped carry O.ffney to the
callow, myeelf."
The office boy of a Milk .treat lawyer
came ia Saturday night and aaid he had
jiurt aeon a right ia ihe back office be
tween a rat and a cockroach.
"Which licked?"
"Ob, tbe aookroaoh beat him all hol
lar, aad itrove him iot.lii. hoi.."
"Did he follow him up T*
"Yes, ha tried to, hat the bole waa
juts big enough to let lha rat through,
and when tli. oookroaoh oame to try it
he got .tuck and had to git. 11 up."—
BotUm Globe.
Tb.i. wa, a man in Keotuoky.
Uia Dana. «• Major Ulan...
H. wadded aacretly one day,
Tso' th' record ie not plain.
And when be found that be was wad,
Thia aeerstivs man of Mala.
Waal alyty to ansthsr State.
And I ■ secret aad a|ain.
A Man of Endurance.
* (Cincinnati Enquirer.]
Mr. Hendrteks ss>t on a stool at tbe
'ITad'n in Buffalo the otber day and
without murmur ar oomplaint ate a rail
road sandwich! Here j-* true patriotism
aud simplioii*. Mr Hendricks is the
men for Vice iVre-ideut ot this lend of
the free and bonis of the brava.
Damiana Bitters regulates the stomach
Michel Levy & Co., wholesale liqnor
dealers, agents.
A NASAL INJKCTOR free with each
oottle of Übiloh's Latarrh Remedy.
Price 50 oents. Mold by(J. X Heiii»man,
12*2 North Main streut.
If yen want a goou-titting truss call
at C. K. Heinieman s tb-ug fcitora, Iflf
Main ■treet, who keeps the Largest aa
sorUnent of trusses on hand in .Souther.,
California. __
HHILOH'S VITsV.TEgR is what yoa
need for Constipation, Lose of Appetite,
Disainees nnd all symptoms of lJyspep.
sis. Price AO and 7ft cents per bottle.
Hold by C. V. Heinaeman, I ..*■..' North
Main street.
Many Steles in the Union at piescnt
»re competing with California for Kuro
peau immigration, hut ihe fertility of
oar soil, and particularly tbe climate of
the Southern part uf the Stat*-, are
great things iv *ut favor. The most en
terprising business men of Loe Angeles
pome from all parts of the Union, among
"tUt foTetnOst of which most be mention
ed the Pacific Kestantant, oppoMtu tho
Poet office Sept IB lm
K. Lindqaist, mereiiaiit tailor, No. :'<
Spring street, is hiniself a practical out*
Ut: aad, huving had amjile exneriente
in Hun Framiscu and Lee Angelw,
knows bow to meet tlis requirements of
bia oosUimers. lie kety* a full rrapply
of tike bast cloths ooustaotlr on hand
and makes thriti up "upon honor."
Spanish language. By Prof. A. Cayaa,
1 Mum Street. dll-ly
Ladies who are troubled with cramps
mud nervousness should drink Deiniana
Bitters. It ti pleaaant to take.
uevsi bars a sour stomaoh
r « drink LWaa. Bitvara.
To Whom it May Concern
Platte take actios). Any person havr
tag pledge* or collaterals at the Star
Loan and Broker Office, No. 4 Coir
meroial street, will please redeem the
same or pay accrued interest thereon
within thirty days from this date or they
will be sold. I. S.—Money loaned oa
all kinds of personal property. mr3otf
Livery Stable* and corral* For sale
Temple street stables and corrals will
be sold with or without the livery. The
use of location is guaranteed for years,
and business will he continued if not
sold. I wish to sell immediately and
cheaply. Oio. 0. Fori*,
Grand Central Hotel.
ARE YOU MAUK miserable by In<U
gesttou, Conatipatiun. Diuiaeei, Lees of
Appetite, Yellow Skin? Sbilohs Vital.aser
aia positive cure. Sold by a f* Heinae
man 132 North Main street.
De oo rations aud wull paper*, the rioest
and latest, and the greatest variety, at
Raphael Bros,, 141 Main street.
Bronchitis immediately relieved by
Shiloh'a Cure. Hold by C. F. Heioze
maa, 122 North Main atreet.
The Mexican remedy for diseases of
tbe kidneya and bladder is Damiana Bit
ten. M. Levy ft Co.. wholesale agents.
For health, strength and vigor drink
Damiana Bitters. M. Levy A Co
wholesale agents. jano" ly
FOR DYSPEPSIA and liver complant
you have a printed guarantee on every
bottle of Shiloh'sVitahaer. It never fails
to cure. For tale by C. F. Heinaeman,
122 North Main Btieet.
To the Ladies.
Having just received a large consign
ment of tbe latest styles ol ladiea' and
children's dress snd sun-hats direct from
New York, and being late in the ace son,
I will sell them at New York prices.
Mrs. D. Gotthelv,
Im ju24 118 First St., Nadeau Blook.
Interesting Ttets Mute by ths Ott
eminent Chemist
Dr. Edward a L.aa,«fc. Amljltart f»a«l*«ar
the Us. Uo.Mam.Qt.haa BM*Bmo*Urt■ i*llf
eap^men u .,toth.e<,»r»'AUr..alueolbaUo»
powder* Dr. toi'itown ■W*M« **m__
what brand. Ara th. moat eoonooucal touae.aad
mhMF capacity UM Is their toe.ealn* unt, teata
weredlractadaoUlrtoeecarteln tbeaeallablefAaof
wash powdar. Ut Lov..r.oort.l.«th.foUo»lii«:
Name of tba Cubi. I.ahiiQm
Baking Powdara. Par aaah ottooa at powdar.
"Royal" (absolutely para) 117.4
"Pafau<un"(aiim powdar). laVr*
" Kamlordv'(pboaphata) traab IKC
" Rumford'e" (phoajihata) old SIT
" Hanrorda Nona boob." rraabt 1 t1.4
" Hanford'i Nona Snob.' old Ht*
"Radbaad'i 11T.»
•Charm" (alum powdar). lts.f
" Ajnaaoo (alum powdar) 11l a*
"Clareland's"(ahortwei.'ht loa.) 110.0
"Baa Poam" 1»7.»
"Ca»r" 101 l
"Dr. Price." lota
"Snow Flaka-lOroff f. 9t Paul) MUt
"Lawla'a" Condenaad M,
"Confraaa" yeaat 91.1
■■<:. K. Aodrewa k Vtf" (cootaina alum). 711J
"llecker*. " ell
"QiUafa* all
Bulk- MLt
"In hia report, tbe Pore! alilaal Chamlat aaya:
'Mrarardallalum powder, a. vary unwhoaaaama.
Phoaphaaaand Tartaric Acid powder, liberate tbSr
Ctoo freely in proeeea of baiting, or under nn.
_ climatic change, auftar deterioration."
IX II A.Mott.lh.formerUo.eriiiueotUieciiet.
a/ter a careful and elaborate ..amln.tion of the
rartov. Baklnc Powdaraof eommafra, reported M
ao. Uoeerameat la laaer of aba Koyel Brand.
I Il'yoii are ifro»:liiK Mr»y or Mfj
I If your Hair hi Thin, Brushy, Ure,
1 Harsh, or Weak;
I 11 i on are troablud with Itoudroir,
1 Itrhlntr, or rtuy ilunior or Ilia
-1 ease of the Sculp,
ft heals nearly every disease pocultar to
thn scalp, checks the failing out of the Hair
and prevent* It from turning gray, and Is an
uneqnalled dressing and toilet article.
Dr. J. C. Ayer 4 Co., Lowell, Matt.
Sold by all imiggtiu.
lous affections,
has S STOMACH.^ #*
R .trt P«>'" "o.';:
I | fWt I * ahakeo by tha
claptrap noatrotna of unaSantiflc pratandara,
than tha avarlaatin. hllla br the wfnda that ru»
Ma throuah th.lr dallaa. Por aala bj all Drat
flat, and Daatara generally
Who want (-lossy, luxuriant
aad wavy tresses of abundant,
beautiful Hair must use
elegant, cueup article always
makes th ■ Hair grow freely
and fast, keips it from railing
out, arrests and cures gray
ness, removes dandruff and
itching, makes the Hair
strong, giving it a curling
tend ncy nnd keeping it in
any desired position. Ilean
tifnl, healthy Hair is the sure
result of using Kathairon.
Tha Orsateat Mediral Triumph of tb. Age!
1..... ol a .peine. Uswsls costive. Pal. la
Ik. head, with a Sail ..Bastion I. tka
back Part. Pala under Ik. shoulder
blade. Fullusaa alter call.i, with ndle-
Inrllnntlon t. exertion of bod, or ml ad.
I rrl labl 111 y of temper. Lew .pi rile, wllk
a feeling of hn . In. neglected some d.tr.
Weariness, IMillness. Pl.tl.rlna al tk.
Heart. D.t. before ike sree, lleaaack.
o.er Ik. rl.kt eye. Restlessness, with
aifal drsasas. lll.hi, c.ler.d I l me, aad
TITTT-a FILU are especially adapted
to auch eaiea, one drtae effect, .uoh a
chstiße nf feeling aa to nelnnlell th.aufferer.
They I nrr.a.e the A pp. tit c .and esufr. tbs
h.xly to Take on Flesh, thu. tbs syrten, is
aoarlalMd. md hrrh irTsnlr Actios on
Ibe l>ta..l|r.Organs.lts.ular Stools are
!■ !■■ I 1-ri eaSe. <«l»r«rTar«t..W.T.
tuns HAIR oil
fiRAT Hair nr WmsKaaa changed to a
ULOftsr Black by a slnglo apnlloalton of
this DTK It Imparts a natural color, sets
Instantaneously. Snlil hv jDriicfrlsts, or
i sent by express on receipt of • i -
Office, 44 Murray St., Naw York.
Barrett & Sherwood,
No 140 UontsToniery Street, - Han Francl
Importsr* and Manufacturers of
IhAmuuds, Watches, Jewulry, HUvex
ware aod Plated ware.
Ws Invite visitors to Sao Fraacsoo to intpsci
our stock before taakine; their purcbasea AI
Aiuerloau Walaches. A Tartx* Stock slways Ok
hand. Acents for Rockfordiwetehss. oiyl «rr
Los Angeles Savings Bank,
CAPITAL, ■ • • « $100,000
Board or % Ireetora:
ISAJAJ W. HIXUsAf, JuM* E. Plats*,
Rust. 9. Baf,*ft, John A. Paitoji,
L. 0. Ooodvw.
Term Deposits will be received lo turn* ol oos
hundred dollars and orer.
Ordinary Deposits lo suma ol tan dollars aod
Money to loao oo flr*t-class Real EaWte.
Los Augeles, July 1, IM*. Julltf
First National Bank
Oapltal stock, i : J lOO.OOO
Surplus, ,100,000
E. F. BPEHOE, : : : Prudent
WM. LACY, : ObJuiier
J. D. Blcajiau, J. f. Caass, H. Masuar,
Wat LaCT, E. F. rises oa.
Gin. A. H. Wnoos. Da. R. R: MoDo.au>.
0 8 WiTTiaasT, Jans. RoJov,
s r. Osjurs, 0. <i- brosr,
H. Masosr, J*"'
Woods atasuaT, 8. H. Mon,
i. D. bxnu, b- F. Sranoß. otu
KsOaa ajraßisßS
Mbin St, Lm Angeles, Cai.
Reserve Fund. ,300,000
jobn i plaisb- rsadOast,
K. H BAKKH Vles-Prwsdent.
H. L. MaoNKIL Oaahler.
J. 8. Sutrjewt, JoTsua mart,
Joan E. PL&vsa, Ross ST 8. lusss,
Jons A. Paitos, Osoaos W. Paseoorr
R. M. Wiossr.
*ITRut .so Ssu. ExcHaliea on San Pranoisoo
New York, London, P/rts, Berlin aad Frankfort
jaj-Btrr F.iohasos on all parts ot tbe United
States aad Europe.
JOT Rschvb Mortar on Open aeoount laud eertlf
oats of deposit, and do s general and
eaoh Dge business
Farmer I MBrcliants'Bank
Capital, •**>'>.Marpiaa aa
Reaerve Vand, •SstO.oet).
loses or oiasoross:
New York, London,
Frankfort, Dublin,
Paris and Berlin.
_r Receive Deposits and Issue Their Cor
and Sell Governments, State. Count)
and Oltv Bands
On. H Bos.ui.ka, Josh Bstsoii Ss
Prest Tlee-rWt
F. C. Howes, Cashier
Los Angeles National BanK,
.elea. Cal.
Da. W. 0. Ootna.a, O.U.H. H. MAatUB
PalaT M (Maw, Job.. Baraow, Si,
Ua. 11 SutaalAie., P. 0. Uowaa.
Oao H. BomnaAU
OT Kirhan.. for aale on all the principal dtlea
of tba Ualtad State aod Earopa mbl
Gillette, Gibson <t Wood,
Examiners of Title and
Rooma U aod la, McDonald Block, Main
Umi N. Oauovat D. b Loiao.
Eraminer aof Titles ft Con vey ancers
Rooms 1 and t Moore Blook, Coart Street, oppo
site Court House. Los Angeles, Cel. ocS-flm
1884. 1884.
Horticultural, Agricultural
Industrial Exposition
Agricultural Association,
at ree—
Los Angeles,
OCTOBER 13th to 18th.
Arrangements are Completed
for the Largest Exhibition
Ever Yet Made.
The Usual Baby show Friday after
noon, October 17th.
Send for Programme and Premium Liel
R. n. HEWITT. Sectary,
No. I Baa.r Hock.
W. H. WORKMAN, President. eeptStd
Cash furniture Store,
snow AJfi>
SFSeaSSai ara- sraaSS
IN I.os A.aela. Street.
Picture and rum 11 v re Dealers
Pleturaa enlarged to any aiaa. in anr frads ra
qulr«l. N.w sn.l sseond-haud furnitur. bought
and Mid. Pictursa, frame, and furniture re
newsd. Open dailT unUI 7:M> r. a., Sunday, ex
x>xa. wono,
Physician and Surgeon
Hariug nuule s study of all of tha dlasssea of
ths numss body, snd being ths fifth of s gsasr
.tlon of Uoctora who aae. Pr otlosd .nd reoslvsd
th.lr diplomas from ths Medical nahools and
Lnh.raltis. st Canton and Uoug boug. Lbs Uk
tor Itsats all of ths estloua .'kaaaa. of th.
Head. Throat. Lungs, Li.sr, auimMl, Blood, etc.
B. lUlpaaraala dl , LoaAagslss.Csl
; .
San Felipe
10,000 acres, good for sheep
or cattle, well watered, can be
bought for $3.60 per acre, if
applied for soon.
Apply to
Ban Francisco,
San Diego, Cala.
Pasadena Real Estate
at_\ ifPA Five acres on oneof the prim
91 f Oil olpel arenues, all set out witb
the leading choice varieties ol orantte and decid
uous fruit trass, aviso dventre-ri hedge In front;
charming location and beautiful view of tbe val
ley: water piped to the land and the vory flueet
of soil. This (s a flrst-ctass investment at f1760.
ttinCAA Five seres Id bearing orange snd
e+VauJUU deciduous fruit tree* and viaes ad
joining proposed Railroad Stat on, on principal
street; has frontage of 900 feet; will pay £00 to
800 per oenC to subdivide.
(tIOQAn Three and a hail sores finely lm
tP.aOUuprnvwl.*hoiiae 7 rooms; one half
mile from Postofflue; two minutes' wals from
Railroad Station.
ttJQORfi Fife sores, all set out different re
f\J)o£l<J\J rtetir* orange sod de'-ldtious trees
and vines; new house, hard finished; sit
uated on ons tpf tbe prettiest avenues; a lovely
Fine/rait land; with water piped to land, at
HU per acre.
<tl7fin Two acres o.i leading avenue, with 4
tj> I U U shares water piped to land]
Also many other Improved aad unimproved
Real Estate Agents,
Pottofiw. Building Piuadena.
Residence Property
In one of the
Mr. Chas. W. Davis has made another subdi
vision of his beau'iful tract oa ,
doutheast of his reeideaos and we will offer this
property for sale In lots of from S to 6 acres
eaoh, which will make the most desirable homes
In ths city. - - - n
The City Water Pipes are Laid
along the street Fronting
the Lots
The other portion previously offered, compris
ing 11 large lots, were all said inside of ten days
and are being Improved, thus showing the at
tractiveness of the location. Parties desiring to
secure a bargain should oal) at once and see the
maps and the prices, at tbe offloe of
Agents, 248 Main St., Baker Block
Splendid Chance
Parti** deslrin*; to make a profitable In rent
mem can have an opportunity of ao doing. We
will offer
For Sale Blocks or Land
B n | .tutted
Commandin*; a splendid view and no healthier
location to be found. The** Blocks front on an
SO foot A venue and contain about four scras
earh Would make beautiful building site* or
will subdivide Into lots to advantage.
For term* and Map of aunt call on
248 Main street, Baker Block.
Proposals for Publishing.
Notice ts hereby iitm tbat ssaled proposals
will be received hv the undersigned up to the
meeting ol the Council of tbe city sf Los Angels*
of October 7th. 1834. from the puhlishera or
proprietor* or any weekly newspaper printed snd
publiahad in thi* city, for the publication In tbe
English language of all ordinances, resolutions,
election notice*, notios* of intention, delinquent
lists of oity taxss, proposals asses*n. t nts, rules
anal regulation*, notices and advertisements of
whatsoever kind and nature required by law oi
t v the author ties nf the city of Lo* Angelea to
b* publish**!, for oo* year.
Proposals to be at so much per square of ten
line* nonpareil for first Insertion, and at so much
P«r square ot un lln«* nonpareil for each *wb*e-
A certified check for $100, payable to the order
of the undersigned, must accompany each bid ss
ruretv that ths bidder will enter into a contract
In conformity with his bid if the same is ac
cepted by Uie Council.
The Council reserves the right to reject any
and all bids. '
By order of ths Council of ths City of Lo* An
gsias at It* meeting of September SOth ISS4.
Clerk of ths Council of th* City of Lo* Angele*.
Los Angele*, October td, A D. 1884. oct3 4t
New Tourists' Map of South
ern California

Furnished free. Call on or address tbe Elsleore
Land Company, Rooms to and 37 Nadean Block,
Los Ange l **, Cal. ocv3 Iru
Something for Everybody.
I have on hand constantly a choice line of
Fish, Oame and Poultry. Fresh
Salmon Received Daily.
Also all other Fish, including Clams, Cockles
LobsUrs, Plover, U/iail, Rabbits, mdpe, duoka.
always on hand In their season Poultry of all
kinds a specialty.
Any of th* above goods dressed free of sitr*
charge and delivered to any part of Uie city.
Choice K**teni Hams and Bacon sliced to or
dcv. I, HRRKOIs,
108 South Spring Street.
'P. 0. Box AS Telephone 106.
Good* shipped C. 0. D. at Lowest Market Rate*.
soptSts ■
Government Lands
Under the Homestead Pre-Kmption.
Desert and Timber Cultnre
Psraone •Mid.. Oov.ram.iil L»nd In Loa An
gets, and MMM c.uatlss can ba locaud oa
good land t>v application lo
M, SCLLEHEB, Ssrveyor.
orriCl-17 N. Main St.. Lo. Angela.. Cal.
aaef.l gaa
Locud In Urn
Thousan-U of acta, of good Uovarnment Laud a,
Cheap Lauds For Sale.
aafiaw Lancaster. Oal
AdJ idication of Insolvency. Stay
of Procoedlnga and Order of Pub
lication of Notice to Oredltors.
In the Superior Court of the Couuty oi
Loa Augeles, State of Calitornia.
Io the matter of Jean Marie Vlgnes, au 1 inolv
an t Debtor.
Juan Marie flfßMhavltiu' tlloil in thUCourt lib
Ctitloii, ached vie and nivoiitorv In insolvency,
. which it appears thst he Is an inaolveut
debtor, the aaid Jean Marie \ Ikne* it liereby tie
aland u> bslaeehsut. The sht ritr of the asaaty
of Loa Angele, In horehy directed to take pow.e,
alon Of all the eatate, r al and pesßßSSat, of the
said Jean Mario Vignei,«Mii or ekeeptsucb a,may
be by law exeti.pt from execution, and of
ail his deeds, voucher*, book*, of atvount,
and papers, and to keep the same safely until the
appointment of an Aanifiioe of his estate. All
perevoiii are forbidden to pay any debts to the
said insolvent, or to doluer any property be
loiigiiiK to hlui, or to any pvrsoii, firm, or
f. risoratien nr ansos-iaMon for his use. And
the -aitl Debtor it. hereby forbidden to transferor
deliver any property, until tbe further ordrr of
this Court, except au herein on ered.
It la further ordered, that all the creditors ol
salu rloatOf be sud appear before the Hon. Henry
M. femitli, a Juoge M the Superior UKuTt nf
the t'"Untv of Lon Angele,, in oput. Court, at the
Court Room of said Court, in tbe oity and County
ot Loa Angelea, on the
lOt it lin > or .Vovfmber, IW*4,
At 10 o'clock a. m., of that dsy, to prova their
debts and choose oue or more assignees ol tbe
•etate of said debtor.
It is further ordered, that the order be pub
llxhed In the Isos AhUiLis IHilt Hbiuld, a new,
aiapor of ire j i oral circulation, puiiliidiwd In tbe
City and County of Lo* AiiKclttx. an often aa the
said paper la published. l>efore the aaid day set for
tbe -tiiikf c>f creditor,.
And it Is further ordered, that, <n tbe me m
time, all proceeding! alalOM tho said liiaelvunt
be stayed.
Dated October Ist, 1884.
oett td Ju<igo cf the Sup«irior Court.
Notice of Application for Oity
Notioe Is hereby given that application will ho
made to the Council of tbe City ot Los Angeles
at tbe session of the >aid Council tv be held Tues
day, October 7th, ISM 4, fora ijuit-claim -lead from
aaid elty to hebrouer, Johnaton « Company, a
corporation duly created and exi*tlr g und* r the
laws of the State of Califoro.a, nf all that certmn
lot of land situate in the city of I.os Antfek*,
county of Ln-M AngeleH, Stale ot CHiitorni.t,
bounded ami deecrlbed M (oik wit, to-wlt:
Ccmine'icing ut ibe point of intersection ot the
north, rly line of the bik-k building now or for
nierly of Alice ami I ta oauning, with the east
erly line of Lns Angelei »tret. -aid point being
N. 231 ''eg- Rbi ii- ' 1 t 'rom the n..rUieaa'.erl>
corner o* Us AiiKeles anu Uequei a atreeU, and
running from said point of t aimmncflment n. b7
deg. L. alonif tbe northerly wull . i said bud'in.kt
and the easterly extenbi v or the line tberuoi
1 8 MOteet to MM wesUrh line of lam! former y
of H. Schaeffer tbence east 7« feet to the north
weat • mer of lot mi of the Returns Tract ae
t.'onlniii to m-tp m .u> l>. frank Lecouvreur April
10, Un); thenoe south li feet to the southwet
cr.rnerof aaid 1..t; thence ea-t 100 feet to tha
aoutheast corner of naid lot iv west line of VVU
illusion street: UMBOS aloi g aaid we-t line of
Wilmington stresr n .rib 13t H-10 feet to tbu
pot the tut corner of lot '.'U of thr aforesaid map of
the Ketjuena Jract; sail point being feet
south of Uie southerl> I'ne <-ft ommercial atreet;
and sai<l point being also the southeast corner of
tha Xt of land co, veye.l to 11. Hfint h by deoit of
exchange o date April 11th, 187o: thence «long
the aoutherly line of said lot N. 77t deg. W.,86
8-10 feet to the aoutheast line of tbe ot of the
heirs ot Jacob Bull, deceased, at the northern
"..mer of lot 70 of the Requena tract; thence
along the b< utheus line of the lot. of the heirs of
Bell, <b ceased, s. 87j deg. VV., Joy y to feet o the
nou'hern corner thereof; thence S. £31 deg. W.,
IS 7-10 feet to tha northeast corner of the lot con
veyed by A. H. de Binning to J. A. Henderson
sad others, of date April Ist. 1832. thence alon/
the same N 6T deg W , 168 S-lo feet to the east
line or Los Angele, street; 1 hence along the same
S. 831 deg. W., 40 feet to the point of beginning.
Reference is made to the abstract of title. msi<s
and pipers now on file in my offloe, and all
parties interested are hereby notiHed to file
their objection... If any ther have. In writ
ing, st my office, at least one day before said
session of October 7th, 1384.
Clerk of the Council of the City of Los Angeles.
Los Angelas, September fcVth, 1884.
octl 6t
Id the Superior Court of the State of
California, in and for the County
oi Los Angelea.
W H. TOLEK. Plaintiff,
R. M. BAKER, Defendant,
Action brought in the Superior Court of the
State ef California, In aod for the County of Los
Angelas, and the Complaint Bled In said County
of Los Angeles, in the offloe of tbe Clerk of said
Superior Court.
The People of the State of California send Greet
ing to K. M. Baker, Defendant
Ton are hereby required to appear In an action
brought against you by tbe above named plain
tiff in tbe Superior Court of the State of Califor
nia, in and for the county of Los Angeles
aad to answer the complaint filed therein
within ten days (exclusive of the day of service),
after the service on you of this suiiimons—if
served within this county; or if served elsewhere,
within thirty days—or( ungment by default will
be taken agsinst you according to the prayer uf
ssld complaint.
Tbe said action Li brought to reeovsr a judg
ment against you:
1«. That the partnership heretofore existing
between plaintiff and deiendant in the business |
ot bringing and carrying excursionists to and from
California be dissolved.
td. That an account be taken of all the trans
action! aud dealing of said partnership from the
ceived and paid by plain iff and defendant re
spectively In relation thereto.
Id. That tbe said partnership property be applied
first to the payment of the partnership debts
and that the remainder be divided between the
parties according' to their respective rights.
ith. That plaintiff hs>e Judgment against de
fendant for the sum of six thousand seren hun
dred and fifty dollars; that he be granted such
other snd further relief as may be Just and equi
tahle, and for cost* of suit.
Reference ti had to iwmplaint for particulars.
Ami )ou are hereb, notified that if you fad to
appear and answer the said complaint as above
required ths said plaintiff wm apply to the
Court for the relief demanded in 'he complaint.
Oiven under my run 1 and the seal of the Su
perior Court of the Stat* of California, in and
for the county ot Los Angelea, this 2W day of
August, In t:-.* year of our Lord, one thousand
eight mindred and eighty-four.
Isbal.) A W. POTTS, Clerk.
By E. H. OWEN, Deputy
D. M. Aaams and W. A. Cheney, Attorneys
for plaintiff. septO urn
Notice of Intention to Become a
Sole Trader.
In th* Matter of ths Application of Rachael L.
Baresti to become a Sol* Trader.
Notice Is hereby given that I, Rachael L. Bar
net t, resident of the city of Loa Aog les, county
of Los Angelas, SUte of California, being; desir
ous of availing myself of ihe provisions of Title
XII., Part 111., of the Code of Civil Procedure.
Intend to make applioatior to the Superior Court
of the oounty of Los Angeles. State of California,
at the regular session of aaid Court to be held at
the Court Room of s-tid Court, in tbe Court
House, in the oity aod county of Los Angeles, on
Tsteaday, tke 14th l»ay of October,
At 10 o'clock a. m , of thu day, or on such other
ua> tq which the bearing may he postpon-vd by
the Court, for a judgment and order of a..id Su
perior Court authorising me to carry on and
transact business ir my own name and on my
own account aa sol* trader. Tbe nature of the
business 1 propose to carry on and conduct Is
thai of buyiag snd sedlng goods, wares and
merchandise, cigars and tohacc •, in the city of
Los Anneles, oounty of Los Angeles. State of
Lall(orni*. RACHAEL L BaRNETT.
Ivated thia lath day of September, las*.
sepSO 4w
School Bond Election Notice
Notice ta hereby •riven tn tha qualified electors
of Cold Watei School l«i>irict, count* of Urn An
geles, SUte of California, that an election will be
held at the School House In -aid In strict, on the
SSth dee of October, A. D. 1881, and the polls
will be then and there open f loin nine o'clock A
M until four o clock r*. M. of the.Si.tse day.
Bdd elecnon will be conducted by Chita. A.
Tullis, J. L. Homer and P. iv. Benedict, w ho have
been dul> appointed to serve aa Judges thereof.
Ssid election will h* held for the purpose of
submitting to the electors of s»id district whether
bonds of such district shall be issued snd sold
for the purpose of raising money, to-wit: the sum
nf |200-i. for the purpose of building and furnish
ing a scbwl rVvuse In said district In conformity
with the provisions of the Political Code of this
SUte, aud a resolution of ths Board of Trustees,
ol said District heretofore duly adopted. *
Tne amount of the bonds proposed to be issued
is two thousand dollars ( 11,000. on) of the denoni
ination ef SfiQ.OOeacb, and to bear isterest at
tne rate of eight per cent, per annum. The num
ber of years whioh aaid bonds are to run is as
Bond' No. 1 for two years
Bond No. 2 for three yeara
Bond Nn, s for tour years.
Bond No. 4 for five years.
Ami there shall be four of said bonds.
District School Trustees.
Dated September 24, 1884. sspfA-wSw
Certificate of Copartnership.
We, the undersigned, do hereby certify thst
we are partners transacting business In this
State at the City of Loa Ang.-lea, under ths Arm
name'and atyis of Wagner & Hohrig. that ths
name* in full of all the mentWera ef such partner
ship are Louisa M. Wagner and Christopher F
Montis-, and that the places of our respective
residences are set opposite our respective name*
hereto subscribed.
C. P. afOHRIO. Lo* Angelea City. Cal.
L. U WAGNEK, Lo* Ange.** City, Cal.
The SO Class In tho Spssd Programme was in
fesndsd, when adopted by th* Commlttss of the
Agricultural Association, a* a Distriot race, but
wssby mlap'int made a Ire* for all. Entries
will be received to-day as a District race.
seplfl X H HEWITT, Secretary
Mortgage Sale.
In the Superior Court ul Loa Augales
County, State of California.
tiaas No. U7tf.
Fartusis' a Merchant*' Rank,
M. A. Fwr»ter. Adniinlatiatur, etc., st si.
Under and by virtue ol a decree of fore- losure
aud order of salt) entered lv thu above
Court, on the H4;h day of April. I(W4 ami a writ
of execution for tbe enforcement of aaid Judg
ment requiring the aale of property under fore
cloeure of mortgage reciting aaid decree, and
dalcdSeptcmt-er tith, fid-*, In the above en
titled case In favor of the >lalntlft and agaiuat
tbe aaid defsndanU.for the sum of fit* H72 00-lon.
balance due, Including attorney a fees, interest
aud coat,, beside.i accruing coats, a ceiti(l.»l copy
of which dsoree of ItasaiiVOaSiM and sale, duly
attoatetl under the ueai uf said Court on the 'itit
day of September, IHH4, und delivered to vie on
the 11th day ot Septciaber, 1884, to
gether with the writ annexed iherutu
whereby I ani etuuiuanilml tOOSall at public auetl >n
to tbe highest ami beat bidder, for caah lv C. S.
gold coin, thu following portion in aai.l decree
deecrlbed real eatate, to-wit: Situate, lying ami
bong In the county ut Loe Angeles, SUte of
('aliiornia, and bounded aud particularly dcs
crthed as follows, to-wit:
Itt, All that certain lot or parcel uf land ait
unto, lying and being iv the county of Loa An
geles, SUte of California, bounded ami described
sa lollows, to-wit: An tin-ilvided mteisst of
one-third (i) more of le s. In that certain par
oel ot land sltu-tts ou tin ■ mI litis of I os Angels*
river and being a part ol tbe Rancho San An
totilo, and known as "La Mesa d« polius Logo,"
and bounded and flejillHls.l as Mlowi, to-wit;
Comm.lin ing at a sUkc Horn uh eh ooars the
□orthwest corner ot the ado'e house ol Kelijie
Lugo south W* wait it 7! l<m etmms and nmnitig
thence in the tllioction ' f llio pole fence on tht
north aide Of the end'tone ~f Mtna Antonia
Reutlon de Lugo, widojv of Jose Msri i Lugo, de
ceased, south SDJ* west 17 00 100 , h:dns to the
southwest corner of sal 1 Mart lv the dry hisi ot
the Angeles river; thence north 174"
Ho 88 100 chains to the nortr,w.-at corner of this
tract, also lv the dry bod of the Los Angeles
river; thonpe north Sfl|* e*Nt 2s oo 100 chains to
the northea-t corner ot tliis tract: thence south
i* oa-t 20 00-100 chain* to the southeast corner
of of tbll trsct; thence south hoj* west 5 OtMOh
chains to tha place of beginning, and containing
titty acres of bind.
Ltd. All that certain piece or parcel nf land
situate in said county of Los Angeles. Mute of
California, snd described as follows, t> wlt: An
undivided interest of one half, more nr less, in
and to all that certain Petroleum Claln. and
nnniiig right or p opeity—or that oeruin v> ln
or lode ot reeks and earth containing ft-phaltum,
petro cum or kindred siili,tances, situate In the
San Fernando t'etroleum alining District, and
de-i.Tib, il as follows: Ibn sunn h. mg kii .v, n L »s
the "lio'j" claim No. one (1)," situate in Pico
Cafton .nd h lug beti e-.ii tne "Hughes Claim"
and tha "Pi.oClaim No.
Public notice is hereby given that on
Tuesday, the tth l»a>- er October.
A. 1». I ss I
At It o'clock M. ot tbat day, I wilt
proceed to sell, at the Court Houae door, ou
Spring street, in tbe city aud county of Loe Aoge
les, SUte of California, ut public auc
tion, to the htghusl and beat bidder, for caah
in L\ S. gold coin, to aatiMfy said decree for prin
cipal, costs, Interest and accruing cosU, all the
above described real osute. or so much thereof
as may lie aVOaaeaVJ to satisfy said sums.
Oiven under uiy band this 12th day ut Sep
tember, A. D. 1834
A. T. CURRIER, Sheriff.
By H. BURDICK, Under sheriff.
Notice to Creditors.
I of H. Jj McFarlan, desaiaatsi
Notice ii hereby given by the- undersigned, Ex
ecutor of the Ust Wil l and Testament of U. D,
McFarlan, deceased, to the creditors cf, and all
persons hiMiig claims against tht) said deceased,
to exhibit them, with the necessary vouchers,
within four months after the first publication ol
this notice, to the ».i Executor, at his place
of bu-iness. to wit: At the Farmery's & Merch
ants Hank, In the city of Los Angeles, State of
California JOHN MILNER.
Exe.utor of tbu last Will aud Testament of li.
I). McFarlan. doeesed.
Dated st Loa Angeles, Cal., Sept. 12, 1884.
septic 4W
Notice to Creditors.
Estate of Kmelisna VsJensu.da de Ybarra, de-
Notice is hereby given by the undersigned,
Executor of the last Will of Emt liana Valenzuula
BS Ybarra, doceasod. to the creditors of, and all
persons having claims against the said deceased,
to exhibit them with the necessar. roaobsts,
within four months after the first publication
oi this notice, to the mid Executor, at the office
of Thomas B. Brown, Nob. Ml and BS, Temple
Hlock, in the city of Los Angele-i, county of Los
Angeles, state of < atiforma, the same being the
piaj>« for the transaction of the business of the
said estate. RAMoN VALE.SZL'ELA.
Executor of the last Will of Emeliana Valen
suelade Ybarra, deceased.
' Dated at Los Angele*. Cal., September 2d.
1884. sept 3
Notice to Creditors.
Estate of L. L Parley, deceased.
Notice Is hereby given by the undersigned.
Executor of the estate of L. ;. i v ley. di cease■
to the creditors of, and all persons hav
ing claims again-t the said decea-ed, to exhibit
them with the neoeaaary vouchers, within four
months after the first publication of this notice,
to the said Executor, at the office of Wicks,
Lucas h Bentley, 86 and 87, Temple Block, the
same being the place for the transaction of the
huituness of said estate, in the county of Los An
geles. T. H CKKHSEY,
Executor ef the last Will of L L. Farley.deceased.
Dated September 2d, 1884.
Wicks, Lucas a Bentley, Attorney* for Execu
tor, septt
Dissolution Notice.
The Arm of Hutchings & Moore, heretofore do
ing business at tbe Corner of Upper Main and
College streets, has been dissolved by mutual
consent, H, E. Mooro retiring. J. S. itutchiugs
will continue the business at the old stand,
whore be will settle the accounts of the late
firm. septfi 4w
Dissolution Notice.
Notice ii hereby given that the Real Estate
firm known as Adams * Son 4 Murray is this
dar dissolved by mutual consent, John W. Mur
ray retiring. Adams h Son will continue the
business at the old office, MS, Pico House, north.
Main atreet JOHN W. MURR'.Y,
Los Angeles, Aug •-th. 1884. m,.t\i lm
Notice to Creditors,
Estate of T. J. Askin, deceased.
Notice ts hereby given by the undersigned,
administrator of the estate of T. J. Askin,
deceased, to the creditors of, and all persons
hsving claims against the said dsossssd, to
exhibit theni with the necessary vouchers, with
in four months after the first publication of
this notice to ths said administrator, at Koonn
1,« and 8, Allen Block, fn the city of Los An
gele*. in ths county of Los Angeles, state of Cal
forma M. P. CUTLER.
Administrator of th* Estate of T. J. Askin, ds-
Dated at Los Angeles, August 17, ISS4.
Gardinsr a Stephenson. Attorneys for Admin
strator. a tig'2B 4w
Order to Show Cause.
Id the Superior Court of Los Angeles
County, State of Calitornia.
In the matter of the estate of Niev** K. de Reed,"
Wm. Lacy, the Administrator of the setate of
Msves R. de Reed, deceased, having filed his
verified petition herein praying for an order of
I sale o| the whole of tbe personal property and so
much of the real estate of said decedent, as may
be necessary, for the purposes therein set forth.
It Is hereby ordered that all persons
interested in the estate of said deceased appear
before the said Superior Court on
Tneedaj, the SOch Isay af Keptesa
ber. lvfsVi,
lAt 10 o'clock a. v, of said day, at the Court
Room of said Superior Court, at the Court
H >u*e. ia the city of Lo* Augeles, In thi; county
of Lo* Angeles.to show cause why an order should
not he granted to said Administrator to aell the
whob> ot Inn persons! property af said deceased
and so much of the real estate of said deoeased
as shall be necessary.
And that a ooyy of this order be published at
least four successive wueka iv the Los As-
UKLiA Daily Uksalp, a newspaper printed
and published in the said oounty of Los An-reles,
immediately preceding said day duly set for tbe
ht-arnig of said petition.
Judge of the Superior Court of said Lo* Angeles
hated August i7th, ISSt. aug-'std
Notice for Publication of Time for
Proving Will, Etc.
Stats or CALiroasiA, i
Oocstt or Los Asoslsb. \
In tbs Matter of the hstat* of Jesus Manso,
Notice la hereby given that Tuesday, ths 7th
day of October, 1384, at le o'clock a. h. of said
day, at th* Court Room of this Court, in the
county of Lo* Angelas, has been appointed
for heariag the application of Librada Estrada de
Menso.praylng thata document now on file in this
Court, purporting to be the last W ill aod Testa
ment of Jesus M..nxo, deceased, he admitted to
probata, and that letters testamentary be issued
thereon to Libra.)a Estrada de Manso, at which
time and place all persons Interested therein
may appear and contest the ssjae
Dated September 26th, ISS4.
A. W. POTTS. County Clerk.
By A RIMPAt', Deputy.
Z. T. cason. Attorney for Petitioner.
Consumer* of water of tbe LOS ANOELES
CITY WATER COMPANY will harwaftsr be al
lowed to sprinkle their gardens between the
hours of |toI l N. and 6toB r a. Consumers
are also cautioned a*rein*t allowing unnecessary
waste la water otossts
rsftV rRED. EATON. Supt
Eißctrrivs OsraaTHssT. (
Pursuant to the Constitution o' the State
of California, and an Act ol the law
lalature ol the HUU of California, etiti
lied "An Act to provide for the submission of
io >|**j.«l SN.endlii.nNt.. the Constitution ol the
State of California to the qualified electors for
their approval." approved March 7th, lIVW no
lle, is hereby given that the Legislature, of the
Moss of California, at Its twenty-fifth session,
commencing on thu first Mim.Uv alter tho first
■lay of January. A. l». IHB3. two-thirds uf all the
iuemt.fr* elected to men of the two Houses of
said legislature voting In f* Mir thereof, proposed
that Section If of Article XI of ths Consti
tution of the Stste of California be amend..l«,
as to read as follows.
HMftluN IW. In any city where there are no
public works owiifil and controlled by the mv
nieipalitj fo. 1 supply log the same with water or ar
tillcial light, any individual or any company duly
ioisitporaled for such purpose under and by au
thority uf the lawaof this SUto, ahull, under tbe
direction of the Superintendent of Streets, or
other officer In control thereof, and under su. h
general regulations as the municipality may pre
scribe for damages, and Indemnity for damages,
have th* privilege of using the publlo strueU
aud thoroughfares thereof, and of laying dowu
pipes and conduiU therein, aud eonne.tions
therewith, so far aa may be nooesaary for Intro
ducing Into and supplying such city and Its in
habitants either with ga-Tight or other llluiuinat
'ug l gb t. or with fresh water for domestic ai d all
other purposes, upon tho condition thn . he
municipal govurnmont shall have the right to
regulate the chaiifos thereof.
; And notice la h«ret>r further given, that at the
ammo session two-thirds of all the members
elected to each ol the twy House* voting 11 favor
thereof, the said legislature proutMjed thai Sec
tion 7of Arliole IX of the Constitution of the
state of Calif.to.* be ,i uded ~. a* to read aa
"Section 7. Tho Governor, Superintendent of
Public Instruction, and the Principal* of the
State. Norms! Schools shall constitute the Statu
Board of Education, and shall compile, or cause
lO PS ttompilsdi atnl adopt a uniform series of
teit. hooks for use In the common schools
throughout the state. The State Board may
cause auuh text b >ok*. wheu adopted, to be
printed and punlishni hv the Superintendent of
State Printing at the State Printing Ottlee. snd
when so printed and publi-hod, to l»e distribute!
and sold at the cost mice of printing, nubli.hin
and distributing the same. The
adopted shall continue in use not less than four
years; and said Stat* Board Khali perform sum
oth- r duties :is limy be prescribed by law. The
Legislatuie .hall provide for a Hoard o| Educa
Hoi In saoh county in tho State. The County
Superintendent-, and Urn County Itosrda of Edu
cation shall have control of the examlnatlou of
te;,, her- and the gnnting of teachers' ourtltleales
within their respective jurisdictions."
And notice-Is hereby fur.her (riven, that tho
Le.islsture of the state of California, at its
twenty-nitb (extra) session, comuieucii.tr on the
tWfittj fourtn day of March, A Is. 1884, two
thirds of all the members elected to each of ths
two House* of saio Legislature, voting in (a*of
thercuf, pr iiK.s.i.l th.t itvinm J nl Art.iele \[||
oi the constitution of the, state of California be
ameuded so as to read as follows:
Skction if A Htate Board of Equalisation,
C'Uisiitiiig of one member from each Congres
sional District in this SUte, as the sams existed
in eighteen hum)rid and seventy nine, shall be
elected hy th* <jiid.li.lid eluctors of their respect
ive I'istricts. al the general election to ho held
In the year one thousand eight hundred ami
eighty-six, and at each guliernatorlal ch-ollon
theresfter, whose term ol olllce shall be lor four
years; whose duty it shall be to equalise the val
uation of the taxable property in the several
connlies of the State lor the purposes of taxation.
The Controller of State shall be ex-olttcio a mem
ber of the Board. The Board< of xuporvis. rs of
the several counties of the State shall constitute
Boards of Eq-ialia .tion lor their respective conn
t ci. whose duty it shall he to equalize the valua
tion of the taxable property in the county for
the purpose of uxation, provided, such SUte and
County Hoards of hqua!nation are hereby au
thorised and empowered, under such rules of ne
ttoe ss tbo County Boards may prescribe, as to
the county assessments, and under such rules of
notice ss the State Ho-.nl msy prescribe as to the
action of the SUu* Board, to increase or lower
the entire assessment roil, or any asscsnnent
contained therein, so as to equalise the assess
merit ol the prop, rty contained in said assess
ment roll, ami make the assessment conform to
the true value lv money of the property con
Uined in sal I roll, pro. ided. that no Board of
Equalization shall raise any mortgage, deed of
treat, contract, or other obligation hy which a
debt Is secured, money, or solvent credits, above
iU faoe value. The present state Uoard of Equal
ization shall emitinu i in ortice until their succes
sors, as herein provided for, shall he elected aud
shall ijualifj . The Legislature shall have power
to re-district the State into four districts as
nearly equal in population as practical, and to
provide for tbe . loctionsof moniburs of said Hoard
of Equalization.
Each amendment shall be voted upon sepa
rately from the others, by ballot, at the
next general election, to be holden on
Tuesday, the fourth day of November, A. D.
18S4. The ballots u*ed at such election shall
contain the words "Kor the Amendment No. 1,"
or the words - Against the Amendment No. I;"
"For the Amendment No. 2," oi the words
"Against the Amendment No. 2;" "For the
Amendment No. S." or tho words ' Against the
Amendment No. 3." written or printed thereon.
Sacramento, July __, 188 (.
aogg t nov4 SecreUrv of SUte.
Guardian & Sale of Real EsUte.
Notice is hereby given that in pursuanoe of an
order of th- Superior Court of the county of Los 1
Angelas, SUte of California, made on the sth day
September. 14*4, in the matter of the estate and 1
guardianship of Wm. K. Creed, an insane person, 1
the uudersigned, the guardian of the person and
estate of said insane, will sell at private -ale to the '
highest bidder, for cash, gold coin of the United
SUU-S, and subject to confirmation hy said Su- 1
perior Court, on Frida., the 3d day of Octo
ber, la£4, et 10 o'clcck A. it., at the office of I
Pi. km 11 & White, Room* 11-14, Temple Block,
in the city and couuty of Los Angeles, all the 1
right, title, interest and esUteof the said insane
person. Woi. h Creed, in and to all those certain
lots, pieces or parcels of land, situate, lying and be
ing in the said county of Los Aogeies, sute of ,
California, and bounded, and described a* fol-
First—Commencing ou the westerly side of
Olive street at a point 260 feet northerly from
the north-westerly corner of Ninth and Olive
arreeU and running thenoe northerly 40 feet 1
along, said lint of olive at net; theuce wesUrly
IT. feet parallel with the northerly line of Ninth
street; thence southerly 4U feet parallel with Ol
ive street, thence easterly IAS feet to place of be
ginning; being a part or Block 54, Ord's Slimy,
Huber Tract. ]
Second - Commencing oo the north-wesUrly
line of Hill atreet at a point di-tant BO feet north
easterly from the nortn-westerly corner of Hill ■
along said line of Hill street 40 teot ; then-'e at
right angles north-wester! v on a line parallel with i
Eleventh street lib Let; thence at right angles i
south westerly on a line parallel with Hill street t
4 I feet, and thence at right angles south-easterly I
on a line parallel with Eleventh stroet IA feet to I
the point of Commencement: being a portion of ■
Block _» a* known on Ord s Map ol City of Los I
Terms and condPions of pale: Cash in gold <
coin upon ooa Urination by the Superior Court, t
Deed st expense of purchaser. Bids or offers
may be made at any time after the first public *-
tion ot this notioe and before the making of tha
sale. All bids or offers must be la writing and
left at the office of Bicknell tt White, Rooms
11-14, Temple Block, in said city of Los Angelea.
Guardian of the Person and EsUte of said Insane
Person seplTtd
Administrator's Sale of Real
Noti.w ta hereby given that In pursuance of en
order cf the superior Court of the county of Lo*
Augelei, State of California, made on the l-tth
day of September, 1884, in the matter of the es
tete of T. G. ttiiii'h, taMd, the undersigned,
the administrator of the estate of said deceased,
will sell at public auction. to the
highest bidder for cash, and subject
to continuation by said Superior Court, on Tues
day, the 14th day of uctotver, ISS4, at 12 o'clock
at.. at th* west door of the Court House, in th*
city snd county ol Los Angelea, all th* ritttU, ti
tle, interest and estateof the said deceased at the
tim* uf hi* death, an.l sD the right, title and in
terest that tbe sai.i a tate has, by operation ot
Uw or otherwise, acquired other than or in addl
tiou to that o. the said X. G. Smith, deceased, at
the time of his death, in aud to aU tbo-e certain
lots, piece* or parcels of land situate, lying- and
being m the MM tttj and county of Los Angelss,
State of California, and bounded aud described a*
follows, tc~wit:
U>t*,lght<s) and nine (,») of the Washington
Garden Tract, with the improvament* thereon.
Term* ano conditions of sale: Cash. Ten p»-r
cent of th purchase money to be paid to the
auctioneer on the dsy of sals, balance on eon
flrruaton et sals tiy tsiu Superior Court, Deed at
expense of purchaser.
Administrator of th* estate of T. G. Smith, de.
September 19tb, 1384.
GAIU'INKK A STEi'HtONSON, Attorneys for Pc-
utwnar aspi 1 1 td
Notice of Administrator's Sale of
Real Estate at Private Sale.
order ol the sup**nor Court of the oounty of Lo-
Angel*.*, State ot California, mad* on th* ltd
day ot September, IS&4, In the matter of the •*
-tela ol V. . P. McDonald, d*c«*«*ed, th* under
signed, the administrator of said estate, will sell
at private sale, to the highest bidder, ,'or cash,
in lawful money ef th* United State* ef America,
or on*-half cash in said lawful money, the other
one-half to b* paid in twelve months from th*
date of tbo approval of the sale by ths said Su
perior Court, to bear interest at the rate sf ten
per SSfli, per annum, aaid last payment with in
terest to be soured by mortgage upon the whole
of th* property *o sold, and subject to cooflrma
tion by said Superior Court, on and after th*
13th Da* or October, ihhi
| All th* right title, Inteieat and estate of the
said « P, McDor aid. deceased, at the time of
his death, and all the right, title and interest
that the said estate has by operation of law or
I otherwise acquired other than or in addition tn
; that of said «*tst* at the tim* of hi* death, in
| aod to all that certain lot. piece or parcel of land
Mtuat*. lying and being ia tha said county sf Los
I Angeles. SUte of California, and bounded and
| dseenbed as follows, to-wit: Th* wast half of
! the north went quarter of tb* northeast quarter
of section .No. ten (10), township No, ona (1)
south, range No ten (.10) west, San Bernardino
Meridian, being lha west SI 38-100 acre* of th*
■ above described tract.
Deed arvtl mortgage at the expense oi pur-
All bids mast b* ia writing and left at ths
office of J b, Hollaway, ettorney-et-law, No 4S,
' Tempi* Block, Lo* Angele* city, or delivered to
tbe undersigned persuually at Downey City.
■ BSejaJ .: IU -as
Adtumisirator of ths Estate jf w P. M.DvHieid,
I J TuoLaw*.. etturu*j ■*p*J tw I
- - BS Tzr^a
Oourt House and Jail Bonds.
Clsrr's tirricß, Boarp op Si'i-rrvisors i
I.OS ASOKLKi, -.. ot, ttllx-r 'JO. t
Nothe is hereby gltuu that the following reso
lution was duly [.10pt.,1 by the Boanl of Suissr
visors of la* Angeb s eoin.ly st a regular meet
ii.g helil s.-ptenil .-r 11 ■ 4, t «it
ou motion ol Supervisor Mo.-sser it ia herehj
resolved and ordered. That it is necessary for the
county of I,oa Angeles, California, to cm traot a
bonded Indebtedness in the sum of three bun
dred -.housand dollars snd the parti, v
lar purpose for which said Indebtedness is to by
created is as follows, to wit:
To procure money, to wit, the sum last afore
Slid, to erect a suitable Court House and Jail foi
aaid county, and for such BURKS. 11 la hSrabj
proposeil to Issue bonds of said i >unty In the
amount sfortisald, and such • ''hereby de
cidsd Ui be requisite for the Si. <M ( such
Court House and Jail.
It Is further onlered that the ijuestlon of the
issue of said bonds shall be submitted to the
qualified tors of said county at tbe next gsn
oral election, to wit, on the 4th day of Novem
ber. A. D. I*B4. ami that notice of such election
shall be gi»i n hy p U Miration In the Los AsolLrm
Dailt Hshald, a newspaper published in salu
county, b> the Clerk of this board, for four
weeks prior to aaid da, of election, and that the
ballots used at such election, lv so far as the de
termination uf tho que tion of the Issuance of
said bond- |- eouevrued, shall he printed. "Kor
'c of iMittds, 1 or ' Against the Issue of
And notice Is further given that an election
will lie duly held al tbs time and for tbe purpus.
and in the manner set forth In ssld resolution.
By erder of the Board o* Sii(wrvisors.
sepKtMw A W r . POITS, Clerk.
Adjudication of Insolvency, Stay of
Proceedings and Order of Publi
cation of Notice to Creditors.
In the Superior Court of the County of
Loe Angele*, SUte of California.
In the matter of Bean Hampton, an Insolvent
Henry Hampton having filed In thia Court hia
petition, eoheduie and Inventory in insolvent,
by which It appeari that he is an insolvent
debtor, the aaid Henry Hampton le hereby de
clared to l>e Insolvent. The Sheriff of the count>
of Los Angeles is hereby directed to take poasea
slon of all the estate, real ami personal, of the
said Henry Hampton, debtor, except such
as may be hy law exempt from execution, ami
of all his deeds, vouchors, hooka of account,
and papers, and to keep the same safely until the
appointment of an assignee of his estate. All
persons are forbidden to pay any debts to th»
aaid insolvent, or to dellverany property belong
ing to him, or to any Person, firm, or corporation,
er association for his use. Tho said debt
or is herehv forbidden to transfer or deliver any
property, until the further order of this Court,
ex.ent -ut herein .mlerad.
It Is further ordered, tbat all tho creditors of
said debtor tte and appear l. D fore the Hon. Henry
H. Smith, a Judge of the Superior Court of the
said county of l»s Angeles, in open Court, at the
oourt room of aaid Court, in the city and count)
of Loa Angeles on the
tut Day of \ovemher. ish.
At 10 o'clock A. v., of that day, to prove their
debts and choose one or more assignees of the ea
tate of said debtor
It is further ordered, that tho order lie pub
lished in the Los Angeles Dailt Hsrald, a news
paper of general circulation, published In the
oity and oounty of Los Augeles, aa often aathe
said paper Is published, before the aaid day set
for the meeting of the creditors.
And it is further ordoreu, that in the mean
time, all proceedings against the said inauhuiil
Judge of the Superior Court.
Dated Sept' mber *nt i, 18H4. se, iOtd
J R. Dupny. Attorney for Insolvent.
Of the County of Los Augeles, State of
In the matter of the Appllcati in of the Los An
gelas and Huinbold Lumber Company a corpo
ration, to dissolve.
Notice Is hereby given that the Los Angeles
and Humboldt Lumber Company, a corporation
form- d under the laws of the Stale of California,
has presented to the Superior Court of the conn
ty of Loa Angeles. State of Califomia.ao applica
tion praying to he allowed tn dissolve, and for a
judgment and order of the Court declaring the
said corporation dissolved, and
Haturday, the 4th l»aj ut '©< (oh.i .
At 10 o'clock a. St., has been appointed as the
time, and the court room of the Superior Court
in which the Hon. llenry M. Smith, one of the
Judges of said Court, holds Court, at the Court
House in the city of Los Angeles, as the place *t
which said application will be heard.
In witneas whereof I have hereunto set my
hand and stilted the seal of the Sunerior Court,
aforesaid, this U2d day of August, 1884.
[seai.j a. w. pores.
County Clerk and ex < >ffieio clerk of the said Su
iierior Court.
By E. H. OWEN, Deputy. aug23td.
Proposals for Jail Engine House
Notice is hereby given that sealed proposals
will be received by the undersigned up to ths
meeting sf the Council of the oity of Lo* Angele*
of September 30th. 18*4, for tbe erection com
plete of Jail. Engine House, Police Station, etc..
and fitting up old building on city lot N. W. cor
ner of Spring street and Second street, to
accordance with plana and specißcatirns drawn
by R. B. Young, architect, and on file in the
office of the Clerk of the Council.
A certified check for |260, payable to the order
of the undersigned, must accompany each bid as
surety that the bidder will en tar into a contract
in conformity witb his bid if the same is ac
cepted by the Council.
The Council reserves the right to reject any
and sll bids.
By order of the Council of the City of Lss An
geles at iU meeting of September ,6th. 1884.
W. tf. i;ni.,.vsii\
Clerk of the Council of the city of Los Angeles.
Lo* Angelea. September 19th, 1884. seuLD lOt
Notice of Time for Proving Will,
CoosTT or Los Asa sum f
In Uie aietUr of the EsUte of Anita F. Trudel,
t'otiee Is hersbygiven that Wednesday, the tint
day of October, a. D. 1884. at 10 o'clock a. bj, of
said day, at the western Court-room of thia Conrt,
in Die Court House of the oountv of Lo* Angeles,
*t the city sf Los Angele*. California, ha* been
appointed for hearing the application of Oeorg*
11. Smith, praying that a document now mi
Ale lv this Court, purporting to be the last Will
and Testament of Anita V. Trudel, de
ceased, be admitted to Probate, and that letters
testamentary be issued thereon to him, at
which tune and place all parsons Interested
therein may appear and contest tb* same.
iiated September '7th, IBS 4.
ISbal.] A. W. piiTTS, Comnty Clerk.
by B. E. TANEY, Deputy. septlstd
Notice of Intention.
Notice is hereby given Utat it is tbe intaotisn
of the Council of the city of Los Angels* to es
tablish the grade of Fourth street from Main
street to Los Angeles street as 'ollows.
At the intersection of Main street and Fourth
street the grade shall he as now established II &o
feet above the datum plan*; at a point on Fourth
street Wi& f*et easterly from the east boundary
of Main street the grade shall be 8 feet abovo th*
d.ttum plane: at the intersection of l oa Angele*
street and Fourth street tbe grade shall be i feet
below tba datum plane.
AU persons interested are herehy notified to file
their objection*, if any they have, with Uw Clerk
of Uw Council within ten days of the date
of tbe first publication of this notice.
By order of the Council of the city of Los An
geles at its masting of September 23d, 1884.
W. W. KoBi.NSO.N.
Clark of th* Council of the City of Los Angsles
Los Angeles, Sep.ember 14. 18S4. aepiS lOt
Proposals for Cleaning out and Ex
cavation of a section of the Wa
ter Tunnel at the upper extremity
of Zanja Madre.
Notice is hereby given that sealed proposals
will he received hy th* undersigned up to the
meeting of the Council of the city cf Los An
geles cf September i tn, I*B4. for cleaning out
md excavation of a section of the Water Tunnel
at the upper extremity of the Zanja Madre and
Zanja 8-1 which ha* fallen in and is now ob
structed by said debris, in accordance with spec
ideations on file in hia office.
The Council reserves tbe right to reject any
and all bide
By order of the Council of the City of Les An
geles at its meeting of August -nth, ISS«.
Clerk of the Council of the City of Los Angeles.
Los Angeles, September 2«h, LSS4,
•eptla St
Notice to creditors.
lii the Superior Court of the County of
Los Angeles, State of Csiifornisv
In the matter of th* Kststa of Nicholas Keuter.
Netie* is hereby given by the undersigned. Ad
tumistraior with the Hill annexed of ths estate of
Nicholas Keiffsr. deceased, to th* creditors ef
the said decedent, and to all persons having
claims against hint, to exhit.it them with the
necessary vouchers, within four months after tht
first publicatien of this notice, to thi said Ad
uuiiisrntor. at hi* place of business, to-wit At
th* office of J. Brnnssuau, No, 5e Baker Block,
la tbs city of Los Angele*, county of Los An
galea, State of California.
Administrator with the Will annexsd of th*|Es
tat* of Nichols* Kelffer. deceased.
Dated Los Angel**, Cai , Sei t 3th, IS**.
**ptl3 4w wkly.
For we are aslllne; Notions and Fancy Goods at
Nsw Yore price*. No leaders is our trade In
tended ooty to mislead The greater part of our !
goods are shipped dueetly from New York hare,
on oeotract rate*, by which mean* we are able to
■st aU gooes at leading pnosx
Certificate of Co-partnership.
Couhtt or lon Amurlrs. ( m
We. the undersigned, do hereby certlfv that wa
are Mrtners transacting business o this State,
v 11.,.i.1..v ,lut tl.. m»i,i« In IM m „|| the m.n,
Wr.ol.ii, I, lartm-mhlp.r. I.'h.rle. M 8..-11 .nd
'«.■'.' ""'>>"'■ "">' the Ch.rlM
M lt.ll r.»,.[,-. .t th. town ol Xl Mont., county
nl 1.... M,,(„!,.,, Hint., ~11 «lll.,rni». .nil the mid
Mm tlMMemlUadM raMn »t the town of
turni "' U " l> ' "' '**" * n *" ,l «". Ht«to Ol Vmli
lIIi witn.-e wh.rc.tf, wo hive hereunto Mt our
1i.i.1, thi. Ulh Jay of S. [it.in.er. IBM.
Col ,TT Of [.o. AXU.LM, |
tin thi. [tth Ja> of gepteiuher, one thoumnd
mi; it nun.irv.l „.„[ .Ijhtj.four. before me. Hi. 3.
W11..1H. » .l,i,tw. „l the IWe In ~■,[ lor laid
11,1 '"."Imil there.... Jul, .■i,iiHiiH»i,,nod .nd
.worn tAHHcattf .ppntred l.'h.rlu U. Bell ud
»w ~.,„.. „. , u | J » ol .|[ , n o
.tao„.svr.TO :z ••-
In witness whereof I ha v. hereunto set my
hand at my otrice. in the town of El Monte and
of Los Angels., the day and year first
eboTe written. M. 8. WILSON
— Justice of the Psaee.
Orange Street Delinquent
beliipjiieut Assessment List of assess
ments unpaid on Orange street be
tween Pearl street and tbe east liae of
Lot 1, block 37. Haacock'a survey, in
ami for the City of Los Angelea,
County of Los Atgeles, State of Cali
No. 9 j. H. Dun-Ins; All that certain traot
'd land m tbe city of Loa Angalea fronting IS
f.-et mi t,,„ ,iith * ,is „f Orange street bounded
■•..-t hv vv. H. Msec, west by Miss E, P. Hawks,
south h» self Ikm-fltted on It) feet fronting on
Orange street.
Amount of Tax tlft.oo
!■ percent, added . 9q>
Coatef Advertising M
T»tal $19. tO
IK lt_ic. Eoy All that oert-iio tract ot
and in the city of Los Angeles (rooting «7.»
fest on the south side of U,snge str- t, bounded
east b> IWI itreet, "est hy Mrs |>. J ones, south
(Iran est''™ (1 " W> ,font,n *" °"
Mmmi.t of Tax. 1255.7,
5 per cent, added n mf
Oatl of Advertising .If
ToM - rM7M>
Notice of Delinquent Assess
ment Bale.
Stats or California, i
Coustt ar L(si Anoslbs, V
Citt or Los AsoaLas. |
Public notice Is hereby given that default bar
ing been made in tbs payment of assessments dua
to the Cily of Los Angeles for the improvement
and griding of Orange street between Pearl
street and the east line of Lot 1, Block
:.7, Hsnock's i-urvey, upon the property
heroino. fore described, I, E. H. Boyd, as Super
intend, nt of in and for the sale City of Loa
Angele, i.y virtue of the authority io ma vested
by law, unless the assessments together with,
the cost and percentage, are paid, will on
Weitn*M«tay. the* Nth If ay of Octo
ber. 1»«*4.
At the hour of 10 o'clock In ths forenoon of Ihat
dsy commenre to sell the real property upoa
» hi. h said assessments are a lien, at public auc
tion for and on account of such delinquent as
seMiQcnts thereon In front of the office of the Su
penntendent of Streets of the City of Los
Angeles, County of l,oe Angeles, State of Cali
And t .at I will continue such sales from day to
da] (Sundays and legal holidays excepted) ao
eontmg io tho adjourniueuta and between the
hours of 10 o'elo. k a. v. and » o'clock i*. H. of
ea. b d.y ~f salu snd at tho same place until the
*hoie prop-rty hereinbefore set forth or so
much thereof as may bs necessary shall be sold,
aud that I will sell the smallest quantity of eaoh
piece or [,ar. el of property I able for such issues
n.eru* that will be Ukun by any person for the>
am niiit, in legal coin of the United States, of
the assessments ami cost romaininn due and un
paid th»r«on, together with the sum of (Wl fifty
ivnts provided by law for the certificate of sale
In duplicate In each aod every case.
The real property will be ■old ■übjeot to re
demption w iU.ln twelve month* from the date
of the tile: but it not redeemed, conveyance ab
solute in form of the property sold will be ex*,
euted to the purchaser thereof a* provided by
All th* propert, hereinbefore described ia lo
the city of Los Angeles, county of Los Angeles.
SUte of California.
Signed and dated at the said city of Los An
gelea, California, this the 30th dsy of September
A. D. 1884. K. H BOYD,
Superintendent of Streets of th* City of Les An
cles. octl-at
College Street Delinquent
Delinquent Assessment List of assess
m.v - unpaid on College street be
tween Buena Vista street and Yale
street in and for tbe City of Los An
geles, Couuty of Los Angelea, State of
No. 3-Pedro Ybarra—All that certain tr»ct of
land in tbe ity of l»oa Angeles, fronting loe f**s
on the north side ef College -treet, bounded east
by Buena Vi*ta street, weat by .loseph Mulially.
nortb by self. Ben-fitted on 165 foot frontlngon
the north aid* of College street.
Amount of Tax _ — *15b.T1
ft per oent. added _. fig
Cost of Advertising .say
T0ta1....: $mM
No. I»—Los Angeles Sohool Property-All that
certain tract ef Und in the city ot Los Ami****
fronting •..., fee;, on tbe south side of Collage
street, bounded east by Castelar street, west by
Manning, and assessed on 140 J feat front
ing on Ol liege street.
Amount of Tax $140 00
Sperceut. added IS.OS
Cost of Advertising ' tn
Total esjt.M
Notice of Delinquent Aitsessmeiit
Ststb or CALiroama, \
CfSnWff or Los Assblbs,
Cm or Los A> em*, j
Public imti c is hereby given tbat default bas
been made in tbe payment of -tt issjni nij dv* to
ths city of Les Angolas for the improvement
and grading of College street between Buena
Viet, street and Yale street, upon the property
herelnbeiorsOescnb d. I, K. H Bo>d, as Super
tutandent of StreeU in aud for th* said city of
Lo-Angeles, by virtue ot the authority la ass
vesUd by Law, unless th.' BJBJBJI monf togsthsr
with tne costs and percsntag* are paid, wUI am
Tho red ay. the 9th I»ty of October
At the hour of lo o'clock tn -he forenoon of that
lay commence so ac 1 tha real property aDoa
which said assessment* are a lien at public auo
tioo for and on account of such d«llnuu*ot a*
•essmsut-thereon, in front of ths offlse of su
psnntendent of streets of th* City of Lo* Angai**,
County of Los Angalea. SUte ol California.
And that I will continue such sales f.o n day
to day Sundays and legal holidays excepted)
acoo ding to the adjournmsuu aod between the
hours of 10 o'clock a. a. and S o'clock r. a. of
each day of sale and at the same place until the
whole property herein before act forth, eg -o
much tnt-reof as m»> be acosssary, shall be sold,
and that I will *cli the smallest quantity of each
piece er parcel of property liab c for such assess
menu that will be taken by any pa son for ths
JJJJJJJ jj B J a S iJ coin of to* Cnitsd States, of ths
thtreon, together wi h the sum of fjM) fifty cent*
provided ,or 'he cm beet* of sal* ut Ju
Tbe real property will be sold subject to re
demption with.n twelve month* from the daU of
th* •*!*< but if not red re in ml. conveyance abso
lut* in form of Uie property sold will be executed
to the purchaser thereof a* required by law.
All tn* property herein before described Is In
ths City of Les Aug. les. County of Los Angela*.
Stats of Calitornia.
signed aod dated at the said City of tea Aa
gel**. California, this the Stth day of Sssasss
ssr. A. D. Ida*. "
Superintendent of Strsets for ths City of Los An
gelas. oetl-5t
Certificate of Copartnership.
We the ..ndarsigned Jo hereby certify that we
are partners transacting business ia this £t*ta
under the firm Dame* and etfle ol "California
\ lueaar Worts," that the name ut full of ail the
msxubera of aaid partnership are Edward *i Her
m no and Christian ore be, and that tbe places cal
or respective are set opposite our re
in witueee whereof we hare hereunto eat our
hands this JOth day of September. A. D. isse.
Edward C. Hermann Los Ang-eies City. Oal.
Christian Grebe Les Aogstss City, Cai.
Stars or CeaVAWsaTsU, { m >
Or this thirtieth day ot September, in the year one
thousenn eight nundresi and .-ighly four, More me
James C. Keg*, a Notary Puhue, in and for said
oounty ot Laa Augcie*. personally appeared E. OL
sWassunAudChr stian <<rebe, known to me to be
the same persoue whose names are subscribed to
and who eieeuteii ths aanexed instrument, and
thersupou less) a**ereily duly auk now ltdg*d
mi' that they o«uuxi the same
In "inies whereof. 1 sstve hereunto est ss
hand, ami etiksd SSJ ufSesel seal ss say oSVe. m
the ite ci l eeSaSsy <f Lo* A assies, the dsy aad
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