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A ('rank Makes an Assault
on Cleveland.
Tiie Republican Candidate Waves
the Bloody Shirt in Indiana—A
Texas Desperado Escapes.
A Disastrous Fire.
[Spwr.il ItUie llrrald by Associated Pre**.,
Albany, Oei. 20-The city WM thrown iv
to great excitement this morning hy the re
port ihal Governor Cleveland hud been as
saulted while tm his way (n>m the Execu
live Mansion ti» Ihe Capital. Home report.,
had it that he had been assassinated, and
otbeni that he had beeu fatally wounded.
The reports spread with marvellous rapid
Hy, and soon hundred.* thronged the Cap
ital and .nought out the Governor's room to
Inquire as to the foundation for the rumori,
and the condition of the Governor. As la
usually tbe ease, there was a slight founda
tion for the rumors upon which a super
structure of fiction had been built ou punt,
ing from mouth lo mouth. Stripped of all
embelHshmeutstne facts are substantially
as follows:
As Governor Clevelandwas going from
.the Executive mansion to the Capital,
about v o clock this mom lug, he wa*
assaulted iv front of the Medical Col-
Jege by Samuel Boone, of Klmlra, who
struck at the Governor with his right hand.
The blow was WHrded oif, aud the man re
peated the blows several time* without hit
ting the Governor s face. He then darted
-toward a pile of cobblestones, but waa Inter
cepted by Ur. Houghton before he obtained
ihe missile. Booue returned to attack the
-Governor again, when Houghton seized aud
held him, and the Governor dellb
erately resumed his walk. Boone
wis released and went r|iiletly to
his boarding house on LancHStersireet,where
he was arrested shortly afterwards. Dr.
Houghton overtook the Governor and con
versed briefly with him about the assault.
The Governor proceeded to the Capitol and
went to work, alluding only casually to the
mntterto the attaches of his office. In the
police court Boone pleaded uot guilty. And
asked two days to prepare his case, as he
wanted to telegraph Judge Hoanlmau Smith,
of the Supreme Court, to defend him. The
c ise was put down for Wednesday afternoon.
Booue aa- beeu seeking a pardon for his
brother in law, Byron B. Fairbanks, sen
tenced to two years at Auburn for shooting
Into a crowd assembled near his house ou
Hallow een and seriously wounding a boy.
Boone and wile called on the Governor at
Klmira during his recent visit in lhe Htate
Fair and asked for a pardon for Fairbanks.
The Governor said he would look into it
when he returned to Albany. He mentioned
the matter to District Attorney slauflliUeld,
Who expressed himself a* strung y opposed
to granting a pardon, as he did not think
there were auy grounds for clemency.
About a wf* or ten days after Cleveland
returned (Boone) turned up. The Gov
ernor sAld he had not reached the case yet.
Boone made some threatening remarks aud
retired. Boone followed the Governor back
end forth to the Executive Mansion that day
nnd declared be would not leave until he
t ranted the pardon. Finally he disappeared,
ist Monday be reappeared. Mrs. Booue
went Into the executive chamber while her
husband remained In the anteroom. She
became excited and violent in her language
and the Governor's attendants say suddenly
struck at Cleveland, who seised her arm be
fore the blow came, and requested tbe
ivoman to be seated and be calm. He rose
and she sat down and then screaming, fell
fo the fittor in violent hysterics. Two order
lies then removed her across the street to a
house where she was treated. Hhe has beeu
liysterleal moat of the time since. Boone
Mates thai when he heard his wife scream
he rushed into the exeeullve chamber aud
found the Governor just letting go of her.
He wit* put aside by the orderlies, who re
moved the woman. He claimed that the
treatment of his wife was so severe that she
is in a dying condition aud overcome, by his
feelings he attacked the Governor A re
port* r of the Albany Jmumil, who called at
{he house where Mrs. Boone Is, saw her and
lhe braises on her arm where it ts alleged
iheG.iveri.Mr seized her, were shown him.
The attendant* said she was iv a comatose
condition and apparently dying
Biame, who assaulted the Governor unsuc
cessfully, solicited fo* his brother In law,
who Is confined in Auburn prison for -hoot
ing a man in chenung comity a year ago,
Boone met the Governor as he was walking
over JCagle street from the Executive man
*>iou to |he Capitol, about * o'clock this
morning, and struck at him, at thesame
t'xee uttering au oath. Governor Cleveland
i>rew up his hand- and warded off the
/low. Several person- near by who saw the
flair ran after tbe man and captured him.
tfovernor Cleveland al ouee proceeded to
the Executive Chamber. Boone mmc here
about two weeks ago to press his applieaflon
•nd the Governor said to him that he woubi
lake spthepapersat his earliest convenience
end would decide it a* soon as possthb-
Ufs impression was thst the prosecuting
officers of the eouutnr were unfavorable to
the pardon, and If so, he aoyld not grant it
unless they saw fit from further reflections
to modify their statements as no pardons
Were granted In opposition to looal author
ities. Boone, at this demanded an tnimedi
ml* answer, yes, or no," and said to Cleve
land, If the District Attorney had reported
egaiust pardon, he would slap his face, and
if not be would come hack aud slap the
G -vernor's face. In a few days Booue tele
graphed ibe Governor that the District
Attorney hat] saved him a face slapping by
acknowledging that Cleveland's statement
was true. Last week, one morning, Booue
and his wife appeared at the Kaeetitlve
Chambers.Aiid the Governor granted them an
Audience. The woman was In a state of great
Bervoutt incitement and attempted to strike
the Governor- He caught her by the wrist
"My dear woman, you are tteslde yourself;
a.t down aud let Ms talk this matter over
reasonably '' At tbat Bag threw herself on
Iheiltw.r and screamed and shouted until
ehe was removed front the building. Boone
and wife have remained here ever since nnd
lixitis has followed the U.neruor hack and
forth from his house to the eipllol He has
uttered all manner of threats to shoot
Cleveland, eb* , and was regarded asacrank:
his wife has had several fits >.f hysteria and
(he attending physician urged Boone to lake
her home, but he has refused Booue Is In
tail and will be examined a» |o hi* sanlt >
This evening the excitement over the <•■.
sanlt on Governor Cleveland had largely
abated. The condition of Mrs.
ftootie, who has Wen suffering
from hysteria since her Interview with the
Uovernor a week ago, today Is not danger
our- The statement thst she was injure., by
the Oovernor during the Interview is en
tlrely untrue. When he told her he eoiiid
not pardon her brother without Invesligt
tioii, ami that the case nm*| take its course,
Hhe attempted to strike htm In the face He
aeized her by lhe wrist* aud said: "Why,
you poor, foolish woman, why don t you be
have yourself V Mrs. Boone was then led
tan into die anlerotun. where she fell upon
the floor in a At, *he Is not injured further
than siistainliilng some bruises Inflicted on
bersel f during her struggle Fairbanks, for
whom Mrs booue sought a pardon, appears
also to be a crank. The Governor today re
ceived a dispatch from lhe Warden of the
Auburn prison, stating tbat Fairbanks had
been pronounced insane by medical experts
and transferred to the insane department.
11 i akri ■ Mm ami Catches (he
Beai r a.
PiTTsBt'BOH, Oct. 20.-A more surprising
turn of affair* than that In the oil market to
dsy has not been seen for months. The
Irade looked for a further decline In price*
atj.l fully expected the opening to he below
00. Instead of breaking, however, prices ad
vanced eleven cent* amid Ihe most Intense
excitement, l he sudden advance caught the
shorts badly and two failures occurred on
the Petroleum Exchange. The most lm
portent was K. B. Thompson, for whose ac
count 2fiO,lJnU barrels were I gbt In under
tho rule. D. X Foster failed tor iK.OOO barrels.
The market opened at 60*4, and on heavy
buying caused by ihe report that the Hlaud
er.l had railed In all the oil which ib»\ had
been buying f.. r two weeks,and wentimme
din;ely to Kr..m this there was a de
cline of st ent, hut prices rallied again
under lhe bull raid end lumped to 71* The
scene follow tne has seldom beeu *ltues*e.|
st the hxehange In this city Brokers shout
ed themselves hoarse and trampled on each
other In frantic endeavors either to buy or
ft?TJ n>Wl '" f, r k :' ll ,n <>"' Exchange and
the lobby was parked After reaching 71'
the market fell off IntttU. and .-lotted ai«vV
Transactions were climated at ten million
barrels of oil.
CoßMrlsrhl i:»tii,.,.«,
Oalvbston, Oct. ».-An Austin special
says the arrest and escape of Ji m t otirtrlght
at Fort Worth excites the greatest interest
here. In au interview today Gov Ireland
eiupbatle illy denied that he ever umiiiLml
to withhold a requisition f,, r roiirtrieh
The Governor declares he told the \ttornev
General thai If the papers ~„,,„. r „*.
their face he would issue » warrant Adiu
tan) General King wns order. .! yesterday to
go lo Fort Worth aud see that the writ was
enforced, and, If necessary, to use tin entire
military force of the Htate When the tiny
ernor learned of Colirtrigbt's escape today
hr telegraphed to General King tolnTMtf
gaie the manner of the esetpc hh.l discover
whether the Mute Ranger* Inning rourt
right in ebarge, are In the least degree re
sponsible for his escape.
A Hake la Washington.
New Yore, Oct 20. -The Punt Washington
ipeclcal says: Tbe venerable luikeilwlun
ha* appeared unannounced In Washington
He doc* not state the purpose ot his visit
but It is believed he is the agent In the
Cnlted Hi ales of lie Usseps, tl ,„| |, " r J i„
aMtfMteaj prUate unTntsiions whioh may
have been commenced i« the Interest of the
Mcarasua Company
HI nine va. ihe ftcntinrl.
iMIiuHALOLIs, Ind., Oct. 20. In ihe I nlled
fltates Poiirt tu-dav theatloriiey for the de
fense In the libel suit ol ftbiliie vs. the In
diauapolis Sfntint I ComtMuy had a writ of
aubptena in chancery faeued for personal
service on Hlalne to morrow, ordering hlmtu
Appear lv Court on December 23d next, and
answer the interrogatories filed with the
Sentinrl't last bill of discovery In (he case.
He Is Interrupted] by loud Hhente
■ «r Cleveland.
Fort Wayne, Ind., Oct. 20.—About 2:30 the
train arrived at Fort Wayne. There was a
large crowd at the depot cud ell aloug the
route to the Avellue House, to which Blame
wis driven. Tbe streets in front of the hotel
and Court Houae Suuare oppmlte, end all
the adjacent* streets were filled wllh a dense
m t** of people. When Blame appeared ou
the h ilcony he was loudly cheered, but from
one portion of the crowd, including a num
ber nf men wearing tall white hats, there
c .me cheers for Cleveland, and wheu Blame
attempted to speak he was interrupted by
shouts, yells end cheers for Cleveland c.ioi
ing In.m the »ame quarter. Therefore he
decllhed to speak from tbe balcony, aud re
entering tbe hotel he left ii again by a side
door and lv company with Chairman New
and Hon. Wm. McKtnley, of Ohio, was
driven up Calhoun street to a point opposite
Library Hall. The great body of the crowd
followed him, and here, standing upon the
driver's seat, he made a speech, as follows:
"Citizens ur Indiana The October clec
lions in Ohio aud Weat Virginia have put a
new phase on the national contest, or rather
tbey have reproduced the old phase. [Good.]
The Democratic party, as of old, cousider
they now have the South solid again. They
believe that they will surely get M
electoral votes from the sixteen Southern
States; and tbeu they expect, or tbey hone,
or they claim, that they may secure Hew
York cud Indiana. (Never! never!) It Is
their dream thst with New York and Ind I
ana added to the Solid South, they will
eelie the Government of the nation. (They
can't dv it! never!) I do not believe that
the farmers, business men, manufacturers,
merchants, mechanics, aud last of all, and
most of all, I do not believe that the soldiers
of Indiana oan b« put to that use. (Greet
cheering, end cries of "never! never!") I
do not believe that lne meu who
added lustre aud renown to your State
through four years of bloody war oin be
used to call In the administration of the
government, men who have organised the
great rebellion. [No, no, neverj In the
Senate of the Cnlted States, the Democratic
party have ft? members, of which number
come from the Sou|h, Of their strength
In tbe House of Representatives a majority
of Representative.* aaa from M South
aud now thelnteuHow is, with an absolute
ly solidified electoral rote from the South
added to the votes of the two States. I neve
named, to seize the government of the
Union, Thai means a great deal- 4 U means
that as the South lurnlshes three fourths of
tbe Democratic strength it will be given the
lead and control of the nation in the eveut
ofa Democratic triumph. It means that
tbe great fluauclal and Industrial system of
the country shall be placed under the dlrec
lion of the 7 South; lhat our currency our
banks, our tariff, our internal revenue laws
-In short, that our wbolp UMOfl ujh.ii
whleh the business of the country depends
shall be plßOed under Hie control oT that
section. It means that the Constitutional
amendments to whleh (hey are so bitterly
opposed shall be enforced only so far as they
may believe In them: thai the national credit
as guarauieeed In the 14th ameudment that
the payment of pensions to the soldiers of
the Union as guaranteed in the same amend
ment shall be under their control, end what
that control might mean can be measured by
the bitterness with which those amendments
were received by the Democrat* of tiie South.
There is not one measure of banking, of tar
iff, of finance, of public credit, of pensions,
Rot 'am line of administration upon
which the government is conducted to-day
to which the Demo(irats of the south are uot
recorded as hostile and to ijvp [hem coutrol
would mean a ohange thu like of which has
not been known iv modern times, ft would
lie as If the dead Stuarts ware recalled to
the throne of England, as If the Bourbons
should Ite revived to administer the govern
ment of the French republic, as though the
Florentine Duke* should be celled back and
empowered to govern the great kingdom of
Italy. [Good, and cheers.] Such a triumph
would be a fearful misfortune to the
South itself. Coder the wlseadmiuistratlon
of the Government by tbe Republican party
It has been steadily and rapidly gaining for
the past teu years In al] elementsof material
pro-periiy It has added gorgeously to Its
wealth since tbe close uf the war nnd ha-,
shared fully In the general advance of the
country. To call that section now to the
rulershlp of the nation would disturb its own
social aud political economy : would rekin
dle smouldering passion*, and under the
peculiar leadership to which It would be
subjected It would organize an admlnistra
tion of resentment, of reprisal, of revenge.
And no greater misfortune then tbat could
come to the nation or the Soulh. It wonld
some as a reaction against tbe progress of
liberal principles in that section of progress
I am reproached by some excellent people
fur appearing before these multitudes of my
countrymen upon the ground that it Is in
consistent with the dignity of lhe office for
which I am named (No, uo, no, no). ] dun [
feel It to be so. There is not a courtier in
Europe so prssd but that he Is glad
to uncover his head ln the presence ol his
sovereign so I uncover In the presence of
the only earthly sovereignty I acknowledge
aud bow with pride to tbe free people td
America, (Great ami prolonged cheering i
After Mr. Maine Mr V«KlnTer waa called
for and made a brief speech, whl*h was en
thuslastically applauded Blame was theu
driven to the residence of tbe Hon. Jesse 1..
Williams Here he will spcud the night
After tea the clergymen of this city called
upon him In a body. Tomorrow he will go
to Indianapolis, making several stops on the
la Itm.
jM Hiyt r, la., Oct. 3°.-General Logan
waa introduced to a Urge audlenee by b'ol
D. B. Henderson. He confined his remarks
almost exclusively to the tariff After
thanking the citizens of lowa for the recep
lion tendered, him. be entered into a dls
euealon of the Issues of the day and the re
cords of two parties were briefly sketched
Gen. Logan gave several Illustrations, show
log the practical effect of tbe tariff. He
claimed that under the free trade policy, be
fore, American manufactories were ea
tablished to compete with England, the
American people were compelled to pay
such prices as England chose Pi put upon
her goods, and It was ouly
when the tariff was Imposed that
prices were lowered by home competition.
General Logan dwelt upon what he called
the magnificent record of Japje.. G Blame,
and claimed that this country should &ctept
him as a man of honesty aud patriotism and
of statesmanship At the conclusion of his
-oe.Tii he was given three cheers.
At lour o'clock the General was driven to
the Larimer House and at five o'clock a del
egatiou of lye hundred veterans called
upon bim The Ouuera] addressed them
briefly from the portico of tba MM, after
which they filed through the hallway and
-book him by the hand. In the evening a
torchlight procession, which numbered
about six huudred, with several bands of
music, paraded the principal streets of the
A yiiaitreas Firs.
Utica, N. V., Oct. 20.— The most disastrous
fire that ever vlsi|ed northeru New York
broke out In Carthage at 11 o'oloek this morn
Ing and burned all the afternoon, The Are
began from ashes thrown from Russell's tan
nery, which set Are to Eaton's planing mills
The flames spread rtptdly to the Roes furni
ture manufactory andTarr s tub factory and
crossed over to East Carthage, catching upou
Guiot's planing mill, totally destroying the
factories and building* on Ryther and No
gle's Islands. The Haines Npread to all the
houses op, Spring street, Mechanics' street
aud Chursh street The new opera house
Feck's hotel, IH.-eiple's Church and the Acad
emy and the Episcopal aud Presbyterian
churches on Main street re p burned and
mauy residences on School street, Tpper
James street and Chutou street sera also
The east side of Main street Is all 111 ruins
The flames spread so rapidly that the fire
men could not keep up with them, ami :*t
they seemed to be nearly under control and
It was In.pel to save the business block* of
tbe village. It Is estimated that two hun
dred houses were destroyed cud that the
loss will reach 1100,000. There are not suffl
clent dwellings left In the town to shelter
the inhabit .nt*. Carthage was extensively
engaged in manufacturing and all Its Indu*
tries are tn ruins.
A Dress) Heallses.
1..M.H.1.1MU1, Pa., Dot. ».-Thl- morn
ing when Rice Orbln came down to break
fast at his parents home In Bedford, he ex.
claimed In frightened tones, "1 had a lerri
ble dream laat night. I dreamed I «hot a
man while out hunting last Thursday. His
relatives laughed at the matter, (>ut youug
Orbln Insisted npon going l« the "Cent of the
shooting and Anally persuaded his brother
in law, named Jonas to accompany him
Arriving at the spot five mile* from home in
n dense thicket of laurel was found ibe body
of Jacob Kllnk. with a bullet hole through
his brain, orbln aud companion hovriAed,
returned lo town aud notified Justice Camp
bell, who Is lo hold an inquest to morrow,
orbln * story ts received wllh some degree
of Incredulity The general opinion being
that he -hot him aeoldeutaliy aud was
afraid to confess Both men bear Wad re
■■tier la Blew Vark.
Osweoo, N. V., Oct. 20.—Seven thousand
persona heard General Butler make hi*
speech to night. R S. Holbrook, of the Vul
can Iron Works, Introduced the General, lv
spesklng of lawlessness and murder in tbe
south the General excited thunders of ap
plause when hesald: "If you'll elect me Pres
[dent I will either go into my seat or into my
coffin aud I will either stop these murders
ofthe north and south or I'll have a few
first class funerals to keep me busy." Of the
Parsons' story the General aald: ''He styles
himself General Parson*. He may possibly
have beeu a sutler In the Confederate army
He did not like me then and he does uot
like me now, and be Is trying to gel even
with me by telling Ilea."
Mo- InlveraaU Daw.
Washinoton, D. C, Oct. 30.—Tne Interna
tlonat Meridian Conference Adopted tbe loi
lowing resolution!:
Ktwhed, I'hat the unlvemal day Is to be a
mean solar day. and Is to begin lor all the
world at Ihe moment of mean midnight of
tin- Initial meridian, coinciding with the be
giniilug of the civil day and date of that
ineri.li .v. nud H lo be counted from zero up
Hrsoltnl, That the J-'onfere nee express
hope lb it ao soon ai may be practicable as
troiwinii4.il and nautical days will b« ar
raugmi everywWe begin* at fheenmld
lIKI.RHA, M T , Oct. »-The coach be
iweeu •It-lterson City and Bonlder was held
ip. Tne object was to rescue two horse
i leve- -upp .-cd lo be OO the coach. Par
tie* .re lv pursuit
Ennllea markets.
London, Oct. 20. -The Mark Lave Express,
In ita weekly review of the English corn
trade, says: The weather for the past week
was flue and warmer. English wheat was
In little demand, except for flue parcels.
The aales for tbe week were 7:t,412 quarters,
at :«m id, against WJal quarters, at Ml 6d, for
the corresponding week of last year. Trade
In foreign wheat was completely demoral
ize.!. Waterside stocks and a visible supply.
Increasing business off oast unchanged.
Five arrivals: three cargoes cold, three
withdrawn, ono remained: sixteen cargoes
now duo. Flour, ueglerted. Maize, scarce
and Arm. Barley, very dull. oldoate.Ss«d
dearer. New foreign oats, weaker.
Htacka nelllnf.
New Yobe, Oct. 30.—The Post * financial
article says: The market opened with an
avalanche of selling orders, mauy presum
sbly from out of town holders of stocks,
who became alarmed at the aspect of the
market Stturday afternoon. luteal specula
tion on the bear side also attacked the
market with great vigor, they being operat
ors of a more powerful class than have here
Loft.re beeu in tbe market, and there waa a
general decline In prices There Is no reas
on Lo doubt there wa* stock sold by large
like Illinois Central, Rook Island 4 Burling
ton, allol wn tan showed an important de
The MJsrk market.
New Yobk, Oct. 20.— Governments,
Arm. Hallway* Ann. stocks opened with
an avalanche of selling orders. There was
■ general decline, which by n-jo ranged %
to 2U; but by noon the greater portion of the
decline was recovered, and a half a dosen
prominent stocks were \ to 2 over eloelug
Saturday. In tbe last half hour there waa
less activity but a firm tone and general ad
vance of Hto 1 followed by partial reae
tion, though this was about recovered be
fore the close, which was strong.
eevsratneai Bond a and Ha H war
New York, Oct. 20.—Threes, 100; «Ua,
12*4; 4s, 20, Pacific, 9ft s 25; American,
Canadian Pacific, 4mU, Canada Southern,
SOW; natural Paoiflc, Denver A
KM Urauqe dU; gaqaas l Texas, H96;
Northern paclAo.llV-; preferred, Mil North
VVealem.-:New YdVk Oeutral, M*f; Oregon
Navigation, 4*: Transcontinental, I2U; im
provement. It; Pacific Mall, NK| Puama, 9»:
Texas Pacific. lOVt: Union PaclAc, MM;
United SUte*, -; Wells Fargo, —; Western
Union, 59%.
The tiro I i market.
San FbaNL-iaco, in-- i. Wheat weak,dull;
seller, buyer, fl 29»4<j*1.80; buyer,
season, h.MfdMIJJsW. Barley, strong, lively;
seller, ll.oiy«i.o2</ 4 ; seller, season,
JSrtjl •I.°6H(#LOH; buyer, season, #1.10%
slbw Yobe. Oct. ao.—The fkaiasiyftii 9nf
i.'itn lays: "Wheat sold In London I iturday
lower than al any lime this huudred years,
aud In this market at a lower flgure than
has been known since the civil war, with
serious questioning whether bed rm-k hee
even now been reached."
Livebcool, October 18.—Weather cooler.
Wheat, downward tendency.
Chicago, Oct. 20.—Wheat firmer; ?2% Oct.;
74 Nov. Barley dull.
miming- tttecka.
San Feanciboo.Oct. 20.—Belle Isle, 55; Beat
end Belcher, $1.50; Chollar, 92.R5; Crown
Point, tl c; Gould and Curry, 9110; Grand
rise 25 0 : Hale A h T orjm»ss tV.'fv, Mexican,
950: Navajo, tt,9o: Ophlr, *soo; potoei,
11.25; Sivage, 91.40; Sierra Nevada, 9100;
Union Consolidated, 9VOu ; Yellow Jacket,
The money market.
New York. Oct. 20 -Money, 11493; cloaed
IV** prime paper, VeV'.; exchange bills,
unchanged; demand, 84%.
A Tie reliant Prince Detenu
Special to the Herald.
San Fbamcibco, get. 20.—A New York
apeolal says: Horace B. < latiio, a kjerohant
Prince, says: '1 nave decided lhat under
no olrcumsiances will I vote for Mr. Blaiue
My reasons for deserting the ship mt this
time are obvioiu. I am as yet undecided se
to which candidate I shall give my support.
lam entirely out of politics, and prefer to
remain so. lem sure that Cleveland's pros
pects are Improving dally, and little doubt
is expressed in business circles as to his
Rowasata*a Pallnre.
San Fbancirco, Oct. 20 -The Bank nf Cat.
Ifornia will, It Is now stated, lose between
925,000 and 9*0,060. A brother of Horace
Pa vis, and who is an Invalid, residing at the
Hague, had all hut property in Bowman's
hands. It Is i bought sll this lies been swept
away. The President aud Oisbler of the
Oakland Bauk of Savings to day made the
follow ing official statement over their signa
tures: "A* no definite statement of the In
debtedness of A. W. Bowman has yet been
made by the assignee, and aa exaggerated
rumors are In circulation, the Oakland Bauk
of Havings feel justified in stating that the
failure of said Bowman does not affect the
bank or its business, and that the entire In
debtedness of ,<ald Bowman to this bank
does uot exceed 942,500, which is amply
secured. A telephone mesaage from Pied
mont this eveulng say* that Bowman i- In
about tbe same condition lhat he has been
In for the last few days. He Is still under
police surveillance.
Paaeenaer* ftasjtk and Eaet*
Mf.ui.HiJ, Oct. J) following Is a list of the
south bound passengers passing here this
X B Billings, wife and daughter, San Jose:
G X Porter, wife and daughters, S Hugh, P
H Lueke, Q M Smith, Los Angeles; C B Kip
Pasadena: F L Town, CHA: Henry L Van-
Ankle, J A Gorden, F B Eblua snd wlfe'o
Ludy, Mrs W D Summers, Rev J M Buckler,
N P Dslton, Geo Weaten, S Molymaux, H H
Lyman Sm Francisco. S S Schiller, Sin
Diego: L* Jones and daughter, Mrs L D Mac
kindck and daughter, 8t Louis; U 7, übe la*
snd wife, Milwaukee; Mrs F C Williams,
Strrsmeuto:J PCool, Edlnburg; F F Llech,
New Pork; Henry Dalton, London.
Hllhwsri«sn Arretted—A mar*
chant Attached.
Htoceton, Oct. 20.—0n Stturday last the
highwsymau who robbed the Souoma stage
near Copperapolls, on Friday, was arrested
near the Calaveras Big Trees by Sheriff
Thorn, of Calaveras, and Constable Epper
son, of Molton. The robber Is a young mau,
who has been engaged In making sheae* in
the mountains, where be was caught. He
was taken to SBl Andreas for trial.
A st..oktoti special says: E. Hickman, a
dry goods and carpet merchant of this clly,
has been attached by Ru Frauplsco rie-Jit
Ml tor 924.000. His liabilities are 950,000,
Death af an Ola < al ICo mlaa.
San Fbancisco, Oct. 20.-Martin Murphy,
an old nnd widely known died
this morning at about 8 o'clock st his rest
deuce In Svn Jose- During the past two
v.tar- Mr. Murphy's health wa* constantly
falling, snd his demise wss not wholly un
expected. Mr. Murphy eime overland to
California iv 1844 with his father snd wife
aud family. Mr. Murphy left a Urge estste,
which Is estimated to tte worth at least three
million dollar/*, P mslsling largely of lands
and cattle and lying m four bounties, vis.,
SsntSsOlsrs, San L'iisOhi§po. Mints Barbara
and He was seventy-eight
Birr, lor* It r I eased from Liability
Han Fbancisco, Oct. 20 —Al a meeting of
the Eureka Consolidated Mining Company's
stockholder* today, a resolution was adopt
ed releasing tbe Directors from all liability
on account of the 9:t5.000 defalcation of the
late Secretary, Percy Jacobus. The follow
Ing Directors were elected for the ensuing
year: J. C. McKemie; C. A. McKeiuie, Gua
fall Frank, P. N Lllienthal, Wm. Fries.
Arrested far I.lael-ajaak Coming.
Portland, org., Oet 20,—Dr. J. Fslkman,
editor of the rifmir* Xritn-ruj was attested to
? ,y .? n a *5 n V Ke ;. ,f crlr »in*i libel preferred
b* G. Sohncke, Pacific cos«i traveling cor
respondent of the lllluol* si.uit* /Aiung
syhom he published as a bilk Patkman
fsve bonds and was released.
"/'■./iT 1 !! Uoo K ln e " rm, teto Portland
and will deliver three lectures here oil
November &\h, 7th and *|h.
Real Us tat c Attained.
San Fbahisco Oct. 20.—Bugene Kelly A
Co , Bankers of New York, have, through
their Attorneys attached a Urge lot of real
estate tn this city, owned by Benjamin Rich
srdaon of New York, given by him as scour
Ity for two promlssary note* amounting to
one hundred and seventy t%ur thousand
lie que ni la Borah's Society-.
San Francis, o, Ocl 20.—a hullnin New
York Special says: "Carrie Welton, whose
death upon ling's Peak attracted so much
attention recently, has left her fortune of
hetweeu 9400,000 and 9250,000 to the society
for the prevention of cruelty tosnimals."
Sacramento, Cal., Oct. 20.— The legislative
nominees of this county rre as follows: Re
publican- Eighteenth District, F. D.Ryan;
Nineteenth, Charles T Junes: Twentieth,
Dwlght Hnlllster Democrats Kigbteeuth,
H. M Larue: Nineteenth, V. G. Blessing:
Twentieth, <.Hit- Imty.
Hig Healetrntlen.
San Francisco Oct 20.— The registration
figures for this city aud count) show au un
precedented record Keturus sre not sll in
yet, but the Indications are that the total
regiatrstions will exceed 51,000 as against
43,500 lv 18M).
Residence Baralarlaed.
SaCEaSENTO, Oct 20.-The re-tdetire of J
X Bed sea, of this city, was burglsrited of
S etches, diamonds and jewelry, this eveu
i|, valued at 9LWO
%«M|.t.n It d for nag or.
N«w Yuri,Opt. JO-At n pi-liens' meeting
«t itu- Academy of Music fc.ulght. Win U
u«b«, the predecessor of Mayor Edaou, wa
nomiusied mr Mayor. The speaker- lv
eluded Key. l>r Howard Crosby, Oswald ot
teudorfer editor of the NIWI Xritung, aud
William A. Cole, of tbe Irish-American Aaso
EttgrlUh Affairs.
London, Oct. 20.-The Queen's speech,
which will be read at tbe opeulug of I'srlla
ment, hRs received the sanction of the Conn-1
ell at Balmoral. It is brief, and refers to no
home measure except the Franchise bill. A
vague allusion I* made to the settlement of
tbe Kgyptlan questions, the Nile expedition
and Mouth African affairs. The Conserva
live- Will bold a meeting on Wednes.Uv to
prepare a Kite of opptteitloli. Lord Kamlolph
Churchill advocates the continued ohstruc
tion |o the Franchise bill. Tbe High Com
mfssloner uf Canada has obtained the assur
ance of Karl Granville. Hecretary of State
for Foreign Affairs, and F.arl Ik'rby. Secre
tary of Slate for tbe Colonial Department,
that Knglaud will confirm the cotiiiio ri ml
treaty between the Dominion and Spain. If
this treat) I* concluded, negotiations « ill be
commenced to Include Cuba aud Porto Kio
la the terms of the treaty.
Tlcaaarne Claimant Releaee*.
Lokimn, Oct. fhe Tlchborue claimant
waa secretly brought up to I'entouville prl*
on last nlgbt. He was discharged this
morning uulte unexpectedly to himself.
His time had still three days to run.
A Ntagre Haaaerr*
CMJai 11l l A. T.. Oct. 30.—The Black Caflon
stage was stopped by two highwaymen last
bight about leu o'clock, near Bumble Bee
station Wells, Fargo A Co.'s bos was taken
but the passengers aud.mall were uot dis
Chinese Defeated With el rest l,ess
Pahs. Oct. 20.—Gen Brlere lie Llste tele*
graph* from Hal Hong under the dßte uf
to-day that large masses of the enemies
appeared In the Red river region ou the
mti hut slid made an altact on Tuyeu Keo
eng. They were defeated with great loss.
No French were killed aud thu wounded
are dolug well.
Hotel Warned.
Bbbne, Oct. 3b.—The Orand Hotel at Lvi
lerbrunuer was burned to-day. Damage,
A Plre In Maecawr.
Moscow, Oct. 20.— The German Theatre snd
twenty slg shops were destroyed by fire here.
The damage is estimated at :us).ouu roubles.
■lalae's fNeremente.
Chicauu. Oct. 20,—Blame telegraphs to
the Jl!lunl» Republican Stale Committee
that he will leave Springfield Immediately
after speaking there on Friday eveuing next
by an extra train for Chicago, stopplug a
half hour at Blootnlngtou, and that on Sat
urday morning be must make a running
trip to Milwaukee, coming back to Chicago
In the evening In time for the grand demon
stration that Is preparing for him there. He
will probably leave here for New York Sat
urday night.
pearls of Kelly* Frlead.
Nrw York, Oct. 20.—Police Commissioner
Sidney P. Nichols died at his residence, 117
West 'ilsl street, this eveuipg. after au Illness
tbat began in July last. Nichols was Chair
mau of tbe Tammany Hall General Coin
inltk'e, and one of John Kelly's most trusted
Nalelde of a Rlarderer.
Chicago. Oct. 20.—Charles J. Downe, a
member of the Board of Trade, who mur
dered his brother William 11., ou Sept. :.tb.
committed suicide by hanging lv his ceil iv
jail to uight.
Cleveland ta Review ihe Ftatlea*
»l beard.
Albany, Oct. to.—ln response to nn Invita
tion. Gov. Cleveland and staff will review
the National Guard In New YorkTuesdsy
Hallway Received.
Montreal, Oct. 20.—The Canadian Pacific
railway management took over from con
tractors to-day a portion of tbe Hue from
Hrooklyii'N WegrUtratlan.
New York, Oct. 20.—T0 day was ihe last
day of registration lq Brook.ivii. The mini
ber registered was 29,664, making a total reg
titration of \24fi-a, against 106,254 last year
and 114,010 In Ittv.
Plane Heiling.
"You nee," said the pi aim man to hU new
help, aa lie touched up an old three dollar
stool with a little boiled oil and kerosene till
it looked like a brand new seveu dollar
article, "every one who cornea here to buy
or hire ■ piano knows more or less about the
machine—principally lean—and it'- the duty
of a good talesman to guide them, so to
"I understand that," said the new man."
"Ob, you do, ojo you?" salq the boss, es he
tubbed his Brush over a scratch; "how
would you go to work with a strong looking
womau in a turned silk drees aud cleaned
kid gloves, who wanted to hire a new $700
piano for lr» a month, and uot pay for send
lug it home?"
"Why, I'd Just tell her It ponld not be
done, and let her walk out as soon as she
could;; thefs aU," aald tbe new man, with a
look of supreme Indifference on hia face.
"You are like all the rest of -em," said the
boas, sadly, as he keyed up a $200 imitation
Orand to make a sound, like a $700 thicker
log; "all you lack ia
And about ten years' experience to be a
good piano salesman. Now, you just listen
to me, and I'll tell you more tv a second
about piano selling than you know In s life
"Spiel," said the new man, as he composed
himself to rest on a piano stool the boss had
out to send, to a Tehama street
"There you go," said, the boaa; "don't you
know that's a ten dollar stool ?*'
"Well, what If it Is?"
''What if tt is?'" screamed the boas,
breaking a wire in the excitement of the
moment "do you suppose that ten dollar
stool will stand sitting on 4 Now, listen to
me, and I'll teach you some point*, about the
piano business. You see, every woman
knows all about a piano. If she don't, some
one else does, or thinks so, and Is sure to
tell her- There's a cool hundred dollars
profit to us on a $900 piano, If we get it; but
we don't; there's the trouble. We
Just the same as if we were politicians. A
lady comes Into tbe store ana says she wants
to buy a piano. After trying every instru
ment in the place, or having us try them,
and getting all the prises, she says: 'I'll not
make up my mind to-day. I'll get ray
daughter's music teacher, who knows all
about pianos, to come down and. try them.*
Nest gay aloug oomes the music teacher,
with a c.trd which she says is from the CQsV
sci-vaiory of Music at Milan. Oh. yes, they
are all from Milan. Why, I've had cards
enough uf old Milaners here to All the con
servatory, let alone leave room for teachers
and pupils. S*ys the teacher, after I've got
over the paralysing effect* of the card, 'I'll
be down to morrow with Mrs. so-and so to
pick out a piano. Of course, I espect the
usual commission.' 'Yes, ma'am,'says I;
'ten per cent.,' and away she goes. Nest day
the buyer and the music teacher come and
pick out a piaqn. The ntuaie teacher does
some heavy standing around, tries every one
opened and gives her opinion as wise as au
owl. Of course, she ran t tell the difference
between a good plauo and a poor one."
"Of course not," echoed tbe new man.
"Nor you, either, I don't believe," snapped
the boss, with a mean look lv his eyes.
"And wny can't you? 'Cause no one but a
maker or a tuner can. A good tuner will
get the same sound out of a $iUO piano as
any oue can out of tbe best instrument made.
Tbat Is, he will In a place of moderate slse.
Yon can't tell anything about a piano hy
playing it, only whether it's iq tune or not,
And the more you know about playing the
I.— you are likely to know about pianos.
Ye-, sir; a cheap piano wilt sound as well as
a good one. Hut how long will it last? That's
the question. That's where the music
teacher is fooled. She'll nose around inside
and look at the hammers Itobhlug up and
down, poke her mreaol at the aires snd run
tier fingers over the keys, and" that's sll she
kuow's about it. Wheu she's got through
wasting our time shell advise the lady to
buy the one nearest the lady's price, quarrel
with me about getting s music stool thrown
in. and that's all. We have to give her 10
per cent, for doing that, and. besides, she'll
On every bit of music the lady buys."
"Suppose you did not give up. would not
the customer buy anyhow?" asked the new
"Yon a« a nice oqe. you are." said (he
boss, with a lim.)* nf ponfen.pt ''Buy; sup
pose she did buy, "id pay too? Jfud be a
nice thing to have on your mfud, wouldn't
It—to have a msd music teacher a-hnverlug
over your piano and giving it a blank eye,
aud making the lady and her friend- all
weary of it. Fancy having a sweet thing in
agiughaqi drcaa saying to nqe of your beat
customers 'Mr. Wand did not treat yon
right aho.it (hat piano, ma'am- 1 am sorry to
say that Its (one U go bad tbat dear Rthel's
ear Is being ruined 1 The first thing you 11
know, the lady nil Want you to take U back.
If you don't you are a cheat, aud she ll not
only take her trade away, but she'll ruin you
among her friends. You are a smart one,
you are, to talk about quarreling with a mu
sic teacher. Why, I d sooner give em
'1 see. sir," said the new man, humbly
"That's all simple." continued the b.»ss;
"hut the fine art comes iv with a lough cus
turner, oue that wants three halfdolhtrs
for a dollar You have got Ut play that kind
mighty low down or some one else will catch
thetr tr.ide. A cheap showy piano is the
kind of thtng to cttch them; hut you want
to hold it hick and seem very reluctant to
sell tt. Walt till they've found fault with
tiie price or tone of nearly every instrument
in the place aud then bring out your (test
bower, so to speak, but be sure and put II
on the market with care Ask a very stiff
price firm. Hint that you dou't care to sell
It at all, but rather than see a haled rival
lake trade from your store you would part
with anything ff she takes the hint she
will try lo beat you down a quarter or so
Meet tier gradually, fight for every dollar;
and mind you, the second she does say yes,
grab for the coin, for fear she might change
her mind."
"You can rely on that." aald the new mau.
"Now, about the contin
ued IAS boas. "Here is tbe best part of our
trade, but it needs care A new piano, wheu
it flr-t goes out for hire, Is wonh>a month
line that has Wen used some time iv only
worth Hut there are tricks, thauk Oodr
ejaculated the boss. aY he tied a latter hear
Ing-the name J 8 Fair dv the leg of en oh]
broken dowu square piano, big enough for a
campaign rostrum.
"Vow, here's an old jingler that's paid for
itself five times over, and brought us iv
enough fur cartage to buy a new wagon. It's
a beauty— a bonauia I always call it Fair
{ot hack from North Beach only yesterday.
'11 have tt varnished by noon, and out al
the Mission before Uie end of the w*ek.
when a party i'omee for s piano tbat I can
see don't know much. I trot out fair Heau-
Uful Instrument; first prlte at the Cenien-
"Look* as if It might have won a prlr.e 100
years back." laughed the hired man
"les. sir; a beauty." c .utiuued the boas,
frowuimr at the Interruption. "Could not
rent It under any circumstance* only It was
-..Id and the lady's daughter wanted an up
right, and iv moving the back leg ol the
piano got scratched. One of tbe wealthiest
ladies In s ;l n Francisco, too, that houghi il.
Of curse, I could not say who. That would
be unprofessional; and besides," said the
boss, with a grin. ' tb. ■• ain't uo need to tell
« in wheu the name's on tbe label as large
as life."
"There's a smart one, but I don't think It*
right for bim to he deacon of a church," said
tbe new man, as the bo** went out to stand
off a - il'ulor for *ul>s <M iptions lv H id of a
consumptive cornel player.—[Sau Francisco
[The tenor of Communications appearing
in this column N not necessarily endorsed
hy the editor of the Herald. The writer
who desires lobe beard In It should always 1
accompany his screed wll h bl* full nainu,
not necessarily for publication but as a
guarantee of gottd faith.]
The Peetifernas Insects.
Editor IIkkalo; i v yeetrrday's laaue of
the HER4LD a letter appears from one John
M. Fenuerty, of Washington, D. C, In which
he claim* to have luveuted h new devhs for
destroying Insects injurious to trees, fruit*.
Ac. I wish to luform the publio that many
auoh Invention- have been made,the major
ity of which have proved worthless and of
no valne. Most ol the remedies reeom
nteuded contain acid* and chemlcils so
strong that the tree and fruit la greatly ju-
Jured lv applying them. Most of these acids
and (dieiulcais are very strung, and yet are
uot Insecticides, whereby the tree and fruit
are Injured and the insect nut hilled To
accomplish this object, two ihlugs are nee
essary. To make au iuseetlolde thai Is of
any use It must be strong eumigh to kill the
insect lv any stale, particularly the egg in
tbe egg case, and not Injure the fruit; aud it
must be cheap. After years uf practice) ex
porienoe with all kinds of so called insect I
oldes, I have vow discoveted a remedy
whlcli Is the only safe, effectual and prac
tical insecticide yet ui-tde. I be cost ts two
ceuts per gallon of solution ready for appli
CAtiou, cud c in be had from either the Los
Augeles Soap Onmpsuy or of K. C. Nledt A
Co- B. M. LkLuno,
Hunt Fruit Growers' Association.
Ban Main lei, Oct. 18, 1884.
Raisins, Grapes and Olives.
News from the shore* of the gulf of Cor
inth, the region of production and export of
the uurraut or Corinth retains shows that the
weather had been at the time of gathering.
the grapes so anomalously unfavorable that
the crop will have been reduced to less than
one-half; that la to say, the drying for raUlns
was Interrupted by continuous rains and, as
1* natural, tbe raisin crop was dnmaeod to an
unusual degree. Of course the ratu damaged
raisins are at once available for fermenting
purposes, and therefore |be loss 1* not a total
one, as purchasers from France will not be
wanting; but (he loss in rslsltis will be se
vere and must luftuenoe the raisin market
from large grapes to a considerable degree.
An Athens correspondent estimate* the dif
ference of the output of Corinthian raisins,
amounting on au ayerage to a value of near
ly 80,000,000 francs, at about two-ahlrds less.
From Corfu, the reports about wine, deep
tinted heavy reds calculate the trropx at one
third. Heat snd hail In July caused the loas
of grapes. Equally discouraging accounts
come from the Island of Corfu as to the olive
crop.—[B. F. Merchant.
Mr. Blame's feme as r siateamait pales be
fore his glory eg an Inventor—(Newsrk
Man talces
Green tea;
Head aches,
" Oh, me I" ' p I
y I S
Feels bad;
Acts funny; f
Gets mad;
Loses money:
But io>en he drinks only
the pure ZOLA TEA, he feels
just as happy as a, big
sun fljwer, and soon re
gains his temper and his
money. Sold everywhere
by all grocers onlj/ i.i
Perfection Tea Cans.
A lady who understand, thoroughly the
system nf cutting and fitting gentlemen',
shirt, from measure. To a competent per
son a good salary will be offered. Address,
appointing an interview, F. Henderson. Los
Angeles P. 0. It
The Martin Tract having been subdivided
Into lots, SO to 68 feet from, mud I'jO to 100
feet deep, are now on the market at very
reasonable prioea. The b catiou aud facili
ties of access are uot surpassed In the city.
Tbe Main street car line will pass through
the tract. Any information cm be had of
At the store on the corner of Main and
Washington streets. oct2l lm
And all tbe various diseases of the
Head, Throat and Chest, including
Sncessfully treated by
H. HILTON WILLUMs. M. D.. H. C. P. S. 0..
At ifff. North Main street, opposite the
Baker Block, UM Angeles, California.
Proprietor of the Detroit
Throat and Lung Institute
At Detroit, Michigan.
Our California office Is personally conducted
by I»r. Williams aud Is permanently
established for the cure of
All diseases of the Head, Throat and Chest,
vli: Catarrh, Throat Diseases, Asthma,
Bronchitis, Consumption, C*tnrr%al lienf
ness .Catarrhal Opthalinia and Diseases of
tbe Heart by his new aud improved system
of Medicated Inhalations, which carry the
remedies directly to the diseased parts,
thereby effecting cures in many of the ao
ctiled incurable cases, the greater part of
whom bad uot the slightest Idea of ever be
—Osnsna is the profcaslonal or !
technical name given to an advanced farm
of catarrh iq whioh ulceration has eaten
through tbe membrane lining of the nose to
the cart (lege of the bone. Any case of ea
tarrb may end in ostena, but It moat fre
quently occurs in thiwe who are naturally
scrofulous. The discbarge takes place
through the nostrils or through tbe throat
and is generally of a yellowish or greenish
yellow color, frequently tinged with blood,
and almost always attended by an offensive
smell. In the language of Pr, Wood, of Phil
adelphia, "the disease la oue of the most ob
durate and disagreeable which the physi
clan has to encounser. Iv bad cases the
breath of the patient becomes so revolting as
to Isolate him from society, am' to render
him an object of disgust even to himself."
In some Instances pieces of hone become
separated and slough off, leaving deep, un
healthy ulcers, whioh secrete a blood mat
ter, and sre extremely difficult to heal.
After Ostena has continued some time the
sense of smell usually becomes Impaired and
Deafness Is one of Its most common con
sequences, snd results from Its extension
through the eustachian tube- to the internal
Pains tn the head and over the froutal sin
uses, impairing memory, aud even lusanlty
frequently spring from Its extension to the
The greatest danger, however, because the
moat common, ts that it st ill extend down
ward and affect the langs. In most cases of
pulmonary disease catarrh is present In
some degree, and in many insi.mces it
causes a large share of the patient's discom
Besides these grave cousequencea, all of
which arc liable to spring from scrofulous
catarrh or Onena. there are others which, if
less dangerous, are sufteienUy uupleaaant-
It occasions great unhapplnean to thousands
of both sexes, by isolating them aud pre
venting their settlement iv life. An Offens
ive running from the nose, with font breath,
is about as fcrrat a calamity as esq befall
youn| people A posiiive frurc can be ef
Those who
desire to nonsuit with m« lv regard to their
oases had belter call al my office for cm-ui
tatlou and examluatlou, but If impossible to
do so can write for a copy of my Medical
Treatise, containing s list of questions
Address Hi. Hilton Wl Ilia watt, M.
as., 775 North Main street, Los Augeles, Cai.
Office hours—from 10 a. h. to 4r. m. Sun
day from 1 to > r. H. vet 10 Im
Hi Ntwl Sfflii! 11l But Fits!
Mt, 123, ItS A Vil Main St., Temple Block.
Our selections, made for the FALL and WINTER of
1884, are now open for your inspection. In presenting
our compliments we take pleasure in stating that never
before have we shown anything of its equal.
Our new stock consists of a large and varied assortment
of the newest and best seasonable goods, embracing all
the latest novelties and standard grades as well.
We claim for our stock general excellence in quality
and style, immense variety and a scale of prices which
will be found extremely low.
Hen's, Yontlis; Boys' anil (Mora's
In styles, shapes and qualities to suit all pocket-books.
Do not fail to see our fine stock of
Cents' FuTDisliini Goods!
Kindly accept our thanks for the past, with our dispo
sition to reciprocate by offering you our goods at such
prices as will enable you to give us a full share of your
patronage. Money cheerfully refunded if purchase is
not satisfactory.
Jacoby's Clothing Store,
121, m, VM and 127 MAIN ST., TEMPLE BLOCK.
BakeryM and Woorl-Biirners,
The Southern Pacific Wood Co.
Hare a large lot ol the finest quality of
In carlosd lots For a superior article of
fuel this wood cannot be beat For partlru
lars and terms apply al office
8. P. WOOD CO.,
ootWtf No. ■ Market St.
Books at Auction!
One set American Ein-yclopa-dla; full calf
bound, new, twenty four volumes, will be
sold at 10 o'clock this morning at our sales
room, Ko. 1» Requena street, opposite r s
StToyoaw. «*• Fioltl,
It llClilßKn.
There will be a speclsl meeting of *
Poutalplia Lodge So MS, F. and A. .am
M. at I SO r. at. to-day, for the TJT
purpose of alien.ling ll).' (uuersl of ' ▼ s
our late Brother. John M Schmidt.
Master Mason- lv g..od-lauding sre in vited
tn attend.
By order 8. W. It T. H. Winn, Secy
At Ihe Park, or on the r.sad lo the city, last
Friday, a memorandum hook containing
checks snd other paper. ..I no value to any
one but the owner. The Under will ba lib
erally rewarded hy leaving it si the Hxa.ui
office [octal Ml J."- McMENOMY.
Monday morning, fmm prcmi-e. of sub
-crlber, Bra! house wast side Ssu Pedro
street, below Moran's tane. a four mouths
old sucking coll, having a small .lar in face
aud one while tool. Parties returning him
t'.e'll.umt" 'vvi'l'l riwarded' ""J"
lia.lertoii, Boa »»„Loa Angeles, octll »
Came Into tba enclosure of the under
.dgned, al IM Seveuth street, corner of Wall
street, an ash colored roan ti. r-c coll. sppar
autly six months old, with right front leg
white, and had on a halter and strap. The
owner will please prove property, pay
charges snd lake him away.
..et.M U W. U. NOatDHOLT.
Ad ordinance authorising the Mayor of the
city of Loe Angelee to convey by quit
claim deed the interest of said city in lots
12, 13, 14, 17 and the southwesterly part of
lot IS in Block 2, of the Reaudrytract, to
Bessie ii. Barrows, M. H. La Fetra and
Sarah S. Hadley.
The Mayor and Council of the city of Lo
Angeles do ordain as follows:
Section 1. The Mayor ie hereby authori
sed and directed to .sell at private sale for
the several sums hereinafter mentioned ami
to tbe persons named, all the right, title and
interest of said city Iv and to the following
described lots or parcels of land situate, ly
ing and being in said City of Lo* Augeles,
Ist. To Bessie tireen Barrows, for the snm
of twenty dollars, lot No. 17. Block I of the
Beiudry tract, reference being had to map
of said tract recorded In Book one of Mis
eellaneouß Record*, page 401, tn the office
of the County Recorder of the county of Los.
id. Tn M. H. L*. Fetrm, for the sum of
twenty dollars: Lot No. 12 tn said Block.
3d. To s.rah X Hadley, for the sum of
fifty dollars lots B, 14 aud the south half of
lot IS in said Block, except a piece .10x30 feet
iv the southeast corner of said lot No. U
and the Mayor is hereby authorised and
directed to exeente, acknowledge and de
liver to said purchasers, respectively, for
and in behalf of said city, a quit claim deed
of all the right, title and interest of said city
In and to the lot or lots so purchased by
them upon payment of said sums of moneg,
as heretuttefore provided.
Sir. 2. The Clerk of the Council shall
oertlfy to the passage of this ordinance and
shall cause the same to be published once a
week for eight consecutive weeks in the Log
Augeles Dally He a alp, a newspaper put.
Ilshed in said city, aud therefrom aud
thereafter It shall tike effect and be in full
I hereby certify that tbe foregoing ordi
nance was adopted hy the Council ol the
city of Los t ngeles at it> meet ing of October
7th, 18*4. W. W. KOBINSO.N.
Clerk of the Council of the City of Lm An
Approved this leth day of October. A. l>
Ittt. C. X THOM, Mayor,
oa w Sw octis
Chits. H. Edmonds,
lodepeudent nomine* for
Justice of the Peace
oeul M Of San Antonio Township.
The Heslth officer is now prepared with
fresh bovine vaccine matter, and will be tv
hi. offlce from Ir. a. tsSL M. to vaccinal*
for tb* city, ocql iw
\lm CtsßjMM copy j
Two sunny rooms, with board.in a private
family preferred. Address P. U. Boa Wa,
elti. oeall St
-A. T
Just Received!
20,000 yards Calico 4 cerus
7,000 yards Ginhams ... 5 cents
8,000 yards Lawns 6 centa
3,000 yards White Pique 6 cents
6,000 yards Dress Goods from 5 to 5o cents
5,000 yards of Brown and Bleached Muslin 6 cents and
5,000 yards of Summer Drens Goods Just Received.
6,000 pairs of Gloves from sc. to $1 a pah
6,760 pairs of Hose for Ladies at 7 to 35 cents
8,650 pairs Children's Hose 5 to 15 cents
1 1 3 2 5 Corsets from 2oc to $ 1
10,000 pairs of Ladies' Shoes from 75c. to
7,500 pairs Children's Shoes from 25c. to $1.25
20,000 yards Ribbons from 2 to 75 cents a yard
20,000 yards of Lace from 1 to 50c. a yard
20.000 yards of Jaconet Edgi 11 gs from 2to 40c. a yard
10,000 Ladies' Hats, trimmed and untrimmed, from 25c
to $5.
10,000 Children's Hats from i OC . tosi.
6,000 Plumes and Tips from 10c. tosi
6,000 Bunches Artificial Flowers from 10c to $1 a bunch
Also a large stock of
Boys' & Men's
Underwear for Gents and Ladies and everything kept in
a general variety store and prices are always cheaper than
elsewhere. 'Jail at
239 Main Street.
Ou BxttuitiOß of Camaies, Etc.
will In' hoM tin. Mat! >t
100 and 102 Los Angeles St., Cor. of Requena St.
These vehicles will not be some fixed up to nhow, but will be sncb as we are
selling daily.
I am the Sole Director of this Show and as is usual when
Directors make Exhibits I shall get away with all the
Premiums. Do not fail to see this
Mawi Carrie EiMMoi!
It beats everything ever seen in this country. My Exhibit
will cover two floors, each 50x153 feet. On the lower
floor you will see
The upper floor will be devoted to Carriages, Buggies,
Phaetons, etc. My doors will be open to the public, who
are invited to inspect our repositories. Do not fail to
walk through and inspect the magnitude of our business.
It will repay you for your trouble.
S. W. LUITWIBLBR, Direct or,
■ We desire to call > our sttention to the
l_j[L- sNiles Patent Mortice Loci.,
? I hi*->-'''! »ljinw.l losnv Unck .es. si doors: no ke» hole
Us <- '>"'h.• n '".r ro»- plate tn get loose; It is rs»ten, . ,th
. anov. Mid ).eto* snd consequently n..t liable to
tecotae 1.-os. . stul lejst. thnu.n not les-.t it Ttl E
i'Hkapkst mciktick lock is ustv tv
«J o BrOWn&Mathews
aVliealers in BniUlets' Hsrlssre snd AtfrH-ultunl In
pieuisnts. MfM mm
Wagons and Agricultural Implements,
Nails, Rope, Scales, Belting, Barbed Wire, Windmills,
Etc., Etc.,
58, M nml »;; Vim La* logrlrs Str.-. i. 1.,., las* Irs. tal.
F. W. ts IX.. Wauairer. Las Aiagrtat itrrarr. ,
11.-ail OWrrt KM to S«* ttarU, t Mt.. Halt I■ ran. Ur-...
■ra A. J. Kn.BC!« wi*hoM to inform bar rTtplt. 1
last ma* h*- r»tvixiu»d from -tea Ftwaataau and
«tll r,- r -i. h, r ;isVh.K. Vliirl.i, is t
ra-r 4Ui, in lho Untiki Oy,n» Uuim BuiUlhim; tut',
at t-M t. a. stjO-lat I
NO. 44.
* h« Loaciac moth.
Profee*.* Cuts* tu* leased Ihe mm-<>«ml
aenry ulihe new Uarnier Bnark. .MithePtass.
with the inteulkm al ■oenlos a •rslelaas
Intel n* hi.v.* Th,... U~ir.au ..I eiiaaaln,
.favlraUe na.wu «h..uld cell al ..nee na lb.
Bttr. al Ms. M Baker »l.«k uCUlitu VJf

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