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Dedication of the New
Exercises at the Asylum — The
Grand Bauuuet and Hall.
Those Present
Last.light the uew asylum of Ceeur
f de Lion Commandcry No. !>, Kuights
: .' Templar, of Los Angeles, was dedicated
!l with imposiug cereinonieß. The asylum
la in tbe third story of tho bank build
fng, corner of First and Spring streets,
•ud is ono of'the most handsomely deco
i rated halls In the State. A full dcserip-
I tion of this hoautiful temple, dedicated
j!, to the cause of true. Christianity, was
i published iv the Hkrai.d some days
* ago.
• . By 7:30 o'olock the spacious ball was
completely filled, and shortly afterward
* the Knights Templar members of C«eur
',' de Lion Cominaudery, ariayed iv their
I rioh uniforms and rogalia, tiled in and
i took their positions around the station
< cf the Eminent Commander. It was
hoped that Grand Commander Lloyd
, would conduct the dedioatory exercises,
\ but he was unable to be present, and
1 Past Kminent Command-r H. S. Orme
officiated in his stead. N. F. Story
acted aa Grand Prelate. Tne services
were very interesting, and during the
dedication the foliowiug musical pro
i gramme was rendered.
8010 "Hear Us, O Father"
Mrs. Mamie Perry-Davis.
i. Anthem "TeDeum Laudamns"
, Mrs. Mamie Perry-Davis, Miss Florence
Perry, Mr. Marcus tt. Snook, Mr. Al
bert Hawthorne, Mr. Oscir Hnber.
Accompanist Mrs. E. Jeunings.
Instrumental Appropriate Selections
Seventh Infantry Battalion Orchestra.
The music was boyond compare and
Mrs. Mamie Perry-Davis simdy outdid
The following officers of the Com
• mandery assisted at the dedication: Sir
i-Knights Trowbridge Bycr Ward, Kmi
, Bent Commander; Win. Adams Morgan,
, Generalissimo; James Boon Linkershhn,
iCaptain-General; Norton Filmore Story,
Franklin Jordau, Senior War
den; Edwin Hertert Freeman, Junior
Warden; Elward Fallis Spence, Treas
, arer; Richard Thomas Mullard, Record
,or; Wm. Thomas Somts, Staudard Bear,
'.or; Geo. Crockett Knox, Sword Bearer;
.freeman Goldrag Teed, Warder; Johu
iMcllnaoil, Sentinel.
After the dedicatory exercises the Sir
Knights, their families and friends ad
journed to Armory Hall, where a ban
ouet was spread that will long he remem
bered by all who were present. The
menu was exquisite, the wive had been
iced to just the proper temperature and
all conditions were favorable fur a decid
edly enjoyable lime. last Emiuent
Commander Sir E. F. Spence presided,
and after tbe guests were seated he
Calltd upon Sir Kuight \V. A. Kuightoo
to ask the divine blessing of thu Maker
upon the proceedings of the evening.
Mr. Knighton offered up au eloquent
The presiding officer then proposed the
"Health, Advancement aud Prosperity
of the Grand Commandrey of California,'*
•nd oalled upon Dr. H. 8. Orme to re
spond. The Doctor said that bo was
rejuctant to speak before so large an ea
st nibluge of beauty and intellect, but he
would fee! false to himself and his order
did he not utter some sunple words in
Commendation of the Conmiandery. He
regretted that Command-r Lloyd was
not present to respond to the toast. Ho
nai l that sixteen years n; > Gear ue
Lion Cotnmandory comprised ouly a
Handful of members, and they bad hard
times, but now they cauld proudly poiut
to 120 members. He referred to the
time iv IS3O, when the California
Knightt made such a gallant bat
tle to get tho next National
Commandery held iv San Francisco, bow
they had been successful and the
Knights had beeu induced to come, with
what cordiality they had been received,
•ad how they went home full of tbe
praises of glorious California aud how
fe-day many hundreds of these same
Knights are now settled in California as
sisting to put her iv tbe front rank of
States. These new citizens would not
be here to-day bad it not been for tbe
conclave in 1383. The speaker referred
to the great advancement of the Com
•aandery sines 1869, when it comprised
only a few members, whereas to-day the
AHr Kuights number thousands.
**Ths Visiting Sir Kuights" wa3
responded to by J. J. Gosper,
of Arizona, who contrasted tbe
-Knights of tbo eleventh cen
stury with the Knighta of the present
aflay. Then they went forth to visit the
birthplace of Christ nnd their swords
WOre often wot in blood and broken in
war. Now the battle was as hard for
the cause of Christianity, but different
•nethods were used.
"Tbe Ladies" was responded toby Jas.
B.'Liukersli:in in a humorous vein aud
bit'remarks were frequently interrupted
by) laughter and applause. He quoted
nil of the known aud unknown poets
sand historians to prove that woman was
God's best gift to man. He said that no
man oonld forget the mince pie of his
maternal parent, the gorgeous slippers
presented by his lady love or eveu the
•cowl'of hie landlady when board be
came due, but he never forgot to call
them pet names.
Past Eminent Commander John
I). Bicknell reponded to the toast,
"Tamplarism; its Universality." He
aaid there was no chapter iv the
etory of the world so strange as Ma
sonry. At tbe first dawn of history a
little band met on tho hills of Judea and
formed a lodge, and made the requisite
for 1 admission, a belief in the Deity.
Thia little band bad striven earnestly,
•ud Masonry extends in an unbroken
chain down to the present time. Em
pires have risen and fullen, Kings have
ascended the throne when a day was
young and ere night their heads were
level with the dnsta, Republics have
been formed, perished and forgotten,
Dynasties have been overthrown and
the recollection of them faded from the
memory of man, hut through all Ma
sonry has lived and flourished, and to
day, all over the world, the Knights
•Und shoulder to shoulder, linked to
gether by binds of steel to defend the
great Christian religion. The reasan of
the endurance of Masonry is because it
clusters aronnd truth and truth ia uni
versal. The Masons have uo secrets
worth preserving, and the reason they
•re quiet is because tney hay - work to
do. The sentiments of Masonry are as
true as Gid and*, as universal us truth
Hself. We defend our faith as we
Would defend any truth in nature or
science. Masonry is universal because
it is proven true by history.
"Those who have passed to the Asy
lum beyond, our departed friends," was
drunk standing, and was responded to
in a mott touching and feding manner,
by Sir Knight W. A. Morgan.
General Milea responded to tbe toast
••The Heroism of Old Knights.' Tbe
General made a delightful speech and
his remark, "I believe that in this day
aud age there are as noble and as true
men oa ever lived and as pure, chaste
and lovely women as ever graced any
period of the world's history, drew
down much applause, and the brave
Knigh's and beautiful women present
positively beamed upon the handsome
an I gallant General.
Heury 8 Highton, Ksq., of San trail
cisco, responed to the toast, "The
Knights of San Francisco.'' Mr. High
ton was in a very happy vein and there
waa uo flagging of interest duriug his
talk. _ ,
KuightsW. H. Gibson, O. C. Wheeler
and H. 7. Osborne wire culled upon to
respond to sentiments, but owing to tbe
lateness of the hour they made very
brief remarks.
During the progress of the banquet
the following selections were rendered
by the Seveuth Infantry Battalion Or
I. Marck-"To the Field oi Honor"
•/ Overture—"bylvest r." .Scu'eppegrell
:i. Cornet Solo—"Old Folksat Home and
t. Potpouri—"Tars Farewell,"- ~• ~
ft. Concert Waltz-"Tlie Message," .Cslbulka
When the banouet had concluded the
floor was cleared and dancing was in
dulged in to a late hour. The costumes
of the ladies were most magnificent nnd
the scene on the floor was a brilliant
This was one of the notable events of
the year in Los Angeles and proves con
clusively that our city cau vie with her
eastern neighbors in other things besides
orange groves and climate.
those nmnre.
Senator Ceo X Whitnev, Dr Onne,
X W Blasdel, Maj Geo H Bonebrake. J
X Packard, X F House and wife,
Miss Mollie Goodhill, L H Whitston,
wife and Miss Clara E Whitston, John
\V Francis and wife, Mra W II Laws,
J W Homes and wife, Mrs Wm Priest
man. Geo H Packard. Misa Alice Ware,
J L Vignes, Charles Bell aud wife. Miss
Ida Humphreys, RJ Williamson, GW
King and daughter, Miss Jennie
Danssron, Johu Sohaffer, wife and
Mrs Hoegel, R M Town and wife,
Mrs Troy, Miss Lizzie Fisher. A C
Scbaffer und wife, J A 8.-mstein and
wife, Miss Alpha Mclhnoil, John C
Haskell and wife, John Mellmoil. E
Taylor, Mrs Charnock, Mrs Villa
Taylor, C H Clark aud wife,
Mr A H Denker and wife.
Miss Binlah O Taylor, Mr and Mrs F V
Taylor, S P Jewett and wife, Mrs Little
boy, R Williams and wife, A Kostsr aud
wife, E A Fisher and wife, Mrs Hattie
Babcock, Miss Lizzie Pedgrift, C H
Duusmoor and wif», Miss Wollweber,
Mrs Stanway, John Burns. Mrs Irwin,
Mr and Mrs H G Bartlett, P S McKen
zie, Mrs Trask, Frank Rader and wife,
H T Newell and wife, Charles Fairlor,
D Newhart. Jr, and wife, X S M Judson,
Miss May Newell, C F Kimball, Lilian
Newell, T J Coooer, Mrs L N Tibbe ts,
Mrs Cooper, Mrs M E Chestnut, F C
Wordlutis and wife, F G Teed and wife,
A M Herbert, W I' Mcintosh and wife,
Mrs S B Warcleite, A 0 Hublnrd. Miss
Anderson,CG»orge Gillson, Mrs W S
Fowler, E A Hibbard.Miss Fannie B Mil
lard, Niles I'case and wife, Grace Pease
and Jessie Pe.ate.James A Montgomery, C
N Hicks, A Hiller, MissKtta Hilter.Miss
May Pierce, W C Mct'uillen, Mrs A C
McQnillen, B W Lee and wife,
B F Orr nnd wife, A H Hovey and wife,
W M Taggart and Mi«s G H Wheeler,
John D Bickue 11 and wife, Misses May
and Edna Bieknt-11 and Mrs H M Cay
stile, J H Brenner, Mra E Jennings, R
Pavue, Miss Florence Perry, M S Snook,
Oscar Huber, A M Hawthorn. The;)
Wright and wife, Mrs C Hassen, J
Scboder ami wife, Daniel Pickit anH
wife, Mra Ellen Mycr Bennett, Dr C V
Morgan. B T Young, C L Fisher and
wife, Mrs L M Thompson,| HV. Os
born* and wife, Mrs Breed, Mr A A
Hubbard and wife, E H Freeman, L N
Breed and wife, Geo M Bolton and wife,
J J Gosper and wife, G Wiley
Wells and wife, Mrs Severance,
Dr Good, U. S. A.; Lieutenant Good
win, U. S. A.; Mr Flash, Lieu
tenant McCaleb, Dr J S
Baker, Miss Robert, Miss Ctisb,
J P Boudhoit, Miss M Homer, H N
Hamilton, Miss L Bondholt, .1 H Judy,
Miss D Clark, James Cnsn»r Miss Cus
tier, W 0 Burr and wife, E B Dukeinan
itnd wife, Frauk Marsh aud wife, H D
Milton, Miss L Fou»s, Mrs S Kelly,
MissL Hetting, Miss A E Ingersoll. Mrs
J H Cattm**, J A Kelly and wife, Isi-ac
B Smith and wife, A Chavez, Miss H
Bridges. Mrs B E Renne, Mrs Jay
Gould, F (lonian, W H Perry. Miss F
Baldwin, O \V Bildwin, Dr B Burbank
and wife, Mis J Griilin, R R Brown,
Mtl W A Brown. F Woodworth, .1 B
l.ankershim, Miss Jones, W A Morgan,
Mrs Perry Davis, Col U () Weller, Mrs
R. H McDonald, E F Spence and wife,
P N Smith, J W Henderson aud wife, X
H Ward and wife.
J. W. Davit. Preaonptlon Druggist.
Tanslll'a Punch Cigars at P. O. Cigar Store.
Due de Montebello champagne at Weysc
Gold quarts (Iraaa Army chsrras cheap at
Fred Liudc's.
Horse blankets and buggy robes at Foy'B
harness shop.
Plush parlor •oiits, easy chairs. New In
voice just arr: red at Allen's.
Carpets — fall i.at'erns — now arriving.
Prices lower that, i >•■■», at Alleu's.
Hot lunch at the I uses saloou, No. 24 N.
Main street, fruin li a. .m. to 2 r. M. -
If you want to furnish your house with
littlo money, call at Allen's. 32 8. Spring St.
See the Imported Herman Piano Koenbch
at Bartlett & Clark's. Frank Buglet, agent.
Ash, cherry aud walnut bedroom sets.
Extra inducements offered this week at
Dr. Williams continues to treat all heart,
throat aud chest diseases by his v w and
popular system of medicated Inhalatlona,
278 tf. Main street.
I'coplc'tt siorf.
To day is the day advorti-oil fur our sale
of sr.-iueh all-wool ladies' cloth In all the
nrw -pring shades Tans, hrowua, gar
n«t>, 11 ivy blue aud Mack, a.ic. a ynrl.
These god* are thrown away at that price
Think of all-weol double fold goois atßßo
There aro very few pieces of all-wool goods
nowaday* at a price less thnn lOc that hay
any inert', Tl c c ar.- not old goods, they
only came in io le put in the window for
special sale at 3i«. „
Wo hatl a Hue of SO Tricot mixtures, 90
pieces all QSW shades, new today, just in,
just opened, all-wool double (old, 800. Tht
Hires' goodl we've shown in six months
A lino of ladies' straw bonne's a-a) ou sale
to-day at'JSC apiece. The*- are uioiiroeo
tjr show window acd sne-k for '.hem elves
Meu's cainei's hair S' Irta or drawers, 81
apiece any one who has been wearing
these aouds will appreciate the price.
We sell to-day a line of double fold Eng
lish cashmere iv all uew spriu? shades at
I .c. a yard. Think of a doubl-j f*ld cash
mere possessing any worth at all a. ISO.;
isn't that cheap property.
All our dress ginghams. Irrespective of
former price, s 1 ;,c. to-day, all uew pattern.,
no-old slock.
ISleaeoel muslin, splendid quality, 10
yards for SI.
itcmaauts on center tables. •
Peo i.c's Stoke.
I rmy Homestead Tract.
This property is on the line of the Pico
street electric road. Lots aroselliug rapidly
and will double In value in a short time.
Price SAM Slot; srJ> monthly, no interest.
One house free to every seven lots. H.N.
V.-my, 111 West Flist street, Nadeau Ueck.
Shirts made to order at Eaglesou it Co.'s,
H North Spring street.
■turned Bricks.
T. F. Joree has a quantity of first-class
hard bonu'd bricks for sale, brickyard on
Yale near Bernard street. Oflice >>£ North
.Main street.
Orange Trees.
Choice Washington Navel aud other va
rieties. For sale by Phillips A Walte, No. 131
North Maiu street, Los Augeles.
Buy Eiglesou's nue underwear, 50 North
Spring street.
Be Mire to Attend
The ereat Bird Trict auction sale on Boyle
Heights, on Wednesday at 10:W a. m., ou the
ground, b* the Los Angeles Land Bureau
Kaston A Eldrid 'c, auctioneers. Freecarri
nges from the oflice, 20 West First street.
Largea c sortmeui. of travelingand tourists'
shirts at Eag'.cson & (Jo.'s, 50 N. Spriug St.
Ileal Relate Investor*
Should remember that T. Wlesendauger
nnd W. n. Bousall have moved into their
newomO* in tho Bryson Block. Consult
them about choice bargains in real estate or
shares in syndicates and incorporations
controlling the same.
fjicrmaii Ladle*' Society.
The German Ladies' Benevolent Society
w ill hold an extra meetiug to-day at Turn-
V ere in lla"l, at 2 r. m. All members are re
quested to be present.
MRS. JOHN MILSER, President.
Mas 11. Hints, Secretary.
Free Tests.
At the Indies nnd gents' parlors of the "Car
bolic Smoke Ball," rooms I ani 4, over'2B
North Spring street, Los Auseics, Cal.,
they civc free tests in ordei to p.-ove their
assertions. Truly, it's n wonderful cura
tive discovery for such diseases as citairh,
colds, asthma, etc. Send for testimonials
of our hist citizens. They are worth read
Coal, Coke, Charcoal and Wood,
Wholesale and retail. Special rates for car
load lots, delivered to all points. Office—B
l ourt street: t lephone 88. Yard—Corner
Alameda and Jackson s'reets: telephone 31a.
Walteb g, Maxw ell,
Sole ageut for Wellington Coal.
tit icrtonla n Club
Reirular meeting of CslondOßien Club
will be held nt its rooms, Thursday even
ing, lid boat., at S o'clock.
K. Hardik, Secretary.
Don't Overlook: Tit's.
Three lots 400 feet from Pico street ou Use
of railway, for 1880 each, if sold this week.
Lots ip th»- same block are being sold for
sifiDO. Parties going East reason for selling.
Address box 1118.
Anlteuser Heer
On draught at the Fountain.
finodnst factory prices at Kagleson.t Co.'s,
50 North Spring street.
fHoluies .V Scott,
Dealers in coal, wood, hay and grain, 157 S.
Spriug street.
Buy P-agleson's perlect fitting shirts, 50
North Spring street.
Undelivered Telegrams.
Undelivered telegrams for the follow
ing persons remain at the Western Un
ion Telegraph Office, No. 17 N. Main
streel: Dr U D Dodge, Dr 8 O Kom
stock, H T Brown, Tom Ryan, George
Walker, General John L Thompson, H
S Mclntyre, Thos Barden, Patton& Mc-
Uod, Mrs J M Creery, A B Nash, W 1)
L°.e, Mrs Martha Z Ely, Mrs lua Ham
mer, G W Hiukley, E H Crowdar, J H
Unredeemed Singer Sewing Ma
At a bargain. People's Loan Office, 306 N.
Every well dressed nan should wear
Eagleson's perfect fitting shirt-collars, cutis'
aud neckwear.
11. K. Small,
Dentist, removed to Hollenbeok Block,
Spring street, corner Second street.
It is a good rule to accept only such med
icines ss have, after long years of trial,
proved worthy of confidence. This is a case
where other people's confidence may be of
great service, and it has been the experi
ence of thousands tbat Ayer's Cherry Pec
toral is the best cough medicine ever used.
Tourist*' Ixcursisn Over the
8. <t, V. It. It.
A trip over this road Is a delightful expe
rience, and will give you, if a stranger, a
better idea of tbe typical beauties of South
ern California, its orange groves, homes
nnd possibilities of future growth thau any
o'her you can make. Try tne daily excur
sion to Pasadena, Rose's, Santa Anita and
Sierra Mndre Villa. Kail aud carriage,
round trir, W!.
Grand free concerts atOlympio Hall every
Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday evenings
by the renowned Olympic Orchestra. Pro
fessor QitltlV Na'sohke, solo viol nist; Pro
fes-or William Brown, solo enrnetlst, and
Professor Anton Koehler, solo pianist.
I A Whole Block of S!* W3OO Lots,
(00x668 feet. A free gift to auy one who will
: ul d immediate'!' a i:ju,oJO hotel ou beauti
ful Arlington Heights. Wlesendanger &
Bonsall, 38 West First street.
Ayer's Sarsaparilla is the best medicine
foreve'ryone in the spring Emigrants and
travelers will find it an rffi ctual cure for
tba eruptions, bolls, pimples, ecueira, etc.,
that break out on the skin—tbe effect of dis
order in tho blood, caused by sea diet and
life ou ship board.
A »250 lot a tree Ulft
To any purchaser of a lot who will build
immediately a .?25'.0 house on beautiful Ar
linrton Heights. Wlesendauger A Bonaall,
25 W. First street.
GhtrardeUTs solualde cocoa la fresher,
stronger and superior to any imported.
Situated on a Superb Plateau, Between Washington and Adams Streets.
EVER V MY ** "
| AT 10 A. M. AND 2P. M. >
40 000 Vines and Trees of All Kinds.
l.nrßo I.oik. Small Priori, Viz:
$275 Each; $50 Cash and $20 Per Month, Without Interest.
Three lots donated for Public Schools aud Churches. No Taxes to be paid until Decern
ber, lSsk Located iv the Southwestern suburb, at the door aud in the growing direction
of the city. , _
Is without doubt the BEST AND CIIEAPKS V tract to-day in the market. Sold by the owner.
mrl-2m €;. MftMSONs Boons 1 nnd 4, Old Post office Ruf'dlne, T'p Stairs.
Arlington Heights,
Tlie future Grand Boulevard 'rom Los
Angeles to the l'ucilic Oceau.
Just Outside Los Angeles City Limits.
no frost :
No Hills to CI im\
No Dangerous Ascents,
No Adobe Soil.
Pefection of Climate,
Rich Loamy Soil,
Pure Water,
Easy Access.
A I \ It «. i: II oTE I.
Will probably be eree'ed soon ou Arlington
#oy-3ppoial inducements to tliosc who
agree to build immediately.
200 Town Lots For Sale,
Froutiug on streets 100. SO, aud not less than
60 feet wide. Also,
Ten r,!i acre lots fronting on Washington st.
Twenty f> -sere lots bet. Washington und
Pico streets.
Ten oij.acre tracts fronting ou Pico rt»ee\
Twenty sV4>acre lots bet. I'lco and Sixth sts
TauSVi-SCre lets between Wasbiu.toil aud
Adams streets.
Ten OJa-scre lots fronting on Adams street.
Twenty i\t\ ac e lots bet. Adama nud Jeiier
son streets.
Teu lots fronting on Jefferson st
Twenty lota be. Jell'ersou street
aud Santa Monica Railroad.
#ty~TEi;.MS or '
One-fourth cash, one-fourth 4 mouths, one
fourth 1 year, one-fourth 18 mouths.
The plateau of Arlington Heights offers
the meet magnlfloeut view to be beheld lv
Southern California, embracing the whole
of the Los Augeles Va ley, and extending
from San Pedro and Santa Monica on the
Paci-c ocean, acro-s the plains to the foot
hills, nnd up to tbe snowy hel.ht-snf the
Sierre Madre mountains. This table- and
or mesa is perfectly ltvel and unbroken,
but 00 feet higher than thj elevation of
Spriug and Maiu streets. To reach it there
areuo hlll3 to climb, and as the streets
leading from the ceuter of Los Aug lea city
up to it follow the same eveu grade it i* as
easy of aeeesl as Washington Gardens The
sol! ot Arlington Heights ia a ricll loim,
tttellow and fri ible at all seasons, and easy
to cultivate. The vineyards and orchards
surrounding It give undisputed evidence
that every acre of Arlington Height! will
prodace grapes and fruit without irrigation.
A stratum of purest well water Is str 'ck
any where ou the tract at a depth of from
thirty to sixty feet. The plateau .if Arling
ton Heights Is uneqnaUed for health, a
gentle breeze from the l'iclflc rceau fans it
daily; sea fogs never reach ita elevation,
and frosts being almost unknown on tho I
' Mesa," the mott tender plants, such ss to
matoe vines bear frui* th ro evcrv day of
the year. The Santa Monica branch of th-
S. P. R. R. runs a ougsioe this elegant tract;
the present terminus of the Electric Street
Railroad is distant oue-half in'le from Ar
lington Heights, and It Is expected that it
will be extended to and through Arlington
Every city has its ana fashionable suVurb
par excellence; as London has Its Rich
mond, snd Pariahas Its SalutCloud. Arling
ton Heights, by a happy combination of ad
vantages, rromises to become a fash
able addition to bos Angeles, of the beau
f-il mausions and pars like grounds of the
The elegant lawns aud stately mansions of
the rich will be found here within a short
time, and purchasers who tako advantage
of our low prices and easy terms will reap
a golden harvest of their inves meut in Ar
llngtoa Heights.
For further particulars, prices and maps,
apply to the office of the Arlington Heights
Laud A Water C >mpauy.
25 West First St., up stairs, corner of First
aud Spring streets, or
23 West Fir-t St., or
BO ill West First St.
Notice is hereby given by the under
signed, Administrator of the estate of Amos
Travis, deceased, to the creditors of, ami
all persous having claims against the said
decessed, to exhibit them with the neces
sary vouchers, within four months after tho
first publication, of this notice, to tho said
Administrator at the oflioc of Smith and
Clark, Temple Block, tho same being tho
place for the transaction of the business of
said estate in the county of Los Angeles.
Administrator of the Estate of Amos Travis,
Dated at Los Angeles, Mr.rcb 1,1887.
m 2 4w HIITII & CLARK.
H. G. ROLLINS & Co.,
No. 2.~> Temple Street.,
Dealers in Real Estate.
~ Wood, Hsy and Graln-231
J. pper Main street, Lo» Angeles, Cal. p. o
' Box 181- ,26
WHITE—In thia city, Thursday, February
'24th, to the wife of J. M. White, a boy liaby
(eleven pounds). The happy father, the
doctor ami wife are all doing well.
An Elegant Present
Headquarters Boot and Shoe
30U North main Street, Downer
Block. j
In the Hace for Trade,
2!) Mortlt main street,
California Wines and Brandies
1 .11 PO It T i: Is I, IQI UIIK.
/inlandel, HlcMlng, Hock,
gutedel, port, sherry, angelica,
Muscat, Tokay, Etc.
A 150.3 to 10 year ol 3|Whisky for medicinal
use. Tennent's AlO, Guinness' I'orter,
Finest French Brtsdie*, Gin. Blackberry
wine, Blackberry Brandy, Cider, cham
pagne, ate,
JUL II A V E It tc «:<».,
2!» North Main Street.
("Sp-Lowest Prices aud Freo Delivery.
' 1 1 1 1 " 1 1 "™
Peruvian Bitters!
20 North Main Karat.
Rupture is ourable, aye respectmiH
oa 1 atti ntion to the lollowlng letters,which
have just been received at our St. Louis of
fice, aud would state that aye have received
hundreds of just inch letters since our Ml
ehrated "Dr. Pleroc's Patent Magnetic Was
tic Truss" lias been before ths public.
s*lh«, Debt Oocktv. Mo., July 10,1880.—
Messrs. Pierce A Son, st. Louis, Mo.—Sirs:
I feel uuder obligations lo acknowledge un
complete cure by tbe Magnetic Electric
Truss bought from you in September.
Without tie slightest confidence of hope of
a cure, I was very well conn nted with the
effects of the truss after 1 bad succeeded in
adjusting it. I was tt( t able to wear it with
out a pad undur it, however, bin never ex
perienced the slightest inconvenience since
then. I have Continually performed the
hardest labor incidental to farming, nnd
have beeu practically unconscious of either
Tiuss or rupture. I cannot positively name
the exact date when the cure was com
pleted, but have nt been aware of de
rupture for more than two weeks. 1 have
since theu lifted my best without wearing
the Truss- and have te-ted the cure other
wise, but lutend to wear the Truss some
time vetas a safeguard. You are at liberty
to make use of my statements at pleasure,
and may they be ftn Inducement to mauy to
seek and tind relief through your incom
parable Truss. Gratefully yours,
gTgJT-Avoid inferior imitations of Dr.
Pierces Trusses. Our new Illustrated Pam
phlet No. 2 Is j'ist cut. Send for a free copy.
Magnetic Llasi ie I'ruxt. Loiupan y
704 Sacramento sireet, San Francisco, Cal .
or 304 Nonh Sixth street, St. Louis. Uo. |yt
Certificate ot Partnership,
a partnership transacting business in
this Sta c. Its principal place of business
is McPherson, California. Its name is Mc
pherson Brothers.
The lull uames aud respective places ef
residence of all its members are sigucd
Dated February 111, lfS7.
Houkrt MOPHsBlon, ft. s.j
McPhersou, Los Angeles couuty, Cal,
Mcl'hersou, Los Augeles county, Cal.
County of LosAngelos.) '
On this tilth day ot February, iv the year
one thousand eight huudred and eighty
jseven, before me, Wm. S. Waters, a. Notary
'Public in and for tho s .id county of Los Au
geies, personally appeared Robert McPher
sou, known to me to be the person whose
name is subscribed to and who exreuted
the within instrument, aud hs duly ac
knowledged to me that he executed the
Iv witness whereof I have here
unto set my hand and affixed my
official seal, at my olllce In the
ft. s.J said county of Los Angeles, the
dayandyearin this ceitificate
first above written.
W*. 3. Wateik,
Notary Public.
County of Los Augeles 1 '
Ou this 2"uh day of February. A. D. one
thousand eight huudred nud eighty-seven,
before me, Wm S. Waters, a Notary Paddle
In and for the said couuty of Los Angeles,
personally appeared Stephen McPherson,
personally known to me to be the same per
son described In, whose name is subscribed
to the withiu instrument, and ho duly ac
knowledged to me that he executed tbe
In witness whereof I have here
unto set my hand and affixed my
official seal, the day aud >ea> iv
11., s. | this cerilacate first abeve writ
W'M. S. Waters,
m 2 w4w Notary PnbUc
' CSI ed—Notice li hereby giveu by the
o di reigned, sdmlnUtrators of the estHto of
Mary C. Patker, ilecesstd. to the creditors
of snd all per. oils having claln sagalust the
said decca.o', to exhibit tliem, with the
necssary vouchers, withiu four months af
ter tne "first publication of this uotlca to
said administrators at the < ftice of F. It.
Willis, No 2.1 Nonh Maiu streel, Downey
Block, 1., the city of Los Augeies, county of
Loa Angeles, State of California the same
being the place for tbe trausactiou of tbe
business of said estate.
Dat;d at Los Augeles, Cal., Feb. 21, ISB7.
Administrator of the estate of MaiyC. Par
ker, deceased.
m2-WSt Attorney for Administrator.
Valuable Property
Six 1 y-rne feet nn Springs!., with two
story building; now paving good
ra-e of interest, with prospect of
large increase SS7.COO
Sixty feetou Spring st.; a first-class
investment 25,00
Forty-live feet on Spring St., with
good building 75,000
Sixty feet on Fort St., 889 feet deep:
810,030 building; very near busl
ness center; a No 1 Investment 40,000
Sixty feet iv the besi business block
ou Spriug street 78,00}
Seventy aces in city limits; the
finest tract iv the city for subdi
vision: a bargain 90,C00
Fifty-four acres on Main street; flne
property lor subdivision 100,0.0
47 552 a"res of laud near Riverside,
per acre 15.00
tOuO acres as fine agricultural laud
as cau bj found iv the State, per
acre 12.50
111) feet coruer of Pearl and sixth sts 11,000
House and lot ouThomp nnslreet,
Ells tract 3500
Five lots, litis tract, each 1000
5112 acres laud adjoining near city
limits; very fiuo for subdivision,
per acre 400
Twenty acres choice alfalfa land,
within 2 miles of city limits: per
acre 200
Thirty-six acres, 7 miles from city;
fine Blowing artesian well, house,
barn and corrals 4000
Five lots on Pico street,nr. Figueroa;
very cheap 5000
Three lo:*, 180x180 to JJ-foot alley,
enruer Figueroa and Mmha'tan
streets: elegant resldenoa prop.
• erty; at a bargain
Two new hard finish d c -Cages,one block
from street cars, at a bargain.
Several choice lots ou Figueroa street at a
Choice propert7 on Washington street,
nt"- line of street cars, at a bargain.
Choice acre tracts near city a, a bargain.
Aw Kg "a <a^H
31 West First Street,
New Los Anokle.-s National Bank Biiloing
Re:! Estate Agents aiil Aoctioiieers,
14 North Spring Street.
»13,O0O—:7-rooin house on lot 100x250 in
East Los Augeles: will make a fine
boao'lug house; Vi Cash.
830— Au acre Fine tract ol 640 acres at
Ontario. Tbis is a bargain
•05,000—100 acres of land withincltv lim
its. Fine place for subdivision.
•13,000-Choice tract all laid out, ready
for market.
•53,000 —88 acres on Seventh street, mag
nificent views.
• 14,000-10 acres, one block from cable
•05,0U0—80 acres of choice orauge grove,
will guarantee a profit of 840,000 In
n subdivision.
Lots in all parts of the city. Houses ot al
sizes and prices. Lots in Ela Park Tract.
See ads iv Express aud Tribune.
OCI7 II North Sarlat Street.
farm at the foothills, Duarte. contain
ing 20 acres: a very healthful and central
location, opposite the postolHce, cnni-enient
to DEPOT. The trees are large and of the
choic st varieties: the fruit commands tne
highest piles: will pay well on the invest
raent;zoshares of water. This is a cheerlul
home, with grand oak tre -a about the house
and yard. The purchaser to have the
present crop of oranges, which are about
ready for marks . Cau give Immediate
iiosse.selou. Address owner, .„„„
The Tehaciiipa Building Stone Co.
GEO. F. BL UK fioasurer
(Fl s'- National Hank).
ROBERT A. LEWIS. Secretary
Directors—Gen. E. Ronton, Alpbeus Lewis,
Charles it, Browu, Timothy O'Shea, Robert
' 'tm- "qnarriers of Black GraultP, Gray
Mar le, Brjwn. Yellow. Oreeu and White
sandstone. Orders of any dimension tilled
at shoit notice. For samples or information,
address R. A. LEWIB.
P. O. Box 1338 Los Augeles, Cal.
Offleo 12 Court btreet. f 16-lm 1
Throat Diseases, Bronchitis.
.■ . Asthma,
Together with dUeas's of
Successfully treated by
M. 0. P. 8. O ,
Ko. 'ii'j Maiu St.. reit the Diamond House-
Los Augeles, Cal.
a peculiar disorder at tho aortitis and
.I'ljarout piri«, which prevails to au alarm
log extent aud is productive of very serious
c msequeuces.
The most prominent and characteristic
feature is a mortdd discharge fro a the
0 varying In its nature'at different
in some there is an almost constant How
of clear, acrid mild, out of tan er anoffsusiva
purulent or mi.co puruleut, g.e>nl.sh-iellow
mailer is secrctea, which accumulates in
the nostrils or drops Into tbe throat, uaoes
suatniri its :requea< removal by blowing' tuc
nose or expectoration, and oiteti t.y both
processes. Sometimes patients feel as
though their whole head wis in a state of
rottenness, so great is the amount of matter
dlseimrgeu and so Iclid is Its odor. Tho
patient is greatly annoyed by the constant
dropping iuto the throat Of the morbid mat
ter from the head, and tss recumbent posi
tion naturally favors ihe Uow downward
his rest is frequently dl.tutbed from thia
cause. Many sufferers are obliged to lie
with the head very much elevated iv order
to sleep with some degree of comfort.
In others a tough, viscid nud offensive
phlegm collects ben In d and above the soft
palate, In tbe pis-age between the throat
and bead, idhearing to the parts with glu
ish tenacity, its lodgmcut embarrasses
respiration and creates a seus tion of irri
tation aud uneasiness lv tlie affected local
ity, which gives rise to a eoustaut and al
most irresistible acsiic to relieve the dis
comfort by drawing the mucus into the
throat BO *> to eject it by them uth. This
prsctloe, popularly known as "hawktiiit,"
ia oaaraeteristie of catarrh, an t proves as
embarrassing to the one nfftcled as it is
disagreeable t" those aronnd him.
Agaiu, the ofTeaaive matter iiardcusand
dep. si s itself ou tlie membraue in the
swipe of ory, bind Concretions, which are
discharged by way of ihe nostrils or throat
iv lumps or iiagnunts of a deep green tint.
Iv some cases these lncrustatt ns accuiuu-
Isletn inch sn extent «s to form a regular
plug iv the null, which obstructs breathing
auu produces seaiOUl discomfort. So Urm"
ly do these incrustations adhere to the
point of attachment that their removal
usually requires the most vi. lent efforts;
not QlifrequettUy t. ey have to be toru from
the membrane. Occasionally a solid cast
of notable siie is expelled, on whloa there
ere generally traces of blood, but in some
casus tiie cast presents a tuoular appear
ance, being of exact shape of the vasal
cavity. Tallooudliion is indicative of ul
ceration, which, in time, may destroy the
bony atincture of the nose and produce a
subsequent battening of that organ.
Uitei are occasionally met withiu which
a thick, viscid, slimy secretion coats the
mem brant-of the nssalc ivit.es aud theu
putnfles, giving rise to a steucb which is
really overpowering and sufficiently fetid to
p ilson the atmosphere of a wnole room;
and there are others in which all the score
loin of tne membraue are suspended, caus
ing au unpleasant feeilug ot dryness, heat
aud feveriahuess iv the head and nose—a
coudltion popularly known as "Dry Ca
Ihe disease speedily extends to the air
cavities ol the uoues of toe forehead and
face, giving rise lo a distressing sensation
of li avy weight or compression over the
lorehead, especially in the region above
and beiwecu tbe i yes, aud to a feeling of
fulness, heat, irritailau, soreuest or pain in
the nostrils near the root of thy nose, as
weil as in ihe upper par; of tne throat,
above aud behind the soft palate, some
times there is pain obstinately lixed In somo
particular part, aa in ihe temple, oa the top
of tho beau, at tlie hack of the neck, or be
hind the orbids, aud occasionally paia
manifests itsulf iv the face of so s.-vere a
character thai it is frequently mistaken for
1 he .irsstb is always tainted and at times
resumes an e\ coding ktid ami stckeuiug
oiior. Iv some cases it becomes * ■ revolt-
Ingly offensive as to render ihe smfterer au
object of disvjust to himself as wed as lo
'Ilia nasal membrane is thickened aud
congested, causing tie nose to i.estopped
up, sometimes on one side, sometime ou the
oiher, nud often ou both, giving rise toa
disagreeable, stuffy sensation in the head,
aud occasioning violent and prulougcd
paroxysms of Kneeling.
The voice is weak, indistinct aud husky
or of a nasal Character, di playing a sort of
l&lmng quality. Oftentimes there is a con
tinuous hoarseness and discordance, There
Is also a sense of Irritation in the throat,
and ircquent attempts to cl tar the parts 01
phlegm, producing the sound' hem" more
or less forcibly, lv some eases patients
complain of an uncomfortable feeling of
fullness, er a choky . ensatioa in the throat,
and inOtbera of a distressing and almost
constant dryness, for tlie temporary reiiof
of which they have to swallow frequently.
Others, again, speak of a eoustaut had or
nauseous taste in the mouth or throat.
The atomaob gen rally siillois mote or
less and becomes weak aud ir-itable: the
appetite is capuchins and nearly always
Dad in the moroiug. The patient is lav-
Liiid, nn 'hie to perform mental or physical
labor with the usual facility, is nervous, de
pressed in spirits, at limes fearful, tim d,
agitated and inclined to drowsiness and
sictp, the memory weakened and perma
neni impairment seriously threatened.
The mucous membraue soon becomes
morbidly sensitive to unfavorable IntU-
OttOes, aud iv spite of the utmost earn be
comes affsoted from the slightest causes, so
toat at iasi a nreataol *i Ind upon the imiug
of (be ncs or throat beeouwi productive of
a cold, snd gives rise to serious disturh
snoesofthe respiratory oigaus Tons tbo
patient is subject to freque it und repented
colas, eich attack aqg-. vadng the disease
by giving it a new impulse auu involving a
larger extent or sur face than i is predecessor,
lv this manner tne difilo ilty spreads from
ergan to organ, invading the throat, larnyx,
trachea aud bronchial tubes, unti , en
croß* hing fur.her snd further, ii reaches
the fl ,er ramitlcatinusof the bi.mchi, when
bnt a slight Impulse ta required to sen j it
to the lungs. Catarrh may, and ofieu does,
alb ct o-.hor organs iv the body, especially
those containing a mucous membrane, such
as ih" stomach, bowels, kidneys, etc.
By tho employment of proper inhalations
in the form of medicate 1 vapor (not steam
or spray) we are able to produce immediate
and diieci action upon th'j diseased surface
in the pharynx and nasal pa-sage*, for air
will find iis way into the most remote and
lutrioate (levities, where it is ..tteily Impos
sible to in .ke lluid applications, ny nie-c
mem s every case carr be cuied.
Ozoua is the professional or technical
name ali en to ho advanced form of c itarru
in which ulceration has eaten through the
meinbraiie liuiug of the nose to the carti
lage of the bone. Any ca-n of catarrh may
cud lv rsosaa, but It most frequently occurs
iv those who are naturally scrofulous. The
discharge takes place through the uostiils
or through tuothioat, and is generally of a
yellowish or greenish yelio-v color, fre
quently tinged with hlood aud alioo-t al
ways intended by au olt'euslvcsmel'. In the
language of Dr. Wood, of Philadelphia,
"The disease is one of the most oh turate
and disagreeable which the physician has
to encounter, lv bad cases the b'eaib o r the
patient becomes so revolting as to isolate
him from society and to render him au ob
ject of disgust eveu to himself." In some
cases pice s of bone became si pirated aud
slough off, leaving deep, unhealthy ulcers,
which secrete a bloody mailer, and are ex
tremely diliicul: to heal. After < sons has
continue 1 -umo time tho souse of smell
usually becomes impaired and often lost.
Deafness is oue of its most commou coute
qiieno s, and resu.ts from its txieusiou
ihroueh th" eustachian tubes to the internal
ear. Palus in the head and over the frontal
sinuses, Impairing memory, aud even In.
sanity fri quently spring from its extension
to the brain. The greatest danger, h >w
ever. bf cause tbe most common, is that it
will extend downward and affect the lung*.
1 v im st cases of pulmonary ois"ase c itarrb
is present iv some decree, aud in ma iy in
stances it causes a large share of tbe pa
tient's discomfort.
Besides these grave couseqiiPtices, ull of
which ate liable to sp lie from scrofulous
catarrh or oze na, there nre others which, if
less dangerous, are sufficiently unpleasant.
I.occasions great uuh.app neas to thousauda
of both sexes, by Isolating them and pre
venting thet: setilemeut in life Au often,
slve running from tho nose, with foul
b'eath is about ss great a calamity as cm
befal young penple.ifor no yo ng person
should ever think ot marrying while afflict
ed with catarrh.
Tho.-e who visit Southern California, after
trying every known remedy, and falling iv
obtaining health through climatic changes,
alone, would do well to try ibis wouderful
system, which Is revolutionizing the whole
medical science and effuoting cures in this
very city in persous given up to die.
275 North Main street, Los Augeles, Cal.
Office hours from 10 a. m. to 4 r. M. inch 2

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