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Los Angeles Daily Herald.
Important m t oil. < tor*.
Washington, September 3, — The
Treasury Department has issued the fol
lowing circular to collectors and others:
"On and after January Ist, next, tho
practice heretofore existing under De
partment instructions of October Ist and
11th, 1878, of permitting parties who
present themselves with Invoices and
bills of lading, endorsed to them by par
tiee named therein on the blank, to
make entry in their own names as own
ers, aud also of permitting entry by par
ties who appf ar to hays been real pur
chasers abroad but to whom merchandise
was not consigned by a bill
of lading, will be discontinued
and entries will only be received from
parties in whose name merchandise} is
consigned by bill of lading, or who ap
pear to bo the rightful holder* of bills
of lading drawn to order." Articles 297
and 298 of the regulations will be con
sidered aa modified accordingly. Entries
by executors and administrators of de
ceased persons or assignees of in*ol
vents, aa provided in section 2,843 of
tbe Revised Statues, will not be consid
ered as affocted by this circular.
(Sigued) C, S. FaiitCHfL.u,
Tne President*
Uppkk Saranao Lake, September 3.
After an abtenoe of four days Presi
dent Cleveland and party returned to
Saranac to-night. They had a most en
joyable time on tho upper lake. Raoh
man had ahot his deer and everybody
was exceedingly pleased.
To-night the President listoned with
astonishment and sincere regret o the
newspapers' account of the ruins and
suffering ot Charleston which were read
to him.
A strange IMeeaae.
Chattanooga, September 3.—Parts
ville, in Cockrell county, Is in a wild
state of excitement ovor a strange epi
demic which has made ita appearance
there. The disease, which iv every case
prove* fatal, resembles flux, except that
the victims are attacked with severe
pains in the head aimultaneooaly with
pain in the abdomen. Physicians are
unablo to cope with the disease and
those stricken with it succumb within a
short time. Tweoty-sev.n deaths have
occurred within throe days.
Harriett Nominated for
* Governor.
The Ticket so Far elves Satlsfac-
Mon-RatiHcatfoti Meetings,
Ktc, Blc.
\ Special to the Hermld by the Attociatsd Press.
Ban FrJncim.'o, September 3.™ The
Democratic State Convention waa oalled
to order at 10:25 this morning. Senator
Johnson, of Sonoma, withdraw the
name of Reddy for the Governorship;
Mitchell withdrew that of ex-Meyoi
Bryant, of San Franciaco. Balloting
for tho Governorship then-began. For
some time Birtlett and Berry ran
pretty nearly an even race,, witii
Tarpey a long distance behind; then
Bartlett ran slowly ahead, and when Sao
Frsnoisoo east 101 of its votes for him
and only 6 for Henry,a general desire be
came apparent among those who had
already voted to change their votea tc
Bartlett. The chairman, however an
nounced that no change would be al
lowed until the entire roll had been
ea!M. A" snnn sjS Man .Tosnntn c«? [i t
lit teen votes solid for Bartlett there re
moioed no donbt that he was nominated,
When the roll-call ass completed Ala
meda changed ita aolid vote of twenty
tive from Tarpy to Bartlett. Loa Au
galas also changed and cast ita twenty -
tour votes solid for Bartlett. A motion
was than made to give Bartlett the nom
ination by acclamation. This was done
and waa followed by intense excitement.
Hots were thrown into the air and Ui
and long cheers given. Binnere and hand*
ktroblets were waved. When the excite
ment had somewhat subsided, Birtlett
was introduced by Chairman White as
the next Governor of California. He
was greeted with tremendous oh: era.
He spoku as follows: "I retorn you my
groat aad heartfelt tha oka. Should the
people of California sanction your aeleo
hou I will give, you o good aad honest
Nominations for Lieutenant-Governor
were then andounced to be in order.
Tarpey of Alameda, Berry of Sntter,
and Senator Johnson of Sonoma, were
placed before the Convention as can li
dates. Johnson withdrew his name he
fore balloting began. After this batlol
bad been nearly completed, with Tarpev
in thu lead. Berry appeared and with
drew hia name. Tarpey was then unan
imously elected to ba the candidate foi
Lie (tenant-Governor. He made a brief
address and the Conve.ition than ad
journed until two o'clock this afternoon
The convention reassembled at 2:10 r,
at. On motion, speeches t.«r all futon
nominations were limited to five mm
otes. Nominations wore next in ordi i
for State Treasurer. The following wen
named to the convention: Adam Her
aid, of Santa Clara; D. J. Oultsfaan, tin
present incumbent; Jefferson G. James,
of San Francisco. The first hallo re
sulted in no choice. Tbe vote was ai
follows: Herald, 900; Ouliahan, 1*8;
James. 155. Total votes cast, 407; net
eosory to ahoioe, 240. Before tne sec
ond ballot waa taken James' name was
withdrawn, and before the second bal
lot was completed Oullaban's name was
also withdrawn and Herald waa uoant
moasly made the nominee. i
W. G. Hen Iri ks, of Butte, waa nom
inated by acclamation for Secretary of
State. George W. Peckham, of Manta
Crus, woo also put io nomination, but
soon titer tho balloting began he with
John J. Dunn waa nominated by ac
clamation for State Controller. The
only other candidate waa Wm. Brod
trick, of San Franoiseo.
Senator Jobooon, of Sonoma, received
the nomination for Attorney (General by
The c mvolition then adjourned until
tea o'clock tfc-morrow morning.
Senator Johnson, of Sonoma, bos
been nominated for Attorney-General.
extent of Hanian Intereat In
London, September 3.-The Daily
Telegraph, commenting on the Bulgarian
revolution, says: Russia has already se
cretly spent 18,000,000 francs In Bulga
ria. Just b-jfore the revolution the Rus
aian Consul of Sofia withdrew £70,000
in Turkish money from a well known
eastern bank, ostensibly to endow cer
tain religious communities which nob jdy
was aware were in plenary stralta.
A Fratricide.
Visalia, Cal., Sept 3.—At Traver
last night, Luther Brown, dariugaqnar*
rel over a diareputable woman, ahot and
instantly killed his brother, Worth
Brown. Tbe asaaaain is now in the Vi
salia county jail.
l ord ( hnn hill's Racers*.
London, September 3.—The Daily
Nor* say- Lord Randolph Church 11
has achived his maiden success as a
leader, owing to his conciliatory ton* to
ward Fame Mites.
Santa Hsrbars Entfenalastic.
Santa Barbara, September 3.—Tho
nomination of Birtlett is satisfactory to
the party here. That of Lynch for
Congreea excites enthusiasm.
Tlia nournfn f*a 4 boat the
Tbe changes to the United State*
Mint are not limited by any provisions
of the Civil Service law, hence the gen
eral change that took place on Wednes
day in the San Franc.aco Mint on that
Following are the names of the ins
and the onta:
H. P. Bu*b, San Francisco, cashier's
clerk, vice A. Oleglengen, removed.
.Samuel A, Boyd, San Jose, oomputing
clerk, vice (George Parry, removed.
Harry O. Beuediet, Butte county, sta
tistical clerk; vacant for some time past.
.1. H. P. Dixon, Milpi-aa, 3 ant a Clara
county, chief clerk, vice C. H. Seymour,
A Norton, Los Aoge.ee, memoran
dum clerk, vice Henry R. Miller, re
Alexander P. Murgotten, San Jose,
weigher, rice E. P. Maroellue, resigned.
John L Phippa, Oakland, maohiniot,
vice J. L. Harmatead. removed.
W. A, Aaainossen, San Franc too,
workman, vice \V H. Gladwin, re
John J. O'Connor, Sao Francisco, fire
man, vice Patriok Heard on, removed.
.John Cteary, San Francisco, helper,
vice C C. Hillard, removed.
A. P. Dennia m, San Francisco, con
ductor, J. G. Tremble, rem .ved.
James Giliig, Temescal, Alameda
oouoty, j tnitor, /ice W. K. Benjamin,,
Wm. Wagner, San Buenaventura,
watchman, vice Jamea King, removed.
Wm. A. Bakln, Tuolumne, watch
man, vioe W. S. Pearson, removed.
Patrick Dolan, Sacramento, watch
man, vioe George Beatty, transferred to
Aaaayer's department.
Perry G. Childs, San Franclaco,
watchman, vice J. E. Whltcher, re
Manuel F. Matthews, Ban Francisco,
watchman, vioe Wm. Williams, re
D. G. Lake, Nevada county, watoh
man, vioe John Gardner, transferred to
ooiner's deparlmeut.
J. W. Pack, first asaistant aasayor,
vice L. M. Baldwin, resigned.
W. A. Field,cupeller, vice J. W. Pack,
E. C. Fitr.patri.ak, diosolver.vioe W. A.
Field, promoted.
Geo. B> atty, fireman, vioe B.C. Fit/
patriok, promoted.
Charles J. Duval, San Francisoo, chip
per, vioe Geo. Loring, deoensed.
Ratification meeting/.
Ban Francisco, September 3 A rati-
Boatinn meeting nf the nominations made
by the Democratic State Convention to
day wat sold this evening at Metropoli
tan Temple nnder the auspices of the
Iriauois Club of this city. Max Porwter
presided. Tho hall was densely crowded,
about 2000 people being present. Tbe
tint speaker wag Mayor Bartlett, the
nominee for Governor, who returned
thanks for his nomination and pledged
himself to do all in his power to perpet
uate the success of the Democratic party
iv the future. Tarpey, tbe nominee for
Lieutenant Govern or, followed io a
sp •eoh, whiob was loudly cheered. Ex
Senator Hearst said be had arrived this
afternoon and had only bad time to read
the platform. He pronounced it the heat
oat adopted by auy party in this State
for twenty years and gave it hit heartiest
approval. Senator Del Valla paid a high
tribute to Mayor Bartlett, the nomn.ee
for Governor, and presaged the success
of tbe Democratic party with such a man
at ita head. Ha also spoke of the great
strength of tbo remainder of tho ticket
already nominated. W. D. English,
Chairman of tbo State Central Commit
toe, waa the Let speaker- He presaged
victory to tbe Democratic ticket next
November under the banner uf those
gen I lemen who had been nominated
Hoard! Of f:qttnll«ntlnn.
Bait Fmasctwo, September 3.—The
Sec ud Board of Equalisation district
convention met to-day and nominated
C. H. Rsndall for member of tbe Board
for tbat district by acclamation.
San Peahciaoo, September S —Tbe
Fjurthßoird ot Kqualiaation District
Convention met tin . evening aud organ
is (d with G. G. Gmchar, of Miripis*.
as obairmau, aud C W. Q lilty, of Santa
Clara, ai secretary Pb • m*etmg ad
journed until to m irrow without trana
acting any further business.
fifth District c onventloii.
San Fkanoisoo, Septemb u r 3 —The
Fifth Congressional District Convention
to-day nominated Frank J Sullivan for
Congress by aoolam .tion.
Mate Central Committee.
Ban FlUNCiwio, September 3 —Dadore
Townasad, of Sacramento, has been
nominated member of the Stnta Demo
cratio Committee for ilia Tun t.. nth Hen
atonal Distnot.
Salt Frani'mu., September 3 —Wash
ington Bartlett, the Democratic no ml
ase for Governor and preient Mayor or
this oity, waa born in Savannab, Geor
gia, in ISM. Hh came to California in
IftfiO and shortly after estsblisbed n
newspaper. In 1860 he was elec ed
County Clerk an<l ro-eleoted to the same
office in 1861 and 1867. Ho was ap
pointed Harbor Commissioner in 1870
and in 1873 was elected to the Bute
Senate. In 1889 ho wst elected Mayor
of San Frauoisoo. to which office he was
re-elected by a large majority in 1384
Mr. Bartlett is a bachelor
Bmj. Aeoh, ran Friuiciaco, olerk, vio»
H. M Clnyea, removed.
L. P. Golrietone, 8«n Franoieoo, de
posit melter, vice L. J. Wilaoa, re
Cornelini Kiorrien, Sonor*. Tuolumne
county, helper an.l furnace builder, vioe
K. M. Hooper, removed
Jaa. MoOary, San Franeiaco, helper,
vioe B. S. Mailman, removed.
Jerome W. Power*, San Frauoiaoo,
helper, vioe W. Henley, removed,
D F. S.attery, San Franoieoo, helper,
vioe J. Armetron*. removed.
P. H. Haninitll, San Franoieoo, helper,
vice W. P. George, removed.
Daniel Brown, Jr., Petaluma, meaaen
uer, vioe R. C. Brown, removed.
Denote «». ary, San Franolaoo, cutter,
vioe Samuel It oth, removed.
Charlee Maaon, Llvermore, workman,
vioe I.yea dor Walker, removed.
John H. Curran, San Franoiaoo,
workman, vioe A. K. MoFarlan, re
Joeeph F. Tneker, Alameda, work
man, vioe I. H Laing, removed.
J, hn Oardner, workman, vioe Joaaph
W. Low, removed.
H. P. Bulb ia the Sooretnry
of ike Democrat!) 8 ate Club,
and w-.e formerly Depntv C. rk in ibe
Supreme Court. H li. Benedict waa Aa
ai tent Minute Cli rk of tha late Senate
in IB7S-8. A. N >i i v haa aerved in thu
County Clerk'a office at Loa Aiigelta,anri
area Enrolling Clerk of Ihe Senate in
1883 W. A. A.mnn-eeu and William
A. Gukin have been membera of the Aa
aembly. John I. O'Connor ia in the Fire
Department iv, Sao Franoiaoo. Ma iuol F.
Matthewn ia a mender of the Pir-
Benevolent Society. L, P.
(Inldatoue attended the Weal
Foiut Milittery Aeaodmy and
the Colnmb a School of Mlnea at Naw
York City, end Charlaa 1. Duval waa
formerly aaaayer at th* Grand Pria*
Sah FiUncisoo, September S.— The
following- rilapatoh »v received thia ef
tarnoon: "Saoramento. — Mayor Wash
mgtm Uartlrtt Hleoee accept my
hearty and moat elnoere onngrmtalationa.
The convention haa don* honor to itself.
I.et aa true' tha people of California a ill
do the like to tuemaelvaa next Novem
ber. (Signed) UKOKor Stoniiian.
anile th* »«pta Uenierratt.
N*r*. September 8 — The nomination
of Bartlett ftivee aatiatacfciou to all
Uenoorata. He wm oonaid*rad th*
•troagMt oanriiriate.
streets. The oscillation Waa very per'
ceptible from the southeast to the north*
weft. No noise accompanied the
The A bandoumeut of
Prince Alexander.
Seven lien Roasted—Additional
Earthquake News—Negro
Superstition, Etc.
Spatial to th* HiraUl by the, Auoetated Press.
« hoi em outbreak.
London, September 3. —A violent
outbreak of cholera Is reported at Tore
doll annunxtatia, near Naples, in conse
quence of which ths religious festival
baa been prohibited by the town author
Cholera retorns for tbe whole of Italy
show 109 D ew cases and 41 deaths.
The Daily News says: "Prinoe Alex
ander has been abandoned and isolated
by the agreement of threo empires
Nothing could exceed the humility of
his letter to the Cxar, which is only
equalled in degree by the brutality of
tne Czar's answer "
Ukavbseno, IS\ V., September 3.—ln
the first race st the Brooklyn Jockey
Clab coarse, for oil ages, seven furlongs
—Ferecaie won, Burch recond, Pearl
Jenniogs third; time, I:2Sg.
One mile and a quarier—Ten Strike
woo, Lizzie Dwyer second, Bonneman
third; timo2:ll.
One mile—Markland and Harefoot
ran a dead head for first plaoe, Florence
M. third; time 1:42. In the run off
Markland won by a length; time 1:43.
For three-year-olds, mile and o qoar
ter—Peekskill won, O'Falton second,
Pontraco third; time 2:12^.
Two year-olds, three quarters of a
mile—ltalia won, Bedford second. Mil
ton third; time l; it! l ,.
One mile—Frank Word won, Hermit
age second, Weasel third; time 1:44.
Maryhvillk, Cal., Sept. 3.—The tirst
raoe at the fair to-day was for the 2:50
class and was won by Phallas, who won
the race in two straight heats; time, 2:32
and 2:29.
SecooS race, trotting, for lour year
olds, seven starters, Wallace U. won in
three straight heats; time, 2:385, 2:36,
The pacing race waa won by Killar
ncy, Who took second, third and fourth
heats, Pocahontas winning the first
heat; time, 2:24jf. 2:20, 2:21 i. 2:25.
An attempt waa made to wreck tho
train conveying Prinoe Alexander to
Sofia. When near PhillippolU the en
gineer discovered obstructions on the
track and brought the train to a stand
still. Oq investigation it was fonnd
that five sleepers had been placed
across tbe rails. A conflict between the
• evoluiiouiats ami the followers of Alex
ander waa feared at Sofia.
Haaoited Allto.
Williamhport, September 3 —Word
haa been received hero of a sickening
calamity which occurred abont midnight
last night five miles and a half above
Sonoeatown on the line of the Williams
port ft North Branch Railroad, where
a large number of Hungarian laborers
are employed on an extension of tbe
road. A shanty in which over twenty
of these men lodged oaught Pre last
night from the overturning of a stove
while the men were aaltep. Sixteen
moo slept on the second floor. Those on
the first floor and all on tbe second floor
bat seven succeeded in getting out. The
others were left to their fate ud wore
roasted alive in the shanty. Their
charred remains were afterwards found
iv the ruina. The men who escaped
were so horror stricken tbat they made
no efforts to save their companions. The
remains of the dead were removed to
Sonoeatown to await the arrival of tbe
coroner from Laporte. Tbe namea of
tho victims have not yet been received.
A Hungarian named Johinaki was
murdered and his body hidden under a
shanty on tbe aame railroad at Blk Lick
a short time sin je. When the shanty
waa torn down portions of human re
mains were fonnd in a quantity of
bloody straw. Tbe men who occupied
the shanty have disappeared.
Gold on Wilson's Peak.
The Paoedcaa stur na< much to say
about th- gold on Wilson* Peak. Tbe
sale of tickets by ihuL. A. and S. ii. V.
E. H. to Santa Anita station, the station
near the toot of tbe trail, is very active.
The Star says: "Wo have promised to
keep our r<: ad r* potted aa regards tbo
news relative to tbe gold excitement at
Wilson's Peak and shall redeem tbat
pledge to the fullest extent possible.
Will Bird, Will Korstian and F. 8.
fiearn, typos connected with thia office,
have just returned from their claims ou
the Peak, and from them we secure tbe
following items of interest: There are
now about fifty miners and prospector*
at the Peak, and the entire summit is al
ready staked. In addition lo tbeae,
the mountains are full of men from
tiwitzer's trail to the head waters
of the Han Gabriel and the rocky brow
of Old Baldy. all anxiously looking for
the gold that glitters. Some of tnese
parties bave claims tbat are evidently
rich in the precious metal; in short,
there ia no question about thare being
plenty of gold there, so far as surface
indications are concerned, but the ox
tent or quantity oan only be demonstrat
ed by digging and blaetiug. Messrs.
Bird, Korstian and Hearn evidently have
tbe richest leads we have yet heard
from, and they have spent a week in
vigorous prospecting and are exceeding
ly well pleased with tbo results. We
have on our table samples of their
claims—the extension of Summit claim
No. 1 and the Printers' Bonanzi—that
are heavily loaded with tbe precious
metal, and from which aaaays show
$360 HO per ton of puregold,aud there are
some ppecimens that will run more than
double that riebnesa. Of course this
sounds like a fabulous story, but tho
facts are before ua and cannot be dis
puted. These gentlemen, aa we have
stated, have developed their claims as
far as a week's digging and blasting
could do, removing more than twenty
tons of rock, and the further tbey went
tbe better were they pleased, for tbe
richness of the ore constantly iuoreased.
This is the exact status of the situation,
without any attempt at exaggeration or
to create any undue excitement. What
the bosom ef the mo- ■,tain contains no
mortal oan know without further inves
tigation. The spur, or feeder, ihat is
being worked measures from two to
seven feet, and tbe old miners who have
personally investigated the matter are
unaoimou" iv declaring that present in
dications are very good indeed.
The Wilson trail, th- present route by
wh cb tbe Peak is reached, is a hard
one, and by it some seventeen miles
must ba traveled from Pasadena, but a
ne v trad is bding maie tbat will short
en the distance about one-bnlf It will
lead up the Ku >v a ifl m, and teams
may be driven as far as the falls, from
which point the summit may be reached
by burro travel in tesa than two hours,
and it wilt be the beat mountain trail in
the whole country. Tbe work ia being
pushed with all possible dispatch and
will be completed in leas thau ton days.
Terrains* rick en fUearraea.
(,'u a rle.htos, September 3.—lt would
be simply impossible to oxaggerate in
descriptive language the effect of the
visitation of Tuesday night on tbe col
ored people of Charleston. There never
was until with tbe past few days an op
portunity; of noticing the public exhibi
tion of superatitioua fear to the degree
that it has existed among alt classes of
oolored people since the tremendous
■hook of Tuesday night. They fled
from their homes, and as they ran hither
and thither through the blinding clouds
of pulverised mortar, whiob was ah'aken
from the houses and arose again in the
streets, they tilled the air with dismal
groans ef despair and lamentations of
terrified distress. As usual with them
in their funeral devotiona, the name of
Jo-m waa most frequently used, and as
tf supplicating God face to face they
shrieked out in the very helplessness
of despair aucii sentences as: "Do, my
master Jesus, have mercy on rue;
"6weet Jesus, save me, save me;',
"Let me live through thia night, dear
Ood, my Saviour." "Hold me up oore
more thou blessed Christ, my master,"
and other tearful supplications, which
intensified the horror of the situation
snd went far towards demoralizing wnite
people who were alao roshtng blindly
hither and thither. As usual the faces of
a white man or woman in time of dan
ger was a sight of sudden joy io tho
gloom to many a poor wandering colored
boy or girl who endeavored to stop their
white friends aa they ran by in confu
sion to supplicate that they would re
main with (hem until "judgment waa
done." In many an instance a tremb
ling girl sank on her knees and seised
with frantic energy the folds of some
white ladies dress, aud failing to express
their terror in words, with scarcely
moving tips they declared that they
wanted only the moral support of a
friend in the hour of distress and agony.
Immediate!} after the first shock there
was an exhibition of joy and voices oi
congratulation were heard on every side,
and all mingled with words of thanks
giving to D.vine Providence. People
clung to each other like brothers and
sisters. There were no strangers there.
In tho dismal gloom some lady cried out:
"Get to the green, get to the green," an.
almost in a twinkling the oolored people
made a rush for that haven of safety. I
seemed aa if all Charleston waa already
there. Women hurried along, dragging
their little charges by their hands m
all kinds of night apparel. It waa only,
However, when the older olas* of oolored
people arrived tbat a characteristic scene
took place. Tbey rai about in the
crowd with cries of "Down on your face,
down on your knees, miser ible sinners.
Pray to God, my sister, my brother,
pray, pray, don't I tell you night i?
come. ' Prayer meetings were organized
and singing and scretming were kept up
until daylight. At ihat time the
watchword went around "The bat
tle ia over but soldiers most
not rest" and thia order was oarri*»<i
ont on Wsdneaday and Tbursd >y nights
On Thursday night, however, on Marion
Square, the sights and soenee baffled de
soription. Colored people were unre
strained and committed all manner of
riotous and frensied excesses. A report
of their actions aa tbey to >k place won) I
perhaps be ooosiderod blasphemous
The first object and one tbat arrested
everybody's attention was an assemblage
of oolored boys about a half a dozen in
number, who bad fallen to tho
ground in a paroxysm of religious
frcnay. They were groveling with
their faces down in the grass and
were singing hymns The hymn was
"The Angela are Ripping at the Do >r "
and the refrain, suug rapidly,was: "Ob,
tel ole Noah to b'd' on de ark, to b'tl' on
de ark." Thia song they repeated over
and over again until they were quite
tired and oeisod from utter exhaustion.
In a few minutes they were fast asleep.
Those additional casualties arereporteii:
Miss Lucy Elliott, ankle fractured; W
Kldds, knee dislocated; James Calls
hmi, seriously iujured In the face and
jaw; Geo. Webb, skull fractured; Fred.
Simpaoo, of New York (colored) double
fracture of left leg; Mnggie Sanders,
(white) amputated foot; H. Butwinkle,
head bruised and hip Injured; Harry
Damns and Lillie White (children)
bruised; Moses Brown, oolored janitor
of the Yost building, leg amputated;
Luoy James Gadsen (colored) fractured
skull; S. Walkor (oolored) arm and teg
fractured; Charles Rivers, colored, am
putated leg; Elm* Flowers, colored, com
pound fracture of log; Mary Delaney,
oolored, ampuiaud leg; Mary William-,
oolored, face ard head badly burned;
Stephen Campbell, colored, severe scalp
* Additional deaths—Florence Rector,
Sarah Glover and Mary Leo.
Tho total loss at Sommerville is esti
mated at $300,000. Two slight shocks
were reported to-day in Charleston, but
tbey wore not felt by many persons.
RivimoNit, Vrt , September 3.—At
11:30 to night a shook of earthquake was
felt here. lv some places In the upper
part of the oity U waa as severe aa that
of Tuesday night, people In soma oases
leaving their hods and rushing Into the
Pasadena Items.
As tb- wife and daughter of P. M.
Green were driving ou Luke avenue,
Tuesday afternoon, the horse took
fright, whirled sharply aronnd and over
turned the buggy, threw out both ladies
headlong and started to run. Rua*elt
Case hurried to the scene, but before he
reaohed it tbe plucky Miss Green had
jumped up, pursued her recreant steed
and seised him by the head. Aside from
a severe nervous shock to Mm. G., no
serious damage was done.
I This foreuo >n lit Ie Georgie Hughe?,
son of C. A. Hughes, the grocer, drove
his sisters down on VVaverly drive an
left them at a friend's for a visit Aa he
was returning the nut came i ff tbe king
bolt, and in nakiug a abort turn the box
of the wagon was lifted from the forward
wheels and the horse ran, throwing
Georgie out aud taking the two wheel*
off with htm on a lively jump. Before
the animal drew up at his stable he hud
uprooted an orange tree aod made a
total wreck of the forward part of the
buggy. Fortunately the little boy was
not hart.
A Determined Suicide.
P. Henry Trip ~ • Stookton, Califor
nia, oo mmitted ,n;u. v !e by shooting him
self in hia room at tb- Bay View Hotel,
sometime Saturday afternoon. The de
ceased was seen to go to bis room early in
tho afternoon, a lady at the hotel thinks
it übout three o'clock. W. A. Blame, a
friend of his, caiicd at C. J. Edward'
harness shop on Saturday afternoon and
asked the reaaou for his non-appearance
W. L. Weise volunteered to go to the
hotel and make inquiry. On reach
ing it, and going to bis room the door
was found locked, the key on the iuside
and all quiet within. Accompanied by
Captain Dillingham, Mr. Weise went
out upon the roof, and looking through
a window into tho chamber tbe appar
ently lifeless body of Tripp waa seen
Ipiog across the bed. Thereupon tbe
doot wa forced open, and oo entering
the room it waa found to be evidently a
oaae of suicide. A 38 calibre revolver
waa grasped iv tbe right hand, and a
big hole in the right aide of
the head, a littlo above the ear,
showed where the fatal bullet had en
tered, Probing the wound afterward
snowed tbe ball to have lodged iv tbe
left side of tbo skull. The coroner was
at onoo notified and the body removed
to the morgue. An inquest wae held
yesterday before Justice Monroe ex
ofScio Coroner, and tbe jury rendered a
verdict that Patrick Henry Tripp, a oa
tivo of Atnvrioa, 36 years of ago and a
harness maker by trade, died ou tbe JS
day of Auguat from a gunshot wound
inflicted by his own hand while laboring
under a temporary li of iusanity.
Bix weeks iago iv a fit of delirium tre
mens Tripp attempted auioide by jump
ing into tbe hay from the steamship
wharf. The water had a beneficial
effect, and after a short swim be regained
terra firms much improved. On tbo
evening of the same day, during v
drunken tracaa iv a down-town saloon,
he waa struck on the head by another
party, or came iuto oontaot with tbe
sharp edge of the table or oouuter, and
siuee then haa complaiiud of hearing
queer, bussing sounds.
That he waa temporarily derauged
there oau be no question. A tr*« friend
who Rtood by him tv all adverse circum
stances was a little blaak-aud-tan dog.
He jumped into the bay with hia mas
tor, was ever ready to fight for bim, and
waa the only living witness to his death.
-[San Diego 8«n.
*4MKrt SULLIVAN, uf ««lnn, Orefou,
onbtiruourau of the Aatbmn bl au-
Slkl. M »0r,»1.b fc. D
To Bny a Good All-Wool
Colored Camp Blanket.
Don't apend your money for »
Blanket mixed with cotton and
shoddy, they will not wear and are
Ladies' White Dress Goods
The lurf-
101. 103 and 105
SPRING ST., Cor. Secoeif. Lis unlet
Tie Hubbard Tract
Is by all odds the cheapest Aud most desir
able Tract on tbe market for the money.
You can have fine Urge lots for only f175
upwards, and each lot Is covered with
choice bearing grape vines,the streetslfnad
with pepper fees and graded. This prop
erty Is advancing in value every day, and all
we would ask of you ia to examine It before
you purchase elsewhere. We wish to give
you bargains, aud you will be convinced of
It. You have heard that Loa Angeles la
growing southwest, and such Is mo t assur
edly the case. Look into the matter and
you will Dud this tract is being surrounded
by pur city. The aoll Is perfect, water pure,
and the neighborhood an charming as a pic
ture, and from this point you have the flu
ent view of the mountains to be obtained lv
the county: and moat every summer day,
commencing about It t. at., a refreshing
hreeae. Just think, you oan get lota here
for only taper front foot. You cao have
them for $30 cose and Installments of #10
per mouth without Interest, Ibe tract is a
few minutes" walk from the Electric Road
on Pico atreet, or the proposed one on Ad
ams street, or the hors»-ear line to be built
on Washington street, aud you have good
a- hools and churches, etc.. near at hand,
lam In from 9 to 12 a. m , and will take you
out with pleasure at 2 P. H.
10*4 (south Spring.
Tie Hardin Tract.
This flno piece of land la a delightful spot
for a home. You will find it almost next to
where lotsare selling for tl "00 each, which
lathe best recommendation for these that 1
could call your attention to. Here you can
have a lot for gS2S and upwards; with trees,
vines, etc. You will have to call early, for
the prices are so reasonable that we will not
have euough to go around- The streets will
b« graded and lined with pepper trees aad
plank sidewalks added. Do not purcha«e
anywhere a lot before you sec these, if you
wish a live bargain. They speak for them
selves. Always In from 9to 12 a. m. and
will take you out with Dleasure at! v. n.
10S South Spring.
Sixty acre,, well improved. I will sell
or tins entire p-operty at a rate to satisfy
any speculator or aecker fnr a home. You
cao purchase 5 acres ~t th's One tract If yon
dealroatalow figure. It ban viueyard and
ireehon it.audcliMo to tue city. Could be
subdivided Into % acre lot», aua to be sold
ot> the moat reasonable term.. ,20.000 will
buy this grand property if you call In a few
daye. Apply to
"1* "b 10X South .Spring.
We will sell at our Sales Stables Ne), IS
North Loo Aiatfeles atreet, at 10
a. St. to day, a few geotle work horses: slfo
some good second -hand Spring wagona and
carriages. WOOLLEY <fc MATLOCK,
It Auctioneers.
Go to S. 0. KRONNICK,
30 S Spring St Telephone 521
,sepl up
Parties Wanting- Sharap
For Fuel. Packing or uy other
Can get tbem free of charge at
■epttl PKHKV, Mul l * GO'S.
The uuderslgued h«s this day sold hia
Book Binding establishment at 76 Norm
Spring atreet to
Who will hereafter conduct the business.
All outstanding aocouuts up tv September
Ist will be collected by me and all debts of
the concern up to the same date will ho
paid by me.
se s. spring sr.
Before purchasing stock. No Eastern liar
nes* kept. Pull lines of
Whips, Saddles, Robes, Etc.
Repairing Promptly Attended to
and Neatly Done at the Lowest
Prices eepS :im
""Xr. niilv,
Collection and Business Andiiuy,
Accounts promptly collected, houses to
rent, reuts collected. Satisfact-on guaran
teed, m Main street, under Moo Honst.
Cnmtnues to treat at his office, «»j N. Spring
street, diseases of women ami alt chronic
Catarrh, Consumption, Atthma anl
Bronchitis trettftd with meiltctl Inhala-
The ont below shows tha bacilli or para
sites which cause catarrh magnified t*o
rt t
* 4 *
4 5 6
The doctor devotes his treatment to the
destruction ot these l-y moans of local rem!
edles, which can be applied by the patleut
at home without palu, inconvenience or de
tention from buHlnosH. Constltutloual rem
edles are employed In most osao* to purify
the blood, regula'e the liver and buildup
the general system.
The best apparatus lv tbe country Is used
to apply medicines directly to the sores or
seat of lnflamatlou at the office wh v t» neces
If patleutH can oome regularly to office
for treatment cases of for.y years standing
can in nearly every case he cured perma
Children can be tr.aled with uo trouble,
and never yet has the doctor failed to a
child where .cmedles have been u»ed « .
The following testimonial of person» well
known in Los Angeles will show the rapidi
ty with which the dUeni-f ran bo cured:
Art Btddio, 211 A h . ;ker Hill A\enue,f
Los AncoJes, May 2.V 1886. (
Dk w. N. D»\ is - Uear Sir lam happy
to lulorm you that your remedies have
cured that terribly obstinate catarrh of tbe
back part ot the nostrils and throat, from
which f suffered so much. It does not
trouble me st all vow aud I have only
takeu your treatment about two mouths
flud a half.
Yours,gratefully, M S. PISH.
This Is to certlfr that I am a regularly
qualified phvhieian, hut not practicing, and
have always believed catarrh of cbrouic
nasal variety to be au Incurable sfftlctluu,
but hearlug of ur. W. N. Davis' "Now
Treatment aud his success, I applied to him
for medicine, aud determined to try It In
the case oi oue of my friends, and did so
with the most satisfactory result?, as Im
provement was immediate, and oue pre
scription effected a cure. The case wan of
years' standing and oi a very severe type.
I can recommend Dr. Mavis to those simi
larly affected. s HALEY, sf. D
Los Angeles. August 1,18H5.
January 1, 1880, Mr. Halpy testifies that
the cs*e be treated Aye mouths ago is still a
cure. Mr. Haley Is now practicing law at
< ">'. -i s spring street.
This Is to certify that I was troubled with
catarrh of the dry variety for t. bum five
years, since three years before I came to
California, aud lv one mouth I feel that I
have beeu entirely cured by your reme
dies. PETKft NlEri.
Los Angeles, July 4, MfX, p. o. box *2j.
Hundreds of other testimonials aud ref-
Sfonofl could be <iveu were It necessary.
As high aj three persons have been cured
in ouo family.
OFFICE HOPKB-J a. M. to 12:80 P. M , 3 to
Ib% S Spriug street, Lou Angeles, Cal.,
over Peep!e's Store. sept*
I lib 107 M 109 NORTH SPRING ST.
Throat Diseases. Bronohitia
Together wltb diseases of the
M. D , at. C. P. 8. 0.,
No. 87A Nortli 'lain Street*
Next the Dlamoud House, Los Augeles, Cal
AU diseases of tbe respiratory organ
treated by the roost improved systeui o
medicated iuh.ilatlous, combined with con
*t'(otionsi resa edits for the liver, blood
In order to shaw how eminently succesi
fol my mode of treatment In lv all disease
of the resp ratory organs I append the fo]
Lowiut testimonials:
E N. Lrwih, formerly with E C. (Hidden
Esq., agent Wheeler A Wilson dewing M«
chines, 20 South Main street Loa Augeles.
I had been a great sufferer with luni
trouble for several years, contracted a
Hartferd, Coon. Through my pbyslclan'i
advice I came to California but grew worse
[ became so weak I could scarcely wall
across th» room, aud It was the opinion 01
my friends that I could not live a week
But after being treated by Ur. Williams fout
mouths J was as well as I ever was. 1 there
fore heartily recommend Dr. Williams
mode of treatment for al! lung troubles
E. N. LKWI4.
P. 8. Mr. Lewis has returned home tc
Hartford, Couu 1 take pleaaure in refer
ring bU case to Mr Qliddeu, Agent W. A W
8. M Co', 20 South Malu street.
From Hkv. L. X Fisai. I> !>., President
Albion college, Aibion, Mich.
Da. Williamh-Dkah Siu: My sou, ag«
26, wat suffering from a severe affection ol
the lungs, so *s to compel him to keep bti
room and the most of tbe time his bed
Within the space of two weeks be expe
rlenced about a dor' n hemorrhages, from
which the ordinary remedies afforded but
temporary relief, i applied to you, who
supplied him with inhaling remedies,
which affected an Immediate arrest of the
bleeding, which has never occurred since
he began the inhalation. L. R. FI«KE.
John SriHCBK, Esq., attorney, formerly ol
Rochester. N, V., says: I visited California
suffering with lhe second stage of catarrhal
consumption, arriving In Los Angeles June
24th, 1886. Tbe next day I visited Dr. Will
lama' office, took his treatment and In three
mouths I was entirely cured..
JOHN SPENCER, Attorney ftl-Law.
From B F. Allan*, A. M. B. D., Prtncipa
uf Aluia Ladles' College, St. Thomas, Cans
da, says: t oontracted a severe oold which
settled upon my lungs, causing a seven
cough, accompanied by expectoration, in
■liostfve of pulmonary phthisis. M;
strength aud spirits cank very low. but thi
success of your remedies was such that il
a few weeks I was entirely cured.
inhalations are applicable in all eases o
lung affections, but they must be prepared
according to tbe necessities of each tudl
vidua! case I have no set remedy which
1 use in all cases, nor do I dilate upon
vogue aud Imaginary theories for the pur
pose of frightening sick women aod ebil
Those who desire to consult me In regard
to their cases had better call at my office for
consultation and examination, but If Impos
sible to do so can write for a copy of my
Medical Treatise, containing a list of ques
tions. Address
276 North Main Street, Log Angelea, CaL
Office hours from 9.8; a m io4:Mr. v
September 15th
There remain but THREE
ROOMS not yet taken. The
capacity of Day Pupils is
very large. »ug3l lm
In Loa Angeles, Cal.,
JEfc eal 2D 0 t-a t c .
Fine residence on HH! street, between
Seventh snd Eighth streets.
Fine residence on Grand avenue, near
Sixth atreei.
Two flue business lots.
A desirable residence ou Temple street,
3 building lots ou Temple street.
»lots on Seveuth street, west of Pearl.
House In East Los Augeles.
•»S acres ot of land within 1% miles of
Postofnce at a bargatu
■US acres of laud highly Improved one
quarter of a mile south of city, cheap.
Also lota in East Los Angeles, Boyle
Heights, Dana tract, West Los Augeles.
Child* tract, etc
Also Improved and unimproved property
In ail parts of the city aud county.
Large tract, superb locution; uoue better
suited for subdivision
Room 1, 24 W. First st.. New Wilson Block.
Rents collected ond tsxet paid, deeds,
mortgages, etc., carefully made. aepl
No. 23 South Spring Street.
Tbe next term will open next Monday
August 2nd
Between First and Second. Rooms* and
, over Moss-roves Cloak House.
Gold flUtuca 92 o*>
Amalgam and plating fillings $1 00
l*nln lr«tj Extraction of teeth by
vitalised air or nitrous oxide gas
Teeth extracted for 60 cents.
Beat se*s of teeth from tfl to as.
We guarantee a perfect fit.
Office hours—From 8 o. m. to 6 p. m; Sun
days, 10 a. m. to 13 m.
fnlrtoate work a specialty. Jyls tt
104 N. Spring Sireet, Lv Alleles, CiL
Will assume entire charge of property
collect i cuts, pay taxes lusuranee, etc
JSfs; Correspondence solloited, outt-lm
Foundry & Machine Shop,
194 South Bprlmrßt. tftf
Notice ot Intention.
Notice ia nereby glveu tbat it is the inten
tiou ol the Couucd uf the City of Loa Auge
lea to eaLrtbl-f.il grades ou portion* of
Brook;yu Aye,, New Jerne> Aye. aud Mich
igan Aye. h •• follows:
At tbe Intersection of Brooklyu Aye. and
Pacific street the grade shall be ao.oo feet
above tbe datum piaue; at a point ou the
north aide of Brooklyn Aye. iw> feat east of
Pacific atreet the grade shall be 05.00 teet
abjve the datum plaue; at trie B. W. corner
of Brooklyn Aye, aud Warren street tbe
graaeshall be *>.00 leet above the datum
plaue; at the 8. K. corner of Brooklyu Aye.
aud Warren street the grade shall be 33.*)
feet above tbe datum plaue; at intersectiou
of Brooklyn Aye. and Esctmodia street the
grade shah be 74.0" leet above ths datum
plane:at the Intersection of Brooklyn Aye.
and Lopes street the grade aha.l be un the
W. sidett.OU feet above the datum plane,
and ssi too K. aide of said intersection Mj.w
feet above Ihe datum puna, at the intersec
tion of Brooklyn Aye. and Bat ivy street ihe
grsde shall boiOj.oo feet above the datum
. piano; at tue Intersection oi Brooklyu Aye.
and Laaaarevich sleet lb* grade shall be
■i i.yu leet above tue d*Lam plaue; at a polut
oa Brooklyn Are. <86 feet east pi Lsazare
vlch street the grade snail bo KO ieet above
tbe datum plsue. at tbe Intersection of
Brooklyu Aye. aud Cummlngs street the
grade shall be 75.0u feet above the datum
plane; at the Intersectiou of Brooklyn Aye.
aud St. Louis street the grade aboil be ?o.uo
feet above the datum plaue. at the bateroao
tion of orooklyn Aye. and Chicago street
Lhe grade chall be 72.00 feet above the da
tum plane; at a point ou Brooklyn Aye. 180
feet easy ol Chicago street the grade shad
75.00 Joet above the datum plane, at the In
teraction of Brooklyn Aye. and Boston
street the grade shall be 70.00 feet above me
datum plaue: at the lutersecUoii of Brook
lyn Aye. aud Solo street tbe tirade shall be
82.00 feet above the datum plaue-at the iv
tersectiou ol Brooklyn Aye. and Matthews
street the grade shall be 78.00 feet above the
datum plaue; auhe intersection oi Brook
lyn Aye- and Ficket street the grade shall
be 88.00 feet above the datum plane; at tbe
into seotiou of Brooklyu Aye. and Molt
street the grade shall be 73.00 feet above the
datura plane; at tbe intersection ol Brook
lyn Aye. aud Saratoga street tbe grade shall
be 58.) 0 feet above the datum plane.
At the intersectiou of New Jersey Aye.
and Cummlngs street the grade shall be
66 00 leet above the datum piaae; at the in
tersectiou of New Jersey Aye, aud St. Louis
street the grade shall be 03 00 ieet above the
At the intersectiou of Michigan Aye. and
Lopes street the grade shall be 70 00 feet
above tne datu n plane; at a point on Mtcu
igan Aye midway between Lupez street and
Bailey street the grade ahall oe B£.i 0 fee'
above the datum plaue; at the intersectiou
of Miohigau Aye- and Bailey street the
grade shall he MOO feel above the datum
plane; at a point 00 Michigan Aye. 80 feet
W. of Laalarevicti street the grade shall be
00.00 teei above the datum plaue, at the iv
tersectiou of Michigau Aye. and Lazzare
vlch atreet the grade shall be 86.60 leet
above tbe datum plane; at a point ou Mich
igan Aye. 180 feet east of Lazzarevich street
the grade shall be 70 oo leet above the da
turn plane; at the iuterseetlsn of Michigan
Aye, aud Johus to v sreet toe grade shall be
64.00 feet above the datum plaue, at the In
tersection of Michigan Aye. and Cummlngs
street the grade shall be feet above the
datum plaue; at tire tutor ection oi Michi
gan Aye. and St. Louis s:reu the grade shall
be 47 00 feet above the datum piano; st a
polut 200 feet east of Bt. Louis street the
grade auall he 50.00 ieet above the datum
plane; at the intersection of Michigan Aye.
and Chicago street the grade shall be do 00
leet above ths datum plane; at a point 180
leet east of Chicago street the grade shall
be6o.to leet above tee datum pl.ue, st tbe
intersection of Michigan Aye and Boston
street the grade shall oe tW.oO feet above the
datum plane; at a polut ou Michigau Aye.
LOO ieet W. of foto street the grade shall be
66.00 feet above the datum plaue; at the in
tersectiou of Michigau Aye. and Soto street
the grade shall be on the N. w . cor. 6f>.00
leet above datum plaue, ou the S. W. cot.
62.00 feet above dstum plane, ou the N. E.
cor. 71 00 feet above datum plaue. ou the S.
B. cor. 67.00 feet above datum plane; at a
point ou Michigan Aye. 120 feet east of Boto
street tne grade shall be 70.66 feet above the
datum plaue; at the luteisection of Michi
gau Aye, and Matthews street the grade
-hall be 70,00 feet above the datum plaue;
at tho intersection of Michigau Aye antl
Kicket street the gasde shall be 61.00 feet
abo.e the datum plane; at the lhieisectlou
of Michigan Aye. aud Mott -treet the grade
shell be 57 On leet above ibe datum plane, al
the intersectiou of Michigau Aye. Saratoga
.-treet t ne grade shall be 50 00 feet above tbe
datum plsue.
All persons interested are hereby noiified
to file their objections, if any tbey have,
with the Clerk of the Council wituiu ten
days of the date ot the first publication of
this notice.
By order of the Council of the city of Los
Angelea at Its meeting of August 30th. A. D.
Clerk of tbe Council of the City of Los An-
Los Aug el as, August 31st, 1886. sepMOt
Notice of Intention.
Notice Is hereby glv*u tbat It is the inteu
tion of the Council of the City of Los An
geles, to chauze aud establish the grade of
I'lco sireet at the following points:
At lhe intersection of the uorth Hue ol
Pice street with Hope street the grade shall
be changed to £4.50 feet below the datum
plsne i at tbe intersectiou or Pico street with
ibe west hue of Flgueroa street th. grade
shall be'2Boo feet below the datum plane;
at the east Hue of Wright sireet the grade
■hall be S3 50 feet below the datum plaue;
at a point 8 ■»60 feet west of Flgueroa street
the grade sball be 39.00 feet below ibe
datum plane; at a polut 410 feet west of
Flgueroa street ths h rade shall be 31 00 feet
below the datum pUne: at a point 4700 feet
west of Flgueroa street the grade shall be
'2600 feet below tbe datum plaue; at tbe in
terteeilon of Atvarsdo street the grade shall
be £7.00 fe*t below the datum place-
All persons Interested are hereby notified
to ale their objections, if any they have,
with tbe Clerk of the Council, wlthiu ten
days of the date of the tlrst publication of
this notice.
By order uf the Council of the City of Loa
Angeles, at Its meeting of August aOlh. A. '!>
Clerk of the Couucll of ths City of Los An
Los Angeles, August »l»t, 1888. aep'l IW
OFFIOkV 101 N Maluisiroet, Corner Market.
Wm. T. Coleman & Co,
Snipping and Commission Merchants,
With Agent* and Rrokpra In every Commercial City of prominence In the Talon,
Ox*.l- Lou Anioles Uak.flrexi.o-v
Makei a apecialty of handling the products of Southern California
Agents tor Royal Baking Powder, Walter, Baker * Oo's Chocolate
Kingsford'a Oswego Starch
Wm. L. Locke, Manager Los Angeles Agency, 75 N. Snrinf St
111 ¥ 1 I 1 V 111 top OOj
Largest stick of advance Fall styles.
O nr nwn designs in many tinea of clothing.
p||ew And nobbiest style in I but ton Cut-aways.
Dress suits in line pin-bead check straight cut sacks.
Qur 25-oent line of sailor knots and puffs take tbe lead.
|*Jobby cutaway sack suita in small broken oheofce.
Qorkscrew worsted dress overcoats, full satin lined.
Latest a tylo of cheviot sack suits at $15.
Trunks, valises, satchels, tourist and shawl straps.
Han tsomest line of men's merino, cashmere and balbrigan hose.
Indigo blue granite oloth Prince Albert frock suite.
1 Norfolk blouse suite tor lwy« in tim- plaids.
Q' -.'mi.i- cHin. I'm hair undershirts aud drawers.
obildreo'a, boys' youth's and young Osssjla live clothing.
Our new atyle uape overcoat* for boys are NOBBY.
Merino, Scotch, wool and Hues balbriggaa underwear,
pants aud vests to inatrii, in Hue liairline stripe* and checks.
Alligator, grain leather, canvas and rubber valises.
Neat hairline stripes, check and plaid oaaslmerH pants.
You receive full value, honest dealing, Hneat styles and ths very
lowest prices at the
Corner Temple and Spring Streets, Los Aageks
Monte Vista,
The Finest Orange Soil in the State.
value ooarsnDiflniiD.
Call for full particulars and maps at
Ruddy, Burns & Smith,
Real Estate aid Comnussion Brokers.
Loans Neaotuted. Homes lieitei, Keiti Csllectt., lie.
Xo. t Franklin Street, - • • Los gssjeto* Ssf
ANSON BOI'UB, ol n»k»eii;, IIU..»»j»
ar om hliliM w allatn'a MicmUs Elii
lr FW *>)• bT M. ■ Hodfroj, HidMo
MIDDLB-AUBP tfUjrlwlMk vlio.ud
NO 157.

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