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Los Angeles Daily Herald.
Santa, Ana. Ilema.
(From the Herald ot Sept, 4)
The Rev. F. J. Myoard, recently
from the diooose of lowa, haa been ap
pointed to toko oharge of tho Episcopal
church in the Santa Ana valley. He
will hold services to-morrow aa follows:
In the morning when the Holy Com
munion will be administered, at St.
Paul's ohuroh, Tuesday, and in the eve
nlng in the chapel of the Messiah, in
Santa Ana.
We learn from Robert MoPherson
that his firm have been and are now
sending to the East from the Orange
station two carloads of fresh grapes
every week, antl will continue to ship so
long as it pays. He informs us that the
firm of MoPherson Bros, will aa usual,
enter largoly into Ihe manufacture ol
raisins uayiug thehighest market price.
They are now ofleriug tU to $16 per
ton for raisin grapes, and do not think
orices will e*dvanee, for the reason that
raisins were ruling low. The grape
orop ot the valley is fully up to the
average of last year and in exoellent
The Santa Ana Valley Fruit Company
shipped one carload of fresh grapes to
Chicago ou Sunday morning last in a
Tiffany refrigerator oar, via tho Atlantic
and Pac ;,, c Railroad. The grapes were
taken front the cold storage rooms at a
tetnperaturJ of 52." Mr. M. A. Peters,
tne superintendent of the company,
went East with the oar, and no further
shipmeut. in this manner wl'l be msde
until the result of thia experimental
shipment ia ascertained. It will prob
ably be eight Jays before the tar
reaches its destination. If tbe grapes
are found in good oonditien when they
arrive in Cbioago and the price ia too
low there, tho car will go on to New
Plans are.to be immediately drawn for
the big hotel to go up on tbe corner of
Fourth and Sycamore streets, tbe stock
in the enterprise being all subscribed by
our prominent, wide-awake oitiaens. Toe
boil ling is to be of brick, tbree stories
in height, fronting on Fourth atreet 90
feet and on Sycamore 140 fee*. The
cost of the building ami greri.a is csti
mateil at 112,500. Tho first floor will
be devoted, to the business ofiioee f > bag
fage, billiard, dlnin? rooms ausl kMclien.
i is probable there may be a couple of
stores on the Fourth street front. A
wide hall will run the entire length of
the building, with rooms on each side.
A large courtyard will be in the rear,
with a verandah all around lt. An ele
vator will afford rapid transit to tbe
upper floors. There will be 75 bed
rooms aud parlors on the upper floors.
Alexander Announces In
tention to Abdicate.
[victoria SchlUlnn'g Whereabouts.
Other Telegrams of Minor
Si/tcial lo the Herald l>i/ the Auociated Pren.
Viiku, Sept 4.—The None Frele
Press publishes a diipatoh from Bona,
stating that lit. Karavcloff, head of tbe
evolutionary party, which deposed
Prince Alexander, haa been released
Irom polioo aupervision. Tho Bnstian
party in Sofia say that Major Snuff,
who took a bearing part in the coup
a etat, had resolved at tha time
o! the deposition npon the death of
Alexander, and waa prevented from
oarryiDg out hia reaolve by the interven
tional the Butslan Consul. It ia not
now believed that Prinoe Alexander will
abdicate, bnt that he will summon tbe
Bulgarian Assembly, and anbmit the
question of abdicating Q> continuing
on the throve to the* body for decision.
Powerful inflsenoea are being exerted
from several different quarters, to bring
about a ianiou ot Bulgaria, Bervla and
B .umsnu
New Yobs, Sept. 4. —TheSur s Lou
don ■pedal says: In Downing atreet
the opinion la unanimous tbat AleieD*
der will fight rather than abdicate at tbe
dictation of Russia. He will be preaaed
to a definite decision, and hia refusal to
abdicate will lead 10 a rising by Ibe
Russian party, a revolution and a Bos
nian occupation. Tbe adherents of
Prinoe Alexander declare tbat there ia
strong probability of Boumelia aud Ser-
Tia combining with Bulgaria anJ East
ern Bonmelia to resist Russia, and that
• powerful party in Montenegro would
welcome the e*>poftwa«ljto strike a blow
for independence Irom Russia, The be
lief Is gaining in official oiroles that
Turkey will answer the Russian move
ment by occupying the Balkans eiththe
consent of Bulgaria and Eastern Ron
melts, and co-operating with tbe Prinoe
by aea aod land. The Muscovite pre as
energetically urges a Busaian occupa
tion of Bulgaria before Alexander baa
had time to reorganise hia army. The
situation la becoming acute.
Bxbi.iv. Dept. 4,— Degiers, tho Rue
aian Foreign Minister, haa hurriedly
departed for Bt. Petersburg.
Bochabbst (Boumania), Sept. 4.—
The Roumanian Cabinet threaten to
resign if Aleiinder abdioates.
Pabis, Sept. 4— It is reported here
that wlthia Ibe past few daya fifty
Russian wffieera in mufti have arrived
separately, at Sofia, and placed them
selves in oommuoioation wllh the Z*n
koff feoiton ot tbe revolutionists.
Alexander guars Ita Will Abandon
Urn TBUrwae.
Soma, (Bulgaria,) Sept. 4.—Prinoe
Alexander baa publicly announced his
Intention of abdicating Be says he
oanuot remain In Bnlgatla on account
ot the objection of the Caar. Before
leaving be will establish a regency.
Sofia, (Bulgaria) Sept. 4.—Prinoe
Alexander made an address at a re
ception given by him to the officers of
the army, ia which be made the follow
ing statement: "The condition of
affairs of Bulgaria is ancb that I leave
the country. If I did not, Russia
would oocnpy it, I will, however, con
sult with the superior officers, and con
stitute a regency which will endeavor
to protect the interests of toy officers.
In any case I rely on the army."
Prince Alexander imparted bis inten
tion of abdicating to the Herman and
Busaian consuls. A grand counoil,
among the members of rhioh are MM.
rJlSmbouloff aad Earaveloff, ia being
held to arrange for the regency. Tbe
Prince will probably leive within two
•lays. Officers of the army are greatly
excited and talk of detaining Ibe Prince.
They have resolved in any esse to
reluse to receive a Bnsalan envoy.
Tbey will hold a meeting to decide
what course to adopt. Ths city is
fCaeea at Dlatrlet I ntra.
Maststilue, Cal , Sept. 4.—The first
race at tbe fair to-day waa a pacing race.
The first beat waa wen by Solitaire,
Terra Cotta winning tbe rer»2<ndsf and
the race. Time, t:SO, 2:19, 2:48. 2:47.
The half mile and repeat race waa
won by Prince In two straight beata.
Time, 62 and 52% seconds.
The two-mile daah was woa by Pen
ems. Time, 3:40.
Sad Fbanuhkm, Sept. 4—At the races
at Golden (late fair, Oakland, to day,
Vo iclier took tbe 2 27 class In straight
La t-; Stamboul second, Como third
Time 2:22, 2 24 and tM.
In tbe free-tor all' Qny Wilkes was
victor; Adatr taking first and second,
and Qoy Wilkes the three succeeding
beats. With Anteo distauced lv tbe last
eae. Time 11:17 V,, 2:17'/,, 2*o, 2204
sod 2:24.
In the mates between Allen Roy and
Sister, the former took first and third
snd tbe latter the second heat, when
the resell waa postponed until Monday
Bt 10 o'olook. Time 2.2:1, 2 24 snd 225.
Tare BavMertt Tetrf.
Congressional Candidates.
Hon. Joseph D. Lynch, of the Los
Angeles Hkrald, has received the nom
ination at tbe hands of the Democratic
District Congressional Convention for
Congressman of the Sixth Bis riot, and
will he the opponent of Gen. Wm. Van
dsver. the Republican nominee, during
the campaign now opening. Some of
the Republican papera of this district
arc tryiug to make out that the nomina
tion of Lynch la a weak one, and say
that the Republican candidate will have
an easy race of it. Those express
ing such opinions were never more mis
taken in their lives. Mr. Lynch is, to
car notion, one of the very strongest
men the Democratic party could have
put up. He is a gentleman who has
many friend', both Republican and
Democratic, in the southern oouuties,
wbo will stick to him to the last for the
manner in which he has always labored
for their seotion of the State with hia in
fluential and widely circulated journal,
the Daily Loa AugeUs Herald. Among
the vintners and fruit men he haa a vay
large following, and we assure our Re
publican friends that only by ons of
the most determined and stubborn fights
can they hope to overcome Mr. Lynch
in this district this fall.-Colton Kvcn
iog Semi-Tropic.
Electric Light in San Bernardino.
A great many of onr citizens have
been agitating the queslion of electric
lights lately, and are beginning to de-übt
whether we are to have them. To act
the publio miud at rest, and to ascer
tain wnether the town is to be lighted
by electricity or not, a J'imrs reporter
called ou Mr. B. B. Harris, clerk of the
11 >ard of Trustees, thia morning, and was
iuformed by that gentleman Ihat hy tho
tint of October the eleotrio lights would
be in full running order aud our city no
longer be ahronded in darkneas. Mr. K.
l'\ Floyd, the contractor, wrote to the
Trustees some time ago, saying tbat it
wonld be impossible for him In get his
machinery here by lhe first of Septem
ber, as the contract oalled for, aud re
quested a continuance of thirty days,
which was granted. Four large masts
will furnish light for ths city, while the
Conoty Supervisors will provide a few
arcs about the oourt house. Tea power
is not determined upou as yet, but will
more than likely be furnished by water
near the edge of town. We are surely
going ahead with improvements, and
Sun Bern iriliuo is bouud, sooner or later
to become one of the important places
00 the Pacific cnast.—San Bernardino
Rait Rr-rnardiao Prosperous.
That uur business men, witu the dawn
of cooler wuuther, are again experienc
ing a revival of trade is ohvioas to any
oue who will lake the paius to prom n ule
for n short time our principal business
streels, at almoat any hour of the day,
and notice tbe crowd of customers, tbe
smiliug faces and brisk movements of the
attentive employes, even if the bland
•mile of the proprietors were not taken
into account. That San Bernardino ia
atoadily building up with substantial
bustne.s nouses and rcsid-mces cau be at
once seen by a walk iv a«y section of
tha city, where can be seen workmen
preparing fur foundations, foundalions
being laid, and houses in sll stages of
completion. That the country people are
hop. fnl and prosi erous can be aeen by,
the large number of vehicle* in our
•treeH, attracted hither for ■upplies.
While San Bernardiuo is not enjoying
the benetita of any audden impulse, its
growth is healthy, ita business prosper
ing, and its people justly proud of its
present and confident of its future.
SnuKr-sanD Bit, N, V., Sept. 4.-
Uleanera stake* lor two-year olds, three
qnartara of a mile, on turf—Mttbiaa
•on; (iiliath aeoond; Bddor third.
Time, 1:53»;.
For three-year eld?, one and one
eighth rnilta— Brown Duke won;F!or
enoo Fonso aaaond; Attorney third.
Tima, lrtk.
Tne third race waa declared off.
New York handicap, one aod one half
miles—Rupert won; Hoasatonftc aeoond;
Aratino third. Time, 2:38 \,.
Bandioap aweepstakes, one and one
oiuhtli muna—Supervisor won; War
Eislo, aeoond; (Jleaner third. Time,
For sll agea, one mile on tnrf—Elit t
bath won by three lengths; Pilot aeo
end; Father third. Time. 1:45.
Some Things Not Generally
A monse exposed to 90 degrees in the
sun will sicken aod die within ten min
Alfalfa, if irrigated when one foot
high, will cease to grow, dry up and ma
To prevent sneezing press your finger
upon your uppor lip.
To arouse yourself from drowsiness in
church, hold one foot off the floor three
inches and you aro yourself again.
Waßh your faoe on retiring at night.
You will hud more dirt than if dona ia
the morning.
When one finds himself yawning in
the day-time'tis a sign of biliousness.
Whsn a chicken places its head under its
wing in the day-time it is b lious, too.
The be. t medicine in both cases is calo
mel. Mors young chioks die from eot
ing cornmeal than one would suppose.
Cornmeal possesses no properties requis
ite for the formation of feathers ; hence
the canso.
The best way to get along amicably in
the world is to lot everybody have their
own way ; husbandi particularly.
A Cresaae «t Jaaaalea.
New YonK, Kept, 4.- Private letters
and oopiea ot Kingston (Jamaica f j
papers, jest received in ibis oity, an
nounce that tbe island ot Jamaica was
visited by a terrifio cyolone and wind
storm on August l't.h. Entire planta
lions in tb* interior of the island wer
laid watts; buildings wars unrooteda
vessel! in the harbors were driven
ashore, end an immense amount ol
property io all parts ol ths ialand waa
Fire at I.oi>* lalaad rnr.
New Yon*, Sept. 4—Midnight —A
big Ire is raging at Long Island Oity.
Darnels'* saab and blind faotory and
Donohne A Quian's planing mill are
burnt in the ground. A large three
story hotel, owned by Joseph MoGer-, is
now In flames. Ona of ths largest
business block* in th* oity it threat
a fatsor. Kaee.
Naw Yobk, Sept. *.—The first heat
of tha International Canoe Onp Rao*
hare tc-day, was won by the Knglish
canoe Nabtilos, Lassie beiug second.
The second race waa won hy Lassie,
she beating Nautilus. There we» four
entries. The deciding heat will take
place on Monday
■epnalloan Koralualloaa.
Vuxwo, Oal.i Sept. 4 — TheS pubT
liean Oonnly Convention met at Fair-
Held to-day and mado tho following
nominatlone; Stale Senator, L. B.
Misner; AMemblynun, Ooorge 3.
Campbell end K. J. Cnrry.
Aonalsaloa Bar.
SaoiAaliirao, Sept. 4.—Gov. Stone
an haa deeUied September D.h (Atl
isslon Be/) c Isttal holiday.
Glanders in Santa Ana Valley.
Tbat terrible horse disease, glanders,
has been discovered in this valley, and
a short timo sines a veterinary surgeon,
invested with power, under tne law, to
condemn glandercd horses, paid a visit
to Ssnta Ana antl Orange and condemned
cin'te a number of horses, and tho most
of them have been disposed of. Th*
diaease, wbilo being fatal—there ia no
known ouro for it—is of a mild type
compared to the glanders which proved
so fatal to the horses oast of tbe Rocky
Mountains, and thia is possibly dim to
ollmatic influences: but it is better to
stop it at onoe, and Ibe only way to do
is to kill all horses thst have con-
Iran lod the disease. We have reason to I
believe tbat severs) of tkv "old plugs"
driven by tbe Chinese vegetable psd,
diers have the disease, nnd they should
be attended to.-[Orange Tribune.
Has ths best soil and most uniform
grain yield of any other locality in
Southern Celtforuia.
Railroad Meeting.
A meeting of the citizens of Anaheim
nnd vicinity was held on Tuesday ovon
ing to consider tbe railroad situation.
The attendance was large, every avail
able seat in the ball being filled. Dr.
Gardiner was chosen Chairman, and J.
B. Pteroe, Esq., Secretary. An ex
tended and detailed report was made by
Mr. Melrose as to what had been done
to secure the road through Anaheim.
Mr. Keoyon Cox ventilated a personal
grievance against Mr. Melrose, the gist
of which was tbat he had been ignored
as a committee-man, and that the com
mittee had failed to induce the company
to build their road upon a> route which
would have greatly enhanced the value
of certain traots of laud which he (Cox)
had bought for speculative purposes.
He tendered his resignation from the
committee, which was promptly ccept
ed by the meeting. Mr. Theo. Rimpan
moved 11 that thia meeting express its
approbation of tbe work done by Mel
rose aad James, and that it attest its be
lief in their honesty of purpose and loy
alty to Anaheim." The motion was sec
onded and carried without a dissenting
vote. Messrs. Wm. Crow her, S. B.
Smith and Wm J Smith were appoint
ed an additional committee to assist in
securing the right of way along the town
ship line. *
Further diacaasion of the proposed
route waa bad, and it was resolved to
muke an effort to have the road run a
short distance south of the proposed
The majority of the property owners
along the line between Townships 3 and
4 ate opposed to the location of tbe
track along that (sue, aod tain-* to sign
the indemnify bonds required hy the
edmpany. Tue country mad along the
line, they claim, will be made useless by
the railroad track, aa it is not too wide
even now. It ia c road which ia traveled
extensively, and it is necessary for ibe
convenience of a largo scope of country
tbat it be reserved aa a wagon road
An effort will be made therefore to get
the line to run south of the road re
fr m ti to, and it is assumed that there
will be no difficulty in getting Ihe right
of way in auoh event.—Anaheim Ga-
Adjournment of the State
A Splendid Ticket Throughout.
Other Political Notes, State
State and National,
Special to the Herald bu the Auoclated Prene.
Ban Fiukcisoo, Sept. 4.—The con
vention waa called to order at 11:20 a.
m. The following reaolntiona were then
adopted unanimously:
"That we demand the enactment of a
law whereby supplies furnished to all
asylums, prisons, hospitals, almhouaes
and other institutions nnder oontrol of
the State and of the counties, cities and
towns of the State, shall be the product
if white labor only, and we pledge that
the aame shall be made the law of the
State when the Deinocrate shall have
control of tbe Legislature."
"That we indorse Ihe course of Hon*
George Hearst in the United Stales
Senate, and appreciate the timely ser
vices rendered by him to the Democratic
A reaolntion of respect to the memory
or tbe late Bon. William Irwin was alao
A reaolntion waa alio adopted request
ing Preeldent Cleveland and' tbe beads
of the various departments in Waehibg
ton and in thia S ate to remove every
offensive partisan In Ihe employ or Ihe
United States.
Another resolution waa alao adopted
demanding tbe removal, in tbs name ol
the Democratic party of the State, of
every It.-publican offloer by appoint
ment, eicetl those holding under tbe
civil service reform law, and tbat Demo
orata be appointed in their placea.
The first regular order of business
was theu declared lo be nominations for
Superintendent of Public Instruction.
A. J. Moulder of San Francisco waa
chosen by acclamation. Hia only op
ponent waa H. C. Kinney alao of San
Francisco, whose name, however, waa
withdrawn soon after balloting began
A reaolntion of regret for the death of
ex Senator James T, Parley waa then
A resolution asking the chair to ap
point a committee to investigate tbe
statu of the railroad taxes since the
assessments have been trade by tbe
Board of Equalization aud report to the
State Central Committee, waa referred
to the Committee on Besolotions.
1. D. Spencer, of Stanislaus, present
incumbent, waa nominated for clerk of
the Supreme Court by acclamation,
£. O. lliller, of Tulare, waa nomi
nated lor Surveyor General by a vote of
386 lo 182 for Prank P. UcCrary, of San
Benito. The nomination waa snbse
quently mode unanimous. Alex. Laid*
law, of Alameda, was also placed before
Ihe convention, but shortly after ballot
ing began hia name was withdrawn.
Balloting for Bute Central Commit
tee then took place.
Chairman White delivered a brief
speech congratulating the delegates ou
the wisdom of their seleotiona. A vote
of thanks waa then tondircd lo the
chairman and other officers of the con
vention, also to tbe citizens of bsr.
Francisco for tbe cordial reception of
Ihe interior delegate-.
Tbe convention then adjourned sine
die at 2:45 p. m.
W. D. English waa chosen chairman
and J. J. Flynn secretary of the Slate
Central Committee.
J. T. Gaffey, of Loa Angeles, received
the nomination io tbe Fourth District
for member of the Board of Equaliza
If you experience c bad tnste in the
mouth. sallowne?e or yelluw color of
skin, feel stupid or drowwy, appetite uu
steady, frequent headache or dixxinen,
yon are " odious," and nothing will
arouse your livtr to action and strength
en up yonr system tske Dr. Piero's
"Golden Medical Discovery/ By Drug
"Isn't that Mrs. Holmes ? I thought
the doctors gave her up. She looks well
She is well. After the doctors c;ave
uphtroase she tried Dr. Pierces "Fa
vorite Prescription" and began to get
better right away. I heard her say not
long ago that she had not felt bo good in
twenty yeare. She does her own work,
and *ays life seems worth living, a*
last. "Why," said she, "I feel as if I
bed been raised from tha dead, almost."
Thousands attest the marvelous elil acy
of this God-giving remedy for female
weakness, prolapsus, ulceration, lencorr
doca, morning sickness, weakness of
stomach, tendency to cancerous disease,
nervous prostration, general debility and
kindred affections.
Delicate diseases of either sex, how
ever induced, speedily and permanently
cared. Book of particulars 10 cents in
stamps. Addreaa, World's Dispensary
Association, 683 Main Street, Buffalo,
N. Y.
w. p. Mcintosh.
Real Estate Agent,
122 N. Spring St*, Temple Block,
H10,04*4*- Stock ranch of 10,000 acre*, con
trolling tbe water and gnxlng on nearly s
half million acrts. Plane lovestlgate.
9140 par sore for 110 seres of land, only
two mhos southwest of the city. Very de
sfrabli for 6 or 10-acre villa lots, as It con
manda ■ fluo visw of the ocean, and only
about ft naif mile from ths Ploo Heights
traot of tho Electric Cable Company.
$75,000 for nearly 'JOO acroi at Pasadena,
mostly in frails. Valuable for subdivision.
%ytWO for 00 acres near ban dahlia) deoot.
tttfJVOiorWacresln San Oabrlsi ralley.
Be Idri the foregoing I bar* cheap and
high pr;c< d land in sin Bernardino and Los
Angelas ccnntles, on very rcssonible terms.
99000 for ths property oa tbs southwest
ooruer ol Beaudry ivenne and Temple *.treat,
baviog a frontage of 164 feet on Temple
■treet. Thia property affords tbs boil alts
for a grocery,drug store and lodging home
o' any place in the cl<y
$4,UtO for hcnseol 6 rot ma and two lots,
souihweat corner Temple aod Metealf sts.
Cable oir- and graded -truot.
w/MnO~Coruer lot oo* block from Mala
Btree<.TUxleO ft.; laitable for no* resld^nos.
OSO4M for corn, r and adjoining lot ou
Ulll st.
#3000 for elegant lot on be>taldi Twelfth
sr.; uoase. itaole and mot-t beautiful garden
of tl>*rr» In the dir.
*>HOOO for good home aad fln* oorasr lot
on Olive ii.
A tn.itOO for large bona* and lot oa Main
at ,ue«rF f h
*30»> for lot on Pearl at i egsy tsrms.
$mtlOtor lot on Muaifeacal >>Cj graded.
$MO for l"ton Bellevue ay.
for lot on V rgln it - t fine view,
for lon un Tempi* at.: graded.
$4IH» for iota near Wal *at ay
fW ,0 aach for loss on Twelfth at
Klegant residences on tb* hill sud inuth o'
tbe city.
Lois In sll parts of the oity al reasonable
f3gri de-ire to call particular at entlon lo
th - fln*- building lota that I bay* for sale on
the hill on tbs installment plan.
7* sores Id fruits a -d viae*, with good
coltt'fi;*. at Pomona, for hoa* c In Los Augalei.
-4* or gfi acfei tn b sri»g vlnia, near
r>an tin or ie i depot, to exchang* for city
OO it«res of fine land for oity property,
fluu-a* rented, r'-n i coUeeud and all bail
n*s« cooLScted with real eetst* promptly
Parlies having large or small sums of money
to loan on first mortgage will no well to glrs
mi a call. Out of ha many loans reoom.
m-'sidt d and niuby me, f cbillsnge any
mortgagee to lay that a ault has nsen com
mined or one alngl* Instnllmeat of lntert.it
delinquent this date aud unpaid.
Money to LctffH.
l'li Mprlng atreet.
Choice City^Property!
About 8 Acres, comprising 34 Full
Sized Lots on Oar Lino and
Principal Streets,
Is offered for sale for two-thirds value.
sepS lw
Notice of Intention.
Kotloe Is hereby given thst it Ii the inten
tion of the Counch of the City of Loa An
feles, to change and establish the grade of
ico street at tbe following p_lnts:
At the Intersection of the north line of
Pico street wltb Hone atreet the grid" shall
be changed to 2i.w feet below the datum
plane; at tba Intericcttou of Pico itreet with
lhe west line of Kigueroa street the grado
shall be 28.00 feet ns low tha daium plane,
at tbe east Hue of Wright street Ihe grade
sloill lit: WL6Q feet below the datum nlauo,
nt s point iMM leet west of Kigueroa street
the grade shall be woo feet below the
datum plaue: at a p iht 41.00 feet west of
Flgueroa street the grade shall be 31.00 fret
below the datum plane; at a point 4700 feet
west of Flgueroa itreet the grade ahall be
M.oo feet below the datum plane; at the In
tursccll'tn of Alvaradoatreet the grsdo ah.-M
be ..'7.00 feet bduw the datum pi tine.
All persons interested sre hereby notified
to file their objections, It auy tbey have,
with tho C nrk of the Council wlthiu ten
days or the date of the first publication ol
this notice-
Hy order of the Council of the City of Uis
Angeles, at Its meeting of August 90th, a. n.
Olerk of the Council of the City of Los An
l/i a 'galea, August Hist, ISB6. aep2 IQt
Blaillroad Tlckele
Bought, aoid and exchanged. Obtain
oar rates before purchasing. R, J.
Pryke & Co.. ticket broken, No. 380
North. Main 3t,
A Tunnel Accident.
PouTLiSD, Or., Sept. 4.—Tho Even
ing Telegram baa a brief special from
Elleosburg, W. T., stating that nine
men were killed by the caving in of the
Northern Paoiflo tunnel near Ellens
burg, but that no details could be
Raising Small Fruits.
At a meeting of tbe SanU Barbara
horticulturists Uat week much interest
ing information wa* given ou tbe sub
jeet uf amall fruit*. As ihey are so
quickly raised, it may be of importance
to new comers to know bow easily they
can get a living in California. From
the Independent the following extracts
of the proceedings are taken:
Mr. 0. N. Caldwell at this juncture
produced a number of large and fine
looking atrawberriea culled the Monarch
of the We<t. That variety he said waa
the best he could find, and he could get
them every week from bia vines of the
size and appearance of those under no
tice. He got good vines without irriga
tion, but a little artificial watering
would bring the fruit on quicker anil
perhaps incrcaae the eize. Home people
got tbe wrung kind of viiua, and he
thought the Monarch of the West bo.t
suit, il fur tbia climate.
Hia mode of railing raspberries ia to
grow tbe branchea every yeui, and ho
produced a brunch lea led with fruit
which ho had pla-ted last February.
He plants the bule and the branches
•hoot up from them as was aeen from
•he epecim.'U he held in his band. The
speaker showed the fruit upon this
In audi in all stages of gruwth, and stated
that the variety is tailed the Cutdbert.
He believed this to be the moat pro
tUablo, and one uf the beat varieiiea
grown in thia ..art of the State. It
cu*t 15 cents per pound to raiae tbe a
raspberries, and it rattlers little whetht r
they in .■ irrigated or uot. The budded
plants should be act oat each year in
February or Maroa, and there is then
enough moisture in the grouud to atart
the growth. The black cap raspberry,
of whioh he showed a sampl*, requires
more water, but do very well in his
grounds. There are, however, oth.r
kinds that requiros less attention aud
less wa er, but he'believdd it most prorit
ablo to cultivate the kind which he had
Mr. Caldwell also exhibited a sample
of blaokberries and atatfd that tbe
branches started very slowly this gear,
but they did very well notwithstanding,
Blackberries need water in this locality,
but they y eld well and the fruit has a
good Savor and appearance. Ths sam
ple shown is partly of the Loddon vari
ety and portly of the Snitdcr, both are
good but the I.otldon is more acid than
the Snieder.
Why Bachelors Abound in Mex
When a Mexican lady is widowed,
says a correspondent of tho Kansas Cily
Journal, a family oonucil is immediately
called, her male relativos and those of her
husband charging themselves with the
education of her sons, and the care ot
herself and daughters as a matter of
oourse. Though the widow and her
grown up daughters may be accom.
plished ns well us poor, nobody dreams
uf ths pcssibilily of doing anything
toward supporting themselves, and the
proffered aidlis calmly accepted as an
hereditary right. Even if tho widow is
wealthy, sbocnnbyno means be inde
pendent. Custom whioh here rules with
an iron hand, proscribee that the entire
s inerii-.teiiilenoe of her property and the
education of her children shall be
delegated to her male kindred and
unless she ia really an aged woman, she
must reside with her relatives. So
thoroughly are Moxican gentlemen im
bued with this idea of womanly dopond
enos that thoy do not regard ths care of
any number of bereaved families as an
unjust burden, but on tho contrary,
when a man marries he virtually con
tracts to befriend all the femalt kiudred
of bis lady love, and to nrovi.lo fur them
if need be. Thia sort of knightly court
esy makes matrimony n serious matter,
and accounts for the number of eligible
bachelors with which Mexico abounds i
but, badinage apart, it is a beautiful
custom, and a strong proof of tha iunato
chivalry of Mexican go.-itleunen is found
in the fact that the estates of widows
aod orphans are invariably administered
with scrupulous honesty.
Is again to tne front with a well selected
stock. Oar new styles of
Are now In and I am prepared to sell
•8, SIO, Sit, Etc
• It, MO, •It.oO, Btc.
Four-Butlon Cutaway Frock Suits,
Tailor Made, fIS, $18,
$20, $25, etc.
[Terming li Marten !i Plain Figures!
You will stvc money by dealing wltb
15 South Spring Street
To Bay a Oood All-Wool
Colored Camp Blanket.
Don't Spend Tour Money for a
Blanket mixed with cotton and
shoddy, they will not wear and are
Woolen Mills Blankets
Ladiet' White Dress Goofls
191, 108, and 105
SPRUfS ST., Cor. Second, Los Aitejei
Is by all odds ths cheapest aod most deslr
able.Trait on the market tor the money.
You can have flue large lots for only Il7j
upwards, sad each lots Is covered wltb
choice bearing grape vines,the streets llued
wltb pepper trees aud graded. This prop
ertyls advancing in value every day.and ail
we would ssk of you is to examine It before
you purchase elsewhere. We wish to aire
you bargains, and you will be convinced ol
it. You have beard that Los Augeles is
growing southwest, aad such is most assur
edly lhe esse. Look into tbe matter aud
you will find this tract is being surrounded
by our city- The soil is per feet, water pare,
and the neighborhood as churning as s pic
ture, and from this point you have tbe ftaest
view of tbe mountains to be obtained lv
the county; and most every summer day,
commencing about 11 a. n„ a refreshing
breese. Just think, you can gat lots here
for only It per front foot. You can have
them for $au cash and installments of $U
per month without Interest. Tbe trsct is a
few minutes walk from tbe Electric Koad
on Pico street, or tha proposed oae on Ad
ams street, or the horse ear line to be built
ou Washington street, and you have good
schools and churches, etc,, near at band.
I am fn from 9 to 13 a, v , and will take yon
out with pleasure at 2 r v.
10)1 South Spring.
Tie Hall Tract.
TUi Sim piece ol 1.n4 la a delightful .pot
for > home. You will nnd It almost ne*t to
where lota an aelllnf (or 1200 rach, whloh
la the beat recommendation for theae that I
could call your attention to Here you oan
hare a lot lor t22fi and upward., with trees,
Tinea, etc You will hare to call early, lor
tlae prices are so reasonable that we will not
hare enough to go around. The atreet w 11
he graded and lined with pepper trees and
plank sldewalea added. Ita not purchase
anywhere a lot beforetou aae theae, li you
wiah a live bargain. They sp .lt for them
selves. Alware In from 9 to 12 a. x , and
will take you out with pleasure at 2 r. h.
WA South Spring.
Sinv acres, well Improved. I will sell S
or the entire property at a rate to saiafv
«iiy .pee mi tor or seeker for a home. You
can purchase 6 acres of this fine tract If you
desire at alow figure. It haa vineyard snd
tree* on it. and cToae \o ihe city. Could be
(.undivided Imo % sere lots, «nd to be sold
ou the most reasonable terms. gJO.QOi) will
buy this grand property if you cad in a few
drill. Apply to
Sep. lm .OK 8 (Uth Spring.
DR. ff. I. DATE.
OunUnnesto real, at h<a -floe at* North
Sprtaf Itreet,
Coraptioo and BroncD tis*
As wall sa sll ibroale dlasases. The cat h*>
lowsbowstac haetlll or aaraiits-whlob
cans* Cstarrh, magalAsd ago times.
ir %
4 i 6
The Doctor d*votss his trsatment to the
dAairnotloii of thea* by mean, or local ra*n*>
d!*• which oan applied by the patlbn* f*
home without pa n, IneoavenieDOl or deteu
tion from baalnea*. OoniUtationa) rraai
dle* are eoipl >y»»d la most cms to purlfv
tb* blood, ngaiale th* liver aod buildup ih*
giktril ayitam. The beat apoarstoi In tb*
crant ry i* used to apply m< diclnia directly
to tbaavrei. or scat of inflammation, at the
offl », when n*c*i*ary.
ff pailmt cm oome retniarly to office for
trtatmint, oaaea of 40 years' Handing osn, lv
nearly every ess* bs cured perxosnenUy.
Oblldren can be Weat ad with no trouble, snd
aev#r y*t has the Doctor failed in a child
where ratoediei hare been n**d aa directed
The following tesllmoßlalsof peraoni well
known in Loa Angel*e will ahow tbe rapid
ity With which the disease can be cored:
Art Studio, ail ci. Banker Hill av*nu«, Lob
ADflsles, Cal. --Dr W. N. Divii, Mir: 1
am bspp) to ln<orm voo that poor remadle*
have cured that te rib * be Inate oatirrb ol
tha back par' or ths rostrDs and throit.
from which I suffnd an much It doe* not
tronblt go-at all now a d I hay» ooly taken
your trtatment *.bout two months and a half.
You * grate'nlly, M. ft. FISH.
M«j 25 80.
Loa Ang»lei June H, lgti -Ur w. N.
L'avis. Ue r-t; 1 «s ft U0l«d *ll b a h A
form ol catttrrb ol the >■ *c and tbr -at. and
lam thankful la cat. at ji.arrpm.uiot hive
eavttifl y cu.-ed me Id a tew w* ks. sty
stomach wua a< me affeetetf, r an*"ag indi.eH-
Uoo, whlcii wa- relieV d *t on.*. ] hr*r
gained tea poanda lv welrhL -he- 1 twa*
treatment, snd fell heter th a s>nef> I was a
child. Man. klla w i.kin on
Flgaeroa -t., n- «r Ward.
Los Angelas, Aag. «. 18M.-Dr. W. N.
Davis: This is to certify that I have been
troubled with catarrh for font Tear*. My
breath was offensive aod I uaed different
liada ot medicine, aad It failed to cur* me.
I went to Dr. W. N. Davis and be teoaasd ma
with the Medical Inhalation Treatment, and
I was cured in 41 days, and I am now in per
fect bialth. All thou that are troubled with
catarrh had belter go and consult Dr. Divli.
iOH. BAkBK, _
Mo. an cV First it.
Hundreds of other tsstlmonlsls sad refer
enoM oonld ba given weri it neoeaiary. Al
high as throe persona bay* b*en cured In on*
family, i
OFFICE HOCTBS—I a. m. so U:80 p.m., I to
• p. ay, and 7 u>« p.m.
w. N. davi?, m. 0.,
46 '/, North Spring- Street,
Orer tbe Peosla'. Haare. Aegale..Cel.
C. i Mm i Co
Real Estate Agents
Public Auction!
By Order of T. C. Severance,
nt me
Beactifol Homestead Tret.
initialed on lb. io.lib rid. ot Adam. alra» ,
we«t of flgaeroa,
SEPTEMBER 15 1886.
AT 10 O'CLOCK A. U.,
On the Grounds.
The Undersigned bu this day sold his
Book Blading establishment at ti Hurth
dp iug «tree*rto
Who will hereafter conduct the business
AU outtwndlng accounts up to September
I t will be collected by me and all debts of
the concern up to the aame date will be
paid by me.
sept Sot HBWBY «t,A»H.
50 sot rii spniita ST.
Before purchasing stoik. No Eastern Har
ness kept. Full lines of
mips, Robes, Etc.
Bopairingr Promptly Attended
to And Neatly Done at ths
Lowest Prioea. «»pB3m
C. A. Sumner & Co.,
Real Estate Agents and Auctioneer!.
Office, 14 N. Spring Street,
$3&00- House sod lq| on Grand aye.
netr Temple.
AfffJO-Bsoh— 8 lots fn Urmstoß trsci, ob
Adams it
9W60- Lease and furniture of board In t
bouae to trade for rsnch. Hoase full ant)
In center of elty,
iffwA -Ptwaors-TOOaorei of fruit lend,
wltb so inches of water; within half an horn
of oity. Just th* place for Store farms.
tUvAO-Lot IIOxSOO. coruer of Flguaroa
and Union st.; elegant location for a Sue
%)t-iOO~ Small house, and lot Mrsi'l, with.
In two blocks of flgueroa. this a.de of Waih
lngtou- easy terms,
ttliOO— House aod lot on Temple st. to
exchange for ranch.
9*4 MM l-rwn licuso on Ban Pelrost.,
near Fifth.
$HIHM> 10 sores in fruit, large bouse,
high land, in city limits.
14 N. Sprint St.
30 3. Spring Bt. Telephono 521.
■epi Un _
Parties Wantioi SlaYinis
For Fuel, Packing or any other
Can let them tr.e ot chart* at
epitt PERRY, atOTT a (JO'S.
Tfali vaiiubl* tr»ol. onnlisting of VS lots, la
beintimiiy -ituutei lo the choloe-1 end fa
vorite put of Lo* Angelas Tb* lot* are «x
tr- lft'ir* end particularly attractive, mm*
being ltOiV-B, fronting on Adams *t.; otknrt,
iSiIW, t-o a* to allow of bouea being - rsot
•d of * obe soter sntttbls to lb* neighbor
honrt. Tbe UreDge trees tbatco- ar the tract
au 16 year* old. In full bearing, and tbor
ought* be*Hbr Th« tltl* i. perfect A
P' In-, a abstract will ba furnished with each
One-Fourth Gash,
Balance in ea*. two aad three yearn at 8 pca 1
cent interest. A deposit of 10 per cent will ba
required on tha fall of tbe hammer; balance
of cash payment within 80 days, or deposit
forft lted and ssls to be void.
Mo such opportunity has yet been offered
to secure *• desirable a bomislted on such
easy terms.
•v* T-ikn the University atr-v t-eer to cor
ner «f A lams st, and rl*-w ths properly.
Catalogues aod maps mailed on sppHoa
14 N Sprint* St, Los Anitnlm.
the must obstinate ease In four diys or les .
No nauseous doses of cnbebs, eoralba or
oil of sandalwood that are certain to pro
dure dyspepsia by destroying tbe coatings
of the stomach.
Price »1 AO. Sold by all druggists, or
mailed on receipt of price. Tot further par
ticulars send tor circular.
p. o box log* finnu
j. <■. Al.i.am * «'<»., I.IIKK
as John street, New York." UUJ3.
sep6 Tv Thga
Betl Estate ail Ltu Aintr,
OFFICI—IOI M Main atreet. Corner Market
i j , n i
Kesri C. A. Sumner k Co s notice oa
first pegs of the sale nt anction of the
Severance Traot, on Wednesday, Sap*
tember 16,
Wm. T. Coleman & Co.,
Shipping and Commission Me.chnts,
London, Liverpool, Astoria, Or,, & Los Angeles
With agent* snd brokers Id every com mere 111 ctty ef prominence In the Helen.
Makes a specialty of handling the produots ol Soulh.ro California.
00*-AgentB tor Royal Baking Powder, Walter Baker A Ce'e Chocolate,
Kingsford'e Oswego Starch.
Wm. L. LOCKE, Manager Los Angeles Agency,
■ruiyip -7« won-rg «pmaia rt.
Largest atock of advance Fall atyiea.
Our ox n d'egea in many lines of clothing.
N' * and nobbieat atyle in 4 bn'lon Cntaw.ya.
Dress suita in fine pi hi ad check struight oat eacks.
Cur 25 rent line of ailor kuote and pnffa take Ihe lead.
SJo> by cutaway aa k au ta in .mall b ..km. check*.
C°rkscrtw uoteta ' dr*as overcoats full ealln lined.
L.a'e-t lift o' oln tot sack anita ai $16.
Trunk*, tah.es, eetohela, loori.t and sln.il atrapa.
Handsomest line of men's merino, cait.rn.re and balbriggan he**.
Indigo bin* graait* cloth Priao* Albsrt frock aatti,
Norfolk blouse suit* for boy» in tine plaida.
Qennine camera hair undershirts end drawer*.
Children's, boys', youths' and young men's fine clothing.
Out new atyle cape overcoat* for boys an NOBBY.
Merino, Scotch wool and finest balbriggan underwear.
Past* and Testa to match, in Hoe hairline stripes and cheek*.
Alligator, grain leather, canvas and rubber valiaes,
Neat hairline stripe*, check and plaid oasaimere pant*.
Y«u receive full value, honest dealing, finest atyiea and th* very
lowest prices at the
Corner Temple and Spring Streets, Los Angeles,
* aa'4
Monte Vista,
Tbe Home of tie Cherry and Fig!
The Finest Orange Soil in the State!
Abundance ot Water in Iron Pipes!
Ruddy, Burns & Smith,
Real Estate and Commission Bretors,
Loans Negotiated, Houaee Rented, Rente Collected, efe.
Ne. 'i Franklin Street, - - • Les Angeles, Cal.
Throat Diseases, Bronchitis,
Togethtr with direUM cf tbe
Saccule elly treated by
ftf. D„ M. 0. P. H. 0,,
Next the Ptamond Hoasa, Ism AJBgalse, o*l
AU dlnani of tb. respiratory organ,
treated by the uoel lan tirev«d lytSMi of mH - ,
cited loh«i*iioas. rjpmbtn*d With wniiim
ttooal Bensdiaifar thi Llrer, Bl* d, etc.
dVouly 16,000 cUN •uoiessfully tre*ted
umi.uk tu* ptit vyttn fur iodii form of
he»d, throat or lung 'reoblwi.
Catarrhal Deafness.
Loon of hearing ti Id ft Isrga proportion of
easesth direct result of inflammation of the i
m ueo as membrane lining tbe throat end nt*
tftl 1/asiagM. oatarrh being in laet ana of tha
nn it frcqatnt cMHWi. Influenced by It, the ]
internal paeaagi* to the «tri, which in alto
fttvtd on tba pharynx above and behind tbe
palftbt, and which are known aa tbo aoalfcohi.
ao tabee, become in voivid lv tbe aame gene* a
ral IsflammatCo*? of tb* atirrouixti'-g paita. -
and Ui ocurss of Mzie be*-o'ne ni re v.-lew*,
obatrucfed, owing to the thickening or me
nierabrane llalDg them. Any ob-ir'ction r
imta lv partial or compter" loaa o. I earl, g
T o-.nn l directs lo (be . it-mi I ear cat.
- fftfct uo be eflt. »i , ply b iuc* It d<*e<* uo>
r-a bI he seat uf tb« dim ul*y, aud u'<der 1
ih» d.aeaae g-m ov nn n> - from ba*i t
woift . If -v.: oautca tl ■■ -v !b feu** the ca
tarrhal iLfitvum-lioii, aud ca'i ..in i,.. .in,
died b> lb*- it-u-oval of ih >• i fl .ti.n at i- i>
*i.i.-b i« it rxl-trngoau-e T c falhi'.- i
■ v ct-a«lu ytr at it ana* ifr o tn* nth
i w») .tli'Wiwli>rri leal etft»r> ir 'i>di
tb* curv. Tiir- iv r tr-elm, tbe B<>~tiil wii
nf t n< thing U tlMiuifol c-iiH.loui.i
-it-r wliii remfdil- art; iupejed, nuo *h
dia«*»a*< utoel.r ur-Hter tal> ni mciud n
■be pais*g-•> b*>httid the i.o#*j and leadi'tr
frou. It io he throHl, and io situated tbat
wa*.h a InJ*ot#*d v.> the Dtwirtle oaiinot po*>
■ it.ij reach aoy ooumderab.** portion of th*
.l*.t«>atrr- ua nsof oatarrliat d>afnfM l >
dlreetibg Oi ■ it. B>inn i" tb* e*>e, we oau
Br appioprieV i.*ci .rt.uut iit to ihe in
Ureal vkv, ;&*> U»»*rlu#{ can in moat ciim ite
improved Irom tho outac!; M* *« rendc-lt
radical, ever j vestige of the catarrhal luasvn.
m..ttoa of ths ■arroucding parts must be ie-
Jjte the employment of proper lnb*laticna
tltt* form of mad tea tad vapor (not steam or
SprajO we ars abl* to produce lm mediate and
atraetftotionupoii tbo dlscaaea stu>r»ce In tbo
pbssyux and Mill paaaa.aa, for atr will and
its way Into tbs most remote and intricate
cavities, where It Is otterly imposilbii to
mate fluid application*. By tbeae means,
evary case can be helped, end a majority
Special reference! to ore. 500 ramllln in
Loa Angslea
Tba very best references from those already
Those who desire to consult with me tn re
gard to their oasss bad be iter call as my otßee
for eonsnUatioa v d examination, but If
Imposnibl* to do so, oan writs for i copy of
mf Medical Treatise, containing s list of
qaeetl ns. Address
575 North Main etr**t, Loa Angelea, Cal.,
Once hoars from »:30 a. m. to tin p. m.
There rem iin bnt THREE
BOOMS not yet taken. The Ca
pacity of Day Pupils ia very large.
ftugSt lm
RASE dAKU-tlrao
In Lot Augeln, Cal.
RllAli Mj.
Fine Residences on Hill street, between
Sevemh au I Eighth attests.
Fine reaidencs on Grand aveuue, near
Sixth street.
Twe flue business lots.
A desirable residence on Temple street,
I building lot un Temple atreet.
S lota on iivenlh street, west of Pesrl.
Uonse lv X *st Los Angele *
yUHSres. f land Within ]\ miles of the
pr>*%fflc(>. A bargain.
41J4 sores of laud, highly improved, one
quarter of a mile south of City. Cheap.
Also lots in Bast Los A* gelet, Boyle
Heights, Dana Tract, West Los Augeles,
Childa T. act. etc.
Also Improved and unimproved property
In ill parU of the city aud oounty.
Large traot. supurb location. None better
suited for subd'viiiou
KOom 1.24 W First it.. New Wilson Block-
Bents collected and taxes paid. Heeds,
mortgages, etc. carefully made. sepl
So. 23 South Spring Street.
The oext term will open next Monday,
August 2d.
Between First nnd d ootid. Knout. 4 and
t. o /er li ngrore'a t:luak ll.uae.
o 'i.t ariiug, ti oo
AmaUnm *nd pi ittn. flllleg, .1 00
Puiaiie • axtrmttou ol teeth by
vl>.llio-1 .lr >r niir aa . xloe g-i
Teeth eatr ete-l lor M> . rut*.
He>t-rr>o t elh from |C to SB.
We ei.ar.nte. i narlfC lit.
Omoe h urs-Fr.m li.<H)r>.: 9an
d.y.. 10 k. v. I IK. .
lulrlc.te vrnik . jTlsd .
104 n. spring Street. Los Alleles, Cal.
Will assume entire charge of property
collect rents, pay taxes, Insurance, etc.
atssF"* Correspondence solicited. aul2'lm ,
Foundry anil Mate Shoyj.
IS4 South Sprtns Street.
Red Iter Coogb Osre relieved m < of !
ohroniocol.i. Mi. L. P. Hibbj, WeaK I
iageea, Del. I
Read 0. A. rnnraer A Co* notle* oa I
An.. peg* ol the nt* at aootion of th* j
Severance Tract, on Wednesday, Sep
tember IS, I
NO. 158
Kaad C. A. Suronar A Co* ll**— W
fir.l p*(* ot Ik* aal* •* ■■•*•>■ •*•
Severance! Traot, oo WadnaadAy, Salt
tember IS.

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