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Los Angeles Daily Herald.
Tin ' Uta* i .i.lui-v- in a
Small Joke.
'i'ht! Pr-M-ccdhifcTJi Oi Comrvf-ts —A
Kather Kills Hia Dautchtcr
Uahed I*l* ruornlcg a* aTtiala which haa
created a moat profooad seasatioß. Aa Waw
remarked by a geatleman rtitcrrtna; to it,
"It ha* turned the town npaide dry** a." The
ertb'to In qiieation ia head-lined aa lollows
■ fU*A) - Hopulula oaptiirevl and racked by
anarii.-"! fofre; thekiug .public treasury and
incrcbauts tfaw/awtt. ow%)t three milllona
"ihe narrative ou tin* tlrrt puiie shows
whit utuht Lc ai-.-oißptiiuM iv thy Hawaii
anKlncdori hy a small hiud of .[eiper
aravant th* poaafMilty of sueli an occur
Tate n.lcbataa: k£v Idea fly Oa
pesta to MUmarrh.
Dmi (*<. Dee, UL—A motloo waa curled in
th* KeirbMag to-day inc retain? the aalarloa
ef two officials tn tbo Chancellory. A mo
tion waa alao made to create a aeoond >ll
rectorship In the ministry lor foreign affairs
which Biet wlrb considerable opposition,
in tha eours* of the delate btatnatfik apoke
lv JuatiflcatloM ol He pa*aatf«. He reminded
th* bottle that he waa otonpelled In 1577 to
•AaXtohe relieved of hia functions beoauae
of overwork md 111 health. He Bay.? mat he
would only he able to Continue Ul office by
tha lorcign votirtj Wbeu he d"iiared oa
htaoath tbkt a new poat waa ti*e
reraaal.ot the Route to c t*M!i«h U waa a vir
tual dccarntion that he waa elther
i 11.'t/•■■!'.' i - Dfl)«
The Riearagna t anal.
Cairaao, Dec. lfi.-i"*p:.'.u bviJord Pym,
of the Royal Navy, and lately a niamber ol
Parllameat for Oreveaend, la lo the city,
baring returned from looking over thetat
t!e rauchea of the Wen. He haa on foot a
plan tor building a railroad from Cbeyunn*.
Wyoming, to Hndson a Bay, for the trana
aortatlnn of cattle to England, Instead of
brlaglog them to Chicago and theu^eablp
len'mr Mi»* S f d ?i^ r *and % ha wtnts^the
raffed on tbe" mdou 'i.ik PaeAaoaa lo a
OatiSa Trm haa alar, been in c •rra-apond
•tyr: roo i ■ Joint action
it.»'■«' t far aw/cratary af tla*
ALBa Xa, Da* IS, — Llentenar.i d vt-rnor
Carap ball, iudge Mylley, John U. Prat her,
member of the l/en** critic MaUonal Com
inJtT.cc Joba J. Bafttu, Cfevaland aiectorr.
aad John <i. Prleat.of the National Advitory
The I reitiht Qnaetla*.
afAlff aao, Dee. ia.—The morn here of tlu
Traoec3ntlueitlai Railway Asportation l , wbi
have been iv w-safoo la Mew York lor sever
aidart, ia conanlutloa with the trunk Un*
ca tbo question of the latter a proposition o
through freight between the Atinntlpau
A\ Urdu, iifii ABat*«t ■ >i
pgi bJoi««. •» . Dec.ls.-The low prieai
gar grain an j tU high rates of trarwpcrra
lloa ahapgad by iha rallroade for moving
oropa hat erente 1 a :-ltt*f faellug agalrat thi
roads by farmers, and it la bof'otn!iig mart
held thi* wlnier. *
XI Ileal Hl* Daaajbl*!*.
ttTe^^Ja'i\t!Uyg her. He then blew hi
j'fn br-tlna out
ar*** laid na lb* table.
*..gm>'oT..» p Dee.. pre-enteda
large ii-imder <.f petitigne from tobnijco and
clgttt nianufa. turer* and labor orayaolaa
llomof Illinois, New York and othtr Rtatea
pruCeattnx «galuai tae rautl>j*tiuii of tha
The Oragofl Ceotral land iorMtur« btll
waa tunole the spoctAl Wwet for next Tbam
Ifaller of N«w Y«*rk, iwggj tavoraUy
cover neceaaary dUhuryemenu In auch
Sauatvf Mtl'ier, of New York. lnlTiitaa.il n
iht Uul'ed aUatga, aOd lo vldulon therein
tbe eoftdncauiou of tba v«u«l in which tin
Sauat f iviUnii i.vday lauodueed a hilt to
WaeauyuTON, Dec 16.—Ltcey, of tbe Coin
mltree oof oluai{4*, VVelghta tin<l Mc«»uro»,
nhived to luspeud tbe rule* and paat the UU
prohibit lug the laaut of iTeaaury noteaofa
lea lorjomtnatlon rhao 16, aud providing
for tbe laauo ol ft, $2 aad silver certlo*
Caaaidy aaid the aff«ct of the bu wtTalU be
(o plaao an additional atoount of ailvercer
Alkeo, from th* t'-ojimin ■ in Ailrt'-ul
It.c blilto ejilablish a .\*rT
[Sen adjourned*' ' *
< snucrtsluiin) CiaaMla.
i hiaf algnaJ Ofllcer, has prepared charge*
hfaiaatUaut.tiarlltagtou fortbedlaobedieaoe
nf oriara and neglect ft duty iv couueotlou
with hUeoiiiinan>l of the FrotfU.. cxihju
tion for the rulef of Owl* The charges
war* sent u> thu fiesreiary ol War over a
week ago, with a letter aakiug !be order af
a Conn lor their ulat, bat no action haa yet
Irtentaiccn by Mr. Uocotu, no- bat he yet
ieclded w!«:th«r he a ll! order tU Court or
not Uaat 'i.rll.. k 'on arrlvd 111 thla city
■eaaaynaaivi Kaiidall. Chalrmm of the
oaaa tbe iautea were ra
fuaes tv m«k« n.ibllr the < onteuu of tba let
teror st.it* wtia-i dlaiMwtuon he lias made
sr»HM.ni'> -i ii i„
Hia Haay neaaeete t* < laarltable
ClatUiaaaalaQ., tat* 15,-Tba will of iha
lat" iU-ilwa Kunyou HpriiiAer waa probated
pabUc haqical Is 7fa> shares of apeeial guar
suieed atock of the Pittsburgh, Port Waybe
A i hlcago RatlwsT, asao
ahcrnai la flag Water.
Sr Louie, Dee. ib-Oeuerai Hhennan to
•<trd, puhllabed la fVaAhiagion Saturday,
aUtcd that be had not utted Senator Vance*!
the amount* af tba hmltha-tiian* Tustttuta.
IVl"(raahir« lrb|eri.
OAivMrToii, Dec. W.—The c fleet of '.here
tent order of tha Wcitern Colon cutting ot
tht ftxtra pay of operators 1* eq*ii .alent in tht
■Ivlveaton office to a rfdootKn ot |i6tos«
t ketAsA rescind the SX 6fES
Stf* I\* orbs N-,„ t n-.w ii.
MNVHltai pubU« he will deaoovetbi
belore fln-l full liYnmt wtwk and utjpri***f>d
I i'ii-. m\ nt tbe whole Its! and later i n dn-
I rltued H to <>■** ' .ranger* war af
I feotod by reporta af adverse legislation. In
j Mall
' Utvprnneal HauAi ■ aeJ Mallwar j
1h« Mwriery Merkti*
M*w York, i>ec. t*> -lloney «aey. j
| UaiU. Closed offtTC'l. 1. Fitroe paper,
Kiobtuije bUli woak, Mt. Sterliutj
| - ••■ I] . • S4»«'.
Vet rolrum.
llf Tot*., r»#c Petroleum flrra,
The 4* ral a 'inrin i.
Cum stead), atmi. 15: il.'ic ye**. > Jauu !
try; S7'-ic Kay barter steed*/, Hi
I,ivKnr.v.'L, Hec l.>,- BroadMMffit lalrne
Tbe En a; I lab hrtalu Trade.
London. Bit* 15 —This Murk Lane Erprtn I
Io lv rtv-iea on the grain trade of tbe bast
rl7«l*. Mai/V wa'rce,
oaudoll; beans and peaa unebao r <e<l
A Sa^V«e2*V.kpl*«l«M.
Kn Vok, IMo. 14.-A heavy expiation j
was heard hare late to night It ia thought!
tb it the powder work* at Seaeaoou-.. neW j
Jersey, her* exploded.
I roxea ■* a> . ■ Ji.
Clifton, Dee. U.--~Twu miner*, M.dx r j
Murphy ami TVaitnlrrkMulUyao.leftMorea
cl thia mor nine;. They started on foot tot
the Cot ado mine, three mile* over a rough
trail. Tbe snow araa blowing and tbe ttu>r
xnometer waa at zero. Wh«n about half the
! Cuf' /ft who*. fb*r lou .'.
froaen atiif. Mulllian wm about SO var. of
a«o and came to Ciifto* thre«' mour..s »,-o ,
All t'M|.i.,l|,.| . ... ■. i -
Hill Hi««.», I>M. aawyar, <.« j
Iha Uollad &.le« Circuit Otmrt .'.adored .n
üßporuvat Isclapre to-day. II waa laeaoltl
lv canity lirought l.y lh~ 9wthern FarlUc
Ktllroe-1 Caaabaay attatutt II J taiii and
' rills Hiy"*" '
j rig.!.,' under [he (.'■mffrenab-O'il act ** j
A ratal aYlrr.
I < hnrrrf *h*lrfour wara tiMeia* ]
when '.nf Ore caught anal the- two raungaaC
I Hg*d six aud tore* years, buruad to death.
*. Hariann i» .
9*f Famruu), D*e 15. — A Hilt Lake
afav.isl say*. Judge 7 am- to-day ruled (a ihe
!>. .Hettlnr tost a plural wUe baa
ricbtaof Ibhcrltituev and oannot attain'
nweat rights by itm* eoutiu nana* In tbe lileg.l J
I rol-Mor, mat -he ia no wife In law and can |
sot therefore be a widow.
! t in atockiuta Electlaa.
j n-T KrankH. liauitb 3 Tbi
I lm. icraU gt*t fmir ont of twelve Counrtl I
j me-o
* oat ad Ikead.
wilf Lbowu*.* C-alVfo'Dla «M A>ut l nV d aa r, n j
! mltiibc man, la oed thia
The v. i u»:,i .
Baaua, Dec. l*.—Tbe abaorMot latercat i
fn *.h« proceeding,* nf the belt hetag to-day j
the pnuffr<:<u of tbe C>n*jo QeatCaf-,
ence. Count Yon Uattie.dt, a Oarman o-le
| into tho Congo c inutr) *ru\ will raat content
| U meteiy t*oor>tiug a proposal for iha pro
I Ralliray AciltU T >
Bkbuh, Dae M, -Tba Whit* Book Joat
| taaued^coa talus a di-«paieh trawl the
j ml saya. will prota ite trade aad beuaAt the
I e'iOcldlacd ateamahfp tervlce.
A Mice la llecarlllee.
Karaa*. Dec. W.—Owioftoa belief that
) the Aaiiv.eaa commercial treaty t»
j ao-ni to br? rui(i,*d. cjuiWeT.ce baa been re
| atored and a sou..datable rlae la public
aeeurltlec b«j« taken plae*.
I SimeLln.e 8loe« tt** Unmntttirit Sfw iu
t aonLred thai Mm *j-'.v«rnn.»n: waa atx.Qt - ,
W A Park, Reotlanrl Kit la.wu A«, Ch'..
W C Kile, AugeleiMlM A Miller,
r II Clarke. " Mr. A Rkpey 1 lne >lv
Mr. It 11 IVr.j. » t »■ UU
\i f Armiti. Dowoey
U J Shawa.n ' AII Lane, Newli.li
X Hyatt, Colnrohul H Oica, O'tuota-ft
KCsnataßca,sLoiila C BLaae.Dallai
r f Conwall. Tttetla Misi Allan.
0 II Adnrn., OMO II 0 .Norwall.
ar. at.auM.
X T Harlow, Oaklan-l A B Charde. ben
1 Hubla, « P H X J Mfflllu A w, ellen
rincei,..]!, Itronk.nl.C Oafnn-lnrf, N«wh'U
V J Eater, MP Ntcunlaoo, "
W Ueeraik 8 X J A Taylor. Wu J OU
a )>»r.-1,'e.4 w,"* il Hle>M(Sl w,"b*a
J Norway, Httbt-.naa C A Bel.lia Ay. N V
J Huh., ie *a, " * Yonna, T.v'.„r Pall.
T Hy.aa, " U Krrnolaa 1.1, Minn
J BaVit.' P»«ra.".n L iS.VU.
V I/)ii|( 4 a, DMotaeaU A Paaler, In lin
T Wrlfht A w.aaAl'ta'oK M> Donald. Ure....n
B 1, Oarprnlw, Trugn
ar. x\mo.
D Lea. b A f, Man V B Bnrlelf a Iw.SV
Mr, A Kavklu, Mlun C E lUr .00.1, M.,
A L Barman Aw, 111 P P Loaawell, Taatm
f Howell, " MnliTt. Aflatar.Vt.
Mli> n«weU. ;' < O Taytor 4a, .«
M rWLoataDlay, '« Mlw U Variirs. "
A c Matlu, •• r W ynitiu, Bl Pa«o
Mil. r: M'.rrla, " ti KrU jers, a P
" Kf'lokt. Ohio Kaatnlth,
k Mor* Broaalyu t. a Cuni.heli
IH* malfMlUrn tt '""chaidloti,
tt ' ..: A .1 Halaabtiry, Ol
M B fir.iij, NowhaU
M'.a.M Dlaekwefl.sP t. 11 aelott, Kenklnrd
ID Barton. " E H Bl'.ry, Ir-tyo
Bl<nard..«. ■' Mra anlfal AJ. 7
g W Youn,, HH 1 T W i.'*kw. nl, ir
A A Oraut, ] N Bm.lt.er, 1 Bar
i DiUoa.' " Mit aundwiaad, ll'
tt H Val.Alrk'.Cnt(o.i.< If YonngljereJ a, -
MUe Wawlell. 11 t: Huhb.rJ A ».
f. tiwer, Teanwaev A (J sharp, tv*.li
Knight* Templar.
COWI ITI TJM 00fc44RDMT Ku. *, k ■ T —
ilr.Ma iv *eel««I coadavee M anion) iv M*>
eontn Jul!, -i the Third THI. riSriAV oari!
runt*. at 7| oclot* r. » fciaajraae* tratelit
Id ruaHluf Me nor'jaik Inrlloil
.' lead. 8) onlcr ot the £• 0.
K. HarveaKeeaoaa. Haeorler
Lm Angeles No. 33, R
Br order el ' SAMttf ptuiiKrl ,BY t\
M. Levi, 8-rr ,t«ry
hot Angeles Lodge No. o.l',
• Keveu* roeeetliw bel l ee> eVednaal*
eieuinr al eeoa veer et 7:SO ecloek.
jtognrnUv erethrea la ifoort etutllra; en ■M
A. MclrONAt.O, V. S.
1 b Kiievei, a s.
Americas Legion of Honor.
Bana* Cevaerk, Ho. Wl, meeto tint end. Third
TUumUj areatafe of mtm month et Oood Tut..
ptere tlei
VUiunr Oire;.enln„i» .Iw., ■ wrlaonte.
I>. IL l"VN», I ..rae,M..lor
0, tt t?iujl.r. Beewtery. .p6 ftm
L o. a F.
Orw.ee Cornel! Ho. ft, I. O C P., raeete
ei«rr Warioeadar areaine; « (Joed TeraoUra
rlell. VMUray oura>bera are oordhulr inrttMi.
Jilt U. rUUUIAKIt, C. 0.
leaat a 3«'ra. aeor. terr. )«• lr.
Masonic Notice.
«y\a Loe Aaawiae No. et, P. *A.
It JT « Ttio roeettrel. el tilt. Lnda
f We raid oa the tint HOWDAT of cert
month at 7.3t> r. a. MeroUra of No,
•K.eavd all Manor Meeona la food •undinr,
•*<rul.Ur tft-ttad.
Bl ordie of the W:- M
at- of P.
Tri-Outer Lodf. Mo. at ei««u •>■*/ rnde)
aerator tn Beaoot: Malt, sr.ru>|r meet.
Botoarnlior K„t(h<alD'read.
OEO. W. KA'tl, a. a.
i*> a . a flam, K. ef k. rod a. BkfM
Loa Angeles Lohro Nu. £s£>, K. cf H.
Bar-tier aaeetlage of the above bear- ere UU
e-ae> Wedamae errata) aa (lie Mamik' Hell
-lIT.HK rr«H Vi, v r rttirr* -vr,'. -ilfcltj :
I'ted uetUod. I! L\ AUatltf
ml lneutoe.
Los Angeles Council Na 11, fteyai
and Select Mast era, F. t AM.
Hilar Ita Mated aaaerebllee oa the ftk Men
J.} of arch mnct* et Maeuuie Hall, et 7JO I a.
Hajmtrutrer Oerqpoatoa. ta food en
trruunef]* ln,i'«l to at*** I
B; order ot the Th - 111;.
a. 0. CL.VNINGHAM. Broorder.
EfegU -'-orp , N. 0. 0.
Bavekea rraattafr et the Armory, Qror
atreet. c.cry ,'ridej' evaedaf at 8 o'elere.
W. H. U. RIiBUIXr.,
Oaot.aiu Coaunuodtaf.
C. A. X rr-.ee Ptrae aarceaot. >eM-tf
Cfln4dpr.ee Engine Hitßiaaaj "
iaami raretlafa of tale Oceana
oa ta. irat Wedeau., reak,
Tl i" ' month, at 7 tnraleoh
Be order K. OOR (Of. Slllllari
K. Bf P.
Ifit At: a SlllTrt, k. of X atid 8,
A -.if CIRf f>«l M> AT t .-• •
l.»irrJere.ifiSeft«ru-uh. Itrer end boerel
For Balls, Parties, Operas,
Kxeur.toiiM, ricutc. , .a.!;, th*' R.rdlt-
I WallOW aft -.1) Pmiili.ii. third (.» in
ta. 0 f * hart.
9 South Spring St, Nadoan Bloc*.
N'uUee- Dii'olrt'.ion of fartn(fillip
I bMrntla-r IM ' «w
Completion of tbe lii-ading and In
proroment of Jackson itraet
' tiff n aorthy ti<-etj that the work .tut
I AnMta. lia maatlag af Deeaaiber'lVtb, A. j
I Or. ..I th.- roiinel! »f thy <;ll|- M Ism Aa
j Bum .iri. ta eat. aj faUdran ta th.
Iflty. I.lgtit w..rk. Wane. $I.'. j-f. mnnlh.
I Twc-dlninc rn.->n. Ktrl. for eotimry hotel,.
TWO girl, for ti. tba eoaatn.
A woru.D for . faaUlr t.f tire ..erfooi
ii, ell ...1 Hi i*r laoutl.. j
tr«r>.«i.:i M honaework la thr city,
gUM] alutaieam, j
Avi>ly«2n , 4Wf«t Flrat.twt. 4«l»tf
Roller Mating Academy!
Third, Dei. Fort & Hill Bth.,
Tburaday Evaclnß. Dec 18th,
ftaa* .*-B-,lo«i- dally. Morning from
tn U a!:, rn-y.a Iron; to v\ ening from
7(Uiol') Tiie bee.i ■>! mv.*'«- nil! b« In st
leaaaaea ffening. Aiiuilaalou morn
in* an i asaayanoa, lfo, incimHag skatui. ;
skatea t&c aatra.
daci i lm ProprletiTs. |
& CO., j
Ami Mi A(»uu lar th. htetM >"»aa»
or t ■
Bpringlield M Machiiies, |
lafiiChlne. N't ntbtr paKio*. aa la* Faelfl"
J Coat*.can nr-w-ire '.hea* iri*chin*"Hlir.;ct (' MQ
' ' "* j
f309& 611 Market St.,
I SAN ! .- \N. 1-. ... CAL.
gfraneattta. t *»n *.v m ■,■ - lost
tod all the rarln'ia dtaeaaea ol the Head,]
Throat anrt Cbaat, including tba Rye, Kar
and heart, ■.•nv.eaafully treated by
omre M Sank Kali. Urcet, aeit th. Ha
nt..n.| ItoitM, Le. Aaf etea, California
dl>.'.Mu .1 th. Il fa J. Throat and Cheat. I
l toffy?.*?
'it "i I
pann. thfrel.y .rTfo.tu. la ra.ay of U;e
| iMMiMt) fjBQ part < I
I I.a. Wttxi.a— Uear.*lr' i sia (IMit,, .rid
taoal My uu W rowlvM.' Ir. the Sfrlnri ol
i«77, atfaaa then »t the am.nf a. waa anf
I Our K,..|ern Stmit n.it Jfp.na
I CObH«-:. 4 vri-.Vr'Ukr- Thos* who
I air* to at* In _r**wi>d Jj their
inattrtii, hui ;t baasaSSa t» d I *•> cxn writ**
;.»r * aeMj «>l at] contain
H. HUton WUllama, M. D.,
f7b North Main atreet, l-on Angeles. Cal.
Ofßv-e hours- r*r.»iu M * w. to 4p. s.
■bindova from ft tr. 4 v. a. rVofvsai -ia,
vlalta br!t>re and after office houra. aWc7
Germama Fire Insirauce Co.
r»a mm, : t,:o».li».]r
mm ' m r * J " omu
TBtt r' Wrtr BaLL»IA S .HAA B * < o.
Real Estate Dealers
No. 7 South Maun Street,
Opr.aH. 0MO« 0,..ra Ouua.. to. Aafalaa.
I. A. taawai Baal aetata aad OcsiuiiaaeM
I ilf * L"* *». I* lo ' l * jt*>»(..» fe»> •*> to
Spare Noliing! Lei Eyerytlimg Go:
Such are the Ordoru from the Fountain Head, and
To give Holiday buyers a chance. They hive generouelj
placed the whole line of their
Special Sale of New Yort anil Eastern Bonabt Drives
Christinas tide is approaching—that seanon of mirtl
and joy—the most blessed time of the wholf year. It ii
theu that the crust of selfishness which gather* around oui
hearts is broken and generosity and good will abound
"It is more blessed to give than receive." Knowing th<
perplexities involved, the difficulty of selection, we deem t
few hints from us will be in place, and therefore we enum
erate below articles which will be placed <>n our Centei
Tables for yaur inspection and purchase. This depart
ment, like the rest, is under the ban, and to effect a thor
ough clearance of them such prices havel>eeri named ai
will make a speedy clearance of all
Holiday Goods
Silk Handkerchiefs from 25c to $2.50.
White Embroidered Handkerchiefs. 25c to $1.50.
Pure Linen Hemstitched Handkerchiefs, colored bor
dered, in narrow and wide hem, I2sc to 75c.
Lace Ties (great variety), from 25c to $3.
Plain anil Junbroidered Satin Fans, 75c to $5 50.
Men's and Boy's Silk Scarfs, Bows and Ties, speciall]
adapted for Holiday Gifts, in all the difterent shapt-." aiM
colorings, from 26 cents up.
Toilet Cases in Plush, Leather aud Brocaded Vel
vet, containing Celluloid Comb, Brush and Hand Mirror
Writing Desks and Work Boxes Combined, sotnetbini
novel and useful.
Cuffs and Collar Boxes, in Plush and Leather —hand
some present.
Boxes in various styles and colorings, containing Pa
per and Envelopes.
Perfumery Boxes (containing the best Perfumery)
in Plush and Hand-painted Satin.
Scrap Books in different si7es aud styles.
Picture Frames in Gilt, Plush and Satin, in varyinj
Mirrors, in Plush, Gilt and Hand-paiated Satins
useful and ornamental.
Baby Boxes, containing Comb, Soft Brush and Pow
der Boxes; also, Baby Sets in other styles.
l adies Shopping Bags, in a thousand different kinds
and nearly as many prices.
Boxes containiug Silver Knife Fork and Spoon, fo
the little ones.
Albums, both large and small, ranging in price frou
JSC to $15.
Countless small articles, suitable for gifts, such a
Match S'afas, Frames, Card Cases, Backgammon Boards
Napkin Rings, Christmas Cards. Letter and Envelopi
Pocketbooks, Music Holders, Perfumery in single boxes
Bruom aud Slipper Holders, etc., etc.
And at our Dress Goods Counter will be founi
Beautiful Dress Patterns, tbat husbands may remembe
their wives, and wives their daughters in this, acceptably
and well.
And at our Domestic Counter will be found Em
broideted Flannel and Colored Linen Table and Stam
Covers, Table Damask, Fine *>apkins and Handsotw
Towels, Large, Soft, White Bed Blankets, of bssiOal
fornia make, etc.
In conclusion, let ua say that every article mentionei
above will be found leas than the usual price asked ft*
them; but you have been given the reason for the radica
prices, at which we are now selling every article inou
House. Therefore let us beg of you to take advantage o
our necessity and pay our Great Special Sale of Nov
York and Eastern Bonght Drives a visit before making
your selections for Holiday or other goods. Yours truly
J. M. HALE & GO.,
1 & 9 Spring St., Opposite Postoffice.
orckrs have prompt and carefai attention
-A- T
Just Received!
20,000 yards Calico 4 cents
7,000 yards flinhams 5 cents
8,000 yards Lawns 6 cents
3,000 yards White l'ique 6 cents
6,000 yard a Dress Goods from sto io cents
5,000 yards of Brown and Bleached Muslin 6 cents and
5,000 yard* of Summer Dress G tods .Jus. Received.
6,000 pairs of Gloves from sc. to $1 a pak
6,750 pairs of Hose for Ladies at 7 to 35 cents
8,650 pairs Children's Hose 5 to r 5 cents
1325 Corsets from 2oc to $1
10,000 pairs of Ladies Shoes Iroin 75c. to
7,500 pairs Children's Shoes trom 25c. to $1.35
20,000 yards Ribbons from 2 to 75 rents a yard
20,000 yards of Lace from 1 to 50c. a yard
20.000 yards of Jaconet lidgi ii.- Ii nn . 2 to 40c. a yard
10,000 Ladies' Hats, trimmed and untrimmed, from 25c.
to 15.
11,000 Children's Hats from 10c. to $1.
6.000 Plumes and Tips from .. 10c. tosi
6,000 Bunches Artificial r lower- !rom 10c to $1 a bunch
Also a Urge stock of
Boys' & Men's
elsewhere. Call at
239 Main Street.
AM Article jam Article j Air Article jam Article am Article lam Article
Booth, J Booth,; Booth, j Booth,, Booth, Booth,
Sc. i lOc. I lOc. { 530tr. 33c. 490.
People's Store.
These articles are at specially low prices,
so as to enable all to make useful and orna
mental gifts at very little cost.
Is. 41-4S-45 Sh Street.
AM Article lam Article , Air Article Air Article jam Artttt \am Article
Booth,! Booth, j Booth,' Booth. Booth, Booth,
|aax.no| tax. 1 vtso. sec 400. j aoo.
so. si

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