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Los Angeles Daily Herald.
vol. XXII.
Maine Offers to appoint a Cominlt
tee For ft CotiHideratlou.
A Dlsaf fee teat Blame Election In
New York—Tne ttreat Ration
al Electloueerer In wm
Virginia <;cuerul
Special to the Herald ]
NswYoas, Oct. 6.-A • t f ' lteme , r ii 1 w S -a re
ceutly made that James F. Joy, of Michigan,
■ who nominated Blame in the C-mventJon
fouryaars ago, told Henry Ward Beecber
that in 1H77 Hpeaker Blame had offered to
appoint a committee to suit him if he would
take certain bonds off his hand*. Alger, the
Republican cindtdate for Governor ot
BCiobUiaß, cabled to Joy In London aa to
whether thi «or/_w*a true. Jot
"Blame neve* offered to »PP<*»} *
tie for a consideration." jl*l *7?S J £5 r
hu wrUten Alger ttrttior tobibira: ' When
Ote dllftCQUy occurred In regard to certain
landj In the touthWSst dn which I
was interested a committee waa about to
be appointed by Congress to ejimloe tbe
Bldaebetes Spanker of tue House,
laaleeMr Blaineto have
one sound lawyer appointed on that com
nUttee. I did not c re of which party; I
■imply winted a sound lawyar. In adiy or
two Mr. Blame seat me word through a
friend that he had CJrt dn depreciated hoods
and th tt If I would entble hfm topi ice them
at p ir I c iv.d have my committee ulw tat
ed It. I refused tbe offer, and si the c nirts
soon settled the matter, no committee was
A Disaffected Elector.
Special to the H skald.
Ns # Yobs, Oct. 7.—Ths Republic nu are
in more trouble. Dr. Purest, the itepubllcau
Klector of tbe Sixth District, has resigned on
the ground tint be Ctuuot consclenclously
support Blame. Ore.it efforts were, mike to
buhdote him, but they failed. HU letter of
resignation will be published tomorrow.
Mare "soap."
Special to tbe Hkbald
Kb* Yobs, Oct. 6. — Republic int are
alarmed et tslegr tms from O nlo to the Re
public in N itloual Committee, demanding
more money. Fifty thousand dollars sre
Chicago Races.
CHicsoo, Oct. The first regular day of
the driving ptrk fall trotting meeting took
Blacs8 lacs to d iy. Tne trick wis somewhat slow.
□ tbe 2.30 class trotting, Butterscotch won,
Isaac, second; Prince MLddleton, third,
Zulu, fourth. The best time was 2:14)4,
The Illinois Breeder* Association *t*ke a
for trotting two-year olds, mile he its,
Jeannette- won in str tight he its; time, 2:44)4
2.40. The last U the best record by any
northern bred two yen-old. the last half
was trotted at a 2 36 gait, and the last quar
ter at the rate of 3.82. WUH .ms was
second in each he-it; Belle Wythe third.
Class 222 p icing w ts postponed sfter two
bests; Mike Wilkes won tbe flr»t. time
3 li>U; SUvertatl took the second; time 2 1 .
Illinois Trotting Breeders stake for yesr-
Uugs, half mile lioats—summary—Diatonic,
1,1, Royal Cssseck, 3, 2, Dr. Layton, 2, S;
times, 1.36*4; 1:88.
Bflsalsolaal Politics.
Jackson, Miss., Oct. ft.—At a meeting of
the Republic in KxecutlveC .mmittee to d ty
s letter was read from the Caslrm in of the
Greenback Party which proposed a fusion
of the Greenback and Republic in parties ou
the Electoral ticket, as follows: Republic in
live, Qreei'ttCkers four. The Committee
refused, jie result Is a rumor that there
will be s fitler and West Electorsi ticket In
Mississippi. A substitute Ismide on the
elector d ticket of J. T, Montgomery, vice
Governor Alcorn, who rclused to serve, 8 T
Jackson vice J . IN . C trpemer, wffo refused to
serve. Four Republican c mdid itesfor con
gress were present. Tbe session was heid
wltb closed floors snd business of a secret
nature was transacted.
A lew Steamer I,lns.
MotrrSRAL, Oct. 6.—Sir John A. M'cDon
eld, the C inidian Premier, nnd Geo. Steph
ens. President of the C in idtau P telle, left
for New York to day to tike a Cumrd steim
er for England on Weduead iy. Mr. Stephen
goes to establish a line of ste imers in con
nectlnn with tbe C in adlan P icfflc, between
British Columbia. Jap-in and Cniui. Negn
tlatlons are already on foot with this end In
view, and Mr. Stephens says the steimcr*
Will be much finer than those s tillug from
gin Francisco, and that the route from New
York to Europe via the c nidi in p.c flc
will be shorter by three diys thin via Siw
FraucUco. It is believed thtt Sir John A.M C
Donald accompanies Mr. Stephens for the
purpose of offering Government support t
the scheme.
YfttAilS bITCftM.
Ass Attempt to Rob a Train Re
salts la the Death of a S'lre
■a a a.
Dtttvss, Oct. «.—Aipeclsl front Kmp->rt ,
Kansas, received at midnight t iy. Etr
Suod iy morn lug ten mites west of here, n
attempt was m tde to rub the SintsFep tr
sense r train. fbe robbers evidently In
tended to ditch the trdn. Two rails weri
uaaplked but not removed. Whea the pu
senertrtia cime along running who sue .
speed they passed safely over tbe rtiis
When the robbers siw tne trdn flying b }
wltb the r.c.i booty they evident.y bee mo
enraged and fired a volley sfter It. tne bu *
leu striking the eirs ln sever if pl.ee-
Fortunately no one was hurt, but following
thepissengtr c ime a fretg.it trdn, whlci
was ditched and the flremin wis killed
The engineer was seriously loj ired. Fur
ther particulars are uot yet learued.
Nsw Yobk,Oct. 6.—Tamm my Hill made
the following v tmln itlons for Congress to
night: Sinn DUtrict. N Mueller; Severnt
District, John J. Ad .ms. Elgnth District. S
8. Cox. Ninth i»Utrlec, Joseph Pulitter, ed i
tor of tbS H'orfd, tenth uutrict, Abr itn d.
Hewitt, Eleventh DUtrlct, John J. Hardy
Twelfth oUtnct, Orlando b. Putter; Thir
tee nth District, Egbert L Vehe. ihe Ger
mm Independent CUlteus Assoc! itlnn o.
tne Sixth, Elgnth and isnth Districts en
dorsed tbe i .imtainy nomlu ulnus. Ia tht
other m.itrtet-. conference committee- wen
.HeLean Co be married.
Washington, Oct. 6.—John ft. McLein,
editor and proprietor of the Cluetnn t
Unuxtirtr, will be married to murmw mora
ioitn Ml*- KmU> T. Heels, daughter ol Gen.
¥.. F. besle, oi thlselty. rhe ceremony wi,,
be private and in the presence only uf imme
dlate relatives oi tne two families, at t <t
residence of the bride ■ lather, on Lifayetb
Bon-re. The Rev. Wm. R. Leonard, recto
of St. Jolin'a Episcopal Church, will oSci-te.
Tae Canaeriirai Election.
HrtrroßO. Cono., Oct. A —Returns to far
*s received ladle tte tn it the 0 luatltutloa 1
Amendment providing for a blenul ii ae*»tou
Legislature l> cirrled by a Urge m J .rit.
Many town* that voted Aralus. t c
Amendment yeirs ago voted for It thU y«ir
Titre-u it of the eiecilon fur town offlc-r ,
•ofaraahe.rd from <1 >es not tndleite au.
materlti polUleal chiuge.
Raul Out.
Pnii. iDBLrMia, Oct. 6 — fhe Baltimore and
Ohio Raliwiy hot been given notice by tn*
Pennsylvania (Jump my that ou and altei
October ilth it will be deprived of toe prlv
liege of running traiu.i over tne Pennnyiv t
ni i lines, between Haltlmore and Sew York
Neither passenger ticket* v- r bigg g>
c .ecked throng-., from toe West vl i ttsuti*
more and Ohio tinea will be received by tot
Pennsylvania Comp my.
rack Sari.
Niw York , Oct A.-B. il. VatoKlnc. nnr
ol tne editor* ot /Vl', who Inr years wrute
tbe "Fill Noodle p.ipera therein, hee eusu
the proprietor* ol that Journ il f,.r $*\M) .or
bretch ol oontrcct. Some is .'Win |
detail, of editorial mn.bh.iiot «u<l aifhtou
•re expected at ihe trial. All psrrt#, are
rim,,, la lrelnnri.
Lo»»oii, Oct 6.—Berl Bpenoer bn aeot the
government gloomy report, reUttve to the
proapecte lor the r-„ m lug winter In lrelaud
Although the harve,i l, reported good tue
tiw price of pr ir,. will prevent farmer.
from miking piymeut of the their reuta.
• hoald landlord, In.U „ pou lh ,| r , nll
right, eviction, win cusnt and crime r»vl"e
■<•*»' I'"pro,ln«.
C.IOAOO, Oct. 6-Mr, Slorey, wife of the
•ditor 01 tue JWi ,»y a . "Mr. dlorey ia
wo»derful y Improved, lie .leep. wen, eat,
wall aud hi. mind 1> plain,, gelling strong
• r lie rid., every Say and* ell ioys |L ,
have ttroni hope, and a., have nfe friend,
that before long lie will be altogether nlm'
a llrnlal.
WWIWIW, Ott. «.-l he CnmptmlLr of
th. Curreucy aulnctiies a p .hiiivw dental of
th. publlioed report tliat a uombur of ane
alal bank enmiuera had been appointed in
Ohio and other Utata. for politic ai purpoeea.
Death at aa Old California^.
Niw Yo»», Oct. «.-The death of Andrew
Child, Who W.m toC lllfornU iv lain, ~,,1
m.ioed there .uveal years engaged lv mln
lag, .lil announced. Be prcpired the «r.,t
guide book of tn. old over,ami route.
* aifklen. Killing.
JfgWAKOO, Mloh., Oct. ..—AbiaArtnatrong
. merchant living here, laat nlgm louud i
young miv turned Ueorg. hue, iieoi iug
with lira Armatroug lie procured au are
Md killed b .in of tnem. lie ia vow uuder
accident (a Jar Waal*', larhi.
Nt» Yo.«, Oct. « Jay (lould'a y ic!u
Atalaut* ran ou tn. rocka at Hall Qa v and
grae nearly wreaked yeaterday. Nobody
The rrw.ia.al la n.tara la »„i,
Waminuton. Oct. ii - The Pr.ald.nl la ci
pecied h.r. tn. latter part ol th. Week.
War Nalra.
UoMOKoro. Oct. «.—The French f..rc.. on
d.r Admiral l>>pe. which c mm. ;
' .tuck upou ,ii . i.l bar. o put'ad audue-i
copied tbe town. Lespea Ima ant tnree
battalion, to eufwM . iuu.tlou with Admiral
(MM. i
He Opens tJn Refore a Crowe lv
West Virginia.
FaIRMoMt, W. Va., Oct. B.—Maine's p irty
left Wheeling at 8 o clock this morning. At
the Wheeling depot there w is 'juite a dem
onstratlon by the crowd. Aa the traiu moved
slowly out of the city workmen c ime out n!
the shops, people out of Hielr bouhes, and
Cheered. Tne first stop was inn|<- at Mound ,
ville. The Chairman of the Republic vi
State Committee Introduced Blsine, who wst
warmly received. He said: "I am glad to
meet the citizens of M irshall county. I am
glad to be in West Virginia. I c insider It
one of the encouraging signs of the times
that an earnest contest Is going on ln what
was onci a slave St ue for the H>C£ndency of
Republic tn principles, and Republican
principles this , year me in a tariff
lor tne protection of Amerlcin labor.
[Cheers] If West Vlrglua la lv favor of that
»he Is Republic in. If she Is opposed to It she
Is not Republic tn. lhe decision rests with
her citizen*. *
At Cimerou, Littleton,' Minnlugton and
Farmington there were hrlef stops, and At
each point Blame so >k briefly of the lm
portuice to West Virginia of a protective
At Fairmont there was quite a large meet
ing, mid Mr. Blame left the traiu and ap
dressed the people from a Html.
AtQr-ifton titers wist very large aud ro
markably enthusiastic greeting. The little
mount dn town was packed full of people
from the surrounding couutry. Blalue was
escorted to the stand and when the de
•onstrttions with which he was received,
subsided he said: "Citizens of We*t Vir
flni i, as your distinguished chalrmm bti
lUtui ded, lam no str mger to your St ite. I
have kuown it persondly for more thau 4
ye ir* and I hive known this st-ciion of It
well, I was bora on b ink the of yonder river,
s few miles below the point where It eater,
Peunsylvinli, snd you do not need
to be told by me that there wia
alw ty.i a unity of feeling ma nur
tbe inhabitants of the Monongihela Valley.
fCtieers.j But 1 do not see before me the
West Virginia which I knew in my boyhood.
The We»t Virginia of forty ye ir* a«o wis
CMupirttlvely a Wllderpess—the We>t Vir
gtnlaoftodiy is a prosperous hidiutrld
State. [Applause.J West Virginia as an In
dependenf omiii-aw-Mlth lu-tjoi her cv Ut
ence during the civil w ir, aud at th it d ty
the most liberal estlmite of ber toul prop
erty, according to the euumcrition of the
(Jn ? ted St ues census, did uot exceed *1 ,o.
ijOvl.joj and in I*W h show ,trr ityon i- uss>«sed
c ipiUllied we ilth to the amount ol *3;>0,0O0,
000. From the close of the wtr to the yen
1880 West Virglnl t bid, therefore, gifued iv
wealth the enormous sum nf |2,>0,00.VKW.
Yob have f .red pretty wch, theraft re, under
rtepubllciu iidmhusirition. [Lmghteraud
cueers.] Ills probihle th it some politic ti
opponent does me the honor to listen to me,
snd I would A»k him as a c inflld mm
wn it agency wis It that nerved tne arm
of ludustry to sraitP the mouuttins and
ere ite tnls we tUh ln West Virginia. It was
protfc Ive tirlff [great eneerlngt, »nd a
ttaaucial system that gave you good money.
[C ieers.] Before th dwis p used you never
aad circulating In your mid.d a b ink bill
that would piss current five hundred miles
from hlme. ["Tliat s so,' and c leers.] You
douottodiy have a single piuce ul piper
money In circulation Iv Mfesl Virglnl i tint
Is uot good all around the globe. [Great
cheering.] Not n bill that will not p i*s is
cert ilnly In tne money m irket of Europe a.i
in New York or h utlmore, so th it tne m in
who works lor a d iy s w iges kuow.HWneu
Saturday night comes thu hcwillbepiid
in good money. [Renewed cheers.] Older
protective ttrlff your coal Industries aud
and your irou Industries nnd the we ilth
of your forests hive been brought
put, and It is for your voters of
West Virginia to say wnetber yon want
this toe uiHnue or whether yon won to try
free rr.de [No we don t.] lin ike b >ld to
siy, with nil re.-pi-e;, tbit there Is not a
Deni' critic tte ou v on the ,t .imp In WV-t
Virgin!i, c ions :.. I. K.i
to tue N itloii, I nj>e ik only of those 1 know,
who iidv< c it-s .t proti'C.tvi- t iriff. I go fir
ther. Ido not know of a Dcm cr it :c states
mm who will acknowledge tint t inrT 1,.r
protecriou U c m>Htutionil. and iryire(r,re,
ai hnun-t men, t:iey are b..nn»lMrt o'npo.o** iV.
iheM.rrlaon i.rstT WtfcpaVVoui have
It:|.. i:ne .M-»riUiflf TifTtt bit! w.mld have
slr.ipk ;t| ttii. InteYCsla .tf West Virginia In
miuy Vit il resu.ti, and it * an am tzing last
mat the represent dives in Conurir>s from
West Virginia voted for that bill. I'here U a
good old ad ige walcli I beg to recill to yonr
minds, that <i »d heips tho>c who help them
selves, and if We«t Virglnli U not
willing to sustain protective tariff by htr
vote aud her influence ibe must uot expect
It to be sustained for ncr by others, if sue
wants the benefit of protective tariff she
must give to protective tariff the benefit ul
uer support. (Cueers.) I am glad th it lam
iddresdtig southern people, i c >mmunl:>
that were slave-holders, v c immunity m tde
up of those who were in later and thO«e who
were si ivcs, bat 1 address a alsce St >term
longer (great cneermg/. lam appealing to
We>t Virgin! i not to vote upon a trulltl r
i prejudice, uot to keep her eves to tn* re r
but to look to tbe front md tne future i\ it,
10 It ( md wild entering, and If I c i,nd bs
aeirdl would m ke tae *mie sppeal to
other S utnern St te-, to old Virgini i. ;
Nirtn C,r0.1.i ,t» Geirg! i, toAi ■•■ u\ .. m
.enneawM- .iidtoL.uliiß.n- fie. are an
lUtere.tedlu proti-c'.lve tirlff And the-1110.4-1
.1 vis wnica <t > t iCJ pr.-.er. T.i gr ,tit.- -> I
prejud c 1 or o prom ite > >;•■ .. pi
*Ye.d Virginia r»n iejd the » .y. c c 1,.
jresk tnls »eemi:igiy impreji.
the 8 ltd H . ith md Cries 01 we li do
t. we n duitj. 8 dd on wu.it.' 1 old on 1
prejudice, soild on a trtditioa; sodd up-n
d c.rives tnat sep tr tie the different BCttzooa
tM tne Cnlon. w.iereis.l laVtM you tv Join in
1 uulou not mere,y in form b if s anion In
fast, and to t ike your p trt l.i tne solution of
tne indastri ii and flu mcl ti problem of the
time .f re it cheering;. If West Virginia
i k.'s tn it course on tne 14tn of October sne
«td do mucj to sett.c tne c mtruverdes thu
aow igltite us. whl.l I repeit, oi
protective t iriff. tn a, .'cc >r-ling to toe terms
>t t a Morrls.m bid, it would c >st West Vir.
glal l a vast Slinof in v between Ih7j and
you gtiued In this at ite one hundred
md sixty mt.llous of doiun; between 1* 0
md Wjuyou whl gain muca more with
1 tirlff for protection; but I ask
my business m in if be believes you c in do
11 with free trade. [No, no, no.) Here I
ciose my words of counsel, lo tvlng action to
you. I tesve you not as a 0 immunity iudu
■need by sectional feeling, b it as a comma
dty broidiy national. I letve you as a
.i"t -te allied on tne one side to Pennsylvania
ud on tne other to Ohio, jCueers-j si
nuch aayou are to Virginia and Keutuekv,
I le ire yon n a St de th a stinds lv tne v.iv
A the i.ew Sontn iuvlting tne whole
to loin i.t a gre it n itton d government,
Whfca shall in net md feeling, as well as iv
form,mike us a peop.e wltu one union on
ac C institution and one destiny. [Great,
prolonged aud emtiniied cheering ]
Alter Blame tne Hon. A. W. icnny, of
Brooklyn, mide a speech. From Gritton
t especial train turned again toward the
•info river.
Hla Last Hunt.
San KbaNcimo, Oct. A.—D ivld Ennls, while
■nt mull hunting yesterday ne irfl tn X if tel.
eeidetita.il/ shot himself. He waa de
*..eu found Funis waa a well known c*•
r etor and c rpenter. Two ye im ago wnito
luck hunting, ne n.rrow.y esc ped death
.ydrownmc At th it time a C>m > miou In
;he same bo it with him w is drowned.
Hn M ion for ifew Tark.
London, 00t.a.-Onehundredandseventy
five thouatiidd.illir-. in Oliver bullion eti
-•ire i for shipment to dty wis taken for
S-w York. A further surplus in expected
unltastbe Am rlcaa meanwhile
France** War Hndaret.
Pteis, Oct. A.—The Minister of Wit and
fie Budget C -mmtttee agree on a redaction
jf mtllt try estlm itea to i n ,te ,d oi
Children Drowned.
F.ssio Austrl i, Oct. «.—Fourteen cMldre
W ilie pUylug in i bo t to d y. on tne rlvt
Drive, c ipslied and all were drowned.
Ifflaeaacre .», Aran*.
London, Oct. 6.—The wtr office la uncer
t tin as to tne ftte of CM. Stewart, WOO**
boat with fifty men enroute to DotignU g,,i
stuck on the r< ck.-. Stew rt b trg ilued with
Amos to provide cmiets ml guide tne p Tty
leroas the desert to Mer<ivl. ihe trc Cher
004 Ariba mias-ered the flr-t p-rty tn -t
I'iided, then boirded the ateimer »n>\
k'lled the rem tinder of th* crew exctit
f ittr mem, whose n mes -ire nukuown. It Is
le ired tn -i Stewart U killed. It Is unknown
whether F >wer tne Times correspondent
b.d returned to Khartoum or was With the
at earner.
ffe Palmed tne Town.
Wall a Wall a Oct. A.—List night James
Low adr grciser being druuk at Wu.a- ;
waila miniie.ted -tn interne desire to pick
t quarrel but no one sceommod sled him. Fi
v illy he br ludished i pistol and leveled it nt
a crowd of men nnd Ared. The bill entered
the body of I'hom i* Milouey and pissed
t trough It. No c tiise is given for tne <ct ex
copt n drunken de«lrc to lT p tint tue tow tired,
the wounded m iv was t ikeu to St. M ry -
nosptt-U at once. Hla wound is considered
very serious as the bill entered hla howe.s.
Low waa brought up to d tv und lodged luthe
county Jail pending ex tin (nation.
I ohikl murdered.
Tccsow, A. T., Oct. A.—The intelligence li
Just received that Joseph Wlune.d and wife
and S Frltt and wife were found murdered
on the evening of October :kl on tue ration
of Jamea Hafferty, In the Huacmici moun
talna. KafTerty I. missing ami Is supposed
to be mnrderetl. points to tho
parties who hung the Mexlc in boy qulnoue*
some weeks ago, as alter the hur.ging they
were trailed to RarTerty s raver,. Fearing
(heparties on the much would be witnesses
against them It Is beileved they murdered
them to save themselves. A rumor says a
band of Mexlc ms from HouOra o >mmltted
the murder in revenge for yoinouoa death.
ansae Valliv Cila., Oot. (1.-gome time
during Mond iy mgnt 1 ia. Pucoe who kept
a aalmiu here, wla murdered by aoin. one,
who aa yet rem ilna unkuown. Piaco. waa
au old man ue.irly i > ye ,r, ol age and slept
alou. In the bunding . coupled by him aa a
.aloou. tf ime P.i.coe waa possessed of aome
money wlilon he waa supposed lo keep lv
hi. houM aud thla waa uuduubu-dly in. reaa
ou ha waa murdered a. he waa not known lo
hare any enemlet, aud th. house showed
that the murderer had searched thoroughly
for money.
A a Or en on ■ Ire.
Powtlasd, Orgu., Oct. 0.-A fire at Wallula
Junction thla morning, de.troyed .even
boildinga. The loaa la about forly thuuetud
dollare. Thaodnre Pletner, a verm m bar
keeper waa burned to d.aui. v. wont to
lied drunk and i, supposed to have eet Are
o hla bedding.
Unrdrrrr trreatcri.
tan F»a»,iao, Oct. «.-HcCarlhy, th
murderer of Croaby, waa arrested tale cv.i
lag. tie cialm. Mil aelaßae.
Market Review.
The Jfanc Lnne Exurftt lv Its weekly re
view of the corn trade says: The autumnal
weather for the pist week has been sco un
p mled by but little r tin, c m*.enueutly g*>°d
progress has beeu made In full cultivation.
The sales of English wbe it were 78.M0 quar
ters at 32s 4d, ..» dust HJ.IOO quarters at 30s
4d for corresponding week a year ago. Sj
the forelgu when trade sellers have beou
firmer, although iirrlvuls cmtlnue on a
he ivy sc de. TheofTciast cirgo trade has
been confined to the s ile of one cirgo from
Australbi. I'here were eight arrivals during
the week, of which tiv were withdrawn and
five remain. The market was slow and
dragging. In tbe foreign wheat trade the
rites were unchanged. Flour Is difficult to
move at late rates. Nothing Is doing lv bar
ley, and prices are unchanged. Mudlterra
neau Is quoted a shilling de irer;oats Gd dear
er for foreign, beans In large supply and 1.,
fid lower; peas unchanged-
The stock Market.
New York, Oct. 6.—Governments, steady.
Railways, slightly lower for speculative
Issues. Stocks, nt times to day, were char
acterised by activity »ud buoyaucy; dealing
waa well distributed. L'niou P.tciflc ad
vanced on a favorable statement of the ope
rations of the company for August, which
showsadeereiseof ouly »47,0tW. The gros>
reduction of operating expenses Is J270,00,i
and gain net o truing*, $\a»„w. fhelund
sales of the Nobnski division for September
were 1,224,00J ncres lor t.,72,000, and from
Jain iry Ut to October Ist, 4,otii',oog ncres for
!6,221.0w). The report th it the Central Pa
cific intended tv withdriw lv Houg gong
steimer hid agood eflect on Piclflc Mill.
Contril P c tic ls higaer on a semi officl il
sL itement ta it thecjrap my s business is im
proving. Corapired with lust Sucrdjys
closing pric; It is 1 1 4 to 'i% higher.
atTernment Share, and n.llnaj
New York, Oct. (.—Threes, 100W; <Us,
4s, 2D; Centril P cific, 43; Denver and
Klo Orande, V%; K.nm Texas, lt*4
Northern P cific, prelerrt-d, do, 4oH.
North Western, I«V<J; Oregon N ,vlg itlon, it,
lruisc:.ntlnentil, WA, Improvement, IS;
Piclflc Mill, K.U; Ptnim i,-.6; Tex.s Piclflc,
UH; UulonP.ciflc, U.%, United States, bl.
Fargo, 5, Western Cuion, 1
Niw York, Oct. (.—Petroleum, firmer, ex
cited, 7t; a
The lour) Market.
Niw York, Oct. (.—Money easy, IH®3;
closed prime pipur, j(aS: exenauge
hills, firm, 82; dem md, ni^.
Mining Ntoclc.
8m Francisco, Oct. (.—Bellelsle, 10; Beit
and Be.c ler, ljo; C lollur, 21J. O .uld and
Carry, lai). orind Prize, 4J: Hile N .rcross,
2,5. Mexle.lt, 145, Nivsjo, SM); 01. Ir, Hj;
Potosl, IJS; Sivsge, HU. Sierra U ... 14D;
Union Con., 115.
T!i« Grain market.
la£ Fbancihco, Oct. C. — Whc .."ik.
oulet; buyer, ll.si'; •! buyei .-.son,
ft 39KS1.S H- Barlej :e<dy, lively; wller,
s«K, .eller, season, 0.v,. buyer, l4X®jt>,
buyer, sewnn, f1.01^91.w.
Livxrpool, Oct. 6.—Wheat firmer; No. 2
California, t* 9d ut 7a. Com strong; 5s sy,d
Cricaoo, Oct. (.—Wheat nrnnjer. nM Oct;
7.X Nov. Corn firm; t*% Oct; HU Nov.
Baney steady, ti'2.
Paaienrer* Month and Eut,
MSRCBD, Ocl. o.—Following Is a list of the
south bound pissenger. pissing here this
OCCise, Rhode Island; Met J A Clarke
and diughter, fi crtmooto. Mrs Trewill,
O iklind J L Uclil) (j Sc .field, Mrs He
ar,*, Wm i .i.e., M: , X .cr,, EFMnou,
r B Roes, (IB flog .v, L Hudson and wife,
T Oeorge, J Piperls, a.n Frincl.C); J B
Cohn, New York, W H C .ftln and wife, A! .
met!.; MisaHale, Omil.i; Mrs Behr, Tomb
•tone; Mrrßeiiu.,tine. I'-ivcr-lde; JCRob
etni. Tombstone. O R Sciioll s.uta Ana;J
8 White, W E Bo.ic'i imp, Los Angeles; J
Smith and wife, Stockton; F 3 M trshall,
M.titlan. SV Horton, bin Bernardino; M
Myron, Wstsonvllle; R Franks, Mrs Julia
Franks, Frene.'i Uulch.
Young Brlrfliam IH»< Karfrd.
Si» Feanchco, Oct. 0.-A Silt Like
>tp«ciil s»ya: Jiidce Znnt. to d iy. afters full
hcirlaff (|Ui3he'i the old indictroeut for
polyj imy *g ilnst Jno. w. Yoauff, tne son of
BrigDAm, on tlie groans two uepirue
e.'urffes were Inc .rpor ited as one offence
mi that the Indictment «r«, amblßuou, and
uncertain In Ita terms.
A rfliue on Fire.
MABtjerrTE, Mich., Oct. r,.—A fire broke
out In the Heel i mine cii veu hundred feet
bene ith the surf see. J.hii Rayson and
Thos. Qreesble were mff.-c ited. The bodie.
can not be reached.
.4 New Volcano giiarovcred.
3>s Francisco, Oct. 0.-The Revenue
Cttter Corwin arrived from Alaskt last
.tight, ale broiigut dowu Uia ere* ol tba
freernsned ste.m ntuli" Downed. The
c plain reports a new voir mo di.-covered at
niur monnf .Ins ne ,r a»v. rv two Piss, i he
whale c teh wis a go-.il .ivcrige. The Ko
w.lt river his been fuilv rxplored. and an
official report wiil be made lv Washington.
Brltl.h Columbia I rporK.
Victoria. B. C, Oct. Tbe Colonltl pub
llahes st itintics which ibow that the exports
for the last ye ir exceed.M one million dol-
Ur, the heiviest ever known since the prov
lncs wis orginlred. the returns shows
ste idy lucre tse In coal, fun snd lumber and
. falling off in fish. The gold exports are
A Betlrement.
Sam*a«, Cil„ Oct. I—Milks*) F.. Buck
ram who ou Fridiy 1 i»t wis convicted of
murder in the second d.-jtr.'e for the kiliiug
of his father, George E. M ickm in, at St ick a
C tnyon, in July 1 ist. wis to d iy seotenced
by Judge Alex-iuder to twenty five years ln
tbe State Prison.
A > <|.a .'lre.
Napa, o*l, Oct. 6.-A fire to night de
stroyed the m.e.ilne shop and fruit dryer of
John Bichelder. i'he loss to the building
and stock Is about RnOO.
Colonels to the Rescue.
The Poatm later Is erecting a Urge and
beautiful residence on Ninth street, to c jst
shout $8,000. Owing to this drain on his
dhph.noii'j purse, ho is uniblo to light
ie printofnci, and so it il shru ided in
darkness 0a69 more, nnd hot been stuce the
1 itter p trt oi Inst week. The Colonels were
notified of the cil imity, and theflninclal
he p required, and hive Issued a requisition
lor three cents to piy f«>r the light snd tbe
services ot the pollccm m who puts out the
light every night whether it la lighted or
uot. Iv tbe division of tne funds two cents
are used for the light and one cent for the
irdnous services of a poiicemin tn brtve
the d trkuesa aud d mger and out out a light
which his no existence. Uu I somebody
Prof. Hlnton opened at Armory Hall last
week with -i promising outlook for the seu
ou. Tne if ii; is brlg.it, CJinmodlous *nd
The S in Diego Hun ot October Mb, hu this
lo say of the Herald:
Our esteemed coutemporiry, the An
?eies Herald, fx** last comp.eted lis
eleventh ye*r. Its editor miy Well feel
proud of the strides the piper n«m mide iv
t.uu time, and It now Justly merits tne tide
of tne le nllug piper in S mtheru C ilitorni \.
an lw " eXt * iKRALD appeur lv
W R Townsend A w, S F R L Roller, PHtsburgli
I II Rem-dict. Kiver-d H .1 Pii-r-ou No
I» Fr-nkel, H F H ovot-elsiug.Needla
S 3 -elig, do W B 3 Minders. Stkin
C rtobl.ianii.do a h i.ihble.Grtss Vty
rf H Brlnt,.do Q p*Wh*r do
i?/; , J-? g, ,..,, (! ? X 11 Buoklnffhim a c
?v, H .s^ ! r"„ , ; a "
S 5?l Ne L l, 9 /* rn mdn 3 E Mesa
B VV RiehTdson, do Grmde
Q H Delp.P.ill 'delpha G \ K,,H n d Oikland
R 9 Robblns, 8 F A Pc .»ly Vh,
0 X Kownalar, Texas J A Sloui do
J L Ore ut, S J >se A H , Schura .cher.wdd
Mrs A Ad ima, H F Houston, l ex
EA Burr, do F Olencross, L uic «str
C R Robinson, do Rev a J Comntou
J L Arm-trt.ng. Fresno W.vndbrldE*
W G TWood. It ikerslld I> I Mfl> mlelAw Tbe
JTReuu-mi, do Neediea
W H Minder, Colton J Juhn*m, Pomona
f M Springer, An thm r It MrCure, N pi
J Harrigin, N i - J Egm, do
Who wan) 2 lossy, ii viirinnt
nnd wavy tresses of abundant,
beautiful Hair must use
i-legunt, cheap article a ways
makes th • lluir grow freely
and fiist, kt»i |w il front failint;
(ml, arrests mid cum uray
ness, WtW'l ilniidriiff and
itching, make* Iho Hair
strong, giving it a curling
tend ney and keeping It in
■my desired position. Heau
i If ul, healthy Hair la the sure
result of naing Kathalron.
i Good tea
Takes taint
From bad
Green paint
Pure tea,
Dark brown,
Cheers you np
When down.
That's true.
Glre me
Pure brown
I .
Monday, Oct. 13th,
With a Most Magnificent
Stock of the
Uewsst and Latest Sfcjles
Adjoining Nadeau Block.
OCI7 lv
To rent a sm ill house In vlclnltv of Porter
Bros, a Co. Address J. D., Hikald office. It
nn sale.
Furniture, fixtures and Business of hotel
it lNs ideni. En-)tiire ai Weh-ter s Motel,
Pasadena. ocl? lw
A well furnished saloon, connected with a
lo Iglng house and feed stihle. lv Ent Lo
Angeles. In jnlre nt this office. oc7 lw
Immediately, a ffrst-clasi Barber. Stosdy
joh. Apply at 104 Spring street. nct7 It
ran sale.
The furniture and lease ol 17 rooms The
'•c t paying house lv the clly Room are
•li lull of good paving roomers Che ip rem
r esenl owner ..li'.iped n, go c .si on hu.lnen.
Eii iiitre at rear door. No. 7 North Fori X
Ste Andrew McParland,
Regular Republican Candidate for
Coroner of Los Angeles Co.
Is the Regular Regal.item Candidate for
Cou.ity Clerk.
Of Faandena, Is the Regular Republican
.Nominee for tha ofiiee of
County Recorder.
1. the Republican Nominee for
County Treasurer of Lob
Angeles County.
One who understands
Cake and Pastry Baking.
Addreo r. O. Box »7. oct7 31
. . . . ■
T I "V OI«I,
l ■ i v Skating ltlnk)
Third and Spring Streets,
BAttnrrr, Bccixkt a Co., Propr i.
tmyfot otic week
Tits (JURAT DraMaTl.' PICTIBI Entitled
Or, The Lost Mine of Nersds.
x + ■— ■ x
Nevnda (vi Insane uiiiu-rj Mr. W. C. Dudley
Vermont(nicknamed "The Wrestling
Deacon) ..Mr. Mirk Read
Tom Caruu (hU first .iupe anmce here;
Mr. W. It. Walters
Dundy Dick (his first appe mince here)
Virgil Haytip Maxey
Sllts Steele (nn Advertising Yankee,
wit It more "clieek" tti.au the most
chr >u!c bonk 'igi.ut .. Mx. Geo. lialleek
Yube (- hi ck miner nnd fnvortle with
the boys, with lunxgi, b injn solos, etc.
Mr. D in Lewis
Jerden [the detective ploying niT*. high
mi ifcei Mr X. Mnrt Slocum
Wink Eye ("■ Child of theSuu.aMougo
-11 vi with musictl Imituions. This
geutlem vi is undoubtedly the great
er Chinese imperson nor iv the
Cultedstitei Mr. Fred Ituasell
Mother Merton (a buxom widow and
gcnl.il irieud of tbe unfortunate)
Miss Mollle Williams
Agues Falrl ('i Boston school ma'am in
search of lier brother)
. .. MissKirkle nungarford
Moselle (nicknamed M Uss; amountafn
pink—Hhuow (lower, with songs and
«tt\T~<ir uid Matinee every Siturdiy at 2
p. m. Admission 'i'jeeut.., matinee or ulght.
cct7 tf
Gcntlemcu desiring perfect fitting aud
more durable and artUtlcslly made
Can secure them by calling at DESMOND'S,
No. 10j, opposite l\ 8. Hotel.
Hals! Hats! Hats!
All the latest styles just rocelved by
Tha Lead ing- Hatter and Gent's
Ra 103 Main St.. opposite V. 8. Hotel.
oc7 lm
Ladies' German Benevolent, Society
The regular general meeting will take
pi ice ou We.luesd iy. October a, 18*4 at 2
o'Cll ck p. M., at Turner mil. As m alters of
import nice will come before this meeting,
all member- ore reniiested to be present.
MRS. C. JACOBY, Prest.
MRS. H. MERZ, Secretary. It
60 Aores at $150 per Acre,
One-half mile outsldo city limits. No supe
rior luid ln the county for grapes or fruit.
I'he price Is lust two thirds what any similar
land cm he had for.
oc7 tf v Nadeau Block.
Residence of Eight Rooms
On Ninth street: lot 75 x 200 feet. A bargain
at»BslM. F. H BARCLAY.
oc7 tf y Nadeau Block.
6 Acres to 150 Aores,
On Fair O iks Avenue, Pasadena, tn 5-year-old
vines. I ho finest property for building pur
poses in the C ilony. We will offer this prop
erly at a special lurg-iln during this mouth.
oc7tf 9 Nadeau Block.
Colony Lands.
3200 acres or less of the finest land ln South
ern C iliiornl i: deep, rici toil, situation per
■ ,■ i. r thy
in living stre .ms. 'Every ore r.p ible ot Ir
rigation. Tills Imd lies at llu- fuse of the
m mill ims and is ad t.ied to overs- fruit and
nr.ln grown In the S: .to. it I.' offi-re lal
about hill value. F. H. BARCLAY,
oc7tf s Nideau Block.
Tbe Time Has Come
When heavier clothing of al! kinds is
Before you make your purchases In GENTS'
I.'NI'KK WE A R nnd HOSIERY, c ill and In
spect my stock of new aud stylish 6ood j.
The Leading Halter & Gents' Furnisher,
No. 103 Miin St., opposite U. 8. Hotel.
Offlce No. 16 1 2 North Main Street,
Hive the cheapest 200 acre tract In this
Twelve, 20 or 50 acres In ouo tract which ls
very cheap.
Five o scro lots at (150 per acre only 4 miles
from Pisii.
A good business lot at only 17* per foot,
rweuly lots iv Sisters of C v irity Tract; the
chcipest clly lots.
Two houses und lots In 3 iblcl.l Tr ict at IL*
il g. >od pieces of land in country which
cm be trided for cily property. Also city
properly which c in be traded for c inutry
property. oc7 l«r
County or Los anoslbs.l 58
In the m itter of the Estate of Anita F. Tru
del, dccc ised.
Notice of time for proving will, etc
Notice la hereby given lhat Tuesday, the
twenty Hrst .1 iy of October, IstH, at 10 o clock
a. M. of a ild aiy, at the western court room
of this Court, at the Court House of said
c unity, in lm- c:ty of Los Angeles, couuty of
Los AiieelCs, C .illnrnl i, has been appointed
i.r hiarini; the iippliculon ot Georee il
.south, pr.ying that a document now ou file
in this C lurt, purporting to be Ihe last Will
.ud ie-.t iment nf Anita F. I'r idel, dccc lied,
1.0 diiiitteil to Prolnte, and tiiat letters les-
I'mont ry lie i —ue.i toereoli lo lilm. it which
lime md place ill persons Interested tnerelu
m y sppe .rind c ...test the .use.
li.ted Los Angeles. C il., Oct. i.th, IHB4.
A. W. Po.'iS, Counly C.erk.
By E. H. Owes. Deputy. cc 7 tcca
On Thursday, Ootobsr 9, "84,
\t 11 o'clock a. if., on the premises, 106Oilve
street, comer of Second,
W% Furniture of 7 Rooms,
Consisting ol
All nearly new and ln good condition.
Sale Positive and Without Kesorvc.
The house will be open for inspection of
goods on tnorulng ol sale.
We have Just rrct'lved mm* of the most
elegrint and N->bby HATB and CAPS ever
brought to this city, nnd tske pleasure ln
nuking lusprrtlou of our roods and a com
parison ol our prices,
X>. X>X2»2stXO»rX>.
Next to Wells, Fargo A Co., Msln Ut.
Two hones snd sAlouble exprwss wngon
H< r.tM »iid w p.. 11 In giH.d coudttlou. Cell
st 7U Sautu Uiu street. oet7 lw
House of Four Rooms to Let.
luqutre ktt ing All><> ( .r st the prem
ises, £tt J .ufttivitlu sit. Kent wllh water, fiu
| per niottth. 007 i%
Tbe LeatUng Jewelry and Mnsic House
Of Southern California.
American Watches, Setli Tlioman Clocks,
Steiiiwa... Wilier IMiino, Packard Organs.
Nadeau Block, Corner of Spring and Firßt Streets,
Los Angeles, Cal.
Hardware Co.,
Mi are, Stoyes ni Tinware.
Wrought Iron Pipe, Tin Plata and Plumbers' Supplies.
Burdett, Smith & Go's. Ranges and Heating Stoves, Jud
son Ranges, Jennings' All China Water Closets, Akron,
Sewer Pipe, Hoyt Babbit Metal, Gilbert Mortise Locks,
Silver & Deming's Force and Lift Pumps and Davis Par
lor Door Hangers.
Manufacturer of
Sheet Iron, Well and Water Pipe,
Nos. 119 and 121 North Los Angeles St., California.
oct7l m ■
One Mo re HI rite 1 prise
No. 24 North Main Street.
X*. Jfcflt. Wasnor. O- V*. Molirig.
Factory 16 Rerjuena St .. Los Angeles, Oal.
We call the Httentiou of Country Jeweler* in Southern California to the fact that we
have opened a Jewelry Mauufaeii>ry In Los Angolc,, California, where we execute every
thing in first class style that skill of hand and machinery cm do, at the lowest p-milblo
price. All orders are promptly filled when ordered. We should be pleased to receive any
kind of an order from the city or abroad. Our specialty is the manufacturing of flue
Quart* Goods, Diamond Hcttlngs and Oold Chains. People will find it to their inter*'-,! to
call on ns, aa we mean ex ictly what we say—nothing misrepresented in our live. We will
give couutry Jewelers the benefit of our silver plated w ire as cheap a* they can get it in
tne city of Sau Francisco, as we buy direct from the manufacturer and give you as large a
discount as any one. We buy for cish aud sell for c ish low down, lv everybody's
reach. Try our prices ou silverware—you will be astonished how low they are.
Next Comes ths Assaying of Gold, Silvrr and Quartz Nuggets.
We advauce any amount of mouey ou ORE OF GOLD OK SILVER sent to us for As
saying, uud dnu t you forget It. You get al! your ore 1* worth in v due of U. H. gtfld coin.
The head of this enterprise Is our reliable Jeweler, Mr. Wagner, who came to this city
nearly three years ago, cominenclug iv smull Ntyle but advaucing lisp by step, and is now
one of our prominent Jrwulera and Manufacturer-, ami M tnsjnri in Southern Callforuia-
Ile only accomplished this througn honesty. Industry and Ittir dealing* with his custom
era. All who know Mr. Wngner will find him correct in all hi> biu»tuess tr.tnsictioiw. He
is an old experienced hand for the last thirty ye lm in the Wnlch and Jewelry business.
Of his life in Los Augeles. Yon « ;.] find him m,.t»..rltiviu ill Inn- .ctloiis nml duiliius.
Olir line ill Hold ami Silver W-.liolcs Is is 1 -irei- as any 111 Hie eov Yon will 111. 111
flue assorted stock In jewelry of all kinds, anil as low as It em lie sold. We don't say that
we will sell at cost. Wecin'tdo tint, us we have to meet our expenses. We c ill the nt
tention of our lady nnd geutlem in c istomers lo the fuel tli il in the liiture time and orders
given to us will hive prompt nttenilon. Don t forget the Loa Angeles Jewelry Store, ...
this is the only place in Southern California where Manuiiicluriug and Assaying Is done.
We are respectfully yours,
WAGNEII efc> MOliniG,
J. B. WAGNER, Oeneral Manager.
oct7lm No. 24 North M iln street. Factory No. In Requena St., Los Augeles, CiL
mem ■> His mi band a larsr Bto.-k of
aLw, mil the latest patterns of
Tin, Sheet Iron and Agate Ware.
44 Mouth Spring. Los angeles, 4'alifornln. oc? lm
HouaeFurnishing Goods in All Lines.
Wagons and Agricultural Implements,
Nails, Rope, Scales, Belting, Barbed Wire, Windmills,
Etc., Etc.,
.->h, CO and «'! North Los Angeles Street, Los Angeles, Cal.
P. W. KING, Mananer. Head Offirri 301 to Stitt HnrketSt .
Los Angrles Agriiry. San Prauels.ro.
oct7 lm
Boots and Shoes!
64 WO3ES.TTBC g«E*JsMagggf sjangMPMR
103 Allso St., Corner Alameda.
The Highest Ctah Price psld lor aecond
heud goods ol all descriptions.
Furniture bought and told at lowest rates
rraneh Dyeing a specialty, and satisfaction
Republican candidate for
Supervisor, 2d DUtriot.
Klectlon November 4th, IBM.
ttoeond Supervliortnl Dlstrtot bounded
M in Upper Utln streets aud Downey Ave
nue on tn« west and elty limit* •aster!*
KoeißS l snd 7 Powne* Block, corner Temple ,
I sad Msifi nuesu, Los Cal oc7lm |
A. T
Just Received!
20,000 yards Calico 4 cents
7,000 yards Ginhams 5 cents
8,000 yards Lawns 6 cents
3,000 yards White Pique .' 6 cents
p, 000 yards Dress Goods from sto 5o cents
5,000 yards of Brown and Bleached Muslin 6 cents and
5,000 yards of Summer Dress Goods Just Received.
1 6,000 pairs of Gloves from sc. to $1 a pair
6,750 pairs of Hose ior Ladies at 7 to 35 cents
8,650 pairs Children's Hose 5 to 15 cents
' 1325 Corsets from 2octosi
10,000 pairs of Ladies' Shoes Irom 75c. to $3
7,500 pairs Children's Shoes from 25c. to $1.25
20,000 yards Ribbons from 2 to 75 cents a yard
. 20,000 yards of Lace from 1 to 50c. a yard
20.000 yards of Jaconet Kdsinrrs from ... .2 to 40c. a yard
• 10,000 Ladies' Hats, trimmed and untrimmed, from 25c.
to $5.
1 ),000 Children's Hats from 10c. to $1.
6,000 Plumes and Tips from toe. to $1
6,000 Bunches Artificial Flowers from 10c to $1 a bunch
Also a large stock of
Boys'& Men's
Underwear for Gents an 1 Ladies and everything kept in
a general variety store and prices are always cheaper than
elsewhere. 'Jail at
239 Main Street.
n - V~, „ , over t00,,*.*. oMMATroiW—NOT ONE DEATBTT
lIIHFDIT»«T< iiV«HHTI»\ tIfTTRI iii« t»i. ri.i r« ITU PARENT!
IF not TOO LATE you CAN BE CURED! Come and tee us! Lame Back- Nervoue
Prostration—ronalipallon-nlarrhce* Dlwawd Ktdnera. l iver, Slonark,
Bladder— Heed Trouble—l.oae of Memory- I rlnnry anil Wiima Troaala—
KloollnK<>rßoweW llTapepain, nil rranlc from IM'l.tHiaTlOX.aaa tall
Kit plainly thatvou haw REI'TAI. I M'EK I Thoueandadle rrom It! Ceil.
cured before too I.ATEt ohm i rtiiiisi FREE! t'barr«e Reaaaaabto.
lux. o. cwjAR: smi rri.
Bronte Hedel awarded br Am-ricin Inatltiite, New York, IS7». Has taken over two hu idrad
h= r : 'X-A ' *
I f M \ §
—• fftMff \\m alnrr i -aSlalffl S
S ■ "niS-J*** t S
1 ■ -
- MlliM p
STEARNS n'fn vu , K< rintili vi 1 «i hhvcb Nlrh.
H We dmir? to emit your attention to thu
L, - 2 Mies Patent Mortice Lock,
tr aßflHoftaH O MOttTICE LOCK IN USE
ft X BmH _ taMtieea el no keyhole
Qa PI » r t" 1 " 'eatened with
1 aaaßM " ! ,lv ».tiiabl.te
become looaa- least, it v THK
u'i sT MtIKTICr; L K'K IN fSK OeU and eiana
u OB rown &Mathews
Z I mmmlMmmat j amm *21 AND 23 NORTH SPRINC STREET,
aarPeatere in BulMera" Hardware and Agricultural lm
jmff ..lee-.-.., W»t« »■
Having p<ue)ia«rxl trom ..il** Kr<*. A O. th>- entire stock of
Diamonds, Watches, Jewelry,
MtV< Now at the Corner ort'oiirt ami S|»rliiB Streets,
W.lloff.r the aaaae at mc«« LOWER THAN THE LOWEST.
I make a Specialty ol Flue Watch Repairing, Meutecturtjig ot Jewelry* Kaaraeiaj
Practical Watchmaker * Jewlar.
Via. ». J Fraad. wl.San to Inform 'ia» patnll. tie Sarin' VaiaHt. "pooaM tea Ilea Haaaa.
tha* aba b.a relunwl Iroia "an >r.aetaaV a aa «, ~ i«l -tn- tio.. <!.. a ta tea aa* etaVart
-Ulrapenam aH.ii. aebool. Sataraaa. Oe»». wa k. VI wo«> will raaHae aad aaleewl
bar Ith, in tka Utaa.l Opara Ueuat UulUln. Hill aß'ntlei aaliaiaatHia alwayi flraa aaal roWvna
atUer. a. aMe-lea [taiawaaai HUM
NO. 32.

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