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Los Angeles Daily Herald.
The Noble Roman Writes a
Luminous Address.
He Saye That Ht-publlcaiie Live
U\ Their Wlta - Democrate
by the Work of Their
Haudn - He Advo
cate* the Election
off Cleveland
and Hend
[Spertal (r> thr HrraUl hy thr Annoriatcd Pre*- ]
Niw York, Oct. 7.—Tbe following is Mr.
Hideo's response to the Committee of the
Natioual Democratic Convenllou conveying
to htm the resolutions of that body:
OH A V stone, Oct. 6.18 M.
7tofflrtV.ofr.auti amt gentlemen oj the Com
l'thuukyou for the kind terms lv which
tou have couimuuicaled to methe resolution
roueerning me adopted by the late Demo
cratic Natioual Convention I h lure your
couvictious that reform in the administra
tion of the Federal Government, which is
our great national want, and is indeed e.snen
tial to the restoration and preservation of the
Government Itself, can only be achieved
through the agency of the Democratic party
end by Installing its representative iv the
Chief Magistracy of the 1 oiled States. The
uoble hirilorical traditions of the Democratic
party; the principles in which It was edu
cated and to which it has ever beeu in the
main faithful; its freedom from corrupt in
fluences which grow up in a prolonged pos
session of power, and the nature of
tbe elements which constitute it, all
.contribute to qualify it for that mission
The opposite ehi.r.icleristics uud conditions
which attach to the Kepublicati party makes
It hopeless to expect that that party will he
able to give a better government than the
■debasing system of abuses which, duriug
its ascendancy, has infected official and po
litlcal life in this country. The Democratic
party had its origin in tlie efforts of the
more advanced patriot* of the Revolution to
resist the perversion of our government
irom the ideal contemplated by the people.
Among its tMin-picuoo~ luiuiflers are Benja
min Franklin and Thomas Jefferson, Samuel
Adams aud Johu Hancock, of Massachu
setts; George Clinton aud Robert K. Living
etoue, of New York, and Ueo. Wythe aud
James Madison, of Virginia; and from the
election uf Mr. Jefferson as President in
1800, for sixty years the Democratic party
mainly directed our natioual policy. It ex
tended the boundaries of the republic and
laid the foundation oi our national greatness,
while it preserved the limitations imposed
by the Constitution and maintained a simple
pure system oi doun-iic ndiniuislration, on
the other hand the Republican party ha*
always been dominated by primtiples w inch
favor legislation for the benefit of particular
classes at the expense of the body of the
people. It has become deeply tainted with
abuses which naturally grow during tbe
lomt uosae.Hj.inuo! unchecked ot-wer.especial
ly l* a period of civil war and ffthte finance.
The patriotic and virtuous elements in it are
mow unable to emancipate it from the sway
.of M»lftsh interests, which subordinate pub
lic duty to personal greed. The most
hopeful of the best eltisens it cou
tains despair uf its amendment, ex
cept through its temporary expulsion
irom power. It has been boastingly assert
•ed by a modern Massachusetts Statesman,
struggling to reconcile himself and his fol
lowers to their Presidential candidate, that
ihe Republican party contains a dispropor
tionate share of the wealth, the culture aud
the intelligence of the couutry. The uu
uriiiclpled <irafton, when taunted by James
the Second with his personal want of con
sttiei.ee, answered: " l hat \* true; hut I be
long to a parly that has v great deal of con
science." Such reasoiiers forget that
the same claim has been made
ln all ages aud countries by
the defenders of old wrougs against
new reforms. It was alleged by the Tories
of the American revolution against the
latrlots of that day, it was repeated against
efferson aud afterwards agaiust Jackson,
and it Is alleged by the Conservatives
against those who In Eugland are now en
deavoring to enlarge the popnlar suffrage.
All history shows that reforms In govern
ment must not be expected from those who
alt serenely on the social mountain tops en
joying the benefits of the existing orderof
things. JSveu the divine author
ai our religion found his followers
sot among these self complaeeut Pharisees,
but among the lowly minded fishermen.
The Republican party is largely made up of
those who live hy their wits and who aspire
In polities to take advantage of the rest of
mankind similar lo those which tbeir daily
livej are devoted to socuring in private bust
nesa. The Democratic party consists largely
of those who live hy the work of their hands
and whose political action is governed by
their sentiments or im igiiniliuii. it results
then that the Democratic part) more readily
than the Republican party cut be moulded
to the support of reform measure* which lv
rolve a sacrifice of Kepuh.ic.iu iuterebt*.
The indispeusihle necessity of our times Is
ra change o] administration iv thegre .tex
aecutlve offices of the country. This Is my
judgement, I can only be accomplished by
.the election of the democratic candid ite*
for President and Vice President.
(Signed.) Samuel J. TILOFN.
;R. H. Henry, Chairmau; li. it. Siualley and
others of the Special Committee of the
.Democratic National Convention
He X* eps I p Hl* Losing I iff lit In
w ( in! Virginia and Ohio.
Canton, O , Oct. 7 —About noon the train
arrived at Wueellng. There were about 1000
people at and around tbe depot,who cheered
Blame as be caiae out of his car There was
a large meeting iv front of the Stale House,
*ud Blame wa* escorted (o the stand by ihe
local committee and by a body pi Plumed
Kuights. The chairman of the meeting was
Mr H Heard, who has been until uulte re
eeuty a Democrat. There were a great many
ladles In the audience. Blame was very
warmly received. He made a short speech,
ln which he again presented protective tariff
as the leading l-.-iie in tbe campaign and de
clared thai no State in tbe Cufou was more
Interested in maintaining it than West Vir
alula. He Was loudly and repeatedly cheered
From the meeting liise irriiige was again cs
cortcd through Wheel inn snd across the river
to Bridgeport, on lhe uhlo side, his private
car having beeu transferred iv the mean
time. All Bridgeport was out to see him.
After a few words of thanks and encourage
ment to the young men of the clubs that
bad escorted him, he bowed to the crowd
Mild entered bis CBT, whereupon the traiu
utarted (or Canton. Stop* were tnude at
afayward, Flushing, Fn-enort. i rlnbsville,
New Philadelphia, Canal, Dover and Msssll
lon- At each of these places there was a
wildly enthusiastic crowd, and at each
Blame appeared on the rear platform and
spoke briefly, acknowledging the compli
ment paid him aud urging the Import nice
of the tariff question. Cheering, yelling
and general demonstrations were moreen
ergetlc and sustained all along the route
this afternoon than on any previous part of
About three o'clock the train arrived at
Oa the end ofthe days Journey. A
Urge torchlight procession of plumed
knights and Blame and Logan ctubi escort
,<-d Blame to the house of Mr. Outtman, one
of the leading business men of the city,
where he took tea. He then went down to
the speaker's stand, around which several
■thousand people were assembled. Whan be
appeared upon the stand there was great
<*neerlng. He reviewed the procession and
in response to I lie calls of the people made a
very brief speech, in which he eulogized
MeKmley, tin prc-rut Republican repre
sentative uf the District In Congress aud
urged his re-election- Tomorrow Hlaine
visits Masslllon and other neighboring
I lacea, returning t<» Canton In the evening.
Hiring his stay here he will be the guest of
«'tfTltifXton Ktfei.
CovMOTOK, Ky\, Oct. 7-Track a trifle
deep. Seven and a hall liirlmigs, all ages.
Aleck Arnent won, Pericles second, Ferg
Kyle third; lime. l*t%.
Five eighth, mile, -elllng, Banana won,
Strickland second, Nora M third; lime. I *t.
Tohace.i .takes, mile and quarter. 3 year
olds, noil winners. Illnnette won. Unreal
reciind, Malaria third; time, J IV
Mile and tl.ree eighths, all ages, Saunterer
won. I.ollln „„t, Virgie true third;
lime, 83f>. *
Mile end half, ill hurdles, Guy won King
Dutchman second. MUM third; lliir.t .' n%
Jerome Park Bares,
JRROMK Park. Oct. 7.—Track, fast: three
quarters mile fur all age. KeneYirk won.
Htrathspcy second. Loud third; time, 1 :\»H-
Three quarters mile (or two year-Olds
eelllngJJMlss iialy won, Coral second, Mul
lens third; time, 1.21*4.
line mile, Hoy s Clark won. Himnlay
second rtlien haih mini lime I 171.,
Mile and a half lor nil ages, Hnyal Arc'i
won, (len Monro sec I si„lliuplex third,
time, 2:41 v
Mile and a Quarter lor three year olds snd
upwards, Hlne Hell won. l oin second and
Joe Mitchell third . lime. ■< \\
Hteeplechase. short course. There was
quite a seeuet.eforethe .|art w heliiln officer
nt the Society for ihe I'revetuiou of Cruelty
to Animals ref i ~.; , n,,u ijlm Meilowan to
beataned as it,,- horse hud a sore hack.
Finally Ihe police Interfered ami c rleil
Ihe otlleer Irom ihe gronndl after he hud re
celled some rough treatment Al lhe
twelfth Jump .llm Mrilowsn - rider (ell off
Charlemagne won. liisturl.nue.i sec olid snd
>:cho third; lime, 3:19.
A Bank Failure.
Al.Toolta. Pa., October 7 -The Mechanics
Bank, of this clly. close.l i,. ,1,,0rs today.
Nn notice waa pasted ou the doors II was
RUb.euoently learned that the withdrawal
of large sums preclpli ilcl ihe suspension
Si, statement of sssels or llnbtlltles is made
Jt la thought, however, lluil the concern will
julll through. Other banks here aoticlpate
a run by small depositor, to morrow.
The «.<>o,l Temalar*.
rUK ioa«, Cal.. Oct 7 The (Irand Lodge
of the Good Templars convened this morn
inf. Several hundred delegates represent
ingal) parts ol Ihe etate are In attendance
A recepttou waa given Ihe delegates last
evening by the iloisl I jinplar, of this clly
The session will continue several days.
The Stock market.
Ifnw York Oct. ".--Governments, a shade
easier for 4* Hallways steady. Stocks less
active to-day and prices lower. At opening.
Union Pacific, Pacific Mail and Northwest
crn w ere 1-to % per cent, higher. Before
the first t ill there were sales to realize, and
prices dropped > a to iv the general list.
The market closed strong. Compared with
last night prices were y A to V, lower.
Low i ii mint Houds und Ha llway
New York, Oct. 7.—Threes, 100 U. iKs.
l-"*. X Central Pacific. M' 4 ; Denveraud
Rio Grande, I" 1 , Kansas Texas, loW;
Northern Paciflc, JU, preferred, do, 44U;
North Western, ViV*; Oregon Navigation, ~a.
i r uiM'.'Utiiieulat, \W%. Improvement, la,
Pacific Mail, M*i : Panama, ys, Texas Pacific,
11%; Union Pacific, ;.4' H ; United States, M;
Fargo, fi, Western t'nioti, nl'„ New York
Central, 95V£.
Nkw Vokk, Oct. 7.—Petroleum, firmer,
Tbe Ttlone.' Market.
Nkw York, Oct. 7.—Mouey easy, Cot.::
prime paper, exchange bills, firm, «2;
delutiuj, M 1 ~ produce exports for the week.
Mining Mo, ks.
Ban Fkam:i»co,Ooi. -.-Belle lale, 40c: Bent
and Belcher, »l.t». chollar. *l.o»; Gould aud
i:uri7,»l.A'>,Uritii.l Pri/e.m- Hale*Norcross,
t2M, Mexican, |l.:a>; Navaju. ♦»..-»; ophir,
11.10; Potuai, tl.lu; Savage, 11.*'.; Hlcrra Ne
vada, .1.3&; t;ulon Consolidated, $1.20.
Tbe 4.rail. Market.
Han Fbancisco, Oct. 7. — Wheat steady,
dull huyer, »I.aortal.3lJ4; buyer, season,
»l.:;i l 4ucd.;is4 4 . Barley steady, dull; seller,
seller, season, aa> ~*■.-». buyer,
buyer, season, t ,
LiVKRrooL, Oct. 7.-Wheat firm; spring
6s sdl Com strong; &s 3d.
Cim.Auo, Oct. 7.—Wheal easier;
Oct; hMsi»!4 Nov. Corn firm; 57 Oct; M
Nov. Barley steady, 02.
Tbe mi nicel af Pleura - Pneu
in oii 11. Caiialdered In Illinois.
CmCAuo, Oct. 7.—A Springfield, Illinois,
special says: Governor Hamilton held a
consultation with Htate Veterinarian Paaren
to-day on the subject o( plenorpueumnnla.
It was decided to accept the proposition of
the Chicago Live Stock Exchange, refused
hy Br. Salomon. Chief of the Culled Mates
Bureau of Animal Indu-try, to expose ten
head of healtliy cuttle to infection by pleuro
pneumonia in order to decide Whether or
not it Is contagion, ..'laraulinc In the
meantime, to lie strictly maintained. The
Governor also instructed tbe Veterinarian
to lodge coinplaiuls against all persons who
have sold cilllc from infected herds and,
who refuse lo exhibit their sales hooka
whereby such infected cattle may be traced.
'ii hi,: in i».
The Pale of Colonel Mewart and
Part, In Kffrpt.
Cairo, Oat 7.—Advices Irom the Nile statu
thm lifter stranding the summer oil whlrh
were Col. Stewart aml his men, tliree natives
CAtae on board ami stated to Col. Stewart he
was only a short distance from Morawae,
which tfiey could easily reach on foot, and
where they ottered to guide them, and
where they could nbiAiu assistance to float
the steamer. Colonel Stewart and
two companions started lor the vlt
i*MM, and when they had traveled
out of atitlit of the steamer, a niimher of
men sprang from an ambush and murdered
the party. Tlie rebels afterwards attacked
the steamer, killing all aboard except four
A Trias Mob.
Waco, Texas, Oct. 7.—Last night at Sipe
Spring- a mob nl tacked the residence of a
farmer tin mud Hayes. A son-ln-law. Dun
lap, am. a young son of Hayes went out to
meet the mob. The latter was Instantly
killed and the former fatally wounded. An
other son of Hayes had been concerned In
horse stealing. The committee notified the
elder Hayes to leave the country and he re
fused to (••imply. A posse of citizens haa
started in pursuit of the assassins, several
of whom were recognized by Mrs. Hayes.
Hooaler Mnallnara.
Fobt Waynb, Oct. 7. —The first of a series
of four joint discussions upon the political
issues of tbe day bet ween l ilkitts candidate
for Governor of Indiana on the aftopublfcau
ticket and Gray Democratic candidate for
the same ofllce was held here this afternoon.
A vast crowd assembled in and around the
court house yard. Both candidates held an
informal levee upon the platform, shaking
hands etc. at the close of the debate.
A Diamond Fancier.
Rocton, Haas., Oct. 7.—Mrs. Georgian*
FlueNtis was arrested (o-day on a requisition
from the Governor of New Yoj*k on a charge
of fraudulently obtaining diamonds to the
v.ilue of iW.OGO from Theresa Lynch, a dia
mond broker of New York City. She had
been stopping at the Fifth Avenue Hotel,
autl tt is said upon her claim:* of being con -
uected with wealthy and influential fami
lies obtained the Diamond*, which were dis
posed of In this city.
Haapecied Train Wreckers.
Topkk.4, Ks., Oct. 7.—James aud August
Forney and Wm. Mounds were arrested to
day suspected of wrecking the Santa Fe train
near Emporia early Sunday uiorniug. The
men had beeu idling, iboiit the town for some
time. They left Saturday and returned to
diy, their homes bearing mirks of hard ser
vice. The prisoner.-, were beld in 110,000 ball
A Swindler Arrested.
Niw York, Oct. 7.-Louis Green, Jr.. «c
cosed ab'.ul two year- ago of swfndliug cer
taiu Fall Hiver m tnufaeturer* i.nd several
merchant* and brokers in new New York
ou! of nearly law.ooo by means of forged
bills of lading aud forged orders as a cotton
broker of r. .lv In Ln.., Mi"i*>ippi, was ar
rested iv a hotel last night. He recently re
turned from Europe.
A Collection of Skeleton*.
New York, Oct. 7.--The Chief of Police of
Merideu, Cmiu., la reported here in consul
tation with the German Consul, claiming
that there is now residing In Mi riden. the
Carl Selfert and wife, whom recent German
pipers aays owned the tavern in Turslg,
Pennsylvania, in which were found, after
Ihey had excavated it, the skeleton - of seven
md n 1 lough Improving;.
CoLCMBUs, Oct. 7.— Johu McCullough. the
aator.wbo left St. Louis this morning, passed
through Columbus at mfdhight on his way
east. He was met here by his old manager.
Capt. Wm. M. Connor, who took him In
charge and will accompany him to Phila
delphia or New York M.'Cuilnugh was all
right here, and quietly resting lv a slaeper.
New York Voter*.
New Yohk, Oct. 7.— The registration of
voters for the first day In New York shows a
total .if 7<L7«V The voters registered the
first day In ihso were «%am
A Hill, match.
New York, net 7.-The National Rifle As
socialloii is considering tlie adv IsabilitV of
mother International natch an raadtttoof.
Rumored it.wlgnatlon.
DfBLtN, Oct. 7. —The Lord Lieutenant of
Ireland haw left to visit the o.ueen at Balmo
ral. It is rumored that be intends to offer
his resignation.
I.eat at Sea.
London, Oct, 7.—Advices here stale lhat
the steamship Miramar. from Yokohama for
Hong Kong, foundered at sea. All on hoard
lost with exception of two Chinese
A Forgery.
Pabib, Oct. 7.—Tbe newspapers declare
that the fac simile of the Tien Tain treaty
distributed by the Chinese government is a
l ord Lytton'a Name Dragged in
the Dnat.
London, Oct. 7.—Louisa Devey. executrix
of Lady Lytton, publishes (be letters of Lord
Lytton to his wile to vindicate I ha character
of that lady. From the statements of Lord
Lytton'a biographer. Lord Lytton calls Lady
Lytton his "poodle," sends her "millions,
millions, millions of kisses," calls himself
her "own idolatrous puppy," etc. The con
eluding letters are a record of 111 treatment.
He tries to stab her with a cirvlng knife,
biles her cheeks, kicks her down and kicks
her on the iioor.
Tbe Nnrre** of the Stale Fair.
Macbambnto, Oct. 7.—The Slate Agrioultu
ral Society lots been enabled 10 pay off |ty,
000 of its (otal indebtedness of m\ooo from
the proceeds of the recent state fair. W. T.
Coleman, who has been one of the directors
of the society for many years, has sent his
resignation to Gov Sioneman
Nominated for senator.
MabtiMM, Oct. 7-The Contra Costa and
Marin Joint Senatorial Convention he d
here to day nominated ¥ Delong of Marin
by acclamation for joint senator.
The Congregatlonal|«t«.
IMi kton, Oct 7. The General Associating
ofthe Congregational Church convened al
the First Congregational Church Iv this clly
this evening. A permanent organization w is
effected by electing the following officers
Moderator. Rev. c IV Barrows, D D., of San
Francisco: Assistant Moderator, A. J. Wells,
of Los Angeles; Scribe, Rev K. G. Reck with,
D. D., of San Franriseo. Assistant Scribe, H.
H WirkofT. of Sonoma The animal sermon
was delivered by Rev. C. G. Beckwlth, after
which the Convention adjourned until 1*
o'clock tomorrow.
l.arometh's Knajlneer*.
h%m Francisco, Oct. 7—At today's session
of lhe Hn.tllerho.sl ol l.neolnoll\ c Kuglll
eers, R. 8. Ingraham waa reelected First
orand Knglneer. .1 position he has already
held lor veil years .1 It. Spraggec, nf
Toronto, was elected as Second Grand.
The garranrata Killing.
Sackahihto, Cal., Oct. 7-The Coroner
thla evening held an Inquest on Ihe body of
Wlnnte Marehaul. who was killed here Sat
urday morning hy c. B. Preasey. The Jury
found that the deceased came 10 his death
from a pistol shot fired by Proeeey, but re
fused to charge him with murder, astlieevi
dence ofthe sole eye witness (ended toshow
that the shooting was dour lv self-defense.
Large Sums of Republican
Money Sent to Ohio.
A Butler Man Doee Nome Fine
work lv New York and I here,
lit Loses hU Official Head
c. ii.ml Newt off the
Pactfflc < ohsi.
special to the Herald.]
New York, Oct. 7.—The Republicans
ralaed $50,000 here to day and the mouey
will be sent to Ohio to-morrow. Whorton
Baker, of Philadelphia, has sent IW.MW and
Don Cameron $100,000. The National Com
mittee have sent ITaX.OOO. This
makea about $700,000 contributed to
lv/ the State. The Republicans are
fri ;hiened about the State. The Democrats
are cheerful aud have saved their money for
November. They say Ohio is not necessary
to elect Cleveland, 'l he Repuhlic-ui* are
financially exhausted and can't get money
for November. Tbe canvass In Ohio shows
nineteen thousand Republicans supporting
tbe party State ticket who will vote for St.
John in November Blame knows this, aud
if the Republic mi majority iv Ohio Is uot
fifty thousand Cleveland will carry It in No-
They Appoint a dny for Prayer,
VmmU ur and Humiliation.
Chicago, Oct. 7—The Prohibition Nation
al Convention will issue a call tonight ask
ing the people to pray for the success of the
cause. It will appoint October 29th as a
day of fastiug ana humiliation and confess
ion of crime upon the government permit
ting the licensing of the traffic In liquor.
A New York Clerk Makes the Male
Pay Butler Campaign Billa.
Albany, Oct. 7— David Healey, Chief
Clerk of the Bureau of Labor Statistics was
to-day removed from offlce by Commissioner
Peck. The reason assigned by Peck for his
actiou was that hla subordinate violated his
oath of office, and has been guilty of
malfeasance iv ofiiee. Tbe latter obarge
consisting in bis telegraphing some *i mes
sages amounting to about ten dollars, ai.d
charging the same to the department.
Healey indignantly denies the nfUrge and
will demand au Investigation. Henley's
friends claim Uuat he recently presided at a
Butler meeting against the advice of Peok.
The following is the letter of dismissal:
" You are hereby notified that ou and after
this date your services will not be required
iv this department. Coder ordinary circum
stances 1 should feel willing and, indeed,
jiiHtiftedin allowing you lo resign, but con
scious as I am not only of your base and un
warrantable treachery to me personally,
but of your utter lack of manhood, decency
and honor lv the performance of your
sworn duty, I am impelled by tbe sense of
my official oath to remove you for gross and
dishonest practices and to denounce you as
unworthy the confidence of any man.
[Signed] cmai.Es P. Peck,
Commissioner of Labor Statistics.
Peck, ll seems told Healy he had no desire
or wish to iutlueuce his (Healy's) political
action iv any way. He ought to see th; pro
priety of not presiding at a Butler me ;ling
which, however, Healy did. Siuee then
Commissioner Peck obtained copies of
dispatches sent by Healy and charged to the
Department. Between April 2vth and August
6th, forty-six dlspatohes were discovered,
many of them signed Healy or Damon, his
norn de plume, on private business or in
connection with political labor movements.
They had been paid for by the De
partment. The custom is to pay tele
graph bills monthly. Those that were
private, being cheeked off and paid for
by the parties sending them. This is the
custom in all Slate Departments. Many of
the dlsputches were in cipher. Peck states
that the bills were presented to Healy and
he certified that they were on Department
business. Healy denies the charge and de
clares the removal was for political reasons.
Peck states that neither Gov. Cleveland nor
any other State officer knew of or advised
the removal which he made.
Smart Chlneee.
San Francisco, Oct. ".—Taking advantage
of Judge Field's ruling, that Chinese born
iv the United Stales are citiaeus, aud as
such can claim the right to land, a large
proportion of the Chinese passengers on the
steamer City of Peking, lately arrived, have
advanced their claims of citizenship, assert
ing that they were bom in this country.
Their assertions are supplemented by the
testimony of other Chinese, who swear that
the petitioners were bom in the United
States. Over thirty writs have been taken
out duriug the lust few days on their be
half. £
Pasiengers Mouth and East.
Merced, Oct. 7.—Following is a list of the
south bound passeugers passing here this
eV B B p Palmer, C B Turrell. GII Wilson, G M
fUnea, J O Camell P Warner, San Francis
co; C J Taylor, X G lugersoll, wife aud
daughter, Washington; W Buckley, San
Jose, H H Oflmore, Union. H M Wills, sau
Bernardino; C W Prentice, Sacramento; V
Smith. Port-laud: P E Walker, T T Hall, R R
Ball, Miss GO Weer, P 0 Holt, Los Angeles;
Frank Olds, Michigan.
Sentenced to the Penitentiary.
San Francisco, Oct. 7.—James Powellson.
who was convicted of felony iv inducing a
minor to lead a life of shame, was to day
sentenced by Judge Toohy to five years iv
the Folsom State Prison. The man, who
during his trial had treated the matter In
differently, suddenly blanched aud dropped
heavily into his seat when sentence was
Death of a California Pioneer.
San Francisco. Oct. 7—Peter Donahue, a
well known millionaire of thlsclty, received
the news of the death of his brother Michael
Donahue, in Davenport, lowa. The deceased
was a California pioneer aud one of Us prom
inent citizens in early days. He then re
turned East and was twice Mayor of the city
where he died, aud was ranked as one of the
wealthiest men in lowa.
A Protective Nwlii Cardinal.
San Francisco, Oct. 7.—A cablegram to
New York says, Mgr. Lachart, Bishop of
Basle, will be made a Cardinal at the com
ing consistory which will be held on the last
day of the mouth. If Rome remains free
from cholera. If this is true it records the
first Swiss Cardlual since Mathas Hchlmner's
time In DR.
Damage* Recovered.
Ths Dalles, ogn., October 7.—At the term
of the Circuit Court concluded at Pruuella,
Cook county, today, Mrs. Frank Morgan ob
tained judgment against Budd Thompsou
for fctlU*; damages for tbi killing of her bus
band iv a saloon row over cards last fall.
She sued for I&000. The criminal charge
against Thompson was dismissed by the
Grand Jury some time sinoe.
A Prlaoner Cremated.
Baker City, Ogu., Oct. 7.—The city jail
here caught Are this morning and burned
down. Charles Myers, the only prisoner
confined In the jail at the time, was burned
to death before he could be rescued. The
building was completely enveloped iv Haines
before the Are wa» discovered and all efforts
to rescue Myers were unavailing. He was
held op a charge of cattle stealing and was
waiting the action of lhe grand jury.
Superior Court—Smith, J.
TUESDAY. Oct. 7th.
Thomas vs. Mallet—Motion to dismiss con
tinued until to morrow at 10 a. m , by eon
Haloy vs. Haley—Decree of divorce or
Olm entered,
K.-aie ~f mhum.u, deceased-Continued
until Oct yth, at 10 A. U.
Christian Anderson, a native nf Germany,
Estate pi Antonio Maria Ortega, deceaaed
-I'etttion heard, and M. I. fuller appointed
(■'miners'and Mercbanta' Bank y». Thom
as -Case argued and submitted
J. B. Weir vs. X. it Vail et ux-Demurrer to
answer submitted Two days hi file points,
and two days to reply.
Melius vs. Melius Motion for a new trial
Bath vs. Valdex—Motion for a new trial
Guardianship of Buckheim minors Con
tinned for thirty days from ibis date.
Kstateof l| H Riegle, deceased—Order
appointing appraiser-*, and order of public*
tion Of notice to creditors filed.
People vs. Andrew Hay—Rape-Motion to
correct minutes ami motion for a new trial
argued and the new trial granted. Plea of
not guilty entered, ordered that the ball of
defendant be fixed at l-inoo Bench warrant
ordered lo issue forthwith, and prisoner re
manded to the custody of the Sheriff.
Kflatc of A. Olvera-rontest.
Mayer vs Bland—Motion.
No judge appearing, ihe cmrt adjourned
untilio morrow at W a. * v in accordance
with Section m, Code of Clvii procedure.
The Minor Courts.
ln Justice Morgan's Court, yesterday, the
,'ur against Lulu Ihinu, lor (rami larceny,
was dismissed Minnie Kartell, charged
with aaaault wllh a deadly weapon, waa alao
dlanilaaed. but waa re arrested ou a charge
ol aaaault to murder, and the eiamlnallun
M) IwOMobtrjih, at IT. Ml Ball waa died
at 1000, which Mhe did not give.
There wa» only one ease In Mayor Thom'a
roiirl Wong l.i'ug, the t'hliiainan who waa
arrested on Moiidas for carrying swill
through Ihe streets, deposited gfi, and yoster
day forlelted it.
In Justice I.lug's Court J. Krnat was
charged with disturbing the peace, and
held In f*o hall to appear lor trial on Octo
ber llth, at It) a. v . lie tailed tp nut up
Keltpe Praseonl convicted ol disturbing
the peace, paid |5 flue. Lulu Dunn Urowti
waa up on a charge uf embeislemenl, her
bail fined at *900. and Ihe examination set
lor October lit, at 10 ».4ane?e?aaeneve»ea-— ——
Reported h, I.ill. tie a t.lbaon,
Kxamlnera off Title.
Honuay, October 6lh
V Beaudry to J P Pool-I/d 0, blk I, Ocean
View Tract No I. ,190.
Jotham lllxby t. James Herald Lots I, ,1
Hi, blk 77, Han Pedro, 1400.
Jotham Hixl.v lo James llerald-I.ot 14.1,1k
77. Han Pedro.&ra).
J J Wegleiu to Frank U'opold Kuhli—De
eree ,|iiiHin« title ol plaintiff!" NWI, of NX
ot SW I, See -J. I 4 S, It 10 tt
It M Wldliev to K.hner Cook-Lots 11 aud I.
blk 107. Long Iteach, |2uo.
James Ford to Owen Kelly- Lot 7, Nichols
.ul.litisi.Hi of lot- J and :t, blk 17. II ,»•»•.
survey. ,1100.
F.slate of X C and I' X Woodworth, minors
- Order confirming sale of J :ii, of ;itntcts . Ini |
wharf franchise, etc, ou San Pedro Hay to
- n. lv,ln. Lumber Co.
B C Woodworth and P E Woodworth, mi
nors. by guardian to N.tn Pedro Lumber Co—
Ban. property as last, 11106.78\
Catherine floaters to Itoderick Thorpe— r,
acres In NKof SW !, Sec 7. T ■! H, It 1:1 W.
to 00.
Wm Smith toMelissa Jane Bovvers — tsacrc
iii Ho So, KrsnoiMiHilo. $st»»l
Mrt Maria Jesus de Sliorb. Annie Wilson
snd Utith Wilson tv Mrs Mary M Watklus-
I.ot 7. Itaugc 2, Alhambra tract, tiOOO.
Juan Itodrigue/. lo Frederick Schimiuel
•l >s sen - ni I i liu'.lona, t:MsJ.
C Howe to X I. Stein -Assignment for ben
eflt of creditors.
John R Scan to I,os Angeles county- 1 ,
acre for road.
Ruth L Fisher and Hamuel Edward, her
husband, to Margsjel A Thomas - Lois ~> aud
0. blk 11. East Los Angeles, IXIOU.
Jotham Blxby, Lcwcllyn Itixliy. Th
Flint and W E wlllmore to Richard Corcoran
snd Mary, his wlle-Lol 10, blk 111,W i]limine
City, ISO.
Jotham Blxby. Lcwellyll Blxby. Thorns.
Flint and W E Wlllmore to Mrs Mary Cor
coran-laxs 21 and 24. blk US, Wlllmore City.
Jeremiah Baldwin to Ultra A Reed—SW
40 feet of lot r>:t. Ballesteros Vlueyard, 11000.
Henry 8 B<aik to J II Boweu -N la acres of
Rowell allotment, Ro Tajaula, filOO.
Letitla A Willis and F R, her husband, to
Peter Rourk-Lul 7, blk 11. In lot 2, blk so.
Hancock's survey, 1500.
V Beaudry to Peter Rollrk—l-ots 0 and 7,
Lit 27, Park tract, »400.
J E Ilollenbeck to Ueo A Rellly—Lot 18,blk
0, West Los Angeles, t wo
To.sday. Oct. 7th.
Metoalf Uodsworth to Wm llolgnte—Lots 4,
.'.and 0. Palmero subd'ti of blk 'J\, Kast Los
Angeles, 11.
F II Howard to J W Hellman—Lot ir, Npart
of Carr tract, VM.
Edwin Baker to Frederick .1 Woodbury anil
John P Woodbury-SE W of NX y. and SK U
See :tr,, T 2 N, R 12 W, fiOOO.
Otto Mueller to Michael Mueller- Lots 1, 2.
3, 4 and 5, blk 20. Huber tract, tYaJOO.
Charles W Odell to John W QriAo-Lot I,
S|,eneel's siil.ilivisiotj of N 'i blk 57, Huber
tract, 11700.
.lose Maria Alvarado to Tomas Alvarado—
ls« NE corner First aud Main streets and
"Alvarado Garden, fi.
Alfred Robinson, trustee, to Illram X Snow
and tieo It l.v.m stt ', of NW S', oi sK
ol .SW '~ H '■■ "I aW >, "f NX »nd X >,
of NX ' , of NX ' , See 24. I' .', S, ll II W, |2Jtlo.
P W Straw to Lyman Whltlng-20 acre, in
Ro Santiago de Santa Ana, 11.
Lyman Whitney to Elizabeth Whitney—2o
acre, in ,„ ad j, ,1 nine |.i, of N X Sec 1, T 2
S, R 14 w, gift.
J M Dtiptiy to c II Kelsey— Lot S, block B,
Martin tract, IttfiO.
J H Stout. St Louis O E Maxwell, S Diego
I L Bellei. S F WW Thomas, do
C T Hoplns.do E F Rocltfellow.do
X A McCoy, do J Cuthbertsou 4 wf, S
J Selly, do Barbara
O Turrell, do A J Clapp. Pssadeua
L Mun, do EX Harris. Boston
E Relll, NY J L Marshall, Ohio
0 Silent, S Jose Mrs Asbby, Cln
G Scott, Banning J G Crsnk, Fair Oaks
X 0 Millingly & wf, Fresno
II Moeh, 8 F 8 Phillips, 8n Pedro
J Egan, do J N Leonard, do
J Matter, Nov hall L Hudson A wf, 8 F
E C Jacks, Grldley Julius Matter, Ills
Miss A McOuire.do T W Shaw.Pt Arena
J W Hamerly. Colton D L Hopklus.Pomona
Mrs Dr Fraham.W 0 T Mrs T E Clark, do
V, 8 Luis Obispo J M Forquas, Banning
A Young Helreaa Reject* tt mil
lionaire anal Iffarrles the Man
She Laves.
Montrkal, Sept. 28.—A sensation was
created here to-day iv the bon ton circles of
French Canadian society by the secret mar
riage under very romantic circumstances of
Miss Maria Iconise Augusta, only daughter
and heiress of the wealthy Seigneur of St.
Ensue be, Major Charles A. M. Olobensky,
to Archie C. de Lery MacDouald, an un
fledged young lawyer aud sou uf a resident
gentleman outside the city. The ceremony
came off ln Notre Dame church in the pres
ence of two legal confreres of the bride
groom, the officiating priest being the Key.
Father Singer, the cure. The young couple
separated at the door of thechurch, the bride
returning home with her father this even
iug, the latter being wholly unconscious of
the nuptial knot being tied. The young
lady is intellectual and highly educated in
the Parisian schools, is a brunette of re
markable attractions and only twenty-one.
She had beeu eugaged to her lover for two
years, but her parents refused their consent,
as a Cuban millionaire, who waa un a visit
to her father from New York, had offered
his hand and they wanted her to accent.
Having large meaus iv her own right, tne
girl preferred herown countryman, whom
she fovod, aud being just turned twenty oue,
made her free choice aud will stick to her
husband, who Is not rich, but has good pros
pects of making his wife happy. It is
thought reconciliation will follow at once.
Toronto. Sept. 29.—Jonathan Madell, the
builder, and Mrs. Martin, the organist of the
College Street Baptist Church, who eloped
about five weeks ago and went to New York,
returned to their families yesterday, aud
being truly penitent and heart Ur ashamed
of their conduct, were welcomed back,
For lame Back, Side or Chest use Shlloh'a
Porous Plaster. Price 2.'> cents. Sold by C.
F. Heiuzemau, 122 North Main street.
sill Loirs COUGH and Consumption Cure
is sold by us on a guarantee. It cures cou
sumptlou. Sold by C. F. Heluitemau, i.'J
Nortn Main street.
Ladles should use Peck's Premium per
fumes. For sale at all druggists.
chills immediately relieved by Shiloh's
Cure. Sold by F. C Heiozeman, 122 North
Main street
I "irytfO wouldgaia attention, mgooa noma,
! Ths best warts to Mil the solid truth."
- A Fine Tria
cannot retain its flavor in a
chest, once the lead is cut.
Tea, like everything; else, ia
measured by its package.
the importers of Eola Tea
have arranged with the con
trollers of the
Periecta Tea Can
to import it only therein.
N.B. - The HH costly " While Cre« " brand,
lure ud full-bodied. Is similarly packed.
A. «rml.l.l!CO Jk
0(10400. X * W TOht
un raAKOisoo.
Two horses and a double express wagon.
Horses nnd wagon In good condition. Cull
•t 719 South Hill street. oct7 lw
A women wants h situation to do general
housework In a small private fomlly In the
oily, fall al lis Wilmington street Irom Itn
if.,. oots-at
At the Matinee, Saturday. October 4, 19*1.
a brown satin fan edged with black lace.
Pleas, leave lhe same at my office No. 3Mar
ket street and receive reward.
octn.lt OKI). P. Mc LAIN.
On Tenth street, between Main and Hill
streete, next dcs.r tr. comer ol Hill street , lot
.tfxl.lo leet I between two lines ol street rail
ways, on the well known Workmau Tract.
Apply lo X I Workman. Ma Main street,
corner of Eleventh st'rewl. oota-fm
The members ol the A. O. H. are requested
to meet at their Hall, Downey Block, Thurs
day evening at a o'clock a. at., sharp, lor Ihe
purpose ol stteudlug the funeral of our late
brother, 11. Collins.
ootS-ai JOHN MOhIARTY, Pres't.
Is the Republican nomine* for
Member of Assembly
For the 76th Assembly District of California
Notice to Water Consumers ln East
Los Angeles.
Water will be shut off lhe mains all day
aud night on Wednesday, October »th, lor
the purpose of connecllng with the new
pipes. Per order It L. A. C. W. Co.
Since the report published In the Hkh u.lj
of last week Is calculated lo tio me great in
Justice, 1 would beg to si it,, that tbe charges
preferred agaiust me iv Judge Morgan's
Court proved to he of a malicious and un
sratcful5 ratcful character, as they were promptly
ismissed on hearing the ease. It would he
wrong in me to allow such a retain to go to
my friends without contradiction, and I
hasten to correct any false impressions thai
may have grown out of this wicked slid an
just prosecution.
To Capitalists:
For ssle, two hundred acres of the finest
laud lv Los Angeles couuty; IST, acres in
grapes of the liuest v arieties; l. r > acres iv or
ange aud oilier varieties ol tree- I Ms
property adjoins Rose's Sunny Slope Ranch,
one-halt mile from s,in Gabriel Station, ll
will pay 10 per cent, net ou lhe investment
now aud within four (1) year- II will pay 6? ,
per cent, on the investment.
This is one of tho best bargalusev cr ottered
In tills county.
Sole Agents,
ocS lw No. 4W. First street. Ilerniinl Block
Attention, Fill Ward
Democratic Club.
There will be a regular meelluguf the
Filth Ward Democratic Club
Weflnesflay Eve., at 7 30 PI,
All iJemncriitH are Invited. Snenkers will
be lv attendance.
It JOHN P. MORAS, .'resident.
Brand FaJf Opening
Millinery Goods!
Tlie only place in the city where you ran
get your
No. 15 First street, between Sprint and Main.
To the Democratic- Ward
Clubs of the City of Los
Angeles :
You are respectfully invited to meet the
First Ward Democratic Club on
At 7 p. ■.. at tbe Old Catholic Church lot ike
part in the Mass Meeting to be held hy the
First Ward Democratic Club ou the corner
of San Fernando and Sotello streets. AU
Democrat, are cordially Invited to attend
the meeting.
vir. Hlruard Diinuljran,
H. F. Hcathman,
A.a litis.
And other prominent speakers will address
the meeting
By order B. COIIKN,
Secretary First Ward Democratic Club.
Fifth Annual Fair
October lStb,
And continue one week. Every arrange
meut now complete, l he auuual ad
dress hy
Mr. Ueo. Rice, publisher of the Rural CMC.
fttrninn, offers to subscribers of that Journal
the following:
Best display of fruits tie 00
Beat six varieties ol apples 10 00
Best ten ears of corn ft 00
The last two articles receiving premium lo
be delivered at the California offlce to be
sent to the World's Fair. Premium will he
paid In cash on presentation of certificate of
Secretary that bearer is entitled to the same.
All wishing space for exhibits must apply
at once. Hooks now open to receive entries.
Family season tickets, including Park and
Patlllnn, now on sale.
W. H WORKMAN. President.
R. 11. HEWITT, Secretary. ocW-td
Notice to Creditors.
Estate of Andrew Joseph, deceased.
Notice is hereby glveu by the undersigned,
Administrator of the Estate of Andrew
Joseph, deceased, to the creditors of, and
all persons having claims agaiust the said
deceased, to exhibit them with the teces
sary vouchers, within four mouths after the
first publication of this notice, to the said
Administrator at Room J. Allen Block,luthe
City of Los Angeles, in the County of Los
Angelea, California.
Dated at Los Angeles, October 7. 1«M.
Administrator of the Estate of Andrew Jo
seph, deceased. octB-4w
Notice to Creditors.
Estate of Jennie Tripp Martin, deceased.
Notice Is hereby given by the undersigned,
Administrator of the Estate of Jennie Tripp
Martin, deceased, to tlie creditors of, and all
persons having claims agaiust the said de
ceased, to exhibit them with the necessary
vouchers, within four nn.nth* after the flr-d
publication of this notice, to the said Ad
mlntstrator at Room 2, Allen Block, iv the
City of Los Angeles, in the County of la>s
Angeles, California,
Dated at Los Angeles, Cal . October 7, ISS4.
Administrator of the Estate of Jennie Tripp
Martin, deceased. octMw
Order to Show Cause Why Ordor of
Sala of Real Estate Should not be
In the Superior Court of the County
of Loa Angelea, State of California.
In the matter of the Estates and Guardlan
ship of.Francisco Leon Hcyes, et als., mi-
It apiiearlug to this Court from the I*ll
tlon filed io tbi- cause on tbe 19th day of
September, IKM, and this day presented by
Hefuglo Itominguer de Keyes, dusrdlati of
the persons and estates of Francisco I<eon
Reyes, Maria Antoula Crisiiua Keyes, Juan
Manuel Keyes, Juan Kauolfo Keyes, Maria
Vsldora Reyes, Adela Keyes and Koaana
Keyes, minors, praying for au order of sale
of certalu real estate belonging to her said
wards, that It Is necessary and would lie lien
eflcial to aaid wards thai such real estate
should tic sold.
It is hereby ordered that the next of klu
of--al.t war.X, and all person- interested lv
the -'lid est'iics and giianllnnshlp, appear
before this Court on
Unixlm the mill day of >im ■
ber, issi.
At 10 o'clock a. m . at the Court room of this
Court In the City and County of 1 -■- Augeles.
then and there to show cause why an order
should not be granted for the sale of said
real estate.
And It la further ordered that a copy of
this order be published at least once a week
for at least three successive weeks before
said 10th day of November, INM, in the I ■
Akublrs Daily Hkrald, a newspaper printed
and published in said County of Loa An
Dated October Tlh, WM.
oeUJ-td Superior Judg*.
Tlie Leading Jewelry and Hnsic House
Or Southern Calirornla.
■ American Watches, Setli Tlioinan Clocks,
i Stehinav. Weber Piano, Packard Organs.
Nadeau Block, Corner of Spring and First Streets,
Los Angeles, Cal.
Hardware Co.,
Harilware, Stoyes antl Tinware.
Wrought Iron Pipe, Tin Plate and Plumbers' Supplies.
Burdett, Smith & Cos. Ranges and Heating Stoves, Jud
• son Ranges, Jennings' All China Water Closets, Akron,
Sewer Pipe, Hoyt Babbit Metal, Gilbert Mortise Locks,
Silver & Deming's Force and Lift Pumps and Davis Par
lor Door Hangers.
Wanuractiirei-8 or
Sheet Iron, Well and Water Pipe,
Nos. 119 and 121 North Los Angeles St., California.
mm i m
One Mo re Entei prise
No. 24 North Main Street.
Xe. 3VJC. Wngnor. O. UT". JVT< >li lift.
Factory 10 Requena St.. Los Angeles, Cal.
We call the attention of Couutry Jewelers lv Southern California to tho fact that we
have ojsened a Jewelry Manufactory in Angeles, i aliforuia. where we execute every
thing in first class style that skill of hand and machinery can do, at the lowest possible
price. All orders are proniptlv filled when ordered. We should be pleased lo receive am
kind of au order from the city or abroad. Our specialty is ihe manufacturing of fine
liuartl Hoods, Diamond Settings and Gold Chains. People will find il to their interest to
call on us, aa we mean exactly what we say—nothing misrepresented iv our Hue. We will
give country Jewelers the be nefit of our silver plated ware as ehe i p as they can get It lv
lhe coy of Sau Franci>co, as we buy direct from the manufacturer and give you as large a
discount as sny one. We buy for evsh aud sell lor c.tsh low down, In everybody\
reach. Try our prices ou silverware—you will be astonished how low Ihey are.
We advance any aim.out of money on ORE OF GOLD OR SILVER .enl to us for Aa
saying, aud don 1 yon forget il. You get all your ore is worth iv value of [I. S. gnld coin.
The head of this enterprise is our reliable Jeweler, Mr. Wagner, who came to Hits city
nearly three years ago, commencing iv small style but advancing step by step, aud is now
one of our prominent Jewelers and Manufacturers and Managers in Southern California.
He only accomplished this through honesty, iv. lv..try and fail 'dealings with Ills custom
era. All who know Mr. Wagner will find hint correct in nil bi. bu-iuc,s nans act ions. He
Is an old exia-rienced hand for the last thirty years in the Watch and Jewelry business.
The partner in this late enterprise is C F. Moling, an old, tionesl imuuiscliirer aud real- •
dent of Han Franolsco, for Ihe la-I :L< years, and has made up bis mi ml lo live the b dance
of hisllfe in lata Angeles. You will find him trust worthy in all tin u-.iel lons and dealings.
Our line In Gold ami silver Winches Is as large as any iv the city. Yon will find a
fine assorted s.oek in jew el r. of all kinds, and as low as It ctu he sold. We don't say that
we will sell at coat. We can't do lhat, aa we hive to meet our expenses. We cull the at
tention of our lady and gentleman customer, lo lhe fact that in tbe future lime and orders
given to us will b ive prompt auei.iioii. Don i forget the Los Angeles Jewelry Store, as
this i-till Iy place iv Southern C liifnmi l where Mannfaeluring am! Assaying is done.
We are respectfully yours,
V*7 C» INJ l-J TI cSV- MOnRIG,
J. B. WAGNER. General Manager.
!H-t7 lm Nn. 24 North Main street. Factory No. 11l Kcijllclia St., Loa Angeles, OaL
sMft llas on band a large sto,k of
. _ V.;i"J.« . all the latent patterns of
„. "9M LHlb '"'
HBBis. Is sole a«ent ia tnlsclty lor the
Manufacturer of aud Dealer in
Tin, Sheet Iron and Agate Ware.
44 South Spring, Los Angeles, California. oeT lm
House Furnishing Goods in All Lines.
aug 26tf
MM tat Mill,
Wagons and Agricultural Implements,
Nails, Rope, Scales, Belting, Barbed Wire, Windmills,
Etc., Etc.,
58, 60 and 6* North Los Angeles Street, Los Angeles, Cal.
V, W, KINS. Manager, Los Angeles Agency.
Head Offleei 3©l to »»» Market St.. San Franriseo.
On Thursday, October t>, '84,
At II o'clock a. sr., on the premises. lOßOllve
street, comer of Second,
The Furniture of 7 Rooms,
Consisting nf
All nearly new And in good condition.
Sale I'nsitivc ami W illimil Kesorvp.
The house will he open lor Inspection of
goods on morning .if sale.
One who understands
Oake and Pastry Baking.
Address P. O. Boa a»7. QCI7 3t
House or Four Rooms to Let.
Inquire at 108 Aliso streel or at the prem
ises. Hanaevalu St. Kent with water, 110
per aaonlk. ue7 a
Tbe Tim Has Come
When heavier clothing o( all kinds la
Before roe make jour purchase- in <;KN I s
I'MDBRWKAK nml HOSIERY, cell nnd In
speet my stock of new ud stylish goods.
The Leading Hliter & Gents' Furnisher.
No. l«l >Uin Hi., opposite I' S Hotel.
hi ii i vm r t.;i:>i\
Offlce No. 16 12 North Main Street.
Have the cheapest -DO acre tract Id thta
Twelve. ■ or SO trrea Id one tract which bl
KUe?> 3m« at $I*o per acre only 4in Ufa
from Plata.
A g»-ml t.mines* lot at only |TO per foot.
Twenty lot* in Hlatern of I'barlty Tract: the
cheapeat rtty lota.
Two houaer. and lot* tn Aabtchl Tract at W,
000 each.
Several good piece* of Und to country which
can be traded tor city property. Alao rtty
property which can t>e traded for country
property ocT lw
A. T
Just Received!
20,000 yards Calico 4 cents
7,000 yards Ginharns 5 cents
8,000 yards Lawns 6 cents
3,000 yards White Pique 6 cents
6,000 yards Dress Goods from 5 to 5o cents
6,000 yards of Brown aud Bleached Muslin 6 cents and
5,000 yards of Summer Press Goods Just Received.
1 6,000 pairs of Gloves from sc. to $1 a pair
6,750 pairs of Hose for Ladies at 7 to 35 cents
8,650 pairs Children's Hose 5 to 15 cents
' 1325 Corsets from 2oc to $1
10,000 pairs of Ladies' Shoes (rom 75c. to $3
7,500 pairs Children's Shoes from 25c. to $1.25
20,000 yards Ribbons from 2 to 75 cents a yard
. 20,000 yards of Lace from 1 to 50c. a yard
20.000 yards of Jaconet Edgings from. .. .2 to 40c. a yard
■ 10,000 Ladies' Hats, trimmed and tintrimmed, from 25c.
to $5.
1 -i.ooo Children's Hats from 10c. to $1.
6,000 Plumes and Tips from 10c. tosi
6,000 Bunches Artificial Flowers from 10c to $1 a bunch
Also a large stock of
Boys' & Men's
Underwear for Gents and Ladies and everything kept in
a general variety store and prices are always cheaper than
elsewhere. Call at
239 Main Street.
Til? A rp xi 1 OVER 100.000 operations—NOT ONE DEATH!
111 I V
1 mmmM M H ■ NO
1111' I*l PAY?
IF not TOO LATE you CAN BE CURED! Come and see ut! Lame Back—Nervoue
Praotratlon—t'onatipatlon- nUrawd H fj>. Liver. Klaaaaaa.
Bladder Mead Treakle-IMI of Memory-11 riuary mad Womb Tea able
Bloating- <>r Raef la l>jip«aal> iUI reaall froaa I nYt, A MSIATIOH. aad tall
Kb plainly thatyaa bare REITAI. I Mill 1 Thonaaada dla from It I Oaaaa.
eared before TOO I.ATEI CONSULTATION r(&I t'barare* Reaaaaable.
tffj. U. cUUAft StV.l I H, '
■ We desire to call your Attention to the
I m 2 Niles Patent Mortice Lock,
I - O Pot »hid" we llio Sole Agent* In Southern Call-
Z H loruia. It la the
I Kasily
Qb |llV.cutche.iii nor ruee-plate to wet loose; it in fastened with
.crew, above and below and not liahk to
■ m—9. heeome looee: and last, though not least, it ia THE
UJ B^B^BB ™ g Brown & Mathews
2 I a _ m m mm _\ * 2! AND 23 NORTH SP3INC STREET,
■SI CO t.OK ttl.Kl.lM.
AVDealera BttOaataf Hardware and Agricultural In
plemantfl. aepte 3m
Having pnrchaaed from liilea Broa. & Co. the entire stock of
Diamonds, Watches, Jewelry,
Etc., Xow at the Corner or Court and Spring Streets,
Will offer the name at Prices LOWER THAN THE LOWEST.
I mate a Specialty of Fine Watch Repairing, Maufartnringof Jewelry * Eugraving
Gordon Hardware Co.,
Hntiik .Vt,tr\al Jntmal.
" Apollinaris Water is an article which is produced hy Nature and is
not the handiwork of man ■ it is a Natural and not an Artificial It ater."
U.S. Treasury. 28 January 1882.
Of all CsMara, Druggists, and Mineral Water Itealtra.
Mn A. J. Fiwtic.l v.i«htMi to Intern her pupil*
h*t thr hu returned Iran s*n lfT»»ci«c>i antl
.ill rvoiwri b«r Hchoot. s»tur U»f ik-tt>
mt 4th,ln the t.mtd Op-r* lloum Hu.M.iik lUll
t% IM r. -v- omty im
NO. 33.
Practical Watchmaker * Jawelar.
IU North Hern St. oppeell. lh« M.O Howe.
Special ituntion |lv«n to Am mm atn.-tilt
wo A All work will reetfivu prompt And i-»i*nil
.Mention Sall.ttutloe Al*»« (area cad .

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