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War Department Signal Service,
U. S. Army.
Division nf Telegram* and Reports for ths
benefit ol Commerce nnd Agriculture Ite
port of observations taken at Los Angelea,
California, October fi, IW4;
5 *
r.n.l w 77 «
Mil !> »l| M I M |
llroum 1 ncrm ivfttr, 77
Fair Notes.
Arrangi im tjt- for lhe Fifth Annual Falrnf
thcHixth Dirt rid Agricultural Aiseoclation
are progn ahlnfe finely. Entries up tn thU
lime (<f riitle, horses, ami th.- demand for
rtlUn and peni already demonstrate* lhat
commencing *>n Monday nexi. October l"th,
Hill he the finest Stock exhibition ever
known in touthern California.
The dem .nd fot apace In Turn Verrlu Hall
for hortlcultni .1, mechanic it and artistic
display shows tli it even Inch of avnltahic
mom will I)'- occupied 'lhe people are
awake t<> the lavAtitafffl <<f men di-phm
It taclearly -i ■ treat th.,t if thr \.- . .
were In pusaen-inn of s building of v- own
suitable for lhe purpose, a magnificent expo
altlon c mid he had lasting an entire month
each yeir.
Ataur meet hive been received from all
pnrllnua ofthe district that horticultural
exhibit will be forwarded, and that great In
tere-tt ln in iking a great aureus* la bring
It U understood that a full description of
the hortlculinr U dep irtiiM-nt will be v rltti ii
up md published iv the Inlerrst of thr-lm
migration Anxoruttnn, for the purpose of
showing thr npi. 'idol pr.-l ■-
t,'r.llfornla. This ahmr might to be *unVlrm
inducement to produoers hi every line
A liber il aelcrthui will be mude fr.nn the
agricultural nnd hurtle iltural exhibits to bu
forwarded to New Orleans for the chiiiliik
World s Kulr. Los Angeles county especial
Iyowealttolisi-lftiiNcrih.it nt such an ex
hibitlou there Is not wanting the essential
Articles of twenty pounds or less will be
c Mivey.d to the fair free vi charge by Wells,
Fargo A C » over ~11 i tllroid ;|i,-.
The Bee Keeper- Association have secured
A liberal spii id will in ti grand dis
pUy of "mingled »wci mm «*.'"
K. J. Uil.lrtlr. hia ipi.ileil for i-lghteen
stalls in which toexlilbii -lock.
Board of Trade.
At the monthly i 'ting <>l tin- Hoard nf
Directors ye*terda> thr* following members
wore present v on, President; Ham,
l>odiworth, Germ tin nnd M uhew*.
A reply from T ll Goodman, ol the S. P.
R X., was recelvi 1 lo tho request ol the Ira
iniui ii i!i Ami ci itlon end Board ol Trade,
asking f«»r stop ovci privilege* to emigrant*
*t Ln* Angel.., un their way north, -tailor
that It W** Impossible oil account of nil HI
rang'-nunt between them iiikl Pastern mads
forbidding sin.i are unmodatlon being
The Secretary t.'p..rl wits read, shuwlng
a liilhik'c In th.- huidj of thr Treasurer of
■MMft. Ii wo* referred to the Finance
The transfer of the neat of H P. Mulfmd to
Prank H lleliivilh.nl Un* Klope Coffee ami
Hpiee Mills, wane vi firmed hy the Directors
AoommuDlcitton wo* read from the Xi
OCUllvc Committee roiilpiisllig the Immlgl >
ttoo Auoelatlou, a*<klD| for a monthly suh
scrlpllon tow n.l ■ !■ fi tying the cuncnt . v
proses ol lhe As-ttHiltllno. A conference
W.ih was als Id I. uveen the übo\e Coin
miller and the Directors, ami decisive iiollnu
wis doferred until a meeting to he held
next Wedoewl i\ evening.
Bills HKttri'Kitln.' |J'.;..i)., were audited ami
ordered p lid. Adjouroed.
A Good Endorsement.
Mr. Thomas Giles, en old time Callfor
nim.long a resident of Lot Angelei, and
now a resident of Tucsno, and Chalrmau of
the Democratic Territorial Committee, has
written tho following complimentary letter
to the Democratic nominee for tbe ofllce of
Sheriff, us follows:
11 gaoM, \ t , Ootobei iw,
K. M. Barhiim, Esq., Anaheim, Cal,:
PtiiKNh Dh R: I MO your nomination In
the Lo* Angeles Hikalo for Hhoriir of Los
Augeles c mull IVimif im, f. c..ngraliilale
you uud 1 perdtet your eleclioii. I only wl-h
(were there to deposit m> vote for a friend
aud * Demorr it, ami to assist to down otio
who Is neithei a Irteml nor a Democrat I
am sure shorn,] y , m be circled that >ou will
fill the ofller ii ib liom.i and profit to your
hUtfaud saltsfai'llun to lhe citizens'«( Los
Augeles I>. Irn-io rllve ol party.
There 1- no doubt th it this Territory Will
give a handsome m ijority for our Delegate
Ui C, ingres- and Superintendent of Public
Instruction. Very truly yours,
Thomas Gaths,
Ciialrm in
A Good Word from Gen. Hancock.
The lIKRAMi recently stated that Brig idler
General K. B. Hewitt had sen! from Mr H
J, Woollscott to Major General W fl Han
e:>ck at bis heailqonrtera on Governor's
Island, New York, several cases nl the vnrl
ous kinds of Los Angeles c.unly wine,
(ielieril Hewitt wis a c unr.ide lv arm,
with Oeiier il Hun' >ck lv tlx- Muxlc tv w tr,
and a w irtn frt.-ml-hip exisls between them
111 an.sW.T to the receipt of tin- shipment tin-
General replies as fyllows
Cntrrwr'A I fin ml, .V. P.. Sept. t!d, tSHU-
My Dkak Mk. llitt: —I have l isted all
tho "light ' wines you sent me, not the
"heavier' ones; these I will keep until the
cold we it her c ones.
The wines we have tried were nil excel
lent. It astonished me to observe what iin
proveiuent has beeu m ule lv the wines ol
Ctliforuia iv tho lasi twenty live years. 1
thank you for giving; mo the opportunity to
determine that iulei i sllug fact.
I nni very truly yours
WlNl'IKI.l) 8 HaNUOCK.
General E. P. Hewitt, Los Angeles, Cal.
A Notable Californian.
Frank Lee, so well know n to the old resl
dents nf this 0 Mat as a veteran nl the Mcxl
CM) war, also as one of the pioneer driver.,
of the Buttertleld line of overland stages,
and later Of the Coul Line stages, w is lv the
city yesterd iy. fbls most reinirkahle mm
is now 7a yens of age. but age sits lightly nn
his hia and frame, lie in brisk ami .prleht
ly as an ordinary man nf forty five. His
home ls In Pleasant Valley, Ventura county,
bu the maintains h voting residence lv Los
Mr. Lee has twelve sons nnd four dau *h
ters, all of whom are in irrled 111, children,
grand c ifldreu ami great grand-children
now number sixty eight person,, with a
prospect of reaching one hundred in h very
short time. Mr. Lee will probiblj lhe to
see his tribe re o-h a much higher neur.
enough to m ike a goodly sized regiment, all
of which he is trying to bring up In the
Democratic faith once delivered to tin
Wheat Direct to Liverpool.
Mr. J. J. MelUs, the Commission Merchant,
has Just I'btpped three thooMnd tons of thin
years's wheal to Liverpool, via New Orlean-
SUd the Southern Piclflc Hallway. The time
of shipment Is very much abridged and
the charges for transportation are precis* i>
tbe same as though in.- shipment h id been
midu by a sal linn vessel around the Horn.
This mirk- h new era for our farmer-
They now have a cue tp ami east I v SCCesslblf
market and will be ab.e to realize on thetT
consignments months before they could
hope to do so under the ..hi system ihe
managers of tlie Southern Pacific railway
seem determlue<l to in ike their road nn
ageuey of great good to the producers nf
Los Angeles county.
The White Sewing Machine.
Stopand examine the white Sewing Ms
chine before purcn.i-.iini any other. The
KhoUle i- sen litre idtng The needle 1- self
setting. It runs almost noiselessly, ami the
large space under tue arm m ikes it superior
In every respect to any other machine in the
market Several oi her leading machine.
constantly on hand Machines sold on the
installment plan Liberal allowance in ex
change for .'id midlines. Reasonable time
Isaiiowe.i [or trial before tbe first payment
Is required Yon e-tu save from tentoiweii
ty dollars c iu\ ,■;■ - commission by buying
your in icnine, h< the Hewing Maculne
Head.in irter,, :■: Hpring -treet, N ideau lllock
Lis a ngeles, c v John burns Oenoral
Agent nep7tf
Another Lie Nailed.
Last evening's Krprcsi stated that tne con
test lor s gold headed cine between the ad
herents of Blame and t'levelaud was won
by the former by a m ijorlty. Such Is
not tbe Cisc uud we b-lieve the »,,!•»,*
knows It; if It does uoi we will give tlie
figures at the eloM-ot thr p..n [.„ it, iuionu
atlon. ioial number vote- c tst 2h. of
which Blame reeene.l j? vol,-, .net r,ev.
land l-*j. Mr Cleveland lm Ing received
votes to Blalu.- , 1 wu- declare,! in, wiuu-r
This statement is in ole b, -.new ho w
present at tne c uniting of the vote- .tint ,- V v,
the Sosl result placed upon the blackboard.
A Good Improvement Delayed.
R.M.Baker, proprietor of the Sign. li
on the corner of Main and Areidia street !
baa the cemeut and sand on the ground f. ,
a ptteitt ecajMul paycfßcnt to take the plac
of the rotten WfKHlen walk, whicn 1« -ucn t
disgrace to that grow Ing and populou- p tr:
oftnecity. Mr iMkerurorms tfleHiaAU>,
however, that getting the meu, m cc
rial and tools on the ground, he Is un ihie to
proceed, as the city Surveyor has not time lo
estibilsh the gride, and c.mae»pjently th.
work will have to wait until the rush is
orer, or until addition »1 force can M had In
the City Surveyor a offlce.
Arrivals by the Sunset Route.
The following pmsengers arrlred yester
day by the Bun set route
John 1 Fill. Wilicox. a T Prank Shad I
RP, Ed H ilillio s> le.ttiu shefllin. Mcitl lire
aud wile ('SA W I Ew ut, X m..- fit j .
Mf-SStmum, 1,- An.-- .<■• W D Ettuille
Bin PruiclsCo. J W Ku n Km Pr imuse ,
f J Pierce, New Orleaii-, Mr, c X ivrc-on
La Paz.
The following marriage licenses were
Issued ycterdiy Richard C Mattingly to
8. T. Lynch; Henry H Lcmmel to Knmu <
Going off Rapidly.
The tickets for the i; tt Castletoo Troupe
are going off rapi. . he box offlce is open
daily from lo a m., where reserved seat-can
be obtained
The following Instruments were filed in
the oAce of the County Recorder yesterday
mortgage, U; release- 1, nilscel
laueuu . .... lifcuflrti*.
The Ta* Levy lar late Coming
Wmmr Ilaed.
MoHbav, Oct. Cth.
The Board met pursuant to adjournment
with a full Board prevent Minutes of tbe
previous meeting were read aud approved.
In tbe mailer of tneTax levy for ths Xth
flacal year >4 Huporvlaor lilroiix made a
niutltm to make the levy for the Kuad Fund
16 cents ou tbe |iqu Amended by Super* l»ur
Levy tn make It Hi cents on each »luu<d tax
able properly. Ami ndment am rpu d but
the motion m as Inst, and the rale left at
7 cents nn each Ilia), as filed by Ihe tax levy.
On motion of Hupt-ivlst.r Kelrhsrd the fol
lowing lev y In hereby made for thr"' tbfl»
cal year. l*Wt-5, Of) I irh |UVol Uxible prop
erty fur Htattt and couuty purposes
Htato Fund M.I
C irreiit X ipeimt'Fund 14
Huad B 7
lluspltsl " 14
Hilary '* Iv
Hrhool al U.
Interest fltnkltig " 1172 14
H .. .. j„) .10
" lAM T«
Total Ml
SrS'.IAL *<-HOOL T* gS_ I
l-'i M .uti scho .; l-Kt.ht ii e« 1 lion a) \
Little Like _ ]
H,r iin >i »
(iirdeu omve •« ■
Muunttln View 1-11 ;
OrAlige ... .12
Lturel . ........ .b3
Fits -«*.
H-pulveda ... .20
liltUlt ho 1
Downey .17
H.n Fernando li 1
I'lireuli* .Oa
New Hope 'a
\\ i,mi iigio n oa '
•in Fedro .07 '
IMIom ires .07 ,
Hilt r.-iu'il ........ Jel J
Newhsll .03 1
Arletln .30 ■
LftDOV ... 30
Qreaa Meidnws ....... Jg ,
Adjourned till to morrow al in o'clock.
The i «>- Angeles* Hecrentlon I'lub
Miid i.nn ii ,in t't-ust Ihe Vlall
liig Mporteinen.
One ol Hit' pltu* uitCHl affairs, which ban
been witnessed lv I,on Angeles for a long
whU#runeOff In Mob Krkcrt's parlora last
ult;ht. The l.os Augeles Itecreillou Chili
ami ..-in l c un tendered the , tilling tpnrts
men, repretenti.it\es ol the 0 illfnriil I tit Itl
Hpurtstnitn s Aa.tocl itlon, WbO hive Just held
their annual Itelo Convention lv our city, a
fraternal baninet. It was tttaifßta In h
spirit of lavish hospitality, and (lie r- [(( W'n
whs nil that Kckcrfn unbounded resources
would lead una to expect, while the wines
WtN BholfM Ibd lfi-.piilng. I<> miiulllluu*
,1-nt Judge lllbh.r, ul tirass Valley, was
Cllleil totbeehiir, nnd h npittl pre»ldlng
ofllcer he tv tde. The numsroai eoaree*
having been dUcn-ed Willi gre X gusto, thu
n.K.'lit o( tin- riiriiup utiie, us v .uni, waa alg
n ill/.-. Ih> tl. fr i,i *•i i- i.mii ami il ... of
soul for whirl. . .mr genuine iporuni m U to
noied. Hlmrl mid witty and wise speeches
mere made both b> the Ki.e-.t-, uf tue ciub
and hy its member*. A ll.it uf uppropri .to
it .art* wm prepared, wnleh OfJiM out
fltllug rr.spo.i-.ri I he Cuilrimn at all
rttgea of Hieevfiihiß w.t.t upecnilly happy,
While Uir afesai - ttobinson mid briggs, wiiu
ire si roUellona lv speech as they m iklll
fill will, tlie Run Hint roil, were warmly re
reived, us lh«i deserved I I I.c Mr. ll.irt
uetl of the t'llllMrr.ii Spm-timun. in tde h
uuiiibri of pithy hprcrlii'!, notlbk' fur their
priOtlC il wisdom lv tbe line ti tlie advance
uirtil o/ tl hjertu of the Asstjelallon. A
number ol our tocil Klmrods, tueludliu the
Messr, ll .rird, 11011.-ook. Dty, M trtln mid
hU| m ttOWerad foi h as .er> (air potlpr.tn
dUloratori rbapaM -f toe Angeles was
pjeated and nwpo mm wege mule by tbe
Meaara. Boyce.oMh. T tut, Osborne, of the
ptprett, and Lynch, ul tbe Heuaid. iho
haliquti broke up at a iuto hour. There
ime been feti pletiftttter IwatlvA enlraany<
ifbgrg Los Angeleii ngvtiii fltilywgioonitd
tbe coming no* begs to tptm tbe dapArtlng
gUeita. Miy tbr> QOOH ag-tiit noon Is tlio
universal trelhiK with all who bare mot our
genial and aceoinpllibeil visitors.
City Board of Education.
Tbe) rfgtUAf monthly meeting of tho City
BOtrfi "( IdtH ttion was held last evening at
ihoofltco of Dr. Cochran. Pro.ient, Meisrs.
Oibion, ffrtffht, Pattoo and Oi cnrau.
The) readlof ol the minutes ol tbtprtrt*
otumootlni was digptnetd with.
The followloi bills wero audited and or
dered paid
Iteronotf a Coiner, lumber, |i« ; b. p.
Ooultor, loppitoe, WMi rinea-Hlrror Co.,
brlnttog, «T«.vt; Oeorae Hitone «k. pUotloi
tree.,.!;... Littriis A M.uzer, <le ,k *21.7.i,
Kayborr) Htoa., mpplles. 9U.an; U Leek,
hall rent, $40. Iturri-aiti A Dickson, suppile-,,
H7.9b; v. Beaudry, water. HOn c j. k«
t.ieh, build Ing fence. $Hs mi, \\ r purrey,
Hellman, Btasiforth m Co., supplies, HOLIU;
J. V. York, Kravel, MUM Bros.,
insurance, fl.», J. B. CafTOlL insurance,
•IW; Y. P. MoLeliaO, laauraooe,
iiivon; d. ICunroe, Inauraoee. ♦T,».ou,
.I D. Lynch, printini;. <■'»; 1. l-'rlel, labor, »7.
L. D. Smith, work mi new building, $h7..t0, ]~
P. McC my, books, t-j.
Kerekliott' and Ciuer pieseuled a c iinniu
uiettion whlcii stated th.it w. J. Caselove
had aasbjned to thorn ull nf his cmlras
ißiinst the city.
A etinimuiiie ithm presented from Alwater
A Magee Htatiuit that they hml iMt been pipl
for plastering done on new school buildings
now being constructed, ami asked that tue
amount due to them be withheld irom VV. J.
C iseleve.
on tin mairalcttioo of p. W. Lewis, in
refsreuce to tbe itnJionOsrey street, the
petitioner Was advised to sjok relief from
die city authorities.
The Superintendent advised thai double
session, be put on In thu C islelur street,
Spring street, O.trey street and Kast Lor,
AngelOS nCiiools. H i ordered.
i ne Superintendent reported that all of
the new ic.iooi hui.dlug, were occ ipled ex
Ofpl Om Tcmpie .-treet liaiiding ou tue
Hunter tr ict, in I th v the two hitter would
be reidv lor occ ip tucy on vVeviucd iy.
Miss M title Wilson and Mh-O. W. Roberts
were elected a, >uh,(iiule teachers.
in*- rle oi (ultiou [or iioo resident pupils
was fixed as follows. I'riiniry ilep .riineut,
•2.00; grmunir sceooL High MOOOI,
*l iki. s,i,| tuition to be p ltd M uarteily in
advance (o the S iperiut leui oi sei.o.tls.
Ml'llls ll ui'bec'^'eim'ileT 1 oT
yet to hoar from " *
i he Board then sojourned until the next
regular meeting.
Personal Mention.
lion John W. Hitterwhlte, of Ban her
nardlno, Is very unwell.
UovernorWm. II Mlutier, of Colton, Is
registered at the St. Kioto.
dpi m U. liminpson,ol Wilmington, was
In lhe city yesterday.
RX-Bupervltor Hannon was In the city
11, J, Vflfflesftnl, of the Needles, Is regis
tered M lhe St. Ktmo.
Mr. Kd. Hebeltrelln returned yesterday from
a mining expedition to Arlrona. New Mex
lc . and looora.
Col. It. S. Hiker, we are pleased to be able
to nr. has recovered Ironi s somewhat se
vere IndlaposlUon.
Mr. J- J. Mellsrs is the pioneer wheal ship
pert" Liverpool via. the Southern Pacitlc
railwH; and Sew Orleans.
Mr. P, Preemiii.nl thr iVutinela and Hiu
sal Bodoodu r nicuos, wilt he occ ipled until
the first of November threshing out hi,
Doctor Andrew McKurlaud, of Cninptnu,
the Republican nominee for Coroner, (raj in
the city yeaterday and paid hu respecti to
the Hkkai.ii ottlc.i.
Mr. I>. B, Soflebl, of the great H m Per '
nandnoil development e-mniiiy, ii on the
iiortbern overland due lv 1.., Angeles at
1 10 this afternoon.
Mr Hartnelt, the editor nf the California
./tin rant, Is in Lis Augeles in at
tend nice on the Hp >rt,inui, r invention,
Whose ■CSStotU have Just expired.
Mr. Richard I'unnlgsii is dt^tngntihtng
hhusell by m iki nit c imp ilk! n ipOMUO* t" the
several Democratic clubs ol till, city, which
are distinguished by unusual force and eln
Mr. J. Hewitt. Ol Alton, Ills., arrived In
thlnrltv yesterday. Mr. Hewitt BUM tn thla
Stale with a view of loeitlng mrnuneittly.
He is well pleaded with tin- cuv, mid will,
M doubt. incite ben*.
Mr. J. Dv Berth Bhorh.ol iui Miriuo, wta
In tbi- city yesterd iy full ol b nines. In pol
itics, and also in commercial in itters. Hla
i-rliele- in tin- lUuilh on tin In,ret pe,t
boll Atltnnln Uome was ye.ierd iy adjudg
ed to he Insane. He hid c mc-ived (he ide-i
that b« owned tbe Bcamlrv vineyard, and
attacked the Prenchm vi in charge, tnrow
itK'him otT h hiK'i trctle Hinj f.u tne tune
■ being made life a burden to him.
| Co). Gay, of the Loadcm TtUfrnpk, i. iv
1.0- Angele, ou a hrief vlalt, ace unp'tnied
t>> Mr- ii iv. The Colonel 1, in a king lilin a
COS) tittle home ur tr Riveui. wtiere he Is
getting i-vervtiiing iii reidlucss to crush the
; fiber it,.' c iettl> pi tut, prep ir itory to ship
pi 'IK i i in Ihe i It Hine, f.ir vi unit ie;nre Into
| pirc.uii.mt. He is r inducting hi., open
tloii'nu i very extensive r nk> and he (its
nc piired for himsell mid the Interest,, be
repre-eut- one hundred thousand acres of
1 md.
Hut eminent Democrat and Rental gentle
m in. hihtiie. of Nevidt, t, p tying
the tHsn Commission, ,md, duriiiK his slay
lv our midst, he m ids * vfsli to toe Bit) An
tmilo CAOOO nnd whipped sjv, s pec*„d
be.mtlesoutof thep,.|i, M ;,I water- w.nie yon
could siy .lick KoblDaon, a- it were He
presided at (in- iportaravu • binquet last
nlglit with Indeserih iho- urn-. ,md lm
prcssemeul. Hlnee Iz ink Walton -d tl there
Maeai no s.ic.i flshenn in ~, thejudire,
while he Is a formid .h,e ten ter a, well
belonging to the genuine tribe ol Ntmrod.
Chicago Tea Company.
Head our reply to "Hole In the wall"
Krocernn Sprlug atreet. Chlcigo |' C a Com
pany, No n luawfi m Hu street
Three reasons why we cm ufford to give
present-with tea- First, we buy for spot
cash. Second, we sell strictly fur ciab.
liilr.i we are satisfied with a living profit.
"Intelligent buyers come and see us. Chi
c ifti i. , Co,, next to Child s op«ra House-
The big store, with the big fnmt are mak I
l«gbtesale*,with small prntlu Chicago:
Tea Co., No li t*. Main street.
A Natural Consequence of Honest
Dr. KoDoneil, the Druggist, opposite Be
I Iter Block, has in tin- shon time <n one year
established* tine drug aud pr.-.e. ipliou tr tde '
I tnlfiMsl tn. people oi the i y , be j,,,. ■
penning only me purcvl ol v. -'ticioes nod
I charging oul) bone,t K nd in ..lenite price,. I
| . - It J
ty Offered by Coasrreae far tttm
Belief of Hie avSpedtl
It may nut be generally known that the
leading spirit ln tbe matter of tbe bounty
otter for the relief of Lieut. Oreely was Ma],
Beujamlo C Truman, of Ibis city, who bas
long been a personal friend ot the eminent
navigator and bis noble wife-the story of
which Is. briefly, as follows. Ouo evening,
• little mure than a year ago, lira. Oreely
aud her brother arrepted an Invitation from
Major and Mrs. Trumm to dine with them,
end during, lhe repast Mrs. Ureely, who bad
never lost hope, even site/ the failure of tbe
government w render inaoor totheexplor
ers km prcvloii.t) planned, expressed the
ph.ion Hint If a milj-1 tnlfsl reward was
otTered by the government fur the rescue of
Mr Oreely lhat ll woald h tve a tendeucy In
in.l only luduco Hie Arc! c whalers to mike
an elTort lv tn*( dirt ctiou, but would be tbe
uieiUH nf greiter efforts ou the part of the
getier il ■uverumeut and those wbo should
be nftlclally seal upon the furthcoming ex
i- i Mr. Trmniu declared thtt the
Idea was a gotnl one, hut that before miking
tbe sortie upon Congress, the power of the
pre,, ahould be Invoked. The same night
Mr. Trumsu wrote an editorial for a >ew
York aud one for a Washington
newspaper, which were published and
copied; and afterward, lv ennjuue
tlou with DoiigUs (iiiuu, of Sin Diego.
audCipt. W. B. Collier uf this city, he sot
tbe ball tv rolling, and the entire pre*a of
California soon look up tbe matter of re
ward and handsomely uud forcibly endors
ed what bsd seemingly originated In the
Eial. Alio! lhe*t< I titer artu-.e. -especially
those wnlch appe ire 1 lv tbe Btn FnncUco
newspaper*-wcrt m irked and leuttupmrn
lueitt X uter v pipert, (is well as lo Mrs.
Oreely, who had returnad to her home In
Htn Diego;, aud to iiieuihrn uf Congress,
tne re»u.t of wuicu la known nil over the
Wind. 1 Hit statement m-. b«en drtwu from
a letter which we have been shown from
Mi. Oraelej to Mr* Irum in, dued Ports
mouth, N. tl., Kepteiuber which con
Cludea thua. "boinre closing I wiut lo
thank yuu, and tbrougb you, Mijor Truman,
for his very eiruest md warm congratula
tions by tolegrim. He wis one of the very
few who ue.er lout hope and who* eneuur
aged me In my belief that Mr Oreely would
return, nod I shall alwa> > reiiieniher It an
well as hi i great interent and work in regard
t<> thr h .mil)-matter, for It Is Admitted by
vi my thai the reward wax nf greit service
after all, from tbe fact thai thu whalers were
In Advance and probably gave an Incentive
to tho relief pirty to lote no time; nnd, you
know, twenty four hour* moro would have
been latol to Mr. Oruely. I'ieate think your
hiisb iud fur the mmy papera he sent me,
which were uf greU interest to me. We
»hall [imb tbly go to Washington about the
Ist of November, as Mr. Oreely hopes in be
able to commends, tab work by that time,
ilo Ii gtilling strength 0 ui.tintiy and It be
ginning to look like, bliusolf," etc.
JWoKi.n, Jlullttin.
New Books in the Public Li
Miss Jessio Oivlt. tlio City Librarian, fur
nlshenthe following list of now hooks Just
recelvud at the City Library:
Injurious Insects of C illfornla, hy Matthew
Cooke, Injurious ami Beneficial I meets: of
C illfornla, Mitthew Cooke. Brownings
Poems, li vols.; At Home and Abroad, Life
Without cml Lift. Within, Womau n( the
Niuutouutii Cuutury, Art and Literature, by
Margaret Fuller, Memories of MtrßArct Pul
ler, hy Kinei-,!.u , Alice ami Phoebe C try, by
Mary Cleineuce Lord of Himself, by P. 11.
l/uderwund , A Ciatle In Spiiu, by June, De
Mllle, Llle uf Lord Lymlhurst, by I'heo.
Mirtln. ftorlM 01 the Old World, by A.J.
QftQfOhj A Da Iglltl : of tlie God*, by C M.
Clay, Hamuli I'.trne; Tho Ltd lee of Liv
dores, The Laird nf Nnrlaw, Lucy Croltou,
i ne PrtmroM P ah, Agnu iiupetun, Madou
na M iry, Innocent, Hu: Br<>wuluw* f Story uf
Valentine, l v lv, Louise Arden, Mm. Arthur,
You hit, Musgruve, Phoebe, Junior, Qtilet
Heut, 'Iho Curate in Charge, Ombrt, by
Mr, oliphatit. lie itrlx lUudolph, hy Julian
lUwthorue.lt Is l-'uveiled, 2 vols, hy Hla
vutsky. Links in Rebeccas Life, Sidney
Mirtlus Christmas, Divers Women, Tho
Hilf In the Grove, Household Pmnes, 'I>o
BOY*. Of Pillsy, History 01 English People,
\oi. 1, by Green. Little SohuMlra tster Mirk,
hv Miinrthoiiio; Cooperative Hosekeeplng
by M. P. Pierce. First Love, Funin and
Hahurln, by Tourgoiiew. Called Back, by
Hugh Conway; .New Arabian Nights, The
Silverado H |u.itturs, hy R. L Hirutusnn; A
Day In Athens with Plato Translation;
Pleasant Author., for Young Folks, by A. B.
Hurls, Hunt f mi., P-or ami Proud, Now nr
Never, All Aboard, Make or Break. Bo ir and
Forbear. Down Booth, Palace and Cottage,
Dure is Club, Seek ami Kind, hy Oliver Optic .
The Annual Statistician for PvM, L. P. Me
Tho linmlgratloii Association Is quietly
but Industriously pushing Its work, which,
from the evidences already Apparent, will
sunn return nn hundred fuld. Letters of In
<(iilry Increase In number constantly, with
frequent notifications that thu writers are
coming any way. But from the general
tenor Immigrants will not move toward the
coast In great numbers until after the Presi
dential election, after th it time the Indict
ttous are very pronounced th it a greater
rush will be upon uh thin e.er before. A
large number of punphleta were sent re
cently to Mr. B. A. H idiell, the proprietor of
the new colony which will start for Loa An
gelos the first Oi November, who writes ln
response; "I am iv tiling them only to those
asking for Inform ttlon uud are going toC ili
lorala. They are working up a'big boom'
and are Just the thing.'' Letters are coming
from all directions, Kurope, C inada ami dis
tant Now Zealand. The people In the cen
tral portion of the Ut ile are moving in this
matter, also, and Working up an interest by
holding public meetings. A very large
meeting was held receutlv At S-crameulu,
m tde. up of delegate., irom nine or ten coun
ties, It was a big meeting uud very enthu
slistlc. Another tne.-ting was held a few
d tys ago at M trysviile for the same object.
The people up that wiy have gone at tne
work In etruest; Hiid singularly enough
predicite their action on the fact tint a
movement had been in tde at Los Augeles
and they could not afford to be behind. A
public meeting bet c might be a good idea, as
Manufacturing Industry.
Among the enterprising und pushing bus
iness men of this city, who has the enter
prise to uke the le id in manufacturing ln
Oils city, m iy be mentioned B. F. Coulter,
one o{ our merchant princes, who has made
the Los Angeles Woolen mills a huge sue
cess. His all wool himkets have a coast
wide in trket snd reputation, and are all the
rage in Arizona and s uithern C iltfornla. In
the UeW iniatial >ir> goods establishment of
Mr. Coulter In the llnllenbick block, with
all It, vast sp ice and elegant appointments,
Mr. Coulter will have excellent facilities for
the display of the woolen goods tnanufnc
tured at these mills as well as his great
stock nf domestic and imputed dry goods.
His all wool Hinnels for underclothing,
in ide nt these mills., have no sutierior,
either lv other P icific cois-t, or Eastern
woolen mills, commend themselves to tho
consumer at a glance. It is with pleasure
tlie H Kit ami notes the success of this very
Import int feature in the manufacturing
interests of this city.
Mining in San Diego County.
A C Trespoiidetit writing to tbe .Sun from
Mesa Orahde, says nf the Shenandoah Mines
nt that place:
"Oar miultig Interests loom right up. The
Bhentndomh is in good nre. and the mill is
running night and d iy. Sinking from the
one hundred and seventy foot level had tn
be stopped until tank, can be put In the
w ill, as the water ls <(iilte bad; but under
Cox n able in uiag«ni"ut things run smoothly.
In looking over the ree ird* the other diy, I
found several new locilloiia. among them
tne Sibyl, an iMst extension nf the Stieuiu
do*b I ime reri rich tl ist has been found
between the Red 11 ill and the river, and
some little prospecting being done. A min
er s meeting is cilled for October 2.'.tii, to
amend the hyjaws and sleet v ref trdor.
Challenge to H. W. Magee.
11. IF. Mngce, K'>j . R<pu>i/i.-<in Oimffdatt
/or the -.aembly in the 7tth DMrtct, Sir.—
The Import ant subjects of legislation coming
before the Mil meeting of the Legislature of
this Ht ite dem md thit the beit mm poeel
bio should be Mat to S crtmeuto to repre
sent the people That tbi Oitltens of the
7dttt District M\f Judge Intelligently which
■ d v, two will best serve them in this posl
lion, l eh illetige you to meet me In a public
discussion at your eiriiest convenience,
Yours very respic fully,
Aimor Kinnev
Cindiduo for the Aaserobly
An Accident.
Yesterd \y Dinlel C dllm. an employe of
ih city street fore - met with an accident
which iniy result in his deitb. He was
driving a cm along Petri -treet nearAdims,
when the horse bee .m. (rfy huuied and ran
away, throwing Mr C tlllus to the ground
He sustained a severe c meusston of the
hr liv, and thr dOftOff a died tv thinks bu c in
b irdiy reover. He wist iketi to his home
on Wilmington street, whore he lies lv a
critic*! condition.
The Jones Building.
Tbe new Jones building ou 8 ntth Spring
stieet is nearly completed. It has a m iguifl
cent store room ou the first door, 30x115 feet,
with plate glass show windows, Bxl2 feet,
and is well lighted from h >th front and
retr. Tjwt laeoni Story ta being finished in
r..oin, after the in > s t approved style. The
biy window, lv the second utory Hre very
commodioim, and like the entire front eleva
tion, samples of architectural beauty.
The German Colony.
Messrs Theodore Ptnther aud Conrad
Stroebel. the agents of the German Denver
Colony, of Ollvenhaim, who went to Sm
IHegoc unity with Mr I E. Rowan to look at a
site for tlie c ilmiy have filed power of altor
ney in Bin Diego as agents of the Oliven
hll in '' Tp ir it ion, formed under the laws of
t" dorado, and purehised tne well known
Kncliitt is X uieho for $t*..uuo for the locilbm
of the colony. The Colouy will doubtless
Cleveland's Cane
The mannier, of the Orphan's Fair, which
closed list Siturdiy night, offered a goM
he ided c me to be voted to the most popular
c indld He for the Pre-ldencv When the
vote*werecounted it wis found thu Mr.
Cleveland had received one hundred and
eighty ulne vole, and Mr 111 tine twenty
seven. The cUM will accordingly be sent to
Mr. Cleveland
Hawley Bros. Hardware Co.
Have h fine mock of the celebrated
ler wagons, beside- m general line of hard
; ware and agricultural implement They
are also sgem, fur Jmlhi 1 »**■■ n-"s null . plow.
Hee add. lv Knottier column.
An Antidote For Malaria.
A decoction of lemuu la said tn be au anti
dut« to lit 1 1 'iii UUt Up * leiUUi, peel Mud
all, Into thin slice*, put it iuto IMH slsss
11- of water nnd boh it Jwwu to oue fls«s
ful Strain the liquid throuifh linen, p »ol
uud driuk the whole amount when fastiug.
su perlor < inirl JT.
Application of tbe Los Angeles and Bum
boldt Lumber Co., a corporation, to dlesolve.
Order granied.
Hecht vs. Slaney—Demurrer aubmltted,
Aye days to file briefs on each aide
Chalde vs. 0> v bsrtibel -Default set aside
also order of imbllc ithm uf aummona
Hurka vs. liurka— Divorce denied.
Bennett vs. McLaln-Demurrer overruled,
ten d ay* to answer.
Chandler va. Rowland — Demurrer aus
Bnekbelm minors— Petition.
F A M Bank vi Thorn |g-Argument.
People va Hay Motion for new trial.
Bath vs. Valdex-Motlun.
Howaen, 3. ■
Thomas va. Milletl —Coulluued till to mor
row ut 10 a. M.
Horswell et al va. Hulx et al-Bet for to
morrow at lv A. at.
W hltcsldea et al vs Brlggt el al—Motlon
for new (rial denied
H .ward vs b-ward-srgnedaiid submitted.
I>unkelberger va. Alexinderet al—demur
rer of Juau Bernard overrured . ten d tyt to
Both va Bcckles-Motlun lo open default
s. t rot he .ring to morrow at 10 a. at.
Fled vs. Lnos-Defend int allowed two
d ty* to file brief and plalutiffone diy to re
P '£ is Angelea city vs. Dorla Junes—A com
mission diluting of J M. Ellloit, I.E. Bow
an, L. lllxley Cuane* Pr tger and Oeorge
E. Long appointed aud ordered to report on
COiober Mb.
fc.it .tr of V. Oyharzabal-Discharge of ad
mlulatr itlon gnnted.
Est ite of K. M Willi uns, died-Return of
I lie of retl est de. c.ntluued tv oc-lober 'i Hh
Estlte ol AulU F. irudel-PetUioii tor
probate of will c mtliiued to Ocuiber '21.
Hcliililiu; vs. Mtoue et al-M -lion tv dis
missdeufid cerk ordyred to return p pert
to J iHt 01 Llmt for corn clou.
J. Yb uTTA vs. M M. Ybarra et al—Action
Iv re, Hayraund and Oluck, lsonlvenls,
■et for November Ah, IHB4.
Ontario Items.
A drug store will be opened here about
the I'Mi instsnt.
E. Drew has upened bis furniture estub
llshment with a fine stock.
Waddlngham s engine Is s#l up and the
hum of m ichinery will be heard in Ontario
ill adty off IWO.
Tim gr tin warehouse I.* filled, or nearly so,
wllh wheat and btr.ey raised on the lauds
in(joining thu southern limit of the tract.
The Horticultural H <ctety held lv second
monthly meettug nn 8 ilurdty evening (4th
lust,}, and bad an Interesting session. Ibis
yuiiug society begins its work vigorously,
and promises tv be of value to the settle
ment. J. H. CilkliH, of Lua Angelea, Wal
elected an Honorary mrmbor of tne society.
Prof. C. 11. liwlueoe. ol berkeley, ha« pre
sented several valuab.e books to tbe socl
•ty a library.
Our dUtrict school Is well atteuded, al
though Outirio la too large a colony to have
its wants supplied much longer by a hchnul
Noii -i- at one end of the tract. U. C.
October 4, IHM.
Preferred Specials.
Smoked stlmou and halibut at Jevue's.
(Jet pure, all wool blankets at Coulter s.
Try Lmkemhlm A Co * new process roller
Beautiful afl woof colored blanket* at Coul
Our $1.25 spreads are worth leelug, sacri
ficing sale, People * Store.
Miner* aud Ciiuper a heavy blue all wool
shirt* at Clutter s.
11. Jeveues trade on roasted coffee was
larger the p ist week: than ever before.
Oet your new style Fall dres* goods at
Coulter s.
The "big store" wltb the "little front." H.
j ß vne s, :tn uud 40 North Spring street.
New styles trimming* aud dress buttons at
Coulter *.
Ladle*' muslin drawers 44 eta., formerly
89 Ote. t sacrificing sale, People * Store.
Blankets and flannel* warranted all wool
at Coulter's.
Double width bleached bed sheeting 18*4
cents, worth 87 eeuts. People* Storo.
(Jet your flannel underwear at Coulter*.
Boys' suits, 4 to lo years, $2.yr>, former price
$G to $H, sacrificing sale, People s Store.
Oet yuur pure all u'oul flannel* ut Coulter's
Ladles' kid button *hoe* 11.50, formerly
$2.00, sacrificing sale, People * Siore.
White, soft, fine raff moot bed blauket* to
be found only at Coulter a, 280 North Main
Best quality Children* solar tipped shoes
7.> cv., lormerly *T.W, sacrificing * ale, Peo
ple * Store.
The I.o* Augeles Woolen Mills Blankets
find Fi-unlets are the Met; no cotton, no
shoddy, only to be found ut Coulter t.
An Immense Importation of dress goods,
Ml els. to *3.50 per yard, sacrificing sale,
People's Store.
We mean to move our monstrous stock aud
were never more serious than now. People's
Many lines will be aold out ln a few days
and we desire all our patrous to hive a
chance at them, sacrificing sale, People's
No Intelligent buyer will accept a present
Willi his tea purchases. 11. Jevue succeeds
In selliug large quantities uf tea without re
sorting to such means. Heuson why: Value
lor your money.
Customers nttendlug our sacrificing salo
will not be delayed aa they were tv d ty, as
we have employed additional c.erks. Peo
ple s Store.
The Grismer-Davies Company.
Joe Mount, the Business Miutger of the
Orlsmer Davles Compauy, c died upon the
lIKR.iLn yesterday afternoon and stated that
bis company would play at the Graiid Opera
House all of Filr week, with a complete
change of progr imme. Thu favorite cora
panv will sppear tlie first night In the latest
success from Wallacks theater, cilied
"Ctire the Porgein ister, " I'uesd ty, Dam is'
rom italic dram i, "Monte Cristo,' to be fol
lowed with "Fools Reveuge, '"M Lisa,"
"Lidy Audley - Secret,'' aud "Lottery of
Waters made to Flow.
Mr.W. R. Porter with the Postmaster at Sin
Bernardino ha., bored an artesian well that
sends up a powerful stream from a depth of
lift feet. Porter always was a fortunue man.
Three flowing wells hive been struck fn the
Sin Jacinlo Valley, at a depth ol less than
200 feet. The well sunk for Mr. Francisco
Estudillo is ono of these and is a powerful
well that will do good work iv the future.
A hundred more can be sunk successfully
iv this great rich valley.
M ATTINGLY-LYNCII—At the C'thedral in
this city, Oct. 6th, IM4, Hiclnrd C. M itting
ly, >d Fresno, and Miss 3. 1". Lynch, of New
York City
[8 in Fr incisco, Chic igo, Presno.O lkland
and New York pipers please copy.]
PRICK—At Orange, October 6th, of ptr ilysts,
Mrs. Johu V Price, In the G4th year of her
Funeral from Commercial street depot
on arrival of train 10-day sis a. m. Friends
and ac.uslntmces Invited to attend. Ser
vices at Masonic cemetery
. Americas, ii i., pipers please copy/
As tender, delicate nnd nre
As ire the le ivcs of Spring,
Ho Is the famed KOLA I X A
IV hose virtues, anw I slog.
Rncklcn'a Arnica Naive.
The greatest medic il wonder of the world.
W-irr inted to speedily care burns, bruises,
cuts, ulcers, silt rheum, fever sores, c mCTs.
piles, chilblains, corns, teller, eh ipped
li inds, sod all -kin eruptions, gu irmteedto
euro lv every Inst nice or money refunded.
35Mots per box. For sale hy C. F. Heiuze
W - I link ion Coal.
Full cargo now discharging at Hin Pedro
per American ship K. I>. Klce. Consumers
of this well known coal should tike particu
lar noth)e of the same and arrange for their
WIN FKK COAL. For aale at all the retail
yards in this City. linm-ilua applieition
should be mi le to the undersigned forcir
(owl lots of ten tons or over, delivered al sll
stations on tbe line of the S P. R. R.
Walters M via ell,
No. 10, Court Stroet.
Popnlnr Kverywhere.
Every family should have a hnttle of Syrup
of Pig, cuiit-nitly Oflj hmd. Its plenum
tWwaud heneflei il effect mike It popular
everywhere,and the results irehelter health
and fewer doctor s bills. It miy be t tken hy
old end young, by men and women, under
•ttiv and all circauiitance. For sale hy C. F.
A tttde Awake Isruerglaf.
Mr. C. F. Heinxeman li always wide awake
in his business, and spires no pains to
secure the best of every article In his line.
He ha. secured the agency lor the celebrit
ed r»r King's New Disc ivery lor C msump
tton. The only eotl ilu cure known for Con
siitnp'ion. f uigtis, <: ild., lloirseness. A,?h
ra.. Hay Fever. BruichltlY or .my affection
of tbe rhroataud Ling*. 8 »ld on positive
guartntee. Will give you a Trial Bottle
Free Regular size SI.
I have Just received the finest lot of guns
from the most celebrited m tnuf >cturern.
Also every v-irietv of sporting Implements
ever offered in Southern C iliforni \. l"n he
sold at the lowest prices P.e ise Ctll and
ex imtne our stock before purchasing elxe-
H ENRY Hl.orr»RßE« X,
111. Temple Block, Los Augelci. opposite
United States Hotel. OfM lw
A l.ood Investment.
My friend, if In your wanderings lv the
pursuit of h ippiness you ch-nic • to Bpond h
few minutes In tIM puren <*« ol a luxury that
will c uiduci* to both health i.nd pie mure,
Count the time well spasm, and the artielt
trial will return the large,; perc muge ~f
both is PenalUs Punch c cigir. at the P. o
Cigar rimre.
All agree that handsome hair Is one of
beauty a indlspensible elemeut* Aver s
Hair vigor maintains It iv freshness, bright
ness snd luxuriance.
If you want fine rooms. (food board and
home omforts, go to the Klmbill M inslon—
surrounded by a dower garden—l3l New
High Htreet. near Temple. sepM lm
Seaside Cologne Is twice tbe site of any
cologne for the saouey*
1 Oerster and P ittl use nothing but Peck's
I Jockey Club. tf> should all. ' *'
To meet the growing de
mands of our largely
And our store room being
rather small, we have con
cluded to sell out the entire
line of
Gents' Furbishing Gaods Stock
We have confidence, there
fore, in assuring our patrons
nnd the public that no such
favorable opportunity has
ever been offered to secure
Of every description, at pri
ces before unheard of in Los
We take this occasion to
return our sincere thanks to
our regular customers and
the public for their generous
support and kind apprecia
tion of our efforts to cupply
their wants. We engage
that in the future we shall
leave nothing undone to
merit a continuance of your
patronage, and retain our
repi tation of being the most
As well as the most popular
One Price Hat House
In Los Angeles.
Siegel the Hatter,
Cor. Main and OommeroiaL
Tlio Tomooula
Land and Water Gjmpany
Are subdividing a tract of Und situated In
the celebrated
Temecula Valley, in San Diego
Oounty, Calif jrnta.
Recently owned by Don Juan Harriett*.con
t lining fourteen thousand seres of Und,
htvlug tv altitude of about oue thousand
feet above the set level, rhlstr.ct of land
lies nbout 40 miles southerly from Cotton.
The C tliforuU Southern Railroad run*
through the eutire length ofthe tret. The
soil lv the valtey ls formed of sedimentary
deposit.!. It ls a rich, d trk loam, without
gravel or boulders, and c m be easily tilled,
as uo cl*y or adobe soli appears, but Is full
of r!cn sediment, which hold* the rainfall
«nd prevents leaking or drying, sothat when
you enme to cultivate you turn up moist
earth. The superior value of this soil is its
clo.ielyunderlyingsupplyof water.aod when
cultivated the moisture rises to the surface,
doing away with the necessity of Irrigation
almost entirely, but Incise of a dry season,
If irrigation is thought to be necessary, au
Inexhaustible Supply of Water
Can be had by slnklug from 2 to 10 feet. It
Is also lv the artesian belt and artesian wa
ter ctn be ei.sily obtained. The mentis
formed of undulating lands of reddish col
ored soil mixed with decomposed granite on
the. surface, with enough mixture of clay ln
the subsoil to hold the moisture. There is a
Fine Running Stream of Water
With several branches running through the
rancho. Also .several hot aud warm springs,
Roitd lor tneir cure of pulmonary diseases.
These springs will be Improved immediately
and the Company design building a hotel
and rillro id depot on the tow.isite. Both
buildings will be handsomely orniraented.
l he hotel will be built two stories high and
contain thirty rooms.
l he Directors of the Presbyterian College
ofChlcigo, design putting a college bnhd
ing on the groitud as soon as prtCtlcible.
There is plenty of good oak wood Which can
be had delivered -it the rancho at from $4 to
44.fx) per cord, and common lumber can be
delivered at *2fi per thousand.
The climate is healthy. The rancho is not
more than 18 miles trora the sea c iiist
aud tbe ocean breeze fans tbe valley, puri
fying the atmosphere- with invigorating
effect, in the day time the air Is sott and
dry and always miid, a little cooler at night,
but never more than being comfortible.
As a he ilth report, none in Southern Cali
fornia cm surpiss in natural advantages
thla beatitifnl district of laud, with its warm
springs of miner il watercont liningstilphur.
Iron and sod i, Its proper eievation above the
sea, pure, dry aud gentle air, with beautiful
scenery all around, cm but confirm the as
sertion that ns a health resort It cinuot be
excelled, especially for catarrh, throat and
lung diseases.
It 1., the intention of the Company, aa soon
as the land is subdivided, to sell in tracts
from a town lot npw ird at prices thatcinnol
hit satisfy actual sett.er,. the pricv, will
he classified according to the merits of the
property. One third down, bilance In oue
ami two year*.
Parties desiring information will address
P. O. Box i>3, Los Angele-, C il.
Rooms No. 11 and 12 W'ldney Block, (up
stairs) Pir/it street, between M iln and Spring.
W. E. ROBIN* »N, Colton, t: v , or
C. L. MORRILL, femecul*. Cal.
OCt7 tf .
Notice of Intention to Apply
for Pardon,
To Stephen M. White, E'q., Distric
At orney in nnd for the County of Los
Angeles, State of California.
You will please take notice, that It la lhe
intention ol the undersigned to apply to tbe
Governor of the State Of California for the
pardon of Mr.. Ella Amadou, Convicted on
the ills, d iy ol November, ias3. in the Stipe
rior Court of theSltteof California tv and
for the County of Los Angeles, of a felony In
concealing the facta of and relating to the
crime of murder, committed hy one John M
Ko-ter, -it tne County ol Los Augeles, Slate of
c iiifornla, on the -Jith diy of Icptenancr,
Ismh, and of protecting the said l*9sMT after
the commission of said crime ol murder by
him, and by the said Superior Court there
after seutenced to congnemont in the state
Prison of the State of California for the pc
rlod of five ye in-., at S m yueutin in the St «te
ot California, where the said Ella Am idon
i-i now confined tv pursuance of the seu
teuce of ssld Court.
Loa Augeles, October 2, $mm
B. Kata, being first duly sworn, deposes
and says, that he is a citizen of the United
States, and of the State or California, and
over the age of twenty one years; that he
served the annexed and foregoing notice of
Intention to apply to the Governor of the
State of Cilllorma for the pardon of Mrs.
KiU Am.dou, on Stephen M White, District
Attorney In and for tne County of Los An
geles, by delivering to him person illy on the
4ih diy of October, ism. at his offlce In tbe
City of Los Angeie*. * true Copy of said no
tice. B. KA t».
Sub crlbcd aud -worn to before methlsCth
day of October, IW4. A C HoI.MES.
;me*l . oct7 4w Notary Public.
Harper & Reynolds Co.,
[CAPITAL STOCK 1260,000)
Wholesale and Retail Dealers in Hardware, Stores,
Metals and Tin Plate.
Sole Agents for Perry A Co's celebrated Brighton Ranges,
Charter Oak Stoves and Kanges, Golden Star Oil
and Gasoline Stoves and Ranges.

Specialties In Builders' Hardware. Mies Locks.
A Large Stock Sacramento Vitrified Stone Sewer Pipe.
48 and 50 Main, 61 and 63 Los Angeles street, Los Angeles.
1 1 1 1
Special Lines ol Dry Ms!
We have specially Imported for this Season's
Trade a large and full assortment of
Dress G-oods!
Ladies' id Gents' Underwear,
These goods have been purchased for cash
from Manufacturers only, and will be placed be
fore our customers during the ensuing week at
Extraordinary Low Prices!
DION uxm,
Lo* AngoloM, Oal. «U
will be held this month at
100 and 102 Los Angeles St., Cor. of Requena St.
These vehicles will not be some fixed up to show, hat will be such as we are
selling daily.
I am the Sole Director of this Show and as is usual when
Directors make Exhibits I shall get away with all the
Premiums. Do not fail to see this
Mammotli Carriap Mil!
It beats everything ever seen in this country. My Exhibit
will cover two floors, each 50x163 feet. On the lower
floor you will see
The upper floor will be devoted to Carriages, Buggies,
Phaetons, etc. My doors will be open to the public, who
are invited to inspect our repositories. Do not fail to
walk through and inspect the magnitude of our business.
It will repay you for your trouble!
S. W. LUITWIBLER, Director,
Gordon Hardware Co.,
as* "Lav
Shoes, Boots,
Shoes, Boots, Shoes, Boots,
What A Pity!
What a Shame.
But 'tis the order of the House and
Must be Complied With.
Are Piling In upon Ta by the
O JBtv. Xi-Ii O jSI, X>-
Cases on top of rases.
Our Large and Spartan* Quarters are Jammed and Packed
Boots and. ©hoes.
We shall hold*
The very finest ns well as the medium grades shall be
For the Sole purpose of ei»li v ns room lo unpack our goods,
Cost What It May!
IT price, will tell
These Goods Shall Fly i
The prices at which our goods shill be sotd will lenre no
room In thr minds or the doubting public but Ihut
Sacrlii Prices Stall Up
Whether tou are in Immediate need or not It will substantial
ly Compensnte Tou by making Immediate pnrt-linses.
Boots and Shoes for One-Third their Value.
Such a Sale as this was never before known, and we ven
ture to predict will never again occur.
SacrillcingPrices Shall Reign supreme!
Lewis Bros.,

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