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War Department Signal Service,
U. S. Army.
V ,..., ~,a.™™ 1 „^,.,,b.|
Tjiffi j
P n Clvetlk Sri^Vhavrot^r areaulhortaad
"'urSee o/'ii'mT l.bert Farreb. *
Weather Probabilities.
•1,.1, a.,,-. . . in l- i .-l |tl>
erally fai- weallier
Personal Mention.
A I*. Bmllh, ol Sau Francisco, la regtaler
eleilliefst. Elmo.
Hon l ti Molt. H Ihi' elty. left fur tint
Mr llcratanßlata. of Ilaaulng. Is st.rplug
•t lbs It. Cbarlae.
the ltl» rcil.tered at the 1 House.
Mn Prl.n.ls Mlllrr.ot hew Haven.Conn..
Mlaa Flora Culver dailgbler of John P
Culver, la lying. 11l al bar lather's resldunne.
L. i' Heaves, the feulai foreman id A T.
Cufller't ranch, apaijt Clirl-lmaa lv Ihla city
Jessi 1 Rddy.nl New Turk, a brother ul
Mrs l.nuaslrer-1, who haa ben . ttltlnglhlt
srltr, loit 'or 'ne mirth ii) tin- r. a. train yea
Robert Martin, who nans several Inn* -
laat intue iin tha Qui) Ana tnoantalaa, will
'new. thf,-11, lv January l'- look alter hla
caidafu J. F. Walker, wbo haa bean en
joying a month vacation, will resume bis
dutlea aa I'lilled Rules store keeper ot bou
ded syareboUas No. 4, on Jannary Ist
John P. Corpate 0, a ehainplou hsteballlat
i.l the t'aelde C.iaet. lull bus Angeles yivsler
day, after a few days' visit, for aaa Peroar
-vhtr helnleuds to uoiulnence farm
F. W. tenth, trtliarsl Huperlutcndeul of
tbe A. A lo Railway Company, as.til arr.re
lv a spools! ear via Mojevo 1-day Ills vdl
to bn. ingel.vs lsautip.aH.-d to be In tbe. in
latest of tlda i-..ii'j-aiiv, who are tirepsring lv
'•la-n a road tnruugh tun t ujuu Pus..
Juhu Auderaon who Is an old real
dent of Hh.e.ta, Tehama ami Online n---in-
A Sea of Mad.
Tlie pri wiiittl of tf&Cet? p.-CiCiitid !
k mi of mud ypt<Uird'iy of a auporlor ar.lrla. |
I| was not of tha coar.oo, i Ci'tith outiti'ry I
TOUfl, but ft *■!)>■■ I'tr i. 111 r J worked
mod aN.'Ut the OOiUeUfwioy ol laaltt-r. It
varied tv depth frton Inches dt op on
lhacr.t««l{ii(* to four and Hit lnolusoua
; I lev.-: "I'lie «'. <t."i ■ I arost fr lv f 1 is
aMofffllth waahkt. tu- ■ •uitraottHl
[ten lv a moist plaru. Tho nausti at thii
idsi.tf J i .1 ■' el Mirf.- .a [-■ ii
p. ..\ , ..M. , ,wt ) 7ri/iuU^ , i" , r j
SIHs ~'/^'^'; : ;l;,^.:;,! ; S|
Articles of Incorporations.
Vcsierdiy th* Aftlolea of ItbMfporaMou of I
the liottg Mtiach I.Atid ant] Water l omp'tny
were fllcd. The uhluota ol ihi eotnpany are j
to buy, hold nnd *#U real eatatv In tha
'■■ -1i... ■ \ t ml ton Kancbot, in UiAu-
Bi>!e«ct/uniy, «iol to own aud conduct WAter
.I* -Ud ,1.4.1... a". 4 ft, ■ ■ t.-'i !..>■;. '
H 11. Mott, li v p. M. yrenA Tho '
Capital atock f:o<yjoo nil uf which has
More New Houses.
plftted on tb«- tipper end or vinriti atreet j
A nether liaori.ome realdonee l« ..-i -t.i
plated on Wattt Fourth aireai. Two new
An Insane.
Ye«larday AJkAWKHI WkWrltf Turrle; an.)
Deputy Huber went to a hottae on KUth
street, between Spring and Vori, intake lulo
l uktody a man named Fremont
ropr>rted to be toa«ue The man made aoni*
fi-alatancubut wa* flnally pernuad .1 ( IOAaA
with tbe offleer*quietly. Me wm. uxainlued
cam*. Judge rtm'th ooiiaalSa4 htm to tb.
ineaae a»ymn. at r»tuckto:. AchnKdcr in a
painter by trade and h** many friandi tn
thla elty. Tbeae fraaka o' in.iwt.lty break
■ml t>rraiii'mal)y and he beajQAAOa violent.
Thbt la thtt (north time the. ht liat been com
rnlttetl ti) the J mane aaylnm.
New Crosswalks Adopted.
The CltyCoUßOll, at tha scaaloii un Friday,
did \ thing In ordering flvn n«*w croaav
walkt* where fhey are greatly netMled, aa
any ona who sees their location very well
They are aa follow*; one acroaa
Dowuey arenne at the electric tight, one
Hcroaa Alemeda at Reqttena street, the
worat plaeelnlheclty; one en Third atrtwt.
oroaalnf nm. one ob Cotnmoretal
batweeu H In and Loa Angeles atreeta, mo
ther mmtiiy pwm, and another on Firm
atratit, auioaa Hewitt nreet
The Palm Garden.
Title fnvortle : lace of reaon araa well
p-itronUeo again lajj night by BOM* the
l>*wtladleaandKeMMi.meuof tba elty The
attraetloui who are Jealous of the a.HMteta of j
thn Palm Harden.
Steuner News.
I hai StatWh I Anoni! crrires at Pedro
from the north loilay. passengers arriving
hy thk nornlHoj train. Pnsricuger* bound
at Hah Pedro tomorrow, naaacui;er)t to ar
tvtt here on Tn»M|ay mm utng. Both
A Duck ...
YeetenUy 1 rentiig the following memU r*
of the HeereathM 'I'm Club left for the
llalHna loanend Huudft;. In ptmail of the
wary duck Councilman KH. IKy, Hou. Ii
A. Moriart*. Mi-nra. f. 1 Norther* ft* i i* ■
Kwhfta, Frank Hr.-wn, loa "I amari. c- t
Whit; I. A. Lothlau and Frank tnfalla.
New Offices.
mo I road halt or the Paaei llt.wk i. heli-.c
partftlonad oh* for reel eeHla ofllee.. m ac
commodate tbe. gentlemen who have occo
now nn.tlug.
The Lust Call.
ihe dVtaqn.a .. ■
and two map*.
Caved Seweys.
Abraham Lincoln.
In Chambers.
Sent Back.
Shipping News.
No Call.
Ttun will be nr c*'.; on tb. Produce Ex
Chan*.; until Prlday, Jauuary'M The mein
bate will take a ludlda*.
meat the City.
a ToVwhat' idhvf .IdaeThy't" eiTcdTraeuTut
lbVurie'mnilcra'llnn aud theevwraayaoad I
la a aura Indication "I a hi. building boom
lint spring ll>.dde. tb. jiimarou. M»
la having hla raaidoie"-. at lav couth Main
fl i». Tha interior of the whole house U
j lari^Ung*'also*a* new aaatn room and plumb I
l„, ii.. w-raaiaan,
IdoVl! stal'ra' 'ilia 1 finishings' sre lv natural
on ibeuomar ol Al oi eda and ijummvrelal
i? '.'..-nn. "t hi". ■ ' .'.
■etnlTn tVe'tialelni ul lo the tip of the pin
i -„. .., , n.,,,,1, ■ '
'~ i.algera A fine ann.iy I'-iicniiy 1 liv
suiii: ..i li- rhe aieliH. el lUII.ed Ibe tlUlld
lug over lo M. J. X Hnlleiibenk last mini
Is building a two story eoitiig.i 00 Hope
aueait belweon KlgUlh Slid Ninth atieeti-
There are four i-midi- in floor Two
nay irladowg caieadoyei both i 'le. Thr
noat will ha ii--.it alow
haa nearly c.uupleted a brli'l livery atalde.
nn the corner "I Flral slid Furl alle-la. Ibe
bluet la r.'.a lot /m l, und una urn etnrlta
Hue lllliidit-i! ' 1 -if lioia. i.-iii la- nci In
■ SJatrd !'h» ■ ■ "o" '- "i I tl .«M
His Last Trip.
T -tlAf Mr-< K. Hilber. 1-epuly HherllY,
trill lea*« for Stockton and Han Quentln
with rWuion. llEhiewaltM, t ■*■»>»■. fur tho
former place, kAd Charf>-« tirahmn, iuii
tetioed for burg'nry for Ran thiamin. Thl*
will ha Mr. labor a laat trip lv an offtilal
capacity, aa mo retire* from office bn ib>- ah
of January. He baa taati nerving aa I'eputy
8 her Iff ol this ootlßtJ for all yvertpaat. four
yeara ut.dar i»*?m.«*r*|ic and two ye.r nu
der HherlrtY During tliUporlrnl
Mr. honor h KH takoo in the tuaaita anyJnro..
and lo ftanQuenOuaomethlngover bmr hun
dred pcrtv-rn, und traveling 174.QU0 rAdIAA,
rfgalh-t Mm fio ■ ruelU t ■ ... > ( ri.i-,
ho ha* alwa>- been üb\ '•■ t! - m
-I t..'*. VprV> mmant for Ufa thl
Unas! -Vr ' .!!'!-" X mherii riV.tv.
iiitfut*. tn ah.i.;n oi two Ottteav* J itea
Aitkod to S" lor a drink of wutt-r
an J \%m wo* heavily Jrooeil, tin'
the forward !«» -r of iho t**r be opvtle-l it
... t i'lu' what* t prurtml over ftlA leg rb*
,raln bat'Ht.il to ttit; pi -cc nnd Ju.ie. w.»
/miiul lv a di'fU-rabU conditio, Mr I Inner
• »fo hie leg. Jo-ifi, loo*r.it, only lived
gbo '< nr eight hour* W. It. K-wlnd.
who waa at thai ' : i. Sheriff >f thti o-juuty.
'Mr .tulo • »•.'.»'... ... Itl.-t Will, 11..
wlabca of ill wbo k.o.w him. He haa ma Ie
MtftUMilAriy bAppy to hla method of hand
ling Inaanu p-soplo. Tho 11 ream* wlahe-i
hi in a >»ife return wm h(» last trip.
Land Office Items.
['he reoent luvoattgattonii by the -pteUl
hotpentorn of the (ifllce lv thlr* district
ol rVnithern California have aAved the Gov
ti tNM m,«it> acroa of land, which other
wlm won id ha vn been fraud ulentlypiitentad.
Although there f" rjtiito i-i lintnlgr tlioti o
the Mg Tn |«A|A t'afion no demand haahevrt
for an olTlelai aurvev of i • pontic
laxida-.uifidr of th« patent, and till ihi, l»
made "i»l> poar«eaaery title la valid. Tbt
, . ■ ' ' , l: . , -1
ii.- ,' s 1 : "'!» the Und «re Uken.
Pnrliiß the part nn otb oi Novemher there
were thirty tan homeataads Died In Ibe
orHce, eoi .--nr (,".>•).;«, acre*, the prvj-anftf
[1..v ••■it T.ered Any imrlus the
iiiOO acres'were taken up aa State indemnity
eehool t>nle«tli>iiA.
The Sewers.
Th«r« are sewer- and *tu<vrs. H«wera are
made to carry off »ew ige Uuturs are made
to ttttrvy off H.x»d*. Streets are grtdftd Irom
crown lo gutter to run off the foods from
the streets to the gutter* Tba lovers are
not dealgued to carry off lha floods of
water*. They inny do a little otfiitteu*
work of thla kind * t.eu ihey ar • • tatrtt. i*d
to iheir full capacity in r-.tr/.-, trm
e'-ntraetalodor It la pure, si'up.i pair:
■ tie work on their pan whan thai «. tm a j
.\- M. m- ■ ■ ,-|, ' J
it «ood to dual Wata out. Only this and I
nothing more.
¥ ollowlug la b report of work d vie by the
Young Men's r Mutt an * ■ t " r the
pest week' Attendance at reading room
par dar. St. total 441 Atteudaac* at tha
BimAaj j. .« yonng meu nxalaied to
work, in, nick, rlilted, 5 burl*] ul a ai ran
ger, 1, Mink j -iv in •!■ to v thf in ■ 'or
!« Bcraugcra will tin well to note tht I",
raading room o| the AiaotHpatfa which la
Sunday afternoon meeltnr 'rma ( |e)| r, St.,
in one ol tba he*-! tn the (Hty m»d the muaie,
whleh Id worth 10-artng, no-..ides an organ,
Hula and tXWWai. The hall is In Nadeau
Passengers Due From the East
Trie following U the Hut of paseeugers
* ;:.» h.<■ 11 rht -■" • , ut- . m
rive In T-oa Angelco at ti. JO r. tt to-day,
speclall) telegriphed to the Kkuiio from
Hen,l Selling, 1IU» (liiaate 8e ilng, PorV
Laminated From Pipe.
I Ta. Lamia.!.!, trot pip iiMaaJ lit* |
ed He tint ran of pipe thla laat week. Thl* 1
Ie « new inanal.trlnilai .■ wrp.i*e which
City Hall Foundation.
I Yenterday afturnoou Ihe trmetal onmtiiittoe
Botany*] l.y the City QrMMMaI 'vtiatitlnf ol
I Maaatav Hamilton, Holhrook. Hi . i n. Hunt.
d Ua«* ban mmfir fMt»Mh%* '
The Signal Services.
preaa wIU ataaw&ai jar. Ua. rwp-jrta wltk
: all delay or error. Tbe record I now In
Christmas at Spsda.
! T here waa .|ull* a pleeeunl Utile ...l.erli.r.
j ol frtenda .1 Ihe realdatic* ol 1. t Merlloo*.
I llieeveoliiiT waadell.ntlu i- aponi aud Mr!
Ilnrttniu auatajned hi. r.puui.|.u>. (orcener
A Christmas Souvenir.
lb. rtdrlpl of tb. remlttltar lb. condemned
bis ihlrtj lay. I grade, end tha Superior
I Judge tv his merer aaa add a law dan lo
I tba lull laat fl tba deelabK
| 111 tap laid WIS I ourt uf tb. State nf fall
j .Hawaii nearly '.pt.4i.lt. • eabKSB kept by
width' ot the walk. Aa the daoaaart and
Itia'll'ealJtdtVlm lime
eda.dktdfa. tsbar w. Ie .wall wiiniab An
| I'l'.cl.e". ""hen- waa aou'taw wound lv tbe
j !...:u* ..'in-iii the,tall uippie. aad aa Ineli
{ both tlie wetroda tv the inn atatl thi-miem
I the side w.oi lou-esteri / lata., J i* . ..I'm
lead, !/ 'I. - -''" '*M '
llta* any was seam l.y my ..I the wltue.se..
not tvea V; tho uefahdaaL. Tbe eaae tate c
• da ivb'Ntoita "lines bj the defendant u|a.u
ii.ukey, an atlentpt by the de"t*as©d, how
'. an , r.aiaud ( blood
! el. •••>' '.'.! VeVhupv .<:,'» hundred
v lhe\ordlet'. 1 ' * " ""^
ih. ilaeaTa. «.f the Court to tba jury la re
markably mil. ele.tr and correal, wlih tba
low ai laid down by thr Court the defend
ant had no cauae nl r..mp...lnt; and the ver
diet of the Jury la lully juatlfled by Ibal law
and the evidence pi, eu iv tha eaae.
We euuuitr: Moaaison, C.J.
Ross, I,
ktYKica. J.
\pjieal from 111' a , . , ~ i ■ -tnfl.osAn
eeii-s l.'ituuty '/.. T. C lauii -md Caufleld dt
liitiiiruii lur appellant. Alloruey to i •; .1 ni l
blcpbeo M. V* Idle for retpoitdaut.
Hapl><-uliiK« in thf lttniuff I'lty nf !
Ihe Flavin.
Ww Uultortn Rank, X- ol P., belWm Thura
dk) evening wu « happy nhcc'M. At In
tfll-t ing feature -Jf ihit ctlAehm wu five
tihlnail K| emblematic of the order, arranged
aod** the direction of K. A. DeCamp, ah
■latwl by Mrs I Mumpand MieeTUtll«> Thick,
tiling, Promptly At v o'clock the ball opened
with tho grand mur -h, ( -..uniting of eighty
oouplee, Including the. elite of Putuoan mid
vicinity. Tli* weather wa», during tho day
and evening, exceedingly bad, but If had no
effVi whatever In dampening tho ard >r of
the gallant Knights, and they foe! highly
elated over the affair The .n-mngbrn, Meearh-
IM'ump, WW * iff Ann Lonckn, il..wr»» ape
c.ial credit HineotUmwiLh the itu i
tAfialMllnil HI tbt' Order* Int annum I
King Jk BmiXh have taken charge of the
Pnrss Hw
l:«.«k I ft 0 Krieo will open a grocery ct
lahtl-liineiit in tht Hank Blor-k I
T A. I'ord'ii Palace Keetenram no longer
serve* tha hungry. Sir. Cord retiring from
thf btMSWM
rjAlAl t ilowiaml ere preparing for a big
aleol nuraerj good*.
Tbe Riitttrr neWirpanet will change prnprl
■'t'.r.-hip J MMi-.'i ' j.*-- ,
.4 great giAsy atteugen bare l>eeu in thla
toatt&tt lately. an 1 •.-•■nalderabla Und la be
ing told.
Tho Pomona Valley Drank will move Into j
lv uew he.i<li,riartcn, January let.
Pomona will lv aM protnthftity ha re a new
Journal next mouth. It will be own Ibj a
nloek company, who will make ft dm eleaa
in BV«ry rchpect.
om mere..*.da r. port a fair holiday trade
It laatid ttiKt the parti** Interested la the
ut-w h.itei pr j.-.-i mdAt baMnem and win
ptislt forward their very comiDendahie en
. orl •-. Pqatona neaia a nrevelAaa hotel
■ boVa t vcrytbtng.
Pomona, l>e«*eii.V!»ir ii?th. H«».
Population Forty Thousand.
The jnarvelona growth of the ilty la well i
111 tatrated hy the lucre***. In the naraea of 1
the new directory now being prepared t>y .
Mc-asr*. uw«'*. and Krnst The list of name*
bo* rtrachea nearly i*oo In uumher, which i
IntfTaatea a popftleJtftft of 4d,i.a10 persona at I
(he present Thla fact will ]
ra.nl Itt time the ttnraaaan lor the 41
Los Angeles at New Orleans.
at a rntv'iitiiT m mo purler* of the lx»
Angolaa National Hank of ihe Financial
Comm H»" -tppoitited for the purpnu of
eat slug i-.Tnoj, Ie have southern California
sdv-rtlaed .tnd represented at New Orleans,
it waa the ttnj.u.n.«os sentiment that U was
of great hiten i v, this .-ml of tbe SM-ite that
i' it'"' , nt ami V k"-I'UV-O* !., V,!?r,^rM'
J X weCo.na* ~!,! K. K.l'almer.of J*.»te»ma
Jaa. MeFaddeu ami W H. Hpnrgeoo, nf
It waa decided tn commence tut«v«3nj
*atth after the lt>( it January The mm mi'
adjourned aubject to a Mil of iheChalrmmi.
A Rose Paradise.
I Hi* H.a4J.r> aokoowlcdgee the receipt 0;
la bun ol beautiful roaoa and r.iaebnd. Irom
lMra.llKoMDbawnolPaaad.ua. Thl* lady
Improvements in the Coart
' '." ' •• '• • •>, 'hi 'iry liui au'l
Meassrs. Morris and Rogers.
frank Morn and W. U Kojcr., who w.-rc.
t arreted ort Hear Rl(h atreel on Prtdey «»«r,
. 104, lor disorder!? conduct, and who raaiated
The Egg Trade.
I j »«ry lard BrvpoftHaU. Tbe buauwai la
! UaVonVi^ta« n !MiUIi h *VM «ate.' at' ibe
! prndnre . iclutnfc ; ne.trdar colodated _ v
| caeca at 2a eta. per Jriaeu.
Progress of the sale of the valid
Trast Luis.
j i>Ua:ks uf three Imi.ln-d sud Iweuty fwt,
I with allcyi betwvon.
UO4 i,ect*aifizij)r fur -|iQl.Hcnt['ia but at »
; fuiir tutf* tn f'MMI fulfil.;
1 Our *»l r. «.!»--< itly.fit Huach *n
ll .Jl ' ■« '. 'I
1 Kmtoi Urualp Th* mitttn ol pro ( ii>rty
Iti l.*jt- ('«,ntral portion of this city My they
d't-wllMutU pay toy rtti.vtu.ble price io
i 'ill -•' tbb mHa ftnd chuck liolv* every
wtOU.r, bal thoy think thnt forty renUi p< r
•qu*re loot to p**« the street* wltb aqaitrt
Mo«ks U ft lUtl* ntor« tin > w«nt to
■lard it pr»»t«oi, und they w know that
tht. MMU p*} 1 frviu the hJIU ih a lima
l»u| *n*X Is but l.ui-i bt'itiT, If any. tlian t>ie
uuturjannttlKTU: -,r thn t>u'! will
"Scwr, twlth touukt, lM» tho
pn • orty i.wowri o« sin- city Tltat I i:«ii
mane a hkml, subht*jiilal Mad-bfil, thai wiu
laid f«-r H. ViiAt tw my ycttrn, ami wlil i
(lift fit? :> .[ JUJf tn Veep h. ropalr, aud will
I n-iiulr. mm witt r ti> tttrp a moist Iv iuu.
It»\, [he woikto u< '.luiie tv 'lha (oJJoaln.
I tiiui-f. Hy urst t;\o*va|luf aud rtHiii.»l..t*
j tfii lot'hfa <>/ tin proMiu road i ltd tbeo *>tv
•M i ".i >. hiift i i w.i ii ftijh.y tmmt a 1 ie,
It would rji.pl the i-r-'pi rly ftir -ue half tlie
: tutir f> ! £tit!er, fft p»r
' 11 MN Kf.piftliiil. ■ I .» HUM. H.
Rnperlar Caart llaward. J.
RATeaoAY, lien. J7lb.
bawls, eaeeuirlz. vs. Adams— Continued
till January Inn.
Honey vs. Vi arn-n at al.-Motion for ot w
trial aat (ur aigiimeut Dec. vMh.
arr aoa mokuay.
Ilolllagtliead vs. Hater-Trial.
nMiTlt, J.
Sata.enll. l>. Miller, deoeaaid-will ad
mltlc'l lo pndiata.
Ollu Slrube; el al. is. P Davis el ai.—Judr;
mi-at lur ileli.ndauta.
Aiviin t vi. .ilvan ■-Decree o! dlTurce
granted aa prayed fi.r.
isrr port r.
E.tate of Julia J. June. Will.
KsUlii ul Ciller -l etllinii for U-llerv
Estate nf j. A. inylur-i'i tlil..n i-.r leitera.
K.uteol J..bn c. joltta I FJn .1 necuunt
Minor Courts.
ji'hti. s una.
W. H. Oa«*-Kli. tmrntit iieiit; ' I '.. i
lAUr.t A. i..1: j! »r >■ dlM'liar*aat
I* Tailna--Aw&nlt with ».i. art:, <r«ip>o,
dl!.nhai J gi.'V
JtIMTICI w. .it.-. ...
Atlre.l ali.rrla-IMaturliuf tbe MM] ISO. !
IWUI.im Kosera -lialiery. |75.
2?.!u.ai1)«l Fiiao—Aaaantt ta aiunlcr oou
''unod 'Hi January 10<b.
liouraf Miller nMurbliig tlie l earc; •»
ST. CHAId.K*!.
L Colli, a Bdmi H lvulboue, lad
0 Cotttfmk. OftUAnd B X PUadaN. 1-ang,.
C h »at.., I'umona v nuta. baui.iug
- M .l-.»utKnro"r>-A w. \t Oajpaulvr. M.isa
i'.'l'jmbm F 1> Ncnilab, Ci.uu
i> w M«rrii»i>ii, s q.ibi il Ii - .neei.i, * .m..v *
J w.Coiupto.i Mi3a Headiinou, "
ll'll Mtaad.Sacnui) (• Dr Marabali, jindt
1 R llaeoii.San Jilau C ' bvt a, S iwliiu
M(I Mmiplu.N M * I. i • ..!.
Mias >*teum«u, Hpa.lra 1* Alviaa, "
U W mil Haul* Vna a r r«>l. J r. rutute
P Alward, WUmiugi'n l 1' iCvtb, 1.v.,t.i
A M llol.nrla, Uowih-j I. 1' kellcr. I'nnion*
J ti Mprlakle, KlMnrlM
f J Bonl„«J, 3 P J W liTrne, Tnattu
111 FomU, " kji Pool .•• w.j Hen
A I Smith. " til U>ivi» A w,
l' 11 fraiona 4 wife, 8 fix A w, rhlla
i v... j tux, "
« X (J v/lor.i. Chicago A il Todd,
k » Rlahop mfimlei
Effects of the Rain.
I'artiei In from fipadra, Ajnaat, Duarte and
Tomona, report the fatal of great hciicAt to
tbe farming country At each nf the almvn 1
named i-eltlemenii, tlie ground hi in excel
lent condition for plowing and fanner-, gen
erally are improving the oeenalon by strain
lU| every effort to put In all rha 1 \nd availa
ble. Tb». grasse* are fprlnging up nlceiy,
wMle the effect* ef tbe fate rain appear* to
have given vitality ebd*tutW life to vegeta
tion ol every aeeetiptie*. Ltrye tracis of
ittudlt) thrt vlciiiit) of Axuaa and Pomona
are large tracts being 1.1 mv Mrkvand
wheat for bay, n* it in hellered to >. an
AUHpleloua nen •■ju.
The Emerald Club.
7bellterar> and aoclal club organlrel by
Ir.ah guntlemen. met '«fl night la J>idge
■ ej-gau a Court room. On motion tbe name
changed from Cestui American to that
of The Emerald Cluh>. which now become*
the aatae. A targe uumt-er of new
rreaaes the roll to a namXtraUp if Sftp, 1
th«t ti*ae _
William Johnaon, tbe fetlov who v,iu
found I'rilay night with a coil of nxoic
coui ied for garden ho»e in his pi ■naealftfi.
w»ui lait night arrcatfd on v ,rran. for thr
thwft of Mid hoao Mr*-. Wotaon. pi first
•treat.laid ctajat to the property nnd alleged
that It wu itnien.
i bf : Chrlctm^j*'-eo !'*atiou which ergfj t«
given lVirettu ivenlng hy the
Y. M. C A. Nt lliilniiui C hnpel k» JKwt-
ti|ii'-m-rro<\ evenln. ' j ■
The aerf lech will be ond-r .if ehmge ..f
Key. W H. Kamaey.
Fishing Party.
Captain J. V Janes, acc.m>panled hy aer
era! pt.'i.o'M ai - h ri, left la«l cvfiiiug for a I
mooaHght Bahiug pmy at Hmt-i Moolaa. I
The tireaiaeh in lA-Je-'t or «ttack, I
and the party were looniti-d 0» an rhiind-inc
at low thlo
The Police Commission.
The new PoHoe Cmamlaghyd. oodjgtatla| of j
th« following officer*elect, j
«*hle? oi P. .n:e Met.otriv and P-cidMlt
Mllea, will m. et on Mond vy, when api ir
iloua ior m the police lorci will i
:ho aettataae.d. Ap*.fc*tt< i* ire trutnaretn. j
I pany lo redoes It. lorec In aH departments.
Officer Batelle.
offleei llotello. who waa kicked hy Roger*. 1
a man whom ha had under arreet Friday
Light, la not ao oadiy hurt as hla friend.
laOOgbl Mr. rtoteliowae Wa .aaterdav and
will reaunta duty lv a abort time.
A Grand Hall.
On New Year's eve there will he a (trend
hall given at tha hotel iv Mpadra, Uy the
ioaiia men ol that .i,-!ni.> t Tilei.aeut
t'me la anticipated
I lA'. uh .1. Ill' c . 1t... ■ 111' •■ !•«.!,, IVU
to ibe wila ol W. W Taylor. Kaa.. a daagli
■ ■ --
Residence for Sale at Auction
I Keadln Baragaes -.1 non Thl. I. a ere.Hi
aale at Wi ;*r Mat. per anniint.
Paint Garden.
Concert to nlgrt l.y the h- rhn lady Or j
26 Atl-Woel Scotch Oheviet
Newmarkets st $7.50.
, 26 All-Wool Imported Berlin
Dolmans, full length, heav
ily trimmed with all-wool
ant rank an. at $10.
26 All-Wool French Matel
lasse Newmarkets, richly
trimmed with fur aud or
naments, $30.
23 All Wool Ottoman Oloth
"Patti" Ooate. handsomely
tririmeU wi:h all-wool an
tra a Van, at the rxtremely
low price of $26.*
26 Satin Hhariamns Dress
Skirts made with Panels,
Pleatmgrrt, Draperies, etc.,
at $16.
Tailor Mafle Goals
Popular float and Suit tae
21S. Spring Street,
Excited Thousands.
lo'trl'r. Kln,;s Ne* I'Tne.ivcry for Con
mmpllnu. I ht.r , n!<)osted for r. eovery hy
Dm m.ly aaa of UtUcrt ■ ? Uf. tarjiuthsnu
|.• v Mn.- v'.-h; rt ad i.«,nga. Tr'ul
Nn Iftiitl Tin..— .
P*uy report :l brisker holiday bual il esslk«A
th' -, have ever aspeartmeed. The rule of
giving a pn bcot aitfi evaiy fait exc:ed!rtg
■ :>•.• ,i.il!nr they n ill contluue up to .'unitary
1, U«5.
Imported Plush.
leather gnoda at Meltc-neli**, Rose Block.
Arpad naraacthy A Aa.
nl H \n Francl-dco, have a limited number of
aaa*. id eaaoeted California wine* at their
Nuw York agency. A most sult'true holldav
gift for their frieuti Hat.
Sheet Music.
Too can buy sheet muafc for live cent* a
cope at the I >* Angelea New* Co., 114 lotttta
Spring St. U'all and get catalogue, de'J Its
The Raffle
.Fnr the b. iL.iful full rigged ship, put Up
for raffle at the Cap! Horn Bah**, grill take
pl«( ,> lotya' . auernoon, cnru'rol M and
Preferred Specials.
tiHKPN TEA Irr'tatci; KOLA TV. A *U mo la tea
.Mm Smith and Harry Jnnea n*c nothing
nut Kllte Bonnet Try It
Try Lankerahiin A Co* new proceat roller
To young widows It you deiire another
h'uhand, Bag Pattl l Premium perfume*.
Mince Plea- -The oldJuuion. Good brand
and fn-l rn.dr X v(.: j lily, at the Ainerban
Bakory, Corner first and UaLn atreeta.
The Very Best Fruit Cake
ii :irk md luting i^their c fleet" ii the cure
of al! lungdhteaeee. Ho eayv Mr. William■.
Parisian < hrtatneu* a.e»cltlee
At Mcrvmell's, Rose Rlneg.
Haa receive*! a !»Hi»f M« chocs, and Inejfce.
inspection of thr aanv . el il Sovth M?in. op
poattcOp.raHoT.ae. dec" lm
Attention Sportsmen.
1 If yon want any -tflea, phtobt,
I nmmnnltlon and rll kinds id Mi ning gmads
I v.-td aud goaranii.ei'!, gu f< H. Hh-ttttrto*ek,
i on pie Piewk, opimelte the 0 i. Hotel
i>t"it i renu HalTa. dally, tt th. Amerl
c id lUfcery, comer Flrat find Main inrevt*
* m i- c.
At m >4 banauet*. dinners and ptrtica the
j lenMa Kxtra hry i=i naed t*y the elite n
1 aiuatra of all other champagne.
Palm Garden.
C-.ncen to-night by the lierlin Lady Or
j eheetra. ~m , .
E. R. Miliar & Co., Chicago.
| Read their "Health Tr.ict " In another c».l
num. h Javaa, hnrek a B'*'. leyvaaat .t
J.tbnaon, Chicago TeaStorrand ftorlt k Bn»
" lUh,m ' ~
Fit For The Gods.
The latest epicurean decoction. Call aud
I simple ar .t Bayer a ':u., whllaaeJt nnd
.'••tall dealer. In Fer -ign and ik'mep-tir
1; ionra. 1» North Vain atreet
The ho.lday gooda at McPoneJl'i-, Roae
The Old Nkntlng Ulnk.
Oreet tlm*a at the oM bating rtnV ttt
| H'mte. 4t>rlng »treet.
Medicated Inhalations.
treating over 57. patient, during th. pact
Elegant Cakes.
r*..r <-iii-.m rake. and en anefit* go io
ktOM>r*a Bakery.
Timm Ocll. lon. KMlirn Orater*
Are now betng served st Koeler'e Bakery.
Oorlew mm* ilveTer p.-' .r . K..IU .l.eek HI,A
coraar of nDnwg ud Mec-jod streets.
c We are now Bhowing as
Oomplete lines of"
■ Hats,
Hosiery &
1 Aa Oan be found in any House
on tho Paoiflc Ooa.tt.
AU New, Brifrht snd Fresh,
snd at
MacMillao Ho..
! s i
% 5 X
S3 g g 3 «
!g 5 o 8 I
|cacao O if]
E=a t 5 s *
!E —■ 03 O Q w
L—t. . £ 111 H g
I=3=3 W i 0. D
pxq bp I*, if, Q
Ell .3 o ft 5
' r-d V 4tV
r5 o 0
=== '3 o CO I
-er-CJ b Z H
■'►—3 $ C OQ
1 E=B ed h kj
& O &
1 w
I dee. Ha
Harper & Reynolds Co.
CAPITAL STOCK, - - $250,000.
j MANtT-Atm iIKK.S' ANION rv roi:
KieeMer ••AM f Co'« (Mwrter One Stove, and Binees, St Untie;
P. rrj 4 Se.l HUrr«ai.<HKarigea, Albany. NY; "
Pilot r.nameled Hollow War., laical arid beat.
Klder A Irleiaon a lint Air Pumpblg Haglne;
Auardre Portable I ..no.
San PrwltcUco Vitrified Stone Sewer Pipt
We are .bowing an elegant Hue of
Mantels and [Grates, Fancy Setts Brass Andirons, Coa
Hods, Etc.
48 &50 Main, 61 &63 Los Angeles St, Los Angeles.Cal
ana l«-eni
ana mm a Fin lands
In Tlie IMCllos Tract,
Situated in one of the GREAT GRAPE PRODUCING sections of
Los Angeles County, and all within Irrigating District.
Sold in Ten, Twenty or Forty Acre lots, or larger tracts if desired. Also some
No. 1 Farming Land. limited amount of desirable Oity Property. Call on or
Merchant Tailors.
TlwLVery Latest Styles of the Finest Fabrics for Buitin.s snd Trouserings- Just Becelved
' decJiS
~I=»- O. 13<r>tr. (dell :•» 'TV-1 cpltona SSI. j
The Gilpin Sulky Plow;
Made by Deere & Co., of Moline, 111. For Sale by

58, 60 and 6*2 lm AngpleH Street.
Dealers io Agricultural Implements
d.-a mi
House aid Lot I Seventh St.
LOT 55 176.
H<in>« HARD KKH . tu* rot.
lain. at»n«ii!i., IMn and Hall, >!
,ii;i«n(ll;ig flue vfawof -eimhoM:
p..rttoi. ..r ihe ell.. IT oallad for aoon,
NhANEV'S Shoos arc
Alwav* Reliable.
So, II Mill Main Slreet.
ilee7 lm
ii' '. Kih'P.xT VIHWH e»er jiro
Prof. O. H Van dor I.ind*i,
Hydro-Oxygen Stereopticon
rirat Leetim will lake pIMa flu
Saturday Evening, Deo. 27.
mibtael/'THIi LAND uFOOHHRX." «te
Pec.in.l Ix elur*. on TI'Edl'AV RVKNtKU,
llee M Cuhleet, 'Arahl. l'elra," elo. Oloa"
In, aach leeiure with hiii.mroti* picture*
an.l beautiful dlaeol Yin« tlee «
Tlehela, ..... MM
Hr.er.ra Naaila, ... lie
i hll.rea, ..... ta*
To Ik bad at B.laliuan A Co'a, 111 N. Main
Ml . >ud althe d.wr dMlat
I For Balls, Parties, Operas.
F n irfl.Mi". Plenlra, Ac, engage tha AVrdie
Phaeton or Cab Tram onotatrd lo cm half
the ooet of a hack.
fl South Bprlnx at, Nad«au Block.
.AuctioA Sales.
By JOHN c. HELL 4 (;©., 1
UAL EBTAT* »*»i«E!(IH4I.Al!0T1ONTOM! f
om.-a, Hooni si. T.m|,Mi 810.-k.ovw
UM Count* Buic ,
Km oatate in til partaof ttie clir, turlnd
lot ran lontae and Inunuaa proprrtl«a ■ h
, »nd ran. kn, m> divided and aotd at auction ot
■fa, Kerala*,.. J-on sM .» and rru.t.«,'fa|i.bfill. "
Holland roomer antadj ol I
I ropertj, bold uo». rol attor-.-r lor .baent***, I
c 11.1* root,, attend to U>.«, li ..niu.re, .tract I
aorfc. lrrprfi»em«tt>t« nnd hatl.llr.Kii.
A'ao, enrtl.r., hor-ec and ama*-r mart and
r yard, Angriea atraat. '.. tweoe. Pint and
' Wetlnesflay. MIS 1884, ■
In the Afternoon af O'clock. J
A tint innMra Mttan».Ho.2SSOhc«tnnt J
•totr, MaaMra rhot, fi rtMiaeiMbitti k md *
fcliwii ci> • -ft-i in i-\ cry t,„.m all m Avru am 0
~.";;:i, r ,.;;, . , ^r,V n i"'^'»"..v , ir l
, and tl. iiuiot V* aiirpaaiiSl *
fi! "j 1 , l »
! nmi.n '.' III! i" ."art nan njr *
I <>»»»r la laa Elite ! I,„ '],'." ', ,'„'
b« eaamlued overy daf nfler ll a. a.
datllt JOHN C BEI.I Anollniiorr
' tin Tltol.l TTIFATRf UPHIA IfH rtp 5
„ 51»... niin.nprlun lor lha lara-oat pleoee. I
—hiimk ,j.,..1>y ol athoul on.. thmiaatid. Ii
tsft£i* l-**""™. "" '"""* ' *** J ''
JnllN 1.. MM I A'icttoije.r,
attorney 'o laid and again ol I L Walton,
I ol Kail I rani 100, lloom tl Temple I.look,
I OTer iho Ua tmalf ttank koidjk i m
irowsTia ok.**, "
. I lla>, raeao»ad .lf nawkttoro, No 17 u„ r . 1'
I irala, .mat. „ J
| w»..lmu« aad H<rt*ll Dealer la
fines, Lipors aid Cijai-s,
*-i SiH TII SI'KIVf. ST.
Sole agent lor Ih* ateMgp&j
Partlea deatrine u> send Kut
f'allfor»ia «in.-. Tor Hii'lday
wm do-all lo call on Henry Baer, v I am
OnedoMn lv s oiuo. ahipped lo my part ol
the tolted ataten, freight prepaid for
' »0 A CASE.
Steam & Bonea California Wines
and Brandis* a Specialty.
i f? 'o"" " I r * , - tI, »'•*»•», '•»« Of tannliuT
lau*l. 3 wile, from erty limlta, all lenced
■oa crcea lv.tcvd with rabbit pi. cl fencing
i c i ..a 1 it. pro vi.) v. .t-'i v.l, y,. r t ~f choir.
varletlee, « year, old The* vine, an well
cured for and In apleadld nomllUon. The
nlrvtriia". id"m "Tboret' 1 b '" fc*
abl. rul.e, or »11l be acid In nubdlvletooj ol
portuoUy f..i^iL P, j ,l rt rtT ijttn£li^ r e clem op
*" Sr * ••• • »»'» and rroßteuie »*»
In frull alalog or tenenl (arming •
acree good land on Keahiiiiton atroet,
ilnprnred with treoeand vluea In bearing;
h..ii.-.• ..I tbr.v roonu, barn, «v>-«l wall ol wa
it r new pinup anil »l«ai.,ii[, all good
laud, near lha city and cheap; KOUO
2(0 eorea, all flrat olaaa ralle* land, la tea
. i. 'Ice varletlee
V *' t hfla-Tlng, at*a; i... Sat i.aaorte-1
; >• -Hug of orange.
««a. e'lc: hneee, barnT corral aadall'm'
ptovemonte Particular! at oar ofetee
a "TUT r S r T bl « h '>' Improved near Santa
uaajcbole. biaagatnraa in full bearing,
;•»">.<"<«• t""d barn, Mailt and out biftefT
IOKa- pun worth of furniture In an* aouae.
rhlslaone of the beet h.,inea In rkiatbery
i;*llforula and la offered for aale an ferr
rraeouable lorma; HS.OW
A Hare tlargalu Within al* uitlc. of
auxed end goee w(:h
baled bay. The plai c cull ten ti.li.of her
P" •■«. on ihe average, each year. Three
end ',oo h'ui.'e power "uciudod*
til (he Boole,anil Shoes
at 'Wits are ciisloni
manuraetiired and trill be
solil al a great reduction.
Mo. 11 South Main Street.
ItOOU* c anj 7, IH TBE
Allenßlock.eo- 3prtn*«T»mplaHta
Loa Angel.a. eeeel.lteti.d for tcataaaat a*
"I all kin J. rtt. finnorrhm, Olegt, aygarHal
SocMial Waaltne.. and Impoleu.-j. Tnstfonoi
Uo * fJ '' podai aW-rlo
P*oToi'«a) * ai l""-**.
Notice of Disflolutioiv
l»o(lee I. hereby given that iheparHVeralila
eal.ll oi i.Mvreon iSe nnderelciurf oiider Ina
firm najaio anil etvleuf felutoch trot ladla
-..Keif l.y nml'lHl c.-fi.ei''. am nui.'nntlfng
'•"••« '"' r '"l" «* Ci.l!.oi«l bribe new
Arm i.l Keintneb A Kamlen, cmdoeed of A.
Felninnll aud 1 Hainl.h, who will alt*, par
oVrntw ArHii.i ii hamiilii
Certififiate of Partnership.
We, Abram K. lnin. i. ami Adclph ftnmleh
,1 hen by . ertHv that we conatilDte a pan
,i ul, ' ™
1... Angalel. lion. lea, laai.
mi am pkintti <'n,
Rvicdlng In 1. A
North Haua atraat. * tlf9Ql * l1 '

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