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Los Angeles Daily Herald.
< 'leveland
on Civil Servitr.
Frdiirisi'd Martinez tv b*>
iH Ltw Aiik*'l(»s foiinly- -Mar*
to the Hcrultl bp A**tw<ftfrd Prssv.)
N*f Vokk, Doc. .-s.-I'he K*Uonal civil
hervlc.' Het'irni league, under date of De
ciiinher 40, ndllreused s letter to Preddent
elect Olevelaad, In which it announced the
(ear that the new admiuistrrttlou might hot
carry out thu prortaiousof the Civil KeivUe
AtaaKY, N. V , December ift, 188j.
Jb Ikt UuftotoOU Oft/foe ■W'l'i'iin* Oarfij
Djtah Hia —Your ooiumur tenth« divtcd
DtCcmhe-20th, addressed lv me ou behalf
o( |b« Nutloaal Civil Service lteform
League, hac toco rceelved. I bat practice
reform in tho civil eerviee I a demanded
established hy tht fact that tbe
statute referred tn lv your con.n. muMi -. v
punt.l In t ougres.. wltb tbe assout of btith
asrtl«s, and hy tho further, Xae,
lhattbe aeutiiiteut ia generahy proraleol thai {
Mu-tatleiirepeopiecallingforafalrand bon
aM aaforusme.it of the law which haa Wen
Una ent'* d 1 rvitaii rny.e.f ple.hve.Uo |
tats, tfjuauic inyT.mrieptioii of LiueD<)nto I
MUeiaith ami public duty tuat 1
Una bad all other *,*ti.te* a. mid be Ui
good faith and wltUoui ev.iai m unforce.i ]
aad be. rum- In in *>*y utu-ruue. a made prior
to toy election a* Hrt aidant tt was approved
•Oct promised tn* peoriu that ihi* »huuld
be done Imn not ut-miudfut oi the fact to
wWt-h yonreiertha: uv ny of your . m.co
leu that the .'..":■! party i ltaage iv the
Natluusl execulive ni*y demoustrute ihat
atmses hate up in the t?ivtl aervico
which aw luvrodlcable. I know they are
deeply rooted and that the .polls system ha*
been suppoaotl to Ne utlu.-ueiy related ;o
is-UJuu, and I urn uel aura that tno«e who
prohiaa Ui U irU-ods U. thai n.rui will stand
IntQt uu u« It* advocate* wheu they ttnd
ttUooktrm-iiiikf their way to patrouage and
place: hue, fiidy appiui'i.it;iiv the trust com
ESTeattw reltutatfou oo my part of au
eShast effort to enforce this taw. There 1* a
'Mdljrt'jiovcrutaem poviuon i which ar* not
batsTiil.-b are • .1-. ■ .... r.-' ■ poll
ffffllg*f* l alatr»t*ou that removal there 1
■BkWb. be m*dt 'iuriilg the
karma fur which they wtr- apptdn.td, solely
Dupartiiau grounds ttnd <-r ti.e purnofo* of '
putting hi their alatien thowe who are iv po
Uoeal acoord with tbe appointing power I
but laaot now boidlni; sm.-n pn»!Unui have j
forfeited ali Ju..i tfiatm« to r.-..-. . (~.. ,
they used their place* ior p*n> putpoeea. io
dlaregard of their duty t t ihe people aud bj
UttM, lltsteail of neing deivm public ser
vanla, litey hive prosed i.temMtlveaofTfii
live part xant. aud um>orupu)oua in iuibti
lators of local politic* The ItMtmus of the
past should bo unlesrued. Such oinciAU, a*
wall a« tholr s iccetsora, shout Ihe tituaht |,
ihatanHrUney, raueas tad devotlou tv pub l
lie ddty are :h- eoadltloasol melr umtDiu
aucr iv public piac i, and that the tguiet and 1 1
bOobtruslVe exvrcUf ef iudlvh: .< t p..line t, 1
right* is the tea«ouablo measur.* of their
Mrty service. If I were uoua but i
catty friends I absiUid deem ft entirely
proiMW to romlud tnem tti.it, tii.i ighthe com
{"gadmluo. itiou U lobe Do in ocr at i«, *..iue
regard for ttt* people-, Interest doe*
Lot penult fuithful pur.y work to be
sUay* rcwar.lwd by sppotutnieat tti inf.ee.
may expetit all proper tti.'u, t-e.lec
.tvii aerriej- rule*, will be ba.ed un.m ,uin !
r.dent im r iiry aa to fitueas, liiatiliiti'd by
ihe** eliMrge>t with that duty rather than
epou the persUteuf lmpori.iulty uracil
wUtdted receuuaejidaUoua nn behalf of can
Jilate- fi.rapponjtir.aut.
Youw ** r
THF Ifless. -Mir MX
The Waaler a»• .pie ifn.e a tu
ple of C*la>*>iial Crime.
SS>.- Ini TUiatinn f>»o
veywf«s>tl>e pnllre ln«t 4aturlay wat that |
of : *Um§) Ghat ■£ < ■un-rymeu fr,,m
New York tsatf vKatd M« W«A«trj tn the
evening, am., while afiattlug with htm, had
uirarpowered him In au unguarded in uncut,
itdhbed, bound and gagged him. and then
robbed hU store at leisure. Tn the stove-
inneal hi* money. -AW, and liaving :
Doro<-r of N o/iilk ftr one nh ek Uiow' I
maa b tall, afhietle and wiry md tought
With savage lury to get away, 'I*luk 1
hands, feet and li t*th in tin- struggle Tom l 1
■ting served aa officer*" steward on board 1 1
drymun was iVuc l"it. i%is '
itmtL There a kuife a..umli
Ea Lis back. l!i a rr.iuk ii».l been broken
bpan and rifled, and tbe store wa* general!y
U tor"gfu * I.sV^iedVha^ol.'r 1 |'
bef to Ihe kfallaa He* j., jailer*. Tom i
Übg had pi*lined (hat be knew noth
LM of the Newark oairoge and that I.
fir New \..rk on the day It occurred. The 1
w.U"sVn.ra Newark, vt. . p "ftlsely lleo'id*
to* tWlprlsoorr a* one of the would be
ii-- »■ a- on i.i
WacBLMOTuM, D. c , Dee. 2». - Information I
was received here today that Dani«l Hn j
jao, BapubUc4n hold over Henalor, in the
MM Illlaola will neither vt< ;
ta-M tht can van* nor will he i:e fot lieaerai ,
Lofsn. if the latter be the KepnbUc m nomt {
A ■cneatlonal Hem.
pAtHf, Tel., Dec. » - Miss Oran* IT ird
stnownaathe ltebe7 Bpy, fa* afeirrli
shit <Uy, Hst night, tn Bny Charter!*, a
pooaf BuglUbmni abooi Jl year* of age,
who elnima to be the Run of I.tnacod. For
thootiug recurred.
Tbe Tliae-flall Bycrtaw.
)>e*t 11 o flh-ek, sraodard tlmr .( ;tie ».i , |
Th* HetAloi * alley Tranhlea. |
l o in II \m. »: if.
The h rsi erne C*Hli s»> - Tliai
Mssrllnev »iial Uaiiu.
Bsn Vua Ki'iscn, Deo 39,— The Huprcn.fi
Court lias .trTlrined the judgnteut of tbe IN
MtiM Cuuitof liw Angelea oouul/, which
ji.Ttud KraiK-leef .- MtrCttet guilty ul murder
in ihe fimtdt-nroe forkilliiixCibrielChavoft.
J 1 *' fr.w the uittor of the court denying
A tlorrlbl** -affair.
IVmn. \»u, Or., Dae. An Orcfimiun'r
sp'iuUt irow Chohalts, «v. T., gives tha par
tloular* of a dead owparalled in iho histori
of thih srettou; WilUitm Pearson, a well
to do farmer, with m • jlittd, wa.i via-
Llio| Mm. Poaraon'f futher, Judge l»tlla
hnugb, uear Chehaiß All retired at tho
uau il hour laat night in good aplrifa. Thla
muruiij ? Mr. and Mr« Pearstui were louudoii
| power lo kill Hie ohtid Tbl* he did with
a hammer. lie then aw.ikci.vd hi e aifi
and showed hot whal he had .I.hip, ami ..i.l
If jdw would cut her throal Uu would do tho
cut her throat. lie IniiiH'dr.te.y dnl t.i
the wife will prnbabl) die Their IrVeudh
j nble atftiir 1u,.» a grrd wicitement
lv Ihe iwiifM/nrhnod.
■»:.<■ \.i«,[ .i.iin.n.,,, Halter.
Hah Ptt4.Kt.iaco. Dec. » A < 'ir.». 'V.v
Now York peclal, tpe iklng of tbe Vaudt r
failt Uritnt uiatfer. aays lUatOeorfe Joues, nf
the 7M«if«, btuaUtdd at follow*: "It is liu
i po4«ihu< that VsudarliUt should praas hiut
|Uf payment !i must rutuer oe a uiovemfut
to pfotoei (itaut from attaupauoo w the
bands of other ere..ltor. ut the dead nrm."
'■J have nothing to tay," Vaiiderbiit said,
td.e'i .okt-ti »tho-i' !ns nun .tj:*'i--i *.i tin.
Il Is not suppled tbst the p irpose of ihe
ulrfcripth v la to Kaobarge Uiu claim ahav
lutoly ai a claim against Giant.-, property,
|hui rather \t \h loten Jed to ualulatii th.
[ elaltii tt»r a time t iua;u ia the hand* of a
I irlendiy .-rediior. Aa itCi>?«r*all of kraut's
| property, tueh a coura# would protect the
A Ur. a* rrtanklrta.
8*« PaaNciacti, Dec. 2i. - a (.Vir o i.,M
Halt I-ak» fcpecla! says: At < 90 o'clock thia
mnrulug the business portion of Frttaklyu,
where tlie liorn-silvur atoeUet-i are liK't.ed,
cousuttiiuj ot a general merchandia* »u>re,
saloon, boarding houae and hai ber-ahttp,
were entirely Uuatroyed hv a lr<t, whi'-li or
\ icloatad In the slote ol Mr. Cedttli. Ihi'
I buiiduiga were all frame aud weut up aa lv
la itaah I'hc loiaes wiU proh.ih.y aggrogait
lia.iJA). Mr. Cahill'* loa* ia intimated at
•10l», and w»* partly cotared hy lasurttuce.
The attire-building and hoarding house,
I with moat of the furniture lv the laUer.wor--
BWJttd hv baDiljert,er br'ii. a;ul were worth
fw, on which an iiuutaucu of MOOU waa
Himl.hu Island flooded
flrof'ttruh, Dec 2b.—A portion of the level*
at llouldln Island gave way yesterday after
noon on at count of the pressure of the
backwater from th.i Sacramento river and
-vit ivn.-idered Un. hen protected l.t'v
tram oo the river.
Wehfaat Weatker.
foftTLaltD, ugu, Dao. 2». -The weather
was hright to-day aud very cold forthl.. la.i
tude Thu night pmir.i*m to ■ha theeddeat
I bio TUaoOW ia ileari, as BuHl id lee and
•ieeat. be u*«Z It wiTt barely be po*«!bie
: tyo get the irrick ehsar ijefore Pliaraday.
Oppaallian i > tvarts,
I HaN raxNCiacM, Dee. -*.-Ad hUumin-r *
' v¥,<ahtuft'>u apectal saya: froutiaent friends
,of the late «e;rtt*ry Kolger have given out
the oew« »^ d *J f i n '*f, wil ! oppoae
! tkr Nas C rauclirst lly llallCses*
r-viid n,. api..-i'il t -d i' i it* | ij* twn ;j.a
lt>f;«Ily ciSC
The \V. at Ucr.
m. ih i.i- v 10.30 r. a
tht .-old alud wtu hiowiug Irom the north
The ait lselo.tr and the atm>j.<Biim is bright,
with no fdjrn of ihi' rcturul.,.* -t..riu
The Ktnte Tearhern" Aeaecf a Hai).
San Fassoiaxo, Deo. A.- The eighteenth
anu tad seaaiou oi the Teach'-rs' Asst-cin'.n.ii
of California opened here to day. I 'ie ad
dress ot woiconu- WMiod by Scm. .1 Three
lor IraO. Holtt.
No lit•-< c p or ii Il< it far t <-tO
leODI, Dec. 28.—Tbe election in t-odi, ou
the .(in «i>nii uf incorporitlof the i. wu, te
■uitod iii favor of the, oaaottent* of
fatloo by a vote of I'M uoes to m ayes.
W. Talffer Iffape'leaalr mi
lUiOil; H, V . Dec. Ja.-A'tpta.nCharlee
Vt Vi-iger. son ol tbe late .Secretary, has
beeuorought rmm tlexiudria, Va., bf hn
frieudato bl* home hi Ovueva. :u ■ - ■,
111, snd thera Is little hnpe of hU r.jc vei >.
l.»»r Yard Work Mi*p. it. rt.
Wasmwtwojt, t>ao. is. -One atToct of the
fall ire of Cuter*** to ftut* the >'avy hiil will
be lo itiapeod ail w..rk at ihe navy yards,
aicept such as the c mtingeut Cr.re aud pre*
; ervailon of the buildlnga and other prop
Tbe World-, lair.
New OKLiaHs, La,, Dec. 2tt.—i he World*
Fair is as ru- en as expected. Ever) veiitcia
aud several »teainern war* pressed lute aery- |
leediiringthu day and were w>*ll lalco wHh
pasae igcra
Ice-eTam In Canada.
Moarvseti.. Qnebac, Dre 2*.- -A large <iuan
tlty of lake \r* came down H M iurday night,
which eaased ageaeral »hove. Some of It
waa forced upon tna wharves and ou the
bank of Ihe rtvtr atonf thr couth ah. re,
W t\tn e both tree* and targe Umliler* were
removed by the ice and rUlng water.
Anagrlan fsetnacrata,
. Fakts, Dec 29 —A manifesto ta Issued by
I AusU-OrHungarian Dera<vr»t* of thin cltv
tlXi ajiilvsdvlaiag that OonSfsM actio' be
t tke.. to Iren the coaicion b»'tw».ei. the
:»re also nreed to refrffn fr-m peraoeuiiaf
land WOneTI lv every pifl of the Cohntry
j are called upon to found new instttntlon*.
|. Thr l-:artb«eak* In Naata,
( MApain. i*ec. 29,-Tha tetcfraph is rtea
(leva, la canseiiiaace of the earthquake lv
1 Malaga the loss exceeds «.'»».■*>,*. Of
honaes were daiiMged more or lets. After
the earth'T'isko ihere wan s reUgloua pmce*
sion, hetflci by the Htsbops, BThO Implored
i Kenewed shock* were fert at vartona
places to diy, ninl vjuuc further dmn <gc was
dotin; si Th.' in Habitant, are In a
J panic.
Thr Nlrarayjna Canal.
j SufiVi^
African Affair*.
U>NDOK. i-ee. 2m An JSnttnte ...nimh haa
been arrange between France and Uenpauy
The \n««rla« Karthaaskr.
VtiMH>,Dec aa -Au eefihunake was fell
at Tarvis nn Honday night, tod violent
shock* occurred at ImerrsVn of an hour, sud
v ere aleui Vlt in the vicinity the innabtt
tanfretHlatari Tele*xrara«.
tAjHiH,*, Pet. a« —mudrtous received ISO
tMecffatocfrf upon theannl
{ frnsilncyer cV fa'a k>enf*.
m. Dee. W. -Twenty .ti person* wee.
ml iii-a tuaraflwnv colitMon uear °imnu
I to dap
A Preach atssstirct.
■ Stotertained by the Louis
villi* Honrd of Trade.
, Dedication of th« Washington Sfoll
iMiir.it I - .i■ it.* Indian Lands.
; l%nial * the lUraht bu AssrWuW Prm\
, Lotinvn.bic, Deo. lv.—A lar ice crowd of
, representative burdnet* men gathered it the
board of Trade rooms ta take part In the re
ception i>> Cougre-Munan Haagfte, J, Kand.tll
,at to-tiny. Am m* tb.i*. notable for
their nresenco were tap.. Hila. f. Miller,
1 Col. J. F. Knulkuer. Col. Ja*. F. huekuer, Jr.,
j Capt. tf. F. ! i.- D. L. Grave*, <ien.
firconC'lay iJiuitb, and Bishop I. I. Dudley
said others. Mr. Randall's arrir't 1 at the
lh.ar.l of 1 rude rooms »>n tdlghtly delayed
, ami the crowd cxprt)M»ed tinp;tth*nee by
mumping the Jloor wltli Aaace and rendu*, a
n. i .lUim ounce witti their feet. I:.>.ndall
MM nil jj'.rt i rppoarcd M PHa f. a. Tlui
about the door-way waa
.to dcitaly crowded that Ur. Randall fouud
v to enter through a wfndo*
wliit'l Im.l I't-.'ii mi tVr i'■ i* r.'r tai i-.
and t\>Uv;rea*mtui McAdoo. '( he party were
where thet it was his mla-.i-,u iv iho 80ml.
toaauuaiut bliiistdf with busine** lv iv
jpirwpertt) and depression, '«> that he
tfiS to the iini.ortaut rJud*£o3 of larltT
1 ..i.l would id*, t "lately aud aatisfecu.
illy meet the want* ol the pen
pie. Mr. Greta said he felt < n.fl tent
tUKt the luc<>:!itUnj Kdiitiuisirrttlvi.. would
aaaert ft* 'euellcciice for oil parties you
crned Al the tyim iualon Mr Ur eu iutro
dotted Mr. Kauaall. Then- waa a wild flap
ping (ti ii.ntds both he.ore aud efjtajr me
■pca.lua. Wnea the excitement had died
away, Mr ttruidail to tbe (rout oi
Hit: pliuforiij aud In a slow uiea-ured voice
bngau a speech of twenty uiiuni. .- iv leugli:.
Wtitle bespoke hi, right baud erplored the
dplU.- of i.is pautalootia Mr. Mau
ds it aaid
"Mu. t*.Eil!IJ,!tT ANt» liKNTLKMIM OF TICK
Ho* Kb OT fa*l f "> bea.red.aa
ihmu arou-id tin, yet can uuih'r-r.t.e. * n> i
appreciate ni'.ri then 1 mig.it under iillur
it °il
proper in tin- ouiAUn unit yo% tMilug a body
of i u*u roiHw-wd of every p.dith ; *i party,
io UKdefatatid ikm 1 am
here prer-f-ut to-diy. Wlthou. »uy i>eraoua.
Liotlvea. J eouie aniouf you Ut
I witueaa for my null, to -uidy .Uta'oi that
I prevail lv the UeAt tSoillh uud lv itt« hunl
n-'its ieUiu>ui that it tt*!iith to toe oouutry.
I W.: are puiiuk through a period of great
dt-presiii -n. aud aa I thiu* I Cao show
tii.it yda depraaaiou la phoiwoie:o.i tv iv
prmpmM it j» 'b* I'uited dtaiea. What U
Loowii ut, the patiia of i"W7, m ale!i 1 ku^w
tUeri_- wn* an auecodeut lo ih*l iM»riod for
UoUe I StS-H ■oraCTflni .»
Mitt*. Aiitiiyii f-.'/, ihe IMtUC a tIWM year
irade'agHiust the i iiUod (ttatec 'v forelgu
l oiua.jv., aifgregAitug t).*6U.tKlu,'-JO, aud the
U...1-' ret nut p.inM'. of 1V73 ualmd upoa ua
uiue or tou years of halain-e
jof trad* agatuet the United SUles,
fiiX),tkXi.UfK> lv value, aud ret
Loday aeareiut.ie mid.: oi a d«,
jw:.eii tfca last uiite }>-at* of !radn iv the
11nitu'i Stat*) have 'wen iv its Jaror to the
|»,stem >.f ..ud. therefore, we
cauuot luerw.'.! ■ "ur i c.c .1 deprcaiou tv
hur-liiian by th*. i »i«. Oi ti ole whicti I have
I iudiesled iui eOMtr«AUUI|, io mt j.idt,meul,
I tin* p>i».c* of pr-ii.*- yeara. It U d-ie to yom
1 Imeiiigeuue mat I should give you the ro«-
I tons whiou I thtuk bsrw eontrih'iied to
|br.u| kit. to ihe pr*..e*i nf trade.
{I .oiiM.A'r that thet« ih au over and ex-
I uiimiive laxsihiu aud P> some degree trade
rt-j.ir.tii-»ii« wulehoucht to ' c swept aside
{(VIMWn Tha tv shuUiO be ad
luinlsteied ocouoiuieaity. aud ttere oogbt
} uoi to bui\.uifCi*'d a d-ii' ir ti-v-uue (rout
the peopte tn' :he i niunt in excess of
I tiii.i* peopie. (Chooiß )* It la a trite (
1 saying, aud soiuo pf ua have r<i*iuud
I the truth of it, that a nan who speuda iv jre !
nCboera.) And Idj not tpeak thla tb yois Ui
|ah| >■ aiirau leiiN. I apeak it In a tiro*di>r
|ieu.eof *.taier.uiau«h:p. If L tUuy oe^allowed
iMHireoiiof th? couitjfj, v"d fc u'Tamy^ii«C
jml harm may r one io )u*e»i*d eapiui
la.d uu Lower)u|t of tha wage* of a merit
I i.echai.lc-, audi say u> yo'i delit.erau.dy
etaud. When y.u attempt, in luyjud/ment,
110 run a country jpou theory, I ( tLl '» >
they give that ha» tin .ii v
wdl permit tn the hiisniens iutereau of
the fouuiry, for #« all underslaud
that the hunluesa iutorf-.ii vt the
country -.T-iieii piospcrotts ludicaie the
.ulire p -op'le, ,vnd"lu llAu iuantver. therefore,
!of ©ur iviontry. aiitil mSkj he pextnlttod t«
indulge this far. aa my JUfnguiM.ed
, fn«uJ w to. h'.a juat spi.kuiv has to ear. that
-if ( uild. v.d arighi toe d>illes ol tna in
\i*er Mr.VmdaN had r. -uJied "in seal
there ware loud call* for McAoVki. Ia re
, . UU. lomi ...» arnKd
la black, wh*. ie..'nl)rd ttiu)..«ir v
Httlf Ib«'i ».l«i«..ra».. »u'.l
a .nunvnurwl lljbi.lkßj in llunld torn, c.»ik
[Ithft pooplc af hi. dul. ht)d . w»nn Inte^rw)
1 *do«. iprccb wm « b».ullful chelJrlcl
1 ih.- p.'nui. .Iter H.lj-.uromtDl Mr litud.il
; 111.H.b b.b.l. wllb » iia-.il.cr ..f ipirtudl. H.
.(nr.. h» .'a|oyed • jimrr. rae.l with i
» rAßiyv
IjM'Uv.ttl Ky H« »—T .olrhl S.ul
' 111.1 J. H.udAll «adrc.,ed . I«TM .'ldieijc*
lin I.l«di'rkr.iii il«li. lv the.p..-eh H nid ill
. fdw.H uptiu tl.c ..i-.H-rt ol UXKllon. He
ii We think w« h.v. , rifbt to key tn nil men
li. ..fflol-d ntkliom lb., there ,n>>> be tn,
' jjuir.iiient.'of piiblie «tr«lr«. [ClWttt.l 'l
'.ere compelled 10 en not in*, irtilcb did
[Son it thlnje*mwt «»«' °A *ent'tmlMl
, of*r^U>^th«tJr«"coKte. l i 'ilrt 'yeir «nd
from the other. The country water. pays *
lower rate of lutereal am] nay* lower wage.'
will exhaust thu older In *t miming up,
Randall »ata he favored what T> M
tena.ii dt scribed aa a discriminating tariff,
what General Jackson railed a ludlrtoui
iarlir, aad what Sila* virgin waut«d
namely, a tariff with incidental protect!.»
The Waahlnftn* Mauiimeiai.
WaHifiKoroN, l>. C, Dec. **.- Arrange
: meata for the dedication of the Washington
! Monument are progressing rapidly TU
com n lesion appointed by Congress lo ar
■range Kititable ceremonies have extended s
geomal m.iUtion to the MJ!itary, Maauait
I.ran lag ladtna i.»i,,i>
WaMHIHOTog, Dec. af.'-The (senate Com
mlttee on Indian Affair* on January tUh.
will beglu an luveatlgatlou of the i h ,01
lands In bidtan Territory, aad ou th) Croa
Reservation, hy Indlaus to cauli uo v. a
iv* .hjee' of Uie iuro«Ug*Uou i« to eaabit
Cottgreas to take Imoillgunt action on the
aubjectof additional legislation If deemed
Congreaalaiaal 4Joe*lp.
Wssninutom, D, C, Dee. a.-The Jka*
say, the prospects of the bill for the retire
men! of General Great are not good. Tut
bill passed the Senate on tlu- mi. of Ms}
list aud wan placed oo the -ipeaker'a tabU
in the Mouse, where it now remain*, hurled
under a hundred -ud twonty-seveu ntUei
bills, without a poestblu chance of resitrrec
Una. It was not even referred to the lion at
MUltsry Committee, the chairman of whioh
ta Oeneral Koseoraua, who is an pp. >»•><] tn
favor it. Tho only way It oould he reached
Would he by taklug it up by unanimous con
eeut, and thh ih rendered out of tl»«- oue»
lion from ihe fact thai there b a decide lup
AnthJttg haa been neatd Us this ciij to day
touching (general Grant* financial affairs.
General gimrmr n haa nut yet arrived aad it
i* no* 3rt ,id that be will uot he here until
after the ntst of Jauuary. General Deal*
said to-night: "I am of the opinion ihatVan
derbtit wilt uot can, to take the advantage
of the law to ouch an extent aa loeuforwtne
aale of Genoral Great s personal emeu.
Aaide from (hi*, however, it has ooe.arred to
me that Vauderbllt ms> he aetlug for Gen
etal Oraat's bene tit. Having preferred a
■ latin to General Grant* property he may
execute tbttlaw aud obtain po*.e**lou and
return It subso-tuently aimiily tv prureut
some, claimants who cotnu after from aecur
lug General Graut's effect*, so we had beuer
wait and ace if things are la ss had a shape
ac - (.r.rioo. No doubt au effort for relief
>viii prove succeaslul. Geueral Grant La na
Doual property, and the nation takes prld*
in the minora tie has received. Ifi.nugre»a
kl uiwiUtng io place him oa the retire.! liat
■ d the army, let thorn make an appropriation
to purchase the tnumenuje* helot* aud plane
ihem on exhibition 0 t the aniitbaoulau In-
Arkanaae Aloud*.
I.iTTLa Rock, Ark., Dae. 3A.-Kalu began
at, midnight on Friday. All the rivers aad
bayous are rapidly rlslug and many are out
ol the bank* and flooding the country for
miles. The Arkaaee* rive: ha* been rlaing
rapidly ■toco Sunday at the rate of lour
inches ao hnui. Ihave been no trains
ua the Ir.m Mountain railroad aiuce Satur
day night. There ha* bean great damage to
fersaes aad the d-owufng of stoat sulci)
dirt and tn aotne ptoses swell*U»b
va tipcrleiict.. m«u predict that owing to
too heavy rams the levcea will not, after all
the work dona, protect the oouutry much
bet'er Unui before. Nearly ali tbe aoaifng
Ice Is out of the river aod nn t iratloo has ra
sum.id. Tbe waahouia t-auAud a temporary
stoppage of the railroad .rsdmtat Smith Pine
Tbe Racine Aire.
KaciNi, Wis., l*en IV—To-day a fore* of
workmen have beeu engaged In removing
the debris from the ruins of the Blake Huts)
and opera House, which were totally de»
..ruyed by fire oo Sunday. Tbe work b> be
lug proaecuted very carefully and every
particle is being elueely examined, ss a
great amount of .aluable Jewelry, it is
claimed, was lost hy the auc»t«< oi the
boose. A report that Mrs. Patrick a bupd
1 ham ber main had been found at the home
of bar slater, seat uut by a special leb-gram
to ;he a'tern.ion papora. I* aot true. Mr.
Fslrick, togethei with Mr and If re. (Hover,
of the tMgMg Stadeut Optra Company, par
Labe4 iv the flataen. Portlou* of nuiuto
bodies were recovered frt>m the ruins by
workmen this afleru.am. The total amouut
of the nan, including the bulldiag, stuck,
htrsftava, ■■rioaal eftWta, etc., U aow
agurtd at HW/skJ. Th* insurance waa
•a%,Tt>i. The officers of tho Opera Huu«t
Compiiiiy have taid tbe house will not be
A owMiii-.; Scheaaa.
WaAOaaxaat, D C , Dec 29.—D«t-ctlves
ace at Work ou a case which they suppose
a ill evolve agtciuivv . windiiuj oparsdmaa.
reiwd wUhiathaueit tw./daVJI***1 ***' 15 ' *'* *'
TJi< Mark. Ilarkct.
Nsw Yona, Dec. 2tl -The Government
st-icki are higher, and the railways are Irreg
alar. Stork* opened weak and declined %
to Dj, Delaware A H nHon leading. Mnbse
fuently there, wa* a rally fr.>m to
Delaware A Hudson andOr mgerawere raoat
'o d .y. a fresh "-cl 1 lug movement ensiled and
waa marked by a deeltae in prices, the
*' ' "l* S? irfti
BDUri Central, which
are S« to X higher.
f»«*v«vnneeaf Va a Aaa aid ttallway
New Yon vt. Dee. 29,—Threes. LiZ; fa,
lift, 4S, Texas ParliO, I'-*.. Datoß H
Ciflc ;.i 4 PsclTlc V H. Xx
fVai'ni*.*jf PWrftl "* 1, W " P * Clit H * U M *
ft« nancy Market.
Wxw York, Doe Money. lu>l»*. ?losei
offered, \K. I'iline paper, hsehangt
bills,steady, SS>,. UterilDg demand, A«S.
Naw Yoaic, Dee »-Petroleum ffna;74.
minlag Agacke.
HaX Faswaar,., Dec. ?u.—Best am
Boioher. |i.ar>; Chotlar. ft la; Crowt
The Kaprliah Vraln market.
| I'l;r W.p* IO . t >;!■-.#
In Hi weekly review of the British frail
I trade says that the weather during the weel
waa dry. Tha antuain-sowti whe ithaaob
talned * good start. *nd is lv etreUent mm
|dltlon. There is no prospect of value* lm
I ilttle stronger, y w^ n k* to N jna)l 'leliverte*
brisk Buyer scaaoa, ITMfjBTt »t, barb j
drm, }iv«M: buyer, buyer *a*
i soti.^i.ie^fdi.oe*,
Ass » sake staler sriusnre*.
tAgmao-eop, a. c Dwc ag-ken} v
j A ranafic'M i'ntnl Wnrk-
I DKsvaa Dec 88.—ThU morning a recoud
1 chill died at the Williams rrlvato Foviid-
nyanr in" latter in'ilwi. 1 '*
Pomona Items.
The Tisi a-twric. baa the following
Ihtriac a thirty years' feaideuoc in Call
forola we have aa.-er seen a season t<paa un
iv bettai ahapethan the pr.-aem oa* Thr
ralna are timely .tad warm sod the outUv.it p
that there will be but little frost.
ahipmeuUof nra-age* ar* begin>-iug to be
v tde. The crop ii unuaii-diy hem > ttidttn
Irufi I- cee,cr,ili)' Hue, Hilhoiiglt v. thii... n
* ...ld ».m m.ieb 'Inei in ..uaUt) ii ullowclt..
The large r : eaervoir nut of town ia being
water svstom auti m Ifveiopins ttatei riii*
to construct others *t equal m t'es'tor
Mr. Jaanec Loaey tins |.rtrented tali niiiee
WUB HMo • I'iel.f.t pr.Uei ol bisouu I tlotug
A Mirea ye ir otd daug.l«e' of Mr. AjUa4
Cal rl We I!, -» Bpedra. had tv arm w..tr,> W
.V-due.- ii. by falllug fnm: it poi-eh It fell
from the .-tm.- p >reh mlk.-h s mouth airo sud
bri.kethe ttones.'i tmtii arms, ami hi 3 viii
recvere-i from thut accident. Dj Brown
• tele«r tjrho l f.-r and wont down aad *et
tbd hroken liinh, aad the little atltTerer la
The new hotel eomp my ha* mem p oted
tind irrangemeutt an* being nude prelim
iitary to built]lui{. i hr comp.\u> »t-«itx out
Wltn S O iildrUK c-ipiitl ol H.tXW. Tho
ha lid lug will probtbi* las of wood i.ud will
he t*o ...orleii. with a wide veranda nrooud
tin- QUUru building. It Will It fluiAlivd ut.
ami furstlahed In the heat aud man up
proved inaiiuer, with all the modern im
provement* for the eunveuleiue Mtol I'.-iri
furl of gueat*.
Mining Notes from Calico.
[From the Print, Dec. 'i*th ]
Ueeeutly LfcJoaaeoß purchased Inter
b?" bttha M l ' vu l ii",,, "i "* ! " n " wt * M «
I aaajlnd pa the same haa lieen ntteudwd 'a Ith
1 fttv.iri,Me results. No work tuts beeu done
I .ni tht mine other :hau aaat}M.nient work
if ... - v IW Itfi the'lmtji*
l-ii. mo.o isstlnsi».iia>j fee: *outhwt.*t of
•h. .ii.ue, and is of the sr. m ■ loiui.ii-m
aa the latter. It runn parallel with Ited
t:io.nl, which j.da* it ou the aaat, and Is
iM.unu.td ou the west hy the Ulllatde and
Morau minus. The a*»*»Hmeut work ha*
been done ou thla mine aud th- work of
Ipiospectlu; shoared up so well th v Mr.
Johasnii w w induced vi purchase a ti*U tv
tareat. il >i Stevens own* the other half
Interest Millm mine Mr. Johnaou bough;
i .','t..f. .l.d 'Vti'n'rwVM ','v rh!
MaaaajhaM work ha* been doueou trtls tuiun
Work ia progiesaiuß on the slanta Ms rut
rolii.- which is parallel with ihe "rUaekf .ot
aud the ahowlllg i. go,td, some rich hay
itig been taken out recently. Thia iniue is
Joined on tbe south by the Aoleoada, on the
aaj and by Mtaßaui iloustou No 6 and oa
Angeles. «nd Frank hue r.-o)-U,
tlie fornivi- owrJag a oue-tnird and the Utter
ertiee, aad we may rc*»aaaabl| cxpecideveV
opnieun that will lift It tnu» tmporuure *
a bullion pr.-ducor.
J. L. L .ffm.tn came u> ton laat M<Hiday
aud brought wUh him vmt sampler of ~re
fr..m hia mlue a Kr.m..', which »wre aa
tiiyed hy C X i'hedt re--uiunx tv ts, gold
w.t* taken ai a depth of fcair feat from a
f mrdool ledge, eouaistlng of a s*>lid mass of
Siuee our report in thr last issue thu to)
lovvltn; ahipments of bullion wet« made
from nitiie. in Calien -onlu*> district,
tiixt-ugh Welb, l argo 4 C - exprv*a One
ahlpaem fi om the Din Total
Bean bread ia the chief food of lire Indians
;lu tti* ludlau Territory. It i« otimpo-ed uf
|P<>wderetl beaaa, mixed with water, and
| baked over an open Are.
Very deatrable futuiah.td room, anltnble
for gebtU man. Term., rruaonabif '.'all al
room to, Baker Block declkl at
A fine Minora! t'abiuet caa bo bought at
a batgaln. Inquire at ihe Plan Bliotogrvph
UiMr], rppiiaite the Pico House. deffgO I w
A well fnraUhed double front roAm, wtih
flru to rent hi K-i. Mi BIU mre.'t; MilUhU
tor two; neer Kifth utr.tet, |.ir|ljper mouth
dm\emu ■
Fjrtiliure, (txturex end food will ttf the
t<ext bole) iv I'tsiKleua. lenw of Laildiug lor
two ye»r f ;. Uotei Huw full ol «.>tn.l puylug
hoejderm At-ply at Webber P«m
[dene, der3o;w
Addretsa k. b. m<>h ''ON, RttwandVrCtt.l/
Tie Cifls Tract,
>m \. Main Slm't.
Lota $600, in Payments of
$26 per Month.
A resolution rdering tht payment lor tbe
grading mid Improvement nf Jarknin
Be It Keaalved, by the Mayor aud Council
of tbe city of Loa Angelea:
rtacnoN L The City Treason-r of the City
of U» Angele* It hereby dlrecusl io pay out
of the .1 acif.on Stveot Improvement fund ai
the axpiratlon of fifteen day. after the paeaage
culm, ho or tVej'mav'make ."' aSeotlM '..'(
aurb jabot perloruied . r material* forulah
I certify lo the ivajuge ol thla reiUiiUon and
lln ibe 1« Angelri itaif. MatAt» ud
MlMiapgaMi aad IbereatH r II rhall Uke aSCet
HAI.E A 00. II IfJt ,tt to
; Monday, Dec. 29th,
I i
Will place on aale the remainder of their
Holiday Goods
At such prices as will insure their speedy sale.
So those wishing to make a New Year's Pres
ent can do so for little money at
J. M. HALE & GO'S,
7 and 9 Spring Street.
40 S SpriaclSt, Loe Anieles,
A Strictly Family Resort.
Concert Every Evening !
fVCarli at solo
rftPDt 141.1. V TOJ.llit.il,
from ll ..t<iii, the talsutrd and popular oo
i .no holoUl. Thla lad. haa a ran lien, full
voict with mettoaooreno q.allty lo tht)
itinera! Ailmissiou 15 Tents; Re
served Keats or Gallery Ste,
North Main Street.
PFBKV BRO . Proprietor* and Manager*
pMddy Hoffeci,
Nellie Oxford,
18. <>l » Htm ,
Jewel HeettwlN,
HitftThel •'.•».*,**,
Jntee. CHeefdy,
rUlfSllf » .!».•■« II
Holier Skating Ac&iieaiy.
Third, bet. Fort ft Hill Sto.
■Seme bail ln.i-.ii... >...., ~ I'at
raaaize tkl* Kslatkllahntent.
Mo other t» Invited.
Three ata.lona dally. Morning from %-M
to Li; afternooo frm / :*) 10 0: evening from
17 .w) to 10. The bent of mo*lc will be in at
tendance every evening. Adrulaafft morn
ing and afternoon, 2Sc, including akatce.
deeis Ira Ptmnltloia.
Wetailay Ev's, Dec. 31, '84
Tickets, Admit tin* (teat ud La
[ dies, $1 00
For Sale. Bpeculaio>ej» Atteniori.
ItniEM'lil I In. 4 •«»nm|ltl*H.
\nd ell the vnriou*> <itM'«t«-» nf the Heed.
1 hrmtt iuiil Chest, tao.i UiuK the Bye, K-r
end heert, fueeiwtfnlW treated hy
Ofuce, US North Main tlreet next thi, r»«
-uoud llouae. Loa Angelei, CUltomU.
All 111 ' Ihi, H^id,Throat aud Cheat
via.. Catarrh, Throat iMa-..
ill .-.nohltte, l uoiiuniiili in, i.lnrrual Ileal
Qes*. Catarrhal Ophthalmia and Dlaeajo-s of
Ihe Heart treated bf hl« a** «nd Improved
carry i*''
£^ail«d*rncunble > ruaea"the (reaterVeAof
lugourcd. '"" " 8 '"* ' **» • m
To tbe People of U>s An*e!ea:
Having a deebe to bean pi Mlow vuner
alre" 10 c..nanll°pe la regard to "halt
caaoe or lo locatt m a* I . climate bad Vital
call at my otßoe (or convolution and , vim
■ i.atif.ii. but if imii,.'.<iilDle to do on Aaa write
Imt'i) liv. Medio.! Ir.atiae. Contain
iiMt a Mat o< QtHltloae, Addreu
M. Hilton Williams, X D,
I a.t North Mala atreet. toe Augelea, cal
I vldta boCre "aid a'fler oVw\onr*'^dcS
Gennama Fire Insurance Cc.
«tr MM vokk.
nm it, : : : »i.n:> uini.h:
r.iai. t... i. 1114 -.IOO.HSH.ttI
OCTTB * FRANK, Manager*, SOt California
Street,». >.
Bat lag been appointed .vga-ota for till
above aterltng oompauy. aa are non pre
pared to leant- policies on ever, Und ,'l
.teelreble prrpertv
.leet IH p HRI.UI IN If AAH 41 Co
Grand Picture Raffle,
Just Received!
20,000 yards Calico 4 cents
7,000 yards (I'm hams 5 cents
8,000 yard* Lawns . .6 cents
V>Oo yards White Pique 6 cents
6,000 yard* Dress Goods horn 5 to 5o cents
5,000 yards of Brown and Bleached Muslin 6 cents and
6,000 yards of Summer Dress Goods Just Received,
6,000 pairs of Gloves from sc. to $1 a pan
6,760 pairs of Hose for Ladies a* 7 to 35 cents
8,650 pairs Children's Hose 6 to 15 cents
13J5 Corsets from 2oc to $1
10,000 of Ladies' Shoes from 75c. to $;>
7,500 pairs Children's Shoes from 25c. to $1.25
20,000 yards Ribbons from 2 to 75 cents a yard
20,000 yards of Lace from 1 to 50c. a yard
20 000 yards of Jaconet Edgings from ... .2 to 40c. a yard
t_o,ooo Ladies' Hats, trimmed and nntn'mmed, from 25c.
to $5.
1 '1,000 Children's Hats from 10c. to $1.
6,000 Plumes and Tips from 10c. tosi
6,000 Bunches Artificial Flower- from ioc to $1 a bunch
Also a large stock of
Boys' & Men's
Underwear for Gems and Ladies and everything kept in
a general variety store and prices are always cheaper than
elsewhere. 'Jail at
239 Main Street.
J. c. bright;
Persuade Particular People to Peep
into the
People's Store
To perceive the perceptive differences be
tween others and our prices before
they purchase.
Christmas has passed, and with it the bulk of our
Christmas Goods. Wa have, as near as we can estimate,
about $1000 worth of our stock left, which parties in
tending to make New Year's Gifts can purchase at very
low figures We do not believe iv storing away goods
and carrying them over from one year to another.
It is a maxim with us to sell our stock at vhe close of
each eeason at way down prices, and people will buy.
Purchasers are not wanting when inducements are held
out to them. At iea3t we have never found it so.
Sooner or later " Old Stock " links arms with "Broth
er Attachment,'' and the grim and gaunt Sheriff steps in,
shuts up the valves of light and and life, and stands in the
place of activity, cheerfulness and prosperity.
We cannot, will not pack them away They are yours
if you will purchase them, end at prices ths,t will infuse
life into inanimation and walk off of their own accord.
41,43 45 Spring* St., Los Angeles
Real Estate Dealers 1
No. 7 Honth Main Btr»«t, j
NO. 10H
SBt&ltfQ OUT
|At Oost!
Millinery Cheap,
: mvm OJUIEB isYFD .m mm.
jHo iS r.rrt B*. bat Sbtitf * Mr>*

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