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Yesterday's Record at Business
In Police Circles.
Tbe oase of William Abbott, charged
with vagranoy, will come up for trial on
Thursday morning. Justice Austin
yesterday denied tbe motion for a change
of venue.
Tho charge of burglary against Ah
flam was dismissed yesterday by Justice
Austin because there wss not surhcieut
trvideiioe to convict.
A gray mare was reported yesterday
as having strsyed or having beeu stolen
from No. 436 Grand avenue. Yesterday
afternoon a gray mare was impounded
by the police. f „
That the foolish people are not all
dead yet was indicated by the success
wtneh mettbe "thimble game- at the
tsrmi.ua of the Seoond-street cable road
Sunday morning. The dextrous
handlers of the three walnut .hells man
aged to gather in the innocents to the
Saint of about $200 in a very short
.pace of time. The police were notified,
hit by the time they reached the scene
srf ths operations there was no sign of
%^day- afternoon R. W. Poindex
ter swore out a warrant for the arrest of
» N. Chester, whom, he alleged, forged
• promissory note for *36Ei on December
14th, dated Norwalk, November 27,
1886, and signed K. C. Courtney and \V.
JL Lawrence. ....
The Police Commissioners met yester
day morning and revoked the license of
Aaguat Reulenbach, who was charged
with having sold beer to minora. No
other business was transacted.
John MoFadden, a boy of less than
16 years of age, was saut to tbe Boys
and Girls' Aid (Society, in San Francisco,
to two months by Justice Austin yes
Young Men's Institute in San
A delegation from Los Angeles of the
Young Men's Institute visited San Ber
nardino on Sunday last for the purpose
of organizing a branch of that flourish
lag order. W. D. S. Harriugton acted
as chairman and L. D. Dean secretary ot
tbe meeting. The following officers
were elected to serve until June, 18SS:
James J. Doyle, president; J. H. Light
foot, first vice-president; U. J. Kane,
seoond vice president; treasurer, Ker.
P. J. Stockman; recording secretary, C.
K. Kane; financial seoretary, T. J.
Saayth; marshal, E. McCrystle; execu
tive committee. E. MoCrystle, H. J.
Kane, Thomas Watkins, R. Badowski
aad H. E. Feudge. After adjournment
fats delegation were escorted to the
French-American restaurant, where a
bountiful repast was spread for their
entertainment. Tbe tables fairly
groaned undar the weight of the good
things prepared for them. The event
was a most enjoyable one and will long
be remembered by those who partici
pated. The Young Men's Institute is
taking s firm foothold in southern Cali
fornia. Thirty-five branches are v flour
iehing in the northern and five in the
southern section of the State. Three
branches have been formed within three
weeks and twelve more will be formed
within the next three months iv south,
era California. This sec ion will be well
represented in the next grand council,
which convenes in Sacramento next Sep
leather, snd sn effort will be made U
hold the convention of 1888 in this city.
The installation of officers of San Ber
nardino branch will take place early it
April, at which time a large number o
members from Los Angeles and Sai
Diego will be present.
Sound North.
The following passengers left yester
day on tbe Queen of the Pacific:
For San Francisco—Jas Meagher, J ]
Thompson, R A Esbee, Frank Uender
H Otto, S A Jones, C H Denton, £
Harris, Mrs R Harris, J H McKeogg, 11
W Vaughan, Mrs H W Vaughan, Gee
A Tilden, A L Henshaw, Miss A Coole,
Miss W M Emerick, Mrs Captain Hum
man. Alexander Cook and wife, ant
seventeen steerage.
For Port Hartford—A Graham, \\
Graham, G Tbroop aud wife, F Robert!
aad wife, T B Boyce and wife, H I
For Santa Barbara—Mrs H L Welch,
Mrs L IT Burbee. Miss X Buell, Miss A
Wordtn, Miss N Worden, Miss I. Bon
bright, Mrs J Bon bright and ward, Misi
8 Williams, Miss C D Williams, Mrs YV
Buckley, J B Buckley, Mrs L C Roberts,
Mrs 8 P Wisner and daughter, Mrs 0
Thurber, Miss M W Dumis, MD, J J
Doonell, C F Shea, W L Blackman, J 1
Thompson, E E Williams and wife,
nurse and three children, G R Pattei
and wife, E G Thurber, Mrs M S Stew
art and two children, Mrs E V McGraw,
F W Rodgersand wife, Miss E M Lewis,
Miss J M Hanua. R C Hanna, C H
Blackman. J C F Merrill.
Pullman Passengers.
The following left yesterday on tbe
1:30 trait: E E Carter, Robt Brayton,
J Jump, S Greysdor, J W Wells, Mr
Gaucher, J Coik, X Blaisdell, Dr
Kuowles, L L MunsorJ? Mrs Luddington,
Mm J Magee, J W Watson, W G Kurtz,
F Hand, Mrs J T Bell, L A Wilson, Mrs
C Budleton, Mrs Hill, J E Davis, A C
Mailer, G A Brackett, C F Crogin. M S
Heinmau, Ci B Shaw, C A Merrill, C
Haas, R Davenport, G W Thompson,
W S Kimball, N P Malley, G B Connell.
J C King, G W Higgins, J F Bartos, J
Msssty, EP Borden, N P Wally, Mr,
George Yerby, Mrs M E Palmer, C I
LJoyu, C A Kerfoot.
The following left on the 7:30 train
M M Cord, N A Niniochs, E G Morgan
X E Niel, Mrs Hindue, Mrs LnngUy, (
A Murrel, J Grant, S S Milton, M
Hooker. J C Ford, W A German, M
Nest, Mr Scott, Mr Pridham, Geo \\
Lewi', Mr Marchister, S O Houghton
F O Barter, W A Norton, C C Merrill
X G Hall, Mr Hammond, McGiben;
family, J D HolT, H Wrightsou.
Obstructing a Passage.
United States Commissioner Vat
Dyke yesterday held Henry Kegel ti
answer before the United States dis trie
court on a charge of obstructing a ftei
passage to nnsurveyed public land, un
der a Isw passed in 1885. The evidenci
showed that tbe accused had by meant
of threats, a fence und a locked gate,
prevented tbe entrance to the unsur
e/eyed government land in Canon Duloro,
San Fernando township. Kegel was
released on his own recognizance.
A Whopper.
Pretty good authority states that a
letter was sent from this city to a prom
inent gentleman iv San Diego a few
days ago, containing the wonderful
statement that the excursion advertised
' for to-day wcnld aot be as large as
expected, owing to tbe fact that at
least ten thousand people bad left Los
Angeles on account of the smallpox
sears. On what slender material can
the average liar manufacture his vil
lainoaa statements.
■agleaon at Co., 50 North Spring street,
■vassal ot the great furnishing goods manu
fssanrersof Ban Francisco.
JAMS* sTJUJVaN of Mem, Oregon.
Treated Specially and SiccEssFrLLY by
W. N. DAVIS, M. D. W. H. DAVIS, M, D.
North Spring Street,
—and —
Colorado Street, over Jones' Fair,
.Combined with Constitutional Remedies.
of the tesplraiory pissaces consists in
ihe cmplojmeut of Menical Inhalation for
its ditcct effects ou the diseased organs;
and, at the same time, adopting such hy
gienic measures and administering such
medicines by the stomach as will most ef
fectually purify Hie blood, give tone t'>
the nervous system, aud baild up aud
strengthen the general constitution. Iv
oiher words, we employ combined locil
aud genera! treatment.
What is Medicaal luhilation? Before
stating brietly what Medici Inhalation
is, we propose, in as tew words as possible,
to state clearly wb it it is not-
Medical Inhalation is not a cure-all, a
nostrum, or a panacea. It is not a specific
remedy for any disease. It is not a quack
medicine, or advertised to cure any or all
the ills that flesh is heir to, an i intended to
fill the pockets of its proprietors. It is no;
a talisman, whose possession insures health
to its possessor without the intervention cf
sense or judgment. Medical Inhalation is
none of these things.
Medical Inhalation is simply and solely a
method of taking medicines by inhaliug or
breathing ihem iuto tie luugs iustcaU of
IweUowltll them Into the stomach. By In
halation, the proper medicines are applied
directly to the seat of tbe disease, in the
nose, throat or lungs; aud it is clear to
every reasoning perron how peculiarly ap
plicable Inhalation is iv the disorders of
the organs named. If you have scalded or
burned the surface of the body,or wounded
any limb or member, you do not swallow
tbe remedy intruded to heal the disor
ganized tissue. On the contrary, you apply
it directly to the seat of tbe wound or In
jury. Why. then, when suffering from ca
tsr/h of the nasal pat saees or throat, or af
flicted wi h ulceratio of the lungs, should
you rely ou medicines taken Into the
stomach ?
Medical Inhalation not only applies the
proper healing remedies to the seat of ihe
disease, but it applies the remedy In tbe
gaseous or vaporous form, in which form,
as is well known,medicines actmost power
fully. How much greater, for example, is
the effect of a drachm of chloroform, when
inhaled or breathed, than many times the
quantity when swallowed iuto the stomach,
the Bame Is true of chlorine, of iodine, and
of many otber substances By inhalation
the medicine is not poured into the stomach
and thence sent wandering througn the
system in search of a malady which may be
mainly or entirely a local one; bnt by this
method the proper remedy is applied di
rectly to the diseased orgau. Who, after
studyli g tbe auotomy of the luugs. can
doubt that inflammation and ulceration of
the air-tubes and air-cells, the direct appli
cation of the healing medicine by inliala
tion to the disessed pirn., is the correct and
rational method of treatment '.' Who, on
the other hand, can be so irrational as to
believe that the proper and direct way to
reach the diseased surfaces of tbe . ir
passages in this case, is by the way of the
stomach.' Physiology teaches us that the
membrane, or skin, lining the air-passages
of the nose, throat and lungs, is only a
slightly modified form of the same structure
as that which covers the external surface
of the body. Why, then, should local treat
ment be proper and necessary for inflam
mations, congestions and ulcerations of the
one and not be equally so in the case of tne
Our experience and success in treating
diseases of the no»e, throat aud lungs, de
monstrates, beyond all question, that the
true scientific treatment of tbeße diseases is
that treatment which combines the local
effects of medical inhalation with the con
stitutional effectß of systematic remedies,
given in the usual way by the stomach.
One or both methods must be adopted as
the ciicumfetancsa demnnd, and such remc
diet must be employed as tho experience
and judgment of the physician have proved
to be proper in each particular case,
medical Advocates! of Inhalation.
Physicians who were educated twenty
years ago or more, and who have not kept
up with the times in ttie advance in medi
cal science, have very little idea of the great
importance all leading writers now give to
Medical Inhalation iv the treatment of pul
monary diseases. To such an extent is this
true that no patient should intrust his case
to auy physician who is not well prepared
and thoroughly equipped with everything
necessary for the administering of the
proper remedies by the method of inhala-
The numerous cures effected by Inliala
lation in cases seemingly past all help, and
the uniform success attending its usa iv
diseases of the respiratory organs, rende a
it obligatory on every honest physioiau to
at once apply himself to gain a practical
knowledge ol the Inhalation, or, If that is
not possible, be is at least bound to decline
to treat Buch cases.
Among tbe most eminent physicians of
the age wh» are fully awakened to the value 1
of Medical Inhalation in these diseases are
the following: 1
The celebrated Dr. Burdon SnunJerson;
Dr. La Roche, oi the Pariß Academy of '
Medicine; Dr. Frederick Langhaus, of Bt
lln; Drs. Kleba and Tommast-Cruleli; Sir 1
Archibald Dickson,of Edinburgh, Scotland ;
Dr. Kichler, Dr. Cameron. Dr.Ourdon Buck, ,
Pro!. Albert Lebert, the celebrated Dr.
Hughlings Jackson, the venerable Dr. Rob
ert Dlskiusnn. Pref. Thierfelder. Spencer
Wells, Dr. Hilton Flagge, Dr. Q. P. Wood,
Dri. Much and Hltiig Dr Fothergill, Dr.
Richard Thompson, Dr. R. d Carpenter, .
Dra. Anstie, Ball, Fuller, Lancereaux,
Krauat. Hngueuie, Heller, Orth, Corrigau, .
Fenwlok, and many others.
With scarcely a single exception every
medical authority of eminence recognizee
the wonderful potency of this new method,
and the coming teueralion ol physicians ,
are certain to be thoroughly educated
therein. At present it is only a few physi
clans here aud there who have made "Dis
eases »f Respiration" a life study th t are
fitted in any way to employ the wonderful
resources of Medical Inhalation iv tbe cure <
of these diseases.
The Curability of Consumption.
For five years the celebrated Dr. I II
Bennet was pathologist to tbe X yal In
firmary of Edinburgh, and in his great
work on "Consumption" he makes the fol
lowing statement:
"During this period 1 made upwards of
20Ot> post-mortem examinations of persons
dying from various diseases, and I was
constantly meeting with cases In which I
found eavittea in Hie lungs from consump
tion, which had evidently healed up or
cicatrized years before tbe death of the
subject. Natuie did not seem to have been
successful in restoring tbe wasted lung
substance, but tbe cavities were dried up.
tbe progress of tbe disease arrested, and
the bu bj ect 11 ved tor years, with d imiuished
lung power it is true, but otherwise in good
mm:-»» B
(i. c. for only a few minutes.)
DR. W. N. DAVI8 —Los Angeles. 8 to 6
p. m—Pasadens, 10 a. m. to 1 r. M.
DR W. B. DAVIS—Los Angeles, 9 to 12
a. m., 1 to 3 p. at. aud 7 to 8 p.m.
N. B.—Professional calls answered from
Los Angeles office at all hours.
45H N. Spring; St., Eos Angeles.
«H Branch office, over Jones' Fair, Colo
raao street, Pasadena. mro
Generous Caledoniane
Mr: JJticommun, rmment
Benevolent Society:
Dear Madam—At the last meeting
our club decided to give your society a
donation of «25 to help yon in your
noble effoits in relieving the sick and
destitu c of our city.
Yours faithfully,
J. O. Maclean, President.
Dr. Gunn's Improved Liver Pills
Removes Constipation, prevents Malaria
cures Dyspepsia, and gives new life to the
system.' Only one for a dose. Free sam
ples at C. K. Heinzemau's.
To Regulate
I H f warranted not to contain a single pan
X mmmm tide of Mercury or any injurious sul*
itance, but l» purely vegetable.
It will Cure all Diseases caused
by Derangement of tbe Liver,
Kidneys and Stomach.
If your Liver is out of order, then your
whole system is deranged. The blood is
impure, the breath offensive; you have
headache, feel languid, dispirited and
nervous. To prevent a more serious con
dition, take at once Simmons
r HTTITi REGULATOR. If you leadl
1.11/r.K sedentary life, or suffer wi*
IU ff JUII Kidney Affections, avo*
stimulants and take Simmons Liver Regulatot
Sure to relieve.
If yoi '"aye eaten anything hard of
digestio-.i, «. feel heavy after meals or
sleepless al nigi.t -«ac a dose and you
will fed relle«&. and sleep pleasantly.
If ;ou are a miaeranle sufferer with
*~ yUSttSfct'l'-Mi Dyspepsia and
Rllio'i "S. seek relief at once in
Simmons l iver Regulator. It does not
require c . uiinual dosing, and costs but a
trifle. It ivill cure you.
If you *..:.t up in the morning with a
bitter, bis 1 U'te v.i your stones, i
mTi Simmons I.iver Regulator. It car
ls rccts the Itiiious Stomach, sweetens
Al IV I'.reath.andcleans-slhe Furred
Tongue. Children often need some safe Cathar
tic and Touic Iv ;.v,..t approaching sickness.
Simmons Uver Regulator win relieve Colic, Head
ache. Sick Stemach, Indigestion, Dys»»««ry, and
fa Complaints incident to Childhood.
At any time you feel your system needs
cleansing, toning, regulating without violent
purging, or stimulating ""Soul intoxi
cating, take
Sinii Liver Bogflbk
J. H. ZEILIH & CO.,Philadelphia.Pa.
,niw< i;i.i.a A KOI IN.
Los Angeles Land Bureau,
2U W. First Street.
$2250—House of 4 rooms. Water street.
8600 —Lo : on Thomas street, 55x150.
SjScO—Six lots, 50x161; house of 10 rorms
northwest corner of Parick and Han
cock streets.
*700— Lot 12, Block 2, Vlgnes Tract.
13000—Two 4 room houses on 1 lellman St.
8t»50 Each—ibiee lots on Alts street, near
Downey avenue.
12200—Four lots southeast corner of Virginia
avenue and Boston street, 60x145.
8700 tach—Three lots corner of Michigan
avenue and Matthews street.
8650—House and lot on Central avenue.
86500—New house, 10 rooms, corner ol Soto
snd Michigan avenues.
$2300—House and lot, 6 rooms, on Louisiana
avenue, near S-ito.
92500—Three lots corner Virginia and State
I tresis.
8700—F've lota on Martin street.
S:00 Each—Two lots on State street, near
126C0— House of 4 rocms west side of Union
81000—Lot 50x125, Eleventh street, west of
11600—House and lot, 4 rooms, barn, corner
Twelfth and San Pedro streets.
I2COO— Lot on west Bide of Flower street, be
tween Tenth and Eleventh.
89000—House of 6 rooms, Orange street.
SHOO— Lot, 50x120, Laurel street, near Grand
8900 —Kmg street. Lot 2, 60x110.
82600— House and lot, Diamond street, near
Second-street Park.
;*9so—Lot 86, on Manhattan avenue, Long
»4oo—Lots 3 and 4, Block 12, on Maxwell
street. I'rmston tract.
81050—Lot 50x120, Bonßall avenue, ParkiVills
850 per acre—l 73 acres near Beaumont,
San Bernardino county.
82000—4) acres, rich land, twelve miles
north of Los Angeles.
84500—20 acres southeast corner New Vain
and Florence streets; good house.
84000 —8 scr s rich land two miles from
810,000—acres three-quarters of a mile
from Jefferson street: in orchard.
A Rare Chance.
in the month of May, and am desirous
of disposing ol the following property on
or before that time:
First—My resldeuce, 405 Temple street;
two-story house, 11 rooms and cellar; finely
finished and built in the most substantial
manner. good stable and outhouses; nicely
Improved lot 50 feet on Temple street, 150
feet deep: also, feet on Bunker Hill
avenue by I'j'jK feet with 20-foot alley.
Also, one of the finest carriage teams In the
nit-: carriage, phaeton, harness and fittings
complete. This is a great bargain for par
ties wanting a complete and a well-located
house ready for occupancy.
Second—Two lots on Temple street, oppo
site Olive: graded: good location for busi
ness or fine residence site.
Third—Three lots In Block 2, Park tract;
close to business: two lots iv Block 8, Park
tract, nenr Ostrich farm road.
Five lots in Block 10, Park tract; nice 'o
cality and near Temple-street cable road.
Ten lots in Block 11, Park tract, joining
Angelefio Heights tract: a speculation.
A corner lot in Block 13, Park tract; fine
view; a choice lot. -
Eight lots in Block 14, Park tract; well
situated and good view.
Beveu lots iv Block 17, Park tract, near
Temple-street cai le road; graded streets.
Ten lots in Block 18. Park tract; flue loca
tion; streets graded , lots level.
One lot in Block 22, Park tract, 150 feet
from Temple street; a bargain.
Also, seventy five lots in the Beandry
Water Works tract, on Alameda street, near
railroad depots; excel lent lucation for busi
ness, warehouses, etc.
Three fine, new cottages In healthful lo
cality, magnificent view, and only two
minutes' walk from bu-incss center and
horse-car lines: for sale at a bargain.
One lot in Ocean View tract and two in
Washington tract. These will be sold cheap.
Owing to my departure, I am offering the
above at prices considerably under the
market ana on terms that will be easy.
For prices and conditions, call at my of
fice. Zft Temple street, Law building.
f25-lm V. BEAITDRY.
(Successors to F. Adam),'
Merchant Tailors,
No. 113
Mortal Spring a»t., Los Angeles.
" nude in taking assessments of property, by the owners not being familiar with
raking oat statements, or not having time to attend to doing so, I have conoluded to
lake a specialty cf that branch of business, and will take charge of tbe property of an
rho wish, at a reasonable fee. Having bad
a the assessing of property and the collection of taxes, I feel that I can watch after
he interests of those who employ me perhaps better than they could themselves, aud
aye them time and money. Those who wish to leave tbeir property in my bands
vtll please call at the oltice of PARCELS, AGUIRKE A CO., 12 Court Stree', or ad
iress me at above place. H. 8. PaHCIiLD,
mr6-lm Ex-City Tax Collector,
ZF'jEI'W lots
Mear the depot grounds of the A. T. & S. F. R. R. Co.
Also, 1000 acres near Ballona Harbor.
Two business lots on North Main Street.
One lot on Upper Main Street.
Two lots on Fourth Street.
Shipping and Commission Merchants,
San Francisco. New York, Chicago.
-.ondon, Liverpool, Astoria, Or., and Los Angeles.
With agents and brokers in every commercial city of prominence in the Union.
Makes a specialty of handling the products of Southern California.
JJaaT*Agents for Re al Baking Powder, Walter Bakei & Co's Chocolate,
(ingsford's Oswego Starch.
Also, agents for American Oil Company* Whale Oil Soap.
WM. L. LOCKE, Manager Los Angeles Agency,
m?H trip 75 SFBIUG ST
rOO Acres in Los Angeles
1300 LOTS!
Up to 100 Feet Front, $ISO. Half-acre Lots, $200.
From 1-2 to 1 Acre, $300. From 1 to 4
Acres, $400. 5 Acre Lots, $7SO.
FERIIS—One-fifth cash, balance in eight equal monthly payments, with
out interest.
These prices will continue only until June 1,
1887, when they will positively be advanced. All
who purchase before that date will have the benefit
of the advanced prices.
The entire tract is beautifully situated, with a
3harming view, pure air and water and perfect
drainage. The Ostrich Farm Dummy Railroad
°uns through the tract, with a five-cent fare guaran
eed to and from the center of the city. This road
will be completed to the tract July 1,1887. Pure and
abundant water will be piped through all the streets.
The title to the property is absolutely perfect. A
;omplete abstract will be kept in the office of the
Company forthe inspection of all purchasers, and a
;ertificate of title will be furnished to each buyer
vith his deed.
This tract is situated upon the hills, which are
apidly becoming the most desirable residence por
ion of the city. The soil is a warm, sandy loam,
ree from frost, being in what is known as the
varm belt. The elevation is such that the tempera
ure is more even than in the city.
Free carriage to the tract every day from the
•ffice of the agents, at 9A. M. and 1:30 P. M. Maps
md circulars and all information can be had from
Byram & Poindexter, Managers,
Reference, by permission : Los Angeles National Bank. 6m
Md Storage Beef at Gbino Ranch Market,
40 South Spring Street,
Nearly opposite New City Hall.
aWP-ThU beef Is fattened on the celebrated Cblno Ranch, killed at the celebratec
Ihlnoßanch Slaughter House (formerly Kstudlllo A Pico) n oar town, and placed In the
ooler at Los Angeles Ice Works, from whence it is delivered to customers direct, aftei
taving hung there two days, or two weeks, as maybe desired. Guaranteed to be prime
,nd fresh and pesf-Tsly ;?ee from all animal heat.
_____ HICRARI) «IBD, proprietor
TEIFPHfIHE 711. •"!»
SJL tracts of improved grape, fruit and
arm lands In tbe county; near Norwalk
ail way Btatlon, only 16 miles from Los
tngelos, in lots of 5, 10, 20, 30, 40 or more
.creatosult Within the year they will be
forth double tbe prices now asked.
"o the numerous tracts from which to
All Inquiries by Letter Promptly
. W. Van Slyck, Agent,
jalldawtf "lorwalk, Cal.
—Successors to —
MeKoon & Brodtbeek,
Have a large list of bargains in cboice
City and Country Property
Which they will be pleased to show to
their customers.
They also have
Notice ol foreclosure Sale.
. Wlbbelt, defendant — Sheriff's Hale,
No. 5423. Order'of sale and decree of fore
I closure and sale
Under and by virtue of sn order of sale
and decree of foreclosure and sale, issued
out of tbe Superior Court of the county of
Los Angele*, State of California, on the 9th
day of February, A. D. 1887, in tbe above
entitled action, wherein F X. Eherle, tbe
above named plaintiff, obtained a judgment
and decree of foreclosure aud sale against
Joseph Wibbelt, defendant, ou tho lltn day
of January, A D. 1887, for the sum of
01280 16 100 in gold coin of tbe United State*,
which said decree was, ou the l'uh day of
January, A. D. 1887, recorded in Judgment
Book 7 of said Court, at page 396, etseg, I
am commanded to sell all that certain lot,
piece or parcel of land situate, lying and
being In the city of Santa Monica, county
of Los Angeles, State of California, and
bounded as follows, to wit:
Lot O, In block number one-hundred and
Bixty-elght, asdeliueated onacertain mapof
the town site of Sauta Monica, ou file in the
office of tbe County Recorder of tbe said
county of Los Angeles, tbe same being a
portion of the tract of laud known as tbe
Raucho San Vicente or San Vicente y Santa
Monica, granted by proper authorities of
Mexico to Fraucisca Sepulveda and con
firmed by the Government of the United
states to R. Sepulveda and others.
Public notice is hereby given, that "n
Saturday, the 19th day of March, A. D. 1887,
at 12 o'clock M. of that day, in Iront of the
Court House door of the county of Los Au
geles, ou Spring street, I will, In obedience
to said order of sale and decree of fore
closure and sale, sell the above described
prope.ty, or so much thereof as may be
necessary to satisfy said judgment, with in.
terest snd costs, etc., to the highest and
best bidder, for cash in gold coin of the
United States.
Dated this 21st day of February. 1887.
f22 til Sheriff of Loa Angeles county.
on Tuesday, the 29tb day of March, A. d.
1887, at 11 o'clock in the forenoon 01 said
day, application will be made to J. Ham
Harris, Land Agent of the University of
California, at his office, at tbe State Uni
versity In Berkeley, Alameda county, Call
forn'a, for a Duplicate of University Cer
tificate of Purchase, No. 95, dated November
20,1572, and Issued to Francisco P. Forster
for tbe fractional sec lou 15 and lots 1 and 2
of section 22, in township 9 south and of
range 7 west, San Bernardino meridian.
The said original certificate of purchase
has been lost or destroyed, and is beyond
the control of the estate of Jo m Forster, de
censed, which said estate is tbe owner of tbe
same and of tbe laud therein described
Given under my band this 91st day of Feb
ruary, A. D. 18b7. M. A. FORSTER,
Administrator of the estate of John Forster,
deceased. f24-30t
on Tuesday, the 29th day of March,
A. D. 1887, at 11 o'clock in tbe forenoon of
said day, application will be mad:: to J.
Ham Harris, Laud Agent of the University
of California, at his office, at the State Uni
versity at Berkeley, in Alameda county,
California, for a Duplicate ol University
Certerliflcateof Purchase, No. 94, issued ou
and bearing date ot November 20, 1872, to
John Fors.cr for the and Iractlonal
• cuth half of section 4, the whole of section
3, fractional west half of section 2,
HF.% and fractional south half of section 9.
the whole of section in, fractional west ball
of section 11, lots 1 and 2 of section 14, all in
township 9 south aud of range 7 west. San
Berunrdluo meridian. Tbe said original
certificate of purchase has been lost or de
stroyed, and is beyond the coutrol of the es
tate of said John Forster, now deceased,
which said estate is tho owner of 'he same,
aud of the land therein described.
Given under mv hand this 2ist day of
February, A. D. 1887 M. A. FORSTER,
Administrator of the estate of John For
ster, deceased. f24-30t
Notice ol Foreclosure Sale.
plaiuiift*, vs. Benjamtu B Handy, ad
ministrator of tbe estate of Chas. Handy,
deceased, E. E. Edwards and Tllmnii Bush,
defendants —Sheriff's sale No. r64"—Order
of sale and decree of foreclosure aud sale.
Under aud by virtue of au onlerof snleand
decree of foreclosure and sale, issued out 01
the Supetinr Court of 'he county of Los An
teles. State of California, on the 24th day of
ebruary, A. D. 1887, v this above eutitled
action, wherein Commercial Bunk of Santa
Ana, the above named plaintiff, obtained a
judgment and decreo of foreclosure and
sale agaiust Benjamin B. Haudy, adminis
trator of the estate of Cbas. Handy, de
ceased, E. E. Edwards and Tllman Biish.de
fenlants, on the 3d day of February, A. I>.
1887, for the sum of 12507 20 100 dollars, in U.
S. gold coin, wbich said decree was, on the
Kh day of February, 18S7, recorded in judg
meut book 7 of said court, at page 414 et fc eg.
I am commanded to sell all that certain lot,
Eiece or parcel of land situate, lying and
eiug iv San Joaquin township, county of
Los Augeles, State of California, and
bounded ard particularly described ns fol
lows, to-wit:
Commencing at Ihe southwest corner of a
certain tract of land containing IS 07 acres,
conveyed by Joseph Fisher to Willie by aud
dated April 3, 1870, nud recorded iv book
No. 84 of deeds, page 7, Records of Los Au
geles County, running thence east along the
south Hdc of said tract fourteenchalrrs and
fifty-four links; thence at right angle north
ten (10) clvii ns and twenty-two links: thenco
nt right angles west on a line parallel with
first line herein described fourteen (14)
chains and fifty four (54) links to the west
line of said 49.07 acre iract, thence south
along the said line ten(lo)chalns and twenty
two links to the point of beginning, contain
ing fourteen (14) and clghty-slz-bundredths
acres, a . itt c more or less.
Public notice is hereby given thoton Mon
day, the 21st day of March, A. I). 1887, at 12
o'clock M. of that day, in front of tbe court
bouse door of the county of Los Angeles, on
Spring str-ect, I will, in obedience to said or
der ot sale and decree of foreclosure and
sale, sell the above-described property, or
so much thereof as may be necessary to
satisfy said judgment, with interest and
costs, elc ,to the highest and best bidder,
for cush iv gold coin of t*c United States.
Dated this 24th day of February, 1887.
feb2std Sheriff of Los Angeles count v.
■j ceased.—Notice Is hereby given by the
undersigned, administrator of the estnto of
Susan Goodwin, deceased, to the creditor*
of, and persons baying claim-; against
the said deceased, to exhibit Ureal with the
necessary vouchers, within four months
after the publication of this notice, to tbe
said administrator, at tho office of Smith ii
Clark, Rooms 92 and 93, Temple Block, in
the city and county of Los Angeles.
Administrator nf the estate of Susan Good
win, deceased.
Dated at Los Angeles, March 3,1887.
m 9 lm.
Notice is hereby given by the under
signed, Administrator of the estate of Amos
Travis, deceased, to the creditors of, and
all persons having claims against the said
deceased, to exhibit them with the neces
sary vouchers, within four months after tbe
first publication of this notice, to the said
Administrator at tbe office of Smith and
Clark, Temple Block, the same being the
place for the transaction of the business of
said estate in the county of Los Angeles.
Administrator of tho Estate of Amos Travis,
Dated at Los Angeles, March 1,18R7.
Calilornia—ln the matter of the estate
of Sebastian I,inner, deceased. Adminis
trator's notice of rale. Notice is hereby
given that the uudcrsigned administrator
of the estate of Sebastian Llnner, de
ceased, will, under and by virtue of the
order of the Superior Court, made tbe 10th
day of March, 1887, sell at public auction for
cash, a: tho late residence of deceased, in
Brown's cafion, near Santa Monica, in Los
Angeles county. California, on Thursday,
March 1 In, at 11 o'clock a m , the following 1
described personal property, t>wlt: 1
Four racks Barley; one lot Household <
Furniture; one lot Carpenters' Tools; qpe
Shotgun: one small House; a lot of Wire 1
Fence: Chicken Shed; 200 feet Lumber; 2% 1
sacks Potatoes; five sacks Corn: one Honey I
Extractor: 17 emp'v Honey Ca-es; Hi stands I
of Bees; 10 cases Honey; 3 rolls of Butter; '
Idlest; 1 Sewing Machine: 2 Steel Traps:
1 Bpan of Horses; 1 Mare and Colt; lCalf:l 1
lot of Baled Hav;l Shed; 1 lot Shakes; 1 lot :
stove wood; 1 Wagon; 1 Grindftone; 1 pair t
shoes; 1 Double Harness; 1 Rake, 1 Mower, <
2 Hairows. X. DECKER, 1
Admin ttrator of the estate of Sebastian i
Lluner. deceased. i
F. R. Willis, attorney for administrator, i
mrl2 6t
Popular Pleasure Parties for all
Points East I
Leave Loa Angeles March 10 and 31, April I
14 and 28, Call on or address A. PHILLIPS i
&CO , 134 N. Main St., Los Angeles, xnl-lm
'o the Btockholdera of the Lou Angeles Gas
Company and to all other* Interested.
Notice Is hereby given that a meeting of
he stockholders of the Los Angeles Gas
'ompany has been oalled by the Directors
if said Company t > be held at the office of
he Company at Number 9 Sonora street, in
he city of Los Angeles, California, at 10'
I'olock a. >i.. on Tuesday the 29th day of
»»rch, A. D., 1887. for the purpose of taking;
uto consideration and if deemed necessary
>r advisable to provide for the calling in or
■coemption of the present outstanding
>onds of tbe Company and tbe Issuance of
>ther or new bonds iv lieu thereof, and also
or the issuance and sale of otber and addi
ional bonds of said Company to raise
noney with which to pay off and discharge
be Indebtedness of said Company accrued
md to accrue for and on account of the en
argement aud improvements of the works
md "plant" of said Company made or being;
nade. That tbe amount to which it is pro
rosed to increase such bouded indebted
ness is the sum of one huudred and fifty
hnusaud dollars.
By order of the Board of Directors this
lay made, dated Los Angelos, California,
he lttth day of January. A, I), 1887
n flocretarv of Lor AntrelpH G-i. Company
Mice lor Publication.
ruary 16, 1887—Notice is hereby given
u»t the following named settler has tiled
totice of his intention to make final proof
v support of his claim, and that said proof
a ill be made before the Register nndße
teiver st Los Angeles, Cal., on April 16.
Ml, viz:
Homestead Application No. 1607. for the lot
'~ of lot 6, nnd of lot 1, section 4,
.ownsbip t> north, rajge 12 west, S. B. M.
He names the following witnesses to prove
its continuous residence upon, and cultiva
tor! of, said laud, viz : J. Watkins, Geo
Delph, C. C. Jeffries, H. Marteeu, of Alpine
Station. J. L>. KKTHUNE, Register.
rcmple Street Cable Railway Com
i business-, Lrs Angeles, California.
Mutlce is ii.ret.v given that at a meeting of
he Directors, held on tie 36th day of Feb
■nary, 1887, an assessment of twodotlarsand
lftyceuts per share was levied upon the
!>pital stock of the corporation, payable
mmediately to the Secretary of snidCom
uiiy, at his office No. 1251 Temple street,
:ity of Los Angeles.
Any stock upon which this assessment
ball remain unpaid on tbe 3uth day of
Match, 1887. will be delinquent and adver
ised for sale at public auction, and unless
payment is made before, will be sold ou the
!ofh day of April, 1887, to pay thedelin
pient assessment together with costs of ad
vertising and expenses of sale.
Secretary Temple Street Cable Railway
Company. Office, 25 Temple Street.
notice ol i-orcclosurc Sale to. 5273.
tiffs, vs. Geo. K. Porter et al, defeud
tnts—Sheriff's sale under decree of fore
Under and by virtue of an execution i«
nicd out of the Superior Court of the county
)f Los Angeles ou the 2d day of March, A. D.
1887. upon a decree of foreclosure of a mort
gage iv the above entitled action, in which
said action a decree was rendered and en
tered ou the 16th day of May, IM, against
George K. Porter et at, for the foreclosure ol
a mortgage for tbe sum of $7724 44, and upon
which there was paid on tbe Kith day of
May, 1884, the sum of 55948.82, leaving a
balance due of £1776 12, with interest from
said date at 7 per cent, per annum, I am
commanded to sell all the right, title and
inteiest which the said George K. Porter
had ou tbe 14th day of June, 1676, or which
be has since acquired In that certain tract
of land In tbe county of Los Angeles, State
of Calliornin, and being that portion ol tbe
Rsncho Ex-Mission dan Krunudo, de
scribed as follows, to wit:
Beginning at the point where the south
line of section twenty-nine (2J), township
two (2) north range fourteen (14) west San
Bernardino meridian, intersects tbe east
boundary line of s id raucbo; thenco north
6° we-t ihre-> huudred and forty-two (342)
chains to station uumbtr three (3) of final
Btirvey of said rannno as made by tbe Gov
ernment of tbe United States and sbowu by
the patent of said rancho; thence south 81°
west ten and fifty-hundred.hs (10 60100)
chains to station number four (4) of said
survey; thence north 82^ J west twenty-one
and ftlty-huudredths (21 50-100) chains to
station number (5) of said stir* ey; thence
north HW west sixty-four (04) chains to
station number six (6) of said survey;
thence south 82J.j° west forty-nine 50-100
(49 50100) chains to station number a even
(7)of said survey; thence north 41° west
twenty-two to 100 ( 22 50-100) chains to sta
tion number eight (S) of said survey;thence
north 20° west twelve (12) chains to station
number nine (0) of said survey; tbeuce
tiortti three (3) degrees went fifty-three
5.-100(68 50-lOe) chains to station number
ten (Id) of said survey; thence north b©°
east six (6) chains to station number eleven
(ll)of said survey ;| hence one
hundred and five (105) chains to station
number twelve (12); ti.euce north 64° west
(80) eighty chains to station number thirteen
;i8) ol ssld survey ; thence south 66° west two
hundred aud seventy-six (276) chuus to
station fourteen (14) of said survey: thence
north Mji* west one hundred and
thirty-two (i!? 2) chains to station
uumuer fifteen (15) of said survey;
l'heuce south 47J.,' wast, twenty (20) chains
to tbe poiut where the said last lino of the
h( unitary of said raucbo Intersects the east
arly line of tbe lauds of the right of way of
the Southern Pacific Railroad Company
through said raucho. Thence following;
said easterl) line of said rlgbt of way until
tbe sane intersects tbe south line of section
twenty-nine (29), township three (3) north,
range fifteen (15) west, San Beruardlno
meridian. Thence south ou the section
due three (') miles to section corner 10-1114
-15, township two (2) north, range fifteen (15)
west, San Bernardiuo meridian. Tlteuce
westone mile to sectiou coruer 910-1615,
ownship two (2) north, range fifteen (16)
west, San Bernardino meridian. Tbeuce
touth three (3) miles to section coruer 28-27
-13 34. Thence east on the section line four
4) miles and sixty (60) chains to the place of
legluuing, containing sixteen thousand and
Ive hundred (16*600) acres, a little more or
ess, excluding therefrom the right of way
>f the Southern Pacific Railroad Company
(trough said tract, tbe same being a portion
>f the lauds described iv tbe mortgage fore
llo*ed iv this action.
Public notice is hereby given that on
luesday, the sth day of April, A. D. UB7,
it 12 o'clock H. of that day, iv iront of tbe
lourlhouse door of the County of Los An
;eics, on Spring street, I will, in obedience
o said order of salo aud decree of lore
tlosure and sale, sell the above described
iroperty, or so much thereof as may be
lecessary to satisfy said judgment, with
nterest and costs,etc., to the highest and
iest bidder for cash, iv lawful money of
he United States.
Dated this 9th day of March, 1887.
Sheriff of Los Angeles County.
j1 os Angeles—lv the matter of the estate
if Edwin ueavis, deceased; notice for pub
icatlon of time for provfug will, etc. riir
uant to an order of this Court, made this
lay, notice is hereby given that Monday,
ho 21st day of March. 1387, at 10 o'clock A.
1. of said day, at the courtroom of said
Jourt, in said county of Los Angeles, has
teen appointed for hearing tho application
if Benjamin H. K'aviß, praying thatadoc
tment now ou file in this Court, purporting
o be tho last will and testament of Edwin
teavis, deceased, be admitted to probate,
,nd that letters testlmeutary be Issued
hereon to said Benjamin 11. Reavls, at
rhich time and place all persons interested
herein may appear and contest the same.
Dated March 7,1887.
Dounty Clerk.
By F. B. Fannino, Deputy.
V. Montgomery, Attorney for Petitioner.
m 8 lOd
5 Lob Augeles, iv tho miutor of tbe estate
f Philip Moser, deceased—Notice for pub-
Icatlon for time for proving will,etc. —Pur-
uant to au order of this court, made this
ay, notice is hereby given that Monday,
he 21st day of March, 1887. at 10 o'clock A.
;. of said day, at the courtroom ol this
ourt, In said county of Los Angeles, has
een appointed for hearing tbe application
f Mary Moser, praying tha,t a document
ow on file in this court, purporting to be
tie last will and testament of Philip Moser,
eceased, be admitted to probate, and that
?tters testamentary be issued thereon to
ild Mary Moser, at which time and place
II persons interested therein may appear
no contest tbe same.
Dufd March 11, 1887.
CHAS. H. DUNSMOOR, County Clerk.
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