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Blame Explaining Things
to the Michiganders.
Further Details Of Bowman's Fail
ure—Gov. Cleveland Voted a
Cane — Comments ou the
Eastern War-Bridge
Detooit, Mich., Oct. 17.-The best arrang
ed reception given to Mr. Blame so far ou
his trip through Michigan was al Flint
The looal committee had erected a stand on
a flat car, ou which Mr. Blame stepped from
the train. Around the Bland there was a
very large and enthusiastic meeting of
several thousand people. Blame sjMike hero
at greater length than usual- After calling
otte.itiou to the protective tariff aa the great
issue of the campaign and expressing his
belief lhat Michigan Htate being so much In
teresled in protection, would follow the
lead of Ohio. He aald, "I have received,
since I have been lv this Htate, two
or three letters from persons asking
me tti state whether 1 have beeu
a member of the Know Nothing party. In
connection with these inquiries from pur
»ova in Michigan I have received sow* UuV
f rains from the Pacific t'oa*l asking whether
was uot a supporter of Mr. Fillmore when
he ran In liiftti as a native American candi
date for Pressdent. Let me say in a full and
explicit reply to these inquiries hy letter aud
telegraph thnt I never was a member of the
Know Nothing order; that I uever voted for
a man who was nominated for It, either for
Slate or national office, and that instead of
supporting Mr. Fillmore in Is."Hi, wheu 1 was
a youug man of 2ti, I had the honor lo be a
member of the Natloual Republican Con
vention which nominated General Fremont
[cheersj, ami as the General is now ou this
platform, he will be able to bear testimony
that, however inefficient my support may
have been It was very earuesl and very ar
deut. [Renewed chevrs.J I was the junior
editor of the Kennebec Journal, and the
paper waaentirel) .b-. oted to General Fre
mont's candidacy and aided in giving him
the largest majority ever east in Maine lor a
Presidential candidate of any party.
ICheer*.] The Know Nothing order holds
views iv regard to immigration aud uatu
-ralliatloii with which 1 never had any sym
pathy aud from which I never hesitated to
•express dissent. But, iv connection wllh
.that subject, let me say that there
are at present three wrongs which
jn my Judgment require correction,
first: I think that the habit which
has grown up on the part of some European
4'ouu'tries ot sciidiiiK their paupers |o the
I'uited states, ought not to be longer toler
ated. l"Good," "good,'' aud cheers.] I be
lieve In the good old American system which
requires thai each town or each countyshall
lake care of its own poor I" That's it,'
"that's It," and cheers ] If In European
countries their law, lend to uupo% erish their
working people, those countries ought to take
care of Jliem when reduced to want instead
of shipping them to us. lUreal cheering j
Second and still more objectionable Is the
practice of shipping their criminals to
us as has been done in mauy cases,
awuaunals being released from punish
xueut on the condition that they shall
come to the I'nited States. I think that is a
very grave offense against this country
which should not be permitted. [Cheers. I
Third—lf a tariff for protection is designed
to elevate the laboring man of this country
mod secure him good wages-and If it is not
for lhat il is not for aiiythliig-lheu 1 Hunk
lhe custom which some men are trying tv
Introduce of importing cheap contract labor
from foreign countries to compete with
home labor ought tt. be prohibited. [Re
newed cheering : Ii is a species of servi
tude against the spirit of our laws, and
injures all who are in any way
connected with it. Those are three
eviU that I think ought to be rem
«died. but as to every honest jnimi
«raut seeking to better hi* ewadittoiL
whether he come from the British hd** or
from iin* givai A incrioaii empire, from tht.
juiuuy cliiuau? of the Latin uations, or from
the brave Scandinavian races of the North;
we bid him Uud speed and give him a
hearty welcome and hospitality, and w hen
he is admitted to ciiueii»hip, « c assure hlni
protection at home and abroad. | Prolonged
cheeriug.J Once among us and of
us his rights are equal be/ore
the law With those of the native
born cltlxeus. No distiuctiou cau be
tolerated among those who are clothed with
Uu honor of American citizenship. (Re
newed cheering,]
At tbe conclusion of his remarks Mr.
Blame Introduced General rrenioitt as a gal
lant soldier who had led the Republican
parly in Its first great political couDlet, which
though eliding m nominal deiaat was really
a preparation for its splendid triumph four
years later The appeaniuce of the General
was the signal for enthusiastic cheers. He
returned thanks iv a brief speech, iv the
course of which he said: 'Mr Blame has
r.-f.triad to the fact that he waa a member of
tbeeouveutlun that nominated me in lKsi.
The loyal and cordial support which I am now
giving Blame is the best testimony I oan
bear to what he has said about his earliest
support of me when I had the honor to be at
lhe head of the Republican party lv its first
great national campaign. 1 Renewed cheers j
At Port Huron there was a fine reception.
Key. A. Hastings Ross read an address, ~ f
v eieon.e to w j.ich Blame responded briefl)
Geiier.il Fremont was then Introduced and
made a few remarks. It was about half-past
yen o'clock when (he train arrived nt De
Aroit. Blame, in company with Seuator
Hale, waa driven U> Mrs. Chandler's, where
he will spend the night. To-morrow he will
go ou through Michigan reaching South
Bend, Indiana, in the evening.
He Atldreaeea a Mau fleeting In
New York.
Ntw Yore, Oct. 17 —A mass meeting of
Prohibitionists who favor the election of St.
John and Daniels was held to night at Chick
erlog Hall. About Aye hundred people from
Kcwburg, New York, attended the meeting.
When ex-Governor St. John entered the hall
he was loudly applauded. Iv his speech St.
John denied he had entered into a cousplra
ey with the Democratic party. The Kepub
Mean party had beeu In power twenty four
years, and during that time had so carefulU
protected the liquor dealers that the number
of saloons lv this country had Increased 1..
l~. r »,000. Liquor dealers could not remain in
business without the permission of the Gov
eminent. There wa* a liquor sal.am hi the
Capitol at Washington, and there was liquor
enough In the White House to start a doseu
saloons. . . , . . „ ~
■'Some i pie say I wont be elected, sail
Mr. St. John "How do they know I wont'
If every man vote* as he prays I will tie
elected by a large majority, but If l am not
.-lee;. .! « [ Mi,.-iple will be elected aud thai
Is belter than being President." After a
brief apeech by John B Gough the meeting
He fornei to Ihe Surface ond
Speake In New York.
ITtica, Oct. 17.—There haa not been in many
years such a crowd to welcome a public man
in Utica as thai which greeted Benjamin
Butler, the People"* candidate, to-night. He
waa met at the depot by the more enthusi
astic of his admirers and escorted to the
Opera House, which was crowded with peo
pie. When General Butler saw the situation
be said- "Close right up here; All up the
aisles mid make room for others." When
■General Butler stepped forward to
make his speech he was received with great
cheering. In a review of railroad practices,
■General Ihltler said:
This West »*hore rosd you have Is a failed
road; a road In the hands of a receiver; a
road In a court of justice and yet it is com
pettng with another road. Who ever
heard of such n thing. What does this
West Shore performance mean. It means
simply thai it-managers arc trying to force
the New York Central to buy il and then you
w ill only have ao much more water to pay
No Telling Haw Ulach of Other
People's Money heftaent.
San Fbancisco, Oct. 17.-The suspension
of A. W. Bowman, announced yesterday,
wa* a surprise to many, as there was no sus
picion that a failure was impending. Mr.
Bowman had been agent for aeveral large
estates for some years, and hia financial
atandlng waa good. f'ntll all claims arc
handed in and a statement l( f affair- made,
no accurate information concerning his fail
ure can be given It Ls rumored thnt a large
demand on behalf of an estate of which
Bowman is agent was made a few daya ago
and that he was not able to respond tn the
call for money. Money in Mocks of g'ai.tXHi
and ttoo.oon was thrust upon him for invest
incut, nnd he had charge of many securities
Nicholas Lulling, when .ibrond, iefi his bus!
ness In his charge Wealthy men put ill his
charge the collection of rents and interest
and relied on his judgment in in
vesting money. He had charge, among
others, of lhe Howard estate, in
Han Mateo, the Rrlttlan estate, Bel
den estate, H. M Preed estate aud J. G.
Kellogg estate. It Is thought by haukerxand
-aherawhn know more or less of Mr. Bow
man s affairs that he met with great losses
.during the bonanza excitement, nnd that he
baa since been trying to recover from them
hut by mean- of bad uive-linenl- has got iv
to Still worse difficulties He hud in hi- care
millions of dollars of other people's money,
but how much of this Is gone [a not yet
known. In his safe was kept large m nt
of •eeuritles, and boxes of various owners
were being examined to day i, , s „nder
stood that dome 1100 000 worth of i nltcd
States bonds purchased as an investment f,, r
an Kastern capitalist cannot be found The
Ksfewas broken open this morning, and at
noon liabilities, it Is reported, amounting to
hud bean discovered. Mow much
more will be discovered Is only a nouter of
conjecture. It Is alleged thai the failure
was caused by a demand from Mrs Howie
fortl»,nt»due for interest and rents, which
Mr. How man could not pay.
Lonnon. Oct. 17 —The Cabinets of London.
Berlin and Paris continue the dincu-slon of
4he programme of the Congo conference.
He Leave* New If ark and Arrives
In Albany.
New Yoee, Oct. 17 -Oovernor Cleveland
left the Fifth Avenue Hotel to take thel;»
p. *. train for Albany to-day. He
wis accompanied by Mayor Banks of
Albany and Adjutant-General Farm
worth. The Governor waa anxious
to keep the time of his departure
private, as he desired to leave without auy
demonstration*. He had not got half a block
from the entrance, however, when he was
recognized and from that point to the depot
h a- repeatedly cheered.
Albany, Oct. 17.—Governor Cleveland.
Mayor Banks and some State officers arrived
from New York at 7:4.V The Governor drove
to the Executive Mansion, 'lhe crowd at
the depot cheered heartily as he walked to
his carriage. The Governor appeared in ex
eellent health aud spirits. He expressed
himself very much impressed with the mag
nllude of the demonstration lv New York
and Brooklyn, and the earuestuess which
pervaded the ranks ol the Democracy.
A Bank ( ash ier \ hut on as 1 Man
Iffurdered tar ltlaney.
Denvkk, Oct. 17.—A special from La Junta
says; Kit-hard Simpson, Cashier of J. C
Jones & Fisher's bauk, at this place, ban ab
sconded, and report says that he took with
him all the bank's available cash, amount
ing to several thousand dollars. He stood
high In the confidence of the people. Offl
eer* are in pursuit.
Ham Baldwin, a teamster for the I'aisy
mine, wag found Id a lonely gulch, uear the
foot of old Mosquito Pans, in the vicinity of
Leadvllle, with a bullet hole In his head aud
his (nee battered to a jelly. He had been
slugged and ahot, and dragged some dis
tance, asWrTofne-. were nearly stripped from
hut body by the assassin and a belt ooutaiu
m§ $1,100 had been taken from hia person.
A mask waa fouud near the body. The vlo
tlin was thirty five years old aud ban a wife
and several children now at Oalesburg, 1111
unia. Jaa. G. Gillespie and HI Mluich
have been arrested charged with
the murder. A valise belonging to
Gillespie, coutainlng bloody clothes
whs found to-day. Mlnlch confesses to the
murder aud implicates Gillespie and several
others. The excitement runs high aud
lynching is among the probabilities.
Bad Luck with tne New Cable.
Manhattan Beach, L. L, Oct. 17-Every
thlng is very quiet to day, with no signs of
landing the cable. Electrician Graham,
from Siemens Bros., aud General Superiu
teadeut Word, of the Cable Company, are the
ouly representatives here. Last night about
eight o'clock everything was completed ou
the Faraday for starting the rafts with the
cable to shore. Two miles of cm hie were
MUM upou the rafts with the shore cud iv
boats. The tug J. H. Stranahau started to
wards the shore towing the boats aud rafts.
All went well until about U o'clock, when
within a quarter of a mile of ihe shore both
boats capsized. The cable and the craws
with officer Pulton were thrown luto (he
ocean. Fortunately the surf was uot high
and all the men were rescued with ropes
thrown from the tug. The boat* drifted aud
were found this morning al Kockaway Inlet,
several miles away. About a quarter of a
mile of Ihe cable went overboard. The tug
grappled several hours but failed to recover
it aud anally towed tin- rafts back to the
Faraday. iMirlug the uight the Faraday
changed anchorage, steaming a milt- further
out. A lauding may he hadthis, afternoon,
but the general impression is that it will uot
be made until early to-morrow.
Nome Ohio Returns.
Columbus, Ohio, Oct. 17 —The official vote,
counted by the Count) Clerk to day, returns
from sixty counties and semi official from
the other twenty-eight, give Itoblnson for
Secretary of Htate, U.m, and Fleoklngsr for
Board of public Works, 17,. r >7tt. Heini nffloial
returns do not report on other Republican
candidates, but with sixty counties the plu
rality of Johnson for Supreme Judge is esti
mated at between V.,QW and lii.OOQ. The total
vole or majorities- by Congressional districts
I'.innot he given, but the vote by enmities on
Congressmen shows f>*,.141 Republican ma
jorities aud 40.]*; I>eii,neratl«,a vet Republi
can majority of the Congressloual vole of
Ilurd may < elite*t.
Toledo. Ohio, Oct. 17.—1n an interview
wttu an Associated press correspondent this
afternoon, Hon. Frank It Hurd made the
following statement concerning the Con
aresaloual contest lv tha Tenth District: "1
have taken steps to ascertain whether the
majority against me has been fairly Of oor
rupaly obtained, if, as I have been Informed
i» [he case, I shall learn that I have beeu de
feated by the changing of bullotU, perver
siou of return*, purchaae of votes and re
peating, I ahall Immediately Institute pro
ceedings for c"uir-i. If. however, the
majority porve* to be a fair expression of
the will of the people of tha Touth District.
I would uot take the seat If prof erred by the
next Congress. I do not expect for some
(Jay• to have the necessary information to
determine my action."
The THetreaolltan Bank.
New York, Oct. 17.—Tha Directors of the
Metropolitan National Bank have Issued a
circular to the bank's stockholders asking
for permission to put the Institution Into
liquidation Among the baukera lhe gen
eral belief Is that the Metropolitan Bauk
would go Into liquidation. The bauk wm,
losing mouey aeeordlug to commnu report
and, while perfectly sound, could uot recov
er from the bad effects of the Seine? failure.
A promtneut bank officer aald the bulk of
t ht- bank's aaaeu were on deposit with a
MAI sompauy. and the clearing bouse and
Comptroller of the Currency hsd notified the
Bank's officers that he would not allow them
to coutiuue business that way. If the bauk s
affairs were wouud up at once the stock
holders would get all their mouey.
A Brldjre 4.1 \ es Way.
BataVia, Ohio, Oct. 17.—The middle span
of a bridge across the east fork of the river
on the Cincinnati Eastern Narrow gauge
Railroad gave way as the Manchester ex
press was passing over If to night. The
bridge is fifty feet above water. Tha engine,
baggage ctr aud first coach were hurled to
the water beneath. The rear cars remained
on the sound portion of tbe bridge. Forty
five persons were ou the tralu aud many
made miraculous escapes, several leaping to
the stream belnw. Engineer Ed. Wilbur
aud fireman Henry Jmies were killed Ham
uel Carr and Dave Hicks were fatally
wounded. Ben Moore Thomas Taylor,
John Nash, Mary Swallun and James Me.
Coy were badly injured.
Wfit Virginia Batarrae.
Wheeunu. Oct. 17.—50 far as heard from,
lv this State give a Democratic
majority of 12,139; 22 counties give a Repub
lican majority of 9,*277. Democratic major!
1y.2.R56, wllh four counties to hear from,
which may Increaae the Democratic majori
ty 1,200. The l>emoeratio plurality In 1&0
was IC.litO aud .1.100 over the Republicans
uud Greenbackers. Thlsveur the Republi
cans and Greenbackers fused. It appears,
that the D emocratlc Ureeubakers In most
counties went back to their party aud the
Republican Greenbackers the same. The
•-ampalgn was vlrtully a square Issue be
tween the Republicans and Democrats. The
total vote wllf surpass auy lv the history
of the state-
The Pean Baak.
Pittaburoh, Pa., Oct. 17—In the Penu
Bank Investigation to-day, Silas Reed, a
colored employe of the Duqnesne Club, les
11 fled that on the day the hank cloaed the
necond time President Riddle gave him a
package of papers with Instructions to burn
them Oue of the packages waa too large to
go In the stove aud when lhe witness opened
it he noticed a book marked "Peun Rank
President Riddle gave the wituess Aye del
lars for destroying the packages.
ff*nar Old lHaeea*
Detroit, aflch , Oct. 17.—A man arretted
here aome days ago for swindling Rev. Dr.
Rexford, and who gave the name of Thos
May turns out to be the es Governor of
South Carolina, having been identified by
officers from Cambridge, Mass., where he is
A iflan Who Talked toa .finch.
Wabkihotoh, Out. 17 —It ia now stated that
the President will not take eny action In re
gard to the office of Commissioner of Labor
until after the meeting of Congress. Mr.
Jarrett was nominated by the President and
confirmed by the Henate. but his commission
waa withheld on account, It i" iinderatiwHl,
of remarks made hy him in a public speech
refloating upon the President Jarretu wrote
the President In regard lo the matter and
afterwards had an interview with him, but
the offlce remains vacant,
A At. John Rlectar *klae.
LmroLH, Nab., Oct. 17 —Robert William.,,
of David City, has been missing since
Friday of last week, when he took the train
for the East. It ha* Just been discovered thai
he has absconded taking wllh him 177.000,
money borrowed from confidential friend',
in Church, Sunday school, temperance ami
political circles, lv all of which he was
prominent. He was superintendent of a
Sunday-school, candidate for elector on the
St. John ticket and ran fnr District Judge
last fall. He is supposed to be in Canada.
Clevelaad Presented with a Cane.
Albany, 00l 17.—Rev. Thomas Devany
and Frank I. Kean, a committee of the Gill
man. Ills., Catholic Church, called on Gov
ernor Cleveland and presented him with a
cane voted to him at a church fair. The
Governor said It gave him great pleasure to
receive m fluttering an assurance of the
esteem or his Western Catholic friends,
ami appreciated especially the hnuor done
hlni by Father Devany and Mr. Kean watt
Inn nearly two daya at Albany to present (n
person the «ift voted.
A Sieve risjht.
Nr v Yobe, Oct. 17.-In a glove fight to
nlgnt between Mike Donovan and Walter
Watson (the Knvlish pugilist who defeated
Prof, m■l. .1. ■ Marquis of gueenabury
rules, Donovan won in ihe seventh round.
Purse. *■>«>,
To Eliminate by Electricity.
Mosrrxi.ll*, Vl.. Oct. 17 —A bill was In
troduced in the Legislature today by the
ovponeuts ot capital puulabment by baug
lm; providing for the execution of murder
an by electricity.
He is A<Tonl<Hl an Ovation
in New York.
Bvven Thousand Ppoplo Listen to
His Speech—Mrs. Parnell Also
Addresses the Audience—The
Irish Flockiiur to Cleve
land's Standard.
New Yobe, Oct. 17-Danlel McSwceney's
reception to-night was a magnificent ovation.
Seveu thousand people were In the Academy
of Music, and as many more outside uuable
to gain admission. All of the prominent
Irish-Americans of this city and Brooklyu
were there. The entire audience was com
posed of Irish Americans, and a large num
berofthe best class of workinginen. The
enthusiasm waa Intense. McSweeney was
escorted from the hotel to the Academy by a
Cleveland Club composed of three hundred
meu named 'Th« Sullivan Club." Theycar
ried a banner presented by Mrs. Thomas A.
Hendricks. The banner was elegantly made
of green silk, with Cleveland and Hendricks
embroidered In gold thread. Beneath wasau
Irtahharp. Below that was the motto "Justice
lo Ireland." There was an intensely dramatic
scene, wheu the "banner was showu to the
audience as the gift of Mrs. Hendricks. The
entire audience stood cheering for over five
minutes amid the greatest enthusiasm.
McHweeney's speech was loudly applauded.
He referred to California aa his home.
Mrs. ParaeU made a strong aud effective
address and waa accorded a perfect ovation
by the audience.
Mr. McGlvun, pastor of Stephens
Catholic Church spoke, denounc
ing the Republican statement to
the effect that Cleveland was an enemy
of the Catholic Church as a lie. He showed
that Blame was the real enemy of the Irish
Catholics on his record as a Know Nothing.
Such au enthusiastic Irish meeting was
never before held here. The Irishmen
duped by Blame are flocking to Grover
Cleveland, and Republican Irishmen are
coming over also. It looks vow as though
Blame would get few Irish votes iv this city
and Brooklyn.
A Southern Drought.
Mobile, Oct. 17.—The drought la now nearly
eleven weeks old ami no judications of rain.
Thorn- is much inconvenience and some suf
fering all over the South. Springs, wellsaud
branches are dried up, and long drives to
rivers have to be made to water cattle. The
rivers themselves are very low and gradu
ally reaching lho point noted iv lWti, when
the Alabama river could be waded at Montr
gomery. The cotton crop was burnt out
more than three weeks ago, and very little
top crop ran be untile, ;in<l this little ouly In
low lands. __[__
A Ha ii king Hense Pall*.
Gbenada, Mlsa., Oct. 17.—Thla community
was thrown into a state of Intense excite
ineut by the failure uf the banking house ot
N. E Snyder A Sous. Every oue had im
plicit confidence lv its solvency. It turns
out that the bunk was insolvent for more
than a year. It is stated that Colonel Snyder
ou his death bed insisted that his sous should
attempt to make up the deficit. They agreed
to do so, and a creditor's meeting is called
and an effort will l»e made to secure an ex
tension. No statements,
Waohlnfftaai Nat Strang; for
Branch Water.
Washington Oct. 17— Hon. Wm. Daniels
of Maryland, the Prohibition candidate for
Vice President spoke to uight in this city to
an audience of about one hundred persons.
He goes from Washington to Alabama, and
expects to remain in the Southern States
until after the M"veiqber elections.
Htreet Railway Association*
New Yobe, Oct. 17.—The American Street
Railway Association of the ('tilled States,
had an annual banquet lv this city. Messrs.
Johnson of Cleveland, J. B. Keeper of Cin
cinnati, Drury Maloue of San Francisco, and
il. B, Holmes of < hie i(jo responded to senti
ments, il B, Richards, of Boston, was
chosen Presfdent of the Association. The
Vice-Presidents are J. A- Walsh, Si. Louis; B.
Dupont, Toledo. The Executive <'otmn iltn
includes James K. Lake, Chicago.
The Held Highway man.
Galvestion, Oct. 17.—A Liredo special
says. A highwayman visited the Coreletas
ranch near here on Thursday uight and stole
teu thousand dollars of American money,
BnwgnjM to Manuel VMauri, the proprietor.
A Train Robber Sentenced.
Atchison, Oct. 17.—8i1l Morris, the notori
ous train robber and associate of Polk Wells,
was sentenced at Oskalosa, Ks , to tt years,
for burglary. Afler sentence the prisoner
attempted suicide lv the court room, cutting
an artery iv his arm, causing a serious loss
of blood. His partner is serving a life sent
ence lv lowa.
Puget sound to be Pat In a State
off Defence.
VaWcodvßß, W. T., Oct. 17 —Gov. Squire,
of Washington Territory, Senator Dolph, of
Oregon, Col. C. H. Prescott, General Manag
er of the Oregon Railway and Navigation
Company, and Surveyor General McMicken,
were received at General Miles'* headquart
ers yesterday by hfs an tire staff, and Col.
Hunt aud the officers of the Fourteenth
Infantry. The Governor received a salute
from Major Tailor's Light Battery E. First
Artillery of seventeen guns. The party was
eutertained by General and Mrs. Miles in a
sumptions manner. A consultation then
took place between Gen. Miles, Senator
Dolph aud Governor Squire, relative to the
fortifying the entrance to Puget Sound. The
ooacltieioa of the consultation will be pre
sen ted to Cougresa aud an appropriation
asked for, to put this Inland sea in a stale of
maeonlc tUrand Offlcera.
San Fbancisco, Oct. 17.—At a meeting of
the Grand Lodge of Masons to-day the old
Grand aud Deputy Masters were re elected,
l ln- former is Jonathan Doau Mines, of San
Buenaventura, and the l itter U WileyJames
Tiniitn, of Weavervillt).
Edmund S. Atkinson was elected Grand
Senior Warden, Hiram tt. Kucker Grand
Junior Warden, Moses Heller re-elcr!<-d
Graud Treasurer, Alex. G. Abell re elected
Grand Secretary.
Appllcatina for a Receiver.
St. Louts, Oct. i r i bis afternoon applica
tion was made for the appointment of a re
ceiver to the Harrison Wire Work*. The lia
bilities are said to exceed the assets by $400.
San Fbancisco, Oct. 17.—The Republican
Eleventh Senatorial District Convention
nominated Joseph M. Maylone and Gerson
Hoabachar fur State Senators this evening.
The Mark Tlarkt l.
New Yore, Oct. 17.—Governments,
a shade easier; railways, lower. Stocks to
day, heavy, with considerable pressure to
sell Vanderbllts and Grangers. The cut in
rUes announced by the West Shore road
caused a general demoralization in passen
ger rates. Die report that the Lake Shore
r..inpany Intended Issuing l-'.OtW.OOO new
bonds, rumors that insiders were selling
Vanderbllts, and the announcement that the
Lake Shore would meet the cut lv freight
rates, all operated against lhe market.
Blocks of loug and short stock were freely
sold, the transactions for the day amounting
to the unusually large total of t(>. r >,ooo shares
There were frequent rallies, but the im
provement at any time did not extend over
one per cent. At Jhe close Union Pacific
rallied one per cent., and this cheeked the
downward movement The market left off
steady compared with last night's closing,
price* b* Ing I[o lower Reading and Si
Louis A Nashville, V*S higher.
Gevernneat Hand* and Railway
Nrw York , Oct. 17.-Threes, 100; 4>yi.
U «W; 4s, 131' f I enti il Pacific, :tg» %; Denver
A Rio Grande, y* 4 ; Kansas Texas, IB.:
Northern Pacific, IH, preferred,do 4'A North
Western, New York Central, tfo*Oregnh
Navigation, Wi, Transcontinental, pja*- Im
prrwemeut, 10. Pacific Mall, .W.; Pimms 98
Texas Pacific, 10%; I'nlon Pacific. 54V
United Slates, ttt; Wells Fargo, ,w : Westtern
Culon. H4H. *
The drain market.
San Fbancisco, Oct. 17 —Wheat steady and
dull; buyer, H.iaV*H »% buyer, seasou,
|1 :tM.»a|l :W r Parley, steady, >| I seller
i*\li»7Y -eiiei. -or. yuai'X.V hover
fl lti<a)|l buyer, season, |l.ls>V«ll. 10
LjvßßroOL, October 17. -Weather cloudy
dull and depressed, winter, .is Mfftfe .
spring. ridr.<Bt'.- s,] California, rta Tdfdfts M .
riHb,7a7d. Corn, 5a »Wd.
Chicauo, Ills., oct 17. Wheat, weak aud
lower; .73? a, October, 7V* November. Corn,
heavy; .MS. OBOtWrj .4n% November. Bar
ley,dull and lower; M.
Mining Stack*.
SAN FeanCisco.Oft. 17. -Belle Jala. Ml «e»t
and Belcher, $i hO: Chollar, fc otj; Crown
Polnl, $140; Gould and Curry, fl 00, Grand
Prise,-; lisle* Norcross, ri.HO. Mexican,
90c Navajo, ».I*V Ophlr. IT*; Potosi,
11.05; Savage. $1 i r >. sferra Nevada, tec;
Union Consolidated, tHOc ; Yellow Jacket,
New Yobe, Oct. 17 -Petroleum, steady;
The none* market.
Naw Yobe, Oct. 17 -Money, easy; i»..<*•.•
closed at I(3V prime paper. AAMt; exchange
biliß, dull, HIS 4; demand, H4.
Dry lianas lannorte.
Naw Yobe, Oct. 17.—Import* for the week,
marts-Toned esambllng Houae*
Park, Oct. 17.—The Prefect of Police han
cloaed twenty cluha.owtngto gamblliiirprac
1 tees One of them was recently spoken of
by Figaro a* a respectable resort, having a*
patron* members of ihe Seuateaud chamber
of Deputies, Utemturea and artists.
English News
London. Oct. 17.—The period of optional
lowed holders of Government three per
cents expired to day l he banks maintained
their opposition until the close, tmth London
ami country hanker* refusing to convert- It
is reported that the total amount of applies
lions b> private Investors was only twelve
million sterling.
Private negotiations between Parnell and
Gladstone are broken off. Trevelyan. Chiel
Secretary for Ireland, has received Glad
stone's assent to a renewal of the Crimes
It la rumored that Karl Spencer, l»rd Lieu
tenant of Ireland, desires (o resign nnd nil)
be succeeded by the Duke of Connaught.
Comments al French Journals.
Parih, Oct. 17.— Ffuaro says the Chinese
force defeated at Chu was only a column of
the left wing of the army invading Totiquln.
It explains the slaughter of .non Chinese by
the fact that no quarter was given or taken
aud no prisoners taken. The right column
which is passing along the river Soiigean is
directed against Hung Una. The Intntuxi
<}<nnt asserts thnt of lll,ooU Kreneh soldiers in
I'onuMin only 4,000 are effective, and il de
Clares the Chinese invasion, if not arrested,
threatens to ov erw helm the French and It Is
necessary that not merely reinforcements
but an army be sent to their assistance.
Canadian New*.
Toronto, Oct. 17.—The Police Commission
ers have decided to tend Inspector Seymour
aud ten picked constables to Michlpoeoiin.
The men were sworn in to-night for special
duty and leave early In the morning.
The Smith Lainbten woolen mills have for
warded a large consignment of Canadian
made tweeds and woolens to England.
Should the shipment result successfully,
others will be made.
A prominent elty brewer state* lhat the
trade have the assurance that the hostile and
opposition benches will unite iv exemptiug
beer and light wines from the operations of
the Scull act at the next meeting of Parlla
A Bay** Yaw Falfflllod.
Lonnoat. Oct. 17.—When the curtain fell at
the Princess Theatre last night on conclus
ion of Wilson Barretts first production of
Hamlet, the audience demanded a speech
from the tragedian. Barrett in answer to
repeated calls, appeared before the ourtalu
and said: "My heart is too full tn speak,
but I would like lo tell you a little story.
Twenty five years ago, a poor and frieudlesg
lad having paid his last six pence to alt In
the gallery and see Edmund Keeue, he stood
outside the theatre aud made a vow that he
would one day be manager of the Princess
Theatre and play Hamlet. I wav that boy.
Operatic Nate*.
London, Oct. 17.—Maplesou has engaged
Mme. Nevada for America at three huudred
pounds a night. The troupe sails for New
York on the sui lust.
Ristori'a manager has entered Into a con
tract for au Amerio in tour of three moinhs
with hia Oymnese Company.
Miss Vau /amlt's Illness has assumed a
dangerous form.
The Loss. jt
Lima, (via Galveston), Oct. 17.-U is esti
mated that the loss on both sides in killed
and wounded iq the reueut three day-.' fight
at Truiillo was 400.
About Insert Peats.
We have received the following letter,
which explains Itself:
Editor Hkkald: I notice, with much in
terest. In your valuable paper of the lrtth
ult., report of a meeting of fruit growers of
your section, held for the purpose of "de
vising means to destroy the insect pests that
threaten destruction to the fruit trees and
grape vines," and the resolution passed by
them to Incorporate a society to be known as
"The Fruit-growers' Association of the San
Gabriel Valley," to promote the desired end.
Will you kindly allow me the use of your
columns to Inform the gentlemen of the ,
association that I am the inventor of a new
device fnr that purpose, which Is simple and
inexpensive, for which I have applied for a
patent. I expect by means of its use to de
stroy thu pests complained of. « Inven
tion contemplates the destruction of the in
sects before they deposit their eggs, as It is
the larvae produced from the eggs that do
the mischief Th* device will be equal ly
potent In destroying the tobacco and colton
will be most happy to correspond with
auy gentleman interested in the matter, and
any letters addressed to me hern on the sub
ject will meet with prompt reply.
Very respectfully,
Washington, D. C, Oct. 9th.
Blankets and Flaunels.
B. F. Coulter la authority on prices and
his qualities cannot be surpassed. No cot
ton; no shoddy; no goats hair in the Los
Angeles mills good*. l>on't be deceived.
M and 238 gortj Main street.
FOR Mil.
A Lodging lb.use of 19 rooma. V&i Ala
meda street, opposite the old depot. Will be
gold If applied for soon. octl9 1w
lllrl to take care of small children lv fam
ily Emiiiire al No. 11, Bunker Hill avenue
or room 7ft Temple Hi. ck ootl*. 3t
Successors tn Albert Osthoff.
Anhfinser-Bnsh Brewing Co.,
No 63 North Spring St., Opp Court House.
Beer delivered free of charge to all parts
of the city. ooilfilm
There will be s apeeial meeting; of thla En
campment held Saturday evening. Oct. 18th,
at 7 30, sharp, for election of Alternate
Representative to the G. E. of California.
By order of the C. P.
A. M. LAWRENCE, Scribe.
There will be a regular meeting and drill
of Southern Cross rut formed Degree Camp
No. 12, immedlttely following the aueclal
meeting of the Encampment. octlT 2t
To those Desirous for the
To present their friends lv the East with
We offer our Eaatern fscilities. having
houses at New York. Boston and Chicago, to
A Ohm of Assorted Wines and
Brandy. 4 years old, for $9.00,
Including expressage to destination. Older
giasi* at proportionately higher prices.
ocliaiuos.thiirslwcdnes tf
All ordinance authorising the Mayor of the
city of Im, Angele« to convey by quit
claim deed the interest of aaid city ln lota
12,13, 14, 17 and the aouthweaterly part of
lot l. r > In Block 2, of the Beaudry tract, to
Bessie G. Barrows, M. 11. I .a Fetra and
Sarah K. lladley.
The Mayor and Council of the city of Lo
Angeles do ordain as follows:
SacnoN I. The Mayor ia hereby authori
sed and directed to aell at private Hale for
the several mima hereinafter mentioned and
to lhe persons named, all the right, title and
Interest of said city in and to the following
described lots or parcel, of lmid situate, Iy
Ing and being in said city of Los Angeles,
to wit:
Ist. To Bessie Gret'ii Harrows, for the mi in
of twenty dollars lot No. I", Blook 2 of the
Bexudry tract, reference being had to map
of «Hld tract recorded in Book one of Mia
eellanaoiis Herordr.. page 401, in the olßce
of tbe County KefMTder of the county of Loa
IM. To M. 11. La Petra, for the sum of
twenty dollars 1..,t So V.' in said Block,
3d. To Sirsh K. Dudley, (or the sum of
fifty dollars, lots |:t, h ,md the south half of
lot 15 in said Hlork. . xcepl a plene 30x30 feet
in the southeast corner of said lot No, Ui
snd the Mayor la hereby authorized and
directed to execute, acknowledge and de
liver to said pundiasiTN, respectively, for
and In behalf of aald city, a <iu\t -claim 'iced
of all the right, title and (merest of said city
lv and to the lot or Mi «o purchased by
them upon payment of *ald sums of money,
as hereinbefore ptOI Ided
Sac. 2. The Clerk of the CouncU shall
certify to the passage of ihls ordinance and
shall cause lhe same lo N- puhlUhed once s
week lor eight consecutive Weeks ln the Lo*
Anirelcs Dally HaaAi.n, a new-paper pu» -
lished iv said cltv. and therefrom and
thereafter It «hall take effect and be In full
I hereby certify that the foregoing ordl
nance waa adopted by the Council of the
oity of Los Augeles at lis meeting of October
Clerk of tha Council of the City of Lea An-
Approved thla 16th day of October. A. D.
im C. fe. THOM, Mayor
o a w syr ootla
When misinti Homeward comes from cbarcli,
Aid lU oar knrls from iin feel free,
Tl: kettle slues DDcn perch:
To mate tie nrt EOLA TEA. /
Ail nn, sitting it tie boirl,
A.. Liiessinas lor tie Dor it sei
We drill lis lulu will one accord,
Il tins otrlcl EOLA TEA,
tf. B. — Those who cannot afford
Eola Tea, can procure, at a lower
coit, the " While Grots" Brand, a
full-bodied tea, which being also
ihipped to u» Solely In Perfec
tion Te» Chum, has the sane guar
antee of purity as Eola Tea.
«mil lAtt raAJtCUKM. uw tou.
Administrator's Sale of Real
and Personal Property.
Noticr in HEHKHY uivRN, that lo puraUMhc
ol au order of the Superior Court of tho
County of Los Angele., Hute of California,
made, on the :<uth day of September, A. D.
IBM, Iv the matter of the K-tate uf Nievsa H.
lie Heed, Ui-eeaM-U, the Administrator of th.
>n.| K-late "ill M-il nl public miction to th«
hlitlicxi bidder, (~r ,u.li, iii lawful money of
the United Slhlcb, unci subject to conflrma
Hon by aald Superior Court.
Oa m.naar, the lllh dar or No.
> ember. I SSI,
At 12 o'clock M . at the late residcuce of de
ceased, on the kancho l.a Puente, in thesald
Count* of Loa Auaeleti, State of California,
all the right, title, interest and estate uf |h.
said Nieves It. <le Heed at the time of her
death, and all the right. UU. and interest
that the said eslalo lias, hy operation of law
ur i.tlierwlso, Hciuired other than or In ad
dition lo that of the said Nieves K. de Heed
at the time of her de.ith, lv and to all the
hereinafter described personal property; aud
In and to all those certain lots, piece* or par
eels of iHIld sil lode, lyiu r and lieiua in said
C.unity of l.os Aiiue.lu*. mate of California,
and hounded :oi, 1 ,!,■-<■ ri I .ed ns follows, to
KIKHT-An undivided oue-lialfC ,)liltere«l lv
that tract of land described as follows, to wit:
i Miiimencing at a willow tree, at StHtlon Is,
of lhe exterior boundary of the It bo I. i
l'uente; tlmncc ninuiii',' N. .t. deK. K. 7 W 10")
chains lo Sell,,n IT of said exterior hound
ary; thence s. Is deg. :«l mm. K. st) links to
lhe Northwest corner of the II M Mitchell
Iran: theuce following the Sm Jose Creek
N. -20 deg. *-. mill. ¥:. .-, 40 1(10eloiins: N :I4
deg. I', in it, K. ;leli„ins:S.»ldeg.K.4cliullis;
•s Tl doe. at mm X :. elm N 73 1 >
mm. K. 4 chaius; N. in dog. 4., mm k in
chains; N. 54. deg. :W mln. K. 4 chain*: N. tl7
dog. E. 6 oh.rns-, N. «tl deg. :I0 mln. K. ti
chains; N. 36 deg. 15 mm. K. ■chaiiia; N. ii
deg. I.i mm. E. 7 chains; N. ;« deg. K. ti
chains; N. 48 deg. E. 12 chains; N. 54 deg. K.
1* chain, to the exterior boundary line of
aaid Kancho between Stations 15 aud hi of
said boundary line; thence leaving said
creek and aloug said hound iry line N. "2K
04-1110 chains to St Hi,,n 15 thereol; thence K.
',7 X lilOchalli* to Station 14 thereof: thence
N. 2.5 deg.s mm. E. ou said lanuularv line to
wards station 111 thereof 71 TJ IW in'ailiatoa
post, iv mound with pits, and Just south of
lhe Lis Angeles and Sin Bernardino road,
in n ked W. K. 6; theuce S. 75 deg. 30 mln. W.
l*'j ti-Hlo chain* to a post, iv mound with pits,
marked W. K. 4: thence S. V, chains to a
rock, the N. E. cornerof land of Jose Marti
nei; thence S. 37 deg. 45 mln. E. 12 21 lot)
chains; theuce S. 112 deg. W. I 11100 cnallls;
thel S. It) deg 45 mill. W. 3 46 100 chaius
to Stalion Is aforesaid, Urn place of begin
ning, iioiitaiulug Hid w 100 nore*.
HECUNU—AIan an undivided one-half (>,)
Interest lii the following descrllied tract of
land: Iteginniiig at a pmnt ou the boundary
line of aald Uancho La Puente. between Sta
tion, Hi and 17. 44 lli-100 chains; N. 4» deg. 30
mln. W. from said Station 10, wid point of
beginning being ou the boundary line of Pa
Irii'io Chaves, and runii ing I hence -N.oDdeg.
E. 4 4'MOO chains; thence N. :a deg. :» mill.
W il M \ot> chains Ihence S. 3D deg. 45 mln.
W. 1 51-100 chain.: Ihence N. -si deg 30 mm.
W. 4 chains; theuce N. 50 deg. W. li i 5 10X1
chains: thence N. A deg. W. as* UO chains
Ui the Northwe*! corner of the land of Patri
cio Chaves; theuce N. 50 deg. W 11 2y-l(0
chains; theuce S. 41 deg. 30mill. W. 9 0* ItX)
chains to the boundary Hue ol said Kaucho
I,el ween stations h, and 17 ; thence S, 4H deg.
30 mm. E. aloiigthehoundary of said Itaiieho
37 23 100 chains to the place of beginning,
containing 27 25 100 acres of land.
THIKD-Alsoull that tract of laud kuowu
aa the Keed Homo Tract, containing about
1100 acres of land, a little more or less,
led ou the Nortl, by llir S mlliiTil Pa
cific Kailroad aud lands of Albert Itovvbiuil
and A. Amar; on the X isl by land- of |->.-., ii
as It,,w laud, ou the Suulu by land. ... tut
Los Angeles aud S in Bernardino band Coin
pany. and Mrs. Charlotte M. Unv,land . aud
on the West hy lauds of Mrs. Victoria Hud
son. Mrs. Charlotte M. Knwlaml and a strip
of laud belonging tv A. Amar.
Alao at same time and place, Ihe following
personal properly: Consisting of household
and kitchen furniture; stock of cattle, horses
and hogs, poultry, hay, aud farming utensils
For the personal properly, cash in lawful
money of the United States ou the day of
For the real estate, ten per cent, of the pur
chase money to be paid to the Auctioneer on
the day of sale; balance on confirmation ol
sale by Superior Court. Deeds at expense of
Administrator of Estate of Nieves K. de
Heed, deceased.
Attorney for Administrator.
Dated October 15th, IRB4. oetis-tf
And all the various disease* of Urn
Head. Throat and Chest, Including
Sucespfully treated by—-
H. HILTON WILLIAMS. M. D., M. C. P. 5.0..
At 275 North Main street, opposite the
Raker Block, Los Angeles, California.
Proprietor of the Detroit
Throat and Lung Institute
At Detroit, Michigan.
Our California office is personally conducted
by Dr. Williams, and is permanently
established for the cure of
All diseases of the Head, Throat And Chest,
vis: Catarrh, Throat Diseases, Asthma,
Bronchitis, Cnn.uinpsioii. c.iturrbal Deaf
ness, Catarrhal Opthalmla and Diseases of
the Heart by his new and Unproved system
of Medicated Inhalations, which carry the
remedies directly to the diseased parts,
thereby effecting cures lv many of the so
called incurable cases the greater part o|
whom had not the slightest idea of ever be
OZtFN.4.—Oso?na is the professional or
technical name given to au advanced form
of catarrh In which ulceration has eaten
through the membrane lining of the nose to
the cartllege of the bone. Any ease of ca
tarrh may end lv nsnpna, but It most fre
quently occurs in those who are naturally
scrofulous. The discharge takes place
through the nostrils or through the throat,
and is generally of a yollowlan or greenish
yellow color, frequently tinged with blood,
and almost always attended by an offensive
smell, lv the language of Dr. Wood, of Phil
adelphla, ''the disease Is one of the most ob
durate aud disagreeable which the phy.il
clan has to encouuser. In bad cases the
breath of the patient becomes so revolting as
to isolate him from society, aud to render
him an object of disgust even to himself."
In some Instances piece* of bone become
separated aud slough off, leaving deep, un
healthy ulcers, which secrete a blood mat
ter, and are extremely difficult to heAl.
After Oxcena has continued sonic time the
sense of smell usually becomes impaired and
often lost.
Deafness is one of its most oomraou con
sequences, and results from its extension
through the eustachian tubes to the internal
Pains In the head and over the frontal sin
uses, impairing memory, and even insanity
frequently spring from its extension to the
The greatest danger, howe\ er. because the
most common, la that it will extend down
ward and affect the lungs. |n most cases ol
pulmonary disease catarrh Is present in
some degree, and In many instances it
causes a large share of the patient's discom
Resides these gra\e consequences, all of
which are liable to spring lr.mi scrofulous
catarrh or Ozuana, there are others which, if
less dangerous, are sufficiently unpleasant.
It occasions great unhapplucss to thousands
of both sexes, by isolating them and pre
venting their settlement iv life. Au offeus
Ive ruunlng from the nose, w ilh foul breath,
is about as great a calamity as can befall
voting people. A positive cure can be ef
fected in e\er> « ase if taken in lime.
desire to consult with me Iv regard to their
cases had better call at my office for cousul
tatlon aud examination, hut If impossible tn
do so cau write for a copy of my Medical
Treatise, containing a list of questions.
Address n. Hlllnn \* 1«llnm», n .
D.,275 North Main street, I.o* Angeles, Cal.
Cdßce hour*—from 10 a. at. to 4r. m. Hun
day from 4 to 6 r, a. octlO-lm
A Nice Cottage of three room*, with two
large closet*; evergreens arouud house, cor
ncr of Cummtngs street and Allan Avenue.
Apply on premises, ootlS A
Tit Newest Styles! The Best Fits!
121,123, ISA A 127 Main St., Temple Block.
Our selections, made for the FALL and WINTER of
1884, are now open for your inspection. In presenting
our compliments we take pleasure in stating that never
before have we shown anything of its equal.
Our new stock consists of a large and varied assortment
of the newest and best seasonable goods, embracing all
the latest novelties and standard grades as well.
We claim for our stock general excellence in quality
and style, immense variety and a scale of prices which
will be found extremely low.
Mod's, Youtns; Boys' ai Citlren's
In styles, shapes and qualities to suit all pocket-books.
Do not fail to see our fine stock of
Cats' Hll Gils!
Kindly accept our thanks for the past, with our dispo
sition to reciprocate by offering you our goods at such
prices as will enable you to give us a full share of your
patronage. Money cheerfully refunded if purchase is
not satisfactory.
Jacoty's Clothing Store,
121, I'l l. 125 and 127 MAIN ST., TEMPLE BLOCK.
Rally, Democrats!
H. DEI 3F* O H 3MC !
HonWm. T. Wallace
Will address the people of I-oa Angeles
at the
Democratic Headquarters,
Wednesday, Oct. 22d, 1884,
At 7:90 o'clock r ■>.
Bj order of the tVmocr»tic County fen
tral t-ommlttee-.
W. ». WATERS, Secretary oottntd
Bakerymen and Wood Burners,
Attention !
The Southern PacHc Wood Co. h»». •
luce tot ol the Ineat quality M Meao.ulte
W,!od lor sale tv carload lot. For a Mp*
rlor article of fuel lht» wood cannot he beat
For particular, and
oetlttl No.»llKlte«S«.
J, W. Browning & Co.,
Real Estate Dealers,
No. 7 South Main St.,
We have a house ot six
rooms and bath on Flowtr
atreet, which is one of the
Best Bargains in the City.
The grounds are very fine.
This property must be seen
to be appreciated. Don't fail
to see it before you buy.
Price only *:t.eee.
We also have, on horse car
track 21-2 acres, with good
house.hard finished, 5 rooms,
150 fruit trees, flowers, etc.
Price oslv $3,5t*.
cm WMmm
To do general htmaeworl and mind chll
dren. « all at SM 8. Fort strvei uetU *
Just Received!
20,000 yards Calico 4 ceius
7.000 yards Ginhams Scents
8,000 yard* Lawns 6 cents
3,000 yards White Pique 6 cents
6,000 yards Dress Goods from 5 to 5o cents
5,000 yards of Brown and Bleached Vfuslin 6 cents and
5,000 yards of Summer Dress Goods Just Received.
6,000 pairs of Gloves from sc. to $1 a pak
6,750 pairs of Hose for Ladies at 7 to 35 cents
8,650 pairs Children's Hose 5 to 15 cents
1325 Corsets from 2oc to $1
10,000 pairs of Ladies' Shoes irom 75c. to $3
7,500 pairs Children's Shoes from 25c. to $1.25
20,000 yards liibbons from 2 to 75 cents a yard
20,000 yards of Lace from 1 to 50c. a yard
20.000 yards of Jaconet Edgings from 2to 40c. a yard
10,000 Ladies' Hats, trimmed and untrimmed, from 25c
to $5.
« 0,000 Children's Hats from 10c. to $1.
6,000 Plumes and Tips from ioc. tosi
6,000 Bunches Artificial Flowers from 10c to $1 a bunch
Also a large stock of
Boys' & Men's
Underwear for Gents and Ladies and everything kept in
a general variety store and prices are always cheaper than
elsewhere. 'Jail at
239 Main Street.
Our Exltiuilioii of CarriieTßtc"
will be helil Ikta month at
100 and 102 Los Angeles St., Cor. of Requena St.
OVER ,»©0 CARIM 4C.es, Rl CGIES, WA(.O\S, Ktr.,
These vehicle, will not he nnt fixed up to .how, but will he inch M we nre
selling .Lily.
lam the Sole Director of this Show and as is usual when
Directors make Exhibits I shall get away with all the
Premiums. Do not fail to see this
Mutli Carriap Eibiloi!
It beats everything ever seen in this country. My Exhibit
will cover two floors, each 50x153 feet. On the lower
floor you will see
The upper floor will be devoted to Carriages, Buggies,
Phaetons, etc. My doors will be open to the public, who
are invited to inspect our repositories. Do not fail to
walk through and inspect the magnitude of our business.
It will repay you for your trouble.
S. W. LUITWIELER, Director,
desire to call your attention to the
s Niles Patent Mortice Lock,
Q For which we are the Sole Ag«nU In Southern Call
Kaeily adjust*.! lo any thick.:eas of door.; no key-hole
Pi uroUnaa m not ro»|.l»te to ,tet loon: It ia fastened with
.crew, ahovc und below and .-oii.eqHelitly not liable to
lee '.ne loose, and last, thoueh uot leaat. it I. THE
mm me them at
f L«N I\I.KIK»|
ISTDealer. In Builders' Hardware and Agricultural lm
plementa. aeptfl Sm
Wagons and Agricultural Implements,
Nails, Rope, Scales, Belting, Barbed Wire, Windmills,
Etc., Etc.,
SH. <M> and tt« Sarth Lo« insrles Htreet, Los Angeles. Cal.
W. W. kl>«;. Manaeer. Los tngelei i»rne>.
■end Officei :WI tv Market St., San tYanrlseo.
—— —— — - -
Mrs. A. J. FrassHi wtmkea to intorn» her pupil* *
that •**• has learned (row Sas F>»i>ciaco and 1
will reopen her School, ftaUmlsv, Ocao- I
btr «th m the Urains Opera Houae tmlklltm Hall <
»t i»>r. « eaia I <
NO. 42.
Pn.Owor Cum Icammkl the Mcond
■tori ••( the tu-H li.rnifr HU« l, outlwPlaM.
with tho lutt>ntl»u "f I'peii.im * flnrtcUi*
hMltttut! ti.'t.M' I htmt* ih'-lnmi of t-tih-aK-u*
,i,-ir,n-.iu- shotil.l .-ill *t oIUM .»u lh«
PwoNmbT. al N«. M Baker Block. u«tl«»ttT

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